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  1. Afry

    17" Logic project boat

    Sold - Bought this a few years ago was told it had a dead cylinder with no compression. These motors are cheap and easy to fix but I lost interest when I bought a bigger boat. Boat is 2001 and includes the trailer. 70 HP Johnson, Bimini top, fishfinder and trolling motor. No battery, it needs...
  2. Afry

    Lost hoop net SD Bay - 10/21

    Lost one last night early on with the ripping incoming tide. Should have known better but had friends in town from Co. and took them out. Conical net with thick yellow rope and a float that looks like this:
  3. Afry

    Free desks, tables and 3 chairs

    I have a bunch of free desks, 3 chairs and a tables. Most in excellent condition and some new - come and get it. Just about done cleaning out the shop - Arnie @ 760-522-8111 (Ramona)
  4. Afry

    18' Westcoaster Bayrunner project

    **SOLD** I bought this to rebuild but lost interest and recently bought another boat. This was stored indoors but now I need the space. Suzuki 55 hp two stroke that was running perfectly before it went into storage but hasn't been started in at least 3 years. Yes the hull leaks and needs some...
  5. Afry

    Furuno 16NM 1622 Radar - like new

    Display, 15" Radome, 10 Meter signal cable (no cuts or splices), mounting bracket, power cable, face cover, and manual. Perfect for smaller boats 15-30' $850 Arnie 760-522-8111
  6. Afry

    And we wonder why we are losing the war...

    This was on our windshield while parked in PB last Saturday. I have to ask how "Grassroots" it is when they recruit and pay their "Activists". **WARNING** the following web site taken from the below flyer may make you sick -
  7. Afry

    Saltist LD30HSH Reel NIB

    New in box never used, color is red and in perfect condition. $200 or reasonable offer. Arnie 760-522-8111
  8. Afry

    Star Stangled Banner - updated

    This band sings an updated version... I was told Navy vet sings the lead I thought this was pretty cool - your mileage may vary.
  9. Afry

    Happy Birthday Tommy Gomes

    You smell like fish ...thanks for all the good stuff you do....oh and your an internet whore, I saw your dirty friends over at SD Adv Riders wishing you a HB day so I thought I'd be the first here.
  10. Afry

    Ever done a ham in crockpot?

    If so how was it? I wanna try this tomorrow. I have a cheap 9 pound ham, it's a butt, probably a city ham that has been boiled and it is water infused, nothing fancy. I plan on heating it on slow for 4 hours with apple cider, orange zest and spices like cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg maybe a...
  11. Afry

    A real Commander in Chief...

    Pretty cool - sorry if it's a repost but good for Bush on these serious mountain bike rides with wounded warriors.
  12. Afry

    Free Koi

    We have recently received a lender owner property listing in Julian that has a Koi pond with about 10 Koi in it and I understand a few are about a foot long. The poor guy that lost his home has a special needs son and no way to care for these where he now lives, I know they can be worth some...
  13. Afry

    Need help with photo please

    Can anyone do some magic and tell me what this license # is? If you can please don't post it - PM me with it. Background - This car has been parked outside my place of business on Sundays when my 18 year old employee is there alone. This has happened 4 times now. First 2 times creeped...
  14. Afry

    A wonderfull bedtime story....
  15. Afry

    July 4th 101/425/302/S9 boat ride

    Hit the 101/425/302/S9 for nada. Water was mostly clean green, conditions were great. Plenty of paddies, most holding bait but no fish. The only paddy holding had two 15#ish YT with lockjaw between the 425 & 302. Saw lots of dolphin but did not meter any fish below - just bait. Temps varied...
  16. Afry

    Killer onion!!

    Take a large sweet onion - cut the ends off and peel the dry outer layer off. Using an apple corer take out the middle of onion from both sides. Place a cube of beef bullion in the bottom and fill to top with butter. Now wrap loosely in tin foil and bake at 375 for 45 min. Take out and slice up...
  17. Afry

    Raised expanded aluminum for decking on Westcoaster/Bayrunner?

    Getting back to my project boat (1985) Westcoater/Bayrunner and really do not want to use plywood for the deck. Everyone says not to diamond plate and I agree. So I'm thinking raised expanded aluminum metal for the deck (no foam under it). It is two small deck spaces on my 18'er. This hull has...
  18. Afry

    Easy cajun shrimp and corn chowder/bisque

    Easy Cajun shrimp and corn chowder/bisque (It's really a bisque except that the shrimp is not puréed) Total time: 40 minutes - servings: 4 to 6 Ingredients: 2 tablespoons butter, divided 1 large onion, diced 1 tablespoon plus 1/2 teaspoon Cajun or Creole spice or seasoning (I use Tony...
  19. Afry

    This guy in my marina is NUTS!

    8000 miles in a 20' sailboat and he's blind!! Benefit concert for him at Humphrey's .....guess this falls under trip planning!
  20. Afry

    cut a dead mac to swim better?

    Saw this on and old BD thread and now can't find it - the new Google search function blows monkey balls. Someone posted how to make some cuts on a dead mac for slow trolling that gave it some swim action. It looked like it was worth a try. Anyone?
  21. Afry

    Two dead SI??

    That's what news teaser
  22. Afry

    These guys have some big sac
  23. Afry

    Dear blank please blank

    Dear olive oil, You're a dirty whore! <!--<a href=""-->Sincerely, extra-virgin olive oil Dear Noah, We could have sworn you said the ark wasn't leaving till 5. Sincerely, Unicorns Dear Icebergs, Sorry to hear about the global warming. Karma's a bitch. Sincerely, The Titanic Dear...
  24. Afry

    .44 Magnum - all blowed up real good

    (That's Nascar talk for "put it on the trailer") This may be a repost and if it is oh well. Here are photo's from the internet/email world that as we know is usually a BS story - but they claimed some guy tried "Chinese" ammo and two additional rounds went off in the wheel - this are the...
  25. Afry

    Why did they name the team the Packers?

    The Packers were founded in 1919 by Curley Lambeau and George Calhoun of the Green Bay Press-Gazette - why did they name the team the Packers? I only want to hear from Pittsburgh fans.......
  26. Afry

    Former Marine shoots dog owner for dog peeing on his lawn

    That will teach him to say..."Next time you pull out a pistol, why don't you use it?" to a former Marine....I like his gumption! :2gunsfiring_v1: Ex-Marine Gets Probation for Killing Man Over Peeing Pooch <ABBR class="published updated" title="Dec 29, 2010 – 6:11 PM">Dec 29, 2010 – 6:11...
  27. Afry

    Need some black powder in SD by xmas

    I need some black powder and according to the folks at El Cajon Gun Exchange no one in SD carries it but them and they are out. They say that since the crazy lady tried to blow up the courthouse and hell rained on those that sold it no one wants the hassle. I need some by xmas for my sons...
  28. Afry

    Moss to Titans?

    Here goes another fucked up locker room Randy Moss Claimed by Titans -- NFL FanHouse
  29. Afry

    Where can I buy a surefire type flashlight in San Diego tomorrow?

    Looking for a gift and need to buy it tomorrow (Sunday) somewhere in San Diego. Turners would be my last choice....any others?
  30. Afry

    Free Rubio's taco today - no purchase required

    Stop in and get you one! The Ramona Rubio's is doing this and I believe it's San Diego County wide - guess they were voted best Mexican food (really?) in the SD Union poll and they are thanking their customers.
  31. Afry

    You know you live in a redneck town when....

    You stop at the feed store and see this: Ramona - you gotta love it. Not 1 but 2 goats were inside the cab of this truck. btw - I was buying wire mesh for lobster bait cages not critter feed.
  32. Afry

    Heads up if you are using SI ramp on 9/1 early AM

    <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /><st1:place w:st="on"><st1:PlaceName w:st="on">Shelter</st1:PlaceName> <st1:PlaceType w:st="on">Island</st1:PlaceType></st1:place> Boat Yard will be moving a large yacht to Driscoll’s Boat Yard tomorrow morning...
  33. Afry

    Low power scout type scope

    Looking for a low power, 9"ish scout type scope for my Marlin 336 lever action, fixed or variable as long as low is 2-3. Arnie 760-522-8111
  34. Afry

    What would you do? I know what this 17 year old did.

    I was picking up my son on liberty (USMC) on Fri and heard a very interesting story from my 17 year old daughter as we traveled down the road. "Nathan, I have a story for you. I was at a concert a couple weeks ago at Cricket and this 30ish year old dude year old was disrespecting our flag...
  35. Afry

    Need a Marine glass guy

    One of the tinted sliding side windows on my Med cracked from the heat and I need it replaced at the marina (Half Moon Marina on SI). Thanks, Arnie
  36. Afry

    New Leupold VX-II 3-9x40mm

    Leupold VX-II Rifle Scope 3-9X 40 Duplex Matte finish 1" #56780 Has Duplex reticle, multicoat lens. Scope is new in box. $225 or reasonable offer Arnie 760-522-8111
  37. Afry

    .44 Mag Smith & Wesson 329PD Titanium & Scandium alloy

    SOLD! This is a hand cannon and super lightweight - perfect for bear country etc. Bought new and fired 20 rounds (only) through it. Looking to buy a different toy so here it is. Original box, papers and both grips. One very minor scratch near cylinder release. Legal transfer only $800 -...
  38. Afry

    THAT was a pretty good shaker up here in Ramona!

    5.9 - 22miles NW of Borrego Springs
  39. Afry

    CA Open Carry...10...9...8...7...

    We're fucked - thank you geek assholes that thought they would walk into Starbucks etc with cannons strapped to their sides thinking they were "protesting" and were really just insecure fucksticks hanging their cocks out in public. Nice, ruin it for the rest of us. Maybe, just maybe this will...
  40. Afry

    The Marine Infantryman

    The Marine Infantryman Gunnery Sergeant Steven Miller, USMC As Seen By Himself: A Stout, Handsome, Highly-Trained Professional Killer and Female Idol, who wears a star sapphire ring, carries a finely honed K-Bar, is covered with a crisp cammie cover and is always on time due to the reliability...
  41. Afry

    Chili/lime wings

    Great hot or cold! 5 pounds chicken wings or full sized legs are a good way to go also 2 tablespoons garlic powder 2 1/2 tablespoons paprika 1 tablespoon sugar 1 tablespoon salt 1 tablespoon lemon pepper 1 tablespoon chili powder 1-2 teaspoons of cayenne pepper 1 cup lime juice 7 ounces canned...
  42. Afry

    New addition to the family - baby Ruger!

    380 LCP - Just finished the legal transfer to Ca. Damn this this is small and light! That's a AA battery for reference.
  43. Afry

    Calling all nerds! (Cory) you need this....

    ThinkGeek :: Wi-Fi Detector Shirt <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> Wi-Fi Detector Shirt<?xml:namespace prefix = v ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:vml" /><v:shape id=_x0000_i1026 style="WIDTH: 0.75pt; HEIGHT: 0.75pt" alt=""...
  44. Afry

    Anyone try TACO LED deck lights?

    Was wondering if they are any good. I want to mount LED lights on my t-top and not burn a bunch of juice.
  45. Afry

    $20 off @ Poway Sushi Lounge

    No affiliation - just passing it on. This week is a smokin deal at my all time favorite sushi place ever so I was pretty happy and bought 6 (max) coupons. Groupon is a discount coupon company that will email you deals in San Diego or other cities that are pretty good. Deal is buy a coupon...
  46. Afry

    Newest Marine

    Nate and 417 other fine young men graduated from USMC Recruit Training on Friday and it gave me restored faith in my goverment. Just when you think they can't do anything right you realize that they can still make Marines - the change in him is incredible. My hats off to the DI's and everyone...
  47. Afry

    Need fire sprinkler work in Ramona (SD County)

    I need a couple heads moved up (shorter pipes) and need another new sprinkler added in a room where we did a remodel. I also need the system given a once over and a pull box reset. Cash Thanks, Arnie 760-522-8111
  48. Afry

    New buoy in SD Bay

    I got this email from my Marina manager -------------------------------------- "Tenants, I received this thru the Harbor Safety Committee, which I am a member. The e-mail below was sent from the US Coast Guard. Let me know if you have any questions. "Recently we had a sailing vessel strike...
  49. Afry

    Aluminum diamond plate for deck material?

    I'm wanting to keep my Bayrunner low maintenance by using aluminum for deck material. Preferably diamond plate but I guess smooth surface with non skid would also be an option. This is an 18'er with 2 small deck areas between the seat benches so there's not a lot of deck space and not going...
  50. Afry

    18' Bayrunner "bilge" question

    I'm looking for input on the following: After looking at my new (to me) 18' Westcoaster Bayrunner it is apparent that there are issues with getting rid of water that is on the deck (the deck is below the water line which eliminates any scupper systems). If it were to rain or you were to wash...
  51. Afry

    Walther PPK .380

    All stainless, bought new in about 1987. Less than 100 rounds through it. Sweet little pistol in excellant condition, $450 + FFL Fee. PM or call me @ 760-522-8111
  52. Afry

    AMT Backup .380

    Stainless, bought new in about 1980, might have the original clip as well. Some wear and tear from carry but probably less than 200 rounds fired through it. $300 + FFL fee. PM or call me @ 760-522-8111
  53. Afry

    You know you are a redneck when....... frame your sons first target from USMC Recruit Training. First free ammo! Shot while sighting in at Pendleton. He is halfway through training and loves it - sick bastard.
  54. Afry

    This custom tide calendar is VERY cool!

    I wanted a tide calendar for my office wall so I can plan fishing/bug trips without going online every time and this is very very cool. For the same $ or less ($21 delivered) than a calender from a book store or mall I created a calendar with pictures from my own trips. This is full size and...
  55. Afry

    "The Warrior Song" - Bad Ass!

  56. Afry

    Dropped off our recruit

    We are very proud! I dropped my son off for USMC boot camp this early AM in Escondido. I'm sure he is catchin hell by now. He is as ready as he will ever be, he's been waiting in DEP for a slot for over 7 months. If all goes well his MOS will be 0861 (forward scout). I have been spending...
  57. Afry


    REDUCED AGAIN!!! $60k Excellent condition, cruises @ 18 knots burning 1 nmpg. Only 1700 hours. This is the rare and most desirable two stateroom model with the galley up. Sleeps 6, holds 400 gallons fuel, cockpit controls, transom bait tank. Detroit four stroke 8.2T diesels Has new...
  58. Afry

    Need xmas gift ideas for soon to be US Marine

    My son leaves for boot camp at MCRD on 1/6. He is not a Marine yet so any gifts that say Marine Corps are out. If all goes well his mos will be in artillery, he would like to be a 0861 Fire Support Man. Any thoughts on what he may need or could be useful during the next few years after...
  59. Afry

    Help - Need antler mounting kit by Xmas

    Any place local that may carry one - Turners does not.
  60. Afry

    Missing wife

    The day after his wife disappeared in a kayaking accident in the Bay Of Fundy, Nova Scotia, a man answered his door to find two grim-faced Mounties.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> "We are sorry sir, but we have some...
  61. Afry

    Did you lose a conical hoop net SD bay 11/14?

    If so then pm me with a description. Report: 1 short, 4 legal - one went 4.6 # (male) rest were average females.
  62. Afry

    I'm a Droider

    It's official, my cell phone now has faster internet than my home PC - shut up Corky.... :ashamed: Picked up the new Verizon Droid yesterday as my Q met a very timely death. Pretty bad ass phone and on a network that actually works. Takes a little getting used to but once you figure it out...
  63. Afry

    9/24 - 226/230

    Smooth on the way out hit 226 (temp 70.1) no dolphin or paddies headed to 230 (temp 68.5-69) and worked dolphin for nada. Swung west and north and came back in the top of 226 found a paddy and dragged a couple yft 100 yds off a paddy in 69.6 degree water. Headed home and almost ran over a fat...
  64. Afry

    Broke a new $himano rod...

    Well almost new (2 trips) on a 20 # class yellowtail last week. It was a Calcutta inshore series CLC-X76H (15-30#). Paddy fishing with a TE 401 with 50# braid and 4' or so of 20# flouro. Got him to the boat and when just out of gaff range and several feet under water - SNAP! - it broke...
  65. Afry

    04 Jeep Rubicon

    SOLD Bought new, has 32k miles and new front brakes. Auto trans. Off road bumpers, Warn winch, headlight and steering box protection. Also comes with almost new Bestop Bimini. Sorry but the jack on bumper does not go (not mine) Runs perfect! 16,950 or reasonable offer! May trade for low...
  66. Afry

    Free trailer parts at Shelter Island Ramp

    I guess thats what the cocksmokers were thinking as they stole the right side tail light off my trailer as it sat there Fri-Sun. And did they have to cut the wires up tight to the frame so I have to have 2 connections now?? I'm used to getting my trailer guide whacked by idiots and have...
  67. Afry

    7/4 S9/302/230 for a rat yt

    Slept in Sat and left the dock at 9 - yes 9. Hoping to work the N9 but conditions changed my plan - kinda bumpy out there. Water on S9 was clean green and 68 degrees but no paddies that I could see in my skiff. About 2 miles east of the 302 it turned blue and 69 so I dropped trollers in and...
  68. Afry

    Good old school fishing photo's?

    I'm looking for some large old school fishing photo's that are suitable for hanging on my office wall - black and white is good. Like the ones at the Fish Market restaurants. Any idea on a source for these or ones like em?
  69. Afry

    Need Mercedes Benz advice

    My mother let her battery drain down to next to nothing and after a jumpstart and lots of driving its fine except that her radio and nav screen don't turn on. When you hit the power button a MB logo shows up but thats it. I understand that here is a code that needs to programed back in some...
  70. Afry

    Call to Action - Stop the Govenator from screwing us!

    The Governor is AGAIN proposing to eliminate the Department of Boating and Waterways (DBW) and we need your help! This time the Governor is pushing the Legislature hard to eliminate the Department and stated to a joint session of the Legislature that DBW and other departments and boards he...
  71. Afry

    No more overnight parking on Shelter Island Dr

    Heads up - no overnight parking on the street. Official po-po press release: This weekend, the San Diego Harbor Police will begin enforcing section 8.09 of the San Diego Unified Port District Code. This ordinance was enacted in February of this year and regulates the parking of oversize...
  72. Afry

    5/24 101-Finger-Hidden-425 scouting report

    Notice I didn't say fishing report. Water conditions looked good so Christie and I took the skiff out to paddy hop and troll the breaks. Hit the nados for a coupkle quick drops for YT and Christie pulls in a fat sculpin (she apparently didn't know the plan). Followed the ridge down to the 101...
  73. Afry

    Christie meets Mr. T at LJ

    Christie (cfry) and I decided to take our chances and avoid the crowds off Carlsabd Canyon today and it paid off. Slept in and left SI around 9 and put lines just off the 6 mile bank but went deeper and had a solid knock down (P/B Yozuri) around noon in 1500'. Heard the crap on the radio up...
  74. Afry

    USMC questions

    My son (20) and wants to be in Recon and is taking his tests and swearing in at the usmc recruiters office this Monday. He has done a ton of paperwork for background check, tattoo's etc. - all good so far. He scored 80% on a practice test (not sure what the test was -AFQT?). Since I don't have...
  75. Afry

    Best gps for the car?

    Been doing a lot of driving out of Ramona for work and I borrowed a friends "Tomtom one" and found it very useful so I decided to get my own. I have heard that the Garmin units are more accurate (although I had no problems with the Tomtom). I want a unit with bluetooth but don't need/want...
  76. Afry

    Need a simple progaram that does floor plans - Freeware

    I may remodel my office and am looking to find a freeware program that will let me draw simple walls and doors etc with scaling (1/8" = 1').
  77. Afry

    A San Diego Christmas Jingle

    Jingle Bells Broncos fell Chargers all the way Raiders suck on Chargers nuts and the Colts are fuckin gay! :urno1:
  78. Afry

    Need a "Brake and Lamp" certification from a Ca licensed shop

    Just put my kids totaled (salvaged title) truck back on the road and DMV needs this and a smog so I can get plates. Any recommendations in SD area? - preferably close to Ramona?
  79. Afry

    Gonna kill those rat bastards!

    Yes, that there is a night vision scope on an air gun So my friend has chickens and gives us fresh eggs - as many as we needed till recently that is. It seems a large colony of rats has figured out that these eggs are some good eating. So I got the call, I figured my old trusty open...
  80. Afry

    Mom is asking for prayers for her son (shot in Baja)

    Dee Martz (Steve's mom) used to be my neighbor and fellow realtor, she is asking for our prayers. Her email... " Hello our friends and family, Just wanted to let you know that first of all, Stevie is well, very well. He was in Baja last week-end pre-running for the SCORE race with 2 friends...
  81. Afry

    Free money - no shit!

    Not a scam and I am not connected, Just thought I would share. I heard this on the radio yesterday and went to their web site to check it out. They are looking for drivers from SD County, hope they pick my ass. Road User Study | The University of Iowa The University of Iowa is conducting a...
  82. Afry

    10/15 yf 182 - seas were happy

    Launched MB @ 2 solo. Worked the N9 and followed the ridge NW till I was bored and went west to the 182. Found dolphin @ 42/42 and tried to get them to go on the troll. Nada, dropped bait w/1.5 oz and hooked up right away. Called out the #'s and 2 boats showed. We worked them for 2 hours and...
  83. Afry

    Shit - A65 install was going great untill.....

    I get to the part where you ire the power feed and find out the guy forgot to include it. Anyone have or know where to get a 3 prong power cable for a Raymarine A65? Trying to chase tuna this Wed so I need to find one in San Diego area.
  84. Afry

    If your going to drive like a dick - than take the BD sticker off your truck!

    ...and you might want to rethink the personalized plates "Patrck A" in the green Ranger pick up with the green jumping fish sticker in the back window. Nice job cutting me off as I am towing my boat out of Ramona today, thanks. I expect it from most idiots that don't tow but from a BD'er? btw...
  85. Afry

    OKAY - Who took dumped their shitter in Mission Bay?

    Just heard on the news that a huge raw sewage slick is a floatin in MB. Papa J and I are running rescue boats Fri-Sun there to help out and now it looks like I will have to run those blue toilet tabs in my bait tank to keep the scum line off. Damn, I was figuring on dropping into the bay...
  86. Afry

    Final score - SD 38, Denver 24, NFL Offical's 15

  87. Afry

    New Customs policy - You're going to like it!

    <?xml:namespace prefix = v ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:vml" /><v:shapetype id=_x0000_t202 path="m0,0l0,21600,21600,21600,21600,0xe" o:spt="202" coordsize="21600,21600"><v:stroke joinstyle="miter"></v:stroke><v:path o:connecttype="rect" gradientshapeok="t"></v:path></v:shapetype><v:shape...
  88. Afry

    "I saw you were in trouble" - Thanks bro! BD ROCKS!

    Was heading home to Ramona today after a great day of fishing yesterday and BAM! Trailer flat while on the ramp to 163 N from 8 E and limped into Hazard Center. Guess what, no spare.... Labor Day and my BD... fuck, plan B. Before I even stopped there was a BD'er there to help - wtf?! His...
  89. Afry

    My tuna caught tuna!

    Christie and I slept in and left SD bait barge around 7 - yawn..... Worked cornado canyon and up past 302 for nada then went west to the 50 line and then north at 30/50 where we found dolphin. We were alone so we slowly worked the troll for a while for nada then dropped bait and it was instant...
  90. Afry

    Insane Usain?

    This fucking guy can RUN! Man, I hope they don't find he is juiced.
  91. Afry

    8/13 Wiiiiiide open dodo's and some yft 17 miles from PL

    Had a chance to fish with my 19 year old son for the first time in a year. Too bad they called him to work today at the last minute so we stayed local. But it was nuts, we rolled up on a paddy at 27/28 and after asking if we could join from a distance they replied that they had already been on...
  92. Afry

    8/10 Albie, YFT, YT 371-230-302

    Left early (3ish) to beat bait lines but mostly because Halibut Howie showed up early this morning. Bait sucked! Little bumpy on the way out but it flattened as the day progressed. Dropped the trollers on a small temp break (69.9) just before the 371 for one small albie (Archer bar). Picked em...
  93. Afry

    U.S. boxer Russell Jr. collapses trying to make weight, out of Olympics

    wtf? Maybe the Olympics should be every 6 years to give these guys time to prepare. U.S. boxer Russell Jr. collapses trying to make weight, out of Olympics - Olympics -
  94. Afry

    When the wife doesn't listen...

    Sorry if it's a repost but this is funnnnnny!
  95. Afry

    Can guide insert be fixed or new guide needed?

    I have a Seeker inshore rod and one of the blue guide inserts popped out due to a weird flex when taking it out of my gunale holder in a hurry. It looks like a press fit and I tried to get it back in without any luck. Any tips? Or is it a lost cause?
  96. Afry

    8/3 psssst! ....there are fish out there!

    Left late, got in looooong line for bait in SD. Headed for 230, turned left at the 371 and no albies for us so we picked up and cruised for paddy's. Went south of 371 first then headed SE. Boated YT and dodo's on a paddy then came up through the 425 and about 1 mile east we found dorado, and...
  97. Afry

    Best way to dice tomatoes?...lots of em

    Is there a kitchen tool or gimick out there that really works to dice tomatoes small enough for salsa etc?
  98. Afry

    What is a mexican limit? Are you sure?

    This has been discussed before here but I heard some chatter on the vhf yesterday and from reading posts it is clear that some do not know the regs. I think it comes from the confusing wording in the regs from the Oficina de Pesca. I don't care what you do but I don't want to see a well...
  99. Afry

    7/27 Fat Albert's (41#) and dodo - 371

    Left the bait barge @ 6 am dropped trollers in 23 miles from the point as the temp dropped to 68.6. A triple - boated 2, one went 41#'s @ 8:30 - 3 miles NE of 371. Next hookup was a double and one came unbuttoned @ around 11am 4 miles SE of 371. Headed home trolling @ noon and about 6 miles...
  100. Afry

    YES!! Gas wars in Ramona $4.19

    Today Costco is $4.24 Daniels dropped their price on Sunday and Star followed today $4.19, AMPM is $4.23 Never thought I'd be so happy to pay close to $4 a gallon :zelfmoord
  101. Afry

    I couldn't go to Argentina this year so my buddy sends this...

    Bastard! Check out the size of the hare in the second utube. The locals tell me they ship the backstrap from the hare and export them to Germany for big$$. I can tell you it's pretty fuckin good. The partridge hunting is insane. YouTube - Partridge Hunting in Argentina YouTube - Retrieving...
  102. Afry

    7/21 425/371/Hidden - dodo

    ...and from the looks of things not my last. Left bait barge @ 6:30. Temps were 69-69.5 till the 425 and dropped quick to 67.2 and nice blue. Trolled to the 371 and then turned south to the Hidden and 5 miles beyond for nada. Headed NE and ran into seiners @ 54.5/22.8 in warmer water (68.6)...
  103. Afry

    Really??? Can BD be any fucking slower?

    Trying to read reports cause I'm leaving in the AM to fish and I have to quit so I can go to bed. This SUCKS! Jesus, turn off some of these fucking ads please. I wonder how many don't post or cruise because life is too short to wait for a fucking page to load! Rant off.......
  104. Afry

    New Abu Garcia baitcaster - it's a Revo on steroids!

    Abu Garcia "Toro" Abu Garcia Revo Toro fishing reel Same 24#'s of drag (not sure I really believe that) and two handles like the Revo but it holds 250 yds of 14# - comes in either 5.4 or 6.4. Sounds like a fun reel for throwing poppers at dodo's on a paddy!
  105. Afry


    Shimano has dropped the Teramar "Jig/Bait" rod (with deckhand wrap) from their website. Bummer, I guess the good news is they may be clearance priced soon.
  106. Afry

    Best way to ship rods to PA?

    I have four rods in two cardboard rod tubes that need to be shipped to PA, UPS or US postal? They weigh 5 lbs each.
  107. Afry

    Soooo it's albie many miles (gallons) have you burned?

    560 nmiles for me in the last week = .75#'s of fish per mile. I KNOW this isn't shit for some of you .....lets hear it....make me feel better or give me hope...I'm leaving friday.....
  108. Afry

    7/12 Orcas, Albies, Yellers and Sea Tow

    Fish Dope said limits on 7/11 just east of the Upper 500 sooooo thats where we started. Got down there in the best water I have seen in a couple years - 30 knots in a 20'er. Papa J hooked us up on where he was, lots of jumpers, we dragged in a triple right away. Very shy fish, we ended up with...
  109. Afry

    Baby born on Hwy 67

    One of my employees wasn't feeling well so she went home early and this is what happened. Click on the video box to the right of the page on the link that says "special delivery". I like the last comnent by the anchorman.... Baby Born in Pick-Up Truck on Hwy 67 - San Diego 6
  110. Afry

    7/6 425-Hidden-238-Upper Finger-Rockpile

    170+ miles for nada (bonies don't count). Was to meet SeaDawg, Ed and Mikeylikesit to fish together and coat tail them through the forecasted fog but they were early and we were not so we met them @ the 425 and worked the area south towards the Hidden for a couple fat bonies. Harry offered to...
  111. Afry

    July 4th heads up @ Shelter Island

    Remember the fireworks crowd will be clogging things up at SI (and other areas as well). Our Marina sent us a pass to get onto Shelter Island as the Harbor Police will be shutting down Shelter Island Dr. @ Scott to normal traffic in the afternoon. You can count on the ramp being a joke.
  112. Afry

    6/29 439, 371 - 37# chicken

    Jim is 6'3" and claims to be 265# but I call BS "Does this albie make my ass look big?" Well 37.5 on the digital to be exact, pics tomorrow. Left SD with Christie and my daughter Nicole, Jim (lefthandfish) and buddy Alex @ 4:30 and after bait headed to 439 and dropped em in. Water was...
  113. Afry

    Who's going to be at Coral 7/4-7/7

    Going down to fish and hang out for 3 nights anyone else? We will be in the "Christie Ann" a 38' Med. Stop by if you are....
  114. Afry

    Thank you! Thank You! Ali, Jason and BD crew

    This years YT tourney was better then ever. You guys just keep stepping it up. Everything went sooo smooth and easy for the teams. It was a blast, not to mention some of the best monies and prizes we see in a Socal event. The food was plentiful and tasty, the band rocked, and the girls...
  115. Afry

    Going SW 6/15 paddie checking anyone else?

    Great fathers day gift from my 15 year old daughter! She says she is going fishing with me on fathers day cause she knows thats want I want to do anyway. She has never gone offshore with me before (just local) and doesn't fish but maybe I can get her to pull on a hookup for once. I'll be nice...
  116. Afry

    Proud to be an American!

    A recent study found the average American walks about 900 miles year. Another study found Americans drink, on average, 22 gallons of alcohol a year. That means, on average, Americans get about 41 miles to the gallon. Kind of makes you proud to be an American.
  117. Afry

    5/26 Nados and 101-302

    Went towards 101 and found this floating without any helo's above so I checked it out and boy is somebody going to be pissed off..... when they go to turn in the aluminum cans they were saving to recycle. Anyway, hit the islands around 7 in search of...
  118. Afry

    Advise on joining the military

    My 19 year old son talked to me last night and told me he is thinking of joining the military. He's not sure which branch but has interest in the Marines. He currently rents a room near Palomar college, is taking 11 units and works 30 hours a week at Costco. Mostly self supported by his...
  119. Afry

    Pacific Honda Rocks!

    Just got home from buying my son a used car and after a couple weeks of hell at nearly every shit hole car lot in SD we had a great experience at Pacific Honda on Convoy. Jeremy was the salesman and was a cut above. Next time I'm just going there first. Met Erik (Tapout) and in true BD fashion...
  120. Afry

    5/3 we popped a T

    Launched dana @ 6 ish. 20 min into the troll on a BOM and lost the first one at the boat, weird deal, was way hot...5 min and he was at the boat mouth hooked - played possum. Looked up at us and swung for the fences and broke off 135 braid like butter. bye bye Next one (male 125#?) on a big...
  121. Afry

    Free 14' boat on craigslist

    14' Boat & Motor (not related)
  122. Afry

    Damn - another fatal shark attack today

    ACAPULCO, Mexico (AP) - A U.S. surfer was killed in a shark attack off Mexico's southern Pacific coast, officials said Tuesday. The San Francisco man bled to death on Monday after a gray shark bit his right thigh, leaving a 15-inch (38-centimeter) wound, the Guerrero state Public Safety...
  123. Afry

    Need a used car

    My 19 year old son totalled his truck and has $5500 to spend on a dependable gas efficient car. Anybody have any good rides for sale? Any trustworthy car lots you might know of?
  124. Afry

    Beware! Everham bait barge hazard

    Pulled in Sunday for bait in the Med and all was good till I pulled out and heard a drag rippin. I look back and I see a rod on the porch of their little hut with a line connected to my props. Fuck, nice way to start the day. Tried reverse but it was too late. Seems one of the kids working the...
  125. Afry

    BD sighting Shelter Island launch ramp

    Alright, which one of you fuckers tagged me with no less then 19 bd stickers. It was hell driving home to Ramona tonight.... Christie still did a great job backing the trailer down the ramp with the mirrors covered.
  126. Afry

    Explain this one... If this is true, what did happen to the AA flight 77?
  127. Afry

    WTF? Mexico taxes

    " The Federal Government, in an effort to diminish informal economy, has enacted a new tax, called the IDE Law, which will become effective July 1, 2008. Under the IDE Law, monthly cash deposits made with credit institutions on any type of account in excess of $25,000 pesos will be taxed at a...
  128. Afry

    Looks like an Airslot? $2900

    Looks like a lot of boat if there's no rot. Not mine but this might get someone fishing this year. Whoops... 18' 1967 CLASSIC
  129. Afry

    Bet you'd like to have one of these

    Magpul FMG9 - everyone needs a good flashlight YouTube - Magpul Industries SHOTSHOW 2008 Part 2
  130. Afry

    Socal Elite Outlaws are National Champs!

    My 15 year old daughter Nicole belongs to this competitive cheer team in Poway and they just kicked ass at the USA Allstar Cheer Nationals. They sent 5 squads to the Disneyland event in Anaheim and all 5 squads made it to finals today and 4 of 5 won their divisions as national champs. One...
  131. Afry

    School district layoffs!

  132. Afry

    SD Bug limit and lost hoop

    After two skunk trips my luck changed and finally got a limit. Took all night though. Bad news is I lost a Promar conical with my new float system. Looks like this one and may have my "AF" marks on it. Not sure how I lost it as the current was slack and I had 75' of rope in 45' depth with...
  133. Afry

    Coast Guard searches for missing boater

    From THT - second time in a couple months. Let's not let this happen to one of us. They don't end well. I fish alone alot and just bought an autotether - cheap insurance ($279 from BOE marine). not affiliated - but this should be the product of the year. there is another product out there but...
  134. Afry

    SD bay 1/26 buggin

    I decided to say fuck the weather man and go. Dropped @ 5 and quit @ 1 for 3 legals and tossed 6 shorts. Went deep, shallow and everywhere else except the lobster tank @ PL Seafood - tough year. Weather was fine - moderate rain at times and not cold at all. Our tax dollars were not well...
  135. Afry

    Feds: Kill sea lions to protect salmon

    Well it's a start anyway.... Feds: Kill sea lions to protect salmon By JOSEPH B. FRAZIER Associated Press Writer PORTLAND, Ore. -- A federal agency recommended killing about 30 sea lions a year at a Columbia River dam where the marine animals feast on salmon migrating upriver to spawn...
  136. Afry

    Where can I get Quest plumbing fitting?

    My Med is plumbed with the famous Quest plastic stuff and I need a few fittings - any ideas other then SD Marine Exchange which has limited inventory?
  137. Afry

    Need new phone anyone tried Verizon Voyager?

    My phone took a shit while talking to Ron this morning - hope he doesn't think I hung up on him and want to kick my ass. :D I want an IPhone but gotta have Verizon in Ramona. Is there a way to buy an IPhone and use it on Verizon? Any Voyager users with feedback?
  138. Afry

    Tanner Banks - tiger shark, orcas and Ali vs goat

    But no BFT. Ali, Mark - Locobro, and I left Fri night @ 10 after a killer sushi dinner on Tiger Shark (bad ass 33' World Cat cc w/300 zukes). Hit some pretty good seas as we past SC around 3 am but as the day came on they flattened out. Fuck it was cold. Trolled for a bit at graybreak but...
  139. Afry

    Any bonita out there? Going fishing 12/15

    Need to wet a line, taking the Prokat and plan on cruising from PL to the S9 looking for life. Conditions look great for Sunday. After that I am picking up the family to watch the Parade of lights - will be anchored in the Med "Christie Ann" just off Bali Hai on the shoal...give salute on your...
  140. Afry

    Need a roofer for a commercial building

    in Ramona, 10,000 sq ft (flat roof). This last rain kindly pointed out that it needs repairs. Arnie 760-522-8111
  141. Afry

    11/29 SD bay

    Went last night with Jr. (fishnbuddy) and had a great time we got 12 nice bugs with one that had to go 4+ lbs. He is a great puller/ho and has some more time off so if you need a ho - PM him. Hung out with Jerod (The OG Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooookup - I never remember...
  142. Afry

    Cuda's Happy!

    WTF was that coaching call by the Chiefs to go for it on 4th down and not kick the field goal? Ouch
  143. Afry

    Bully's east sucked! wtf happened?

    Was running errands last night and we were going to eat at Outback when I remembered Bully's was nearby so we changed plans. What a mistake, service was crap, soup and salad were straight from an elementary school cafeteria , $20 prime rib was small and bland, I wouldn't feed the "garlic"...
  144. Afry

    Jason and Ali are in trouble!

    I clicked on the online store link and this is what I got...:D "Custom Dynamic Search Engine Optimized Links v2 (CDSEO Links) was licensed and encoded for the following domain(s): and is not licensed for the URL on which it is currently being executed. If this is a second store you...
  145. Afry

    Witch Creek Fire photos - Ramona

    Nobody can read... Fishstick-er's house, outbuilding and boat My house What's left of the 50 homes across the street from Maggie's employees home Firefighters putting it down behind Lefthandfish's house Witch Creek Fire speed bumps (topas) Misc...
  146. Afry

    Tragic fire news

    This is from Ramona Sentinel - reporting the news since 1886! <CENTER>"Two fire deaths on Highland Valley </CENTER> Two burned bodies were recovered from an address on the 15800 block of Highland Valley Road, reported sheriff's officials. No other details are available at this moment...
  147. Afry

    Need a drive by in Ramona?

    Roads are still closed getting in but I can get around up here. If you need me to drive by and check on things let me know. PM or text the address to me with your phone # @ 760-522-8111
  148. Afry

    10/21 South 9 Mile YFT limits

    Well almost a limit - would have been if I didn't farm it (solo) while clearing lines :imdumb:. Woke up at 4 AM with plans to fish the 302 area but the fog was on so I rolled over and slept till 8. No fog so I hightailed it towards the 302 without bait since I needed to be back in by 12 and...
  149. Afry

    Paintball gun/marker questions

    Bug season is here and so are the dogs. I don't want to take my full sized marker with combersome hopper and air tank out with me on my cc. So I see some nice looking pistols out there and I have some questions: 1) Are they all powered by those little non-refillable co2 cartridges? Are...
  150. Afry

    Bd'er spotted this morning

    Obviously on the passenger
  151. Afry

    My new ride - for cat lovers only

    Just arrived from NC 20' 06 ProKat with single 07 Suzuki 175 (140 hrs) on a new aluminum trailer. Bad ass 40 gal bait tank/seat combo. Ran 100 miles yesterday and only lost a handful of dines. Also has full side curtains (not pictured) for those days heading home uphill. Ran 38 knots with...
  152. Afry

    9/15 Nados yt- 100 rounds fired...

    Dye sea lion dye! (used orange markers) to keep the pesky fuckers away. Dropped the hook from 10 to 5 and had a great day of fishing, shooting, watching college ball and napping! After a few skunk trips offshore and knowing the conditions lately we decided to chill at the islands for a...
  153. Afry

    Before you hoop net this season read thi$

    I don't want ant BD'ers donating to DFG's christmas party because they didn't know the rules (taken from their FAQ web site). Did you know - "the animal must remain whole until you are ready to cook it" or "no more than one daily bag limit may be taken or possessed by any one person...
  154. Afry

    Line capacity conversion

    I have a couple of Penn 320LD reels that I keep on the boat for visitors and the box says they hold 320yds of 20# and the Penn web site says they hold 300yds of 20#. Hmmmm If I load these with 25# how much will they hold? 30#?
  155. Afry

    Heading SW on 9/2 with new blue

    Had to stop fishing for a couple of weeks to refurb a rental house nights and weekends. Finished the house tonight and then the tow rig breaks down so I'm stealing my kids truck and heading out Sun morning :D Then Christie surprises me with a new Seeker Inshore 709 :drool: for my :xlbirthda ...
  156. Afry

    Ya no ur a neck wen...

    you get one of these for your BD Funny T-Shirts and Cool Tshirts from and like it!
  157. Afry

    BD salute Ramona

    Good morning late model gray Ford PU w/shell, looks like neither of us are fishing today :finger:
  158. Afry

    Do you fish solo? Ever used one these?

    Home CAST makes one for twice the price, has anyone tried either? My biggest fear when solo is going over and watching the boat leave without me. I usually wear a belt inflatable pfd and sometimes wear my ACR PLB on the belt but still don't want to lose my boat! $229 sounds good if the...
  159. Afry

    Need an extended auto warranty

    My mothers 05 Mercedes E320 (31,949 mi) is out of lease in January and we are probably going to buy it. Her warranty is running out and I want coverage for her car. Is there anything I should know or companies you can recomend?
  160. Afry

    Ali and Jason go fishing...

    Two owners of a fishing web site are out fishing at their favorite spot, just fishing quietly and drinking beer. Almost silently, so as not to scare the fish, Ali says, "I think I'm going to divorce my wife – she hasn't spoken to me in over 2 months. Jason continues slowly sipping his...
  161. Afry

    Air Vick prison flip flops from Nike?

    After his homies rolled on him the DA is offering a deal that gives him one year in the big house. :rofl::rofl: I guess Burt Reynolds has another shot at a movie - The Longest Yard III?
  162. Afry

    What's the limit on Cabo's?

    Went cruising past the Kona Kai last night and did a double take. Tied up next to all the shiny yachties was a 433 ton crab boat right out of "The Deadliest Catch" called the "Arctic Eagle". According to the attached article this boat was part of the feds buyout program. What made the scene...
  163. Afry

    8/12 - 130 miles and didn't make the Sixty

    I thought if conditions were good I would try for the Sixty Mile bank and at the very least get into some good paddy action down south. Nope. Jinxed myself when I bought that new digi camera... Me and my trusty skiff found much rougher seas about 10 miles past the 371 so changed plans and...
  164. Afry

    Best burger in San Diego is in Ramona

    Voted #1 by XX Sports radio "Cheers" in Ramona wins and the shit is good let me tell ya. They use great beef from "Bisher's Quality Meats" which is known thoughout the county and an old fucking grill with lots of flavor. They also have Monday Steak night - huge steak, potato and ceaser salad...
  165. Afry

    Great digital camera deal $69

    Yes they are refurbished but I am looking for a cheap camera for the boat and this fits the ticket. Most digital cameras this cheap do not have rechargeable batteries like this one does. Recertified - FUJIFILM F460 Silver 5.1 MP Digital Camera 1/2.5" square pixel CCD 2.5" 115K LCD 3X Optical...
  166. Afry

    Simple YT recipe La Bocana style

    Joquin made us this killer YT recipe at his place in La Bocana Pour some Dijonnaise (or any mustard) in a bowl and thin with a little mayo, add a good dash of soy sauce and stir. Take fillets of YT and sprinkle lightly with ground ginger then drizzle with lime juice. Coat both sides of the...
  167. Afry

    8/5 nice YT limit and lock jaw dodo's

    Left Bait barge solo @ 6:15 and headed to 101/425 split to look for yft & yt's. Saw jumpin tunnies 6 miles south of nados, tried for an hour but couldn't get them to hop aboard the Sea Cat for a cooler ride. Headed to the Hidden Bank (not so hidden) and 28 knots on glassy seas. No sign of...
  168. Afry

    San Jose del Cabo marina open.... the ocean, saw it from the plane yesterday. No docks yet but at least that's a little progress. Did not fish this trip but did a little scuba and the water is unseasonably cold and green. Water temps @ Cabo Pulmo were 62 on the bottom (usually in the mid 70's to 80's this time of...
  169. Afry

    She's going to find Nemo

    That's what she said as the took her first open water dive yesterday. I'm just a proud pappa excited that my 14 year old daughter Nicole is taking her final open water dives this morning. We are taking off Sat for Cabo on a family vacation - no fishing, but we plan on spending a lot of...
  170. Afry

    Circle hooks for tuna jigs?

    Fishing solo for tuna is fun but losing a fish that comes unbuttoned while dealing with another hookup and clearing a third line isn't. I drop down to 2 trollers after the first hookup. I'm wondering if anyone has tried using circle hooks on jigs such as jetheads or feathers. I'm sure they...
  171. Afry

    7/4 fat chicks 371

    Left SI solo @ 4 and made it 5 miles sw of 371 and stayed there till 11. 2 doubles but only landed one each, fucking deckhand couldn't handle two reels. Hook ups @ 9, 9:40 & 10:30 for slow steady picks of 3 nice 25lb+ birds on zuch broomstick and naked cedar close to boat. B&P was working for...
  172. Afry

    6/27 230/E Fly

    Left in the skiff with Lefthandfish from bait barge @ 3:30am and headed to Fly in what was supposed to be great waters but the wind was up already. Long ride @ 12-15 knots, made 230 at graylight and dropped trollers in 66 degree water for an hour, pulled up to continue west. Swell increased...
  173. Afry

    Kmart blow outs

    Ramona Kmart has Penn 310GTI fpr $35 and Shimano Speedmaster IV for $44 if anyone cares. Seems pretty cheap probably good for the kayak guys?
  174. Afry

    6/21 101 to Descanso Bank

    Left SI with plans to work the area from the 101 down to Upper Finger along the bank for tunnys. Stopped on a nice patty 6 miles south of nados for nada. Put trollers in and headed south with little signs of life (not me - the ocean). Water temps were 65.5-66, thats a two degree increase...
  175. Afry

    Going tomorrow 6/21 Rockpile and points SW

    Going solo in the am on 72 (Sea cat)
  176. Afry

    2006 38' Silverton with $5800 buy it now

    eBay Motors: Silverton Sport Bridge 38' Twin 380 Yanmar Diesels (item 180131594725 end time Jun-25-07 13:00:00 PDT) Whoops! The only thing that saved his ass is you need to be pre approved to bid...
  177. Afry

    BFT, squirts and dogtails

    Gotta say the BD tourney was a blast, but next time we should try and stick to yt's. I know you guys don't need a yt report but thought I would share the squirt and bft info. Bottomline and I left SD with fresh bait and headed south only to find most rolled and rest hurt...tank problem uugh...
  178. Afry

    6/12 425/371/302 - nope

    Christie and I took four guys (high bidders on a charity auction fishing trip for Intermountain Fire - I did suggest they wait a few weeks for better results) for a boat ride. We hit the nados for yt (middle and skr) for nada from 6:00-8:30 and they got itchy to go paddy hopping so we left for...
  179. Afry

    Coral fuel price?

    Anyone know the current diesel price at Coral? (for non marina renters) I need about 400 gallons and am thinking about a run south this weekend.
  180. Afry

    Ass pics - YT Tourney

    To make this a true BD event how about a pool to see who has the most accurate guess as to how many ass shots :waglleybooty: will be taken with the event cameras. Maybe we can have prizes for hairiest ass, biggest ass pimple :eek: and the granddaddy of them all...biggest shit stain...
  181. Afry

    Need to get 4 certified for scuba

    I need to get my 14 year old daughter and my buddy with his son (13) and daughter (16) certified before we leave for Cabo 7/14. All of these guys swim great. We have pools to use in Ramona and my 38' Med for the open water stuff or whatever you suggest. Any experienced Bd'er instructors out...
  182. Afry

    24' Skippy Diesel for 6k

    Here... 24 ft. 1978 Skipjack w/ Diesel (No relation)
  183. Afry

    Penn VSW50 help!

    Went T sharking Tues and brought two 50VSW's which worked perfectly the prevoius week. I got to my spot and dropped the BOM's and when I tried to reel in a little the reel was tight (as if I had a 1000#er on in high gear). It was all I could do to roll it in to put away in low gear. If I set...
  184. Afry

    The Hull Truth bought by Internet Brands Inc.

    Yahoo profile: <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="100%"><TBODY><TR><TD>Internet Brands (formerly takes shopping from research to retail with a few clicks of a mouse. The company helps customers research and purchase, online or at an actual location, big ticket items...
  185. Afry

    Which jigstick would you buy if you were...

    a cheap fucker like me? I am looking for a 7 1/2' (or 8' max) rod to use with a Newell 332. Rod needs to be kinda durable for small private boat use and mostly used for tossing surface iron (30#). Not looking for a showpiece but one that will get beat to shit in the back of my suburban and in...
  186. Afry

    Nice cat on craigslist

    Not affiliated... 20’ SEAGULL NAUTICO POWER CAT BOAT w/twin Honda 4 stroke outboards Nice ride for this season if you need a boat. Cats are the shit.
  187. Afry

    What are the conditions off PL?

    Thinking of an early run to the Nados tomorrow and I can't see the seas from Ramona. I am seeing conflicting predictions for the conditions, it seems to be laying down a bit more then expected.
  188. Afry

    Fuck Sea Tow...wait, maybe not...

    Just got my renewl for Boat US Vessal Assist: Annual dues $19 Vessal Assist (gold) $143 Trailer towing $10 voluntary donation for safety/clean up $4 Total...
  189. Afry

    Back east style hoagie?

    That's an Italian sandwich for those of you born west coasters. Fifty lashes for those of you submitting places that use mustard or mayo on their hoagies. Where is the best? I go first....Philly sandwich company on Convoy or Mona Lisa's deli on India are both awesome.
  190. Afry

    Defiance Yellowtail Boat @ FHS

    Did anyone check that cool looking new Defiance at FHS. Called the 195 Yellowtail. Looks like it was made with socal in mind. A 20'er w/115 Yammie four stroke and bitchen pilothouse. I noticed two nice removable holds in the floor with lifting handles and salesman says it has a 90 fuel gal tank...
  191. Afry

    E-Tec 90 w/10 hrs for 4k on CL

    2004 Evinrude E tech 90 Less then half price.... (no affiliation) I have one of these and they ROCK!
  192. Afry

    SD Bay - 2 nights, 2 bugs, 2 Bd'ers and 2 stupid po po's

    Launched Sat afternoon and dropped nets on channel edge at dusk. Current was ripping to 2 knots with huge swing. No sooner do I drop last of 5 hoops and turn to see first ones floating by so the chase begins. As I pull up to retrieve the first net a Harbor Police boat pulls up with lights on...
  193. Afry

    2/10 SD Bay buggin pic

    Christie and I got 12 including this 5#'er as well as limits for two on Tues night. See ya out there this Tues!
  194. Afry

    Nice rod riggers for less

    Ran into these on another site, 1/2 the price of the Smiths and look very similar. Radar Arches, T-tops, Hard Tops, Canvas Tops, Fishing Towers by Metal Creations There are some other cheaper ones on ebay but watch the shipping (they look like Tigress knockoffs). Lets see..with a couple of...
  195. Afry

    SD bay hoopin 1/31

    Went solo last night, strong incoming tide, cloudy full moon and breezy at times. Dropped nets @ 6 and had 2 shorts and 9 spider crabs till 10 with a ripping current. First legal @ 10:00 which I took back to the Med and ate (forgot to bring food). Didn't forget the Sierra Nevada though, funny...
  196. Afry

    Michael Vick....Really SNL
  197. Afry

    SD bay buggin 12/19 fatty

    Tried some new areas for a tough night, big one was 6+. Went solo and lost one net in the first 1/2 hour, damn. Had the remaining 4 nets to scratch out these four bugs.
  198. Afry

    How much drag does a stock Penn 975 have?

    Shimano claims 18# for the Tekota 500 and this sounds optimistic...Which has more juice?
  199. Afry

    We suck! BUT the Chargers are 6 times better then the Raiders!

    Fucking soup eatin Packers! PLEASE VOTE... it takes seconds, but it can go a long way!!! GO CHARGERS!!!! Campbell Soup has a promotion for each city with an NFL franchise. Go to the Campbell website below and vote for the Chargers. This is a great cause with Christmas coming up. Please...
  200. Afry

    12/5 sd Bay bugs-crabs-starfish and Caltip love note

    Damn these things are UGLY! Probably a legal Spider crab but he lives to be eaten another day. It was slow for us, not even a short from 6-9 on a strong incoming tide (1+ knot). Tried a different spot and dropped nets as the tide went from slack to outgoing we started to get some action. 2...
  201. Afry

    Need La Bocana/Abreojos trip help/buddy boaters

    Planning on heading down there 1/12 - 1/18 with Fishstick-er, we are trailering two cc's (18' & 20') and have ho's. Any other Bd'ers that want to bring their boats are welcome as we are camping. Only those with good mechanical equipment and don't know how to complain need apply. Now, we have...
  202. Afry

    X-Ring rubber bullets for sea lion deterrent?

    Anyone ever use these? I understand you use only the primer and no powder load but these fuckers are only 10' from the boat. Seems like you could use the .44 which would be handy, non-lethal, quiet and cheap. Do they pack the pop needed to make the furbag leave? I like the regs which say you...
  203. Afry

    11/29 SD Bay big bug

    Went out with Lefthandfish last night for a great night, dropped hoops and went to Pt Loma Seafood for a fish sandwich dinner...YUM! Watched a few boats burn at the Marriott Marina (bummer) and pulled this 6.5lber! Also got a few in the 2-3 lb range. Smallest bug in the photo is 1/4' over legal...
  204. Afry

    Anyone using a Standard Horizon PS1000 VHF?

    I've been trying to keep my 18 cc simple and instead of mounting a VHF I have been using a handheld (Standard Horizon 471). Not a great move...easy to forget, battery can't keep up on a 15 hour day, not loud enough while underway and not enough range when 40 miles offshore. So I am looking...
  205. Afry

    Stop throwing away $$ on trailers!

    YouTube - Bubba Test
  206. Afry

    Real world E-tec 90hp numbers

    90 hp E-tec mounted on 18 Sea Cat logged 178.5 hrs in 7 months used mostly coastal fishing within 40 miles of San Diego and hoop netting lobster in bay (last 6 weeks). This boat weighs in around 2600 lbs with t-top, 50 gallons of fuel, bait tank full and loaded with me and my gear. I never run...
  207. Afry

    One bad ass boat ride

    ...sorry if it's a repost but worth it. YouTube - off road boats!!!=
  208. Afry

    10/21 SD bay - lost net reward- good bugs

    Went out Sat night with 7 hoops and came back with 6...ughhh! Might have been the sea lion, second time in a row for this. The float has a capital letter "A" and "F" combined on the big and small float (I use both so it floats the net if moved). Will gladly supply some of your favorite...
  209. Afry

    Tennis anyone...betcha can't play just once!

  210. Afry

    10/17 SD Bay bugs and Harbor Police

    Went hoopin with Lefthandfish, dropped nets around 7:30 for 3 hours for 9 legals. Some were real decent sized...anybody know where I can get butter in 55 gal drums? Harbor Police was checking boats @ SI Ramp as we came in. We were good of course but some guy before us had one 5 lber and one...
  211. Afry

    Question about bug meat

    Went hoopin tonight and one of the bugs had white meat instead of the usual almost clear meat, like it had been slightly cooked. What's up with that? Is this any good?
  212. Afry

    10/14 SD bug limit

    Launched around 3 and picked up 4 nice Boonies for bait right off PL. Tied up and went to the Brig for dinner (hooping is tough work!). Dropped nets @ 7:30 and worked em till 10 stopping for blackened Ahi/cocktails with gf @ Bali Hai (gotta soak those hoops!). Back to work and pulled last one...
  213. Afry

    10/10 SD - Bonies, Barries and Bug limits

    Well almost, 13 bugs is close! Launched with Lefthandfish @ 3:30 SI and picked up 8 Bonies (bait taste - less filling) and 1 nice barrie for bug bait. Dropped nets @ 7:15 and first net was dry, next net had a nice legal, third net had 3 legals! Worked the rest till 10PM when the bite died so...
  214. Afry

    Cabela's 5 hrs from San Diego?

    I was playing around on their site and saw they have a store in Glendale, AZ. Anybody checked it out? :_shopping
  215. Afry

    Go Niners! Al Davis swim home in tears of shame!

    It's tough being a 49'er faithful nowadays but today was a beautiful day kicking the Raiders ASS! Hate to bag on my own team but when you can't beat the Niners you SUCK! Props to Chargers as well!
  216. Afry

    10/3 SD Bay - Bd'er and bugs

    Went hooping with Lefthandfish last night from 7:30-11:30 and pulled 5 legals using 8 nets. We used the leftover Bonita from Sat night and it seemed to work out well, a couple other boats we talked to came up empty. Many shorts were tossed as well as 3 that were "oh so close". Bugs seemed to be...
  217. Afry

    9/30 Buggin!

    First serious attempt at hooping, usually just dropped the net over while @ anchor on the Med but the new skiff this year cried out for LOBSTER! Wasn't able to lauch till 3PM so offshore fishing was out but buggin was the new plan. Went out to the Whistler for all the 6-8 lb Bonita you wanted...
  218. Afry

    Pulleys for hoop nets..can you?

    This came up on another thread and I thought it needed it's own Here's the scoop: Just got a voice mail from DF&G officer Dennis MacGuyver (or McKiver) who said that we ARE allowed to use a winch or pulley that is either powered or not to pull up hoop nets legally. He was very nice and left...
  219. Afry

    CIF Upset

    Ramona (div3) 31.....St Augustine 29 Score at half was 17-6 Ramona Ramona JV and Frosh also won for a sweep St A's QB is the shit though with a UCLA ride
  220. Afry

    9/14 Hot naked bitch swallows the wood

    She was pretty to! Solo run, left SI/bait barge @ 5:30 and headed SW for 11 miles. Almost ran over a paddy in the greylight, stopped for nada and put trollers in, 4 miles sw of N9 I roll on a good sized paddy and one of the cedar plugs goes off - in comes a nice 15-16 lb female dodo. trolled...
  221. Afry

    Before Jiminoc asks about is the answer

    Tidal movements explained, everything you wanted to know.... :rofl:
  222. Afry

    Operation Mulege Relief

    Looks Like we have a box van to take the supplies to COMSA in Calexico. Right now we mainly have clothing and it would be great to send down other needed items with this load such as: Mosquito netting Insect repellant Water Food – dry and canned (provide can opener) Basic shelter – tents...
  223. Afry

    E-tec recall

    I just got a notice that 40-90hp with serial #'s below 5166490 may have a defective fuel filter and needs to be brought to an authorized dealer. It seems they pressurize the fuel system to maximum pressure and may have damaged some of the filters. Since I bought my 90 hp E-tec out of state I...
  224. Afry

    8/30 224 1YT lotsa paddies/fog

    Left SI solo @ 6:30, foggy ass morning, vis was maybe 50-100 yds till 10 miles out (knew I shoulda got radar for my skiff) max 10 knots. Hit the 224 @ 9am(!) Water didn't warm up till 16 miles from the point. Hell of a temp break 64-65.....1 mile later....bam 69, lotsa kelp along there as well...
  225. Afry

    8/24 N9 skunko

    Decided to try for US Dodo's after great successes with their spanish speaking cousins. Left SI @ 6 w/good bait and headed for N9. Hit couple dry paddies just north of the 9. Continued north in that huge band of 71-73 degree water zig zagging as far north as 33.05 and staying between 5-13 miles...
  226. Afry

    Foodsaver mini plus sale

    Kohl's has Foodsaver mini plus on sale for $40 w/10' roll, the bigger, nicer one is $80. Just picked one up for the boat. Went in to buy a shirt....
  227. Afry

    Skipjack 20' history questions

    No doubt Skipjack made their mark in the west coast boating arena and certainly can be called legendary. How about some general info on the lil brother.... the 20' Skippy? Years made? Differences between the FB and open? Notable production changes? Common problems? Best traits? Best mods...
  228. Afry

    8/12 N9 and farming the Nados

    Launched solo @ PM SI and made mac's at PL. headed to 9 trolled and looked for paddies - nada. Headed for Pukey point to try new SX/2 and some butterfly jigs. Dropped in 50 ft depths for nothing moved out to 100 and bam! Line was ripping straight down and PING! Felt like a YT took me for a quick...
  229. Afry

    18 paddies to ourselves 8/13

    Been trying to get my 17 year old son out fishing but work has kept him busy so finally before HS football starts Sunday was the day! Left SI 6:00 am Headed north of north nado and turned left looking for paddies along the drop off towards the 101. No paddies, lotsa dolphin so halfway to 101 we...
  230. Afry

    8/10 S9/101/425 Ms dodo

    Left SI solo with bait @ 6:15 headed to South 9 looking for close ones. Small school of dolphin feeding on small bait but no paddies. Conditions were glassy smooth little swell. Decided to head south to 101 heading north of the islands...still no paddies. Turned towards 425 and swell picked up a...
  231. Afry

    Help with POS bait tank needed

    My 18 Sea Cat has a POS built in 13 gallon "deadwell" for bait, the kind with a side spigot (which isn't bad) and the tube in the middle with the open top that acts as a drain and maintains the proper level. When you pull it out it drains the tank at the end of the day. The drain tube in the...
  232. Afry

    Dorado/YT for Fire & Rescue 8/5

    Sorry the title should read 8/4 NOT 8/5 Offered a fishing trip for 4 as an auction item for the Intermountain Fire & Rescue couple weeks ago and yesterday was the day. They raised over $32k in badly needed monies. Did you know 911 charges them to...
  233. Afry

    Mex limits on two+ day trips?

    I know what the one day limits are in Mex and I read this: "Where sport-fishing is conducted from boats out at sea for longer than three days, the bag limit will be the equivalent of three times the amounts mentioned above." But what about limits on a 2 or 3 day trip like a Sat and Sun...
  234. Afry

    Diesel and Dodo's

    7/29 - Plan was for Christie and I to head to Coral Sat morn for diesel and stopping at paddies on the way down. Love it when a plan works out. Left Si @ 10 (!) and headed for the 101. Saw a few boats around working the paddies and decided to head towards the Upper Finger along the ledge. Just...
  235. Afry

    Harness suggestions for reels w/o lugs?

    So Avet, (A Very Expensive Temptation) has made awsome small reels for us that work for big fish. But after a long fight (or two) with a big fish on a JX 2 spd while dripping sweat in the mex sun and now you have trouble holding on. What is you favorite way of attaching a strap or harness to...
  236. Afry

    7/22 226 Dorado

    Left SI with gf @ 7AM (zzzzzzzzzz) heading for 182 but the head sea was shitty so changed course for 302/226. Just east of 302 put out trollers and found huge life. Continued north and spotted birds working around another nice sized paddy, trolled past no love....rolled in trollers...
  237. Afry

    7/4 238 YT limits and Dorado

    This ain't no radio Dorado..... GF and I left Coral at 6:30 with the macs made at the slip heading for the warm water 40 miles out. 68 or less till 238 @ 31.30/117.15 we start to find paddies and temp is climbing to 69.5. Made two drifts on a large paddy for nada and were about to move on...
  238. Afry

    Okay, which one of you guys was @ SI ramp sunday? Sounds like the Dorado fisherman just back from the 302?
  239. Afry

    Coral 7/1-7/4

    Can't leave till Sat mid morning, fishing our way south and spending the next 3 nights @ Coral. Plan on working the 238 - 500 area's from there. Mine and Christie's (gf) 8th anniversary so stop by and say hi (1st beer's on me then BYOB you drunk fuckers) - 38' Mediterranean "Christie Ann" and...
  240. Afry

    5/24-25 and the search for close ablies

    Left SI solo on a 190 heading for 40 miles searching for tuna or bigger grade YT's in 18' cat..... wrong boat. Conditions were not as expected nor were the fish. Saw a spot on the SST's at 02/33 that had the right stuff and sure enough I found blue 63.5 degree water. Trolled the break for a...
  241. Afry

    6/17 425 - YT on mini-jethead

    Left on solo run in 18 cc from SI. Half scoop and left @ 6 in rough water till past nados, beat the shit out of the bait in crappy stock tank. Plan was to get 5 miles past 425 to temp/chloro break and look for BFT or bigger model YT. Right on 425 found the pattie that passing Trophy said was dry...
  242. Afry

    Cabo/East Cape RE boom continues

    I received the following from my realtor in Cabo: *************************** New developments are taking Baja California Sur to the next level. The number of visitors coming to Baja California Sur increased 26% in 2005 versus 2004. In 2004 we had 1,503,217 visitors and in 2005 we had...
  243. Afry

    Gay but funny..memory lane
  244. Afry

    Marlin boil - 33 C&R on one boat!

    A business assoc just called and is back from his Cabo trip. Says winds blew for 3 days @ 30mph dropping water temps from 75 to 62 degrees. They left out of Cabo went north to East Cape (2.5 hrs) to warmer water and were radio called in on a Marlin BOIL that was over 1/4 mile square. The boat...
  245. Afry

    Bait pump recomendation?

    Bait pump went out on 38 Mediterranean with I believe a 48 gallon bait tank (lucky I checked it brfore buying bait). Any thoughts on a good reliable brand pump?
  246. Afry

    BD'er sighting on 163 S @ 8AM

    Gave proper salute to Teal colored lowered GMC suburban, sorry I couldn't stop to chat....
  247. Afry

    Dumbshit gets no love from T

    Tried to launch with Fishstick-er from Dana this morning @ 6:15 BUT when I went to grab keys for boat in side door pocket where I usually keep them I came up empty. After tearing apart everything and calling gf at home they are NOWHERE! I drive back to Ramona and get spare set....launch @...
  248. Afry

    5/13 Cornados/PL Ling

    Got a late start due to other obligations on a solo fishing run in 18' Seacat so I launched @ 1 PM from SI (shit load of trailers in lot). Tried to make bait @ Whistler for no love. Headed to Middle grounds hoping to find birds for a little boney C&R, trolled to backside of North around to Pukey...
  249. Afry

    Raw water wash down setup?

    About to put a raw water wash down on my 18'er and an looking for a nice coiled hose mount assembly to buy or make. I've seen the units sold at West Marine but was looking for other options. Any ideas?
  250. Afry

    A fishy story....

    A guy who lives at <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 /><st1:PlaceType w:st="on">Lake</st1:PlaceType> <st1:PlaceName w:st="on">Conroe</st1:PlaceName> (50 miles north of <st1:place w:st="on"><st1:City w:st="on">Houston</st1:City></st1:place>) saw a ball bouncing around kind of strange in the lake and...
  251. Afry

    Knife jig with treble hook?

    I saw a vendor selling River2sea knife jigs at DATD with a large treble hook attached by a welded ring on the tail end. Anybody know anything about this? I was told by the Shimano rep that that loop on the tail end of the jig is where Japanese fisherman daisy chain their jigs together. I...
  252. Afry

    Nada Nados 4/20

    Went on my first fish run this morning (solo) with my new boat. Spent an hour in West Marine parking lot finishing up the FF/GPS install (337c) last night. I tried using silicone to glue the transom mount transducer inside the hull (no foam core) and it worked like a champ, no need for a shoot...
  253. Afry

    Opening day boat ride

    Hunted a spot of private land on Mt Palomar Saturday that I had taken two birds from in the past for nada. zip...nada no tracks, gobbles or feathers! Plan B was to hunt Ramona at noon, but my new 18' Seacat w/90 E-tec arrived during the week and I was chomping at the bit to take it for a spin so...
  254. Afry

    Best FF/GPS around $1000?

    Part one $$: Looking for FF/GPS for 18' cc cat to be used for the bay/inshore/baja. What are your thoughts? Part two $$$: I also noticed that a few companies offer a single station FF/GPS for $1200 or so that can be upgaded with radar antenna for another $1000 if needed. Do these small (12")...
  255. Afry


    A tourist walks into a curio shop in San Francisco. Looking around at everything, he notices a very lifelike, life-sized bronze statue of a rat. It has no price tag, but is so striking that he decides he must have it. So he takes it to the owner and asks, "How much for the bronze rat?" The...
  256. Afry

    BD Salute!

    The Bet <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-comSaudi Arabia</st1:country-region> to the <st1:country-region w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">USA</st1:place></st1:country-region>. When they arrived the two fathers made a bet - in a year's time whichever family had become more...
  257. Afry

    One Big Mutha

    An Australian sheep farmer was puzzled <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-comat the disappearance of sheep on his farm. After a few weeks of sheep disappearing <o:p></o:p> <O:P></O:P>the farmer decided to put up an electric <o:p></o:p> <O:P></O:P>fence. <o:p></o:p>...
  258. Afry

    Bun warmers needed for opening gobblers

    Got my Palomar Mtn gunz turkey hunt planned for opening day and guess what....there's over a foot of snow there right now. Shit, might need a plan B! Anybody got any white camo?? :eyepoppin
  259. Afry

    Need reasonable BMW mechanic

    Or is that BMtroubleU? Got a 97 740i that I fired up to ready for sale after sitting for months and it has a slight top end rattle (chain tensioner stuck?). Need help!
  260. Afry

    Humminbird 987c side sonar??

    Anybody use one of these? Humminbird 987c SI Fishfinder combo If as advertised it looks like a side sonar paddy scanner
  261. Afry

    Ultimate rough water ride!

    Just in case you win 3 or 4 super lotto jackpots....
  262. Afry

    New FBI internet watch

    FBI"s new internet policy says it will be non-intrusive...try it!
  263. Afry

    Keep your yote ass away from my gobblers

    Left work early to scout the local gobblers yesterday and was following 4 fat hens, a medium Jake and a big tom when I noticed a coyote in the hunt. Never scouting without a yote rig (.204 Ruger-40gr/3-9 scope). I did my thing for the wild turkeys of America and dropped him running at about a...
  264. Afry

    21 Parker Pilothouse rumor

    I heard a 21 Parker Pilothouse was @ the Miami boat show. Rumor? If so maybe they will get smart and offer a diesel!
  265. Afry

    2/12 Rockpile

    Fish report: One nice red, 2 short lings, one short butt Trip report: Didn't get out of slip till 5PM Sat due to mechanical problems, made it to South Island and spent a very bumpy night on the hook as the wind was out of the north. Captain Tangueray was aboard so no problem. Tried to make...
  266. Afry

    Need new isenglass hookup

    Anybody have a good isenglass guy? I need new flybridge isenglass for my 38 Med with hardtop, boat is at Shelter Island.
  267. Afry

    Best levelwind reel for knife/butterfly jig?

    I'm looking for a small, light levelwind (because I'm a lazy fuck) reel for a Shimano Trevala 66MH2 used for knife or butterfly jigs. This rod is very light and I don't want to mount a big ass bottom reel on it. It does not need a fast retieve. I will load it with 65lb spectra will not fish...
  268. Afry

    Back from Santa Rosalia/Isla San Marcos

    Fish Report: 4 YT - 22, 24, 26 and a 33lber Lost track of how many - Leopard Grouper, Cabrilla, big mouthed Ling looking thing, Spotted Bass, Cuda, Grunt, Puffer, firecracker YT and several others that I have no idea. BTW seagulls will hit a orange/gold Fastrac when trolled at 5 knots about 100...
  269. Afry

    Sad Super Bowl story

    A man had 50 yard line tickets for the Super Bowl. As he sits down, a man comes down and asks if anyone is sitting in the seat next to him. "No," he says, "the seat is empty." "This is incredible," said the man. "Who in their right mind would have a seat like this for the Super Bowl...
  270. Afry

    How long is the drive to San Quintin?

    How long is the drive to San Quintin and where would you stay? Just for the night as we are moving on to Mulege at graybreak. It's that or Ensenada but I am worried about our truck/boat/gear overnight there at Corral. Should I be? We can't leave SD till 2PM and want to minimize night driving
  271. Afry

    Free Photo booth video
  272. Afry

    Planning 1st trip to Rosalia/Isla San Marcos

    Thinking of leaving SD 1/27 after work @ 3PM and overnighting in Ensenada for a 3AM departure to Santa Rosalia. How far do we have good roads south of Ensenada as we are leaving in the dark? We are towing a 20' cc. Hoping to stay @ Las Casitas hotel (will get reservations). Will have...
  273. Afry

    Duck & Goose recipes needed

    I'm lookin for your favorite duck breast and/or whole goose recipes....whatca got?
  274. Afry

    Twas the night before Tookie's execution ...

    Twas the night before Christmas and all through San Quentin, the crips were protesting, and liberals were ventin'. The cyanide hung by the chamber wth care, in hopes that the reaper soon would be there. The inmates were nestled all snug in their bed ; except for Old Tookie, who soon would...
  275. Afry


    A man and his wife were sitting in the living room and he said to her, "Honey just so you know, I never want to live in a vegetative state, dependent on some machine and fluids from a bottle. If that ever happens, just pull the plug." His wife got up, unplugged the TV and threw out all of...
  276. Afry

    Argentina hunt info?

    I'm heading down just outside Buenos Aires end of April for guided dove, duck, pig and Blackbuck hunt. Anybody been there before? What to expect? Bring? I know winter is just getting srarted at that time.
  277. Afry

    Muzzleloader supplies?

    Does anybody know of a good muzzleloader shop in SD? I have heard of a good shop somewhere in Riverside, any ideas?
  278. Afry

    Triumph looking for input on new 23'

    Not to pimp another board but Triumph is looking for input on design of the new 235 CC. Now's your chance.....
  279. Afry

    Where would you go for two days?

    Plan on leaving SI with family flying in from midwest this Sunday night in a 38' Med and don't need to be back till Tues night. Seems the only fair fishing is south so we will probably work out of Coral. Where to fish resident YT around Banda? Does anybody know where the seiners are working...
  280. Afry

    302-371 9/1 Birthday YT

    Boat's been down for 6 wks waitin for parts...Myself and two crew left SD after stopping for nice bait @ 5:30. Made our way to 302 in flat seas stopping at paddy's along the way for no love. Except for the whale saw nothing bigger then lots of bait in blue 69 degree water. Trolled feathers...
  281. Afry

    Kmart tackle blowout

    Don't know if other Kmarts are doing this but the one in Ramona has overhauled their fishing section and has thrown tons of stuff into bins that are 1/2 to 2/3's off. Example: Mustad 7691S 10/0 hooks (2 pac) $3.00. Lots of weights, swivels hooks etc. for dirt cheap