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  1. angelinasdad

    SOLD UC CP70HP wrapped by Moon

    For sale is a pristine United Composite CP70HP 50-80 lb rod 7 ft 1 inch . 13 inches rear and 16.5 foregrip, wrapped a a light rail rod buy Moon. Like new. Top of the line Fuji Titanium guides, Alps aluminum locking reel seat, cold shrink on foregrip. Tiger wrap butt and up under the first...
  2. angelinasdad

    For Sale Tingley Boots Size 6

    Tingley Neoprene Boots Size 6 in excellent condition. Used less than a dozen trips and then moved on to a new size. $ they are $100 I wish they had trade-ins...would have a Dave me a ton while the kids were growing. Huntington Beach
  3. angelinasdad

    Catalina East End 5/24

    We found a good spot with a nice current running the right direction. We were right on the edge of 60-80 ft of water. A little bit of chunk chum and the bite was on. A few chunks once in a while kept things going. Wide open calico, sheephead, whitefish, and one nice yellowtail caught by my 13...
  4. angelinasdad

    SOLD New Bait tank hoses

    All new 1 1/4 inch ID PVC schedule 40 x 5 ft 5 inches 3/4 inch ID clear vinyl reinforced tube...2 lengths about 5 ft 9 inches and 9 ft 9 inches
  5. angelinasdad

    SOLD ****SOLD*****USA made Xtratuf Boots

    Size 8 in excellent condition. My son was going through boots every 6 months so they got very little use. He is now size 11 so these have to go. SOLD Huntington Beach
  6. angelinasdad

    For Sale AVET MXL 5.8:1 Parts

    This conversation is not worth $50...
  7. angelinasdad

    SOLD Wes Products Tuna Hitch Receiver Cover

    A few dings here and there from storage but great condition. $30 obo
  8. angelinasdad

    For Sale Taylormade Polyfoam A3 17 inch Red round bouy

    2 Taylormade Polyfoam A3 Red Round bouy. Never used, just marks from storage. Retail $69.99 at west marine. Both for $90 obo Located in Huntington Beach
  9. angelinasdad

    WTB Seeker 1x3 blank or Finished Rod

    Let me know what you have. Send Conversation with pics and details. Prefer 7-7.5 ft length. I may be willing to trade for toilet paper.
  10. angelinasdad

    Catalina lobster...lost net too

    Hooped west end Catalina Friday night for only a few lobsters. Current was ripping. 10 bouys under water within 30 minutes of setting them. Plenty of excess line. The current came from nowhere. We were 120-175 ft deep. Inside had much less current but we figured that out too late. We were...
  11. angelinasdad

    SOLD Lobster bait Sardines, macks or tuna bloodl lines

    Looking to clean out the freezer? Let me know what you have near Huntington Beach
  12. angelinasdad

    WTB Swap Meets Coming up? Need a 8ft rod

    WTB 8 ft Fast action 40 lb rod to match with a Tranx 500
  13. angelinasdad

    SOLD Purple Tiburon Topless Frame for Newell 332

    Like the title says...want to buy Tiburon P29 Topless Frame for a Newell 332 specifically purple. Let me know if you have one in excellent shape.
  14. angelinasdad

    For Sale 2 Ultra lite Daiwa Underspin 40xd

    2 Ultra liteDaiwa Underspin 40 XD reels in like new condition. Kind of like the push button closed face reels but operates like a spinning reel...meaning on the under side of a spinning rod. Like new. My kids used them the first year they started to learn to cast on their own for trout in...
  15. angelinasdad

    SOLD Tingley Boots Size 9 Like New

    Tingley Commercial Deck Boots. Size 9. My 13 year old son wore them a few times and grew out of them...went from size 9 to 11 and still growing. 9.5/10 condition...very little sign of use and clean. See pics New Retail is $100 plus tax at Lobster Port $60 obo Better than Xtratuff boots
  16. angelinasdad

    SOLD Dave Bell Truline Tiger VBG7

    ****SOLD**** Super clean. Truline Tiger Glass VBG7 wrapped By Dave Bell. Heavy glass 7ft can fish 40lb easily and light 50lb. Light tip with lots of backbone. I am not really looking for trades but you never know.
  17. angelinasdad

    SOLD Tranx 400 Power Handle

    New Shimano Tranx 400 Power Handle for sale. I swapped it out when I bought the reel with a different Shimano handle that cost me $52. Price: pending
  18. angelinasdad

    WTB Garmin 7610xsv

    Let me know if you have one in great shape or plan to have one once you open your Christmas presents. Transducer is not necessary but a plus Thanks
  19. angelinasdad

    TRADE Shimano Tranx 500PG Reduced Price

    Perfect Christmas Gift for you or your best buddy. New in box, only opened to take these pictures. Looking to swap for for the Tranx 500 HG for top water lure fishing. If I have to put a price on it $385 but I would like to trade because I am just going to turn around and get the HG Model.
  20. angelinasdad

    SOLD D8 and LH7 Personal Stash Trulines

    SOLD REELS NOT INCLUDED. Green LH7 7’ 0” blacked out “W. Allen” for Wayne Allen on the name plate. Really thick walls and thin tip. Chrome Guides, deckhand cork with Turks head. Straight blank. No sanding or refinishing on the blank. Excellent shape. Butt pics included. SOLD D8 8’ 1”...
  21. angelinasdad

    For Sale Newell’s - Personal Stash

    For sale from my personal stash and are a rare find in this condition. G338F, P Series Aluminum handle with 4 holes, Stainless Steel jack Handle and clicker, 9 out 10 or better. Probably has carbontex drags but I would have to double check. $175 P332F all original parts, serviced, new...
  22. angelinasdad

    HNSG gunsmoke size 10 needed

    Anyone have one of these by chance or know where I could get one? Any help would be appreciated
  23. angelinasdad

    SOLD Newell P229F with new Tiburon Frame

    Newell P229F in like new shape with a brand new black Tiburon frame. This is one of my personal reels and has been well cared for...if I did not tell you it was not new you would think it was. 1/2 to 3/4 spool of 65 lb spectra and new 25 lb mono on top. If I don’t find anything interesting in...
  24. angelinasdad

    SOLD Calstar Railrod 775 XXH

    SOLD********* For Sale is a Custom Calstar Grafiter 775 XXH Railrod built by Timmy. 80-130 lb line class. I just finished a Seeker Green 2x4 and I bought a second one of the green ones Timmy sold a few month back, so this one is no longer needed. heavy duty braces guides, with inserts that...
  25. angelinasdad

    WTB Gudebrod NCP 245 size A

    anyone have a spool laying around? I found some nylon but I don’t like it as much. Or anyone find a replacement for that thread? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  26. angelinasdad

    WTB Tiburon Clamp for Tranx 500

    Looking for one or two that you don’t need close to Huntington Beach. Send pm
  27. angelinasdad

    For Sale Outboard Engine Flush Muffs

    2 outboard motor flush muffs one large and one small. Great condition. $7 each $10 for both
  28. angelinasdad

    For Sale Seeker SU150 15 ft 15-40 lb Surf Rod

    For Sale is a Custom Seeker SU150 15ft 2 piece Surf Rod. 15-40 lb up to 8 oz lure weight. Black blank, reel seat, xtube over cork, 10 Fuji guides plus tip top. Blank alone retails for $399. Has my name on the rod. Excellent condition. Only reason for sale is the 7.5ft sections do not fit...
  29. angelinasdad

    SOLD Truline LM7 rewrapped with Fuji MNSG

    ******GONE****** For Trade is a Truline LM7 that was recently rewrapped with New Fuji smoke MNSG guides. The glass is beautiful and glossy and original finish. 30 lb all day. Triple wrapped in Black on black with metallic silver inlays. When I rewrapped it, I pulled the but cap and it had a...
  30. angelinasdad

    WTB Trinidad 20a clamp screws caps

    Looking for a set of the top section that screws onto the threaded posts for the clamp for a Trinidad 20a. Let me know if you have a set. Thanks
  31. angelinasdad

    SOLD Blue Seeker CJBF 80H blank

    New Blue Seeker CJBF 80H 8 ft 2.25 inches New in the plastic Straight as an arrow For all you butt guys I include a picture of the is blue inside I just bought this a few weeks ago but the fast taper is not my preference and I am not a collector. Trade for Shimano Trinidad 16a or...
  32. angelinasdad

    SOLD Blue Water Rod Socks

    Bluebwater Rod Socks 4 total. (2) 8 ft and (2) 7 ft. One in the package others are like new. USA made. Cotton material with a flap and string to tie it shut. I am keeping these. These are not longer being made.
  33. angelinasdad

    SOLD 2 Open Water Jig Bags

    never used just sat on the shelf. Pending
  34. angelinasdad

    SOLD Delete

    Found..... Thanks
  35. angelinasdad

    Help...Local Yellowfin Tuna Parasite?

    A fishing buddy of mine sent me the picture below and said he found these in the meet in the belly section on all the local yellowfin he caught at the boarder this past weekend. Anyone have any idea what this is?
  36. angelinasdad

    SOLD Or For Sale Custom Green Seeker 1x3

    SALE PENDING Green Super Seeker 1x3 in excellent shape. I believe it was wrapped by Timmy D. Large tiger wrap blue, metallic green and gold trim wrapsI have to measure the length but it is cut a little shorter than standard. Trades considered. Maybe for Trinidad 14a or 16a $275 pick up...
  37. angelinasdad

    SOLD United Composite CE 900 Monster blank for trade

    I have a new UC CE 900 Monster blank. Looking for the lighter blank CE 900 Mega or maybe CE 800 Mega. Send PM ifyou have what I am looking for. Thanks Pending*****
  38. angelinasdad

    SOLD Shimano Calcutta 400 with Livebait Handle

    For sale is a Shimano Calcutta 400 with livebait Handle. A few light scratches on the left side plate and only a few tiny marks elsewhere. See pictures accordingly. Ready to fish. $120 ****SOLD****
  39. angelinasdad

    For Sale Newell P332 Narrowed to P322

    For sale is a P332F narrowed to a P322F with a Tiburon Frame, Spool and Star with a Shimano Handle. If I recall it has half a spool of white 65lb spectra and new 25 lb mono. Reel has been serviced and is ready to fish. Edit: I forgot to mention it is one of the original P Series with the 4...
  40. angelinasdad

    SOLD Moved along Please Delete

    I did not find a suitable trade so I am taking another route.
  41. angelinasdad

    TRADE No Letter Newell 220

    For TRADE is a No Letter Newell 220 in excellent shape, serviced and ready to go. Minimal wear 9 out of 10. Only thing worth noting is there is a small amount of rust in the two nuts on the inside cage ring...see 2nd and last picture. Trigger clamp, but I might be able to find the stock clamp...
  42. angelinasdad

    SOLD Topless Shimano TLD 30 with Willfish Frame and more

    I have a Topless Shimano TLD 30 II with a black Willfish Topless Frame, and upgraded drag plate and handle. Loaded with 80 lb power pro spectra and a short mono top shot. 9.5 out of 10 cosmetics and 10 out of 10 on mechanics. It just sits on my shelf so it needs a new home. $275. if you don’t...
  43. angelinasdad

    Need Help with Garmin xHD18 and GPS Map720

    i need help troubleshooting an issue to determine if the problem is with the Radar Garmin xHD18 or the head unit Garmin GPSMap 720. From one trip to the next the head unit does not recognize the radar. In the past this occurred and it was due to corrosion on the connectors and a quick cleaning...
  44. angelinasdad

    SOLD Promar Ambush XL 36 inch for 32 inch

    Done...traded. Thanks Eric I have two like new Promar Ambush XL hoops that I would like to trade for the 32 inch Promar Ambush standard hoops in the same condition. Must be like new. The smaller nets work better for storage both on and off the boat. I am in Huntington Beach. Thanks
  45. angelinasdad

    Fishing Tackle Swapmeet?

    Anyone know if the up coming swap meet schedules in Southern California ...time and location? Thanks in advance
  46. angelinasdad

    SOLD Marine Bean Bags (2)

    A pair of E Sea Rider Marine bean bags. Dark blue/light blue color. Excellent condition. We have been using them in the house for about a year while construction was going on and we had no furniture. Located in Huntington Beach. Will not separate. Retails for about $125 each plus tax...
  47. angelinasdad

    WTB 150 and 200 floro

    Looking for 150 and 200 floro. Net me know what you have? Send conversation. Thanks
  48. angelinasdad

    181, 43, 289 7/15

    Left Oceanside at 5:30 am with a quality scoop of Deans/Macks. Hit kelps along the way. 73-73.5 really off color inside...nobody home. Just short of the 181 saw some birds working but no fish up. Kept going to the 43 color was good and much cooler 68-69 degrees. One small group of fish up...
  49. angelinasdad

    Stick Bait question/recommendation please

    Need help. What stick bait are you guys using for the tuna in Southern CA? Need something with strong hooks. Thanks
  50. angelinasdad

    SOLD Green Truline 4x

    Heavy Green Glass Truline 4x for trade. The rod measures 7 ft 6.5 inches. Lots of backbone for a 4x. Cork, Butt cap and NF2 reel seat are in great shape too and are properly lined up with the spine of the blank. The glass is really clean. This was wrapped conventional. The guides were...
  51. angelinasdad

    For Sale AFI Boat Horn and anchor light

    AFI Horns stainless steel good shape. They were removed from my Pilothouse to make room for a rack. $50 obo Anchor light with 32 inch post that folds down. Also removed from the roof and a new one was built onto the new rack. $10 obo Located in Huntington Beach Send Conversation with interest
  52. angelinasdad

    For Sale Parker 2320 removable roof rack

    Yes it is wooden...sealed and painted with oil based paint to match the off white Parker color. Fits snug on the roof and has pads under the legs to prevent damage to the roof. Over build and holds 3 kids on top. Replaced this with aluminum rack in the pictures so this one is up for grabs...
  53. angelinasdad

    For Sale NEWELL P338F Aluminum spools

    3 Newell P338F aluminum spools. All three spin true and are in excellent shape with only a few marks here as there. 9 out of 10 on cosmetic condition and 10 out of 10 on mechanics. Located in Huntington Beach Send conversation with interest $50 each
  54. angelinasdad

    SOLD Newell 229-5 9.5/10

    For sale is a Newell nonletter 229-5 in excellent shape. Stainless steel bearing caps on bothenthebleft and right side plates. 9.5 on cosmetics and 10/10 on mechanics. Cleaned and serviced and bearings were cleaned and oiled with speedx. Has line on it but I would replace it. $125 Located...
  55. angelinasdad

    SOLD Newell OG P338F

    Original Newell P338F with 4 stack drags. Serviced with carbontex drags with cal grease. All screws were removed and greased so no corrosion issues. 9/10 cosmetics and 10/10 mechanics. Ready to fish. Will consider a trade for a P220F of similar condition. Only a few small marks and badges...
  56. angelinasdad

    WTB Newell P344f base

    Looking for a good condition aluminum Newell p344 base. Had a screw snap off while disassembling. Would consider a tiburon frame. If I cannot find either reasonable it will become a parts reel.
  57. angelinasdad

    For Sale Newell/Penn 500 aluminum spool

    Located in Huntington Beach Newell Penn 500 aluminum spool in box 10/10 $20 I also have a no letter 332-5 in 10/10 mechanics and 9/10 cosmetics...cleaned and serviced. New carbontex drags with cal grease and bearings were cleaned and speedx added. Freespool forever. SOLD TO BRIAN For sale...
  58. angelinasdad

    SOLD FS Parker seat post, Springfield foot rest, Shakespeare 8’ antenna and deck light

    Parker 26 inch aluminum seat post with base and Springfield foot rest good shape $SOLD obo 8 ft Shakespeare mariner 8700 antenna good shape. Outer layer of cable housing is cracked in one spot where it use to bend when we put the antenna up and down...see pics. $SOLD obo Standard deck light...
  59. angelinasdad

    Future Fishing Gear Swapmeet

    Anyone have any info of any fishing swapmeets in the future? Thanks for sharing.
  60. angelinasdad


    Anyone know of any coming up in Southern California?
  61. angelinasdad

    FS Seeker 655XH Rod 5 1/2 ft 40-100 lb

    For sale is a Seeker 655XH rod roller stripper and tip top. Perfection aluminum reel seat. Blue and yellow wraps. Really clean with only a few marks here and there. 9/10 condition ready to fish. This is a back up rod and has seen very little use. $130.00 obo
  62. angelinasdad

    FS Dark Wood Entertainment Center

    Dark Wood Entertainment Center in excellent shape. We are changing the game room to a bedroom so this must go. Two end units with adjustable shelf and top to adjust width. Pictured with a 40 inch tv (not included). 108 in wide x 75 in tall x 20 in deep. Solid wood frame. Breaks down into 4...
  63. angelinasdad

    FS Green Truline M80 blank****SOLD*****

    For Sale is a Green Glass Truline M80 blank that is ready to be wrapped. Measures 1/2 inch under 8 ft...with a tip and butt cap it would be a 8 ft. I did put a deck hand style handle on it...two layers of cork tape and xtube on top. The blank was refinished by Seeker and is clean and straight...
  64. angelinasdad

    FS Green Truiline M80

    Green Truline M80 blank with x Wrap/cork tape handle. Refinished by Seeker years ago...XWrap handle but never wrapped after refinishing. 8 ft. $300 Located in Huntington Beach CA
  65. angelinasdad

    FS Truline Green LH7 Rod-Reduced

    For sale Green LH7 "W. Allen LH7" black on black wraps, thick walled blank. 25-30 lb ideal. Turks head with cork tape. Measures 7ft. 9.5 out of 10 condition $300 Green LH75 blank, refinished and ready to wrap. 7 ft 4.25 inches Thick walls 25-30lb.
  66. angelinasdad

    Wtb 400lb florocarbon

    Anybody have any they don't need? Let me know.
  67. angelinasdad

    UC Popping Rod Help

    I have never built a heavy popping spinning rod. I have a UC 710h blank that I want to build. Anyone have any experience on typical length of the fore and rear grip and what materials to use? Any help or advice with a starting point would be appreciated.
  68. angelinasdad

    For Sale Green Truline 5x full length 8' 2"

    Beautiful green Truline 5x full length 8 ft 2 in black on black wraps with cord handle Turks head and chrome guides. No issues and in excellent shape. This was one of Jerr's rods and it has been sitting in my rack for about 4 years since I bought it from him. The blank was stripped...
  69. angelinasdad

    WTB Reliable Kill Bag 30 x 72 in

    PM/conversation me with what you have. Must be in good shape with working zipper. I may consider other brands of similar size. Thanks Anthony
  70. angelinasdad

    FS Black Tiburon Tbar Lite Handle for Newell reels

    I have a Like New Black Tiburon TBar lite for Newell reels. Like new condition. $SOLD
  71. angelinasdad

    WTB Left Handed Avet MX or MXL

    must be new or in excellent shape. PM me with what you have...must be a Lefty....not for me but a friend who does not know how to reel the correct way.
  72. angelinasdad

    FS Sabre Stroker CTS 665 HC 30-80lb

    Sabre Stroker CTS 665 HC 30-80 lb Made in the USA by Penn Structurally sound but some cosmetic wear and some of the clear coat on the blank is chipping off. See pictures accordingly. I bought it with a reel that I wanted and don't have a use for the rod. ******SOLD*******
  73. angelinasdad

    Help Needed...matching tip top for MNSG guides with tub size 11 or 12 prefer ring size 10

    I am building a united composite CE 800 Wahoo which has a 11 tip even though MFG specs say size 10 tip. I plan to use Fuji MNSG gun smoke guides ending with a size 10 ring guide so a size 10 ring tip top would be ideal. The MGST tip top tube size stops at a size 10 and that does not fit. I...
  74. angelinasdad

    WTB Shimano Torium or Tekota Handle TGT1094 or TGT0558

    I am looking for a few of the older Shimano Torium or Tekota handles part number TGT1094 or TGT0558 Used is fine if they are in good shape. Let me know if you have one or two. Please send PM/conversation. Has chrome blade with rubber know...Looks like below...
  75. angelinasdad

    FS/FT Truline LM8 8 ft 1 in

    ****SOLD******* Truline LM8 8ft 1 in. I bought it here not long ago and decided that I have too many rods in this line class so it is up for grabs. Chrome guides, deckhand style cord handle with Turks head. Blank is in great shape as well as the wraps. Ready to fish. I have pics but they are...
  76. angelinasdad

    FS 32 OZ Sharkhide Metal Protectant

    For Sale is a 32 OZ Sharkhide Metal Protectant Unopened Retail $59.99 plus tax First 40.00 takes it Reply or send Conversation Located in Huntington Beach
  77. angelinasdad

    Fishing Gear Swapmeet...where and when?

    Anyone know of any of these and where? Details? Please share. Thanks
  78. angelinasdad

    Quality Hypalon

    Anyone have a source that is near Huntington Beach or able to order in line. My last order from Squidco was terrible quality....soft and not very dense and looks like it would fall apart with minimal use. It was so bad that I would not even install it on a light rod. I am building a 80 lb rod...
  79. angelinasdad

    Fishing Tackle Swapmeets?

    Anyone know of any swapmeets in the near future? Please share. Thanks
  80. angelinasdad

    Conical Hoop Nets 36 inch Promat Eclipse and 34 inch Danielson

    Both in excellent condition and no damage or repairs. $45.00 for both. Located in Huntington Beach.
  81. angelinasdad

    WTB Inflatable Dingy approximately 8-8.5 ft

    must be in great shape without any leaks or patches and have a transom for small out board motor. Let me know what you have and price. Pictures would be nice too.
  82. angelinasdad

    OG Seeker White Tiger 7x Lite

    SOLD************ Custom wrapped black on black wraps with black and silver fade butt wrap. Fuji MNSG guides. Cord handle with Turks head. 9.5+ out of 10 hard to tell it has been used. I bought it but find a 9 ft rod is too long for my needs on a private skiff and it is just sitting in the...
  83. angelinasdad

    Fishing Swap Meets any time soon?

    Anyone have any details on fishing swap meets in Southern CA in the near future?
  84. angelinasdad

    For Sale Conical Hoop Net

    For Sale 34 inch conical hoop for sale. No rust, no tears...great shape. $20 obo Carlsbad
  85. angelinasdad

    New West Marine Tie Down Straps 2 in x 4 ft

    I put them on and they were too short for my needs...I put them away and forgot about them...and west marine has a 30 day return policy. Rated capacity 2400 lbs. Regular price $54.99 plus tax. My loss your gain.... Located in Huntington beach
  86. angelinasdad

    WTB Sea Anchor/Drift Parachute

    looking for a sea anchor for a 23-25 ft boat. Let me know what you have. Send pm with details, pics and price. Thanks.
  87. angelinasdad

    For Sale West Marine 12v Circuit Breaker Pannel

    12v Circuit Breaker Panel Illuminated 4 circuits plus 2 outlets. West Marine Model number 11861556. New in the box. Retail $64.99 plus tax. SOLD
  88. angelinasdad

    FS 25 Gallon Fiberglass Bait Tank

    For sale is a 25 gallon fiberglass bait tank in excellent condition. Has removable vynal padded cushion in excellent condition and hinged lid. The inside of the tank is oval and the outside is teardrop shaped to allow for the drain hose. Dimensions approx. 24 in high x 32 in wide and 28 in...
  89. angelinasdad

    WTB Daiwa Saltist LW 20HA

    Looking for a Daiwa Saltist LW 20HA....this is the levelwind version. New or like new condition. It is for my 6 yr old niece who is hooked on fishing. Send message with pics and price. Thanks. Anthony
  90. angelinasdad

    FS Calstar Graphiter 700m *****SOLD

    For sale is a used Calstar Graphiter 700m, 9 fuji chrome guides with,a carbide tip top. AFTCO ARS-2M aluminum seat, aluminum gimbal, butt cap, 10 inch rear hypalon (not including gimbal), 12 inch hypalon fore grip. Triple wrapped in Dark Blue, White and medium blue. Cosmetic condition 8/10...
  91. angelinasdad

    FS Truline butt cap, NF3X seat and guides. SOLD

    See pictures for marks on the reel seat and slight corrosion on guide feet. They are structurally sound and the guide ring is clean. Tube size 10 Tiptop 8 guides Varmac NF3X chrome reel seat (still has some paper inside that was used to build up the rod blank...needs to be heated and then...
  92. angelinasdad

    WTB Shimano Talica 12 ii

    Looking for a Shimano Talica 12ii in excellent condition. 65 lb spectra is a plus. Send me a conversation with details including condition, price and pics. Thanks Anthony
  93. angelinasdad

    FS Garmin Transducer

    Garmin Transom Mount Transducer Part Number 010-10272-00 This was used with a Garmin 540s $20.00
  94. angelinasdad

    FS Child 50-90 lb and infant PFDs**** SOLD****

    See pictures 2 50-90 lb and 1 infant PFD in great shape. Coast Guard rated. $15 each or all 3 for $35.
  95. angelinasdad

    SOLD****FS West Marine 12v Curcuit Breaker Pannel NEW

    ***********SOLD************ West Marine 12v Curcuit Breaker Pannel Model Number 11861549 6 switches New Still in the box. West Marine Return policy loss your gain. Retails for $54.99 plus tax Price $35.00
  96. angelinasdad

    Anchor, chain and ropes for sale

    For sale Galvanized anchor 16 inches wide by 20 inches long guessing 10 lbs. 13.5 ft of 3/8 galvanized chain ****SOLD 170 ft of 5/8 inch 3 strand nylon rope. Good condition $50.00 300 ft of 3/8 inch braided nylon rope. Used only a few times. SOLD Located in Huntington Beach. Send message...
  97. angelinasdad

    Danielson Conical Hoop Nets For Sale

    For sale are 6 Danielson Rigid Conical Hoop Nets. 34 inch ring. 3/8 inch floating ropes (50, 50, 50, 70, 100 and 100 ft lenghts). 3 are in perfect condition and 3 have minor repairs to the net where the dogs got at the bait cage. No rust at all. Overall great shape. $25 each or $125 for...
  98. angelinasdad

    WTB Rod Holders for Bluewater 38 Fiberglass Bait Tank

    PM me with pics and price. Thanks
  99. angelinasdad

    WTB Fiberglass Bait Tank approx. 30-40 gal

    Let me know what you have Bluewater or Pacific Edge. Send me details on what you have...price and pictures would be appreciated.
  100. angelinasdad

    WTB Gaff approximately 8 ft

    Looking to buy an old gaff around 8 ft. Looking for a cheap gaff to grind the tip down and use for grabbing floats and ropes when hooping. PM me with what you have thanks. Prefer local. Thanks
  101. angelinasdad

    WTB Shimano Talica 16 2 speed

    Must be in excellent condition. Send me a message with pics and price. Thanks
  102. angelinasdad

    green light sticks for sale

    I have 13 2 pack (26 light sticks) in the package for sale. 8 hour life. I am moving on to battery light sticks. Huntington Beach. $18.00 for all.
  103. angelinasdad

    SOLD....Truline Dynamo Button Cap, guides and Varmac NF2 reel seat

    As pictured guides are clean and no rust or corrosion. Tip top has some corrosion. Varmac seat has minor surface pitting and a few marks from the removal from rod blank. Dynamo but cap measures almost 7/8 inch opening and is in great cracks and still soft. $20.00 takes all obo...
  104. angelinasdad

    Seeker 870-8 For Sale.******* SOLD******

    SOLD*********SOLD****** For sale Seeker 870 8 ft 15-25 lb black blank. Black cord handle chrome guides, black wrap with silver trim bands. No rust on guides some scuff marks and normal wear on the blank, wraps look new...ready to fish. $80.00 obo Note my Name is on the base wrap but that...
  105. angelinasdad

    FS Spinning Setup... Calstar 7ft and Shimano Bait runner SOLD

    SOLD************** For sale is a complete spinning set up. Calstar 7ft 20-40 lb blank with teal wraps and a Shimano Baitrunner 4500B (gold aluminum spool). Rod shows a little wear 8-8.5 /10 condition and reel looks almost new 9.5/10 condition. Half spool of power spectra and 25...
  106. angelinasdad

    WTB Parker 2320 with 4 stroke outboard

    WTB Parker 2320 with 4 stroke outboard motor....low hours and no bottom paint preferred. Must be clean. Let me know what you have via PM. Thanks
  107. angelinasdad

    12 Ft Klamath with 15 hp Mercury

    SOLD...SOLD...SOLD 1990 12 Klamath Aluminum Boat, 1999 15 Horsepower Mercury Electric Start motor, Trailer, Marine Battery, New 10 Gallon Custom Bait Tank with Rule bait pump, New Gas Tank and Fuel Line, Humminbird 570 Sonar, Full Cover, 2 Swivel Seats, 4 trolling rod holders, 3 additional...
  108. angelinasdad

    2008 Klamath 19 Bayrunner Aluminum Center Console

    SOLD*********** 2007 Klamath 19 GTX Bayrunner Aluminum Center Console -Welded Aluminum Construction (not riveted) -19.5 ft stern to bow rail, 94 inches wide -From the deck to the top of the gunwale is 23 inches and hits me above the knees and I am almost 6 ft tall. -Pacific Galvanized Trailer...
  109. angelinasdad

    same day report 8/13 oceanside

    Went out today shy of the 209 for a pucker that transitioned to almost wide open in the afternoon after most boats left. Metered fish between 150 and 180 ft...chucked andthey,eventually would come through and bite chunk bait or live deans. They would not touch the mackerel not even the 6 inch...
  110. angelinasdad

    Lost at sea...WTB. Newell V521

    Today metal Perko rod holder broke with a fish on and away went my Newell V521 and custom calstar was in free spool with the clicker on and we had a triple going for two guys everything was fine until the spool hung up some how and the rod holder failed under pressure. If you...
  111. angelinasdad

    Lost at sea...WTB. Newell V521

    Double post sorry
  112. angelinasdad

    TRADED... Shimano Talica 10ii for Talica 16ii

    Looking to trade a excellent condition Talica 10ii for a Talica 16ii. 10/10 mechanics 9.5/10 cosmetics. Full of 50 or 55 lb spectra. This reel is not for only. Send pm with interest. Located in Huntington Beach CA.
  113. angelinasdad

    WTT Shimano Talica 10 2 Speed for Talia 12 2 Speed

    As the title says...I would like to trade my like new Talica 10 2 Speed for a Talica 12 2 Speed. The reel is full of white Izor spectra. In person trade only and must be in similar condition. Includes all paperwork and box. I am located in Huntington Beach 92647.
  114. angelinasdad

    WTB calstar 270 8 ft and Shimano baitrunner 4500 or similar

    Must be in great shape. As title says want to buy calstar 270 8 ft 800ml 800L or similar and a baitrunner 4500 spinning reel OR similar for a friend. Send pm with pics and price please. Thanks
  115. angelinasdad

    WTB calstar 270 8 ft and Shimano baitrunner 4500 or similar

    Must be in great shape. As title says want to buy calstar 270 8 ft 800ml or similar and a baitrunner 4500 OR similar for a friend. Send pm with pics and price please. Thanks
  116. angelinasdad

    WTB Newell Aluminum Handle

    Anyone have an Aluminum Newell handle laying around...the longer version on the 500 size reels withe the 4 holes? No preference for the newer version vs. the older model. If so send me a message. Thanks
  117. angelinasdad

    Mechanic Recommendations needed near Huntington Beach

    I use to have my motor serviced at John's Custom Marine. It is a 115 4 stroke Johnson. To my surprise they shut down the business due to retirement late last year and I am going to miss them....they were reliable, honest and fair. I am looking for a new shop to get the motor maintenance done...
  118. angelinasdad

    Pacbay Power Wraper with drying motor

    For sale is a Pacbay Power Wrap machine with 36 rpm drying motor in good condition. 3 aluminum sections of tracks 8 ft total length, foot pedal, thread carriage, 3 adjustable stands and thread...basically everything in the pics. $175.00 I bought this for my kids to learn on and my wife does...
  119. angelinasdad

    WTT Shikari 908 blank for 8030 blank

    Like the title says I have a new Shikari ST 908 blank that I would like to trade for a 8030 blank. It is 9 ft and rated 12-25lb. I bought it years ago and it has sat in my rack since...I prefer the 8 foot fishing from a small private skiff. It is still in the plastic. Send me a pm aka...
  120. angelinasdad

    WTB Calstar GF 700h

    Looking for a Calstar 700h with reel seat in excellent condition. PM me with what you have and price. Pics would also be helpful.
  121. angelinasdad

    Any fishing tackle swap meets soon?

    Does anyone know of any fishing tackle swap meets that are coming up? When and where?
  122. angelinasdad

    Promar Hoop Net Bait Cages for sale

    6 Promar Hoop Net Bait Cages 6x6x3 inch. Some new and some used a few times. $20.00 obo for all 6.
  123. angelinasdad

    Lobster Davit For Sale

    See details in post in the post in Boat Accessories Forum. 125.00
  124. angelinasdad

    Lobster Davit For Sale

    Lobster season is only a few days your back. Lobster davit for sale. 1.5 inch heavy duty aluminum pipe 72 inches total length. Approx. 50 inches to bend and 22 inches on the short end from the bend. 2 sets of notches on the bottom so two different positions can be used depending...
  125. angelinasdad

    Blue Avet MXL MC 5.8 For Sale

    I have a blue Avet MXL MC 5.8 reel for sale. 10 out of 10 on mechanics 9.5 out of 10 on cosmetics....A few scratches on the clamp...see pics. 3/4 spool of 65 lb spectra. The reel was serviced at Ken's Custom Reels in Oceanside. They removed the magnets to get maximum free spool. I have the...
  126. angelinasdad

    WTB Newell G338F

    I am looking for a Newell G338F for a friend. Pm me with what you have. Price and pictures would be helpful. Thanks
  127. angelinasdad

    Trolling Motor and other items

    MINN KOTA C2 Endura Trolling motor 55 lb thrust 5 forward speeds and 3 reverse. Transom mount. Extendable handle. Maybe 10 hours of use. I will include a AC Delco deep cycle battery about 3 years old but still has green light and regularly charded too. Pics later today. 150.00 obo I have a...
  128. angelinasdad

    Trolling Motor and other items

    MINN KOTA C2 Pro Endura 55 lb thrust 5 forward speeds and 3 reverse. Transom mount. Extendable handle. Maybe 10 hours of use. I will include a AC Delco deep cycle battery about 3 years old but still has green light and regularly charded too. Pics later today. 150.00 obo I have a tracker...
  129. angelinasdad

    Daiwa Saltist 20th Silver for sale

    DAIWA SALTIST 20H. Silver and Gold color in great shape filled to the top with 65 lb green spectra. Only a few scratches on the left side plate. PM me with questions. Having trouble posting pics but you can PM me and I will send them there or send via text. $130.00
  130. angelinasdad

    Barn No Seabass Report

    Went out 2 am sat morning. Set up north of the Barn on good squid marks. We thought bait was going to be easy based on the last 2 trips. Put out the 4 ft light and had a few squid in the light. We could hear a seal working around us. No squid on the jigs. We managed to net 10. Fished that...
  131. angelinasdad

    WTB Squid Crowder and Brail Net

    PM me with what you have and price. Thanks
  132. angelinasdad

    Nacho ' s Squid?

    Does anyone know what kind of volume of squid Nacho has? Considering going tonight just to buy squid to use this weekend as fresh dead. I don't want to put the boat in the water just to find out he sold out. The phone number does not reach anyone and there is no recording either. Thanks in...
  133. angelinasdad

    FS Shimano clamps

    2 shimano clamps 1 aluminum 1 plastic or graphite both with hardware in pics and the tool. I think the large clamp was from a tiagra 30 or tld 50 2 speed and the smaller one i don't recall. Let me know if you need me to measure the gap between screw holes. $30.00 for everything obo
  134. angelinasdad

    FS New Red aluminum handle for Penn 4/0 or 12t

    NEW The next level red anodized aluminum handle for Penn 4/0 and 12T. CNC machined anodized made in the USA. See pics. $30.00 in Huntington beach.
  135. angelinasdad

    Dana Point conditions non report

    Went out of Dana Pt yesterday with my 7 yr old. We chummed pretty heavy but we just could not get anything going other than a few calicos a sculpin and more mackerel. The bait receiver only had 7-10 inch macs but we were able to jig up some smelt to go along with the macks. Water was 59...
  136. angelinasdad

    FS Newell G220F

    For sale: Newell G220F with red stripe handle, serviced with new carbontex drags greased with cal grease , 10 out of 10 on mechanics. Internal gears and part are clean and in great shape. Being conservative I would rate the cosmetics 7.5 or 8 (see pics some normal scratches near the top of...
  137. angelinasdad

    WTB Shimano Calcutta 150-250

    Looking for 2 for my kids...7 and 10 yr old. Must be in good to excellent condition. May consider 151 or 251 or 50 size too. PM me with what you have and price.
  138. angelinasdad

    No bait in Long Beach receivers

    Absolutely nothing at Nachos and we went north and checked the receiver in San Pedro also nothing. Tons of anchovies outside so I don't know why their receivers were empty. Fished the structure on the shoe for a mixed bag of bass to 6 lbs and one rock fish on frozen squid and swimbaits. Water...
  139. angelinasdad

    NEW Newell 322-5

    NEW Newell 322-5 in the box with clamp screws e clip extra o ring and nylon washer warranty card paperwork ...everything shown in the pictures. $175.00 I can ship.
  140. angelinasdad

    For Sale Shimano TLD 5

    FOR SALE Shimano TLD 5 in good condition. It has a custom clamp so it can be used on a rod without a reel seat. Full of 65 lb power pro spectra. Lettering is faded. The clamp fits best on a narrow diameter reel seat/blank. See pics condition.
  141. angelinasdad

    WTB Truline Label for Rod Blank

    Does anyone have 2 Truline Labels that would be put on the butt wrap on a Truline Rod? I would like to buy two. Please send me a pm if you have one or have info on where I can buy them. Thanks
  142. angelinasdad

    For Sale: odds and ends

    1500 lb fulton wench good working condition but could use a new strap and hook. 10.00 Tracker transoms aver good condition 20.00 Plano trolling bait buckets (2) excellent condition 8.00 for both
  143. angelinasdad

    For Sale: Calstar GF850M and Tady F150

    Both rods have been Sold.....*******SOLD. SOLD************ Thank you Zach and Danny I have two rods for sale. I now fish from a small skiff and longer rods are hard to fish with the TTop...especially the 10ft Tady F120...I don't plan to fish the cattle boats any time soon either. Calstar...
  144. angelinasdad

    Truline lw7 10-60 lb rod

    Anyone familiar with this rod? Details? Realistic line rating for mono? Thanks
  145. angelinasdad

    WTB 250 ft 1/2 inch braided nylon rope with thimbal...where is best price?

    Anyone have 250-300 ft of 1/2 inch braided nylon rope? If not, where is the best place to get it for the best price? Ebay is about 140.00 plus 25.00 for shipping....good or bad? Any help or guidance would be appreciated. Thanks
  146. angelinasdad

    WTB Aftco Roller Guide Set

    Looking for a set of 7 heavy duty Aftco roller guides plus a size 12 roller tip....Black or chrome well work. PM me what you have. Thanks
  147. angelinasdad

    WEB Xtratuf USA made size 11 boots

    PM me if you have a pair in new or like new condition that you want to part with.
  148. angelinasdad

    For Sale Siler Avet SX 6/4 MC in the box... 2 Speed

    New Avet SX 6/4 MC Silver Color ....perfect for a last minute Christmas Present. I have the box and paperwork but no CD. $210.00 PM me with any questions. I am not interested in trades. Prefer pick up in Huntington Beach, however can ship on your dime.
  149. angelinasdad

    WTB Magma Filet Table with levellock mount

    Looking for a Magma Filet Table with the stainless steel levellock mount. PM me with what you have and what you want for it. Prefer local pickup. Thanks
  150. angelinasdad

    AVET SX Gold for sale

    For Sale Avet SX 5.0 to 1, Gold color, spool filled approx. 1/2 to 2/3 of the way with 50 LB dark green power pro spectra. Cosmetically there are some marks here and there mostly on the clamp and left side plate which can be seen in the pictures but I would rate it 8 to 8.5 out of 10. $110...
  151. angelinasdad

    Plano 850 Floating/Trolling Bait Buckets (2)

    $5 each or $8 for new
  152. angelinasdad

    Pedestal Seat and Rod Holders

  153. angelinasdad

    No fish Report...181 area

    Took the new boat out for a shake down and some fishing. We left Oceanside harbor at 7 am and headed to the 181 area. The guys at the bait receiver were off loading the bait when we pulled up. I have to say those guys take awesome care of their bait when loading in the pens and on my...
  154. angelinasdad

    Sacraficial Anode aka Zincs

    First of all are they needed on an aluminum boat that is usually not kept in the water...maybe overnight fishing once in a while? It is a saltwater boat. If so what material is it made of since Zinc is harder than aluminum and therefore will not work? West marine techs say it is not needed...
  155. angelinasdad

    FS: Black Tiburon 533N Frame and Spool

    I have a Black Tiburon N533 NARROW Kit including the frame and spool that is in almost new condition 9.5/10...only a few scratches on the clamp. It is the newer version of the frame with the Tiburon Shark on the front of the frame along with the Tiburon name. A preference for an a cash...
  156. angelinasdad

    FS: Newell Original P338 Parts...Aluminum spool, base and bars

    For sale, Newell Original P338 Parts...Aluminum spool, base and bars in excellent shape. Replace your old parts or narrow your 344 or increase the width of your 332 or upgrade your graphite 338 to aluminum parts. No corrosion, just a few small scratches. See pics below. $60 obo. Send PM...
  157. angelinasdad

    2001 Valco Bayrunner 30 hp Yamaha...Loaded

    *******************SOLD***************** Thank you Richard....Good Luck with the Boat and I hope you kill the Salmon with it. Enjoy it.
  158. angelinasdad

    Pro Gear 541 Silver 9/10 Condition

    I am selling this reel for my brother. It is a Pro Gear 541 Silver with clicker in 9/10 condition...only a few wear marks. See pics. 130.00 obo post or send PM.
  159. angelinasdad

    Avet SXJ MC Like New in UCLA colors

    Avet SXJ MC...Like New Not a scratch. No box. Blue and Gold. Pics will be available tonight. $145.00 obo Huntington Beach
  160. angelinasdad

    Red Riser Net Puller

    SOLD. Thanks Richard
  161. angelinasdad

    Plano 850 Floating/Trolling Bait Buckets (2)

    Plano Bait 850 Floating/Trolling Buckets. They have seen little use. Ready for you float tube or kayak. Located in Huntington Beach... $10 obo
  162. angelinasdad

    Info neefed Johnson 4 stroke motors...early 2000

    Anyone have experience with these motors in the 115-225 hp range? Good, Bad? Any parts availability issues? They look alot like Suzuki motors...were they built by Suzuki? What dealer works on them...Suzuki? I have seen them on a few used boats and want to know if I should stay away from...
  163. angelinasdad

    Want to Buy....Kodiak pf14 lid

    Anyone have one or know where I can get one? Thanks in advance.
  164. angelinasdad

    Red Tiburon Frame and Clamp fits Newell 332...9.5 out of 10 condition $45.00 obo

    Almost pertfect condition....only a few knicks on the clamp. Willing to trade for same in cobalt blue, silver or maybe black in similar condition. I am not a fan of red. $45.00 obo see pics
  165. angelinasdad

    3rd Grip Rod Holder

    3rd Grip Rod Holder never used black and blue. It is the original. I bought it at the Fred Hall show a few years ago and never used it. If you want pics pm me with your phone number...but if you have seen one you know what it is and it is new. I think I paid 25.00. So 25.00 is the price.
  166. angelinasdad

    Next Tackle Swapmeet Date...Peter's Landing? Anybody know the date?

    I believe it is sometime this month at Peter's Landing in Sunset Beach, CA....anyone know?
  167. angelinasdad

    Long Beach not a lot to report...but Nacho has Squid as of noon today

    A lot of small stuff caught along with a few nice bass and busted off a 15-20 lb halibut at the gaff. Temps between 66.5 and 69.5. Nacho got a load of squid at about noon today. Good luck.
  168. angelinasdad

    For Sale: Newell P533 spool, crossbars, base, clamp and bar

    For sale: Newell P533 aluminum spool, base, bars, clamp, chrome post. The bars, base, chrome bar are in like new condition. Minor cosmetic wear on the clamp. There is some of the finish worn off on the top edge of the spool. Mechanically all parts are in excellent shape. It is everything...
  169. angelinasdad

    OG P220

    OG P220F in excellent condition. Recently serviced with new drags. All original parts except the cross bars have been replaced with new brand ones. The rest of the reel is original including the gears with 4 stack drags. Including clamp. 9/10 condition cosmetics and 10/10 mechanics. $155...
  170. angelinasdad

    15 Krocodile Spoons $40.00

    For sale 15 assorted Krocodile spoons some new some used...5-7 inch models. Please see pics.
  171. angelinasdad

    tld 5 or 10 in good shape

    Send me a pm if you have 1 or 2 of these with price and pics. Must be in good shape cosmetics and mechanics. Thanks OR CHARTER SPECIAL 1000-2000s
  172. angelinasdad

    Newell G454F Red Badges and Stripe

    I have a G454F with the red badges and red stripe on the handle. I just went through the reel and cleaned it, greased the metal parts and screws, oiled the bearings with speedx, installed new carbontex drags with a light coat of shimano drag grease. It has Good freespool too. It is ready to...
  173. angelinasdad

    Daiwa SL30SH Great Condition

    I am selling my SL30SH. It is in great mechanical and cosmetic condition and has been well taken care of...see pics. 70.00 wihout the spectra or 80.00 with the 65 lb spectra. I would prefer to keep the spectra. Willing to ship if needed.
  174. angelinasdad

    Newell P322F

    sold thanks Nicholas. Enjoy it and good luck on your big test.
  175. angelinasdad

    NEWELL S332-5 Better Than New...Upgrades

    GONE********* I have a Newell S332-5 9.5 out of 10 on cosmetics (minor wear on clamp) and 10/10 on mechanics. I has been serviced with greased internal parts and screws, oiled bearings with SpeedX, upgraded drags to Carbontex with a light coat of shimano drag grease. Good freespool too. I...
  176. angelinasdad

    p440 or p533 Newell aluminum base

    send me a pm if you have one. i don't need the clamp. if i can't find one i will buy a one piece frame instead. thanks
  177. angelinasdad

    4 stroke 30-40 hp long shaft motor with tiller

    anybody have one or a lead on one? please send pm if you do. maybe even a 50 hp or direct injected 2 stroke that meets the current emissions standards?
  178. angelinasdad

    zero degree stainless steel rod holder

    i need one with a pin preferably welded in place. pm me with what you have and price. thanks
  179. angelinasdad

    3/8 Poly Rope

    I need approx 800 ft. Anyone to reach Larry from he was selling some but i can't reach him. thanks
  180. angelinasdad

    Free Eagle Cuda 128 Black and White Fishfinder

    old but working nothing fancy... with wires and transducer...send pm with email for pics. i just installed a garmin 441s and took this one out. it may take me a few days to respond due to workload but i will get back to you.
  181. angelinasdad

    Red Riser Puller or similar

    pm me with what you have, price and your location.
  182. angelinasdad

    Redondo Special...Not so Special Today

    It started off bad...the boat went over to the bait receiver before picking up the passengers. Once were on the boat I looked in to the tanks to see haw to rig up for the type of bait and what did I see?....NOTHING. The bait receiver was full of bait, and the deck hand said the tackle shop who...
  183. angelinasdad

    338 newell graphite clamp

    let me know what you have thanks
  184. angelinasdad

    Nados 7/22

    Fished North South and Middle. Lots of yellow metered on the leward side of the south island. landed one about 25 lbs on a slow trolled dean without any weight. Temp was 69-71 degree. Another boat was working the yellows trolling deans. Slow for most persons. San Diego and Mihalanni (sp?)...
  185. angelinasdad

    Aluminum Newell Clamp and Cross Bars

    Looking for aluminum cross bars for a P332 and an aluminum clamp for a P322...Must be in good condition. PM me with what you have. Thanks in advance.
  186. angelinasdad

    Shimano Baitrunner 3500

    looking for one in like new condition or maybe really good condition. please send PM with what you have and prices. Thanks
  187. angelinasdad

    500 yard spool of spectra

    Looking for a 500 yard spool of 65lb spectra...power pro, izorline, big game or similar. Please send a PM if you have anything and what you want for it. Thanks Anthony
  188. angelinasdad

    200 Series Aluminum Handle for300 or 400 Series

    New 200 size newell aluminum handle. Trade for a 300 or 400 or 500 size aluminumNewell handle. PM me. Thanks
  189. angelinasdad

    Newell Aluminum Handle 300-400 size

    Anyone have 1 or 2? PM me it you do. Thanks Anthony
  190. angelinasdad

    Aluminum Newell Handles for 200 300 400 series

    pm me if you have any of these that you want to part with thanks
  191. angelinasdad

    4 stroke 30-40 hp long shaft motor with tiller

    Let me know if you have one or know of one. Must have electric start and be in good to excelent shape mechanically and cosmetically. Thanks for looking and any help you may be able to provide. Honda or Yamaha motors preferred but others will be considered. pm me with what you have. Thanks...
  192. angelinasdad

    Garmin 441s or 541s GPS/Sounder

    Let me know what you have and what you want for it. PM is best way to contact me. Thanks
  193. angelinasdad

    2 Plano 850 Trolling Bait Buckets $10 for both

    2 Plano 850 Trolling Bait Buckets still with the tags on them. 8 quart capacity, secure 2 stage latch on bait door, built in handle, balanced for use in the water while trolling. 10.75" x 8.75" x 14.5". $10 for both Anthony 714-95-7495 Located in Huntington Beach
  194. angelinasdad

    Kodiak PF 14 3 Tube Rod, pliers and knife holder

    Brand New, Kodiak PF 14 3 Tube Rod, pliers and knife holder ready to install on the side of the tank. Located in Huntington Beach
  195. angelinasdad

    Newell 338-5

    SOLD THANKS GREGG Newell 338-5 no letter series. Excellent shape with recently installed ht100 drags and new bearings...only 2 trips since the new drags and bearings were installed. $95 SOLD Please reply or send PM. Thanks Anthony
  196. angelinasdad

    Shimano Baitrunner 4500 with extra spool

    I have a Shimano Baitrunner 4500 with an extra aluminum spool. The reel is in great shape and i would rate it 8 or 9 our of 10 on cosmetics and 9 to 10 out of 10 on mechanics. I just put new 20 lb line on the reel too. ($70 for the reel and $10 extra for the spool) $80 total price The reel...
  197. angelinasdad

    Sharkhide Aluminum Polish 1 lb can

    Sharkhide Aluminum Polish 1 lb can with only about a 1-2 table spoons missing. Retails for $39.95 sell for $25 obo. Send PM see product details at Why am I selling? I started polishing the aluminum hull of my skiff and thought that the mirror finish was...
  198. angelinasdad

    Shimano Baitrunner 4500

    Looking for a shimano baitruner 4500 with the aluminum spool in great to new condition. Please send PM with details of what you have, price and pictures too. Thanks Anthony
  199. angelinasdad

    Shimano Baitrunner 4500 and 6500

    PM me with what you have...needs to be in good cosmetic and mechanical condition. Thanks Anthony
  200. angelinasdad

    Garmin 541 GPS/Sounder

    Pm me with what you have. Thanks Anthony
  201. angelinasdad

    Newell 338 $100

    Newell 338-5 .... 9 out of 10 condition, recently serviced with new HT100 drags, new bearings. $100 obo Send PM if interested and i will send you my phone number or email Items considered for trade in similar condition ( 9-10 out of 10): Shimano Saltist 20h Newell 332, 229 or 220 P, G or...
  202. angelinasdad

    Shimano Baitrunner 4500 and 6500

    Looking for one of each with the aluminum spools 4500B and 6500B preferred, but prior version would be a second choice. I am not interested in the ones with the graphite spools. Must be in good condition. Please send me a pm or email with pictures and your price. Thanks Anthony
  203. angelinasdad

    Newell 338 and 9 ft Shikari 690J 9/10 condition

    Newell 338-5 (no letter series) 9 out of 10 condition, recently serviced with new HT100 drags, new bearings. Reduced to $110 obo 9 ft Shikari SR 690J 20-50lb Custom wrapped by Moon (Sapphire Rods), SOLD Thanks for looking.
  204. angelinasdad

    In The Gray by Mark Wisch

    In the Gray by Mark Wisch in 9 out of 10 condition. Minor bend in the corners of the front cover and maybe a dozen or so pages with yellow highlights. The rest looks brand new. Located in Huntington Beach, CA $150 obo Amazon has them used for $425 and up. 714-377-6616 Anthony<!--...
  205. angelinasdad

    Kodiak PF22 Bait Tank $50 obo

    SOLD $50 obo Anthony
  206. angelinasdad

    30-40 HP 4 stroke tiller

    Looking for a 40 hp 4 stroke tiller motor...maybe a 30 HP, but 40 hp preferred. Let me know what you got. Must be long shaft model. Thanks Anthony
  207. angelinasdad

    Attwood Rod Holders 2 for $20

    Sold Thanks
  208. angelinasdad

    Looking for 2-3 spots for Fri 9/26

    I am looking for 2-3 spots fishing Friday 9/26. Have gear, licenses, etc....willing to share the chores, and expenses. Previous boat owners and experienced fishermen. Let me know asap. Thanks Anthony
  209. angelinasdad

    2-3 crew looking to fish 9/13 offshore

    I have two definites and 1 maybe looking to fish offshore on Sat 9/13. Very experienced fishermen, willing to share the work along with expenses. San Diego, Dana Point, Oceanside,.... Let me know Anthony 714-595-7495