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  1. Nic D

    Los Barriles Fishing Report

    Greetings from the East Cape. I've been down here for almost 3 weeks now and loving every minute. My father made the trip from Florida to Oceanside and then down to the East Cape with me towing the new sled. Last week the fishing was solid with tuna ranging from 15 - 80lbs on the Imen bank. The...
  2. Nic D

    For Sale Xtratuf Boots Size 12 - $60

    I have a pair of size 12 that have been worn once for 4 hours. Practically brand new. First $60 takes them. I'm in Point Loma thanks, Nic
  3. Nic D

    OFF MARKET - 2014 SeaFox 220 Viper (Ballast Point Fishing Team)

    OFF MARKET - 2014 SeaFox Viper 220XB 200hp Yamaha 4stroke (800hrs professionally maintained by Sea Witch Marine) ( Digital command link gauges 36volt 101lb Minn Kota trolling motor (Removable) 5 Fresh...
  4. Nic D

    SWBA Catalina Kicker Fish

    Vimeo You tube My first attempt at editing some video... we were stoked to get that fish. The fish went 6.49 and helped us secure 6th out of 40 of the best bass guys on the coast.
  5. Nic D

    Meanwhile, in La Jolla

    This is one of those you should have been here last week posts. LJ bit pretty well last week. Tons of fish in the water and they came up three different times on the day I was there. They were chewing the slow trolled mac as well as the horizontal iron when they surfaced. I was solo and was...
  6. Nic D


    If you have one, let me know.... send me a txt six one nine 993 six 689 Thanks, Nic
  7. Nic D


    The day started off at J Street, Chula Vista Launch Ramp. In the random drawing of boats team number 5 was picked which would allow us to be one of the first boats out at #7. This was strictly a Spotted Bay Bass Tournament only and they had to be at least 14.25". Anyone that fishes Spotted Bay...
  8. Nic D


    Right hand good condition 30lb green izorline braid new drags $100
  9. Nic D

    FS: Shimano 9' Jig Stick

    Washing St. made 930 FA rated 15-40lb in really good condition. I'm pretty sure these are hard to find. $175 takes it. ***Rod does not come with reel or bait wrap iron
  10. Nic D

    2011 Triumph Skiff - SOLD***

    I've fished this boat competitively for the last two years in the Saltwater Bass Anglers series. I bought it new in 2012 and loaded it with all of the extras. Great skiff for sea bassing and lobstering. Tons of space on this boat, you won't believe its a 17'. This boat is set up to fish. $17,500...
  11. Nic D

    FS: Shimano / Avet Reels - Shimano Rods

    Price on TLD's and Calcutta Rod Lowered Avet MXL 6/4 two speed - $185 *sold Reel is in really good condition. some minor boat rash on side plate. comes with 65# Izorline spectra. Shimano TLD 15 (2)- $70ea $50ea *sold I have two in good condition ready to fish. One will come with 65# green...
  12. Nic D

    FS: Bass Rods and Reels

    ok gang, here is whats up for sale. Pictures are below. Local pick up in clairemont or pick up at Fred Hall Show Thurs - Sat Send me a txt at six one nine 993 six six 89 Reels (2) Diawa Lexa 300s spooled with 65lb braid. *BOTH SOLD (1) Abu Garcia Revo Toro 50 spooled with 65lb braid. *SOLD...
  13. Nic D

    Tourney Prep

    So Moyer and I are fishing a tournament in a couple of days and I'd thought I'd post a little of what I / we do leading up to a tourney. Everyone does it a little different but we usually start pre fishing 2 to 3 weeks in advance. Any more than that and pattens could change, fish will & can...
  14. Nic D

    Fishin Misson Bay

    Moyer and I got a couple of good ones yesterday in MB. Mostly fished plastics. We released the fish after tagging them.
  15. Nic D

    FS: Lexa 300 w/ 65# Powerpro $125

    Reel is in great condition and comes with the powerpro.
  16. Nic D

    FS ABU REVO TORO 50 w/ 65# Powerpro

    Reel is in great condition loaded with 65#powerpro. $130 thanks, Nic
  17. Nic D

    SD Bug Report

    Hooped 2x in the last week. Ended up with 5 on my solo mission and 13 last night with Anthony Harris. Last night we left the dock @8:15 and back at shelter at 2:45. Steady crawl until about 2 with tons of shorts.
  18. Nic D

    3rd Time is a Charm on Cedros Island

    Pre trip – This year I went to the Island with Cedros Adventures. I had been to the Island with Cedros Outdoor Adventures each of the last two years and I wanted to try the Cedros Adventures this year. Before we left Duane answered the couple of questions I had regarding the travel day. He...
  19. Nic D


    Thought I would put together a little wrap up of our night... This SBS event took place June 22 fishing 5pm - 2am First off, winning was never on our minds going into this one. We were big picture fishing, as in we wanted to stay consistent and finish in the top half. We thought that if we...
  20. Nic D


    I have an original gopro camera I'd like to sell. Works perfectly. I have an extra battery, handle bar mount, original box and a tripod mount. $80 send me a txt 619.993.6689 or post here I'll post here when its sold. Nic
  21. Nic D

    Anyone Want to Fish Lake Barrett Tomorrow?

    I have a tube or kayak spot fishing lake Barrett tomorrow 5/15 $25 Please send me a PM. First come first served! thanks, Nic
  22. Nic D


  23. Nic D

    Shimano 300E & 300EJ

    Both reels cosmetics - 9/10 Both reels loaded up with 65# powerpro 300E - $160 300EJ - $170 cabonex drag upgrade Both reels have been fished the last two summers, but well taken care of after each use and serviced by Ken's Custom in Oside. They both fish now, but should be serviced...
  24. Nic D

    Reebs Cedros Trip - Stoked on Fishing

    Shea McIntee of Stoked on Fishing just released this 6+ minute video of our trip to Cedros with Jose of Cedros Outdoor Adventures.... Enjoy
  25. Nic D

    O'side Bassin

    Hit up O'side with Reebs and Alan (aka Oside) yesterday for a little bassin and some more R&D on the new Bolt Thrower. The Bolt Thrower is the latest innovation from Reebs Lures. The bite was good early but slowed on slack. Most fish came on the 1oz Bolt Thrower and 1.5oz Assassin.
  26. Nic D

    Mission Bay / Shelter Island

    Dad and I loaded up the truck and headed down to MB with a 6pk of Big Eye and gear. We started fishing about 7:30ish and it was slow as it could be. We fished Santa Barbra Cove and then we ran into the cool old guy in his whaler. Nice to see ya Margarita.... Then we fished in sail bay and the...
  27. Nic D

    TLD 30 II speed $150

    Im reposting this reel because the other deals fell through. I used it on about 4 trips. Had the reel serviced by Ken's Custom a while back and just sits around. Mechanically solid 9/10, it does have some boat rash on the left side plate. I have the original box and manual. $150.00
  28. Nic D

    Shimano TLD30 II speed

    It's been on a 4 or 5 boat rides, maybe put 4 troll fish on the boat. Mechanically a 9.7/10, cosmetically a 6.715/10. It does have a couple of scuffs on it. sorry for the iphone pics, lazy tonight... It looks better in person than it photographs. I just don't fish it much anymore. $150
  29. Nic D

    Dell Mini Laptop

    Selling a laptop that I bought for my wife that she never used. Its a white Dell mini 10", 140gig hd with windows 7 OS. 1.33GHz and I gig of RAM. Its one of those really compact laptops and its under warranty... Comes with everything a new one would. If you go to Dell right now, they...
  30. Nic D

    FS: Dell Mini Laptop

    Selling a laptop that I bought for my wife that she never used. Its a white Dell mini 10", 140gig hd with windows 7 OS. 1.33GHz and I gig of RAM. Its one of those really compact laptops and its under warranty... Comes with everything a new one would. If you go to Dell right now, they...
  31. Nic D

    FS: Ocean Kayak Trident 15 Angler edition

    I have a 2009 forest green trident and its been on water maybe 10 times. I bought it from Rik at OEX Kearny Mesa a few months ago. Comes with: Seairsports Pacific Angler Seat $169 KFS Ultimate Bait Tank System $199 I need to get $1000 email me at [email protected] for a faster...
  32. Nic D

    Trade me your torium 16 for my 30

    I would like to trade my torium 30 for your 16 in as good condition or better. I have 2 30's and I want a 16. I should add that this reel was recently at Kens Custom to be serviced..
  33. Nic D

    Fred Hall Show LB Roll Call

    Who's going and what day Anyone else going on Wed? Im helping a buddy set up his booth on wed, so I'll be there all day.
  34. Nic D

    Craigslist boat for sale

    Sorry, i really didn't know where else to place this... but as i was looking at CL this evening I saw this ad 1983 Wellcraft Boat, Lookout Tower, Fish Finder + Trailer included ITS NOT MY BOAT, just an ad I saw
  35. Nic D

    Share some images of your pets

    My wife and I can't have kids, so we have two dogs. this is Daisy our girl and this is Kona, her brother. Kona just wasn't into the photo shoot today anyone else have some photos of your pets..please post them
  36. Nic D

    MXL on Craigslist $150

    anyone need an MXL its on craigslist.... AVET MXL REEL AND CALIFORNIAN ROD LIFETIME WARRNTY
  37. Nic D

    Tackle Box / Tackle Bag suggestion please

    Im looking for a new bag or box. In the past I normally just take a back pack and have a box (photo below) Info to be considered: I mostly fish overnight to 5 day. it doesn't have to have a reel compartment I don't mind spending money as long as I get a good product what do you guys use...
  38. Nic D


    Feel free to stop Payton at any time.... oh and you might want to cover that Dallas Clark guy too. freekin Donkeys killing my fantasy team.
  39. Nic D

    4 elk died today

    My dad was hunting up in Utah with 3 buddies on a reservation. He is the one on the right. Sorry for the crappy cell phone pix. He just sent it to me now. All 4 guys filled tags in one day. He said it was -20 today.
  40. Nic D

    2 speed vs. single w/ 25#

    Hey Gang, Im having trouble wrapping my head around the need of a 2 speed while fishing 25# on say a SX. I know the company would not be designing and selling them if they were not providing an advantage, but I can't figure what the advantage is. I get the concept of 2 speed reels, I have a 30...