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    Kaena is not the place to go down, I remember it took a seal during training a few years back. RIP and prayers to 25th CAB
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    Bonefish questions.

    check this thread, hope it helps
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    cool documentary with bomboy llanes

    dig it!!!
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    Fishing with Trina

    the fishihng down there looks phenominal!!!!! i've been lurking at your posts for awhile now, they are well written and informative, keep them coming Captain Hoop!!! i might be moving down to that vicinity in the future.
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    Happy Birthday Saluki

    happy birthday dirt nasty!!!!
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    crazy haole for sale

    it had honda 130's on it, motors ended up being sold for parts as they were no longer tenable. Was going to repower when i got back from the mainland since outboards are not so costly here in the lake of the ozarks area of missouri.
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    crazy haole for sale

    no worries, i still have the bulk of my fishing gear there along with the house, just waiting for the right time to go back.
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    crazy haole for sale

    looks like i'm not coming back to the islands anytime soon so my boat etc is on the market, would make a great rig for semi commercial. contact Jesse Lovett 808-306-4017
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    Last Saturday on the banks

    sounds like an awesome day, congrats
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    slayed the mahi kaneohe

    awesome pics, looked like a killer day!!!!
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    Boat Name Changed, Looking for Crew

    see you guys in 14 months!!!!!
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    why veterans miss war.

    Wish i was on the bar stool next to you brother. Non timebo mala.
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    why veterans miss war.

    kinda long, but sebastian junger hits it on the head.
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    sequel to restrepo
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    Question about personal firearms on military base....

    most army bases require you to have the weapon registered with the provost marshal's office than you can have it in your on post housing provided it is under lock and key seperate from the ammunition. if your are single living in the barracks you register it with the provost marshal and then...
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    Cowboys, Chinese big business, and Harry Reid

    my favorite part is mr. goatee/oakleys talking about de-escalating. when you are a prior navspecwar guy who is now working as a contractor to effect american citizens you damn well know your flexible morality has made you the very thing you swore an oath at one time to protect.
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    Kauai Visit and Charter with Captain J (Pic heavy)

    making me homesick, glad you had a great time, pics look awesome!!!
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    Democracy in action... :D

    He must be a great politico having won 100% of the vote.
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    Busting Blluefin Tuna Out Of The Lebanese Coast, November 21013!

    awesome write up, amazing pictures of such an ancient land with amazing fishing!!! thanks again.
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    fuck it i say get it!!!!
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    fuck cancer, had basal cell carsinoma twice in my face and had to get mohs surgery and skin grafts to repair it. only cancer could kill Colonel Howard!!!!
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    the only miley that matters!!! heart wrenching story.
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    the motivated Corporal Kozar

    guaranteed to give you a space boner!!!
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    The R.I.P. Round of Ammunition....

    Pretty devastating. You already know er surgeons are gonna be pissing and moaning about this ammo due to its frangible nature.
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    This Says it all......Just gotta love it....

    and God help you if one of the neighbors decided they were going to tell your parents of your misdeeds!!!
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    been keeping myself busy in my hiatus from hawaii.

    the ease of lax restrictions here in missouri has made getting back into the gun world actually fun again, latest trades/projects follow in the pix, i'm at 2.5 m-4's now, just need to finish the other half of one i have and my m1a is about 90% done, just need to add mini dot to the .45 rail on...
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    Seaway Boats...How many?

    I see fortuna (turk's gillnetter before he died) and i see new breed (little neil's boat). I don't see neil's brother nicky's boat "st. Aniello". All used to be docked at the same place in cabrillo.
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    Bigger, Lighter, Deadlier Stealth Destroyer

    pretty lethal critter there.
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    sua sponte!!!!!

    heal up CPL Hargis!!! and condolences to the men lost from 3rd RGR BN
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    "i'd take that bullet again" Hard to describe the feeling one gets reading this. At least for me anyway. On April 10, 2011 my phone rang with an unfamiliar number. Thinking it was my husband Jamie, I answered the phone quickly. But the voice on the other end didn’t sound anything like my...
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    Marine Grade Bean Bag

    had some of these custom made by these guys E-searider Beanbags and Marine Seating boat mods - Fishing Pictures
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    AUG 14th-24th

    i'll be back on island for son's highschool graduation party. if there is anything you guys need from the mainland let me know and i'll see if i can bring'um!!
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    7.62x39mm for sale

    I have 300 rds of 7.62x39mm fmj wolf ammo along with 30 rds of 7.62x39mm soft point bear ammo. Asking $120.00 for all of it and buyer pays shipping from missouri.
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    into the breach!!!

    enjoy Into The Breach - YouTube
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    Kauai Port Allen on 5/23 with Captain J

    glad you had a great time with captain j!!! looks like an awesome day.
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    trinidad/tobago grander

    Giant blue marlin landed off Trinidad and Tobago | congrats to the 15 year old angler!!!
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    Oahu, Hawaii 6-Pack Recomendations???

    go here also keep in mind that the foxy lady is broken due a wrecked engine, so he is out of the charter biz, go fish with magic or livebait.
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    Kimi is the girlfriend of one of our hawaii bd members. talented woman to say the least.
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    Great Day off Haleiwa

    way to kill it chief!!!!! good kharma from too much desert time!!!
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    Ice Breaker Video

    global warming??? cool video.
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    classic in the makin'

    dead giveaway!!! Charles Ramsey - Best Autotune Song DEAD GIVEAWAY ( AMAZING!!) HIT - YouTube
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    Freshwater Fishin' Chicks

    check it out
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    reflex mag pouch!!!! pretty badass, i'd still use a dump pouch but dp in coordination with this.
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    Tin foil hatters; we are not trying to take your guns.

    <!-- AP Entry Container --> Rep. Sandy Crawford <!-- AP Updated -->Posted: Saturday, April 20, 2013 10:39 pm <!-- AP Bookmark -->House OKs sweeping gun proposals<!-- AP Byline -->From LDR StaffLebanon Daily Record | 2 comments <!-- AP Content --><!-- (START) Pagination Wrapper...
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    no pew, pew & pew pew pew!!!!

    dude, great idea, getting my engraver to knock it out tomorrow!!!
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    Boston Marathon explosion

    prayers to the dead and wounded.....we scuffed up one of these fuckers who was targeting boston back in '07
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    no pew, pew & pew pew pew!!!!

    this makes it easier!!!
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    Charter on Kauai

    x2 with capt j!!!
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    Mr. Mele

    RIP Mr Mele
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    Interview with the last guy to see Bin Laden Breathing

    well i guess i half called it, he was a devgru guy but not the shooter and here
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    this is what a hero looks like.

    dudes are earning medals too!!!
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    this is what a hero looks like.

    seal teams, ranger regiment, special forces and pretty much all of the combat arms are keeping one leggers in and letting them continue to serve.
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    this is what a hero looks like.

    he's a seal
  64. jagerhunchback

    this is what a hero looks like.

    that is all.
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    Kuualoa Kai

    at one point roughly ten years ago or so captain chris parker was one of the deck hands on the original foxy lady. if jesse is recommending him than its a solid recommendation.
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    New to Oahu, shore fishing

    check this thread, there's directions to a spot i used to fish at.
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    transgendered mma fighter??? wtf over???

    he would'nt need the sex change just ask robin givens!!!!
  68. jagerhunchback

    transgendered mma fighter??? wtf over??? Move over Ronda Rousey, TRT, and anything else you can think is controversial or headline making, because we have a new female fighter ready to make headlines. Fallon Fox (2-0) is the...
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    Thank you Bloody Decks! Success on the Magic!

    wow, you really conducted yourself as a class act, kharma works, congrats on an awesome trip!!!
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    call me maybe redux!!!!

    DIG IT!!!!!
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    a good day

    Awesome clip
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    Minnesota Weapons ban

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    Interview with the last guy to see Bin Laden Breathing

    Once you get out at that level its over, they won't let you back in, do an interview like that and you are fucking png'd from the community i.e. persona non grata, dude fucked himself. That joker's best bet is to start training people at the various trainig places in our country or go into...
  74. jagerhunchback

    Interview with the last guy to see Bin Laden Breathing

    There's a good op ed at sofrep by an old school udt/seal. It seems the command bent over backwards to keep this guy in the navy basically letting him write his own check for any job he wanted. Seems he though he'd get out and follow a plan that he ultimately failed at. i fucking new this...
  75. jagerhunchback

    Interview with the last guy to see Bin Laden Breathing

    &#8220;No one ever told him that this is available,&#8221; Bronstein said. He said there wasn&#8217;t space in the article to explain that the former SEAL&#8217;s lack of healthcare was driven by an ignorance of the benefits to which he is entitled. &#8220;That&#8217;s a different...
  76. jagerhunchback

    Interview with the last guy to see Bin Laden Breathing

    he's a tier 1 personality, there is no way he can't pick up any kind of contracting and or trainer job. we all know you have to put in your 20 years to get your retirement, to get out at 16 because you decide not to suck up another 4 years is horseshit. as far as va coverage for him, he's right...
  77. jagerhunchback

    Opelu handline rigs

    clear curly tails with the rainbow glitter in them and fluorocarbon.
  78. jagerhunchback

    Dog got water in his ear and have to put down?

    The other dog probably had something like vestibular disease which causes the dog to lose its balance, cock its head to one side and from all appearances the dog looks like it had a stroke. the symptoms of this disease goes away on it's own about 2 weeks for most dogs. The numbers are shocking...
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    Prostate exam

    When you don't complain about the doc having both his hands on your shoulders!!!
  80. jagerhunchback

    You're in the Army now...

    fuck my life!!!!!!
  81. jagerhunchback

    Ex LAPD/Ex Navy Christopher Dorner

    need to schwack this fucker.
  82. jagerhunchback

    RIP Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield

    this is usually the case, those of us who have been in for awhile have a built in resiliency due to a large amount of training and combat experience.
  83. jagerhunchback

    Chunk bait for ahi? used to chunk with anchovies for tunas the night bite is a good time off the wainae coast!!!
  84. jagerhunchback

    RIP Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield

    Chris was a big contributor over at sofrep. his teammates are fuckin hurting.
  85. jagerhunchback

    RIP Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield

    Kyle, 38, served four tours in Iraq and was awarded two Silver Stars, five Bronze Stars with Valor, two Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medals, and one Navy and Marine Corps Commendation. From 1999 to 2009, Kyle recorded more than 150 sniper kills, the most in U.S. military history. After...
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    How to avoid huge ships

    i'm waiting for his sequel "How to avoid huge shits"!!!
  87. jagerhunchback

    you won't remember my name
  88. jagerhunchback

    inspiring!!!! my blood is in this joker, i was at speicher the night he needed blood and gave along with the rest of my peeps. the rest of his story is here...
  89. jagerhunchback

    Forget about Lance and Teo, here's real inspiration

    Is someone cutting onions???
  90. jagerhunchback

    Women in direct combat

    i'm a 17 year infantryman with 44 mos of combat and 3 want female infantry Soldiers for some grandiose social experiment? fine, make them. but make it an all female cohort battalion. female bn cdr and bn csm all the way down to the lowliest private. same standards as a men's unit...
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    missing rescue swimmer

    dude must be packing some heat, new wife in less than a year!!!!
  92. jagerhunchback

    Feinstein to introduce assault weapons ban Thursday

    it's not gonna happen hell, even bill clinton advised those jokers to tread lightly.
  93. jagerhunchback

    missing rescue swimmer

    what a weird deal, i wonder what happened?
  94. jagerhunchback

    Back in Paradise

    welcome back joe!!!!! airs kinda thin in the stan huh??? was there with 3/25th in 04-05, trying to get back to the island. hope you kill it!!!!
  95. jagerhunchback

    Crazy technology but kinda cool you guys are behind the times, fully printable plans for ar lowers and 1911 frames, just add free market upper and guts and your good to go. 3d printers start around a grand or so. how many people do you think have started stockpiling all of this stuff???
  96. jagerhunchback

    SueLyn Medeiros

    i wonder what they put in the water in brazil?
  97. jagerhunchback

    Gotta give up Ho Ho's

    surely there will be a twinkie bailout!!!!
  98. jagerhunchback

    great white shark tracker pretty cool site that shows real time tagged great whites and where they are.
  99. jagerhunchback

    The Nun

    them nuns get around!!!
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    We lost one of the good ones today... RIP SurfDoc aka Stan Stutzka

    one of my last pm's with the big lug as i was about to go on R&R leave and he was having an issue.
  101. jagerhunchback

    Military etiquette

    way to go smudge!!!!!
  102. jagerhunchback

    We lost one of the good ones today... RIP SurfDoc aka Stan Stutzka

    and another brother in arms gone to fast. damn few, RIP SURFDOC.
  103. jagerhunchback

    your heart strings....

    this will tear at them...
  104. jagerhunchback

    someone you should know.
  105. jagerhunchback

    This is why afghanistan is being lost

    i beg to differ. last i checked it's an all volunteer military, we want to fight, but to see american lives squandered my some dickbag nato commander is treasonous imho. the afghan campaign is a noble endeavor albeit complex. my ana and amf Soldiers were extremely loyal and good fighters, but...
  106. jagerhunchback

    This is why afghanistan is being lost

    when i was there in 04-05 i fought my balls off and we gave nato some breathing room in regards to taliban and al-qaeda insurgents. Nato went and screwed the pooch drinking chai and making love with their tongues and this is the current predicament. the attached letter is from a Brigade...
  107. jagerhunchback

    If you're a poacher, Don't come to Dana Point

    they should prosecute them to the fullest. this is why my dad and i always used pop-ups
  108. jagerhunchback

    if you're gonna go to war

    "roger that, i acknowledge danger close, you are cleared hot, my initials are mike charlie lima, drop'em"!!!!!!
  109. jagerhunchback

    if you're gonna go to war

    make sure you bring your jtac and keep him close!!!
  110. jagerhunchback

    this will cheer you up!!!

    4th Infantry Division in Afghanistan!!!!
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    think you're having a bad day?

    your day could be worse!!!
  112. jagerhunchback

    charge da' cocksauce!!!!

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    Show me your best spam

  114. jagerhunchback

    who's fishing this rubbish???\
  115. jagerhunchback

    San Pedro Fish Market

    here's a cool documentary on the pedro fish market, my dad used sell fish to them for over 40 years, and at 6 years old i used to drop off about a 5gallon bucket of buttermouth perch there after a day of my dad doing maintenance on his boat.
  116. jagerhunchback

    this is why you dummy cord your stand up fishers!!!
  117. jagerhunchback

    Happy Birthday Marcus

    happy b-day chuam!!!!
  118. jagerhunchback

    Fishing was good.....Finally

    way to go getting the next generation out there!!!
  119. jagerhunchback

    Yellowfin eat Grasshopper's

    cleaned a wahoo in hawaii that was chock full of yellow tangs.
  120. jagerhunchback

    Very Old technique could help with hook ups!? if you got desprate

    man you'se guys are giving out all the secrets!!!! next your all gonna be handlining using bloodline and baskets!!!!
  121. jagerhunchback

    Old BD stuff.......

    i think i joined in '04 been a long run to say the least.
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    Return of Libya Attack Victims....

    The two contractors that got merc'd were both retired Seals and contributors to sofrep. Both were big players in the nsw community. RIP Glen Doherty and Ty Woods. Even worse these bastards gang raped our ambassador before they murdered him. This needs an extrmeley violent reckoning. It's...
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    help jager figure out what to build next

    just pulled the trigger on accesorries to rig up my m1a. should be here in a bit.
  124. jagerhunchback

    New Home for a Wounded Warrior

    Genral Kelly talking about the horrible rotation 3/5 had ( General Kelly doesn't mention that he lost his son who was a marine 2LT there) 1-26 IN Blue Spaders
  125. jagerhunchback

    the damn few cartoon!!

  126. jagerhunchback

    New Home for a Wounded Warrior

    Awesome....damn few. For those of you not in the know, he was part of 3/5 darkhorse 1st mar div. they along with 1-26 IN 1st ID are the hardest hit infantry battalions in the gwot. Much respect. Hell i might even rock my 2nd mar div cbt patch tomorrow just for my brothers with gills here in...
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    9/11 Never Forget.

    never forget
  128. jagerhunchback

    Kona Captain Mrs. lands a monster

    Simply awesome!!!
  129. jagerhunchback

    OMG- 2 FLESHlights in a Calguns classified ad

    looks like all of you guys have a new shooting partner!!! Saluki, is there a difference in feel with using a white fleshlight vs. a gold one, or is the gold color reserved for the days you want to feel like a boss?
  130. jagerhunchback

    When Driving Your Boat Like A Jackass Goes Wrong

    this explains it, it was a "rogue wave". wave probably had a hoodie on.
  131. jagerhunchback

    Speed Boating

    dude, your'e like Saluki's sister's period..........late!!!!!
  132. jagerhunchback

    New Zealand soldiers send off one of their own

    not to detract from your original post but you will appreciate this Lakota Burial Ceremony.
  133. jagerhunchback

    Yo Dickhead!!

    Saluki said it's called a "San Fran Sundae"!!!
  134. jagerhunchback

    Are there fish year around on Oahu?

    You can catch all of our offshore fish year round in hawaii. you should see the fisherman hustling to get ahi/shibis for new year's eve. A good example would be to check out chupu charter's website, thet have their catches broken down by year and month.
  135. jagerhunchback

    help jager figure out what to build next

    i already have all the weapons in the poll, its the outfitting and rigging of them that i need to finish. i have an addition, kel tec sub 2000 .40 carbine that feeds from glock magazines
  136. jagerhunchback

    Waianae Granders...

    man you guys are torturing me with all these granders and ahis that have been coming up!!!!
  137. jagerhunchback

    help jager figure out what to build next

    so vote in the poll for which gun project build i should do next. over the years i've accumulated alot of prejects that i never had time to build seeing as how for the last ten years or so i was either gettting ready to deploy, deployed or just getting back from deployment. i now have time to...
  138. jagerhunchback

    my latest incarnation of my m-4

    gotta love the green tip ammo, i'm sure its a felony tho in california you can even get the red tip tracers legally in the right state doesn't look like i'll be heading downrange anytime soon...
  139. jagerhunchback

    When Driving Your Boat Like A Jackass Goes Wrong

    that's lake of the ozarks about 20 miles from where i am. i'd liken that place to the redneck riviera.
  140. jagerhunchback

    my latest incarnation of my m-4

    gg&g multiple aperture device as a rear iron sight, bushmaster flip up front sight with tritium front sight post. acog as a primary, bushnell mico red dot sight on a gg&g 45 degree cant for cqb, and led taclight with ir illuminator. also doubled hk 30rd m-4 mags.
  141. jagerhunchback

    CONTENDER 36 FISH AROUND enough boat?

    as far as backing plates for your rod holders i ran an 8' long 1" thick piece of starboard on the underside of my gunnels and used that as my backings. Also you can purchase drop in swivel rod holders with an adjustable cluch vs. going with shotguns i think it's tgt tackle that makes them...
  142. jagerhunchback

    Cattle Boats/Open party in Hawaii?

    sashimi 2 out of kewalo basin is the closest thing we have to party boat style fishing. no schooling pelagics in hawaii? Mainlanders are teaching me all kinds of things!!!
  143. jagerhunchback

    Hook up

    Better than a gaff!!!
  144. jagerhunchback

    Customs Boats in O-side?

  145. jagerhunchback

    Who is the best Fisherman you have been able to fish with?

    socal, with out a doubt bill hilton, this guy was in his 70's when i was a kid and he and my dad both started commercial fishing in their early teens. hawaii CPT gene vanderhoek, sam choy .jr(sea genieII), CPTs jesse,dave and jerrold (foxy lady) CPT don (kimi ann), CPT shannon (live bait), CPT...
  146. jagerhunchback

    Tough Week.....

    sorry for your loss brother, since GWOT started the numbers of the perished i've known have gotten astronomical, i stopped counting at 50. such a hefty price to be paid by so few. RIP.
  147. jagerhunchback

    Where were teachers like this at when I was 18?

    She got sentenced to 5years i guess the sentence guidelines were one year per cock....good thing they didn't sentence her per inch!!!
  148. jagerhunchback

    It's hot outside....

    proof that stupid hurts!!!
  149. jagerhunchback

    i used to have a black carbine

    It's comfy for me, you should see my dad, his old ass lugs a fullsize hk usp and 2 spare mags. Having seen the way he shoots tho i understand his need for 40 rds
  150. jagerhunchback


    They fished some of the top boats in kona, congrats to them and to Cpt Holtz!!!
  151. jagerhunchback

    Any Opah in CA lately?

    they are a common bycatch in hawaii by the longliners that target swordfish and yellowfin. you see them daily at the fish auction in honolulu.
  152. jagerhunchback

    Coming in Kauai

    ocean conditions in kauai are always condusive to coming....just make sure she's attractive!!! seriously tho, x5 on capt j!!
  153. jagerhunchback

    shit veterans don't say

    from the hilarious BTDT team at ranger-up...enjoy!!!
  154. jagerhunchback

    WTH is this? Spotted offshore, drug board?

    sounds like a free fishing fad to me!!!
  155. jagerhunchback

    i used to have a black carbine

    i just used krylon for the paint, here is a quick tutorial from one of my friend's website just a down and dirty to the point paint job tutorial, no need to buy pricey shotgun news stuff to paint your weapon as this is what all of us use DOD wide for...
  156. jagerhunchback

    i used to have a black carbine

    was bored at work today so i decided that i would give my carbine a paint job, since i've constantly painted all of my work weaponry, figured it was about time to touch up the house gun.
  157. jagerhunchback

    Headed Home for R&R

    Joe, congrats on getting to your r&r point, hopefully you can get a day on the new foxy lady, jesse sent me pics the new ride is sick and air conditioned. Good luck, hope you slay'em!!!
  158. jagerhunchback

    Well............. I'm not fishing for a little while.

    Sorry to hear you got injured, prayers for a speedy recovery.
  159. jagerhunchback

    WW collection. Battle damaged German helmet

    That looks like rpd, Sg-43 or maxim machine gun fire vs. frag from arty or mortars. Conceivably it could also be captured mg-42 fire since the russians were big fans of employing that weapon system against the germans. The mg-42 has a tremendous cyclic rate compared to allied or soviet weapon...
  160. jagerhunchback

    Sobering Clip.......

    very much so. imho once a nation loses it's values it starts to unravel as a society. Things like honesty integrity and hard work seem to be falling by the wayside for entitlement and the dumbing down of America.
  161. jagerhunchback

    Elaborate border crossing ceremony

    Funny, pakistan doesn't have anything like that on the afghan border!!!
  162. jagerhunchback

    If your kids did not serve, you owe a debt?

    I'm not a hero, but i have served with some. As a side note if you wan't a no shit view of what my world is like, go watch the documentary "Restrepo".
  163. jagerhunchback

    If your kids did not serve, you owe a debt?

    I am part of the 0.45% that have served. 44mos of ground combat as an infantryman and 3 bronze star medals awarded. I and my fellow Soldiers knew what we were volunteering to do, and i refuse to be used as some organizations downtrodden victim so they can attempt to advocate for us. I think...
  164. jagerhunchback

    The word association game...

  165. jagerhunchback

    RIP brother

  166. jagerhunchback

    Poke in da eye lol

    you are best off to not fish next to CPT DON, get poked in the eye everytime!!!!
  167. jagerhunchback

    Waianae boat ride...but not much else

    Sounds like a tough day.
  168. jagerhunchback

    What the F is wrong with kids! Makes me sick.

    update Greece, N.Y. - Greece Police are deciding if a group of Greece Athena Middle school students will be charged after cell phone video shows a group of kids on a school bus bullying and...
  169. jagerhunchback

    What the F is wrong with kids! Makes me sick.

    i wish i could release the level of anger and rage i have on those kids after watching that.
  170. jagerhunchback

    Peacock Bass?

    probably easiest for you to rent a kayak or small boat from schofield and use it to fish lake wilson, you can put in to the left of kemo'o farms as there is a small dock like platform there.
  171. jagerhunchback

    Ahi Fever 2012

    0 FOR 4 OUCH!!! glad you guys got one on saturday, congrats!!!
  172. jagerhunchback

    Anyone Hiring?

    also list yourself in the boat ho section here at the least you can get experience fishing on other people's boats. also don't forget that there are charter boats up in haleiwa and waianae. your gonna want...
  173. jagerhunchback

    Good Bye Rodney...

    :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::hali_olutta:HERE'S TO YOU RODNEY!!! my wife was pissed at me when she asked me how my father's day was "God saw fit to give me the greatest father's day gift i've ever received"
  174. jagerhunchback

    Good Bye Rodney...

    You cold hearted bastages are gonna get this post deep sixed like the last one!!! How much shit do you think the responding officer is getting Right now from his policemates for diving in the pool to save him???
  175. jagerhunchback

    Favorite Blue Marlin Teaser?

    i was pulling a homemade version of a witchdoctor painted up like a mahimahi, roughly15 feet behind it would be an archer fatboy daisy bar with one of his 15"mahi squids as chasebait. gave an appearance of a couple mahi crashing squid.
  176. jagerhunchback


    Make your own with pop gaff heads and post hole digger poles from home depot. Ends up being 20 bucks a gaff and you won't have to worry about breaking them and they float.
  177. jagerhunchback

    Rough Seas?

    Those are some hardcore albacore trollers!!!
  178. jagerhunchback

    Kate Upton "Cat Daddy" dance.......

    Call me spongebob, eatin crabby patties!!!!!
  179. jagerhunchback

    I recommend Freed Marine

    Captain Freed is a good friend of MidwayJ and he is also a bd'er. have only heard good things about his work!!!
  180. jagerhunchback

    Guys, if you ever date a dentist...

    now you're really off the charts with the prospect of getting a "polish gumby"!!!
  181. jagerhunchback

    U.S. Secret Service..................

    Funny that the agents were sent home and the 5 jsoc members were kept on the detail.
  182. jagerhunchback

    2050 is going to be a good year.......

    I guess dirty mike and the boys wore out his old one?
  183. jagerhunchback

    Fuck You Governor Brown! (State Beach Parking Fee was $125...Is $195!!!)

    i believe the current term is "undocumented d******t"
  184. jagerhunchback

    muammar's right hand man

    has an amazing business opportunity just for me!!! Message flagged Wednesday, April 18, 2012 5:46 AM Dear Friend, I saw your profile i decided to review this secret to you, Am Burger Johansen personal air pilot to the late Muammar Gaddafi of Libya, Before a revolt pushed him from...
  185. jagerhunchback

    Happy Easter

    happy easter Joe, keep your head on a swivel and your powder dry!!!
  186. jagerhunchback

    Oahu 8 pas. charter???????

    what about the kono? i know the new foxy lady is larger, maybe they can take more than 6 pax now?
  187. jagerhunchback

    Sunday aku/shibi report and shark question

    Mako's and threshers, let the other ones go.
  188. jagerhunchback

    Palm Sunday

    sorry for your loss pat, glad to see you going with the bait!!!
  189. jagerhunchback

    anyone ever had this happen?

    big mako, tiger or GW. you must have been pissed to lose the thresher, those things taste amazing.
  190. jagerhunchback

    Ono Run

    cool vid, congrats!!!
  191. jagerhunchback

    24 Radon "CarzyHorse"

    looks like quite the urchin/lobster boat.
  192. jagerhunchback

    Automatic Snow Chains.........

    i want these for uparmored humvees and mraps.
  193. jagerhunchback

    if you're going 80 MPH, how long does it take you drive 80 Mile? this explains it all!!!
  194. jagerhunchback

    Hope your ready!!!

    can't wait to see the carnage!!
  195. jagerhunchback

    Action on the deck of the Kimi Ann

    Thanks again for all you do don, flw is just as shitty as when you were here!!!
  196. jagerhunchback

    We ask for your prayers for a wounded solder

    Fight hard!!! If this is who i think it is he is a sfc 11-boo with 2nd ID out of lewis. i worked with this unit in iraq in diyala during the surge, fine group of men, prayers sent.
  197. jagerhunchback

    First Blue Marlin

    Congrats, awesome write up!!!
  198. jagerhunchback

    A week

    sounds like some tough fishing days, i hope your hunting was better. I've seen some huge rams up at pohakaloa training area in my travels there.
  199. jagerhunchback

    Striped Marlin, Spearfish, Mahi - 3-11-12

    way to get out there and kill it!!!
  200. jagerhunchback

    DEEP SEA FISHING KAUAI 200 pound ahi

    Awesome vid capt j!!!
  201. jagerhunchback

    Oahu sportfishing for a day?

    the closest thing we have to what you are looking for short of your own exclusive charter would be this i've gone on there before and got my drink on and had an ok time. if you can find a ride off the ho thread or pay for someone's fuel.
  202. jagerhunchback

    $1,000,000 Lottery Winner still on Welfare.....

    :finger:Entitlement society, gee, i wonder if her and marcus vote the same???
  203. jagerhunchback

    Movies That Affected You The Most

    We Were Soldiers Blackhawk Down Act of Valor Restrepo Full Metal Jacket Apocalypse Now
  204. jagerhunchback

    pretty damn sad. prayers to his wife.
  205. jagerhunchback

    I call BS without more pix.

    and with my luck i'd be stopped by airport security to demonstrate to them how exactly you get a "TSA Douchenozzle" to work.
  206. jagerhunchback

    I call BS without more pix.

    you know with all of the downsizing going on in the gov today, i can think of a shitton of politicians we can do without and a boatload of tsa douchenozzles.
  207. jagerhunchback

    Woman killed by cannonball

    what was the guy from sons of guns doing in san diego?
  208. jagerhunchback


    beautiful job!!! i can only imagine the pride and happiness your son has brought you by continuing on with his father's work. congrats again.
  209. jagerhunchback

    Chest Freezers

    check out ross appliances in kalihi, big ugly green colored building, looks like that force cat in hilo. They refurbish used appliances and offer a 1 yr guarantee. I've had good dealings with them
  210. jagerhunchback

    February 28, 2012 Lahaina Harbor, Maui, Hawaii

    Glad this situation was resolved amicably for both parties. My gut reaction was that this was a charlie sims post as it was your 1st on bd. welcome to the site, the washington boards seem like a tight nit group and i can say that nowhere on the internet will you find a better washington or...
  211. jagerhunchback

    Five lives, five seconds. The title says it all

    sad, this kind of reminds me of how local villagers rush down to the shoreline when the water recedes so they can grab all kinds of fish and seafood, not knowing that a tsunami is inbound.
  212. jagerhunchback

    February 28, 2012 Lahaina Harbor, Maui, Hawaii

    and the owner himself posts here to attempt to make it right with you and you persist to justify yourself mr. 2 post man. ma9= charlie sims
  213. jagerhunchback

    How to value a shotgun

    check out armslist, its where i do the majority of my buying and selling
  214. jagerhunchback

    First post, looking for Hawaii charter recommendations

    support bd's sponsors, check out start me up sportfishing in lahaina. also here's a link to the how to charter in hawaii thread
  215. jagerhunchback

    i don't know if 333k would be enough man i'd be furious if this happened to me. seems like common sense has been thrown to the wayside by the lesser members of the LE...
  216. jagerhunchback

    Aussie S.A.S Hero, awarded VC Medal

    love my aussie mates!!! only other fuckers in the pacific that have our backs!!! trained with many during my time with the 25th. here's to you guys!!!
  217. jagerhunchback


    dude, you really got the essence of big game hawaii fishing. epic write up for sure!!!
  218. jagerhunchback

    Act of valor movie

    looks like your boys can't even keep quiet about contracting out training.
  219. jagerhunchback

    which to get?

    definitely the m1a, i've spent 44mos in combat with it, it will never fail you.
  220. jagerhunchback

    looking for a safe, "non-local friendly" place to camp/fish

    ab boy you took my dollah!!!
  221. jagerhunchback

    What are we doing wrong?!?!?!

    there goes captain don again showing the aloha!!! one of the greatest fishing mentors i've ever had, thank don for all you do!!!
  222. jagerhunchback

    pretty fun conversion

    check this thing out!!!
  223. jagerhunchback

    new gun, winchester M1

    i grew up shooting that weapon in the desert at coyotes and jack rabbits. great weapon, and great deal!!!
  224. jagerhunchback

    KANEOHE 2/25

    Don your making me homesick!!! Hope you feel better and thanks for sharing.
  225. jagerhunchback

    looking for a safe, "non-local friendly" place to camp/fish

    hmmmmm and to think honolulu was just listed as the 3rd safest city in america. must be the tourism authority paying big bucks to lull travellers here. 10 years living on oahu and never been assaulted or mugged, abdiver must have some sketch kharma if things were that bad. We used to camp on...
  226. jagerhunchback

    Act of valor movie

    Is pretty fuckin amazing. my allergies started bothering me at the end tho, maybe surfdoc's sorry ass can treat/diagnose it!!!
  227. jagerhunchback

    Stolen Valor

    that joker needs to be beaten with a sock full quarters while i scream "hope and change"
  228. jagerhunchback

    Aloha from Afghanistan

    was in 3rd BDE for 10 years, started in 2-27, then went to 2-5 (now 3/4) then 2-35 then HHC BDE. i was furious that i didn't get to go with you guys back over there, branch forced me to ride the pine where i am now till i get back to ewa beach. one question do you know broe in A co? how is...
  229. jagerhunchback

    Kauai Sportfishing Charter Recommendations

    wrong island, that joker is on maui!!!
  230. jagerhunchback

    Kauai Sportfishing Charter Recommendations

    captain jude is also a bd'er, highly recommend him.
  231. jagerhunchback

    Kona Grander - Linda Sue III

    so when are you gonna get your grander Grander? congrats to Capt Jeff.
  232. jagerhunchback

    Aloha from Afghanistan

    congrats on the new sled, i grew up fishing socal and learned a hard lesson when i got to the islands thinking i could chase down a fish and rocked a 4/0 and got spooled by a 600 lb marlin, make sure you have heavy enough rods/reels!!
  233. jagerhunchback

    Otis cleaning systems

    portable, self contained. Cleans every weapon you have basically. Took my first one to combat during the kosovo invasion in'99, been using them ever since.
  234. jagerhunchback

    Prayers needed for Wounded Warrior

    Halfway down the trail to Hell, In a shady meadow green Are the Souls of all dead troopers camped, Near a good old-time canteen. And this eternal resting place Is known as Fiddlers' Green. Marching past, straight through to Hell The Infantry are seen. Accompanied by the Engineers, Artillery and...
  235. jagerhunchback

    Haseko Owes all the People of Hawaii a Marina (Ewa Marina)

    here was the original master plan here is the star article A marina in Ewa Beach planned as part of the Ocean Pointe and...
  236. jagerhunchback

    Hawaiian Style Fishing

    nice shibi!!!
  237. jagerhunchback

    Hawaiian Style Fishing

    nice shibi!!!
  238. jagerhunchback

    Mushroom pickers lost hope, considered eating dog

    i think a more appropriate response would have been to rescue the dog and let darwinism take its course for the shroom pickers.
  239. jagerhunchback

    Ho`olaule`a 2012

    you should also post this in the hawaii section, i don't think alot of the guys from the hawaii board cruise the other parts of bd.
  240. jagerhunchback

    Abalone Poachers busted. Good job DFG

    even funnier <CITE class=fn>Saluki Hasasmallpenis</CITE> says: January 31, 2012 at 12:53 am I use to go there and getting happy endings, but I never knew they had abalone in the back. Reply
  241. jagerhunchback

    Waianae 1-28-12 (Thanks Pat!)

    bloodydecks ohana for sure!!!!
  242. jagerhunchback

    Lion attack In Laguna and Cited

    shitty situation, sad to say i would have whacked it and buried it and called no one. had a lion roaming around the backyard when i first moved here to missouri, luckily he and i had a discussion one night and e decided to leave the area. most folks here in missouri don't want to admit that...
  243. jagerhunchback

    Kauai Charter Referral

    Capt J is a solid Captain, he's on here from time to time.
  244. jagerhunchback

    Uhu on a flyrod!

    mingo, cool pics, glad you were able to thaw out.
  245. jagerhunchback

    Anyone see this?

    definitely mako, i'm salivating watching that shark imagining it on my bbq!!!
  246. jagerhunchback

    The future of California gun control.....

    sad what ca has become, glad i left in '96
  247. jagerhunchback

    Evil black shotgun....

    because of it's bullpup design it is roughly half the length of a traditional tactical shotgun (not counting pistol grips). i see a great tactical advantage having one tube filled with slugs and the other with 00 buck and being able to switch from one to the other.
  248. jagerhunchback

    Need a 3 bedroom 2 bath rental on Oahu

    Contact my property manager/realtor I'm sure he can get you squared away with what you need.
  249. jagerhunchback

    Thanks for Everything and have a Great 2012

    Stay safe in that thin air. hopefully i'll be back there to greet you in a year
  250. jagerhunchback

    When the stars align...

    Congrats on an awesome close to 2011 pat!!!! You guys killed it!!!!
  251. jagerhunchback

    Kaneohe Report... 12/23...

    Man just reading that makes my back hurt!!! Congrats scott on sticking it out on a rough and tumble day!!!
  252. jagerhunchback

    KANEOHE 12/9 ROUND 3

    awesome maiden voyage, kaneohe rumble pt 3!!!
  253. jagerhunchback

    North Shore Mahi

    at minimum i have to be here for 2 years then hopefully they will let do my last 3 back on island. finally got my back surgery and am now on 3 mos convalescent leave. hopefully my spine is cured so i can fish again.
  254. jagerhunchback

    North Shore Mahi

    joe way to get out there and slay'em.
  255. jagerhunchback

    KANEOHE 12/06

    i miss the days of doing aku shuffle with scuba on the kimi ann. Don way to go on another fine catch, thanks for all you do.
  256. jagerhunchback

    Haseko Owes all the People of Hawaii a Marina (Ewa Marina)

    what a bunch of crap, i'm on my 2nd home in ocean pointe and i bought there for the marina in hopes of running a charter out of there when i retire. What a bunch of scumbags.
  257. jagerhunchback

    103011 Halalu and beyong...

    way to kill it pat!!!!
  258. jagerhunchback

    Need a charter

    Jude schwartz......nuff said
  259. jagerhunchback

    NS Mahi

    nothing like a quick strike morning and back to the barn before 10 a.m. glad to see you getting some miles on the new sled.
  260. jagerhunchback

    Sometimes 2 great things don't go great together

    I feel like someone just raped my ear canal
  261. jagerhunchback

    Welcome to HI:

    awesome way to show the aloha, good kharma is hunting you!!!
  262. jagerhunchback

    Solo NS Fishing Trip

    they have me riding the pine as an ncoic in charge of one of the BRM ranges here while i wait on disc replacement surgery. hopefully i can get healed up and get back to the island after 2 yrs in this hell hole. first time i've lived in the mainland in 14 years!!!!
  263. jagerhunchback

    artificial lumbar disc replacement surgery

    the genius behind the large alice pack combined with IBA should pay us damages!!! kyphoplasty is where they treat a fractured vertebrae by filling the cracks in with surgical cement. the procedure myself and more than likely grunt would be getting is where they take out the weak lack of...
  264. jagerhunchback

    Quick Draw practice in close combat goes wrong.......

    its called a close quarters hip retention drill, people argue the pros and cons of the technique ad nauseum.
  265. jagerhunchback

    Happy Birthday Marcus

    happy birthday dude.
  266. jagerhunchback

    artificial lumbar disc replacement surgery

    i know there has to be a few of you older BD'ers out there that have had this procedure. anyone care to tell me your experiences and how the end result was?
  267. jagerhunchback

    New to Oahu Fishing

    matt, welcome to bloodydecks and welcome home to yourself and all of our steely eyed barrel chested freedom fighters in the Warrior BDE. check out this link for a fishing spot closer to your a.o...
  268. jagerhunchback

    Big money!!!

    nice fish!!!! glad you got a good price!!!
  269. jagerhunchback

    NS Bull and Cow

    congrats on another fine catch!!! gotta maximize your fishing time before the green machine sends you off again brother.
  270. jagerhunchback

    Solo NS Fishing Trip

    way to go on the mahis joe, looks like you're getting her all dialed in!!!
  271. jagerhunchback

    RC Roundup

    Looks like the big island, didn't know the paniolos were going rc car
  272. jagerhunchback

    KANEOHE 8/28

    Captain don, way to rumble!!!
  273. jagerhunchback

    NASA warns of attack.......

    christ and i thought conseamate was is to our tax dollars at work
  274. jagerhunchback


    to captain jesse lovett on the purchase of a new ride, the new chupu charter's boat is a 53' hatteras flybridge convertible the old foxy lady is also up for sale
  275. jagerhunchback


    i had no idea that california had'nt banned it yet, even more interesting is that my home (hawaii) banned it quite some time ago. gordon ramsey recently did a show in costa rica showing their finning industry and garnered support from london chinese food restaurants to stop serving it...
  276. jagerhunchback

    Phone call while being eaten?????

    downright unBEARable. too soon?
  277. jagerhunchback


    solid, i'm definitely missing island life and the good kharma associated with it.
  278. jagerhunchback


    congrats captain j, and congrats on a 2nd sled, just goes to show that solid people can still do good even in this economy!!!
  279. jagerhunchback

    Fork Craigslist...I need a small dog

    as far as breeds go i can't say enough about mini schnauzers, clean and hypo allergenic, and smart without destroying your house
  280. jagerhunchback

    144 0n 50lb test!!!

    nice upgrade with a charlie for mahis, s0ounds like an awesome day!!!
  281. jagerhunchback

    Serious talent!

    that being the case enjoy this link that shows how to make impromptu barracks love swings out of the reflective safety belt!!!
  282. jagerhunchback

    So close but botched seal attempt

    man why does this shit happen to tourists and not stand up guys like me? that 1980's ghetto blaster would have been freshwater washed, disassembelled, oiled, and a new barrel added to it and would be sitting in my gun locker!!!
  283. jagerhunchback

    SHARK WEEK!!!!
  284. jagerhunchback

    SHARK WEEK!!!!
  285. jagerhunchback

    Serious talent!

    gotta love the air force, i'm glad they had their p.t. belts on, safety first and all!!!
  286. jagerhunchback

    Mako's in South Bay (Los Angeles)

    back in the day i used to fish them hook and line commercially, traditionally every summer i would have good luck at the drop off outside and around the oil rigs "edith", "elly" and "eureka". not sure if they are still good spots or not or if there are any new security rules/laws put into...
  287. jagerhunchback

    Had To Share This And Say Thanks!!!

    i was thinking the same thing as he is mr stand-up afficianado
  288. jagerhunchback

    Help in Texas

    these are the same brand i use on the crazy haole and they are the shit, adjustable clutch for howmuch tension you want, i highly recomend these if you have bent butt rods!!!
  289. jagerhunchback

    Better late than never! 6-30-11

    :git:BADASS!!!!!!! PENNYWISE X AHI X COOR'S = SUCCESS!!!!!:beerbang:
  290. jagerhunchback

    Where can I buy this?

    made buy lakeside, check them out!!!
  291. jagerhunchback

    Fishing Charters - North shore/Waianae

    go on the foxy lady aka if you do a search in the hawaii forum you'll find many solid trips from bd'ers with them.
  292. jagerhunchback

    fishing songs
  293. jagerhunchback

    Chum Chopper

    i use a braid chum mate on my boat, works well and keeps everything clean.
  294. jagerhunchback

    what is the ak of the shotguns?

    X 2 on the saiga here they are customized in many different and useful configurations including supressed
  295. jagerhunchback

    Westboro Church coming to SD 6.23.2011

    i think someone needs to get the 1% Hell's Angels to attend this service and display their feelings of the WBC
  296. jagerhunchback

    1150+ Blue Out of Heeia

    damn that's a big marlin!!!!! fish of a lifetime for sure!!!!
  297. jagerhunchback

    Happy Fathers Day.................Yo!

    sadly enough i actually own a john deere
  298. jagerhunchback

    action figure therapy

    unfortunately yes:finger:!!!
  299. jagerhunchback

    action figure therapy

    this site is hilarious!!!! you have to check out honey badger blood orgy, enjoy!!!!
  300. jagerhunchback

    Just moved to Oahu with 34 ft boat....looking for advice/suggestions?

    sentence meaning the army made me take a break from deploying every other year while i was stationed in hawaii, they "sentenced" me to fort leonard wood where i am a range ncoic and am non-deployable.
  301. jagerhunchback

    Just moved to Oahu with 34 ft boat....looking for advice/suggestions?

    i would but my boat is in storage in wailua while i serve out my 2 year sentence here in missouri, see ya in a year and a half when i get back to ewa!!!
  302. jagerhunchback

    Just moved to Oahu with 34 ft boat....looking for advice/suggestions?

    one thing no one told you about is this place you can store your boat there in the water and it's roughly 5 minutes from everywhere in ewa beach. as it sits now pearl harbor control is not as restrictive about getting...
  303. jagerhunchback


    aloha Hari, R.I.P.
  304. jagerhunchback

    Visiting from Mainland

    go here do a forum search for "foxy lady" dave has been fishing the north shore for so long his ballsack has barnacles!!!! also check out this thread
  305. jagerhunchback

    Love those twin white outboards

    now that's what i call "motorboating"!!!!!
  306. jagerhunchback

    A Soldier's Heartbreaking Goodbye Letter..

    R.I.P brother from the 502nd "STRIKE"!!!!!
  307. jagerhunchback

    Love those twin white outboards

    your letting your fetishes take control of you again!!!
  308. jagerhunchback

    And I quote...

    in hawaii we call this "kanak attack"
  309. jagerhunchback

    For those inclined

    we are 2 hours away from them, pretty tragic. been here since feb 11th and weve had 3 tornados zoom within 10 miles of our house. the mainland is dangerous!!!
  310. jagerhunchback

    Hey Pete (HIRIZE)... Happy B-Day!!!

    happy birthday pete!!!!! hope things are going well for you in kona town, the hawaii board aint the same without you and some of our "lost" big island members rolled out.
  311. jagerhunchback

    May 23, 2011 Lahaina Harbor, Maui, Hawaii

    solid report and pics as usual!!!
  312. jagerhunchback

    all of you jokers living in cali may want to stock up on ammo!!!!,0,2337401.story
  313. jagerhunchback

    san pedro has changed since i left in 1995

    i miss some of the old restaurants like the little fisherman, la conga's, maninno's, antes.
  314. jagerhunchback

    need a gun manual? all free and all online. enjoy!!!
  315. jagerhunchback

    Haul Out...

    killer ono pat, looks like the hu-hu is definitely off the boat, hope you kill it in the fever!!!
  316. jagerhunchback

    Damn Evil Pitbulls!!

    well played surfdoc. love the pic of mona in the snow, but what breed is that in the third pic?
  317. jagerhunchback

    san pedro has changed since i left in 1995
  318. jagerhunchback

    Sashimi bottom fishing charter off waikiki

    i've gone on it before. yes it's wal-mart gear and yes it's "fun fishing" went with the wife and got a good buzz on and had fun catching ta'ape and other reef critters. its not "serious offshore fishing", but that can be a good thing at times. we had captain tiger sociable enough guy, but i...
  319. jagerhunchback

    Hawaii Sportfishing May 7

    i'm not really sure what the disconnect was with your trip and situation, but the maggie joe has a fine reputation and has to my knowledge gone out of their way for their customers see my bro's link
  320. jagerhunchback

    Who says lightning never strikes..................

    this is what had to be going through his head.....after the lightning of course
  321. jagerhunchback

    This picture was taken about 20 miles from where I grew up....

    not a bad town, just difficult moving to the mainland after living outside of it for 14 years. the two boys are the most popular kids in high school, they literally need two dicks, the girls are all about "the hawaiian boys".
  322. jagerhunchback

    went to the bar

    and ordered an "Osama Bin Laden", bartender looks at me funny and says "what the hell is in it", i reply "two shots and a splash of water"!!!
  323. jagerhunchback

    This picture was taken about 20 miles from where I grew up....

    i'm in the middle of it and would rather be elsewhere. google "lebanon, missouri"
  324. jagerhunchback

    5/1/2011 Holo Holo Kauai Style

    sick video, you got me feeling homesick!!!
  325. jagerhunchback

    Dos de Mayo...

    looks like you have everything dialed in now pat, just waiting for ahi season to crash down.
  326. jagerhunchback

    Osama is DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    congrats to devgru, some boys in norfolk are gonna have themselves one hell of a party!!!!
  327. jagerhunchback

    Bada Bing/Carl/Phat Boat try to save a man's life during a fire, fatal ending

    X2, there are alot of bad motherfuckers on this board, john and carl are two more of them. good on you guys!!!!
  328. jagerhunchback

    Kaneohe side... 4/22

    way to slay'em scott!!!
  329. jagerhunchback

    Easter Weekend

    killin over the easter weekend!!!! way to get'em pat.
  330. jagerhunchback

    Drinking and driving

    dude, maybe i should move there instead of hawaii!!!
  331. jagerhunchback

    Hawaii Kai, 4/18/2011

    bob, way to go out there and kill it!!!
  332. jagerhunchback

    Late Report - Small Kine Lucky

    sounds like a great day on the water. here is the ruckus raiser in action
  333. jagerhunchback


    that's one of those new hybrid motors i heard about. can run on musubi, bento, loco moco, sash, etc.
  334. jagerhunchback

    Late start/short trip -04/18/2011

    russ congrats on a quick strike day, that cow mahi looks beefy!!!!
  335. jagerhunchback

    4-16-2011 Waianae Report

    way to kill it, your dad's friend must have been full on stoke!!!
  336. jagerhunchback

    Haleiwa 4-17-11

    good job on your six banger!!!
  337. jagerhunchback

    Mrs Brown gets a bikini wax

    damn that was pretty fuckin funny!!!!!
  338. jagerhunchback

    Late Report- HK 4-8-11

    john badass day, you have me all green with envy here in the midwest.
  339. jagerhunchback


    way to slay em capt don!!!!
  340. jagerhunchback

    poor marlin
  341. jagerhunchback

    Big bomb hope everybody was OK

    camp taji, grrrrrr this video is sparking up my ptsd!!!
  342. jagerhunchback

    Smokin Hot Thailand Got Talent Singer.....

    this reminds me of something....
  343. jagerhunchback

    Bryans first Ahi

    nice ahi!!!!
  344. jagerhunchback

    Waianae 4/5

    way to go on a killer mixed bag!!!
  345. jagerhunchback

    4-4-11 Nerlie and me...

    way to go pat, seems like your getting all dialed in!!!!
  346. jagerhunchback

    Just a question

    i have good dealings with bob hoevel 808-263-3604
  347. jagerhunchback

    Finally A Beer For Salucock!!!

    or "Broke Spokes Lager"
  348. jagerhunchback

    CH-53 Helicopter crash on Kaneohe bay sandbar

    looks like 1 dead and 3 injured. R.I.P. my Amphibious brother. One Marine died and three others were injured when a Marine Corps helicopter carrying four people crashed during an emergency landing in shallow water last night in Kaneohe Bay. The helicopter, part of the Kaneohe-based Marine...
  349. jagerhunchback

    North Shore 3-28-11

    i'm suckin here, infantry dudes don't belong in FLW, the weather hurts my body and the ortho wants to put some space shuttle parts in my spine. hopefully they can put humpty dumpty back together again and send me back to the island. on a good note tho, my ocean pointe pad is covering itself as...
  350. jagerhunchback

    Kaneohe 3/29

    kimi ann killing it as usual!!!!!
  351. jagerhunchback

    LL & MM Buoys

    website says it's there
  352. jagerhunchback

    North Shore 3-28-11

    sounds like a great day on the pond, congrats on breaking in the new ride!!!!
  353. jagerhunchback

    AR 15 Scope mounted one of these on one of my carbines, great set up for the price. i'm also a big fan of the eotech line and acog with mini holo sight on top.
  354. jagerhunchback

    pwn'd!!!! ultimate fail when you get shot and killed during your home invasion robbery by a beauty queen with a pink .38:2gunsfiring_v1:
  355. jagerhunchback

    Court Says It's OK To Lie About Your Military Service

    i was a door gunner on the space shuttle, got a case of the ass when they cancelled my program and threw all my medals over the white house fence!!!!!
  356. jagerhunchback


    jack sorry to hear of your mom's passing, your a stand up stubborn bastard and thats just what your mom needed to ensure she had a peaceful transition. good on ya.
  357. jagerhunchback

    long time lurker,new member

    welcome to the asylum, if you run into a nun around here named saluki stay away!!!
  358. jagerhunchback

    Refit Final Week

    joe, get out there and kill it for me!!!
  359. jagerhunchback

    Old Ethel

  360. jagerhunchback

    Gorilla Love

  361. jagerhunchback


    great right up pat, glad to see your getting the kinks worked out of the new sled and the huhu is almost all off!!!!
  362. jagerhunchback

    February 28, 2011 Lahaina Harbor, Maui

    hey check out my molokai stripey!!!! grinds!!!!!
  363. jagerhunchback


    stoney sounds like a banner day, way to kill it!!!!
  364. jagerhunchback

    Late post 2/20 Eastside donkey!

    nice donkey congrats!!!!
  365. jagerhunchback


    roger i'm on the ground here in missouri, there is me and only two other infantry guys stuck here, all of us have over 3 deployments so i guess this is where they send us to ride the pine vs. deploy again. interestingly enough all 3 of us would rather deploy. when we first got here we were...
  366. jagerhunchback

    Waianae 19 & 21st FEB

    nice shibis!!!
  367. jagerhunchback


    sounds like an awesome day on the water pat, congrats!!!!
  368. jagerhunchback

    Charter fishing- shipping your catch off island

    don't listen to the haters and the naysayers. if you like to come out here and get your fish on members of this board in addition to charter operations listed in the sticky will serve you well. here is the link to free supplies to send your fish back to the mainland via air...
  369. jagerhunchback

    Vet's office

    fixed it for ya!!!
  370. jagerhunchback

    Another reason to go to Costco

    in search of cheap boner pills....
  371. jagerhunchback

    Another reason to go to Costco

    i've read this joke 5 times now and still don't get the punch line!!!
  372. jagerhunchback

    the first time i bought condoms

    I recall my first time with a condom, I was 16 or so. I went in to buy a packet of condoms at the pharmacy. There was this beautiful woman Assistant behind the counter, and she could see that I was new at it. She handed me the package and asked if I knew how to wear one. I answered...
  373. jagerhunchback

    where's my chips???

  374. jagerhunchback

    the western wall

    A female CNN journalist heard about a very old Jewish man who had been going to the Western Wall to pray, twice a day, every day, for a long, long time. So she went to check it out. She went to the Western Wall and there he was, walking slowly up to the holy site. She watched him pray and...
  375. jagerhunchback

    yes, I AM 1/4 norwegian..

    i seem to recall something similar happening to some daegos!!!
  376. jagerhunchback


    awesome post, this had me rolling!!!
  377. jagerhunchback

    I just bought a Glock mod-19 .45....

    X2 i have 3 glocks chambered in .40 and a kel-tec carbine chambered in same that takes glock mags. your glock will never fail you. as far as accuracy goes, your pistol is what you use to fight to the location of your carbine/shotgun!!!
  378. jagerhunchback


    solid pics, i'll be heading to your neck of the woods soon for a 2 yr stay, i'll have to try my hand at the freshwater scene.
  379. jagerhunchback

    Bottom fishing Reels

    keith this thread may help as it appears you want what is a common use item here in hawaii. and here is the contact info for the place that makes them Universal Manufacturers
  380. jagerhunchback

    Bait Fisherman Suck

  381. jagerhunchback

    HEY Saluki

    bwahahahahaha!!!! no reply, where is saluki!!!!!
  382. jagerhunchback


    awesome report, thanks for sharing!!!
  383. jagerhunchback

    1-2-11 Mixed Bag and good ones...

    man epic day pat, way to slay'em!!!
  384. jagerhunchback

    Lowrance 8200c plus LRA-4000 radar

    due to 2 pm's with interest inthe last 48hrs. Bump
  385. jagerhunchback

    Lake Wilson peacock bass like mike said smallish hooks and live bait. preferred baits are small tilapias which can be caught in any of the drainage rivers you see in pearl city or wailua etc.
  386. jagerhunchback

    hundred MPH Goat....

  387. jagerhunchback

    Did Stan really leave?

    not to mention the epidemic of a virulent strain of gonorrhea that just reared its nasty head to the working girls of Bahia Asuncion. Mexican veterinary officials are worried it may make its way to the burros and sheep in the area.:rofl:
  388. jagerhunchback

    Ewa Beach Hotels or Motels

    here's a link to vacation rentals by owner in ewa beach Oahu VRBO® Vacation Rentals - West Oahu Vacation Rental Homes & Condos if you like japanese food you should check out restaurant saito it's close to burger king off ft weaver.
  389. jagerhunchback

    Great chartplotter for iPhone for $10? Must have boater app!

    i have had this app for 8 months or so, it is bad ass!!!!!
  390. jagerhunchback

    Happy birthday jarhead

    happy birthday you bunch of knuckle draggin teufel hunden monsters with gills. I just wish we could get you to read 7-8.
  391. jagerhunchback

    Fake Veterans

    this is one of my all time favorites, it's from '03/'04 it started on when i was part of the family. our community tracked this kid down and burned him at the stake at his unit. he ended up spending his 45/45 policing 10th grps a.o. on carson...
  392. jagerhunchback

    Fake Veterans

    secured targets Secured Targets - Stolen Valor - Reality Show the only think i hate more then socialists and commies are fake vets and real vets that pretend they were "there".
  393. jagerhunchback

    Shore Fishing Oahu

    check'em out fish bait here with a couple set ups and do your whipping thing. for me i've found fishing to be best on an incoming tide. also i use a mixture of canned jack...
  394. jagerhunchback

    Bloodydeckers in Missouri???

    glad to see there is some life out there, i'm bringing my 14ft inflatable with a 30 hp OB, just gotta get a trailer and trolling motor when i get there. should get there jan/feb timeframe from my best guess.
  395. jagerhunchback

    Kona Mike Fund (shot in Cabo)

    jesus, talk about "you shoot my guy". glad he is ok that place is going to hell in a handbasket.
  396. jagerhunchback

    I got a phone call from the "good" sister, asking for advice......

    just a heads up saluki, st louis is where i'm flying in for my 2 yr sentence to missouri, let me know if you ever need any help.
  397. jagerhunchback


    frank did you have to click the ad 4 times before you knew what it was? :finger:
  398. jagerhunchback


    probably ads for vivy aguilera:rofl:
  399. jagerhunchback

    Bloodydeckers in Missouri???

    it would appear that the powers that be in the army think that 44mos of combat is too much and are pcs'ing me to fort leonardwood, MO to a non-deployable non-door kicking infantry type existence. i'll be roughly an hour south of lake of the ozarks, anyone ever been? i'm sure i'll be freezing...
  400. jagerhunchback

    Braid Marauder

    here's an article on z-wing trolling Trolling Techniques one thing i would suggest is togive it about 5 foot or so of wire before you get to the z-wing, for some reason makos and onos like to eat z-wings.
  401. jagerhunchback

    Braid Marauder

    they can but it kind of negates what a downrigger is for. the other thing to keep in mind is that your release clip/rubberband or whatever you use on it will have to be set hard enough to facilitate hooking into an ono /wahoo's mouth (i'm assuming this is your target species) i'm a big fan or...
  402. jagerhunchback

    Braid Marauder

    you need to set your drag properly
  403. jagerhunchback

    prayers needed

    My branch manager basically told me to suck a fAt baby's. c&#8226;ck in hell. And to top it off she told me to have a great "armyday" im not pleased.
  404. jagerhunchback

    prayers needed

    wednesday i was sent an email from my unit saying i was on orders to missouri. i just sold my home here in oahu, and just purchased a new bigger home for 500k. now the army wants me off oahu by oct 31'st of this year. i was slotted to stay here and go back to astan with my unit next year and...
  405. jagerhunchback


  406. jagerhunchback

    mooring bugs

    sounds like an awesome trip!!
  407. jagerhunchback

    how real men shoot skeet!!!!

  408. jagerhunchback

    how a conservationist/animal rights activist/vegan responds to a rude dfg

    must be trying to make some of that bad dog mola meat!!!:rofl:
  409. jagerhunchback

    free bottle of advil!!!

    with all of you aging bd'ers on here you can probably use this Home | Take Action Take Advil®.
  410. jagerhunchback

    so surfdoc goes to mcdonalds

    during the lunchtime rush, he orders his food and is told that there it will take sometime due to all of the orders. finally a fat girl brings his order to his table and says "Sorry about the wait sir". he replied "Don't worry you fat bitch, you'll lose it eventually "!!!! surfdoc is not a...
  411. jagerhunchback


    halibut and bass try palos verdes area, i.e. abalone cove, pt. fermin, pt. vicente, rocky point etc. inside the long beach and pedro breakwater for halibut. lizards tend to be the kinda bycatch you get while fishing halibut so its going to happen.
  412. jagerhunchback

    Mako Tag Recovery over 6 years

    sweet!! was it a longline fish ???
  413. jagerhunchback


    sick looking hull!!!!
  414. jagerhunchback

    Great Mahi day

    congrats on your banner day, glad the adi gail finally became usefull!!!!
  415. jagerhunchback

    Waianae 10-3-10

    a friend went out yesterday and got a 30 lb mahi in 300 feet of water in front of kentucky fried chicken. other then that he said it was slow.
  416. jagerhunchback

    You guys in Oregon get all the hotties

    no wonder oregon has the most relaxed marijuana laws!!!
  417. jagerhunchback


    yes and yes. we call it shutome here FishWatch - Pacific Swordfish
  418. jagerhunchback

    The ABC's of boobs.

  419. jagerhunchback

    kinda mean, but funny!!!

    mods if this is too offensive by all means give me my lumps. Mohammad, an Arab child, entered his classroom on the first day of school in Ohio . "What is your name?" – asked the teacher. "Mohammad". answered the kid. You are in America now - from now on your name will be Johnny," replied...
  420. jagerhunchback


  421. jagerhunchback

    hello From Hilton Head Island South Carolina

    he's a steely eyed, barrel chested, freedom fighter, trust me he can hang, we used to do 40 hr trips here in hawaii, awake the whole time. just make sure to feed him monsters and redbulls in addition to bud light!!!!!
  422. jagerhunchback

    Parking Ticket

    I think id rather just drink beers with stan and tell war stories and talk about how fucked the current stste of the union is!!!! :rofl:
  423. jagerhunchback

    New Rules

  424. jagerhunchback

    Parking Ticket

    you're not gonna get a christmas card from marcus with remarks like that!!!
  425. jagerhunchback

    how many bloodydeckers...

    went out at 0500 this morning, started at the ledge trolling, hana pa'a!!! got one in the boat in the first 30 minutes of fishing. once we got the skunk off the boat continued offshore and found a large bird pile working off the 500 fathom ledge, trolled by first and took an immediate 4...
  426. jagerhunchback

    best video ever!!!!!!!!

  427. jagerhunchback

    East Coast "Combat" Style Surf Fishing....

    i'm surprised they did'nt free gaff the gator and eat it too.
  428. jagerhunchback

    special for Saluki

    saluki would request the suzanna holmes be his attending physician.
  429. jagerhunchback

    9/22 with the "Big Ta Do"

  430. jagerhunchback

    hello From Hilton Head Island South Carolina

    welcome to bloodydecks, if your into offshore fishing my best friend just moved from hawaii out to your neck of the woods and is always looking for experienced people to fish with his handle is fishinsoldier
  431. jagerhunchback

    Lowrance 8200c plus LRA-4000 radar

    Open Array Radar | LOWRANCE LRA-4000 | 4kW 48 nautical mile range, has a new navionics hawaii chip. new in box, never got around to putting it on the boat. $2000 O.B.O. and this does'nt mean "or barack obama"!!!
  432. jagerhunchback

    This video pretty much sums up this year's fishing!

    i thought for sure it was gonna be the adolf video again!!!
  433. jagerhunchback

    Politician Term Limits

    i also believe this practice goes on in D.C. city politics, just need to take it to a national level!!! "put your hands up mr. mayor!!!"
  434. jagerhunchback

    how many bloodydeckers...

    that's a bunch of bullshit, those lightbulbs were legal and within the legal regulation for size and limit. you frickin tree huggers need to go to petl (people for the ethical treatment of lightbulbs) hell you probably call them "light kittens"!!!!
  435. jagerhunchback

    loco moco

    i've had it, i'm pretty sure they put heroin in their gravy!!!! it's that addicting.
  436. jagerhunchback

    Moving to Marina - Keeping My Ride Out Of The Salt Options?

    i'd go with something like this Bottom Paint No More! Use an ARMOREDHULL Boat Shield! either buy one or get creative and make your own, then fill it with freshwater. you'll have to put some type of biocide in it tho. here are some bd'ers with them...
  437. jagerhunchback

    Fish Cake

  438. jagerhunchback

    Another Brain Fart

    looks pretty sick!!!! ever consider using some type of break-away vs having the salt slicer/z-wing on your mainline?
  439. jagerhunchback

    Kaneohe 19SEP10

    nice catch!!!
  440. jagerhunchback

    Happy Birthday Chuam!!

    happy birthday the fisherman marcus formerly known as chuam and occasionally referred to as odd job!!!
  441. jagerhunchback

    Is the Iran / Iraq border

    which is exactly why i would never live in surfdocistan!!! the krg actually wanted me to stay there and get my expat on. i had to politely explain to them that there was no way i could since they had no ocean and my life is based on fishing. they begrudgingly understood.
  442. jagerhunchback


  443. jagerhunchback

    Is the Iran / Iraq border

    a little background on our beloved little hikers Let &#8216;Em Rot: &#8220;Hiking&#8221; Americans Detained in Iran Are Pro-Syrian, Anti-Israel, Far-Left &#8220;Journalist&#8221; Activists | Debbie Schlussel i was in northern iraq when this went down. the army was having none of this "rescue...
  444. jagerhunchback

    looking for some free outriggers

    insteada of outriggers you may want to take a look at these Home Page i've used them on a friend's boat here in the islands where we are very particular of our outriggers, and imho these work just as good if not better. i say better because it adds a "teaser" value to your fishing. in the...
  445. jagerhunchback

    Hawaii fishing and seafood festival, who's going?

    Hawaii Fishing and Seafood Festival | Hawaii Fishing and Seafood Festival Hawaii Fishing and Seafood Festival Aloha and Welcome to the Hawaii Fishing & Seafood Festival website. The HFSF was created by the Pacific Islands Fisheries Group in 2005 as their annual fundraiser event and bringing...
  446. jagerhunchback


    sweet catch!!!
  447. jagerhunchback

    Wahoo in LA Harbor

    that hoo must be really lost, he should be in waianae!!!
  448. jagerhunchback

    New Sled Halfway Home (Update)

    Nice skipjack!!!! you must be killing it with that bait tank!!!
  449. jagerhunchback

    The Iron Maidens

  450. jagerhunchback

    The Iron Maidens

    no pics of these hard ladies???
  451. jagerhunchback

    Weekend weather small craft warning for 9/18-9/19

    looks like a normal day out of haleiwa!!! better get your grundens out!!!
  452. jagerhunchback

    what do tuna do at night
  453. jagerhunchback

    what do tuna do at night

    They feed just like the daytime. Google ika shibi and you will see how we roll here
  454. jagerhunchback

    Anybody missing a 13/16 box end wrench?

    jesus!!!!!!.......wait i mean MOHAMMAD!!!!!!!
  455. jagerhunchback

    looking to hop on someones boat to hit the tuna

    good luck hope you guys slay them!!!!:2gunsfiring_v1:
  456. jagerhunchback

    New Sled Halfway Home (Update)

    congrats on a sweet ride!!!! i had a great experience shipping my boat with pasha, they are solid to do business with.
  457. jagerhunchback

    Paul the Black Sheep

    congrats paul, you do know that you u have to breathe air in homes vs water in your current enviroment!!!!!
  458. jagerhunchback

    damn sea tow!!! or 30 Miles out w/ expired card!!

    had the coast guard call me one memorial day weekend just as i was about to go out for a 2hr cruise with wifey, a fellow bd'er had broken down about 14 miles from ko olina marina and all of the other boats in the area just kept trolling around him like he was a floating fad. i went out and got...
  459. jagerhunchback

    Who is your role model?

    make sure you take a blue pill or some levitra as i've been told they allow multiple pops during your allotted appoinment time:rofl:
  460. jagerhunchback

    The look of jealousy...

    and all this time i thought they were looking at our fish. i thought it was weird when they asked me if i had ever been to club d.p. i just thought they were friendly tourists!!!
  461. jagerhunchback

    Who is your role model?

    mika says to tell you "hi brandon, when are you gonna set up an appointment for pse"?
  462. jagerhunchback

    Who is your role model?

    saluki i recall sending you the link to mika's new profession at the bunny ranch and i'm 100% sure that she is single!!!!
  463. jagerhunchback

    What BD thread stands out as the all-time funniest BD thread?

    it ended up getting pulled, not sure if the mods can bring it from the dead, but "when fishnsoldier came out of the closet" was pretty good. the saluki fish washing had me rolling again!!!
  464. jagerhunchback

    Special Sauce Fish Attractor

    note to all bd'ers, do not listen to what keith poe is saying, there are no threshers in long beach harbor, in addition there is no halibut inside there either and there most definitely is not a bunch of volcanoes by the oil rig islands in long beach harbor. just clearing that up for you all.
  465. jagerhunchback

    The look of jealousy...

    ahhhh the mighty look of jealousy!!!!
  466. jagerhunchback

    Why counter clockwise?

    most people are right handed. i.e. you hold the bait net in your right hand while getting bait out of the tankso you move the scoop to the left and the fish "swim" into the net.....oh wait i guess us hawaii guys have our bait tanks flowing "clockwise" vs. the westcoast!!!
  467. jagerhunchback

    Get the blood boilin'...

    other then the music, pretty sweet vid!!!
  468. jagerhunchback


    Proof that bd is good for teenagers!!!! alwaysbent needs to read the ballad of sneekee!!!
  469. jagerhunchback


    man you could dine at the y and knock the lunch loose at the same time!!!
  470. jagerhunchback

    armed security guard

    Power security - Phoenix Arizona's finest security provider Law Enforcement & Security jobs in AZ: Browse Law Enforcement & Security jobs in Arizona - Monster+HotJobs phoenix security jobs classifieds - craigslist
  471. jagerhunchback

    loco moco

    2 cups long grain white rice 4 cups water 2 hamburger patties or you can go the super unhealthy jager way and use 1/2 (12 ounce) container Spam sliced into 1/4 inch thick slices 4 eggs, beaten or overeasy ( i like'em overeasy) 1 (10.5 ounce) can brown gravy, heated Combine the rice and...
  472. jagerhunchback

    Beginners Luck

    sounds like an exciting day for some noobs!!!
  473. jagerhunchback

    Saluki Claus's Naughty or Nice List Contest!

    damn that may put me on the naughty list. i hereby nominate stan aka surfdoc for the naughty list mainly because he likes to lick buttwholes and for the nice list i would like to nominate alwaysbent...
  474. jagerhunchback

    Oh no he didn't say that.......................

    and plenty of lube too:rofl: i mean seriously if your'e gonna have a chick reporter in the locker room it would behoove you to have one that looks like elena kagan and not one that looks and sounds like an actress from a rocco sifreddi film.
  475. jagerhunchback

    Special Sauce Fish Attractor

    if you ever come out to the island give me a couple months notice and i'll get the crazyhaole dusted off. been focusing on selling my home and upgrading to a new one. once that is finished then it's re-rig the boat time.
  476. jagerhunchback

    Caribbean Vacation

    cuba!!! cheap affordable and has everything you are asking for. you have to go to mexico then catch a plane to cuba, make sure you tell the cuban customs official not to stamp your passport. Travel agency to Cuba: flights, hotels, cars, vacation packages, scuba diving, cruise and maps...
  477. jagerhunchback

    fishing in hawaii

    man who said lightning does'nt strike twice??? thats the 2nd double sail this year on hawaii bd!!! congrats!!!!
  478. jagerhunchback

    Oahu Charter Recommendations

    depends on each boat as they all have their own policy. best bet is to talk to the captain before you book. i have no clue how the catch would be divided or if it even is on a share charter. i believe chupu's policy is for a full day charter the client gets 50lbs of fish before they are...
  479. jagerhunchback

    Pictures how we eat.

    i give to you the SPAM LOCO MOCO!!!
  480. jagerhunchback

    Advice for fishing in November?

    for bonefish you can try these guys Fly Fishing Hawaii - Trophy Hawaiian Bonefishing with Captain Terry Duffield (Coach Duff) - Bonefish Hawaii i've never heard of them a(since i'm not a flyfisher) also i heard that mike hennessy of the maggie joe fly fishes for bones in his offtime and has a...
  481. jagerhunchback

    Need a good career???

    stop being a giner smudge this is where you need to go when you retire Civilian Contractor - Civilian Contractor Jobs look at all the awesome job sites!!!i've been to seven of the countries listed you probably have me beat smudge. Afghanistan, Kosovo, Israel, Qatar, Caribbean...
  482. jagerhunchback

    Z-Wing question

    this link shows the angle of decent for depth Tips for using the Z-Wing Downrigger the holes towards the aft of the z-wing give you more depth and the ones to the front give you less dig.
  483. jagerhunchback

    Special Sauce Fish Attractor

    Im interested in the soaking/dying aspect of your game. I've gotten bit numerous times but always end up pulling hooks. me thinks i need to let the fish completely ingest the bait i.e. Belly hook the swords then go from there.
  484. jagerhunchback

    Z-Wing question

    i attach a hook to it and rip my friend's cleat off. maybe run it off one of my spectra backed 80w tiagras just in case!!!
  485. jagerhunchback

    how to f*ck with saluki from my workplace in hawaii!!!!

    HANA'PAA!!!!!!!! I GOT ME A MARLIN!!!!
  486. jagerhunchback

    To cool not to share

    that pretty amazing
  487. jagerhunchback

    Z-Wing question

    i figure on the next one i'll give it an 8 ft wire standoff from the z-winig that way when the snap swivel goes down it will be roughly 8 ft above the z-wing. just wondering if anyone else has had their wing poached since no one uses them out here in hawaii.
  488. jagerhunchback

    how to f*ck with saluki from my workplace in hawaii!!!! the p.m. i receive..... Private Message: You Dick!!!!!!!!!!!! <TABLE class=tborder id=post cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=3 width="100%" align=center border=0><TBODY><TR><TD class=thead...
  489. jagerhunchback

    Todays Word

  490. jagerhunchback

    Staff SGT.Salvatore Giunta

    gee that only took 9 years of combat in 2 wars to accomplish. there are more out there still breathing that deserve that award, i'm glad somone finally was awarded what they earned.
  491. jagerhunchback

    Z-Wing question

    so, last time i was out i decided to deploy a z-wing that i had rigged up with 400lb bloodline to a 400lb french snap swivel to the z-wing. let out roughly 14 fathoms of line and girth hitched it off to a cleat, with a wet towel under the line so as not to ruin the gel coat. let out a nice 9...
  492. jagerhunchback

    2010 fishing season described in one video

    yeah i think it has been posted 5 or 6 times.
  493. jagerhunchback

    1000 lb. Bluefin Speared

    wow that some serious balls!!!!
  494. jagerhunchback

    Hollywood squares (for us old farts)

  495. jagerhunchback

    Let's kill whales and dolphins together

    this was on the other night on comedy central, my absolute favorite!!! THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE!!!!
  496. jagerhunchback

    9/11 & 9/4

    nice going pat, looks like the marlin bite is picking up!!!
  497. jagerhunchback

    Waianae 9/12/2010

    nice fish, get the smoker ready!!!
  498. jagerhunchback

    Waianae 12 Sep 2010

    that thing's a beast!!!! thanks for the report!!!
  499. jagerhunchback

    130 lb. ulua from beach!!

    solid!!!! fish of a lifetime congrats!!!!!!!!!
  500. jagerhunchback

    Oahu Charter Recommendations

    if your going to fish and do a share charter, go with magic as they do a number of share charters. if you want to book the boat for a private/exclusive charter go with chupu charters out of haleiwa. if your wife gets seasick and or wants flat calm water go with livebait sportfishing out of...
  501. jagerhunchback

    What were you doing 9-11-2001?

    i was laying in a hammock in the jungle at south range on schofield barracks hawaii with green cammie facepaint on. we had a training mission that morning to conduct a hostage rescue. plt sgt gets us all together and starts telling us what is going on. we all pull out notepads and start...
  502. jagerhunchback

    tuna next week

    welcome back from the stan
  503. jagerhunchback

    Fishing around GTMO ?

    hope this helps Joint Task Force Guantanamo
  504. jagerhunchback

    Soooo Sad......

    don't feel bad SURF ZONE FORECAST NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE HONOLULU HI 900 AM HST FRI SEP 10 2010 OAHU- 900 AM HST FRI SEP 10 2010 Surf along east facing shores will be 1 to 3 feet through Saturday. Surf along south facing shores will be 1 to 3 feet today, then rise to 2 to 4 feet tonight and...
  505. jagerhunchback

    man rules

    no worries, my wife thinks i'm a dick too:rofl:
  506. jagerhunchback

    Poverty in Sweden

    "ahhhh the swedish, they make some of my favorite pornography"!!!
  507. jagerhunchback

    Papio fishing?

    this should help
  508. jagerhunchback

    prawn fishing

    roger, because of the depth that we would fish them we would use 10 traps on one piece of rope, so when you pull your buoy you are bringing up all ten traps roughly spaced 10 fathoms or so apart. Spot Prawn a quick primer How to Catch Shrimp, and How to Catch Prawns
  509. jagerhunchback

    Marlin Dragging Lure

    sweet pic, good kharma going your way on the clean release!!!
  510. jagerhunchback

    feeling froggy???

    YouTube - Video What The Hell Another Freaky Monkey Rapes Frog Orally!
  511. jagerhunchback

    waianae howz da fishing ????

    went out last sunday, trolled towards kaena for onos, got one runt kawakawa, work the 500-1000 coming south hooked a large type mahi 40-50 lbs, pulled hooks, shed tears, nothing else for the remaninder of the day. have'nt heard of any large ahis out there, but have heard sporadic marlin hookups.
  512. jagerhunchback

    this has to be a bloodydecker!!!

    conceivably we are even since my eyes really really hurt from your avatar!!!
  513. jagerhunchback

    Rough weather boat handling

    when it gets that rough i break out the parachute and drag that joker behind the boat to keep the transom down. i believe when used like that its called a "drogue"
  514. jagerhunchback

    talk about a bad day on the pond

    saw this on another site Gallery - Waterdog - Jupiter Boat Accident unfortunately the captain did'nt make it. Popular charter boat captain dies in freak accident in Jupiter Inlet - South Florida be safe out there guys!!!
  515. jagerhunchback

    prawn fishing

    used to do it commercial when i was in high school out of LA harbor. pacific spot prawns. we used small traps that were set 10 or so to a gang in deep water. really great eating. you should get with the bd'ers from washington state as i believe a majority of them also fish for prawns up in that...
  516. jagerhunchback

    What Chum Grinder is best? Ever use one?

    pm sent to correct what i said before it's called a "braid chum mate" "braid chum mate" - Google Search most peeps that have them swear by them.
  517. jagerhunchback

    man rules

    These are our rules! Please note.. these are all numbered "1 " ON PURPOSE! 1. Men are NOT mind readers. ( FIRST & FOREMOST RULE) 1. Learn to work the toilet seat. You're a big girl. If it's up, put it down. We need it up, you need it down. You don't hear us complaining about you leaving...
  518. jagerhunchback

    this has to be a bloodydecker!!!

    sacramento craigslist > for sale / wanted > boats please flag with care: miscategorized prohibited spam/overpost best of craigslist Avoid scams and fraud by dealing locally! Beware any deal involving Western Union, Moneygram, wire transfer, cashier check, money order, shipping, escrow...
  519. jagerhunchback

    Kona charter recommendation?
  520. jagerhunchback

    i feel bad for this guy

    Long Island Man Arrested For Defending Home With AK-47 « CBS New York- News, Sports, Weather, Traffic and the Best of NY just trying to defend his family. NY is one wrecked state.
  521. jagerhunchback

    What Chum Grinder is best? Ever use one?

    Im a big fan of the braid chum bucket, works good and is simple and straight forward. Then again there is no pre made chum available here in hawaii
  522. jagerhunchback

    Unemployment map of the United States

    dudes with our skillsets are making 250k a year in astan and 150k a year in iraq, lots of work to be had in other locales. hope your health improves, then again hanging out with buonofortuna and saluki in the woods i somehow doubt it will:Fondle:
  523. jagerhunchback

    is this disturbing to you too?

    extreme assclownery. dude should have his right to hunt revoked.
  524. jagerhunchback

    Unemployment map of the United States

    makes me feel bad to have a great paying job and to be in hawaii, not to mention i just sold my condo and made a 60k profit and rolled into a new house that was 750k at the height of the economy but i'm grabbing it for 480k. people need to vote with their brains this november not with their...
  525. jagerhunchback

    City council booze ban?

    reading all of this stuff makes me so glad that i left kalifornia for hawaii.
  526. jagerhunchback

    64 foot wave...Jaws ... Hawaii

    grinding Pe'ahi beach!!!! solid post!!!!
  527. jagerhunchback

    Jesse, Surfdoc, & Saluki go into the woods.........

    all of you have issues!!!
  528. jagerhunchback

    HNL to Ka'ula Rock and Back 8/29 - 9/2

    awesome write up john!!!
  529. jagerhunchback

    Searching for Diver Darren Fox...

    good kharma for you my friend!!!!
  530. jagerhunchback

    How to tell a Greek from a Muslim...

    Afghanistan's dirty little secret welcome to the middle east!!!
  531. jagerhunchback

    South Shore ledge

    here is the link, awesome day for him
  532. jagerhunchback

    South Shore ledge

    barbers/ewa is solid for onos, we always seem to catch there when we target them. scott aka navyaircrew had a banner day a few months back, i think he got 8 pieces
  533. jagerhunchback


    congrats on the ono!!!! we tried for 9 hours last sunday and could'nt make it happen.
  534. jagerhunchback

    This made me sick to my stomach

    whoa!!!! did someone hijack marcus's computer??? your on point with this one!!!
  535. jagerhunchback

    catch the moment

    i tried to attach the pps but it's to large so here's the link. can you spot the bloodydecker??? SlideShows - Watch slideshow: Catch the Moment
  536. jagerhunchback

    surfdoc sighting!!!

    crap i somehow posted it twice.....the intronets is hard sometimes!!!
  537. jagerhunchback

    surfdoc sighting!!!

    Wild Women, Ripping and Tearing [VIDEO]
  538. jagerhunchback

    surfdoc sighting!!!

    Wild Women, Ripping and Tearing [VIDEO]
  539. jagerhunchback


    The U.S. Army Colonel was about to receive the morning briefing from his staff. While waiting for the coffee machine to finish its brewing, the Colonel decided to pose a question to all assembled. He explained that his wife had been a bit frisky the night before and he failed to get his usual...
  540. jagerhunchback

    First Solo and First Donkey!!!!!!!

    i was thinking the same thing when i read it, don told me that story and now im super paranoid about clearing lines and making sure leaders dont go out the scuppers!!!
  541. jagerhunchback

    favorite places to grind!!!

    found this link to a food blog here on oahu Index | The Tasty Island this person has gone out of there way to grind on oahu. they use a grading scale of 1 to 5 musubi's check it out!!
  542. jagerhunchback

    Waianae 8-28-10

    way to go on two solid fish, as Bnaks said, looks a little sporty behind you
  543. jagerhunchback

    First Solo and First Donkey!!!!!!!

    simply AWESOME!!!! congrats on the the solo catch of a lifetime!!!
  544. jagerhunchback

    west side report 8-28-10

    no worries, fished the wainae ledge from victor to barbers over and over, high tide change, no onos, low tide change, still no onos hit 4 bird piles. Came home witn one charlie. i betta find one rubbish next time out for mr. Charles!!!!
  545. jagerhunchback

    Waianae Ahi Shore Casting Video

    i need to take that guy out with me next time i fish!!!! congrats on your beach shibi!!!! peeps in cali gonna be green!!!
  546. jagerhunchback

    Cellphone signal up to 50 miles off shore

    We used to use these at our remote bases in iraq. Solid technology!!!
  547. jagerhunchback

    favorite places to grind!!!

    never knew about alicia's that place looks amazing Kalihi Eats: Alicia&#8217;s Market | The Tasty Island
  548. jagerhunchback

    Waianae 8/26/10

    awesome write up, congrats on your marlin!!!
  549. jagerhunchback

    Waianae 8-26-2010

    congrats on your marlin and welcome to bloodydecks!!!
  550. jagerhunchback

    kaneohe 8/23

    Whoa, dad's got some skills!!!!
  551. jagerhunchback

    Saluki Claus's Naughty or Nice List Contest!

    seeing all of the mpa ass pain you cali boys are dealing with i nominate jaymercer for the nice list fight those dirty bastards to the bitter end!!!!
  552. jagerhunchback

    8-25 Waianae

    congrats garrett, glad to see the marlins are still lurking westside!!!
  553. jagerhunchback


    sounds like an epic day, congrats.
  554. jagerhunchback

    kaneohe report 8/25

    solid report captain don!!!! hope things are well with you my friend!!!
  555. jagerhunchback

    Hot Keg still good?

    don't they like scat films in germany? just sayin:shithappens:
  556. jagerhunchback

    Hot Keg still good?

    it's gonna be skunky. sell it on craigslist.
  557. jagerhunchback

    Waianae 8/21/10

    great report as usual scott. marlins, those jokers always break your heart!!!
  558. jagerhunchback

    favorite places to grind!!!

    their table showers are to die for, 50 to the mamasan and 150 to the server. my favorite for local food helena's on school street in chinatown.
  559. jagerhunchback

    favorite places to grind!!!

    post up some of your favorite restaurants and off the beaten path places for grinds!!! one of my staples and it's right next to p.o.p. this place's lobster dog is to die for!!! Hanks Haute Dogs any big event for the wifey or if we have friends/family from out of town we...
  560. jagerhunchback

    Saluki Claus's Naughty or Nice List Contest!

    and in no particular order that would be jenna haze, stoya, lupe fuentes, riley steele, eva angelina, jesse jane, teagan presley, raven riley, tera patrick, lia19 and one of my personal faves the half japanese half french katsumi. if salukiclause can get an rsvp from any of these esteemed...
  561. jagerhunchback

    Were to buy "Palu Ahi Bag Rigs"

    page 47 on the p.o.p. commercial fishing catalog. good luck make dog!!!!
  562. jagerhunchback

    8-22-2010 Giant Bird Pile, Otaru and Mahi Mahi With Video

    sweet video as always. thanks again for the report!!!
  563. jagerhunchback

    Were to buy "Palu Ahi Bag Rigs"

    i see i'm 2 minutes too late.
  564. jagerhunchback

    Were to buy "Palu Ahi Bag Rigs"

    Tuna Action Videos, LLC - Online Store, shop for action packed tuna fishing DVDs and more they also have them at pacific ocean producers. POP Fishing & Marine: Home Page
  565. jagerhunchback

    our new boat

    I'd hit it!!!!
  566. jagerhunchback

    Elin Woods is available and on the market!!

    christ you can steal more money with a vagina then you can a gun!!!
  567. jagerhunchback

    Elin Woods is available and on the market!!

    i'm not interested in your fetishes salukiclause!!!
  568. jagerhunchback

    credit report

    9 ways to build credit from scratch - MSN Money
  569. jagerhunchback

    Elin Woods is available and on the market!!

    rumor has it she's a terrible lay!!!
  570. jagerhunchback


    definitely a thompson. G2 Contender® - Thompson/Center p.s. i like guns too!!!
  571. jagerhunchback

    SoCal Shark fishing?

    a good primer would be this The NEW Shark Chummers Bible kind of like the cliffs notes to shark fishing.
  572. jagerhunchback

    Waianae 8/20/10

    sorry about the rod, glad you got the fish in the box, congrats!!!!
  573. jagerhunchback

    Kona Iki trollers keiki tournament

    way to get the kids out there!!!!
  574. jagerhunchback

    Hey Stan

    Im sure they both called her!!!
  575. jagerhunchback

    Question ; Mercury outboard won't start

    Your cables is buss up, use a volt meter and you can find the one that is busted
  576. jagerhunchback

    Saluki Claus's Naughty or Nice List Contest!

    i nominate capt charlie for naughty
  577. jagerhunchback

    Would you do this??

    my guess is the banks want to ensure it is'nt drug money being laundered per say. sorry your going through the whole divorce/buy out process, a good friend of mine has been going through the same thing for over 3 years now and still is'nt through the woods yet.
  578. jagerhunchback

    Collecting bail money........

    jagerhunchback FREE SURFDOC!!!!! just cuz he putts from the rough does'nt mean you need to lock him up in the brig!!!! Today, 9:44:59 AM &#8211; Flag &#8211; Like &#8211; Reply &#8211; Delete &#8211; Edit &#8211; Moderate hiloshark this is a outrage, but this process takes a long...
  579. jagerhunchback

    Waianae flotilla

    solid pics!!! sorry you lost your marlin.
  580. jagerhunchback

    Fishing for the "Q"ure...ATTN LADIES!

    I too agree, and i volunteer my services as your sunscreen/suntan oil application therapist. I will liberally apply coconut sscented oils on all of your bodies so that we may defeat this terrible affliction. Im in hawaii now so i can swing by hawaii tropic and see if theyll sponsor and kick...
  581. jagerhunchback

    nursing home

    saw this and thought of you brandon!!!
  582. jagerhunchback

    nursing home

    Saluki is 95 and lives in a Senior Citizen Home. Every night after dinner, Saluki goes to a secluded garden behind the Center to sit and ponder his fishing accomplishments and long life. One evening, Mildred, age 87, wanders into the garden. They begin to chat and before they know it, several...
  583. jagerhunchback

    CL is nothing compared to this

    man i love bd!!!!
  584. jagerhunchback

    Jet Blue Unlimited Traveling for 1 month at 1 low price.

    a tour of every major strip club in every major U.S. city!!!!
  585. jagerhunchback

    From the "Don't Leave Your Bottled Water Unattended" File...

    or the "she stole used condoms out of my trash defense" saluki could always go with the "she stole my jenna haze fleshlight ice out of my locker" defense.
  586. jagerhunchback

    "I want it to bend" - HH report:

    as long as he does'nt call him a jive turkey:rofl:
  587. jagerhunchback

    Power Catamaran's

    if you're in the market 1998 Baha king cat Power Boat For Sale - saw one of these boats here on island, i was impressed to say the least. heard they had some q/c issues back in the day tho.
  588. jagerhunchback

    This explains EVERYTHING!

  589. jagerhunchback

    Pinnacle Out Waianae

    the tesoro mooring buoy is off barber's point, "da barge" is the water barge that used to outside of ko olina, i believe it has been moved a little north of there now.
  590. jagerhunchback

    Aholes posting Shit in the wrong forum

    Date: ______________________ Time of Hurtfulness ________________ am/pm A. Which ear were words of hurtfulness spoken into: Left / Right / Both? B. Is there permanent Feeling damage? Yes No C. Did you need a tissue for the tears? Yes No Reason(s) for filing this report: Please circle all that...
  591. jagerhunchback

    Marlin report

    congrats on your first marlin!!! gotta love that west side action!!!
  592. jagerhunchback

    the raise

    The Day the Penis asked for a Raise I, the Penis, hereby request a raise in salary for the following reasons: I do physical labor. I work at great depths. I plunge headfirst into everything I do. I do not get weekends or public holidays off. I work in a damp environment. I work in a dark...
  593. jagerhunchback

    Jet Ski Fishing

    figured you jet ski weirdos would dig this Jet Ski Brian saw it on tht
  594. jagerhunchback

    Power Catamaran's

    most people think they are ugly. i personally love mine, and if you were to ask jason or ali they would sing praises about theirs.
  595. jagerhunchback

    Your guy squirt my dog!!!!
  596. jagerhunchback

    Kaneohe 8-14-10

    always nice to get blood on the boat for its maiden voyage!!!
  597. jagerhunchback


    congrats on a banner day!!!!
  598. jagerhunchback

    Want to Rent Commercial Bin

    you should call griz, i know he has a few large kine fish boxes sitting in the back that he would probably let you borrow.
  599. jagerhunchback

    Boat pic...

    and to think it started out at 299k!!! i caught my first mahimahi and aku on that boat!!!
  600. jagerhunchback

    Braid Marauder

    the mid sized tony the tiger has always been a great go to bait for onos. my guess would be that your dragging it too slow.
  601. jagerhunchback


    my kiddos in hawaii and georgia.
  602. jagerhunchback


    "eat me lures.....deliciously irresistable" "i get the most action out of my eat me lures" "eat me lures are always hard and go the distance"
  603. jagerhunchback

    Moving to the Islands

    you bringing your boat with you? the gear and type of fishing here is much different then socal, i'm a socal transplant many other cali guys don't especially like the fishing here but its great just in a different way from the west coast. welcome to the asylum!!!
  604. jagerhunchback

    Let's meet Captain Charlie Sims of Maui Sportfishing's Finest Kind

    good morning all!!! another great day in paradise!!!
  605. jagerhunchback

    Predator Proof Rod Holders

    i backed up my rod holders by using 1" thick starboard that runs the length of the inside of my gunnels. it's locked in with 5200, then i used a hole saw to cut through the starboard and re-insert the rod holders through the top of the gunnel and starboardm then everything is locked in with...
  606. jagerhunchback

    Your guy squirt my dog!!!!

    "YOU SHOOT MY GUY"!!!!!!!
  607. jagerhunchback

    Father Of The Year Makes Daughter Pose With Barracuda That Ripped Her Flesh Open

    they dont call florida the redneck riviera for nothing!!!!
  608. jagerhunchback

    Let's meet Captain Charlie Sims of Maui Sportfishing's Finest Kind

    did i make the bloodydecks spartan 300???
  609. jagerhunchback

    How Hard Can Sea Turtles Bite? (photo/vid)

    i got it to work, must have been my non-compliant iphone.
  610. jagerhunchback

    How Hard Can Sea Turtles Bite? (photo/vid)

    Hey Paul whathappened to your video?? Tried to show it to my wife and you tube is showing it as a no-go
  611. jagerhunchback

    waianae 8/9

    Welcome to the asylum!!!!!!
  612. jagerhunchback


    I'm watching Adam richman on man vs. Food and he's doing his Missouri catfish challenge......fuck his life, I should send him the link!!!
  613. jagerhunchback

    Let's meet Captain Charlie Sims of Maui Sportfishing's Finest Kind

    bloodydeckers are mean!!! maybe chuckwalla needs a good social worker, psychiatrist and a solid community organizer to help his situation.
  614. jagerhunchback

    Let's meet Captain Charlie Sims of Maui Sportfishing's Finest Kind

    You should watch more southpark, it will educate you about alot of the ills of our society.......I'm still waiting for them to do an episode about saluki!!!!
  615. jagerhunchback

    Let's meet Captain Charlie Sims of Maui Sportfishing's Finest Kind

    North American man boy love association.......if I was chuck Id be in full FML mode
  616. jagerhunchback

    Let's meet Captain Charlie Sims of Maui Sportfishing's Finest Kind

    20 pages of pain to a plague of the Hawaii board for 3 years. I'm glad Jason and Ali took off the kiddie gloves for this joker!!!!
  617. jagerhunchback

    I surrender...........The 2010 Paddle goes to.............

    got pretty serious pretty quick!!!! he issued out a gut beating that gauge could'nt have even taken!!!!:rofl:
  618. jagerhunchback

    Let's meet Captain Charlie Sims of Maui Sportfishing's Finest Kind

    this business must have gotten serious if it brought jack out of the desert!!! how are things jack???
  619. jagerhunchback

    Let's meet Captain Charlie Sims of Maui Sportfishing's Finest Kind

    this place has been known as the asylum, so yes we are all crazy.........not crazy enough tho to think that you are actually a woman tho, can i call you charlene that mahu'stress???:finger:
  620. jagerhunchback

    USS Iowa battleship is coming to the Port of Los Angeles!!!!

    thats pretty cool. i got a chance to reenlist on the Mighty Mo, they kicked me down with a cool guy certificate and ran a US Flag up the pole and folded it up.
  621. jagerhunchback

    Let's meet Captain Charlie Sims of Maui Sportfishing's Finest Kind

    i thought your name was noni??? Noni's mahi mahi
  622. jagerhunchback

    Let's meet Captain Charlie Sims of Maui Sportfishing's Finest Kind

    sweet!!! chuckwala made the front page!!! and look how much buzz our little hawaii board is getting!!! <TABLE class=tborder cellSpacing=1 cellPadding=3 width="100%" align=center border=0><TBODY id=collapseobj_forumbit_203><TR align=middle><TD class=alt2></TD><TD...
  623. jagerhunchback

    Let's meet Captain Charlie Sims of Maui Sportfishing's Finest Kind

    highly intelligent to use a photo from your business website as fishnbabe Noni's mahi mahi
  624. jagerhunchback

    Captain Charlie Sims Maui Sportfishing Charters Email to BD

    you could always call the owner up and ask him if he's aware of the slander that is being perpetrated under the guise of his business. Owner/operator Capt. Dave Hudson at 808-870-7639
  625. jagerhunchback

    Captain Charlie Sims from Maui Sportfishing Charters aka Bloodysucks

    and they keep trampling their dick and making their biz look like shit. when will they learn???
  626. jagerhunchback

    Don't dare asking for advice about Maui

    and they say "Maui No Ka Oi"!!! cheap charlie on the loose, funny part is he got all bent after only 24 hours since none of us really believed some big titted chick was looking for a marlin boat. way to chuck!!!!
  627. jagerhunchback

    Your name on Bloodydecks

    my first email address was "jagerhunchback". "jager" or properly spelled jaeger is german for hunter. and hunchback is just hunchback hunter. i used to get pissed off when fatgirls at the bar would always try to hit on me and my fellow infantry guys in germany thought it was...
  628. jagerhunchback

    Adolf is also pissed about the season...funny

    buddy boated with a friend on sunday and we each got 35lb'ish wahoos first thing in the morning and he ended up losing 2 marlin......things are kinda rough here too!!!!:finger:
  629. jagerhunchback

    Adolf is also pissed about the season...funny

    man that's hilarious!!! i feel bad for you guys!!!
  630. jagerhunchback

    waianae 8/6

    congrats again, your on it!!!
  631. jagerhunchback

    waianae 8/9

    congrats on your catch!!!! i remember when you first got the boat and we were like "man your gonna slay with that sled" looks like it still has its magic.
  632. jagerhunchback

    Need help with rigging a greenstick set up...

    one of my buddies here on island has a couple greensticks, he might have some extra birds his handle on bloodydecks is "GRIZ" also if you wanna roll your own check this out
  633. jagerhunchback


    solid fish!!!
  634. jagerhunchback

    Epirb...gotta have it....

    darwinism at its finest.
  635. jagerhunchback

    How Hard Can Sea Turtles Bite? (photo/vid)

    sweet vid and pics as always aquaman!!!!
  636. jagerhunchback

    Waianae 8/7/10

    congrats on a great solo job!!!!
  637. jagerhunchback

    what happend to the avet contest?

    its here Contests -
  638. jagerhunchback

    Kids trip

    looks like a solid day for the kiddos!!!
  639. jagerhunchback

    Marlin goes berserk, attacks press boat during Hawaii tournament

    he's also in this month's Hawaii Fishing News getting his Ika Shibi on out of kona. pretty good read
  640. jagerhunchback

    Garbage Dump

    man this shit must be run by keeps going and going and going!!!!
  641. jagerhunchback

    little johnny

    It is near the Christmas break of the school year. The students have turned in all their work and there is really nothing more to do. All the children are restless and the teacher decides to have an early dismissal. Teacher: "Whoever answers the questions I ask, first and correctly can leave...
  642. jagerhunchback


    A couple has a dog that snores. Annoyed because she can't sleep, the wife goes to the vet to see if he can help. The vet tells the woman to tie a ribbon around the dog's testicles, and he will stop snoring. 'Yeah right!' she says. A few minutes after going to bed, the dog begins snoring, as...
  643. jagerhunchback

    Kona Hawaii fishing report - July wrap-up

    congrats captain rogers!!! great report as always.
  644. jagerhunchback

    ar-15 ?

    Go with p-mag or the h&k mags, as stated before your springs and possibly mag follower are to blame. also learn s.p.o.r.t.s.
  645. jagerhunchback

    Pictures how we eat.

    Dried ahi!!!! Grinds!!!!
  646. jagerhunchback

    How do I hook up with the Blonde

    :rofl: I see the Adam and eve ones but I mostly see ads for something called a "sybian"!!!
  647. jagerhunchback

    Anyone Like Trade???

    I bet that thing only plays music by dee-lite!!!
  648. jagerhunchback


    why are fish so smart??? because they hang out in'dump bump psssshhhhhhh!!!! please tip your waitress, i'll be here all week!!!!
  649. jagerhunchback


    Man shouts to his wife"come look at my clock" his wife walks in to find her hubby naked,with hard on.Wife says"that's not a clock!!" Her hubby say's it will be when you put two hands and a face on it!!!!
  650. jagerhunchback

    Post your favorite blond joke

    One hot summer day, a blonde came to town with her dog, tied it under the shade of a tree, and headed into a restaurant for something cold to drink. Twenty minutes later, a policeman entered the restaurant and asked, 'Who owns the dog tied under that tree outside? The blonde said it was hers...
  651. jagerhunchback

    Boat pic...

    pics of the crazy haole
  652. jagerhunchback

    Waianae 6/30

    Solid brah!!!!!
  653. jagerhunchback

    Post your favorite blond joke

    The Mailman's Last Day It was the mailman's last day on the job after 35 years of carrying the mail through all kinds of weather to the same neighborhood. When he arrived at the first house on his route he was greeted by the whole family there, who congratulated him and sent him on...
  654. jagerhunchback

    think it over!!!!

    Earl and Bubba, two good ole boys from Dixie are quietly sitting in a boat fishing, chewing and drinking beer when suddenly Bubba says, "I think I'm going to divorce my wife - she hasn't spoke to me in over 2 months." Earl spits, sips his beer and says, "You better think it over - women like...
  655. jagerhunchback

    What is a woman?

    my answer was going to be "a life support system for a pussy".
  656. jagerhunchback

    Group sues to snuff fireworks in La Jolla

    man my home of record has some retards. you guys need to clean house in cali on all fronts.
  657. jagerhunchback

    Kauai Fishing Charter to avoid

    now i beg the question, if mister one post basher ever brought his experience up to captain jude or if he's just gonna bash and not give the owner operator a chance to fix the problem.
  658. jagerhunchback

    expensive gifts

    and to think i doubted you could find one lamer then "BUUURRRGGGGERRRR KIIIINNNGGGG"!!!!!!
  659. jagerhunchback

    pretty cool!!!!

    Zeppelin Eureka awesome views of san francisco and oakland from a blimp.
  660. jagerhunchback

    S.D. to ban consumption of alcohol in ocean 3 miles from shoreline.

    You guys are all fucked, I'm glad I left Cali (home) when I did
  661. jagerhunchback

    Using Downriggers

    you might want to consider using wire and a stinger hook type set up, onos are notoriously difficult to hook with the downriggers.
  662. jagerhunchback

    Where the hell is Sneeky?

    Last I heard he was in northern pakistan hunting bin laden
  663. jagerhunchback

    Vote for Mona !!

    done and done, shes now ranked 24!!!
  664. jagerhunchback

    Fishing Boots

    try this Foot Powder | Walgreens works pretty good. being military i find myself in boots for 24 to 48 hours at a time, this is the best stuff i've found on the market.
  665. jagerhunchback

    Post your favorite blond joke

    a blind man enters a Lesbian Bar . He finds his way to a bar stool and orders a drink. After sitting there for a while, he yells to the bartender, 'Hey, you wanna hear a blonde joke?' The bar immediately falls absolutely quiet. In a very deep, husky voice, the woman next to him says, 'Before...
  666. jagerhunchback

    in honor of saluki's return

    saluki escapes from prison where he has been locked up for 15 years. He breaks into a house to look for money and guns. Inside, he finds a young couple in bed. He orders the guy out of bed and ties him to a chair. While tying the homeowner's wife to the bed, the convict gets on top of her,kisses...
  667. jagerhunchback

    Post your favorite blond joke

    fucking hilarious!!!!!!!:rofl:
  668. jagerhunchback

    Go ape!

  669. jagerhunchback

    Post your favorite blond joke

    my submission A guy took his blonde girlfriend to her first football game. They had great seats right behind their team's bench. After the game, he asked her how she liked it. "Oh, I really liked it," she replied, "especially the tight pants and all the big muscles, but I just couldn't...
  670. jagerhunchback

    The Fishing Trip

    Dave and his buddies were hanging out and planning an upcoming fishing trip. Unfortunately, he had to tell them that he couldn't go this time because his wife wouldn't let him. After a lot of teasing and name calling, Dave headed home frustrated. The following week when Dave's buddies arrived...
  671. jagerhunchback

    BP ( oil spill ) finally they figured it out

    nah i think it was tipper gore!!!
  672. jagerhunchback

    Marlin Disqualified

    my coworker is a north carolina guy and was telling me about this, i think its bullshit but rules are rules.
  673. jagerhunchback

    Honesty is the Key to successful fishing

    Capt don and Capt archer come to my mind in this regard
  674. jagerhunchback

    Cool Swordfish stuff with PICS

    awesome post!!!
  675. jagerhunchback

    Men over 30 shouldn't use emoticons.

    :finger:he's only got one ball, i say he's over compensating!!!
  676. jagerhunchback

    Did someone mention worms?

    wow, sounds like a bloodydecks kinda gal!!!
  677. jagerhunchback

    Great Weekend In Kaneohe

    way to go on the fish!!!
  678. jagerhunchback

    Kai "Nana's" weekend and then some...

    solid pat, glad you finally got the huhu off the boat!!!
  679. jagerhunchback

    My Fever....

    heard on friday that was one of the major game plans for alot of boats. nice report jay, hopefully you can get some respite from that fever soon!!!
  680. jagerhunchback

    Micro Chipping Your pet

    Both of my doggies are chipped, another thing to realize is if you are getting a dog from another family you can change the info on your dogs current chip vs. Gettng an additional chip put in, an vet can give you the info