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  1. hung380

    Help on choosing a good 300 winchester magnum rifle!

    Check out tikka t3
  2. hung380

    Subaru Input

    Subaru is on par with honda for reliability. You might not see them here much in the west coast but they are all over the place in the east coast due to the awd system. Honda quality isn't that all great like they used to be. If it was me, id choose the subaru legacy. Turbo would be nice but...
  3. hung380

    Alaskan King Crab Fresh Vs. Frozen?

    Newport seafood had live king crab @ 34.99 last time I checked back in oct. San gabriel location.
  4. hung380

    SARL Help...

    50 yards left of the boat dock with m&m or catfish lake at the end of the channel casting 20-30 feet out
  5. hung380

    INDIAN 1-1/2 day trip special for 8/31-9/01

    Hey chris please put me down for 3 please. Thanks
  6. hung380

    Tie down brakes - Don't do it!

    Thanks for the info.. I guess I can scratch tie down off my list as im currently shopping around for disk brake system to replace my drum setup. Im leaning towards kodiak with ss calipers and coated rotors but that UFP db35 with aluminum calipers looks decent for the price of 315.00.
  7. hung380

    In terms of accuracy and reliability .45

    Whatever 45 that fits your hands comfortably. Go rent some and see what's comfortable for u.
  8. hung380

    catalina rockish?

    360 ft max depth. Just do a drift around the area. Find some nice rocky bottom. Goodluck.
  9. hung380

    catalina rockish?

    Fansworth is backside of Catalina where you're gonna be. Lots of varieties of fish.. White fish/ sheaphead/vermilions/lingcods. It's worth my time and gas everytime.
  10. hung380

    catalina rockish?

    Fansworth bank area about 160-200 ft. 20-30 lb setup with 6-12 oz torpedoes. Goodluck!
  11. hung380

    Save up to 40% on Seaguar Fluoro Premier

    Just placed my order and jason was very helpful. Thanks for a smooth transaction! Will definately return for more items.
  12. hung380

    Did I say I love Okinawa!

    Sweet Jesus! Thanks for the fishing report.
  13. hung380

    Gun Cleaning Chem?

    Eezox for cleaning/lube and bore scrub for the bore.
  14. hung380

    DSLR Camera Selection

    Canon t2i @ 3.7 frames per second and 1080 HD video @ 949.99 and it comes with 18-55mm lense, 55-250 mm telephoto lense. Canon 50d kit with 6 frames per second and no video for around 1200.00 bucks and u have to buy a good telephoto lense for around 350.00-2200. I prefer the 50d because it's...
  15. hung380

    AR-15 with extras

    Post it on and it'll be sold much faster with less headache. Good luck and nice oll rifle!
  16. hung380


    Took unibutter on one of my rockfish trips and I was the only one hooking up on chuckle heads. Lol that thing does work. I caught the most fish that day and everbody on the boat was like WTF? Did he just caught another one? Funny how guys fishing next to me couldn't get bit. I just dump the...
  17. hung380

    mailing a gun

    Ups overnite at the main hub. Go to doj website and print out an intrafamilial transfer fill it out and your done. Here is the form for you.
  18. hung380

    Firearm for Home Protection

    Biometric fingerprint gun safe for quick access and a remington 870 pump with birdshots.
  19. hung380

    This may SAVE YOUR LIFE!

    Glad everyone made it out safe and thanks for the advice.
  20. hung380

    120 mixed yft and yt for 4 guys insane!!

    How are you Steven? Having bad and tired day after pulling on all those tunas? LOL Nice catch guys, looks like a fun trip.
  21. hung380

    8/26/2009 New Lo-An 1.5 dayer

    Hmm, ming li's friend Matt? Haven't seen him in awhile. Nice catch guys and thanks for the report. Tell Matt let's buddy boat sometimes.
  22. hung380

    Bad Skunk on the water

    Glad you made it back safe.
  23. hung380

    cookie porn and our first tuna on the seahorse

    Lol, I had about eight of your cookies and they're very good. Had lots of fun on that trip and glad you and Garret had fun.
  24. hung380

    976-Tuna 2 day trip on the Seahorse 7-29-09

    Nice report Ray, it was nice meeting you and we had great group of anglers. Haven't had this much fun on a party boat in a long time. Captain Tyler and the crew work hard to get us on some fish. Still want my rockfish though :-p
  25. hung380

    AB 962 Passed State Senate Today

    Bullshit, Bullshit, Fucking Bullshit! Glad I bought my reloading press.
  26. hung380

    Catalina Or Bust 7/9-7/12

    I'll be at the island this sat.
  27. hung380

    Dillion Reloaders

    Im a newb myself to reloading and my Hornady Lock N Load will be here Monday after 2 months of backorder. I've been doing some reading "lyman 49th edition" just to learn some things. I'll be loading .223/.45acp/.40 S&W. My next problem is finding who has primers and powders in stock.
  28. hung380

    GPS Spots

    Best thing to do is buy a fishing map at the tackle shops. Map shows most of the wrecks/structures and known fishing spots.
  29. hung380

    San Diego Fuel Polishing-Crap in tank supposedly

    Roy gets it done rite, call him and ask for a discount.
  30. hung380

    Hot sauce vs Unibutter

    Unibutter :-) went rockfishing on the seabiscuit this past weekend using lucanus jigs dipped with unibutter and I was catching big coppers and small lings every cast. People next to me asked me what I was using and I showed them my bottle of unibutter. I think I got them sold on the product.
  31. hung380

    Proposed gun bans

    Most of those guns we cant own but the mini-14 and m1 carbine? WTF!
  32. hung380

    HDMI.HDTV/Blue Ray Cable question You can get the cable for like 3-6 bucks and works just as well as the expensive cables. Some cheap cables might not work that well but monoprice cables has been proven for picture quality and reliability. Check out this review by cnet. CNET Quick Guide: HDMI and HDMI cables...
  33. hung380

    Can someone ID this fish please?

  34. hung380

    We joined the IPhone club today

    For cases: Incase Slider Case for iPhone (White) - Apple Store (U.S.) or the one I have Contour Showcase for iPhone 3G - Apple Store (U.S.) I use this as my car/boat charger 17.99 at walmart and you can just plug the I-phone usb charger into it. Black & Decker Power Tools P.S. I know you can...
  35. hung380

    Need an anchor? Good deal here.

    would these be overkill for my 19 footer? Sounds like a good deal! thanks
  36. hung380

    Advice needed for fishing San Miguel/ Santa Rosa Is.

    30-50 lb spectra with 6 ft. of 25-40 lb mono top. Bring some 4-12 oz. torpedoes 6 oz. primary so bring more of these. Get some jax jigs in red/yellow. Lucanus pink and orange The new Tady 8-10 oz.jigs in red/orange is very nice. I can only find them at Malibu Fish'n Tackle (805) 496-7332 Oh...
  37. hung380

    I need a fence

    Steve, Home Depot has some pre made wood fences but I dont know what kind of wood though. You can use fast set quickcrete for your 4x4 settings. Might save some money on labor.
  38. hung380

    Electronic brakes

    Hi guys/gals Got a Karavan trailer with surge brakes for my 19ft. trophy and was wondering if I can add electronic brakes on my trailer? Do they even make them? Where can I get a set and cost. Thanks
  39. hung380

    Lowrance showing only half fish arches

    Arches only shows in shallow water depending on your cone angle. In deeper waters the fish symbols looks more like wavy lines and blobs, that goes for my humminbird and the furuno 585 with a thru hull ducer.
  40. hung380

    King Crab Legs?

    Which fish market has the live stuff? thanks
  41. hung380

    How much you spend on flowers today?

    $117.00 for a dozen of custom sugar cookies from and well worth every penny! Your wife/girlfriend would love them.
  42. hung380

    If it were my wife!!!

    I'll kick his ass when I see him in San Fran.
  43. hung380

    Car alarm info/help

    Your horn is filled with water. Remove the horn from under the hood and place it out in the sun for awhile.
  44. hung380

    dried squid

    Any asian store sells them try the one that is already shredded in the yellow bag, thats the better tasting one. I'll PM you the brand next time i go to the stores.
  45. hung380

    Mammoth / eastern sierra

    little further south and you can fish for big alpers at Pleasant Valley.
  46. hung380

    penn torque

    Heavy, pretty looking, not worth the money IMHO.
  47. hung380

    Another 20% Rate Increase From Blue Cross

    See if your son qualifies for healthy family.
  48. hung380

    To Carry (Concealed Weapon) or Not?

    chilerelleno Are you an LEO? If so, have you guys received any memo or breifing about open carry firearms? Heard that different county PDs received some memos about it legal open carrying unloaded. What is your take on that? thanks
  49. hung380

    To Carry (Concealed Weapon) or Not?

    They cant pin a Felony on you. You are protected under this section: Penal Code section 12031
  50. hung380

    To Carry (Concealed Weapon) or Not?

    I heard Jay la Suer is pro CCW and hes running for SD Sheriff.;) Rumor has it that first violation for Illegal CCW is just a ticket and is considered a minor infraction. Dont know for sure but you can ask the DA or something.
  51. hung380

    Vonage Users ?

    Im using verizon fios for phone(free long dist. in so. cal.) and internet(15mps/1600kps) all for 72 bucks a month. I have heard mix reviews on vonage so I dont know.
  52. hung380

    Looking for a new vehicle

    Acura MDX sport
  53. hung380

    New Rifle Question

    Get a bolt action savage in 17hmr and she can shoot varmits @ 100yds easily. Rifle runs afor under 200 bucks.
  54. hung380

    Another Reason To Hate The Cold

    Oh shit! How big were the swells that day? Looks like a washing machine. LOL
  55. hung380

    Thru hull for FURUNO 620??

    I have the b164 for my 585 and very satisfied with its performance.
  56. hung380

    Finger in the wahing machine motor

    Heard doctors use super glue to glue open wounds on kids. Make sure you use neosporin to minimize scarring and infections. Good luck
  57. hung380

    2006 Mercury 4-stroke not running

    My tank is plastic and the fuel was contaminated with water. When they did the gas test, they couldnt find any water in the tank but later found out that the water was actually mixed in with the gas. Olympics boat center cleaned out the fuel lines and calimed the engine is good and running but...
  58. hung380

    2006 Mercury 4-stroke not running

    Its a mercury 115hp EFI. Where do I buy starting fluid? Do I just spray inside the cylinders? I'm gonna try that. thanks
  59. hung380

    2006 Mercury 4-stroke not running

    LOL, the whole olympics boat center went belly up and filed for chapter 11 bankrupcy. They owe something like 47 mil. to the lenders.
  60. hung380

    2006 Mercury 4-stroke not running

    I pulled out the spark plugs and cranked the engine.
  61. hung380

    2006 Mercury 4-stroke not running

    My engine cranks but wont turn over :mad: Checked the sparks and its strong. Previously had the fuel system cleaned out at Olympics Boat center 2 months ago due to contaminated fuel then stored away until now. I've drained the gas tank and refill with 4 gallons of fresh fuel before starting the...
  62. hung380

    2 DAY TRIPS TO THE CORTEZ!!!!!!!!!!!

    yellowtails/tunas and a bunch of rock fishes. Water is shallow enough for them to anchor up, im guessing 80 ft. or more. I know they have giant white fishes that fights like yellowtails.
  63. hung380

    Nevada Gun Shows

    make sure the handgun is on the california approved roster before you buy.
  64. hung380

    Remove a bearing stuck on a shaft?

    Have you tried using kroil (Penetrating oil)? Bearings have been heat treated and might take a long time to cut.
  65. hung380

    undersized bug

    Get a caliper and measure your lobster gage to see if its short. If the gage is correct then bring a Certified Caliper to court with you and measure the lobster. As long as the caliper measures 3.250 then you might be home free. Hey, Its worth a try.
  66. hung380

    9/14 Freedom 22nd Street-Bluefin Galore

    I was on the Liberty overnite trip fishing saturday and someones silver avet 2sp. and rod disappeared. Captain Greg(I think) told everyone that he aint gonna dock the boat until the rod/reel shows up. Captain then threatened to call the Harbor police to have everyone onboard searched. 10 minutes...
  67. hung380

    Navman 4500 vs Lowrance vs Eagle

    I had one on my boat and got no problem metering fish up to 200 feet. Its a decent fish finder that actually works for the price.
  68. hung380

    What would you do if this was your family??

    I would make my wife and kids stand next to that palm tree.
  69. hung380

    fuel polishing/mopping gas tank needed

    Its for a trophy with a 55 gallon tank and i still have about 45 gal. of gas left I think it has less than half a cup of water. Please PM me the cost. Would it be better to just fuck it and throw all those gas away? Thanks Mike
  70. hung380

    fuel polishing/mopping gas tank needed

    I need the gas polished and the tank clean. I have water in my gas tank.
  71. hung380

    fuel polishing/mopping gas tank needed

    Need someone to polish/clean the gas from inside my fuel tank about 50 gallons worth. Anybody you guys recommend thats mobil in orange county area? thanks
  72. hung380

    Need Help Got water in my fuel tank.

    It will be worked at the shop first thing in the morning. I'll keep you guys updated on the condition. I just hope everything will be alright. Thanks for all the suggestions guys!
  73. hung380

    Need Help Got water in my fuel tank.

    The motor does have a red disk inside the fuel filter system and disk was floating more than half way but no alarm.
  74. hung380

    Need Help Got water in my fuel tank.

    I was losing rpm so I backed down on the throttle to idle then it started to vibrate then stopped and wouldnt turn over after that. Had to get vessel assist to tow me in 18 miles.
  75. hung380

    Need Help Got water in my fuel tank.

    This was on my 06 trophy. We were filling the tanks with our reserve tanks while my buddy was hosing the boat and some how got a little bit of water into the tank.:imdumb:The boat doesnt have a water separating fuel filter but thats about to change. The boat was running fine for 30 minutes...
  76. hung380

    Need Help Got water in my fuel tank.

    Im gonna suck every drop out of my fuel tank just to make sure. Water has gotten into my engine and wont turn over, stealer wants 400 bucks to flush it out but Im capable of doing it my self with some guidence. How should I approach this? whats the best way to get water out of the motor? thanks
  77. hung380

    Need Help Got water in my fuel tank.

    Thanks jeff! Im gonna drop by a marine store and pick some of that Dryfuel up. I'll keep you updated, thanks
  78. hung380

    calcutta scratches

    Buff them out and send them out to go get type 2 anodize. Pointless fixing them because you will always get boat rashes sooner or later.
  79. hung380

    Need Help Got water in my fuel tank.

    c'mon guys! I have a sickness (palegic fever).
  80. hung380

    Need Help Got water in my fuel tank.

    I have a 2006 mercury 4-stroke that died on me saturday due to water in the fuel tank. I need some suggestions on what I should do. How to flush out the water from the fuel system and stuff. Any help I can help from you guys will greatly be appreciated. Thanks alot!
  81. hung380

    Heading to the 277 tomorrow

    I dont have a name for my boat yet but just call me "Green Trophy". I'll be in the water by 6am. good luck
  82. hung380

    277 and east end cat 8-14

    Nice hammer!! Were the dodos around the patties?
  83. hung380

    Man dies from fishing weight!

    This is some crazy stuff! Man dies from freak fishing accident --
  84. hung380

    DFG Trout Plants

    California Department of Fish & Game Fisheries Fish Planting Schedule by Regions
  85. hung380

    Striper Fishin LAKE MEAD

    nice report Jason. I haven't fish mead for awhile now. I'm gonna have to call john up real soon
  86. hung380

    I'm retarded need help!

    I just called one of my vendors for a price quote for you. Type 2 anodize any color you want gold/silver/black/pink etc. Around 100 bucks if they dont have to strip the old stuff off and your frames might come out looking like new. Location is in sun valley area.PM me if your interested and I'll...
  87. hung380

    2003 trophy 19ft SHOULD I BUY FOR 11K

    what problems do you have with your trailer?
  88. hung380

    Where can I find bulk Sinker Eyes ???

    ebay is the cheapest I've found. I use the stainless eyes just because they look different. :)
  89. hung380

    New to BD

  90. hung380

    Need a .22

    Bolt action 17HMR would be my first choice then 22cal bolt action. Subsonic rounds in semi-auto might not cycle. My choice for semi-auto would be ruger 10/22. Check out big 5 sporting, they always have sales going for them @ 200 bucks or something.
  91. hung380

    Lowrance vs. Garmin

    Try calling boaters world in your area. I had a chance to compare a garmin gps with g-2 chip and a lowrance at a boaters world in cali.
  92. hung380

    Lowrance vs. Garmin

    The garmin g2 vision chip only shows bottom contours and no bottom structures/wrecks/rocks. Its nice to have the chip as a fishing chart and location/wreck/structure names. 260.00 for the chip.
  93. hung380

    sheriff joe rocks!

    LOL, this guy is a bad ass mofo! He has the answers to everything.
  94. hung380

    Crowley Perch on the chew

    Damn! Nice stringer! Point well taken! I'm feeling kinda sick this coming fri. 07/11 and I'm heading out to crowley! Any tips on where/how what to look for? thanks
  95. hung380

    SS.No Maam SCI YT 7-3

    We still on for thursday?
  96. hung380

    Crowley Perch on the chew

    Nice catch! Sacremento perch? Are they any good?
  97. hung380

    Best Local Rod/reel setup...I mean BEST...

    You said you want something that last a lifetime. You can make the guy next to you jealous by catching more fish than him. calstar or shimano calcutta rod paired with and avet sx 2 speed would be a good choice.
  98. hung380

    Best Local Rod/reel setup...I mean BEST...

    penn 500 with a seeker or calstar rod
  99. hung380

    Chartplotters : Which model do you guys like??

    I have the garmin 540 and love that unit but I cant figure out how to enter my numbers and save.
  100. hung380

    Fucking tweekers

    Is it even legal to shoot at someone or car for stealing on public land in your state? Here in commiefornia, you will be prosecuted and sentence to jail for shooting at a criminal even if its on your property.
  101. hung380

    Got Ammo?

    san diego police exchange has good local prices.
  102. hung380

    closest lauch ramp to horseshoe kelp and huntington pipeline?

    sunset aquatic in huntington harbor or davies launch ramp.
  103. hung380

    Always wanted to have a boat? Need a %50 partner for brandnew Defiance 220 EX.

    Tony, Just have some patience and buy yourself a used almost new bank repo boat. With the econ being more fucked up and people cant make boat payments, you have the ball! Be a boat ho through summer and start looking when summer is over. Once you get the defianace and drive it out of the lot...
  104. hung380

    Response from CSN - West Cove Catalina

    who has the video?
  105. hung380

    Need bloody help... Need your comments... New purchase

    Not a bad deal if your looking for a new diesel boat. You'll love the boat the bait tank sucks donkey balls. Tell them to throw in a transom seat mount. I have the same boat but with an outboard 4 stroke.
  106. hung380

    Bait tank Suggestions

    I'm using a 12 gal. in front of the motor for 1/4 scoops of bait and 1/2 scoop for built in tank.
  107. hung380

    Cooking on your Boat

    2 liter of hot water in a vacuum bottle with some instant noodles works for me. Freezed dried food(just add hot water) is good too. I cant cook for shit! LOL
  108. hung380

    Ok when is this fucking rain going to stop

    We can still shoot lead bullets. We just can use lead for hunting in areas that has endangered condors, games killed by lead bullet/shots->condor eating dead game with lead shots/bulltes->condor dead because of lead poison. Thats what the Fish and Game researchers said.
  109. hung380

    Hyundai Santa Fe

    Resale value on kia's and hyundai sucks. Honda Pilot, Nissan murano, Toyota 4 runner would be a good choice. Test drive as much as you can before you start spending lots of money. Buy whatever that YOU enjoy driving.
  110. hung380

    what kind of beer do you bring?

    New castle and Guiness (sp)? Sometimes Modelo.
  111. hung380

    Some fuckers stole my truck...

    Go to the police station tell them your cousin borrowed the car without you knowing and that you dont wanna press charges. Have the police release your cousins to you then you and some fellow bloodydeckers can start taking turns deckin away. Good to hear you got your ride back and fuck them...
  112. hung380

    whatcha think? PENN or SHIMANO?

    So far I have: Penn torque 200 Daiwa sealine 30 and 40 Avet sx 2sp. shimano torium 30 Daiwa Luna 253 I like all of them and use them all.
  113. hung380

    Reels for Sierra Trout

    Any small reel spooled with 2lb. P-line clear.
  114. hung380

    Benelli M4

    This is directly from DOJ( From page 82:
  115. hung380

    feedbacks on frontload washer/dryer with steam

    Looking into buying a Kenmore elite HE3t front load washer/dryer with steam and was wonder if anyone have any experience on them or any other front loader brands. Is steam technology really worth the extra 300 bucks or is it just a gimmick? thanks for your opinions.
  116. hung380

    new boat looking for some help

    Go with a 25 hp motor then you'll be haulin ass. But you have to see whats the max hp that boat can handle. The tag should be around the transom. I got a 2000 12ft. gregor with a mercury 9.9 and I top out at 18mph with 2 on board with fishing gears+ice chest.
  117. hung380


    That parker looks like it can haul ass! Is that the boat to be chartered?
  118. hung380

    Need help with fiberglass repair

    Steven, I'll help you guys repair the boat for free. Just go with me to buy some materials and a six pack. I'll supervise you guys and tell you what to do while I chug some beer. I hate working with fiberglass. :finger:
  119. hung380

    Need Info on Penn International Torque 200

    I got one and free spool out of the box sucks ass. Listen to tunanorth and degrease the bearings and add oil, it will be night and day. I bought mine almost a year ago and havent used it yet. LOL
  120. hung380


    Nice report! I was at the lake on wed. and the winds kept us off the bite. I'll see you at pyramid sometimes.
  121. hung380

    Carp Bait Help

    corn meal with wheat,flour, butter and some boiling water will make some fine dough for carps. But bread, corn or a can of crossant dough will work also.
  122. hung380

    Auto Insurance question

    I got 21st century and they cover any car I drive whether the car is mine or not. Call your insurance company and ask them or if you have a well known insurance company, you can check your coverage online.
  123. hung380

    51# Striper, Willow Beach

    Damn, good job on that fish! whats the lake record?
  124. hung380

    Need Help - Crippling Headache for 15 Days Now

    Go get a second opinnion from another doctor. whenever I get that kind of headaches, I just take a long hot bath and sometimes it works. Take him to an accupuncture and see what they can do. I've heard nothing but good things about accupunctures. Hope he gets well soon.
  125. hung380

    Are you concerned about SKIN PROTECTION ?

    Great Info Jason! Im gonna drop by sport chalet to check out what they have.
  126. hung380

    Need manintence/repair for mercury 9.8 in Van nuys/san fernanado area

    Thanks Dave, i'll give them a call.
  127. hung380

    Need manintence/repair for mercury 9.8 in Van nuys/san fernanado area

    Just bought a mercury 9.8 outboard 1980s (I think) and found out that the fuel is leaking from the carb. Looking for anyone to fix and do some service for this motor. thanks you can call me at 714-478-9754 thanks LY
  128. hung380

    Favorite bottom fishing set up?

    mine is avet sx 2 sp. spooled with 65 spectra and 25yds. of 25lb. mono top, paired with an 8 ft. calcutta rod. Love my setup!
  129. hung380

    Fish Finder Trouble Shooting.

    The transducer is not tilted rite. Had the same problem with my humminbird transducer.
  130. hung380

    We tried!

    LOL, didnt want my ass kicked but i'll give out a salute the next time we see you guys. Happy fishing!
  131. hung380

    We tried!

    Nice Butt, we saw you guys around the fansworth area. It was a nice day on the water for sure but no WSB for us too, just a bunch of bottom critters. We were in the green trophy boat.
  132. hung380

    Catalina Sat. 19th

    we'll be out also in hunter green trophy fishing somewhere on the east. Good luck
  133. hung380

    Humminbird... yay or nay?

    I had the 787c2 and liked that unit. The 2 reasons why I dont like it is dual screen and the detached mount sucks ass. The graphic is good and I get very accurate reading on it. I think you got your moneys worth and you'll love that unit.
  134. hung380

    and this is why I have a gun in my car

    I agree with you! Thats why we should open carry so that we can draw our guns faster. Say hi to the Brady Bunch for me on your next meeting.
  135. hung380

    and this is why I have a gun in my car

    No CLACK CLACK for me, Just BOOM!
  136. hung380


    whats wrong with the unit?
  137. hung380

    Wanted - Curado 200 and 300

    Getting ready for monster stripers Jason? How about looking into daiwa Lunas?
  138. hung380

    Get-R-Done Satellite TV install goes bad... Dude kills his wife.

    Its dumbass people like this that gives gun owners a bad name. Prayers sent out to the family.
  139. hung380

    hand held gps?

    lowrance h20 or h20c
  140. hung380

    catfish help....

    I fish early morning while the sun is rising and while the sun is going down. I use 6-10 lb. line carolina style rig with a 12-16 inch leader. Fresh mackerel works best dipped in Hog Wild for me.
  141. hung380

    Fishing buddies?

    Can I tag along too?:o
  142. hung380

    Radar Question?

    My guess would be no. The radar antenna has to be way over your head. Have someone make you a dance pole to mount on your deck then you can mount your radar on it.
  143. hung380

    need a place to shoot

    Olympic shooting park?
  144. hung380

    Moving back to California

    Start buying hanguns that you cant get in California! You will thank me later! If you have a chance, pick up a bunch of them new hk45. They are highly valued in cali and they go for a premium price over here if you ever decided to sell them.;) Can I be your new freind?
  145. hung380

    Moving back to California

    The D.O.J. dont even know the themselves . Everytime someone calls the DOJ they never get a straight yes or no answer. Go to and read up on the laws and how to be in compliance with the law.
  146. hung380

    FishFinder/BBQ/L.E.D Light Intallations!

    where did you mount your vhf?
  147. hung380

    Att. Boys And Girls

    LEE for moderator!!GO LEE!!
  148. hung380

    Can someone explain gunsamerica to me?

    Why dont you wait for a sale at turners for 499.99 then buy it? 500+25+tax=565.00 give or take some for brand new glock. 400+25 DROS+50 or more for transfer fees+25 shipping=500 bucks+headache and a used Glock. If you cant wait for a sale then go to any gun store and ask if they can sell you the...
  149. hung380

    Echo Park Report 3/18

    Nice bass! LOL Got some balls to fish echo park!
  150. hung380

    Stripers at DVL

    Fresh dead anchovies or sardine.
  151. hung380

    new guy here

    LOL Thats a quote of a true bloodydecker. welcome brian!:finger:
  152. hung380

    Crab Bait Question

    MMmm, dungies!! they are the best!! when fresh. how do you guys cook them? I just boil them and use salt,pepper,lemon as dipping sauce. Show some pics of your catch!
  153. hung380

    Crab Bait Question

    what kind of crabs do you guys catch up in oregon?
  154. hung380

    speeding ticket help

    Ticket is from 150-250. Not worth fighting! Just pay the ticket and take traffic school. Unless you have all the time in the world then you can go fight it.
  155. hung380

    Fishing Lake Mead This Week

    LOL, gotta agree big TIME! Last time I went to Vegas, I Donated 800 bucks in 1 hour!! Never paid so much for Valet parking:finger:
  156. hung380

    Fishing Lake Mead This Week

    Lend-a-fish is right on! Contact Capt. John if you wanna catch fish like This! This was my recent trip fishing with guide Capt. John from well worth every penny and is prices are outstanding!! check out my fish report from lake mead with capt. john...
  157. hung380

    Garmin 500 series GPS, anyone have one and what are your opinions

    Does the fish eye view show underwater structures,reefs, rockpiles, shipwrecks and stuff like that? thanks
  158. hung380

    Garmin 500 series GPS, anyone have one and what are your opinions

    Is the G2 vision worth the extra 250?
  159. hung380

    Anyone ever fish El Dorado Park in LB???

    lots of bass and catfish in that lake near the brushes.
  160. hung380

    rumors i have heard about seals

    Im still sketchy about shooting sealions with paintballs and airsoft. I dont know but does the noaa have power to set laws and regulations? I thought the dfg's are the ones that set laws and regulations? So is it up to the NOAA or the DFG to allow us to paintball furbags?
  161. hung380

    Windshield Repair

    Go to any autoparts store and buy the windshield repair kit for 10-15 bucks and do it yourself. I've fixed over 5 bullseyes using the repair kits and all came out as if nothings happened to them.
  162. hung380

    Looking for feedbacks on the Garmin 540

    Thanks for the replies guys! Anyone else using this model gps? Please chime in.
  163. hung380

    Looking for feedbacks on the Garmin 540

    Getting ready to make some electronic purchases and one of them is the Garmin 540 without transducer. How do you guys like that unit for GPS purposes? Are they users friendly? Are the Bluechart G2 VISION worth the extra 250.00? Anything bad about this device/model? Will also be purchasing the...
  164. hung380

    Colnett, Yada Yada Yada

    Nice catch!! Great pictures!
  165. hung380

    Toyota 4Runner as a tow vehicle

    Yes electronic brakes does make a big difference if youre going to use a 4 runner to tow. The electronic brakes will slow your 4-runner down much quicker than the surge brakes. But if your using a big truck then its a whole different story. Good luck!
  166. hung380

    Toyota 4Runner as a tow vehicle

    Does the trailer have electronic brakes or surge brakes?
  167. hung380

    need advise

    Go to Daveys locker in newport beach and rent a skiff to fish the harbor or fish off balboa jetty for bass/halibut. Daveys skiff comes with live bait if they have any but they also provide frozen squid/anchovies.
  168. hung380

    Mid-week hooping report...

    Good job on the roaches and taking your daughter out with you. Good father!! But 20+ shorts and 3 legal? You sure your lobster measuring tool isnt out of spec? LOL
  169. hung380


    Night crawlers rolled like a ball on your hook is how I use to catch them at the salton sea.
  170. hung380

    What to look for in a boat

    Same company that makes Cabo and boston whaler also makes Trophy fishing boats. I heard trophy boats improved alot. Havent owned any other brands yet but I like my trophy so far. Ride for my 1902 seems good and my cabin is decent. Plenty of fishing room for 3 guys and I get decent gas mileage...
  171. hung380

    Catalina this Sunday....need a deckhand with experience

    Might wanna post up what kind of electronics you have installed on your boat.
  172. hung380

    Personal Trainer

    Good Job Brian!!:beerbang::beerbang:
  173. hung380

    What are you going to get/look at at the Fred Hall show?

    checking out the furuno fcv585
  174. hung380

    Pouring your own lead weights?

    I dont know where to get free lead but I paid 1.00 per pound and I usually cast 12-16 oz. weights for rock fishing. Still cheaper than buying them at the tackle stores.
  175. hung380

    heavy duty drill press

    I got a KBC vertical milling machine bought 6 years ago and still runs like a champ. I'll throw in a new 9 inch openning vise for you to. Mill has a mitutoyo digital readout also. 1000 bucks and you pick it up. PM me and i'll send you pictures.
  176. hung380

    Lake Casitas - 2/24/08

    Good job on the bass!! Any words on the crappie bite?
  177. hung380

    Bose home theater system

    Congrats on the new bose. We use to have the 901 series I think and it served us well for over 15 years. Bose are still one of the tops brands. Good choice for buying refurbished one direct from bose, most are just returned item and rarely defective. Keep the kids away from your new sound...
  178. hung380

    Jane Fonda drops the C-bomb Live on the Today Show

    She Fondas her own dick! Shes a DICK! Shes both!
  179. hung380

    Bose home theater system

    I use to be a Bose fan until I listen to B&W.
  180. hung380

    Mead Report - fish story

    Nice try bro. You'll get them next time. I need to plan another trip soon. Say hi to John for me.
  181. hung380

    Help with Bachelor Party

    Take him to Las Vegas, call for a stripper to show up at lake mead marina, have fun watching naked girls dance while you fish for stripers/Bass/trout.
  182. hung380


    For hunting purposes, I would go with the 6.5 grendal. 6.8 spc was designed for cqb the bullet will drop alot @ 400 yds. I dont own any of these but this is what I can dig up on Nothing wrong with shooting deer with a 50. Drop them liake its hot. LOL
  183. hung380


    Since you reload. I would go with this. Cabela's -- Alexander Arms .50 Beowulf Entry Kit
  184. hung380


    Angeles shooting range allows up to 50 cal.
  185. hung380


    Boars are built like tanks. If you dont knock it down with one shot, It'll be chasing you until you climb the nearest tree. Recoil doesnt prove if the round is stronger or not. 10mm has more muzzle velocity compare to 40 s&w. Proven by many test datas and reloading manuals. 40 is the perfect...
  186. hung380

    GunShow this weekend

    I only go for beef jerky.
  187. hung380

    gun transfers...

    Go back to turners and put a springfield xd 9mm on layaway. 499.99 + tax, DROS= under 600.00 Turners sometimes has the sigArms p225(p6) certified preowned factory refurbished for 349.99. Its one of the best 9mm you can get. Check the adds once in awhile. Good Luck
  188. hung380

    gun transfers...

    Inlaw has to transfer the gun to you. Getting caught with a gun not registered to you is a big no no in california. You can lose your right to purchase a firearm if you get caught. Risk jail time and big penalties.
  189. hung380

    gun transfers...

    private party transfer is: I have a gun that you want to buy. We both meet up at turners to do the transfer from me to you, thats 35 bucks out the door. FFl transfer is: when you order a firearm online from a gun store, they ship it to a Federal Firearms liscensed dealer (turners, gun stores...
  190. hung380

    gun transfers...

    Private party transfer is $35.00 max by law. FFL transfer can be whatever price they want.
  191. hung380

    Where is the best Fishing/Vacation spot in the world?

    Go to the FIJI Islands!! I would book my trips @ Vacations & Vacation Packages - Travel Destinations | Pleasant Holidays check out the prices for hawaii,fiji,tahiti ....
  192. hung380

    I need an Avet!

    My sx 2speed is paired with a shimano 8ft. calcutta rod. My favorite setup.
  193. hung380

    Feds: Kill sea lions to protect salmon

    Get Hai Nguyen down to start stabbin away.
  194. hung380

    Polished Aluminum

    Pm me your address, I'll send you some samples of Happich Semichrome Polish to try out for one rim so that you can see how long the polish last. Its expensive but its the best. Its worth a try. Best bet is to get them chrome plated.
  195. hung380

    Any plating connections?

    Zinc chromate first then anodize. We do that on aluminums for the navy.
  196. hung380


    40 cal. is the superior round for boar hunting!! Just shave off the front sight of your pistol. Makes it easier for the boar to shove it up your &&&.
  197. hung380


    Read and learn buddy:ashamed: The 10mmAUTO Cartridge 10mm auto is basically a .40 S&W on steroids. 10mm casings are .992 inches in length. 40 S&W(Short & Weak) is .850 in length. 10mm has same ballistics as 41 magnum, can you say the same with 40 s&w?
  198. hung380


    If your looking for a semi pistol, look into 10mm.
  199. hung380


    get 1600 bucks together and get a les baer thunder ranch or one of the premier series pistol and dont forget to add the 1.5 inch @ 50 yds. deal. I have heard both good and bad stuff about the sig gsr. I have heard they are worth every penny and is accurate out of the box and I have heard...
  200. hung380

    The value of a CCW Permit.

    I would cry if they take my $2000+wilson 1911. Good choice for a ccw weapon.
  201. hung380

    best ammo selection

  202. hung380

    Lake Mead 12/7/07 WFO on STRIPERS!!!

    Wife and I decided to hit up Vegas for our 4th year anniversary to do a little bit of gambling and fishing. Friday 12/7 we met up with our guide John from a fellow bloodydecks member at 5:30am in the walmart parking lot and off we go to the launch ramps. Boat in at 6:00am and 30...
  203. hung380

    Volvo XC90 part

    eBay Motors: 03 04 05 VOLVO XC90 HEADLIGHT SET LH RH HEADLIGHTS OEM (item 150189003225 end time Dec-05-07 10:33:30 PST) or eBay Motors: 2003-04-05-06 VOLVO XC90 DRIVERS SIDE HEADLIGHT L/S OEM (item 310002874324 end time Dec-05-07 11:09:03 PST) or eBay Motors: 2003-04-05-06 VOLVO XC90 PASSENGER...
  204. hung380

    lake Skinner 9/27/07

    I use 4 pound clear line and catch them all the time. If the fishes are picky, use flouro carbon lines. Try using fresh sardines at the local stores or use chicken livers. Dont throw away the head of the anchovies!! Sometimes they bite the head more!! Switch bait often and see which bait...
  205. hung380

    Looking for a 9mm

    People that doesnt own a high point tends to talk alot of shit and the ones that owns them said they are good for the money. If you cough up 325-350 you can get a new smith and wesson sigma 9mm. Its hard to find a good pistol for 250. I dont own any high point firearms because I just dont like...
  206. hung380

    Looking for a 9mm

    Get a brand new high point c9 for 159.99 at turners.
  207. hung380

    Looking for a 9mm

    Are you going to use it for home defense or plinking paper targets?
  208. hung380

    INDIAN 11/24/07 REPORT

    I will see you this friday :)
  209. hung380

    Best Steak Joint?

    You have got to try KOBE STEAKS AT Boa Steak House (323) 650-8383 Every Steak eater has got to try it out if you have the money for it. Not much steak house carries them.
  210. hung380

    Sex Offender gets his

    Art, I was stating the facts about this guy. I am not here to defend this guy. I hope all real sex offenders die like this. Would I stand if this happens to my daughter? With 15 firearms sitting inside my safe, I dont know which one im going to use.
  211. hung380

    Bug Bait

    I have heard both stinky baits and fresh baits work equally the same. But I'll bet spreading hog wild on dead fish will make everyone on the boat gag for fresh air.
  212. hung380

    Sex Offender gets his

    He had the sex offender title because when he was 18 years old, he had sex with his girlfriend which was 16 years old at the time and her parents found out and filed rape on him.
  213. hung380

    Fishing in Vietnam?

    might help if you tell us what part of vietnam. My brothers inlaw owns a tour company and I can ask them where to go fishing for fins and splitfins.
  214. hung380

    Lake Mead Report and THANK YOU to Jack Flash

    +1 fishing with John on lake mead.I Started a thread almost 7 months ago looking for a fishing guide for Lake Mead and John popped in and said he could take me and my 6 years old son out. I gaved him a try and me and my son had a blast!! We caught about 30 stripers up to 5 pounds and John said...
  215. hung380

    Micro stamping bill has been signed!!

    Funny Guy. :gay:
  216. hung380

    Micro stamping bill has been signed!!

    I just picked up an xd45 compact from spring field. My next one is the les baer trs. I'll be shopping like my wife for the next 2 years! LOL
  217. hung380

    Micro stamping bill has been signed!!

    That S.O.B. actually signed the fuckin micro stamping bill! CA Legislative Info and Contact Tools :finger::finger::finger:
  218. hung380


    Call the governator then go out and purchase some more handguns or put some on layaway. The Bill can pass, all it takes is just one stupid pen and paper. This bill makes no sense. The bill was written so that gun manufacturers wont sell guns to california and if they do, you'll see an easy $100...
  219. hung380

    question about Avet Fit and Finish

    You didnt get your reel for free!! Go back and pick out another one. You work hard for your money.
  220. hung380

    Catfish From Kentucky

    Nice cats man, So do you also noodle for them? any pix of those?
  221. hung380

    Guns on boats?

    Its legal to carry a loaded gun while fishing/hunting. You need a fishing/hunting license. State law grants any fisherman the rite to carry a loaded side arm while fishing IF you have a fishing license. I can carry my 9mm .40cal or .45acp while fishing at a Lake/ocean as long as the CITY,COUNTY...
  222. hung380

    Furuno FCV620-PWD

    Ask for a quote from Humble Pie. Just pm him.
  223. hung380

    976-Tuna Gold with GPS... is it worth the cost?

    :hali_ruahahaha::rofl::rofl::hali_ruahahaha: With Asian chicks?
  224. hung380

    Got Carfax?

    camrys are great cars we had 2 v6 @ 275,000 and 325,000 sold them for new cars. I had a 90 acura legend that has almost 400,000 miles before i sold it for 1200 bucks. They are all good cars but from experience Honda accord transmissions tend to go bad at about every 100,000-150,000 miles. I...
  225. hung380

    heading out on a cattle boat. what should I expect/bring

    Bring some sea sick pills just in case. Bring plenty of 6-8 oz. weights, 5 of each. bring a bunch of size 2 bait holders because you'll most likely be fishing for rockfish/whitefish. Have fun.
  226. hung380


    I dont know where you can take classes but you can go to different gun smiths and ask if they need an apprentice. It might also help is you have some machining skills, you can take some machining classes at almost any community college in your area. Hope this helps and good luck.
  227. hung380

    Boat Suggestions

    The crew of the new loan goes above and beyond. It'll be well worth your money. Oh yeah, Please post your experience when you come back. :-)
  228. hung380

    Looking for SD 1.5 day tuna trip,,, Tomorrow!

    Yeah!! You dont have to compete with 25-30 other fishermans, less tangle. I think bumpier ride will be the only drawback. My 2 choices would be old7 and Lo-an. You cant go wrong with those 2 boats.
  229. hung380

    Reel Purchase Help - Where to go from Penn 500

    Penn torque series if you can find them used. 300-325 new on ebay. I would get the torque 200. good luck
  230. hung380

    Micro stamping! What will be next?

    Can you imagine how much gun makers would charge just to replace a worn out firing pin? You Know they dont stock extra pins with your serial number on them. They would have to manufacture each one and charge an arm and a leg and maybe your neck!! That doesnt include the loooong waiting list. Oh...
  231. hung380

    Do you have 1 or 2 last minute cancelations for reduced cost?

    Overnite trip leaving sat. fishing sun. Price is 115 at Give them a call. Good luck and happy anniversary!! Found another trip at pier point landing (562) 983-9300 @110.00
  232. hung380

    Kel-Tec Firearms? Any Experiences?

    I have a su16ca. It feels like a toy but very accurate. If you do get one, get the ca model and change the cheap bi-pod to a kel-tec handgaurd and change the factory extractor to an AR15 extractor so that the rifle can be more reliable. I love my su-16 because I can put 30 round ar mags. If you...
  233. hung380

    Jihad at the RockPile 9-11

    Nice job guys! Second pix looks like a copper rockfish(chuckle head). Damn you guys fish alot.LOL
  234. hung380

    Grande 1.5 days "Mucho Grande Fish"

    Yeah, liteliner(peter) was using spectra sawing most of the fishermans that refused to follow the fish!!LOL
  235. hung380

    Grande 1.5 days "Mucho Grande Fish"

    Great trip and good job! Did you happen to see 2 hamong guys(Peter a.k.a. shorty, kevin a.k.a. the Big boss)? Where they chumming the water?
  236. hung380

    Bishop trip this weekend need some help

    Try fishing at the little pond in cardinal village. They usually stock 5 pound alpers in the little pond along with pan size trouts. My second spot would be north lake only if you dont mind the short hike. I usually get my limits within 30 minutes max using mini jigs tipped with a meal worm. If...
  237. hung380

    Think i found a boat give me an opinion....

    you can get a 1902 with 4 stroke 115 merc brand new for 27,500 otd.
  238. hung380

    got a new shotgun

    You cant go wrong with any benelli. Good Luck and happy hunting!!
  239. hung380

    New Bass Boate

    Nice bass killin machine bro!! But why do most bass boat come with massive horse powers??
  240. hung380

    Ketchikan Pic's

    Alaska is our next trip for family vacation:urno1: The shrimp looks like its good eatin!
  241. hung380

    New Lo-An 8/26

    Those are some nice albacores.
  242. hung380

    SX questions

    :fighting0061: You mean sx? Yes, Its perfect for inshore.
  243. hung380

    Hand Gun Ammo For Sale

    Its not a silly question. The title says ammo for sale and the post says bullets. Ammo is complete with primer,casing,powder and bullet. Bullet is just a projectile (the one that flies really really fast and can really really hurt you if your in its way)
  244. hung380

    Need an extended auto warranty

    BULLSHIT!!!!:idiot: I aint bullshitn about the refund. But I bet I'll be using the warranty before it ends.
  245. hung380

    Need an extended auto warranty

    we got our waranty at calabasas mercedes. we got the extended warranty for 3 years @ 2200 I think. If we dont use our warranty, they'll refund us 100% of our money.
  246. hung380

    Ramed Boat Part 3-Special Thanks

    Good job on tracking that SOB. Is he going to pay for the repair cost? You can borrow my dewalt drill with 1 inch drill bit if you want?
  247. hung380

    Sea Horse 1 1/2 day @ 08/16/07

    24 anglers for 180+ tuna? Thats insane. How did you guys figure out who caught the biggest fish for jackpot?
  248. hung380

    cat island wed 081507 bad/good

    You know your gun laws. we need more people like you. Its suck seeing you selling off that fine rifle for a cheap price though. If I had a rifle like that, it'll be burried with me.
  249. hung380

    cat island wed 081507 bad/good

    Pistol grip on a detachable mag m1a is a nono to civilians in Kommiefornia. Any mags for sale to civillians over 10 rounds is another nono in Kalifornia. Just trying to give you a heads up. You can sell it outer states and it'll be legal. Love the setup on your m1 wish I had one built like that.
  250. hung380

    Question in Regards to Bassproshops Offshore Angler Rods

    I havent used them but they look pretty decent for the price. Sounds like they use quality materials. Look into graftec rods at turners. BTW, Graftec comes with a 5 year warranty and you might want to find out how long the warranties are for the bass pro rods. Good luck
  251. hung380

    Suzuki dealers

    with 7 people on my boat it took me 2 minutes to plane out to 30 mph @ 5300 rpm. With 2 people loaded with gears took no more than 30 seconds to reach 35mph. Are you still breaking into your engine? Try test running with 2 guys and some gears to break into your engine.
  252. hung380

    Why kill a marlin?

    This is the fishermans version of PROLIFE(anti-abortion) and PROCHOICE(4-abortion). You'll never know whos rite and whos wrong.LOL
  253. hung380

    Boat Rammed Part II

    Dont you have up to a year to file a police report? I might be wrong but cant you give the police his dl# and they can search?
  254. hung380

    RockPile 8/12/2007

    Can I have a box also for 50 bucks? I'll pay cash, checks,money order, food stamps, anything. Pm me if anymore for sale. thanks
  255. hung380

    Looks like this one won't be going to trial.

    very smart women, called the cops so that they can babysit her fiance. Tattoo of her dead fiances name on here forehead?Im still laughing at that one,but I feel really bad for the soon to be newborn though. I'll only go to the carwash if the money is going towards the kids education tough.
  256. hung380

    For Sale: Accucrap 870

    Aww damn would've been an easy fix for me. stainless heli-coil threads will be stronger than the original treads.
  257. hung380

    avet sx

    They can cast very very far but that depends on the person thats casting. My sx was ready to cast out of the box. Avet reels have one of the best free spool I have seen. You cant go wrong with the sx.
  258. hung380

    how many times have you...

    Seen it 3 times. Freakin awesome movie. 99% action movie
  259. hung380

    Hot Summer Tuna Video!

    where are the f-14 tomcats:picknose: Nice video guys.
  260. hung380

    Krill killas

    I dont know but doesnt shrimp stay on the bottom and krills float on top? I would like to know too. Those krills/shrimps will make the fishes in my aquarium go nuts!
  261. hung380

    Toyota Tundra Owners

    The brakes on those new tundras are insanely huge! Nice truck BTW.
  262. hung380

    Toyota Tundra Owners

    I did with a 2004 tacoma trd v6. Towed my trophy 1902 just fine.
  263. hung380

    LIVE from the Bahamas!

    Congrats on your new ride. Are you guys cruising that over to cali?
  264. hung380

    Which Way Should I Go?

    395 all the way!! You cant go wrong with that route. Go get a good radar detector (valentine 1) if you plan on speeding. Have fun and drive safe.
  265. hung380

    A little concerned and frustrated.

    I would be more concerned and frustrated of how your gonna haul all your fishes home to Kansas.
  266. hung380

    Graphtech rods?

    I got 3 eyes popped out of mine. Bought it 4 years ago and used it 6 times. Im gonna try to see if turners would do anything about it. Good rod but I think I got the bad one.
  267. hung380

    Deborah Schofield Pleads No Contest In Rollover Death Of Joey

    I bet the fisherman that stabbed that furlion is going to get more time in jail.
  268. hung380

    can this reel handle albacore?

    thats alot of line on that sealine 40 but it will work fine. Good luck
  269. hung380

    Ransacked & ripped off

  270. hung380

    Boat Insurance Premiums Increasing in CA???

    Get a quote from west-mar insurance.
  271. hung380

    Which reel to buy?

    avet has lots of power and the best free spool I have seen. Shimano calcutta is also a great reel. Cant go wrong with them.
  272. hung380

    Huntington Flats

    what part of the shoes are the cudas biting?
  273. hung380


    Cant go wrong with a Shimano calcutta 400.
  274. hung380

    Question for those who may know.....

    Too much buttcrack hairs:confused:
  275. hung380

    sushi... how long

    yummy Kobe Beef but very expensive!!:urno1:
  276. hung380

    My Latest Poll.........

    LOL, how is getting butt juice from a girl with braces bring you luck? Thats too funny:urno1:
  277. hung380


    I just ordered the northstar f210 which is the replacement for the navman 2100 because northstar bought out navman. Its on sale now at boaters world for 99.99. Havent got mine yet so i dont know how hard It is to install.
  278. hung380

    Clemente this weekend 27/th

    I will be seeing you guys sat. am. we'll be at pyramid head also. Green trophy, chann. 69.
  279. hung380

    302/371/230...didn't get ANY!!!

    Dont worry buddy, I bet your next trip is going to be WFO just to make up for the last two weeks. At least you get to be out in the waters. Shit, Im so itching to be on the waters that I booked a halfday going out tomorrow for rockfishing by myself because I have no time to chase tunas.:imdumb:
  280. hung380

    My latest Dragon weave (eragon 2)

    Damn, just an arm? You want my neck tooLOL Love your art work man. PM me more of your art work if you have more.:notworthy:notworthy:notworthy
  281. hung380

    My latest Dragon weave (eragon 2)

    Wow, very dep!! So how much is it gonna cost me?
  282. hung380

    Can I use my Bumber to tow my rig?

  283. hung380

    Viking 65 Updated Pics from Florida

    Holy shit!! Sweet looking boat man!! But Burnning 300-400 in an hour hurts:imdumb:
  284. hung380


    So did the buyer end up buying the boat?:imdumb:
  285. hung380


    Awesome video man!! You guys make Ronnie Kovac and his video crew look like NooBs.
  286. hung380


    I did this and it helped block alot of calls from domestic telemarketers but I still get occasional private number calls from telemarketers From India:imdumb:
  287. hung380

    HK USP 40 or Springfield XD .45 Tactical?

    Folding/collapsable stock IS legal on Pump Shotguns as long as it meets the minimum required length for california and federal laws.
  288. hung380

    newbie Q: Really worth the price difference in Rods?

    I have the sx 2 speed mounted on my shimano crucial for bass, yellows and rockfishes. I also have calstar 700,800 and to be honest, its personal preference. I like the shimano because it feels lighter and its 100 bucks cheaper. But everyone has got to have at least one calstar.
  289. hung380

    Daiwa or Shimano?

    torium 14-16
  290. hung380

    Which reel to buy???

    LOl, just go buy a shimano.:imdumb:
  291. hung380

    dryer help

    go to here and type in your model number Appliance Parts Discount Appliance Parts – Appliance Repair Parts they have Parts list and manuals online that can help you detemine where your parts (igniter/thermal fuse) are located. You can see what a thermal fuse and igniter looks like...
  292. hung380

    dryer help

    If you moved your dyer, chances are your igniter broke, those are very fragile!! Check the thermal fuse first and if thats still good open up the front cover and see if your igniter is still in one piece.
  293. hung380

    NLA 7/02

    great job!! Who was the capt? mark or travis?
  294. hung380

    Albies @ west butterfly 7/01/07

    I might buddy boat with ya. Where you launching out from?
  295. hung380

    Need info. for gas stations in catalina

    do you know what time they open? thanks
  296. hung380

    Need info. for gas stations in catalina

    Anyone know what the business hours are and approx. price per gal? Phone#/chann? thanks
  297. hung380

    Check out my new MEAN GREEN fishing machine!!!

    thats what my manual says too. My motor is a 2006 but whats the diffrence?
  298. hung380

    Check out my new MEAN GREEN fishing machine!!!

    how come my engine looks different from yours? Is your mercury a 2 stroke or 4? I dont have the manual with me(at this moment) but it says short burst of max rpm for first ten hours or something.
  299. hung380

    Check out my new MEAN GREEN fishing machine!!!

    Thanks alot for all the help guys, I really needed that. For engine break-ins, how long did it take? How did you break into your engines? thanks
  300. hung380

    New 2007 Trophy Pro 1902 WA

    Congrats man!! Just picked up my green 1902 this past weekend. You guys are going to enjoy your new ride!!
  301. hung380

    Getting a new rifle, any suggestions?

    have you look into any savage 10fp series or 12 series? They make excellent rifles and super accurate out of the box. i buy my guns online at and you can save big money. Beside Bill Ruger can take all his guns and shove them up his ass. IMHO, good luck
  302. hung380

    Am I wrong?

    try using fish trap plastics with a piece of squid and work your way up and down.
  303. hung380

    Rod suggestions for SX

    I got the shimano crucial on my sx 2spd. and love it.
  304. hung380

    Check out my new MEAN GREEN fishing machine!!!

    Just picked it up this past weekend. Trophy pro 1902 with vhf and northstar color ff. I think I got a decent deal for this @ 25,000 brand new. I took it out this past tuesday and managed to put about 3 hours into it. Since this is my first outboard boat WHY does it take literally about 45...
  305. hung380

    Charkbait=Serious Disappointment

    You guys should try using eezox (dry film lube) that thing will stay on your pliers/reels for months. It goes on wet and protects dry. I use them for all my guns and fishing supplies.
  306. hung380

    Positions available-Foreman, Operators, Drivers, etc.

    Do you contrtact out pipe fitting/welding? thanks
  307. hung380

    6/08/07 2007 1802 trophy walk around

    congrats, how much did it cost you if you dont mind? Does it come with electronics?
  308. hung380

    Where's a good striper lake??

    castaic lake at the bouy line, lake pyramid, lake skinner, silverwood lake, all are producing good numbers of fish. Some of my friends went to pyramid 2 days ago and they caught 60+ stripers keeping 30 stripers smallest fish they kept was 4 pounds.
  309. hung380

    Penn Torque 100 field-test

    when are they releasing the trq 100? I got the 200 and 300 so far.
  310. hung380

    Canada here I come!

    Have a great time and looking forward for the fishing report when you come back.
  311. hung380

    Bring it on

    seeker rods, graftech, go to turners outdoorsman. Ebay a rod off ebay.
  312. hung380

    Bring it on

    LOL, this is too funny. Welcome to bloodydecks. If you have cable, catch Ronny kovachs sportfishing on FSN sundays and you can learn some stuff. You can learn alot from fellow bloodydeckers if you ask the rite question and post it in the rite thread. BTW, the guys are not hatin on you, they just...
  313. hung380

    How about this Boston Whaler 20 ft.? Deal Or NO Deal?

    i'll pay 7,500 cuz your the 4 owner on that boat:nutkick:
  314. hung380

    2000 Trophy 21 ft. for 15,900 good deal?

    heres a 78 whaler v20 with a 98 johnson 175 with 191 hours. Boat comes with raytheon radar, fish finder, vhf, cassette player, almost new 98 yamaha 15 hp kicker. what you guys think?
  315. hung380

    How about this Boston Whaler 20 ft.? Deal Or NO Deal?

    sorry here are the pictures.
  316. hung380

    How about this Boston Whaler 20 ft.? Deal Or NO Deal?

    you didnt buy it in newbury park did you?
  317. hung380

    How about this Boston Whaler 20 ft.? Deal Or NO Deal?

    what do you guys think about this? Its a 1978 boston outrage 20ft. with a 1998 johnson 175 with 191 hours. It also comes with a yamaha 4 stroke 17hp kicker almost new. The boat looks great inside and out. seller asking for 11,000 but i think i can make it go down to 10,000. Boat also comes with...
  318. hung380

    2000 Trophy 21 ft. for 15,900 good deal?

    Damn, you guys are giving me some great advice!! After reading all of your great responses I have put off on that trophy. I will now be in search (taking my time) for a 4 stroker now. Oh yeah, I just saw a 1986 23 ft. boston whaler outrage with a yamaha 175(i think) and the engine only has 75...
  319. hung380

    2000 Trophy 21 ft. for 15,900 good deal?

    what the difference between 2 stokes and 4? Sorry still in trainning.
  320. hung380

    2000 Trophy 21 ft. for 15,900 good deal?

    It does have a hard top and a cheap fish finder. I'll be installing my humminbird 787 c2 if I get that boat.
  321. hung380

    2000 Trophy 21 ft. for 15,900 good deal?

    hello bloody deckers, Need some input on this 21 ft. trophy W/A made in 2000 with a 4.3 v6 I/O. Motor has 238 hours on it. Comes with a dual axel trailer and Motor runs great. You guys think I should go for broke on this one or wait for a better deal? thanks
  322. hung380

    Help me plan my cabo trip please!!

    Hello bloodydeckers! Me and 4 other buddies are planning on flying down to cabo on june 15 and heading back june 18. We need some suggestions on where to stay (condo rentals/Hotel) we prefer A condo rental somewhere in cabo but will settle for a nice decent hotel. We also need some suggetsions...
  323. hung380

    Looking for lake mead guide

    Anyone know any good guide service for lake mead? Planning to go fishing on 5-27 with my son. Any help will be greatly appreciated. thanks
  324. hung380

    88 reinell help

    anyone please help me:(
  325. hung380

    88 reinell help

    Hi guys, this is first post and I need some info. from you guys. Anyone in this forum know any decent boat mechanics in the oc area? If you do, please pm me. thanks I got an 88 reinell omc sterndrive and when I rev my engine (In gear) it will take literally minutes just to get my boat to speed...