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  1. Tunahead

    6/30 Bluefin Biters

  2. Tunahead

    06/20 – Offshore – BFT Skunk – YT Saves the Day

    NICE YELLOWS....from what I've seen, heard you did better than most this weekend. Good job. LOL
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    BFT at the San Salvador Knoll 6/20

  4. Tunahead

    Excel 2.5 Day Teport

    GREAT REPORT and good intel LOL
  5. Tunahead

    New Lo Ann 6/15/20 be prepared for a sinker bite

    NICE FISH....SO the 2 ply TP made the difference ehhh??? LOL LOL LOL
  6. Tunahead

    Jig recommendations

    My favs....Blue and White, Blue and Chrome, Mint Green/Silver, Scrambled Egg=Yellow/White/Silver streaks. GL on the Vag.
  7. Tunahead

    Beers and Tails Catalina Style

    Nice grade of yellows out there. NOW about the Yankee hat?????? GO ANGELS GO DODGERS...also been watching 100's of winning games daily LOL
  8. Tunahead

    6/12/20 BFT from the 805 double post!

  9. Tunahead

    Hidden Bank BFT

  10. Tunahead

    YFT 12 mi inside the 181 - June 15

  11. Tunahead

    6/11 Bluefin Report + Lessons Learned

    NICE FISH RYAN and Great Intel for all to SEE....LOL
  12. Tunahead

    Bloodydecks Condor 6-11

    GOOD JOB Dan and GF...nice fish. Hope to be on the big bird soon. LOL
  13. Tunahead

    6/12 BFT

  14. Tunahead

    Bluefin on a Cedar plug

    NICE ONE...definitely yeoman's work on the elder 6/0 reel. Good job. Amen on the 2 speed, my trolling rig now a TLD20....2 speed LOL *after fighting a Big Eye on Prowler on a boat rig Penn Senator 4/0 WHEW!
  15. Tunahead

    6/10/2020 BF

    Not for lack of trying. Next time. Damn Bluefin. LOL LOL
  16. Tunahead

    YFT and YT 6/10

    NICE load of fish. GOOD to see more Yellowfin filling in now too. I got Wasabi...LET'S EAT! LOL
  17. Tunahead

    Bad idea fighting these bigger bluefin on lighter line

    NICE FISH...solid effort. Yeah I'm too old for that LT shit, 8 shoulder surgeries later. LOL. They bite 50 up or the hell with it...LOL
  18. Tunahead

    How and where the [email protected]&$ can i catch halibut in Newport??

    Fished the Bay since the 60's. Best bet=UNDER THE PCH BRIDGE..many caught there
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    Bluefinn 6/4 Got our 1st Cow for 2020

    NICE 1ST ONE LOL....and a load of Yellows too....Awesome
  20. Tunahead

    6/6/20 2 more BFT

    NICE FISH...solid work LOL Glad you scored.
  21. Tunahead

    Friday May 29 Offshore - That's more like it.

    NICE LOAD OF FISH GUYS! GOOD JOB. Beast yellow! Can't wait to get out. LOL
  22. Tunahead

    Sheltering in Place Baja Style

    Now here it is June and not much change as to Baja Openings. Great report.
  23. Tunahead

    5/31/2020 Super Cow

    AWESOME FISH and GREAT READING report. Solid work guys! Carry more rope! LOL
  24. Tunahead

    5/31 BFT Report

    NICE FISH and GOOD JOB. Time spent fishing with Dad=Priceless! Hoping to get out there in the next week or two finally. LOL
  25. Tunahead

    0 for 2 BFT report 5/31

    DAMN time maybe....solid effort. LOL
  26. Tunahead

    5/26 bluefin

  27. Tunahead

    Pacific Queen 5/29

    IC short/text for I SEE....As in I saw in several reports about the County, City of San Diego and Port Authority all in some Tuesday meeting about opening up landings. Thanks
  28. Tunahead

    Pacific Queen 5/29

    IC today, Sat. 5/30 the Port Authority is meeting Tuesday for some final landings opening approval. HOWEVER, IC The 1.5-2 days at Fisherman's Landing moved up to Monday the 1st. Guess it's NEWS AT 11 til' some boats actually GET OUT THERE. I'll wait til' they do. LOL
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    5/28 BFT Biters

  30. Tunahead

    Blood on the deck 5/29/20

  31. Tunahead

    5/29 BFT Bite

  32. Tunahead

    5/29 BFT near the Upper Hidden

    NICE ONE....1 good one, be better than none! LOL Solid work.
  33. Tunahead

    5/29 Elusive Blufin

    SOLID covered a lot of water and meter marks. Next time! LOL
  34. Tunahead

    Pacific Queen 5/29

    See you soon hopefully Tyler...LONG TIME Condor winder....LOL
  35. Tunahead

    Baja Sportfishing Still awaits green light

    GREAT Report and pics...Man that's a big azz Rooster in the surf Wes=Solid Work Sounds like Baja boats at the dock like mostly are here in Socal. Hopefully out soon. Reading Jonathan's report in WON, sounds like people in LaPaz and Cabo playing games with the police still having big gatherings...
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    Hidden bank area - We sucked. 5.22.2020

    oooooooooooooo ALI BASHING.....LOL LOL LOL
  37. Tunahead

    Memorial Day Yellowfin

    ONE mo-betta than none...Solid Effort....More to come! LOL
  38. Tunahead

    Albacore please show up

  39. Tunahead

    Hidden bank area - We sucked. 5.22.2020

    You didn't suck....That's just Bluefin fishing...LOL Next time maybe GL.
  40. Tunahead

    BLUEFINN 5/21/20 Blue water

  41. Tunahead

    Coronado 5/24

    Nice Fork....glad you got out....Nothing but wind wind wind lately...geez. LOL
  42. Tunahead

    Sunday 5/24 Report

    SOLID EFFORT GUYS....NICE eating grade i think. LOL
  43. Tunahead

    Bluefin 5/24

  44. Tunahead

    BFT ON 5/23/20 (PB)

  45. Tunahead

    05.20 BFT

    SOLID EFFORT and good intel. Like I say..."You'll never know, unless you GO" LOL
  46. Tunahead

    Bluefin on Reel Hard

  47. Tunahead

    Baja Sportfishing on hold

    GREAT REPORT and Pics...Damn,,,now even the Yellowfin at the Hidden already too, and overnight to 2 day boats at the dock still. Hope to see some a GO soon. I'm ready to ROCK I think. LOL
  48. Tunahead

    Baja 5-phase plan announced

    I guess like Socal, with Baja the key word for opening is SLOWLY. Opening up everything for business=no bueno until the Virus rate starts going down. GOOD the people of Baja/Socal in some cases can garner some income. BAD if opening up too soon causes the Infection Rate to go off the map again...
  49. Tunahead

    Baja Reopen Date Tentatively Set

    GREAT report and pics as usual. Hope things open soon virus free for Baja people
  50. Tunahead

    San Diego Harbors are open starting tomorrow

    Pretty commonly shared opinion right now...Chill....Stay safe...we have fishing to do soon..... HA HA HA HA HA
  51. Tunahead

    San Diego Harbors are open starting tomorrow

  52. Tunahead

    San Diego Harbors are open starting tomorrow

  53. Tunahead

    Limits BFT 4/29 US Waters

  54. Tunahead

    COVID-19 Baja Closure stretched to May 30th

    GREAT REPORT and nice fish for those who got to fish. That house fire sucks during a time like this. Hope everyone is safe and staying inside still?
  55. Tunahead

    ALBACORE???? Just thinking about it again get's me foaming!

    GREAT PIC....Hell most all my Albacore Pics...are Color Prints before Digital Cameras. Guess I'm old in the "back in day" BS mode now? LOL LOL LOL
  56. Tunahead

    ALBACORE???? Just thinking about it again get's me foaming!

    GOING THE DISTANCE=one time my boss and I jumped on Pacific Star with Mike Bullard on an overnight. Mike told us the Albacore were at the Dumper some 8-9hrs out, so we need to find em and put the wood to em. At 10am WE DID. A school of Albacore1/2 mile wide. LUNACY. We caught so many we ran out...
  57. Tunahead

    ALBACORE???? Just thinking about it again get's me foaming!

    Albacore are easy to catch? NOT always....remember the pin head Anchovie years? Shit I do. Hate that baby hook/chovie game. On BG90 with 40 at the Butterfly with whole fleet for 2 days. None caught day 1. Day 2, another guy and I farmed a dine out of the bait tank, butt hooked, and BINGO the...
  58. Tunahead

    ALBACORE???? Just thinking about it again get's me foaming!

    TAKE IT EASY...where did I say I "believed" the rumors?..HOWEVER Albacore were caught SW of SCI, the 60, and 302 and ended up at the San Diego Tuna Harbor Dockside Fish market 2-3 days I heard from 3-4 that live in San Diego. Believe it or not. No albacore caught on seiners 6-900 miles out...
  59. Tunahead

    ALBACORE???? Just thinking about it again get's me foaming!

    With recent word of Commericals catching Albacore out around the 60 and memory alarms started ringing again. As one who started tuna fishing in 1960 and lived for all the Albacore years, bringing home a load most every trip....try and understand. Just this 1 3-day on Searcher we filled...
  60. Tunahead

    Baja closures grow as COVID-19 spreads

    Couple dozen+ Albacore caught SW of SCI out 60mi yesterday I heard 15-20lbs Commercials Wonder if they're out W of Baja too, the Dumper Maybe, etc? Here we sit...geez
  61. Tunahead

    Baja closures grow as COVID-19 spreads

    Probably all for the best. Mexico a lot fewer cases than most. I actually wore a bandana/mask to the Market today. So far so good, hope EVERYONE rides this Covid-19 epic out too. All the best. PS...Heard Albacore caught at 60 miles today (commericals) News at 11
  62. Tunahead

    COVID-19 blocks Baja fishing

    Geez...bound to happen. At least we have your reports and pics to feast on stuck at home. Keep em coming. LOL
  63. Tunahead

    COVID-19 fears, cause Baja Border Closing

    GREAT REPORT. Looks like we're stuck at the "home dock" for awhile. Some nice fish being caught now too. We WILL survive=Greatful Dead
  64. Tunahead

    Best of BD Offshore / Inshore videos.....

    I'll just watch all yours!!! GO GOPRO. LOL .....Be safe everyone. We need to get thru this and back on the water this summer! TC
  65. Tunahead

    Baja White Seabass at Magdalena Bay

    GREAT REPORT and nice ghosts. Pouring rain here again in virus here, chillin at home ..wishin' I was fishin' LOL
  66. Tunahead

    Pacific Queen and Tomahawk reporting big BFT in their counts

    COOL. Seems big bluefin easier to find than Toilet Paper these days? LOL LOL
  67. Tunahead

    Bluefin on the Pacific Queen - Quick Report

    GREAT REPORT and NICE BLUEFIN....those are the best "eating" grade. LOL
  68. Tunahead

    Final Results 2020 Pescadora Billfish Championship-Quepos, Costa Rica

    GREAT REPORT....Man...lot of happy ladies smiling! Can't beat that! LOL
  69. Tunahead

    Bluefin & Yellowfin Tuna leave anglers breathless

    MORE Bluefin, tanker yellows, geez I'm jonesing to get out again LOL Pouring rain is Socal for days now til' next Tuesday...see what shakes after all these storms. News at 11. Great report as usual.
  70. Tunahead

    Baja Bluefin continue

    GREAT REPORT AND PICS! Think I caught this 1 on Linkedin...LOL
  71. Tunahead

    Baja bluefin check in early

    Great report as usual . IC Tomahawk got 13 Bluefin 70-90lbs Sunday and Rockfish Limits. Thinking the Yellowfin show early this year too. Hope to be back on the water this season. LOL
  72. Tunahead

    Baja Sportfishing shrugs of cold spell

    Great Report as usual. That's some caravan to get stuck behind? LOL Thought it was awful cold in here this morning, realized I left the front window slightly open. LOL I'm 74 , old is cold ! Looks like Baja and Socal warming up some Hope to be fishing again SOON. TC
  73. Tunahead

    Baja Chillin’

    Awesome report. Chillin 45F now here-Costa Mesa. Might hit the PCS show later...LOL
  74. Tunahead

    Wahoo, Dorado & Yellowfin Warm Things Up in Baja

    Great report and pics...LOT of nice fish
  75. Tunahead

    Yellowtail Or Yellowfin – Take Your Pick

    I'll vote for Yellowfin, we can always catch Yellowtail LOL
  76. Tunahead

    Baja Yellowfin still in the count

    Yep you've certainly put in the Baja Miles for sure. LOL Enjoy your reports My 1st Baja adventure w/3 high schools buds in a VW van to Rosarito in 63 surfing, the fishing was added on future trips...those were the days. LOL
  77. Tunahead

    Weather Links for any Region

    Wow back to 2012. I now use full time for up to the minute wind, swell,water and air temp info. FYI 2/8/2020
  78. Tunahead

    Pacific Queen January 31

    Also in Costa Mesa, and I always leave by 1pm for San Diego trips. Retired, I know all can't do this if working 4-5pm somewhere, but a LOT less stress.
  79. Tunahead

    Pacific Queen January 31

    Nice load of tasty fish. Glad you all had a great trip. LOL
  80. Tunahead

    Baja Yellowfin still in the count

    I see you retired your WON Road Trekker Column. After retiring your van last yr.
  81. Tunahead

    Baja Yellowfin still in the count

    GREAT REPORT.....made my day. LOL
  82. Tunahead

    Yellows Explode In San Quintin

    Great report Gary...lot of nice to get thru winter....LOL
  83. Tunahead

    Albacore reminiscence

    "Woke up this morning, feeling around for my shoes..." "You know I had those, old ALBACORE BLUES" LOL Remembering a 3 day on Searcher we filled both holds and the slammer and came back early. EPIC Albacore Fishing.
  84. Tunahead

    Ensenada 1-12

    NICE LOAD of fish guys LOL
  85. Tunahead

    Albacore reminiscence

    Still dreaming about ALL those Albacore years I endured. LOL
  86. Tunahead

    Pac Queen Punta Colnett Jan 4

    Great Report and fish Don....Many a moon I rode old BG90, Apollo, Indian, PQ, etc. to Colonet in all sorts of weather. The fishing was like the weather, you never knew what you were in for. LOL Glad you all got some nice fish and had a great trip.
  87. Tunahead

    Albacore reminiscence

  88. Tunahead

    So what about This one

    Ahh yes met her next door at Manny Luby's one time. LOL He moved on to Dennison Yacht Sales couple years ago. Heard you 2 packed up and moved to Cabo. Nice move. TC
  89. Tunahead

    12/28 Old Glory Overnight trip out of H&M landing

    Great report and glad you went home with some Yellowtail. LOL
  90. Tunahead

    Too late to go fishing out of San Diego??

    If the tuna are gone, there will be several boats fishing for rockfish and yellowtail in Mexican Rockfish season ends in Cal Tuesday the 31st. Might be easier fishing for these than big bluefin tuna more for long time experienced tuna guys...FYI. My advice would be do a 1.5 day down...
  91. Tunahead

    Awesome Bluefin Tuna Fishing 12/22

    Great report Dan, and Solid Work Everyone. That's a nice eating grade of bluefin right there! LOL
  92. Tunahead

    Albacore reminiscence

    The Cat is away going bonkers no doubt
  93. Tunahead

    Baja yellowfin keep biting into 2020?

    Another GREAT Year End Report. Heavy rain and 44F at 5am in Costa Mesa. Damn winter. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! LOL
  94. Tunahead

    Albacore reminiscence

    WHERE'S THE BEEF? ...the gang needs some fresh pics/video of total fish fighting carnage and bloody decks, hopefully soon? LOL
  95. Tunahead

    Albacore reminiscence

    Stand by for the PV big Yellowfin Videos?? LOL News at 11 HAPPY HOLIDAYS ALL
  96. Tunahead

    Finally got my Swordfish ⚔️

  97. Tunahead

    Wahoo Tournament concludes busy Baja year

    Wow...more beast Hoo's, Dorado. Great report and pics Keep em coming LOL HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE
  98. Tunahead

    Baja Billfish Strong a Yellowfin & Wahoo tie for second

    Another AWESOME REPORT. Must have seen it on Linked In? LOL
  99. Tunahead

    Baja dorado under attack...AGAIN

    NOT COOL...hopefully some action will be taken to the Contrary..
  100. Tunahead

    Handlining a yellowfin

    As one who started tuna fishing age 13 in 1960 , some of you guys forget in fishing, and life...IT"S NOT about the biggest, the most, or how's the people you meet and the fun you had trying. Your comment is both stupid and hilarious. LOL **"Some people fish their whole lives...not...
  101. Tunahead

    Looks like tuna season is over

    ALL TOO COOL! Make sure the Trailer is chain locked to a water pipe. Losers steal most anything now days. LOL HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE
  102. Tunahead

    3.5 day Pacific Voyager 11/21-11/25

    Long read and report, but lot of good info. Nice fish, and load. That boat has always been "fishy" with Mark on the fish. LOL
  103. Tunahead

    Yellowfin Tuna Doubled Up light line

    GOOD STUFF CORY....thought that stopwatch might have been your heart rate going up at first. LOL LOL . Hell you're not old, I was 74 the 5th. I'll be back next season! LOL
  104. Tunahead

    Mag Bay Offshore Stripers & Wahoo still on fire

    Awesome report and pics. BEAST Dorado, Big Hoo's and more! LOL
  105. Tunahead

    Calstar Recommendations?

    700L...Avet MXJ 20lb Izorline 700M...Old mint Avet JX 1 speed...25lb Izorline 700M...Avet JX 2 speed ..30lb Izorline 700MH..Avet LX 2 speed...40lb Izorline 765L....Avet HX 5/2...50lb Izorline 7ft Custom Roller Guide rod XH...Shimano TLD20...80lb Izorline **ALL backed with 80lb PP Spectra, except...
  106. Tunahead

    Calstar Recommendations?

    I've got 700L, 2 700M's, 700MH, and a 765L. IF I were to add another, it would be a 700H, or maybe a 765H. The most used over ALL the Tuna/Albacore years 70's to date ...would be the 700M. Hands down the most popular rod ever. LOL **ALL with Avet Reels.
  107. Tunahead

    Sad news about the Chief Sportfishing boat

    BUMMER I feel Iike I spent half my life in the middle bunk in Cabin C with Irv and Mike as BG90, then some trips with Chris too. Lot miles under my stern on that boat. RIP . IC where Rick bought a 75ft SF at Channel Islands now, will move to SD for Tuna in summer. Wishing them all the best
  108. Tunahead

    Baja Fall Fishing continues at Baja's tip

    AWESOME Report, and another 300lb.+ tuna! Raining like hell here in Costa Mesa now. Geez. LOL
  109. Tunahead

    Fisher of men Thanksgiving

    YOU TOO BILLY and Everyone at Bloody Decks! Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays to all! Tunahead
  110. Tunahead

    Giving Thanks for my BD Brothers

    BACK AT YA...Happy Thanksgiving to you and everyone at BD. Stay safe and tight lines & Bloody Decks in 2020..LOL Tunahead
  111. Tunahead

    Short and sweet 11/24

    Solid Work Cody...nice eating grade tuna. Who knows after storms? LOL
  112. Tunahead

    More Local Tuna Than I've Seen All Year / 11/15 & 11/17 Report

    Back from Epic Marlin Tagging to Epic Tuna still here.LOL Good job Erik and Jimmy.
  113. Tunahead

    Thunderbird Courtside Seats 1.5 10.01-10.03.2019

    LMAO great read....errr sorta. Haven't been on NEW Tbird yet but been fishing with Goofy for Eons out of Davey's Locker. Mark too, old Tbird gang. Great crew to fish with for sure. Where's the fish pics, the gang wants to see the blood? Judging by the fish they been catching...YEAH...they get...
  114. Tunahead

    Big yellow fin off Catalina

    NICE FISH and solid work Martin, guys. LOL
  115. Tunahead


    MAJOR="What's your take on fish stealing Sea Lions Gunny"?? GUNNY HIGHWAY="I heard they taste like shit, worthless." "The last bitch I met on Facebook, was the 3rd to steal my pickup in the Ocean's 11 Parking Lot in O'Side". "I got the hell off there !"
  116. Tunahead

    Offshore with no gaff

    Great read, and nice rewards. No gaff?=oh shit!!! LOL You need a backup "Lasso" rope rig ready like Vinny? LOL
  117. Tunahead

    Joining the hundo club, quick report Pacifica 1.75 day 11/18-11/20

    Welcome to Hundy Collin! Getting your ass kicked IS FUN LOL Great report and read, and NICE FISH! LOL
  118. Tunahead


    Great Video Dave....What language? LOL Seen a show on Taiwan Tuna Jack Pole Boats with 2 guys on the water sprayers upper deck, keeping the tuna on the surface, while Polers work wooden jigs. Wide open Skippies. LOL
  119. Tunahead

    Yellowfin limits in November 11/21

    Solid work Vin...nice load. The dog looks stoked TOO. LOL
  120. Tunahead

    Baja Action highlighted by striped marlin & wahoo

    GREAT REPORT...appreciate you keeping UP my fishing interest til next season. Great reads and pics. LOL
  121. Tunahead

    Baja November To Remember

    AWESOME Report and Pics. Saw that Marlin Tagging record trip report on LinkedIn...what a WindFest. LOL Even my left Titanium Shoulder would be hurtin' bigtime on that epic. LOL
  122. Tunahead

    Beautiful is FREEDOM (1.5 Day 11/7)

    NICE FISH Sherm, everyone. Nice trip there. LOL
  123. Tunahead

    Aztec 3 Day SUPER COW!!

    NICE ONE ROBBIE....solid work. LOL
  124. Tunahead

    Slow 3 day on Pac Queen 10/29-11/1

    I saw that report on the FL site and said...SAY WHAT? That's fishing, been there...but not for 3 days...kinda wierd. That's bluefin. Surprised you didn't get some yellowfin though. Maybe next year. GL then.
  125. Tunahead

    Aztec 2 day. PB YFT 11/4/19 - 11/6/19

    Great report and pics Mark...and nice fish all! That boat is fishy Yeah tuna bite in the dark, often feed under a near/full moon. I've been on wide open Albacore/YF bites that started just before dinner and lasted til midnight. Cold dinner to Microwave. LOL
  126. Tunahead

    OCEAN ODYSSEY Report Nov 8 2019

    Solid work...nice fish "Gee Bee" (sounds fishy to me?) LOL
  127. Tunahead

    Limits of Yellowfin and Yellowtail off a Kelp Patty

    Glad you're back, nice load of Yellowfin LOL
  128. Tunahead

    Baja Yellowfin & Wahoo turn on at Baja's tip

    Another Awesome Report and Pics. Thanks for Posting Gary. Turn lose the party at Cabo! LOL
  129. Tunahead

    Condor 11/4 Bluefin being bluefin but Mission Accomplished!

    Great report and pics Ray...and NICE fish guys, glad you had a fun trip. I've fished the big bird for years. After surgery, hope to again soon. LOL
  130. Tunahead

    Magdalena Bay Phenomena has begun

    GREAT REPORT and Pics Gary! That 577lb Blue Marlin is a beast. If memory serves me well, one of the biggest caught in the History of the event? Hoping to still get out soon. LOL
  131. Tunahead

    Only you can make this happen..

    Solid Work and NICE FISH Dave! Tunahead & Manny's neighbor
  132. Tunahead

    Yft 10/23

    SOLID WORK Cody and Mike, nice fish. Glad you did well. LOL
  133. Tunahead

    Tough Trip On The Tribute 10/25/19

    Great report Nick. That's fishing. On the other hand.... TIME SPENT WITH DAD=PRICELESS. Next time maybe. LOL PS after being the PIII, the boat was The Holiday for years now Tribute.
  134. Tunahead

    Baja Wahoo Bite Not Dampened By Storm

    GREAT REPORT some nice Dorado and Hoo's this week. I hope to be out there still like 89yr old John MacEwen still. Shoulder is healing now, hope to be out again soon. TC. LOL
  135. Tunahead

    Baja Striped Marlin off the charts at Magdalena Bay

    WOW what a report this week. Lot of nice fish, smiles all around. Capt.Kelly Catian's Grandson George Jr. with that fat grouper pretty much says it ALL. Nice fish! Busy in Cabo this month..LOL
  136. Tunahead

    Constitution 2. - 5 Day 9/26-9/29 - Super Cows

    NICE FISH John. Glad you all had an epic trip. LOL
  137. Tunahead

    10-12 Liberty in on the action!!

    NICE FISH Erik and Eric...glad you all had a great trip. LOL
  138. Tunahead

    Old glory 10/11-12 yft limits

    NIce load Joesue....Solid Work. LOL
  139. Tunahead

    I might have a problem!!! 10/12/19

    NICE LOAD Todd....and nice fish..good eating grade. LOL
  140. Tunahead

    Actual 40 pound tuna .

    MAJOR="What's your guesstimate on this 40lb fish Gunny?" GUNNY HIGHWAY="Looks fishy to me, probably full of 16oz sinkers and a prop wrench"???
  141. Tunahead

    San Clemente, Tanner, and Cortez

    TASTY CRITTERS! LOL Glad you all had a fun trip.
  142. Tunahead

    2.5 day trip 10/10 -10/13

    NICE FISH Steve...glad you all had an Epic trip. LOL
  143. Tunahead

    CONDOR 3-Day: Best. Trip. Ever.

    GREAT REPORT and pics Gary! Glad you all had a great trip. Reminds me of that El Nino May trip on Condor we had a few years ago, wide open Yellowfin and Bluefin 2 days straight. I was so there, but the Deltoid still healing, and better now. Hope to maybe try a 1.5 day still this season, we'll...
  144. Tunahead

    10/5 - SW 425 Area - Yellowfin

    Great report and read LOL Nice fish, good grade stuff!
  145. Tunahead

    Quality Yellowfin 10/5

    NICE GRADE of Yellowfin Michael...solid work. LOL
  146. Tunahead

    Looking for jumbos

    Well...catching big bluefin are like..... Somedays you get the Bear....Somedays the Bear gets YOU LOL Many 4-6 pack angler boats to chose from, from San Diego to Long Beach...ALL fishing behind San Clemente Island. Good Luck!
  147. Tunahead

    Baja’s Tip =Tuna, Dorado And Billfish

    Great report and pics....keep em comin' LOL
  148. Tunahead

    Tuna Tangles

    GOOD ADVICE..been there, done that....LOL
  149. Tunahead

    Son's first tuna

    GOOD JOB SEAN....his smile says it all...he'll never forget it. LOL
  150. Tunahead

    Baja White Seabass @ San Quintin

    Wow some Tanker San Quintin Seabass for damn sure. LOL Great report as usual...keep em coming. TC
  151. Tunahead


    Solid work guys, and Great report and pics Todd. Get back out there LOL
  152. Tunahead

    Link to 9 day adventure on Excel 09-10 to 09-19-19

    I did a 7 day "back in my youth (30's LOL) lot of sitting and tackle stuff for miles and miles...when we got to the "zone" it was GAME ON. Never forget it. Been great fishing with you some over the years Cory. TC
  153. Tunahead

    9/12 SCI Bluefin

    NICE FISH ALI....glad you got out again. LOL
  154. Tunahead

    Tribute 9/11, My son’s first tuna

    AWESOME job Chris, he looks STOKED! LOL He'll always remember the 1st one, trust me. Nice Pics and his smile says it all.
  155. Tunahead

    Late report - 9/13 voyage

    Way to give it a go Steve. Man, 196 miles of nothing sucks. LOL But as we know....that's fishing.
  156. Tunahead

    Baja dorado from shore adds spice

    Great Report...some BIG Croaker and Dorado in the mix IC. The Kids at the Fishing Clinic look STOKED once again. LOL Good stuff!
  157. Tunahead

    Yellowfin Tuna Fishing at It's Best (video)

    Sorry for your loss Cory. Lifetime fishing and hunting buddies are hard to come by. May he RIP, and may you get back to fishing again.
  158. Tunahead

    Condor 9/9 emergency

    GREAT BOAT...GREAT CREW....GOOD JOB!! Glad he's OK now!! I've fished on Condor for many years. 1st rate operation.
  159. Tunahead

    Cow Sized Yellowfin overshadow Baja Action

    Another GREAT the Yak/Mag Bay Photos LOL
  160. Tunahead

    Giant Yellowfin & Wahoo thrill local and visiting anglers

    I see you retired the Road Trekker for Air Travel! Good choice with gas $4 a gallon in Mexico now...insane.
  161. Tunahead

    Giant Yellowfin & Wahoo thrill local and visiting anglers

    Great report. I see bigger tuna and marlin now a good sign. Always great to read your reports every week. LOL
  162. Tunahead

    Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    Hey Tony, all the explosions were all those dive tanks going off like bombs once the fire started. Sad loss for many. RIP
  163. Tunahead

    Tropical Storm IVO squirts Baja Bytes returns

    AWESOME REPORT , Pics , and always great reading. LOL
  164. Tunahead

    226 YFT limits and kelp paddy YT 8-22-19

    Not so good, Deltoid repaired over a year ago, strained again. Now Cellulitis in an old scar, drained, getting treatments. I doubt I'll fish at all this season if not better soon. News at 11. LOL
  165. Tunahead

    226 YFT limits and kelp paddy YT 8-22-19

    Solid work Jim and guys! Looks like a real fun day winding! LOL
  166. Tunahead

    My Season So Far.... MULTIPLE Super Cows and much much more!!!!

    SOLID WORK BILLY...Glad you and everyone onboard had a great season. I'm still on the DL with this shoulder issue and always grateful to see posts and pics like yours. TC. I still may get out late season, but don't bet on it. LOL
  167. Tunahead

    Baja Bytes find Trophy Dorado at Los Cabos

    Another AWESOME REPORT Gary...looks like I still may not fish this year. Deltoid still not healed. Maybe 2nd surgery soon We'll see...right now still on the DL. LOL
  168. Tunahead

    2.5 day returned this morning

    Nice load of fish. LET"S EAT!!! LOL Got Wasabi
  169. Tunahead

    Albacore fix

    WOW nice load of Longfins and report Travis. I'm older and lucky to have fished to insanity during all the Albacore years here off Baja. Your report brings back a LOT of memories. Coming back early on a Searcher 3 day with both holds and the slammer loaded was but one fresh in my mind. Thanks...
  170. Tunahead

    Yellowfin Snap As Blacks & Blues Falter

    AWESOME REPORT AND PICS... lot of nice fish, big Dorado now. IC even "Rockcod Rick" Maxa made the report with a fat CO??? What a stick LOL
  171. Tunahead


  172. Tunahead

    Nice cow bluefin on my 25 foot Sea Ray

    NICE ONE MIKE and Great report Tim. Solid 2 man effort there! LOL
  173. Tunahead

    Larger dorado reported in Loreto

    Excellent report as usual. BOY do those kids look STOKED. Great pics! LOL
  174. Tunahead

    The Four B's at San Clemente Island / Saturday 8/3 Report

    ANOTHER Landsford/Decker raker bloodies the decks! LOL Solid work Eric/Jimmy.
  175. Tunahead

    BOOYAA! 2 day aboard Chief!

    Hey BOOYA..." Mom says WHERES THE BEEF? "
  176. Tunahead

    Dorado 7/30

    NICE ONE KYLE! Good Job! LOL
  177. Tunahead

    8-10 277 Equals BOATRIDE. 150 Saves The Day

    Bummer on the Sporty Capt...nice save at the 150 though! LOL
  178. Tunahead

    White sea bass out of Point Loma

    NICE ONE DANO....Solid Work! Tasty TOO! LOL
  179. Tunahead

    8/1 Accurate Sponsored 1.5 Day on the Tomahawk

    Some better than none. Seems Yellowtail most of the action now. LOL Way to give it a go though.
  180. Tunahead

    Old Glory Bluefin (HARD TIMES) 7/23 Video

    3 for 3 and stoked kids? TOO COOL Kinda sucks now just Yellowtail, few dodos all IC. LOL
  181. Tunahead

    BOOYAA! 2 day aboard Chief!

    "WHERE'S THE BEEF"? Anyone can pay to see boiling tuna now. The gang wants to see BLOODY DECKS!! LOL
  182. Tunahead

    Ranger 85 2 1/2 day 7/25 Late report

    Glad ya got out Mikee! Some tuna better than none which is for the most part happening this week=all yellowtail show, few do-do's. Fun bunch of people. I'm still having shoulder healing problems, on the mend or surgery again in fall. Sucks TC. LOL
  183. Tunahead

    7/29 Report..Some meat on the deck

    SOLID WORK DAVE...nice fish. LOL
  184. Tunahead

    Aztec 3 Day, July 25-27 with BD Swag and BFT

    GREAT REPORT Pics, and fish Jason, everyone! Looks like everyone had a great time. That boat is very fishy! LOL
  185. Tunahead

    Insane Topwater Yellowfin out of San Pedro - 7/7

    NICE Grade Yellowfin Jonathan and Joe! Solid Work! LOL
  186. Tunahead

    Pacific Queen overnight 6/14

    NICE ONE Eric, and solid Intel for all to read! LOL
  187. Tunahead

    Moo Cow

    NICE ONE! Solid work men! LOL
  188. Tunahead

    Bluefin To Billfish keep Baja Byte alive

    GREAT REPORT and Pics and NICE FISH. Good to see Kelly and K&M poppin' some nice bluefin off San Quintin now too. Same old story, getting bluefin...TO BITE. LOL
  189. Tunahead

    SA80 2.5 July 12-15, 2019

    Solid Work. Glad you had fun on your trip. LOL
  190. Tunahead

    7/18 aztec overnight report

    Nice Fish and Report David! Now I'm hungry, all your fault. LOL
  191. Tunahead

    1.5 day trip on the Endeavor

    Great report and glad you got some tuna. LOL
  192. Tunahead

    Pacific Coast Baja Yellowtail Blossom

    WOW...long one, great report,pics and read. Lot of big fish and stoked kids. Can't beat wide open Summer! LOL
  193. Tunahead

    Rossman Wins at Asunción

    Congrats "Rossman" with the Trophies"! NICE FISH The kids look the real winners there. LOL Great report.
  194. Tunahead

    AZTEC 7/13 - Dad’s first bluefin

  195. Tunahead

    The meal from the Catch

    OH way to go Jerr...NOW I'm hungry again. Made Ahi dip 5hrs ago for the Start of the Dodgers at Red Sox. Ate it all tonight. Just finished in 12 innings. Dodgers won 7-4. What a game. All your fault with the spread pics. LOL
  196. Tunahead

    Tomahawk Tomahawk Extended 1.5 day 7/9-7/11

    MAJOR: "What's your take on OldDog8's Report Gunny?" GUNNY HIGHWAY: " I quit going on Sportboats. The old guys catch all the fish. Deckhands worship them. Besides all my rigs were in my pickup that blonde stole behind Oceans11 in O'side"
  197. Tunahead

    Tomahawk Tomahawk Extended 1.5 day 7/9-7/11

    NICE ONE! You win! Old guys ROCK. Hope to be in the game soon again too. LOL
  198. Tunahead

    Baja Bytes Summer Fishing Is Heating Up

    AWESOME REPORT...Nice Fish...Lot of smiling faces! Great pics tell it all. TC LOL
  199. Tunahead

    Moshing with bluefin 7/8

    GOOD JOB Grant and Ashton looks STOKED! LOL
  200. Tunahead

    La Paz Roosters set the stage

    AWESOME REPORT par usual. Some bigazz Roosters and Dorado now IC. Keep em coming! TC. LOL
  201. Tunahead

    Lots of Show and Some Go - Newport Beach Bluefin Report

    Great report and pics/intel Erik. NICE FISH guys, and oh yeah Decker on the bass rod LOL LOL LOL. Epic as usual you 3. LOL
  202. Tunahead

    Aztec 1.5. Fiancé first BFT.

    WHAT A PAIR. SOLID WORK! You'll never hear the end of it most likely Robbie!!! LOL LOL LOL
  203. Tunahead

    Top Gun 80 3.5 day

    At least you got out. Seeing my Orthopedic Surgeon again Monday morning. LOL Surgery #8 not healing well. For now, watching and hoping no surgery again. All I can do for now is wait for the dorado and yellowfin to fill in, and and get out on the ocean soon again hopefully! GL TO ALL. LOL
  204. Tunahead

    Nat Geo Shit For sure.

    Compared to fish counts I've seen..Some better than none LOL Way to give it a go and get some fish.
  205. Tunahead

    Bluefin heartbreak..... 7/5/19 (and redemption)

    NICE ONE and solid intel. They're eating smaller bait now I've heard so the 100gm was a good choice looks like. LOL
  206. Tunahead

    July 4th of yellowfin madness!

    A FOAMER....gotta love it! Solid Work! LOL
  207. Tunahead

    Ensenada nice Reds Today

  208. Tunahead

    Long loop out of Newport Beach. Bluefin and yellowfin report 6/29

    SOLID WORK Erik and hell outta the Cat crowd. LOL
  209. Tunahead

    Pacific Voyager Two Day 6/25-27.

    SOLID WORK GUYS..Nice fish, Great report and pics Tomo! LOL
  210. Tunahead

    Hunting Bluefin Tuna (video)

  211. Tunahead

    Bluefin Tuna Heart Break ( Video )

    Cool Video...Been there Cory..NEXT TIME! Go Gettum! LOL
  212. Tunahead

    Yummy bluefin 6/25

    Solid work Cody. LET"S EAT!!! LOL
  213. Tunahead

    Horrible news!! RIP my brother Kevin Martin from Tornado Sportfishing

    Wow sorry to hear that RIP and my sincere Condolences.
  214. Tunahead

    Between the Banks

    Solid Work and intel...
  215. Tunahead

    Long Day 6-22-19

    HEY at least no skunk by God! LOL
  216. Tunahead

    Baja Bytes Bluefin biting top water lures

    WOW! Long great report...lot going on off Baja now! LOL Keep these reports coming! Hope to get out soon.
  217. Tunahead

    Bluefin Tuna. On Da POPPER 6/15

  218. Tunahead

    Bluefin Tuna. On Da POPPER 6/15

    NICE FISH Mike...Solid Work LOL
  219. Tunahead

    BFT and Yellowtail - Father's day

    NICE LOAD with the boys Matt! Now THAT'S a Father's Day to Remember! LOL
  220. Tunahead

    PB on the Polaris Supreme 2 day 6/16-17

    SOLID WORK and Nice Fish Frank. Have S&W Wasabi=LET'S EAT!!! LOL
  221. Tunahead

    Bluefin,YFT,YT on BD Sponsored 1.75 Day Tomahawk

    GREAT REPORT and Pics Rodney. NICE FISH everyone! LOL
  222. Tunahead

    Cow sized yellowfin liven up the party

    AWESOME report and pics. Big Tuna, Big Cabrilla. Let's EAT LOL. Busting lose all over. I gotta get our soon hopefully. LOL
  223. Tunahead

    Oceanside Ninety Five

    I've fished with Rick for years when he owned SeaHawk, then a 2nd on Pacific Star. He's a Veteran tuna hunter. GO !!!! LOL
  224. Tunahead

    El Capital 1.5 day 6-7 to 6-9

    MAJOR="What's your take on this guy's "Bluefin crap shoot Gunny"???" "You think it was the boat or the bite? LOL GUNNY HIGHWAY="That's Bluefin fishin'. Some days you get the Bear, some days the Bear gets YOU." " Half the women I've gambled on the last 3 years stole my pickup at Oceans 11!" LOL...
  225. Tunahead

    Cabo Striped Marlin & Jumbo Roosterfish

    AWESOME REPORT and pics, especially the kids. The SMILES on the kids faces pretty much say it ALL. LOL. Now some Yellowfin being caught in 1 day range of San Diego good news. Looks like things off Baja shaping up for a long long season. I used to do those kids trips from Long Beach and most...
  226. Tunahead

    Bluefin Fishing, The Ugly Truth 5/31-6/2

    AWESOME READ. Damn bluefin. At least you didn't have a brown out getting the 1 nice bluefin on the boat. LOL LOL Now get the boat and trailer fixed. Long season ahead! LOL
  227. Tunahead

    Yellowfin in June...

    IT'S GREAT Bionic shoulder feels better already LOL. Looking forward to a wide open season soon hopefully.
  228. Tunahead

    Liberty Bluefin Tuna 5/29

    Solid work and NICE FISH! LOL
  229. Tunahead

    Memorial Weekend BFT report, fishing on Sardinera.

    NICE FISH and Great report and pics Sergio. Solid work! LOL Haven't I fished with you before on some boat?
  230. Tunahead

    Creating New Memories with Bluefin

    Solid work Billy and Thanks for another great report! LOL
  231. Tunahead

    Summertime Baja Fish Finally Arrive

    Awesome report. Glad I skipped the 3 day this weekend still healing the Deltoid. Heard a lot of Bluefin seen, and few bit as you reported. That's fishing...and that's bluefin fishing.LOL Damn bluefin LOL
  232. Tunahead

    Remember Why you are Free (video)

    AMEN ! Good Job Cory and Well put. Remember Those Who Gave Their All. I will. US Army 1965-68
  233. Tunahead

    Billfish Explode at Robert Ross Fishing Tournament

    WOW...nice Swordie and other NICE FISH. Great report and pics as usual...a great read. Thanks for posting weekly! LOL
  234. Tunahead


    YES have used several times in past. Blue Label too. Seems as good as Black Water . Damn bluefin. LOL
  235. Tunahead

    5/11 New Lo-An BFT

    Nice ones Glenn....solid work! LOL
  236. Tunahead

    Liberty Killed it...

    MAJOR="What do you think about this Parker parking in Liberty's chum line Gunny" GUNNY HIGHWAY="Asshat might be a light sentence for that buffoon, but I'll roll with the masses. Some bitch ran off with my pickup at Oceans 11 in Oside again last night" LOL
  237. Tunahead

    Baja Bluefin Brighten Baja Bytes Report

    Another AWESOME report and pics. LOL
  238. Tunahead

    Bluefin Report.......and what I've been up to...(Picture Heavy!)

    NICE ride and fish Billy! Good to see you check in. LOL
  239. Tunahead

    Kelp Patty Yellowtail Limits Released Limits Killed (video)

    GOOD made my Titanium Shoulder ache! LOL LOL
  240. Tunahead

    Does anyone tried Blue shark?

    MAJOR="What's your take on eating Blue Shark Gunny'?? GUNNY HWY="Same as Boot Leather w/Wasabi after 7 shots of Jose Cuervo minimum". "My best take". LOL LOL
  241. Tunahead

    Huge Baja Roosterfish Signal Late Spring Start

    Another awesome report...lot of nice fish! Keep em coming. Great readingand keep me pumped up. LOL The smiles on those kids faces with their new bikes and other goodies says it all. Too cool I had to pull the plug on my 3day end of May, as the Deltoid is not fully healed and pain some days...
  242. Tunahead

    Baja Roosterfish Arrive Early as May turns corner

    NICE Roosters and a LOT of everything else too. LOL Great report
  243. Tunahead

    BFT Go Here Saturday

    SOLID WORK and nice fish! LOL
  244. Tunahead

    Bluefin tuna light line on the oceanside 95

    SOLID WORK! One mo betta than none for sure! Nice LOL
  245. Tunahead

    Rpt.-04-19-19 A 1.5 day Relentless Bluefin Tuna Slam!

    Thanks Cory...was doing fine, then strained it again Tuesday. Damn old parts. LOL
  246. Tunahead

    What happened to Captain Joel Ralston?

    Miss fishing on Relentless with him, and many nights on BG90 when he was trying to quit smoking. Told him get Chatix, I did, quit 9 years ago. Now in Kona I heard. LOL
  247. Tunahead

    CHIEF 04.17-04.19.2019 BLUFLU OUTBREAK!

    Great report and pics. and NICE LOAD of fish! LOL
  248. Tunahead

    Rpt.-04-19-19 A 1.5 day Relentless Bluefin Tuna Slam!

    Great report and pics Cory and NICE FISH LOL I'm not quite healed up yet, hopefully for my 3 day end of May. Lot of fine memories fishing that boat with Joel Ralston some years back.
  249. Tunahead

    Northern Baja Bluefin Bite off the charts as most everything else takes a breather

    AWESOME REPORT...and MAN that Marlin one big beast! I'm foaming to get on these bluefin on 3 day end of May. The deltoid is about healed and ready to rock SOON. LOL Can't wait. Keep your great reports/pics coming!
  250. Tunahead

    Tomahawk 4/16/19

    Stand up guys Eric and Rick. Good job. Things happen. LOL
  251. Tunahead

    Tomahawk 4/16/19

    NICE ONE Tony...glad you all had a great trip. I'm out again in late May on 3 day hopefully. TC LOL
  252. Tunahead

    Bluefin tuna CLOSE TO HOME! Private boat range

    You bet, here's one of their "reunion" stops at Coach House I'm in the Lobster Shirt. LOL Original drummer Fito far left, Bassist Larry Taylor 2nd-left, Mgr Ship Taylor behind me and new members Dale Spaulding and John Paulus. They're atDel Mar in July...our next concert "reunion" Old guys rock...
  253. Tunahead

    Blue fin report on the OldGlory Saturday 4-13

    Great report/pics. Nice load of nice grade Bluefin all. LOL
  254. Tunahead

    Tomahawk 4/16/19

    Audio report said 3/0 Circle Hooks, 40-50-60 line best=dines Nice load of nice grade Bluefin everyone! Can't wait for my 3 day. LOL
  255. Tunahead

    Struck oil today on the sea adventure 80

    ahhh ESCOLAR. Tasty BUT only eat a tiny amount! Read up on it first before eating a bite! NICE Oil got rocked. LOL Mike the night ticket on Condor used to fish for those at night after he got us to the zone and shut down the engines. Beast! LOL
  256. Tunahead

    Giant Blue Marlin Landed This Week In Baja Bytes Report

    WOW an 814lb one big Marlin, great read/report. More great fish and pics all over down south.!! IC more Bluefin 40-80 biting today SW of Ensenada all on sardines and a 3/0 Circle Hook on 40-50-60lb rigs. Jumpers/breezers. Can't wait for my trip in a month. Keep me stoked! LOL
  257. Tunahead

    Bluefin tuna CLOSE TO HOME! Private boat range

    YOU BET...hoping for same on Condor 3 day in May! LOL Better odds LOL
  258. Tunahead

    Bluefin tuna CLOSE TO HOME! Private boat range

    As former Road Mgr for Canned Heat, Eagles....I remember a classic old 78rpm jazz/blues record that sure applies to tackle...... "It Tain't what ya got...but the way how ya uses-it" LOL YEP!
  259. Tunahead

    Condor info??

    Big Galley will seat all 24. Seperate Shower room not in the heads like many boats a real, room to dress,etc. Might be ice cubes bagged in deep freeze up top.ASK! LOL
  260. Tunahead

    Condor bunk map

  261. Tunahead

    Condor info??

    HEY it's big 90x26, steel, and a great fishing platform... especially with Ltd load. Few years back this trip we destroyed the Bluefin and Yellowfin an El Nino year. These 20-80lb bluefin the best eating grade in my book. LOL We had to STOP fishing 4 times to tag and put all these bled fish down...
  262. Tunahead

    Condor bunk map

    Ask the landing...ask them for a lower double on the stb side in the aft bunk room. Ron
  263. Tunahead

    Took the grandson on his first half day

    LOL Once they drop a load on his hat...he'll learn another lesson.Too cool LOL Looks like Grandpa and Grandma were pretty stoked TOO? LOL
  264. Tunahead

    Took the grandson on his first half day

    AWESOME...he looks STOKED! Hooked for life! 5-6??? Dad had me on the Matt Walsh out of LB age 5 in 1951 too. Lot of memories in your great photos. Too cool! LOL
  265. Tunahead

    Bluefin tuna CLOSE TO HOME! Private boat range

    SOLID WORK Billy! Let's EAT! I'll hopefully be on some on a 3 day end of May. To me the best eating grade 25-65lbs. LOL
  266. Tunahead

    Baja Bluefin Tuna Start Early-Baja Bytes

    GREAT REPORT...I'm foaming to get on some Bluefin hopefully on my 3 day end of May. The bionic shoulder almost ready. LOL
  267. Tunahead

    WFO tails - 04/05

    NICE LOAD of Yellows...hope to in the game soon! LOL
  268. Tunahead

    Baja Sportfishing Favorites Keep The Bite Going-Baja Bytes

    Awesome report, and lit up Sail last photo...too cool. LOL
  269. Tunahead

    Wide Open Yellowfin Tuna ( Video )

    Well, I can only confirm wide open Tuna in String bikini's at my pool this week for spring break. LOL Hard to catch always texting tuna. LOL
  270. Tunahead

    second hand dope

    MAJOR="What do you think of this troop's Tuna intel Gunny?" GUNNY HIGHWAY="Sounds like the note the last bitch to steal my pickup at Oceans 11 left me=HOGWOMP!" LOL
  271. Tunahead

    Channel Island cod

    NICE load of tasty critters! LOL
  272. Tunahead

    Billfish, Yellowfin, & Dorado Scatter While Yellowtail Dominate

    GREAT Report and pics...nice Swordfish and Marlin all over LOL
  273. Tunahead

    Sierra Mackerel IGFA World Record Submitted-Baja Bytes

    Now THAT is a beast Sierra. LOL Great report and read as usual!
  274. Tunahead

    Yellowtail & Sierra Brighten A Chilly Baja Bytes Week

    GREAT REPORT and pics. Nice Grouper for San Quintin! Wahoo, big Yellows and 81 Happy Lady Angers!!! LOL
  275. Tunahead

    Stripers, Sails, Dorado, & Roosterfish Top Baja-Bytes Tally

    Another great report to keep me going until late May 3 day. More rain soon.LOL The Pineapple Express commeth. LOL
  276. Tunahead

    GREAT DAY at Colonet - Pac Queen 2/23

    NICE YELLOWS and report Don, and glad you all had a great trip. LOL
  277. Tunahead

    Baja Yellowtail Heat Up A Wintry Baja Bytes Week

    Another Awesome Report. Nice fish and better weather for a change all over. LOL
  278. Tunahead

    Colonett 1.26.2019

    Nice fish, good to see you and Cory out winding! LOL
  279. Tunahead

    Baja Bytes Winter Billfish & Yellowfin Crowd Pleasers

    Great report, and good to see continued winter fish biting down south. Damn it's cold even here in Costa Mesa, 37=sucks! LOL Damn winter. Hoping we get some bluefin and yellowin on our late May 3 day like a few years ago on Condor if El Nino again like they say. News at 11. LOL (this is where...
  280. Tunahead

    Video Edit Phenix Rods/HKSlays-Hosted Trip on the Pacific Voyager 6.18

    Cool video and report Tomo. Man it's pouring here in the OC now. Knarly. LOL
  281. Tunahead

    Baja Sportfishing Ignores Chill

    GREAT REPORT and pics par usual. Great reading. Getting pounding here in the OC now, heavy rain, lots of wind. Glad I'm close to ocean and runoff here. TC LOL
  282. Tunahead

    Los Cabos Sportfishing Shines While North Is Soaked-Baja Bytes

    GREAT REPORT as usual keeping me going. More heavy rain in the OC, day 5. LOL
  283. Tunahead

    Late report Tuesday 1/29 182-181

    Cool! Like I always say "You'll never know...unless you GO" LOL
  284. Tunahead

    Rpt.-Sun. 01-27-19 Relentless 1.5 day to Colonet.

    Great Report and Pics Cory...good to see you out winding again! Nice fish. LOL
  285. Tunahead

    Colonett 1.26.2019

    SOLID WORK Doug. NIce report and fish..Been there, done those fast drifts there. LOL Someone told me Bonito are the #1 seiner catch in Mexico now. The Eastern Block countries like Russia, Slovenia, Croatia , to Yugoslavia etc. prefer oily Bonito vs. all other tuna, and a huge market for...
  286. Tunahead

    Baja yellowtail bite Swells

    AWESOME NEW REPORT AND PICS. Wished I was on Apollo with Mike and Mikee next month! See what shakes. LOL
  287. Tunahead

    PV Openings Apollo February 2019

    GO GETTUM MIKEE AND MIKE! all the best on your next trip LOL
  288. Tunahead

    Late Report: CLUBFISH Pacific Voyager charter Nov '18

    Great report and pics and NICE FISH everyone! Glad you had a fun trip! LOL
  289. Tunahead

    Baja Billfish Bonanza Continues

    Hopefully "Deep Blue" had lunch before the divers went in? What a beast! LOL Great report...great pics
  290. Tunahead

    Northern Baja Yellowtail Arrive

    Another huge snook, now that's surf fishin! LOL (or big Roosters) Great report as always! Storm #2 now pounding us here in the OC, more to come. Damn winter. LOL
  291. Tunahead

    Yellowtail, Striped Marlin & Tuna Brighten Baja Bytes-Sportfishing Scene

    Will do. What a beast. Pouring here now in Costa Mesa. 4 more days of it! Grrrrr
  292. Tunahead

    Yellowtail, Striped Marlin & Tuna Brighten Baja Bytes-Sportfishing Scene

    Awesome report and pics as usual. Best winter viewing and reading here ever. Good stuff! SNOOKZILLA is right! Look at the size of that beast. What a catch! Raining like hell in the OC all day. Can't wait for my 3 day in May 1st trip back. LOL
  293. Tunahead

    Punta Colinet - Jan. 5 - 2019 Report

    Great report and nice fork. Glad you all had a great trip. Flat ocean a good thing. OLD? Hell I caught my 1st yellow on Pacific Queen with original owner/legend Eddie McEwen in the early 60's as a teenager.Yep my 1st yellow and seabass too. Xmas Jigmaster 500, and a 7ft Roddy, wrapped by Leon...
  294. Tunahead

    Giving Thanks ( video )

    More good stuff we ALL can be Thankful for in our back yard! LOL
  295. Tunahead

    Baja North Winds Frustrate

    Awesome report and pics, and HAPPY NEW YEAR To you and Yvonne TOO! LOL
  296. Tunahead

    My Report For the Holidays

    Great report bro. You can look at all mine over the holidays, starting back when this website started. LOL LOL LOL HAPPY NEW YEAR!
  297. Tunahead


    THANKS I been doing in depth reports here and other websites for many years. Will be glad to do more in 2019 again and tangle with some tuna again at 73! LOL LOL On Condor 3 day in May. News at 11 then LOL
  298. Tunahead

    A Merry Christmas to all-Baja Bytes

    WOW what a report. Delivering those gifts to Guadalupe kids=PRICELESS!!! What a great effort for all who donated and went on the trip. Good job SAC! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL AND BE SAFE IN 2019 LOL
  299. Tunahead

    I went looking for local Bluefin Tuna that were rumored (video)

    HEY.....MELE KALIKIMAKA to you and yours! Tight lines for all in 2019 LOL
  300. Tunahead

    Kelp Paddy yellows in December out of OC?

    Nice bag full....must be a gazillion yellows at the islands still? LOL
  301. Tunahead


    THANKS everyone,and Have a MELE KALIKIMAKA TO ALL
  302. Tunahead


    Wishing everyone at and on Bloody Decks HAPPY HOLIDAYS and HAPPY NEW YEAR in 2019. TIGHT LINES....SCREAMING DRAGS....God willing I'll be back on the rail again with ya' next year! DRIVE SAFE. LOL.....<*((()))><.....Tunahead Ron
  303. Tunahead

    Monster Yellowfin Tuna again

    GREAT REPORT and pics. HOW are those illegal Marlin killers at the Finger Bank not arrested wherever they come in? What a suck deal killing Marlin. Anyway... HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND FELIZ NAVIDAD EVERYONE! SEE YOU ALL IN 2019 LOL
  304. Tunahead

    Trying to catch the last Tuna of the season ( video )

  305. Tunahead

    New Loan 1.5 day 12/2-4 left sunday, coming home now.

    Solid work and Great Report. Now I'm hungry again and all your fault. LOL
  306. Tunahead

    Are there still YFT in US Waters?

    NICE FISH Red Dot! Playing hooky from work again ehhh????? LOL LOL LOL
  307. Tunahead

    Fortune/bluefin tuna 12-2-2018

    Bruce rocks, and good to see someone out wacking the Bluefin still. LOL
  308. Tunahead

    Billfish & More Ignore Weather As Hot Baja-Bytes Fall Season Continues

    WOW what a great read about your last 6 weeks travels in WON!! Whew. Rest the knees! Only thing missing was ex-BG90 Capt. Mike with two gauze pads and his always ready roll of duct tape to wrap around them. Always was a good fix after a knee scrape on a gritty tuna boat deck. Or missing the last...
  309. Tunahead

    Trying to catch the last Tuna of the season ( video )

    OH YEAH.....HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!! LOL .... RonSanta
  310. Tunahead

    Billfish & More Ignore Weather As Hot Baja-Bytes Fall Season Continues

    The always GREAT REPORT and pics. Saw those Broomtail Grouper on your Linkedin Post...stopped my bucket list in it's tracks. I gotta go south next year. LOL HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO GARY AND FAMILY, AND EVERYONE IN MEXICO!!!
  311. Tunahead

    Monster Yellowfin Tuna-Double Digit Stripers

    GREAT REPORT as usual, got my blood boiling! Happy Holidays All! ALWAYS great PICS!! Snotty windy weather and rain in the OC last week/end, more coming soon too. LOL Damn winter. TC
  312. Tunahead

    Trying to catch the last Tuna of the season ( video )

    KEEP AT IT...see what shakes after this 2nd week of rain and cold comin; LOL
  313. Tunahead

    Snook, Stripers & Yellowfin Tuna NOW!

    AWESOME the size of those Snook! Looks like great fishing still going strong down south! Keep these great reports coming. I enjoy reading them over and over again on the mend. ! THANKS LOL
  314. Tunahead

    YFT Thanksgiving

    SOLID WORK Maksim! NIce grade of Ahi for sure! LOL
  315. Tunahead

    Old Glory Does It Again Big Grade YFT

    GOOD JOB Justin, great viewing! Glad you all had a great trip! LOL
  316. Tunahead

    SA 80 epic 2.5 day

    Great report, and nice load of good grade Bluefin Cody/Guys! What a rocker LOL
  317. Tunahead

    Thanksgiving Yellowfin 11/19

    NICE GRADE of Ahi . NIce load guys! LOL
  318. Tunahead

    Dorado, YFT’s & Wahoo Add To Finger Bank Bite

    Awesome report and pics as usual. Some Serious "Skinnies" down south. Wishin' I was at Mag Bay or East Cape now. Soon maybe! TC LOL
  319. Tunahead

    Limits on Pacific Dawn

    Nice load of fish and great trip! Great boat and crew. Where's the PICS? The gang wants MEAT?
  320. Tunahead

    Baja Striped Marlin Dazzle

    GREAT REPORT and pics as usual. Lot of nice fish. Good Lord...I'm FOAMING over "A Vat of Ceviche with every type of local seafood in it , and a Mountain of Lobsters" at BA. LOL LOL Ummmmmm
  321. Tunahead


    NICE FISH. Glad you had a fun time! LOL
  322. Tunahead

    Don’t fish the Thunderbird out of Daveys Locker read below.

    MAJOR: "What's your take on this guy's sickness vs. refund claim Gunny"? GUNNY HIGHWAY.."There's no fighting today, my tummy hurts...and besides I'm still looking for the bitch that stole my pickup at Oceans11 in O' side". LOL
  323. Tunahead

    Skipjack the movie Limits Released ( video )

    TOO COOL! Hey fun to catch, and Skippies make GOOD POKE! LOL I haven't been out, gonna let this Deltoid heal 100% this winter. Glad you got out again!
  324. Tunahead

    Baja Sportfishing in November is off the chart

    Another GREAT REPORT Gary. More great fishing off Baja still into November still! Geez.... Doc told me let the Deltoid heal over winter, vs. going out and tearing it lose again. THEN go kill some tuna next year. Guess I'm stuck here. Keep em' coming LOL
  325. Tunahead

    Big Fish & Bigger Money

    GREAT REPORT...what a party...what a payout! Lot of nice fish all over. LOL
  326. Tunahead

    Baja Fish Ignore Sergio Threat

    GREAT REPORT, NICE FISH..but the BEST was all those kids smiles and over 4000 people getting a new pair of shoes just flat ROCKS! Good Job ALL. LOL
  327. Tunahead

    What happened to the Prowler?

    OUCH...amazing with all that high tech radar, gps, and more those two could collide, even in fog?. Wonder if it was foggy? Bummer! Hope all on board will be fine. I'll wait for the CG report. Quite a collision. Damn. Spent many a day and night on Prowler with Buzz. Sorry to hear about this...
  328. Tunahead

    Big Eye near the 302

    NICE ONE! Tasty Tuna right there. I'm lucky enough to have caught two in my lifetime. One on Tide Change, one on Prowler. Been awhile. Good to see back! LOL
  329. Tunahead

    Not the Biggest, But My Best

    NICE ONE! Way to top your best! LOL
  330. Tunahead

    Baja Storms Unsettling

    GREAT REPORT as usual. Nice Hoo's and Rooster. More weather headed up the mainland coast looks like. Geez. That time of year. Keep em comin' Gary LOL
  331. Tunahead

    Baja Yellowfin Bite Bigtime

    GREAT'd I miss this one? LOL
  332. Tunahead

    Hurricane Rosa Comes a Knockin’

    Awesome report and pics...great reading. LOT of mud in streets of Cedros. OH YEAH....NICE FISH...the whole 9 yards! Keep these reports coming Gary! Some rain here this AM and tonight in the OC from the leftovers. LOL
  333. Tunahead

    Aztec 09.24-09.26 Reverse 1.75 Day

    NICE FISH and report. Man that's a long read while watching Rams game. LOL
  334. Tunahead

    Rpt. 09-26-18 O-95 1.5 Day, YFT Limits, A DoDo, JP!

    AWESOME REPORT AND PICS CORY ! THE SLUMP IS GONE. LOL LOL Looks like you lost the "Wind Magnet" rating this trip too? LOL Glad you got out. Always liked fishing with Rick on his Seahawk at LA Harbor and Davey's Locker. 2nd on PacStar too. Great tuna hunter. Glad you all had a fun time! TC
  335. Tunahead

    Baja Squalls Slow Baja Fishing

    WOW great report and pics Gary. Some nice HOO's & Dorado in the mix. LOL
  336. Tunahead

    Baja Sur Weather Slows Fishing Action

    Great report as always. Like the guy with yellowtail, sufboard,spear gun... the it covered. LOL
  337. Tunahead

    Baja Summer sizzles

    GREAT REPORT as usual. How did I miss this one? LOL
  338. Tunahead

    Dorado And Yellowfin Dazzle

    Another GREAT REPORT...ahh The Golden Days of late summer.Nice fish. Hoping to still get out a time or two yet this year. Enjoy your reports always.
  339. Tunahead

    How big is this fish

    NICE ONE!..ok 275 Bled? lmao
  340. Tunahead

    Big Eye Tuna on the Tomahawk

    NICE ONE. I'm lucky at 72 to have caught 2 in my lifetime. TASTY stuff! Glad you all had a great trip! As I say, You'll never know...unless you GO!! LOL
  341. Tunahead

    Wide Open Tuna Trip Aboard The Legend

    Where's the BEEF Dan (pics) The gang wants to see them? (At least Albert posted 3...LOL)
  342. Tunahead

    Best day of bluefin fishing I'll ever see / Catalina Sunday 8/26

    Erik and Deck, what a team....and what a LOAD of nice fish. AWESOME!
  343. Tunahead

    Wahoo Dominate

    GREAT REPORT GARY..and Welcome Back...some nice Hoo's,Dodo's there. Looks like you were on quite a trip the last few weeks. Lot of nice fish! Well I got out on the Big Bird and put a load of yellow meat in the freezer, but the repaired deltoid got strained again. Better now, be out in fall...
  344. Tunahead

    I'm off the DL late report (video)

    GOOD JOB CORY! Solid work guys! LOL Glad you got out again! I finally went on the Big Bird, long day on deck 14hrs winding, put a load of fish in the freezer, but strained the Deltoid again, not fully healed still. Back on the DL until fall In think. Still time for more, with these still...
  345. Tunahead

    Condor light hot summer sun rocker! 7/31

    Shoulder/arm still sore...gonna wait for fall before another trip looks like LOL Hope to see you on the Bird Simmo. TC
  346. Tunahead

    Where is Gary Graham???

    HE'S BUSY....Great story on Skipjack founder Jack Cole in PCS. and some other stories in WON. Good stuff. TC
  347. Tunahead

    Ever had your prop blown?

    MAJOR= "Ever blow your prop Gunny" GUNNY HIGHWAY="Hell ya, after the 3rd bitch stole my pickup in the Oceans11 Parking in lot in O'side, I blew my prop clean thru the back wall of Motel6" LOL LOL (glad you made it back to port)
  348. Tunahead

    What's happening with Calstar Rods?

    Leon Tood wrapped my 1st rod, a 7ft Roddy when I was in High School in the 60's. Caught my 1st everything with that rod on Pacific Queen with the late Legend Eddie McEwen. Now a 10 Calstar owner for years. I miss seeing Leon and chatting at shows. Few years ago I heard at show he had an illness...
  349. Tunahead

    Poseidon; when an epic trip turns out "not so epic"

    MAJOR="What do you think of this ongoing discussion Gunny"? GUNNY HIGHWAY="Discussion? "This is another good old Clusterfuck!" LOL
  350. Tunahead

    Poseidon; when an epic trip turns out "not so epic"

    Tuna fishing since 13, now 72, when the young punks try to crowd you away from the bait tank, a swift left elbow in the ribs usually gets their attention. These newbies, deadheads, etc. need a wake up call sometimes.Works for me! It's called RESPECT. Just sayin" LOL Smart tuna anglers stay...
  351. Tunahead

    Poseidon; when an epic trip turns out "not so epic"

    MAJOR="WHAT do you think about this winders complaints Gunny?" GUNNY HIGHWAY "I stay out of these cat fights now after some bitch stole my pickup in O'Side." " I asked Trump for his opinion, he tweeted me COVFEFE" LOL LOL
  352. Tunahead

    Poseidon; when an epic trip turns out "not so epic"

    GOOD CALL GERRY....we're already abuse targets on boats for years. LOL Hope you sort it out Nichole....goes with the job you know by now. LOL
  353. Tunahead

    Poseidon; when an epic trip turns out "not so epic"

    BAD JUJU! As one who'd known former owner/Captain Mike Bullard since our days together on Thuderbird then Pacific Star (Now the Poseidon) at Davey's Locker, and many albacore trips for years out of Seaforth....THAT SUCKS! Fastest way to lose paying customers screw them loading the boat with...
  354. Tunahead

    Condor light hot summer sun rocker! 7/31

    I'll 2nd, 3rd and 4th that Ron with Matt,Scott, Luke on deck!
  355. Tunahead

    Rpt-Liberty 08-01-18 Tuna and Tails.

    NICE FISH...I take it the bionic knee working smoothly now? Glad you had a fun trip. We had the same small bait epic on the Bird tuesday too. TC LOL
  356. Tunahead

    Condor light hot summer sun rocker! 7/31

    YEP might have been a little too soon, sore again, ready again by fall and see ya then maybe Simmo. R&R time. LOL
  357. Tunahead

    Condor light hot summer sun rocker! 7/31

    Well gang, IT'S HOT, the bait is small, but they're eating it! Like I say...... YOU'LL NEVER KNOW....UNLESS YOU GO FISHING! LOL Good Luck if so!
  358. Tunahead

    Rpt-Liberty 08-01-18 Tuna and Tails.

    GOOD JOB CORY...great report and glad you got out. NICE FISH. We were coming in when you were going out then. Hope your bionic knee working smoothly now. Looks like we both got some meat in the freezer now. Shoulder/arm sore today, hopefully better soon for more. TC LOL
  359. Tunahead

    Condor light hot summer sun rocker! 7/31

    Donald and Micky I recall, Dad from Mission Viejo, Son Big Bear HS Track Coach. Dad on my right, 2nd hookup guy on my left, all throwing Colt Snipers and I'm out of the game, but way too grateful he and his son got to wind on that beast on a Newell with 40lb for 1hr. Dad can fish, caught most...
  360. Tunahead

    Condor light hot summer sun rocker! 7/31

    ON ICE now, hurtin bad, hopefully better tomorrow. Round 2 in fall I'm thinking. LOL
  361. Tunahead

    Condor light hot summer sun rocker! 7/31

    Thanks Tom, hurtin bad today, strained it. On the ice pack now. LOL I think the Titanium Replacement is healed LOL But the repaired Deltoid reaching in the bait scuppers up high all day did me in. I'll live. LOL
  362. Tunahead

    Condor light hot summer sun rocker! 7/31

    THANKS WADE...was good to get out again and put some fish in freezer. Boy the arm hurts bad today, after a 14hr day on deck no wonder. LOL Time for some R&R and more healing before going again. Geez
  363. Tunahead

    Condor light hot summer sun rocker! 7/31

    Errrrr Make that off Baja Norte down 65-80 miles from San Diego LOL
  364. Tunahead

    Condor light hot summer sun rocker! 7/31

    You bet they are Doug, What was at 120miles last weekend is now up more like 65-80 miles. Can only get better with a more normal year shaping up now.
  365. Tunahead

    Condor light hot summer sun rocker! 7/31

    Mostly bait, but 1 veteran angler got most of his on small blue/white Tady
  366. Tunahead

    Condor light hot summer sun rocker! 7/31

    3-5 inch dines Most used a 1/0 some #2. They bit on 25 and 30lb. Bluefin on 40lb
  367. Tunahead

    Condor light hot summer sun rocker! 7/31

    With a light load of only 15 we left the dock at 8pm Monday night, loaded up some small dines, (the norm now they said) and OFF we went south, starting at 65miles South Tuesday morning.Capt,Jimmy, 2nd Vince, Bryant cooking great food,a a top notch deck Crew of Scott,Matt and Luke to handle the...
  368. Tunahead

    2 x overnight trips vs 1 longer trip?

    Well gang, you know what I say..."YOU'LL NEVER KNOW...UNLESS YOU GO" LOL
  369. Tunahead

    2 x overnight trips vs 1 longer trip?

    YES Knotabyte is up to the minute info! I'm off on a 1.5 day tonight. We'll hopefully shred that Poor forcast...I think more related to out 30-60 miles offshore, than down the line West of Colonet. Even Excel,Searcher, Islander and others were fishing down south this weekend. Hint. GL when you go.
  370. Tunahead

    Billy K Popped My Cherry 07.26.18

    Solid work guys...nice fish. That's quite a novel!!! LOL I'm finally off on the BigBird tomorrow night!
  371. Tunahead

    2 x overnight trips vs 1 longer trip?

    Tuna fishing since 1960 I've done most length trips. Right now, I'd do two 1.5's. Bait stays fresh all day, target the fish where they are and been the day before. Some 2-6 day trips, depending on swell and weather, the bait gets beat up, often dies and it all jig and troll fishing. The longer...
  372. Tunahead

    Islander 2.5 day - 7/22-25

    Great report and way to give it go. There will be better days ahead. LOL
  373. Tunahead

    Tomahawk - 7/27 on the water report - WFO yellows to 35#!

    SOLID WORK...NICE FISH ! Like the looks of that stuff. LOL Tuesday!!!
  374. Tunahead

    Tuna and Tails

    Nice load of tasty eaters Cody! Solid Work! LOL
  375. Tunahead

    JUL 21 - Skiff Life

    Nice fish guys...glad you had a fun day! LOL
  376. Tunahead

    Emergency small craft missing

    Glad they made it back OK.
  377. Tunahead

    Got a fat one 7/19

    NICE ONE RON! Solid Work! LOL
  378. Tunahead

    “The Year of the Cow”

    GREAT REPORT AND PICS Jonathan! What a load. NICE FISH! LOL
  379. Tunahead

    Catching bluefin under fire from Canadian warship

    NIce haul. Guess the Canucks woke ya up? LOL
  380. Tunahead


    HERE HERE!!!
  381. Tunahead


    MAJOR: "What do you make of Roberto's claim Gunny"? GUNNY HIGHWAY: "How can I make sense of no sense=No comprende" "Some Senorita stole my pickup at Oceans 11 in O'side again last night"!LOL
  382. Tunahead

    Opah SW of 302

    Nice one G ...don't ya love surprises like that? LOL
  383. Tunahead

    New Lo-An 1.5 day 7-9-18

    HEY Goose, saw a special on Discovery on the Japanese pole jig boats. Guys on racks on both sides, holds and throwers up top, and 2-3 hose men shooting spray off the sides and stern. Still used to this day some places like Japan.
  384. Tunahead

    New Lo-An 1.5 day 7-9-18

    Great report and NICE FISH Brian. LOL
  385. Tunahead

    Yellowfin Off La Jolla 7/8

    Great report and NICE Fish Jake! Solid work and great info. LOL
  386. Tunahead

    Pac Voy 7/7-7/8 BFT, YFT, YT...Video and Pics

    Great report and pics, and NICE FISH Austin. Solid trip! LOL
  387. Tunahead

    Bluefin are starting bite just in time for the 4th!

    NICE FISH and solid work looking around to find them! LOL
  388. Tunahead

    Bluefin near the 182

    GREAT Report and solid intel for all. LOL
  389. Tunahead

    How's the Condor

    LOL Nahhhh....recovered from latest shoulder surgery in December again. Time to ROCK! TIME to catch some and take new pics. Wake these damn tuna up in a week. LOL
  390. Tunahead

    How's the Condor time we kept going and going down 135 on a 1.5 we hit the paddy of paddies for over 350 Yellowtail, and my Avatar JP Yellowfin at 6pm. He's goes YARD more than any other skipper, not afraid to burn fuel to go catch fish.
  391. Tunahead

    July 4-5 43 area

  392. Tunahead

    How's the Condor

    Nothing wrong with Pacific Queen. I went with the original owner and Legend Eddie McEwen when I was 15 out of Pierpoint Landing growing up in Long Beach-1960's. The FL report was wrong, it was 7 bluefin to 80lbs, like others that day. Some of Condor's trips now are Charters with rental rods and...
  393. Tunahead

    How's the Condor

  394. Tunahead

    1 day on the Chief

    NICE ONE! Glad you were the chosen one! That's damn bluefin for ya! LOL Chris did a nice job re-firbing ye old BG90 before new ownership. Think I've spent 2-3 decades in Cabin C on tha boat, and a lot of great memories. Glad you were successful. Now I'm hungry again dammit! TC
  395. Tunahead

    YFT close

    AHH COMMON know sheep meat curls up in little balls when cooked! LOL
  396. Tunahead

    How's the Condor

    I know, strange. YEP doc said GO. Deltoid all healed from December surgery. Time to Wind, now that I can reach up and over the bait scuppers. LOL I'll try a 1.5 first. LOL Good luck on your 2.5 day and tell the gang HI for me.
  397. Tunahead

    Tomahawk 2.5 Day Killing Spree

    NIce load of fish guys! Can't wait to get on em in week. LOL. Fishy boat that!
  398. Tunahead

    Aztec 7-3

    NICE they say fishing bluefin=ONE be better than none. LOL Way to give a go. That boat is fishy, always has been.
  399. Tunahead

    How's the Condor

    WOW...doesn't sound like the Condor crew at all. Strange. I've fished the boat for many years, and always found the crew some of the best. Matt,Scott, and Luke now, and for years Rob,Billy, and Tad, others always friendly and helpful Cook Christopf is one the best in the fleet. "Maybe they had...
  400. Tunahead

    2.5 day on the Tomahawk - YFT

    Good news, great report and pics! Nice load of fish, Glad ya had fun LOL Can't wait to out again in a week! GL the rest of the season!
  401. Tunahead

    Baja Stripers Linger

    GREAT REPORT and pics, lots of nice fish coming aboard now! Looks like awhile before I can fish still, Deltoid still healing, geez. LOL
  402. Tunahead

    Short Report 6/30, 7/4 and Good Popper Bite Video

    NICE load of fish guys! SOLID WORK! Can't wait to next out in a week! LOL
  403. Tunahead

    YFT close

    NICE glad ya got one. Sheep a bonus, cook w/sugar tastes like crab. Glad the Yellowfin showing now. Back on the big bird in a week. ROTATE those pics, now I have a stiff neck. LOL and hungry too.
  404. Tunahead

    How's the Condor

    GREAT...Fished on it a Gazillion times. Back out on it the 16th. Great Capt Scott and crew, cook. She's big, always fish and a fun time GO! LOL
  405. Tunahead

    Sea Adventure 80 2.5 Day Smoked my Baja Special

    Great read and report. The FIGHT is what we live for I think? The catching and eating are just the reward. Been there, done that, go back and gettum LOL PS get a bigger/better reel like a TLD20/30 at least that holds more line/2 speed.
  406. Tunahead

    Won tuna shoot out / New Lo-an

    Solid work...CONGRATS! LOL
  407. Tunahead

    TEJAS Takes the PELAGIC Triple Crown Victory in Cabo

    Great report, and fun time was had by all from the looks of it! LOL
  408. Tunahead

    6/23/18 BFT... moo-moo

  409. Tunahead

    Aluminum Chariot Strikes Again!! Nados 6/21

    Nice load of fish! Now I'm hungry again.....LOL
  410. Tunahead

    Saturday 6/17 226 302 371 got one

    Nice one! THAT Is Bloody Decks worthy. LOL
  411. Tunahead

    Summertime Baja Fishing is really lighting up – here’s your Baja Bytes report

    GREAT REPORT and Pics Gary! Some serious WSB and Dorado! NICE! LOL Can't wait.
  412. Tunahead

    Baja weather may dampen epic stripey bite

    Great report....sans the suck murders. Hope they catch them soon! No bueno. I'm hoping "Bud" will push some warm water, yellowfin and dorado further north so we get get the game rolling further up Baja soon! Getting about ready to rock LOL
  413. Tunahead

    Tuna Science 6-10 2018 report (video)

    My extensive research while on the DL points to the cause of warm air and water.LOL I hope to be back out on "the lab" soon and winding again. News at 11.
  414. Tunahead

    Awesome time on the Tomahawk Sportfishing!

    NICE LOAD of fish, great report and pics. Now I'm hungry again. Thanks LOL
  415. Tunahead

    Spring flees...Summer begins with a bang

    Great report....NICE Dorado, Wahoo (and the catcher) LOL Doc says OK to fish soon, can't wait. TC
  416. Tunahead

    Remember why you are free

    YEP...REMEMBER THOSE WHO GAVE THEIR ALL..................................VET
  417. Tunahead

    Baja Sur is heating up and the fishing is lighting up

    Once again, GREAT REPORT. Man that 40+lb Dorado caught my eye. LOL
  418. Tunahead

    JUMBO Bluefin on Tomahawk - 2.5 day Memorial weekend

    NICE FISH...good to see yee old Cat back in action again. Looks sharp!
  419. Tunahead

    Rough Weekend Offshore

    Rough conditions for the whole fleet aside, Great Report and pics. MIssed being out with the gang, but my repaired Deltoid still healing a bit more. I especially missed the abuse from the crew and Condor regulars. LOL Frankly didn't see the fleet catch squat the whole last week in that chop and...
  420. Tunahead

    From Sierra to marlin, Baja byte heats up

    Great Report and Pics as usual Gary. Waking up to gloom and drizzle in the OC a Ray of sunshine to my life. Good to see it busting lose down south!
  421. Tunahead

    Baja bluefin boost below the border expectations

    I saw in WON bluefin at the 371,390 appx. 30-38miles from Pt.Loma..could be wild season ahead. See how boats do this weekend and beyond. I better keep on the Lt.WeightsLOL
  422. Tunahead

    Baja bluefin boost below the border expectations

    Great report and the pics the norm Gary! LOL Good to see the Mexican bluefin quota has been met already! Maybe we all can catch a few up here this summer. Can't wait to get back on the water soon! Keep the reports coming! No shortage of wind up here in the OC past few weeks either. LOL
  423. Tunahead

    Yellowfin & Bluefin Dominate

    Wow looks like Baja really heating up now. Great report and pics Gary. BB out soon. LOL
  424. Tunahead

    Liberty 3/4 offshore report. Bluefin!!!!!!

  425. Tunahead

    Liberty 3/4 offshore report. Bluefin!!!!!!

    SOLID WORK and nice fish Mike. Great report and pics. Fun times! LOL
  426. Tunahead

    New Lo-An 1.5 4/28/18

    Great report and pics David. Been there. LOL Some be better than none!
  427. Tunahead

    Sportfishing Baja Offers Anglers A Mixed Bag

    GREAT REPORT...Love the smiling kids with tuna, now hooked for life. LOL
  428. Tunahead

    Baja Sur winds slow spring arrival

    COOL REPORT as usual Gary! Nice fish and pics! No shortage of wind here either, so I won't add any, go read the report 3-4 more times. LOL
  429. Tunahead

    A wide variety of gamefish are available as spring comes on.

    Cool report and pics as usual Gary. GOOD JOB LOL
  430. Tunahead

    Yellowfin Tuna caught from the beach !!!!

    Wow great report. Yellowfin caught from the Cabo beach! NOW THAT ROCKS!LOL
  431. Tunahead

    Los Cabos stripers and La Paz tuna dominate Gary Graham's Baja Bytes

    Another great report....lot of wind here now that rain gone...Won't be long.
  432. Tunahead

    Southern Baja hotspots catch Gary Graham's eye as the rest of Baja endures chilly weather.

    GREAT REPORT! Makes a rainy day seem like Heaven. BB soon on the water. Man that San Quintin Seabass IS HUGE! Hope to get one soon! TC
  433. Tunahead

    Los Cabos tournaments featured this week and Baja Bytes was there

    COOL REPORT and great reading as always Gary! LOL BB soon!
  434. Tunahead

    COD COD COD!!!! 3-1

    Cool, glad you had a decent RR trip, and kudos on the donations. I'm out of the sling/brace now already doing PT exercises. Should be ready by June N/P. LOL Time to heal and get strong now.
  435. Tunahead

    Baja sportfishing shrugs off cranky weather with trophy yellowtail

    Great report Gary. Many cool pics and nice fish. Spring is here looks like! LOL
  436. Tunahead

    COD COD COD!!!! 3-1

    GOOD JOB Jeff, glad you got out! I'll be catching up soon. LOL
  437. Tunahead

    ALBACORE ! Limits ( VIDEO )

    I been having Albacore dreams again, I think they're coming this year!!
  438. Tunahead

    Pacific Star Sportfishing License Suspended

    FACT IS the DFG officers aren't the real problem here. The COMMISSION made up of more yokels who don't fish or hunt is the REAL PROBLEM, than actual Commission members who do. The 5 years is excessive, and unjust! Just my take after reviewing all sides and facts in WON. LOL
  439. Tunahead

    1.5 on the pacific queen get what you get...nothing wrong with limits of Reds LOL Tasty meat!
  440. Tunahead

    From dolphin rescue to wild winter fishing Gary Graham tells all

    GREAT REPORT as usual Gary, as I sit here 38F in Costa Mesa this morning...this is just wrong. LOL Kudos to all on the Dolphin saves!!
  441. Tunahead

    ALBACORE ! Limits ( VIDEO )

    Ahhh the good old days remember ??? This 3 day on Searcher only lasted 2 days after we filled the holds and slammer on a 5 hr Albacore ripper the 2nd night. Hope they come back soon...LOL
  442. Tunahead

    ALBACORE ! Limits ( VIDEO )

    Ahhhhh yes THE GOOD OLD DAYS....I feel them coming back soon!! LOL
  443. Tunahead

    Cabo big blue plus a tuna surprise in La Paz

    GREAT REPORT and Pics Gary, lot of yellows everywhere..geez.Can't wait, won't be long now. Tequila shots in cored Cucumbers? That'll keep the Turistas guessing. LOL
  444. Tunahead

    Pacific Star Sportfishing License Suspended

    When these DFW MPA's were first proposed, backed by the do gooders like the Sierra Club, others...I was one who went to 1 of their meetings and waited hours to have my turn and ask questions. In front of all the Save the World freaks and DFW reps....I asked...aside from Avalon...HOW MANY OF YOU...
  445. Tunahead

    Trolling the Outer Banks Looking for Tuna on Super Bowl Sunday (Video)

  446. Tunahead

    Pacific Star Sportfishing License Suspended

    MAJOR="What do you make of this rockfish mess Gunny"?? GUNNY HIGHWAY="Sounds like another Cow Cod/Gannion/Mole Clusterfuck! LOL
  447. Tunahead

    Pacific Star Sportfishing License Suspended

    What needs to be suspended for 5 years are the stupid MPA's and the DFG guys claiming they're policing them every minute. I doubt Mike and crew intentionally drifted into the "forbidden" waters, who knows? I think a 5 year yanking of a Sport Boat's license is pretty severe for Owner and crew...
  448. Tunahead

    1.5 Colonet, New Lo-An

    Great report and NICE FISH Justin, everyone! Great trip! LOL
  449. Tunahead

    February 3rd 2018 With Phillip

    Cool report. Way to pick the Carnival Cruise balloon crap out of the ocean!LOL
  450. Tunahead

    Trolling the Outer Banks Looking for Tuna on Super Bowl Sunday (Video)

    Way to give it a look Cory! I'm out of the sling/brace now, onward to PT next!LOL
  451. Tunahead

    Baja dorado and striped marlin barely outshine huge yellowfin

    GREAT kids catching Bonito...brings back memories...LOL
  452. Tunahead

    JRI Custom Lures Vagabond 2.5 Day (Late Report)

    Great report and pics John and NICE FISH everyone! LOL NICE JIGS
  453. Tunahead

    Cow-sized yellowfin, double digit billfish releases as January fades

    GREAT REPORT Gary as usual. Love the story on Jonathan, no idea he was a lawyer and chucked it all. Great guy. Guess him and Jill up here on the show circuit now. Damn, Fred Hall in Long Beach won't be long now. Only 2-3 more weeks in this damn sling brace, healing great, can't wait to get out...
  454. Tunahead

    Bluefin at the end of January !!

    You bet, healing great. In the sling/brace 2-3 more weeks, and started some overhead PT already. Gotta let the Deltoid heal to bone few months now. Should be good to go by summer and hope to see you all soon! LOL
  455. Tunahead

    Bluefin at the end of January !!

    GOOD JOB JEFF...can't beat it for end of January. LOL
  456. Tunahead

    PQ Colonet 1/12-1/14

    Nice Hamachi grade yellows! LOL
  457. Tunahead

    Pac Queen 1/17-1/19 report

    I always say....You'll never know...unless you go! LOL
  458. Tunahead

    Striped marlin Los Cabos top catch followed by yellowfin tuna

    Great report Gary. You'll be in heaven when they upgrade the Highway!! LOL
  459. Tunahead

    Rpt.-01-12-18 1.5 day on New LoAnn 300 mile boat ride.

    Way to give a go Cory. Like I say..."You never know, unless you go" LOL Sounds like Bluefin being bluefin on their full belly day maybe? Hell I'm still in the sling brace and hope to get out by summer. Deltoid re-attached and healing great! Hope to See ya soon!
  460. Tunahead

    Yellow- fin tuna weighing 424.6 LBS was caught today off Loreto

    Say what? I'm referring to the fish as Gary and the fleet owners reported here with pics.. As caught last week. LOL Caught on a MACkeral.....LOL
  461. Tunahead

    Yellow- fin tuna weighing 424.6 LBS was caught today off Loreto

    WHAT A Loreto, on a Mack per WON I think? LOL
  462. Tunahead

    New Lo-An on the bluefin in January!

    GREAT REPORT and nice fish Danny!! LOL
  463. Tunahead

    Huge cow-sized yellowfin astonish Loreto anglers

    PS loved the Rooster Rally story/photos in PCS...good job!
  464. Tunahead

    Huge cow-sized yellowfin astonish Loreto anglers

    Great report as usual Gary. Wow, cow tuna off Loreto, amazing. LOL
  465. Tunahead

    Mako Shark Bait and Switch Part 3 ( video )

    Yikes. After a few months after 1st rotator cuff I got a spin rig, fishing for White Sea Bass at SCI, of course I hook a 70lb bat ray for 1/2 hr...LOL
  466. Tunahead

    Grandsons First Offshore Trip

    Too cool Jim! He looks stoked for life from ear to ear! LOL
  467. Tunahead

    1.5 day on the Chief

    NICE LOAD and great report!! LOL
  468. Tunahead

    Mako Shark Bait and Switch Part 3 ( video )

    Only mudsharks on the coffee grinder LOL
  469. Tunahead

    Baja Drone takes one for the Vaquita

    Great, only 3 weeks and incision all healed up, no pain. In the brace/sling thru January, then he said 6 mos. to grow muscle back to bone where he did 5 stitches. So by June should be ready to fish again hopefully. Amazing. LOL
  470. Tunahead

    Jan. 2nd - Limits of BFT on the 60 mile bank

    SOLID WORK LOL The kid looks stoked for life. He'll never forget the 1st tuna! LOL
  471. Tunahead

    12/30 O'95 year end bluefin trip

    Way to GO Mike and MAX looks stoked. Too cool. Happy New Year! LOL
  472. Tunahead

    Condor 1.5 Day 11/24-26

    THANKS! Was bad 90% torn, on the mend now, will take 6 months before fishing. Great read and report here again. See you all next summer. Looks like Scott was out with a full Condor today catching yellowtail, couple bluefin. Geez HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE.
  473. Tunahead


    Just got staples out=heaven. Doc said 6+ weeks in brace/sling then 6 months for deltoid to grow back to bone with 5 stitches. Geez. I'm looking at July hopefully. Gotta stick with the healing program now. LOL HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!
  474. Tunahead


    Happy Holidays Hardcore...hope to be back in the game soon. LOL
  475. Tunahead


    Happy Holidays to you too Wils, and trust me, I'll be back out when I'm able . LOL
  476. Tunahead


    LOL and you would, and Stew the tangler with the Rainbow Briad.Can't wait. I miss the smack!
  477. Tunahead


    U2 Bro and I'm working on it Simmo...LOL
  478. Tunahead


    You too Marco and good luck fishing and good health in 2018
  479. Tunahead

    AZTEC 1.5 day early Xmas

    TOO COOL...and he'll never forgot the 1st one believe me! LOL
  480. Tunahead


    Will do, I'm grounded for sure. No need to rush the healing process. LOL IF you get on the bird again soon tell the gang HI. I doubt I'll start with the 4day, but can't wait to get fishing with the gang again. I miss the smack. LOL LOL
  481. Tunahead


    Hope so Wally, couldn't get any worse. LOL HAPPY HOLIDAYS! LOL
  482. Tunahead


    YOU TOO Gary Happy Holidays to you and your family and everyone on the big bird. Wished there'd been more reports, but I was toast. LOL
  483. Tunahead


    Modern medicine, scary when ya wake up. LOL I'll take my time for sure! LOL
  484. Tunahead


    LMAO Maybe if in the 60's in school or the Army Dan...LOL
  485. Tunahead


    Thanks Jesus, just kickin back watching football, Clippers, Lakers now...LOL
  486. Tunahead


    DAMN you got me beat, GET WELL SOON~~~!!! Good time to recover now~
  487. Tunahead


    NO you missed the punch Line....they sent me home with the brace ON but not the cute nurse IN IT...DAMMIT!~ lol
  488. Tunahead

    Yellowfin and dorado for Christmas

    Thanks Gary. I'm in, and out of the madness. Hope you and everyone have a safe and great Holiday Season and Happy New Year! TC
  489. Tunahead

    12-19.... close but no cigar

    WOW NICE READ...good ending
  490. Tunahead


    Just wanted to stop in and wish everyone here on BD HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Happy New Year! Great to see so many of you still out fishing and even catching bluefin into late December, who knows January too. Your pics and reports have saved my spirits while I been dealing with a bad 90% torn Deltoid and...
  491. Tunahead

    Blue Fin every where !!

    Great report and info Walt, glad you got out and got some. I'm foaming a week off #8 deltoid surgery and healing fast feels like. Hope to be back in the game come spring again. Good to see you,Cory, others out fishing. LOL
  492. Tunahead

    Yellowfin and dorado for Christmas

    Great report and pics and NICE FISH everyone! Well a week out of surgery and healing great. Staples out the 27th, and the brace sling off end of January, good to start fishing rehab hopefully. Keep these awesome reports coming...I need a road trip bad this spring...LOL HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND BE...
  493. Tunahead

    Giant tuna tops week

    LOL Been a week and can already lift the arm, ALTHOUGH still in a brace, sling until mid January or so. Get my 12 staples out the 27th, it's healing fast. Gonna take some PT time too but ready to start the rehab to fish again! They gave me the sling brace, but not the take home nurse....LOL...
  494. Tunahead

    Giant tuna tops week

    LOL Been a week and can already lift the arm, ALTHOUGH still in a brace, sling until mid January or so. Get my 12 staples out the 27th, it's healing fast. Gonna take some PT time too but ready to start the rehab to fish again! HAPPY HOLIDAYS
  495. Tunahead

    Giant tuna tops week

    Great report Gary...just home from surgery, detoid was ripped off, now repaired...hope to fish soon again. Keep the reports coming. LOL
  496. Tunahead

    Prowler 11/26/17

    Nice load of fish Jesus, guys! LOL
  497. Tunahead

    12/2/17 Pacific Queen

    Great report, glad you got some! LOL
  498. Tunahead

    Saturday 1.5 Day New Lo-An

    Great report Matt....gonna be hit and miss for December on I think LOL
  499. Tunahead

    Baja exotics bedazzle visiting anglers

    WOW great report and pics Gary. Great Mex 1 road trek report in WON too. Well I'm 72 today, torn deltoid surgery the 14th...back in the game by summer again hopefully. Til' then keep these reports coming! LOL All those seiners going wild really sucks, with the Gov't looking the other way.
  500. Tunahead

    Condor 1.5 Day 11/24-26

    GOOD JOB...hey GREAT READ,,,,boy you earned that NICE FISH. Condor my fav boat. Great crew as you found out! Way to go! That's one of the better epics on 20lb/long rod I've read in a long time..LOL Glad guys like you out getting bluefin now. I'm off to shoulder surgery #7 the 14th. Hope to see...
  501. Tunahead

    Bluefin monkey is off my back

    Good job...glad the skunk's off...LOL
  502. Tunahead

    Sardina return to Loreto

    Another great report per usual Gary. Yes loved the baby Rooster/Sardine pic as well. Too cool...TC
  503. Tunahead

    Insanely good BFT fishing

    EPIC fishing Markus, kept at it. I'm up for shoulder surgery #7 soon dammit. LOL
  504. Tunahead

    Epics November catching on Jumbo BFT limits!

    Great report, pics and NICE FISH Kevin. EPIC fishing now. LOL
  505. Tunahead

    New Lo An 11/18: Bluefin Tuna Trip of a Lifetime. GO NOW!!!!!!

    WOW great report and pics Shelton and NICE FISH everyone. Boy your little brothers have grown up a tad since we were on Condor. LOL Epic fishing now and I'm up for torn deltoid/cuff surgery #7 soon. Oh well. Maybe next year. Anyway glad you and the Flagstaff Gang had a great trip! LOL
  506. Tunahead

    Baja Sur on fire as Northern Baja cools

    Well bummer me, have a torn Deltoid,Rotator Cuff maybe too. Fish win. Surgery soon to get repaired by Christmas hopefully, then recover to fish next season again. These reports keep my spirits up bigtime! LOL
  507. Tunahead

    Aztec coming in - HOLY CRAP!

    Nice load of big fish. Epic. Glad you had a great trip.
  508. Tunahead

    37 BFT over 150 lbs on a 1.5 day- Aztec 11/17/17

    Great report and pics and NICE FISH Andy, everyone! Glad ya had fun. LOL
  509. Tunahead

    Baja Sur on fire as Northern Baja cools

    Great Report Gary. Wow looks like Steve and Bad Company had quite a day, 100 marlin god ya what next? LOL
  510. Tunahead

    Baja Bytes Weekly Sportfishing Overview 11/06/17

    Cool report and pics as usual Gary! LOL
  511. Tunahead

    Pac Voyager 5 1/2 day (late report)

    AWESOME Report and pics Mike and nice load of fish everyone! NOW I'm hungry for tuna again, forcing me to take some out for tonight..LOL
  512. Tunahead

    Another Epic Bluefin Year (Preview)

    NICE ONE Billy! Solid work...and nice load of fish guys. What a year! LOL
  513. Tunahead

    Yellowfin tuna dazzle at East Cape

    Awesome report and pics Gary. Loved the WON story on feeding kids and the Barios in Cabo with donated fish. Great cause there! TC
  514. Tunahead

    SCI 10/5 on the Thunderbird

    NICE FISH Paul...boy I miss the years fishing with Goofy TB & Freelance!
  515. Tunahead

    10/7 Big Bluefin on Flat Fall @ SCI

    NICE ONE JAMES....solid work. LOL
  516. Tunahead

    ToadsToadsOnly Unicorn’s Grazing the Blue Pacific

    NICE FISH EVERYONE! About time you got a good one Jonathan. LOL LOL
  517. Tunahead

    Ocean Octoberfest

    NICE LOAD! Let's eat! LOL
  518. Tunahead

    Baja wahoo snap makes anglers smile

    Great report and pics as usual Gary! Keep em coming! LOL
  519. Tunahead

    Pacific Queen 10/4 Quick Report

    Good eating grade of tuna there!
  520. Tunahead

    Baja limits common in Baja Sur

    Another great report! That's some pothole! LOL I'm still on the mend, hope to fish again soon. These reports keep me goin' THANKS
  521. Tunahead

    Baja sportfishing shakes off threatening storm again

    Great report and pics as usual Gary. A friend in Cabo 2 weeks emailed me tonight the town pretty much back to normal again now. Decent fishing. 27th
  522. Tunahead

    Baja's booming as August fades

    Another great report and pics Gary. Good Job LOL
  523. Tunahead

    Pacific Star 8/20-8/23 2.5 day

    NICE FISH....always did catch a lot of fish on Pac Star. Good job!
  524. Tunahead

    Baja dorado play midsummer hide and seek

    Wow what a report...good stuff Gary. Great pics
  525. Tunahead

    Rooster's and Hoo's keep it interesting...

    Great report once again the size of those Roosters... I gotta get down there on some of those soon! LOL
  526. Tunahead


  527. Tunahead

    2 Days on the Pacific Star

    Great boat, and glad you had fun, made the most of the trip. Mike and I go back to his Art's Landing days when I worked for Canned Heat and had a sailboat slipped down the street, then when he bought Thunderbird, then Pacific Star. Lot of trips on those boats for years. Good to see him back on...
  528. Tunahead

    CONDOR 7/27 Yellow Trifecta Trainwreck

    Damn...good luck on the surgery and recovery! Welcome to Titanium world. I had my left shoulder replaced 2 yrs ago...amazing what they can do! LOL Bionic fishing! LOL
  529. Tunahead

    CONDOR 7/27 Yellow Trifecta Trainwreck

    It's a start Jim...more PT needed for bigger fish in fall LOL Fall could be epic I'm thinking?
  530. Tunahead

    Baja, Billfish, Bisbee, 3 B's of August

    Great Report par usual Gary, damn I'm late. LOL Finally got out West of Ensenada on Condor and got a limit of yellowtail and a yellowfin tuna, missed the Trifeca with unbuttoned Dorado, oh well. The bionic arm working again, but more healing needed for fall coming soon! Lot of fish around the...
  531. Tunahead

    Condor 1.5 Day 7/31

    FISH HOLDS? It's a 90ft tuna boat..YES Two big RSW holds and the slammer hold tons of fish. We first cut the gil plates of tuna,bigger yellows and put in the gunnies to bleed. Then when the bite shuts off, they're all tagged with your # and in the hold. RSW=Recirculating Salt Water at about 35F...
  532. Tunahead

    Big bull dorado

    NICE DODO...they grow fast! LET"S EAT! LOL
  533. Tunahead

    Rpt.-Wed. 08-02-17 SCI, another big Bluefin on the Toronado!

    Great report and pics Cory and NICE FISH everyone, let's EAT! LOL I 2nd the need for you and Lal to go hook one of these on the Rubber Ducky and get towed all over the ocean behind SCI??? Put on You Tube? Common???? LOL
  534. Tunahead

    CONDOR 7/27 Yellow Trifecta Trainwreck

    LIMITS of Dorado and limits of Yellowtail on Condor overnight today! Sold out Friday night, some spots for 1.5 day 8/5...GO FISH GANG!!! LOL
  535. Tunahead

    CONDOR 7/27 Yellow Trifecta Trainwreck

    Condor always a class act. We had a kid from Las Vegas on with dad, and grandpa, and Scott would cast a bait from off the tank then hand down to dad to have the kid wind on the fish. They're great with kids. Even us old kids have a blast on the big bird. LOL
  536. Tunahead

    Rpt.-2 day 07-30-17- Relentless WFO Tails and Dorado!

    Great report and nice fish everyone! Great boat, miss Joel Ralston the original owner, top notch guy. Glad you had a great trip. These kelps are loaded and insane fishing for all now. I figured it was just a matter of time before the WIND found the Wind Magnet? LOL LOL Grilling Yellowtail for...
  537. Tunahead

    Condor 1.5 Day 7/31

    Great Report Jeff, same as it was Thursday for us, but only Yellowfin on the troll, they never stopped with the Porpoise schools. Glad you had a fun trip. Scott and crew are great w/kids on Condor, as are most regulars, especially from out of State, one trip a year,etc. LOL
  538. Tunahead

    CONDOR 7/27 Yellow Trifecta Trainwreck

    No problem, I have them all the time when OFF the ocean...LOL LOL
  539. Tunahead

    CONDOR 7/27 Yellow Trifecta Trainwreck

    Fishing on the 90ft big bird with only 17 midweek=priceless. Now primetime! NP glad to tell the tales...LOL
  540. Tunahead

    CONDOR 7/27 Yellow Trifecta Trainwreck

    Will do Gary, and hope to see you and the gang again soon! TC LOL
  541. Tunahead

    Fruits and vegetables .

    Nice yellows...solid work! LOL
  542. Tunahead

    CONDOR 7/27 Yellow Trifecta Trainwreck

    Thanks Bill, good to get out again and eating AHI last night. LOL
  543. Tunahead

    CONDOR 7/27 Yellow Trifecta Trainwreck

    It's a start Joe, just had seared Ahi for dinner made the trip. LOL Had to go and see, more PT to be done. Good luck on the 2.5 Gary! LOL
  544. Tunahead

    CONDOR 7/27 Yellow Trifecta Trainwreck

    It's a start Jerr, more PT and healing and ready for a great fall hopefully LOL Thanks Jeff, fish in the freezer again a good thing. It's a start. LOL
  545. Tunahead

    CONDOR 7/27 Yellow Trifecta Trainwreck

    JUST IN...Condor got limits of Yellowtail for 37, 16 dorado , 34 yellowfin and 1 bluefin Saturday!! Nice load for 37 winders! Get out there for some wild action! I'm toast...LOL
  546. Tunahead

    CONDOR 7/27 Yellow Trifecta Trainwreck

    THANKS both Steves, and good luck out fishing soon! Just packed my yellowtail and tuna in fridge/freezer= done. Got Ahi for sashimi and seared later for Giants at Dodger game. Life is good. No pain in shoulder amazing! LOL
  547. Tunahead

    CONDOR 7/27 Yellow Trifecta Trainwreck

    Tired? HA...X17 +Scott & crew!....think we all were...long day on the water! LOL I've learned if you're tired and sore, you had a fun day on the water!!! Glad you're settled in back there. Look forward to big Muskie pics!
  548. Tunahead

    Jumbo BFT 75 West

    Nice one Dan....good job! LOL
  549. Tunahead

    CONDOR 7/27 Yellow Trifecta Trainwreck

    Thanks Mike and good luck on your August Condor Trip! LOL
  550. Tunahead

    CONDOR 7/27 Yellow Trifecta Trainwreck

    No problem. HEY Seager just hit 2nd HR Dodgers beat Giants 6-4 Time for the big sleep recovery now...LOL
  551. Tunahead

    CONDOR 7/27 Yellow Trifecta Trainwreck

    LOL I missed the smack too...heard you guys blamed me for everything anyway? LOL I was in the ER that Friday afternoon...real fun. See ya on the next one maybe!
  552. Tunahead

    CONDOR 7/27 Yellow Trifecta Trainwreck

    WHO? LOL...Cory Seager just hit a HR vs. Giants....LOL.....RON UPDATE=Cory Seager just hit a 2nd HR for Dodgers lead and 6-4 WIN!
  553. Tunahead

    CONDOR 7/27 Yellow Trifecta Trainwreck

    You too guys, was non stop fun. Condor sold out tonight. Ron did it. LOL LOL
  554. Tunahead

    CONDOR 7/27 Yellow Trifecta Trainwreck

    Yep what fun. Good seeing you, Mark, Kevin, and the gang, crew again. I added a couple of your pics. Hopefully the yellowfin start biting bait soon too. LOL See you soon! Beat. LOL
  555. Tunahead


    MAJOR: "What do you make of this seiner blaming rant again Gunny?" GUNNY HIGHWAY: "The only good use for a seiner net is catching the 4 ex wives and 9 other women who stole my truck at Oceans 11 in O'side"!!
  556. Tunahead

    CONDOR 7/27 Yellow Trifecta Trainwreck

    OLD??? Old is what people who stay home on couches....GET!!! LOL
  557. Tunahead

    Grande overnignt returning 7-26

    Great job dad and son...he looks STOKED! Nice fish. He'll be hooked for life now! Ready to go every trip. LOL (my dad took me out age 5 1/2.....half was fatal LOL)
  558. Tunahead

    CONDOR 7/27 Yellow Trifecta Trainwreck

    THANKS GANG...good to be back on the water again! Good luck on your upcoming trips! Time for more sleep now. LOL Old guy's nap! LOL
  559. Tunahead

    CONDOR 7/27 Yellow Trifecta Trainwreck

    Well gang, after a mountain bike vs. tree branch diversion, surgery #6 and recovery 2 months it was time to ROLL On Condor and test the repaired wing fishing. We rolled at 9 with Capt Scott, 2nd Vinny, Scott and Sam on deck and Christophf making killer food all trip long. With only 17 this gang...
  560. Tunahead

    Limit Style Kelp Paddy Fishing!

    NICE LOAD...I'll be on it tomorrow hopefully LOL
  561. Tunahead

    Baja Summer Surprises

    Awesome report as usual Gary, great pics. I'm pumped now and finally going fishing Thursday off Baja most likely! Time to test the repaired bionic shoulder. Physical Therapy!!! LOL I
  562. Tunahead

    CONDOR 2.5-day: Light Load + Paddies = FUN!!

    Great read Gary. I'll be on Condor w/Norm,son up to bat soon!. Can't wait! Scott always goes "yard" to find fish. The Big Bird rocks 1st test of the repaired bionic shoulder again. LOL
  563. Tunahead

    Chartered the Pride leaving on 7/21 and fishing 7/22.

    GOOD JOB and great intel for all. I'm up to bat on these Thursday. LOL
  564. Tunahead

    Down south 7/21 on Pride, WFO yellows

    NICE LOAD, great report and pics. Now I'm hungry dammit! LOL Good grade of yellows, better now it seems. I'm on it Thursday!
  565. Tunahead

    Not a cow but its my best!

    Nice one! Congrats on your personal best! LOL
  566. Tunahead

    Kelping - 7/23

    HELL YA ALI, quality yellows! Glad you guys had a fun trip, and nice fish! I'll be on them Thursday hopefully! LOL
  567. Tunahead

    Yummy Bites 7/22

    Nice fish, way to put in the effort...and good intel. Thanks LOL
  568. Tunahead

    Dorado 7/23

    Nice one Mike...solid work LOL
  569. Tunahead

    Rpt.-Thur.-07-20-17 Bluefin Tuna Ghost hunting.

    THANKS Cory. On Condor Wed.night for "Physical Therapy"! Don't tell my doc. LOL
  570. Tunahead

    Thursday 7/20/17 at 43, to Clemente island.

    Bummer...I'm thinking one helluva fall is coming, I can FEEL IT! LOL
  571. Tunahead

    2 1/2 COW and a record breaking 285lbs BFT!

    Nice fish guys. Great report and pics Kevin... Now it's Billy's spread making me eat a 2nd lunch!!! LOL
  572. Tunahead

    Bluefin Fishing San Diego 7-20-2017

    Great intel Jason, hope that grade settles into the Canyon back of SCI like a couple years ago would be cool. I'm about ok to fish soon! LOL
  573. Tunahead

    Rpt.-Thur.-07-20-17 Bluefin Tuna Ghost hunting.

    No wind when the Wind Magnet was out? A miracle in itself! LOL LOL Way to cover some water and give it the whole nine yards Cory! You're due a cow bluefin sooner or later out there!!! GL next time! OK Doc says I'm still healing, but I better go fish soon and take the Jinx off this deal and bust...
  574. Tunahead


    No kidding...PICS SAY IT ALL.....LOL GOT BIG BLUEFIN? LOL World Record! Still stands
  575. Tunahead

    Ken's Custom Reels Trip, American Angler

    GREAT REPORT and pics Tony, and nice fish. Glad you all had a great trip. Hope more Yellowfin fill in south! I'm on the mend, hope to go soon! LOL
  576. Tunahead


    FYI I take a lot of pics and have done reports here for years, and joke with the "Where's the Beef" if I see none. I'll be honest though, I go out TO FISH, and when the bloods flying and the bite is wide open, my camera is safe in my tackle bag. LOL Just saying. I've seen nice fish from most of...
  577. Tunahead


    Jeff and Jason's fish speak for themselves....usually do..LOL LOL
  578. Tunahead

    7/14 Cow BFT

    Nice fish....good job. LOL
  579. Tunahead

    San Diego Offshore Fishing Report 7-13-2017

    NICE HAUL Jason, Jeff, guys....Solid Work! LOL
  580. Tunahead


    Coming along fine, I'd say about 85% now, seeing surgeon Wednesday for a fishing green light maybe! Not missing much for now looks like? LOL
  581. Tunahead

    Sauerfish strikes again 7/8

    Good job...nice fish LOL
  582. Tunahead

    Just Keep Popping - YFT Report - 7/8

    Solid work Jonathan! Nice fish! LOL
  583. Tunahead

    Dorado and YT

    Solid work Matt...let's EAT!!! LOL
  584. Tunahead


    Nice long fish Long..and a great read!!! LOL
  585. Tunahead

    7/9/2017 209 - 312 Trip

    What's a big ocean....crazy year. LOL
  586. Tunahead

    Don't be a Dick! Post your reports! It helps us all. Let's work together!

  587. Tunahead

    Don't be a Dick! Post your reports! It helps us all. Let's work together!

    Wide open Cats in the Seaforth Parking Lot! News at 11. LOL
  588. Tunahead

    Don't be a Dick! Post your reports! It helps us all. Let's work together!

    MAJOR: "What do you think of this troop's sharing more info idea gunny?" GUNNY HIGHWAY: "The last bitch that I shared more info with at Oceans Eleven in O'Side, stole my pickup faster than the last 5 bitches!!!"
  589. Tunahead

    Sauerfish uses "Wicked Tuna" tactic, breaks my jinx

    Way to go Gary! Rod holder or not, good to get the skunk off. Let's eat! LOL What a deal having everyone on the trip wind on the fish and get a share too. I could do that now with my left shoulder still healing, the winding arm is good LOL
  590. Tunahead

    9th inning stretch

    NICE FISH Chad! Solid Work! LOL
  591. Tunahead

    Sea Adventure 80 3.5 day june 30-july 3

    Where's the FISH PIC??? The gang wants meat and blood!!! LOL Bridling baits for Marlin with big hooks has been around since the early 1900's with the Billfish guys. Unique doing it with flatfalls =works!
  592. Tunahead

    Sea Adventure 80 3.5 day june 30-july 3

    Somedays you get the bear...Somedays the bear gets YOU. LOL LOL
  593. Tunahead


    Solid work guys, way to go...One mo-betta than none...LOL this thing has to bust loose soon! LOL
  594. Tunahead

    Giant tuna and roosters return as funky current recedes

    Great report and pics Gary...keep em coming LOL
  595. Tunahead

    July 1st on water report

    Solid effort. Way to get the skunk off. Meat is meat..LET'S EAT! LOL
  596. Tunahead

    Condor Sportfishing

    Way to give a go guys, all boats. That's fishing. More a regular year this year, not a wide open El Nino year like the last few. Hell I haven't been out yet, but finally off the DL next week. See you on Condor soon when these damn tuna start biting. LOL
  597. Tunahead

    Liberty 3/4 day Monday 6/26/17

    Nice one Mike, Congrats on your PB! LOL
  598. Tunahead

    June surprises promise a hot July

    Great report and pics as always Gary. I'm almost off the DL ready to fish soon! LOL
  599. Tunahead

    Pacific Queen gets a few BFT on Kite, 1 over 200 pounds

    MAJOR: "What do you make of this secret spot claim gunny"??" GUNNY HIGHWAY: "Sounds fishy to me, but don't tell anyone the 3rd bitch in a month stole my Pickup at Ocean's Eleven in O'side again!" " It's a secret" LOL
  600. Tunahead

    Fishermans Depot in Bellflower Sucks

    MAJOR: "What do you make of this no fish no rod wrap report gunny?" GUNNY HIGHWAY: "You can't fish with a pea shooter!" "Adapt, improvise, we preach in the Corp.!" "The last bitch that wrapped my rod, stole my pickup at Ocean's 11 in O'side too! "
  601. Tunahead

    2x2 YFT 6/17 & 6/18 on the 17' Whaler

    Nice fish, solid work. Best eating grade fish! Le'ts EAT! LOL
  602. Tunahead

    Big Local YFT - Late Report 6/17

    Nice one, that's the right kind! LOL
  603. Tunahead

    Dorado return...

    Wow looks like the East Cape is on fire again. Good to see! Great report and pics par usual Gary. LOL
  604. Tunahead

    Is this normal? 6 hours tied to the bait dock to make it a 2.5 day trip.

    MAJOR="What do you think of this troop's tied at the bait dock tale Gunny?" GUNNY HIGHWAY=Sounds like a newbie spitting chum. The last time I went out and tied to the bait dock, that bitch at Oceans 11 stole my pickup again"!
  605. Tunahead

    Skip.....Skip.....Boom! - 182 Area - Weds 6/14

    NICE FISH and solid work Ali,Brett, guys! Tough days at the office. LOL
  606. Tunahead

    Is this normal? 6 hours tied to the bait dock to make it a 2.5 day trip.

  607. Tunahead

    Rpt.-Thur.-06-14-17 The 302,226 and 371.

    Thanks Cory, healing nicely, staples out next week and off the home IV July 2nd. This does NOT mean I'll go to San Diego combat fishing the July 4th weekend for openers...LOL LOL Hope to see you at the rail soon! TC
  608. Tunahead

    Is this normal? 6 hours tied to the bait dock to make it a 2.5 day trip.

    Most 1, 1.5,2-2.5-3 days leave the night before, with 1-3 day Mexican Permits for the following DAY/s you fish in the grey bite, start trolling 6am and fish til dark. With fish moving up in US waters that is usually not an issue if they've been biting at night, but most crews sleep too and the...
  609. Tunahead

    Is this normal? 6 hours tied to the bait dock to make it a 2.5 day trip.

    Totally NORMAL. Your probably Mexican Permits were only good for 2 days of actual fishing, even though you left the night before the 2 days, and got in before your allowed to dock after 5am when landing opens, fish packers arrive, and not waking up live aboards and TSA restrictions. NORMAL>
  610. Tunahead

    Rpt.-Thur.-06-14-17 The 302,226 and 371.

    Way to give it a go Cory...sounds like more of the same today out there. On the IV now, hope to be out in July hopefully, see you soon! LOL
  611. Tunahead

    Pacific Voyager June 11-13

    Nice one...the Gods were with you....LOL
  612. Tunahead

    Can't win them all but did see a surprise .... (video included)

    Way to give it a go again Billy, nice forkie! Great video and pics. Hell I just spent 5 days in hospital/surgery again on home IV til 7/3. You might as well bust it loose for me!!! LOL LOL
  613. Tunahead

    Heart Break 6-10-17

    Way to give it a go, great read. I fought a beast on 30lb on Condor's bow for an hour last yr., had to color, and he threw a 2/0 circle hook. OUCH! The "oh [email protected]*[email protected](#+!_)[email protected]$)+( stuff!" LOL LOL
  614. Tunahead

    Baja dorado back...

    Great report and pics as always Gary! Keep em coming! LOL Big Dorado at the East Cape a good sign for sure!
  615. Tunahead

    6/10/17 - 189lb BFT on the Kite! @302

    NICE FISH..and GOOD JOB Mike putting him on the fish! LOL
  616. Tunahead

    Liberty Late report.

    NICE FISH. You know she'll be out to outfish you every trip now? LOL
  617. Tunahead

    Great start with some jumbo bluefin!

    NICE FISH Billy, guys....on da poppas!!! Solid Work! LET'S EAT!!!!! LOL
  618. Tunahead

    CONDOR hunts for Bluefin

    OR Somedays you get the bear....Somedays the bear gets you! LOL
  619. Tunahead

    Cow wrangling at 182

    AWESOME FISH Vue....solid work! LOL
  620. Tunahead

    6/8/17 - Popper fish

    Nice fish and solid intel LOL
  621. Tunahead

    Intrepid 6-7-2017 1.5 day

    Nice grade of bluefin! Let's EAT! LOL
  622. Tunahead

    Foamers Everywhere - Triple Digit Fish

    NICE FISH guys...solid work! LOL Now THAT'S a foamer!!!!
  623. Tunahead

    6-7-17 Found the big ones

    Wherrrrrrrrrres the beef?
  624. Tunahead

    CONDOR hunts for Bluefin

    Don't complain, I just ended up 5 days in the hospital and surgery for scar tissue infection. Be glad you're on the water when you can. I hope to be out in a month or two. GOOD LUCK FISHING EVERYONE! LOL
  625. Tunahead

    Big Baja roosterfish crow

    Great report and pics kept me going last 5 days in hospital and surgery again. Another month on home IV and hope to fish soon. Good to the roosters, exotics busting loose down south. TC LOL
  626. Tunahead

    June 2 @43 report

    Way to give it a go, I think they're moving up now hopefully! LOL
  627. Tunahead

    June 1 report USCG & NAVY join the party

    Amen....glad they were close! A 2nd bilge pump not a bad idea! Check....then double check! Glad it all worked out!
  628. Tunahead

    Pacific Queen 1.5 day report 5/29

    Great report and pics Tom, and nice fish guys! LOL
  629. Tunahead

    CONDOR hunts for Bluefin

    OF course, RON DID IT, they blame me for everything, even when MIA....LOL LOL Doc said no surgery today, no bike riding, no fishing until healed up!!! Soon hopefully!!! Good luck fishing all! Hope to see you soon! TC
  630. Tunahead

    Saw some albies at the butterfly 05/29 -05/30

    I'd bring some 25-30 maybe a 50lb rig with you for you and your son. The majority of yellowtail are 5-20lbs and bluefin, if they bite 15-30lbs. As for locations read the reports, take down the #'s etc. I too get current input from mostly private boater reports here as well. I fish most always on...
  631. Tunahead

    Saw some albies at the butterfly 05/29 -05/30

    Ah yes the good old Albacore this 3 day on Searcher we filled the RSW holds and slammer in 2 days....remember them well. Miss them too. LOL Good news if true, or they keep trucking north?
  632. Tunahead

    Shogun 3 Day leaving 6/1 Roll Call

    DUH try Forums....California Fishing Reports....Sportboat Trip Planning section LOL
  633. Tunahead

    Bluefin Redemption

    NICE FISH guys....solid work LOL
  634. Tunahead

    Memorial Day Cow Tipping

    NICE ONE solid work men! LOL
  635. Tunahead

    big bluefin

  636. Tunahead

    CONDOR hunts for Bluefin

    We'll I missed the trip, gave up my spot and double bunk to Surfgoose, and he didn't even bring me some bluefin by....I tell ya. Sorry I missed it, but looked pretty scratch all weekend for all boats. I ended up in the ER Friday for some outside shoulder infection surgery. Real fun. Glad you all...
  637. Tunahead

    182 - Bluefin 102lb. (5.28.17)

    Nice one Mush....Solid work...LOL
  638. Tunahead

    Baja blossoms finally...

    Awesome report and pics Gary. Some tasty critters all over now! Spent the PM in the ER with the injured wing, feel better already! LOL
  639. Tunahead

    condor 4 day 5/25 thru 5/29

    Hope ol' Norm gets his 1st 100+ Bluefin!!! GL LOL
  640. Tunahead

    condor 4 day 5/25 thru 5/29

    Hit. a tree branch. Had to give up my spot and fav bunk BB. LOL Looks like surgery #6 for me soon. BB soon hopefully. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE ON THE TRIP! SEE YOU SOON ON THE RAIL!
  641. Tunahead

    Yellowfin explode while other species struggle

    GREAT REPORT and pics as always Gary. Keep em coming! I think that Treble Hook in the Finger got my shoulder on ice now beat for pain. OUCH! I get CT Scan Tuesday. News at 11. LOL May be awhile before I fish again! Hope that guy's OK now?
  642. Tunahead

    Baja winds hamper as variety bite continues

    Oops double post. On the DL again, slightly dislocated titanium shoulder bone. Old guy on Mountain bike vs. tree branch. What next.LOL Had to cancel my 4 day trip. SO keep this reports coming, gotta stay pumped. LOL
  643. Tunahead

    Baja winds hamper as variety bite continues

    Great report and pics par. Usual Gary. Keep em coming
  644. Tunahead

    Tuna Time

    Thanks, hope so. It's ajar forward of the joint, old parts? Cat scan next. Hope to be out soon . LOL
  645. Tunahead

    Tuna Time

    Well go gettum gang, I injured my bionic shoulder and on the DL again. Had to cancel my 4 day trip spot end of May. GL fishing everyone! LOL
  646. Tunahead

    Baja delivers more variety

    Nice report Gary...and GREAT PICS. What a road trip. One of many for you....LOL
  647. Tunahead

    Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone! Be safe!

    Wishing everyone in Mexico and up here Happy Cinco de Mayo. STAY SAFE, don't drink and drive a car or to fish again! LOL
  648. Tunahead

    Catalina Croaker ! 5-4-17

    What a tanker...NICE ONE! Way to go! LOL
  649. Tunahead

    Flat fall set up

    Good stuff Jerr and Joe, done most of mine that way too. LOL
  650. Tunahead

    Mex 5 completed by end of 2017?

    Great Report. Mazatlan, memories of yearly trips to El Cid, Sr. Frogs...LOL
  651. Tunahead

    Call for bluefin tuna carcasses AND late report from the 371

    NICE FISH and awesome report and intel! LOL
  652. Tunahead

    Fun day of fishing on the Malihini yesterday

    Cool report and pics as usual Deb. Glad you and boys had a fun time!
  653. Tunahead

    Baja roosters crowing...

    Great report as usual Gary. NIce roosters! Good to see things busting loose! People stealing rare plants off Cedros? Now I've heard it all. What next? LOL
  654. Tunahead

    Late report 4/15 -4/16 hidden bank

    Great read, glad you got some fish! "You'll never know,unless you GO"! .me
  655. Tunahead

    4/19 Liberty 3/4 "Should have been here yesterday"

    Solid work and nice fish Tommy, guys! Bluefin being bluefin. Not seeing a peep today the 20th! Good to see in April for sure. Sashimi!!! "You Should Have Been here Yesterday" Bruce Brown narrating the surf movie,1st showing ever of "Endless Summer" at my Jordan High School in Long Beach...
  656. Tunahead

    liberty 4/18 Limits BFT

    Nice load of fish and great intel for all going soon! Can't wait for out 4 day in May! LET"S ROCK! :LOL
  657. Tunahead

    Fishing better south as northern Baja is weather challenged

    Another Great Report Gary...Keep em' coming. Good to see things heating up off La Paz...LOL
  658. Tunahead

    209lb on the Oceanside 95 WoW

    AWESOME...Rick's always been a good Tuna Hunter, even back on his boat Seahawk. Can't wait for 4 day in May! LET"S ROCK! LOL
  659. Tunahead

    4/10 San Diego 3/4

    NICE ONE...the 130,160,250gm chartruse glow white flat falls are the killer! LOL
  660. Tunahead

    Light load sea adventure 2

    Good guess...same one worked best the last 2 years...THANKS
  661. Tunahead

    Light load sea adventure 2

    Nice one Cody. Which flatfall? Chartreuse (glow white) or ??
  662. Tunahead

    IGFA Records set...Coco lives and Wahoo still biting

    Awesome report/pics Gary. Some serious hoo's caught now. Things are shaping up. Can't wait to get out soon as well! LOL
  663. Tunahead

    4/6/17 Report - Boat Limits of BFT

    Great report and nice load of fish David, everyone. NOW we're talking! LOL
  664. Tunahead

    Rpt- 2 day trip on the Chief ending 03-26-17.

    GREAT REPORT and NICE YELLOW Cory! The Wind Magnet Strikes Again! LOL Glad you all manned up and got a nice load of fish. Hard core group of anglers there. I 2nd Earl the Pearl great guy to fish with....many trips with him as well. Many a night in middle bunk/cabin C on that ride too. So Jake...
  665. Tunahead

    No April Fool, Bluefin go off on the Liberty! - 3/29

    NICE load of meat Don, way to go...Glad you had a great trip. .I'd hop on with them or the SD but I'd have to leave OC by 3am to get there....LOL Maybe an overnight soon. Our 4 day in May can't get here soon enough...LOL
  666. Tunahead

    Huge wahoo overwhelms winters fading chill

    Wow a 97lb "skinny", things are picking up looks like! Great report. Just read your PCS Story on the Roosterfish Tourney. If most of the old timers are gone, maybe time some of us new-old guys came down and got in the game in 2018. Still on my bucket list dammit! LOL
  667. Tunahead

    Went Looking outside again and found them 3-18 ( video )

    Way to give it a look! Nice day on the lake to find jumpers for sure. LOL
  668. Tunahead

    Thresher catch 3-19-17

    NICE ONE! Solid work! LOL
  669. Tunahead

    Loreto sardina...Cabo dorado spells spring

    GREAT REPORT and Pics again Gary....I love Capt Kelly's comment.... "My granddaughter is going to have a gimble on her forehead"!! CLASSIC LOL
  670. Tunahead

    Truline out of San Pedro Holed at SCI 3/19

    LOL I'm used to it by now. I come for the abuse, fishing optional...LOL
  671. Tunahead

    Truline out of San Pedro Holed at SCI 3/19

    PS Not sure they hit anything maybe. Word around town is the rudder fell out after shaft broke leaving the bushing hole wide open and leaking...just FYI. Unless the rudder hit something. News at 11...LOL
  672. Tunahead

    Truline out of San Pedro Holed at SCI 3/19

    Oh Oh It's Wils still in Oregon? So UN-WATER! LOL LOL Glad all went well with Truline. Good job to all involved.
  673. Tunahead

    Toronado and crew does not disappoint! Fish report

    GREAT REPORT and Pics Debi, good intel for all too. You're a good fishin' Mom in my book! Always! LOL Nice load of fish for all...and the kids look STOKED!!
  674. Tunahead

    Spring saunters in...

    Great report par usual Gary. That carnage off San Felipe sure sucks. I guess the upside is the poachers lost one very costly big net! Need to get these guys!
  675. Tunahead

    Biggest Bluefin of Last Year (for us)

    Nice one Billy, now I remember. LOL LOL
  676. Tunahead

    Feel the Steel

    Can't wait, damn fog comin' in again now...LOL
  677. Tunahead

    1st Offshore Fishing Trip

    GOOD FOR YOU! The best is yet to come....TRUST ME! I started with dad age 6 in 1952 on the Matt Walsh, off there, and it's been seasons of insanity ever since. LOL LOL
  678. Tunahead

    Marlin missing from the spread

    Great report and pics right on que Gary. Loved your WON column this week finding the "back in the day" sort of spot still, sounds like heaven? LOL Some nice yellows starting to show all over south it looks like finally. As for the whale pop-up, I was bringing a Cal20 from Redondo Beach to...