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  1. Pjstevko

    Best month for yellowtail?

    What's the best month to catch yellowtail? I need to catch my first one.... Which captain/boat is the yellowtail guru?
  2. Pjstevko

    Bunk mattress sizes?

    Since we'll be required to bring our own bedding on overnight trips now I was wondering what the average size of the bunk mattresses is? I'm looking to make a mattress cover to bring with me on my upcoming trips
  3. Pjstevko

    SOLD 2 Sporasub Blue Water Spearfishing Floats $150

    I have 2 never used Sporasub Bluewater spearfishing floats for sale. They have been sitting in my dive bag for a few years and thought someone might like them. One is a little dirty from storage but otherwise they are in perfect condition. Here a description from a dive website.... submersible...
  4. Pjstevko

    How many trips did it take to land your first 100# tuna?

    Just curious how many trips it took before you landed your first 100#+ tuna? I was lucky enough to land my first 100# bft tuna this past March on only my 3rd SD trip!!! Let's hear some stories
  5. Pjstevko

    September 3 day set ups....

    I have a 3 day trip in September on the PQ and wanted to get some opinions on my setups.... 15/20# bait. Hot rodded Tiburon Jigmaster with 50# braid on a PCH-C-801H 30/40# bait. Shimano Speedmaster 12ii with 65# braid on a PCH-C-801XH 50/60# bait. Shimano...
  6. Pjstevko

    Rod suggestion for a Shimano Speedmaster 16ii?

    I just got a Shimano speedmaster 16ii and it's loaded with 80# braid which will be used to fish 50/60# flouro for bait and need a rod recommendation..... I was thinking of a Okuma PCH-C-801XH but wanted to hear some other opinions..... Which rod would you put this reel or similar model on?
  7. Pjstevko

    WTB The Southern Angler book by Brandon Hayward

    Looking to buy The Southern Angler book by Brandon Hayward.... Let me know if you have one you wouldn't mind selling.... Pj
  8. Pjstevko

    SOLD Price drop... Shimano Stradic 4000XG-K $135

    Brand new in box with paperwork. Perfect for bass, stripers, surf fishing, and inshore saltwater. Asking $135 or OBO
  9. Pjstevko

    What do you use your Fathom 40nld2 for?

    I'm thinking of picking up a 40nld2 for flat falls and big baits...... What do you use your 40nld2 for?
  10. Pjstevko

    1st Try @ Smoking tuna bellies

    Today I tried my hand at smoking my first tuna bellies. I threw together a quick marinade, let the bellies soak for 2 hours, pulled the bellies, let them air dry for 3 hours while I prepped the smoker and once it reached/held 180 threw the bellies on for a nice 3 hour long smoke. It turned out...
  11. Pjstevko

    Pacific Queen March 13th-15th

    I left the home around 8:30 and headed south to Bob Sands Tackle shop for fresh topshots and a new Okuma pch 7'4" xxh rail rod to use for flat falls and big baits. After my quick stop I continued south to Oceanside to meet a friend for a late lunch of chicken wings and tacos. I arrived at the...
  12. Pjstevko

    Roll Call..... Pacific Queen March 13th-15th

    Just wondering who else is going to be on this trip with me.....Hopefully we can duplicate their results from last weekend.... Pj
  13. Pjstevko

    PQ meals

    I just booked a 1.5 day trip on the Pacific Queen and meals were not included in the price of the trip. I'm curious about how the meals are billed.... Do you pay per day or meal? What do the meals generally cost? What about beverages? It's my first time on the PQ so any other advice on...
  14. Pjstevko

    Roll Call... NLA March 13th-15th

    Just wondering who else is on this trip with me? I'm stoked for the opportunity to catch my first yellowtail.... Pj
  15. Pjstevko

    What topshot for a size 12 two speed?

    Is a size 12 two speed more of a 30#, 40# or 50# reel?
  16. Pjstevko

    New Lo-An info request

    I've got a 2 day trip coming up and would like some info on the New Lo-An.....Do they clean fish on the boat? What's the bunk layout? Do I need to bring bedding? What personal comfort items do you bring when fishing this boat? Thanks Pj
  17. Pjstevko

    Favorite brand flouro?

    I need some heavy (180/200#) flouro to make flat fall leaders and am wondering which is the preferred brand for tuna? Let me know which brand you use and why?
  18. Pjstevko

    Most used size tuna hook?

    What size tuna hook did you use most this year? It's seems most reports stated small hooks then mentioned size 2/0.... I'm starting to gather gear for next summer.... Pj
  19. Pjstevko

    Line recommendation for Shimano Speedmaster 12ii and 16ii two speeds

    What # braid do you have backing your 12 and 16 size two speed reels? What # top shots to do fish on them?
  20. Pjstevko

    WTB Tiburon slotted reel clamp nut

    WTB/ISO I'm in need of a couple Tiburon slotted reel clamp nuts for this reel clamp.... I think the clamp is from the 80/90's... I called Tiburon and they said they'd have to check some storage areas but I shouldn't get my hopes up.... If you have any please let me know how much you want for...
  21. Pjstevko

    Uses for a hot rodded Tib/Accuplate/Penn 6/0?

    I scored this Tiburon frame /Accuplate plate Penn 114 6/0 from Facebook Marketplace for $125 shipped to me sight unseen... I sent it to a friend for teardown, inspection and upgrades. The upgraded parts include SS 10 tooth gear sleeve & SS dog, new steel main gear, & Bry's 7+1 drag upgrade. He...
  22. Pjstevko

    SOLD Rainshadow RCLB79MH Spinning rod

    7'9" custom made Rainshadow RCLB79MH Spinning rod. This rod is perfect for offshore tuna, mahi, wahoo and yellowtail. Quality ALPS reel seat and double footed guides. It is hand wrapped in a yellowtail/mahi color scheme with a custom marbled underlay. It's been on 2 boat rides but never caught...
  23. Pjstevko

    Top Gun 80 captain/crew question?

    Anyone know what brand coffee, energy drinks and snacks the TG80 crew and captain like???????? I got a multi day trip in a few weeks and I'd like to bring the captain and crew a bag of caffeine and goodies......
  24. Pjstevko

    Roll Call.... Top Gun 80 August 11-14th

    Boats full! Just wondering who else is going?????????? This is most likely gonna be my only trip out of San Diego this year so I'm stoked!!!!!!!!
  25. Pjstevko

    My BFT Flat Fall leader system

    I have a 2.5 day trip out of San Diego aboard the Top Gun 80 next month and I'm starting to prep my gear. The bluefin tuna are known for hitting flat fall jigs in the evening and early am so I put together a quick change FF leader system. It consists of 5' of 180# Seaguar Blue Label...
  26. Pjstevko

    What's an average SD bait barge sardine weigh?

    I've got a 2.5 day trip lined up for mid August and want to start practicing how to cast light baits. I'm new to using conventional reels and fishing bait because I've always been more of a artificial lure/jig fisherman using spinning reels. My plan is to take small jig/snipers to simulate...
  27. Pjstevko

    Top Gun 80 trip tips and bunk info request?

    I just booked a 2.5 day trip on the Top Gun 80 for August 11th-14th and am looking for intel on the boat. Which bunks/staterooms are the largest and quietest? How much tackle storage is there? Can I get away with a standard 4 Plano box bag and a small jig bag? Do they clean fish or is it...
  28. Pjstevko

    What size hooks for Squish jigs?

    I bought some cheap generic squish jigs from a tackle store that's going out of business but they need hooks.... What size assist hooks should I put on these jigs
  29. Pjstevko

    For Sale St Croix Mojo Jig spinning rod $110

    I have a 5'8" St Croix Mojo Jig spinning rod for sale. It's only been used on 3 one day trips jigging for lingcod/rockfish. The only blemish is on the reel seat and its just chipped paint. It's been kept in a stick jacket when not in use and is in excellent condition. Specs: MJJS58XHMF 80-200#...
  30. Pjstevko

    YT, YFT, BFT trip schedule/timing.... Which month is best?

    I went on a short multi day trip last fall and it was mostly a BFT trip ..... This year I'd like to add some variety to my catch list (and freezer) so I'm trying to figure out which month offers the best variety. I'm still new to fishing SD so I need your help. I don't mind smaller sized fish...
  31. Pjstevko

    SOLD Reduced.. Black Hole 54B Cape Cod Special conventional 250g Jigging Rod $275

    I'm selling my barely used Black Hole 54B Cape Cod Special conventional 250g line rating 30-60# Jigging Rod purchased Oct 31st,'s been on 2 fishing trips and is in new shape. There's a tiny bit of boat rash on the back of the three of the guides, it's purely cosmetic. It's been kept...
  32. Pjstevko

    Live bait tuna (small/med size) rod for upgraded Penn Senator 4/0

    I need suggestions for a live bait rod for small to medium tuna... The reel is a upgraded Penn 113HL 4/0 Senator which I won from a guy who used to use it for albacore. It has a Tiburon T4N1 extra narrow frame with a Tiburon handle. The reel is setup with 65 lb. braid backing, then a long...
  33. Pjstevko

    Which tuna hooks for fly lining bait?

    I'm starting to get gear together for a short multi day trip in late summer early fall and need help with bait hooks..... Generally I prefer to use lures/jigs etc but if I'm gonna travel all that way and spend decent $$ than I don't want to hinder my chance at success but limiting myself to...
  34. Pjstevko

    Penn Fathom 25 or 30 two speed?

    I'm putting together my Christmas wish list and figured I'd ask for a new reel, why not right? Help me decide between a Fathom 25 or 30 two speed??? Uses will be bait fishing and yo-yo/flat fall jigging for rockfish, lingcod tuna and yellowtail......Most likely get spooled with 65# braid...
  35. Pjstevko

    Offshore rigged flat falls

    I leave on a 2.5 day offshore trip on Friday out of San Diego aboard the Tomahawk and we'll targeting YFT, BFT and yellowtail. I spent a couple hours today rigging up some flat fall jigs with 250/300# leaders (might even be 300/400#, used to use it to rig spear guns), heavy duty swivels, chaff...
  36. Pjstevko

    Roll Call: Tomahawk Oct 5-8th...Who's going???

    I'm booked on this trip and was wondering who else is going as well???????
  37. Pjstevko

    mono as leader for bft???

    Can heavy duty (200# or greater) mono be used as leader material on flat falls for BFT or is flouro that much better???? I have super heavy duty mono left over from rigging spearguns and was wondering if it could be used to rig flat falls PJ
  38. Pjstevko

    First 1.5 day trip on Tomahawk...any advice, suggestions, or tips

    I'm finally heading down to SD for a 1.5 day offshore trip and was hoping I could get some info on the trip as a whole....I've never done an overnight on a sportboat so any advice would be great.... Personal gear recommendations (non fishing gear)..... How much cash should I bring to cover...
  39. Pjstevko

    San Diego popper/jig sizes and leader????

    I might be headed out on a 1.5 day trip in a week and need some current local info on the popper scene out of SD right now..... Poppers: What size/color poppers have been producing? What # test leader is recommended? Will 4x strength trebles hold up ok or switch to 6/0 VMC singles? Jigs: What...
  40. Pjstevko

    1.5 day trip advice....Tomahawk or Chief?????

    I need some local advice on which boat to pick for the end of the holiday weekend Sept 2-4th...... I really would like to catch some yellowtail, small/medium sized tuna and dorado..... Tomahawk: 28 people max with 6 open slots as of now Chief: 35 max with 28 open slots Which boat would you...
  41. Pjstevko

    Fish count websites

    I'm starting to plan my first multi day trip for yellowtail and small bluefin and want to start monitoring the fish counts..... Are there any websites that consolidate the fish counts from all the different landings into one place or do I have to look at each landings website individually...
  42. Pjstevko

    Rigging poppers?

    I bought a few poppers I want to try out on a trip this fall but need help rigging them.... What # leader should I use? How long should the leader be? Do I need to crimp them on? Thanks Pj
  43. Pjstevko

    Is the Saragosa 10000 body the same as the 8000?

    What's the difference between the Saragosa 8000 and 10000 bodies? Will a 10000 spool fit on the 8000 body? Thanks Pj
  44. Pjstevko

    Diawa BG6500 vs Shimano Saragosa 10,000

    I'm trying to decide if I NEED to buy a Saragosa 10,000 (already own the BG and a Spheros 8000PG) for a 1.5-3 day yellowtail/tuna trip I want to take in the fall. The max drag for each reel is 33# which I hear should be more than adequate. The remaining specs are close: BG6500: weight 29.5oz...
  45. Pjstevko

    How come no one uses 2 piece rods on the west coast?

    I'm just curious as to why no one fishes with 2 piece jig sticks over here on the west coast? It seems like modern day 2 piece rods are capable of handling yellowtail and smaller tunas but yet no one fishes them.... Help me understand why.... PJ
  46. Pjstevko

    Spinning rod suggestion for surface irons/stickbaits....

    I'm really hoping to catch my first yellowtail this season and need suggestions on a new spinning rod for throwing surface irons/stickbaits.... (and occasionally live bait?) I was gonna get a whole new set up (Komodo reel and new rod) but some of my funds became limited so I'm going to use my...
  47. Pjstevko

    Help me catch my first yellowtail....questions....

    I'm getting the itch to cross yellowtail off my "catch life list" so I'm in the beginning stages of developing my game plan but I have a few questions to increase my odds of catching..... What is the best time of year to target yellowtail? And where? What is a good (not over $200) baitcaster...
  48. Pjstevko

    Who's fishing opening day out of Morro Bay?

    Myself and a group of about 12 guys are heading out on a 12 hour Cape San Martin trip on April 1st, we'll be fishing on the Endeavor out of Morro Bay Landing. Who else is fishing lingcod/rockfish opener out of Morro Bay and which boat? See you guys at the Rock! PJ