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  1. lougio

    Helium Well in Az

    A friend was telling me about Desert Mountain Energy Corp and I started looking into them as they get ready to explore for helium in Az. Might be worth buying some stock. It'll be fun to track their progress especially since a lot of us have a stake in the helium supply. Would love to hear some...
  2. lougio

    Ho available 6/5-6/6.

    Delete, plans scrapped.
  3. lougio

    LED Lighting Ideas

    Hey folks, I'm getting ready to buy some LED mult-color light strips. Any of you using these? I'm looking for suggestions on what brand and how you installed. I have a 2520 and I'm looking for cockpit/under gunwhales and including the battery boxes in the enclosed transom. Also thinking of doing...
  4. lougio

    Garmin ActiveCapt and Tablet for Deck and Tower

    So I recently got a 7610xsv and researched adding more screens to help when fishing out in cockpit of our 2520. Somebody would always ask.. "Are there any marks" on the fishfinder and you know the deal. I was thinking of just buying a second MFD that would be at least 9". Pricey in the $500-700...
  5. lougio

    Blank Poppers, Stickbaits and Irons

    Is there a source for blanks? I Have some Jigskinz that I want to experiment with. Thanks for any info.
  6. lougio

    Glorietta Bay Launch Status

    My boat partner and I dropped off some trailer parts to get galvanized and while we were in the area we checked Pepper Park and it was closed. Then decided to cruise over to Coronado and check on the Glorietta Bay ramp status. As we're pulling up to make the left a Parker 2520 is coming out...
  7. lougio

    Will a Garmin 7610xsv fit in a 2520 dash with 4 gauges? The answer..

    YES! Barely, but my buddy Dan at Seabound Marine was able to fit it in perfectly with about 1/8th of an inch to spare. Went from a 741xs unit to the 7610xsv. Now to select a transducer.
  8. lougio

    Yamaha Oil Tank Filling Help Needed

    We have twin '03 150 HPDI's on our Parker 2520. This past summer(Aug) we were getting an alarm on the starboard motor and saw that the main oil tank was low but the secondary tank was 3/4 full. The switch on the side of the main tank wouldn't signal the pump to start so we checked out the pump...
  9. lougio

    For Sale Parker 2520 Bimini Frame

    2003 Parker 2520 Bimini frame and hardware. This is the cover for the cockpit area. Very nice shape. Also have the original canvas that is faded and tattered in spots but zippers are good as is the Eisenglass wind breaker that attaches to the pilot house. It will be a good template to have a new...
  10. lougio

    SOLD Garmin Electronics: 741xs(2), GCV10, GMS10, GT23 and GT30

    Going with a larger XSV unit so selling our current setup. All units work and look great and I have pics and video of them functioning 100%. Screens are perfect. The 741xs has a built in 1kw sounder. Will have pics of xducers up tomorrow. Prefer local San Diego transaction but will ship at...
  11. lougio

    Tuna Spotted on the West Grape!

    Saw this on the news this morning.
  12. lougio

    Good Deal on Mustang MIT 100 PFD

    Maybe we should have a sticky for great deals. Got this from over at THT.
  13. lougio

    Nice Fish!

  14. lougio

    Boat Docking Close Call

    I thought my boat partner comes in hot.. Man, he was lucky!
  15. lougio

    Dexter Products 20% Off

    Save 20% off Dexter Knives, using code: landshark
  16. lougio

    Anybody Know About This Distress call?

    Heard this on the news this morning. Not much info.
  17. lougio

    Conditions for 9/20/19

    Hey BD, just wondering who's going out tomorrow(Friday). We're launching from SI and will probably check out the N9 then south from there. Wind doesn't seem to be a problem but the swell looks to be an issue. I was out two weekends ago and the swell was big but it was rolling and not all mixed...
  18. lougio

    8/31 226 Area YFT

    I was dreading going out on the weekend but it was the only day I could get out this week. Got to the launch at 0530 and it wasn't a shit show. EB was only 6 deep so all in all it was a good start. A little bump kept us under 20 kts on the way out to the 226. Stopped on some bait marks and...
  19. lougio

    Penn Fathom 40NLD2 Sale

    Just stumbled upon this in my facebook feed.
  20. lougio

    What do you make of this?

  21. lougio

    SOLD Tiburon Reel Clamp

    TCU-M universal reel clamp(medium). Very nice condition. $25 local or ship on your dime.
  22. lougio

    SOLD Bubba Blade 6in Bayou

    Like new and only used to filet one or two fish. Got it as a gift but really don't care for Bubba Blades. $25obo Picked up in La Mesa. Ship on your dime. Includes sheath.
  23. lougio

    SOLD Igloo Cooler

    Not sure of the exact size but it's big. Too big for the deck of our boat says my boat partner. Anyway, it is like new. $40. Pickup in La Mesa or I can meet at one of the local landings. Just throw in some decent beer for my travels. Thx!
  24. lougio

    Can these stickbait lures be salvaged?

    With the recent surge in stickbait success I dug some out of my lure bag. I bought some cool Tailwalk Gunz from 360Tuna and bought several colors. While rigging one up the nose ring snapped off. I inspected it further and it was a little rusty but he'll that broke way too easy. So I started...
  25. lougio

    Nomad Rolling Tackle Bag Mods?

    Hey BD, I got the large rolling tackle bag as a gift and I like the bag but I don't like the forward rake. The bag will tip over with rods in the holders. I've been thinking of maybe adding some type of foot plate to make the bag sit more level and to stabilize it so it won't tip with a few rods...
  26. lougio

    7/20/19 Nados, Navy, Wind and Yellows

    Launched from Shelter Is at 0530 with my 16yo son. Good bait and headed past the point 0615. We were greeted with wind and chop. Took the inside passage to South Is and the small fleet. Tried trolling rapalas and natural cedar plug for no action. Water temp was 64.4. Headed south trying to find...
  27. lougio

    Need Help HPDI Regulator/Rectifier bad?

    Trying to find out if anybody has had to change the reg/rect assembly due to the engine not charging the batteries while running. We've had a few incidents offshore where our batteries got so depleted that we lost electronics and VHF power. After doing some online searching it sounds like it is...
  28. lougio

    Help Needed Damaged Guide Ring Insert

    I have a rod that I recently noticed had damage to one of the guides. it was bent a little and had the inner ring missing. How should this be dealt with? Can an insert simply be glued back in place or do I need to replace the guide? I'm planning on fishing Thursday and Friday, can I use the rod...
  29. lougio

    WTB Popping Rod; Tuna Sniper, Megalodon, etc.

    Looking for a mid-level rod to pair with a Saragosa 25K for around $250. OTI Tuna Sniper, Megalodon, etc. Nicks and dings ok but no abuse. No split grips please. I live in 91942. Thanks! Lou
  30. lougio

    Saragosa 25K Spooling Recommendations

    I recently picked up a Saragosa 25K for a great deal(no it wasn't part of the SDTT Heist.. I asked) and I want to use it for throwing poppers and stickbaits. I was thinking of going either 80# or 100#. What braid is best for this type of fishing? Appreciate any info, thx.
  31. lougio

    SOLD or Trade Heavy Spinning Setup

    I am selling a Quantum Cabo 120 PTSE reel loaded with 100# Seguar Threadlock and a Shimano Tallus Bluewater series 7'2" XH 65-200# rod. Both are in excellent condition. Only a couple nick's on the reel from a lure hook. Have the reel box with some extra shims and screws. I will be in the Irvine...
  32. lougio

    5/11/19 Mex Navy at the Islands

    Second hand report from my buddy who got stopped on Saturday. He said two 40ft steel Hull boats(wasn't sure if actual Navy or Biosphere Dept) patrolled the Islands. They pulled along side and he gave them paperwork which included his Passport, TIP, FMM, Biosphere bracelet and Mex Lic. They were...
  33. lougio

    Islands 4/27 Baby Mako

    Went out of SI with my son, picked up a scoop of bait and headed to Islands/Rockpile. Beautiful conditions early and cruised to the Islands arriving at our spot around 0730. saw lots of boats at Pukey so we picked at some Rock Fish in the MG. While fishing the dropper-loop my son says...
  34. lougio

    Rockpile and Islands 4/14

    My boat partner Frank, Cody(longboard85) and myself headed out for our first fishing trip of the year in our 2520. Launched from Shelter Island @0545 and headed over to EBros. There was a short 20min wait for some lively Dines and a couple of Mack's. Cleared the point at 0630 and ran down on the...
  35. lougio

    Two Douchebags Hunting!

    What complete scumbags! How do you not revoke their hunting licenses for life?
  36. lougio

    Dispersing a Crowd of Sea Lions the Canadian Way

    I'm not sure if this is really Canada and I'm not sure if it is legal there either. They sure got out of there fast though.
  37. lougio

    What Else Can They Smash Into

    Russian Vodka + Cargo Ship = Bad shit!
  38. lougio

    Great White vs Pinneped

    Thought you all would like this. Who will win?
  39. lougio

    Passing of the Modern Fish Act

    I was on Facebook today and saw this page. Don't know much about it. What do you guys think?
  40. lougio

    For Sale Chargers Jerseys

    I've got a few previously worn Chargers jerseys for sale. (1)Reebok Onfield Rivers baby blue size 52. Very nice with some minor staining on the numbers. (1) Reebok Gates navy blue size 52. Both of these jerseys have nice tackle twill numbers, letters and logos. I also have two replica jerseys...
  41. lougio

    10/28 178/N9/La Jolla

    We've normally been fishing every other Friday as work permits. I was down and out with a kidney stone that wouldn't budge and wound up in the hospital for a few days. So after the smoke cleared from that we found Sunday 10/28 to be our best opportunity to get out and fish. We were having a bit...
  42. lougio

    Sketchy User Selling GMR18 Radar

    Hey, just thought I'd give you all a heads up. I had posted a WTB Garmin 18 radar. I got a few responses but most were for new units. I was looking for something in the $500 range. I get a response from a user with no activity that recently joined. We start up a conversation and he sends me...
  43. lougio

    Somebody is in big trouble!

    Probably on their phone. I hope nobody died as a result.
  44. lougio

    Learned an Invaluable Anchor Lesson

    Well Folks, I'm embarrassed to report this but my boat partner and I headed over to our tower fabricators shop over in National City on Saturday around 10am. We left from my buddies house in Spring Valley where we keep the 2520 on a trailer. Headed 94 to 125 to 54. As we're BS'ing transitioning...
  45. lougio

    SOLD Garmin Radar 18HD

    Hey folks, I'm looking at buying an entry level radar. I'm just looking for a reasonably priced plug in and go unit in good shape. I have Garmin already on the boat and am looking for something I can install fairly easily and quickly. Putting it on a Parker 2520. Thanks!
  46. lougio

    SOLD Parker 30 Gal Bait Tank

    Parker fiberglass bait tank came off my '03 2520. Replaced it with a 65gal Blue Water so it's up for sale. Very good condition and it worked well and kept bait well. Included is a Rule Tournament 800gph cartridge pump and housing, various size and length hoses and some wiring. $200 obo...
  47. lougio

    Catalina Crossing to Two Harbors

    I've got a campsite at Two Harbors for the weekend of 8/17 and am trailering my Parker 2520 from San Diego. Trying to decide where to launch from. I was thinking Dana Point but I've hear that Huntington Beach was an easier crossing. I've never launched from any landings other than in San Diego...
  48. lougio

    TS1440 for Sale on THT

    I saw a nice pair of Fujinon TechnoStabi''s for sale while browsing The Hull Truth this morning. I'd jump on it if I didn't already have a pair. $800 like new with case. Here's the link...
  49. lougio

    For Sale Link to TAC50 for Sale on THT

    Hey Guys, not sure if this is against the rules but I regularly check THT for stuff and saw this deal on a BNIB Tac50II. I recently bought a Mak50 otherwise I'd be all over this. $825 shipped. Thought I'd pass it on...
  50. lougio

    7/8 10 min off Mission Bay

    My boat partner and I rolled up to a packed lot at Dana Landing at 0730. Gabbed bait, made some Mack's outside the Getty and headed toward the 182. Around 10mi off MB we find a paddy with good marks. We stick around even though it seems like nobody's home. We long soak some sardines and we get...
  51. lougio

    Fished the 43 on 6/25

    Launched the 2520 with a couple of buddies at 0430 from Dana Landing and picked up a full scoop of weak bait. Headed out to the 43 in beautiful conditions.. "Lake Like". Took it slow in the dark then cruised out at 20kts. Arrived on the high spot around 0700. No action so we continued NW...
  52. lougio

    LOUIE-LUI II Gets Wet at the Coronado's

    We launched from Glorietta Bay with me, my boat partner Frank and my son Mason. First time putting the new boat in the water for fishing and first time hauling the boat with the new truck. Headed to the Nado's with a full scoop in our Parker bait tank. The Blue Water tank isn't ready yet so we...
  53. lougio

    SOLD 1998 Grady-White 209 Escape CC w/Trailer

    Hey guys! With the Parker 2520 now in the driveway it is time to put the Grady up for sale. I own this boat with my friend and we've had this boat for three seasons and it has been a great boat for SoCal fishing. 1998 Grady-White 209 Escape powered with a 1998 Yamaha 200hp SWSII with approx...
  54. lougio

    2003 Parker 2520 DVSC Purchase

    Hey fellas, I'm sure you've seen some of my posts about picking up a Parker 2520 from Florida. So the story goes me and my boat partner Frank wanted to move up from our Grady-White 209 CC. It's been a great boat for the past three season but had it's limitations with weather and range. So I...
  55. lougio

    How would you repair this keel damage?

    Bought this 2003 Parker 2520 knowing that it needed some work and just received the boat last week. Overall the boat is in very nice shape with some repairs needed. I believe the owner said to the surveyor that it was from putting the boat on the trailer. Could have been run up on the beach as...
  56. lougio

    Unreal Deal on Fujinon TS1440

    Guys, I scored big time on some mint condition 14x40 Techno-Stabi's off OC Craigslist for $450. He's selling more gear and is a super nice guy to deal with. I was going to have a friend pickup for me in Costa Mesa but I decided to drive up myself and the seller offered to meet me in San...
  57. lougio

    Boat Loan Advice

    My boat partner and I are close to a deal on a 2003 Parker 2520. Probably gonna finance $35k. Any advice/experience on lenders would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Lou
  58. lougio

    Boat Capsizing

    Bad move by this guy. Hope they're ok.
  59. lougio

    Parker 2510 Advice Needed

    Hey there! My boat partner and I are looking at moving up from our '98 GW 209 CC into a Parker 2510 in the 25-30k range. We were originally looking into the 2320 or 2520 pilothouses but I think the 2510 is the way to go. Especially after we fished a buddies pilothouse last summer and I didn't...
  60. lougio

    Advice Needed for Parker 2510

    Hey there! My boat partner and I are looking at moving up from our '98 GW 209 CC into a Parker 2510 in the 25-30k range. We were originally looking into the 2320 or 2520 pilothouses but I think the 2510 is the way to go. Especially after we fished a buddies pilothouse last summer and I didn't...
  61. lougio

    2/17 La Jolla/Torrey Pines

    My boat partner Frank and I left Dana Landing around 0730. Noticed a lot of trailers in the parking lot. Got a nice 1/2 scoop of mixed bait(Mack's, Dines and Chovies). Headed over to NW Corner and there wasn't anything showing on our finder. Decided to head over to Torrey Pines area and try...
  62. lougio

    Makaira 30K Spinning Prototype Question

    Hey all, I'm looking into a purchase of one of the prototype spinning reels and wanted a few questions clarifies. I sent an email to Okuma but haven't heard back. If any Okuma rep could answer a few questions that would be great. I understand there is no warranty with the prototypes. How are...
  63. lougio

    Sun. 9/17 Late report Dorado close to home.

    My buddy toyed with the idea of taking my son, myself and his friend in his 26ft Scout express out to SCI. But his buddy claimed bankruptcy and wanted my 15yo son to pay a full share. I offered to pay $50 more but he still bailed. So we said screw it and lets stay close to home. Left Cabrillo...
  64. lougio

    FS: Calstar 6480C and 6465H. Trades?

    I have a nice factory wrapped Calstar BWCDH•6480C 30-60 Deckhand rod. Cork wrap is dinged up a little from a rod holder. Guides have minor rust and guide at the tip was replaced. $120. I also have a custom wrapped short butt Calstar 6465H 30-80. Fuji reel seat and long front grip for use as...
  65. lougio

    Hollow Braid Needle Splicing Set **SOLD**

    I have a like new Toro Tamer needle kit. I only used it a handful of times. There are 9 needles total. (5) threading needles for 80#, 100#, 130#, 150# and 200# line. There are (2) med and lg latch needles and (2) med and lg loop needles. Also including a serving tool for finishing off the...
  66. lougio

    Late Report: Limitados de Dorado's 8/16

    Got a call from my buddy who slips his 26ft Scout Abaco at Cabrillo to go fish the Islands and beyond on Wed 8/16. With my call weekend coming at work I figured I'd better jump on it and did. Late start because he worked late the night before so three of us left the slip at 7am. Got a full...
  67. lougio

    WTB: Image Stabilized Binoculars

    Hey, I'm looking to buy a nice pair of Fujinon or Nikon 14x40 binoculars. I prefer the Fujinon's. Will consider 12x32's as well. Let me know what you have. Thx! Lou
  68. lougio

    Thur 7/20 Late Report

    My boat partner Frank and I left out of Dana Landing 0700. Made fire cracker mini-mack's by north jetty. Heading west looking for anything to shake off the skunk. Found a nice paddy 11mi off MB. Frank flylined a bait and I threw some topwater lures. No love, but before we moved on I said...
  69. lougio

    Spool advice for Penn 50VSX

    Hey BD'ers, what do you think I should spool this up with for trolling the Yummee off the kite? I was thinking 130lb braid with 200lb mono topshot. Maybe Seaguar Threadlock for wind-on's? Also recommdation's for a rod as well. Appreciate any feedback. Thx!
  70. lougio

    Ford Cab Clearance Marker Lights(5)

    I have a set of five new Ford cab roof clearance lights. The part# is: F81Z-15442-AA. I originally wanted to put them on my '03 F-350 but never got around to it. $75 for the set.
  71. lougio

    Marker for Flying the Yummee

    What are you guys using to mark your line to visualize where your Yummee is skipping? Thanks! Lou
  72. lougio

    Setup for Penn Intl 30SW for Kite Fishing

    Hey I just flew the kite for the first time over the weekend and learned that a Penn Intl II 30SW spooled with 100lb mono isn't realistically going to be enough line. I had about a quarter spool left after getting the Yummee out skipping along nicely. How do you think I should spool this reel up...
  73. lougio

    Dana Landing Report Thur 6/15/17

    I wasn't out on the water but I went over to Dana Landing while waiting for my son to get out of Water Sports Camp. There was a Parker 2120 that was just pulled out of the water with a couple of guys milling around talking when I walked up and asked how they did. I saw one guy in the boat...
  74. lougio

    Spinning Rods 15-25lb and 50-100lb for Sale

    I have an Okuma and Calstar spinning rods for sale. Prefer local San Diego deal. Willing to trade/plus cash for a either a 20-40lb live bait reel or trolling reel(30wide or 50wide). First is a 6ft Calstar 196-6 10-25lb custom wrap with a nice Aftco real seat. A few scuffs but in very good...
  75. lougio

    WTB: Kite Rod

    Hey looking for a reasonably priced kite rod. Before I butcher up an old rod I'd figure I try and see if anyone has one they don't use. Looking to spend no more than $50. Prefer pickup in San Diego area. Thanks!
  76. lougio

    Sun. 6/4/2017 The Corner-43-182

    We got skunked on Friday and I'm just stupid enough to go out and try it again. Dragged my 14yo son Mason out of bed at 0430 and headed down to Dana Landing and launched our 20ft GW CC. My son took the boat off the trailer and pulled up the busy dock like a champ. We decided to skip EB bait and...
  77. lougio

    Binocular Rental?

    Hey, I was looking online but didn't find exactly what I was looking for. Does anybody know if there is a place that rents binoculars in San Diego? I'd like to get my hands on some Stabi's but even some good 7x50 marine binocs to see what I'm missing before making a big purchase. Thanks!
  78. lougio

    FS: Tech 21 Trademark 60 1x12 Guitar Amp

    I'm selling my backup guitar amp that I just don't use that much anymore. These are great solid state amps. It has two channels, reverb, boost, effects loop and Sansamp out. Great gig amp as it is very light and powerful. Comes with 3 button original footswitch to select channel, boost/reverb...
  79. lougio

    5/5 San Diego 3/4 Day Trip

    With fish still south of the 425 my boat partner and booked on the San Diego mid-week. By Thursday it was sold out. Got bait and headed out 2-3hrs southwest. Breezy and choppy all day. Looked for schools all day and picked at them for 1 or 2 each stop. They would come up and break on the bait...
  80. lougio

    Basic Differences Between a Popping and Jigging Rod?

    I'm trying to figure out what are the basic characteristics that you look for in a popping rod vs a jigging rod. I realize there are some really expensive rods for each technique but is there a rod that does both? I pieced together a decent entry level setup to throw at the BFT when they get...
  81. lougio

    4/14 Shelter Is to 371 and beyond..

    My boat partner Frank, my 14yo son Mason and I decided to give offshore a look and the 371 was our target area. We ran into a friend of ours at Shelter Island at 0530. Ranger Jim is always catching fish with his grandsons and confirmed that the 371 was the area. We agreed to hook up on the vhf...
  82. lougio

    Tribute 1.5 Day Tanner Bank Trip

    I decided to hop on the Tribute and grabbed the last spot for Friday nights 9pm departure. With all the missed chances this year for that one big BFT I figured this was my last chance to hook up with one of these tankers. We left MB at 9 on Friday night with 30 anglers and arrived at 0645 to no...
  83. lougio

    VHT Guitar Amp For Sale

    I have a near mint VHT Pitbull 45 2x10 combo for $500. This is the made in the USA original amp before they became Fryette then reverted back to the VHT name but not the same quality. This amp has El84's, reverb, Celestion Vintage 10 speakers and original footswitch. I only play out but once a...
  84. lougio

    Tribute Overnight Trip Fri. 11/4

    Just got home from a nice overnight trip on the Tribute. It's a well run outfit and nice boat. Left MB around 10pm Friday night. Loaded up on 4-6" Dines and went off into the foggy night. I brought a 20# and 40# live bait setup, A heavy setup rigged with a glow in the dark Flatfall and a 65#...
  85. lougio

    Water in lower unit oil?

    My boat partner changed out the lower unit oil today and said there was some water in the oil. He also said a washer on one of the screws was cracked when he removed it. Could the cracked washer be the source of water getting into the lower unit? Thanks for any input.
  86. lougio

    WTB: Kite Rod

    Hey, looking for a kite rod for around $50. Doesn't have to be anything special. Just in good working condition and decent shape. Thanks! Lou
  87. lougio

    MB to 178, 182, 43 and Back for Nada

    Tuesday 8/9 0600 Launched our 20' GW CC at Dana and got decent bait, small Dines but in pretty good shape. Made Macks just outside the channel and headed out west. Beautiful conditions for a change. Hit the 178 first and found no signs of life and water temp was 73*. Punched in 182 and cruised...
  88. lougio

    Fri 7/15 BFT off MB

    Went out with my 13yo son and his hockey buddy. So basically was fishing solo. Dummies stayed up too late and were like fishing zombies all day. Got to Mission Bay around 0700. We got some pretty good bait. Mostly Dines with a couple of Macks and a few Chovies mixed in. Tried to make a few more...
  89. lougio

    Sun 7/10 182 BFT Action

    Got in late last night from visiting family in Michgan. All week I was getting pumped up reading all the reports and couldn't wait to get back and get another shot a some BFT. My buddy Tyler and my son, Mason came along. Plan was to leave out of Mission Bay at 0630 and head west to the 178 and...
  90. lougio

    Wed. 6/29 Tuna Triangle 226-Corner-182 and N9.

    Headed out to the Tuna Triangle with my boat partner Frank. Half scoop of good sized Dines and some Macks from San Diego(tips are paying off?). At the 226 with the San Diego on some meter marks. Nothing doing so we move on NW and come across a nice sized paddy holding some decent sized...
  91. lougio

    FS/FT: Shimano Tiagra 16 *REDUCED*

    I'm selling a real nice Tiagra 16 with a matching aluminum clamp. The reel is spooled with 80# Spectra and topped with 100# mono. I've had it for one season and been on maybe a dozen trips. I caught a few 25-30# schoolie YFT and it made short work of them. It's in 9/10 condition with a few minor...
  92. lougio

    Fri. 5/27 Coronado's YT

    The decision was made to fish the Islands even though reports said it was slow. We called into Baja Travel Club to have them process the paperwork for us(cost us extra but we're lazy Bastids). Fished with my 13yo son and boat partner Frank. The tentative plan was to fish the Islands and maybe...
  93. lougio

    Cobia Heading This Way?

    Just read this story tonight. What do you think of this happening this summer?
  94. lougio

    Opinions on Garmin 741xs and TM150

    Hey! Looking to see if anyone is running this combo and if so how does it fare for Offshore and Islands Tuna, YT and Dorado? Pro's and Con's please. Thinking about making an offer on a 6mos old combo. Ballpark price is around $800. Thanks!
  95. lougio

    11/22 Mexican Waters Offshore and Islands Action

    We were really stoked to get out and get in on the YFT after reading the reports on BD. One report in particular got me interested in going south. I checked the Fishdope charts and there looked like some real nice temp breaks around the islands and 302 down to the 371. So my boat partner Frank...
  96. lougio

    11/7 Islands and Rockpile Report

    Went out with my buddy Frank and my 13yo son Mason for a trip south of the border. We have a service that will file all the necessary paperwork in order to fish The Islands. I took my son down to Squidco on Friday to get him a Mex. license and we both got new Xtratuf's as well. With that we were...
  97. lougio

    10/27 Late Report Del Mar YT

    Took the boat out with two buddies for a rare weekday fishing excursion. Plan was to put the boat in around 0630 at SI, hit Whistler buoy on way out of the harbor then Troll the 117 20 line north was our Wahoo plan. From there maybe go 9 Mile Bank or Del Mar for some Yellowtail action. I bought...
  98. lougio

    9/12 Paddy after Paddy for Nada. And..

    Tough fishing on Saturday. Left 0545 out of Dana Landing with my 13yo son, his 12yo hockey buddy and his dad. We got a 1/2 scoop of Anchovy and they didn't last long.. maybe 10am or so. Stopped outside the channel trying to make some Mack's but didn't happen. Plan was to head out to 32 50/ 117...
  99. lougio

    9/5 Opah off LA Jolla

    I only have minor details at the moment. I haven't fully debriefed my boat partner Frank. He went out yesterday( I couldn't go, son had hockey tourney) with his buddy Bob. Later in the day he answered my text "How'd you make out?" with this; "It's Big"! They were having a tough day landing...
  100. lougio

    FS: Calstar 6460 20-50lb Rod

    I have a Calstar 6460 20-50 in real nice condition $75/obo. Black wrap with some gold striping, Fuji reel seat and aluminum gimbal. A little rash but nothing major. I just prefer the longer Calstars. Looking for local deal. I am open to trades +/- cash. Looking for a good quality lever drag. PM...
  101. lougio

    8/15 Report 15mi off La Jolla

    After a few skunks and then only one measly Dorado we tried to buddy up with someone that has been killing it lately. My boat partner has a neighbor(Ranger Jim) that passes by his house all the time with the reports. We planned on buddy boating wanting badly to put some fish in the boat. Plan...
  102. lougio

    Bait Tank Purchase

    Guys, I have a '98 Grady White 20' CC that me and a buddy bought in April. The bait tank on the boat is a 15gal that is incorporated into the seat in front of the CC. It shares the seat with the cooler. It runs great, is a little small but the fish take a beating being up front. We have decided...
  103. lougio

    Check my transducer placement

    Here goes, our Garmin Echomap 50s and $50 transducer were not giving us sonar images we could feel condfident with. So I ordered a new P66 traducer and installed it last Thursday. The P66 200/50 was easily twice as large as the previous 200/77 transducer. I was going to drill new holes but under...
  104. lougio

    8/1 Offshore Skunk Off the Boat.. Barely!

    My boat partner and I headed out to the 182 intent on getting the Offshore Skunk Off the boat. The last three trips all skunks. Last week we at least got to see some fish that wouldn't bite.. getting warmer at least. We put a new transducer on the boat Thursday night in hopes of clearing up that...
  105. lougio

    FS: Rod/Reel Combo Diawa Saltist 40HA/Offshore Angler 7' 20-40lb $175

    Hey, I am selling this combo as I'm not really a star drag fan. The reel is a Diawa Saltist 40HA 6.4:1 levelwind. It has some minor rash, no clamp but filled with 80lb braid and approx. 25yd 80lb mono topshot. Rod is an Offshore Angler PowerStick model PSC72040 and is in nice shape with some...
  106. lougio

    Upgrade transom mount transducer ?

    Guys, I'm seeking some advice from the much more knowledgeable marine electronics guys on getting our finder figured out. We bought a new to us 1998 20' Grady CC. A Garmin Echomap 50s and low-end 77/200 transducer came with the boat. GPS works fine, finder works ok up until we get some speed...
  107. lougio

    Where to Buy Bunk Style Guides

    Hey guys! I've been looking for bunk style guides for a dual axle trailer that holds my 20' Grady White CC. I've only found ones that fit single axle and are 5'. Thanks for any recommendations!
  108. lougio

    Sonar Interpretation

    Hey, here is a screen shot I took while we threw chunk bait made from the ragged bait we got at MB on 7/11. Trolled for quite a while about 5-8mi off La Jolla. Followed working dolphins for nothing so we decided to sit, throw some chunks and soak some Dines. I dropped a Flatfall down for...
  109. lougio

    Questions About Launching Solo?

    How are you guys launching solo and what are your sequence of events? I'm thinking of occasionally going out just me and my 12yo son. I've got a 20' Grady White CC. Thanks for any tips!
  110. lougio

    9 Mile Blank 7/5

    Launched 0630 out of Mission Bay on my 20' Grady CC with my boat partner and my 12yo son. After reading reports here and Fish Dope decided to run the 9 from the border up. Headed to bait receiver and this was where the most action would take place although I didn't know it at the time. We're...
  111. lougio

    Coronado Islands Trip on the New Boat 5/17 Popped our BD Cherry!

    Hey BD'ers! As some of you know my buddy Frank and I bought a new used boat last month. I won't go over all that stuff because it's over in the Boat Discussion forum. Anyhow we had the boat out once previous to this just to see how it ran and to get familiar with it. Here she is on our Maiden...
  112. lougio

    Grady-White 209 First Day on the Water

    Bought the boat on April 10 in Texas and drove it back to San Diego. We got back on Sunday the 12th. We had to scrub our first attempt at a Maiden Voyage due to bad weather but were finally able to put the boat in the water last Tursday the 29th. We launched from Dana Landing and made our way...
  113. lougio

    San Diego Boat Wash Locations?

    I'm trying to locate a car/rv/boat/truck wash that will accomodate our boat. We've got a 20' CC with T-Top that is just over 11' tall on the trailer. There is a local self car wash to where we keep the boat in Spring Valley but the clearance is too close to chance taking the boat into the stall...
  114. lougio

    Grady-White CC Boat Purchase

    Hey BD'ers! I'm about to pull the trigger with a fishing buddy on a '98 Grady-White 209 Escape. We've had a boat survey w/sea trial done with recommendations. The boat is located out of state and we'd tow it back to San Diego. We've been looking for the past 6 to 8 mos. and this looked like a...
  115. lougio

    Point Loma 3/4 Day 9/12 Rats, Rats, and More Rats!

    Went on this boat two weeks ago 8/29 with a buddy during that big swell period and got only a single football YFT. The whole boat only got 7 YFT. The boat only takes 20 so I thought it would be a great boat to get on especially since the counts were good up to that trip. Then a co-worker...
  116. lougio

    Need Line Advice for Overnight Trip 7/26

    Hey! I'm a newbie to Offshore trips. I'm taking my 12yo son out with me on the Voyager on an overnight trip. I was planning on renting rods and reels but a few friends offered me their gear. Today I picked up a Torium 30/Calstar 8" 6480C 30-60. Buddy said he thought there was 30# on there but it...