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  1. jg125

    Latest build 30-80lb 8’3” nice color blank

    Very nice work great color combo
  2. jg125

    "Creature from the Black Lagoon" Tilefish Jr.

    That's one beauty eye catcher
  3. jg125

    Custom roddy

    That tiger really popped out very nice work
  4. jg125

    Custom Calstar 765xl

    Great looking build very nice work
  5. jg125

    Reaper Reaper

    Beautiful work
  6. jg125

    Marbled Calstar

    very nice looks great
  7. jg125

    Rainshadow RCJB96H w/abalone

    Great work
  8. jg125

    CE700M "Rainbow Dash"

    Great color combo beautiful work
  9. jg125

    F.R.O.G rod

    very nice work looks great
  10. jg125

    10’ Bamboo, Flag design

    Great work
  11. jg125

    Phenix HAX720XH "Astros''

    Beautiful work as always
  12. jg125

    Thread Tag End Management for Fade Wraps

    Thanks for sharing
  13. jg125

    Joker Reaper

    Another masterpiece great color combo
  14. jg125

    UC CX70 Viper Rail Rod- Killer Bee

    Great work cool looking build
  15. jg125

    Rainshadow RSU60XH troller

    Very cool looking build very nice work
  16. jg125

    Unicorn S/B ulua

    Very nice looking build great work
  17. jg125

    Back on the wrapper after 9 years - Seeker Classic 6455XXH

    Very nice great work glad to see that your back at it.
  18. jg125


    Beautiful work
  19. jg125


    Great work nice theme
  20. jg125

    How much for a custom wrap?

    great work like the chevrons
  21. jg125

    "SlayerZ squadron" GP900 Reaper for Craig

    best of the west
  22. jg125

    Seeker SB Ulua 100H “The Calico Stick”

    very nice great work
  23. jg125

    GP80 Terminator / SlayerZ Squadron

    your one of the best builders I seen great work
  24. jg125

    Mexican tiger wrap

    Great looking build nice work
  25. jg125

    Blank identification

    I agree with iron mike looks like a fenwick to me
  26. jg125

    Built the rod, caught the fish (pig yt). Seeker Pinhead D8

    nice looking builds and nice catch
  27. jg125

    Finally finished - wrapping bench & quad rod dryer

    That is one is the best setups I seen great job with your layout
  28. jg125

    It was a rod

    man that's some very nice work
  29. jg125

    Bent Butt and Kite Rod Combo

    Very nice great work
  30. jg125

    Varmac E-lite

    very nice tiger looks great
  31. jg125

    North Fork Composite Salmon Rod

    Very nice looking build
  32. jg125

    its Mario time !! aka quarantine day 79

    Great looking build very nice work
  33. jg125

    Betty Boop weave

    beautiful work as always
  34. jg125

    Seeker Unicorn blue Ulua

    Great looking built nice work
  35. jg125

    Another Pacbay 30#

    Very nice work looks great
  36. jg125

    800M for Brian

    Bad ass cross wrap beautiful work
  37. jg125

    Custom EVA grips - blue abstracts

    very nice they look great
  38. jg125

    GP900 Reaper for Peter

    Beautiful great color combo
  39. jg125

    First Rod that I built

    Great looking build for your first nice work
  40. jg125

    Not a rod but.....

    Very nice work nice tiger
  41. jg125

    Gloss finish

    Just scuff the finish clean it with dna and recoat it with your favorite 2 part epoxy and you will be find.
  42. jg125


    Beautiful work great color
  43. jg125

    Pacbay 30# blank

    Great work
  44. jg125

    Bushido bass rod

    very nice
  45. jg125

    Twitching Rod (First Build)

    very nice looking cross wrap great work
  46. jg125

    UC900 Reaper Sarape(Mexican blanket)

    That came out great that color combo really stands out
  47. jg125

    (Seeker) Blank ID help and wrappers info

    At the time that build was made who ever built that rod was very talented very nice work
  48. jg125

    Quick black hole build

    Nice work great job on cord work
  49. jg125

    CEX Ulua 100H Refinish

    Came out great can't wait to see it finished
  50. jg125

    VC-2-7’6” 20-40.

    Very nice the cross wrap looks great
  51. jg125

    Bentbutts Help

    If you are fishing out of a rod holder go with a long butt.
  52. jg125

    Because it Gets addicting SB Honey Ullua

    Very nice for your first time
  53. jg125

    Padres Throwback colors

    Very nice work
  54. jg125

    GP80 Monster for Peter

    Looks like a fine piece of jewelry that gold really stands out beautiful build
  55. jg125

    Blue CJBF80 & 80H

    very nice great color combo
  56. jg125

    Rainshadow RCLB 70ML

    Great looking build
  57. jg125

    2nd tiger

    Very nice work
  58. jg125

    Seeker Pinhead 8' PH-36

    looks great
  59. jg125


    they are some beautiful builds
  60. jg125


    Very nice work great color combo
  61. jg125

    Phenix XXH swimbait setup.

    Great work very nice work with fades
  62. jg125


    Great cross wraps beautiful work
  63. jg125

    US80 Terminator for Brian N.

    That's a great looking tiger beautiful work as always
  64. jg125

    “Tiger King” ULUA

    Very nice great work
  65. jg125

    Seeker BS706

    Beautiful work
  66. jg125

    GP Reaper - Mighty Ducks Colors

    Very nice great color
  67. jg125

    UC MH76 “Operator Ed”

    Great cross wrap very cool build
  68. jg125

    Is this a Harnell?

    Love them old rods I would have to rebuild it
  69. jg125

    New color scheme

    I am also old looks great
  70. jg125

    Satin Finish chip repair help

    That Looks Great Nice Work
  71. jg125

    3 FOR MIKE

    Beautiful work great colors
  72. jg125

    CE900 Wahoo for Big Tuna Brown

    Beautiful work that's a head turner
  73. jg125

    Quarantine GP 900 Reaper

    Great work
  74. jg125

    Gift for the Capitan

    very nice great color
  75. jg125

    A tale of two cranks

    very nice work
  76. jg125

    2 more quarantine builds.

    Great work cross wrap came out very nice
  77. jg125

    Phenix Black Diamond 700m Dorado fade

    Very nice work nice color combo
  78. jg125

    united composite tile fish jr

    Great work nice tiger
  79. jg125


    nice work
  80. jg125

    Experimental Neon Tiger Wrap

    great work
  81. jg125

    1st Color Change Weave

    Looks good to me nice work
  82. jg125

    Varmac 7’3” 25-50#

    Very nice you made the colors work well
  83. jg125

    UC GP900 Reaper Moon wrapped

    very nice work look great
  84. jg125

    Seeker 7X White Tiger for David

    That is crazy and wild beautiful work
  85. jg125


    very nice work
  86. jg125

    CX76 Centaur for Brian

    That tiger really pops out beautiful work
  87. jg125

    Seeker CTSF63XXXH

    Great looking build very nice work
  88. jg125

    Best day in a while!

    He did some nice work
  89. jg125

    GP900 Reaper

    another beautiful build
  90. jg125


    Great color beautiful work
  91. jg125

    Help removing handle?

    That's pretty close to the blank be real careful no to cut into blank you an also try a heat gun and a strap wrench to try to loosen it my bad I thought you were talking about the reel seat you meant fore grip
  92. jg125

    Help removing handle?

    You can use a cutting wheel or a Dremel tool with a small cutting wheel cut two slits on reel seat and use a screw driver to pry it off the same with the gimbal butt just be careful not to go to deep
  93. jg125


    Great color beautiful work
  94. jg125

    Finished wrapping my first rod!

    Nice job looks great for your first build like to see it when your done with it
  95. jg125

    Shakari 8025

    Very nice work
  96. jg125

    UC GP80 Mega

    Beautiful work
  97. jg125

    "Quarantine" Rail Rod Build

    Tiger looks pretty good you get better with every build by the way what up with the duct tape I keep that stuff away from my lathe
  98. jg125

    United Composites Reaper

    very nice great work
  99. jg125

    First guide wrapped on first build.

    Look great for your first you will come into your own technique on under wraps depending on the length of the guides you are using
  100. jg125

    Satin Finish chip repair help

    If I can see the shot between the first guide and the second you might be able to put a 1/4"trim band to cover the chip a decal and another trim band and be done with it Its going to hard to cover that because of the satin finish or just live with it and fish it I bet you never do that again we...
  101. jg125

    Safety vest

    Very nice work looks great
  102. jg125

    Last one for a while. Seeker CJBF80XH

    great work nice tiger and be safe out there
  103. jg125

    2 more from Master Skrilla...

    Very nice great work
  104. jg125

    US80 Terminator for Brian

    Great color that yellow makes that rod pop tiger looks great too beautiful work as always
  105. jg125

    IT'S HERE!

    Looking good looks like you already have it
  106. jg125

    Raider Colors - Black and Silver

    Very nice great work
  107. jg125

    UC US80 mega and monster.

    Great colors beautiful work
  108. jg125

    1st weave help

    looks great to me
  109. jg125

    Blackout 100j

    I also like the blacked out look great work
  110. jg125

    Some new Quarantine builds

    Great looking builds very nice work
  111. jg125

    WTS SS C ULUA - Glow in the Dark

    Looks great nice work
  112. jg125

    Seeker CJBF80 for Jean

    great color beautiful work as always
  113. jg125

    Rainshadow SP844

    Looks great very nice work
  114. jg125

    Seeker Ulua for David

    great color combo really stands out beautiful work
  115. jg125

    Rainshadow SWT70H

    Very cool looking build that first piece wrap is looks great nice work
  116. jg125

    Rainshadow "Cat"fish Rods

    Looks great to me nice work
  117. jg125

    Saved by iPhone

    very nice work
  118. jg125

    Clint Eastwood weave

    Steve beautiful work as always
  119. jg125

    Sword Fish Deep Drop

    Very nice great work
  120. jg125

    Calstar 90j build for some dude I met

    great looking build nice clean work
  121. jg125

    First build post

    Great work nice tiger and turks head
  122. jg125

    “Girls fish too”

    Great color very nice work
  123. jg125

    Nancy's Jigger

    Beautiful work
  124. jg125

    Testing newly built rod. How?

    Looks good it will fish fine at 12-14# of drag
  125. jg125

    RODDY rebuild

    Very nice great looking build
  126. jg125

    Poison Apple

    Wow you won't miss that in the rack beautiful work
  127. jg125

    Seeker 530

    Cool looking build
  128. jg125


    Great work
  129. jg125

    Super Seeker SD8 - burgandy / gold

    Very nice great work
  130. jg125

    UC RGP 80 Predator

    Looks great nice work
  131. jg125

    RodGeeks SGTR90MM2

    Great looking builds nice work
  132. jg125

    Super Seeker CLB804 FH2020 Build

    Very nice great work
  133. jg125


    Great work beautiful
  134. jg125

    GP90 Mega and GP85 Phantom for Lance

    Beautiful work
  135. jg125

    Opinions on Turbo Guides....

    I used turbo guides for years at the time they were the best bang for the buck like everything out there with new design and technology there are better opions out there now.
  136. jg125

    Should I double or triple wrap

    Guide prep #1 Tread tension #2 no need to triple wrap unless you are fishing giants.
  137. jg125

    Seeker - ESM 7650

    Very nice work great color combo
  138. jg125


    Beautiful great work and color combo
  139. jg125

    Twisted Sisters

    Beautiful work great looking tigers
  140. jg125

    Rasta US80 Terminator

    That's badass beautiful work
  141. jg125

    Seeker CEX Ulua 100H (Total Rebuild)

    Make sure you post it when its completed
  142. jg125

    Seeker CJB80H and ESM7660

    They look like they belong in a museum beautiful
  143. jg125

    Team Hoo

    Blacked out that is the most subtle build I ever seen from you beautiful work
  144. jg125

    2nd RCJB90XH for FHS Batson Raffle

    Looks like it was plugged in and it lit up great tiger beautiful work
  145. jg125

    Seeker CBW810 swimbait rod

    Very nice work looks great
  146. jg125

    Long Beach FHS Raffle Rod for Batson

    Killer build great color beautiful work
  147. jg125

    Rod blank paint

    I had krylon paint bleed thru on light colors after applying finish that's my take
  148. jg125

    Rod blank paint

    The best I did is with 2 part auto paint and clear coat.
  149. jg125

    United Composites CE800XF for Josh

    Beautiful looking build like the blue too
  150. jg125

    Fred Hall Raffle Rod RCJB96XH

    very nice great work
  151. jg125

    Varmac 9’ 25-50# - 2 piece

    Great looking build and nice work
  152. jg125

    Endangered Snow Leopard Weave

    Very nice great work
  153. jg125

    United Composites GP90 Mag.....Blue Deadpool

    Beautiful work great color combo
  154. jg125

    United Composites 40XO

    Very nice great work
  155. jg125

    United Composites GP76 Predator

    Great color combo beautiful work as always was wondering where you were
  156. jg125

    Cal Star 700L Spinner Set-up.

    Great looking build very nice work
  157. jg125

    Broomstick Rod

    You could probably catch any big game fish in the ocean we as rod builders know the difference
  158. jg125

    Glass 670 9'

    Very nice looking build great work
  159. jg125

    Conolon and a Buda

    Very nice looking rebuilds
  160. jg125

    Punisher Calstar 6460h

    Nice work
  161. jg125

    Seeker SJ90F Build

    Very nice clean looking build great work
  162. jg125

    Rod For Military Event

    Great looking build very nice work
  163. jg125

    Working on some stuff for a friend

    That's some nice work they look great
  164. jg125

    Stripper guide question

    Let me know how it works out like to know
  165. jg125

    Stripper guide question

    It seems kind of small for a 7' spinning rod I guess the only way to find out how it casts try it out.
  166. jg125

    Stripper guide question

    I don't think that will be a problem what size guide did you use
  167. jg125

    CUI F100 teal deckhand build

    Great looking build very nice marbling and color combo
  168. jg125

    Super Seeker Mardi Gras Jester build

    Beautiful build bad ass cross wrap and color combo
  169. jg125

    4 Thread Carriage

    I bought one from mudhole works really well it replaces the old 2 carriage one.
  170. jg125

    urushi G urushi

    That's a great looking build really different nice work
  171. jg125

    Rainshadow 70M

    Great looking build cool cross wrap very nice work
  172. jg125

    Cousins 670-7

    very nice work looks great
  173. jg125

    First Turk's head knot

    Looks great I also use a light coat of rod finish
  174. jg125

    Classic Seeker 196-6

    That blue and gold really pops beautiful work
  175. jg125

    #Squidlife Ulua

    very cool looking build with great color beautiful work
  176. jg125

    Regulation Rasta

    Great work very nice cross wrap
  177. jg125

    Seeker White Tiger D8

    Looks good to me very nice work
  178. jg125

    Calstar GF700XL

    Bad ass cross wrap great color very nice work
  179. jg125

    Syndicate build

    Great looking build very nice work like that tiger too
  180. jg125

    My 2019 builds

    Very nice work they look great
  181. jg125


    Very nice great work
  182. jg125

    last couple for 2019

    Very nice great color combo's
  183. jg125

    GF 875XH

    Very nice and great color
  184. jg125

    2020 Donation Rod

    Very nice looking build great work
  185. jg125

    First coat of CPxtra on the old Sabre 670

    Like old school look nice job
  186. jg125

    Seeker Hercules GTS70XH

    Very nice looks great
  187. jg125

    Phenix Black diamond 700ML with formal attire

    very nice clean looking build
  188. jg125

    Casting to Spiral guides setup

    The only way to figure out how many guides you need on a spiral acid wrap is to do a static load test just like any conventional build.
  189. jg125

    Phenix PSW-700H tip problem

    I would just leave it alone and fish it doesn't look that bad if It breaks then do what you said earlier but the rod action will definitely change
  190. jg125

    Varmac Christmas rods

    They look professional very nice work
  191. jg125

    Wood Grain Seeker ESM7650 (pic heavy)

    That came out great beautiful work
  192. jg125

    Rod building 101

    Like to see some o your work
  193. jg125

    Seeker I've been lagging on

    Very nice great color combo
  194. jg125

    Gen 1 WTS Seeker re-wrap (pic heavy).

    Like them cross wraps nicely done great work
  195. jg125

    Seeker ulua

    Great looking build very nice work
  196. jg125

    United Composites US80 Terminator

    Very nice looking build and color combo great work
  197. jg125

    Patriotic Calstar BTG270-H

    Great looking theme build beautiful work as always
  198. jg125

    AT BA build

    Great work very nice looking
  199. jg125

    Another ULUA Unicorn

    Beautiful build
  200. jg125

    Rainshadow SB842 USA Theme

    very nice work looks great
  201. jg125

    First time wrapping...

    Great work nice clean build
  202. jg125

    Coffee grinder

    That's a wild looking cross wrap very nice work
  203. jg125

    United Composites US80 Tilefish Jr.

    That's a head turner like them under wraps beautiful work
  204. jg125

    Thrasher Albacore Build

    very nice looking great work
  205. jg125

    Calstar 6455L

    beautiful killer build like that tiger
  206. jg125

    Varmac VCBG 3-7 Seahawks Theme

    very nice looking build looks great
  207. jg125

    #3 calstar unibutt

    killer tiger
  208. jg125

    Seeker S665H

    Good looking build I'm sure your old man will be happy like to see it finished
  209. jg125

    Rev62ml walleye

    very nice looking build great work and color combo
  210. jg125

    SD 70 XXH Blue flame

    Great looking build awesome work
  211. jg125

    Black and White Seeker D8

    Very nice great work
  212. jg125

    Update pics cowboys rod

    That's some very nice work
  213. jg125


    Love that green beautiful work
  214. jg125

    New to building...

    Looking very good for your first build great work
  215. jg125

    MHX Cowboys

    Very nice great looking build
  216. jg125

    80 MONSTER

    That's a eye popping build beautiful work
  217. jg125

    #2 for Batson Fred Hall Show Raffle

    Very nice great looking build
  218. jg125

    RainShadow RX9 2 of 2 done

    They look really good great color beautiful work
  219. jg125

    A couple of builds

    Very nice work great cross wrap
  220. jg125

    Super Seeker LM9

    Great looking build
  221. jg125


    Beautiful work
  222. jg125

    Seeker - ULUA creamsicle

    Great clean looking build very nice work
  223. jg125

    RainShadow Eternity RX9 build

    That one cool looking build nice work
  224. jg125

    RCJB 84XXH for the Batson Booth

    Great looking build beautiful work
  225. jg125

    Ralphie (A Christmas Story) weave

    Beautiful work as always
  226. jg125

    A few recent builds

    Nice work keep it up
  227. jg125

    SEEKER BLUE 80 & 80h

    Great work fades and color combo are awesome
  228. jg125

    First attempt Chevron

    Looks good to me practice makes perfect
  229. jg125


    Mudhole as similar decals
  230. jg125

    Seeker 7X

    Black & white very nice combo great work
  231. jg125

    TAC 80 TAC 90

    very nice looking builds great work
  232. jg125

    Green S-Glass Seeker LM9 Rewrap

    Never thought of using a candle but I use a heat gun on low but you got to be careful you don't over heat the blank.
  233. jg125

    Rainshadow RCJB 84 XH

    Very nice clean looking build
  234. jg125

    Last of 3 for Cosmo

    Great looking build cool tiger and color combo
  235. jg125

    Fades galore. Phenix XXH Swimbait Setup

    That is some real nice work great color
  236. jg125

    OH!! Calcutta!

    Great find like to see it when your done
  237. jg125

    Goldenrod WTS 7X

    Great looking build like the cross wrap you brought into the build
  238. jg125

    Unicorn ULUA build - WTS Blue Glass

    Very nice. also nice color combo cross wrap looks great
  239. jg125

    2nd of 3 for Chef Cosmo

    Beautiful looking build great color combo
  240. jg125

    1st of 3 for Chef Cosmo in Ensenada

    Great looking build nice work
  241. jg125

    Varmac VCBG 3-8 build

    Nice looking build very nice work
  242. jg125


    I like the color combo beautiful work
  243. jg125

    Phenix M1 for my pops

    Very nice work looks great
  244. jg125

    US80 Tilefish for JW

    Killer work beautiful
  245. jg125

    Gods and Warriors rods 5-9

    Very nice looking builds beautiful work
  246. jg125

    Ulua 99

    Great looking build like the color very nice work
  247. jg125

    CX76 Invictus for JW

    Beautiful build great color combo
  248. jg125

    CE800Mega build

    nice work
  249. jg125

    CX76 Viper for JW

    Beautiful work as always
  250. jg125

    Patriotic viper

    Very cool looking build beautiful work
  251. jg125

    770XH for Neil

    Can't go wrong with black and silver badass build beautiful work
  252. jg125

    CX76 Raptor for JW

    Great color like the gold brings ever thing out beautiful work
  253. jg125

    CX80 Raptor for JW

    I also like the dragon scale under wrap beautiful work as always
  254. jg125

    Seeker Blue Composite and Honey Composite 80 and 80h

    Great looking builds very nice work
  255. jg125


    Wait to you get into your sixties It only gets worse by the way great looking build
  256. jg125


    Beautiful build great color
  257. jg125

    Seeker TAC80H

    Very nice like to see more of that build
  258. jg125

    3 Trulines

    great work like the one with the blue under wrap
  259. jg125

    Seeker ESM painted and marbled

    Very nice looking build
  260. jg125

    Lani "Top Bitch"

    Beautiful build with outstanding color combo
  261. jg125

    United Composites US76HP for Earl

    Your color combos are sick beautiful work
  262. jg125

    Seeker CBW810 build

    nice work
  263. jg125

    Another Phenix Swimbait rod. 8’, 20-50lb

    Very nice looking build great work
  264. jg125

    Connollon build

    Looks good to me nice work
  265. jg125

    4 Batson Rainshadows: 3 RCJB84XHs and 1 RCLB70ML

    Great looking build very nice work
  266. jg125


    Cool looking build
  267. jg125

    Black and Tan skinny butt "again"

    Great looking build
  268. jg125

    Truline D8

    Beautiful work
  269. jg125

    Seeker CJB85 for Aaron

    Great looking build beautiful work as always
  270. jg125

    Seeker GTS80H

    Great work nicely done
  271. jg125

    UC 800 Mega Red White & Blue

    Great work nicely done
  272. jg125

    CalStar Graphiter 875H Build

    Like the one with the cross wraps very nice
  273. jg125

    UC76 Viper - Aztec color palette.

    That's bad ass beautiful
  274. jg125

    Neptuna 527 Beefstick

    Beautiful also like that tiger and color combo
  275. jg125

    EX 6470 Rewrap & EX 270-7 Virgin

    Looking good
  276. jg125


    Great work also nice tiger
  277. jg125

    Red Sabre 670

    Beautiful build great tiger and color combo
  278. jg125

    UC 80 BayBass

    Great work nice tiger
  279. jg125

    Cal star 700XXH uncut

    Very nice work also like the fades
  280. jg125

    Purple Progression

    Very nice work
  281. jg125

    Possible guide DIY repair?

    I would just replace that guide with something close and be done with it the chances of just replacing the ring with super glue will eventually lead to failure again.
  282. jg125

    2 Custom Seeker WTS 7X

    They look great
  283. jg125

    Thrift store Calstar build

    Very nice work great score
  284. jg125

    customizing some factory rods

    very nice work great job
  285. jg125

    Calstar Unlimited for Jeff Clary

    Great build very nice tiger
  286. jg125

    White Tiger Ulua for Aaron

    beautiful great tiger
  287. jg125


    Beautiful build great colors
  288. jg125

    Invictus for John N

    That's a beauty really like that blk &white
  289. jg125

    Michael Myers (Halloween) weave

    Beautiful work as always
  290. jg125

    Conolon 11ft rewrapped

    Great work like that tiger
  291. jg125

    Tilefish Jr for Romel

    Beautiful work and build
  292. jg125

    76 VIPER

    Beautiful build great color combo
  293. jg125

    Phenix 809xhj Swimbait Setup. Blacked out.

    Nice build looks great
  294. jg125

    UC 90 Mega Sarape

    Nice work like the color combo
  295. jg125

    Another masterpiece...

    Very nice work like that blue
  296. jg125

    1st dragon scale

    Great job nice work
  297. jg125

    United Composites CP 80HP

    That's a master piece beautiful
  298. jg125

    United Composites UC70H Baitcaster

    A two color rod that looks beautiful
  299. jg125

    RCJB 90XH with new titaniu

    Very nice looking build cool marbling great work
  300. jg125

    Seeker CSL 8030 for Peter

    That is bad ass beautiful work
  301. jg125

    Wrapped another for Marcel

    Great work for a good cause
  302. jg125

    JTOB Varaition Tutorial revised

    Great tutorial
  303. jg125

    Regan (The Exorcist) weave

    A true artist beautiful work
  304. jg125

    CE800 Del Mar for Todd

    Great looking tiger beautiful build
  305. jg125

    Batson Rainshadow RCLB70L Pat's rod

    That's one eye catcher beautiful build and work
  306. jg125

    Pj 83

    Great looking rebuild
  307. jg125

    OSP 1 X 3

    Beautiful work
  308. jg125


    Beautiful work great color combo
  309. jg125

    Rasta tiger wrap

    Great work
  310. jg125

    2 for Mile's and Ken's Fall Classic

    Beautiful work very cool builds
  311. jg125

    Live Bait Rod for Joey

    Very nice work nice color combo
  312. jg125

    Extended D7 rework

    very nice job
  313. jg125

    Super Seeker BH89

    Great work nice clean build
  314. jg125

    Blanks dir Daytime swordfishing

    Very nice great work
  315. jg125


    Beautiful work
  316. jg125

    Black Hole 761MH re-wrap

    Great work nice color combo killer butt wrap
  317. jg125


    Very nice work
  318. jg125

    Homemade thread carridge

    Looks great I'm sure it works as good as it looks
  319. jg125


    Beautiful job great finish work
  320. jg125

    Team Hoo' Terminator

    Beautiful work as always
  321. jg125

    UC US76 Predator! All alps! All Business!

    very nice looking build great work what finish are you using
  322. jg125

    Seeker SJ90 for Brian

    Great color combo looks like it was well planed in your head beautiful work
  323. jg125


    Bad ass beautiful
  324. jg125

    Railrod for Capt. Rob

    Very nice looking build nice tiger beautiful work
  325. jg125

    Rasta'd out Calstar 775XXH

    Outstanding beautiful work
  326. jg125

    OSP 2X4

    Very cool looking build beautiful work
  327. jg125

    Reel seat swap??

    I did quite a few of them sometimes not so easy sometimes you can get away with some heat most of the time you have to cut it off with a cutting wheel remember every component from the reel seat has to come off too.
  328. jg125

    Old Harnells... restoration

    I love the old great work
  329. jg125

    RCLB70l 15/30

    Very nice work looks great
  330. jg125

    A batch of Rainshadows

    They look sweet
  331. jg125

    909h I built for myself

    Very nice looking build
  332. jg125

    United Composites 9 0 Del Mar

    Beautiful work
  333. jg125

    Rainshadow Jig Stick

    Great looking build
  334. jg125

    "The Man with the Golden Gun"

    beautiful build that looks classy with the black and gold
  335. jg125

    US80 Tilefish for Karen

    I also like that scales beautiful color combo and work
  336. jg125

    4 New Seekers for Bob K

    Beautiful work killer builds
  337. jg125

    Turk Head. Looking for feedback

    Looks great to me very nice work
  338. jg125

    UC CX80 Raptor by Moon

    Very nice looking stick nicely done nice looking tiger too
  339. jg125

    Chicago Bears dropshot rod

    Looks good very nice build
  340. jg125

    CE800 Monster for Rick

    Them saw blades look mean beautiful work as always
  341. jg125

    Finally the movement on my tiger wrap

    Very nice looks great
  342. jg125

    US80 Tilefish Jr for Fran

    Beautiful work color combo really works
  343. jg125


    Beautiful work great color combo
  344. jg125

    Calstar 610 for Steve

    Beautiful build lots of time and skill into that
  345. jg125

    CX80 Raptor for Barry G

    Killer build like them cross wraps great color combo beautiful work
  346. jg125

    Three more rods for my EXCEL Charter.

    Nice job on the weaves all them builds look great
  347. jg125

    CX80 Raptor for Anthony

    Beautiful work
  348. jg125

    CE1000 Wahoo for Kyle

    Dig them under wrap red saw blades great fades beautiful work
  349. jg125

    Lamiglas GP1022MH

    Love that butt wrap and color combo beautiful
  350. jg125

    Varmac Jigstick "updated photos"

    Very nice clean work
  351. jg125

    Varmac Jigstick

    Great looking build love old school
  352. jg125

    Kangaroo having a beer weave (completed)

    That's talent beautiful work
  353. jg125


    Great looking build nicely done
  354. jg125

    "Bluefin" Viper for Mike

    Great color combo beautiful
  355. jg125

    "Yellowtail" Raptor for Mike

    Beautiful work as always great color combo
  356. jg125

    First build

    Very nice looking build
  357. jg125


    Beautiful work very cool looking build
  358. jg125

    Ol Goat tribute rod. 90j

    I'm sure that's a tough one but great work
  359. jg125

    What decade were these guides used?

    Looks like something from the Vikings days
  360. jg125

    Star Spangled Monster

    Lot of work into that build beautiful work
  361. jg125

    Seeker Blue glass WT-7X

    Very nice clean work looks great
  362. jg125

    Rewrap calstar 270

    Looks great I still use the stainless guides myself on some of my rebuilds I'm beginning to hate rebuilds to much work
  363. jg125

    Guide Spacing Q?

    I like to see that myself pic's would help see what you are experiencing.
  364. jg125

    Kangaroo having a beer weave

    Beautiful work as always
  365. jg125


    Beautiful work
  366. jg125

    ?Rod Restoration Guidance?

    That rod still looks like it is in pretty good shape I would just fish it rod restorations are a PIA did many of them better off starting from new,
  367. jg125

    2 More Finished

    Very nice great job
  368. jg125

    Penn Reel Seat

    Repaired quite a few my self of the Chinese knock off rods at least the ones I did had eva foam arbors and were glued on.
  369. jg125

    mixed bag

    That is a bunch of nice looking builds great work
  370. jg125

    80lb stand up rod

    very nice work did you ever cut that tag line off.
  371. jg125

    Blue Seeker OSP2x4

    Beautiful work as always
  372. jg125

    What is Marbling Mud?

    Seen it on the VooDoo rod site they give a explanation on what it does.
  373. jg125

    Seeker CBW809

    Great color combo and tiger beautifully done
  374. jg125

    Calstar GF-7400M for Richard

    great job looks great
  375. jg125

    Last one of three for Jerrett

    Great color combo beautiful work
  376. jg125

    700mh blue abalone

    Great looking build very nice work
  377. jg125

    Rainshadow revelation for Augustine

    Great looking build
  378. jg125

    A bunch for team Rainshadow

    Very nice looking bulds great work
  379. jg125

    US80 Predator for Thad

    That is one work of art beautiful
  380. jg125

    CE900 Monster for Robert

    Also like that color combo beautiful work
  381. jg125

    2nd one for Jerrett

    Another beauty
  382. jg125

    Orange glass Trulines brought back to life

    looks great when is the barbecue
  383. jg125

    Seeker OSP 2x4 twisted Barney

    Very nice looking build great work
  384. jg125

    CX76 Viper for Brian

    Beautiful work as always
  385. jg125


    beautiful work
  386. jg125

    Classic coat

    I use syringes and the best thing I bought was a epoxy mixer and all my problems went away hope this helps.
  387. jg125

    CX76 Raptor for Brian

    Cool tiger beautiful work as always
  388. jg125

    Phenix Ultra Swimbait 868H...

    Beautiful work nice detail and color
  389. jg125

    United Composites Phantom

    Great looking build
  390. jg125

    Phenix Black Diamond "FRANK THE TANK"

    Great job looks great
  391. jg125

    Maximum Carnage

    Beautiful build as always
  392. jg125

    Calstar 665 refurb. "Steelers"

    Very nice work looks great
  393. jg125

    Seeker OSP3X

    Beautiful that belongs in a museum
  394. jg125

    Removing ferrule with quick bond?

    Funny I tried that same on gimbles and they all broke loose all I use is slow cure.
  395. jg125


    beautiful work
  396. jg125


    Very nice beautiful work
  397. jg125

    Shafting epoxy for reel seats

    Only one way to find out I think it will be ok.
  398. jg125

    Seeker White Tiger 7X for David

    Beautiful work great theme
  399. jg125

    Black Hole Cape Cod Nano

    Great job looks like you got some hours in that build
  400. jg125

    Seeker CJB80H for David

    Your talents impress me from the butt to the tip wow beautiful work
  401. jg125

    First build coming this looking about right?

    Looks good for your first build catch them up
  402. jg125


    Great marbling job beautiful work
  403. jg125


    Perfection Beautiful Work
  404. jg125

    CEX Ulua 93H Build Thread.

    very nice job
  405. jg125

    Anybody remember shakespeare bottle blanks

    Showing my age great blanks for the money strong build a few back in the day. rod I built back in the 80's needed some love caught loads of tuna
  406. jg125

    Source For Gudebrod Thread

    Back in the day I had a chance to buy a lot of gudebrod thread cheap when they went out which they were pretty local had a friend buy all there renzetti rod lathe's like to kick myself in the ass seeing what them spools are going for today
  407. jg125

    Rctb 70xxxxh

    Great looking build very nice work
  408. jg125

    Hula Girl 775XXH for Michael

    You really know how to put them colors together beautiful work
  409. jg125

    Rainshadow RPT100MH Tuna Popper

    Beautiful work as always
  410. jg125

    Mixed quiver

    Love them old school butt wraps beautiful work
  411. jg125

    Epoxying Base Wrap

    I been coating rods for more than 30yrs I use thread masters lite rods look good as I coated them.
  412. jg125

    007 Terminator for Chris

    Great colors beautiful work
  413. jg125

    “Best” finish?

    I also tried them all with good results some of them don't give you enough working time when it starts to get to sticky I just mix another batch I think learning how to work your finish gives you the best results.
  414. jg125

    Super Seeker 6480H for Kenny

    Beautiful work as always
  415. jg125

    550 weave

    Nice work
  416. jg125

    8' varmac

    Very nice looking great work
  417. jg125

    Super Seekers CJBF85 and CLB806H for Peter

    Great looking sticks beautiful work
  418. jg125

    Slightly loose reel seat

    I had a couple of rods that were Chinese knockoffs reel seats spun the rear grip were eva foam easy to remove reel seats spun off pretty easy with a little heat found the reel seat arbors were eva foam and some type of glue cleaned the reel seats reinstalled with rod bond and replaced the rear...
  419. jg125

    Calstar 800ML for Wesley

    That's one beautiful build
  420. jg125

    2 UC's for Jason....

    Beautiful work great color combo as always
  421. jg125

    Rainshadow unknown

    Great work looks pro to me
  422. jg125

    Last one for Adrian

    Great work That is a eye catcher
  423. jg125


    Very nice beautiful work
  424. jg125

    3 Seekers for Lea Anne

    Beautiful work very cool looking builds.
  425. jg125

    CX76 Viper for Gail

    Great color combo beautiful work
  426. jg125

    Varmac VCG 4-8 with metallic tiger

    Great job nice work
  427. jg125

    Juggernaut Invictus

    Amazing beautiful work
  428. jg125


    Beautiful work
  429. jg125

    UCMC Themed Bass Rod

    Great looking build very nice work
  430. jg125

    Skinny ulua

    Great looking cool build
  431. jg125

    Will this qualify Steve?

    Like old school beautiful
  432. jg125

    Eric Clapton weave completed

    Beautiful work as always
  433. jg125


    Beautiful work
  434. jg125

    HAMACHI weave

    That is a killer beautiful job
  435. jg125

    8kg spin stick build

    nice work
  436. jg125

    Black Hole 450G Custom

    Nice looking build great work
  437. jg125

    DIY building fishing rod Calstar Grafighter 700ML

    Very nice looking build
  438. jg125

    First Tiger

    Very nice great work
  439. jg125


    Man that looks awsome
  440. jg125

    Triple for Adrian

    beautiful work
  441. jg125

    Phenix Swimbait Rod, 7-8 mh with carbon fiber galore

    Looking good sharp looking build
  442. jg125


    Great work nice color combo
  443. jg125


    Beautiful work killer looking builds
  444. jg125

    Seeker SSR 3X4 with Winthorp Butt

    Great looking build also like the the marbling
  445. jg125

    Seeker 2×4

    That is a cool looking build great job.
  446. jg125

    Set of Rainshadow RCLB70MLs

    Great colors beautiful builds
  447. jg125


    Looking good catch them up
  448. jg125

    10' Rainshadow Tuna Popper

    nice work keep posting
  449. jg125

    ID Fishing Rod Maker

    Looks like Stuart roller guides they work
  450. jg125

    ID Fishing Rod Maker

    looks like a tuna killer to me
  451. jg125

    Kyle Kinsinger CX76 Viper memorial rod

    Beautiful build great color combo
  452. jg125

    White blank phenix

    Very nice looking build
  453. jg125

    UC CX76Viper

    Very nice clean build
  454. jg125

    Vertical Jigger-Spin

    Great looking builds
  455. jg125

    Invictus for Keith

    Great looking build great color combo
  456. jg125

    Eric Clapton weave

    beautiful that's some talent
  457. jg125

    A couple for Sergio

    Beautiful work
  458. jg125

    Latest build - this is what happens when a 1y/o picks the colors...

    If your son is picking colors at 1yr old he will become one of the elite rod builders. Very nice job.
  459. jg125

    A few pics of a couple of rods built for my fav lure builder!!

    Very nice cross wraps they look great
  460. jg125

    Old blank restored for rock fishing.

    That's some nice work great job
  461. jg125

    Finish on base wraps

    I also find myself coating under warps with a light coat for me its just a lot easier less bubbles can pack threads tighter but more time consuming.
  462. jg125

    Wrapping at the tip........

    It is a tough task but like everything else you learn how to apply enough pressure with out loosing pressure on the thread takes time been there.
  463. jg125

    Line touching top of guide

    looks pretty good to me did you try to bottom it out and see what it's look like
  464. jg125

    Guide Spacing Question - Seeker Hercules Inshore 7H 30-60LB

    I use to do that back in the day and always I should have added a guide or too many guides for that build when you bend that blank you know what you need for a well balanced rod it takes time well time spent.
  465. jg125

    Chipped popping rod

    Whats up with the questions just fish it whats the worst that can happen if it breaks hang it up call it a day
  466. jg125

    United Composites US800Mag

    That's one eye popper great looking build
  467. jg125

    Guide Spacing Question - Seeker Hercules Inshore 7H 30-60LB

    My opinion is you should learn how to static load your blank and make all necessary guide ajustments under load.
  468. jg125

    Finished Marine Corp emblem wrap rod

    Beautiful build
  469. jg125

    Another all Batson build

    That's one beautiful build
  470. jg125

    Versa-Blend Fish

    very cool looking build great work
  471. jg125

    Set of 4 Seekers

    Great work
  472. jg125

    Old School Calstar 196-8'

    Beautiful build great color combo and very nice brick work.
  473. jg125

    Super Sayajin Rod

    very nice looking build
  474. jg125

    My kids new stick

    vert nice work looks great
  475. jg125


    Beautiful work great color combo
  476. jg125

    Love restoring!!!

    Looks great
  477. jg125

    Re-finished Ulua Greenie

    Looks great
  478. jg125

    East Coast Trolling

    Go on the UC website you won't be disappointed
  479. jg125

    Help needed: rod build for Broncos fan. Stuck.

    There is a lot of whats there who's blank is it butt diameter size maybe I can help you I see your local.
  480. jg125

    UC CX76 Viper First Rail Rod

    Most spiral builds are like that transition guides are closer together so the line don't touch the blank.
  481. jg125

    UC CX76 Viper First Rail Rod

    Very nice work nice looking build
  482. jg125

    Rainshadow RCJB86H

  483. jg125

    Grim Reaper weave completed

    The best of the best beautiful
  484. jg125

    Est guide replacement costs?

    Sometimes it's not worth it buy the time you do the repair and don't have another build going at the same time what are you making to do it by itself a favor that cost you money and time
  485. jg125

    Lightening Strikes 3 times

    Great work
  486. jg125

    Seeker SS-CJBF80H

    That rear grip bangs beautiful work as always
  487. jg125


    That's funny how things that don't turn out too your liking and turn out beautiful great work and color scheme
  488. jg125

    Seeker CLB806

    Beautiful work cool fish decal great color combo
  489. jg125

    Seeker ESM 7650

    Beautiful great colors
  490. jg125


    That looks great beautiful work
  491. jg125

    More fishies

    Well done beautiful work
  492. jg125

    Epoxy Cracking At Foot

    I also had that problem I tightened on my guide wraps and seemed to help I double wrap my heavy rods but apply finish to under wrap first like stated above seemed to take care of the problem.
  493. jg125

    Fire plait

    Very nice work that looks very time consuming
  494. jg125

    "Ursula" Invictus

    That's a piece of art beautiful work
  495. jg125

    Batson Fred Hall Rod

    Very nice work
  496. jg125

    another one for the '19 Batson booth

    great build nice work
  497. jg125

    HXW Raptor Trolling Blank.

    If you want to keep the rod lite use a slick butt. Aluminum butt will ad some extra weight to your build.
  498. jg125

    Last for the rack

    Very nice looking builds great work
  499. jg125

    Marine Corp Weave

    That is some really nice work also want to see it when done
  500. jg125


    Old or not that one beautiful build
  501. jg125

    Another raffle rod for Batson

    That's a great looking build
  502. jg125

    Some rods in the works

    I am with all the above with the fades awesome work
  503. jg125

    Super Seeker SS-CJBF80H

    That's one beautiful build colors are great
  504. jg125

    Varmac VCBG 6-7’ 40-80 lbs.

    Very nice build great color combo
  505. jg125

    Swimbait rod in the process

    Looking good
  506. jg125

    Unbaweavable 540

    looks good great work cool weaves
  507. jg125

    Sometimes you just want to do something simple

    Great work cool build
  508. jg125

    New bass rod

    Very nice clean looking build nice work
  509. jg125

    Grim Reaper weave

    The master of the weaves the best.
  510. jg125

    Rainshadow 10’ tuna popper

    Very nice clean build great work.
  511. jg125

    Viper and Centaur for Don

    I also a fan of the blue & black beautiful as always .
  512. jg125

    Roller guides-roller removal

    I was able to get a small vice grip on the screw to hold back while I tried to unscrew the screw or pin might break but if that is the case you need to replace them if you buy a whole assembly your set you can buy screws pins bushings separate I always keep them around.
  513. jg125

    Roller guides-roller removal

    What brand rollers do you have sounds like the bushing is seized remove the roller use a awl to see if you can push it out try soaking it with kroll oil or something equivalent if not you can buy a roller assembly but most of the time you can clean the roller and bushing and lube it you can...
  514. jg125

    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    Seen some nice work on this thread thanks for posting
  515. jg125

    OOPS! I spilled my Crayons.

    That one is a eye catcher looks great very nice work and imagination
  516. jg125

    Batson Raffle Rods for 2019 LB FHS

    Them builds are on fire beautiful work as always
  517. jg125

    Flex Coat High Build not Curing

    nice looking work
  518. jg125

    Flex Coat High Build not Curing

    It's not about the rod It's the finish put the finish in the truck and the result will be amazing.
  519. jg125

    Flex Coat High Build not Curing

    Had that happen to me with flex coat solved it by using syringes and the best thing I did was buy a epoxy mixer no more problems.
  520. jg125

    Rainshadow ‘s for Fred Hall Long Beach

    Very nicely done real classics
  521. jg125

    Rail Rod for the Batson Booth

    Great looking build nice color combo beautiful work.
  522. jg125

    Resin got really thick

    I usually crank the heat up to 70 the night before I start applying finish Ill try the microwave to see if it thins out thanks for the reply .
  523. jg125

    Resin got really thick

    my garage is climate controlled never below 60 in the coldest months
  524. jg125

    Resin got really thick

    What worried me I seen it crystallize but not get that thick
  525. jg125

    Resin got really thick

    Been a while since my last build almost a year due to some getting old problems back hip hands just could not get focused just starting back I pulled out my diamond 11 resin and was really thick L mean when you turned the bottle upside down it did not move but was still soft should I try to heat...
  526. jg125

    Best Way to Write on Rod

    I use a extra fine paint marker found at art stores they dry pretty fast.
  527. jg125

    Tilefish for Mike...

    Great looking build nice colors beautiful work
  528. jg125

    Permission To Enter The Dojo

    Very nice work like the cross wraps
  529. jg125

    Phenix PHD760H

    Beautiful as always
  530. jg125


    Great looking build and color combo beautiful work
  531. jg125

    Seeker ESM 7660 for Brian

    All I could say is wow lot of work in that build beautiful
  532. jg125

    Seeker ESM 80M for David

    Great looking build beautifully done
  533. jg125

    CALSTAR 660H for the rack

    Great looking build and butt wrap nice color combo
  534. jg125


    Beautiful work great color combo
  535. jg125

    RCLB80M Sea Chicken themed

    Great looking build
  536. jg125

    Salmon Silk Series

    Great job looks good
  537. jg125

    Calstar 700MH for Adrian

    You give us novice builders so many ideas with your beautiful work
  538. jg125

    "Big or Small...Save em' All"

    Beautiful work for a great cause
  539. jg125

    Gods and Warriors

    very nice work they look great
  540. jg125

    Dreaming of a rasta Christmas...

    That's one cool looking build very nice clean work
  541. jg125

    Viper for Tony

    Also like that color combo beautiful work
  542. jg125

    United Composites US80XF "Silver Surfer"

    Beautiful work as always
  543. jg125

    A couple of retro-wraps

    I love retro wraps great work
  544. jg125

    Purple must be the new black - Another purple Rainshadow

    Great job nice classy build
  545. jg125

    Back to Washi tape

    Never thought of using tape came out great beautiful job
  546. jg125

    A couple of recent builds

    Great looking builds some very nice thread work on them butt wraps.
  547. jg125

    my first rod built, Steelman by Steelfish

    very nice build looks great
  548. jg125

    United Composites CE900 Monster for Kyle

    beautifully done
  549. jg125

    integrating a fabric in rod wrap

    That is a cool looking build great job
  550. jg125

    Elvira Weave Completed

    Now that is talent beautiful work
  551. jg125

    Elvira Weave Completed

    Now that is talent beautiful work
  552. jg125

    CX76 Viper for Thad

    Your really pumping them out beautiful work as always.
  553. jg125

    2nd one of 2 for Pietro

    Great job like the trim work almost looks copper goes great with the black and blue.
  554. jg125

    One eyed one horned flying purple... Calstar 800XLH

    Very nice clean build really stands out
  555. jg125

    Need help figuring out colors.

    This is my opinion a good rod builder can see that color combination in his or her head before that rod is being built than make ajustments while building for best results.
  556. jg125


    That's one cool looking build great work you wouldn't miss that one in the rack
  557. jg125

    CP70H-F for William

    That's one killer build beautiful work.
  558. jg125

    CE900 Monster for Mike

    Great color combo like them under wraps beautiful work
  559. jg125

    A Flashy Murder

    I bet that will bind you in the sun very nice work
  560. jg125

    New btg690j

    Very nice work looks great
  561. jg125

    Nativity Scene weave

    Beautiful work
  562. jg125


    very nice work great looking build.
  563. jg125

    Elvira weave

    Great talent there don't get no better.
  564. jg125


    Beautiful work great color combo can't miss that one.
  565. jg125

    Calstar GF775XH for Doug

    beautiful work
  566. jg125

    "Can you make it plain brown???"

    very nice work nice clean build
  567. jg125

    Rainshadow ISWB Trio

    They look cool nothing wrong with them great work
  568. jg125

    United Composite Elite RCE 700MC

    Great looking build nicely done
  569. jg125

    CX76 Viper "Hulkbuster"

    Some of the best builds I seen from you can't say enough.
  570. jg125

    All red Varmac

    great job nice work
  571. jg125

    Thanksgiving Day Invictus

    Great color combo beautiful build
  572. jg125

    United Composites CE900 Del Mar Ironman

    That's one cool looking build beautifully done
  573. jg125

    Tackle Shop Trollers

    Beautiful work love that green one.
  574. jg125


    Nice stuff looks great
  575. jg125

    Foghorn Leghorn pattern and left list

    He was one of my favorites growing up beautiful work
  576. jg125

    Different pt.II- purple giraffe - RCJB84H

    Great looking build very nice clean work
  577. jg125

    Rainshadow RCLB70L for Rosie

    Beautiful work great color combo.
  578. jg125


    That's one pretty build beautiful work
  579. jg125

    CX76 Centaur Punisher....

    Beautiful work as always
  580. jg125

    Another 76 Invictus for Pete

    Very nice clean work.
  581. jg125

    UC US 85XF for Chris

    Great looking build great color combo
  582. jg125

    my 6th rod I believe ulua

    Very nice work looks great
  583. jg125

    Next project here's first guide

    Nice work looks great
  584. jg125

    Seeker OSP 2x4 "Venom"

    Love the old school with new school with diamonds beautiful work
  585. jg125

    Back to building

    Sharp looking build beautiful work
  586. jg125

    Calstar 770XXH and XXXXH

    Beautiful work as always
  587. jg125

    Compilation of more Tiger work

    Really like the tiger with the tuna under wrap that is really nice
  588. jg125

    Grafighter 50-80lb

    Beautiful work
  589. jg125

    D2 finish solidified in the bottle

    I had the same problem with D2 put it on the dash board in the sun of my truck for a hour and it was back to working viscosity
  590. jg125

    An old guy's black and gold

    Killer build very nice thread work
  591. jg125


    Beautiful work great looking build
  592. jg125

    Broken Blank Replacement

    I feel your pain seems like they all do that if you don't buy of them on a regular basis.
  593. jg125

    Calstar 800L for Kyle

    Beautiful work great color combo the gold makes it pop
  594. jg125

    Pretty cool printed wraps uv for drums

    Would look great but how would it work on a small circumference with out breaking apart
  595. jg125

    SS OSP 2X4

    Great looking build nice color combo
  596. jg125

    Last Rod for a while.

    beautiful build hope you catch them up
  597. jg125

    Aluminum Reel Seats?

    That is not the reel seat that is the reel foot broken seen that before on tld 50's
  598. jg125

    Phenix PHD700X2H for Daniel

    That's one classy beautiful build.
  599. jg125

    310 rodworks hits homer for me

    Very nice looks great
  600. jg125

    More tips on Throop Tigers

    Great video never get tried of watching them
  601. jg125

    Expanding the family

    Very nice clean work also like that cross wrap
  602. jg125

    Rainshadow RCJB84H. Different

    Very nice great work
  603. jg125

    Olive Branch Fade Wrap

    Beautiful work as always
  604. jg125

    Feathers .

    Beautiful work they look great.
  605. jg125

    Jim Trelikes weave completed

    Beautiful work
  606. jg125

    Calstar BTG90J Mag for Joel

    beautiful stick
  607. jg125

    Rainshadow jigging rod.

    Nice work looks great
  608. jg125


    Beautiful build never get tired of seeing your work
  609. jg125

    SuperSeeker OSP 1x3 Blue

    Very nice work looks great
  610. jg125

    Seeker 6465XH for Steve

    Beautiful as always love that cross wrap.
  611. jg125

    Phenix hybrid for a friend

    very nice build looks great
  612. jg125


    Beautiful build
  613. jg125

    Rainshadow RCJB 84H For Dr. Brian.

    beautiful master piece.
  614. jg125

    My third rod built

    Very nice work great job
  615. jg125


    Beautiful work great color combo.
  616. jg125

    GF700XH for Joel

    The best of the best.
  617. jg125

    Calstar GF875XXH

    Beautiful work as always great color combo classy looking.
  618. jg125

    Stills of Mike Pritchard Rainshadow 80M

    I tell you that looks so good a none rod builder would think it was a decal beautiful work as always.
  619. jg125

    Jim Trelikes weave.

    Can't wait to see it finished.
  620. jg125

    The Verdict is in -------------------Eagle gets Pardon.

    Looks good to me never seen a bad one of yours.
  621. jg125

    Rainshadow RCTB 66H

    Some times things don't work out to your likings been there but anyway nice work looks good to me.
  622. jg125

    This Weave is in YOUR hands. Yes it stays and No brings the Knife.

    Keep it you can see all the work involved looks great.
  623. jg125

    United Composites US85 Phantom

    beautiful build and color combo.
  624. jg125


    Very nice work looks great.
  625. jg125

    Seeker WTS 6465XXXH build

    Great work nice color combo.
  626. jg125

    Last night a little dancer came dancin' to my door

    Very nice work looks really clean.
  627. jg125

    Think Mikey will like it? Rainshadow 80M

    Beautiful work never get tired of seeing your posts.
  628. jg125

    Rainshadow surf striper rod

    Look like a classic great work nice butt wrap
  629. jg125

    A couple of UC for Thanh

    Nice work nice marbling looks great
  630. jg125

    Seeker - CJB70

    Great work keep them coming
  631. jg125

    Any one know these guides

    I do think you might be better off going with a hard stainless guide for that type of trolling with monel if you are dragging large mojo's umbrella shad rigs. them fuji guides will hold up fine for trolling stretch 30's 25's but but would not be comfortable with them heavy rigs and wire line.
  632. jg125

    Hercules 80H - Vikings

    Very nice clean build
  633. jg125

    US100 Monster Deadpool "X-Force"

    Beautiful work as always.
  634. jg125


    Looks great nice job
  635. jg125

    CX76 Centaur Joker

    Jim that's one beautiful build with a lot of thought into it color scheme is the best
  636. jg125


    Beautiful work that's an eye catcher
  637. jg125

    Seeker OSP 1x3

    Very nice work great job
  638. jg125

    Mono wrapped tigers

    Man that looks great beautiful job
  639. jg125


    Beautiful great color combo that's one cool looking build
  640. jg125

    Batson 80L with 49ers colors

    Beautiful work looks great
  641. jg125

    ...with flying colors

    Beautiful work nice color combo
  642. jg125

    2nd superseeker ctsf63xxh

    Looks good to me nice work
  643. jg125

    Latest Weave - The Tribute - 150 x 271 - 6 layer

    That looks like it took some time beautiful
  644. jg125

    United Composites UC 70LXF

    Beautiful as always
  645. jg125

    CX76 Centaur for Peter Lupo

    Beautiful great color combo
  646. jg125

    My 2nd rod im building

    Very nice looks great.
  647. jg125

    Roller guides for sale

    What class are they I will be interested
  648. jg125

    Seeker 2x4 OSP

    Beautiful work
  649. jg125

    UC 80 RAPTOR

    Beautiful work nice color combo.
  650. jg125

    "Tug is the Drug"

    Beautiful love the tuna fish theme.
  651. jg125

    Calstar 6490

    nice work looks good.
  652. jg125

    Patriotic Centaur "Tuna Tugger"

    Seen a lot of red white blue builds this is badass beautiful work.
  653. jg125

    white hot g-urushi

    Looks great to me nice work.
  654. jg125

    "Killer" US80 Wahoo...

    Beautiful work the best.
  655. jg125

    Seeker Hercules GTS80H

    very nice clean build.
  656. jg125

    Calstar 6870T

    That's one classy build
  657. jg125

    US80 Tilefish for the Bubba Jean 28

    That's a beautiful piece love seeing your work
  658. jg125

    Raiders US80 Wahoo

    Love that butt and foregrip wrap that is sharp looking beautiful work.
  659. jg125

    "The Tree"

    Beautiful work as always your color combos are off the hook.
  660. jg125

    United Composites Tilefish Jr

    Keep doing work looks great keep posting.
  661. jg125

    Need a 2-3 inch piece of rod blank

    Don't wont to break your bubble by doing that your just making another week spot in that blank it's just the law of physics. been there.
  662. jg125


    Beautiful job
  663. jg125

    Purple people eater for gary

    very nice clean work beautiful
  664. jg125

    United composites 80mag, 80XF

    very nice look great
  665. jg125


    That's beautiful great color combo.
  666. jg125

    United Composites US 80HP "Silver Surfer"

    That's some beautiful work nice color scheme too.
  667. jg125

    Shikari 1088 9ft

    Great work nice color combination as well
  668. jg125

    United Composites CX80 Raptor "Daredevil"

    That's one beautiful build great color combination
  669. jg125

    Multi spool thread tensioner options

    Thanks doc you don't have to be a engineer just common sense.
  670. jg125

    UC CE80XF for Jack

    Very nice clean work looks great
  671. jg125

    Rasta 800ML for Joe L

    Like I said that rod is sick beautiful work as always.
  672. jg125

    Old Harnell Rod

    Might be a varmac reel seat seen a lot of harnells with that kind of reel seat. hope this helps.
  673. jg125

    Tiger Experiment stick 3 all 6 tests.

    Beautiful work keep them coming
  674. jg125


    Beautiful work great color combo
  675. jg125

    Rasta 800ML for Joe

    beautiful that's one cool looking stick
  676. jg125

    Tiger Experiment #5 of Stick Two

    Great detail they really show great work.
  677. jg125

    Tiger Experiment Test #4 of Stick two

    They really show nice color combo
  678. jg125

    Tiger Experiment #6 of Stick two and Video

    Thanks for sharing.
  679. jg125

    Video attempt to explain Mono Variation of Throops Tigers

    Dude who would think of that the best.
  680. jg125

    Tiger Experiment #2 of Stick Two.

    Don't get no better then that nice color combo
  681. jg125

    Tiger Experiments Stick Two.

    Them tigers really came out beautiful
  682. jg125


    Looks great very nice work
  683. jg125

    Video on Stick One of Tiger Experiments

    Doc keep them videos coming learned so much of your knowledge over the years you are one of the best artists in this trade left. keep them coming.
  684. jg125

    Glo-White CE1000 Del Mar for David

    Wow that's beautiful
  685. jg125


    Beautiful work
  686. jg125

    Rainshadow RCJB84H 30-60# For E.P.

    very nice work nice color combo
  687. jg125

    Identifying what type/style guide?

    Give mudhole a call take a better pic of one of the good guides and email the pic how do you know its a fuji guide should be stamped on the guide if not get something close I don't think anyone would no the difference.
  688. jg125

    Identifying what type/style guide?

    I think mudhole still sells them with the grey insert.
  689. jg125

    Tuna rod for the "Screaming Mimi"

    I seen builds in the past built that way doe's it really matter still doing the same thing.
  690. jg125

    Tuna rod for the "Screaming Mimi"

    I think every builder has his own theory and preference on how they design there build great work Casey
  691. jg125


    You can sand it be careful not to sand into the blank.
  692. jg125

    Seeker Hercules GS90 for David

    Beautiful great color combo
  693. jg125

    United Composites CX76 Centaur for Bill

    that's one pretty rod beautiful work.
  694. jg125


    Beautiful work nice tiger
  695. jg125

    US80 Tilefish for Nick

    beautiful love that chevron and color combo
  696. jg125


    Great work you can see you put some time into that build nice color combo.
  697. jg125

    Calstar BTG270-8H for Dan

    That's beautiful great color scheme that tiger is off the hook.
  698. jg125

    Just in time for the season

    Great work nicely done.
  699. jg125

    Dorado'd out CX76 Raptor

    That's a eye catcher beautiful work.
  700. jg125

    "Medulla Oblongata"

    That one is different subtle look the best.
  701. jg125

    United Composites CX76 Invictus

    That's one classy looking build.
  702. jg125

    Seeker 7X for Bob

    That's one beautiful master piece great color combo.
  703. jg125

    Calstar WT 610 for Alex

    very nice clean looking build
  704. jg125

    80 RAPTOR

    That's one pretty rod beautiful work.
  705. jg125

    700H #’s

    I static test my builds easy to do takes some time in the end you got perfect line clearance.
  706. jg125

    United Composites CX70 Raptor and Viper

    That's a classy set don't get better than that.
  707. jg125

    Finally finished my RDR96MH Downrigger rod

    Great Job nicely done.
  708. jg125

    Blue Seeker 7X for Caleb

    Beautiful work really like that color combo
  709. jg125

    White Throop Tiger

    That is cool looking great work
  710. jg125

    Favorite Finish

    Had the same issues till I got rid of the tac rag and used the back side of tape to get dust off and wipe down with denatured alcohol.
  711. jg125

    HOW DO YOU TELL FLEX COAT is adequate?

    If I didn't live a couple thousand miles away I be in one of them classes to learn off them first class builders why be a pioneer when you have that access.
  712. jg125

    Favorite Finish

    Years ago I used flex coat worked great but did a couple of white blanks with light colored thread and after a couple months it really yellowed then I went to aftcote with great results but scratched very easily now I am using bullards and threadmasters lite
  713. jg125


    Like that cross wrap and color combo amazing work
  714. jg125

    Favorite Finish

    I used them all had problems with some until I bought a epoxy mixer best thing I did them problems went away I use several one for winter one for summer when it gets hot and humid some take along time to dry even with the air on.
  715. jg125

    New Blue Seeker OSP 2x4

    Beautiful ran out of words
  716. jg125

    CX76 Centaur for Jeff

    That's one badass cross wrap beautiful work great color combo too.
  717. jg125


    Beautiful work
  718. jg125


    Beautiful work the best
  719. jg125

    United Composits US 70 Wahoo

    Great looking build nice color combo
  720. jg125

    MOON wrapped Seeker CJBF80-H grey-blue blank.

    Great job looks great.
  721. jg125

    Rainshadow RCJB 84 XXH

    beautiful work brother
  722. jg125

    United Composites US80MH "Deathstroke"

    Amazing work great color combo
  723. jg125

    Monochrome RCJB84H

    Beautiful work
  724. jg125

    Electric Blue Rainshadow RCJB84XH

    very nice work great color combo
  725. jg125

    GF 765 XXH

    your work is great you are the one of the old school builders that I still enjoy your real life work ethics.
  726. jg125


    nice work like the green always a nice combo
  727. jg125

    Seeker ESM 7660 for David

    That's a classic
  728. jg125

    Thread Color Combination Chart

    I think color combo's come from what comes out of you at the time you start your build and if your not feeling it it's not going to be good.
  729. jg125

    UC 76 Viper Rail Rod

    very nice great work
  730. jg125

    No frills downrigger

    Very nice build
  731. jg125

    4 Custom UC's Memorizing Kyle of the Vagabond

    beautiful as always very nice color scheme
  732. jg125

    Varmac GC 3-7 with pittsburgh steelers colors

    very nice work like the ketchup bottle
  733. jg125

    A limit of DoDo's for Darren

    nice work
  734. jg125

    A 76 Viper for Gary

  735. jg125

    Prokote mix ratio questions

    I would use a syringe you can't go wrong till you get it wright
  736. jg125

    A pair of UC's for Dirk

    Looks great thanks for sharing
  737. jg125

    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    very nice work guys
  738. jg125

    Seanachai - for Alan

    Very nice work
  739. jg125

    Jimi Hendrix #2 weave completed

    Thread artist at work nice!
  740. jg125

    76 Centaur for Anthony

    Beautiful work
  741. jg125

    A set of rod geeks

    Very nice work they look great
  742. jg125

    Ladies choice

    Nice work like the butt wrap
  743. jg125

    Seaweed Soup......revisited

    Great color combo beautiful. To me I think that's the hardest job of rod building is putting color schemes together
  744. jg125

    Rainshadow RCLB80M flaming centipede

    That's one really though out color combo build beautiful work
  745. jg125

    CE1000 Del Mar makeover.....

    Very cool looking build like it
  746. jg125

    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    Very nice work guys thanks for sharing your skills
  747. jg125

    Calstar 800H for Michael

    beautiful work as always
  748. jg125

    Basket weave

    nice work
  749. jg125

    Calstar BTG670 fade

    very nice work looks great
  750. jg125

    A Trueline refresh for Sealskinner

    Great job like the color sceme
  751. jg125

    SS Ring guides

    I use the Pac Bay seem to hold up fine.
  752. jg125

    Blue Seeker CSJ90

    very nice great work
  753. jg125

    3 for Doug

    Beautiful work
  754. jg125

    UC US79XF

    well done great looking rod