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    Show me your BASS...

    7lb/ Cedros
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    For Sale 7.0 OZ Large crocodiles

    Thanks !! Crazy thing is 15-20 min earlier i got a 40 lb wsb , then I got the other (70lb on the scale ). Both on 7oz Krocs
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    bola is like a drug, you'll be hooked for life

    This past Sunday while driving to my buddies place in TJ to pick him up for our Punta Banda trip I got pulled over for speeding in downtown TJ. Three cop cars with lights flashing Cop asks why I'm in a hurry , I tell him I have a panga to catch in Ensenada and I'm running a bit late. He...
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    The story of here (Bloody Decks)

    Fucking Stan !!! I can hear him laughing as I type.
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    Penn Carnage 800m

    Where in SD are u located ?
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    It's been a while... Bocana anyone?

    Pretty uneventful 14 hr drive to / from. Fishing was slower than expected. 2 days of fishing = 4 schoolie size yft , rat yt and dodos . Got a few Sierra , calicos, sandies etc. Our pangero Kiki tried hard. Had s good time regardless. Met Juanchy on the beach , had some cold ones with...
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    It's been a while... Bocana anyone?

    Heading to LB on Fri morning , will post report when we get back Wish us luck. Saludos
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    krocodile jigs ?

    Sure is, actually got a 40lb wsb about 20-30 min before that one .
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    krocodile jigs ?

    X2 on Squidco. I used the 7oz last yr in SQ and caught a PB wsb. ( 70lb)Good luck and post a report
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    El Socorro

    Agree!!!! Bummed we didn't get a chance to fish that area. On a side note Fernando's nephew was one of our panga captains , good kid. Hoping to fish Socorro soon .
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    El Socorro

    Island, wanted to fish sac reef but issues between pangeros kept us from fishing that area. We did see quite a bit of crabs
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    El Socorro

    Just fished Geronimo (2 days)last wk with some buddies, not wfo but did catch a few decent checkerboards . Chased birds on the way out for no love . Good luck and post a report
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    Check this out! never get stopped by Mexican Navy!

    I can hear Stan laughing!!!!!!!!!!!! RIP Surfdoc!!!!
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    Did the deal last yr with some buddies, had a GREAT time . Great service !!!! Icing on the cake was a pb whiteseabass ( 70lb) hope to head that way soon VIVA BAJA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Krocs and Swimbaits?

    Squidco. , treble
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    Tanker Seabass 7/2/14

    Awesome!!!!!! Congrats! I'm dizzy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    SQ 70/45# WSB/ The Old Mill/ Pedros Pangas

    Had to run to SM island for bait .
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    SQ 70/45# WSB/ The Old Mill/ Pedros Pangas

    Did a SQ run with fellow BD'rs Vito, Pancheke, and Clemente this past week. Traveled on Thur afternoon and fished Fri and Sat . Took advantage of the KILLER deal The Old Mill was offering. Big props to Pedro's Pangas especially Capt. Hilo for the kickass service. No yt for us as we were hoping...
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    Need help with an air rifle
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    9lb calico from the shore, new pb

    oink!!!! congrats!!!!
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    ONLINE Mexican Fishing Licenses 2014

  22. eddier68

    ONLINE Mexican Fishing Licenses 2014

    Thanks Art!!! Need to renew mine asap . Saludos!
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    We Lost a good one today RIP Jerry

    RIP " Netttles to Wiggins....."
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    Road closure alert...
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    Second dove opener

    Thanks for the report! I hunted Calipatria in the a.m. and El Centro area in the p.m. SLOW day!!!! total for me was 3 mourning doves. Only Euros spotted was in DT El Centro.
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    Asuncion Fishing Report...& Surfdoc's grave update.

    Wow!!!!! Great job guys!!!!! Que En Paz Descanse
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    Chargers at Raiders
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    Kindle Fire HD 16gb Brand new in box $150.00

    Kindle Fire HD 16gb 7" Brand new in box $150.00 Regular $200.00 Need to sell fast. Eddie 619-992-1471
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    Remembering Surfdoc on his Birthday

    Pinche Stan!! Feliz Cumpleanos! Descanse en Paz Viva Baja!
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    Padres break the Dodgers...... :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
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    Calico Bass in Watercolor

  33. eddier68

    Really? not a single Pacquiao v. Marquez thread?

    :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Gay cousin far left is hilarious!!!!! "Oh my Gad, he's dead" "shet!!!" All BS aside , i'm glad Pac is ok, that was a BRUTAL KO. Reminds me of the Martinez vs. Williams fight.
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    Baja Surf Fishing Adventure Video......

    Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just finished watching the video, Thanks for sharing! Good to see how the locals really helped you out, Despite losing your truck it looks like you guys really kept your cool. Viva baja!!!!
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    We lost one of the good ones today... RIP SurfDoc aka Stan Stutzka

    Shocked! I met Stan many years ago when i went to his place in IB to pick up my BD jacket and would also run into him from time to time on the pier, he always had a smile on his face. Glad you got the opportunity to "live the dream" in baja! Going to miss your posts here and on ST. Next time im...
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    Pellet Guns in Mexico

    I haven't taken mine down in a couple of yrs , my cousin and i used to take ours ( RWS/ Mendoza) down to my uncles ranch in San Vicente to hunt quail, dove and rabbitts. Always told the soldiers at the checkpoints what we had, they would take a look at them and ask us how much we wanted to sell...
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    Isla de Cedros September 3rd to 8th

    Had a great time!!!!! props to you Pancho for setting up the trip! Vito and i fished with pangero " Castor" for 3 days, top notch!!!!!!
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    Any recent Cedros reports?

    Just got back ystdy, big yt on BIG macs, like said before bring mucho plastics and sunscreen!!!!!! my best yt went 33lb and calico 7lb. My buddies got some over 40lb. Go get em!!!!!
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    One of my favorite places! go get em!
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    That spot looks very familiar!;) Thanks for the report, Congrats! Saludos!
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    travel visa

    Leaving to Cedros on Mon. so i figured i go get my FMM/ Visa, a few people have told me most likely i wont be asked for it BUT i figured i'd play it safe, peace of mind is priceless!!!!! Totally PAINLESS! took me at the most 1/2 hour total! parked at the border , about 10 min max for the...
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    Reebs Cedros Trip - Stoked on Fishing

    Great video!!! thanks for sharing! 12 more days till i go :):):):)
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    travel visa
  44. eddier68

    Cedros Fly-In Report 8/10-8/13

    F**k yeah!!!! 18 more days for me, cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for the report!!!!!!
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    Address to mail back your FMM Visas

    No problem! I talked to the guy at Conapesca this a.m. and he actually told me i can get the " Visa/FMM " in Ensenada or Cedros when i fly in. Still going to get it before hand just to avoid anymore BS, luckily i live 10 minutes from the border and have a Senrtri pass so not much time crossing...
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    Address to mail back your FMM Visas

    I hear you Barry!!! dealing with the same shit myself, I'm heading to Cedros in 3 weeks! After a few calls and getting some 411 i'll be heading to TJ to get my FMM. Check out the link below. Going to work on getting my dual citizenship so i wont have to deal with this BS in the future, Good...
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    Daiwa Sealine 40 HV

    Spooled with 40lb mono. 75 bucks EDDIE 619-992-1471
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    Cedros fly in report 7-24/7-26

    Thanks for the report Sherm!!!! 5 more weeks till i go, can't f-ing wait!!!!!!!! Viva Baja!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Puerco!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats. Saludos!
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    Hector at Baja Tourism

    X2, renewed mine online about 2 weeks ago, took me about 5 minutes.
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    Asuncion Fishing Report

    Awesome!!!! thanks for sharing, Viva Baja!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Saludos
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    71 Pound White Seabass - IB Kelp

    Congrats!!!! :oinker::oinker::oinker: Got a 40lber myself yrs back off my kayak in the same area.
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    Not anymore Greg!!!!!!!!!!
  54. eddier68

    north of colonet

    I know that area well! one of my fav places to camp! thanks for the report!
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    Good Karma

    Congrats Martin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    California State Record Sculpin?

    Fuck!!!!!!!!! I thought i had the record for a "sculpin":rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
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    GE stackable washer/dryer $250.00

    Great condition, moving need to sell fast! EDDIE 619-992-1471 Chula Vista
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    More fish tattoos....

    Sweet!!!!!!!!! let us know when we can order,
  59. eddier68

    More fish tattoos....

    X2!!!!!!!!!!! would love to see those calicos on a t-shirt!
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    Another great event yesterday! Much thanks to the BD crew for your sponsorship, kids loved the t shirts. Report coming soon.
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    Junior Seau shot and killed?
  62. eddier68


    Well said Art! " Kind like beso la panocha de la atras. " :rofl::rofl::rofl:: Saludos
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    kayakers lost at sea

    Authorities have identified the body of a man found Monday in the Gulf of California as Frank Wheeler, a U.S. citizen reported missing last weekend after he went kayaking south of San Felipe. The Mexican navy on Wednesday continued its search in an area south of Puertecitos for his wife...
  64. eddier68

    kayakers lost at sea

    RIP. Thanks for posting Vito.
  65. eddier68

    Popotla, Rosarito

    Yup park at the vacant restraunt up top next to the liquor store, 5 bucks. Pick your days weekends very crowded!!!!! Good luck!!!!
  66. eddier68

    Rivers wants Manning

  67. eddier68

    Epic Trip to the Sea of Cortez- 12/26-12/31

    Fing Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!! VIVA BAJA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  68. eddier68

    La Playa Yellowtail in Asuncion!!!

    Felicidades Stan!!!! Beats IB huh???? LOL Viva Baja!!! Saludos
  69. eddier68

    Polarized Sunglasses

    Got a pair of Kaenon Klay for $59.00 at Nordstrom Rack ( MV) a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for the info Vito!!!!!!! So far so good.
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    See you in two weeks Pancho, cant wait!!!!!:hali_olutta:
  71. eddier68

    tattoo artist

    Lookup mrcricket ( here on bd) also . Badass work !
  72. eddier68

    tattoo artist

    Not in SD but worth the drive
  73. eddier68

    Marina Corral

    I used to see a lot of people making bait out in front of the marina. I'll be down there tomorrow fishing a kayak tourney out of the Coral. If u see me ( see pic below) throw a salute :finger: Cheers and good luck!
  74. eddier68

    Cedros Island report Aug 4-8

    Fing awesome!!!!! Love the 4th picture.!!!!!! Sorry to hear bout your tackle. Saludos!
  75. eddier68

    Sign Petition for Mother Vessel - Erik

    Done! God bless the missing/families
  76. eddier68


    Thanks Juan, lets do it again soon!!!! BD TJ !!!!!!:hali_olutta:
  77. eddier68

    Sacramento Reef and Isla San Jeronimo Baja California

    Holy shit Pancho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Totally missed that post. F-ing Awesome!!!!! Yeah last week was fun, can't wait to go back again in a couple of months! Saludos!
  78. eddier68

    Ford Ranger vs Toyota Tacoma

    Love my Taco! Great for Baja trips!
  79. eddier68

    Punta Banda Baja C. Mexico

    Hell yeah!!!! Nice wsb! Punta Baja this wknd:) Maybe next week Vito??? Saludos Don Ivan!!!
  80. eddier68


    Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! Great pics!!! I'll be just south of SQ next week with fellow BD'rs Viva Baja!!!!!!!!
  81. eddier68

    Wine,Dine and Pull on Swine! K&M part 1

    Fuck Yeah!!! See u next week Vito!!!!! Good job guys!!!
  82. eddier68

    IB Barracuda and Biscuits 5/26/11

    Good job Erik!!! Yup no fish in IB!!! 40lb wsb IB kelp about 6 7 yrs ago. Second time ever fishing on my kayak. Cheers! Having trouble attaching pic!!! crap!!!!!!!!!!!
  83. eddier68

    11 Pound Calico

    F-ing pig!!! good job! props on trying to revive/ release! didnt work, taco time!
  84. eddier68


    Awesome!!!!!! Great job Juan/ Buenapesca!!!!!! Looks like your event gets bigger/ better each year. Keep up the good work. Saludos.
  85. eddier68

    Yellowtail in Ensenada

    See you in the morning Vito. Lets hope we find them!!!!!
  86. eddier68

    What happens in Mx..................should stay in Mx. :supergay::rofl:
  87. eddier68

    Helpful SoCal Kayak Fishing Forum?
  88. eddier68

    Aztecs " I Believe....

  89. eddier68


    Whiteseabass tee/ hoodie for us so. cal / baja guys too???????????????:);) Keep up the good work Ali!!!
  90. eddier68

    Ensenada Fish Report Feb 12th AZTECA TOO

    Good job guys!!!!!! Did Vito chum the water?????:rofl: What Tunasurfer said!
  91. eddier68

    Question about where swimbaits are made

    Yup, one of the popular plastics is made in Ensenada.
  92. eddier68

    2011 Top Ten Dirtiest Hotels (stay away!)

    I do commercial pest elimination for a living. You guys have no idea the shit i see in the nicest hotels and restaurants. Fast food restaurants too. Crazy shit!!!!!
  93. eddier68

    Jay Cutler is a ................... (fill in the blank)

    NFL Videos: Top Ten Gutsiest Performances: Philip Rivers
  94. eddier68

    Buts in Baha

    Colonet/ San Antonio del Mar area. Estero is LOADED with hali's ( small) like Tom said the local gillneters hit that area hard:finger: I'm jealous Stan!!! Beats IB huh??? Saludos.
  95. eddier68

    Random Pictures Fishing Asuncion, pictures added.

    Fuck yeah!!!!!!!!! Awesome! Thanks for sharing Stan. Viva Baja!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  96. eddier68

    Erendira/Castros 3-4

    Nice!!!! good job guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  97. eddier68

    cabo fishing from shore

    YouTube - jurel a huge yellow tail caugth in baja beaches My friend ( Vito)his buddy from Cabo. Crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  98. eddier68

    Daiwa Coastal Inshore rod

    CL761XHRB if you have one and want to sell please pm me. Thanks!!!!!!!
  99. eddier68

    Brand New Shimano Solstace 4000fl/ Ugly Stick Lite Combo

    Never used before. Sweet surf/ trout combo. Wrapping still on rod cork handles. $80.00 retail. Sell for 60.00 Shimano Solstace 4000 fl Ugly Stik lite SPL 1170 1ML 7" (6-15 LB) Eddie 619-992-1471
  100. eddier68

    halibut troughs

    What Marc said although i caught this one on a megabait. ( baja)
  101. eddier68

    How retarded can anybody be?

    "stupidest" hmmmmmm
  102. eddier68


    IB kelp a few yrs back ( kayak). Love that place!:)
  103. eddier68


  104. eddier68

    Shimano Waxwings are Here!

    YouTube - ‪Inside Sportfishing Shimano Waxwing‬‎
  105. eddier68

    How damn big do these get?

    Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! save the jaws???????????????
  106. eddier68


    Yup! I've had the Sentri for about 7 yrs now, About 6 yrs ago my cousin and i went camping down south , on the way back i told him to walk across and i'd meet him just across the border ( Otay Mesa) he left his tackle, rods and some clothes in my truck. When the inspector asked me if EVERYTHING...
  107. eddier68

    R.I.P. Don Coryell

  108. eddier68

    R.I.P. Don Coryell

    RIP What ConSeaMate said!!!!!! Throw it to JJ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  109. eddier68

    World cup Girls

    Congrats Team Mexico!!! Big win today. Lots of people going crazy here in the Southbay. Team USA tomorrow!!!!!!!!:appl:
  110. eddier68

    Punta Baja with 3 Amigos

    Got a call from Juan ( Vito) midweek asking if i'd be interested in doing a quick hit n run scouting trip to Punta Baja, hell yeah i told him! Met up with him in TJ on Fri. morning and waited for Martin ( Tuna 306) to show up at our buddy Clemente's house. After everyone loaded up the car we...
  111. eddier68

    Surf Perch at IB Who's in?

    I'm in!
  112. eddier68

    7lb Spottie?

  113. eddier68


    Awesome!! Great pics!!!!Congrats again. Now lets go jump on the kayaks!!!!!!!!
  114. eddier68

    IB Lifeguards need our help! Please read / support your local lifesavers

    Unfuckingbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! total bullshit!!!!!!
  115. eddier68


    BS without pics!!!!!!!!!!!!:rofl: Sorry i couldn't make it Juan ( my b-day) report/pics????????? Good job, congrats!!!!!!!
  116. eddier68

    Bienvenidos a BloodyDecks...

    Fuck yeah!!!!! props to Ali/ Jason for the forum. No bullshit here like that other site ( foros de... cough cough) Viva Bloodydecks!!! Adelitas referance already, too funny!!!!!!!! :finger: Saludos Bloodydecks!!!!!!
  117. eddier68

    Kayak Racks?

    my ride
  118. eddier68

    Need info for fishing Salton Sea

    Big orangemouth corvina years ago, not anymore. Bummer!!!!!
  119. eddier68

    Cabo Surf fishing

    Pretty sure i'll be at the event Pancho, same day as my b-day so i'm not certain yet. Classic avatar!!!!!!! Hey maybe Ali can kick you down some freebie stickers for the kids, that would be cool!!!!! Saludos!!!
  120. eddier68

    Cabo Surf fishing

    Good job Juan!!!!
  121. eddier68

    NEW TATTOO,thx fish traps!!!!(=

    Charles, you can get that poster at Birch aquarium in La Jolla. Got one framed myself.
  122. eddier68

    R.I.P. Britt Clamp

    I spend a lot of time in IB unfortunately i never had a chance to meet him, sounded like a great guy. My condolences to his family and buddies. Rest In Peace.
  123. eddier68

    New BD Shirt designs for Fred Hall

    Fing awesome!!!! sweet!!! thanks! get Pancho on it asap!!!!!! LOL !!!!
  124. eddier68

    New BD Shirt designs for Fred Hall

    Ali, Have u ever considered putting the BD logo on this type of shirt????? Love using them on the kayak/panga! – Official Site for Pelagic High Performance Offshore Gear
  125. eddier68

    New BD Shirt designs for Fred Hall

    Halibut design???????????????????????????
  126. eddier68


    YouTube - jurel a huge yellow tail caugth in baja beaches
  127. eddier68

    Who to replace LT?

    Willie Parker and Lendale White mentioned too.
  128. eddier68

    Water levels

    Damn! Morena's only 12% full! Loved fishing/ camping there as a kid. Primative campsites were the shit!!!
  129. eddier68

    Bluefin Tuna in the surf!

    No bullshit! i was down there Fri around 2:00pm with my buddy ( Slimfisher) Unfortunately we didn't find any. Sounds like we should have walked towards the surf camp/ "ring". Noticed Trayscool and DJ Thrillz there too, actually spoke to DJ briefly.
  130. eddier68

    Super Bowl Predictions?

    Chargers 31 Eagles 24
  131. eddier68

    Read this tonight

    I don't think that's a team Indianapolis wants to play,'' says Tony Dungy, who might know a thing or two about what Indianapolis wants. With the most recent game first, the past five San Diego-Indy meetings did not go well for the Colts. How they've gone: 2008 playoff, at San Diego...
  132. eddier68

    Hunting near boarder regulations? Legality?

    I hunted quail near the border a few yrs ago with no probs. The BP guys we encountered were all really cool. Told them we we hunting quail and they went on there way. We actually had more encounters with the Minutemen guys, everytime we would come across one of them driving down the roads they...
  133. eddier68

    Bolts vs Donks

  134. eddier68

    Bolts vs Donks

  135. eddier68

    Trout Season is coming, Show yer Shit!!!

    Nice Stan!!! That was my first reel ever, got it for Christmas when i was a kid. Fished with that thing EVERY weekend off the IB pier, good times!!! Here's a few of mine from 10 to 100.00 bucks, i've caught BIG Alpers with each one. All work for me! 1. Stradic 1000 ( Shimano) 2.Pflueger...
  136. eddier68

    Bolts vs Raidas

    YouTube - Two Raiders Receivers collide into each other lol!!!
  137. eddier68

    USC v Notre Dame

    No Trojan would ever make remarks about the coaches daughter under the circumstances. That would cross the line. My guess is he sent it to himself to fire the team up. Didn't work. So now he is back to growing the grass longer ummmm ok........ Yes Charlie is an evil man:rolleyes: Weis...
  138. eddier68

    USC v Notre Dame

  139. eddier68

    yellowtail off a pier??????????????

    Nice!!! My cousin caught a rat yellow off the IB pier back when it was a T ( 80's) Chucked a kroc at a kelp paddy that was floating by. People on the pier had a shit attack when he threw it back!
  140. eddier68

    Federales down south

    Thanks and good luck Jon! Saludos!
  141. eddier68

    Federales down south

    Agree with Jon. I've chatted with the soldiers camped at La Salina while i was kayak fishing out of the Marina. Very cool guys! even showed me some good hali spots on the inside. Been boarded at the islands years ago while fishing on my cousins boat. About 5 or 6 guys in a super panga with...
  142. eddier68

    Don't know who

    Been happening for sometime now ( yrs). My cousins who are avid archery hunters had their stands stolen/ fucked with a few yrs ago.
  143. eddier68

    South bay 9-26

    Following the flow of pollutants -
  144. eddier68

    convict lake tomorrow/sunday

    Fish the inlet area. Use pearl trout teasers, black wooly buggers with split shot about 24 inches up and berkley power worms ( size 8 hook) split shot 24 inches up. Cast into moving water. I've caught MANY big alpers this way. Good luck!!!!!
  145. eddier68

    Bloodydecks Sticker

    they look good on yaks too!!!!!!!
  146. eddier68

    Club de pesca en Tijuana o Ensenada

    Pescadores de Baja California - Los Foros de La Pesca Deportiva en México
  147. eddier68

    Chula Vista Little league........

    I'm sure T. Gwynn would like to see some of these kids on his SDSU team!
  148. eddier68

    Chula Vista Little league........

    Luke's being interviewed in the booth / signing autographs in the stands. lol Too cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chorizo burritos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  149. eddier68

    Chula Vista Little league........

    Yeah your right ( 10 run )
  150. eddier68

    Chula Vista Little league........

    3 more outs/ no runs= game over!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  151. eddier68

    Chula Vista Little league........

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dear Kevin Towers.............
  152. eddier68

    Chula Vista Little league........

    :appl::appl: F*** yeah!!!!! Lets get this game over in 4 so i wont have to switch back and forth between this game and the Chargers!
  153. eddier68

    chula vista just tied the game get off bd and watch

    Helluva defensive play he made in CF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  154. eddier68

    chula vista just tied the game get off bd and watch

  155. eddier68

    chula vista just tied the game get off bd and watch

    Sweating it out here in CV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  156. eddier68

    Malagnaggi Vs. Diaz

    I watched it. Yeah crazy decision! even though i was rooting for Baby Bull i had Paulie winning. One judge had it 118-110 ( Diaz) WTF!!! Diaz said he'd like to fight Marquez again. He's f-ing nuts!!!! Marquez will knock his ass out again!!
  157. eddier68

    LLWS/ Park View

    Much props to my hometown little leaugers!!! on to Williamsport for the World Series.
  158. eddier68

    WSB Ensenada

    Thanks for the info Bill!!! Saludos!
  159. eddier68

    Another BD'r is gone- ArrowHD

    "Fuck being too busy folks... make time for friends and fishing trips. " Amen Stan!!!! May your buddy rest in peace.
  160. eddier68

    Mexican weather girls

    One of my favs!, bangin!!!!!!!!!!!:boobies: YouTube - Jackie Guerrido, i'm loving the cleavage!!!
  161. eddier68

    Arturo Gatti found dead

    Yup, his fights were always a bloodbath, His fights against Ward were some of the best.
  162. eddier68

    I.B.- WSB

    Caught this guy out of IB kelp on my kayak around that time also ( Rohr Park in backround, only buddy with a camera there at the time)
  163. eddier68

    Super Pissed

    Shit!!!! you live walking distance from me! I'm off 2nd and H st. I think i've seen you before, you drive truck with large BD sticker on back?????? Sorry to hear that Victor!!! I'll keep any eye out. If u see a white 07 Tacoma with a BD sticker ( see avatar) feel free to:finger:. Good luck!!!!
  164. eddier68

    Anyone had problems with mex gun boats?

    X 2. All were professional. Told us to call them on the radio if we had any problems. Gave them some sodas and went on there way.
  165. eddier68

    June 14, 2009 Imperial Beach halibut chase

    Thanks for the report Tony!!! Yeah i went for a walk on the pier this morning and counted 10 boats in that area. I was hoping to fish the kelp beds on my kayak today but the swell was to big, oh well next time.
  166. eddier68


    Big Sky Drive In Epic bonito runs IB pier (pier was a T) Bufords GREAT fishing at Dairy Mart ponds after the rains in the 80's Bonfires /drinking at the end of Palm Ave. GREAT quail / dove hunting behind Community Hospital in Chula Vista "The Miami Game" Garveys home run...
  167. eddier68

    5/25 Tidelands (rod leashes)

    Got a couple, only fished for a bit. Was mostly a paddling day with my friends in the blue cobra tandem.
  168. eddier68

    5/25 Tidelands (rod leashes)

    Sorry to hear about the rod Rick! good job on the fish! I was the person fishing in your area on the fish n dive ( with all the stickers)
  169. eddier68

    DFG & CUDA"S

    I was kayak fishing the bait barge area Sat. morning with two friends. Noticed DFG checking all the boats around us but didnt bother checking us, kind of weird. Had a DFG warden sneak up on me last grunion run at Coronado. He had a cover shirt over his unif. shirt. Checked me for my license and...
  170. eddier68

    Mexican Radio

    Dont forget this one!!! One of my favorites!!!!!! YouTube - Stan Ridgway - Camouflage
  171. eddier68

    SD bay hali

    Fished the bay today for this 29" and mucho raked baits. Got him on a sardine.
  172. eddier68

    Air Rifles

    RWS Diana 34
  173. eddier68


    Yeah, that little kid was on fire! Future BD'r !!!!
  174. eddier68


    Thanks guys!!!!! No swine flu! lol
  175. eddier68


    Fellow BD member Vito planned /organized the 1st annual "LLEVAME A PESCAR" ( Take me fishing )kids day at Playas de Tijuana. The event today went great! We had about 40 kids show up ready to fish. After rigging/ baiting rods the kids were off and fishing. Many smiles and laughs were had by...
  176. eddier68

    South of Ensenada

    My bad Michael, I was thinking you were driving down by car. San Vicente is an inland town. Sorry!!!
  177. eddier68

    YIKES California registrations went UP!!

    487.00 for my 07 Tacoma!!!!!!!!!!!!:cussing:
  178. eddier68

    South of Ensenada

    San Vicente
  179. eddier68

    Bone Fish in Back Bay

    Mucho flatties too ;)
  180. eddier68

    Looks like LT will be gone according to sources

    YouTube - Knowshon Moreno 68 yd TD run
  181. eddier68

    Marquez Vs. Diaz

    I'd love to see his brother Rafa fight Vasquez for a 4th time! Talk about wars!
  182. eddier68

    New Orleans Saints Interested In Tomlinson

    He wont last on the turf!
  183. eddier68

    Marquez Vs. Diaz

    Fight of the year so far
  184. eddier68

    Fred Hall Sneak Peak....

    Ali, is the yellowfin crashing bait hat extinct?????????????? thanks
  185. eddier68

    Remington 870

    Love mine!!!!
  186. eddier68

    kayaker are safe

    YouTube - Kayak Paddle Leash: Episode 2
  187. eddier68

    Be a Dick........ at the Fred Hall Show?

    My cousins wife "whispering" to my cousin as they walked by Dan H booth " Mira!!!, ahi esta el gordo de la television" and Dan overhearing her. The look on his face was priceless!!!!!! Shit still cracks me up!
  188. eddier68

    Mammoth Lakes?

    What Jeff said ( Convict), Fish the inlet with pearl trout teasers, wolly buggers, and powerbait trout worms. Cant go wrong! Good Luck!
  189. eddier68

    Looking for a Kayak Rack

    Yeah what Frank said. Got a killer deal on these ( craigslist)
  190. eddier68

    Looking for a Kayak Rack

    Truck bed extender
  191. eddier68

    Looking for a Kayak Rack

    Harbor Freight around 20-25 bucks.
  192. eddier68

    White Sea Bass Pics 40lbs+

    Great pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  193. eddier68

    Calico Bass Sticker

    wsb or halibut next???????????????????
  194. eddier68

    Here we go STEELERS, Here we go!!!!!!!

    "That is what the 95 Steelers said when the Bolts came to town. I believe they even had a Super Bowl video ready for release. This was the result of overlooking the Bolts..." Yeah they did!!! LOL
  195. eddier68

    Here we go STEELERS, Here we go!!!!!!!

    Just messing with you Sean, all good.
  196. eddier68

    The Official CHARGERS Vs. Steelers thread/poll

    Go Air Coryell!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just messing with you!;)
  197. eddier68

    The Official CHARGERS Vs. Steelers thread/poll

    Ernie Holmes & Dwight White died last year! Only Greenwood & Greene left;) Go Bolts!
  198. eddier68

    The Official CHARGERS Vs. Steelers thread/poll

    Should be close, prob decided by a turnover. Long live Tim Mckyer!!!!!;)
  199. eddier68

    Charger game nip slip

    Anyone else notice this during the game???? look closely!! a lot better on HDTV
  200. eddier68

    DelaHoya VS Pacquiao

    Photos Proven to be Fake! Law Suit Dropped! By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (June 10, 2008) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It's now been officially proven in court the photos of Oscar De La Hoya in drag that caused an...
  201. eddier68

    DelaHoya VS Pacquiao

    Yup! Just see Marquez vs. Vasquez 1,2,3. Rumors there may be a 4th fight. These highlights are only of the 3rd fight, 2nd fight was fight of the year. YouTube - Israel Vazquez vs. Rafael Marquez III Highlight Video
  202. eddier68

    Hey Notre Dame fans!

    LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good one!
  203. eddier68

    Hey Notre Dame fans!

    Blast Coach Weis all you want but he is actually a good guy. Weis grants little boy's dying wish Associated Press Updated: September 29, 2005, 5:55 PM ET Email Print SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Charlie Weis doesn't usually let anyone else call plays on offense. He made an exception...
  204. eddier68

    It's that time of year again...

    float tubes allowed????????? Thanks!!!!
  205. eddier68

    Just a horriable date in my life

    God bless you Tom! 10/27 is the anniversary of my girlfriends sudden death. I think about her everyday and miss her so much, All the best.
  206. eddier68

    The Golden Trout of Mammoth

    Very Nice!!!!!
  207. eddier68

    *****TRAVEL ALERT******

    We use these when we caravan down south, works out perfect!
  208. eddier68


    Costly win for the Steelers. Simmons, Mendenhall gone with season-ending injuries - NFL -
  209. eddier68

    Reactions from current and former servicemen

    I'd like to hear opinions. Thanks! No Medal of Honor for S.D. Marine Pentagon says top award not merited By Steve Liewer UNION-TRIBUNE STAFF WRITER September 18, 2008 The Pentagon has decided to honor Marine Sgt. Rafael Peralta, who died in Iraq, with a Navy...
  210. eddier68


    Yup, i've seen threshers caught off IB pier, they have the pics in the restaurant at the end of the pier.Most of the T's were on the small side though.
  211. eddier68

    Where Can I Buy Chicken Feed In San Diego/Chula Vista Area?

    Yeah about 1 or 2 blocks west of 805 & San Ysidro Blvd.
  212. eddier68


    Very Nice!!! I'll never forget the feeling in my stomach when i heard what was happening and when hearing two of the planes were American Airlines as my sister is a flight attendant for American. I can remember not being able to get a hold of her for sometime, thank God she called me and my...
  213. eddier68

    Lights out = done for season

    Easy there Sean! It's a long season! Pray your team stays healthy:rolleyes:
  214. eddier68

    Lights out = done for season

    ESPN - Sources: Merriman to undergo surgery, to be placed on injured reserve - NFL
  215. eddier68

    Brady done for the year?

    Rivers played last years AFC championship game with a torn ACL. Doesn't sound like a pussy to me! he may talk smack but he's definately not a pussy!:finger:
  216. eddier68

    Brady done for the year?

  217. eddier68

    Who is Notre Dame kidding?

    Actually coach Weis isn't that bad of a guy. Weis grants little boy's dying wish Associated Press Updated: September 29, 2005, 5:55 PM ET Email Print SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Charlie Weis doesn't usually let anyone else call plays on offense. He made an exception for 10-year-old Montana...
  218. eddier68

    Who is Notre Dame kidding?

    The curse of Andy Trakas lives!!!!! Typical State!!!!:zelfmoord
  219. eddier68

    Need update on driving & security in Baja

    Stay in 3rd lane ( L-R) look for big orange signs. Pretty much just the old way. Easy money!
  220. eddier68

    Family Tragedy-need your help

    Damn thats horrible! God Bless that family! I'll be on my yak fishing that area Sunday. I'll keep my eyes open , you never know. EDDIE
  221. eddier68

    Need update on driving & security in Baja

    I've been driving down to the Rosarito area to do some kayak fishing every Sunday for the past couple of months with no probs ( knock on wood) I don't leave earlier than 5:00a.m.. Good luck !
  222. eddier68

    Crossing the Border "Is it safe yet"

    Just look for the LARGE orange signs that say Playas de Tijuana as you approach the loop. It's pretty much the old way before they made the newer road. Easy money!
  223. eddier68

    Dodgers win the division.....

  224. eddier68

    Dodgers win the division.....

    Can't wait to see him and Kent scrap in the dugout after he dogs it!
  225. eddier68

    A. Margorito

    YouTube - Antonio Margarito vs Miguel Cotto (Requiem for a dream)
  226. eddier68

    A. Margorito

    Yeah he was the underdog, AM has a granite chin! unbelievable!
  227. eddier68

    Cortez 1.5 Day July 27 2008

    Nice! my brother and cousins were on this trip. Time to make a call.
  228. eddier68

    A. Margorito

  229. eddier68

    A. Margorito

    Congrats to Antonio Margarito, great fight!!!!!! Tijuana must be going crazy tonite.
  230. eddier68

    San Diego Chargers training camp photos

    Very Nice!!!!! Thanks OG!
  231. eddier68

    Changes at OEX/ Anglers Yak Shack

    Right on!!! Good luck to you and Rik
  232. eddier68

    Rosorito yaking

    Yup, beach is a little crowded! This is definately not one of your secluded baja beaches.
  233. eddier68

    Terrence Kiel Dead

    Former Chargers safety killed in car accident UNION-TRIBUNE July 5, 2008 SCRIPPS RANCH: Former Chargers safety Terrence Kiel, 27, died late yesterday when the 2004 Chevy sedan he was driving crashed in Scripps Ranch, San Diego Police Sgt. Alan Hayward said. A woman...
  234. eddier68

    Trevor Hoffman

    Fouts got booed (87):shake:
  235. eddier68

    No Diesel in Baja Norte

  236. eddier68

    La Salinas ( Puerto Salinas )

    Get a kayak and paddle towards the golf course!;)
  237. eddier68

    La Salina great white

    Ensenada Fisherman Has Run-in with Sharks - FOX6 San Diego
  238. eddier68

    SD bay halibut

    Good job! love the smile on your dog in the first pic!LOL
  239. eddier68


    Anybody remember Gary Lucas??? Frickin gas can! If i remember right his last year with the Pads around 82, 83 he was blowing saves one after another. I remember people wearing "Oh Sh** , here comes Lucas" T- shirts to Pads games. LOL
  240. eddier68


    You beat me to the punch. Kimbo vs GannonVideo
  241. eddier68

    What's your biggest Halibut?

    San Antonio Del Mar, Baja
  242. eddier68

    Hollywood legend Charlton Heston dead at 83

    LOL! you beat me to the punch. Loved that movie as a kid.
  243. eddier68


    Frenzy Minnow by Berkley - best spotted bay bass lure
  244. eddier68


    Lunker City grub Not a crank but a plastic thats caught LOTS of spotties and halibut, VERY deadly. 2 1/2 " my favs are mellonpepper, alewife
  245. eddier68

    103 year old man's dying wish honored

    I know a guy who spread SOME of his late brothers ashes in his bros favorite Vegas strip club. Rest in Peace Gus!!!!!!:boobies::)
  246. eddier68

    travel to ensenada

    Drove down to Puerto Nuevo last Fri. with zero problems. Drove back to Punta Estero ( Ensenada area) on Sat. about 7:00 am with no probs also. Military on the roads, didn't see too many policias on the road though.
  247. eddier68

    Los Lakers????

    Eduardo Najera;) Eduardo Najera - Denver Nuggets - NBA - Yahoo! Sports
  248. eddier68

    best rigs for berekly gulp

    Yup, dsing the jerks baits= deadly for hali's!
  249. eddier68

    Marquez v. pacquiao - who takes it?

    Totally agree! good fight, much props to Pac and JMM
  250. eddier68

    Marquez v. pacquiao - who takes it?

    Yes , bad bad choice. makes no sense,:shake:
  251. eddier68

    Marquez v. pacquiao - who takes it?

    After losing a dubious decision in Indonesia against WBA champion Chris John, the boxing public wondered why he and his manager/trainer Ignacio “Nacho” Beristain would accept such a risky fight for a $30,000 purse? Marquez and Beristain had previously balked at an offer from their former...
  252. eddier68

    Marquez v. pacquiao - who takes it?

    Yeah i know !!! just making the point that i hope it's as good as the fight 2 weeks ago between RAFA AND Israel. Weak photo shop bro!!!! member of Pacland??? LOL some of those people over there are too funny! they act as if J.M.M. has absolutely no chance. The rematch should have been 4...
  253. eddier68

    best baitcaster for under $100

    Agree 100 %!!!!!
  254. eddier68

    Marquez v. pacquiao - who takes it?

    Yeah they are true warriors! too bad the only people who really know about these guys are the die hard boxing fans. I think these two guys could save boxing by themselves. lol A 4th fight would be crazy!!! there fights remind me of Morales vs. Barrera 1
  255. eddier68

    Marquez v. pacquiao - who takes it?

    Well put!! I'll be rooting for Marquez though. Damn i hope it's as good as Vasquez vs. Marquez 1, 2, or 3. Looks like 3 may be fight of the year for them as was 2. The end of round 4 & 12 were crazy!!!! YouTube - Israel Vazquez vs. Rafael Marquez III Highlight Video ESPN - Scorecard...
  256. eddier68

    Any sandy bottom spots for halis off of tidelands?

    Yup!!! here's a hint , walk or paddle east and fish the "frwy" area;) trolley too!
  257. eddier68

    Took the boys clamming 2/21

    Between north jetty and the "ring" ?????
  258. eddier68


    one more
  259. eddier68


    Here you go
  260. eddier68

    When did you get that first feeling that your wife wanted a divorce?

    This actually IS true - it was in the local newspaper and even Jay Leno mentioned it! Only in South Carolina!! Below is a true story about a recent wedding that took place at Clemson University: This was a huge wedding with about 300 guests. After the wedd ing, at the reception, the...
  261. eddier68

    Border Field State Park/ Bullring

    Yeah i like to fish the I.B. kelp beds, you definately need to pick your days due to the surf. Thanks for the reply Doug!
  262. eddier68

    Border Field State Park/ Bullring

    Just wondering if anyone has ever tried launching from this park to fish the bullring during the turdroller spawn or any other time. Too long of a paddle for me to try from I.B. in my FND. If i remember right i think Eagle Eye did it from I.B. a few years back. Any 411 would be appreciated! Thanks.
  263. eddier68

    megabait question

    Mack is my favorite ( both fish caught on this)
  264. eddier68

    New Ocean Kayak Trident

    Harbor Freight Tools - Quality Tools at the Lowest Prices $19.99 On sale right now!!!!:eek:
  265. eddier68

    New Ocean Kayak Trident

    Yup, only about $25.00 bucks at Harbor Freight !!
  266. eddier68

    best trout rigs for poway lake??

    In the past i've had luck with 3" powerworms. Two different ways Pin one on a #8 hook with a split shot about 24 inches above hook then SLOWLY troll it behind you ( forgot to mention this was while using my float tube) and clear bubble with a powerworm about 2-3 ft. below it with same size hook...
  267. eddier68

    Looking for the best seafood restaurant in SD

    lol!!! Yup, Chula Vista Karina's has some talent!:drool:
  268. eddier68

    Beach Butts

    Thanks! Big surf perch down there too!
  269. eddier68

    Bolt receiver coach canned

    Yup!! holdover from Marty's staff.
  270. eddier68

    Guys, Guys....Be REALISTIC

  271. eddier68

    Charger Critics........

    Should be 4 straight times but Martyball cost us a win in 2004 ( ot loss)
  272. eddier68


  273. eddier68


    "Dan Fouts all bloody messed up knees, throwing that ball all game." Hell yeah!! Fouts had the heart of a lion, i remember him yelling at Winslow to stop "tippy toeing off the line"
  274. eddier68

    Motor Mount for YAK

    Birdman check your pm. Thanks!
  275. eddier68

    Dick Cheney/Scarface

    Hope it's not a repost, turn up volume. Funny shit!! YouTube - If Dick Cheney was Scarface
  276. eddier68

    South SD Bay Warm Water Channel (w/pix)

    You never know what you might find in South San Diego Bay, LOL! POSSIBLE future home of Chargers over right shoulder LOL Sea turtles making waves in bay | The San Diego Union-Tribune
  277. eddier68


    I use a bed extender ( about 25.00 at Harbor Freight), ratchet straps, hang a red flag . Good to go!
  278. eddier68

    Beach Butts

    San Antonio del Mar ( Colonet area) Baja. Caught off the beach with a 1.5oz mack megabait.