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  1. sbdup

    SOLD Or Ft Mxj raptor red new for other raptor

    Asking 360 or trade for other raptor
  2. sbdup

    WTB Avet mxl raptor green or purple

    No silver please prefer silver and green
  3. sbdup

    TRADE Wtt reaper blank

    for multi color blank seeker or calstar
  4. sbdup

    TRADE Fs valiant 300 purple mint

    Asking $350 or trade for avet sx raptor no silver
  5. sbdup

    For Sale ***** Price Drop****Daiwa saltist black 50 lever drag

    $150 cosmetically 8.0 mechanically a 10
  6. sbdup

    SOLD Delete............

    Let me know under 200
  7. sbdup

    For Sale Japanese abu garcia revo toro ...aka bigshooter

    Abu garcia revo toro japanese version big shooter size 60 asking 200
  8. sbdup

    SOLD 10ft jig stick

    no expensive lb seekers please
  9. sbdup

    TRADE Accurate valiant Ice blue 300

    Mint or near mint 300 looking to trade for 2 10 ft blanks or avet jx raptor
  10. sbdup

    SOLD Daiwa proteus and irod

    Selling these to rods because i bought them to use them on one trip i ddnt have time to wrap me some rods. First up daiwa proteus 8 ft rated 55 to 100lbs braid. Got a great deal deal from bder so just passing it along asking $120 Second irod kaimana 20 to 30 lbs 7ft 6 inches asking also $120...
  11. sbdup

    WTB 7ft to 9ft rod for about $100

    Looking for somethinf 20 to 50 lbs line rating with reel seat
  12. sbdup

    WTB Avet sxj sx or mxj

    Clean condition regular or gen 2
  13. sbdup

    Oc sb ulua

    Duplicating other rod using gen 4 finish amazing stuff
  14. sbdup

    WTB Baitcaster lexa 300 or equivalent

    pm me or text me 323 213 1015
  15. sbdup

    WTB Some decent spinning combos

    for my kids to use something not so expensive 15 to 20lbs or so
  16. sbdup

    SOLD black hole challenger bank 761mh

    fs used once 250 or will trade for blank plus cash looking for 8 to 10 ft blank rod is acid wrap
  17. sbdup

    SOLD Valiant 500n 2 speed (price drop)

    asking 450 reel has been used once ddnt hook anything fill w 50 lbs j braid possible trade for 400 valiant 2 speed
  18. sbdup

    SOLD Daiwa ballistic 5000 w rod and Accurate tern 300

    $250 for daiwa spinning with saltist used once 10 out of 10 spooled w 40 lbs j braid $225 black teen 10 out of 10 spooled With 40 lbs jbraid
  19. sbdup

    Quick black hole build

    black hole challenger bank 7ft 6 inch i built for myself for a fishing trip this weekend
  20. sbdup

    WTB Valiant 400 or 500n

    Single or 2 speed
  21. sbdup

    SOLD Daiwa ballistic 6000

    want to try it out wouldnt mind a whole combo
  22. sbdup

    WTB accurate valiant 300 or 400 maybe 500n

    let me know what u have
  23. sbdup

    united composite tile fish jr

    Almost done a little more details
  24. sbdup

    SOLD Or trade United composites reaper last price drop

    United composites reaper asking 325rod is brand new ...rod is acid wrapped ......wanted to keep it but id rather sell to buy more supplies and buy more rods to build....will take trades for valiants 300 to 400 just not silver and red color
  25. sbdup

    WTB 8 ft blank

    Looking for phenix or uc the best would be black hole open to other blanks let me know what u have Looking for 15 to 30 lbs 20 to 40lbs all the way up to 60 lbs
  26. sbdup

    WTB Wtb light weight blanks

    To build my kids spinning rods
  27. sbdup

    United Composites Reaper

    Heres UC reaper my noob ass is building for myself
  28. sbdup

    SOLD Or trade Original teramar 15-30 lbs 8 ft

    For sale or trade looking to trade for a decent blank 8ft or longer or asking 120.00
  29. sbdup

    Online ordering

    Where does everyone order supplies with covid19 stuff im going to have to order online
  30. sbdup

    WTB Looking for blank phenix and black hole

    Looking for Phenix hybrid 9ft or longer Phenix titan 7ft 11 inches Black hole challenger 30-60lbs
  31. sbdup

    SOLD Price Reduced !!!! Or ft seeker Long beach green glass blue blank csw1008

    Fs or ft asking 400 deckhand rod .....will trade for 8ft black hole blanks and for phenix hybrid blanks
  32. sbdup

    Seeker I've been lagging on

    And probably last built
  33. sbdup

    SOLD Sold

    10 out of 10 200.00 firm used a couple times
  34. sbdup


    Wrap injustice started for me I'm going to take my time with it so far just have a tiger wrap on it just mainly make this thread for memories and to look at my progression
  35. sbdup

    Where can I get seeker decals for a rod build

    I have no clue
  36. sbdup

    For Sale Okuma pch rod 761xh

    So I had a fishing trip yesterday and needed a rod for the day ended up buying one of these because they're so light and have lifetime warranty ended up taking it on a boat ride and ddnt use it asking $150 Obo text me 323 213 1015 or trade for ulua blank Specifications PCH-C-761XH Type...
  37. sbdup

    Rasta tiger wrap

  38. sbdup

    Rasta tiger wrap

  39. sbdup

    For Sale Back up Long beach seeker blue csw 1008

    Seeker csw 1008 10’ full length uncut Virgin blank Green S glass Long Beach composite dark blue graphite blank. I bought this like a week ago or of a fellow bder but I had a hard time wrapping such a pretty blank so it's pointless for me to have it I'll pass it o er to someone who will put it to...
  40. sbdup

    WTB Spinning combo

    Budget about 200 20 to 30lbs
  41. sbdup

    WTB Looking for 9 or 10 ft blankd

    Let me know what u got
  42. sbdup

    WTB Looking for ulua blank

    Something other than black and nothing expensive like the long beach ones
  43. sbdup

    For Sale Phenix axis has 720xh Beautiful rod

    Blue blank with Fuji guides looks like new rod Asking 260 firm
  44. sbdup

    For Sale phenix 909h reduced

    270 for reel 10 out of 10 condition 250 for rod it is acid wrapped
  45. sbdup

    909h I built for myself

    Finally getting used to this machine
  46. sbdup

    WTB Bait caster

    Daiwa okuma shimano Abu garcia medium sized
  47. sbdup

    WTB Tranx 300hg

    In mint or near mint conditio
  48. sbdup

    WTB Spinning combo setup

    20 to 30 lbs combo my wife convince me she wants to fish will see
  49. sbdup

    For Sale Accurate tern 500x

    10 out of 10 used once no hookup .......300yds of 80 lbs braid braid brand 250 obo
  50. sbdup

    WTB Couple pretty cheap trout setups

    Want to try trout fishing this year
  51. sbdup

    Finally the movement on my tiger wrap

    Took a while for me to get it with this Alps machine
  52. sbdup

    Show off your handles

    Please i want to see I'll post some up to
  53. sbdup

    Show off winn grip handles

    Show off your winn grip handles and what u put the winn grip over cork take etc
  54. sbdup

    For Sale cousin 909xf

    Fs 175 obo it is acid wrapped research it before asking here's a video rod is 9 ft 20-40 lbs rod
  55. sbdup

    WTB 60 to 80lbs blank

    Let me know what u got preferably close to sgv
  56. sbdup

    WTB Cheap blanks

    8 to 10 ft blanks
  57. sbdup

    For Sale cousin 909xf

    500 firm acid wrap
  58. sbdup

    So sad !!!

    So i bought flex coat wrapper as my first wrapper . ...and I fell in love with wrapping I upgraded to an alps machine and I hate it I'm looking to trade my alps wrapper for a flex coat wrapper
  59. sbdup

    WTB Wtb tern 400x and 500x any color

    Any color close to l.a.
  60. sbdup

    WTB Accurate tern 400 or 500 in black

    Local to l.a.
  61. sbdup

    SOLD 2 speed valiant 400 rare color new

    rare color its a little different than blue ice reel brand new ......the only thing wrong lost one stud for clamp asking $500 firm
  62. sbdup

    For Sale or trade phenix psw909xhj price drop

    300 obo or maybe partial trade for ulua blank
  63. sbdup

    For Sale rainshadow the judge

    i built this rod for some guy brought me a judge blank that had some cosmetic scratches fix fux built the rod he couldnt pay the built so here it is for sale its 20 40 8 ft 10 inches deckhand asking $200 obo
  64. sbdup

    For Sale flex coat power wrapper

    works great 120 dollars
  65. sbdup

    fs flex xoat power wrapping lathe

    so i bought this power wrapper to learn works great but i ended up with alps lathe selling this for 120 bux location baldwin park can deliver it if near by
  66. sbdup

    SOLD black hole rod

    black hole challenger blank 801m 20 to 40lbs 8ft fuji guides alps seat acid wrap asking $240
  67. sbdup

    For Sale accurate valiant 2 speed 400

    brand new accurate valiant 400 2 speed with power pro 65 lbs asking 500 obo
  68. sbdup

    looking for rod wrapper pacbay alps etc

    let me know if your selling one
  69. sbdup

    For Sale cousins gwsb 7119t 20 40

    asking 120 cousins gwsb 7119t 7 ft 11 inches 20- 40 lbs acid wrapped used once super light rod
  70. sbdup

    my 6th rod I believe ulua

    I'm beginning to love this hobby this for a friend
  71. sbdup

    For Sale reduced for today only united composite ce1000

    250.00 wrapped with alps componente never has touched water
  72. sbdup

    My 4th and final rod for a while uc 10ft mega

    Sad that I have nothing else to wrap at the moment
  73. sbdup

    My third rod built

    Actually rebuild just needs turksets
  74. sbdup

    SOLD Daiwa lexa wn 300

    9.5 cosmetic very minor scratches 10 out of 10 mechanically $120
  75. sbdup

    SOLD Reduced price !!!! Black accurate valiant 400 single speed $300

    300 accurate valiant 10 out of 10 with box clamp and screws
  76. sbdup

    WTB 10 ft ot 9ft blank

    Something like a hybrid or UC let me know
  77. sbdup

    WTB Looking for blank for tuna

    Want to try to wrap one of these
  78. sbdup

    How bout pics of bright rods

    I want some color ideas
  79. sbdup

    For Sale 8ft purple crc rod

    Rated 20 to 40 acid wrapped brand new 180.00 alps guides and seat
  80. sbdup

    For Sale Fs bnib. ****Green**** valiant 400 2 speed

    550 dollars item is brand new located in baldwin park 323 213 1015
  81. sbdup

    My 2nd rod im building

    Its a 20 to 40 blank from that place next to phenix factory 8ft long so far the girst step to one of 2 tiger wraps and 2 guides will be acid wrapped
  82. sbdup

    SOLD Price drop !!!! Fs Phenix psw 909h deckhand

    Fs phenix psw909h custom built by cosmos 20 to 50 lbs line 200 obo
  83. sbdup

    Cheapest place to get

    Supplies like wrapping thread etc
  84. sbdup


    Avet sx g2 single speed with mc neptunes heart for sale or for trade for purple avet $180
  85. sbdup

    2 thread tiger wrap

    Is it possible to do 2 thread tiger wrap
  86. sbdup

    Looking to get into building rods

    Does anybody have a cheap maching to get started with?
  87. sbdup

    WTB Phenix psw 909h

    Close by to shv
  88. sbdup

    For Sale Avet sx gen 2 neptunes heart

    For sale avet sx gen 2 SINGLE speed with mc new and braid 300 yds I believe is shimano hollow 220 obo no box reel is new Penn fathom 25 2 speed narrow got it in a trade recently has a couple scratches but 10 out of 10 mechanically comes with box 140 More pics available on request
  89. sbdup

    SOLD Uc glow in the dark

    In need of money for an ac system so need to sell this for $250 it's a beautiful rod Fuji guides 8 ft 6 inch 20 to 40 lbs rod unite composites glow in the dark reel not included ........
  90. sbdup

    WTB Green avet raptor mxl or jx or reg hx

    Has to be green thanks
  91. sbdup

    For Sale Or Ft Accurate 300 valiant

    Accurate valiant 300 mint condition silver and red single speed want to trade for green avet raptor or shimano trinindad a series Or maybe other reels 323 213 1015
  92. sbdup

    For Sale Or trade United composites

    For sale Delmar 10 ft 30 60 lbs glow in the dark wrapped pink and black 300 obo 8ft 6 inch mega 20 to 40lbs also glow in the dark 300 obo
  93. sbdup

    WTB Red or black 300 or 400 valiant

    Text me 323 213 1015 single speed
  94. sbdup

    WTB Torium hg 30 maybe 20 and avet sx

    Let me know cash in hand
  95. sbdup

    where is the cheapest place I can get

    outboard 18 ft rack and pinion cables
  96. sbdup

    Seeker ulua white 9ft 6 inch uncut wrapped by moon

    350 firm rod is in great condition wrapped by moon need the money Sent from my SM-G930P using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  97. sbdup

    Seeker 96L ulua with trinidad 20a

    Fs 700 for combo obo both 9.5 out of 10 cosmetically 10 out of 10 mech u can see blemishes in pics rod was wrapped by moon custom rods More pic available Text me with questions 323 213 1015 . .. . .
  98. sbdup

    Up for trade

    Trinidad 20a brand new looking for a reel to fit my ulua
  99. sbdup

    Wtb tiburon clamp for trinidad 20 a

    I believe is xl size
  100. sbdup

    Wtb - jig stick

    9 to 10 ft let me know if anyone has one at a good deal Looking to spend about $150 No stainless guides as I am looking to run braided line
  101. sbdup

    Wtb red avet

    For 200 dollars must be in great condition lx and smaller
  102. sbdup

    Looking for mxl or jx

    Let me know what u got
  103. sbdup

    Newell 332f

    80 obo needs new drags text 3232131015
  104. sbdup

    Wtb united composites ce1000delmar

    Please let me know
  105. sbdup

    Delete it posted twice

    10ft blank
  106. sbdup

    Wtb 10 ft blank

    10ft blank
  107. sbdup

    Wts or wtt penn fathom ld 25n

    160 firm reel is new or trade for rod 9 ft or longer
  108. sbdup

    Ft for a reel an lg g3 tmobile

    Text me for pics c ant upload
  109. sbdup

    ft penn fathom 25 n ld new

    For avet mxl or jx fathom brand new comes with spool of 65 # xtreme braid
  110. sbdup

    looking for a reel 200 to spend

    Text me 323 213 1015 with
  111. sbdup

    wtb asap 10 ft rod

    323 213 1015 text me
  112. sbdup

    wtb 10 ft jigstick and jx reel

    Let me know if anyone has that
  113. sbdup

    fs reel knobs and knife jig

    My last 3 reel knobs its four but only 3 w pinions and knife jig 30 dollars shipped for evrything these are the last of my knobs
  114. sbdup

    selling weights reel cover leadheads and. 2 inch gulp sandworm

    110 oz of lead some 1\2 oz some 1 oz 5 oz 6 oz 8 oz 10 oz 12 oz and 16oz Sandworm gulp new Assist hooks 3\0 3. Of 1 oz lead head 2. Of 2 oz lead head $35 obo Text me 323 213 1015
  115. sbdup

    ft fs phenix hybrid 869xh cheap for a one of a kind 275 firm video of rod up now!!!

    Fs 275 obo custom built one of a kind any questions text me 323 213 1015 fuji guides
  116. sbdup

    20 dollar penn allegiance spinning rod!!!!!

    I have four reel knobs 2 black 2 gold 10 each shipped or 7 pick up Penn allegience rod i want 25 firm 7 ft 12- 20lbs rating 20-40 lbs braid has fuji guides really light Pacbay pink rod i want 20 bux rated 12-20 7 ft Will trade for aquarium parts mainly salt water but will do fresh water
  117. sbdup

    cousins rod and squidco blank

    Cousins razr rsw909t 20 40 great condition 150 squidco 15--30 7 ft blank 20 bux text me 323 213 1015
  118. sbdup

    Ft avet sx silverfor fish tank 50 gallons or.larger

    Sx 9 out of 10 cosmetically 10 out.of 10 mechanically text send pics of aquarium 323 213 1015
  119. sbdup

    Lexa 400 lefty

    fa Lexa 400 lefty 190 obo in need of money for a new phone last week I had a spare phone but then lost one fishing and my son washed the other I have a loaner from my mother right now anyways reel in good condition hollow 65 lbs braid about a little more than half ways .....
  120. sbdup

    another duplicate delete plz

    fa Lexa 400 lefty 190 obo in need of money for a new phone last week I had a spare phone but then lost one fishing and my son washed the other I have a loaner from my mother right now anyways reel in good condition hollow 65 lbs braid about a little more than half ways .....
  121. sbdup

    duplicate delete plz

    fa Lexa 400 lefty 190 obo in need of money for a new phone last week I had a spare phone but then lost one fishing and my son washed the other I have a loaner from my mother right now anyways reel in good condition hollow 65 lbs braid about a little more than half ways .....
  122. sbdup

    pacbayrod need it gone 40 dollars right now

    Phenix hybrid 869xh 8 ft 6inch 30_60 lbs custom looking for trade for a nice combo or 600 for rod Pacbay rod 8 and.a half ft 15 _40 -lbs micro guides tgey have some rust 80 obo
  123. sbdup

    fs ft red sxj mint....power knobs for reels

    Fs or ft red sxj single speed 170 obo will trade for lexa 400....power knobs 11 black left 5 gold like the one on the reel 10 for one 8 for more than one buyer pays shipping
  124. sbdup


    Sxj single speed no mc mxj single speed with mc both with braid 350 for both or up for trade show me what u got
  125. sbdup

    wtb buy marine battery for boat

    Does anyone have a battery fs or point in the right direction for good deals
  126. sbdup

    jigs and knock off flat falls

    70 for lot text me 323 213 1015
  127. sbdup

    power knobs for fishing reels and knife jigs

    I got a great deal for buying so many this time around i can share the savings $10 dollars each !!!!!!! Buyer pays for shipping paypal gift or buyer pays 3% 323 213 1015 text me any questions
  128. sbdup

    fs avet mxl

    2 avet mxl fs 350 for both or 180 for silver 190 for green both have braid backing great condition more pics available
  129. sbdup

    sold please delete

    250 obo super seeker with fuji guides custom from fishermen's deposit it's been cut down to a perfect 9ft 6 and great condition torium 30 with new carbon drags rod has a deckhand if interest text for more pics 323 213 1015 text me
  130. sbdup

    shimano torium 30

    150 obo clean spooled with 50lbs mono 150 obo upgraded drags 9 out of 10 cosmetically 10 out of 10 mechanically
  131. sbdup

    looking for a good deal on a rod 8 ft and up 20-60 lbs

    Pm me what u got I got 150
  132. sbdup

    fs Lexa 300 cheap

    100 firm text me for pics having trouble uploading 3232131015 serious inquires only reel is clean I won't do 95 or 99 only $100 spooled with 50 lbs braid
  133. sbdup

    wtt talica 8ii like new for avet raptor

    Reel is mint 300 yds if power pro 50 lbs went on a boat ride once interested in black silver or red raptor plus money on your end
  134. sbdup

    nib talica 8ii *** avet sx blue special tonight only****

    Fs avet sx blue with 200 yds of 50 lbs power pro great condition $180 More pics available reel has a scratch very small it's in the picture if u can't see its that's small other than that it's perfect Fs talica 8ii brand new just got it today. I wanted one so bad when I got it I found out I...
  135. sbdup


    Fs $500 or ft for talica 2 speed with money on your end...... combo is phenix hybrid phd838mh like new reel has 2 scratches from rubbing on the boat still 9 out of 10 and 10 mechanically 300 yds 65 braid and 30 lbs maxima topshot will come with box
  136. sbdup


    Fs 185 firm reel 9 out of 10 cosmetically 10 out of 10 mechanically comes with braid and box text me 3232131015 for pics
  137. sbdup

    mint blue avet sx 180

    Sx none mc 250 yds 50 lbs braid 30 lbs topshot mint condition with box and clamp 180
  138. sbdup

    wtb avet sx sxj torium hg saltist lever drag mint condition asap

    Thanks color don't matter but prefer black or red or saltist lever drag
  139. sbdup

    wts bt550 calstar 9ft 20 80 or trade

    Bt550 9ft 20 80 perfection guides burgundy and black 100 obo or trade for reel rod is clean
  140. sbdup

    fs ft phenix hybrid and phenix axis

    Like new condition phenix hybrid phd838mh $330 or trade for reel let me know what u got Phenix axis hax82mh 180 obo or trade for avet sxj with 30 from your part might be open to other reels
  141. sbdup


    None narrow metaloid both in great condition looking for trade for a good reel this HTML class. Value is Phenix axis hax 820
  142. sbdup


    Single speed metaloid and seeker h80 hercules factory wrapped custom deck hand 300 for rod and 150 metaloid 400 for both
  143. sbdup

    ****fs ft clean mxj red avet****

    Fs ft 180 firm or trade for reel mxj is like new with 200 yds 65 power pro
  144. sbdup

    ft fs mxj and an sx raptor

    Wtt wts red mxj 190 and sx raptor 350 or trade for other reels lever drag metaloid talica and other lever drag reels welcome only open to reels not really rods all come with box and clamps
  145. sbdup

    wtb sxj

    Text me 323 213 1015 asap
  146. sbdup

    wts all star rod

    all star sell 100 obo 20 40 8 ft 6 inch micro guides needs new tip old tip ceramic insert fell
  147. sbdup


    Fs ft 300 lexa power handle 50 lbs braid 9.5 out of 10 cosmetically 10 out of 10 mechanically 140 obo or trade Fs or I can include in trade salas Yoyo jigs almost new 40 bux firm for all Interested in avets metaloid shimano show me what u have 3232131015
  148. sbdup

    wtb good real for 100 bux

    Conventional reel please let me know what u got for local yellowtail
  149. sbdup

    fs bnib purple sx raptor and lnib red mxj

    Bnib Sx raptor 340 obo with braid 65# 300 yds power pro Lnib Red mxj single speed non mc 300 yds power pro 65# 200 obo
  150. sbdup

    lnib avet mxj

    Lnib red mxj used once nothing hook on it no scratches mxj single speed red no mc filled 300 yds 65 power pro
  151. sbdup

    new deckhand ok factory seeker hercules

    It was done partly by me and my friend
  152. sbdup

    fs or ft mxl gun metal lnib

    Up fs or ft 180 obo spooled 40 lbs test never touched water mxl gun metal 5.8 to 1 none mc possibly looking to trade for 8 9 or 10 ft jigstick
  153. sbdup

    new bie question here what fish finder and gps

    What fish finder and gps do u recommend on a 600 dollar budget
  154. sbdup

    wtb avet sxj sx mxj red or black

    Good condition please text me 3232131015
  155. sbdup

    bnib shimano trinidad 10a fs ft

    Bnib shimano trini 10a fs $340
  156. sbdup

    wtb shimano terez red 8 ftr

    Let me know
  157. sbdup

    Fs or for trade calstar 100j magnum for sxj

    I have gf 100 j magnum id like to trade for reel or different rod and 8 to 10 ft rod has to be thinner rod 323 213 1015 text me or 200 for rod
  158. sbdup

    wtb 2 good but cheap rods

    They're for a friend text or pm I want spend 100 for 2 7 feet or longer 20 to 40 pound line rating
  159. sbdup


    So after many years of pier fishing finally my friend got a boat so we are newbies we want put Sunday don't catch anything we don't have any spots is there any tips on how to find spots or maybe even pm me a spot or to just looking to have some fun at least catching somethimg
  160. sbdup

    wtb 50lbs braid 400 yds

    Let me know
  161. sbdup

    is this to much to ask but can someone

    Give me the measurements of where to put guides on 8 1/2 foot conventional phenix hybrid 25 60 lbs rating it's going to have 10 guides plus tip thanks guys
  162. sbdup

    need someone to acid wrap for me

    Any one do acid wraps ? Let me know looking for good priced good work?
  163. sbdup

    wtb avet mxj mxl mc cast or maybe sxj silver

    Los Angeles area good condition no gold maybe silver every other color I might be good with
  164. sbdup

    price drop super seeker green ulua 230 obo with video

    For sale 280 obo here's a video of the rod Watch "Super seeker" on YouTube Super seeker: Text me 323 213 1015
  165. sbdup

    a vet lx green 6 to none Mc with green super seeker ulua fs ft

    Fs ft green lx looking for another reel a nice mxl or Sx with money on your side my reel in great shape ...also maybe a good phenix bait caster 8ft let me see what u have I'll take 200 firm on the reel reel had no line
  166. sbdup

    Gf100 j 200 obo

    Gf100 j great rod 200or trade for lexa 300
  167. sbdup

    avet lx 6.0 to 1 blue

    $220 w 300 yds of 65 lbs braid or trade for bait caster combo or bait caster reel plus money
  168. sbdup

    phenix calstar and avets

    Wanting to trade older avet lx and gf 100j for a kayak w paddle and seat at least 12 ft or for sale for 400 if interested message me for more pics Also might trade abyss 1009 w blue avet lx 6.0 for a kayak or 500 to sell pictures of abyss down below
  169. sbdup

    avet lx blue 6 to 1 150.00

    FS avet blue lx has a scrape on it 10 out of 10 mechanically 150 firm 170 w braid
  170. sbdup

    wtb 10 ft jig stick

    Ulua abyss or gf 100j let me know what u got must be deck hand
  171. sbdup

    beautiful 100j calstar must see

    So I had this up for sale guy gave me a hundred dollars deposit and he never came back for it gave him 2 months finally he hit me up I gave him back 50 bucks on the deposit and kept 50 fair right ? Well anyways up for trade or sell 280 obo I like another 10 ftr a little stiffer
  172. sbdup

    wtt wts avet lx 2 spd green for single speed lx

    Plus 120 obo reel has to be near mint like mine only blue black or gold Or 300 firm reels in near mint condition no rash no scrapes
  173. sbdup

    wtt avet lx 2 spd green for single speed lx

    Plus 120 obo reel has to be near mint like mine only blue black or gold
  174. sbdup

    wtb avet mxl or lx blue gold or black

    Or blem with mixture of those colors maybe even silver I got 110 maybe a bit more tomorrow
  175. sbdup

    wts torium 30 cheap

    Hey I have this torium that 5 out 10 looks wise 10 out of 10 mechanically but works great 70 obo Text me 323 213 1015
  176. sbdup

    wtb saltist or torium

    110 del I versed to me torium 30 or 50 saltist 50
  177. sbdup

    Super cheap*********

    Everything 2 dollars or 6 for 10
  178. sbdup

    fs combo tld and fenwick saltstik

    Shimano tld star with torium handle 20/40s 5.2:1 ratio 80 lb spectra backin 40lb izor line top shot fenwic saltstik graphite 8 ft 15-40 lb 175 obo 3106345714 text only please
  179. sbdup

    calstar 100j factory wrap custom deckhand

    220 obo great condition up for trade for phenix abyss 10 ft deckhand
  180. sbdup

    wtb avet mxl blue

    Hit me up
  181. sbdup

    what lbs to set your drag for 50 lbs test

    I have an lx 2 speed topshot of 50lbs I set at 12 on strike just seem to be to much so in the middle of the fight I put it to free spool and adjusted it but I gotta say handled great with the great white on the line lol but anyways anyone set there drags at less than 25%
  182. sbdup

    daiwa Lexa custom bt 550 calstar

    Daiwa Lexa 100 Hs 70 bux calstar bt 550 missing tip guide and guide underneath it broke still great looking 120 obo pictures available has great back bone need to sell asap
  183. sbdup

    Wth blue black or green avet lx

    Let me know
  184. sbdup

    For sale custom Gf 100 j calstar

    Text me 323 213 1015 270 obo
  185. sbdup

    ft for another bait caster daiwa Lexa 100

    Let me know what u got just want to try another bait caster reel is 10 out of 10 mechanically 9.5 out of 10 cosmetically
  186. sbdup

    custom phenix type handles

    I do this on my rods how much would u pay for something like this
  187. sbdup

    daiwa sealine boat rod SL-WB 801MFC custom

    It's pink and gold black ceramic guides text for pics 323 213 1015
  188. sbdup

    Fs or ft daiwa saltist ld30h great condition

    For sale or ft my saltist all black 9.7/10 cosmetic 10/10 mechanical all black 140.00 boo loaded 80% 50 lbs braid text 323 213 1015 located in Los angeles
  189. sbdup

    avet mxj blue single speed

    For sale single speed blue avet mxj no line grea condition in box used. Once 140 obo - - - Updated - - - Text me 323 213 1015 - - - Updated - - - Text me 323 213 1015
  190. sbdup

    avet mxj and phenix 908 mh

    Looking to trade might be open to selling need a bigger real and a 9 ft or 10 ft rod with no reel seat my gear in great condition text me for pics 323 213 1015
  191. sbdup

    up fs ft super seeker baby ulua custom

    10Ft 20~40 Lbs test 250.00 323 213 1015 Call Or text
  192. sbdup

    fs ft custom baby ulua super seeker

    Fs Ft Baby Ulua Super Seeker 250.00 Obo
  193. sbdup

    fs ft custom super seeker baby ulua

    Up For Sale Is My Burgundy Baby Ulua Super Seeker Asking 250.00 Obo ContacT Phone Number 323 213 1015 More Pics Available
  194. sbdup

    fs ft avet mxl purple baby ulua rod custom

    Fs Ft Baby Ulua Plus Mxl 2Speed 450 Obo Baby Ulua 250 Obo Phone 323 213 1015 Text Or Call For More Info Rod On left