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  1. Juan

    Puerto Vallarta fishing report

    sounds fun!!! thanks for the report!!
  2. Juan

    Survival Fishing

    Hi guys.... things aren't looking good I lost all my clientele for my business which is doing fishing trips,,,,, Instead I have been going out there fishing for days at Corbetena and getting lots of snapper, night fishing at the rock has been outstanding with a steady bite all night long, we...
  3. Juan

    Mazatlan fishing recommendations

    what did you catch? and with who, just curious .....
  4. Juan

    WTB Looking for a 300 Marlin GW

    I have found some on the East Coast but looking everywhere! I have a partner ready to pull the trigger we are looking for the best deal.
  5. Juan

    WTB Looking for a 300 Marlin GW

    Im looking for a 300 Marlin Grady White with trailer, let me know if you guys know of one, Thanks
  6. Juan

    Amazing fishing last week

    We have been having excellent fishing the last week, Marlín, tuna, mahi, cuberas, great Mixed pot!!!! The kids are killing it and the freezers are full!!! Water temps are changing and cold fronts are bringing currents from the north rich in life. It’s going to be a great winter. Fished with...
  7. Juan

    Mucho mahi Sayulita

    With the latest rains mucho mahi !!!!lots of tree trunks and long trash lines teeming with dorados!!! We left from Sayulita and scored 12 nice dorado on live sardines!!! Epic kids day fishing!!!! Adults had a blast also!! It’s going to be a great season!!!!
  8. Juan

    kids day Corbetena

    Yes thats Abel aka Chilango!!1 super funny guy!!!
  9. Juan

    kids day Corbetena

    we did also !! we tried everything!!!jajjajjaja around 730pm I told my peeps let get the f outtahere this tuna are just fking with us all day!!! I was a bit frustrated jajajajaj
  10. Juan

    kids day Corbetena

    I did! no luck! just teasing us all day!!
  11. Juan

    kids day Corbetena

    Went to Corbetena Rock on Saturday, we had excellent fishing! The rock was teaming with life, our first bite was a nice grade Wahoo on a goggle eye, landed it with mono leader, as soon as we gaffed it the leader snapped!Luckyyyy!!! Then we landed a pair of mahis on a double! The good grade also...
  12. Juan

    Marla’s PV Epic Combo Trip 9/30-today

    Epic is short!!! heres some more photos, I'm happy to have set up the logistics for this trip, deck hand and shoot photos for you guys!! you are awesome crew!!! lets go next year for more days!!!!!!!
  13. Juan

    Cheap Place To Stay In PVR

    HI Guys!! a cab to sayulita is like 50 usd or 1000pesos from the airport, check out my friends Bungalows Sunset in Sayulita, is affordable and right in town, PLus my friend Pepe is the best host, Theres many pangas you can go with, just go to the beach and go to the south side where the fishing...
  14. Juan

    PRIME Months for PV YFT and Wahoo

    wahoo are there but people dont target them because they are focused on other species. If you go to the offshore banks like Corbetena and El Banco you can catch wahoo when you fast troll in the mornings for skippies on the high spots. Fishing for wahoo burns a lot of gas!!! People prefer to kite...
  15. Juan

    Cheap Place To Stay In PVR

    Come Stay in Sayulita (45 minutes north) plenty of options and good prices on boats also, pangas leave daily from the beach and the Mahi bite is hot right now!
  16. Juan

    Puerto Vallarta Trip report July 4 and July 6

    Awesome report!!!!! Danny is a animal!!!!!!
  17. Juan

    Rodless Jim Charter On the Marla IV

    what amazing report!!!! I have had the pleasure to fish with the Osunas and I re lived my experiences with this great report! thanks!!!
  18. Juan

    Again!!! Full fridge, eat fish everyday!

    check out Sunset Bungalows Sayulita, affordable and great host!!
  19. Juan

    Again!!! Full fridge, eat fish everyday!

    Very good eating!!! and the head and collars make excellent fish soup!!!
  20. Juan

    Again!!! Full fridge, eat fish everyday!

    Lots of fish out there guys!!! Great weekend!!! My son and my friends and I had a excellent catches quality fish and coolers full it’s been amazing the last two months. Pámpano , snapppers!!!! Hook up every two minutes!!!! Insane action!!! Lots of sardines!!!! Bait us plenty full and the fish...
  21. Juan

    Another Sunday cooler full of fish in Sayulita

    Went out yesterday and slammed the fish with Joaquin my 4 year old fishing maniac got sardines and got 7 African pámpanos Spanish mackarels, about 10 reds, bonitas, jacks, and 2 amberjacks. My 4 year old is growing up to be a great fisherman!!!Living in Sayulita has been a blessing for him, viva...
  22. Juan

    Sunday's Choice, three hour inshore boom!

    My son wont accept that the entire weekend we dont go fish, so Sunday after a couple of phone calls I get a friend to lend me his panga and we head out there around 11am. In a matter of three hours we had 5 good size snappers and 4 huge Spanish Mackarels all in the Daiwa Minnow white. Fishing...
  23. Juan

    Not kidding got it done today again!

    Sayulita, closer to the inshore grounds.
  24. Juan

    Not kidding got it done today again!

    Hi guys I run out of Sayulita, your more than welcome to come and join the fun, I also have a boat in Vallarta in case you guys want to launch from there and hit up the great fishing, I'll be more than glad to take you guys out!
  25. Juan

    Not kidding got it done today again!

    Went out yesterday and today, fishing is fenomenal inshore, hit the pargos early in the morning and jet out to the mahi around 11am just abundance everywhere ! Here’s some pics of today and a couple of yesterday.
  26. Juan

    Heading to Puerto Vallarta next week

    who did you go with, there's tons of fish out there!!!
  27. Juan

    Mucho fish inshore, on fire!!!

    this last 2 months there has been non stop inshore action around Sayulita tons of bait and epic conditions!!! Feels good to be home and take the kids out and put them in fish constantly, great memories so far this year, if you want mono stop action now is the time to come, mahi, snapper...
  28. Juan

    Isla San Juanito 10/27 – 10/31 Osuna Style

    Osunas are the best in the game!!! Its a real privilege to fish with them!!!
  29. Juan

    Cows!! with Cap. Scott Osuna

    WTG Danny!!!! cant wait fro your new boat!!!
  30. Juan

    Cows!! with Cap. Scott Osuna

    way to go go Sanguindongy!!!
  31. Juan

    Private yacht in Central America questions

    Hi Paul, I am Panamanian and I have fished and captain my countries fishing grounds since I was a kid, fished and camped at Montuosa and would take official to the Jail when it was still a Jail in Coiba way before any fishing charters where interested in the area this was the times of Noriega...
  32. Juan

    San Juanito Isla fishing

    Fish with the Osunas, its all I have to say.
  33. Juan

    Corbetena fun with Alonso Osuna !!!

    Went with old friends to Corbetena with Alonso Osuna AKA ARRANCA, just like what everybody says about this family, they are just amazing fisherman and excellent hosts!!! we scored a couple of yellow fin tunas, one sailfish and one monster Cubera. Alonso and his mate Rex work very hard to put my...
  34. Juan

    Our Puerto Vallarta Adventure 7-6-18

    Great Catch!! I saw you at the dock when I leaving with Alonso for Corbetena, you had a big smile!!!!!! Agree 100% I have fished with Danny, Scott and Alonso, the Osunas are the best.
  35. Juan

    overdue trip report, sort of...

    It sounds like a long Jhonny Cash song, sick report!
  36. Juan


    If you go to Puerto Escondido I will set you up with a good friend of mine and also excellent Captain Levy Ramirez, His operation is called Surf Fishing Charters. He is very good!!! and I have high standards BTW waves are epic and theres more fishing to be done in Oaxaca, note very explored and...
  37. Juan

    600 miles PV to La Paz

    Very good amigo, the lures where swimming with great action!!
  38. Juan

    600 miles PV to La Paz

    Have not reported anything lately, although I have been catching Dorado and Red Snapper like crazy in front of Sayulita...... anyways................My friends took me on a Mickelson 43 from PV back up to La Paz, we hit some great Stripe Marlin bite epic tuna action at Buffer Zone and also...
  39. Juan

    Snookmafia 31/2 in Jurassic park

    amazing report!! Cachis absolutely rules!!!
  40. Juan

    Songydongy strikes again

    Amazing!! Sanguindongy is such a cool Capt. I cannot imagine his giggles when he had the three balloons up!! jajajjajaja such a great operation, congratulations that cow looks like a fish of a lifetime!! what a great report!
  41. Juan


    rueguen por ellos! saludos al Orejon!
  42. Juan

    Mateo's first Marlin and many footballs.

    After our last fishing trip to Panama we decided to take the Bosco out and go check out the tuna bite, we had been hearing of spinners 10 miles prior to El Banco so we went for a day of fun looking for piles of dolphin. We had some numbers from a friend and we got there and there where the...
  43. Juan

    424lb YFT caught in Loreto....

    amazing catch congrats!!
  44. Juan

    Kids killed it in Panama with Rio Negro Fishing Lodge.

    Yeah Cliff! call me 322 120 9679!!
  45. Juan

    Kids killed it in Panama with Rio Negro Fishing Lodge.

    Thanks guys!! This will become a yearly event!!
  46. Juan

    Kids killed it in Panama with Rio Negro Fishing Lodge.

    After a couple of months of planning we decided to take the kids to Panama from Puerto Vallarta to check out my friends operation out of Playa Reina Panama. We went out for 4 days on the Mr Magoo that to be honest is the best CC I have ever been on, the design and comfortable ride it provides in...
  47. Juan

    San juanito on fire!!

    No tuna NO chinga!! sick trip!! Looks unbelievable !!!
  48. Juan

    Punta Mita in January

    go to great place for kids and has a small private beach, great place for family and kids, you wont be dissapointed.
  49. Juan

    Panama questions

    Thanks Pascuale! I got some Yozuri runners and some Halcos too, deep diver magnum rapalas and the chuggers and poppers, waxwings, sabikis preety much ready.
  50. Juan

    Panama questions

    Thanks Joel!! so I should just bring some 30's and spinning gear, the 50's are spooled with 130 braid and everything from 100# to 250# wind ons, I though maybe there could be Marlin around but I guess Pearl Islands is more of a shallow reef fishing. I will leave the 50's home.
  51. Juan

    Panama questions

    Hey guys I will be fishing Panama in early June, my old friend has a great fishing boat but he does not have any gear, he kinda just cruises with the family in it, since im visiting I talked him on taking the boat (45 bertram) to Contadora with both our families and spending three days in the...
  52. Juan

    Tres Marias 3/27-3/30

    Great catch Richard, you lucky !!!
  53. Juan

    Costa Rica - Beach Fishing pPlaya Conchal

    call this guy
  54. Juan

    Need advice on fishing north Costa rica,El Jobo

    contact this guy !!! He is excellent guide and can take you on the right direction to getting the best offshore experience also! he's recommended by some reliable sources!!
  55. Juan

    Sayulita Fishing over the 2016/17 Holidays

    Great Times Chris!!! Thanks for hooking up the boyz with amazing gear!! They super appreciated it!! Fishing was super fun! Come back soon!!!! we go kill some!!!!
  56. Juan

    Shimano Reel Service in California

    Thanks guys I guess I'll go with Shimano in Irvine. The other info is also appreciated!!
  57. Juan

    Shimano Reel Service in California

    Here are the reels
  58. Juan

    Shimano Reel Service in California

    I Live in Mexico but my wife id going to San Fransisco for new years, I have two Shimano reels that I love and want to refurbish them, where can I send them ? they are like 9 years old and some people tell that they are discontinued so I couldn't get some parts here in Mexico. Is this possible...
  59. Juan

    Sayulita Fishing over the 2016/17 Holidays

    Small Pangas bring some 50-100# flouro leaders, 80-100# braid, Rapalas, Poppers, Rangers, Owner #5-6 -7 circle hooks, this are all highly appreciated by the guys down here, its hard to get this stuff and if you do prices are ridiculous in Mexico right now because of the devaluation of the Peso...
  60. Juan

    Going to Costa Rica for thanksgiving need some info on where to fish

    This is my sisters operation in Guanacaste Costa Rica, check it out, great fishing guide, super professional
  61. Juan

    Looking for best family vacation/fishing resort?

    Please visit my web site, I have specials for kids, Im located in Sayulita 40 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta. You will not regret it I have a solid reputation and we love to cater to families ! We have fishing/lodgingpackages with the best captains in the area go to Juan
  62. Juan

    Groms killed some yesterday

    Hell Yeah !!!!! Im in !!!! Let go kill some tunas and Mahi!!
  63. Juan

    Groms killed some yesterday

    No its a friends boat, sweet Mako 27
  64. Juan

    Groms killed some yesterday

    Yup! your Dad is a beast!!! He landed that fish 150pounder with no harness!!!! great memories!!! The bite is good Richard!! and weather too!!! right now!
  65. Juan

    Groms killed some yesterday

    All the reports had us going CRAZY, so the kids( skipped school ), my compa Fernando, Scott and me headed out to "El Banco" to see what was all the noise about. WE got there early and there was no bait, skippies were hard to get and no signs of birds right over the high spots we trolled for like...
  66. Juan

    What's up out of La Cruz

    Ring me up Cliff !! It would be awesome to fish again!!! 322 120 9679
  67. Juan

    where are the dorado?

    Reports of Dorado at El Banco, there coming down!
  68. Juan

    you can email me to my personal email [email protected] so I can send you photos of...

    you can email me to my personal email [email protected] so I can send you photos of current reports.
  69. Juan

    There is some big roosters and other species too, fishing has been consistent and plentiful...

    There is some big roosters and other species too, fishing has been consistent and plentiful inshore, light medium tackle we have been using, its a blast!!
  70. Juan

    Im open on the 23rd, I can pick you up/drop you off on my car in Mita and we can drive where I...

    Im open on the 23rd, I can pick you up/drop you off on my car in Mita and we can drive where I have my boat in La Cruz, is like a 10 minute drive. 450usd is my rate for 6 hours on the super panga, It will include live bait, refreshments and couple of six packs of beers. Are you coming by yourself?
  71. Juan

    Hey buddy!!! when are you going to get here?? fishing is getting good and I think water...

    Hey buddy!!! when are you going to get here?? fishing is getting good and I think water temperatures are going to be substantially lower than last year which will bring a lot of fish this way. Hope your well!! Are you getting snow in Tahoe already??
  72. Juan

    I fish out of La Cruz Marina, if you are in Mita or Nuevo I can pick you up in the morning no...

    I fish out of La Cruz Marina, if you are in Mita or Nuevo I can pick you up in the morning no problem
  73. Juan

    Hi flndrpndr23 , I work with on different boats, I charge 1500usd for 10-12 hours on my...

    Hi flndrpndr23 , I work with on different boats, I charge 1500usd for 10-12 hours on my blackfins I have a 31' and a 36' blackfin inshore 6 hours for 800usd. I also have center console super panga with twin Yami's. Right now theres a good yellowfin tuna, marlin bite and a great rooster fish...
  74. Juan

    What's up out of La Cruz

    Hey Cliff!!! Heres the report amigo, Corbetena went las friday, small tunas rainbow runners and some marlin outside, my friend told me that 7 miles north of el banco is where the good shit is at! My amigo caught 7 Dorados and 6 tunas and one blue all in thursday last week up there, most have...
  75. Juan

    Blue Marlin World Cup

    I hear a big one like 700# pounder was caught. Im going out on thursday and friday overnight Ill let you know!
  76. Juan

    crazy fishing 3.5 day trip with Marla's sport fishing

  77. Juan

    epic 2.5 day tuna trip on the marla!!!!

    waiting for you to come down!
  78. Juan

    sick cow fishing on a 2.5 day with cap. Danny Osuna

    Danny Osuna!!!! Just Smashing them!!!!!!! Great Job Capt hopefully I can get out there with you soon!!!!!!!
  79. Juan

    El Matador 3.5 day trip

    NIce Manny!!! looks like you tried different techniques!! I would have loved to see that tuna hitting that ranger!!!!
  80. Juan

    20 days in Snookland

    sick! pipipipipipi se ve bueno!!!
  81. Juan

    Let me know, I'll be here except for thanksgiving. Lets fish!!!! my cel number is 322 120 9679

    Let me know, I'll be here except for thanksgiving. Lets fish!!!! my cel number is 322 120 9679
  82. Juan

    El Banco Blue, August 22, 11:48 am

    Nice fish!! Enrique is a class A act!! and Borrego is loco!!!! jajaja great catch guys !! Weather looks great!!
  83. Juan

    32# king by 7 year old

    paranoia will destroy ya!! NO worries on the tapeworm, but thanks for the warning, my son loves raw fish, he was not going to let that fillet get vacuumed sealed unless he gave it a good try... he's got that love affair with bloody shit!! jajjajjaja can't blame him...... just like his Papa...
  84. Juan

    Rooster Fish Hunt south of PV

    great report!!!!! Mr Snook is one of my favorite fishermans!!! he is so passionate !!! and his knowledge on the area is immense !!!!
  85. Juan

    Inshore possibilities at the end of October in PV and area

    talk to Mr Snook ! Carlos he will take you to the right area, sometimes you might have to drive south, he has a car a knows where to find the species your looking for, roosters are not in huge numbers now a days unless you go to virgin unmolested fisheries, thats where Mr Snook comes in, he...
  86. Juan

    32# king by 7 year old

    My 7 year old kicked our butts yesterday catching this 32 pound king and many others on board Kaimana with capt Stephen Hunt I'm almost sure it was the biggest one caught yesterday in San Francisco !! My son rocks!!! Tight lines!!!
  87. Juan

    Rooster land!!! Coming soon

  88. Juan

    roger that all fish are in san juanito, ill be in touch

    roger that all fish are in san juanito, ill be in touch
  89. Juan

    working on a couple of really good operations as a deckhand. I get to take some boats out every...

    working on a couple of really good operations as a deckhand. I get to take some boats out every now and then, noce to hear from you saludos
  90. Juan

    Sure Nic Im in Puerto Escondido right now Ill be back first week of september Ill be in touch...

    Sure Nic Im in Puerto Escondido right now Ill be back first week of september Ill be in touch and see if i can slay some fish with you. My Cel 322 120 9679
  91. Juan

    Another bites the dust!

    new grounds for us, sorry!!! know it all............
  92. Juan

    Another bites the dust!

    Hey Wayne thanks, I dont know Nacho!
  93. Juan

    Another bites the dust!

    Got this one Monday some 89 miles away form Mita, we had three hook ups..., all tunas where huge, the biggest ones I have ever seen, one came tail wrapped and was well over the 250# mark it was almost impossible to hook her and bring her up the boat.. we had a great time!! and explored new...
  94. Juan

    Danny "Lulu" Gomez dont forget that name!

    Went out yesterday with Danny, been wanting to fish with this Capt again for a while now, he was very busy working on the Journeyman operation so I called him a couple of times and he could not go. Finally my old friend from the Hanaloa times Richard called me and said the magic words " lets...
  95. Juan


    Go to and youll find all the info you need.
  96. Juan

    The are still biting.. El Matador….

    Nice Manny!!Nice Wahooo! will be out there soon!! Going out on the 9th and the 11th! Thanks for the report!
  97. Juan

    5 29 report

    First rain last night, looks like we might get more with Blanca, soon Mahi season, inshore has been good, Sierras, Roosters, big Snappers, tons of Jacks and skippies to get the bug out, great weather and long days. I have fished less than a mile from shore on my small 16' boat last week a...
  98. Juan

    5 29 report

    First rain last night, looks like we might get more with Blanca, soon Mahi season, inshore has been good, Sierras, Roosters, big Snappers, tons of Jacks and skippies to get the bug out, great weather and long days. I have fished less than a mile from shore on my small 16' boat last week a...
  99. Juan

    No Narco for me, only tuna...

    please teach me Im so dumb...........
  100. Juan

    No Narco for me, only tuna...

    Thanks mrhoneydo!!!!! see you soon!!! heres a vimeo link for the video
  101. Juan

    No Narco for me, only tuna...

    While Vallarta was having a bit if unrest I took off for a three day fishing trip, had some unfinished business with cat Keith form the Maximus and he offered to settle the dispute with a tow out to the buffer zone some 100 miles out, getting towed is boring jajjajaj nothing to do. We got out...
  102. Juan

    Cartel Violence In Puerto Vallarta

    Thats why its better to be on a boat 100 miles out slaying 300#tunas for many days on a row, out there its all peace and love...... Political unrest dont bother me out there...... get off your computers and fish....
  103. Juan

    puerta vallarta fishing

    from my experience is when theres the water temperature changes, october/november or may/june. now a days is hard to predict when these changes will occur, these changes cause migration of bait and game fish. Its been different the last 5 years.......cycles are becoming harder to expect...
  104. Juan

    puerta vallarta fishing

    Capt Danny Lulu, Dhamar sportsfishing!! Fish are seasonal, it depends what time you decide to come..... you can catch skipjack, Mackarel, rooster, amberjack, african pampano, Jack crevelle are abundant right now!!! Snapper and maybe Dorado or Sail if your lucky, they come in the bay every now...
  105. Juan

    Easter Tuna Hunt

    Thanks Danny!!! cant wait to fish with you one of these dayz!!! keep killing killa!!! you da man!!!!
  106. Juan

    Easter Tuna Hunt

    HI guys, fishing has been great !!!! Went on easter week with my friends and nailed a super good time!!! We cruised out of Vallarta around 9pm, gassed up 980ltrs of gas ( 1.20 dollars a litter, thats why capts charge what they charge!!!!!), got our bait and then jetted to Punta Mita doing 21knts...
  107. Juan

    Snookmafia snook Fishing

    que el chivis que los mata que la chingada! yeah bary!!!! sigue matandolos, great clip!
  108. Juan

    El Rio Negro Lodge 3-4/11

    yeah Al killing it!! so stoked for you
  109. Juan


    great Alex nice to see you are puting those clients through some great variety
  110. Juan

    Fun fishing aboard El Matador and Aleta sport fishing...

    Nice Many !! those are nice tunas!!!! keep them lines tight!!
  111. Juan

    Bloody Deckers go Psycho!

    March 2015 Met Michael (Mrhoneydo) here at the bloody decks, we talked when I put my "share gas" post a couple of months ago, he said he wanted me to show him how we roll here in Mex, we met at the Marina, checked out his 28'Grady White, reespooled and check overall condition of the boat. I took...
  112. Juan

    Maximus RED HOT, keeping it RAW.

    Yes I am !!! See you next year !!!
  113. Juan

    Maximus RED HOT, keeping it RAW.

    THANKS JUNY! When Im out there Ozzy is by my side jajajjajajajjaj!
  114. Juan

    Maximus RED HOT, keeping it RAW.

    Jan Feb March have been non stop action, every trip has produced. Only while it lasts........... Enjoy......... everything has a beginning, everything has an end. Better safe than sorry, book now!
  115. Juan

    JOURNEYMAN - Last Year Was Not As Good As It Gets

    Danny Lulu is the man!!! I bet he's the one calling the shots!!!! Yeah Danny!!!! show them how we roll in Mexico!!!! Remember the tuna dont know what boat you come in, the local knowledge is what counts, good for the Journey Man and this beautiful operation, I have seen the boat and it looks...
  116. Juan

    Panama Surf Róbalo

    nice!! thanks for the report
  117. Juan

    Tuna on jigs

    I dont jig with the 50s ! the 50s is my to go rig, I jig with stellas 12000/20000 and tld 30's....... Thanks foe the comment, The 50's I only use on live bait! ON the stellas/tld's I have 60/80 pound braid. with 80 pound mono leaders. I would love to go to the east coast and kill a big one with...
  118. Juan

    Tuna on jigs

    The sound of the clicker on my Penn golden 50s international is unbeatable, plus I have 10 years with them and they kick ass! other reels seem to break down, avet accurate........... deteriorate faster, thats just my opinion since my reels seem undestructable, jajjajajja no or little...
  119. Juan

    Tuna on jigs

    Shimano butterflies jigs 300 grams approx droped them in front Of birds and let it sink for one minute jig on your way UP killed 5 in two hours Tuna Was moving fast and i Was out of time
  120. Juan

    Tuna on jigs

    Just to say i caught 5 tunas on shimano butterflies jigs on sunday,50 60 # range!
  121. Juan

    February Fishing Report - El Rio Negro Fishing Lodge

    excellent fishing Alex!!! cant wait to go visit you soon and fish with you man!!!!, I saw this report and as soon as I saw the boat I knew it was you !! keep killing them!!
  122. Juan

    No fish No Pay? Tuna everywhere!

    70-120 miles out,290 degrees from punta mita, depending on nothing we know or will say. Hard to do a day fishing trip! unless you leave at 4am, I hate to leave the dock at sunrise and get to the fishing at 10am!!!! fuck that!! so you either do a overnight with whomever you like the best, or...
  123. Juan

    No fish No Pay? Tuna everywhere!

    This is PV amigo, only big tunas!
  124. Juan

    No fish No Pay? Tuna everywhere!

    So happy to get invited in the Maximus a couple of times a year, just got back from the first 2015 trip and it was all action catching a average of 9 tunas per day and some dodo's in the mix. Heres a fast clip of a fast trip with one of the bests operation in the world when it comes to YFT...
  125. Juan

    3 1/2 days trip with Capt Osuna brothers on the Marla

    Thanks for the new pics so sick!!! gotta get squid! I caught three good size tunas the last day you where out there, jigging on the kite drift.
  126. Juan

    3 1/2 days trip with Capt Osuna brothers on the Marla

    So sick report!! Osunas are just the best !! This report makes me very happy, I saw you guys out there slaying them!!! Mr Snook, what ca I say, he's the Snook Mastah!
  127. Juan

    How is the bite in PV?

    dont forget to call the Osunas!! they are fricking killing it out there!! Marlas sportfishing! OMG they are getting some cows out there!! everytime I had a radio transmission with Danny yesterday he was tripppled UUPPP!!!
  128. Juan

    Frenetic tuna bite!

    The bite was outrageous yesterday, after hooking a couple on jigs and kite shit went mental around 5 pm! We put the cedar plugs out and had like 5 triples , poppers were being devaured by the angry tuna. We went 18 of 25 ! Not cows biggest around 60# but just so frcking nuts, tuna jumping...
  129. Juan

    Selecting ride for 2.5-3.5 day trip??

    GO with the Osunas, you'll never look somewhere else, they have the area dialed up! Their whole family fishes, they comunicate on private channels and comb the area with amazing success, the new boats want to get in the mix....... but to have the experience of the Osunas on your side is golden...
  130. Juan


    PV Mexico
  131. Juan

    More tuna

    Tunas still out there, went yesterday caught some nice grade 35-40kilo. One nice Blue realesed, slow down a bit, maybe moon, but keeping the fam well fed and the fridge stched, thanks for all the pm's on the share gas!! hopefully we can line something up. "Elotillos" were working great...
  132. Juan

    FIshing Partner for this weekend, share gas.

    One of our guys dropped out, I have one space in the boat to fish the banks this weekend. Caught 6 Tunas yesterday and two marlins, fishing is still very good !! You need to have experience on deck, serious fisherman! This is not a charter boat so no cry babies, we will fish all day either sat...
  133. Juan

    Fishing charters out of sayulita?

    call me I live in sayulita!!!
  134. Juan

    Fishing partner! Share gas!

    Need a fishing partner to share gas, I have a couple of boats to go out to the banks but all these great fishing has left us broke, we have the boat and the equipment, we just need someone with cash to pay for the gas, so if anybody is coming or living preferibly in PV and want to go get some...
  135. Juan


    I have fished with Carlos Snook Master and hes got the knowledge to put on fish consistently. He is one of the best fisherman I have ever met.
  136. Juan

    tarpon fishing in Costa Rica

    great report thanks!
  137. Juan

    Fishing in Costa Rica (Tamarindo)

    look for some river mouths,theres a beach called PLaya Negra south not far theres great inshore beach casting there. I have gotten Big Snappers on that stretch of beach. Also theres another one called avellanas theres a estuary there might have some snook
  138. Juan

    Snook season picss

    NIce Carlos!!!! buen trabajo compa!
  139. Juan

    Report inshore

    Great inshore, water temps have dropped lots Of Snapper on light tackle in the Sayulita área ! Súper fun!
  140. Juan

    If you had to choose

    Fish PV, let me know I live in the area and can help you get a good boat.
  141. Juan

    Sometimes we catch "Botetes" or "Puffer Fish".

    un saludos para el maniaco de Hector "the collector"
  142. Juan

    Tuna slideshow video on the Marla in PV in Feb 2014

    Triple!!!! jajjaaaj that looks like a great time for those Koreans, well done Osunas!!!!!
  143. Juan

    Maximus Finale ...Part 2..Trip 5 of 5

    Erika so nice to meet you too, your reports are awesome !!! Your excitement is so contagious !! jajajjajajaj
  144. Juan

    Again...... Maximus

    Thanks guys!! Its hard to be a boat ho now a days, gotta come up with something or anything!!! ajjajjaja
  145. Juan

    Again...... Maximus

    Got the call from my friend in Newport, birthday trip, he needs to document this epic voyage, I get on board shoot the video. Enjoy!!!! Theres some big tunas out there, book with Maximus or the Osunas, get out there, two great operations killing some big fish out there!!! Get some headphones the...
  146. Juan

    Fish Stores

    HI Bruce, I have not but I have fished with the Danny Osuna at La Cruz on the Marla its a 31' Blackfin and its a beauty, plus Capitan Danny Osuna is got to one of the best captains I have ever been aboard with! take my word on this!
  147. Juan

    Two consecutive 2 1/2 days trip with Danny Osuna starting from Dec 7

    Im happy to see this report, I have fished with Danny Osuna and I relate to everything your saying. He is my favorite when it comes to hoping on something bigger than a panga. Im glad you guys had a great time, excellent report.
  148. Juan

    Coiba Adventure, Panama VIDEO

    this video brought back old memories, sick
  149. Juan

    Bloody Tuna Video. Maximus

    anybody need a video made of their fishing trip, PM me or Capt Keith from Maximus. You fish, I film and edit. Thanks fro the props guys, come down! By the Ari got the biggest tuna on the last trip, it was 246 pounds. Its the one we landed at night, it took Carlos down to the water from the bow...
  150. Juan

    In HOT WATER with Danny Gomez/DHamar 10/22&23

    Danny and Hector are one Kick ass team, great people in and out of the water. Nice report thanks!
  151. Juan

    Bloody Tuna Video. Maximus

    Got invited to come onboard the Maximus for a couple of trips in October. Wanna know what happened watch the video. Thanks Capt Keith, Carlos Cachis, Armando Q'Sopa, Miguel Diablito McGiver y Mario Ralingo one tight crew!
  152. Juan

    Great fishing 8/11 with Danny Gomez on Dhamar

    Danny is Psycho !!!! jajajjaja fishing maniac!!!
  153. Juan

    Team Ana Maria win 1st place Marlin with a 576 lb Blue Marlin

    felicidades!!!!! Ana Maria siempre gana.................. you guys are CONSISTENT!!! Very impressed, sigan asi!!!
  154. Juan

    Danny Osuna ROCKS!!!!! Great day at the rock!!

    EXPERIENCE MATTERS!!!!!!!!! another great day in the water!! on style!! took Bens Seybold boyz out on the Marla II and scored!! Captain Danny Osuna is to say the least one of the best Captains I have EVER fished with.... and I have fished a lot!!!!!!! Genuine, honest and HIGHLY EXPERIENCED ...
  155. Juan

    I'm with Juan! Inshore is happening in Huatulco as well!

    Thanks for the props!! great fishing! the video rocks!!! keep those lines tight!!If I cruise to Puerto Escondido to surf in september I'll drop a PM and lets go kill some !!
  156. Juan

    inshore is too good....... EVERYDAY!!!!!!!

    Went last week to a secret river mouth to get some snook, Carlos deckcheif of the Maximus was with us and brought some sealed packed tuna to make the camping even better!!!! the place is amazing camped for two days and fished the estuaries catching many snook, one was a macking black one...
  157. Juan

    Excellent pargo fishing today..

    I want one! sick pargos amigo, estas haciendo garras!!
  158. Juan

    Marlin fisihng onboard El Matador today..

    que bonito animal!!! buenazo compa hechele, hechele hechele!!
  159. Juan

    More inshore

    broh esta como culo de puta vieja!!!!!!!!!!! ni se mueve! Today Lost what I think was a Blue about six miles out, trolling live six inch skippies. got some nice mahi thought!!!!!
  160. Juan

    More inshore

    jajajjajja now that I dont charter anymore my boat is dirty stinky and plain old NASTY !!!! no more kissing ass!! its all me out there!! a dream come true! - - - Updated - - - jajajjajja now that I dont charter anymore my boat is dirty stinky and plain old NASTY !!!! no more kissing ass!! its...
  161. Juan

    More inshore

    Guys I'm not kidding, Mahis everywhere two miles from shore. Hooked eight and lost two, Chuckers, and birdies are doing the job at 8 knots. Many tree trunks out there look out! went out for 4 hours this morning thats a fish every 30 minutes. NO live bait, my friends with bait caught up to ten...
  162. Juan

    Team Maverick

    Yeah Juanito, buena pesca un dia de mucha accion!
  163. Juan

    Inshore has been great guys!!!

    Hey Manny a 5 minute talk turned into a cooler full of fish ! Thanks for the tips amigo péndulos!
  164. Juan

    Sharing an offshore trip in PV

    Danny Gomez rocks amigo!!!! he is a killing machine!!! Great human being also, and his mate Hector the Collector is a trip of his own!! jajajjajjajajjaj Look at him in this video reeling two rods at the same time!!! like its normal jajajjajjajajajjaj! - - - Updated - - -
  165. Juan

    Inshore has been great guys!!!

    I have been killing it inshore with my buddys from Sayulita, casting all day and trolling lures on my aluminum panga and my 15hp Honda, I use 2 gallons a day and have a full fridge, yesterday I most have fed about 25 people with al lthe fish I gave away, it feels good to fish when is this cheap...
  166. Juan

    Punta Mita: Surf Fishing + Panga

    Hi Kalicoast, I live in Sayulita a couple of miles north, I fish the four seasons area quite often and have found the Shimano Waxwings to be lethal for the species your going after, the hook set up is facing upwards and keeps it from getting snagged on the rocks, this gives the chance to cast...
  167. Juan

    Pesca Panama May 5-10, 2013 "Tuna to Tarpon"

    sick report, I was just roaming around also, had a incredible time, only went out for one day, but it counted like three normal ones!!!
  168. Juan

    Panama always on fire!!

    Panama outer Island experience!! Incomparable !! Dived fished and surfed all day, total Barrels over 30 each, five guys out, fished speared, snapper, amberjack, cabrilla, fished caught on the troll, Yellow fin, spanish mackarel, Jack Crevelle. Total fish in one day was well over 25, all kinds...
  169. Juan

    April 5 Billfish Extravaganza - Danny G Does It Again!

    macaniadera chido Danny matelos pendluos!!
  170. Juan

    Fishing PV w/ Danny nothing short of AWESOME

    about an hour and 40 minutes I think.....
  171. Juan

    Fishing PV w/ Danny nothing short of AWESOME

    Danny is da man!!! Im glad you had a goood time amigo!!! nothing better game schooling!
  172. Juan

    Danny Lulu, Hector the Collector, Bobby, Juan Pana. RoosterMANIA.

    Forgot to say this happened yesterday morning!!!!
  173. Juan

    Danny Lulu, Hector the Collector, Bobby, Juan Pana. RoosterMANIA.

    Called Danny, we go, got my friend Bobby from Canada ready !! Go to the dock 630am head out, stop with Jaibillo, hes always so enthusiastic giving us the bests of lucks with a big smile. We get out there shit hits the fan immediately, I think fish actually follow Danny around, crazy everywhere...
  174. Juan

    Cow fishing in PV on the Marla IV

    Nice catch guys, sick report!
  175. Juan

    waianae 1/12/13

    love those dayz instantbendo.
  176. Juan

    Inshore North Shore Oahu

    Thanks Jack I think I know where you mean, any advice on tackle ? or what you target from shore?
  177. Juan

    Inshore North Shore Oahu

    Gonna go catch me some barrels at the North Shore for a couple of weeks, Im taking a spinning rod with some, rapalas, waxwings, Yuzuri stuff in case it gets flat, any recommendations where to go, Ill be staying in Rocky Point area, would like to catch a big ulua!!
  178. Juan

    Baja Surf Fishing Adventure Video......

    Love the video! your narrative is awesome!! Is like Bruce Browns "the endless summer" of fishing videos! thanks for sharing!
  179. Juan

    Dhamar Gives Up Great Action

    par de dementes!!!! pendulos !
  180. Juan

    outboard security anti theft

    I have a 15HP HOnda engine and I want to put it on small 16foot panga to do some inshore with friends, Im worried about it getting stolden, how do I keep that engine attached to the hull? does anybody know of a good product that stands salt water?
  181. Juan

    Good Pelagic Bite

    Un saludo al TORO!!
  182. Juan

    Corbetena on fire!

    Fishing on fire yesterday, some people catching up 11 tunas, we had six I'm beat, today looking even better, great weather, lots of Dodo's tunas 7 miles 270' from da rock, sardines are killing it!!
  183. Juan

    Great marlin acci

    andale Manny por algo le hecho phonazo a veces!
  184. Juan

    Corbetena on fire!

    yep Im a HO now for the moment, not for long!
  185. Juan

    Corbetena on fire!

    Las Sardinas have saved the day!!!!! Muchas veces!!
  186. Juan

    Corbetena on fire!

    I have been fishing with Caldo the last weeks, we have had great action at the rock. Sardines have been working great and so has the kite, lots of everything in the mix, including 180# in the mix yesterday, been hook up all week! Glad to hear Danny Osuna out there and Danny lulu also in the mix...
  187. Juan

    La Cruz Tournament

    I like the punani !!
  188. Juan

    cows and billfish at Corbetania on Dhamar

    animo Danny aya los veo el domingo!!
  189. Juan

    sick cow fishing at the islands

    animo Danny !! buen viaje!!
  190. Juan

    tuna tuna tuna

    ese chalan tuyo esta re loco jajaja saludos Danny !!
  191. Juan

    Fishing with Capt Elias Caldo - In Coberte

    yeah Caldo !! your boat is sick loved fishing with you amigo !!! pendulos BIG TUNA!!!!
  192. Juan

    24 offshore Grady White Vallarta Mexico

    sorry was salmmed with work. I wrote you back, sometimes I go to really remote places because of my work, sorry about the delay.
  193. Juan

    24 offshore Grady White Vallarta Mexico

    24' Grady White Offshore in excellent conditions. Owner selling because he travels too much and not enough time to enjoy it. The boat comes with 250 HP Yamaha and a 15 hp Honda kicker. This is a proven fishing machine, excellent opportunity for some anglers that want to come to Vallarta and have...
  194. Juan

    24' Grady White for Sale in Puerto Vallarta MEXICO Please check out photos of the boat here and in my albums. Thanks and looking forward to some offers!
  195. Juan

    24' Grady White for Sale in Puerto Vallarta MEXICO

    Hey friends, Sad to say, but I am selling my 24'offshore Grady White. This is a great opportunity for someone who wants a fishing boat completley liscensed and has all its permits, ready to go. The boat has a 8 years left on its 10 year import permit. It is powered by a 2003 Yamaha 250 hpdi...
  196. Hanaloa11


  197. Hanaloa1


  198. Hanaloa11


  199. Hanaloa21


  200. 24offshore shots

    24offshore shots

    Grady White shots
  201. 24offshore shots

    24offshore shots

    Heres the 24 offshore, Grady White
  202. Juan

    Thanks Danny Gomez and Hector!!!

    nice !! kids and fishing +Danny = blast !
  203. Juan

    YFTs Baitball Feeding Frenzy ( March 2011) ***warning**

    TOO SICK !!! fish till you drop basically.
  204. Juan


    wow you guys where lucky to come back with your belongings. I have surfed the Islands for a while and and have heard of numerous surfing crews that have gotten caught and taken everything from them. No more islas for mi tambien amigo, thanks for the report.
  205. Juan

    Report: Sayulita (Puerto Vallarta)

    cesar rocks !! nice equipment and a good panga !
  206. Juan

    Sayulita accomodations

    not ment for people over 40.
  207. Juan

    Sayulita accomodations

    My wife owns a hotel in the beach front, is clean and affordable I can even give you a deal for fishing if you stay there, cant go wrong !! Check it out at
  208. Juan

    3/4 offshore report with Captain Moco...non readers refer to bottom for short version

    I was cursing in Hawaii when I heard how much fun you had !!!!!! Im very happy to have Moco take care of my operation while I'm away, like you said passionate and entusiastic guy, plus he puts you in action and doesnt like to waste time with the small shit !! Great job guys !!! Scott thanks so...
  209. Juan

    La Cruz

    Jjajaajaja !
  210. Juan

    Where can I buy fishing tackle in PV? eom

    we need a west marine down here.
  211. Juan

    maverick/topgun pics

    fucking NICE!!!!!!!
  212. Juan

    Vard hits paydirt offshore Barri de Navidaa

    Nice, respect to the grandpa !! That dorado looks like ceviche to me !
  213. Juan

    Its never too far for tuna

    Saludos Manny ! Salimos el Miercoles, estuvo medio encabronado el viento pero andabamos aferrados, atras de las islas se calmo un poco (viento de NE) por eso se ve medio bueno pero apenas salimos pa tras se puso peor que bien que veniamos con viento en popa ! ahorita esta bien cabron a ver si en...
  214. Juan

    Its never too far for tuna

    hahaha funny ! this guy said that if it was small tuna he was going to net it !! Surprise he got when we got color and he saw the size of the fish, I guess they are used to albacore, I laughed the whole time but I never told him to put it down I wanted to see the look on his face ! Pendulos ...
  215. Juan

    Good 4-6 hour fishing excursion in PV (or Cabo)

    Well said Frijol !! Fishing is fishing !
  216. Juan

    Its never too far for tuna

    Went out today, good size chop on the way to el banco doing 16 knots and banging, nothing that bother me !! jejje water temp getting warmer. We set course strait to el banco but five miles before getting there water was still green and we said hmmm lets just jet strait to the islands. On our...
  217. Juan

    1st week Jan. 2011 Fishing report

    nice looks like good times
  218. Juan

    Slayed The Stripers Down South

    sick set up congrats on your epic day !!
  219. Juan

    great day inshore....

    todavia andan !! buena pesca saludos compa !
  220. Juan

    Going to PV end of march

    Sorry that was a January report ! My bad but heres the march special have a laugh!
  221. Juan

    Going to PV end of march

    March is always good and this year looks great ! Check one of last years reports
  222. Juan

    christmas at the islas

    Saludos Danny !! Feliz anio buen porno de fish !!! Si hay, si hay !!
  223. Juan

    yellow tail in pv

    Nice ! feliz Anio Danny Lu !!
  224. Juan

    tunas on the dhamar

    yeah Danny I believe you too !! Feliz Navidad !! ESpero verte pronto por las islas, pendulos !
  225. Juan

    Best wishes from the Maximus

    Nice Guys !!! Thanks fro the good wishes same to you and your crew !! Hope to see you out there soon !!
  226. Juan

    " Mixing Fishing with Vacation "

    Nice report !! Panama rocks !!
  227. Juan


    Saca saca Danny Lulu !!! Hechale Manito !!!
  228. Juan


    Everybody is getting some of that good shit ! Bueno bueno bueno Pendulos
  229. Juan

    Meanwhile inshore at the hall of fame........

    Thanks everybody !! your comments are appreciated !! Ali they call the "listoncillos" around here, Head down, get off your couch !!!
  230. Juan

    Meanwhile inshore at the hall of fame........

    Its just not fair!!!! Inshore today was on FFFFIRRRREEEE to say the least. ( again?? shit ....) Took off from Mita early in the morning back with the old costumers from last week (they just cant get enough of us) jejejej ! Bait: green jacks, sardines, squid, google eyes, we were ready. 20lbs...
  231. Juan

    Another Week in PV

    Respect to those guys. I agree too. They are the best.
  232. Juan


    NIce !!! cevichon !
  233. Juan

    mucho atun

    tupido a compa !! Nice !!
  234. Juan

    Did you say tuna ?

    Poppa whatcha waiting for ? Caldo saca las pics del otro dia ! Thanks Ali !!:notworthy Let me know when I have earned some stickers and T's !! Send some this way !
  235. Juan

    PV Tuna with the Osuna's

    good job Osunas !!!
  236. Juan

    this weeks report

    saca las pics caldo del otro dia !! LE PUSIMOS UNA PUTIZA A LOS GALLOS !!
  237. Juan

    Did you say tuna ?

    So heres the deal, Jim and his son came down to Vallarta to hook a sailfish and a tuna above 40lbs which was their record. They wanted a comfortable boat so I went on Daves Gal from Mita withmy mate MOCO who rocks and is funny. jeje 28 foot Cat with twin 225 and rocking electronics. Loaded up on...
  238. IMG 3574

    IMG 3574

  239. Tuna Fishing00022

    Tuna Fishing00022

  240. Tuna Fishing00021

    Tuna Fishing00021

  241. IMG 3572

    IMG 3572

  242. Tuna Fishing00004

    Tuna Fishing00004

  243. IMG 3584

    IMG 3584

  244. Tuna Dic 2010

    Tuna Dic 2010

    Igot this beast on 2010 dic 05
  245. Juan

    Check picture of the week

    60 pound flouro 100 yards, with a 6 foot 100 pound 6 foot leader and owner circle hook. put the brake on and enjoy the ride brodah.
  246. Juan

    Check picture of the week saludos a los Osunas !! Estuve pescando con Accurate los ultimos dias estan muy buenos compa aguantan carrilla machine !! Pendulos !
  247. Juan

    fishing Mayhem !!

    Drop by we'll have some cold ones for sure, bring Capt Pedro Chavez with you he's the funniest man alive !! Pendulos !
  248. Juan

    Maximus Open Party to the Tres Marias, Puerto Vallarta - Dec 17th - 21st

    Can I go and wash dishes, toss sardines, fillet fish, do all the dirty work I dont care, I hope I can go one day with you guys, Ill sleep in the deck, no problem with that. Bests of luck with your operation hope to see you out there, just remember you have working slave ready to hop on anytime...
  249. Juan

    Check picture of the week

    Check pic of the week at And I suck at fishing so you can only imagine how good the fishing is around here.
  250. Juan

    Mexican Laws ?

    Thanks Bullshipper, Thats some info there.
  251. Juan

    Mexican Laws ?

    Thanks guys any more info would be greatly appreciated.
  252. Juan

    fishing Mayhem !!

    We farmed roosters on Google eyes in the Morro Rock drop the fisrt one and in less than a minute I was hooked but in the marietas mix we where just chumming with all the sardines we would get of the side, then we would go 50 yards from the bait ball and start our own trying to get the fish...
  253. Juan

    fishing Mayhem !!

    Fished today El Morro and it was absolutly ridiculous !!! Schools of Roosters everywhere, scored 6 before 12pm realeased all of them then on the way back we hit huge baitballs outside Marietas a and there was Mackarell and red snapper everywhere with more roosters on the mix, we were getting...
  254. Juan

    Mexican Laws ?

    Just wondering, can a non Mexican charter a boat in Mexico, can the deck hands be non Mexican also ? Have a freind that wants to bring a nice boat in the mix, I thought maybe i get some input on the matter. By the way I have fished a couple of days this week, Roosters are schooling in the...
  255. Juan

    Nov. 27th on the Top Gun

    Sounds like a good day, I like when capts go the distance, no complaints I shall say.
  256. Juan

    Commerical Tuna Seasons

    Seiners at El banco not long ago ! Two of them, they dis fish too, capt yelled on the loud speaker to get the F.... out the way !
  257. Juan

    Doesn't look good

    its true fishing is off the hoook no time for reports, too busy!
  258. Juan

    11/1-11/8 Cabo to Vallarta aboard Maximus - Are you not entertained?

    You talkin about "the yankee rose " ????????????? SSSSSSSSIIIIIIIICKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!! David Lee Roth style !
  259. Juan

    PV Report 10/25-10/30

    Awsome Barns ! I camped in the Island recently caght some good waves ! 4 days in feral grounds ! Good times !
  260. Juan

    Puerto Vallarta Cow?

    NIce fish bro !! glad you had a good time !!
  261. Juan

    TJ-PV REELS Carry on or Check?

    bring them on your carry on so if anything happens at least you ar ready to fish.
  262. Juan

    Team Aleta - PV Report 10/15 - 10/17 - Mega Fish Porn

    Nice Ali ! Let me know next time your in town so I can get some stickers for my sons lunch box full of tuna sandwiches
  263. Juan

    Bocas Del Toro(18 days)

    I heard theres big wahoo on the dirt lines from the sixaola river, you can fish there with deep divers rapalas, I have seen the animals and they look good.
  264. Juan

    Looking for Captain playa Blanca, PANAMA

    NOt yet but I need to get back, I have been camping out in the Marias off PV, is very similar to the Montuosa scenerio 15 years ago. Feral and loaded with inshore action.
  265. Juan


    nice Danny, Lora scored 4 today, I had some sashimi at his dads place, the rock it is.
  266. Juan

    PV 10-5,6,7

    Piss, windex anything with amonia. Its getting better out there
  267. Juan

    Looking for Captain playa Blanca, PANAMA

    Theres a couple of reef s outside Coronado beach that I have seen break on big swells, also theres a couple of Islands in front of Punta Chame that where own by John Wayne and his family. I cant remember the name off them right of the bat but I know acouple of friends from Panama City go there...
  268. Juan

    Need a captian in Tamarindo

    Wao good deal I drink about 24 beers on a full day if I birng two friends thats like 100 beers jejejej
  269. Juan

    Professors Manny, Danny, and Danny

    Danny con razon los gringos te buscan tanto !!! jajajjajjajaj
  270. Juan

    Keeping a boat in Puerto Vallarta ...questions

    La Cruz is great marina and closer to the fishing grounds. I have kept my 24' Grady there for 2 years now and the service is great, the employes are really friendly and the security is excellent. Never had anything missing from my boat. The dry storage charges me 150usd per month but the slips...
  271. Juan

    More Hard Core

    Hard Core, ceviche de agujon ! chuch !
  272. Juan

    US dollar transaction limit in Mexico

    I feel poor watching this posts. I dont even have a credit card ! Shiets !!! I guess I need to save to get a my Viking 64' and join the chat. Saca la caguama !!
  273. Juan

    US dollar transaction limit in Mexico

    Since everybody is whining I have a question, is 600usd a normal month fee for a 25 footer, God Damn ! La Cruz is getting expensive !! 3 bucks a Gallon !, I might as well get full coverage and anchor it in front of my house in Sayulita. Anyways is a great Marina nevertheless, but 600usd a month...
  274. Juan

    08.24.10 Top Gun Sportfishing - Lots of Miscomunication?

    fuck my eyes hurt from reading so much shit ! jajjajaj, your all right ! fish or not to fish is the question, pop a beer and go spin a couple, drunk !
  275. Juan

    bridge collapse

    el otro puente va tambien...
  276. Juan

    I like this technique

    so much for the two hour battle
  277. Juan

    vacas en la corbete

    Buena Danny !! saludos
  278. Juan


    nice Danny, I hope you kill'em for the tourney.
  279. Juan

    Puerto Vallarta - 8/5/10 with Juan Moll

    jaajjajaj ! Nice bull amigo I can only imagine the ceviche, beautiful tree !! must have been loaded !!
  280. Juan

    Bienvenidos a BloodyDecks...

    JAjajajajajajjaja ! Ahora si chingamos ! El tiburon tiene buena panocha me conto un viejo lobo de mar ! Saludos a todos y Gracias a Ali por dejarnos expresar como pescadores ! Ahora chinge su madre el que no saque nada y el que saque que se moche con la info !
  281. Juan

    Marlin City !!

    Andale Danny, espero ganes ese torneo !!! Aca te vamos a hechar porras desde Puerto !!! Saludos Compa !!
  282. Juan

    Tuna Fishing

    Que bien !! Felicidades a ese morro !!!
  283. Juan

    July 29 - Not Even a Bite...

    Bummer !!!!!!!!! Next time come with me or Danny G, 99% kill ratio. sun goes down at 9pm almost impossible to get skunked ! nough said, be back in Sept, I cant wait for the new season, meanwhile, the waves are great in Puerto Escondido. Lots of 15 pound Robalos to keep me happy and 15 foot...
  284. Juan

    WTF PV??

    Dale duro Danny Lu !! Usted sabe que la banda de Sayula lo apoya al 100% !! Llegando nos hechamos unas chelas, Pendulos !!!!
  285. Juan

    Rod Limitation Coming Into PV?

    yep !! jajajja Airports peoples are all custom officers !
  286. Juan


    wao ! I'll put that on my wish list for 2011
  287. Juan

    WTF PV??

    Nada frijolio ! Dead, is the worse I had in 7 years of fishing in Sayulita. All the charter fleet of Sayulita is suffering the low blow we've had this year. Pero como dice mi abuela " no hay mal que por bien no venga mijito" hay que hecharlo los kilos compadre, no se aguiten, antes que llegaran...
  288. Juan

    WTF PV??

    El dinero ? Los clientes ?
  289. Juan


    Danny Gomez is tha man !!! go with him !
  290. Juan

    Puerto Vallarta fishing July

    The brown hair one ! uffffff unas coronitas y una docena de ostiones.
  291. Juan

    good week of fishing"marla's"

    yeah Danny Lu ! kill 'em !!! Aca en puerto mucho robalo grande en la Punta de Zicatela, tambien Velas y Dorados una milla de la orilla, por ahi te mando un reporte de aca. Saludos fren ! sigue dandoles !!
  292. Juan

    PV Report July 6th and 9th

    Andale Danny ! Always making those kids happy. Great report !
  293. Juan

    Need Input for Puerta Vallerta 7/3-7/10

    good timing youll be put in the torture chamber jajajaj
  294. Juan

    more San Blas Torneo pics....

    Thanks for the tuna Danny, nothing like fathers day with some fresh sashimi and cold pacifico watching the kids run Pendulos
  295. Juan

    Ulita Honduras Info?

    Take some wire leaders for the wahoos unles you want to loose all your lures. Sounds like fun maybe you'll be fishing more than diving, it just might be that good. Have fun
  296. Juan

    Hanaloa Numero 1 San Blas Tournament

    Thanks Sean, Ana Maria Team Rocks !! Almost back to Back ! from Topolobampo ! Too good to be truth. Saludos y Pendulos !
  297. Juan


    No worries Fred I just thought you mighta had some hidden around, I like to go surfiong around that area, would love to go out and hit some close to shore action on my next trip! Danny went out yesterday on the Jemi out la Cruz and caught six tunas 80-150lbs and got back to see the game,1300hrs...
  298. Juan

    marla's san blas tournament report

    Saludos Danny, nunca se cual eres tu, le llame Danny a todos tus hermanos; mas con un par de chelas en la cabeza. Felicidades en tu 5 lugar, habia que perrearle mucho pero por lo menos sacaste un buen vela, el unico que saque yo fue el dia antes del torneo !! jajajja Pendulos
  299. Juan

    Hanaloa Numero 1 San Blas Tournament

    Thanks everybody ! Ali BD'kers kick ass !! Thank you for these great site, nothing like drinking beers with the deckers ! Aluminator I had to scream the words SHUT UP FUCKING GRINGO! more than 100 times a day to keep that maniac quiet, too much energy for a 70 year old ! He is a fishing machine...
  300. Juan

    Hanaloa Numero 1 San Blas Tournament

    Even thou I had the Gringo Loco on board I managed to keep his mouth shut most of the time. The fishing was slow all week but the beers were never in shortage. BD'ers Danny Gomez, Tokio fro, Adrian and me had a blast. Sails where a bitch to find and Dorados where non existent. We find out that...
  301. Juan


    its going to be one fun torneo !
  302. Juan

    PV Adventures with Danny O and Danny G

    great report ! thanks for the pics !
  303. Juan

    Big Cow today out of La Cruz

    photos ! where you caught it ?
  304. Juan


    its never too much !
  305. Juan

    Spearfishing of Isla Montuosa

    Nice Report, I camped in that same beach many times. Its awsome there. I envy you guys, what a trip, what a island.
  306. Juan

    2 days in paradise

    thats two days !! Wao !!! Awsome !!!! where you chumming those pargos with chunks of skipjack ? nice !
  307. Juan

    PV inshore fishing with Danny Gomez 4/28

    I love the sticker in the masterbaiters sign ! Jjajajaj ...... Way to go Danilulu !
  308. Juan

    PV TUNA with Danny Gomez 4/27

    Andale Danny que bien que les pegaste !! Voy a ver si salgo el martes !! Pendulos
  309. Juan

    Best Time of Year for Surf/Fish

    fishing and surfing is good year round around pv area, if you know the area you can score uncrowded places with epic waves and epic fishing. word from the wise, why do you think Sayulita has the best surfers in Mexico, plus you can get a chance to poach the islands for some really good shit, if...
  310. Juan

    Hannibal Bank on Karma 3

    yeah that looks amaizing !
  311. Juan


    un carrito nuevo no caeria mal ! por un dia de pesca ! voy a vere si le entro.
  312. Juan

    First ime trip to puerto vallarto

    call me next time, I'll make your arms hurt so bad you wont want to see me for a couple of days.
  313. Juan

    Tuna Porn - Puerto Vallarta Fish Report

    sick ! Good for you Ali ! Call me next time so I can join porn, I dont mind going out as a fisherman.
  314. Juan


    teaser ? where ?
  315. Juan

    The jig is up!

    great report ! I love those Stellas. I use Spheros 18000 and have also worked well with large tunas. Lora is a super good Capt ! and his brother too. You got a super good combo that day! YEAH I'm heading out there ! Pendulos !
  316. Juan

    Trip of a lifetime X3 - Sayulita

    Heres some more cherry popping photos from that day ! Tom whats up !! glad your doing good up there !! Point Reyes rocks, cant wait to go to Petaluma to ring you up, might be there in august . Randall thanks for the good report here are some more pics I took that epic day, some beating ah ...
  317. IMG 2908

    IMG 2908

  318. IMG 2905

    IMG 2905

  319. IMG 2893

    IMG 2893

  320. IMG 2875

    IMG 2875

  321. IMG 2900

    IMG 2900

  322. Randall's cherry popping

    Randall's cherry popping

    Fishing photos
  323. Juan

    2010 spring Break Daddy's Girl Tigerlily

    Nice ! My boy is two years old and loves to be on Papaboat ! I cant wait to fish with him one day, do exactly what your doing now. Way to go ! Great inspiration, great times, great report.
  324. Juan


    thta hook look gnarly !! good shit man
  325. Juan

    Fishing, surfing on the Lost coast explorer Panama

    thats the best deal I have ever heard off ! but no pics no believe, waves and fish please
  326. Juan

    How Big is this Yellowfin Tuna?????

    yeah ! Flying to Panama TODAY !! Thats a vaquita for sure I say that 254lbs Buen trabajo !
  327. Juan

    Team Salty - Day 2 4/10/10 - 17 tuna

    Good job ! Technology or instincs is the question sometimes. Either way to score 17 in a day ! Thats tuna fishing to the max !! El Banco delivers !! be back in ten days, going out there as soon as I get off the plane !! Good luck with Lora, he rocks !! Gallos are going off also !! Send the pics...
  328. Juan

    Tuna still going strong in Panama

    Nice John, Might cruise around, but I think where going south to Darien area is closer fro the PTY marinas. Great report, I wonder how the southern pacific region of Panama could be doing, maybe it could be just as good. Thanks for the good report, Juan
  329. Juan

    Tuna still going strong in Panama

    thanks John, Great report be there next week ight cruise around on a 47 bertram called Angelica Maria. Maybe I'll see you out there ! Juan
  330. Juan

    Team Salty - PV on Fire 4/9/10

    Its like catching Toros inshore ! Lots of Tuna ! What a sweet rig that Salty is, couldnt be on a better boat. 75 viking ? uff ! Lets go to Revillagigedo ! Going to Panama/Costa Rica be back in ten days for getting some more TUNA ! good job Matt!
  331. Juan

    Video Report

    Nice video !
  332. Juan

    tuna action

    Pega le duro a lo guachos !! Ya me contaron que andan por ahi !! Ya se vienen las manchas por aca por Sayula, no dilatan ! Saludos a la banda de Mita, Pendulos !
  333. Juan

    tuna action

    Si hubiera sido por tu reporte, ni salgo cabron ! Te fuiste 18 millas el dia anterior en el Luhrs !! Y que te paso ?? Cuantas agarraste ?? Las agarre onde siempre 7 millas al 280 del banco. UN triple y un doble. Bien cuajado !! Todas arriba de 130lbs, vaquitas !!! Los yates se abrieron ya tu...
  334. Juan

    tuna action

    Chingon Fernando, que bien que les pegaste ! Que bien que aun esten ahi en el mismo lugar, Buena pesca, Pendulos Juan
  335. Juan

    As Good As It Gets In PV

    just got back, got them today 6 miles from el banco, one tripple and one double. They where all big 100plus plus, no birds only dolphins. It was 6 strait hours hook up. weather great, f.. what day. pics on the way gotta sleep.
  336. Juan

    Closest departure to montuosa ?

    Thanks John !! Will be in Panama in april, maybe I'll drop by and go out for a day. 48 miles is not that long considering is the furthest Island out there, I cant wait to go back !! Your info says Boca Chica Coiba, are you in Coiba Island ?? Is this by where the Anam had the headquaters by "...
  337. Juan


    Aqua Milpa rocks ! Fishing Mission Rocks ! Anybody that makes money out of fishing and hands it to kids in need is a hero ! Plain and simple. Bass fishing with this people is the best way to hook up on some killer bass on the line and let me mention that as the line peels of your reel in that...
  338. Juan

    Coral Star Marlin and Tuna w/Photos!

    Chitras in MOntuosa are a nightmare !! We used to make a tower of dry palm tree leaves add some gas and make 30 foot tall bon fires on the beach, there was so many dry palmtrees leaves ! That kept the chitras off for a while but late at night some guys had to burry themselves under the sand...
  339. Juan

    Closest departure to montuosa ?

    Jajaj I'll go with my locals from Catalina, must be some German crazy guy ! Ohh well....I'm sure hes not going to try to claim it !That would be just too funny, he better have a ak47 !
  340. Juan

    Coral Star Marlin and Tuna w/Photos!

    Good times in Coiba ! I can see Montuosa on the back of one of the photos, the waves looked sweet ! There is never a dull day around those islands they are teeming with life and the ocean looks very healthy still. When I camped in Montuasa and Jicarita back in the 90's it was a fishing mans...
  341. Juan

    pv croc attack

    prayers from me too ! Sad to hear that they should put more warning signs around the area, many people dont even realize they are there. I'll pray, Juan
  342. Juan

    As Good As It Gets In PV

    great job Joe ! Im glad you had fun on your trip down, you look like a happy angler ! Like I said any of the guys here will put you on some heavy action, tunas are busting out ! Great photos, stay in touch ! Juan
  343. Juan

    Raining in Panama " Tuna That Is "

    Chucha ! Que envidia fren !!! Panama ta pesao mena !
  344. Juan

    They Saved A Seniors Life-Lots of Tuna

    Yeah Jim !!!!!! Hey Poppa we need to get Gringo Loco in the boat !!! We need to fish a week strait so we can tell all the stories ! I dont think we can fish only for one day with such a hard core crew, you , Jim, me , fucking nuts !!! ! I´m living the dream early on life, my priorities strait...
  345. Juan


    you make about 30 bucks if you charge 300usd for a half day, unless you have a15hp four stroke and a 14 foot aluminum panga. Normally is something like this. 150gas 30us ice, drinks, beer. 20us bait, 80us capt Thats 20 bucks left and if you have to drive to the marina theres the gas for the...
  346. Juan

    638 lb Marlin caught with a 30 Tiburon Reel!

    great fish ! Its always a good fishing day in PV.
  347. Juan

    They Saved A Seniors Life-Lots of Tuna

    Yeah gringo Loco ! Im so glad you got some ! Nice job ! Im in Cabo right now, inshore is great, offshore sucks ! NO Marlin, only football size tuna. Im going Back to PV ! Nothing like my home cows. Great job Jim !
  348. Juan

    MasterBaiters Sportfishing Puerto Vallarta OMG. Who needs a laugh? This is good...

    Hey Ali, You Rock ! Sayulita BD crew ! Maturbaiters should go to " fist of fury" with Chong !
  349. Juan

    PV Report 3/11-3/15

    NIce !! nothing like a happy kid ! Mine is only 2 years old and he loves Papas boat ! Gotta pass down the moves ! Pendulos, nice job Danny !
  350. Juan

    Roosters bite

    Ya stas peinaopa tras ! pendulo
  351. Juan

    Martuni Madness - Puerto Vallarta

    Yeah Jim !! you rock ! That gadget looks like exactly what I needed that day ! I have gotten hurt many times fishing, I will do anything to get a fish on the boat, I have that problem. I dont accept defeat all that well. I fight hard, left and right ! Non stop, the more licks I take, the more...
  352. Juan

    Martuni Madness - Puerto Vallarta

    jaja I fished without even a belt on ! it was a 150 pounder ! I would have rather fight some football player on a bar. I got beat up ! shit that was a fight !! The butt of the rod was digging a hole on my thigh ! I was in pain, but we had a triple on so my other costumers where all geared up, I...
  353. Juan

    Closest departure to montuosa ?

    Yes Tony thats the structure, it has big cracks that you can dive into. Very shallow dove a lot there. I know where Puerto Mutis is more or less, in Montijo Gulf. Did a lot of camping in Cebaco too, not as good as Coiba but closer and safer. Catalina seem to be the closest departure to all the...
  354. Juan

    Tres Marias - Boat Impounded?

    I was out there yesterday of the second Island, I was about 11 miles from them ,there was only two other boats out there, one was a huge one maybe 75 feet or more and the other one was the boat from the Mother ship Ocean. On the west side of the islands I did not see any Mex Coast Guard action...
  355. Juan

    Closest departure to montuosa ?

    Thanks Tony ! So basically they are all in Chiriqui, wao thats still some ways out there. Great fishing grounds, the best I have ever seen, we used to fish off "Barco Quebrao" in Coiba on our way to Jicarita, there was Skip Jacks and Dolphins as far as the eye could see. I have never forgotten...
  356. Juan

    Closest departure to montuosa ?

    Hi Guys, whats the closest departure marina to hit Montuosa now a days. I used to camp in Montuosa with friends back in the early 90's. We take a 16'panga with 40hp from Sta. Catalina and camp in Jicarita the first night and then go to Montusa the next morning. We would camp there for a week...
  357. Juan

    Tuna/Rooster Bite - March Madness PV Style!!!!

    Great report guys ! Yep! went out yesterday on a 20knot winds ! but sunny skies ! Ran 18 miles NW of el banco, NADA on our way back we got them about six miles from el banco. Big schools, had two big ones on and lost them (Not me somebody else on board!), the wind was hauling by then and...
  358. Juan

    The New Aleta

    someday, dream on Juan. Nice ride ! get it bloody.
  359. Juan

    PV bound in September

    jajjaj ! buena esa !
  360. Juan

    You want TUNA

    Jajja Like my friend says, Costumer: " no fish no pay" My friend capt said: " no pay no come home!" Pendulos, Juan
  361. Juan

    You want TUNA

    JAjja Very well said Glacier ! When I fish in other countries I do the same, I inform the crew that no touch my rod. In my boat I ask the costumers what experience they have and work with that, I can tell right away when a guy needs help. I let all my experience clients fish themselves, I even...
  362. Juan

    Roosters bite

    ask Gringo Loco I'm pretty sure he knows ( no eat em no fish em) of some good way to cook it. Normally I dont eat them but theres occasions I have tried it grilled and with pink sauce, salsa mexicana, tortillas and you roll up a chunk plus some lime and beans and its great ! Great tacos ! a cold...
  363. Juan

    Roosters bite

    Jaja Isn't it ? Theres some good stuff in it ! thanks ! Juan
  364. Juan

    Roosters bite

    Estoy de acuerdo compa, casi todos los regrese pero me quede uno ya que un compa me lo encargo para su cumple, sarandeado lo hicimos. Esto en realidad fue una ocasion especial ya que normalmente siempre los regreso todos. Saludos Pendulos, Juan
  365. Juan

    Fun day fishing off Mita

    yeah Tom ! C you soon, Lora's brother ROCKS !
  366. Juan

    Roosters bite

    hey rooster are off the hook in four seasons, get your chile verdes and smack 'em. Got 5 yesterday, the one we boated was about 34lbs and was caught on 15lbs test line on a Stratic 8000, AWSOME ! kept one for a birthday SARANDEADO, also got small snapper of the rock casting small rapalas...
  367. DSC 0068

    DSC 0068

  368. Hanaloa0005


  369. Hanaloa0006


  370. The best ones

    The best ones

    These are the best fish
  371. Juan

    PV Tunafest w/ Dhamar Sportfishing & BIG Roosters w/ Pacheco tours

    Wao Danny ! Las mataste denuevo ! Que bien, que bien ! No fue lo tupido sino lo parejo, les arrimaste una buena paliza, felicidades compa ! Pendulos, juan
  372. Juan

    Fishing with Danny Gomez in PV

    Danny Rocks ! When he's out there always shares info on 18vhf with me even helped me when I had engine problems out there once. Too bad you didnt hit a good bite, next time. He is super reliable and his panga Dahmar absolutly rocks ! Pendulo !
  373. Juan

    Manzanillo Charter Recomendations?

    Unreal jajajjaja Rest my case ! I met guys like this in High School, I think we all did ! JAJja Lates gotta gas up, gonna kill some fish tomorrow, 5 days in land is too much plus this post is too funny, Juan
  374. Juan

    Manzanillo Charter Recomendations?

    Exactamente, que esa madre de TMO ? Para que te metes en un forum de Mexico ? Para hablar mierda de ellos, no entiendo ! Aqui donde yo vivo hay operaciones excelentes, incluyendo la mia ya que lo que buscamos es excelencia en el servicio y poner la gente a pescar basandonos en nuestra...
  375. Juan

    I'm Going Nuts

    Thanks James !! Im stoked !! Im standing by the phone ! Come back soon and we'll do some light tackle for some 100 pound plus beasts, Gringo Loco Style !! my style too !! Stay in touch, say hi to da boyz, juan
  376. Juan

    I'm Going Nuts

    Hey Gringo Loco come down to Sayulita and come fishing with me, it would be a honor to have a legend like you on board! I'll hook you up with a good deal, we can to Corbetena or do some inshore, I hear Gallos are off the hook around here, plenty of sardines on the beach now, yes weather is been...
  377. Juan

    Manzanillo Charter Recomendations?

    Dont cry Chippy, the answer is so guys like you can ask "Cheappy" questions like yours and have a fit about the uncertainty of the 100 plus, jajajja go fishing brotha, does it really matter ??jajjajajja unreal ! No need for putting anybody down, I have fished with Cliff, his operation is firts...
  378. Juan

    Manzanillo Charter Recomendations?

    how about, best boat, best capt, best equipment, best service...
  379. Juan

    Debby Does Dodo's

    Good catch, lots of Dorado out there caught some yesterday good size too, I just wished I would had lighter tackle out, a 20 pounder on 60lbs test is not that fun. I have a couple of 20lbs and 30lbs reels and with those boy Dorado fishing becomes a blast..
  380. Juan


    Hi Cliff, weather has been good on and off, went out last week in the middle of the storm and there was a lot of activity at El Banco i'm sure there was big animals but the weather was very stormy. Thats the reason there has not been a lot of reports out there. Im having hi hopes that the...
  381. Juan

    Mucho RAIN jan 30 feb 2nd

    went to el banco today, got hamered !!!! RAIN ALL DAY F-ING COLD all day dripping wet ! Lots of activity in el banco but it was a nightmare to fish ! Schools of birds everywhere, made bait, saw a huge blue but wasnt hungry, but it was big ! 400lbs at least ! Caught two dorados a headed back...
  382. Juan

    El Banco Tuna Day!

    Andale Danny ! Buena pesca ! Ahi te veo el Miercoles, Gracias por el aceite, ya estamos listos para la batalla denuevo, fue la transmision, uff 12000 pesitos ! pero ya vamos pal agua denuevo que eso es lo mejor, "priceless" como dice el gringo Pendulo 18
  383. Juan

    My Report, Inshore, El Banco and Beyond COWABONGA

    They are still there Cliff, and will be for a while still, Cant wait to see the video !! Bobs Classic !! Head down, let me know if you need those photos again, Cant wait to put you on a COW mister, C YA soon Juan
  384. Juan

    My Report, Inshore, El Banco and Beyond COWABONGA

    80 minutes aprox, from the dock, get bait and head out, I dont like to haul ass out the bay at 430am, by the time is getting light we are usually 15 miles from El Banco and then step it up to 24 26knts but I do about 16knots at night. Too many whales also.
  385. Juan

    My Report, Inshore, El Banco and Beyond COWABONGA

    This report is brought to you by Fishing is been EXCELLENT, so EXCELLENT the EXCELL long ranger is fishing here ! ja ! Singles, triples, doubles, all kinds of trouble out there, its hitting the fan, yep ! Went out with Richard Norwood and father and killed it. Caught: 6 Tunas all...
  386. Juan

    An Epic Adventure in PV

    Papachuy friend Bob from Arcata !! I meant, Juan
  387. Juan

    An Epic Adventure in PV

    YEAH RICH !! His friend Bob pulled it in in three hours 15 minutes, another big eye ! 220 range ! This guy was beat !!! He looked like he just went through D-Day at Omaha beach. When the fish finally got in the boat Bob was shaking I thought it would be better for him to lay down for 15 minutes...
  388. Juan

    Video shot on the Hana Loa

    Thanks James, looks great, laughed a lot, whataday !! Jjaja, You hold the record on that 20lbs in the boat. Come back and we'll hit'em up ! Say hi to the boyz ! Juan
  389. Juan

    My report,Banco , Inshore

    banco today, good, a lot of tuna and Dorado, hit three over 100lbs, weather crazy morning rain and wind. Lost three big ones, on 4 pound skips , no coments on that. Call it a Tie. Overall a good day, pics later, juan
  390. Juan

    My report,Banco , Inshore

    gotta go out 5 days strait to el banco, Ill let you know
  391. Juan

    PV Report 1/3-1/4

    sounds right, I tried to go out on the 31 and got hammered by wind, 15 miles to el banco called it off, went to the rock and it was a mess, swirling water 30mph gusts and 4 foot chop, headed back to El Morro only to find the whole fleet there. The weather has been a coin toss lately, big north...
  392. Juan


    Where is the restaurant ? Como se llama ?? Saludos, buenos Robalitos ah !
  393. Juan

    My report,Banco , Inshore

    Late season bite it is my friend ! No doubt they'll stay around for a while. thanks, Juan
  394. Juan

    My report,Banco , Inshore

    Merry Christmas ! This report is brought to you by HanaLoa The fishing has been great, El Banco is on fire !! Inshore Roosters and Dorados too, Im fished out ! Went on a overnight-er to El Banco with Slamming Samy from Miami and had the best Tuna fishing so far this year. Caught 15 tunas in a...
  395. Juan

    Punta Mita Monster Yellowfin Tuna dec 15th

  396. Juan

    Anyone have access to IGFA Line Class Records?

    Thanks James, What a day ! Its a record on my boat I can tell you that ! Unforgettable ! Juan
  397. Juan

    My Report, Corbetena, Banco

    4 days worth of fishing ! 4 long days !
  398. Juan

    My Report, Corbetena, Banco

    Hi everybody, Heres my report for this weeks fishing on board the out of Sayulita, Nayarit. Lots of wind from the North and choppy seas! The ride to El Banco was canceled twice during the week due to nasty weather, although I always thought how good could it be. We were able to...
  399. Juan

    PV/Sayulita Looking to share trips in January

    My name is Juan Munoz I have a 242 grady white offshore I operate out of sayulita. My web site HanaLoa and my rates HanaLoa Charters fishing boat in Sayulita Nayarit Mexico I give excellent packages for multiple days out. My email is [email protected] my cell is 322 120 9679. Good fishing...
  400. Juan

    Pangas at Los Muertos/PV

    call my friend Caguamo at 3221735282 he works at Los Muertos Beach and owns boats too, hes a great guy, fully bilingual and very fun.
  401. Juan

    are the cows not coming ?

    going out on monday !! thanks for the info Greg !! Ill set double hook rigs ! for them cows, see yah out there !
  402. Juan

    are the cows not coming ?

    Are the cows not coming this year to pv ? normally there here by this time of the year, going out on monday with some friends and I would like to land one for sure but dont want to get too amped on fish that havent even arrived ! super anxious for their arrival !!
  403. Juan

    PV Report Aug 18-21

    Hola Antonio que buena aventura, oye una pregunta, que tipo de peso usabas pra mandar las choras al fondo ?? Plomo, jigs ?? gracias, se ve que tuviste unas buenas jaladas !! Juan