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  1. joker63

    SOLD Penn Torque,Fathom,Revo NACL

    Penn TRQ 15XNLD2 BNIB Has 65lb spectra w/room for top shot 500$ shipped SOLD SOLD GONE!! Penn Fathom 15LD2 BNIB 185$ shipped SOLD Opened to show reel in box Abu Garcia Revo NACL mint in box w/all that came with like new inc extra handle $165 shipped SOLD All prices inc shipping Shipped...
  2. joker63

    SOLD Calstars 850L,850M and Phenix BD w/ Revo TORO nacl

    Bought these calstars not going to use them Custom from Young’s Tackle Both have previous owners name on them covered them up with a sticker Both in 9/10 condition 1.850M.....$200 SOLD 2.850L.....$200 SOLD Both of these have Fuji SIC guides bout hundred a set Separated the Phenix rod and revo...
  3. joker63

    SOLD Moons customs sold

    1.SS FL75 moon wrapped 550$GONE 2.SS cjbf 90 moon wrapped 450$SOLD 3. Blue glass WT7X moon wrapped 450$SOLD Prices are FIRM Fastest reply text 661.302.7174 Not taking offers price to sell Firm Text over PM has priority No trades Fla
  4. joker63

    SOLD BV500-2 silver

    BNIB accurate BV500-2 in silver 450$ shipped Fastest response text 661.302.7174
  5. joker63

    SOLD Authentic LB Green SS cjbf80H

    Authentic LB made greenie CJBF80H (6480H) up for trade Baja Fish Gear edition Looking for ONLY (4) LB SS CJBF80 (6480) blank or rod Others are for reference only of glass ima looking for.....NONE (r4) sale Could be a + cash deal on your end depending on wat you got
  6. joker63

    SOLD Saltiga 30T reduced,Talica 8ii

    *****NO Trades***** Prices inc shipping CA ONLY Fathom 30LD2 in great shape (see pics) full of 65lb pro spec spectra reel & clamp only ^^^SOLD^^^ Saltiga 30T includes box,clamp,extra handle has 65lb power pro Blue spectra ^^^SOLD^^^ Talica 8ii in great shape (see pics) complete in box with...
  7. joker63

    SOLD Delete

    NO Trades 1. GONE 2. Phenix BD inshore 867ML brand new wit tags and plastic still on handle retail 289$ sell 175$ Will relist later date 3.GONE Firm on prices Please DONT ASK what my best price is Can meet as far south as island tackle NO TRADES Fastest reply text 661.302.7174
  8. joker63

    SOLD Avet Reels Now Reduced $$

    Not my reels posting for a friend MUST text Ty @ 909.921.6100 No PM (2) me reels located in Upland,CA Reels look in great shape see pics Avet EXW 30/2.....300$ Reduced 275$ Avet LX 2-speed......200$ Reduced 185$ Avet JX single speed.....125$ Now 110$ Will ship to lower 48 only All reels come...
  9. joker63

    SOLD Penn Baja special

    All SOLD!! Prices inc shipping CA only BNIB Penn Fathom 12 SOLD!! BNIB Penn Fathom 25N SOLD!! Baja special 9.5/10 cond has 65 spectra w/ 50lb mono ready to fish SOLD Used Penn 6/0 SOLD!! PayPal/Venmo Fastest response text 661.302.7174 Not looking for trades!!
  10. joker63

    SOLD Torium 20PG mint

    1 boat ride mint in box complete wit everything like new. power gear 4.6/1 180$ shipped included is 500 yds 80LB green PPro Maxcuatro PayPal or Venmo Not looking for trades Fastest Reply text 661.302.7174
  11. joker63

    SOLD Trinidad’s 14A,16A

    both come with box, clamp, paperwork 16A is filled with 50lb spectra has a 40 floro top shot 9/10 in condition 375$ SHIPPED 14A full of 50lb spectra 9/10 in condition 365$ SHIPPED Both Reels are SOLD!!! Price Firm on both <NO TRADES> Fastest Response text 661.302.7174
  12. joker63


    Revo Inshore mint in box filled with power pro 30lb spectra serviced @ Sav On tackle not used since 125$ NO trades Text 661.302.7174 for fastest reply
  13. joker63

    SOLD Mint torque 25NLD2 Reduced 425$

    Absolute Mint torque 25NLD2 Has 30yds 60lb hollow expertly spliced into 65lb blue braid filled to the top ready for your topshot SOLD anywhere in CA usps priority Reel only and clamp NO box Fastest response text 661.302.7174
  14. joker63

    SOLD 12 surface iron 80$ shipped

    All new except 1. 12 surface irons pictured 80$ shipped Fastest response text 661.302.7174 *****PENDING*****
  15. joker63

    Sea Bass Carnage in the 805

    6/23/19 Long story short We killed it!!! What worked red crab hook up baits 5/8 and the 1oz Bite lasted bout 1 1/2 hour always had 1 or 2 going All by ourselves no other boats around I’ll let the pics do the talking full 3 fish limits for 8 + crew My 5th trip straight I got C bass Even...
  16. joker63

    SOLD Tiburon reel clamp SOLD

    brand new for accurate valiant 300 All parts inc...retail 64.95 sell for 43$ shipped PayPal Fastest response text 661.302.7174
  17. joker63

    SOLD Tern 400 sold

  18. joker63

    Cedros 10-8/10-11

    Planned this trip since January word was it may get cancelled coz of Sergio got the green light and it was a GO! We had beautiful weather good enough that we made the trek to Benito's first full day of fishing got in on some solid action on calicos and a few yellows on the yoyo iron got corn...
  19. joker63

    Aloha Spirit yellows

    The nicer grade yellows @ Anacapa are biting not big #'s but if you can pick a good lively bait and get it out there chance are you can get "bit" We had nice strong swimming dines and a few right size mackerel Effin seals are relentless and they bite your bait in half or had quite a few snake...
  20. joker63

    For Sale MINT Makaira 8ii Sea 400$

    Went for a boat ride never used Can't call it BNIB might as well tho Has new 65lb j- braid 310yds didn't like the rainbow :supergay:color braid so I switched it out Including box and everything as new SOLD Text 6613027174 for fastest reply
  21. joker63

    For Sale AC Plier Holster

    Brand new SOLD PayPal F&F shipping included Fastest reply text 661.302.7174
  22. joker63

    For Sale Moon's custom calstar 800MH,Ranger Contender live bait rod

    Brand new Moons custom calstar 800MH has Fuji mnsg "sic" guides hypolon handle wit reel seat 30/50 rating 325$ Ranger Contender 7.10ft. Live bait rod in excellent condition rated 12/30 100$ SOLD Best is text 6613027174 for fast reply
  23. joker63

    Morrow Bay 8/4/18

    Got to fish on a private boat rarely get to do this on a nice Mako 21' center console Trip over from Bakersfield was uneventful 1 of our anglers didn't have a license so we stopped at patriot Sportfishing and got it handled Headed north out of harbor destination was fish the shallows off Cambria...
  24. joker63

    Biscuits & yellows 7-22-18

    Went again monthly 8-Pak charter on the Island Tak seen way more yellows than we got I went 1/3 on the yellows fishing light line in the kelp started with 15 floro and then went heavy on the 20 floro made up for it wit 2/2 on the c- bass!! All anchovy fish cept for the bigger biscuit on one of...
  25. joker63

    Run & Gun seabass on the tak

    Kinda late went on monthly charter 6/24 on the island tak always just 8 anglers Run n Gun style fishing for the biscuits I got lucky and must have dropped my squid on this c bass's head got a 30lb Ended up with 7 and a couple casualties and a dog took the only yellow hooked and a few bass...
  26. joker63

    FREE Trinidads A series

    Not mine but wat a deal :eek: :confused:
  27. joker63

    Penn Versa Gears

    Does Penn still make 4.8/1 gears for the Torque Reels ?....25N
  28. joker63

    SOLD Trinidad 20A Saltiga 15H

    Trinidad 14A SOLD Trinidad 20A very very clean was also used as a backup reel seen very little use Loaded with 60lb hollow to the brim incs clamp,paperwork,box...SOLD Daiwa Saltiga 15H BNIB SOLD Fastest reply text 661.302.7174
  29. joker63

    For Sale Seeker Rods (2)

    Seeker Black Steel 6480 20/40 bomber eyewear limited edition seen 1 boat ride shows like brand new (mint) SOLD Seeker Pin Head 1580 15/40 limited blacked out edition Brand New wit tag SOLD NO TRADES Text 661.302.7174
  30. joker63

    WTB super seekers 80 or 80H LB made

    WTB super seeker 80(6480) or 80H(6480H) Long Beach made blanks or rods only Please PM
  31. joker63

    Aloha Spirit Yellows & island rescue

    Went to CISCOS to fish Aloha Spirit finally got out with this being my 1st time out this year w/o hesitation I bought my yearly fishing license at the landing(more on this later). With high hopes and squid in the tanks Shaun announced we're going to the arch and fish gamefish with some ghosts &...
  32. joker63

    Reels (4) sale

    BNIB talica 12-2 speed all goodies in box no line on reel 400$ SOLD BNIB pro gear Violater V-32 SOLD No trades Can ship reel for 10$ in CA only Out of state for 15$ PayPal ready F&F preferred or pay fees Will post pics later today Text is best 6613027174
  33. joker63

    Assorted jigs

  34. joker63

    More Anacapa Kingfish 9/29

    Went again this time Island Tak outta cisco's got an opportunity to fish a charter wit open spots turns out I fished wit the charter master B4 so sort of know him Straight to a seiner got some squid and we had decent dines also Long story short We had a steady pick. I got a calico should have...
  35. joker63

    805 Yellows

    Ya I know everybody wants tuna but I can't get enough of these slugs so back I went It was a Dark Kings charted Aloha Spirit trip everybody knows each other always a fun trip fish or not Well slow pick but we got some quality fish Got 1st blood on deck with a hookup baits fish (ya they work)...
  36. joker63

    Anacapa tails 8/17

    Went on the sea biscuit CISCO landing full day w/bunks after a 2 hour drive always nice to get a little sack time before the day's fiesta starts unfortunately I passed the fuck out and didn't wake till I heard anchor dropping and missed "jackpot" call We were at Santa Cruz wit the pacific eagle...
  37. joker63

    Shimano (sold) & Penn Baja Special,Fathom 12

    Penn Baja Special Great condition come's with 65lb spectra and clamp,has metal star SOLD PENN Fathom 12 SOLD Shimano Tranx HG SOLD Prices are FIRM Best is text 6613027174
  38. joker63

    NIB Penn Fathom 12 160$ shipped

    Title says it all 160$ shipped Only opened for pic Best is text 6613027174
  39. joker63

    All Sold DELETE

    Penn Baja Special SOLD Pro Gear V40 MINT used 1 time has bout 200yds 65lb spectra wit a 100yds of 30lb on top has everything in box as new 220$ shipped....pic wit Torque is for size comparison only No trades Prices R firm I don't have time to Meet so....... Reels are listed as shipped price Text...
  40. joker63


  41. joker63

    Mint 16A SOLD

    Mint 16A SOLD No line Complete w/rod clamp and everything in box as bought new 380$ shipped PayPal gift or +3% or M/O or check NO pm's Text 661.302.7174
  42. joker63

    All Sold

    Mint in box DX400N-2 sold Mint in box DX500N-2 sold Newell 220-5 9.5 Sold
  43. joker63

    Shimano/Phenix Rods

    I have 3 brand new rods I never used or will use Phenix Ultra Swim Bait Classic...180$ Shimano Teramar TMC-80H 20/40...120$ Shimano Terez TZCW-X90MH-BLK 30-65 braid...150$ All are brand new w/tags plastic still on handles fastest reply TEXT 6613027174 PRICES are FIRM & Fair
  44. joker63

    MINT 20A Trinidad SOLD

  45. joker63

    phenix ultra SWB Classic,Custom Seeker 530,Accurate DX400/2

    BNIB Accurate Dauntless DX400/2 SOLD New Phenix Ultra Swimbait Classic 711ML rod is 7'11"...180$ seeker 530 SOLD Prices firm on rods shipping on reel only Will meet w/rods Fastest reply text 661.302,7174 Trade only for TN30A
  46. joker63

    2-Jig lots

    #1 is 11 surface iron & 4 yoyo irons All Brand New total of 15 jigs 95$ shipped Sold #2 is OG killer jigs(2)&(3) OG candy bars new nvr used total 5 jigs 50$ shipped Text 661.302.7174 if interested
  47. joker63

    BNIB Calcutta 300D Avet MXJ Silver SOLD

    BNIB Calcutta 300D SOLD Avet MXJ Silver SOLD
  48. joker63

    6/12 cattle boat style @ t/150

    So I got the green light to get the day off from the daily grind. I knew instantly id fish wit Captain Aaron on the native Sun and it would be a crowded boat we ended up with 52 anglers Native Sun is 75X23 and fishes well packed wit people. There were at times cluster fucks at the bait tank and...
  49. joker63

    All Sold

    All SOLD
  50. joker63

    WTB Calstar 900XL

    Looking for 900XL in good/great condition Only 900XL No others
  51. joker63

    Newell 322-F Blackie SOLD

    Brand new NEVER USED in mint pristine condition Has 4-stack drags 200$ Reel only No box No OBO offers No Trades 200$ shipped USPS priority to your door Text is best 661.302.7174
  52. joker63

    Makaira 10IISEA

    Bought this from a BD member I'm going with an accurate reel instead Sell for what I paid 390$ text 661.302.7174 for fastest response Every thing is included just as new.has 65lb spectra Still Available Also Have a BNIB Penn Torque 25NLD-2....Sold
  53. joker63

    Shimano Reels-All Sold

    All Reels have been SOLD Have the following reels for sale 2- 16A-390$ 12A-375$ 400D-300$ All mint in box w/everything All have spectra line No OBOffers No what's you best price Prices are FIRM NO Trades
  54. joker63

    Newell P322F SOLD Shimano reel/rod clamps

    VGC Newell P322F reel shows very little or No use excellent cond $200 Shimano Rod clamps $35 each
  55. joker63

    Shimano Torium ?

    Any truth to a new and improved Torium coming out this year ???
  56. joker63

    talica 12-2,Conquest 400 SOLD

    Conquest 400 SOLD Talica 12 SOLD
  57. joker63

    BNIB Daiwa Lexa 300HS-P & Okuma Cedros star drag 10

    BNIB Daiwa lexa 300 Sold Okuma Cedros 10 star drag reel used once in box SPFunds
  58. joker63

    Native Sun 3/4 day went long...

    Native Sun went offshore 43 tuna for 14 anglers not bad for 3/4 day out of 22nd st. 20lb floro seemed to work best. Bloody Decks!!!
  59. joker63


    WTB Phenix Hybrid 837ML inshore factory.....anybody? Plz PM
  60. joker63

    Seeker "white tiger" jig stick combo

    Seeker 7X jig stick White tiger blank new nvr used...Cedros 10S reel used once A steal for $400 Can be P/U in WLA NO TRADES FIRM ON PRICE Still have box for reel Fastest reply text 661.302.7174
  61. joker63

    Release SG Reel

    Selling 4 a friend He bought reel went fishing gets sea sick and said no mo Used once has 150yds 30 spectra this is the newest version with new handle and cam for better free spool Reel is in like new cond see pics....$225 Will ship for $5 Come with box,clamp,and lifetime warranty SOLD PENDING...
  62. joker63

    Newell P220F

    Very Clean P220F 175$ OBO shipped Sold Pending Funds
  63. joker63

    Shimano 16DC Mint

    MINT Shimano 16DC in box with clamp,all paperwork inc warranty card,there is no line on reel Very HTF in this mint like new cond SOLD
  64. joker63

    Newell 220 w/tiburon frame

    SOLD $165 shipped only No time to meet Price is FIRM Very clean reel Has 150yds 30lb spectra with ande 20lb on top New tiburon frame 4 fast reply text 661.302.7174
  65. joker63

    SKB 7000 NEW

    Brand New wit tags $150 SOLD
  66. joker63

    Super Seeker clb90F

  67. joker63

    Accurate Dauntless 400 BNIB

  68. joker63

    Reel seats

    SPFunds New in package Aftco ARS-3 Alps sz.20 centra lock Both black $45 shipped for both will not separate No trades Fastest reply text 661.302.7174
  69. joker63

    Fathom 30

    Too lazy to look it up How much 65lb spectra will the fathom 30 hold ? Bought 1 for my D8H
  70. joker63

    Gold 16N. MINT

    SPF Gold Trinidad 16N Mint looks new just filled wit power pro super slick brown 50lb spectra...nvr fished comes wit rod clamp & box...$280...shipping available $8 Lowball offers will be ignored Can meet in Torrance Redondo WSF valley or SF Bay Area Text 661.302.7174 Great HTF reel only selling...
  71. joker63

    TN20DC & TN40

    All reels sold
  72. joker63

    Tiburon handle & a corsair 400 reel clamp

    Both items new in package Tiburon handle for Newell's $25 shipped Reel clamp for shimano corsair 400 $20 shipped Will also fit Corvallis 400 by shimano
  73. joker63

    Gold Trinidad 14

    Gold trini 14 wit box,clamp,papers,filled w/65 power pro,9.8 cond 3 tiny blems don't show up on pics $235shipped price CONUS only, no trades,no low ball offers very clean reel SOLD PENDING FUNDS
  74. joker63

    NIB Penn Fathom 12...Abu revo inshore

    Penn fathom 12 NIB w/ 300yds red PP 40lb...$165 abu revo inshore NIB...filled with 30lb red Power Pro...$195 can ship either reel for $5... text 661.302.7174
  75. joker63

    MINT 12A

    Mint in box 12A,full of 50lb suffix green spectra comes with box.papers...$325 shipped NO TRADES ON HOLD
  76. joker63

    Newell G229F

    NEWELL G229F & NEWELL 533N both are very clean only faint boat rash on G229 < c pics > Found the rod clamp to it...$100.00 shippped 533N..$SOLD
  77. joker63

    looking 4 Fenwick Pacific stik 789

    old fenwick 789 yellow blank 6.5ft very fast taper rod...anyone?
  78. joker63

    Pacific Eagle 7-5-13

    Went out of Ventura sportfishing with a few friends no show on the c bass but got some yellows on the dropper loops w/squid and got 1 on da iron.Good boat and krew,good food,cold beer add friends = good times...Jennifer "Lady Luck got her 1st yellow today!!!
  79. joker63

    Mint OG P220F & custom seeker rods and a TRULINE

    Newell-SOLD Seeker black steel 6470 SOLD Seeker 809-SOLD TRULINE 1X7 re-wrapped never used since,cord handle,alps guides,excellent cond blank...$175 text 661.302.7174 if any interest...will do my best to meet on shipping on rods
  80. joker63

    Penn Fathom...Seeker blue glass D8

    Penn fathom 25N BNIB SOLD Seeker blue glass SD8...SOLD
  81. joker63

    21 assorted jigs as lot only

    21 jigs most are new...some are get what you see with jig case....$100....shipped for $115 Sold Pending Funds
  82. joker63

    Shimano Reels

    All Sold
  83. joker63

    BNIB Trinidad 20A

  84. joker63

    Fish Works sz.38

  85. joker63

    shimano curado 300EJ

    Mint cond 300EJ filled w/50lb spectra didnt use it much,maybe 1 time, just like NIB ,complete w/ box...$175 can meet up FTF depending where u live will ship 4 $10 No Trades,low ball offers will be ignored SALE PENDING
  86. joker63

    saltiga & trinidad gold 16N

    BNIB MINT GOLD TRINIDAD 16N...has 65lb power pro spectra filled to the top...SOLD MINT SALTIGA 20 W/BOX Reel is in prefect mint cond...SOLD if we can meet up ill knock $10 off shipped price NO TRADES
  87. joker63

    Shimano & Phenix Hybrid

    1.shimano calcutta 86XH,fuji sic,8.6 ft,rated 20-50, action went on 2 boat rides nvr used in brd-new MINT COND still have tag & oringinal sales reciept for shimanos no BS warranty...$175 2.Phenix hybrid ISA 837ML in MINT COND.fuji sic...$SOLD 3.Torium 16 used 2 times w/clamp and...
  88. joker63


    Newell blackie 332F in VGC...had this reel since 1980 time to let it go. this reel was barely used just took out oringinal drag washers and replaced with HT100s mechanically perfect...$SPF NO TRADES price is FIRM Avet PINK SX SOLD
  89. joker63

    2 custom rods & phenix blank

  90. joker63

    BD outdoors I phone

    Never mind gave it away
  91. joker63

    trini 12A for 14A

    Got 1!!!my BFF GF gave me 1 for our i got me a 14A...stoked!!!
  92. joker63

    PINK Avet SX 6/4 W/ MC

    Almost mint HTF PINK avet sx 6/4 i say almost cause it was used 2 times has 300yds izor 50lb white spectra $225.00 SHIPPED usps ins priorty mail or $220 p/u have box and all contents no paypal...m/o or check. PRICE DROP
  93. joker63

    Daiwa Saltiga 20 2-speed & trinidad 16DC & cork puppies

    ALL ITEMS SOLD pending payment saltiga 20 2 speed VGC w/daiwa reel cover inc box,rod clamp,paperwork...RETAIL is $439.99 SHIPPED PRICE $350.00 trinidad 16DC VGC inc box,rod clamp,etc...$300 cork puppy rod clamps 2 med size {black,gold} 1 LG. size black $15 each...
  94. joker63


    1.Phenix hybrid 837ML factory wrap,12/30,fuji mnsg,mint cond...$250 2.OTI fathom blade 200G,acid wrapped,rated 30/50,fuji mnsg,alps reel seat w/ finger grips.telexium inserts,got this as a combo deal but only wanted the reel...brand new nvr used...$200 Pending Sale 3.truline octogon 1X7...just...
  95. joker63

    AVET PRO EX 30/2 Lefty

    EX30/2 lefty...reel needs some repair think anti reverse bearing is out???...handle spins both ways... not familar with avet as i DONT fish them.has 80 or 100 # spectra reel is in decent shape everything else seems to be in working order.might just be a simple fix IDK...$200 u pay...
  96. joker63

    truline&phenix hybrid rods

    truline 1x7 just rewrapped nvr used since octogon great fast taper 20lb rod, cord handle, red&black turks head,alps guides...$200 truline B36 SOLD truline D8 SOLD GUSA 80XF SOLD phenix hybrid rods all in mint cond 837ML...$250 838MH...SOLD 760H...$ ON HOLD Also have a black diamond 866L in very...
  97. joker63


    I have the following reels for sale accurate bx 500 SOLD shimano trinidad 20A SOLD shimano trinidad 16A 9/10 cond used a couple of times has 300YDS 50lb spectra and a 25lb topshot has clamp & box...$370.00 shipped FIRM Daiwa 253 NIB has 220yds of 30lb power pro...Sold for fastest reply email...
  98. joker63

    Phenix hybrid & black diamond

    1.phenix black diamond 866L...10/25...8.5 ft great used cond...$175 2.phenix hybrid 837ML...12/30...8.3 ft like new cond...$275 3.phenix hybrid 838MH...15/ cond...$295 NOT LOOKING FOR ANY TRADES 4 SALE ONLY FIRM ON PRICE...4 fastest reply email... [email protected]
  99. joker63


    NIB DAIWA LUNA 253... HAS 220YDS 30LB POWER PRO PRICE REDUCED 175 SHIPPED....sells @ charkbait 279.95...reel only for fastest reply email [email protected]'s another wonderful new reel from Daiwa. These new Daiwa reels are made for fishing. Here's a great case in point about the...
  100. joker63


    used 2 times TN12...has 40lb spectra w/ a 25lb izor topshot 250.00 shipped... FIRM...NO TRADES 4 fastest reply email [email protected] SOLD PENDING PAYMENT
  101. joker63

    GUSA 80F,Phenix Hybrid

    GUSA 80XF...fuji MNSG guides,cork split grip handle with fuji reel seat,wrapped black-black with a little bit of red...done by Bobs WLA...EXCELLENT COND...175 Phenix Hybrid 838MH 15-40 hypolon handle with silver alps reels seat,factory new cond went on a few boat rides never even...
  102. joker63

    PhenixHybrid837ML,Avet,Trinidad,Newell OGP220F

    1.Phenix Hybrid 837ML used once mint cond $275...Still available 2.Avet SXRaptor charkbait RED Has fresh izor 65lb spectra 300yds room for a 40 topshot, in excellent cond,has clamp,box $350+shipping SPF 3.Shimano Trinidad 20 SOLD 4.OG Newell P220F SOLD ALL REELS COME WITH REEL COVERS 4 fastest...
  103. joker63

    Saltiga 30T

    bought this here...daiwa 30T looks in brand-new cond cept for some light scatches on the back of reel...has some spectra on it comes with stock reel clamp&reel cover...$250.00...with daiwa reel clamp...$310.00...will ship 4 10 bucks...going with a trinidad 16A instead on my D8...4 fastest reply...
  104. joker63


    Barely used red avet sx mc...has a little boat rash...$150...will ship 4 5 bux
  105. joker63

    accurate,tiburon handles

    1.accurate RED ball handle for single speed...28.00 shipped...FIRM ON PRICE if u dont want to pay this price then order 1 from accurate...:D 2.tiburon handle for newell 200 & 300 & 500 newells...SOLD 3.alan tani handle for accurate reels...SOLD will accept checks or M/O work best
  106. joker63

    jig stiks & bass stiks SS LM9 used 2 times...alps guides,cord handle...SOLD 2.GG690J wrapped by saltydogg...SOLD 3 bass pro shops 7ft bass rod...50 4.abu garcia 7.5 bass rod...50 4 fastest reply email [email protected]
  107. joker63

    Custom Calstars...700ML...800XLH...800M

    1.700ML...alps guides.alps reel seat,wrapped by rooster...SOLD Pending Payment 2.800XLH...fuji hnsg{sic}guides,hypolon handle,fuji reel seat...SOLD 3.800M..fuji hnsg guides,deck hand cork handle...SOLD all rods in great used cond,i am in bakersfield and van nuys and all over will do best to meet...
  108. joker63

    TRULINE D8...ACCURATE B197...4/1

    Accurate B197 SOLD Truline N/A
  109. joker63

    Cobra 29LTD...cb radio

    any truck drivers out there?..i have a cobra 29ltd that has been peaked&tuned,has echo& a white LED in the meter in clean shape 8/10 in cond...comes with a brand-new astatic 636L noise cancelling mic.a ext speaker and a gear keeper mic holder...$110.00 shipped usps priority and no og newell is...
  110. joker63

    winter camp 2011

    never posted here B 4...every year me and some fools from work go up somewhere off of hwy in bakersfield its only bout 1 hr away...anyways a few pics
  111. joker63

    Shimano Large Tackle Bag

    SOLD :hali_olutta:
  112. joker63


    1.Newell P220F VGC 1982 vintage...$115.00 Shipped 2.Avet HX 5/2 Raptor SOLD 3. VERY RARE Accurate 870...SOLD Plz NO P/M on BD...4 fastest reply email [email protected] I want to sell but NOT any offers lower than posted FIRM prices will be IGNORED Sorry NO paypal...
  113. joker63

    Fish Works shorts sz.40

    4 pairs Fish Works shorts sz. 40 excellent cond like pair[top right] missing draw string 20.00 a pair shipped or 65.00 shipped 4 all 4<!-- google_ad_section_end --> for fastest reply email Danny [email protected]
  114. joker63

    calstar & super seeker

    factory Calstar 700MH 9/10 in cond...SOLD super seeker CLB806H(270-8H) wrapped black/black with fuji alconites,cork tape Bobs WLA...140.00...9/10 cond SALE PENDING
  115. joker63

    toyota tundra 08 rims&tires

    since ive lifted me truck and got new wheels and rubber these got to go 275/65R18 is the tire sz. have 5 rims and tires 3 tires 30,000 1 tire 16,000 spare tire brd new nve used can deliver most likely im all over $600.00 4 all... 1 tire cost me 200 bucks when i replaced it also have all...
  116. joker63

    Pro Gear albacore special 280 NIB

    NIB never used pro gear albacore special 280, has 250yds 50lb spectra w/ a 25lb topshot bout 100 ys fresh izorline want to sell but NOT desperate... so lowballers you will be ignored $250.00 shipped USPS priority for fastest reply email [email protected] no trades
  117. joker63

    Accurate B2-870N

    Accurate B2-870N mint cond has 50lb spectra fresh izor 30lb topshot $400.00 SOLD
  118. joker63

    Bowen Cortez Ranger wooden tackle box

    in excellent condition bowen cortez ranger tackle box hols alot of jigs and terminal tackle perfect for 5 to 8 day trips...reduced $75.00 price is firm for fastest reply email [email protected] please DO NOT SEND PMs HERE ON BD will ship on ur cost
  119. joker63

    Blue Avet JX 6/3

    I am wanting to buy a jx 6/3...looking for a clean 1 for a friend...gotta be Blue
  120. joker63


    trinidad 14 SOLD accurate B2-665NGONE accurate ATD 30 mint cond,comes w/boxREDUCED $700.00 WILL SHIP YOU PAY or will trade looking for JX-2 SPEED BLUE ONLY or shimano talica 10 or 12 or accurate BX500 or BX400...AND CASH... Reel has NO line on it for FASTEST reply [email protected]
  121. joker63

    rods & reels

    I am getting rid of my extra stuff all of it is in mint to new cond 4 fastest reply e-mail [email protected] can e-mail pics of reel REELS Accurate B2 665N MINT cond w` box.reel bag has 300 yds i think 80lb spectra could be 65 lb w` a 50lb topshot and a alan tani handle $425.00 shipped...
  122. joker63

    shimano TN16...newell OG P338F...

    Mint cond Newell OG P338F with the 4 drags like new cond...$125.00 shipped Shimano TN16 has had carbon fiber washers upgrade and freespools like a M/ excellent cond,complete with shimano clamp and the box,has 65lb spectra w/ 30lb topshot,ready to fish...bought this year barely...
  123. joker63


    1.Accurate B2-665N...MINT,MINT,MINT in box...has 300yds 80lb spectra.60lb topshot,has Alan Tani handle($30 value)went for a boat ride nvr got used,inc accurate reel bag $425.00 shipped anywhere in the CONUS ALL ITEMS EXCEPT RODS 2.Shimano Trinidad 20 brand-new nvr used.has 350yds 65lb spectra...
  124. joker63

    accurate ball handles

    All SOLD....
  125. joker63


  126. joker63

    NIB REELS.....

    NIB...... 1.Daiwa Saltist 20H brand -new nvr used $135.00 2.Shimano Trinidad 16N SOLD both reels include rod clamps and paperwork from t/factory SHIPPING IS ON ME.... if you want pics pm me ur e-mail address and i`ll send you pics of actual reels..... Prices R trades.....
  127. joker63


    accurates B-197.B-270.....Both R E-series w/ cast control 197 is 4/1 270 is the highly sought after 4.6/1 both are in mint cond.i hv boxes for both of the reels 197-has 300yds 40lb spectra w/20lb topshot 270-has 300yds 50lb spectra w/40lb topshot 197-300.00 270-325.00 shipping is 10.00, will use...
  128. joker63

    Accurate B2-870 MINT W/Spectra

    NOT AVAILABLE ANYMORE.....................
  129. joker63

    Truline D8 GGII Blank

    Truline BD8 GGII Glass Blank.....perfect cond ready 2 be wrapped...... 225.00.......will ship on ur dime possable i can meet u [email protected] for fastest responce.......
  130. joker63

    Newell Blackie 332F

    Newell 332F BLACKIE very ,very good cond collector quality 9.5/10 has fresh izor blue 30lb,new drags,has graphite spool,NO CRACKS... 150.00 shipped email [email protected] for some pics
  131. joker63

    Accurate B2-870N.....NIB

    Accurate B2-870N sale pending
  132. joker63

    Newell bearing upgrade?

    what do i get? and where do i get better bearings for my Newell P-series reels?.2 of them r over 25yrs old.thanks in advance.
  133. joker63

    accurate 870.....40lb?

    with 300 yds of spectra on a 870 accurate,anybody know how much 40lb i get on there?.i bought 1 and put 30lb on it.i want 2 buy another 1 maybe a 2-speed or maybe a 665N just depends on how much 40 i can get on it.i will be fishing a 5-day{hopefully guadalupe} and use it for the island trips i...
  134. joker63

    AVET LX 6/3 {BLACK}

    delete soldLOL!