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  1. Nic D

    Hello Jerry, the trolling lures I would bring are Rapala x raps. casting - Crocodile style...

    Hello Jerry, the trolling lures I would bring are Rapala x raps. casting - Crocodile style lures work good.
  2. Nic D

    East Cape Fishing Tactics Recommendations

    I'd stay at Palmas or look at airbnb. There are some inexpensive options amigo.
  3. Nic D

    East Cape Fishing Tactics Recommendations

    Cabrilla, pargo, snapper, and grouper this time of year. We fish them tight to the island just like we did back at Cat or Clemente.
  4. Nic D

    East Cape Fishing Tactics Recommendations

    I fish the Yo-Zuri Hydro Minnow LC inshore and it gets licked. in this pattern Swimbaits with a Warbait head produce as well. I really like the skirted ones.
  5. Nic D

    Hotel Beanavista Beach Resort- Boat & Gear?

    Brian, that's really good advise for most operations down here. But it's not always the case. I've rigged our panga with all Okuma reels. We have 5's, 12's, 16's all the way up to 50w. We troll with our 16's. But you are correct most boat gear down here is very old and very heavy.
  6. Nic D

    Blackman 20

    sweet ride. she's screaming for an outboard
  7. Nic D

    East Cape Super Panga Recommendations

    Tony, thank you for the kind words amigo. I really appreciate you.
  8. Nic D

    East Cape Super Panga Recommendations

    Thank you for the kind words Robert. Laurin and I hope to see you and the family again this summer. Here is Robert's report:
  9. Nic D

    East Cape Fishing Trip Reality

    Exactly what Matt just said. Great write up Matt.....
  10. Nic D


    Hey guys, I have a charter biz down here in the East Cape and we fished our Andros 5's, 12's and 16's all summer. Over 120 days on the water last year and not a single issue. And yes we have been testing some new reels and you won't be disappointed. That's really all I'm at liberty to say at...
  11. Nic D

    East Cape vs Loreto vs Cabo?

    Thanks Nick. G- please let me know if you have any questions regarding the East Cape.
  12. Nic D

    SOLD 2012 Parker 2120 4 stroke yahama 150, trailer, and extras included

    She would make a great second charter rig for me here in the East Cape. I'm still a year away.. good luck with quick sale.
  13. Nic D

    Repowering a 27 Jupiter in Los Cabos area

    It laid down for a few days bro, but now its back up until Wednesday. We ran a charter Wednesday for 4 dodos. Not bad for a half day. Hit me up when you get back down amigo.
  14. Nic D

    Repowering a 27 Jupiter in Los Cabos area

    If you want a Suzuki you might try
  15. Nic D

    What was your fish of the Year?

    East Cape aboard my panga "La Joya"
  16. Nic D


    A TIP is not needed while in Baja.
  17. Nic D

    Gonzaga Bay: what hard baits are effective for cabrilla?

    I use the Yo-Zuri Hydro Minnow here in the East Cape. BDHawkfish by Nic D posted Dec 17, 2018 at 11:00 AM
  18. Nic D

    For Sale 2017 Yellowfin 26' Hybrid

    Good luck with the sale B.
  19. Nic D

    What’s up San Jose Del Cabo?

    I'm not really sure how the fishing has been down south, but here in Los Barriles its been pretty good. Tuna, dorado, and sierra on the chew off Punta Pescadero. Also there have been reports of lots of dorado on a dead whale. Still more reports of tuna under the porpoise 12-15mi off the beach...
  20. Nic D

    New Local Knowledge SeaVee 340z

    Ali, just tell me how many beverage holders its gonna have.... that's all I need to know.
  21. Nic D

    Wahoo is always a hot topic....things I learned

    thanks for posting. Sounds like a great trip. Congrats!
  22. Nic D

    Been Way Too Long...SCI 11/5/18

    Sweet bro. Looks like you've lost some weight? See ya Dec 22nd as Laurin and I are headed back up from Los Barriles for a couple of weeks.
  23. Nic D

    Okuma 12iia for 60lbs line class

    Bingo. I run a charter biz out of Los Barriles and we use our 12's for fish up to 100lb. No problems. Super smooth drag. You'll enjoy Nic
  24. Nic D

    For Sale New 25' Super Panga Custom Built Yamaha F115XB Aluminum Trailer

    Very nice panga. I have a 26' Mimsa and I love mine. The only thing the new owner may want to consider adding is trim tabs. They really help the ride. Good luck with the sale.
  25. Nic D

    Leonero Rancho Captian's

  26. Nic D

    For Sale 23 Blackman center console project

    I was thinking the very same thing. Needs a bracket and a 250 outboard. Great work on her and good luck with the sale.
  27. Nic D

    CBDs in Mexico?

  28. Nic D

    Which Washdown Pump?

    yup thats what I'm running. Lots of pressure. Highly recommend!
  29. Nic D

    BAJA...Beware at check points, Bad Experience

    Thanks for the heads up Mike. Nic
  30. Nic D

    Baja advice

    I agree with everything Surfgoose says... in addition, bring size 1 hooks as well. The bait is very small right now. have a great trip. Nic
  31. Nic D

    Why Not Pangas ?

    Thank you Tom. All of our customers think the same. Not one has said the boat rides poorly. Let me know if you’re ever here in the East Cape, we’ll get you out.
  32. Nic D

    Why Not Pangas ?

    My panga does ride like shit, and is only wet when any other center console would be. I bought a Mimsa hull and added trim tabs. She rides really good... on par with our last skiff which was a 220 Seafox Viper. I would have no issues bringing her up from the East Cape and fishing the so cal waters.
  33. Nic D

    I used to fish for both companies and the JRI is the go to jig right now. Check out Kevin...

    I used to fish for both companies and the JRI is the go to jig right now. Check out Kevin Mattson fb page. Thats all he uses now.
  34. Nic D

    Any recommended auto shippers for CA to Los Cabos area?

    Maybe try posting on the Baja Pony Express or the facebook group "Everything Los Barriles". I bet there is someone willing to drive it down for you. just a thought, Nic
  35. Nic D

    Hi Rocky, try the long fin. personally...

    Hi Rocky, try the long fin. personally, I now think they are over rated. I would be looking for JRI Jigs. They swim fantastic and go into any store and pick one. I have never had a bad swimming jig. Just ask anyone that uses them. hope...
  36. Nic D

    Quick/Old Report from Los Barriles June 25-29

    Glad you had a good time. LB is an amazing place. Nic
  37. Nic D

    East Cape Roosters and Tuna Question

    Tuna = May - October Roosters = June - Sept/October
  38. Nic D

    Taking Rods to Mexico

    Hey John, most of our customers that bring rods fly Alaskan. I haven't heard of any issues this season. cheers, Nic
  39. Nic D

    East Cape in November?

    Every year is different. November can be good or windy. You'll just have to take a chance on the wind. The fish will be here though. You might want to fishing out of San Jose del Cabo if the wind is up on the East Cape. cheers
  40. Nic D

    TIP Needed In Ensenada For Jet Ski?

    Jason, it's Mexico. Officials do what they want all the time bro. Look up "free zone" or "border zone" and you'll see that there is no tip needed "if" you stay within the border zone. If you arrive in mex via sea, then maybe it's a different. I crossed the border towing my boat. I got my FMM...
  41. Nic D

    TIP Needed In Ensenada For Jet Ski?

    Registration only. THERE IS NO TIP NEEDED IN BAJA. Hotel Coral must have some side deal with the port captain or ? Now if you go to the mainland of Mexico, then yes you will need a TIP for your boat, truck, etc.
  42. Nic D

    TRADE No longer available:-)

    Baddass. I had a 69' as my first vehicle. Wish I still had it. Good luck on the sale.
  43. Nic D

    Black Marlin in Puerto Vallarta

    A boat here in Los Barriles fought a 500+ Blue for over 10hours yesterday before it broke off. The season is heating up!
  44. Nic D

    Los Barriles Fishing Report

    haha,,,, ya thats the plan. I moved down 3 weeks ago.
  45. Nic D

    Los Barriles Fishing Report

    Greetings from the East Cape. I've been down here for almost 3 weeks now and loving every minute. My father made the trip from Florida to Oceanside and then down to the East Cape with me towing the new sled. Last week the fishing was solid with tuna ranging from 15 - 80lbs on the Imen bank. The...
  46. Nic D

    your go to trolling lures

    anything pink. Dodo's are not that picky down here.
  47. Nic D

    My new prized possession from Fred Hall show

    you have to admit, Ali's reach arounds are getting better
  48. Nic D

    For Sale Xtratuf Boots Size 12 - $60

    I have the boots at the Fred Hall show in booth 436.
  49. Nic D

    Okuma rods ss vs sct pro and cons

    Yes really. There were videos posed in a private Okuma forum of some testing being done. The video was very impressive. Thats all I feel comfortable saying at this point. Like I said, stay tuned. Okuma is pushing it to the next level.
  50. Nic D

    Ken’s fixed my Fathom 40LD2 drag issue!

    Another vote for Ken and Wes. They know their stuff and they are great human beings. Nic
  51. Nic D

    East Cape in October/November?

    October is typically really nice in the East Cape. Its the tail end of hurricane season but I've only had one really good storm in October. Temps are still warm but not blazing. Fishing is pretty good. Not as great as June-Sept, but really good. I'm sure you'll enjoy. Cheers, Nic
  52. Nic D

    Cedros Outdoor Adventures opinions

    Been with both with no issues. Jose will treat you right, he's a really good human being. cheers, Nic
  53. Nic D

    Shipping a Rod Tube

    Just shipped an antenna in a cardboard tube today. USPS was the cheapest
  54. Nic D

    Fred Hall Set Up and Tear Down Help Needed

    Put me down as a definite maybe,,, hopefully it doesn't take me all day to set up my booth.
  55. Nic D

    For Sale Xtratuf Boots Size 12 - $60

    I have a pair of size 12 that have been worn once for 4 hours. Practically brand new. First $60 takes them. I'm in Point Loma thanks, Nic
  56. Nic D

    Need help choosing at boat/captain at Palmas De Cortez

    As Will mentioned in his post, all of the captains on the East Cape are very good at what they do. Most of them talk to each other to put people on the fish. Here's a tip for you... Make sure that when you get on the boat, you ask your captain whats been biting and where the bite is. Also, if...
  57. Nic D

    Simrad Joins Local Knowledge For Season 3

    Well that doesn't suck at all. Congrats guys
  58. Nic D

    28 Bertram Work in Progress

    Keep up the great work.
  59. Nic D

    Ease Cape info needed

    Theres a little airbnb I found thats located between Palmas and Playa del Sol. Owners name is Roberto. The rooms are kinda small but the price reflects that. I'm moving the last week in March to Barriles. If you have any other questions, ask away. Nic
  60. Nic D

    Cabo or East Cape

    I'm moving down to the EC last week of March. Hit me up when your in town and we'll wet a line and have a drink. You can also grab a bite to eat at the Smoke House or a drink at Palmas de Cortez's bar. Nic
  61. Nic D

    Okuma rods ss vs sct pro and cons

    Okuma has some rods being built right now that are going to turn heads.. trust me on this one. I have fished the shadow stalkers and they are great rods. Stay tuned guys, you will not be disappointed.
  62. Nic D

    For Sale: Rancho Buena Vista ($21M)

    Wife and I rode a quad down to eat breakfast last Sept. The place is being taken care of very well and the fishing operation is in tact.
  63. Nic D

    East Cape in April?

    I’m headed down on the 24th. I’ll ask my captain and let you know. I do believe April is decent fishing for Roosters amongst other game fish. They are still catching tuna there now when the weather cooperates so it could be an early season.
  64. Nic D

    Are you guys reconsidering your travel plans to Mexico with new advisory?

    considering going there?? yes, I'm moving there in a couple of months. :D think its a coincidence that this week with all of the talk of the "wall" that this travel advisory came out? Think about it people. But no, my wife and I are moving to Los Barriles in April. Shoot me a PM if you're ever...
  65. Nic D

    OFF MARKET - 2014 SeaFox 220 Viper (Ballast Point Fishing Team)

    yes it is.. but not sure why anyone would want to take it out. It provides a ton of comfort/cushioning.
  66. Nic D

    OFF MARKET - 2014 SeaFox 220 Viper (Ballast Point Fishing Team)

    OFF MARKET - 2014 SeaFox Viper 220XB 200hp Yamaha 4stroke (800hrs professionally maintained by Sea Witch Marine) ( Digital command link gauges 36volt 101lb Minn Kota trolling motor (Removable) 5 Fresh...
  67. Nic D

    Mex 1 road closures 7:30 pm Friday

    Thanks Gary, Leaving for Barriles on Monday 9/11. What are the chances we will make it? Supposed to fly into Cabo then drive to LB. thanks in advance.
  68. Nic D

    SCI 5/21/17

    Nice report Matty!
  69. Nic D

    As requested, Okuma updates...

    I have one of the Prototypes and I will say that this reel is amazing. I haven't posted about it yet, as I wasnt sure that was kosher. But since David let the cat of the bag,,,, its an insane reel. Mr. Bretza is going to have a hard time getting this reel back. I will start a thread or post on...
  70. Nic D

    Oside report 8/6 and tuna ID needed

    nice work and thanks for the report. But those are yellowfish leapers
  71. Nic D

    Okuma Komodo 273 inshore/bay reel?

    its only a matter of time John
  72. Nic D

    Andros 12SIIa Where Is It?

    right on Gabe, I didnt know Okuma made an announcement. tight lines amigo
  73. Nic D

    Okuma Komodo 273 inshore/bay reel?

    yes its a baddass little reel. Thats all we use for bay tournaments. Casts great and has better drag than any other reel in its class. hope this helps.
  74. Nic D

    Charkbait, Midway drive, San Diego

    Max I get it. The number one thing that most businesses can do to increase sales is stay open. How is it so easy for some to see? I mean what you pay two kids $12 an hour to open the store at 8am? I think Dana Landing is missing out on sales by not opening until 6am, specially on the weekends.
  75. Nic D

    Andros 12SIIa Where Is It?

    is that so Gabe?
  76. Nic D

    Andros 12SIIa Where Is It?

    Hey guys sorry for not getting back on sooner. I've had a lot going in personally. I dont mind dispelling rumors that are just that rumors. Bad info is just that, bad. To be honest with you all, it was an assembly issue and thats where Im going to leave it. If you want more info, call Okuma...
  77. Nic D

    Andros 12SIIa Where Is It?

    This is bad information and not what happened.
  78. Nic D

    SOLD--Makaira rod-Used MK-C-801H REDUCED

    This is the jig stick I throw. Love this rod!!!
  79. Nic D

    Coronado YT 7/9&10

    Nice work getting your YT back. Filled mine out on Thursday night 9pm fishing Friday. Got this email on Friday 2:48pm Good afternoon Sr., I received the manifest and the payment, thanks. The information has been verified and you are ready to travel into Mexican waters. You need to take the...
  80. Nic D

    7/11 9 mile bank, PL kelp, whilster buoy all bust

    ya I was out too. SLOOOOOW. Started at the islands for a couple early bites, converted on one 20lb yellow. Looked all around the islands for nada, then did the 9mb thing for nada.
  81. Nic D

    Weather this weekend 6/27,28

    yup. I really wanted to get out tomorrow (sunday) but NOAA says 4' wind waves. NO THANKS We're gonna beat up some spotties for a few hours before the wind gets bad.
  82. Nic D

    Feedback on Okuma Metaloid 12

    I'm associated with Okuma. I have one and it fishes bait great. Free spools for days. You will love it. Casts colt snipers great as well
  83. Nic D

    Bass knuckles idiots

    Mike, you mad bro? I think you're way off, I didn't hear any arrogance in Ceez post whatsoever. He just told it how it is bud. Sorry if you don't agree with him, but the inshore scene has exploded in the last 5 years and some group of people have to get credit for it. Why not the guys fishing...
  84. Nic D

    Bass knuckles idiots

    Lets get one thing straight right here, it was not my boat you threw a jig at. Moyer and I fish out of San Diego and were on the water friday for a few hours and never came close to the 150 or any other boat for that matter. Also as Ceez said, you throw a jig at our skiff the harbor patrol would...
  85. Nic D

    Bass knuckles idiots

    I think you have two options, either fish like the other guy, or go look for other fish. Sure it sucks when you were there first, but what can you do?
  86. Nic D

    Bass knuckles idiots

    And to the "BiggestT" man, not sure why you're so mad at the world. In the past, I've actually liked a lot of what your posts have said, until today. I'm not even going to respond to your last post, except I hope you catch another avatar fish soon. tight lines Nic
  87. Nic D

    Bass knuckles idiots

    It must be a very sad, sad world you live in if you cant ask another boat "hey, mind if we work together, can we try __________". (Regardless of their answer) Go back and read my posts on this thread. Not once do you hear me say to be confrontational. its amazing how many bad asses there are...
  88. Nic D

    Bass knuckles idiots

    Biggest T mostly. But anyone that can glean anything from it as well.
  89. Nic D

    Bass knuckles idiots

    You're assuming too much guy. There is a difference between asking/educating some one on the water and trying to pick a fight. If you can't talk to some one on the water without it escalating, blame your parents or the school system. Frankly, I would have pulled along side and hey, can we work...
  90. Nic D

    Bass knuckles idiots

    I was there, but only for a few minutes. I didnt see anyone getting cut off or running over fish. I'm not saying it didn't happen, just that I personally didn't see it. I did see a photo of a 30lb fish Chris caught. Im sure he'll comment sooner or later. My question is, if felt he was acting...
  91. Nic D

    Jig stick question

    Okuma makes a great 8' rod and I also throw a 540 Capt G is letting me use.
  92. Nic D

    Okuma Andros 12 ......... 2 speed

    Well as much as you've posted about it you'd think you world is going to end soon. :) Trust me, no body wants these reels more than the guys who are sponsored by Okuma. But I feel they did the right thing by pulling the reels that were not up to spec. I also feel bad for the guys who pre...
  93. Nic D

    Jig talk.

    I'll disagree, at least when it comes to surface iron. The yellowtail that I watched eat my jig yesterday had plenty of time to turn around if it wanted to. The fish followed my jig for about 15' "that I could see", maybe further. When I hear "reaction baits" I personally think a bait being...
  94. Nic D

    Meanwhile, in La Jolla

    thanks Todd
  95. Nic D

    Meanwhile, in La Jolla

    Thanks man, I will let you know. we may be working on something with SeaFox for a 24' We love this boat. It can bass fish Clemente and Cat, yellow tail down the beach or the islands, and fish tuna 60miles off the beach. We've done it all in this boat.
  96. Nic D

    These Boys Need a Bigger Boat......................

    kid needs a punch right to the neck next time he says OMG
  97. Nic D

    WTB Okuma Cedros 10S & 12S

    I love mine too... Good luck in your search
  98. Nic D

    SWBA Catalina Kicker Fish

    You already have some, weirdo.
  99. Nic D

    SWBA Catalina Kicker Fish

    I actually used Adobe premiere pro. Thanks though
  100. Nic D

    SWBA Catalina Kicker Fish

    Pat, they are bitting solid right now. after this weather cleans up.... GO!
  101. Nic D

    SWBA Catalina Kicker Fish

    Vimeo You tube My first attempt at editing some video... we were stoked to get that fish. The fish went 6.49 and helped us secure 6th out of 40 of the best bass guys on the coast.
  102. Nic D

    A message from Otto

    Great work Otto, but that must be your big brother... right?
  103. Nic D

    2 speed reels why for lite line?

    If you are going to keep the "same" tension, why lift at all? why not just turn the handle? the reason why you release some of the tension is so that you can turn the handle. anyways... you guys are killing fish, I kill fish so it really doesn't matter.
  104. Nic D

    2 speed reels why for lite line?

    I believe you have it backwards: High speed = more line per crank, (harder to turn handle under tension) Low gear = less line per crank, (easier to turn handle under tension) It doesn't really matter where you pull to.. if you're short pumping or pulling all the way up to 12, the second...
  105. Nic D

    2 speed reels why for lite line?

    absolutely not being a jerk, I'm really trying to understand. When you say you're "short pumping" the fish... are you not pumping with the rod? once the rod is at the farthest point away from the water, wouldn't you want to put as much of that line back on your reel as you release the pressure...
  106. Nic D

    Meanwhile, in La Jolla

    Thanks Bon. Its a SeaFox 220 Viper.
  107. Nic D

    12' Livingston for sale

    such a rad sled.... if you still have it in Jan, Moyer and I will take her off your hands.
  108. Nic D

    **SOLD**2006 Parker 2520 SLD Sport Cabin dropping to $ 55,000.00

    That is my dream boat in about 10 years. Beautiful sled. Good luck on the sale
  109. Nic D

    Sell your home - BD Deal

    I'll sell you Moyer's house... Cheap Man what a market! Good luck!
  110. Nic D

    Fish dope .com

  111. Nic D

    2 speed reels why for lite line?

    Lets consider the mechanics of pulling on a fish. Some guys will pull until their rod is pointing to 12oclock then wind down. Others will pull till 3olcock (short pump) and wind down on the fish. And of course other guys will pull anywhere in between. Here's what has me confused about two...
  112. Nic D

    East Cape Hotel Buenavista-Cinco de Mayo celebration

    Nice report Axel! keep them coming. See you guys in Oct!
  113. Nic D

    Jx or Mx

    B, have you considered the Okuma Cedros? I love mine! you're welcome to take mine out to test...
  114. Nic D

    New Torium 20HGA Setup

    I'd go straight 40xxx. But thats just me. Backing it with Izor spectra is never a bad idea.
  115. Nic D

    Need jig stick

    Look no further
  116. Nic D

    Meanwhile, in La Jolla

    You'll get'em Connor.
  117. Nic D

    Meanwhile, in La Jolla

    There are report readers and there are report makers. If you're waiting to read about the bite, its too late in many cases. Join FishDope if you want up to date information.
  118. Nic D

    Meanwhile, in La Jolla

    Thanks Oscar. Thats the 10. The 15 and 10 are the same size the 10 is the narrow version.
  119. Nic D

    Meanwhile, in La Jolla

    This is one of those you should have been here last week posts. LJ bit pretty well last week. Tons of fish in the water and they came up three different times on the day I was there. They were chewing the slow trolled mac as well as the horizontal iron when they surfaced. I was solo and was...
  120. Nic D

    BEST insoles for XTRATUFF Boots???

    I use the aftco ones
  121. Nic D

    NEW ANDROS 12's ll - 16 sizes info on deliverys

    Gerry, what could possibly be the motive? Why delay sales? it doesn't make sense dude. Sorry you feel that way, but we are all in the same boat. Its 100x better that Okuma do the right thing and make sure these reels are 100% perfect You would be even more PO'ed if you bought a reel and found...
  122. Nic D

    Okuma Andros 12 ......... 2 speed

    They are coming,,, that is a fact.
  123. Nic D


    If you have one, let me know.... send me a txt six one nine 993 six 689 Thanks, Nic
  124. Nic D

    Oceanside Harbor accident

    maybe noobs or maybe not. The real factor is that O'side harbor is very dangerous..... PERIOD.
  125. Nic D

    Yamaha F200XB performance

    we have about 140hrs on ours. We love it.
  126. Nic D

    The Wall 2-10-15

    Nice report bud
  127. Nic D

    Pearl Swimbaits

    you cant. Performance
  128. Nic D

    Kyle Kraska shot?

    saw it earlier. crazy!
  129. Nic D

    What color braid and brand is best for Calicos

    what color for da yellow tail tuna? and yes agreed, any color will work. Hell they eat chunks of metal for Pete's sake
  130. Nic D

    New whip

    nice rig. that last image is dope.
  131. Nic D

    What color braid and brand is best for Calicos

    you have no idea what you're talking about. I have had green powerpro on my calcutta 400 for 12years with no issues and I now fish green Izorline which has been on my reels for 3yrs with no issues.
  132. Nic D

    Ripped em a new one

    nice ones bud
  133. Nic D


    The day started off at J Street, Chula Vista Launch Ramp. In the random drawing of boats team number 5 was picked which would allow us to be one of the first boats out at #7. This was strictly a Spotted Bay Bass Tournament only and they had to be at least 14.25". Anyone that fishes Spotted Bay...
  134. Nic D

    The Killer Whales were back today... and did damage

  135. Nic D

    What color braid and brand is best for Calicos

    I think the OP can take away that like with most things in fishing, a lot of things will work. He just needs a starting point, then he can figure out what best suits his style.
  136. Nic D

    What color braid and brand is best for Calicos

    we fish 65 and 80lb for bass.
  137. Nic D

    What color braid and brand is best for Calicos

    I prefer to fish Izorline braid and I have fished the majority of them. When you're bass fishing in the kelp you don't need your line to "cut through" the kelp like you do if you were WSB or Yellowtail fishing near the kelp edge. You're not going to get hung up in the kelp. I would rather have a...
  138. Nic D

    Best Bass Boat under 30k and under 60k

    Erik, that #Razeballo gets insane gas mileage Moyer, stick to catching 8lbers. here is the performance bulletin for our Sea Fox. If I had it to do all over again, I'd buy another Sea Fox...
  139. Nic D

    BP Brewing COC Report

    So good Ed. Good times with you dudes.
  140. Nic D

    Best Bass Boat under 30k and under 60k

    no. Ty stays at Clemente. I forget where he anchors up but ya he some times goes for 2 and 3 days at a time. He had a cool canvas tent like cover that acts as a tent to prevent moisture.
  141. Nic D

    BP Brewing COC Report

    thanks for writing the report buddy. we'll get'em next year. we just need to bring more beer next year. only the super tallented can fish with hangovers.
  142. Nic D

    San Diego coastal 1/10/15 - Another Grande Halibut

    Nicely done Robert. Moyer and I want to get out there with you soon! Nic
  143. Nic D

    Best Bass Boat under 30k and under 60k

    Look, in my short amount of time and owning two boats, I have learned that everything having to do with boats is a trade off. Some get through the water great with their 19 degree dead rise and are a bit more tippy once they reach their destination. Others take a bit more time getting there with...
  144. Nic D

    Sunday @ Cat

    Nice write up. Coulda waited until after the tourney.
  145. Nic D

    Stoked on Fishing. Fishing Catalina

    Like Ty said, Shea is a good dude.
  146. Nic D

    Hookup to Landing Ratio w/ Weedless (MC 7")

    I'll chime in: I make long casts most of the time to cover as much water as I can. The only time I'll change and fish like Matt and Erik is when we fish heavy cover. Shorter casts = less stringers of kelp for fish can use against you. I don't really like seeing the fish come up behind my bait...
  147. Nic D

    No more BS... err BCS...

    Man what a game. If Ohio St. had a little better play calling it wouldnt have been that close of a game. I can see it going to 6 teams but there's no way any team past the 6th ranked should be able to compete for a National Championship.
  148. Nic D


    the reel has been sold, thanks.
  149. Nic D


    thanks Alex. Stand by, I'll let you know.
  150. Nic D


    Right hand good condition 30lb green izorline braid new drags $100
  151. Nic D

    What caliber would you buy?

    300 mag
  152. Nic D

    December Calicos 12/22/14

    Lol. I'd stop poking the bear... However, that was funny.
  153. Nic D

    December Calicos 12/22/14

    sweet hat dude. where can we get one like it?
  154. Nic D

    2004 Boston Whaler 15', 50hp 4 Stroke Yamaha for sale $7500.00

    sweet little ride, good luck on the sale. Some one needs to buy this thing, slap a live well in it and come fish the SWBA tournaments with us.
  155. Nic D

    WTB: Shimano Torium 12,14,20 / Calstar WC - 7fters

    Scotch, my buddy is selling a BNIB torium 14 for $140. hit me up with your number and I will pass it on to him.
  156. Nic D

    Okuma vs Avet.

    Okuma all day. I sold my avets.
  157. Nic D

    FS: Shimano 9' Jig Stick

    Washing St. made 930 FA rated 15-40lb in really good condition. I'm pretty sure these are hard to find. $175 takes it. ***Rod does not come with reel or bait wrap iron
  158. Nic D

    Who to use for Yamaha repower?

    Another vote for sea witch in vista. They are true customer service experts an the boys out back are equally talented. Give them a call, ask for David or Bill.
  159. Nic D

    Excel Partners with OKUMA

    Congrats to both companies. It's a win win thing for both
  160. Nic D

    bay boats?

    I wouldn't buy a ranger if it was $200. A buddy of mine owned one and it completely fell apart. Your mileage may vary. Moyer and I purchased a 220 Sea Fox Viper. Love it so far. No issues. Tons of room and storage. It's pretty new, I'll let Ya know in a year, but so far it's our dream boat.
  161. Nic D

    hoopin 10/25

    Ed, thats not exactly good advice. You could be watching other newbies set on a desert. And I agree with El Pescador, and IPA or a good IPL will get you there.... Look you have to think like a fish to catch fish. Think like a bug and you will catch the bugs. Structure, bait, decent water...
  162. Nic D

    Ye Olde "Fake Bird-School" trick....

    Jim, gaffing and killing fish in a sudo-humane way is different than the of torture that bird. bad analogy.
  163. Nic D

    Enjoy off road racing???

    cool stuff, thanks for sharing
  164. Nic D

    Everingham SD Bay needs a customer service lesson

    Salmon heads only attract seals.
  165. Nic D

    LJ to PL to MB

    ^^^^^^ Really?
  166. Nic D

    Okuma Metaloid Single and Two Speed Reels

    how much for just one rib?
  167. Nic D

    Fish Smoking Question !

    Everyone does it different. I don't brine at all. I smoke with alder and apple wood and use a dry rub. Comes out fantastic. I can taste the smoke and the ingredients of the rub. When I brined, I could only taste soy. Maybe I did it wrong.
  168. Nic D

    San Diego Bay - Dense Fog - Lost Traps

    We hooped that same night and did well. However we lost a net too and a friend did as well. We think a charter might have been picking up people's hoops. We saw another guy that lost a hoop too. Just a thought
  169. Nic D

    Bait wrap lures

    I'll chime in. I fished the bait wraps jig two weekends ago and I'm here to tell you, they swim really, really good. Then the graphics on Rich's jigs... Well you be the judge... I'm sold! Love my bait wraps jigs!!!
  170. Nic D

    Sea Fox 199 Commander

    If it sounds too good to be true.... Just saying. I personally love Sea Witch and would purchase there. I bought a 22' viper a couple of months back.
  171. Nic D

    SBS Finals

    ya it was the other way around,,, Josh and Carl dont sit in the same spot for a reason.
  172. Nic D

    Lobster. Anyone excited?

    yup, Im ready!!!
  173. Nic D

    Hotel buena vista

    yeah, same report I heard from a few people.
  174. Nic D

    We're coming to get you Seattle

    Chargers in 1st Place!!! good game but the Bolts dominating the Sea Chickens was better, from a Chargers fan's perspective
  175. Nic D

    Shogun skiff trip opening

    bummer, next time...
  176. Nic D

    SBS Island Inshore 9/6

    Hey BOBBY, it has 10 adult beverage holders in total. We need to get you out there Bob! call me some time would ya!!
  177. Nic D

    We're coming to get you Seattle

    should be a somewhat entertaining game, even despite both teams and their fans are switch hitters.
  178. Nic D

    Go Chargers...

    sherman looked like shit! Chargers looked like the SB champs not the sea chickens. I bet that wont happen again. that coach is too good and the team too talented. GO CHARGERS!!!
  179. Nic D

    When it's all over. ( This Season)

    Watching the Kings games and hooping lobster
  180. Nic D

    Smoked Yellow fin Tuna Question !

    I don't waste the time with the brine any more. I use a dry rub and smoke @ 170 for 2.5 hours. Smoking time depends on how thick you slice the YFT.
  181. Nic D

    Late Wall Report

    Nice one buddy
  182. Nic D

    SBS Island Inshore 9/6

    The trailer isn't short, the photographer cut off part of it.
  183. Nic D

    Plier wrapping? And double pliers sheath?

    how much for only one side wrapped? lol sick work bud!
  184. Nic D

    September sign for Spotted Bay Bass?

    good luck dude! some one has to be the report maker!
  185. Nic D

    SBS Island Inshore 9/6

    a couple more images of the boat...
  186. Nic D

    Pt. Loma Evening Session. New PB Calico almost 9lbs

    congrats man... and hellva job on the release!
  187. Nic D

    Black Pearl- Helgrens in Oceanside

    talk about a little bitch fest... I couldnt help but laugh when the 25th person had to add their .02 about the gaff comment. This is the type of thread you expect to see in the middle of winter, not during one of the best inshore AND offshore years in recent memory. guys, cut the dude a...
  188. Nic D

    Where is the corner?

    N32.37 W117.49 or thereabouts
  189. Nic D

    Willie Nelson's card trick

    good stuff right there
  190. Nic D

    Reel selection advice

    I would keep the seeker set up the same and put the Cedros 10 on the pheonix. i love my Cedros's. I have 2 and they are bullet proof.
  191. Nic D

    Poll: Low Profile Baitcaster Shoot Out: Who's got the nuts?

    I've owned them all... I personally prefer... 1) Okuma 2) Revo 3) Lexa 4) Shimano
  192. Nic D

    R.I.P. Blitz

    sorry to hear about your loss. I lost my buddy a week ago today. I'll post something soon too.
  193. Nic D

    Weekend Parking San Diego Fishing

    only a suggestion, if getting there early is an option --- take it. even if its a several hours
  194. Nic D

    weather i check a few and cross reference them
  195. Nic D

    US Waters and Quality Models (YFT)

    great report man... glad you guys got em
  196. Nic D

    8-24 Father Son YFT trip Success

    awesome report. so rad to get your son on some fish. he'll remember it for ever.
  197. Nic D

    Freedom 8-23-14

    ya I seriously couldnt believe how close some of skiffs were getting to you guys.
  198. Nic D

    Freedom 8-23-14

    Nice job man!. I was one of those skiffs and we had limits in about an hour and a half. Although we heard, we were not one of those bone heads that the captain had to yell at to give you guys some space. And there is a huge spot of fish out there, they were everywhere, not just under the...
  199. Nic D


    Duane is great people. Glad you nailed them.
  200. Nic D

    NPH session 8/23/14

    nice work bud
  201. Nic D

    Who wants to go Elk Hunting?

    wish I could Ali.
  202. Nic D


    gun metal and black as far as I know.
  203. Nic D

    Report a Ho Right Here

    its actually a great idea.
  204. Nic D

    Light line is the trick 182, 43 8-13-2014 and a few errors

    takes one to know one... Thanks for the report. nice job keeping a positive attitude and having a great day.
  205. Nic D

    fs: okuma makaira 10 sea 2 spd gunmental

    just got the 16IIse and these reels are the real deal. some one needs to jump on this deal.
  206. Nic D

    Shimano Calcutta 400 (not TE)

    I have a 400 too. love this reel. another bump
  207. Nic D

    One stop shopping!!! YFT 8/4/14 Done by 9am!!!

    great job,,,, thanks for the detailed report
  208. Nic D

    Okuma Cedros Star Drag

    Moyer and I have 2 of the 10s and one 12. The reels are freaking bullet proof! Tons of drag and ultra smooth. Cant say enough good things about the Cedros line.
  209. Nic D

    What boat do I want? I just bought the 220 and it is the real deal. Love that boat. The 20' model has a 47gal fuel cell that will easily get you out to the banks. Sea Witch Marine in Vista is where you can see them. They just got in a 20' and the 18'
  210. Nic D

    Don't spool up your braid/Spectra by yourself

    its not impossible.. just make sure there is plenty of tension on either the spool or line as it goes on. I use a towel and pinch the line to create tension as it goes on.
  211. Nic D

    Catalina Calico Video

    Nice work
  212. Nic D

    BSA troop Twilight run Monday on Chubasco II

    Ernie runs a great boat! Congrats on your trip!
  213. Nic D

    Spineless Cousinstackle2

    We're you trying to bounce sandbass over the rail? That usually does the trick!
  214. Nic D

    Prayers and thoughts out to Maggie (Nunya)

    Let us know if there is anything we can do Maggie!
  215. Nic D

    2011 Triumph Skiff - SOLD***

    Boat has been sold.... as of yesterday
  216. Nic D

    Aerial video and photo services for your boat sale available.

    Very nice work, I'm sure you'll be busy. thanks for the offer today via my CL add. Cheers, Nic
  217. Nic D

    2011 Triumph Skiff - SOLD***

    $18k would like to sell it this weekend
  218. Nic D

    2011 Triumph Skiff - SOLD***

    Thanks guys, I will miss the long nights lobstering and how freaking stable the boat is.
  219. Nic D

    85' 14 foot Valco-$2500 OBO

    I love this little boat and hate to see it go. Hopefully someone I know will buy it and let me use it from time to time...... TY PONDER!!!
  220. Nic D

    2011 Triumph Skiff - SOLD***

    It's going on the new boat. But if it was a deal breaker, I'd keep it on for $1200
  221. Nic D

    2011 Triumph Skiff - SOLD***

    I've fished this boat competitively for the last two years in the Saltwater Bass Anglers series. I bought it new in 2012 and loaded it with all of the extras. Great skiff for sea bassing and lobstering. Tons of space on this boat, you won't believe its a 17'. This boat is set up to fish. $17,500...
  222. Nic D

    San Diego bay Spotties and Butts

    nice job bud. looks like you're having some fun
  223. Nic D

    May Calico Bass Contest...C'mon Guys!

    Thanks for the help Steve! just posting pics is fine too, helps keep the stoke...
  224. Nic D

    May Calico Bass Contest...C'mon Guys!

    Caught at Catalina during the SBS tourney.
  225. Nic D

    Best Pizza in SD

    another vote for Filippis
  226. Nic D

    Arooroo @ the SBS Long Beach Inshore

    congrats guys! one hellva bag.
  227. Nic D

    Hotel Buenavista/East cape fishing report

    Thanks for posting Axel! Fishkng looks good. Please tell Felipe that Nic says hi! Hope to see you guys this year!
  228. Nic D

    Barret Lake PreFish April 30, 2014

    great report and photos Ali. Moyer promised next time he will sit at home and I can go with ya
  229. Nic D

    Rod/Reel Recommendations Needed -- San Diego Inshore Fishing

    You might get some yaking tips from the guys over at then go to the forum
  230. Nic D

    FS: Shimano / Avet Reels - Shimano Rods

    all gear has been sold.
  231. Nic D

    FS: Shimano / Avet Reels - Shimano Rods

    List has been updated
  232. Nic D

    FS: Shimano / Avet Reels - Shimano Rods

    List has been updated
  233. Nic D

    Question: Salt Water Bass Reel

    Mick, your mileage may very. Just out of curiosity, what type of bass trips are doing that you need a 300 size reel to fish 1/4oz baits with?
  234. Nic D

    FS: Shimano / Avet Reels - Shimano Rods

    Yes I'll ship for $10.
  235. Nic D

    Fishing Line Tested: Results Surprised Me

    its just evolution of fishing line... look back at all of the materials that people have used over time. the only right line to use is that one that catches fish for you..
  236. Nic D

    Question: Salt Water Bass Reel

    With all due respect Mick, there's no way on land or on water that a curado 300e or EJ for that matter can out cast a lexa 300. Sorry bud, that just isn't true. In fact the curado is the worst casting reel out of the four bass reels I've fished. (Curado 300e and EJ, Lexa 300, Abu Toro 50, Okuma...
  237. Nic D

    Fishing Line Tested: Results Surprised Me

    That's why I fish Izor braid to short top shots. Do people really still fish mono? It's not cheap, but man it lasts and it's nice to change top shots in a few minutes.
  238. Nic D

    FS: Shimano / Avet Reels - Shimano Rods

    Price on TLD's and Calcutta Rod Lowered Avet MXL 6/4 two speed - $185 *sold Reel is in really good condition. some minor boat rash on side plate. comes with 65# Izorline spectra. Shimano TLD 15 (2)- $70ea $50ea *sold I have two in good condition ready to fish. One will come with 65# green...
  239. Nic D

    NEW Okuma Komodo 364P

    I test for Okuma as well. I've fished the curado, the abu, and the lexa... The Komodo is my favorite hands down.
  240. Nic D

    April Bass Content - Spotted Bay Bass - Enter HERE to win some great gear!

    i have a feeling everyone's sandbagging until the last minute
  241. Nic D

    Need a charter for calicos???

    ya either Jimmy Decker or Benny Florentino
  242. Nic D

    Been a while....

    Eh Craig, nice to meet ya yesterday! Sic video man, thanks for posting
  243. Nic D

    Calico Rod for KelpClothing!

    I've seen the rod in person! It's bad ass
  244. Nic D

    Chronarch 200e7

    $125 is a very good deal for this reel.
  245. Nic D

    SNCS031 4oz DropShot rod

    very nice man!
  246. Nic D

    SWBA Rnd 2 Mission Bay

    nice write up and finish Josh! You and Karl always seem to put it together down here! congrats bud
  247. Nic D


    Mine doesn't have the MC.
  248. Nic D


    I have one in the garage as well. I'll look for it today and send you a PM.
  249. Nic D

    Found an interesting beer today

    Ya IPA's are where it's at for me. Sculpin Big Eye Fathom
  250. Nic D

    If you're bored...

    Nice man!
  251. Nic D

    Sewer slugs

    My rapala scales weighs light, Im sure it was over 3. Congrats man!
  252. Nic D

    Found an interesting beer today

    If you like the longfin, try adding some of the Ballast Point Bloody Mary mix in it!!! Bloody beers are awesome
  253. Nic D

    Sand Bass

    That slob had a gut! Nice job
  254. Nic D

    SBS Mission Bay

    Ya Josh!!! Great job last weekend, and like said you guys always get'em pretty good down here. Congrats bud.
  255. Nic D

    LB Harbor PB

    nice job guys! PB's are epic
  256. Nic D

    Island Calico Fishing 3/9 and 3/11

    great report Brandon and thanks for sharing. looks like a rad couple of days on the water... oh and wear more mandanas
  257. Nic D

    SBS Junior Division Announced

    great opportunity here guys.... get a plastic trashcan and keep putting new water in. Got to have some teams participate or well, it probably won't last. See you guys Saturday
  258. Nic D

    Shimano Tiagra 12-Baker Topless frame & Tiburon handle

    my birthday is on the 19th.... that would make an awesome gift.
  259. Nic D

    Tomorrow @ Fred Hall LB

    Yup the C3x line of rods are bass slayers. It's the same lime green rod Oliver fishes on the Big Bass Dreams vid. I pair the C3X with the kumodo low profile. That little rascal has 14lbs of dag! Go check'em out, you won't be disappointed!
  260. Nic D

    First time at The Wall - Big Success 3/7/14

    Thanks for sharing! Nothing better than getting bit.
  261. Nic D

    Swimbait Storage

    my boxes look like Nick's boxes... i organize by brand then color light/dark/ medium then by size.
  262. Nic D

    Shea McIntee (Stoked On Fishing) and Dan Hernandez (TVDan)

    Shea is that type of guy. Always has a smile or will make you smile. Guys its ok to not like everyone... Giving Mr. Hernandez the benefit of the doubt, Im sure there was no harm intended and after all he does do/has done an awful lot for kids. Maybe he was having an important conversation? Who...
  263. Nic D

    Don't forget to geek out

    i followed online and watched it last weekend... what a tournament!
  264. Nic D

    Pedestal fishing seats.?

    it looks good man!
  265. Nic D

    Pedestal fishing seats.?

    i have a tempress and its not the best but not the worst. I would say I got what I paid for . I don't always use it but when I do it works good.
  266. Nic D

    Sunday Funday at Whore Island...

    nice report and as always, great smiles
  267. Nic D

    A fun night on the water...

    nice report guys
  268. Nic D

    Limits in the storm Saturday Night. Long Beach

    i was out in sd bay on saturday night in the storm for 2 bugs. not WFO, at least where I was at.
  269. Nic D

    FS: Bass Rods and Reels

    ok gang, here is whats up for sale. Pictures are below. Local pick up in clairemont or pick up at Fred Hall Show Thurs - Sat Send me a txt at six one nine 993 six six 89 Reels (2) Diawa Lexa 300s spooled with 65lb braid. *BOTH SOLD (1) Abu Garcia Revo Toro 50 spooled with 65lb braid. *SOLD...
  270. Nic D

    Great bite last night!!

    Nice Scotty!
  271. Nic D

    2/22 Mission Bay

    Looks like a fun day. Those recons are legit!!
  272. Nic D

    San Diego 2-26 before the storm

    Nice job! Killer baits
  273. Nic D

    2/22 - Maiden run to SCI

    So stoked for you on the new ride!
  274. Nic D

    Short Strikes & Followers

    Exactly what Mike said. That's an awful lot of knowledge in a single post. Digest it slowly.... Think like a fish
  275. Nic D

    Bassin Before Hoopin

    nice bass... no bug photos?
  276. Nic D

    LB Harbor Fishing

    Nice job guys
  277. Nic D

    Bass Forum Makeover Update

    Thats my partner... fishing partner that is.
  278. Nic D

    SBS 2/15 MB Spotty Tournament Report

    Great write up bud. What a frustrating day. Breaking off fish is much more frustrating then not being able to find fish. I can't remember the last time I broke off a fish let alone to break off 3. But, that's fishing. Just wanted to thank Recon Baits for getting us some killer 5" swimbaits for...
  279. Nic D

    Gabe, I'm traveling right now... Let me give you a call this weekend. Pm me your number.

    Gabe, I'm traveling right now... Let me give you a call this weekend. Pm me your number.
  280. Nic D

    Midnight calicos

    good fish man!
  281. Nic D

    Favorite Bait...

    spotties - 5" creature bait or Calicos - weedless BP or LK
  282. Nic D

    San Diego Halibut 2/15/14

    Nice one Robert!!! We on the other hand weren't so lucky yesterday.
  283. Nic D

    Tourney Prep

    To me it really depends on number of factors. One for I really confident in a particular zone enough to wait them out or wait until the tide is right or until there moving water?
  284. Nic D

    Show me your BASS...

    Nice one stinkeye
  285. Nic D

    Tourney Prep

    So Moyer and I are fishing a tournament in a couple of days and I'd thought I'd post a little of what I / we do leading up to a tourney. Everyone does it a little different but we usually start pre fishing 2 to 3 weeks in advance. Any more than that and pattens could change, fish will & can...
  286. Nic D

    Bass Forum Make-Over

    The bass forum lives!!!!!
  287. Nic D

    Whats up with Seeker

    I understand your position, thank you for sharing. Love my 809t, much success in the future.
  288. Nic D

    Broken dreams in the LBC

    He said the 3 biggest would have gone 10lbs... Not 1 fish 10lbs.
  289. Nic D

    Whats up with Seeker

    Mr. Maulhardt, congrats on your purchase of Seeker and I wish you the best of luck. However, I was disappointed when I heard that you decided to not honor Seekers commitment to help sponsor the SBS tournaments. Again, good luck with Seeker.
  290. Nic D

    SBS Mission Bay 2/15/14

    Just spotties for this event. Also it's a two day championship and grand prize is a 115 Merc.
  291. Nic D

    Bass Forum Make-Over

    thats a 22' Pathfinder
  292. Nic D

    San Diego Spotted Bay Bass Fishin

    :::CORRECTION:::: that is not a boat, that is a fishing machine! congrats bud, sure is a beautiful ride.
  293. Nic D

    Best East Cape Spot...

    I've stayed here for years and fished with the Valdez family.... can't go wrong. rent some or all of the property. you can see palmas in the pictures... on the beach with your own private steps to the beach and Mark Rayor lives next door. You could fish with...
  294. Nic D

    Spotties mission and SD bay 2/1

    looks to be a pumpkin with purple flake and peach bottom bruiser bait avenger am I right?
  295. Nic D

    Bass Forum Make-Over

    excited to see this forum get a spark and become the place people look forward to visiting. I'm all in!!!
  296. Nic D

    Fishin Misson Bay

    Moyer and I got a couple of good ones yesterday in MB. Mostly fished plastics. We released the fish after tagging them.
  297. Nic D

    Why No Clicker?

    The Okuma Kumodo 364 is a 350 size low profile reel that has a clicker.... Oh and 24lbs of drag too
  298. Nic D

    wall bassin.

    We caught a few fish off the wall during the SBS night tourney. We caught our fish on creatures fished 1/2 way down to the base of the wall. The fish seemed to be holding down deeper.
  299. Nic D

    Ballast Point Victory at Sea at the SWBA COC

    I see you nicely failed to mention the part when you're on your way up the night before and you realize you had gone off and left your duffle bag with all if your clothes at home and then call me to drive 25 minutes in the opposite direction to pick it up and bring it to Catalina for you... Lol...
  300. Nic D

    3rd Time is a Charm on Cedros Island

    Lol... Jose. Guys both are good outfits and you'll have a killer time!!! Just go fish
  301. Nic D

    which Phenix M1 for Cedros?

    after about your 4th YT, you'll be wishing you brought a 6'6 for the yellows. Trust me, it happened to me last June.
  302. Nic D

    which Phenix M1 for Cedros?

    8' is about the longest rod they'd like you to bring. Personally I'd buy a seeker 809t. Turns big fish quick and casts pretty well. If you have to have a phenix a USB 7'9 would a great choice or the inshore assassin 7'9 both have a line rating of 15-40 and cast big baits really good. Hope...
  303. Nic D

    Catalina Two Day Report

    Great report! Thanks for sharing
  304. Nic D


    my thoughts exactly JB. Pancho's killing it with the color ways... and folks at home, they swim better than they look if you can believe it. -Nic
  305. Nic D

    Winter Saltwater Bass Fishing

    My buddy Moyer and I found a top water bite in Point Loma last Monday so some are still near the surface. But using a heavier lead head and trying deep wouldn't hurt.
  306. Nic D

    FS: Lexa 300 w/ 65# Powerpro $125

    Reel is in great condition and comes with the powerpro.
  307. Nic D

    FS ABU REVO TORO 50 w/ 65# Powerpro

    Reel is in great condition loaded with 65#powerpro. $130 thanks, Nic
  308. Nic D

    Teramar 7''11 heavy vs. Seeker inshore pro 809

    If you're worried about weight then don't buy the 809! Period! It's an awesome rod, but it isn't a rod for holding all day. I love my 809 but fish it for an hour and switch it out for my phenix and rest. It will turn a 7-8lb calico around in a second and casts pretty good for a broomstick. Hope...
  309. Nic D


    I bought a Triumph Skiff a couple of years ago and I love the thing. I seriously dig the roplene! Wouldn't trade my skiff for any other flats boat on the market. I hoop net, fish the local kelp/beach for calicos and fish the docks, and bays for spotted bass. I fish it at least once a week some...
  310. Nic D


    nice job Pancho!
  311. Nic D

    SD Bug Report

    ya, agreed.... this weather should get them out of the rocks
  312. Nic D

    SD Bug Report

    Hooped 2x in the last week. Ended up with 5 on my solo mission and 13 last night with Anthony Harris. Last night we left the dock @8:15 and back at shelter at 2:45. Steady crawl until about 2 with tons of shorts.
  313. Nic D

    San Diego Hooping Report

    Great job on the bugs!
  314. Nic D

    Where to retire in Baja

    My thoughts exactly! After my first visit to Los Barriles I knew this was exactly my game plan in about 15 years. Seriously love me some LB. I can only hope it doesn't change much!
  315. Nic D

    New weedless BP Swimbait

    looking good Pancho.... Guys, these baits are expensive.... but I will tell you right now, they are worth every penny in plastic alone. Then watching them swim and the action they have.... pure money! -Nic
  316. Nic D

    Calico! Not done yet...

    thats a sick wrap... I actually took that 1st photo of Reebs in Cedros... so its a Cedros Calico Wrap ;)
  317. Nic D

    new to spotties

    If I had only 1 bait. I'd throw a spinnerbait.
  318. Nic D

    LaPaz Oct 25-26

    La Paz is on the bucket list, but I can't bring myself to not visit Buena Vista. Nice job on the dorados
  319. Nic D

    NPH Spotty Session 10/14/13

    thanks for the report,,, looks like fun
  320. Nic D

    2014 SBS / SWBA schedule conflicts

    Andy I would like to believe that it was pure coincidence but this happened last year too. I could see a single tournament as a coincidence but to have three? Im with you guys, Moyer and I were planning on fishing the full bay region schedule and a couple inshore events with SBS and fishing a...
  321. Nic D

    Hotel Buenavista/east cape Fish report

    Thanks for the report!!! Alejandro and his brother Carlos are some of East Cape's best.
  322. Nic D

    Heavy calico !!!!

    nice combo... fill the lexa with 65lb izor braid and bring 40-60lb flouro.. game on!!!
  323. Nic D

    cabo boat charter recommendation?

    I'd hire O's captain down there!!! Pino's Pangas for the win
  324. Nic D

    Cedros fly in opening

    Good luck down there.... Somebody needs to jump on this trip!!! nic
  325. Nic D


  326. Nic D

    Heavy calico !!!!

    Believe it or not, certain color plastics work better than others. I wrote a report about my trip in the Mexico fishing report forum
  327. Nic D

    Heavy calico !!!!

    Fishermans landing had 2 on Moday, I think Dana landing has them too.
  328. Nic D

    Heavy calico !!!!

    I just fished the Seeker Inshore Pro. 809t down in Cedros a week and a half ago and was awesome. Turned 7lb calicos around easily.
  329. Nic D

    Recommended Rod for Cedros Calicos?

    Cedros Adventures has brand new Seeker Inshore Pros to use. There are two 809t's that you can borrow. I had my Phenix's down there but wanted to try out Corey's new signature model... And I'm glad I did. The 809t is the real deal. Plenty of backbone to get the big ones headed towards the boat...
  330. Nic D


  331. Nic D

    3rd Time is a Charm on Cedros Island

    Spike- I'm a manager at the store in Oceanside
  332. Nic D

    3rd Time is a Charm on Cedros Island

    Pre trip – This year I went to the Island with Cedros Adventures. I had been to the Island with Cedros Outdoor Adventures each of the last two years and I wanted to try the Cedros Adventures this year. Before we left Duane answered the couple of questions I had regarding the travel day. He...
  333. Nic D

    Cedros Island 7-26

    I was on that trip with O. The only thing I can add is that the fish were not line shy. They ate 50lb like it was 20. Like O said, fish the biggest macs you can make for the bigger fish. Same with the Calicos. Bring nothing smaller than 7" baits. Darker colors, browns/reds/oranges were hot. Red...
  334. Nic D

    Elk Hunt Help

    My dad hunted elk in Colorado for 20+ years and killed most of those years. The last 3 yrs he was lucky enough to draw tags for a reservation hunt in Montana. He killed each year (pretty easily from what he told me). He shoots a 300 win mag. Not sure about his scope or grain he used. have a...
  335. Nic D

    Piggy-Mission Bay 7/17

    nice one brotha
  336. Nic D


    Price lowered to $125
  337. Nic D

    Finally girlfriend is happy

    congrats bud!
  338. Nic D


    Thought I would put together a little wrap up of our night... This SBS event took place June 22 fishing 5pm - 2am First off, winning was never on our minds going into this one. We were big picture fishing, as in we wanted to stay consistent and finish in the top half. We thought that if we...
  339. Nic D


    I have an original gopro camera I'd like to sell. Works perfectly. I have an extra battery, handle bar mount, original box and a tripod mount. $80 send me a txt 619.993.6689 or post here I'll post here when its sold. Nic
  340. Nic D

    Cedros 6 days in 10 Minutes

    nice work on the video... looks like another solid trip to Cedros. Leaving in 9 days for my 3rd trip down.
  341. Nic D

    Lake BARRETT Report

    Good times Ken! Great job on the video bro
  342. Nic D

    Nados - First Blood on the PG2 - No jello, jumbo checkers

    great report and glad the new sled worked out well, but next time can you make the photos bigger? :) nice on you guys to release the bass.
  343. Nic D

    Anyone Want to Fish Lake Barrett Tomorrow?

    I have a tube or kayak spot fishing lake Barrett tomorrow 5/15 $25 Please send me a PM. First come first served! thanks, Nic
  344. Nic D

    Coastal Kayak White Sea Bass

    great job Steveoooo. hellva video too!
  345. Nic D


    What this guy said. Find conditions and you find biting fish
  346. Nic D

    officially a "big" boat owner!

    sweet ride, congrats
  347. Nic D

    GoPro question

    handle bar mount works perfect Handlebar and Seat Post Bicycle Camera Mount - GoPro Ride HERO
  348. Nic D


    Reel was sold this evening.
  349. Nic D


    Lots of people boiling on it but still available ...
  350. Nic D


    price dropped.
  351. Nic D

    Big Game Hunting

    Congrats on the PB Matt.
  352. Nic D


    All PMs replied to.
  353. Nic D


    Still available
  354. Nic D


    Thanks Eddie
  355. Nic D


    I'll be at Day at the Docks if anyone is interested in seeing it.
  356. Nic D


    Thank you John....
  357. Nic D


    Price lowered
  358. Nic D

    I got a new board and it's Magic

  359. Nic D


  360. Nic D

    SBS Mission Bay

    great job guys... and you forgot to mention you won in a boat with 4" of water in it. congrats
  361. Nic D

    Did you know the two went nose to nose in the parking lot?

    "talk to us" when did you sign with the Dodgers?
  362. Nic D

    Which trailer tire?

    I went with an 8 ply radial after my Carlise went bad after a year of use.
  363. Nic D

    6 inch thick weedless bait in da works

    That one looks really nice BP. Hope your hand feels better. after the SBS on April 13 is done, you're conning down to fish with us. Nic
  364. Nic D

    swimmy rod for calicos

    Are you sure that saltwater and the nacl are compatible? I partial to the Phenix ultra swimbait 7'9" 15-40
  365. Nic D

    La Jolla Kelpin

    Nice meeting you at the show.... good ling
  366. Nic D

    LJ 3/25

    Good times hommie
  367. Nic D

    SBS Long Beach

    Congrats Matty! MC Viejos are awesome!
  368. Nic D


    looking good bro
  369. Nic D

    irs audit

    thats a good one!
  370. Nic D

    SWBA Round 1 Ballast Point Brewing

    Good job Matt.
  371. Nic D

    Los Barriles

    another vote for Buena Vista. Felipe takes great care of us when we are there. if you don't and want to fish the Jen Wren, stay here its right next door to Mark's (who owns the Jen Wren) house.
  372. Nic D

    Driving straight to Cabo

    ^^^ yup Spirit Airlines is flying down there now. $250ish
  373. Nic D

    Big Hammer Cedros Trip

    Just to clarify for it 4 full days of fishing and a half day on Friday?
  374. Nic D

    #88 starts the year off by.......

    Ambrose's fault completely... turd
  375. Nic D

    Best Rods For Lexa 300

    USB-790H 7'9" 15-40 Split Grip My favorite Phenix. This rod is so incredibly light, huge back bone and a tip perfect for throwing 5-9" swimbaits a mile.
  376. Nic D

    Back From Panama, Fishing Report Heavy Picts

    great report! thanks for posting. Nic
  377. Nic D

    Full moon fishing

    bass bite on the full speed on the full moon
  378. Nic D

    Curado 300ej or Daiwa Lexa 300HSP???

    Lexa hands down. No contest
  379. Nic D

    SoCal Fishing Apps for Iphone 5

    I like the fishhead app. Its on the pricey side, but it gives you 3 or 4 other apps all in one. weather (from weather underground) including wind by the hour, tides, moon phase, baro pressure, and buoy info. Fishhead allowed me to remove several other apps on my phone. - Nic
  380. Nic D

    Phenix Rod choices for Lexa 300hs-p

    I have the ultra swimbait 7'11" I think it's rated 17-40. Love that rod and I'll be buying another before next summer. To pick one up at the store and mess with it.
  381. Nic D

    The Big buck Controversy

    I know there have been several poachers up in the Pine Hills area this season. I know, because I live there. Sounds to me as if the warden is trying to make an example out of this kid. Hopefully the truth will come out in the end. Public Service Announcement....Its not worth it to poach...
  382. Nic D

    Fly In Cedros Trip...Should I Go?

    I've been to Cedros twice with Jose from Cedros Outdoor Adventures. Went in June with my sponsor Reebs Lures. I think the main things have been covered, its not a vacation its a fishing trip in Mexico. With that said, its probably one of top two Calico bass spots the other being San Clemente...
  383. Nic D

    Camera under $1000

    First off Ken Rockwell is a tool. If weather sealing and an alloy mag body mean anything to you then go with the D7000 if not the D5100 will do everything you need it to do. If you want to invest, invest in lenses. Thats where the image quality difference will be made. great reviews can be...
  384. Nic D

    Shimano 300E & 300EJ

    Both reels cosmetics - 9/10 Both reels loaded up with 65# powerpro 300E - $160 300EJ - $170 cabonex drag upgrade Both reels have been fished the last two summers, but well taken care of after each use and serviced by Ken's Custom in Oside. They both fish now, but should be serviced...
  385. Nic D

    Fishing Montage: Reebs Bolt Thrower, Spotted Bay Bass

    Nice job Will. Looks like you had a great day on the water. The Bolt Thrower is the real deal.
  386. Nic D

    Lobster Season

    what are lobsters
  387. Nic D

    Any recent Cedros reports?

    Cedros is Cedros. It's going to blow your mind.
  388. Nic D

    2013 Saltwater Bass Series schedule

    Super stoked on the SBS and looking forward to Newport!
  389. Nic D

    Fishing Mission

    Not to sure how I missed this thread... But since my wife and I don't have kids I get to share Maddox while we're on the water. But only while on the water :) Maddox is a stud! He even kept telling Matt "why are you scaring all the fish away?" Maddox, I ask your dad that all the time!!
  390. Nic D

    Reebs Cedros Trip - Stoked on Fishing

    Shea McIntee of Stoked on Fishing just released this 6+ minute video of our trip to Cedros with Jose of Cedros Outdoor Adventures.... Enjoy
  391. Nic D

    Fishing shorts

    The most comfortable shorts on the market are made by Pelagic's sister company, Bass King. I have the commando shorts and they are by far the best made and comfortable shorts I have. I wear them around town, and on the water. They run true to size, so dont be afraid to order online. Try a...
  392. Nic D

    2006 Toyota Tundra SR5

    I have a tundra of the same model, and I love my truck. Pulls my boat no problem. Good luck on selling it. nic
  393. Nic D

    Question on stores with good phenix selection

    Dana Landing has a great selection
  394. Nic D

    East Cape to bring rods/reels or not

    I only bring lighter stuff down there now. The cruisers have all the heavy stuff you could want. Maybe some fluorocarbon and hooks but thats it. I like to fish some lighter gear inside.
  395. Nic D

    ?'s about Cedros

    Heres what I've brought the last two years. Rods/Reels 1 - 8' 20-40 calcutta with a torium 16 with your favorite 40# mono. Good for heavy iron or surface use. 3 - bass rods. Phoenix USB with Abu Garcia Revos loaded with 65# power pro. Leaders from 30-60#. In 2011 we used 60# all day every...
  396. Nic D

    Hotel Buena Vista - July 4th - 8th - Hospitality from the Valdez Family

    Felipe and Axel are great people. Love that resort! Is it October yet?
  397. Nic D

    Anyone want to take me fishing for YT/WSB?

    Hey Will, try searching for the boat Ho thread for 2012. Find someone that has a boat that lives near you and fishes the days your off. Nic
  398. Nic D

    *Late Night Bite* Bass Video

    nice job guys... looked like a fun night
  399. Nic D

    71 Pound White Seabass - IB Kelp

    Way to go Zorb!!! What a slob...
  400. Nic D

    1950's garage conversion to Fishing / Boat Cave on a budget...

    Great job, now you need some more gear ;)
  401. Nic D

    Cedros June 22-25 Reebs Lures Trip

    Great report Matty. You've done such a nice job that I won't have to post one. I will post my photos later.
  402. Nic D

    2005 17' Triumph Center Console - San Diego

    Good luck on the sale, I just bought a triumph skiff. Rad boats! If you EVER, and I mean EVER want to sell that bronco PM me. I used to own a 69 with the 302 in it. Kick myself in the ass for selling it. Bad ass machines.
  403. Nic D

    Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort's week report

    Thanks for the report Axle... Please tell Carlos Castro that mapache says hi. He'll know.
  404. Nic D

    Saltwater Bass Series AOY

    Congrats guys!
  405. Nic D

    Cedros Isalnd June 9-12

    Thanks for the report, I leave next Friday!!!! Can't wait
  406. Nic D

    Marine looking for a ride

    I fish down in La Jolla / Point Loma area. What are your days off?
  407. Nic D

    Gallos Gone Wild!

    I could only wish, hope and dream that my wife would wan to move down to Los Barilles.
  408. Nic D


    What's that supposed to mean? If you've got news, please share!
  409. Nic D


    Leaving on the 22nd.
  410. Nic D

    get well Evan

    let it go dude. Its been said several times over, in other forums, and in person..... he's taken his lumps and learned his lesson. FYI - canoes tip easy. I've flipped my kayak so what, big deal get on with your life. Go catch a fish and make your 45th post.
  411. Nic D

    Cedros Island Excursion

    going again next month, can't wait.
  412. Nic D

    reebs bolt throwers

    Bolts = Badass! I suggest washing them out just like your reels to keep the swivel clean.
  413. Nic D


    Nope. 1oz is perfect. If I get shallow(as in 6'-8' or less) then I might go to a 1/2 but mainly throw the 1oz.
  414. Nic D

    Boat Ho SD North County

    Hey Simon, I can vouch for Chuck. I met him at Kens a few times and he's a good guy. Nic
  415. Nic D


    is it possible to wrap a boat made of roplyene?
  416. Nic D

    Mission Bay Spotted Bay Bass *Video*

    good job guys.
  417. Nic D

    Mission Bay / Fiesta Island Shot: March 21st, 2012

    From what I hear Canon finally made a body that can focus in the 5D MK III? congrats canon! :rofl:
  418. Nic D

    What sort of tackle to bring for shore fishing - Los Barriles?

    I did well right in front of Mark's house on the small sinking waxwing.
  419. Nic D

    Shimano TranX baitcaster

    An accurate, and have to have it serviced every 10 minutes, no thanks. I'm interested in the tranx
  420. Nic D

    Oceanside Sandy's

    Got them on the Reebs Kelp Assassin with the sand crab colored grub trailers. You can find them over at Ken's in the harbor.
  421. Nic D

    Oceanside Sandy's

    Nice report Spliff. I was out yesterday too. I was in the triumph with my dad. Caught a few sandies and a few calicos. a liittle wind in the am then turned into a nice day on the water. -nic
  422. Nic D

    Perfect finish to a great month! Jan is in the books!

    Thanks for the nice report and even better the pics Stan. Glad you've had a good experience with your avet's. I've had the exact opposite experinece with mine. Fish'em once, they need service, fish'em again...need service. I've sold or traded all but two now and those will be up for sale soon...
  423. Nic D

    San Diego area

    its nice here today...
  424. Nic D

    Stereo install

    nice job
  425. Nic D

    Landed my first Spottie!

    I've seen Moyer do that
  426. Nic D

    Toughest built 22ft centre console fishing boat

    doesn't get any tougher
  427. Nic D

    Stone brew response

    Ballast Point's Sculpin is epic.
  428. Nic D

    More Hand Painted Vans

    truly great art!
  429. Nic D

    iron for calicos

    I read this piece last week... Fantastic thanks for sharing! Not as in sharing the article (well that too), but as in sharing your knowledge that took a lot of time on the water to learn.
  430. Nic D

    Official New England Patriots Beatdown of the Baltimore Ravens

    the very last thing any charger fan wants is a Brady / Manning Super Bowl. If thats what goes down, Im going fishing.
  431. Nic D

    Official New England Patriots Beatdown of the Baltimore Ravens

    Ravens were robbed. that should have been a td there on the last drive. the receiver had possession and two feet down in the end zone. not even one replay? whatever, I hate the bellacheeter and his lady.
  432. Nic D

    My Packers are going to crush the Giants

    Packers were Discount Double Checked right in the mouth!
  433. Nic D

    Personal Locator Beacon

    Im considering buying this one...
  434. Nic D

    Dramamine alternative?

    try whats called the "coast guard cocktail" take one dramamine and one sudafed. the sudafed will counter act the drowsiness. works for me.
  435. Nic D

    MLPA boycott list

    thats easy!
  436. Nic D

    MBF Mission Bay 12/31

    nice fish Moyer...
  437. Nic D

    gotta love clemente

    great photo
  438. Nic D

    Just how big is this Pacific Jack....

    yup, our captains wife made one and it was freaking awesome. Nice fish, Id say 25
  439. Nic D

    I'll save you homos some time...

    Great, thats all they need, another packer at Penn St.
  440. Nic D


    are we talking about the same Bears that were just Tbowned last week?
  441. Nic D

    WTT/WTS Canon 17-85mm DSLR Lens - Nice

    good luck on the sale.... save up for the 17-35 2.8. Sick lens
  442. Nic D

    She Swallowed...

    solid fish, thanks for the pics.
  443. Nic D

    My old boat getting a face life 19' SeaSquirt

    cool project John, good luck.
  444. Nic D

    O'side Bassin

    Thanks Even @Bart - Im sworn to secrecy Thanks Erik, Martin, Bob. We missed ya Bob. @Ray - did you see us out there? Lets hookup and fish some time.
  445. Nic D

    Christianity vs the Da Beers

    the bears were Tbowned! Tebow just wins, I think its great.
  446. Nic D

    O'side Bassin

    Hit up O'side with Reebs and Alan (aka Oside) yesterday for a little bassin and some more R&D on the new Bolt Thrower. The Bolt Thrower is the latest innovation from Reebs Lures. The bite was good early but slowed on slack. Most fish came on the 1oz Bolt Thrower and 1.5oz Assassin.
  447. Nic D

    Great deal on a great fishing camera.

    Ali, nice find. It did well in this DP review vs. other waterproof cameras. thanks.
  448. Nic D

    Chargers vs Jags

    John Spanos just bought a brand new home in La Jolla, bolts aren't going anywhere. AJ and Norf will be fired. Instead of going out and getting a big name gm and coach, Spanos will bring in another retread GM and Coach because thats what San Diego sports teams do. PS. the padres should have...
  449. Nic D

    AWESOME Cedros Fishing on KAYAKS !

    Nice report Jose.... Love the kayak option too. Hey Moyer, love that last shot of you! Nice calico man.
  450. Nic D

    lake dixon trout derby "warm up"

    sounds like a nice
  451. Nic D

    10-29-11 LJ

    nice one Moyer
  452. Nic D

    Were can I buy 5lbs of venison?

    I have a freezer full of Elk, would that work?
  453. Nic D

    Pt. Loma 10-22-11

    nice release on the BSB
  454. Nic D


    Great job boys...
  455. Nic D

    Pics from Gordo Banks Trip - Oct 2011

    looks like a nice time... thanks for sharing
  456. Nic D

    Rancho Leonearo

    ya I heard as much... maybe as we get closer to the full moon things will turn around. We're flying in tomorrow and will be at tio pablos by about 3.
  457. Nic D

    2010 36 Yellowfin, Triple 300 Yamaha, Simrad, Low Hrs

    Im pretty sure that boat is the only Yellowfin on the West Coast
  458. Nic D

    Rancho Leonearo

    sweet... I'll be just down the beach from you starting thursday for 8 days. Im hearing tuna are just off the beach
  459. Nic D

    Hotel Buenavista!

    did I not tell you about Alex and Carlos??? Great guys. My buddies have been fishing with Carlos for 15yrs now. Ana, Carlos wife takes her vacation when we get to town and practically feeds us daily. Great people, great town, great resort and safe as can be.
  460. Nic D

    Rancho Leonero Sept. 7-14, 2011 *long report w/pics*

    thanks for the report Mikey... Im leaving in 2 weeks. I remember your report from last year with the big Roosters.
  461. Nic D

    I want to get a kayak

    If you want to fish from a kayak, I only have one word for you - HOBIE don't make the mistake I did by buying a yak, setting it all up, then get out on the water and watch the guys in the hobies fishing with both hands while your paddling. trust me.....
  462. Nic D


    I've fished the BMS several times with great results. What it sounds like to me is that the crew took advantage of Ben not being on the boat. still, it sucks to hear about your trip.
  463. Nic D

    Kayak Store

    OEX in Mission Bay for San Diego and OEX Oceanside if you're up in north county both have very knowledgeable staffs
  464. Nic D

    NPH fullday on a skiff

    what are the towels for????
  465. Nic D

    8/23 La Jolla

    Nice one... but There are no fish in La Jolla
  466. Nic D

    Vincent Jackson is gone......

  467. Nic D

    avet 5.3

    i have a silver one spooled with 50lb izor $120
  468. Nic D

    Pro Gear CS551 - $125 firm

    want to trade foe a silver Avet sx?
  469. Nic D

    Buenavista Boats

    hands down Alex Castro. We've fished with Carlos his brother for 15 yrs. Great guys who will put you on the fish. I'll be there about 3 weeks after you. have a great trip and tell Felipe I said hi.
  470. Nic D

    Cedros Island report Aug 4-8

    nice job Jose.... thats really cool of you!
  471. Nic D

    Cedros island fishing, Aug 02 / SenorTuna trip

    its basically calico/yellowtail and tecate/Cazadores for 3 days. I would make the trip across the street to the Tortilleria..... seriously the best
  472. Nic D

    Calico Killer

    I've never seen a blue calico before... looks cool though
  473. Nic D

    NFL Players Arrested During The Lockout

    I bet this is normal, lockout or not.
  474. Nic D

    cedros fly in

    Brian, all you need is a valid mexican fishing license. I had one from last year and its still good until sept. so I didn't need to buy one.
  475. Nic D

    New Beavis & Butthead release.....

    i for one cant wait! "he will be an albino and a gringo"
  476. Nic D

    Talica 10 II

    hey Steve, ya open to trade? i have a silver sx and a silver mxl 2speed + a little cash? both reels spooled with izor braid.
  477. Nic D

    cedros fly in

    x2 I fished with Jose in June and not a single problem. I will use him again next year without hesitation.
  478. Nic D

    7-1 La Jolla WSB,YELLOW

    congrats, you must have been really lucky because there are no fish in La Jolla.
  479. Nic D

    Cedros Outdoor Adventures?

    I posted a report in the bass forum under Team Reebs.... great fishing, good outfitter, and great food.
  480. Nic D

    Cedros- Reebs Lures Trip-Pics

    I agree with your post, and we were pulling 7s and 8s from the kelp. Cedros has big fish all over. Reebs lost a probable double digit in the kelp too. Im sure you guys will get'em good in July. Good Luck and congrats on your 13#er -nic
  481. Nic D

    Cedros- Reebs Lures Trip-Pics

    first off, yes the fishing is that good. Well it was for the first day and a half, then the wind came up. We met up w/ Jose in San Ysidro early friday am, loaded the gear and made the quick shuttle ride to Ensenada. The Shuttle was nice a comfortable and bottled water was offered. The...
  482. Nic D

    This just happened

    great fish man! serious piglet
  483. Nic D

    Which Kayak???

    If you're serious about fishing from your yak, a hobie is the only answer. Im not going to post a long sermon about why, you just need to think through it a little. Save your money and buy a newer used revo or outback and thank hobie for making a kayak with fishing in mind. I fish regularly...
  484. Nic D

    Itchy Lab need help

    if the Science Diet sensitive skin formula doesnt do it... we use Orijen 6 fish. Both my labs have crazy allergies and the Orijen did the trick. glad to hear your buddy is doing better.
  485. Nic D

    Ryan Leaf hosting xx1090

    i will not listen.... Id rather listen to paint dry
  486. Nic D

    unibutter and big hammers

    the OEX in Oceanside has both.
  487. Nic D

    Cedros Outdoor Adventures?

    Im using Cedros Outdoor Adventures next friday. Water temp is 6 degrees warmer than this time last year. I'll know in a week what that means...
  488. Nic D

    TSA changed their mind again re: line on reels?

    this is whats posted on the TSA website.... but who knows if its up to date read the last paragraph
  489. Nic D

    Mission Bay / Shelter Island

    here ya go... its the new Reebs Spottie Assassin
  490. Nic D

    Fishing in los barriles

    Michael, the last two years I have fished with the Castro brothers. Alex is the captain and Carlos is the 1st mate. They fish out of Hotel Buena Vista so contact Felipe Valdez to book them. They have been fishing the cape their whole lives and know how to put you on the fish. They speak good...
  491. Nic D

    kayak bait tank

    try utube. There are tons of videos there to get you going.
  492. Nic D

    Mission Bay / Shelter Island

    Dad and I loaded up the truck and headed down to MB with a 6pk of Big Eye and gear. We started fishing about 7:30ish and it was slow as it could be. We fished Santa Barbra Cove and then we ran into the cool old guy in his whaler. Nice to see ya Margarita.... Then we fished in sail bay and the...
  493. Nic D


    no its not the same... different gear ratio
  494. Nic D

    East Cape report

    Thanks Felipe, see you in October.
  495. Nic D

    Los Barrilies - Rumors of Tuna?

    Thanks for the report Felipe... we need to book our dates soon!
  496. Nic D

    Los Barrilies - Rumors of Tuna?

    yup: "Yes big ones in close and dorado too. Alejandro, Carlos or Mark R. maybe know some GPS coords." they're there. report comes from one of the owners of
  497. Nic D

    Reason to Bern one's runs to the wall in Dana

    Well done John. Thats a piggy!
  498. Nic D

    Assault Weapons for Leonero...

    I personally think thats overkill. It really depends on your target species and your preferences... If your looking for dorado and YF, Id bring a 25lb set up and a 50. I fish spectra so the two reels I take down have 50lb and 80lb izor spectra which allows me to tie on lighter or heavier...
  499. Nic D

    Cedros Island Yellows are biting!

    Thanks for sharing... Im on the June 17-20 Reebs trip.... can't wait!
  500. Nic D

    DVL Stickered Kayak *BD Hook-um-me-up Price*

    how much for the sticker? haha good luck on the sale buddy
  501. Nic D

    Safeway supports MLPA > boycott them!!

    I work as a District Merchandiser for Smart & Final. I appreciate all of your support. I also sent a letter and have yet to receive a response.
  502. Nic D

    TLD 30 II speed $150

    Im reposting this reel because the other deals fell through. I used it on about 4 trips. Had the reel serviced by Ken's Custom a while back and just sits around. Mechanically solid 9/10, it does have some boat rash on the left side plate. I have the original box and manual. $150.00
  503. Nic D

    I love Los Barriles - 4/30

    I love Los Barriles too! is it october yet?
  504. Nic D

    Steelers' Mendenhall criticized for Tweets about bin Laden

    you can't fix stupid
  505. Nic D

    Osama is DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    this fits
  506. Nic D

    Osama is DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    EPIC!!!!!! Such great news!!
  507. Nic D

    Newport 4/25

    nice report Steve, thanks for sharing.
  508. Nic D

    Can a mod please contact me

    I love a good train wreck
  509. Nic D

    Shimano Crucial CRC-X70H casting rod

    still have it? is there anything wrong with it?
  510. Nic D

    Shimano TLD30 II speed

    I will call you tomorrow Jon. thanks
  511. Nic D

    Shimano TLD30 II speed

    thanks Brian - still have it
  512. Nic D

    In The Gray by Mark Wisch

    Heard Mark on lets talk hook up... they are getting ready for a reprint.... just sayin
  513. Nic D

    Driving to EastCape

    x3 - exactly. not driving this year, but next year for sure!
  514. Nic D

    New Shimano Curado 300EJ

    its true about ebay... bought a 200e7 for $138 nib, free shipping a couple of weeks ago. just saying
  515. Nic D

    Long Beach Calico action

    fun day and cool report.. but I think your camera has serious back focusing issues.
  516. Nic D

    Rancho Buena Vista is coming back.

    Mark, say hi to Tony for me... PS... we stay at Lisa and Greg's when we are down. This year Oct 6-17th. let me know if you're up for a cold one.
  517. Nic D

    Rancho Buena Vista is coming back.

    I met Tony last year.... very cool guy that took great care of us. Not to mention that the house we rent is a10 minute walk or a 15 minute stumble. Long live RBV
  518. Nic D

    Shimano TLD30 II speed

    It's been on a 4 or 5 boat rides, maybe put 4 troll fish on the boat. Mechanically a 9.7/10, cosmetically a 6.715/10. It does have a couple of scuffs on it. sorry for the iphone pics, lazy tonight... It looks better in person than it photographs. I just don't fish it much anymore. $150
  519. Nic D

    thweet honey badger

    whats the honey badger gonna have for dinner the next two weeks? . . . . . . . . . Cobra!!!
  520. Nic D

    1st place Padres

    either that.... or your decent at searching google :D
  521. Nic D

    not sure where to post this...anyone work for pepsi bev company?

    merchandisers have to work their tails off.
  522. Nic D

    Sad day on the water

    so sad
  523. Nic D

    Which East Cape Resort for less boat ride?

    I think you would be smart to stay at buena vista and fish with Felipe Valdez
  524. Nic D

    Tsunami wave aboard ship video

    thats not a lot of cameras but one single SLR.... and I know the sound, it was a Canon pro body. probably a Mark III or IV body
  525. Nic D

    Mission Bay 3/18

    Synodontidae - lizard fish
  526. Nic D

    Oceanside Harbor bass 3-18-11

    Nice fish Ben,,,, just looked at two roses... sic work
  527. Nic D

    Dog Feels Guilty

    i loved it...
  528. Nic D

    The NFL is gone as we know it.

    I didn't renew my season tix to the chargers.... eat crap Spanos (for a couple of reasons)
  529. Nic D

    08 Mako 184 cc

    Hey Dan, what La Vita said, but without the cussing. is it impossible for you guys to homeboy's thread alone?
  530. Nic D

    What's the hot camera right now for $200 & under??

    Be careful about that guy, he is an idiot. don't ask why, just trust me on this one. He reviews gear 1/2 of the time without even using it!
  531. Nic D

    3-5 and 3-6 yaking MB Spottie fest

    sweet days on the water... I was there on Saturday am with the addicts. I fished the docks for a few nice ones.
  532. Nic D

    What Red Light Cameras See

    hits too close to home... thats how my sister at 24yrs old passed away.
  533. Nic D

    Canon 10d permanent Infrared Mod.

    Id love to have one... just never had an extra body laying around. good for you, now post up some images!
  534. Nic D

    Another day on Mission Bay 03/03/11

    I was out in my yak and landed some big boys too! weather wasn't that great, good thing the fishing was! thanks for sharing.
  535. Nic D

    Favorite scent for the bays

    I've been using this stuff. Its gets bit!
  536. Nic D


    Ya, I knew how much it was going to be. That body in working condition is only worth about 1000 or so. I had a 5D and a 1D MKIIn when I was shooting canon. Now Im shooting a pair of D700's. man thats a tough spot to be in. at least you still have a 10d. hopefully you'll land a big job and you...
  537. Nic D

    Curado 200E7 & Curado 300E

    FYI - I just bought a curado 200E7 on ebay for 138.00. I normally support the local shops but this was deal I couldn't pass up. There are a few more left.
  538. Nic D

    HDSLR motion experiments

    I like it, lots of clean frames
  539. Nic D


    that blows. hope for the best man
  540. Nic D

    $351 useless dollars... youre welcome.

    good for you brotha! offer people a discount if they pay cash! it works
  541. Nic D

    $351 useless dollars... youre welcome.

    good for you brotha! offer people a discount if they pay cash! it works
  542. Nic D

    Remember when it was windy in LB?

    Im good, hopefully you are too. We're coming down on October 20th - 28th. They are a fantastic team to fish with. Im happy to be fishing with you again! I'll contact you pretty shortly. nice yellows Jim got.
  543. Nic D

    Remember when it was windy in LB?

    Nice weather for this time of year! Hola Felipe, nic
  544. Nic D

    Best place in San Diego area to have reels serviced?

    Kens - hands down
  545. Nic D

    Saddest Day Ever.

    sad day indeed... time to buy a yak Jesse and fish
  546. Nic D

    17' boston whaler montauk with pictures $3,800

    placed a call to my dad, I'll see what he says
  547. Nic D

    Overturn the MLPA: Will this work?

    Why can't we get the ACLU involved? I mean, I hate the scum suckers too, but this is a perfect situation to have them on our side. Our rights have been violated!
  548. Nic D

    All that Candy in the Local Water....

    I think you'll see some 70lbs + this year I think cbass and the pittsburgh steelers are gay
  549. Nic D

    Boston Whaler for a Pre '67 VW Bus or Truck

    ya just had to throw in a "has a bottle opener" didntch? shit... great boat Tim. Im looking for a 17 BW. But Im trying to get pops to buy it! great luck on finding something that makes you happy Tim.
  550. Nic D

    Adios Rancho Buena Vista

    I hope you're right Dick.
  551. Nic D

    Adios Rancho Buena Vista

    better yet, I do my own personal investigation of the east cape each year! Im really sad to see the ranch close. I've grown close to the captain I fish with each year. His wife even takes her vacation each year when we are there. Im glad to see that he bought a panga recently. If anyone...
  552. Nic D

    2010 AVET Reels Contest Winners

    for the record, i should have won october
  553. Nic D

    post a few of your most recent photos thread...

    cool thread, i'll post some images soon
  554. Nic D

    1998 SS Striper 2600 WACC (Buonafortuna)

    sorry to hear the news Jessie.... there's a reason for everything bro.
  555. Nic D

    LaDainian Tomlinson gets his second Chance

    the guy that wears the jersey # for the amount of kids he has?
  556. Nic D


    you're very welcome Art. give me a shout when you're gonna fish.
  557. Nic, Dad, Carlos, East Cape 2010

    Nic, Dad, Carlos, East Cape 2010

  558. Yellow Fin Tuna SD 2010

    Yellow Fin Tuna SD 2010

  559. LJ Yak Yellowtail

    LJ Yak Yellowtail

  560. Dad East Cape 2010

    Dad East Cape 2010

  561. nic Yellow Fin Tuna East Cape 2010

    nic Yellow Fin Tuna East Cape 2010

  562. 2010


  563. Nic D

    Whats up with the new format????

    here is a hint you want to be successful, don't piss your customers off
  564. Nic D

    From one Plastic ride to another.

    I fished down by the bridge today... SBB were hungry thanks for the report, much better than working though.
  565. Nic D

    Would Carl hit it?

    Dude that thing ate Jenny Craig!!
  566. Nic D

    Crash course tutorial on LEVELS...

    sweet tutorial. Next we'll cover the liquify tool... its great for making your bass look bigger! hahahha
  567. Nic D

    Girlfriend got her new I shot em.

    Ya know what I admire most.... how damn clean your sensors are. :D Even though I have 2 bodies... Im constantly changing lenses and shooting at 2.8 - 4 all day. If I tried to shoot that exact shot with one of my cameras... it'd look like you sprinkled pepper over the skates.... great work
  568. Nic D

    I need a favor, all it takes is a second

    then you voted once for me... cause I wasn't going to vote
  569. Nic D

    I need a favor, all it takes is a second

    is it a photo contest or a popularity contest?
  570. Nic D

    Some Stock photos I shot tonight.

    clean stuff
  571. Nic D

    2 Kids 10000000 tangles and some Fish

    great stuff right there!
  572. Nic D


    i got one for ya. call me tomorrow night after 5. 619-993-6689
  573. Nic D

    Happy fuck off...........

    i may meet you guys out there! If I go, I'll call ya when I get there.
  574. Nic D

    Happy fuck off...........

    I didn't make your gay ass list either, but Happy New Year to you and Otto.
  575. Nic D

    Worlds Strongest Vagina

    Im curious as to what made you search utube for strong vaginas? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . no seriously
  576. Nic D

    2 days in Baja

    nice job... and mmmm celebration ale - best beer on the planet
  577. Nic D

    Italian Firemen

    I like it...
  578. Nic D

    2001 Boston Whaler Conquest 235

    Hey Zorb, if you want me to crank out a few pics of the boat, let me know. -nic
  579. Nic D

    Chargers vs Raiders Predictions...

    Bolts - 38 Oak - 16
  580. Nic D

    superstition thanksgiving pic heavy

    great photos, thanks for sharing
  581. Nic D

    Lake Dixon 11/11

    thanks for the report... I love dixon. grew up fishing there as a kid
  582. Nic D

    SOT Kayak Floatation

    just wear your "own" floatation - pdf. you're going to love your outback
  583. Nic D

    In for a Laugh! A Must Read!!!

    was that the president?
  584. Nic D


    Heck... the chefs are gonna get their backsides kicked this weekend by the raiders
  585. Nic D

    October Avet Reels Photo Contest!

    thanks Simon...
  586. Nic D

    October Avet Reels Photo Contest!

    thanks bro... like I said that Avet did everything a guy could ask!
  587. Nic D

    October Avet Reels Photo Contest!

    Nic Dragomire East Cape - about 5 miles off Punta Pescadero Avet SX - 50lb Izor spectra with a 3' seaguar fluorocarbon leader paired w/ shimano 6'6" 17-40 tallus rod Date: 10/25/2010 The story: Slow fishing in the east cape right now... bait not so plentiful. We had managed 8 fish to...
  588. Nic D

    Raiders vs Broncos

    this might be the worst thread ever on BD
  589. Nic D

    Junior Seau drives off cliff

    and if he just lost control while at the wheel, he should had at least AJ with him
  590. Nic D

    Junior Seau drives off cliff

    Im just bummed that Norv and AJ were not in the car with him...
  591. Nic D

    Chargers missed flight to St Louis.....

    that aint right
  592. Nic D

    Chargers missed flight to St Louis.....

    Yup,,, I leave wed for Los Barriles. Hopefully pitchers and catchers will report before I get back. however, I will be at the smoke house on Sunday for some more punishment!
  593. Nic D

    All I Want For Christmas is a New GM

    I couldn't have said it better... How bout we Fire AJ and Norv, and hire Bill Cowher to run it all.
  594. Nic D

    At 2-4 after loss to Lambs, are Chargers done ?

    yes they are done... there will be no 10 straight this year. Hell, they can't even beat bad football teams, whats going to happen when they play a good one?
  595. Nic D

    Chargers missed flight to St Louis.....

    thanks Carl, knew we could count on you! #24 finally gets some use today
  596. Nic D

    At&t Uverse experiences????

    I liked it, then switched to Time Warner to get channel 4 Pads. Im moving in a couple of weeks and will switch back to U-Verse
  597. Nic D

    Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles......... Damn Good Eats!

    snoop dogg eats there too...
  598. Nic D

    East Cape Report 9/30 - 10/5

    thanks for the report Dennis.... next wednesday can't come soon enough!
  599. Nic D

    T-Shark, Sand Bass, Calicos and one little Lobster.

    nice release on the shark John,, looks like a fun day!!!
  600. Nic D

    NHL 2010-11 is here GO KINGS!

    ya me too, Im also going to follow equestrian show jumping. norv turner is the devil
  601. Nic D

    NHL 2010-11 is here GO KINGS!

    go kings
  602. Nic D

    dumbass 3rd dui

    exactly my feelings.
  603. Nic D


    very clean rod... should go quick
  604. Nic D

    WE NEED YOU! 300+ Fishermen to attend/speak/cede time: DFG Comm Mtg. in San Diego

    Im flying to the East Cape on the 20th or else I would be there... The MLPA is agenda item #3 for Weds Oct 20. The meeting starts at 10 am at the Four Points by Sheraton in San Diego. That's at 8110 Aero Drive.
  605. Nic D

    East Cape Report 9/30 - 10/5

    thanks for the report... I leave in 13 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FREAKING PUMPED!
  606. Nic D

    Steve Gregory

    choice of lens and focal length, along with shooting distance to subject can change perspective. these shots tell the view nothing.
  607. Nic D

    Chiefs Looking Good for the 3-0

    Chiefs will be 8-8 at best.
  608. Nic D

    Kelly Slater best athlete ever?

    No. Seriously not even close. seriously
  609. Nic D

    Steve Gregory

    ya really.... Id release him if I was AJ.
  610. Nic D

    how a conservationist/animal rights activist/vegan responds to a rude dfg

    I wouldn't have measured them on the beach, but they are his and he can do what he wants with them. The GW acted like an asshat. All the GW had to say was... "I'd like to measure your bugs" end of conversation. But that GW wanted to argue with wade. very unprofessional...
  611. Nic D


    not true.... If the Padres lose and the Braves lose, there's a single game playoff for the wild card. If Giants lose (more than likely).... well back to SD
  612. Nic D

    The Go padres sweep the Giants thread

    keep it up :rofl:
  613. Nic D

    The Go padres sweep the Giants thread

    even if the pads lose a game... they still own the Giants this year winning 10 out of 15 thus far. soon to be 11 out of 16
  614. Nic D

    What happened to Kelly girls post

    ya, but why should it have to be that way? thats rhetorical
  615. Nic D

    New Padres app!!!

    Memo to Jessie.... baseball is a team sport Padres are not built to hit home runs but to run the bases and manufacture runs... Padres ranked 6th in MLB with 124 stolen bases, your doyers ranked 15th. Padres hit 129 HRs, while your doyers only hit 117. just sayin ;D
  616. Nic D

    The Go padres sweep the Giants thread

    Is it possible to add my name to Jessie's signature? :D Padres need help from the braves... but they rarely lose at home. Giants are homos (not that there's anything wrong with being homosexual) and can choke with the best of them. A good thing for the Giants is that the pads can't hit water...
  617. Nic D

    130 lb. ulua from beach!!

    I just got to Maui yesterday for vacation.. I was reading a really nice article on ulua fishing on the flight... What a nice fish, congrats! anyone on Maui going ulua fishing this week?
  618. Nic D

    Dell Mini Laptop

    Selling a laptop that I bought for my wife that she never used. Its a white Dell mini 10", 140gig hd with windows 7 OS. 1.33GHz and I gig of RAM. Its one of those really compact laptops and its under warranty... Comes with everything a new one would. If you go to Dell right now, they...
  619. Nic D

    FS: Dell Mini Laptop

    Selling a laptop that I bought for my wife that she never used. Its a white Dell mini 10", 140gig hd with windows 7 OS. 1.33GHz and I gig of RAM. Its one of those really compact laptops and its under warranty... Comes with everything a new one would. If you go to Dell right now, they...
  620. Nic D

    It's on !!!

    so you're saying get the 12pk instead of the 6pk? congrats Max, looks like fun. cant wait... east cape next month
  621. Nic D

    PADRES Coming through!

    Padres back in first ya and with virtually no help from Jessie's girls in blue :rofl:
  622. Nic D

    My 1st Albacore...Yay!

    so what did the heart taste like? :D
  623. Nic D

    ProTackle Presents - Show Me Your Sunset

    shot this photo of a boat coming in to PL at the same time we were... great day on the water
  624. Nic D

    R A D I O S I L E N C E : CEEZ session v.1

    the editing really makes this happen for me... great job guys
  625. Nic D

    My 1st Albacore...Yay!

    Great job...did you happen to have any chicken heart, i mean it was your first time and all?
  626. Nic D

    S L E E P I N G *

  627. Nic D

    Thresher Sunday

    ok com'on I gotta that really a shark or did you win it at the fair by tossing a ping pong ball?
  628. Nic D


    thanks for the report... looked fun
  629. Nic D

    yellow fin on 3/4

    I call bs. the last reports had them at what 85 - 100mi, now the 3/4 day is getting them. what gives?
  630. Nic D

    la jolla this friday

    theres no fish in La Jolla
  631. Nic D

    Los Barriles este fin

    we're still in the usa
  632. Nic D

    Another Ungrateful Ballplayer making bucks to get into trouble

    you mean the pitcher right? otherwise you don't really understand the game either :D
  633. Nic D

    Another Ungrateful Ballplayer making bucks to get into trouble

    exactly... you'll have to cut Jesse some slack, he's a dodger fan and doesn't completely understand the game. :D
  634. Nic D

    someone killed my bull elk

    prove it :D
  635. Nic D

    shimano tld 30 two speed

    does it matter? :D . . . . . sorry had to be a smart ass at least once today.
  636. Nic D

    When you're in Texas and the Po-Po says "Turn Around"......

    id like to see that officer hired in california
  637. Nic D

    someone killed my bull elk

    could have ps'ed the person and the trees :rofl:
  638. Nic D

    someone killed my bull elk

    ya.. photoshop on the elk
  639. Nic D

    poor buggers in SoCal

    and its a good thing we have #3
  640. Nic D

    Couture vs Toney

    Penn fight is boring thus far.. edgar should be on one of those gay dancing shows... not that theres anything wrong with gay dancing shows
  641. Nic D

    $10 saved, $40,000 lost!

    and some people say that dinosaurs are extinct.... ya right monsta
  642. Nic D

    Couture vs Toney

    too bad the padres offense wasn't as good
  643. Nic D

    Couture vs Toney

    Randy needs to duck that 4oz glove on Toney's right fist... then shoot, then to the ground and lights out toney never mind... quick shot and its on the ground now . . . . . . . see
  644. Nic D

    Torium 16 with calstar 800l

    if you need it gone... then I would suggest putting up a price that realistic. a 16 in that condition will not fetch any more than $100-110 if you don't believe me, just go look at ebay. A brand new one can be won between $110 - $130. Just sayin.... anyways good luck with your sale, hope you...
  645. Nic D

    Draft pick Karsten Whitson rejects the Padres $2.1 million signing bonus

    i hope the kid doesn't blow out his arm in college.... dumb ass
  646. Nic D

    BuonaForTuna's Charger theme avatar submissions

    are you threatening me? <-------- in the voice of cornholio
  647. Nic D

    BuonaForTuna's Charger theme avatar submissions

    k im back and ready to do some damage to Jesse's ego... I need a couple of good images of Jesse... I have a couple already but I need some REALLY good ones.... thanks sorry Jesse, shouldn't have bet against my chargers broham
  648. Nic D

    2600 Seaswirl Cuddy Cabin

    mark, good luck with the sale. my parents lived off tawny for years, and i cant tell you how many times i drove by your boat :D nic
  649. Nic D

    Merriman sidelined by Achilles'

    nah, he doesnt want to get hurt in a pre season game
  650. Nic D

    Cobra xl vs ocean kayak scrambler XL

    listen to Iceman, he is in the know.
  651. Nic D

    What to do in cabo

    Rick nailed it.... but you can add drinking to the list
  652. Nic D


    I like it.... I like it a lot!
  653. Nic D

    Humpback Whale breaching off La Jolla

    he or she has been here for about three weeks now,,, great photo
  654. Nic D


    Padres win again.... whats new
  655. Nic D

    Let it Begin

    he is a little off. but he's too good to stay bad. he will come around, I just hope that its next year.
  656. Nic D


    HECK YESSS! Go Padres
  657. Nic D

    BuonaForTuna's Charger theme avatar submissions

    wanted to do this since the playoff game...
  658. Nic D

    BuonaForTuna's Charger theme avatar submissions

    i feel for ya jesse, no more betting k?
  659. Nic D

    GW La Jolla

    ya not 20 but maybe 10' but who's counting. ;)
  660. Nic D

    GW La Jolla

    right on... thank you Bryan
  661. Nic D

    GW La Jolla

    it is to me... i guess its all about perspective
  662. Nic D

    Let it Begin

    padres lost that one a little more than the giants won it... but great game none the less. no matter what happens tomorrow, Padres will still be in 1st place. :D
  663. Nic D

    Let it Begin

    nice prediction sanchez.... you tool everyone in the NL West lost, except for the padres of course correct me if Im wrong but is that 8 of 9 now from the Giants
  664. Nic D


    nice prediction Sanchez..... you tool
  665. Nic D

    Bluefin pics

    thats a big fish