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  1. gonzo25

    For Sale 4 new trailer tires and rims

    I have 4 brand new in the box trailer tires with rims, 5 on 4.5 bolt pattern. st 205/75 D 15 $450 thats a savings of over $200
  2. gonzo25

    Do you have a 17 or 18' Invader

    I need a picture of the capacity plate next to the helm. Thanks
  3. gonzo25

    Limits of yft and skippies 10-5

    We got limits of both about six miles shy of the 371. Lots of chum and 20# test worked the best. Not a single boat in sight we fished these fish for hours. after we got our limits it was catch and release and I released probably 40 fish. We fished until our arms were so sore we were done...
  4. gonzo25

    need help with a tach problem

    I just installed a new fish finder and when I started the motor the tach went straight to 4000... not the rpm just the tach. I know the fish finder has nothing to do with the tach, let me ref-raze that to "that I am aware of", and I know that tach problems are generally related to a charging...
  5. gonzo25

    I need some help with a TIP

    Any of you who have done this may have the answers I am looking for. I applied for a TIP and included a copy of my passport and a copy of my pink slip and registration... I got an email back that said I need to include; a Proxy and Official identification I have absolutely no clue...
  6. gonzo25

    Race to Guatemala, it's nice to be popular

    Ive been on BD for a while now and I'm getting a lot more advertisements sent to me than ever before, which I have no problem with because these guys should make money and they provide this site at an affordable price... even for someone like me. I know I am real popular on here and...
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    The SPOTS numbers and magnetic

    I had a couple of people ask me for this so I thought I would put it up again for any of the new guys that don't have something similar. I have seen several things like this but so far this is the best one I have come across. It is a total of 4 pages, two of them list the name of the spot, the...
  8. gonzo25

    I need one of you smart guys who know mercs to help me, I'm stuck

    I got a problem and need someone who knows their shit to dial me in. I replaced one of my batteries and didn't feel like it was taking a full charge or holding it. I was out at the 43 by myself and my motor started running like shit, popping and sputtering so I headed in. I am a little...
  9. gonzo25

    anyone know their shit on charging systems on out boards

    It is my understanding that the alternator has two coils, one is for charging the battery and the other supplies power to make the motor run nothing wrong with the charging, is shows 14 volts the question is with the side that should run the boat, I always thought you needed the battery to...
  10. gonzo25

    a question about sinkers for you real fisherman

    Okay they may not be used for their original design, but a sinkers shape was made for a specific purpose originally, you know... like rubber core or triangle shaped. My question is what is the torpedo sinker designed for and what do you use them for? Thanks for your time to give a...
  11. gonzo25

    Used fishing net

    anyone know a good place to buy used fishing net in San Diego?
  12. gonzo25

    8-5 lots of yft and a new PB

    Not the biggest I have ever caught, just the biggest on this gear. Previously it was an #18 yellow tail on a 7' finwick and a Mitchel 300... yes a Mitchel not a Mitchel Garcia. The current set up is a 7' finwick and a garcia pro max freshwater bait caster with #15 line. Got my new PB with a...
  13. gonzo25

    Anyone know their shit for checking stators?

    I fried my voltage regulator and I want to check my stator to see if it took it with it. My manual says there are two yellow wires and doing a resistance test they should get a reading of .o1 to .05. Well mine has three wires and they are all the same color... I checked them with my...
  14. gonzo25

    take a minute and answer one question

    Which Merc manual do you think is the best? Which manual do you have, any motor, and what do you think about it? Okay... so I lied... there is more than one question. I don't lie, I just use the truth recklessly... now answer the question or you will be cursed by countless seals...
  15. gonzo25

    SOUTHSHORES ramp, Thursday 29

    There were a couple of trailers there when I got there, one of you guys left something on the ramp, other than the u-joints. When I heard the gardeners talking about who was going to get it, I grabbed it. I thought you would have a better chance at getting it back this way. I left it sitting...
  16. gonzo25

    any PB got their shit together for fishing Mexico?

    Any private boaters got their shit together for the bullshit you need to fish in Mexico? There is a thread up (see below ) giving this information, sort of. it left me with more unanswered questions and listed some stuff I hadn't heard of before, like them wanting proof of Mexican...
  17. gonzo25

    87 Bayliner 1401 Bass Stryker

    The boat isn't being used and they turn to shit quicker when not used than when used. It needs some things from not being used like steering cable and throtle cable so I am going to offer it as is so someone can get into it for cheap. NADA puts the value at $1800 but I will let it go to a good...
  18. gonzo25

    Lobster tails... what are they worth?

    No not selling any and they aren't even mine, a lot of you know I didn't hoop this year because of a shoulder injury. I have a couple friends going back and forth about the value of some Lobster tails, they are off some just legal Lobster, about seven inches long and a guess of about 6 oz...
  19. gonzo25

    solo run to point loma

    I just wanted to relax and get on the water so I went to point loma alone, never saw so many fish and constant as I metered that day. Got a mixed assortment of rock fish, total of ten, and a couple buckets of macs between for pretty much non stop action. I was cleaning the fish for my...
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    They are still getting yellows at the Islands and the weather is still doable for small boats <!--[if gte mso 9]><xml> <w:WordDocument> <w:View>Normal</w:View> <w:Zoom>0</w:Zoom> <w:DoNotOptimizeForBrowser/> </w:WordDocument> </xml><![endif]--> 3/25/2013 <table...
  21. gonzo25

    Looking for "THE" Spots

    A lot of people have been asking me the same questions, so I thought I would put this up again, hope it helps you. Number on the list is in a box on the map so it is easy to find, the list has the name, lat and lon, magnetic, and miles from mb and sd...
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    <table class="MsoNormalTable" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="3" height="138" width="520"> <tbody> <tr> <td style="BORDER-RIGHT: medium none; PADDING-RIGHT: 0.75pt; BORDER-TOP: medium none; PADDING-LEFT: 0.75pt; PADDING-BOTTOM: 6pt; PADDING-TOP: 0.75pt; BORDER-BOTTOM: #cccccc 1.5pt...
  23. gonzo25

    86 Mercury 90 hp. 6 cyl

    SOLD Ended up with four serious buyers, told Rob he was first in line and he and his uncle came over to pick it up Saturday morning. When they saw it they just said, wow. Told them to go get their boat and they were back with it in an hour and drove away that afternoon with big smiles on their...
  24. gonzo25

    can anyone ID this for me

    Does this look familiar, do you know what it is? We know what it is but we don't know who made it. I got it from Frank who took it off of his Silverton, he doesn't know who made it or if it came on the boat originally. I have had it apart and can't find anything that gives you a clue who made...
  25. gonzo25

    need a good mobile mechanic

    My buddy needs a good mobile mechanic who is good with Mercury
  26. gonzo25

    trailer rim

    I am looking for one 14" 5 lug with a 4.5 pattern. A common size for trailers, fords, mopar
  27. gonzo25

    do you know anything about Mercury outboards?

    the question is... 90 hp Mercury 2 stroke, what year, model is the best... which is the worst... or is there a difference? I don't know shit about Mercury outboards, but I am sure that this time next year I will. Any in put, comments welcome. thanks
  28. gonzo25

    Anyone here familiar with pressure testing lower unit?

    My manual sucks for this, I don't think the person who wrote it knows how to pressure test the gear case because it says to do it, but gives no info on how or what to do to check it. While checking the oil in the gear case i found water in it. I dropped the lower unit and pressure tested it and...
  29. gonzo25

    one last time

    bullshitting with some friends and watching the sun go down... all of them bitching about not getting any lobster, one of them has a new boat and crying because he only went one time and only got one lobster. I told them if they weren't such pussies and would get out of the bay they could get...
  30. gonzo25

    my christmass jingle report... if you can figure it out

    We loaded the boat with ropes and net, Taking warm clothes not sure how cold it would get. The sun had just gone down when we got to the dock, We were ready to catch the lobsters that hide in the rock It was quiet and calm as we went through the bay. Not even any seals that...
  31. gonzo25

    just the three of us, Me, Myself, and I

    Went out Hoopin with Sherm last week and got skunked, tried again last Sunday and my ride along got scared ½ way there so I had to turn around and come in. So tonight I said fuck it and the three of us went,…. Me, myself, and I, what a crew, not a bitch or a complaint all night. Night was...
  32. gonzo25

    what it is all about

    Lots of Macs to be had in Point Loma if you need bait. \ This is what it is all about. My grandson turned five last weekend and I said okay grandpa will take you out fishing in the ocean. I told his dad I needed to make some more Lobster bait, lets take him out this week...
  33. gonzo25

    a question about your fish/depth finder

    I would like to know if any of you can see your hoop nets going down on your fish/depth finder, and if so... what kind is it? thanks
  34. gonzo25

    I got a R-eel problem

    does anyone happen to know how long eels live out of water?
  35. gonzo25

    need a good shop or mobile for merc's

    i have seen a lot of recommendations on here but never paid much attention because none of them wanted to work on a Force. my buddy is looking for a tune up and a new impeller on a 2004 Merc 115 4 stroke. recommendations for a good shop or mobile?
  36. gonzo25


    Everyone knows someone!! Had to share this
  37. gonzo25


    Can you help me. I have a couple of questions, how about taking a couple of min. and give an answer, even if someone has already given it… I want to know what each of you think as much as I want to know the answer to the questions, and if you don’t know the answer, please just say so and...
  38. gonzo25


    ARE YOU FISHING L.J. KELP BEDS? we met up with a friend in his yak last night off of La Jolla and worked the kelp beds. we were just getting ready to leave when the fog rolled up on us... had ten nets out and we were picking them up, but before we could get them all you couldn't see. couldn't...
  39. gonzo25

    I got six, a new personal record

    I got six, a new personal record.... Not Lobsters, I got seven of those. I don't get eels that often, and the most i have had in one night was two, but Friday I got six.... big fuckers too. planned on going Friday with a friend who wanted to go real bad, booked a back up just in case because I...
  40. gonzo25

    lobster getting me sick

    Just a few years ago I had no idea what it was like to get sea sick, I was that asshole who would be smoking a cigar and eating a hamburger and always had lots of room at the rail. After having chronic ear infections getting sick is a constant battle. So far the best thing I have been able to do...
  41. gonzo25

    lobster season

    does lobster season end tonight at midnight or tomorrow at midnight?
  42. gonzo25

    any Force Mechanics here?

    87 Force 50 hp. A model it looks like i am occasionally getting steam out of the tell tail. it has never over heated that i am aware of, no busser etc.. the motor has a lot of years on it, but very few hours... less than 80 my first thought would be blown head gasket, but i would like to...
  43. gonzo25

    looking for lobster bait

    <!--[if !supportEmptyParas]--> <!--[endif]--><o:p></o:p> I have exhausted all the lobster bait that I had on hand and am looking for a new source, as close to Clairemont as possible. Any suggestions? thanks. George
  44. gonzo25

    Thanks to all the hoop netters

    Just a note to say thanks to all the hoop netters that have given their input on hoop netting. I had never done it and for a while now have been reading the posts and getting all the info I could. No one likes to look stupid and being the FNG (Fuckin new guy) I wanted to have some clue about...