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  1. Juan

    Survival Fishing

    Hi guys.... things aren't looking good I lost all my clientele for my business which is doing fishing trips,,,,, Instead I have been going out there fishing for days at Corbetena and getting lots of snapper, night fishing at the rock has been outstanding with a steady bite all night long, we...
  2. Juan

    WTB Looking for a 300 Marlin GW

    Im looking for a 300 Marlin Grady White with trailer, let me know if you guys know of one, Thanks
  3. Juan

    Amazing fishing last week

    We have been having excellent fishing the last week, Marlín, tuna, mahi, cuberas, great Mixed pot!!!! The kids are killing it and the freezers are full!!! Water temps are changing and cold fronts are bringing currents from the north rich in life. It’s going to be a great winter. Fished with...
  4. Juan

    Mucho mahi Sayulita

    With the latest rains mucho mahi !!!!lots of tree trunks and long trash lines teeming with dorados!!! We left from Sayulita and scored 12 nice dorado on live sardines!!! Epic kids day fishing!!!! Adults had a blast also!! It’s going to be a great season!!!!
  5. Juan

    kids day Corbetena

    Went to Corbetena Rock on Saturday, we had excellent fishing! The rock was teaming with life, our first bite was a nice grade Wahoo on a goggle eye, landed it with mono leader, as soon as we gaffed it the leader snapped!Luckyyyy!!! Then we landed a pair of mahis on a double! The good grade also...
  6. Juan

    Again!!! Full fridge, eat fish everyday!

    Lots of fish out there guys!!! Great weekend!!! My son and my friends and I had a excellent catches quality fish and coolers full it’s been amazing the last two months. Pámpano , snapppers!!!! Hook up every two minutes!!!! Insane action!!! Lots of sardines!!!! Bait us plenty full and the fish...
  7. Juan

    Another Sunday cooler full of fish in Sayulita

    Went out yesterday and slammed the fish with Joaquin my 4 year old fishing maniac got sardines and got 7 African pámpanos Spanish mackarels, about 10 reds, bonitas, jacks, and 2 amberjacks. My 4 year old is growing up to be a great fisherman!!!Living in Sayulita has been a blessing for him, viva...
  8. Juan

    Sunday's Choice, three hour inshore boom!

    My son wont accept that the entire weekend we dont go fish, so Sunday after a couple of phone calls I get a friend to lend me his panga and we head out there around 11am. In a matter of three hours we had 5 good size snappers and 4 huge Spanish Mackarels all in the Daiwa Minnow white. Fishing...
  9. Juan

    Not kidding got it done today again!

    Went out yesterday and today, fishing is fenomenal inshore, hit the pargos early in the morning and jet out to the mahi around 11am just abundance everywhere ! Here’s some pics of today and a couple of yesterday.
  10. Juan

    Mucho fish inshore, on fire!!!

    this last 2 months there has been non stop inshore action around Sayulita tons of bait and epic conditions!!! Feels good to be home and take the kids out and put them in fish constantly, great memories so far this year, if you want mono stop action now is the time to come, mahi, snapper...
  11. Juan

    Corbetena fun with Alonso Osuna !!!

    Went with old friends to Corbetena with Alonso Osuna AKA ARRANCA, just like what everybody says about this family, they are just amazing fisherman and excellent hosts!!! we scored a couple of yellow fin tunas, one sailfish and one monster Cubera. Alonso and his mate Rex work very hard to put my...
  12. Juan

    600 miles PV to La Paz

    Have not reported anything lately, although I have been catching Dorado and Red Snapper like crazy in front of Sayulita...... anyways................My friends took me on a Mickelson 43 from PV back up to La Paz, we hit some great Stripe Marlin bite epic tuna action at Buffer Zone and also...
  13. Juan

    Mateo's first Marlin and many footballs.

    After our last fishing trip to Panama we decided to take the Bosco out and go check out the tuna bite, we had been hearing of spinners 10 miles prior to El Banco so we went for a day of fun looking for piles of dolphin. We had some numbers from a friend and we got there and there where the...
  14. Juan

    Kids killed it in Panama with Rio Negro Fishing Lodge.

    After a couple of months of planning we decided to take the kids to Panama from Puerto Vallarta to check out my friends operation out of Playa Reina Panama. We went out for 4 days on the Mr Magoo that to be honest is the best CC I have ever been on, the design and comfortable ride it provides in...
  15. Juan

    Panama questions

    Hey guys I will be fishing Panama in early June, my old friend has a great fishing boat but he does not have any gear, he kinda just cruises with the family in it, since im visiting I talked him on taking the boat (45 bertram) to Contadora with both our families and spending three days in the...
  16. Juan

    Shimano Reel Service in California

    I Live in Mexico but my wife id going to San Fransisco for new years, I have two Shimano reels that I love and want to refurbish them, where can I send them ? they are like 9 years old and some people tell that they are discontinued so I couldn't get some parts here in Mexico. Is this possible...
  17. Juan

    Groms killed some yesterday

    All the reports had us going CRAZY, so the kids( skipped school ), my compa Fernando, Scott and me headed out to "El Banco" to see what was all the noise about. WE got there early and there was no bait, skippies were hard to get and no signs of birds right over the high spots we trolled for like...
  18. Juan

    32# king by 7 year old

    My 7 year old kicked our butts yesterday catching this 32 pound king and many others on board Kaimana with capt Stephen Hunt I'm almost sure it was the biggest one caught yesterday in San Francisco !! My son rocks!!! Tight lines!!!
  19. Juan

    Another bites the dust!

    Got this one Monday some 89 miles away form Mita, we had three hook ups..., all tunas where huge, the biggest ones I have ever seen, one came tail wrapped and was well over the 250# mark it was almost impossible to hook her and bring her up the boat.. we had a great time!! and explored new...
  20. Juan

    Danny "Lulu" Gomez dont forget that name!

    Went out yesterday with Danny, been wanting to fish with this Capt again for a while now, he was very busy working on the Journeyman operation so I called him a couple of times and he could not go. Finally my old friend from the Hanaloa times Richard called me and said the magic words " lets...
  21. Juan

    No Narco for me, only tuna...

    While Vallarta was having a bit if unrest I took off for a three day fishing trip, had some unfinished business with cat Keith form the Maximus and he offered to settle the dispute with a tow out to the buffer zone some 100 miles out, getting towed is boring jajjajaj nothing to do. We got out...
  22. Juan

    Easter Tuna Hunt

    HI guys, fishing has been great !!!! Went on easter week with my friends and nailed a super good time!!! We cruised out of Vallarta around 9pm, gassed up 980ltrs of gas ( 1.20 dollars a litter, thats why capts charge what they charge!!!!!), got our bait and then jetted to Punta Mita doing 21knts...
  23. Juan

    Bloody Deckers go Psycho!

    March 2015 Met Michael (Mrhoneydo) here at the bloody decks, we talked when I put my "share gas" post a couple of months ago, he said he wanted me to show him how we roll here in Mex, we met at the Marina, checked out his 28'Grady White, reespooled and check overall condition of the boat. I took...
  24. Juan

    Maximus RED HOT, keeping it RAW.

    Jan Feb March have been non stop action, every trip has produced. Only while it lasts........... Enjoy......... everything has a beginning, everything has an end. Better safe than sorry, book now!
  25. Juan

    Tuna on jigs

    Just to say i caught 5 tunas on shimano butterflies jigs on sunday,50 60 # range!
  26. Juan

    No fish No Pay? Tuna everywhere!

    So happy to get invited in the Maximus a couple of times a year, just got back from the first 2015 trip and it was all action catching a average of 9 tunas per day and some dodo's in the mix. Heres a fast clip of a fast trip with one of the bests operation in the world when it comes to YFT...
  27. Juan

    Frenetic tuna bite!

    The bite was outrageous yesterday, after hooking a couple on jigs and kite shit went mental around 5 pm! We put the cedar plugs out and had like 5 triples , poppers were being devaured by the angry tuna. We went 18 of 25 ! Not cows biggest around 60# but just so frcking nuts, tuna jumping...
  28. Juan

    More tuna

    Tunas still out there, went yesterday caught some nice grade 35-40kilo. One nice Blue realesed, slow down a bit, maybe moon, but keeping the fam well fed and the fridge stched, thanks for all the pm's on the share gas!! hopefully we can line something up. "Elotillos" were working great...
  29. Juan

    FIshing Partner for this weekend, share gas.

    One of our guys dropped out, I have one space in the boat to fish the banks this weekend. Caught 6 Tunas yesterday and two marlins, fishing is still very good !! You need to have experience on deck, serious fisherman! This is not a charter boat so no cry babies, we will fish all day either sat...
  30. Juan

    Fishing partner! Share gas!

    Need a fishing partner to share gas, I have a couple of boats to go out to the banks but all these great fishing has left us broke, we have the boat and the equipment, we just need someone with cash to pay for the gas, so if anybody is coming or living preferibly in PV and want to go get some...
  31. Juan

    Report inshore

    Great inshore, water temps have dropped lots Of Snapper on light tackle in the Sayulita área ! Súper fun!
  32. Juan

    Again...... Maximus

    Got the call from my friend in Newport, birthday trip, he needs to document this epic voyage, I get on board shoot the video. Enjoy!!!! Theres some big tunas out there, book with Maximus or the Osunas, get out there, two great operations killing some big fish out there!!! Get some headphones the...
  33. Juan

    Bloody Tuna Video. Maximus

    Got invited to come onboard the Maximus for a couple of trips in October. Wanna know what happened watch the video. Thanks Capt Keith, Carlos Cachis, Armando Q'Sopa, Miguel Diablito McGiver y Mario Ralingo one tight crew!
  34. Juan

    Danny Osuna ROCKS!!!!! Great day at the rock!!

    EXPERIENCE MATTERS!!!!!!!!! another great day in the water!! on style!! took Bens Seybold boyz out on the Marla II and scored!! Captain Danny Osuna is to say the least one of the best Captains I have EVER fished with.... and I have fished a lot!!!!!!! Genuine, honest and HIGHLY EXPERIENCED ...
  35. Juan

    inshore is too good....... EVERYDAY!!!!!!!

    Went last week to a secret river mouth to get some snook, Carlos deckcheif of the Maximus was with us and brought some sealed packed tuna to make the camping even better!!!! the place is amazing camped for two days and fished the estuaries catching many snook, one was a macking black one...
  36. Juan

    More inshore

    Guys I'm not kidding, Mahis everywhere two miles from shore. Hooked eight and lost two, Chuckers, and birdies are doing the job at 8 knots. Many tree trunks out there look out! went out for 4 hours this morning thats a fish every 30 minutes. NO live bait, my friends with bait caught up to ten...
  37. Juan

    Inshore has been great guys!!!

    I have been killing it inshore with my buddys from Sayulita, casting all day and trolling lures on my aluminum panga and my 15hp Honda, I use 2 gallons a day and have a full fridge, yesterday I most have fed about 25 people with al lthe fish I gave away, it feels good to fish when is this cheap...
  38. Juan

    Panama always on fire!!

    Panama outer Island experience!! Incomparable !! Dived fished and surfed all day, total Barrels over 30 each, five guys out, fished speared, snapper, amberjack, cabrilla, fished caught on the troll, Yellow fin, spanish mackarel, Jack Crevelle. Total fish in one day was well over 25, all kinds...
  39. Juan

    Danny Lulu, Hector the Collector, Bobby, Juan Pana. RoosterMANIA.

    Called Danny, we go, got my friend Bobby from Canada ready !! Go to the dock 630am head out, stop with Jaibillo, hes always so enthusiastic giving us the bests of lucks with a big smile. We get out there shit hits the fan immediately, I think fish actually follow Danny around, crazy everywhere...
  40. Juan

    Inshore North Shore Oahu

    Gonna go catch me some barrels at the North Shore for a couple of weeks, Im taking a spinning rod with some, rapalas, waxwings, Yuzuri stuff in case it gets flat, any recommendations where to go, Ill be staying in Rocky Point area, would like to catch a big ulua!!
  41. Juan

    outboard security anti theft

    I have a 15HP HOnda engine and I want to put it on small 16foot panga to do some inshore with friends, Im worried about it getting stolden, how do I keep that engine attached to the hull? does anybody know of a good product that stands salt water?
  42. Juan

    Corbetena on fire!

    I have been fishing with Caldo the last weeks, we have had great action at the rock. Sardines have been working great and so has the kite, lots of everything in the mix, including 180# in the mix yesterday, been hook up all week! Glad to hear Danny Osuna out there and Danny lulu also in the mix...
  43. Juan

    24 offshore Grady White Vallarta Mexico

    24' Grady White Offshore in excellent conditions. Owner selling because he travels too much and not enough time to enjoy it. The boat comes with 250 HP Yamaha and a 15 hp Honda kicker. This is a proven fishing machine, excellent opportunity for some anglers that want to come to Vallarta and have...
  44. Juan

    24' Grady White for Sale in Puerto Vallarta MEXICO

    Hey friends, Sad to say, but I am selling my 24'offshore Grady White. This is a great opportunity for someone who wants a fishing boat completley liscensed and has all its permits, ready to go. The boat has a 8 years left on its 10 year import permit. It is powered by a 2003 Yamaha 250 hpdi...
  45. Juan

    Its never too far for tuna

    Went out today, good size chop on the way to el banco doing 16 knots and banging, nothing that bother me !! jejje water temp getting warmer. We set course strait to el banco but five miles before getting there water was still green and we said hmmm lets just jet strait to the islands. On our...
  46. Juan

    Meanwhile inshore at the hall of fame........

    Its just not fair!!!! Inshore today was on FFFFIRRRREEEE to say the least. ( again?? shit ....) Took off from Mita early in the morning back with the old costumers from last week (they just cant get enough of us) jejejej ! Bait: green jacks, sardines, squid, google eyes, we were ready. 20lbs...
  47. Juan

    Did you say tuna ?

    So heres the deal, Jim and his son came down to Vallarta to hook a sailfish and a tuna above 40lbs which was their record. They wanted a comfortable boat so I went on Daves Gal from Mita withmy mate MOCO who rocks and is funny. jeje 28 foot Cat with twin 225 and rocking electronics. Loaded up on...
  48. Juan

    Check picture of the week

    Check pic of the week at And I suck at fishing so you can only imagine how good the fishing is around here.
  49. Juan

    fishing Mayhem !!

    Fished today El Morro and it was absolutly ridiculous !!! Schools of Roosters everywhere, scored 6 before 12pm realeased all of them then on the way back we hit huge baitballs outside Marietas a and there was Mackarell and red snapper everywhere with more roosters on the mix, we were getting...
  50. Juan

    Mexican Laws ?

    Just wondering, can a non Mexican charter a boat in Mexico, can the deck hands be non Mexican also ? Have a freind that wants to bring a nice boat in the mix, I thought maybe i get some input on the matter. By the way I have fished a couple of days this week, Roosters are schooling in the...
  51. Juan

    Hanaloa Numero 1 San Blas Tournament

    Even thou I had the Gringo Loco on board I managed to keep his mouth shut most of the time. The fishing was slow all week but the beers were never in shortage. BD'ers Danny Gomez, Tokio fro, Adrian and me had a blast. Sails where a bitch to find and Dorados where non existent. We find out that...
  52. Juan

    Closest departure to montuosa ?

    Hi Guys, whats the closest departure marina to hit Montuosa now a days. I used to camp in Montuosa with friends back in the early 90's. We take a 16'panga with 40hp from Sta. Catalina and camp in Jicarita the first night and then go to Montusa the next morning. We would camp there for a week...
  53. Juan

    Roosters bite

    hey rooster are off the hook in four seasons, get your chile verdes and smack 'em. Got 5 yesterday, the one we boated was about 34lbs and was caught on 15lbs test line on a Stratic 8000, AWSOME ! kept one for a birthday SARANDEADO, also got small snapper of the rock casting small rapalas...
  54. Juan

    My Report, Inshore, El Banco and Beyond COWABONGA

    This report is brought to you by Fishing is been EXCELLENT, so EXCELLENT the EXCELL long ranger is fishing here ! ja ! Singles, triples, doubles, all kinds of trouble out there, its hitting the fan, yep ! Went out with Richard Norwood and father and killed it. Caught: 6 Tunas all...
  55. Juan

    My report,Banco , Inshore

    Merry Christmas ! This report is brought to you by HanaLoa The fishing has been great, El Banco is on fire !! Inshore Roosters and Dorados too, Im fished out ! Went on a overnight-er to El Banco with Slamming Samy from Miami and had the best Tuna fishing so far this year. Caught 15 tunas in a...
  56. Juan

    My Report, Corbetena, Banco

    Hi everybody, Heres my report for this weeks fishing on board the out of Sayulita, Nayarit. Lots of wind from the North and choppy seas! The ride to El Banco was canceled twice during the week due to nasty weather, although I always thought how good could it be. We were able to...
  57. Juan

    are the cows not coming ?

    Are the cows not coming this year to pv ? normally there here by this time of the year, going out on monday with some friends and I would like to land one for sure but dont want to get too amped on fish that havent even arrived ! super anxious for their arrival !!