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  1. bayfisher86

    For Sale 2007 Parker 2310WA/Yamaha 250

    I HATE to let my baby go but unfortunately life circumstances have changed drastically. I’ve done a lot of upgrades to this boat and just got her really dialed in to where I want her to be for So Cal fishing. I will try and make everything clear and concise but I’m using my phone as I don’t have...
  2. bayfisher86

    Bleeding Hydraulics Recommendation

    I have a Parker 2310 with a Simrad Ap22 system. I did a standard bleed on my hydraulics a few months ago because i could feel a few bubbles. I followed Seastars instructions to a "T." The steering is much better but if i turn the wheel very slowly I can do multiple rotations before the motor...
  3. bayfisher86

    For Sale Parker Helm Seats

    Just pulled these helm seats off my Parker 2310. The have the slider base and nylon sleeves as well. They just need a good cleaning, no rips or tears. These are from cockpit and not the deck. The sliders work but all the hardware could use tightening up as they’re 10yrs old. Sold as a pair...
  4. bayfisher86

    For Sale Shimano/Abu Garcia

    Shimano Citica 200G6 Used-Some scrapes and scratches, GREAT free spool, has 50lb maxcuatro.... $70 Shimano Sahara 1000FE Brand New in Box, never used $60 Shimano Stradic 2500FJ Used 6-7X as a drop shot reel. Very clean. $90 Abu Garcia 5600CL Rocket Brand new in box, never used, 2 handles...
  5. bayfisher86

    Bolster reupholster

    Hey Guys, I have a parker 2310 and my bolsters are looking sad...anyone local to Orange County who can reupholster my bolsters that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg..I’ve done research and seen what I can do them for myself but would much rather support someone local for the extra dollars... Hers...
  6. bayfisher86

    For Sale Seeker EX Ulua

    Seeker EX Ulua this rod from Fisherman’s Depot many years ago..was just checked out by another BD member the other night while he was picking up a different rod from me. Rod is in good shape but does have some scrapes from the ex wife(thread is in fishing chit chat) butt cap needs to...
  7. bayfisher86

    Seeker EX Ulua

    I have this seeker EX 93 Ulua that I’ve had for quite a long time and was curious as to what you guys think it’s worth? Everyone has such a varied opinion on these ex wife scraped it in the closet near the tip but that’s the only damage to it, and it could be clear coated to remove...
  8. bayfisher86

    TRADE Purple Seeker 6470H

    Received this rod in trade from another member earlier this year, and have never fished it. It is used but I can’t find a spot for it in my’s a Purple Seeker 6470H. Black on black wraps with a cool tiger wrap.. would like to trade it for a harness and particular...
  9. bayfisher86

    TRADE Looking for Hoopnets

    Looking to trade some gear for hoops..want 5-8 rigged ambush or king of the crawl style nets...buoys, ropes, cages etc...have plenty of saltwater gear to trade...all quality no junk...seekers, saltigas etc around orange country preferred
  10. bayfisher86

    WTB Flying Gaff

    looking for 4’ or 6’ flying gaff...would be willing to trade for tackle or purchase...up to you... as local to HB as possible...thanks!
  11. bayfisher86

    SoCal Marlin Spread

    so ive read about every post here about so sal marlin fishing and talked with some of the guys that really know their stuff, and now I need to get my first so cal marlin. I caught one on the Cortez many years ago aboard the freedom while fishing bluefin but but busted him off right at the boat...
  12. bayfisher86

    TRADE Looking for GoPro

    Looking for a GoPro 3+ or newer with batteries and charger to trade...I know I could buy one but I’m sure someone out there has a 3+ or newer they aren’t using and would like to trade for fishing gear...have a good amount of daiwa/shimano reels and rods. Let’s work out a trade. If not I’ll sell...
  13. bayfisher86

    For Sale Teramar/Tallus/Zodias

    shimano Tallus 70xh...few scuffs but overall very clean...retails $160 sell for $100 Shimano teramar west cost, new model..76xh...great rod..fished twice..practically new...retails $210 sell for $140 Shimano zodias 175H....fished 3-4 times...very clean...retails $200 sell for $120 Pretty...
  14. bayfisher86

    For Sale Tn14A/Tn16A P/U only

    Looking to sell my tn14a and tn16a today. Pick up off 405/Magnolia....both reels are used and have scratches etc...not abused but used for 2 seasons.bith have factory clamps..tn14a has 50lb MaxCuatro $320 for the 14.... 16A is SOLD Not interested in any trades
  15. bayfisher86

    For Sale Revo Rocket 3

    Boughg this for $249, used it once last year frog fishing and can’t get used to the Eva’s lightweight and pretty sick but it’s not for me...has one little scratch on the bottom of the gear’s a 10/10 mech, and. 9.8 cosmetically.. Asking $125.00 OBO , make me an offer...P/u...
  16. bayfisher86

    For Sale Baja Special/Shimano and Loomis Rods

    Selling my Penn Baja Special and a few rods. 1) Baja Special has metal star, box, and clamp. Very good condition, few light scratches. $200 OBO 2)Shimano Tallus all roller rod...rod is very clean, rollers all move freely, few scuffs from use. Model in pics. $175 OBO 3) G.Loomis Pelgaic Series...
  17. bayfisher86

    For Sale Shimano Tn10a-Pending

    Picked up this Trinidad and it’s just not gonna work for what I had planned...reel is in excellent shape with a couple small nicks I tried to show in the pics. One is on the front of the gear box and a couple small ones on top of the left sideplate. Looking to sell for $350 OBO or willing to...
  18. bayfisher86

    Looking for this book....

    Does anyone have this book laying around they’d be willing to sell or trade? I had a copy years ago and have no idea where it went...every copy online is $55 to $150...I can’t somach that price lol
  19. bayfisher86

    For Sale Remington 870 Tact Magpul

    Remington 870 Tactical Magpul edition, gun is no longer being made in this configuration. Gun does have a little wear and has been shot...the right transfer bar as a little bit of surface rust that I tried to show in the pics..Overall it’s in very good shape. Gun was over $900 when I bought it...
  20. bayfisher86

    For Sale Marlin 1894 44mag

    Marlin 1894 in 44mag...I have shot a few hundred rounds through this gun and it’s a tack driver with no recoil...has a Nikko sterling 4x32 on it that probably needs to be zeroed in again since I haven’t shot it in probably a year. Finish is coming off near the butt plate. Other than that the gun...
  21. bayfisher86

    For Sale Colt Peacemaker Buntline 22mag

    Selling my Colt Peacemaker Buntline 22mag. This gun is extremely clean, with a few small rub marks on the barrel that I tried to highlight in the photos. Also a barely visible turn ring on the cylinder. I dot NOT have a 22LR cylinder for it. It has a 7.5in barrel as well. Not many for sale on...
  22. bayfisher86

    For Sale Kenmore Water Softener

    My father bought this a couple years ago for install but never got around to it. He paid $799 plus’s brand new....would like to sell it for $300 or trade for fishing’s just taking up space now... it’s a Kenmore 38520 Hybrid Water Softener...located off 405/ to...
  23. bayfisher86

    For Sale Leupold and Avet Jackets

    I have two jackets for sale. Both of them have been hanging in my closet for awhile but I can’t ever remember actually wearing either one. Carhartt Jacket size XL, was not available for purchase. It has a Leupold logo. This is a very heavy duty jacket—-$100 Avet lightweight rain jacket size...
  24. bayfisher86

    Fenwick 670 130lb

    A big long shot but does anyone have a Fenwick 670 130lb rod with original Mildrum guides? I’m sure most of you guys know the history of the rod.
  25. bayfisher86

    Tell Me About These Jigs

    Finally got a chance to dig through some of my jigs and I’m hoping you guys can shed some light on what I have. I know about a few but I’m sure you guys know more. I also have a few Tady 4/0 Lights on my wall. Jigs are not for sale since I don’t know what a fair price would be but If there is...
  26. bayfisher86

    TRADE Newell P229F trade

    I have a really nice P229F with box and some paperwork. I got this reel from someone as payment for some debt. I have not fished it. The cosmetics are 9/10 and mechanically it’s 9/10. The drags feel great. There is a little wear on the spool and a few very small nicks in the cross bar. Not...
  27. bayfisher86


    Big mixed lot of excess stuff. Everything is full packs and new except the zoom mini chunks, and maybe a grub or two. The 4in grubs are 20ct, and the 6in grubs are 6ct. 7 packs Zoom Salty Super Tubes 4.25in 1 pack Zoom mini chunks 1 pack Zoom Super Salt Plus U Tale worms 2 packs Zoom Z Drop...
  28. bayfisher86

    Sennheiser HD 598

    Brand new headphones. I received these and a set of AirPods, I prefer the AirPods since I use them at work. Never even tried them on, still in the box. Stock photo from amazon of exact same pair. Can send pic of actual headphones if needed. $150 shipped
  29. bayfisher86

    Ruger American Predator

    I have a brand new Ruger American Predator in 25-06. Gun is unfired but box is a little worn from moving. OD green synthetic stock and threaded barrel. This gun was a very limited run in this caliber, it was mainly used for a promotional sales program which is how I acquired it. Very hard to...
  30. bayfisher86

    Brand New Hats

    Here is a collection of 25 hats that are all new with tags. None have ever been worn, and have been stored in a sealed rubbermaid container. They are from my previous line of work and I'd like to get rid of them as I have enough hats already. I did my best to take pics showing them all but I can...
  31. bayfisher86

    Tiagra 30W LR

    Tiagra 30W LRS spooled pretty much full of 100# Hollow Ace (700yds I think). Line has been in the water one time. Reel has been used half a dozen times. There's a few small nicks as you can see in the pictures. Mechanically it's perfect. Please look at the pics to see the cosmetics. Looking to...
  32. bayfisher86

    Humminbird 718 FF

  33. bayfisher86

    Newell 220/229/338

    Newell C220-5 well used not hammered, has p-series handle, spins great, drag feels ok. Has non factory clamp Newell G229-5 well used not hammered, has a g series 220 right side plate, metal clicker and bearing cap, missing one screw on left side plate. Spins great probably needs drags. Studs but...
  34. bayfisher86

    Shimano/Misc Jigs

    13 Shimano jigs, 1 big Bomber Jig and 3 Braid Slammer Jigs. All jigs are NIB. What you see is what you get. Jigs range from 2 ounces to 10 ounces. $110 shipped to your door!
  35. bayfisher86

    Daiwa Saltist AR Rod

    Brand new with tags Daiwa Saltist STW60XXHF-AR. 6' 80-135lb all AftCo Rollers $229 msrp Sell $150 OBO or trade for Low Profile freshwater reels and smaller spinning reels for freshwater. Rod is in Arizona, I'll split shipping with full price offer...
  36. bayfisher86

    Shimano at Bassathon 2015

    This year was a great event, thanks to all the customers that came out to show some support! Some guys walked away with some smoking deals! Hope to see you guys next year!
  37. bayfisher86

    Hard SwimBaits/Deps 175

    Deps Slide Swimmer 175 Stocker Trout(I Think) Never Thrown, no box, retail $119.99 asking $75 River-2-Sea S-Waver 200's in Party Crasher-Both NIB- Retail $45.99 asking $30ea River-2-Sea Kong 168's- Both Floating-Perch and Silver Shad- $15 each River-2-Sea Kong 230's (Would Make Great LMB...
  38. bayfisher86

    NIB Newell S533-5.5 x 2

    I have 2 NIB Newell S533-5.5 for sale. One has the standard Made in USA sticker on the box, and the other has the Made in Valley, Ca sticker on the box. That is how they will be differentiated. The both has stainless bearing caps, and clamps. I believe they both have all the original paperwork...
  39. bayfisher86

    Promar NE-738 Bait Motel

    I have a brand new promar bait motel, it's still in original packaging. The factory label did rip off at some point. It's 36in wide by 38in deep, and hold 165 gallons from what I found online. They retail for $90, how about $50 OBO ? Pick it up near 405/55
  40. bayfisher86

    Metaloid 5II/SWBR957

    Okuma Metaloid 5II Cosmetically 9+/10 Mechanically 10/10 No Box. Filled with 50lb Seaguar Threadlock. Used 2x I think. Pretty much brand new $200 OBO G.Loomis SWBR957 Rated 25-60 & 4-10oz The "Monster" Swimbait rod. Used 1x, flex coat on first guide has a small crack. One light coat would make...
  41. bayfisher86

    Rods That Gotta Go

    Im trying to scrounge up some cash to get my Opah mounted. All prices are OBO but they're pretty cheap to begin with. PICK UP ONLY ON ALL ITEMS. ORANGE COUNTY 405/55 AREA Please send me a PM if there is anything you want to offer or are looking for. I have A NIB Newell S533-5.5 that i am...
  42. bayfisher86

    Someone pinch me, I must be dreaming

    This is gonna be a long story...I had a friend lined up to go fishing with me Sunday, June 1st at 4:30am. He ended up bailing on me late Saturday night, so I called another buddy and offered to take him out Sunday morning. He ended up texting me about an hour before he was supposed to be here...
  43. bayfisher86

    Fiberglassing supplies and ?

    I'm going to be building a small box forward of my center console. I was going to frame it with 3/8 marine ply. The back of the box is goin to be the front side of my console. I need to glass it to my console an then i want to glass it to my deck to keep water from gettin underneath. I was...
  44. bayfisher86

    New Windshield/Bow Rail-Where?

    Looking for some help and to keep my money in the BD community. Im doing a full restoration on my very cool an rare for the west coast 17ft Alcar CC. Im looking to have a new plexi winshield made and also a bow rail an possibly a few short grab rails. Anybody have any good recommendations as to...
  45. bayfisher86

    Local Kayak Fishing!

    Just found this guy on craigslist, thought someone might wanna hire this clown! I thought i'd seen it all....
  46. bayfisher86

    Unwanted boat and trailer- free?

    Hey guys, Thursday or friday ill be gettin my boat back, its a 16ft commercial dory boat and heavy duty trailer , i had the motor pulled off. I have the registration for both but cant find the titles. I do not want or need them any longer, i dont think i can donate them without the titles, so...
  47. bayfisher86

    International 50tw 2 Speeded

    Penn international 50TW that has been 2 Speeded. I bought it from an older long range guy that moved outta state. I fished threshers with it one time and the drags feel great. Its not perfect cosmetically but functions great. PRICE $325 Can text pics
  48. bayfisher86

    New Shimano Tiralejo

    Shimano Tiralejo TRC-110MH2 brand new, tags and wrapper still on. I had a 10ft and these are bad ass surf rods. 11ft 17-40lb mono and 30-80lb braid rating. Got it as a gift and dont need it. MSRP $319.99 . Id like $200 obo or trade for..??? I dont know what i need, but shoot me some pms with...
  49. bayfisher86

    looking for stainless rails???

    Ok guys i have a late 60's dory boat that came from the newport fleet by the pier. Its a badass rig and i love it. Leaks a lil cuz its wood but shes a champ..I picked it up cheap and its got a BRAND new yamaha 50hp 4 stroke on it. Ive got her pretty much dialed but i need 2 pieces of 12in...
  50. bayfisher86

    humminbird or garmin???

    Looking at a new Humminbird 597ci hd di combo or a garmin 541s combo unit. Will be mainly local fishing with maybe a lil island and freshwater use. I don't NEED the down imagin but I can get the units for the same price. So I'm wondering wat your guys opinion is. The humminbird does look a...
  51. bayfisher86

    CZ 97 45acp.

    CZ 97 45acp. One mag, soft case. Lighter walnut grips.good shape.80-85% condition. Retails almost $800. looking for $575obo. Buyer pays transfer.located in Orange.willing to meet within reasonable distance for transfer.not gona drive 40miles though. Post or pm email for shooting shotguns...
  52. bayfisher86

    Larger TV and Stand

    Just got my own place and am real tight on looking for a larger tv..say 30" or bigger and a stand for it as well...have quite a large assortment of fishing gear to trade.doesnt need to be a new $2000 HD beast of a tv lol but looking for something with a clear picture and working(...
  53. bayfisher86

    HK USP Expert

    Just put mine up on the Hunting gear For Sale board...just figured i might get a lil more traffic here...thanks
  54. bayfisher86

    HK USP Expert

    Brand new in box! only factory round fired through it...has ALL original materials( 2 mags, lock, hk info and manuals, replacement o-rings) Would like to get a either a 629 Mountain Gun in 44mag or a Smith Trail Boss un-fluted cylinder and blue in 44mag PLUS cash.....that would be ideal...if...
  55. bayfisher86

    Saltist and Excelers ON SALE

    Guys i work at Turners in Orange and we just found out that friday 5-21 we are putting the Daiwa Saltist STAR Drag reels and the Exceler spinning reels on sale...EVERY Saltist is $50 bucks off retail. and every Exceler is $ to stock on hand.. just wanted to give you guys a heads up...
  56. bayfisher86

    Foreclosure Forces Sale of ALL tackle

    EVERYTHING MUST GO! NOW OBO ON ALL(ANY OFFER CONSIDERED) im located in Huntington Beach and i have everything as he is trying to clean out his house ASAP.i REALLY do not want to ship anything as there is just too much.i will try to keep everything as organized as possible. Reels –...
  57. bayfisher86

    Shimano Tiralejo

    Got it as a gift but i dont surf fish..brand new with tags and all. retails at $299.99. i did some reading and these are THE rods for surf fishing. the best of the best.. TRC100M2 10ft 2pc 15-30lb 1-3oz .. ill let it go for 200.00 obo or would be willing to trade for what ever ya got(curado 300...
  58. bayfisher86

    TLD 30, Inexpensive

    got a good deal on this from a fellow member.gonna pass it on. had a trip planned and it fell through.. used it twice trolling on overnight trips.killed a few skippies. threw some 80lb spectra on it.. 300-350yds. never got into it.. 10/10 mech, and 9/10 in appearance... pick it up in HB for 150...
  59. bayfisher86

    Bear Bomb and Scents

    Anybody on here used the Buck Bomb Bear Bomb, or the Wildlife Research Bear Lure scents? Jw what your guys experience is with the bear scents? im just looking for some like to fill my tag this year. all help is appreciated
  60. bayfisher86

    Darton Tempest

    I have a Darton Tempest Bow(2006? i think)..50-60# Draw Weight..26.5-28.5" Draw Length..80% Letoff..Basic 4 Pin Top Gun Sight, and a Quick Tune Arrow of the line Shark Release..Basic Stabilizer..7 Carbon Storm Arrows with field points..Bow is black and Dark Green..Bought the bow...
  61. bayfisher86

    303 British Ammo

    Ive got 390-400 rds of 303 british ammo. Berdan Primed.Brass Case. Honestly dont know if its corrosive or not.... looking to sell it or trade it for something i can shoot...lookin for $150.00 OBO or trade for shotgun ammo..ehh or whatever ya got..its just sitting
  62. bayfisher86

    tuna stuff

    Lil bit of tuna tackle for sale with the season now upon us. *)Yo-Zuri Hydro Mag 5 5/8" Dorado NIB $13 *)Yo-Zuri Hydro Mag 5 5/8" Orange/Black NIB $13 *)Yo-Zuri Hydro Mag 5 5/8" Black/Gold NIB $13 *)1 box(50) Eagle Claw 8/0 Circle Sea L2005f (NEW) $12 *)Strike Pro Medium Wahoo...
  63. bayfisher86

    Darton Bow

    selling my Darton in the classifieds....
  64. bayfisher86

    Darton Bow

    I have a Darton Tempest Bow..50-60# Draw Weight..26.5-28.5" Draw Length..80% Letoff..Basic 4 Pin Top Gun Sight, and a Quick Tune Arrow of the line Shark Release..Basic Stabilizer..7 Carbon Storm Arrows with field points..Bow is black and Dark Green..Bought the bow thinking I'd get my...
  65. bayfisher86

    Need a Boat Name

    Buddy just bought a new boat and we need a good boat name....Figured you guys would have a lil fun and we appreciate the help..we mainly fish bass and we'll be island bound this help us out would ya guys
  66. bayfisher86

    Turners Blowing out SPectra

    Just got back from the turners in fountain valley and the have a huge table with the big spools of 180, 200, 220 hollow big game spectra and some solid spectra, soft steel windon leaders...the big spools of spectra were 50 bucks! and they were full spools..the soft steel were ten bux and they...
  67. bayfisher86

    Browning A-Bolt II for sale

    BRAND NEW IN BOX!!!!! Browning A-Bolt II in brush and stainless.Chambered in .308....Duratouch edition one year production only in 2006. Retailed for 1,035.00 most places, typically find out for about 950....hate to sell it but ill let it go for 850 O.B.O.. GUNES BRAND NEW IN...
  68. bayfisher86

    Convertible Top and Motor???

    I need a convertible rag top and new motor for an 86 chrysler LeBaron....its all fixed up and everything else is in greath working order but the top is shot and the motor BARELY works...anyone know wher i can get this done and cheaper then 600
  69. bayfisher86

    In Need of a Forklift

    Anyone know where i can purchase a new or used forklift? you guys have any recommendations? i need a walkie or a forklift thats electric....due to my work i can not have a propane one....need a newer walkie or forklift that goes up and down and any suggestions?
  70. bayfisher86

    Roll Up Door Contruction

    I work in a warehouse/retail building and i receive pallets that when they arrive are about 10inches to tall to fit under my rollup i spend hours taking off one layer off every pallet this is very time consuming....i was wandering if any of u guys doing the type of construction as to...
  71. bayfisher86

    Auto Insurance Hookup?

    Im with statefarm right now and paying over THREE HUNDRED a month for my 97 GMC Jimmy its ridiculous. i hav an accident and one ticket but it still shouldnt b anywhere near that high anybody out there got a hookup or in the business and can help me with a quote
  72. bayfisher86

    Looking for trailer

    anyone know where i can find a trailer for a 15 foot skiff, its semi heavy for its length...Harbor Freight not an option since they just plain suck....and ive looked at the recycler and craigs list but dont wanna spend 500 bux,....just need a decent trailer nothing fancy and by no means...
  73. bayfisher86

    Job Wanted-Seasons Over

    Sorry guys this maybe the wrong forum but there isnt much traffic on the business board...Well im in need of a job due to the fact the season is coming to a close and 2-3days a week arent cutting it bills wise. I just finished my 4th full season 20 years old. i worked in a large...
  74. bayfisher86

    Looking for a rare seeker

    guys im looking for a seeker 100XH yes thats right XH. 10ft 40-80lb...never came factory wrapped, strictly a blank i believe seeker told me they wouldnt make anymore unless they had an order for atleast 20 blanks, so does anyone have one around they are willing to part with ????
  75. bayfisher86

    Dana Thresher 5/20

    Got a call from Tony at about 10am asking me if i wantd to make an afternoon thresher run...well me just gettin over being sick actually had to think about it but i couldnt turn it my shit ready...stoppd and bought a few macks for insurance and jammed down edginger to HH...met...
  76. bayfisher86

    Cant Read my PMs

    im prolly in the wrong forum but for some reason it says i have 1 Unread message in my inbox and when i open the inbox the message doesnt appear, everything has been read, and my last pm was 3 weeks ago....whats up? never had a problem before, i didnt have any new ones yesterday now it says i do...
  77. bayfisher86

    Catalina Rockfish 4/8 Sorry im Late

    First off let me say sorry for being late....OK so, Started off gettin all my shit ready drove to my friends house loaded up the car and took off for HH, arrived at the harbor at 5am.......met up with tony and the the other 2 guys loaded up the freshly redone and repowered 31' Silverton, boat...
  78. bayfisher86

    Anyone do Tats??

    ive got two drawings of tats that id like to get done, does anyone in here do tats??? id like to send u the images and possible get some estimates from you guys, id really appreciate it, pm or reply here thanx guys
  79. bayfisher86

    Fishing Tattoos???

    OK guys im comtemplating my first tattoo as a fish or some fishing scene, ive got a yellowfin chasing bait and an albacore chasing bait both drawn by a id like to see your guys fishing or fish related tats...also do u guys have any fishing drawings that i may be able to...
  80. bayfisher86

    N.C Hatteras Island -First Time Help

    Ill be staying in a sweet house on Hatteras Island at the end of JUly i kno its a ways off but id like to get some information on what i can catch there and how to do it. Ill b staying there for i believe 5-7days at the end of a well experienced angler so i can throw poppers or big...
  81. bayfisher86

    What freaking reel?!?!?

    I own a couple uluas and im wondering what reels fit on these big ass jigsticks lol, i know the 300 and 500 series newells fit, and im 99% positive the trini 20 fits, but what else fits? will the avet jx 2 speed fit? im pretty sure the Saltigas are too narrow, what do you guys have on ur...
  82. bayfisher86

    WSB/Fish Trap photo HELP!!!!

    OK guys im looking for a cartoon wsb picture, it was a promo pic for fish trap i think it used to be on their site but i cant find it anymore it was like a vicious wsb turned outta the kelp on a iron surrounded by a bunch of lil squirts. im looking for some cool "cartoon" like photos for a tat...