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  1. bayfisher86

    For Sale 2007 Parker 2310WA/Yamaha 250

    Waiting On funds to transfer, she is pretty much sold
  2. bayfisher86

    For Sale 2007 Parker 2310WA/Yamaha 250

    Boat is currently pending, first guy who saw it today put down a deposit. I will keep everyone updated on the outcome. Thank you for the interest!
  3. bayfisher86

    For Sale 2007 Parker 2310WA/Yamaha 250

    Took me almost an hour Jim, but thanks lol someone is gonna get an amazing boat. Heading down to clean her up now actually
  4. bayfisher86

    For Sale 2007 Parker 2310WA/Yamaha 250

    Thanks Eric! The boat really is a killer setup for SoCal. I have friends with 2320s and the walk around and open cabin is so much nicer. The only upgrade I never got to was outriggers. Then she would be spot on!
  5. bayfisher86

    For Sale 2007 Parker 2310WA/Yamaha 250

    Tim from the best of my knowledge this boat only came in the 21 degree deep v Hull
  6. bayfisher86

    SOLD SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That’s a rad little boat!
  7. bayfisher86

    For Sale 2007 Parker 2310WA/Yamaha 250

    I HATE to let my baby go but unfortunately life circumstances have changed drastically. I’ve done a lot of upgrades to this boat and just got her really dialed in to where I want her to be for So Cal fishing. I will try and make everything clear and concise but I’m using my phone as I don’t have...
  8. bayfisher86

    For Sale Aftco flying gaff 4ft

    Shoot me a pm of what you’re looking for....I have a few reels...some brown teramars and other rods
  9. bayfisher86

    SOLD or FT Avet HXW Raptor MC Super rare!

    It’s only one bump every 24hrs...please stop bumping this thing in less than 24hrs...there has been no serious interest in this should list it on eBay and reach an audience that may really want it
  10. bayfisher86

    For Sale M9 Permatrim for Yamaha F150-250 4 stroke New in box Reduced to $125

    Interested in a trade for rods or reels? I have an 07 250 and a parker I’ve been wanting to put a permatrim on...
  11. bayfisher86

    For Sale Proteus Rod

    Might be a little awkward putting a fathom on a spinning rod for yo-yo 😬
  12. bayfisher86

    SOLD WTB brown teramars 8’ and up delete please

    I have an 80mh and a 80H I would probably sell...message me
  13. bayfisher86

    Bleeding Hydraulics Recommendation

    Yep pretty much identical to the seastar instructions and the way I did it, but I think there are bubbles In the autopilot system...I spoke with tony and fishing boats unlimited and after explaining the situation to him he thinks there is a bad seal or valve on the helm pump and is going to...
  14. bayfisher86

    Daiwa Service Center? First timer

    Factory Direct! just call the customer service number 562-375-6800
  15. bayfisher86

    Daiwa Service Center? First timer

    This time of year it’s normally a 10 business day turnaround as everyone is sending in gear before the season starts...there are lots of good places out there but going to the source is the way to go!
  16. bayfisher86

    Bleeding Hydraulics Recommendation

    i went from bleed valve to bleed valve on the motor and then out of the steering column with a hole in the bottle and watched lots of bubbles work their way up the tube from the helm in into the bottle and fluid was worked in.
  17. bayfisher86

    Bleeding Hydraulics Recommendation

    I would prefer to not dump all the money into a purge system myself for something that doesnt need to be done that often. Can you give me an idea on what tony charged you? i understand it may favor but an idea would be great
  18. bayfisher86

    Bleeding Hydraulics Recommendation

    I have a Parker 2310 with a Simrad Ap22 system. I did a standard bleed on my hydraulics a few months ago because i could feel a few bubbles. I followed Seastars instructions to a "T." The steering is much better but if i turn the wheel very slowly I can do multiple rotations before the motor...
  19. bayfisher86

    Electrical Mayhem

    That’s all bad right there! The wiring shouldn’t be too crazy on a 17ft cc...if you have some basic knowledge and are confident I would rip it all out and start over fresh...then you know everything works and have confidence in it.
  20. bayfisher86

    2.18.2020 Catalina east end

    Did you meter any of that stuff towards the east end?
  21. bayfisher86

    For Sale Magma BBQ $1

    If we can figure out a way to meet up I’d be happy to make a donation to her softball team. I’ve been looking for one, I’m sure it’ll clean up
  22. bayfisher86

    Parker 2310 fish box / storage enlargement

    That’s all super helpful! Nice Guac!
  23. bayfisher86

    Parker 2310 fish box / storage enlargement

    Thanks for the explanation! That makes a ton more sense now. I was just having a hard time wrapping my mind around it that’s all. That would be awesome if you have more pics!
  24. bayfisher86

    Parker 2310 fish box / storage enlargement

    So I have the same boat 2007 2310 and this looks awesome but I’m a little lost on what you did after looking at the cut out box? Did you just out the box below the water proof lip and That extra space was there so you put a fresh layer or glass over and painted it? What did you do for a drain...
  25. bayfisher86

    Mako Matt Squid Crowder

    Ahh if you gave up fishing not sure I have anything to trade...
  26. bayfisher86

    For Sale Parker Helm Seats

    Just scrubbed them yesterday guys...make me an offer...need them gone!
  27. bayfisher86

    Mako Matt Squid Crowder

    Trade for something you can use?
  28. bayfisher86

    For Sale Parker Helm Seats

    Offers? They’re just taking up space at this point..they let covered in dirt but are actually in very good shape..I can wash them tomorrow
  29. bayfisher86

    For Sale Parker Helm Seats

    Just pulled these helm seats off my Parker 2310. The have the slider base and nylon sleeves as well. They just need a good cleaning, no rips or tears. These are from cockpit and not the deck. The sliders work but all the hardware could use tightening up as they’re 10yrs old. Sold as a pair...
  30. bayfisher86

    For Sale Dodgers Autographed Helmet

    Any trades?
  31. bayfisher86

    SOLD Fenwick 660

    So sorry I didn’t see your message mike..sometimes it doesn’t show up on my phone...that is a Fenwick 660 the 80lb rod..I’m still interested in it..shoot met some things your interested in trading..I’ll check my messages more...
  32. bayfisher86

    For Sale Shimano/Abu Garcia

    Stradic and Abu Garcia are pending
  33. bayfisher86

    For Sale Shimano/Abu Garcia to offers or stop the auction world
  34. bayfisher86

    Daiwa tactical backpack

    The bag is NOT is item DDTBFL-60 I own 2 of them. They work awesome!
  35. bayfisher86

    Electric reel

    Yes I’m aware. You can absolutely use electric reels in California.
  36. bayfisher86

    Electric reel

  37. bayfisher86

    Electric reel

    You can absolutely use electric reels in California, I believe you are stating the rules for electric reels in Mexico.
  38. bayfisher86

    Electric reel

    MP3000 on my boat...but hookers are popular as well...lots of guys use hand crank with a drill attachment to wind up and check their baits etc.
  39. bayfisher86

    For Sale Shimano/Abu Garcia

    Shimano Citica 200G6 Used-Some scrapes and scratches, GREAT free spool, has 50lb maxcuatro.... $70 Shimano Sahara 1000FE Brand New in Box, never used $60 Shimano Stradic 2500FJ Used 6-7X as a drop shot reel. Very clean. $90 Abu Garcia 5600CL Rocket Brand new in box, never used, 2 handles...
  40. bayfisher86

    SOLD Tiburon SST 30 Limited Edition Silver $350

    I believe I have a 7540 I’d be willing to trade...let me check tomorrow
  41. bayfisher86

    For Sale Seeker EX Ulua

    Ok I’ll open it up to a trade....I could use a Talica 50, in like new condition OR I’ll trade for TWO Makaira 50ii’s....line on any reels is not needed so you can keep it.
  42. bayfisher86

    Bolster reupholster

    Hey Guys, I have a parker 2310 and my bolsters are looking sad...anyone local to Orange County who can reupholster my bolsters that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg..I’ve done research and seen what I can do them for myself but would much rather support someone local for the extra dollars... Hers...
  43. bayfisher86

    For Sale Big Bucket of Shark Chum

    No where to put it, that’s a good deal!
  44. bayfisher86

    For Sale Seeker EX Ulua

    I want someone to use this rod $1150 OBO
  45. bayfisher86

    For Sale Seeker EX Ulua

    If you don’t want to make an offer then move on. I really don’t need you to put your 2 cents in..I’ve had some very good offers but can’t ship it due to length. Have a good one
  46. bayfisher86

    For Sale Seeker EX Ulua

    Open to a reasonable offer if you’re that interested
  47. bayfisher86

    For Sale Seeker EX Ulua

    Bump...had some good offers but shipping won’t work guys..I’d like to see it go to a good home
  48. bayfisher86

    Lexa 400H-P doo-dad wrench

    It is for removing the handle knob
  49. bayfisher86

    For Sale Shimano Calcutta, Corvalus and rods

    What model loomis is the rod with the Calais dc?
  50. bayfisher86

    WTB Shimano Calcutta 400te

    Shoulda asked the other night, I have two lol
  51. bayfisher86

    For Sale Seeker EX Ulua

    Lots of low offers...bump
  52. bayfisher86

    For Sale Seeker EX Ulua

    Bump! Someone please buy and fish this’s been sitting for years..and no I won’t take a lowball offer...OBO you might be surprised
  53. bayfisher86

    For Sale Seeker EX Ulua

    Seeker EX Ulua this rod from Fisherman’s Depot many years ago..was just checked out by another BD member the other night while he was picking up a different rod from me. Rod is in good shape but does have some scrapes from the ex wife(thread is in fishing chit chat) butt cap needs to...
  54. bayfisher86

    14 mile bank bluefin

    I’ve been fishin 1000ft plus, I run mine on 83khz or I’ll split it 83/200... lots of tweaking with the gain at that depth though...not necessarily keying in on the bottom, mainly focusing on the thermocline..
  55. bayfisher86

    14 mile bank bluefin

    Honestly these replies are why I never share any type of info here anymore...I fish pretty much every weekend and have a great “code” group that I share info with...if there is anyone that ever wants to actually share real info without stupid questions and constant doubting shoot me a pm
  56. bayfisher86

    14 mile bank bluefin

    I give up on some of you guys, seriously! I guess you guys have never had solid bait or big fish on your meter before...
  57. bayfisher86

    14 mile bank bluefin

    Normally I would agree but we were out doing something very specific that day, I had my meter set for our fishing conditions... FYI that fish is still there and biting just inside was there Saturday but had moved about a mile..there’s already been one caught today just inside...just...
  58. bayfisher86

    14 mile bank bluefin

    there is no spot that shallow at the 14, that’s what happens when you shut down your boat and drift in silence until the bait gets comfortable. That’s all 2-3in anchovy so thick it wiped out the meter. We could look down and see the fish streaming through the was pretty awesome to see...
  59. bayfisher86

    14 mile bank bluefin

    Those fish have been there for over a week, they’ve been skittish but popping up in the late afternoon. I shut down and it took an hour for this to build under the boat
  60. bayfisher86

    SOLD Marlin Lures, Bart Miller

    Bob if the first deal doesn’t go through I will take them...I’m in OC and can’s a long shot but please let me know
  61. bayfisher86

    TRADE Purple Seeker 6470H

    Since I haven’t found the right belt... I’ll just post a price $200
  62. bayfisher86

    Seeker EX Ulua

    More than like the blue seeker you have is not the same as The EX and CEX materials...there are plenty of threads on the subject. I’ve been reading up myself...I have gotten some offers for this rod via pm, I think it’s time to let her go....
  63. bayfisher86

    Seeker EX Ulua

    That was just one of many things lol
  64. bayfisher86

    Seeker EX Ulua

    I have this seeker EX 93 Ulua that I’ve had for quite a long time and was curious as to what you guys think it’s worth? Everyone has such a varied opinion on these ex wife scraped it in the closet near the tip but that’s the only damage to it, and it could be clear coated to remove...
  65. bayfisher86

    TRADE Seekers for Seekers (looking for gen1 7X)

    Still looking for one? I’m CONTEMPLATING selling’s only been fished a few times, bought it direct from Joey at Seeker the day before the were released at Fed Hall...
  66. bayfisher86

    TRADE Purple Seeker 6470H

    Still looking....went through my old messages and confirmed rod is a 6470H...felt heavier but didn’t wanna state that until I checked..have the members name if anyone is interested and wants to verify.
  67. bayfisher86

    TRADE Purple Seeker 6470H

    30-50lb... Also to add in looking for something for heavy standup up fishing 80lb+, not looking for a small dolphin belt...figured I’d clarify that...belt and harness if me
  68. bayfisher86

    TRADE Purple Seeker 6470H

    Received this rod in trade from another member earlier this year, and have never fished it. It is used but I can’t find a spot for it in my’s a Purple Seeker 6470H. Black on black wraps with a cool tiger wrap.. would like to trade it for a harness and particular...
  69. bayfisher86

    SOLD Seeker Ulua EX93H ***keeping it***

    I have one of those in the cabinet, albeit not wrapped by moon..that’s a very clean wrap...nothing prettier than that Cex/ex blue! Didn’t realize they had that kind of value, maybe I should get rid of mine? It never gets fished..beautiful rod btw!
  70. bayfisher86

    TRADE Looking for Hoopnets

    Looking to trade some gear for hoops..want 5-8 rigged ambush or king of the crawl style nets...buoys, ropes, cages etc...have plenty of saltwater gear to trade...all quality no junk...seekers, saltigas etc around orange country preferred
  71. bayfisher86


    Frame screws etc typically aren’t greased from the factory and following Swami 805s advice is a very quick thing to do that can prevent big headaches in the future...I’ve seen more corroded reels from customer then I can count, it’s amazing what a little bit of fresh water and preventative...
  72. bayfisher86


    I will stand by my statement however being two plus years old it is possible one grease ages faster than the other...the gears come greased from the factory..the grease as since dissipated and that’s why it looks like they’re not greased... If the reel had never been opened up and just spiked up...
  73. bayfisher86


    That reel has absolutely been opened up reel looks like that from there can see two different types of grease on the same parts, and how one is much older than the other...remember grease does dry out, and those reels have been discontinued a few years so any residual...
  74. bayfisher86

    SOLD Lure retriever

    What is the length when collapsed? I’d probably be willing to trade ya some tackle
  75. bayfisher86

    WTB Flying Gaff

    Send me a pic and a price...or we can trade for rods/reels if you prefer..doesn’t matter to me...
  76. bayfisher86

    WTB Flying Gaff

    Still looking! Statistico has one I may grab but SD is a drive for me...never got a response from the the other PM..
  77. bayfisher86

    SOLD Seeker EX 270H-8

    Hey I have one of those in the rafters...bought it and had it wrapped directly from Randy penny while working at fisherman’s hardware 14-15 years ago. One of my all time favorite rods, not sure I’d ever let it go...
  78. bayfisher86

    WTB Flying Gaff

    Jon send me a message with a price and pics... I may buy two
  79. bayfisher86

    WTB Flying Gaff

    Shoot me a message with pics and price! I was hoping for local but may be down that way soon, beggars can’t be choosers!
  80. bayfisher86

    WTB Flying Gaff

    looking for 4’ or 6’ flying gaff...would be willing to trade for tackle or purchase...up to you... as local to HB as possible...thanks!
  81. bayfisher86

    Tax man came to play

    That’s a good sized one...I’m assuming he scared off any of the target species?
  82. bayfisher86

    Inattention during the safety brief

    Well I occasionally have an open seat so shoot me a message...I’ll let you know the next time I’m going and if I have a spot
  83. bayfisher86

    2320 transom bracket - worth the money?

    I have a 2310 and consistently get 2.0-2.1 at 30mph cruising at 4700... if I trim it I can get 2.3-2.4 at 26mph and about 42-4300 rpms...I’m gonna get bigger trim tabs so that’ll probably give me a tad more...I’m running a Merc Rev 4 17 pitch.. I do have a bracket as well
  84. bayfisher86

    Inattention during the safety brief

    As someone who worked on sportboats for a long time it always made me cringe when people ignored the safety speech. You can’t make people listen’s way too early to tell what actually happened though. I will say that even when I take people on my boat ( Parker 2310) as soon as we...
  85. bayfisher86

    Daiwa sk jigs

    Mainly getting bit on the sink but winding them fast can not definitely get the reaction bite...
  86. bayfisher86

    Daiwa sk jigs

    Straight tie! No swivels, no clips. SK jigs are highly underrated and have a pretty unique action. Good luck!
  87. bayfisher86

    Cleaning reels

    No bullshit this reel was sent in for “service”
  88. bayfisher86

    Cleaning reels

    A freshwater rinse and wipe down at a minimum...please don’t send your reels in to a manufacturer like this and say “I washed it after every trip”
  89. bayfisher86

    My first Thresher!

    There’s been a good bite on them for over two weeks, probably where you caught yours..those are good eater size, congrats..most of them being released but I have no problem keeping one here or there for the bait and mouth hooking them makes them a much better right and easier to...
  90. bayfisher86

    For Sale 10' Achilles Inflatable Dinghy. Portable with Accessories. Great Tender, Dinghy. 2 motors avail.

    Yah that ad is beyond confusing, why not just say $280 for the gamefish right and dinghy. And the Merc is $400...I don’t want either motor
  91. bayfisher86

    For Sale 10' Achilles Inflatable Dinghy. Portable with Accessories. Great Tender, Dinghy. 2 motors avail.

    Ok I’ve read the post 3 times and I’m a little confused...the game fisher motor is $280 by itself or with the dinghy? How much for just the dinghy?
  92. bayfisher86

    For Sale Flying gaff

    How long is the short one? 4 foot?
  93. bayfisher86

    SoCal Marlin Spread

    How are you guys setting up your drop back or bait rigs? Spectra to fluoro? How heavy and how long of a leader? What size hook? I’ll be using my tn40 on an appropriate rod...currently has 500yds of 80 hollow..I can splice or loop on a windon no problem.
  94. bayfisher86

    SoCal Marlin Spread

    Yah from what I was reading that’s a good job to have in the spread...with my current 4 do you think I should buy the head and have them reskirt it or fish it as is? I like the pattern as kind of a flying would be one of the lighter jugs in my any of you guys use tag lines...
  95. bayfisher86

    SoCal Marlin Spread

    That’s a great video...definitely gets the adrenaline going!! I’m going to look for the Pakula video as well...I’m thinking I may need to sell some gear to invest in outriggers. One member has a set that I would love to have but bills come first so I’ll be going through my inventory to unload...
  96. bayfisher86

    SoCal Marlin Spread

    My parker gets much better gas mileage running around 8-10knts then 25knts....for this venture gas is not a concern...gotta burn it to catchem...
  97. bayfisher86

    SoCal Marlin Spread

    Awesome info from you guys. I truly appreciate it. I’m definitely going to continue to read and watch videos...I really wanna get one! There have even been a few of you that have reached out to me to talk on the phone about it and that is above and beyond! I will take you guys up at some point...
  98. bayfisher86

    Anyone ever seen this? Daiwa Saltist issue

    I absolutely agree it should work off the shelf but telling people “do not buy” because of an issue is kind of jumping the gun. They may not have gotten them all back off the shelf but new reels have made it to shops with the updated frame..I just don’t think you should trash daiwa and tell...
  99. bayfisher86

    For Sale Outriggers precision 15’ gunwale base

    Interested in a trade at all? I’m just getting into this local marlin thing and these would be perfect!!
  100. bayfisher86

    SoCal Marlin Spread

    Thanks a lot for that info guys! Spread and speed is what I’m really trying to learn...I know all about slack tides, bait, tailers verse sleepers, temp breaks etc...planning to give it a shot in the next week as I’ve been given some info the fish are biting and where’s it’s happening..gonna read...
  101. bayfisher86

    SoCal Marlin Spread

    Thank you for that info! That is all really great stuff..I can afford the outriggers but right now other things come first, wanna try out this marlin deal this season and probably buy a set for next season. I like the broom handle idea, it’s given me some things to think about. If we’re just...
  102. bayfisher86

    SoCal Marlin Spread

    I totally agree that outriggers and skirted ballyhoo would be a great option...unfortunately outriggers aren’t currently in the budget.
  103. bayfisher86

    SoCal Marlin Spread

    I definitely intend on adding a few more jigs to the arsenal... Jimmy Decker is a believer in pink and that’s one thing I’ve picked up on, also adding something flying fish to the arsenal...I’m just curious how you guys think I should run them in the spread? 2-3 wakes on the inside and 6-7 on...
  104. bayfisher86

    SoCal Marlin Spread

    Such a smart answer!!! Never would have thought of that...can you try and be useful though? I literally asked where you would run them in the spread...please post on someone else’s thread and waist their time, and stop wasting mine
  105. bayfisher86

    SoCal Marlin Spread

    so ive read about every post here about so sal marlin fishing and talked with some of the guys that really know their stuff, and now I need to get my first so cal marlin. I caught one on the Cortez many years ago aboard the freedom while fishing bluefin but but busted him off right at the boat...
  106. bayfisher86

    Anyone ever seen this? Daiwa Saltist issue

    If you read any of the above posts you would see that Daiwa has acknowledged there was an issue with some of the frames. They are replacing the entire frame free of charge with a new frame and new clamp design. The new frame uses slotted screws that fit in the frame for the clamp, no more...
  107. bayfisher86

    SOLD Ultra Rare Seeker old school JBF 75

    Post up some pics here! I have a 40 marrow freshly serviced, I had no intention of getting rid of it but you’ve peaked my interest...
  108. bayfisher86

    For Sale West Coast bait tanks

    I just spoke with Craig the other day, he has been making a lot of trips back and forth to Mexico..he gets terrible service down there...maybe try hitting him up on his Facebook page..l he’s definitely not a flake, just hard to get ahold of sometimes, he always come through though. His tanks are...
  109. bayfisher86

    What's the limit on Pelagic Rays? 7/27 report

    Seen a handful in my day but never multiples like that, not fun to deal with... How was the mako fishin?
  110. bayfisher86

    Inshore Mako (part II)

    Looks like you were right off Dana! Water looked good out there today and a ton of bait! Nice job!
  111. bayfisher86

    For Sale Mercury Revolution 4 Prop

    I’m VERY interested in your prop and having been looking for this exact prop for awhile...I’m actually just headed to the launch ramp right now...I’ll will touch base with you later today
  112. bayfisher86

    For Sale (4) YoZuri Bonita’s

    What are you looking for in trade?
  113. bayfisher86

    Gail Force 7/8 fishin Cat.

    Majority squid fish? Interesting a lot of the east end and frontside fish are eating the sardine well and the backside west end are eating the squid well...seems like you had a great day with nice weather. Congrats!
  114. bayfisher86

    T Shark 7/6/19

    Awesome job! Great size fish, local, and CPR! Doesn’t get much better!
  115. bayfisher86

    Anyone have any recommendations on boat insurance in SoCal?

    I have my Skeeter insured with Ben Green Insurance, Ben is a tournament angler himself and has always taken care of me. He actually talks our language on what we need covered as far as head etc definitely look him up and give him a chance...tell him I referred you
  116. bayfisher86

    For Sale Avet. Daiwa. Shimano. Reels For Sale

    Interested in a trade for the SLT50?
  117. bayfisher86

    Any tips? Shark fishing from pier.

    My friend and I have caught countless threshers off our local piers..send me a pm and I’ll set you up....and before anyone asks I have plenty of pics to prove it
  118. bayfisher86

    For Sale 2002 Skeeter SX180 W/115hp Yamaha

    Bass time...she’s gonna go on consignment if she doesn’t sell to a reasonable offer
  119. bayfisher86

    For Sale 98 21 Bay Champ W/06 225 Merc optimax

    This boat is the shit! I’ve fished this boat countless times and the bait tank is hands down the best tank ever made..2 full scoops all day and no dead bait..the tank design, placement, and lower center of gravity make it perfect..this boat also hauls ass at 50+ when it’s glass, we run home from...
  120. bayfisher86

    Shimano Tranx 200,Shimano Curado 200E, Daiwa Coastal TWS

    I personally fish nothing but Coastals and Tatula HD’s... the Curado E doesn’t compare to either the Coastal or the Tranx. My tournament partner fishes tranx 200/300s. They’re nice reels but I prefer my coastals especially due to palmability for me as well as the coastal handle.
  121. bayfisher86

    For Sale John Baker Frames for 533 Newel

    eBay is for need to list an asking price...I’d like one to add to my collection, but I don’t do the “best offer” thing.
  122. bayfisher86

    I've never seen any others?

  123. bayfisher86

    SOLD Progear 454 yts (6/4/19)

    Not tryin to derail your sale at all, as I think that’s one of my favorite yo-yo reels ever but isn’t the whole reel aluminum? I’m just trying to understand putting grease everywhere like that. I mean moving parts I get but won’t that grease just attract and hold salt?
  124. bayfisher86

    SOLD Progear 454 yts (6/4/19)

    What’s the reasoning behind all of the blue grease everywhere? Just curious.... Those 454’s are great reels
  125. bayfisher86

    San Diego Bay Shark Fishing (video)

    Those BG’s are the shit, so are those rods! Very overlooked for our west coast fishing but they fit the bill for a lot of applications at a great price point. Looks like you need a new handle cap for your reel too lol great video!
  126. bayfisher86


    This is going to be the biggest championship yet! The amount of sponsor support and raffle prizes is unreal! Where else do you get a chance to win a brand new Mercury 115 4 Stroke just for making the cut? Traeger grills, Igloo coolers, Big Hammers, Daiwa rods and reels, Mercury Cash and so much...
  127. bayfisher86

    Daiwa lexa 400hd handle upgrade

    As long as the handle actually falls to the lowest position then they should not engage...every reel is different as is the clutch system and weight of the handle. The single foam knobs typically never have that problem but aftermarket rubber knobs and knobs with heavier weight will do this..I...
  128. bayfisher86

    Daiwa lexa 400hd handle upgrade

    Be aware that when you put those large single knob handles on that they can move forward mid-cast and cause the reel to engage...I have seen it countless times.thats why a lot of the larger power type handles are counter balanced so that doesn’t happen. I know there are a few exceptions like the...
  129. bayfisher86

    2320 Tow Vehicle

    I rarely carry much gear that’s all...typically a half dozen setups and a tackle bag...I travel pretty light...if I’m gonna make an island run or fish offshore I’ll go with buddies and tow with a new tundra...It’ll be a local rig so I won’t need a full tank of gas..I’m in no hurry to get to the...
  130. bayfisher86

    2320 Tow Vehicle

    If I’m towing 10-20 miles max from my house to Newport or Huntington can I tow a 2310 with a 250 with my 6.0 trailblazer ss? It will never be loaded down with gear, and probably never more than 100 gallons of fuel...I’m probably getting towards the max of my rating but wondering what you guys...
  131. bayfisher86

    For Sale Parker 2310 - $33,000

    That boat was a smokin deal...anyone hear have any experience with that exact model? Curious because I know who drove down there the moment they opened and bought it lol
  132. bayfisher86

    TRADE Looking for GoPro

    I have 3 now but send me a pm with what you’re looking for
  133. bayfisher86

    WTB 8’ 30-60 rod proteus/pch rod

    Daiwa absolutely makes an 8ft 30-60 Proteus rod...the model number is PRTWN80XHF... if you don’t want the Winn grips then the model is PRTB80XHF...I own one and it’s a monster....
  134. bayfisher86

    For Sale Giant Rapala lure

    Not trying to derail your thread but those are still available online and from Rapala for $70...not sure if an older one has more value though
  135. bayfisher86

    For Sale Fly setup

    I think you added one too many zeros
  136. bayfisher86

    For Sale Nikon D7000 DSLR

    Good deal! Someone buy this!
  137. bayfisher86

    TRADE Looking for GoPro

    Looking for a GoPro 3+ or newer with batteries and charger to trade...I know I could buy one but I’m sure someone out there has a 3+ or newer they aren’t using and would like to trade for fishing gear...have a good amount of daiwa/shimano reels and rods. Let’s work out a trade. If not I’ll sell...
  138. bayfisher86

    For Sale Tn14A/Tn16A P/U only

    Another low offer but I’m firm at $ I guess bump it up so someone can get a deal
  139. bayfisher86

    For Sale Tn14A/Tn16A P/U only

    14A still available...never got contacted again by the interested party...will price drop to $300 if picked up or paid for tomorrow..PayPal if you cover fees...I can ship at 3:30 tomorrow..
  140. bayfisher86

    For Sale Teramar/Tallus/Zodias

    Sorry...put all the rods on consignment at a local shop...cant deal with guys offering me $75 for that teramar and then asking me to drive 20 miles to them...
  141. bayfisher86

    For Sale Teramar/Tallus/Zodias

    Too many lowballs...rods no long for sale.
  142. bayfisher86

    For Sale Teramar/Tallus/Zodias

    Some buy these! Offer up!
  143. bayfisher86

    For Sale Tn14A/Tn16A P/U only

    16A is to offer on the 14a
  144. bayfisher86

    For Sale Teramar/Tallus/Zodias

    everything available...people flaking.. Accepting offers on the rods, they need to go
  145. bayfisher86

    For Sale Teramar/Tallus/Zodias

    Bump these rods up...super clean and looking for new homes...would be open to a reasonable offer ....only trade is a cex seeker blank of some variety
  146. bayfisher86

    For Sale Tn14A/Tn16A P/U only

    Bump it up...lots of lowball offers and guys not responding after making an offer...
  147. bayfisher86

    For Sale Tn14A/Tn16A P/U only

    Still available until I get a response
  148. bayfisher86

    For Sale Teramar/Tallus/Zodias

    shimano Tallus 70xh...few scuffs but overall very clean...retails $160 sell for $100 Shimano teramar west cost, new model..76xh...great rod..fished twice..practically new...retails $210 sell for $140 Shimano zodias 175H....fished 3-4 times...very clean...retails $200 sell for $120 Pretty...
  149. bayfisher86

    SBS Observations

    Great job pulling a limit in Long’s a great fishery for big sandies , but you really have to grind to find the big ones..lots of 14-18in fish up there....Oceanside has officially been changed as well...follow the SBS page on FB so you can see any changes but here is Gerry’s post “...
  150. bayfisher86

    For Sale Tn14A/Tn16A P/U only

    Looking to sell my tn14a and tn16a today. Pick up off 405/Magnolia....both reels are used and have scratches etc...not abused but used for 2 seasons.bith have factory clamps..tn14a has 50lb MaxCuatro $320 for the 14.... 16A is SOLD Not interested in any trades
  151. bayfisher86

    For Sale Revo Rocket 3

    Boughg this for $249, used it once last year frog fishing and can’t get used to the Eva’s lightweight and pretty sick but it’s not for me...has one little scratch on the bottom of the gear’s a 10/10 mech, and. 9.8 cosmetically.. Asking $125.00 OBO , make me an offer...P/u...
  152. bayfisher86

    SOLD Triple Trout SW 8inch Goldbar

    Let me know if this deal falls through....I’d like to be next...I can’t believe I didn’t see this !
  153. bayfisher86

    Big ass flat falls from Fred Hall

    Performance tackle in Los Alamitos
  154. bayfisher86

    For Sale 10' CEX Jig Stick -Brand New

    Yeah either post a price/trade, or put in on EBay. I own one so I know it won’t be cheap but no point in keeping it a big secret. People typically don’t put a price when they don’t really wanna sell it unless they get some ridiculous offer.
  155. bayfisher86

    WTB United Composites SB Fanatic

    I have an H I’ve contemplated selling...what are you looking to spend? Do you want something used or like new?
  156. bayfisher86

    SOLD cheap tackle lots; war baits, luckycraft,blue label, flatfalls

    Hey Jordan, I’m interested in the warbaits...I work in cypress...Can you tell me what size they are? The pic blurs out when I zoom in...
  157. bayfisher86

    WTB 20-22’ Bay Boat

    Boat house of Anaheim just took in a 2013 Ranger 220 Bahia with a new Merc 150 on it... it’s pretty well equipped and not a crazy price for once...worth looking at
  158. bayfisher86

    For Sale Baja Special/Shimano and Loomis Rods

    Ok I really want these gone...last price drop before the auction site Tallus roller rod $120! G.Loomis rod $100! Tallus spinner $95! Or take all 3 for $300!
  159. bayfisher86

    For Sale Baja Special/Shimano and Loomis Rods

    Bump! Need these rods gone....offers..
  160. bayfisher86

    For Sale Baja Special/Shimano and Loomis Rods

    Let’s drop some prices! Tallus Roller Rod-$140! G.Loomis Rod- $120 Tallus Spinner-$100
  161. bayfisher86

    LB Breakwall calico, sand bass, and halibut 2/24

    Nice half day of fishing right there! Inside or outside wall?
  162. bayfisher86

    For Sale Baja Special/Shimano and Loomis Rods

    PMs replies to....all 3 rods still available and waiting for new homes
  163. bayfisher86

    For Sale Baja Special/Shimano and Loomis Rods

    Tom, it’s brand new and waiting for you..if you think it’s too high then shoot me an offer and and.come pick it up tomorrow.
  164. bayfisher86

    For Sale Baja Special/Shimano and Loomis Rods

    Baja Special is now Pending Willing to Listen to ANY reasonable offer on the rods as well
  165. bayfisher86

    For Sale Baja Special/Shimano and Loomis Rods

    Selling my Penn Baja Special and a few rods. 1) Baja Special has metal star, box, and clamp. Very good condition, few light scratches. $200 OBO 2)Shimano Tallus all roller rod...rod is very clean, rollers all move freely, few scuffs from use. Model in pics. $175 OBO 3) G.Loomis Pelgaic Series...
  166. bayfisher86

    Boat Insurance- Under 30'

    I insure my Skeeter with Ben Green Insurance...Ben is a fisherman, and insures a TON of fisherman. He’s a sponsor of the Saltwater Bass Series and is an all around great guy... I don’t know If im allowed to post a link but just search “Ben Green Insurance” and he’s there...let him know Aaron...
  167. bayfisher86

    Carl Newell's 349 Wahoo Special

    The 349H will always have a special place in my heart, full Newell kit of’s my PB on that reel....seems like just yesterday!
  168. bayfisher86

    For Sale Shimano Tn10a-Pending

    Mason I just saw your offer in my inbox after I posted this. I have like PMs I’m going through in order of who pm’d me first. I put pending so people stop sending me messages, I don’t wanna waste anyone’s time since I’m sure I’ll be able to work out a deal with one of you guys that already...
  169. bayfisher86

    For Sale Shimano Tn10a-Pending

    Picked up this Trinidad and it’s just not gonna work for what I had planned...reel is in excellent shape with a couple small nicks I tried to show in the pics. One is on the front of the gear box and a couple small ones on top of the left sideplate. Looking to sell for $350 OBO or willing to...
  170. bayfisher86

    For Sale Trinidad 30 DC

    I really don’t understand people looking up posts from 5+ years ago and replying, especially when the last post literally says “Sold!”
  171. bayfisher86

    Looking for this book....

    Thanks guys. I searched amazon and eBay, was just trying to avoid paying that much money for it. I may have to bitvthe bullet unless someone comes across one they really don’t want or need. Also thanks for the offers to make copies, I will contact you guys if I can’t find one. Very generous of you
  172. bayfisher86

    Looking for this book....

    I’m not worried about MLPA, I want the book for a different use but thank you. Arima-Bob where are you located? Making copies of a bunch of pages may work as well, although I’d like a complete book.
  173. bayfisher86

    Looking for this book....

    Does anyone have this book laying around they’d be willing to sell or trade? I had a copy years ago and have no idea where it went...every copy online is $55 to $150...I can’t somach that price lol
  174. bayfisher86

    Boat insurance recommendation

    Ben Green Insurance is who I use, he’s been great and very accommodating. I got a great rate and coverage on my boat, trailer, and all my fishing gear. Ben is an angler himself and takes care of tons of anglers and pros. Check him out at
  175. bayfisher86

    For Sale Remington 870 Tact Magpul

    Randy send me a PM, nothing super specific honestly. This gun is just sitting in the safe right now
  176. bayfisher86

    For Sale Remington 870 Tact Magpul

  177. bayfisher86

    For Sale Remington 870 Tact Magpul

    Still sitting in the safe..would like it to go to a good home
  178. bayfisher86

    For Sale Remington 870 Tact Magpul

    Remington 870 Tactical Magpul edition, gun is no longer being made in this configuration. Gun does have a little wear and has been shot...the right transfer bar as a little bit of surface rust that I tried to show in the pics..Overall it’s in very good shape. Gun was over $900 when I bought it...
  179. bayfisher86

    For Sale Marlin 1894 44mag

    Pm sent to to both of you guys
  180. bayfisher86

    For Sale Marlin 1894 44mag

    Baboltin please pm any offer El Toro I shot a lot of HSM ammo through it, I have a Vaquero in 44mag as well. So I shared a lot of ammo. Winchester silvertips shot very well in it but it is expensive. I have shot magtech and federal through it and it shoots pretty well but the HSM was the most...
  181. bayfisher86

    For Sale Marlin 1894 44mag

    Marlin 1894 in 44mag...I have shot a few hundred rounds through this gun and it’s a tack driver with no recoil...has a Nikko sterling 4x32 on it that probably needs to be zeroed in again since I haven’t shot it in probably a year. Finish is coming off near the butt plate. Other than that the gun...
  182. bayfisher86

    For Sale Colt Peacemaker Buntline 22mag

    Selling my Colt Peacemaker Buntline 22mag. This gun is extremely clean, with a few small rub marks on the barrel that I tried to highlight in the photos. Also a barely visible turn ring on the cylinder. I dot NOT have a 22LR cylinder for it. It has a 7.5in barrel as well. Not many for sale on...
  183. bayfisher86

    For Sale Kenmore Water Softener

    My father bought this a couple years ago for install but never got around to it. He paid $799 plus’s brand new....would like to sell it for $300 or trade for fishing’s just taking up space now... it’s a Kenmore 38520 Hybrid Water Softener...located off 405/ to...
  184. bayfisher86

    SOLD BASS SETUP Dobyns 7'9""

    Any interest in selling the Dobyns by itself?
  185. bayfisher86

    WTB Orange reel and rod

    I have this Abu Garcia 5600 rocket brand new in the box...bought it a few years ago and never used it.
  186. bayfisher86

    Anyone tryed this tackle bag?

    That bag isn’t sold in the North American market. I believe it’s Europe and Australia only. Bantam1 May correct me if I’m wrong. You can find them on eBay but they are very expensive.
  187. bayfisher86

    For Sale RODS- G-Loomis, Tallus

    $175 for the Tallus or the G.Loomis. Would go as low as $320 for the pair! Smoking deals guys!
  188. bayfisher86

    For Sale RODS- G-Loomis, Tallus

    Ok last bump! Gunnyslinger is handling these rods for me since I’m in Az now...really would like to sell these....make me an offer or they’ll go up on the auction site
  189. bayfisher86

    For Sale 1983 Aguilar 50' loa fiberglass diesel charter boat

    I’ve fished on that boat before when it was down here...seriously an awesome boat and a great price!
  190. bayfisher86

    For Sale RODS- G-Loomis, Tallus

    Offers on the last three rods? Willing to trade or accept offers
  191. bayfisher86

    For Sale RODS- G-Loomis, Tallus

    Free bump...any offers?
  192. bayfisher86

    For Sale Leupold and Avet Jackets

    If someone wants both I’ll do $130 shipped for the pair.
  193. bayfisher86

    Old line

    Drop by any Turners Outdoorsman store and they will be happy to put the line into their recycling bin.
  194. bayfisher86

    For Sale Leupold and Avet Jackets

    I have two jackets for sale. Both of them have been hanging in my closet for awhile but I can’t ever remember actually wearing either one. Carhartt Jacket size XL, was not available for purchase. It has a Leupold logo. This is a very heavy duty jacket—-$100 Avet lightweight rain jacket size...
  195. bayfisher86

    SOLD Used Trinidad 20DC

    That’s a deal Benny!
  196. bayfisher86

    Skipjack On the bare hook

    I saw Dave on FB live with the sea bass and the skippy. It was a small one like 2-3lb but it was 100% a skipjack. Super cool to see one so early. Hope Dave doesn’t mind if I post this pic.
  197. bayfisher86

    For Sale RODS- G-Loomis, Tallus

    Calcutta sold! Any offers on the other rods?
  198. bayfisher86

    SOLD Jig Sticks -Kencor/Shimano

    That’s a STEAL on the Calcutta...wish I still lived in California
  199. bayfisher86

    For Sale RODS- G-Loomis, Tallus

    Surprised these haven’t sold! Glws
  200. bayfisher86

    Long Beach, Orange County, San Diego;

    Jason on the Dolphin was looking for a new deckhand. Check out the boats Facebook page. He just posted this “The Dolphin is looking for an experienced Deck hand fir the 2018 Season must know how to Fillet fish. Call Captain Jason 619-807-9734 if interested.” good luck and thank you for your service!
  201. bayfisher86

    Fenwick 670 130lb

    Thanks for the info Chris...and thanks for the pictures! You’ve done a great a job collecting all the pieces!
  202. bayfisher86

    Fenwick 670 130lb

    Wow! That may be one of the most impressive things I’ve ever seen! You have a great collection...IF you ever do decide to let one go please let me know...I think I’m at an even bigger disadvantage being on the west coast and trying to find one.
  203. bayfisher86

    Fenwick 670 130lb

    Ya I can make a replica but I was hoping I may come across the real deal someday...I have no intentions of using it to fish with lol
  204. bayfisher86

    Tell Me About These Jigs

    I actually had a new sealed bag of 6 of those tady 9 lights in yellow. Gave a few to friends over the years and smashed the calicos on them. I have a few other cool jigs that I can’t seem to find right now. I’m still Most curious about the Tady 6 cutback, as I’ve never come across another one.
  205. bayfisher86

    Tell Me About These Jigs

    And that means?
  206. bayfisher86

    SOLD saltiga 10h

    Totally understand...if I unload a few things before you sell it I’ll definitely message you. Thanks!
  207. bayfisher86

    SOLD saltiga 10h

    Any interest in a trade for the Calcutta? Anything you’re looking for?
  208. bayfisher86

    Fenwick 670 130lb

    A big long shot but does anyone have a Fenwick 670 130lb rod with original Mildrum guides? I’m sure most of you guys know the history of the rod.
  209. bayfisher86

    Tell Me About These Jigs

    I know there is a wealth of knowledge here on BD! Can you guys shed some light on why I have so many Pm’s For the Bartender? Prices I wouldn’t have even though about. Also really curious as to the history on that first Tady 6 with the factory cut in it
  210. bayfisher86

    Tell Me About These Jigs

    Yes I know I have some heavy pl68. I was saying that this particular jig is super light and probably weighs around 3oz. It’s a surface iron.
  211. bayfisher86

    SOLD saltiga 10h

    That DC is sooooo tempting!
  212. bayfisher86

    Tell Me About These Jigs

    I have some heavies and they’re killer but this one is super light. Might take a few hours to get to the bottom in 50 fathoms lol
  213. bayfisher86

    Tell Me About These Jigs

    Finally got a chance to dig through some of my jigs and I’m hoping you guys can shed some light on what I have. I know about a few but I’m sure you guys know more. I also have a few Tady 4/0 Lights on my wall. Jigs are not for sale since I don’t know what a fair price would be but If there is...
  214. bayfisher86

    WTB White Tiger 7x blank or custom

    What’s your budget? I have a clean first gen 7X I got direct from Joey before they hit the market. It’s custom wrapped as well
  215. bayfisher86

    SOLD Fishmaster TTop

    Will it fit on my Skeeter SX?
  216. bayfisher86

    Star man 112; iron man jigs..

    I was one of Jason’s reps for awhile and have spent a fair amount time there. LOTS of gems in that shop, and a few are now in my collection.
  217. bayfisher86

    Big ass flat falls from Fred Hall

    Just a guess but those look like they’re made by Lead Masters
  218. bayfisher86

    For Trade: Remington Derringer .41 cal. - excelent condition

    What caliber marlin are you looking for? I have a nice marlin in 44mag I may be interested in trading
  219. bayfisher86

    TRADE Newell P229F trade

    Make me an offer or a trade.worst I can say is no....if not I’ll put it back on the back on the shelf and watch it collect dust lol
  220. bayfisher86

    TRADE Newell P229F trade

    Had a few offer for sw stuff. I’m only looking for fw gear or maybe a thunnis 8000/12000
  221. bayfisher86

    Recognize These lures?

    Are they heavy or plastic? I think they’re pretty cool!
  222. bayfisher86

    TRADE Newell P229F trade

    I was waiting for you to reply lol
  223. bayfisher86

    TRADE Newell P229F trade

    I have a really nice P229F with box and some paperwork. I got this reel from someone as payment for some debt. I have not fished it. The cosmetics are 9/10 and mechanically it’s 9/10. The drags feel great. There is a little wear on the spool and a few very small nicks in the cross bar. Not...
  224. bayfisher86

    Shimano Flat Fall Red Color?

    These are from Fred Hall a few years ago when Shimano brought them from Japan. They were a promotional product just for the shows. I hadn’t thought about selling them since they’re NIB and I figured they’d go up in value. Anything’s for sale for the right price though?
  225. bayfisher86

    Shimano Flat Fall Red Color?

    I’m guessing this is what you’re looking for?
  226. bayfisher86


    Big mixed lot of excess stuff. Everything is full packs and new except the zoom mini chunks, and maybe a grub or two. The 4in grubs are 20ct, and the 6in grubs are 6ct. 7 packs Zoom Salty Super Tubes 4.25in 1 pack Zoom mini chunks 1 pack Zoom Super Salt Plus U Tale worms 2 packs Zoom Z Drop...
  227. bayfisher86

    Sennheiser HD 598

    Brand new headphones. I received these and a set of AirPods, I prefer the AirPods since I use them at work. Never even tried them on, still in the box. Stock photo from amazon of exact same pair. Can send pic of actual headphones if needed. $150 shipped
  228. bayfisher86


    Take anything in trade?
  229. bayfisher86

    WANTED teremar 100xh

    I know it isn’t close since you’re in SD but the last place I saw two new ones with tags was the rusty hook in San Pedro. May wanna give Alex a call.
  230. bayfisher86

    Ruger American Predator

    Offers? It’s just sitting in the safe
  231. bayfisher86

    NEW, never used 65 packs of bass plastic worms $80

    Can I be next if Steve backs outs? Let me know
  232. bayfisher86

    Ruger American Predator

    Guy pm’d me an offer then flaked so back to the top...gun is brand new! Someone buy this thing!
  233. bayfisher86

    FS - G. Loomis E6X MBR & Shimano Curado 200i

    Would you be willing to ship the reel?
  234. bayfisher86

    Ruger American Predator

    Bump it up. Need money for medical bills now. Been off work almost two weeks.
  235. bayfisher86

    Ruger American Predator

    Gun is brand new in box in my safe. This is a stock photo but no different than mine
  236. bayfisher86

    Ruger American Predator

    It is not a true heavy barrel, but the predator series does have a tapered semi heavy barrel
  237. bayfisher86

    Ruger American Predator

    TTT Open to cash offers or maybe the right trade for high end FW gear
  238. bayfisher86

    Rem 700 LR 300 Win

    Smoking price!!!
  239. bayfisher86

    Ruger American Predator

    It’s a great caliber but I’m all loaded down with 270 and have been shooting it too long to wanna shoot something else. Hopefully someone picks this thing up!
  240. bayfisher86

    Ruger American Predator

    Correct Leo, only produced in right hand and a very limited quantity at that.
  241. bayfisher86

    Ruger American Predator

    I have a brand new Ruger American Predator in 25-06. Gun is unfired but box is a little worn from moving. OD green synthetic stock and threaded barrel. This gun was a very limited run in this caliber, it was mainly used for a promotional sales program which is how I acquired it. Very hard to...
  242. bayfisher86

    Guns for sale

    Well of course I’d wanna go dealer to dealer but I understand! Glws!
  243. bayfisher86

    Guns for sale

    Any interest in shipping the ruger?
  244. bayfisher86

    What are these used for???

    THe two bottom lures are called Gotcha Jigs. They are east coast lures used mainly for Sierra mackerel, bluefish, and Little tunny. Joey was spot on!
  245. bayfisher86

    Lobster taxidermy

    Try Bill Taylor Taxidermy in fountain valley. Look him up online
  246. bayfisher86

    Tiagra 30W LR

    sold with payment pending
  247. bayfisher86

    Brand New Hats

    Here is a collection of 25 hats that are all new with tags. None have ever been worn, and have been stored in a sealed rubbermaid container. They are from my previous line of work and I'd like to get rid of them as I have enough hats already. I did my best to take pics showing them all but I can...
  248. bayfisher86

    Gone. Yellowfin Tuna Mount

    If you wanna drive it to Arizona I'll take it lol I wish this was for sale before I moved. Great price for that mount and easy to repair.
  249. bayfisher86

    Where to purchase Max Cuatro spectra ?

    Turners on Hawthorne carries it in bulk in both yellow and green
  250. bayfisher86

    Shamrock CC

    That thing is sweet! I've always loved those keel drive shamrocks. Wish I still lived in California, this would be gone! GLWS!
  251. bayfisher86

    Tiagra 30W LR

    Offer up!
  252. bayfisher86

    Tiagra 30W LR

    One more bump for BD $425 shipped OBO
  253. bayfisher86

    Galley Grub

    I cooked for a few years on sportboats and the one easy thing to have in the galley that people over look is a rice cooker. If I had to do it now a days I would have something like an Instant Pot, I use mine 2-3x a week at home. It's a pressure cooker device that does so much more. You could...
  254. bayfisher86

    Tiagra 30W LR

    Make me an offer guys....she's getting no use in Az.
  255. bayfisher86

    Tiagra 30W LR

    Bluefin ready guys!
  256. bayfisher86

    Stradic FK Question

  257. bayfisher86

    Wtb older teramar or calcutta rods

    I know it's not close but Mako Matts Marine in Huntington Beach had some NOS Calcutta rods awhile back. Give him a call, they are definitely a rare find. I woulda grabbed them but I have the few I want
  258. bayfisher86

    Tiagra 30W LR

    Tiagra 30W LRS spooled pretty much full of 100# Hollow Ace (700yds I think). Line has been in the water one time. Reel has been used half a dozen times. There's a few small nicks as you can see in the pictures. Mechanically it's perfect. Please look at the pics to see the cosmetics. Looking to...
  259. bayfisher86

    Humminbird 718 FF

  260. bayfisher86

    Newell 220/229/338

    TTT Any offers?
  261. bayfisher86

    Newell 220/229/338

    TTT $310 shipped
  262. bayfisher86

    Newell 220/229/338

    Price Drop! $333 shipped for all 3!
  263. bayfisher86

    Newell 220/229/338

    Newell C220-5 well used not hammered, has p-series handle, spins great, drag feels ok. Has non factory clamp Newell G229-5 well used not hammered, has a g series 220 right side plate, metal clicker and bearing cap, missing one screw on left side plate. Spins great probably needs drags. Studs but...
  264. bayfisher86

    Daiwa Saltist AR Rod

    TTT.....last chance before eBay
  265. bayfisher86

    Daiwa Saltist AR Rod

    TTT Any offers or trades? I really have no use for it
  266. bayfisher86

    Wanted: Shimano Calcutta 812 XFA Fishing Rod

    Dave I have the 7'6" version in great shape. I had to replace the tip due to a cracked insert though. Pm me if interested
  267. bayfisher86

    Shimano/Misc Jigs

    Rob they're sold and shipped already, I'll let you know if I come across any more
  268. bayfisher86

    Garmin 740s

    Transducer included?
  269. bayfisher86

    Daiwa Saltist AR Rod

    Haha I've got other gear ready for big flatheads during the summer nights! Just want someone to put it to good use
  270. bayfisher86

    Daiwa Saltist AR Rod

    Make me an offer or a trade?
  271. bayfisher86

    Shimano/Misc Jigs

    Sold pending payment
  272. bayfisher86

    Shimano/Misc Jigs

    The weight of what jigs? The pink/gold butterfly is 10 ounces, the long silver bomber is 8 ounces, all the white jigs are like 3.5 ounces, the green braids are all 2 ounces. The other two butterfly jigs are like 3.5 ounces. The green shimanos are 2.5 ounces
  273. bayfisher86

    Shimano/Misc Jigs

    13 Shimano jigs, 1 big Bomber Jig and 3 Braid Slammer Jigs. All jigs are NIB. What you see is what you get. Jigs range from 2 ounces to 10 ounces. $110 shipped to your door!
  274. bayfisher86

    Daiwa Saltist AR Rod

    Brand new with tags Daiwa Saltist STW60XXHF-AR. 6' 80-135lb all AftCo Rollers $229 msrp Sell $150 OBO or trade for Low Profile freshwater reels and smaller spinning reels for freshwater. Rod is in Arizona, I'll split shipping with full price offer...
  275. bayfisher86

    Fish ID?

    Shiner Perch
  276. bayfisher86

    Bass reels for sale

    Oh bummer man! I've got quite a bit of stuff. I'm at work now but I'll look when I get home. I'll pm you my number
  277. bayfisher86

    Bass reels for sale

    Hey Jeff, I feel like we did business awhile for a deps 175, but I could be mistaken. Anyways I'm in Arizona now however I wouldn be very interested in trading for your chronarchs. Are you looking for saltwater reels? Rods? Lures? You can pm if you like. I can ship or maybe able to arrange pickup
  278. bayfisher86

    Aquasport 17 CC

    That's badass!
  279. bayfisher86

    Truline TNT Factory

    That's a hell of a find man, saw it on Facebook today. That thing is in excellent condition. You don't see them much cleaner then that!
  280. bayfisher86

    Bass reels for sale

    Interested in any type of trades for the chronarchs?
  281. bayfisher86

    WTB Shimano Chronarch D5/D7

    Kevin, What are willing to spend? I have a D7 that is in 95%+ condition. It was brand new when I got it and it's been used for two days of frog fishing and that's it.
  282. bayfisher86

    Fisherman's Depot?

    Garritty is pretty spot on with the current state of the shop. Moes sons will be taking over for now and doing their best to get everyone back their rods and deposits. They will be doing a full inventory of all rods in the shop and will be making sure only people with a ticket will Get their...
  283. bayfisher86

    Fisherman's Depot?

    Guys I really need you to be patient. I know it's been a few days but nothing happens on the weekends with the legal system. I have not been able to make direct contact with Moe yet, however it seems the lawyers are making things difficult as to the property in the shop. I am trying to figure...
  284. bayfisher86

    Fisherman's Depot?

    Ok guys so you've read the news article, and have a small piece of what's going on. Moe was in a bad situation and it will take some time to get everything figured out. He is the owner and was pretty much the only employee. I will be helping to get some things resolved with rods, and deposits...
  285. bayfisher86

    Flip flops

    Aftco Beachcombers are awesome sandles, been wearing them on my skiff 18 months and they're pretty bullet proof. No slipping and sliding. $50! You can go big and buy Olukais which are probably the best on the market but run $100+
  286. bayfisher86

    Dolphin/Whale Handcrafted Mug/platter set-Price reduced

    Wayne, What are you looking for in trade? Rods, reels, ammo? I'm up in Orange County but I love the stuff so let's work out a trade that's great for both of us
  287. bayfisher86


    Dick! I wanted that
  288. bayfisher86

    1980 17ft Whaler Montauk - rebuild - finally done...

    Your stern light is one of my favorite things about your boat. That may be an idea that I have to steal, can I ask how you ran the wiring?
  289. bayfisher86

    Leaning post

    I can see them fine, I'm interested in will be measuring my boat tomorrow
  290. bayfisher86

    Trinidad 14A PowerPro Maxcautro

    Eric, I've been fishing 65# Maxcuatro on my trini since February, and I have zero complaints. It's been my go to rig pretty much all year. I was able to pack 340yds of 65# on it with room for about a 15-20yd top shot of 20-25lb. You will be able to get 25%ish more line then what the reel specs...
  291. bayfisher86

    Shimano at Bassathon 2015

    This year was a great event, thanks to all the customers that came out to show some support! Some guys walked away with some smoking deals! Hope to see you guys next year!
  292. bayfisher86

    Huge Marlin on Pacific Voyager

    There's no debate now after the video has been posted. That is wreck less, stupid, an dangerous beyond belief. Without a doubt that thing would have eaten a bait, especially if it was eating a tuna on a gaff! It really sickens me to watch this video, and to hear these so called "deckhands"...
  293. bayfisher86

    Huge Marlin on Pacific Voyager

    Yes I agree, my response was catered to the fact I believe it was caught on rod and reel. I think it's pretty sad they baited it with a tuna on a gaff and then stuck it with seven gaffs. That is a horrible example of SPORTfishing that they showed their passengers, not to mention it was reckless...
  294. bayfisher86

    Huge Marlin on Pacific Voyager

    No, and I didn't get the memo either. It's ok not to release because it's well within his legal right to keep it. I'm so sick of hearing people gripe about killing Marlin. Why aren't you guys bitching about all the wahoo being killed? I killed a wahoo a few weeks ago, is that wrong? They're...
  295. bayfisher86

    Hard SwimBaits/Deps 175

    Anytime Jeff. Let me know if you need anything else!
  296. bayfisher86

    WTB Torsa

    That is correct, they do not have a website. Last time I was there they had every size Torsa available. 16n,16,20,30,and 40. I believe they had them for $499.99. I'm not sure if they normally ship but call and ask for Bobby, im sure he'd be willing to work with you.
  297. bayfisher86

    WTB Torsa

    Johnnys Sport Shop in Pasadena has a full line of them at a discounted price. Call them up and see how low the pricing is.
  298. bayfisher86

    Hard SwimBaits/Deps 175

    Looking for cash only right now, unless you have something very unique to trade. I don't use PayPal so if you wanna mail a check and pay shipping then sure why not
  299. bayfisher86

    Hard SwimBaits/Deps 175

    Deps Slide Swimmer 175 Stocker Trout(I Think) Never Thrown, no box, retail $119.99 asking $75 River-2-Sea S-Waver 200's in Party Crasher-Both NIB- Retail $45.99 asking $30ea River-2-Sea Kong 168's- Both Floating-Perch and Silver Shad- $15 each River-2-Sea Kong 230's (Would Make Great LMB...
  300. bayfisher86

    NIB Newell S533-5.5 x 2

    I have 2 NIB Newell S533-5.5 for sale. One has the standard Made in USA sticker on the box, and the other has the Made in Valley, Ca sticker on the box. That is how they will be differentiated. The both has stainless bearing caps, and clamps. I believe they both have all the original paperwork...
  301. bayfisher86

    18' Oregon Dory project

    You as well mike, I'll be in touch. Looking forwarded to getting it finished for next season. Should be a fun winter project as long as it doesn't rain the whole time.
  302. bayfisher86

    18' Oregon Dory project

    I'll call you later and do my best to come look at it tomorrow. I'm not far from you at all. I'll let you guys know what I find out. I can't see any reason as to why I won't be picking this thing up. Just shifting a few things around storage wise
  303. bayfisher86

    18' Oregon Dory project

    How much do you believe is left to do? Seems like it would be difficult to finish the boat because you had a very specific plan and vision on what to do and how it would come out. I like the boat as I used to own one very similar to it. I am interested in but concerned with not being able to...
  304. bayfisher86


    Pm me an offer and we'll go from there
  305. bayfisher86


    I would sell mine for the right price. 670 never wrapped with sticker
  306. bayfisher86

    1990 calibogie skiff Price reduction 4800 SOLD

    I dig that thing and I'm interested. Curious to know if you have had anyone else look at the motor?
  307. bayfisher86

    Counterfeit Power Pro

    I wasn't trying to be argumentative. I think it's safe that these companies do this overseas and it's almost impossible to catch them or do anything through the correct legal channels because they are overseas. Stick to buying Power Pro at your favorite local retailer an you should never have...
  308. bayfisher86

    Counterfeit Power Pro

    Power Pro is made in the USA. Do a little research before you make an assumption about one of the few remaining companies keeping their production here.
  309. bayfisher86

    WTB Tiburon mag kit for TLD30

    Call Johnnys Sport Shop in Pasadena. I believe they still have some 20 and 30 kits in stock
  310. bayfisher86


    I'll take the megabait, I Facebook messaged you
  311. bayfisher86


    I have an original unwrapped 670 with sticker still on the blank, what's it worth?
  312. bayfisher86

    San Diego fly and light tackle info request

    Call the guys at The Fly Stop in La Jolla. That's exactly what they do
  313. bayfisher86

    Terez Rail Rod

    The 7'4" rods were discontinued, and a new 7'2" rod was released at ICast this year. There is an XH and a XXH but they are going to be a little much for a 60# rig.
  314. bayfisher86

    8/14 Offsore Morning Run

    There's plenty of info in there! What ever happened to going and finding your own fish? I mean come on, do you expect exact gps numbers? If he gave those and then you didn't catch fish exactly right there you'd all be bitchin that he gave bad info. Just go fish and quit bitchin'!
  315. bayfisher86

    Looking for tackle backpack

    Shimano Blackmoon is the way to go!
  316. bayfisher86

    Newport 8-3 late trip

    i'd love to see the video but can't seem to watch it on my ipad or my laptop. Am I missing something?
  317. bayfisher86

    Ready to cut some fish, new fish cleaning station

    Weston makes some of the best vac sealers on the market, food saver is really nothing but a name. That Pro 2300 is awesome, the fillet table looks great. Congrats on the killer processing station! Can I ask where your wife bought the Weston 2300 at?
  318. bayfisher86

    New ShimAno West Coast Teramar Rods

    There was an old west coast 100xh at fishermans hardware in hunting beach a few weeks ago. Callem' up and see if it's still there
  319. bayfisher86

    WTB Shimano Curado I lefty

    That's a steal for a Metanium! Problem is you can't fish anything else once you fish one, they are amazing!!!
  320. bayfisher86

    Promar NE-738 Bait Motel

    I have a brand new promar bait motel, it's still in original packaging. The factory label did rip off at some point. It's 36in wide by 38in deep, and hold 165 gallons from what I found online. They retail for $90, how about $50 OBO ? Pick it up near 405/55
  321. bayfisher86

    WTB Shimano tescata

    There is an 8ft Tescata at Last Chance Bait and Tackle in Hemet. I'm not sure exactly what the rating was but Megan did have one. They do ship, I would give her a call and have her check the rating. It may be your only chance to find one brand new.
  322. bayfisher86

    Metaloid 5II/SWBR957

    How about $225 for the G.Loomis, and $190 picked up for the Metaloid?
  323. bayfisher86

    Metaloid 5II/SWBR957

    Bump it up! Make an offer guys, would just like to move these items.
  324. bayfisher86

    WTB Torsa 16,20 or 30

    Johnnys Sport Shop in Pasadena has every Torsa model NIB on the shelf. Give them a call, Bob is a great guy an I'm sure he would like to get rid of one.
  325. bayfisher86

    Metaloid 5II/SWBR957

    Okuma Metaloid 5II Cosmetically 9+/10 Mechanically 10/10 No Box. Filled with 50lb Seaguar Threadlock. Used 2x I think. Pretty much brand new $200 OBO G.Loomis SWBR957 Rated 25-60 & 4-10oz The "Monster" Swimbait rod. Used 1x, flex coat on first guide has a small crack. One light coat would make...
  326. bayfisher86

    Sabre Pychedelic Blank and Kencor Zebra Rod FS

    I have a sabre psychedelic already, are you positive that your blank is 6'6"?? Mine is a 670 which is a 7 footer. If yours is indeed different I may be interested in adding it to the collection.
  327. bayfisher86

    Double Rod Riggers

    How tall are those? Wanna trade something or are you looking for cash only?
  328. bayfisher86

    14' Gregor upgrade

    I'll be following this closely and look forward to see your progress. I am looking for a small skiff for future use as well.
  329. bayfisher86

    Malibu x factor 14.

    Got any pics? Any idea on price?
  330. bayfisher86

    Best Casting Braid?

    Power Pro Super Slick 8!
  331. bayfisher86

    Dana Point OPAH!!!

    Welcome to the club!!! Epic catch on the bass rod, you will never eat a better tasting fish!
  332. bayfisher86

    A must see for every boat owner! How to remove a fish hook video!

    Bolt cutters definitely would have helped. Ive been looking for a good smaller pair to keep on the boat
  333. bayfisher86

    A must see for every boat owner! How to remove a fish hook video!

    Buried an X-Rap 20 with brand new Owner 4x trebles on it in my arm a few weeks ago at the barge. The removal trick wasnt gonna work, so myself an Zach(Newports Bait Attendant) spent 45min with a knife widening the hole an sliding it out backwards. Not exactly fun!
  334. bayfisher86

    The $3500 BD Deal

    Where did you get your windshield made, and what did it cost if you dont mind me asking?? Ive been looking an cant find a place anywhere
  335. bayfisher86

    Rods That Gotta Go

    Updated 9/1- pick up today for cheap!!! Ulua, 6470, TLD 15 all lowered! Need my opah mount:)
  336. bayfisher86

    Rods That Gotta Go

    To the top.everything still available.make an offer on any of it guys. My taxidermist is waiting to start my Opah :)
  337. bayfisher86

    Rods That Gotta Go

    Gunnyslinger, i asked for everyone to PM me so i can be fair with who wants what and who PM's me first.
  338. bayfisher86

    Rods That Gotta Go

    Im trying to scrounge up some cash to get my Opah mounted. All prices are OBO but they're pretty cheap to begin with. PICK UP ONLY ON ALL ITEMS. ORANGE COUNTY 405/55 AREA Please send me a PM if there is anything you want to offer or are looking for. I have A NIB Newell S533-5.5 that i am...
  339. bayfisher86

    Oceanside 7/13

    Did you get bait from Oceanside? Thanks for your info Eric, just debating on whether its worth the run tomorrow or not, in my small skiff
  340. bayfisher86

    Oceanside 7/13

    How was the wind/swell out there? Looking at leavin in the AM in my 17' skiff.
  341. bayfisher86

    7/13 YFT limits and lot of YT on the Swell Chaser 425/371

    Great Score!! How was the wind/swell? Thinkin of leavin oceanside in the AM in my 17' an looking around the 20miles mark.
  342. bayfisher86

    Someone pinch me, I must be dreaming

    Report of the week never crossed my mind, but thats awesome! Thanks!!! I just wanted to share my story, as far as the video thing. No, i got a good chunk of the fight as well as the bite an hookset. Ive watched it 50x atleast. Lol. I would have loved to get the fish on video but it wasn't meant...
  343. bayfisher86

    Someone pinch me, I must be dreaming

    Thanks for all the kind words guys! It was a special fish for me, an now everyone gets to know how it all took place. Im out doin some C&R mako fishing solo right now. When you got the itch, ya gotta scratch it!
  344. bayfisher86

    Someone pinch me, I must be dreaming

    The BAC is the Balboa Angling Club in Newport Beach. Its a great organization to be a member of. One of the members here Bud B just posted a link to a thread thst he dud a few years ago in how to fillet an opah. It was a long tedious process an im sure i missed some meat but there was a lot of...
  345. bayfisher86

    Someone pinch me, I must be dreaming

    The feeling of doing it solo may have been the best part! Its hardto keep the motivation but the feeling if success always makes it worth it! The fish was delicious, plus i got to feed 30 people that have never tried it before. They all loved it!
  346. bayfisher86

    Someone pinch me, I must be dreaming

    LowellD, sorry about that! I was really thankful JD closed up his shop and came across the bay to weigh my fish. Mike, Jimmy, and JD are all what fishing is about. They helped a fellow fisherman in his time of need. I know the karma gods were watching, and hopefully some day I can return the favor.
  347. bayfisher86

    Someone pinch me, I must be dreaming

    Yes, I shared the fish with all the guys at Turners in Fountain Valley and my whole team in Signal Hill. Gotta keep the karma train alive and well. The fish was delicious and yielded quite a bit of meat. I'm glad you all enjoyed the story, my goal was to make you feel like you were there. First...
  348. bayfisher86

    Someone pinch me, I must be dreaming

    Jonathan, thats the only thing that would have gotten me more excited. A sword is at the top of my bucket list, but not some Texas or Florida Swordfish. I want a SoCal Sword! That popped into my head a few times while fighting the fish, but i didn't wanna jinx myself so I pushed the thought out...
  349. bayfisher86

    Someone pinch me, I must be dreaming

    The fighting pics are off my go pro, i was able to screen shot them. I only got 17min of the fight, then it died. I forgot to charge it the night before. I got the whole bite on film, but I'm using the GF's new mac and have no idea how to crop the video or post it using this thing lol... I will...
  350. bayfisher86

    Someone pinch me, I must be dreaming

    This is gonna be a long story...I had a friend lined up to go fishing with me Sunday, June 1st at 4:30am. He ended up bailing on me late Saturday night, so I called another buddy and offered to take him out Sunday morning. He ended up texting me about an hour before he was supposed to be here...
  351. bayfisher86

    FS: Brand New w/ tags Shimano Dryfender 3T Bib - size XL, Charcoal Grey

    These bibs are the shit! I've had my bibs/jacket for 2 years and they are some of the best on the market. Very light an extremely dry! Bump for a great price!
  352. bayfisher86

    14' Carolina skiff

    Free bump for a bitchin skiff with some excellent work done. If i didnt have a 16 im workin on she'd be sold!
  353. bayfisher86

    Aluminum T-TOP with 4 rocket launchers and T-bag $525.00

    Awesome, thanks for the the quick response. Ill check my boat an see if she fits. Would you be interested in any type of trade or trade plus cash? Guns, ammo, or fishing tackle? Just figured id ask, cuz ya never know!
  354. bayfisher86

    Aluminum T-TOP with 4 rocket launchers and T-bag $525.00

    Got any dimensions on the top or the base? What do you think it weighs? Im very interested..what cross streets in HB?
  355. bayfisher86

    Fiberglassing supplies and ?

    Just wanted to say thanks to the guys offering help an their knowledge so far. As far as fiberglass i went down to a place i used to but supplies went working on sportboats. Basin Marine down in newport is a small shop with all the essentials. I cut some templates for the kill box today. Once i...
  356. bayfisher86


    Whats the width of the bases?
  357. bayfisher86

    Fiberglassing supplies and ?

    So if Crystaliner isnt there, is Revchem the same type of place?
  358. bayfisher86

    Fiberglassing supplies and ?

    I'm going to be building a small box forward of my center console. I was going to frame it with 3/8 marine ply. The back of the box is goin to be the front side of my console. I need to glass it to my console an then i want to glass it to my deck to keep water from gettin underneath. I was...
  359. bayfisher86

    New Windshield/Bow Rail-Where?

    Fishbones, Do you mind me asking how big a sheet you bought an what it cost you?
  360. bayfisher86

    New Windshield/Bow Rail-Where?

    I will give Railmakers a call! Thank you for the suggestion. I did go through and read your post and it gave me some great ideas. My last windshield cracked and i would like to make my new one out of something heavy like 1/2in lexan to avoid it cracking or fading. Any idea where i can pick up...
  361. bayfisher86

    New Windshield/Bow Rail-Where?

    Looking for some help and to keep my money in the BD community. Im doing a full restoration on my very cool an rare for the west coast 17ft Alcar CC. Im looking to have a new plexi winshield made and also a bow rail an possibly a few short grab rails. Anybody have any good recommendations as to...
  362. bayfisher86

    boat seats

    Ill take them, im up in orange county. I just want to find a way to get them. Can you pm me?
  363. bayfisher86

    sabre psychedelic

    Can you post pics of the blank? Very interested
  364. bayfisher86

    For Sale: Diawa Sealine SLD 30 II

    Where are you located? If local an we can make arrangements with this crazy week coming up id like first dibs
  365. bayfisher86

    Newell reels/goodies

    Is the 220-f logo on the side an actual logo for that 220 prototype levelwind?It almost looks like a printed label. Are you willing to budge on that price at all? How is it mechanically? Im very interested
  366. bayfisher86

    Fish Mounts - Yellowtail, Dorado, Blue Marlin, Albacore, Roster Fish and AmberJack

    Whats wrong with the Amberjack? Is it just a paint issue or is it broken an chipped? I can repaint it
  367. bayfisher86

    Local Kayak Fishing!

    I called an tried to book a weekend with him, and he said thanks to the support of BloodyDecks he's booked solid! Thanks a lot guys!
  368. bayfisher86

    Local Kayak Fishing!

    Just found this guy on craigslist, thought someone might wanna hire this clown! I thought i'd seen it all....
  369. bayfisher86

    Rob building supplies in long beach

    Fishermans Depot in Bellflower, right off the 91&Bellflower. Moe is the man. He has a great and anything you need for custom rods
  370. bayfisher86

    boat stuff

    Do you have pics an dinensions of the windshield? Mine's cracked an i could use a new one
  371. bayfisher86

    19 Foot Trophy Center Console W/ 115 Mercury Optimax

    What is the asking price, or am i missing it?
  372. bayfisher86

    1987 Bayliner Trophy 2160 $10,450

    Pics please! Is this boat located in Fresno?
  373. bayfisher86

    Anchor, found for sale

    Newport reef last week, had a yellow energizer flashlight tied to the rope. I spent an hour trying to get it out. First one ive ever lost. If this is it please pm me
  374. bayfisher86 Thresher bait tank

    What gph is the boat? Are all the parts there to rig an fish? Im interested
  375. bayfisher86

    25HP Longshaft Johnson

    25in shaft length?
  376. bayfisher86

    Seeker Inshore Series rod Graphite

    Are you ever up in orange county?
  377. bayfisher86

    Seeker blank

    Where in OC are you located? Ill take it depending on location
  378. bayfisher86


    11 Reservations so far. 4 more to go! I'll be there! The weather looks pretty good, and a light load. Tommy is on the bluefin right now! Lets make this trip happen!
  379. bayfisher86

    Daveys 5am half day never again

    This thread is dead! He's not gonna listen or reply so it doesnt really matter anymore.
  380. bayfisher86

    Mostly monsters w/ a PB 7.42lb 24" BIGRED

    You think it's gonna make a difference to this guy? Nope, or else he already woulda had one on the boat. Maybe you'd know what were gonna keep an kill BEFORE you went fishing. I have a copy of the boat at all times, as well as an mlpa map.
  381. bayfisher86

    Mostly monsters w/ a PB 7.42lb 24" BIGRED

    Let me blur out the face of the angler holding the fish,an we'll get a consensus on the species. Although i KNOW its a cow!
  382. bayfisher86

    Mostly monsters w/ a PB 7.42lb 24" BIGRED

    Ignorance is no excuse. I saved the pics if anyone's interested :)
  383. bayfisher86

    Mostly monsters w/ a PB 7.42lb 24" BIGRED

    Thats a huge "red" fish..... Thankfully i've got a bag of white cheddar in cupboard;)
  384. bayfisher86

    30+ Large Rockfish, 12 pound halibut, Spotties, and more

    I know it's your legal right, and i respect that. To each his own(within the law), but with a table full of good eating cod, and a nice halibut, why would you feel the need to kill 6 spotted bay bass out of the bay? I just dont get it? Did you really not think you'd have enough fish? I rough...
  385. bayfisher86

    Collectors .45 Long Colt

    Who is the firearm manufacturer? Looks like a Colt SAA or possibly a Ruger Vaquero?
  386. bayfisher86

    International 50tw 2 Speeded

    Pm me your cell number, i dont know to post pics from my new phone yet
  387. bayfisher86

    International 50tw 2 Speeded

    Btt! Willing to trade for some higher quality bass reels? Picked up a tiagra 30 so this is sitting. Really looking for something useful. Trade offers?
  388. bayfisher86

    Unwanted boat and trailer- free?

    Hey guys, Thursday or friday ill be gettin my boat back, its a 16ft commercial dory boat and heavy duty trailer , i had the motor pulled off. I have the registration for both but cant find the titles. I do not want or need them any longer, i dont think i can donate them without the titles, so...
  389. bayfisher86

    International 50tw 2 Speeded

    Anyone wanna pick it up for $300?
  390. bayfisher86

    International 50tw 2 Speeded

    Penn international 50TW that has been 2 Speeded. I bought it from an older long range guy that moved outta state. I fished threshers with it one time and the drags feel great. Its not perfect cosmetically but functions great. PRICE $325 Can text pics
  391. bayfisher86

    15hp. Evinrude short shaft $300.00

    What are you looking for in trade if Mike decides not to take it?
  392. bayfisher86

    CZ 97 45acp.

    Sold awhile ago. Never updated. Sorry
  393. bayfisher86

    Ink Deck, mass of destruction, and overkill 9/22/11

    Two years ago in newport when we got the giant 40lbers newport beach had just replaced all the concrete etc around newport landing, daveys, and towards the pier parking lot. With people dragging sacks of squid it stained and ruined a lot of the concrete. They were down there writing citations to...
  394. bayfisher86

    New Shimano Tiralejo to trades for something i can use? I dont surf fish anymore
  395. bayfisher86

    New Shimano Tiralejo

    Shimano Tiralejo TRC-110MH2 brand new, tags and wrapper still on. I had a 10ft and these are bad ass surf rods. 11ft 17-40lb mono and 30-80lb braid rating. Got it as a gift and dont need it. MSRP $319.99 . Id like $200 obo or trade for..??? I dont know what i need, but shoot me some pms with...
  396. bayfisher86


    Ill takem. I have a lot of older topwater an such that are rusted out...i dont normally take things for free but i appreciate the good karma ill make sure to pass it on..maybe when your down my way i can hook you up with a six pack?
  397. bayfisher86

    Newell s220-5 and 2 Daiwa 30's

    Can i get pics of the SLT30s? Im very interested in picking them both up.
  398. bayfisher86

    threashers off oside pier

    Damn right it is! I mean if there was three anglers then i think thats a phenomenal buddy and i have caught more then our fair share off a pier. And it really is a great feeling, especially since we own two boats. Its nice not having to launch the boat,make bait,troll around or soak...
  399. bayfisher86

    What is this???

    What was the voltage on that one? Thats definitely one of the bigger models ive seen
  400. bayfisher86

    threashers off oside pier

    Id say those are more like 80lb class maybe a lil more. But why kill three?? I just dont get the point of it but its better then killing great whites and 20lbers like HB pier
  401. bayfisher86

    looking for stainless rails???

    Ya ive been there about ten times the past few months and they have tones of bow rails and really long stuff.but nothing i can use
  402. bayfisher86

    looking for stainless rails???

    Rod holders or no holders it doesnt matter. I just need to be able to bold them down just like the one in the pic [/IMG]
  403. bayfisher86

    looking for stainless rails???

    Ok guys i have a late 60's dory boat that came from the newport fleet by the pier. Its a badass rig and i love it. Leaks a lil cuz its wood but shes a champ..I picked it up cheap and its got a BRAND new yamaha 50hp 4 stroke on it. Ive got her pretty much dialed but i need 2 pieces of 12in...
  404. bayfisher86

    Tell the difference of fish on fish finder

    After being a deckhand almost 10yrs I get thrown for a loop occasionally when reading a ff. Absolutely nothing beats experience. But that takes time. I think one of the most beneficial things you can do is go to the seminar that Mark Wisch puts on. The man has talent, and it would be a great...
  405. bayfisher86

    Humminbird 768 GPS/Fishfinder Combo

    I could put that to use. Looking for anything in trade? Maybe trade and some cash?
  406. bayfisher86

    Furuno 1622 radar and Furuno FCV-600L sounder

    I'm interested in the sounder. Is the transducer a thru hull or a transom mount?
  407. bayfisher86

    Furuno 1622 radar and Furuno FCV-600L sounder

    Any interest in selling the sounder separately? If so, how much?
  408. bayfisher86

    humminbird or garmin???

    Looking at a new Humminbird 597ci hd di combo or a garmin 541s combo unit. Will be mainly local fishing with maybe a lil island and freshwater use. I don't NEED the down imagin but I can get the units for the same price. So I'm wondering wat your guys opinion is. The humminbird does look a...
  409. bayfisher86

    Truline D8 and Ulua CEX

    Do you know how much from each end was cut off the ulua? Like 2in from the tip and 4in from the butt?
  410. bayfisher86


    Oh come on guys.I'm not one to bust someones balls.but look at the eye in the first pic.its all white an glazed over. And look at the gills in the second pic. White with absolutely no blood at all. I call BS. Sorry but that was a dead fish found floating or on the rocks.
  411. bayfisher86

    18 f robalo 4500OBO trade for truline rods?

    Id like to possibly come look at it. Anymore info on that motor? What kinda electronics etc? How many hours on the motor? Give us some details please.I like the rig
  412. bayfisher86

    2000 16ft 5inch Crestliner Right side console

    Do u have still have this rig? Wat kinda shape is the trailer in? Id like as much info as u can give if its still available.
  413. bayfisher86

    New in crate 25hp johnson outboard

    Wats the shaft length? Got an idea on year? Open to maybe some cash an trade?
  414. bayfisher86

    West Marine VHF650 Marine Radio

    Sorry works killing me.ill look through my reel bags an see wat i can part with. Just bought my first boat so this would be a great addition
  415. bayfisher86

    West Marine VHF650 Marine Radio

    Looking for any reels in trade possibly?
  416. bayfisher86

    CZ 97 45acp.

    PM your email for pix.make me an offer guys
  417. bayfisher86

    CZ 97 45acp.

    Pm your email Greg.i just took some.idk how to post pix with this new droid phone.but email is no prob
  418. bayfisher86

    CZ 97 45acp.

    Make an offer.i need to this to go for another project
  419. bayfisher86

    CZ 97 45acp.

    CZ 97 45acp. One mag, soft case. Lighter walnut grips.good shape.80-85% condition. Retails almost $800. looking for $575obo. Buyer pays transfer.located in Orange.willing to meet within reasonable distance for transfer.not gona drive 40miles though. Post or pm email for shooting shotguns...
  420. bayfisher86

    3 Shimano Calcutta 400 TE

    Ken, are you lookin for anything in trade? as far as other fishing gear you could use. i could use one but im a lil tight on cash
  421. bayfisher86

    shikari 6'8"ML casting rod. 3.5oz! $80

    looking for anything in trade by chance Vincent?
  422. bayfisher86

    Larger TV and Stand

    Just got my own place and am real tight on looking for a larger tv..say 30" or bigger and a stand for it as well...have quite a large assortment of fishing gear to trade.doesnt need to be a new $2000 HD beast of a tv lol but looking for something with a clear picture and working(...
  423. bayfisher86

    JIGsTRIKE wins Church Mouse Yellowtail at Catalina

    Obymako is the man! that man has it in his blood! Nice yellow!
  424. bayfisher86

    WTB Benelli M2 Field 12ga 28" or possibly a Vinci M2 American on sale at 899... just throwing it out there
  425. bayfisher86

    Sig 225 Compact

    although, they can charge you as much as they want for a Ca DOJ approved cable or trigger lock...and there are even a few shady stores that will try and charge you a storage fee.and yes it is legal for them to do so
  426. bayfisher86

    Like New Car Sound System! subwoofers, amplifier, and high quality sealed box.

    did u ever run the subs to full capacity? what are the external dimensions of the box? wondering if it will fit well in my SUV. Also, are you interested in trading for any fishing or hunting car?or as partial payment?
  427. bayfisher86

    ultimate zombie killer, ammo, guns, misc gear

    what are you asking for the winchester value box of 380 and/or the 40s&w?
  428. bayfisher86

    Free Heavy duty Plastic pallets / skids

    how many do you have? est?
  429. bayfisher86

    Shimano Tiralejo

    rod was sold months ago...and no i wouldnt have let it go for 100 bucks..thats 200 below retail and it was BRAND new but thanks
  430. bayfisher86

    5 MPG Pilot House C-dory $15K

    i have a buddy they may be interested....can u post up a few more pix of the interior of the cabin and general deck layout? thanks!
  431. bayfisher86

    HK USP Expert

    $1,100 or trade?
  432. bayfisher86

    HK USP Expert

    accepting offers....relatively motivated to just sitting in the safe...would also be interested in a 45/70 guide gun plus cash
  433. bayfisher86

    HK USP Expert

    Sorry Jimmy, its in i said OBO on the price..and MIGHT be willing to trade for the right bow plus some cash
  434. bayfisher86

    HK USP Expert

    Just put mine up on the Hunting gear For Sale board...just figured i might get a lil more traffic here...thanks
  435. bayfisher86

    HK USP Expert

    Brand new in box! only factory round fired through it...has ALL original materials( 2 mags, lock, hk info and manuals, replacement o-rings) Would like to get a either a 629 Mountain Gun in 44mag or a Smith Trail Boss un-fluted cylinder and blue in 44mag PLUS cash.....that would be ideal...if...
  436. Mardiosa Seabass Slaughter

    Mardiosa Seabass Slaughter

  437. Pier Thresher

    Pier Thresher

  438. Mako


  439. hk2


  440. hk


  441. hk3


  442. My Life

    My Life

  443. bayfisher86


    looking for anything in trade by chance?
  444. bayfisher86

    Nados = Yellows 6/17

    did u guys catch any fish on the jig? thinking about driving down monday and either jumpin on the San Diego or the Mission Belle
  445. bayfisher86

    PENN International 16 II

    looking for anything in trade by chance?
  446. bayfisher86

    Saltist and Excelers ON SALE

    ok and??? i was just letting you guys know about the sale......we have stores in san diego and there isnt an Anglers Center down there.....where should they go?
  447. bayfisher86

    Saltist and Excelers ON SALE

    Guys i work at Turners in Orange and we just found out that friday 5-21 we are putting the Daiwa Saltist STAR Drag reels and the Exceler spinning reels on sale...EVERY Saltist is $50 bucks off retail. and every Exceler is $ to stock on hand.. just wanted to give you guys a heads up...
  448. bayfisher86

    Thresher 5/14/2010

    you guys bust this guys balls for killin an 80lber but praise the guy that kills the 400 thats broodstock and a breeder, and was most likely full of pups...that makes no sense..especially a 400lb mouth hooked fished that im sure had a good chance of survival...why is every year around this time...
  449. bayfisher86

    7lb Spottie?

    brad does that fish REALLY look like its 7+lbs? not doubting the couch, but it really doesnt look like a 7llb fish.......
  450. bayfisher86

    Albackore Bag and swimbaits

    make me a better on the nates bait andrew and i might bite hahahaha..i think i can make room in the swimbait box for it
  451. bayfisher86

    Free Min. free for all

    where is your ranch and what days?
  452. bayfisher86

    sebile lure collection

    where are you located? im not familiar with la mesa? may be interested
  453. bayfisher86

    '97 Dodge Ram 1500 lifted

    got any pics? buddy is looking for a truck to keep up at his cabin.
  454. bayfisher86

    Jig Sticks

    looking for anything in trade? interested in the ulua and/or the white 540
  455. bayfisher86

    DVL Tomorrow!

    FYI-there is a tournament goin on tomorrow. just a heads up
  456. bayfisher86

    Foreclosure Forces Sale of ALL tackle

    i dont have any two speeds or roller rods left, ive had lots of PM's with guys offering to help him and thank you, but he is already almost out and he doesnt want to fix thank you but that is not an option
  457. bayfisher86

    Foreclosure Forces Sale of ALL tackle

  458. bayfisher86

    Foreclosure Forces Sale of ALL tackle

    Again guys you are more then welcome to make an offer on anything there...i believe i will be home monday so if anyone wants to set up a time(earlier morning/afternoon) to come by and check stuff out just PM me and let me know
  459. bayfisher86

    Foreclosure Forces Sale of ALL tackle

    i really dont want to get into all of his personal details guys, he is having extreme financial troubles is the main issue...his house appraised at less then one third of what he owes and cant pay the mortgage..thats really what i know guys...
  460. bayfisher86

    Foreclosure Forces Sale of ALL tackle

    Id like to try and keep things as local as possible for now guys, im trying to help him out but also keep my job hahaha.. when u Pm me or reply please specify the number, and whether its a rod or reel. thanks guys
  461. bayfisher86

    Foreclosure Forces Sale of ALL tackle

    EVERYTHING MUST GO! NOW OBO ON ALL(ANY OFFER CONSIDERED) im located in Huntington Beach and i have everything as he is trying to clean out his house ASAP.i REALLY do not want to ship anything as there is just too much.i will try to keep everything as organized as possible. Reels –...
  462. bayfisher86

    10 foot ulua

    is it a full 10ft? or is it a cut 9'3"?
  463. bayfisher86

    Shimano Tiralejo

    shameless bump..trades?offer? dont want it to collect dust
  464. bayfisher86

    Shimano Tiralejo

    i meant best of the best without spending 500 on a loomis or st croix etc. lol
  465. bayfisher86

    Shimano Tiralejo

    Got it as a gift but i dont surf fish..brand new with tags and all. retails at $299.99. i did some reading and these are THE rods for surf fishing. the best of the best.. TRC100M2 10ft 2pc 15-30lb 1-3oz .. ill let it go for 200.00 obo or would be willing to trade for what ever ya got(curado 300...
  466. bayfisher86

    Gun Safety Locks. HK and Beretta

    If you walk into any local PD they will give you Ca Approved gun locks free of charge; and most gun stores sellem for 5.99. just so ya know;)
  467. bayfisher86

    TLD 30, Inexpensive

    sold. damn that was fast. thx guys
  468. bayfisher86

    TLD 30, Inexpensive

    ill be honest i put it up cheap cuz i dont wanna drive around to meet someone.. as of right now fish hawk has dibs if hes willing to pick it up.....mike if youre willing to come get it and fish awk chooses to pass its yours.......stand by
  469. bayfisher86

    TLD 30, Inexpensive

    got a good deal on this from a fellow member.gonna pass it on. had a trip planned and it fell through.. used it twice trolling on overnight trips.killed a few skippies. threw some 80lb spectra on it.. 300-350yds. never got into it.. 10/10 mech, and 9/10 in appearance... pick it up in HB for 150...
  470. bayfisher86

    Brand New Seeker greeny Ulua

    what tiagra were you looking for? im interested
  471. bayfisher86

    Hunter or Hunted

  472. bayfisher86

    sxs shotgun 20ga or 28 gauge looking to trade

    just remember its against the law to transfer any magazines with a holding capacity of more then 10rds in calfiornia to ayone other then a law enforcement officer..just giving you the heads up
  473. bayfisher86

    Bear Bomb and Scents

    oh yeah lethalinjection the one bear bomb scent i found is hickory smoked bacon mmmmmm hahaha
  474. bayfisher86

    Bear Bomb and Scents

    that is considered baiting i believe...scent is permitted like doe estrus etc... but i dont think you can use any physical food aka bait ya kno?
  475. bayfisher86

    Bear Bomb and Scents

    hahahaa yea thatll definitely keep them outta my stand lol.... i was jw if anyone had any success using scents for bear?
  476. bayfisher86

    Bear Bomb and Scents

    Anybody on here used the Buck Bomb Bear Bomb, or the Wildlife Research Bear Lure scents? Jw what your guys experience is with the bear scents? im just looking for some like to fill my tag this year. all help is appreciated
  477. bayfisher86

    Darton Tempest

    first off i said " 2006, i think" and second off ur offering me a reel thats worth 225 for something im asking 350 for? come on man....and i am goin to enjoy it.thank you for the kind words
  478. bayfisher86

    Darton Tempest

    the trinidad an another 175 maybe.. not being cold but if u sold that trini it might get 225....lets be fair
  479. bayfisher86

    two 12in sony xplods 1100watts

    are you looking to trade anything at all? fishing gear?
  480. bayfisher86

    Darton Tempest

    shameless bump.. 350 obo or trade for .....?
  481. bayfisher86

    Darton Tempest

    I have a Darton Tempest Bow(2006? i think)..50-60# Draw Weight..26.5-28.5" Draw Length..80% Letoff..Basic 4 Pin Top Gun Sight, and a Quick Tune Arrow of the line Shark Release..Basic Stabilizer..7 Carbon Storm Arrows with field points..Bow is black and Dark Green..Bought the bow...
  482. bayfisher86

    303 British Ammo

    Ive got 390-400 rds of 303 british ammo. Berdan Primed.Brass Case. Honestly dont know if its corrosive or not.... looking to sell it or trade it for something i can shoot...lookin for $150.00 OBO or trade for shotgun ammo..ehh or whatever ya got..its just sitting
  483. bayfisher86

    Plastics, belts, more shit

    how much for the rubber mallet?:)
  484. bayfisher86

    TN 12, Termar 70MH

    hold on to the trini.lemme see wat i can do
  485. bayfisher86

    Offshore on the T-Bird-Big YFT!!

    well ive been decking for 10yrs and im well aware of what fish weigh. our SMALLEST fish bottomed out our 30lb Boga Grip we keep on board.and my fish was MUCH larger... but thanks for the opinion
  486. bayfisher86

    Offshore on the T-Bird-Big YFT!!

    yes sir, back in november of 2003. WON and Oc Register write up and all.. one of the best fish of my life
  487. bayfisher86

    Offshore on the T-Bird-Big YFT!!

    we did see one school of bluefin in the morning,, but it was all yellowfin in the afternoon
  488. bayfisher86

    Offshore on the T-Bird-Big YFT!!

    Im a deckahnd on the Thunderbird and decided to go fishing on my day off.boy am i glad i did..We fished VERY far from home and it was scratch fishing til about 2pm when we found free swimming dorado....brailed bait and yellowfin erupted in the dorado were to be caught as these...
  489. bayfisher86

    Small Block Chevy

    hmm would it fit in my 97 blazer? :)
  490. bayfisher86

    Fathers Day NPH

    why would u stick a gaff in a bat ray then release it? whats the point? you could have just grabbed it in the mouth..we do it all the time and have never hurt one, they dont have any teeth.. but you stuck a gaff in one right near the gills and that fish in almost guaranteed gonna die now.. all...
  491. bayfisher86

    tuna stuff

    make me an offer guys. $65 for the lot?
  492. bayfisher86

    Graftech rods in norcal or mail order

    what model are you looking for?
  493. bayfisher86

    tuna stuff

    Lil bit of tuna tackle for sale with the season now upon us. *)Yo-Zuri Hydro Mag 5 5/8" Dorado NIB $13 *)Yo-Zuri Hydro Mag 5 5/8" Orange/Black NIB $13 *)Yo-Zuri Hydro Mag 5 5/8" Black/Gold NIB $13 *)1 box(50) Eagle Claw 8/0 Circle Sea L2005f (NEW) $12 *)Strike Pro Medium Wahoo...
  494. bayfisher86

    penn senator 9/0 and kunnan boatmaster

    mike what are you looking for man?? wat kinda gear do u need?
  495. bayfisher86

    Turner's purchased.

    im so amused by everyone saying turners sucks but then at minimum half of the people will go in their and shop and get something they need
  496. bayfisher86

    Darton Bow

    $400 obo....hurting for money guys...make me an offer
  497. bayfisher86

    Darton Bow

  498. bayfisher86

    Darton Bow

    got a buddy with lotsa property in los padres for bear...and a buddy with lots of land in Colorado. gonna get an OTC elk tag for 550.....the bow sale is gonna help fund my tags
  499. bayfisher86

    Darton Bow

    just need to sell the bow first...its just a waste sitting like someone to put it to use
  500. bayfisher86

    Darton Bow

    dont have the time shoot it...and ive got a few elk and bear tags this season lined up so ill be doin more rifle hunting
  501. bayfisher86

    Darton Bow

    selling my Darton in the classifieds....
  502. bayfisher86

    Darton Bow

    I have a Darton Tempest Bow..50-60# Draw Weight..26.5-28.5" Draw Length..80% Letoff..Basic 4 Pin Top Gun Sight, and a Quick Tune Arrow of the line Shark Release..Basic Stabilizer..7 Carbon Storm Arrows with field points..Bow is black and Dark Green..Bought the bow thinking I'd get my...
  503. bayfisher86

    Weatherby Vanguard for sale..

    replied in ur hunting section post
  504. bayfisher86

    Weatherby Vanguard 30-06 for sale...

    emailed you.....
  505. bayfisher86

    Anyone heard anything about Turner's

    alright im done helping.....ive taken care of multiple guys from BD when theyve come in and talkd to me but for the most part u guys wanna believe what year and what youve "heard". why would i make shit up if we were closing and i was gonna lose my job? i guess just believe what u wanna believe...
  506. bayfisher86

    Anyone heard anything about Turner's

    i try to offer some some insight on what is going on and you guys all think you know whats going on from "sources" well im telling you guys how it really is and whats really goin far as catchy tackle goes that stuff sat on our shelf for a year and didnt sell. i personally boxed up all the...
  507. bayfisher86

    Anyone heard anything about Turner's

    Alright guys look...i work for turners.. ive personally spoken to a guy very high up in the ranks at Kimber.. they(kimber) are running the factory 24/7 right now and cant keep up with demand at all. California is lower on the recieving end due to our 10rnd magazine laws and having to sell Ca...
  508. bayfisher86


    u suck man i wanted to go so bad.....stupid problems at work...i wanna go to castaic when the bass bite picks up a lil and ill show you how to fish the one bait that always works hahaha glad my info paid of for you
  509. bayfisher86

    BBW Take 2!

    ur really not gonna throw spotties and watchem smack the water are you? the head dunking is acceptable tho lol
  510. bayfisher86

    turners rod and reel sale

    becuz the accurates have never really sold well, we would rather keep curados and avets in stock then having accurates on the shelf and not enough of what sells thats all....we may be bringing back the accurates in the future though.... we have lots of calstars and super seekers in the store as...
  511. bayfisher86

    Need a Boat Name

    still discussing it with my buddy....thanks for the suggestions...will let you know on the final decision..and post a pic of the boat with the name an the artwork when its finished
  512. bayfisher86

    turners rod and reel sale

    i work at fountain valley and THIS STORE never had the 2 speeds in the smaller sizes..we have an atd 12 and a 665 single speed left....
  513. bayfisher86

    Need a Boat Name

    been bay fishing, and some freshwater bass fishing at some local honey holes..ill be at work weds thru fri..bringem in
  514. bayfisher86

    turners rod and reel sale

    i work for turners. we never had the accurate 2speeds for that low of a price. we did however have the single speeds for about 330 and we have an atd12 for 800. we also have all the penn torques at a very big discount.if u guys are looking for something feel free to ask
  515. bayfisher86

    penn torque

    I work for turners in FV and we them blown out right now. torque 200 retail at 389.99 down to 275..only have one of each size.
  516. bayfisher86

    Need a Boat Name

    had to change the name. the guys he bought the boat from bought a new boat and got sponsored under that name for their new boat
  517. bayfisher86

    Need a Boat Name

    17' key west. just a fun thing guys. you really dont have to be such dicks about it..just looking for some ideas
  518. bayfisher86

    Need a Boat Name

    hahaa come on guys its my buddies first boat. its the old Snook Hunter..need a better WEST COAST name
  519. bayfisher86

    Need a Boat Name

    Buddy just bought a new boat and we need a good boat name....Figured you guys would have a lil fun and we appreciate the help..we mainly fish bass and we'll be island bound this help us out would ya guys
  520. bayfisher86

    Turners Blowing out SPectra

    Just got back from the turners in fountain valley and the have a huge table with the big spools of 180, 200, 220 hollow big game spectra and some solid spectra, soft steel windon leaders...the big spools of spectra were 50 bucks! and they were full spools..the soft steel were ten bux and they...
  521. bayfisher86

    Dane point Blues 8/14/08 with pics

    i used to deck shark trips on the caliber. and our #1 regular Manny has a stella 20000 filled with 80lb spectra and ive seen that thing bring in makos to 300#s you should really think before you speak... you know its true that youve gotta get dumb before you get smart..i guess youve still...
  522. bayfisher86

    Same DoDo Report 8/9 and What Fish Is This?

    i dont think thats a looks like a pacific saury...we watch the yellows crash them right up on the beach at catalina once in awhile...if they lived better theyd work so well for yellows..
  523. bayfisher86

    Browning A-Bolt II for sale

    SOLD CLOSE IT UP thanx guys
  524. bayfisher86

    Browning A-Bolt II for sale

  525. bayfisher86

    Browning A-Bolt II for sale

    aight guys 750 is as low as ill go.... 750 an its yours
  526. bayfisher86

    Browning A-Bolt II for sale

  527. bayfisher86

    Browning A-Bolt II for sale

    BRAND NEW IN BOX!!!!! Browning A-Bolt II in brush and stainless.Chambered in .308....Duratouch edition one year production only in 2006. Retailed for 1,035.00 most places, typically find out for about 950....hate to sell it but ill let it go for 850 O.B.O.. GUNES BRAND NEW IN...
  528. bayfisher86

    pond hopping

    818??? Shit
  529. bayfisher86

    Ulua w/ optical chevron

    wat r u askin?
  530. bayfisher86

    Convertible Top and Motor???

    I need a convertible rag top and new motor for an 86 chrysler LeBaron....its all fixed up and everything else is in greath working order but the top is shot and the motor BARELY works...anyone know wher i can get this done and cheaper then 600
  531. bayfisher86

    If anybody still wants squid

    hahaah that guy was me!!!! thats why i was in the bow away from everyone and the guys next to me were all my friends and were moving we were all bouncing them.60lb on a stock ulua....we went in to cut fish and i startd a wide open bite RIGHT in front of the harbor hahaahhah
  532. bayfisher86

    the fastest battle 5/20

    why gill cut on the bottom like that?? u should cut from the top down to sever the spinal cord...kill the shark and bleed it
  533. bayfisher86


    what kinda work are you looking for??
  534. bayfisher86

    What do I have?

    you only know that becuz the last hooker you got gave you something you really dont want and its becuz u didnt know anything about her:)
  535. bayfisher86

    In Need of a Forklift

    jericho what are you looking to get for that one?? what kinda condition is it in?
  536. bayfisher86

    In Need of a Forklift

    Anyone know where i can purchase a new or used forklift? you guys have any recommendations? i need a walkie or a forklift thats electric....due to my work i can not have a propane one....need a newer walkie or forklift that goes up and down and any suggestions?
  537. bayfisher86

    Roll Up Door Contruction

    I work in a warehouse/retail building and i receive pallets that when they arrive are about 10inches to tall to fit under my rollup i spend hours taking off one layer off every pallet this is very time consuming....i was wandering if any of u guys doing the type of construction as to...
  538. bayfisher86

    Short fish and poor customer service ay Daveys Locker.

    Alek, you are way off base....i have ALL the inside info and i cant leak it but davies locker IS NOT CLOSING....the western pride is not leaving. it is under new ownership that is all....doug ferrel sold his share of daveys locker and the western pride to newport landing thats the ONLY real...
  539. bayfisher86


    honestly if it takes me saying it to your face i will and the only reason i jabbed at your wife was the fact that you decided to be a dick and jab at me and thinking your cool by saying "im gonna call your dad". i think your the one that needs to grow up. i made no smartass remarks to you or...
  540. bayfisher86


    I know a lot more then you think.....and just so your aware Bongos has the key to one box only and that box may hav not had bait in it...and yes the barge exists for both parties but the fact is that barge would not be open if there were no sportboats.....the bait boat would be fishing...
  541. bayfisher86


    without sportboats there would be no bait barges for them to supply, and in turn private boaters get live bait as well......sportboats are the bulk of the bait boat industries business and IMO they get priority and thats just the way it is...unfortunately it sux because ive workd on multiple...
  542. bayfisher86


    haha robby ur a dipshit and you just got burned:) lol no point in showing him the threads he doesnt know how to only people! because if he knew how to read he coulda have read the 15 posts below his about the squid ahhaha
  543. bayfisher86

    Torium 16 vs. Avet SX

    that sounds like a plan but me personally id fill the 14 with 30lb spectra, and put 50lb spectra on the 16, i have a 20 and its filled with 65lb spectra, if ur never gonna fish anything heavier then 25 on the 14 then 30lb spectra is all youll need especially to maximize the capacity of the...
  544. bayfisher86


    you guys crack me the fuck up.......thanx for keeping me entertained at work:) and chris well hahahah hows the chronic buddy??
  545. bayfisher86

    No Love Newport Squid 1/13

    man ur fast haha i was on that trip and i just got home..first priority is a post? thats dedication... iwas the guy fishing the tiagra 30:)
  546. bayfisher86

    Auto Insurance Hookup?

    Im with statefarm right now and paying over THREE HUNDRED a month for my 97 GMC Jimmy its ridiculous. i hav an accident and one ticket but it still shouldnt b anywhere near that high anybody out there got a hookup or in the business and can help me with a quote
  547. bayfisher86

    Free Nu-Skin Reel Armor

    very fucking cool!!!! much appreciated
  548. bayfisher86

    Fishing the Vine Sat. 12/30

    will do man:finger: ...ill b there too renting a pontoon...... got any idea on the bite lately??
  549. bayfisher86

    seeker sucks

    on custom wrapped stuff yea the blank is all that is warrantied....good luck and make sure to say thank you:)
  550. bayfisher86

    seeker sucks

    :ranton: id like to vouch for the rod sitting at fishermans hardware hb for awhile too.. while i dont work there...i used too..and when someone brings in a rod thats 8 foot or however long shipping is like 30bux, trust me i had to do it quite a few times......MOST tacke shops will wait till they...
  551. bayfisher86

    Looking for trailer

    anyone know where i can find a trailer for a 15 foot skiff, its semi heavy for its length...Harbor Freight not an option since they just plain suck....and ive looked at the recycler and craigs list but dont wanna spend 500 bux,....just need a decent trailer nothing fancy and by no means...
  552. bayfisher86

    tiagra 30 to fish #80?

    ive got the standard 30 loaded with 65lb spectra and 60lb topshot,, me personally for local and within 5 day i wouldnt hesitate to bump to 80 spectra and 80lb topshot....but u just gotta watch capacity, short topshot you should be good....its got plenty of drag and the freespool is...
  553. bayfisher86


    eh dont worry its insured;)
  554. bayfisher86

    Accurate Steps Up!!!!

    meltons has them in the catalogue theyre like 559 for the 870 2 speed, good looking shiftin mechanism and the handle looks very nice as well...believe the knob is the same as the twinspin
  555. bayfisher86


    so did they bite?
  556. bayfisher86


    200 feet of water off the hospital or thepoint around dana, biting on the bait o matics and the ballyhoods flatlined......3 caught by my buddy last week from 150-250 go gettem they are there and biting
  557. bayfisher86

    Job Wanted-Seasons Over

    pm sent thanx....anyone else help me out?
  558. bayfisher86

    Job Wanted-Seasons Over

    Sorry guys this maybe the wrong forum but there isnt much traffic on the business board...Well im in need of a job due to the fact the season is coming to a close and 2-3days a week arent cutting it bills wise. I just finished my 4th full season 20 years old. i worked in a large...
  559. bayfisher86

    9/24 Yellowfin at the 224

    on the feather or rapala? or black and purple what? i dont speak code lol
  560. bayfisher86

    Needs some help stremlining for an 8 day

    50lb on an 850L , that rod is undegunned and not meant to fish 50....25-is sweet and 30 is about tops
  561. bayfisher86

    Quick Question?

    332 bottom line
  562. bayfisher86

    nautilus..7/26 am half day dodo

    the nautilus had 40 yellowtail and 12 dorado today july 27th on a paddy 6miles off main beach..30x30 paddy loaded with fish till some fucking moron hooked the patty in a skiff and decided to pull right up on it gaff the paddy get his hook back and tear ass in reverse, the fish quit biting after...
  563. bayfisher86

    July '06 Avet Reel Contest

    hard to see the reel but the bluefin kicks ass, all lit up its sweet, belongs in an ad lol nice fish
  564. bayfisher86

    3/4 day out of davey's locker w/pics

    his name is BBBEEERRRNNNIIEEE hahah!!!!! he can catch a 269lb tuna but cant kill a 12lb tail what a shame hahhahah. chucks the fucking man!
  565. bayfisher86

    Yellows 17NM from Dana 6/7

    hey did u get any fish on the jig or troll out of that stop???? or all on bait???
  566. bayfisher86

    5/29 horseshoe wide open!

    was it just you two fishing? cuz if it was i am gonna flame you and i have every right to do so since the limit on sculpin is 5 per angler not the 16 you have there.....that means there should of been 4 of u fishin..but theres only two in the pic and im assuming the guy taking the pic was...
  567. bayfisher86

    Looking for a rare seeker

    hhaha oh stfu im the one that told u they were impossible to find...ive got an old nice lift pole i was just gonna wrap ahhahahah:)
  568. bayfisher86

    daiwa inshore special or calcutta 400

    well for all around fishing get the 400, if hes into more throwing lil megabaits, krocs, plastics etc then the daiwa would be a better reel....but i would definitely get the 400
  569. bayfisher86

    which Pliers does everyone use???

    the shimano pliers black and blue handle that are black nickle coated are the best pliers ive ever bought, buy the needle nose and a pair of dykes, the are very rust proff and stay sharp i loved those things and at 15 bux a pair theyre a great value, im a deckhand and they kickass
  570. bayfisher86

    Looking for a rare seeker

    guys im looking for a seeker 100XH yes thats right XH. 10ft 40-80lb...never came factory wrapped, strictly a blank i believe seeker told me they wouldnt make anymore unless they had an order for atleast 20 blanks, so does anyone have one around they are willing to part with ????
  571. bayfisher86


    fishermans hardware in hb has the jx 6/3 with the new handle in black and the sx with the new handle in black, they look clean!
  572. bayfisher86

    old#7 needs deckhand

    pm sent
  573. bayfisher86


    hey i gotta ask whered u meet marty at??? thats my good buddy man, i pinheaded for him on the freelance before he took off and i kinda took over te reigns....hes a salty motherfucker tho thats fur sure, he knows his shit and hes cool as shit....last time i talkd to him he was working for bullard...
  574. bayfisher86

    Dana Thresher 5/20

    thanx for the applause guys, if i had got a big one like 250+ i woulda released it....i saw the claspers new it was a male and figured shit its my first this year and the only one ill kill and since its a perfect eater and a male he must die hahaha
  575. bayfisher86

    Dana Thresher 5/20

    yea when i fish the BOM's when i get bit i droppem into freespool the threshers smack the mackerel with there tails IMo if the thing keeps swimmin as normal then the thresher must sense something is wrong ya kno? droppin them back makes it seem like it killed its prey, thats just my little...
  576. bayfisher86

    Dana Thresher 5/20

    hahahaha lil different then catchin bonies and bass with devo huh? ahahahha
  577. bayfisher86

    Dana Thresher 5/20

    Got a call from Tony at about 10am asking me if i wantd to make an afternoon thresher run...well me just gettin over being sick actually had to think about it but i couldnt turn it my shit ready...stoppd and bought a few macks for insurance and jammed down edginger to HH...met...
  578. bayfisher86

    Cant Read my PMs

    haha funny fucker arent ya, its been liek 8 hours and i still dont kno why the fuck i cant read it i mean a new message isnt even in the inbox
  579. bayfisher86

    Cant Read my PMs

    im prolly in the wrong forum but for some reason it says i have 1 Unread message in my inbox and when i open the inbox the message doesnt appear, everything has been read, and my last pm was 3 weeks ago....whats up? never had a problem before, i didnt have any new ones yesterday now it says i do...
  580. bayfisher86

    WSB at CAT???

    the mary claire was parked in front of avalon today selling squid, didnt get to ask him how much he had left but he was selling when we left at 230, yellows are showing all over the frontside, weve hung 2 in the past 4 days, and yes confirmed yellows...cant say where tho:)
  581. bayfisher86

    Standup Fishing DVD's

    will do thanx for clearing everything up
  582. bayfisher86

    Catalina Rockfish 4/8 Sorry im Late

    First off let me say sorry for being late....OK so, Started off gettin all my shit ready drove to my friends house loaded up the car and took off for HH, arrived at the harbor at 5am.......met up with tony and the the other 2 guys loaded up the freshly redone and repowered 31' Silverton, boat...
  583. bayfisher86

    Standup Fishing DVD's

    the bad thing was talking about the record grouper and showing the pic of the smaller grouper, not the REAL fish that woulda been a record except the rod touched the rail, i kno the guy that caught the monster grouper and we had a long talk about how he was very displeased with this and one of...
  584. bayfisher86

    BAC's Lilly Call

    haha i hope ur there to congradulate me onmy clean 4 species sweep lol muahahaahaha lol i got my info in the mail today, im gonna bring it on in tomorrow
  585. bayfisher86


    hey fucker i want 10bags yes i said 10 dickhead i shoulda been the first one to get hooked up i hook u up in a big way bitch wheres my fucking gulp!!! :) i really want like 5 bags slick
  586. bayfisher86

    BAC's Lilly Call

    did u get ur newsletter with ur signup info yet? i havent recieved mine and i dont wanna miss out i love the tourney
  587. bayfisher86

    Thinking of Standard Horizon CP/FF - Good or Bad Idea?

    we have a standard horizon on the sportboat i work on, cant recall the model number right now but its just a SH GPS and i love the thing, its very easy to use, large color screen, and we havent had one problem with it yet. i would reccommend it i think its a good product
  588. bayfisher86

    Anyone do Tats??

    haha well i do kno a few guys that come on the boat but im just wandering about some guys that are more experience in wildlife fish stuff like that ya kno? i could go get a bitchen skull but i dont want that ...thanx for the input
  589. bayfisher86

    Anyone do Tats??

    ive got two drawings of tats that id like to get done, does anyone in here do tats??? id like to send u the images and possible get some estimates from you guys, id really appreciate it, pm or reply here thanx guys
  590. bayfisher86

    Fishing Tattoos???

    those are pretty sweet thanx guys....anybody else got anything?? anybody got scratch drawings laying around? i draw fishing shit when im bored guys got any cool pics?
  591. bayfisher86

    Fishing Tattoos???

    OK guys im comtemplating my first tattoo as a fish or some fishing scene, ive got a yellowfin chasing bait and an albacore chasing bait both drawn by a id like to see your guys fishing or fish related tats...also do u guys have any fishing drawings that i may be able to...
  592. bayfisher86

    NPH lil ceez style

    naw man its just bullshit,i been fishing that spot for years, it can bite excellent its always produces tho....i offer to take alex and tell him its my spot and not to tell or show anyone then he shows these fucking kids ....thats not bullshit?
  593. bayfisher86

    NPH lil ceez style

    thats a bunch of fucking bullshit!!!!!!!! alex you're definitely gonna hear from me on this one....i take you to one of my secret spots and you go and take other people there even after i tell you not is that man!?!?!? thats truely fucked up...the pix are what busted you...the boat...
  594. bayfisher86


    is this just an overnight or day and a half trip or what? cuz me and a friend are very interested
  595. bayfisher86

    N.C Hatteras Island -First Time Help

    thatd be cool, id be glad to b turned into an East Coast Ho for a day me on how the east coast guys do it
  596. bayfisher86

    N.C Hatteras Island -First Time Help

    shit im down hahaha whats the cost of running your boat for a day, are you guys a charter business or just a "team" boat ya kno? ive done some online searching and didnt find to much specific info on surf fishing there any way you could point me in the right direction?
  597. bayfisher86

    N.C Hatteras Island -First Time Help

    thatd b great to head out with you guys for a day i really appreciate the offer, ive never fished the east a deckhand here on the west coast so im a well experienced fisherman....what kinda tackle do u guys use offshore? rods reels etc....wreck fishing or trolling or drifting??
  598. bayfisher86

    N.C Hatteras Island -First Time Help

    Ill be staying in a sweet house on Hatteras Island at the end of JUly i kno its a ways off but id like to get some information on what i can catch there and how to do it. Ill b staying there for i believe 5-7days at the end of a well experienced angler so i can throw poppers or big...
  599. bayfisher86

    cut down 100j equivalent

    hmm well if u dont care whats in ur avatar, why would ur name be slingin' iron and youd choose that pic of iron to put in there???
  600. bayfisher86

    cut down 100j equivalent

    ok well thats my opinion i like fishing the long rod, its my perfect jigstick so it is the baddest on the planet, you may hate the composite ulua, but what i hate are those cheap ass knock offs in ur avatar since ive seen lots and i mean lots of people break the hooks and rings on fucking cuda
  601. bayfisher86

    cut down 100j equivalent

    youve obviously never touched one then, they are the BADDEST jigstick on the planet, untouchable in pulling power, and i almost guarantee you havent fished one since they dont make a factory wrap and are very hard o come by blanks
  602. bayfisher86

    What freaking reel?!?!?

    I own a couple uluas and im wondering what reels fit on these big ass jigsticks lol, i know the 300 and 500 series newells fit, and im 99% positive the trini 20 fits, but what else fits? will the avet jx 2 speed fit? im pretty sure the Saltigas are too narrow, what do you guys have on ur...
  603. bayfisher86

    Mako fishing 7/31

    wow guys im off heil and magnolia, we all live way close. we need to kill some fish together
  604. bayfisher86

    First Jig only stick

    but its also not all about the cast its about the flex in the rod, the hookset in the fish, the pullin power, its a very whippy rod as opposed to my ulua which is quite stiff, u need to fish a few rods before you decide, im sure someone on her would let you borrow a stick, or fish you with you...
  605. bayfisher86

    First Jig only stick

    if u havent fished it then personally dont get it, i owned one, now i just fish the ulua 93h, and my friend has the 100j and the full length ulua.... if u havent seriously fishd the surface ion i think u need a more forgiving stick... 800m, 900m, 90j is a grreat rod......find someone with the...
  606. bayfisher86

    Most memorable catch?

    ive got 3 1) 25.8lb halibut on 6lb test and a jig off balboa pier 3 yrs ago 2) my first pier caught thresher about 70lbs off balboa too 3) the 34.94lb Yellowtail i caught off Balboa Pier last yr on November First, it was in WON too i wrote the article
  607. bayfisher86

    Sea Hawk 3/22

    ur looking at the wrong boat for the WSB count, Sea HORSE not Hawk,
  608. bayfisher86

    Need to interview a captain for a school project

    hit me up on aim or send me an email, and ill talk to my boss. Captain of the Freelance,Eric Carmack or Norris Tapp and tell me what it entails. can it be done over the phone??
  609. bayfisher86

    WSB/Fish Trap photo HELP!!!!

    sweet thanx, does anyone have anything cool like wahoo, yellows, tuna, dodos any cartoon like photos that would b cool as a tat?
  610. bayfisher86

    WSB/Fish Trap photo HELP!!!!

    is there any way you can do a high quality scan and post it up here or email it to me??? i just dont have the time to go to Dana Landing for the magazine. id really appreciate it
  611. bayfisher86

    WSB/Fish Trap photo HELP!!!!

    OK guys im looking for a cartoon wsb picture, it was a promo pic for fish trap i think it used to be on their site but i cant find it anymore it was like a vicious wsb turned outta the kelp on a iron surrounded by a bunch of lil squirts. im looking for some cool "cartoon" like photos for a tat...