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  1. scramblerj

    Hi, I have a chrome/blue single hook Tady 4/0 I could part with. I'm in San diego. Joe

    Hi, I have a chrome/blue single hook Tady 4/0 I could part with. I'm in San diego. Joe
  2. scramblerj

    50 60lb Tuna set up

    For 50# I use either an Avet JX Raptor or a Speedmaster II 12 both with 80lb MaxQuatro on either a Seeker Black Steel 6470H (more for yo yo fishing, but works for bait too) or a Calstar Grafighter 800H (live bait).... For 60 (and maybe 80) I have a Speedmaster II 16 with 100lb MaxQuatro on a...
  3. scramblerj

    Should I get a Avet sxj

    It's my go-to 15-20 lb live bait reel for anything from calicos to yellowtail to 'school size' tuna fish.... Outstanding, and plenty of drag for what I use it for......
  4. scramblerj

    best saltwater fishing pliers?

    Braid is tough to cut with dykes no matter what (in my experience)... If I was smart I'd probably use a pair of scissors for that... but I'm not, so I don't... and I seem to get by.... I've had 'no name' dykes for years and they've always worked well enough, even with using them to take fish...
  5. scramblerj

    Phenix M1 inshore Questions

    I like longer rods, but for throwing Coltsnipers you should be good to go! Also, 7'7" is by no means 'short' anyway! :)
  6. scramblerj

    Tackle Ho's, what have you picked up lately?

    Just picked up a Calstar Grafighter 800H to fish 50# live bait with my Avet JX Raptor... replaces the Seeker Black Steel 6470H just because I prefer an 8' rod for throwing live bait, and the 7' for yo-yo fishing.
  7. scramblerj

    Face Mask Options

    I was on a boat 'north of San Diego' this past Friday and *almost* everyone had a mask/buff/etc... And *some* people actually wore them....
  8. scramblerj

    SOLD New black tern 400

    Hi, what's the ratio on this reel (is it the high or low speed model)?
  9. scramblerj

    Fisherman landing update!!!!!!!!! God bless America!! 5/25/20

    I'm pretty sure it's the bureaucrats in the County pulling (or not pulling?) the strings.
  10. scramblerj

    Do you think a ce mega is too parabolic for a low pro baitcaster

    I had a 900 mega wrapped last season specifically to use with a Tranx 400 to throw stickbaits and small surface irons. Didn’t get much chance to throw irons for calicos with it, but did get some YFT on stickbaits, and it worked great... Just about perfect! only problem I had was that the...
  11. scramblerj

    San Diego Area Game Processor?

    I've had a pig butchered at Tip Top Meats in Carlsbad.
  12. scramblerj

    Thawing our bluefin

    This is how I do it, and it's always good to go, even for sashimi. Sometimes If I'm in a hurry, I'll put it in a bowl of cold water for literally just ten or fifteen minutes, which seems to really speed up the process without damaging the fish.
  13. scramblerj

    Catalina Catch from 1901

    Natural selection..... :-)
  14. scramblerj

    Tuna Virgin. Going out Fri. Need help!

    Also, in all seriousness, I'd take a couple/few Coltsniper jigs... Maybe 42, 60, and 80g... Good luck!
  15. scramblerj

    Tuna Virgin. Going out Fri. Need help!

    If you're a tuna virgin be sure to pack some tuna condoms. You don't want to catch a Sexual Tuna Disease....
  16. scramblerj

    Catalina Catch from 1901

    Yeah, Pelagic and Fish Works have come a long way since then.
  17. scramblerj

    Phenix Axis HAV 820H

    I use it for 40# live bait.
  18. scramblerj

    Accurate Tern 500 Review

    50lb braid with a long (more than I can cast) topshot of mono.
  19. scramblerj

    Tranx 400 throwing surface iron

    I've used my Tranx 400 on a UC 900 Mega to throw stickbaits for tuna a couple of times now. Works great! Especially, since the main reason I got it was to throw small surface iron for calicos.
  20. scramblerj

    History of Brass Jigs??

    I've heard OCT jigs are really good, but at those prices, I'm guessing they're made of unobtanium.
  21. scramblerj

    Surface Iron 3/4 day

    I can't help but bring two or three... Better to have and not need, than need (want) and not have...
  22. scramblerj

    Casting question would like advice

    Along the same lines, I was taught to follow all the way through until the rod tip is low, and to rotate the reel all the way to upside down by the end of the cast. Not sure if it really helps or not, but I do it out of habit now and I'm an 'ok' caster...
  23. scramblerj

    Kite fishing reel recommendation, new to Kite fishing

    You could use a 'Reel Crankie', eh?
  24. scramblerj

    What rod to pair with Shimano Speedmaster?

    Calstar 800M or 800H (or, the equivalent 7 footers if that's what you're into...)?
  25. scramblerj

    Help round out my quiver

    For a 40# jig setup I'd recommend the Fathom 25N star drag... It's a great outfit for the purpose. I guess some people like to throw jigs with lever drags, but it seems really awkward to me (if you really want a two speed for fishing iron I guess you don't have much choice though...)
  26. scramblerj

    Stickbaits for Tuna: Colt Sniper vs Orca?

    Hi all... The Colt Sniper stickbait seems to be pretty popular for tuna lately, just wondering if anyone's used the Orca stickbait, and if anyone has a preference of one vs the other....
  27. scramblerj

    Stickbaits for Tuna: Colt Sniper vs Orca?

    Hi all... The Colt Sniper stickbait seems to be pretty popular for tuna lately, just wondering if anyone's used the Orca stickbait, and if anyone has a preference of one vs the other....
  28. scramblerj

    Low ceiling people input wanted - 9' rod with 8' ceilings

    LOL I live in a one bedroom condo with no closet space for my 9' and 10' jig sticks... They live under the sofa in the living room... Hey... It works... :)
  29. scramblerj

    Phenix Abyss 909 Question

    Nice job on the fish!!
  30. scramblerj


    Shimano Tekota is a pretty good reel for the purpose, paired with a 20-30lb rod of your choice...
  31. scramblerj

    Tranx 400 throwing surface iron

    I just got a UC CE 900 Mega that a friend built for me and I used it for the first time recently with a Tranx 400 (w/ a Tiburon clamp)... It was an awesome setup for throwing stickbaits to yellowfin. I think the reel will be outstanding for throwing surface iron (my plan for this rig is Tady...
  32. scramblerj

    Leader Size for 'Bigger' Bluefin?

    What flouro leader size would y'all recommend for fly lining bait to bigger (say the 100-200lb models) bluefin tuna? I'll be fishing 100lb braid... Would 80lb flouro be too heavy to have a chance at getting bit? I'll also have outfits to fish 30/40/50, but if the fish are in the bigger size...
  33. scramblerj

    New jig stick

    And I'm willing to bet every iron slinger has more than one long rod ;)
  34. scramblerj

    United Composites Elite Series

    I have a 900 mega being built for me right now... I'm looking forward to a nice parabolic action :)
  35. scramblerj

    Star drag vs. lever drag casting distance

    I have a 15LD2 for 30# and a 25NLD2 for 40# (though I'd fish 30 on it if I needed to (short flourocarbon leader with spectra)).
  36. scramblerj

    What’s your Yo-yo set up?

    Seeker Black Steel 6470H with an Avet JX Raptor.
  37. scramblerj

    Curado 200 Spool Won't Engage

    Mine is an I series. It seems to be ‘working’ again, for no apparent reason...
  38. scramblerj

    For Sale White Tiger 7X 1st gen

    I find it to be great for throwing 45s... Somewhat less great for throwing 7Xs... That's what I have my 90J for...
  39. scramblerj

    For Sale White Tiger 7X 1st gen

    I don't know if mine is 'gen 1' or not. Probably not... Bought it about 4 or 5 years ago on impulse from the Seaforth tackle shop. Looks like the one in the OP's pics, but.... Not selling it regardless, so I guess it doesn't matter. Great jig stick either way :)
  40. scramblerj

    For Sale White Tiger 7X 1st gen

    I was fighting a surface iron yellowtail on it once, and when it was straight up and down, the captain captain said, “That rod bends like a Harnell!”
  41. scramblerj

    For Sale Graftech Inshore for Sale (One ‘light’, one ‘heavy’)

    Bump Have someone interested in the 'heavy', 'light' still 100% available.
  42. scramblerj

    For Sale White Tiger 7X 1st gen

    I'll just keep killing fish with mine :)
  43. scramblerj

    For Sale White Tiger 7X 1st gen

    I have one of these... Love it! Had no idea it was particularly valuable.
  44. scramblerj

    Fishing is not a crime is it....I may need help

    When I was a kid I used to sneak on the golf courses (or take a rod with me and walk with my dad while he played) in San Diego all the time... Was asked to leave a couple of times, but thankfully never had to deal with any legalities. Caught a lot of bass, too :)
  45. scramblerj

    For Sale Graftech Inshore for Sale (One ‘light’, one ‘heavy’)

    Line rating on H is 20-30. Both trigger reel seats.
  46. scramblerj

    For Sale Graftech Inshore for Sale (One ‘light’, one ‘heavy’)

    Two Graftech inshore rods for sale. GIS80L needs tip top replaced, otherwise in great condition: $55 GIS80H, great condition: $70 Both have caught lots of fish from calicos to yellows and tuna, just want to clear out some tackle I don’t use much anymore. I’m in downtown San Diego...
  47. scramblerj

    Curado 200 Spool Won't Engage

    Hi all... Last time I used it, the spool on my Curado 200 stopped fully engaging when I turned the handle with it in freespool. The thumb bar would pop up about halfway. It's been well cared for and not used all that much. Anybody know what might be the cause and how hard it might be to...
  48. scramblerj

    WTB DELETE- Unless there's a 690J for under $200 haha

    I have a Calstar 100j Mag I don't really use. $175 if you're interested.
  49. scramblerj

    washington saltwater post 69 albies for 9 anglers

    Oh yeah! And on that note, when do you think we'll see abalone again? I have my anchovy throwin' setup ready to go....
  50. scramblerj

    For Sale Bait-O-Matics

    eff if I know. They’re over ten years old, and they look like the ones I saw online new for $47 or so each.
  51. scramblerj

    For Sale Bait-O-Matics

    Two Bait-O-Matics (rigged w/ wire)... One orange, one purple/black. $50 for both.
  52. scramblerj

    Tern 500 Narrow

    Just saw the new(?) Tern 500 Narrow, and it looks awesome... TOO narrow to fit on a GG690J though! Probably for the best though... Saved me st least $700.....
  53. scramblerj

    Accurate Tern TX-400x

    I can’t afford Trinis
  54. scramblerj

    Accurate Tern TX-400x

    I used my new 500 last weekend at SCI and it cast like a dream on a 10’ Phenix jig stick.
  55. scramblerj

    Accurate Tern 500 Review

    I used my new Tern 500 for the first time last weekend to throw surface iron to yellowtail. Mounted on a 10’ Phenix jig stick, it cast like a dream. Toward the end of the day I landed an 18 or so lb yellow and the reel worked great. Very happy with it!
  56. scramblerj

    Torque 25ld2 Rod Recommendation

    Mine is on a Phenix Axis HAX 820 H 65# braid and a short floro leader of 40 or 50#. Casts a sardine great, and killed multiple bluefin (70# class) earlier this season.
  57. scramblerj

    Fathom 12 won’t disengage

    Yep, that seems to be what happened. Took the side plate off and reinstalled the spring an it seems good to go. Thanks for the advice!
  58. scramblerj

    Fathom 12 won’t disengage

    Fishing SCI yesterday, I grabbed my Fathom 12 to throw bait, and realized something was wrong with the spool disengagement. The lever was loose and the reel wouldn’t go into freespool. Before I a) try to take it apart myself or b) take it to Ken’s, does anyone know what might have happened...
  59. scramblerj

    9' Jig Stick Advice

    I have an Axis 909HJ with a Lexa 400 (Tiburon clamp) and a Calstar 90J with a Fathom 25N (star drag) and I love both of 'em. I'm not the greatest caster in the world (far from it) but the both seem to get the job done pretty well, and neither outfit will break the bank.
  60. scramblerj

    Do you shit on your boat???

    Does a bear shit in the woods?
  61. scramblerj

    Need a good fish processor near Mission Bay...

    I used 5 Star for the first time recently and was very satisfied. They were there for evening drop off after a Coronado Islands trip and did a great job with my yellowtail.
  62. scramblerj

    SOLD Calstar 800XL Cork Handle - sold

    Awesome rod, I love mine! GLWS!
  63. scramblerj

    San Diego Shark chases Seal

    I'm distressed that apparently it didn't get the seal....
  64. scramblerj

    Penn Fathom I get it.

    I've been on the fence about getting a Fathom 25N for my 100J Mag.... Sounds like it might be a good choice.
  65. scramblerj

    For Sale Calstar 100J Mag Avet JX MC cast

    I agree man... Rent the bluefin gear (that you'll only use once or twice a year at best if you buy)... Keep the 100j... I have one and it's niiiiiiice.
  66. scramblerj

    6 Pack Recommendation out of San Diego

    If you want a really good six pack in San Diego, you might stop by one of the Ballast Point tasting rooms.... Great selection, and top quality.
  67. scramblerj

    Phenix Axis 1009

    SOOOOOO tempted...... GLWS!
  68. scramblerj

    Poppers on a Jigstick

    I've fished poppers a little bit on a 9' jig stick with a Lexa 400.... Seems to work fine.
  69. scramblerj

    Deck boot recommendations

    Xtratufs with SuperFeet insoles.....
  70. scramblerj

    United composites CE 900 monster OR United composites CE 90 monster for throwing surface iron?

    But who in the world wants only one jig rod??? :-):-):-)
  71. scramblerj

    Anchovy rod

    I have a few rods for the job, but one of my favorites is a Calstar GFGX-8C with an Avet SXJ.... It has a pretty parabolic action, casts small baits (anchovies and small sardines) great, and has a good amount of backbone. Seems a little odd, with a cork handle and a trigger reel seat, but...
  72. scramblerj

    Cedros jig stick

    I have two Lexa 400s on 9' jig sticks (with Tiburon clamps) and they're awesome.
  73. scramblerj

    Newell/Tiburon Excessive Spool Sideplay

    Hi all. I put a Tiburon 322 frame and spool on an old P344F, and all seems well except that there's a LOT of side play in the spool, even with the left side bearing cup all the way in (which I'm pretty sure it shouldn't need to be). Any ideas what I may have done wrong? If I can't figure it...
  74. scramblerj

    WTB Tiburon or Newell 322 Spool

    Sorry for posting in the wrong forum!
  75. scramblerj

    WTB Tiburon or Newell 322 Spool

    Looking for a Newell or Tiburon 322 spool for a 344 I converted to a 322 with a Tiburon frame. Angler's Choice didn't have any, and thought I'd try here before I order direct from Tib.... Thanks!
  76. scramblerj

    113H Need More Drag

    Haven't made it a 'Yellowtail Special' yet.... Stock gears, dog, sleeve, yoke, etc. Just narrowed it and put in new drags to see if it would still work after all these years in storage. A little oil on the original bearings and freespool is decent (plenty good enough for dropper loop/yo-yo)...
  77. scramblerj

    113H Need More Drag

    I just put a Tiburon narrow frame/spool on an old 113HLW, and installed new HT100 drag washers (5 stack) with Cal's grease, but the most drag I can get is 14.5lbs on a spring scale. Seems like it should be over 20lbs. What should I try to increase it? Thanks in advance!
  78. scramblerj

    Which boats for back to back 1day trips this week?

    New Lo-An is one of my favorite boats, so that'd be my vote. Not sure why you'd need a kite setup, especially the kite itself?
  79. scramblerj

    Old Lexa 400 Vs. New Lexa 400HD Vs. Komodo 450

    I've had the 'original' Lexa 400 for a couple/few years now and have caught a good number of yt and yft on it with no issues, only 'maintenance' so far being a good freshwater rinse after each trip. Picked up a 400HD thIs summer, but no yt or tuna on it yet, so all I can say is that it's just...
  80. scramblerj

    Penn 4/0 Drag Stack Question

    Hi all, I put a Tiburon narrow frame on a very old 113HLW, and I just picked up a 5 stack HT100 kit, and it seems like there's an extra keyed metal washer (there are 6 total, two eared, three thin keyed and one thicker keyed.) The diagrams I've seen only show 5 each fiber and metal.... Am I...
  81. scramblerj

    How many agree to this legislation....

    I agree with your logic, but I fear realistically the sea lions would win out.... I have a feeling the 'animal rights' crowd would not be likely to pick a fish over a cute, cuddly marine mammal, and therefore there would be very little impetus to use the ESA to protect steelhead.
  82. scramblerj

    How many agree to this legislation....

    Wouldn't the Federal Marine Mammal Protection Act nullify any action the states tried to take?
  83. scramblerj

    40-50lb Bait Stick?

    I ended up exchanging the XH for the H and will probably top it out at 40lb. The H just felt a little better, and agreed about the fore grip on the XH. Threw some sardines yesterday on the Point Loma, just to see how it felt (was fishing lighter gear all day, with decent success on the La...
  84. scramblerj

    40-50lb Bait Stick?

    Yeah, the plan is 40-50.....
  85. scramblerj

    40-50lb Bait Stick?

    On my lunch break I pulled the trigger on the Phenix HAX 820 XH (30-80). Meant to get the 820H (20-65).... Should I exchange or go with the heavier stick?
  86. scramblerj

    40-50lb Bait Stick?

    I'm leaning that way.
  87. scramblerj

    40-50lb Bait Stick?

    Seems the recommendations are mostly in the under 8' class.... Is this just because the longer rods are harder on the back? What about casting distance (with a sardine/mackerel/etc)? Is 40-50lb just too much with an 8' rod?
  88. scramblerj

    40-50lb Bait Stick?

    That is one beautiful stick, man.... Out of my price range though. The three I listed are in the $200-$250 range. GLWS!
  89. scramblerj

    40-50lb Bait Stick?

    I have a Seeker 6470H w/ a JX Raptor that I use mostly for yo-yo... I prefer 8' rods for bait, but it's ok... I have a strong back and I prefer to catch small fish.....
  90. scramblerj

    40-50lb Bait Stick?

    Trying to decide on a good 40-50lb bait stick to pair with a Fathom 25LND2. What I'm thinking is: Calstar WCDH-6480C Calstar GG 6480 Or Phenix Axis HAX 820H Any opinions appreciated. Thanks!
  91. scramblerj

    Will This Work as a Heavy Dropper Loop Rig?

    Hi all... I have a Sabre 655XH (40-100) all-roller paired with a Daiwa SLD30II as a trolling rig for local overnight/multi-day trips and am wondering if it would also serve as a good dropper loop rig for yellows at Guadalupe and such.... Thanks in advance, Joe
  92. scramblerj

    tackle bag ideas

    Make it a very small backpack..... :)
  93. scramblerj

    Phenix Axis rods review?

    I bought an Axis jig stick from Pacific Coast in O'side recently and the guys there said that Phenix customer/warranty service is ridiculously good. I believe they said that a Phenix rep stopped by the shop on a weekly basis (if I'm remembering correctly). Just what they told me.
  94. scramblerj

    BFT Endangered...?

    According to science, it would seem that BFT are not endangered, although I would be surprised if the 'antis' don't start filing lawsuits. Or am I misinterpreting the message from NOAA?
  95. scramblerj

    number 26 is an idiot

    Still not legal to sell sport-caught fish. From DFW Q&A site (same basic situation as what's happening with the fish market in the OP): Restaurant is illegally purchasing fish Question: I work in a restaurant that continually sells fish that have been given to the chef by local spear...
  96. scramblerj

    Question About Giving Fish Away

    Okie dokie.... I'll just 'shut the fuck up'... . Have a nice day ;)
  97. scramblerj

    Question About Giving Fish Away

    Hmmmm... I wonder what's more incriminating... A person asking about the actual law, or a person saying "don't ask, don't tell", "just don't talk about it on the internet", etc, etc........
  98. scramblerj

    Star drag vs. lever drag casting distance

    I recently got a Fathom 15LD2 for 25-30lb bait and it worked great on the nicer grade yellows last week... Just sold a Newell 533 and bought a Fathom 25NLD2 for 30lb on a 700ML or 40lb on my old Truline D8 (cut to 7').
  99. scramblerj

    For Sale: Avet JX 4.1:1 (Blue)

    For Sale: Avet JX 4.1:1 (Blue). Older reel, but in excellent condition mechanically/cosmetically. Serviced at Ken's in Oceanside a while back, barely used since. Great freespool. Have switched to smaller reels over time and trying to clear out space. I really don't plan on using this one...
  100. scramblerj

    Question About Giving Fish Away

    I'm not planning on doing it. Was just curious if anyone new the actual law. Sheesh.
  101. scramblerj

    Question About Giving Fish Away

    I suppose the whole fish could be given away and just let them figure out what to do with it.
  102. scramblerj

    Question About Giving Fish Away

    Good point... I guess if one was going to sell fish, it should be done very quietly....
  103. scramblerj

    Question About Giving Fish Away

    I actually wouldn't ever take money from friends for fish even if I do have them processed (have given away plenty of processed fish over the years), I was just wondering about the legality of the idea. I gave my jiu jitsu teacher and a few other people some boat-cut yellowtail, and I felt bad...
  104. scramblerj

    Question About Giving Fish Away

    Hi all! I really like giving extra fish to friends, and of course they often want to give me money for it, which is obviously not legal. My question is though... Would it be legal or not for someone to give me money to cover the cost of having the fish filleted at one of the local processors...
  105. scramblerj

    Casting Lures for Dorado...

    No dodos for me yesterday, but got a couple of nicer grade yt.... Threw surface iron and got bit twice but neither stuck, both yt... Fish were all on bait. Only three dodos on the boat all day, people were throwing lures because as someone said up above, they were mixed with the yt, so what...
  106. scramblerj

    Newell P229 Issue

    I'll take a look today... Was fishing yesterday... Thanks for the info and the offer, I'll pm you if it looks like that washer is missing.
  107. scramblerj

    Best live bait hook

    I like Owner ringed flyliners for tuna/yellowtail/etc and for half day type fishing I usually use the less expensive Mustad J hooks.
  108. scramblerj

    Casting Lures for Dorado...

    A helmet, body armor.... And a cup.......
  109. scramblerj

    Casting Lures for Dorado...

    Hmmmm.... Instead of a bass rod, maybe I should bring a helmet and body armor.... :D
  110. scramblerj

    Casting Lures for Dorado...

    Ahhhh... Good info. Hadn't thought about that. Waxwings sound good if they'll allow throwing 'em, though.
  111. scramblerj

    Casting Lures for Dorado...

    Hi all... Heading out on the Tribute tonight to see if I can score some yellows and dodos.... I'm taking a couple of new bait outfits to try out (WC196-8/Fathom 12 star and WC270-8H/Fathom 15LD2 and maybe GFGX-8C/SXJ), and a couple of jig sticks (Axis 809-XHJ/Lexa 400HD and 90J/P332F)...
  112. scramblerj

    Newell P229 Issue

    A friend at jiu jitsu said he has a bunch of old Newell parts (but no Newells anymore) including these washers, so I'll see if I can get one from him and try that first.
  113. scramblerj

    Newell P229 Issue

    Thanks much, that should help me out!
  114. scramblerj

    Avet Reel Seat Stud

    Same question on a ProGear 550....
  115. scramblerj

    Newell P229 Issue

    Hi all, I have a P229F that I've run into a problem with. I can't get more than say 3 1/2 lbs of drag without the star rubbing on the right side bearing cap. I've tried adjusting the right side in, and the left side out in order to maintain freespool without the interference issue, but I just...
  116. scramblerj

    Best 2-Speed for Flylining?

    On my SX and SXJ (I think it's on both) there's actually a mark on the lever drag for 'Bait' in between 'Free' and 'Strike'.... I've never bothered much with it, but I assume it's meant to show a very slight drag increase to prevent the issue (I think) you're talking about.... I'd have to...
  117. scramblerj

    Swell reports?

    The NOAA website maybe?
  118. scramblerj

    Calstar GF700XL For Sale or Trade

    One last bump... Price: $120
  119. scramblerj

    Straight braid question

    Depending on the size of the reel, I use anything from 30# to 65# braid with a short leader of whatever test flourocarbon Is needed for what I'm doing.
  120. scramblerj

    Snowflakes are among us

    Welp.... This is goijng straight up on my facebook page.... And I'm going to tag all my fishing friends, so they'll know how evil they truly are..... LOLLOLLOLLOL
  121. scramblerj

    Lexa 400 HD 8.1:1 for local islands

    Great reel, will be fine for island yellows and seabass....
  122. scramblerj

    4x reel

    Lexa 400 is a great reel. I have two on 9' jig sticks (with Tiburon clamps). Just got the new one (the updated model) so haven't used it much, but the older one has caught plenty of yellows and schoolie YFT.
  123. scramblerj

    Calstar GF700XL For Sale or Trade

    Price reduction... $150.00 Going to buy a 196-8 to replace this rod.
  124. scramblerj

    Rod Wrapping Estimate?

    Thanks for the input guys, I think I'll probably just leave the rod as-is and fish it until the guides start popping off and just have them replaced one-by-one.... I have some new rods that I'll be more likely to use on a regular basis that I'd rather spend money on for now.
  125. scramblerj

    Rod Wrapping Estimate?

    You're right, that IS what I was 'actually' asking for. Didn't realize I said anything else, although I didn't use your exact words. Any "it's expensive" is a halfway decent answer, so thank you for that.
  126. scramblerj

    Rod Wrapping Estimate?

    Hi all... I have an old Truline that I'm thinking of having re-wrapped. Probably go with new stainless guides and a very simple, two-color wrap (like what's on it now). Any rough estimates of how much this might run me? Also, it has hypalon grips and a Varmac reel seat. Is it possible to...
  127. scramblerj

    Calstar GF700XL For Sale or Trade

    Calstar Grafighter 700XL 7' 10-25# deckhand-style cork tape handle. Near perfect condition, only wear showing is on the cork tape, but even that is still very good.... 9.75/10 condition. Great rod, but I want to go to an 8 footer. Asking $200 or trade for cork tape 800xl or WCDH-196-8C...
  128. scramblerj

    Avet sxj or fathom 12

    I have an SXJ and I love it for fly lining live bait, just bought a fathom 12 and looking forward to trying it out after all the good things I've been hearing. Don't think you can go wrong with either one.
  129. scramblerj

    Need some suggestions!

    I have two Lexa 400s... One I bought not long after they came out and put on a Seeker white tiger '7X' 9' jig stick. Outstanding... Have killed plenty of YT and YFT with it. Just bought another that I put on a Phenix Axis 9' jig stick. Haven't gotten to really use it yet, but it sure casts...
  130. scramblerj

    Best restaurant fish meal ever

    I was about to say Fish House Veracruz too... My favorite meal there is bacon-wrapped monkfish with an a-la-carte skewer of shrimp with loads of melted butter. FHV is nothing fancy, but for the price they sure do a good job.
  131. scramblerj

    Tiburon/Newell Question

    Hey all... I have an old Newell P344F and was wondering if I could convert it to a 322 by swapping the sideplates onto a Tiburon 322 frame (and spool). All the P 300 series sidplates/internals should be interchangeable with a matching frame, right? Cheers!
  132. scramblerj

    WTS 7x white tiger

    I have one.... Awesome rod, GLWS!
  133. scramblerj

    For Sale: Trulines and Fenwick

    Sorry, no pics posted, pics available but one person interested, meeting Monday.
  134. scramblerj

    For Sale: Trulines and Fenwick

    Truline VBG65C, deckhand style,excellent condition $150 Truline D8 cut to 7' totally fishable but cosmetically could use a re-wrap $75 Fenwick Pacificstik 1196-7C will be great for throwing 'chovies when the albacore show :) excellent condition $100 Cleaning out some old (ok, ancient!) rods...
  135. scramblerj

    Avet MXL trade for Newell P332

    It's tempting, but I just can't bear the thought of parting with my Newells.....
  136. scramblerj

    WTS: Daiwa lexa 400

    Still for sale?
  137. scramblerj

    My Tranx 500 review for throwing iron

    I use a Tiburon clamp for my Lexa 400 on a Seeker '7x' jig stick...
  138. scramblerj

    New Bobcat Ban

    Heh... None of those people actually 'commune with nature'... Unless watching shows on Animal Planet, or The Discovery Channel counts.
  139. scramblerj

    Game processing San Diego??

    My buddy and I both used Tip Top Meats in Carlsbad for our first pigs this past July, and we're both very happy with the end product. Great sausage (hot/sweet Italian, chorizo, etc), and the cuts are really good too.
  140. scramblerj

    Son's turkey mount......

  141. scramblerj

    Non-Lead Turkey Loads (and Chokes?)

    Hey all... Wondering what you guys would recommend for non-toxic turkey loads.... Steel? Hevi-Shot? Other? What size shot, and what choke would you recommend (Remington 870)? I plan on giving it a try this coming Fall season...... Thanks! Joe
  142. scramblerj

    Doves: To Decoy or Not to Decoy?

    Thanks for the info.
  143. scramblerj

    Doves: To Decoy or Not to Decoy?

    I plan on hunting the dove opener at San Jacinto Wildlife area on the 1st since I'll be driving north for a grouse hunting trip in Nevada that day anyway.... This will be my first try at doves, and I know it'll be crowded as Hell there, but I helped build duck blinds this past Saturday and...
  144. scramblerj

    New Bobcat Ban

    Can't trap 'em, but for $16.20 you can get a book of five tags and hunt 'em.... For now..............................................
  145. scramblerj

    For Sale: Avet HXW 2spd

    Decided to hold onto it. Thanks for the interest.
  146. scramblerj

    For Sale: Avet HXW 2spd

    Text message w/ pics sent.
  147. scramblerj

    WTB 9ft Jigstick

    Calstar 900M. PM if you're interested.
  148. scramblerj

    Cooler Size for Pig?

    Do they? I'm pretty sure T&H in San Marcos does. I work in Carlsbad and my mom lives in San Marcos, so either one would probably work. As for the cooler, I think I'm going to get a 100qt Coleman Marine... I'd like a Yeti, but can't part with that much cash for a cooler right now. Thanks for...
  149. scramblerj

    For Sale: Avet HXW 2spd

    I'd trade for an HXJ 2-spd. Turns out I just really prefer smaller and narrower reels.
  150. scramblerj

    Cooler Size for Pig?

    I just booked my first pig hunt for July 23-24 near Paso Robles... Really stoked on it, and was just wondering how big of a cooler I'll need to bring home a dressed pig, assuming I actually shoot one. Any advice would be great! Cheers!
  151. scramblerj

    For Sale: Avet HXW 2spd

    For sale: Avet HXW 2spd (5/2). Used one trip. Filled with 100lb braid with room for a good top shot of 50-60 lb mono or flouro. Not a scratch, only used on one 5 day trip over the holidays this past year. NOT a Raptor. Color: Blue Price: $350
  152. scramblerj

    Evening Drinks?

    Kraken spiced rum..... Straight out da flask......
  153. scramblerj

    Choice of levelwinds for Rockfishing

    I use a Shimano Tekota 600 for deep stuff, and a Cardiff 400 or Lexa 300 for the shallower stuff.
  154. scramblerj

    BEST insoles for XTRATUFF Boots???

    Orange Superfeet.
  155. scramblerj

    Advice on Level Wind for surface iron?

    Lexa 400 is awesome for surface iron. Magnetic cast control is an advantage, and the levelwind lets you concentrate on your retrieve rather than laying the line evenly. That said, I still love my good old Newells......
  156. scramblerj

    Lexa 400 durability

    Lexa 400 on a 9' Seeker 7X (w/ Tiburon clamp) is my go-to surface iron setup. I freaking LOVE it.
  157. scramblerj

    Surface fishing yellows

    Seeker '7X' w/ Lexa 400, 65# braid and short 40# or 50# mono or flouro leader Tady C, Tady 45 Calstar 100J Mag w/ Newell 338, straight 50# mono Tady 45, Salas 7X
  158. scramblerj

    How was your Day At The Docks?

    Those were really hard for me to pass up.......
  159. scramblerj

    How was your Day At The Docks?

    I bought some JRIs! Buy 4, get one free.... Look forward to trying them!
  160. scramblerj

    Horrible - 10,000 Sea Lions Found Dead on California Island

    Where's Sea World when you need 'em??????
  161. scramblerj

    Legend ??

    Fished the islands for yellows on the Legend today. Fishing was tough, but The boat fishes well, the crew were great, and Chuck Taft worked his ass off to try to find us fish that would bite. Have a great trip!
  162. scramblerj

    Bluefin at Coronado???

    I guess maybe the parallels aren't as obvious as I thought. Sorry to hijack the thread. It's gonna be fun someday when the only place we can see any fish is in the Monterey Bay Aquarium (Thanks Packard Foundation!).......
  163. scramblerj

    Bluefin at Coronado???

    Yeah, but sooner or later the enviros will lobby to shut down YFT fishing because we might catch some BFT by mistake.... Just like they're trying to end coyote hunting because people might shoot wolves 'by mistake'.....
  164. scramblerj

    sea shep/shit in marina del rey?

    I bet there's some hippybush going on there...........
  165. scramblerj

    What's a good surface iron reel and no Newell info please.

    The 'new' Toriums look nice too.... A friend of mine bought one at the Fred Hall LB show and said it seems like a pretty solid reel.... I'm half-tempted to pick one up in Del Mar....
  166. scramblerj

    What's a good surface iron reel and no Newell info please.

    Lexa 400 works great. Get a Tiburon clamp to use on a rod without a seat.
  167. scramblerj

    What do I need for blue fin?

    I've got an Avet HXW I'll sell ya......
  168. scramblerj

    Zara Spook for Calicos?

    Has anyone tried 'em? Seems like it'd be fun way to fish if the calicos would come to the surface.
  169. scramblerj

    Lexa 300 vs 400

    Get (at least) one of each and you're set! They're great reels... I use my 400 on a 9' jig stick (with a Tiburon clamp) for surface iron... 300s are on 8' casting rods, for everything from live bait to bottom fishing to surface iron....
  170. scramblerj

    Newbie here, looking for the top 10 best spots for fishing on east coast...

    If you want to catch crabs, try the Jersey Shore?
  171. scramblerj

    Sea World suspends sea lion show

    I just posted the following comment on their facebook page, just to see if it would get deleted (or flamed, for that matter)... I tried to word it fairly 'delicately' and not sound too accusatory.... "Seals and sea lions are starving off of Southern California because they're overpopulated...
  172. scramblerj

    A thought about fish management

    Although I personally almost never keep any calicos (purely personal preference, I don't care if other people keep legal bass), it seems like a slot limit might be good. Tuna seem trickier because it seems like it would be harder to catch and release (without major mortality rates due to...
  173. scramblerj

    CCA of California - PLEASE READ

    Count me in at Del mar. Hope everyone will support, because without some 'community organization' like this we WILL lose our right to fish (and by extension, hunt) in California.
  174. scramblerj

    CCA of California - PLEASE READ

    Will they be doing the $50 deal at the Del Mar FHS also?
  175. scramblerj

    What's a good yo yo rod in San Diego

    +1 on this, Or 6470H......
  176. scramblerj


    And your reel maintenance! And stock up on flat falls, and poppers, and get ready to rock........ :rockin:
  177. scramblerj

    Flat fall jigs

    Just a little while ago I swung by a tackle shop and picked up two 100g in chartreuse/white and blue sardine..... Look forward to seeing if I have any luck with 'em this year.
  178. scramblerj

    Flat fall jigs

    The only one I've tried is the purple/gold 'Phantom Squid', with no luck. I need to try another color, because I've watched guys kill pretty much everything with these, just not in that color.
  179. scramblerj

    avet jx raptor

    I have a JX Raptor filled with 65# braid on a Seeker Black Steel 6470H. Was killer for yo-yo fishing yellows on a 5 day over the holidays.
  180. scramblerj

    Flat fall jigs

    I fished a Colt Sniper for yellows on the RP and it worked great. Just like yo-yoing a 6x Jr, but easier to wind because it's more streamlined.
  181. scramblerj

    The Killer Whales were back today... and did damage

    Somebody call Sea World to a) rescue the seals and b) capture the killer whales (so they can never kill again.........) Sincerely yours, PETA
  182. scramblerj

    Seaworld saving sealion again...let nature take its course

    What the animal rights people will probably say is that fisherman are depleting the seals' and sealions' food supply which is what's causing them to starve. FML
  183. scramblerj

    braided to Flourocarbon

    I use back-to-back uni knots.... Super easy to tie, and so far, so good...... Definitely 'no' on the swivel......
  184. scramblerj

    I was called by the DFW San Diego office today for a random interview

    "Hopefully they use the information in a positive manner for the sport." Yeah, sure they will........
  185. scramblerj

    Whats A Good Light Live Bait Rod?

    You make a good point, but since the OP specifically mentioned fishing small live baits for calicos, I personally wouldn't worry too much about it. Yellows, tuna, etc, I'd definitely stick with the Avet or equivalent.
  186. scramblerj

    Seeker 7X, GG690J or GG90J for 40# jig stick?

    Since last June I've been using a Seeker 7x with a Lexa 400 with 65# braid (either straight to the jig or with a short 40-50# mono or flouro leader). Works great. I really like the rod a lot. Hope that helps.
  187. scramblerj

    Avet MXL Raptor vs Avet JX/LX Raptor for 50lb

    JX Raptor is awesome. Get one. Hell, get two.
  188. scramblerj

    Want To Trade: Avet HXW 2spd for HXJ 2spd

    Blue Avet HXW 2spd (wide model), used on one 5 day trip on the Royal Polaris over the holidays. Worked perfectly, 10/10 cosmetic, 10/10 mechanical. Has the large 'power handle'. Filled most of the way with 100# braid, space for a fairly long top shot. Would like to trade for an HXJ 2spd...
  189. scramblerj

    Whats A Good Light Live Bait Rod?

    Graftech GIS80L with a Curado or Lexa 300 or Avet SXJ.
  190. scramblerj

    2015 predictions

    Wow Wow.... You somehow took my post(s) seriously.... Do you even irony, Bro? :-)
  191. scramblerj

    2015 predictions

    What can I say... Haters gonna hate.......
  192. scramblerj

    wtb seeker 7x

    Good luck, hope you find one! I love mine!
  193. scramblerj

    2015 predictions

    I predict that Shimano will release the 'Albacarus' 'system' of rods, reels, jigs, hooks, flourocarbon, boats and deckhands..... All of which MUST be purchased and used together if you want any chance of catching, well, you know..... Oh, and I also predict "Let's Talk Hookup" won't shut up...
  194. scramblerj

    2015 predictions

    You mean like from the Naval Academy?
  195. scramblerj

    2015 predictions

    And one really long one on whether or not a pinhead should be allowed to win the jackpot........................
  196. scramblerj

    Sutton has to go

    The problem is, even if Sutton IS gone next week, who'll replace him? Wayne Pacelle??
  197. scramblerj

    Just Jigs

    What Mike said.
  198. scramblerj

    Cali Lobster thought for sustained fishery

    Don't be so sure.... 'in control of' maybe not, 'influential in', pretty definitely....
  199. scramblerj

    Buy maguro

    Point Loma Seafoods?
  200. scramblerj

    What kind of Jacket for fishing

    +1 on this.... I've had a Pelagic jacket for years, and it's awesome.
  201. scramblerj

    What say you.......

  202. scramblerj

    Seeking advice from Jig experts

    If you don't mind a trigger, Graftech GIS80H is killer.....
  203. scramblerj

    Public Comment Deadline Extended to Oct 21st... Stop the Lead Fishing Gear Ban!

    From the California Sportfishing League via facebook: Fishing Gear Ban Update: Comment Period Closed. What's Next? In just weeks, California's angler and small business community mobilized a major offense against the State of California's plan to regulate and potentially ban common fishing...
  204. scramblerj

    People who run P.E.T.A.

    I've got a big Italian sausage for her.....
  205. scramblerj

    What happened to Captain Joel Ralston?

    I remember once on a half day out of Seaforth, as an impressionable kid, hearing him exclaim loudly to another deckhand that "This morning I drank a glass of milk and it tasted like a Kamikaze!"
  206. scramblerj

    What happened to Captain Joel Ralston?

    I remember him from all the way back in the early/mid 80s when I was just starting out fishing and he was a deckhand at Seaforth.... Last I heard of him was when he was the guest on Let's Talk Hookup a year or two ago(??) and he was running an albacore jig boat... Super cool guy as far as I...
  207. scramblerj

    Public Comment Deadline Extended to Oct 21st... Stop the Lead Fishing Gear Ban!

    Public Comment Deadline Extended... Stop the Fishing Gear Ban! Due to the pressure applied by anglers from throughout the State, the Department responsible for the potential regulation and ban of common sportfishing gear has extended the public comment deadline to Oct 21! Please take a quick...
  208. scramblerj

    Fish farm planned off SD Coast

    How are they going to errrr...... 'control' the seals?
  209. scramblerj

    Please Comment on Plan to Ban Lead Fishing Gear in California

    I sure hope all the tackle manufacturers are getting in on this fight, especially the smaller local guys making swimbaits, leadheads, and the like (i.e. Warbaits, MC Swimbaits, AA's, Big Hammer, Phenix, etc.....)
  210. scramblerj


    According to the enviros seeking to have it banned right now, fishermen just dump hundreds of tons of it in the environment every year, so it seems like you should be able to just pick it up off the ground anywhere you care to look.....
  211. scramblerj

    California wants to overregulate your tackle box

    So we can all bitch and moan about the enviros and the politicians and do nothing about it, or we can submit comments and at least make our voices heard.... There's a link on this thread and every one of us should use it to comment...
  212. scramblerj

    Please Comment on Plan to Ban Lead Fishing Gear in California

    Bump. We really need to ALL do this.
  213. scramblerj

    Please Comment on Plan to Ban Lead Fishing Gear in California

    We really need to get together and make our voices heard on this, and time is extremely limited.... The deadline for comments is October 13th... From California Sportfishing League's facebook page: "As you are all aware, the State of California is looking to potentially BAN common fishing...
  214. scramblerj

    Royal Polaris December Five Day Trip...

    Thanks, that's awesome! I'm looking forward to the trip..... Looks like I'll get to put my JX Raptor and HXW 2spd to good use.....
  215. scramblerj

    Royal Polaris December Five Day Trip...

    Thanks for the info!
  216. scramblerj

    Royal Polaris December Five Day Trip...

    Has anyone here been on the RP's five day trip between Christmas and New Year? I had to cancel on the Shogun skiff trip at the end of this month for various reasons, but I still wanted to get a good extended trip in, and so I'm going on the RP 5 day at the end of the year instead. Anyway, I...
  217. scramblerj

    Help Selecting a Rod for a LEXA 400

    Graftech GIS80H
  218. scramblerj

    Adventure Pass pt 2- ready?

    A recreation area is an amenity? No it's not! Complimentary continental breakfast is an amenity. A private shiatsu massage is an amenity.....
  219. scramblerj

    Advice needed before booking

    Outfits sound pretty reasonable (I prefer a 9'-10' stick for surface iron, but 8' works fine too). As far as etiquette: 1) Follow your bait before you're hooked up and your fish after.... "No angle, no tangle"... 2) Listen to the crew and captain as they do their best to help you out. It's...
  220. scramblerj

    California Regulators Take Aim at Fishing Lead

    There goes the neighborhood.... And word on the street is a ban on lead target ammo is on the way too...
  221. scramblerj

    FS: Seeker Blue Lightning Inshore Casting Rod, 6'6" 20-30lb

    Thanks Paul! Sale pending for when I get back from Grouse hunting on Monday or Tuesday.....
  222. scramblerj

    Pencil poppers vs open face poppers

    Tady 9 burned across the top worked for me. Looking forward to giving the poppers a try too, though!
  223. scramblerj

    FS: Shimano cardiff 300

    Still trying to sell this one.....
  224. scramblerj

    Tuna Popper to Straight Braid?

    Meh.... You worry too much. What could possibly go wrong??? :D
  225. scramblerj

    Mountain Lion Attacks Child in Cupertino "And what will the radical animal extremists who populate much of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife tell the public? Probably that this was an anomaly and that the vicious predator was only...
  226. scramblerj

    FS: Shimano cardiff 300

    Recently put new Carbontex drags. Excellent condition. $60 Available for pickup in downtown SD or can bring to work in Carlsbad. Thanks!
  227. scramblerj

    Which ties do u use to secure your rods?

    I use the 'cheap' blue ones (maybe Izor?) that they sell at the Seaforth Landing tackle shop... No complaints.
  228. scramblerj

    Pacific Star

    I fished it one time earlier this season and was very happy with the boat and crew.
  229. scramblerj

    Is there a reel clamp Abu Revo Toro 60HS and Curado 300?

    Tiburon makes one for the Lexa 400 (works great), but haven't heard of one for the Curado.
  230. scramblerj


    Trade either one for a Grafighter 700M?
  231. scramblerj

    Seeker Black Steel

    Besides, I'm pretty sure they're not made of real gold............
  232. scramblerj

    FS: Calstar Grafighter 700M Custom

    Also willing to trade for Newell 220, any Pro Gear, or Avet SX/SXJ/MXJ
  233. scramblerj

    Help.. What to do if no vacuum pack?

    X3 on the SaranWrap trick, and I NEVER rinse with fresh water, just blot dry with paper towel before wrapping/ziplocking...
  234. scramblerj

    FS: Calstar Grafighter 700M Custom

    FS: Calstar Grafighter 700M Custom... 7' Custom wrap bought at Fisherman's Landing Tackle Shop a while back. Excellent condition. $200 619-846-7881 Available for pickup downtown SD, or can take to work in Carlsbad. Thanks...
  235. scramblerj

    Poppers for Yellowtail??

    Anybody use 'em? Do they work?
  236. scramblerj

    Gotta love our Ben Hueso barf
  237. scramblerj

    California's Ten Day Waiting Period Ruled Unconstitutional

    Yee, the coauthor of SB53 was arrested by the FBI not long ago, for... Get this... Arms trafficking with Islamic terrorists... DeLeon is just a progressive Democrat POS in general......
  238. scramblerj

    California's Ten Day Waiting Period Ruled Unconstitutional

    Me too! Bought a Ruger Single Six just yesterday. I wouldn't expect this change to take effect for quite some time, unfortunately..... Still a victory though!
  239. scramblerj

    California's Ten Day Waiting Period Ruled Unconstitutional

    A little good news for a change....
  240. scramblerj

    FS: Seeker Black Steel G870-7' Rod

    FS: Seeker Black Steel G670-rod. Rated 20-50. Great condition, just thinning out the collection. $180 Pickup in downtown SD or can take to work in Carlsbad next week. 619-846-7881 Thanks! Sorry wrong model number in posting title: 670, NOT 870
  241. scramblerj

    WTB seeker ulua white tiger

    I have a 9 foot factory-wrapped Seeker jigstick called 'The 7x' built on one of those blanks, and it's awesome!!
  242. scramblerj

    FS: Seeker Blue Lightning Inshore Casting Rod, 6'6" 20-30lb

    Seeker BCBW 659-6 1/2'T Blue Lightning Inshore Casting Rod, 6'6" 20-30lb This is the 'Corey Sanden MC Slug' rod. Never used (never even been on a boat), bought for an upcoming skiff trip, but decided I have enough big swimbait/slug type rods and I want to thin out my fishing gear collection...
  243. scramblerj

    using owners flyliner hooks

    Great hooks, but tie your own leaders and save $$ :)
  244. scramblerj

    For Sale: Avet LX 4.1

    Sold. Thanks Shad! Hope you kill lots of fish with it!!
  245. scramblerj

    Hammerhead caught on FL beach

    As long as the shark has had a tetanus shot within the past few years I don't think it'll hurt it.......
  246. scramblerj

    Newell P220F

    Have an Avet someone's interested in, if he takes it, I'll get back to you!
  247. scramblerj

    Newell P220F

    Just had a reelgasm.... Still have it?
  248. scramblerj

    Which one

    Queue up 50 replies that are neither of the two reels asked about......
  249. scramblerj

    Which fish processor would you choose?

    Not heard anything bad about any of them, and have used Fisherman's recently and been extremely pleased. Don't think you can really go wrong!
  250. scramblerj

    For Sale: Avet LX 4.1

    Selling a gold Avet LX 4.1:1 Was recently serviced at Squidco, and not used since. Has spectra backing with a fresh 30# mono topshot. Have original box, but no clamp. 9.5/10 cosmetics, 10/10 mechanical. Asking $175, pickup in downtown SD, or meet at the landings, or at my work in Carlsbad...
  251. scramblerj

    Another Defeat for the Animal Rights Crowd...

    Federal protections denied for wolverines: "“After carefully considering the best available science, the Service has determined that the effects of climate change are not likely to place the wolverine in danger of extinction now or in the foreseeable future,” Fish and Wildlife Service spokesman...
  252. scramblerj

    Daiwa Lexa 400?

    65lb spectra, with or without a couple feet of 30-50lb flouro for surface iron on a 9' Seeker 'The 7X' jig stick (with a Tiburon clamp)....
  253. scramblerj


    Killer rod! I use mine with an SXJ to fish 'chovies for calicos and tuna/yellowtail!
  254. scramblerj

    And we wonder why we are losing the war...

    Unfortunately, although it's easy, fun, and pretty much justified to make fun of these people and write them off as 'losers', 'nerds', 'socialist bastards', etc, THEY are doing a very good job of representing and working for the very groups and people who are trying to take things (hunting...
  255. scramblerj

    Rod recommendation for tossing irons

    Graftech GIS80H. Boom. Done.
  256. scramblerj

    shops in SD open sundays?

    Landings, Turners Outdoorsman.
  257. scramblerj

    Favorite San Diego overnight boat?

    New Lo-An, Tribute, Pacific Star.
  258. scramblerj

    Poppers for Tuna....

    Looks ridiculously fun... Gotta give it a try!!!
  259. scramblerj

    Grunion....Where in San Diego???

    Friends found them in Pacific Beach a few weeks ago, but be sure you're south of the La Jolla no-take MLPA zone (I want to say Law St is the boundary, but I don't remember for sure) if you plan on catching any.
  260. scramblerj

    New Custom Wrapped Calstar 90J

    Soooooooo tempting......
  261. scramblerj

    Manhattan Beach Pier and the DFG

    It's delicious.
  262. scramblerj

    Tuna/Yellowtail on Iron?

    Yellowtail on a Chrome Tady 45 and both yellowtail and yellowfin on a chrome Tady 9 (w/ single hook)... Fished the Tady 9 by burning it across the surface.... Super fun watching tuna boil on it....
  263. scramblerj

    xtratuff, this just in.

    Looks like it's more than true for Muck Boots, which are a related company.... I don't know... Might have to buy some of them fancy Shimano shoes instead... Pretty disturbing, IMHO...
  264. scramblerj

    need opinions will these work for wahoo?

    Only one way to find out......... Good luck!! :)
  265. scramblerj

    Bluefin Tuna Closure-Make Your Voice Heard

    I'm glad a whole 237 people (myself included) have bothered to comment on this.....!documentDetail;D=NOAA-NMFS-2014-0076-0001
  266. scramblerj

    Processing for an Overniter?

    I talked to Fisherman's via email before my overnighter on the New Lo-An this past weekend because I wanted to get some fish smoked. They said they don't do after-hours drop offs, but to just keep the fish on ice overnight and drop it off on Sunday morning... So, yesterday morning I took my...
  267. scramblerj

    Saltwater rod for Avet MXJ

    If you're looking for 'middle of the road' price-wise, look at the Graftech rods.... either the 'Inshore' or 'Wallbanger'.... I fished an SX on a GIS80H this past weekend and it was a killer 'chovy and sardine bait outfit. Casts a mile and plenty of power for the school size yellowfin...
  268. scramblerj

    Daiwa Lexa 400H vs. Avet SX?

    Of course not, but dammit I'm still salty!! More on topic, both the Lexa 400 and the Avet SX are great reels in my experience, and I love 'em both... If I had to choose one for bait it would be the Avet, and the Lexa for jigs (mine is on a 9ft jig stick)...
  269. scramblerj

    Daiwa Lexa 400H vs. Avet SX?

    I fish all three sizes of Lexas and dammit if I ain't salty as hell.....
  270. scramblerj

    Spineless Cousinstackle!

    So are you saying their rods have no 'backbone'.... And neither do they??
  271. scramblerj

    Bluefin Tuna Closure-Make Your Voice Heard

    Unfortunately these groups are LOUD, they get a LOT of money both from other lunatics AND from people who are unaware of what they really stand for, and they're infiltrating the government (especially here in California... Even the Department of Fish and Game.... Errrr.... WILDLIFE)..... We...
  272. scramblerj

    Bluefin Tuna Closure-Make Your Voice Heard

    The Center for Biological Diversity are apparently also trying to save the Pacific Lamprey.... Probably so it can parasitize the California steelhead it's trying to save.... Or something like that.....
  273. scramblerj

    Please Send Comments Regarding the Request By the CBD to Close Bluefin Fishing in the US

    With all the hullabaloo and outrage over the Mexicans closing BFT fishing in their waters (and then only after the commercial quota was met and a good number had been caught by US sportfishermen), I'm surprised that people here seem considerably less interested in a group petitioning the...
  274. scramblerj

    Please Send Comments Regarding the Request By the CBD to Close Bluefin Fishing in the US

    The Center for Biological Diversity is petitioning the Feds to ban bluefin tuna fishing in US waters. We need to do all we can to fight this, as it's just another step towards environmental and animal rights groups getting all fishing (and hunting) banned in California, and then... ...
  275. scramblerj

    snap swivel to iron?

    I've been fishing straight spectra, spectra with a short flouro leader, and straight mono with surface iron recently for bass, barracuda, yellowtail and tuna.... They all work, but definitely 'no' to the snap swivel.
  276. scramblerj

    Grunion Runs and DFG.......

    And be sure you're not in one of the MLPA 'no take' areas... Some friends of mine recently posted pics of grunion they caught on facebook and when I asked where they got them they told me the street in PB, and sure enough, it was in the South La Jolla SMR..... Be careful!
  277. scramblerj

    Still In Love With The Tuna Pens?

    Yes, I believe you're right. I stand corrected.
  278. scramblerj

    Still In Love With The Tuna Pens?

    I've never been a fan of tuna pens, for the very reasons you point out. They've been a factor in destroying the Atlantic bluefin tuna stocks as well (if I'm not mistaken the methods were originally developed in the Mediterranean).
  279. scramblerj

    May be old news, but Mexico might not be the only place you can't catch Bluefin

    The animal rights crowd doesn't care what the actual problem is, and for the most part they don't really care about the resource itself, they just want to END fishing and hunting. Look at the lead ammo ban 'to protect the condors'... Everyone knows it's complete BS, but they pushed it through...
  280. scramblerj

    May be old news, but Mexico might not be the only place you can't catch Bluefin

    What you and I believe (or even know for fact) is not important here. What animal rights groups convince politicians and the general public of is what's important, at least as long as 'we' aren't able to effectively counter what they say and do.
  281. scramblerj

    May be old news, but Mexico might not be the only place you can't catch Bluefin

    CBD, PETA, HSUS... All pretty much different letters for the same thing. The only thing I can't figure out is a) Why we as fisherman/hunters don't (or can't?) do anything about them and b) WHAT to do about them. These are groups with a lot of money and more and more political influence all...
  282. scramblerj

    PQ 2 DAY SET UPS - OK?

    I've definitely come to believe in Flouro... Some people say 'flouro gets bit better', which may or may not be the case in a given situation, but I can say with some certainty that it doesn't NOT get bit better. Spending all that money on tackle and trips, why not just spend the little bit...
  283. scramblerj

    Avet SXJ and Phenix Abyss 15-40lb $300

    I live all the way downtown, but am in Carlsbad for work during the day.
  284. scramblerj

    Avet SXJ and Phenix Abyss 15-40lb $300

    If you were in the SD, I'd buy it even though I don't really need it... That's a killer setup.
  285. scramblerj

    snack ideas

    Now THERE'S some paleo fishing snacks for ya!
  286. scramblerj

    snack ideas

    I eat Paleo, so I pretty much take my own food. Macadamia nuts, tuna in those foil pouches.... A flask (rum is zero carb).........
  287. scramblerj

    Trolling gear on party boat

    This the year I'm gonna get a bigeye though.... I can feel it!! :)
  288. scramblerj

    Trolling gear on party boat

    I use 80lb because that's what the guys on the Tribute said should be the minimum (their reels have 100lb). You want to get troll fish to the boat as quickly as possible.
  289. scramblerj

    Rod and reels for surface irons

    Oh yeah... For even less $$, I've used the Lexa 400 on a Graftech GIS80H to catch bass and barracuda on the surface iron.... Works great and pretty economical.
  290. scramblerj

    Rod and reels for surface irons

    I've been using the new Seeker 'The 7x' (9' 30/40lb stick) and a Lexa 400 with a Tiburon clamp. Works great. Very user-friendly, and the reel puts out plenty of drag... Just this past week I caught kelp paddy yellows on a Tady 45 and a good yellowfin on a Tady 9 with it.
  291. scramblerj

    Lexa 400 questions (updated)

    I decided to try my Lexa 400 on a 'real jig stick', so with the help of a Tiburon clamp, I put it on the Seeker 'The 7x' 9 footer that I bought at the end of June and took it out on an overnight yesterday.... I was throwing a Tady 45 at kelp paddy yellows and a single-hook Tady 9 at boiling...
  292. scramblerj

    Avet SX for anchovies

    I've been using both SX and SXJ with anchovy for both inshore and offshore recently, and they've worked great.... Freespool is great, even with the lever in the 'bait' position (first detent from freespool) with strike drag preset at about 6lb (for 20lb flouro leader). Maybe your drag preset...
  293. scramblerj

    Avet Jx Raptor or Hx 2 speed for wahoo bombs?

    I have a JX Raptor on that rod for that purpose (if I get the chance) plus 50# bait, heavy jigs, etc..... I went with the JX Raptor because it's not quite as tall, but still has tons of drag, and I thought it might be a little bit more versatile overall. Hope whichever you choose works...
  294. scramblerj

    anchovy set up whats working and whats not?

    I became a believer in flouro over the past couple of weeks... Two trips using reels with straight mono (25#) or a 100yd mono top shot (20#), one trip using appropriate flouro leader and the other without. I caught more fish using the flouro. Like I said, now I'm a believer.
  295. scramblerj

    anchovy set up whats working and whats not?

    Avet SX on a Graphtech GIS80L has been working well for me. Reel filled with 50lb spectra and a short (few feet) leader of 20' flourocarbon......
  296. scramblerj

    How Do You Pronounce 'Tady'??

    Too bad you never met Laurie Rapala... I hear she was hot.
  297. scramblerj

    How Do You Pronounce 'Tady'??

    For as long as I've been fishing, I've pronounced it 'Tady, rhymes with lady'.... Most people it seems though pronounce it 'Tady, rhymes with caddy'.... Which is correct? I need to know if I've been wrong ALL THESE YEARS....
  298. scramblerj


  299. scramblerj

    Humane Society Charity Rating Revoked

    Granted, I don't think it's anything that really affects them or their operations, but..... At least it's good to have some of their BS exposed....
  300. scramblerj


    I picked up a new (to me) trolling rod off of BD yesterday to put my old SLD30 2-speed on so I can use my own trolling gear next trip. I decided to buy ONE lure for it, and the one I picked was a zucchini broomtail Zuker. Really can't go wrong with it.
  301. scramblerj

    Humane Society Charity Rating Revoked
  302. scramblerj

    How many #'s?

    I believe Fisherman's Processing charges $0.85/lb in the round for fillet and $1.25/lb in the round for smoking. Yield depends on size/type of fish, here's a link to their page with expected yields: No way to know ahead of time how much whole fish...
  303. scramblerj

    WTS: trolling rod in near mint condition

    Where in the OC are you located?
  304. scramblerj

    For Sale: Shimano Torium 30

    Fell through... TTT
  305. scramblerj

    For Sale: Shimano Torium 30

    Didn't get your PM, sent you a PM with my phone #.
  306. scramblerj

    WTT Clean Newell S338-5

    How about a Torium 30, just serviced, new Carbontex, and new line?
  307. scramblerj

    For Sale: Shimano Torium 30

    For sale: Shimano Torium 30, just serviced at Squidco with new Carbontex drags and fresh 40lb mono. Asking $120 Thanks!
  308. scramblerj

    Throwin that iron!

    Daiwa Lexa 400 with 65lb spectra on an appropriate 8ft rod will cast a Tady C, 45 or Salas up to 7x light great with no backlash (magnetic cast control).... I have one on a Graftech GIS80H and it works great!
  309. scramblerj

    Plastics vs live bait

    I'm afraid to touch those stinky, wriggly little fishies, so I like to use artificial lures instead... Seriously though, I find it really fun to use different techniques, and I especially like to fish surface iron... It's great to blast a cast off a country mile with no backlash and then see...
  310. scramblerj

    Shimano butterfly flat fall jigs

    They caught some of the bluefin at the tuna pens on the Tribute yesterday.
  311. scramblerj

    FS: Daiwa SLD30II 2 Spd

    I'd really rather sell, but if I don't sell it and you still have the Torium in a few days I'll trade.
  312. scramblerj

    FS: Daiwa SLD30II 2 Spd

    Here's a link to the exact reel I'm selling... It's pre-Saltist/Saltiga... The equivalent of the Shimano TLD30II... My reel is in 'like new' condition, never really used, with spectra backing, but no box...
  313. scramblerj

    FS: Daiwa SLD30II 2 Spd

    I'll take pics this evening... At work now.
  314. scramblerj

    FS: Daiwa SLD30II 2 Spd

    For sale is a Daiwa SLD30ii 2 spd reel. I bought it years ago and I don't think I ever even used it. It's it perfect condition, but I no longer have the box. It has spectra backing, but I don't recall what lb test... I'm guessing 100#. I just bought a new Avet HXW 2spd for bait/dropper...
  315. scramblerj

    FS: Calstar Grafighter Spinning Rod and Shimano Baitrunner Reel

    If the person who's interested in the combo doesn't come through, you can have the reel next week.
  316. scramblerj

    Lew's BB1 baitcast reel question.

    Should be perfect for it! +1 on 30lb braid and flouro leader! Just be sure to rinse it with fresh water after you use it.
  317. scramblerj

    FS: Calstar Grafighter Spinning Rod and Shimano Baitrunner Reel

    For sale: Calstar GFGR-700-L-S spinning rod... 7', rated 15-30lb. Excellent condition, hardly used. $150.00 Shimano Baitrunner 4500 spinning reel, also excellent condition and hardly used. $50.00 I bought this outfit for my mom to use a few years ago, but she prefers to just drop a bait...
  318. scramblerj

    It's a 4500

    It's a 4500
  319. scramblerj

    Good newbie reel?

    If you're interested, I have a Shimano Baitrunner spinning reel I bought for my mom, but she prefers conventional... It's hardly been used. I'd take $50 for it. Also have a Calstar Grafighter 700L spinning rod for $175, also hardly used...
  320. scramblerj

    FS: Seeker BCSW706-7'T Blue Lightning Inshore Casting Rod

    For sale: Seeker BCSW706-7'T Blue Lightning Inshore Casting Rod. Good condition. Don't need it, want to clear out some storage space. Asking $75, pickup in downtown SD.
  321. scramblerj

    Sun Harbor Marina says what's OK for you to catch

    Groups like HSUS and PETA mask their intentions by doing things like claiming to be against 'waste'... What they are really trying to do is eliminate all hunting and fishing, period. I would venture to guess even catch and release fishing would be banned if they had their way. What I don't...
  322. scramblerj

    New Belt suggestions

    That's what she said.
  323. scramblerj

    Rod for throwing heavier jigs for tuna?

    I want to buy just a reel, not a whole new outfit ($$$)... I looked at the JX and HXJ at Squidco yesterday, and I like the slightly smaller diameter of the JX (with the Raptor drag) over the HXJ, though for $100 or so less, the HXJ still looks like a good choice for what I want to do.
  324. scramblerj

    Rod for throwing heavier jigs for tuna?

    Thanks for all the input everyone! I think I've pretty much decided to put my HXW on the GFGR765ML and get a JX Raptor to put on the G6470H for 50# bait and throwing the heavy jigs when the need arises!
  325. scramblerj

    Rod for throwing heavier jigs for tuna?

    Ok... Here's what I think I'll do: switch the HXW over to a 765ML to fish 50-60# bait/dropper loop/maybe yo-yo, and since it's that birthday time of the year, get a new reel for the G6470H to fish 40-50# bait/heavy jigs... JX 6/3 or HXJ 5/2??
  326. scramblerj

    Rod for throwing heavier jigs for tuna?

    Sounds like that 6470H/HXW 2spd outfit will end up being more versatile than I thought!
  327. scramblerj

    Rod for throwing heavier jigs for tuna?

    I have a 6470H, but I have an Avet HXW 2spd on it, and I don't think I could cast very well with that size reel... That's intended to be a 50# bait outfit.
  328. scramblerj

    Is grip replacement a big/expensive deal?

    Rod building class sounds cool! Could I maybe strip down and rebuild an old Truline there?
  329. scramblerj

    Is grip replacement a big/expensive deal?

    Hi all... I have a Grafighter 700m that I bought several years ago and it's a shop custom with the reel seat lower than I'd like. Would it be possible for a custom builder to either replace the grips with a longer butt/shorter fore to move the seat up, or at least remove and replace with...
  330. scramblerj

    Rod for throwing heavier jigs for tuna?

    Cool.... Sounds like my Grafighter 700M and Torium 30 w/ 40lb should do the job.....
  331. scramblerj

    Rod for throwing heavier jigs for tuna?

    What would be a good rod (and reel) for throwing heavier jigs, like Tady 9 and 4/0 for deep tuna offshore? I'm talking about cast, let sink, retrieve, as opposed to straight vertical yo-yoing... Would you want a shorter (7') and heavier rod, or would a heavy surface iron stick (90j, Ulua, etc)...
  332. scramblerj

    San Diego County Rabbit Hunting

    I'll worry about bot flies when I actually shoot a rabbit :)
  333. scramblerj

    San Diego County Rabbit Hunting

    I saw plenty of coyote sign with fur in it, so maybe I was just getting there a little too late after sunrise to find them out and about. I'll give it another try when the season opens and be sure to be out in the field at first shooting time. Thanks for the reply!
  334. scramblerj

    San Diego County Rabbit Hunting

    Hi all! Anybody have any suggestions as to where to try to shoot some rabbits (shotgun) in SD County? Last year was my first with a hunting license and I tried Hollenbeck Canyon a couple of times, but no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated... Thanks all!
  335. scramblerj

    What Rod for Lexa 400?

    NOW ya tell me..... lol Maybe an Ugly Stik?
  336. scramblerj

    What Rod for Lexa 400?

    Maybe a Graphtech GIS80M or H? I have a 400 on the H, and it casts great. Haven't pulled on any fish yet, but I've had a GIS80L for quite a while and really like it.
  337. scramblerj

    Best party boats in San Diego/South OC???

    New Seaforth out of Seaforth Sportfishing is my favorite 1/2 day... They target calicos when the calicos are worth targeting, which lately they have been! Daily Double out of Point Loma and Dolphin out of Fisherman's Landing also good!
  338. scramblerj

    What is the best Rod and Reel for ANCHOVIES Day and Half Fishen?

    Anchovy fishing is tough, mostly because it's really hard to flyline plankton on .02 lb test flouro...... No idea who makes a rod and reel that small.... Luckily, most 1.5 day trips will be targeting tuna, yellowtail, etc, so pretty much your regular local bait outfits should work fine as...
  339. scramblerj

    Good San Diego Inshore Fishing Books

    Might try 'Fish Have No Hands' by Mike Gardner. I haven't read it, but he gave a seminar at the FHS and I learned a lot from him... Actually started catching spotties from shore in the big bay....
  340. scramblerj

    Return of American made Senators?

    I sure hope California gets a couple of real American-made senators soon.... I don't particularly care for the two we have now......
  341. scramblerj

    Which Lexa 400 for surface Iron?

    I have the 7:1 on a Calstar GFDH 900M and I love the way it casts/retrieves surface iron.... Haven't gotten a chance to pull on fish with yet though.
  342. scramblerj

    Where to mount the reel on a deckhand rod.

    I say you mount it wherever the deckhand wants. It's his rod.
  343. scramblerj

    My Bloody Decks start of summer check list... done.

    HERE!! Ooops... Sorry... Wrong trip.
  344. scramblerj

    My Bloody Decks start of summer check list... done.

    Would you like any advice on what gear to take and/or how much to tip the crew on your 5 day? Oh, and I hear you'll be fishing 'chovies for albacore the whole time, so I have a Newell P220 spooled with straight 12lb P Line on a fiberglass 10-20lb rod (Fenwick Pacificstik 1196-7c... kickin' it...
  345. scramblerj

    little black dots in yellowtail meat

    Meh... Just eat it! We done got OBAMACARE 'round these parts!! It's FREE!!!!!
  346. scramblerj

    50# Stick for Avet HXW?

    Thanks for all the input! Pulled the trigger on a Black Steel G6470H this afternoon.... Let the shenanigans commence!
  347. scramblerj

    50# Stick for Avet HXW?

    Thanks for all the input! I think I'm down to either a Seeker Black Steel G6470H or a Hercules either 70H or 70 XH......
  348. scramblerj

    50# Stick for Avet HXW?

    I'm kind of leaning towards the 6470H.
  349. scramblerj

    50# Stick for Avet HXW?

    Is this one of the bunch of rods in Calstar factory colors with the chevron wrap? I was thinking a bit longer rod would be better for bait fishing, but how much are you asking for it and where in the SD are you located?
  350. scramblerj

    50# Stick for Avet HXW?

    Hi all... I picked up an Avet HXW 2spd loaded up with 100lb braid and a 50# mono topshot... I plan on using it as a 50 (or even 60) lb bait rig in case bigger BFT are encountered offshore this year, as well as a yo-yo/dropper loop rig if necessary on longer trips (going on a 6 day skiff trip...
  351. scramblerj

    Need rod pairing suggestions for Lexa 400 HS PWR

    I had my 400 on a Graftech GIS80H and threw some surface iron with it.... I liked the way the reel casts so well that I got a Tiburon clamp and put it on my 900M, which I really like a lot as a jig setup. For bait though, the 8' Graftech would probably be pretty awesome for a pretty good...
  352. scramblerj

    Truline VBG65C and D8 for sale.

    For sale: Two vintage brown Truline rods from the '80s. I've had them both since the late '80s and don't use them anymore and would like to sell them and put the money towards some new gear for my long range trips coming up this season. They are as follows: VBG-65-C 6 1/2' rated for 30-120...
  353. scramblerj

    Surface Iron Set up

    I just tried my new Lexa 400 on a Graftech GIS80H for the first time last weekend.... Straight 65lb braid, and it casts so nice that I'm going to pick up a Tiburon clamp and try the reel on my 900M just to see what it'll do. What do you guys think of straight braid for surface iron vs braid to...
  354. scramblerj

    CL Post of the day Boat related

    A few years back someone at work posted a (fake, of course) ad on craigslist for a coworker's tricked out Mustang... Dude's phone BLEW UP.
  355. scramblerj

    Where is it legal/not legal to fish from shore in San Diego Bay?

    Ok, thanks for the info... I'll take a look for the signs next time I go for a run down that way.
  356. scramblerj

    Where is it legal/not legal to fish from shore in San Diego Bay?

    Hey all... Just wondering if anyone can shed some light on this for me... It was my understanding that one could fish (with a license, of course) from shore anywhere in San Diego Bay that is not specifically posted as either ‘No Fishing’, ‘Private Property’, or both. However, I was recently...
  357. scramblerj

    Just getting started hunting, need some help with rabbits...

    Thanks for the tips, guys! I'm looking forward to the season opening!
  358. scramblerj

    Just getting started hunting, need some help with rabbits...

    Hi all, Will be buying my first hunting license ever this week (at the tender age of 42... yup, late start) and am looking forward to trying for some rabbits come July... Anybody have any tips as to where to start looking, or better yet, anyone interested in showing a noob the ropes for a...