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    Friday westside

    My favorite kamnu
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    Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - June 2020 wrap-up.

    Are they having the Kona torneys
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    Waianae 6/26/20 Ahi(s)

    Nice so busy working no time to fish lol
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    Kaneohe 6/15

    Nice job on the 50
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    Westside Ahi 6/22

    Wow in and out not bad
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    Go best to what works

    Love the 40bfathom
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    Waianae - 6/01/2020

    Oh boy aku bone!
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    Saturday 5/30 Waianae

    Love fishing haleiwa good going
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    May 16th Birthday Ahi!

    Good going and happy birthday!
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    Smoked hebi is amazing
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    Trolling ledge for ahi

    We got our biggest ahi last year dragging a 3 inch lure on the 40 ftm in a aku pile 180 gh lol
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    Good job!
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    Oahu Block Stuff.

    I fish a part-time commercial fisherman. That fish fed a lot of people for FREE. What's more insulting is that stores were still selling fish at 20.00 a lb.
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    Oahu Block Stuff.

    Beginning of April bout a 140 lb bigeye for 29 bucks
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    Oahu Block Stuff.

    Yup now you have to drop day of. No drop off at night.
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    Not very good news Kaneohe side

    Yup all good for the appropriate people fisher people trying to feed there famlies. Not covidiots trying to go to the Sand bar or the mokes to party
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    What Are Those Yellowfin Thinking?

    Pat you going tomorrow us too out of ko olina. Got to be at the boat at 5 hmm I guess we're going to break the curfew.
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    C19 escape... 4/4/20

    Nice job Pat might get to out of your harbor on SAturdau
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    Is BO missing?

    Ok so B O is a fish aggregation device here in Hawaii we call them FADS. BO is off the SW shore of Oahu. Now you educated please think before you open your mouth. As to if bo is gone thought it was still there.
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    C19 escape... 4/4/20

    Good job !
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    Keeping distance from Society... 3/28

    Nice those otaru still around!
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    Haleiwa March 8 and 10

    Nice fish heard the block prices were goid
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    Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - February 2020 wrap-up.

    I always say let um go I spend enough time in the water you don't eat me I don't eat you
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    FAD Status

    Rumor I heard they are putting back mm an t and that's it for Oahu for the next 2 years. If you have a commercial license and fish the fads include that in your fish reports!!! Call your legislators to support Warren!!
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    Hi Kai - 2/04/2020

    Good job still rehabbing my wrist jonesing to get out there!!!
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    2-5-20 bait

    About that time of year to chase ballyhoo around. Going to try this week I think. Anyone interested? Line caught so the scales stay reasonably intact
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    Thursday 1/30/20

    Way to go Pat! Legs looking good. As for the buoys kaneohe missing t u and mm time to start calling the gas hotline.
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    1/28 kaneohe

    Nice to see the strippeys are around
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    Haleiwa December 30

    Howzit Chris happy new year way to close out the year. Aloha
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    Day after Christmas

    Heard mm and u are gone you go to ll
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    The Captain came home for Christmas

    Good job merry Christmas
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    December 14 Lucky Strike

    Heard mahis are endangered species lately went auction yesterday mahi was 7 buck plus
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    Banks da other day

    Got to tag along with my friend the other day onagas kinda bit. We also a seagull I think hanging around our boat.
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    Saturday 11/30/19

    Way to go Pat!!! Take care of that leg. My friends braved the east side picked up some big shibis biggest one 89 lb gg.
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    Banks 10-14

    Thanks Pat yup you right . How you healing up? You need to get out there for the holiday sashimi
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    Banks 10-14

    Flat water means bottom time. Got mixed bag deep bottom about a 100 lbs Had to cut the day short captain was coming down with the flu. Aloha
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    South Side Ledge, Molokai, and Penguin Trips

    John,. The problem with what you are probably doing is 2 fold looking at the bait in the picture your friend probably netted the the ballyhoo. Which is ILLEGAL because the the mesh they are using is under 2 inches which is the minimum size to be legal in Hawaii. The second problem is that...
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    South Side Ledge, Molokai, and Penguin Trips

    Howzit John, Are you getting your ballyhoo locally or are you bringing them in from the mainland. Just wondering
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    Whipping ? on Maui

    No license necessary I would take the time to hit up a local tackle shop on Maui they point you in the right direction.
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    Update... 10/31/19

    Get well Pat I feel your pain was out with a arm fracture in 2018 that required 2 surgeries out almost a year the pain of watching ppl catch ahi after ahi was worse than the arm pain. Take your time and let it heal correctly you don't want to flare up again. Aloha keep you in my prayers
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    Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - October 2019 wrap-up.

    Nice to see fish coming up there. One of my tags washed up on Kailua beach 10 yrs after I tagged the papio makes me wonder y it came out she'd the tag mortality ECT. My friend caught a tagged opakapaka last week I'm super interested in seeing where that one started.
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    Banks trip 10/24

    Yup sounds kinda slow out there
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    Banks trip 10/24

    We occasionally come across them but we didn't get to see this one. Lots of um out there though.
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    Banks trip 10/24

    Lol yup especially when the shark takes half a 20 lber
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    Banks trip 10/24

    Nice water banks time again got some reds, couple coolers akule and nabeta.
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    Pat.. Are you ok ?

    Oh wow that's crazy my friend almost lost his foot a few years ago from getting stabbed by a onaga spine in his foot. We all need to be careful when poked by fish. Be praying for your speedy and full recovery aloha
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    Friday Bull 9/27

    Nice how much did he charge
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    Banks trip

    Thanks Pat hope you get to go this weekend.
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    Banks trip

    Thanks forgot the pic
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    Banks trip

    Got to make a trip on the banks with the pretty water mix bag trip 100 lbs mix deep bottom 180 lbs in akule and 40 lbs of my FAVORITE nabeta. Saw a bunch of piles going across.
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    Good job guys. How was the auction price
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    That time of year

    Thank you
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    Kaneohe - 9-27-2019

    I would say onaga makes the best sash but aku is a close second
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    Friday Bull 9/27

    Nice fish what does he charge now I want to get a big onaga done this season for me and my friend for Xmas.
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    That time of year

    Yup couldn't get the akule lines in fast enough lol
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    That time of year

    Thanks Pat looks like pinnochi really likes your boat!
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    Kaneohe - 9-27-2019

    You caught my favorite sashimi nothing wrong with that
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    That time of year

    Hmm what to do on flat days charge the bottom fish!!!! Over night trip 27 onagas and a 100 more lbs of misc. bottom fish and an all night party with the akule filled 2 coolers for close to 200 lbs.
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    Longest Catch of the Year and not proud of it!

    Saw you guys yesterday too but you were just about to hook up too.
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    Waianae 8/31 - No More Nothing

    Heard kaneohe is going off today
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    KBay 8/30/19 went for Aku, Ahi showed up

    Good job on the fish. Aku for Kona crab is always a risky idea because it's so bloody we usually use mahi or ono skin and carcass es.
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    Sat 8/24/19

    Yah to much fish yesterday heard the price popped up again today. At least you didn't have to pick it up.
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    Sat 8/24/19

    Howzit pat pat curious what did the tuna get if you don't mind sharing thanks
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    Sat 8/24/19

    Good job pat!!! Way to help out the neighborhood!! Got to run a charter tomorrow might head that way tomorrow!!!
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    Oahu Block Stuff.

    Right pat hope it stays up for a while helps pay the mortgage
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    Oahu Block Stuff.

    Thanks Pat yah now is the time to hopefully slay some late summer tunas!!!
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    Oahu Block Stuff.

    Dropped a 98 lb ahigg last night got 11.90 a lb at todays auction
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    Good going on the fish pat!! Live baiting is probably my favorite way to fish. We had a rubbish last week went 16 of 17 for mahi on live bait. Left lots of fish in the water wouldn't touch our fresh dead Bait or lures. It's always worth the time in the morning to make bait. It's like the...
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    Haleiwa 8-19

    Right Pat and a slab of ono to make sashimi!!!
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    Haleiwa 8-19

    Thank you
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    Haleiwa 8-19

    Got to fish haleiwa today full day charter ran the thousand went to ii got an ono. Leaving the buoy center slams down reel screams then stops tell charter keep cranking long story short got the ahi to the boat gaff bat gm over SHBITE DOES IT AGAIN!!! 9 IN BLACK SLIVER HEAD WITH BLACK SALMON...
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    8-14 T Fad score

    I would upgrade to 80s or 130s one day your going to hook a sea monster.
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    8-14 T Fad score

    Either move, jug the sharks, lock the drag crank like hell and drive the fish away from the sharks
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    M n M 10-15

    Brick and mortar they are located in wahiwa. Danford from Pop open his own place about a month ago. Not super well stocked yet but they have a pretty good selection of sh bite lures. Give them a call super helpful
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    M n M 10-15

    Message me if your interested in getting your hands on some
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    M n M 10-15

    You can find the heads at hanapaa and island fishing supply
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    M n M 10-15

    Got to go fish haleiwa yesterday ran another brand new lure made by SH BITE lures. It worked like a charm it ran great and best of all caught fish. It caught a marlin about 80 lbs and a bunch of mahi
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    Oahu Block Stuff.

    Heard no long line boats today. The one 98 lb ahi got 9.90 30 lb shibi got 7.40. lrg aku between 5.00 and 3.90.
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    Oahu Block Stuff.

    Well if you fished the weekend and dropped for Monday's auction there were like 250 PC's of lrg aku on the block. How much ice did you have? Aku will burn like an ahi. Not trying to be disrespectful just saying That's also why we've been targeting mahi and ono. The prices are pretty good...
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    8/6 1st time Kbay = my 1st Sailfish

    Got to eat one once it was actually wonderful eating.
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    Sunday August 4

    Love those footballs and mahis pay the fuel bill
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    Sunday 8/4

    Good job guys!! Got the flu taking it easy for next few days.
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    Can't fish soooo

    Can't fish so using lucky lure for something else
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    Tuesday 7/30

    Good job!! Maybe we need to get out of haleiwa and go wsst.
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    Thanks Pat looking for the yellow guy like you guys but found the blue guys instead lol.
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    You can find um at island fishing supply
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    Took a chance today 7/30 went out to j buoy found the biggest open school I've ever seen or a rubbish we never found. Tried some new SH BITE LURES fresh out of the mold got 17 mahi and one lrg aku on um.
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    No Need Dogs? 7/27/19

    Good job hope we can find one today
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    Molokai Crossing

    Good job that's goooood money at the auction right now
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    West side action 7/24

    Good going what area were you in heading That way tomorrow with some live opelu hopefully
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    Westside Ahi 7/23

    Good going on the fish
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    7/21/19 Ocean Therapy

    Pat yup 20 percent and a good review can't really complain
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    7/21/19 Ocean Therapy

    Good job pat !! I crewed a charter yesterday out of haleiwa got to the 500 inside of ii ppl got sick turned down sea rigger pops get one about 120. Home by 11.
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    Aloha got opelu and halalu available if anyone's interested. Opelu 20 bucks a dozen, halalu 20 bucks for 20 pcs aloha
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    Pelagic Kaneohe

    Definitely gonna enter next year did they have good door prizes
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    Pelagic Kaneohe

    How many entries and what was the biggest fish?
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    Happy 3rd of July

    Saw your fish at the auction Friday looked good
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    Happy 3rd of July

    We went kanephe same day went to far down and not far enough up I guess. Only 5 large aku for us. Good going guys
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    Haleiwa tournament

    Yah heard Fri had 80 something ahi came up. Way better than spinners.
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    Haleiwa tournament

    Anyone know the results from the haleiwa tournament?
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    Not right now to busy chasing ahi.
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    2019 Ahi Shootout

    Nice day late dollar short got a 162 GG ahi at ii today
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    6/10/19 w/ no pics...

    Sorry not trying to hijack the post
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    6/10/19 w/ no pics...

    Better than us breaking the last 4 ahi at the boat. 3 on light leader first one breaks in my hand after grabbing the leader 4 times, next day one about 200 manages to get in the prop, 3 Rd one decides to bites generic saltiga pull the wiring system out of the lure, and the best one again a big...
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    A couple of days.

    Heading out tomorrow north shore hope we find one of those guys too!
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    Waianae - May 25, 2019

    Good job going to work on a half day charter tomorrow. Heard haleiwa is bitting too!
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    Waianae ledge report 5/6/19

    Was there anything there.
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    Waianae ledge report 5/6/19

    Ts gone now great.
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    May 03 Donkey & Change

    Looks like smokey the Marlin
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    Sat. 4/27

    Good going pat I know the feeling. You didn't try chunking that small Aku? The opelu are hard now since there spawning. Heard Kaneohe and haleiwa have been bitting. Still healing up over here 2 more weeks till I'm free and clear hopefully.
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    Got lucky in Kaneohe

    Ooo loved those lures got a couple stashed away
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    Leeward 4/16 My first Really Big Marlin

    Love those boats my friend has one the strike ratio for Marlin on that thing is ridiculously good
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    Video of a fast trip from the other day.

    Thanks Nick I know how your crew guy feels been there on more than one occasion. Keep the videos coming land lock for me for about a month with carpial tunnel surgery.
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    Good job Pat heard some got one at j buoy today. I'm laid up with my carpal tunnel surgery for a month so please keep those stories coming aloha
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    Lake kaneohe

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    Lake kaneohe

    No last summer slipped and fell broke my wrist into a bunch of pieces. Having other issues carpial tunnel because of it
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    Lake kaneohe

    Thanks for the well wishes sure looks like the mahis went west
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    Lake kaneohe

    Thanks best case scenario be ready to yank on some ahis in June. Until then look out ballyhoos
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    Lake kaneohe

    Water flat like a lake Sunday went deep bottom on a friends boat got some ehu, hapupu biggest one 33 lbs, ukus biggest one 19 lbs and a bunch of reef donkey aka kahalas. Beautiful water before getting laid up for the next month with carpial tunnel surgery.
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    Heading out of haleiwa tomorrow looks like we're going out that way. Last trip for a while got carpial tunnel surgery on Thurs.
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    Koko Head / Penguin Banks 3-31-19

    Heard some had 15 Ono 6 mahi on Sunday on the banks
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    Good job on the fish pat!! We were going to go there yesterday but went to the kaena ledge couple 30 lb shibis and a kawakawa.
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    Pretty water 3/30

    Lol what else you gonna do with lake water
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    Pretty water 3/30

    Since the waters been so nice went deep bottom kaneohe got 18 ehu and 2 onagas in a half day can't complain. Pics to follow
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    Hawaii Kai - 03/28/2019tg

    Good going!! That's nice that the fish are starting to show up.
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    Ilikai - 03-16-2019

    Sorry to highjack yourypost Russell. I find locally they're cheaper especially after shipping and better to support local stores.
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    Ilikai - 03-16-2019

    Ohhhh never seen that one before.
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    Ilikai - 03-16-2019

    They do a ripped off Chinese version under the brand taser a store on Oahu called Kailua general store got um but I usually buy all of um when they have um in stock
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    Ilikai - 03-16-2019

    Pat yah biggest one I got on the saltiga by "accident" weighed 103 gg
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    Ilikai - 03-16-2019

    Pat yup if anything those saltigas are fun to jerk on light tackle
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    Ilikai - 03-16-2019

    Went west today got a 20 lb shibi bunch of smaller ones and a mahi where v buoy should be.
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    Ilikai - 03-16-2019

    Lol its hard out there now
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    Ilikai - 03-16-2019

    Shibi not shit damn you auto correct
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    Ilikai - 03-16-2019

    Went west today got a 43 and 75 lb shit GG on saltigas
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    Ilikai - 03-16-2019

    Thank you good going too.
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    Ilikai - 03-16-2019

    Went kaneohe today 2 mahi 2 shibi and as a bonus 15 lb uku
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    The Mahi have arrived....

    Both but mostly live bait
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    The Mahi have arrived....

    We went kaneohe Sunday in the upside down water had 14 mahi mahi
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    Leeward Coast - February 24

    Got to go bottom fish Sunday before the wind came up bunch of Paka ehu.
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    Leeward Coast - February 24

    Thats to bad seems everywhere is dlow
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    Hi Kai - late post

    Last weekend t buoy had shibis up to 50 lbs on live opelu last weekend
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    Hawaii Kai Ramp Closure

    Based on ramp fees and amount of boats that use the pier, safe estimate 100k a tire? I was also wondering if those dive operators .who drop their scuba tanks on the pier have an effect? I also think it is illegal and a liability issei should their clients get hurt.
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    Banks Run 02-07

    Nice work, yah those ballyhoo require exrtra wrk .
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    2-8 kaneohe

    Took a chance yesterday in kaneohe out early in early . Found a nice bird piles got some aku and med shibis. Time to batten down the hatches now be safe aloha
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    Late Post - Haleiwa 1/14/2019

    We were there a week ago pulled some decent shibis and one 20 lb aku off of there.
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    Working a South Shore Currentline 01-20

    Hi usually by the dozen 25.00 a bag
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    Working a South Shore Currentline 01-20

    Good job on the fish. Where you getting the ballyhoo? We sell them locally if interested.
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    Impatient or over zealous 1/20/19

    Bummer on the big girl. We had that problem yesterday at x. Hook a tuna on light line bummed the drag five minutes later the 80 lb leader broke. We had trouble getting bait too.
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    Sad and Happy

    Thanks Pat I think I saw them at j an e too
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    Sad and Happy

    Pat way to on finding those heads. I think I know where carries them but if not how do you get a hold of the maker?
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    South Side Shutdown Mahi Axtion

    Love those ballyhoo but can't beat a wiggling livey
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    Nov-Dec 2018

    Naragi makes Ono sashimi!!! Haven't found one of those yet this year. But then again they ain't on the bottom with the onagas lol
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    Late Christmas Present

    Nice fish got some from a friend for Christmas the sashimi was amazing
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    18 Dec Oahu Windward side

    Good job . Went kaneohe wed most life we found on the 500 got a dozen mahi in an open school
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    What would you rather eat?

    Either or is all good
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    Oahu north shore

    All good options there also is Nani Kai ocean adventure
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    What would you rather eat?

    Yup don't eat nabeta poisonous you can just put um in my cooler for further testing lol
  158. S

    What would you rather eat?

    I'll take any nabeta you catch. Thanks for the warning though
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    What would you rather eat?

    I don't know pan fried nabeta with a cognac butter sauce hard to beat
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    What would you rather eat?

    Took advantage of the flat water last week went shallow and deep bottom fishing. Which would you rather eat? Big nabeta or onaga sashimi?
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    Far and wide

    A mile or so off the mark . Pat we found the wrong yellow guy lol
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    Far and wide

    Went outside kaneohe Sunday got some livies hit mm and t buoy 4 gg Mahis on live bait not much out there aloha
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    10/21/18 Winter has arrived... sort of.

    Pat we try and have a bait rigged up for those pesky suckers when they are around
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    10/21/18 Winter has arrived... sort of.

    Good going on the fish hope some make it to the windward side naragi sashimi sounds good to me
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    19 Oct Windaward

    We went Saturday 3 50 lb shibi
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    Kaneohe 15Oct

    Where were the aku t buoy?
  167. S

    Kaneohe 15Oct

    Anything at ll might try this weekend
  168. S

    Kaneohe 15Oct

    What was at the buoy
  169. S

    Kaneohe 15Oct

    No one dragging live bait?
  170. S

    Fresh Opelu

    At least you got one. Takes time a decent depth recorder. Sometimes on that side you'll see them on the surface early in the morning.
  171. S

    Kaneohe 15Oct

    We went deep bottom for onaga Paka in kaneohe. You mark anything big at LL
  172. S

    Fresh Opelu

    Been catching a lot of opelu lately anyone interested in buying 12 for 20?
  173. S

    A day of learning!

    Those guys were throwing hand lines with jigs or chunk baiting.
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    A couple non-catch reports...

    Right made mahi ceviche for Monday night/afternoon football got wiped out lol good luck this weekend. We're going to chase the dream on the east side
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    A couple non-catch reports...

    Bummer went kaneohe found a rubbish got some mahi for dinner
  176. S

    Hurricane Olivia...

    Morning I was looking at that to kinda scary going to finish the hurricane ties this weekend
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    Tis the Season... TD 16E (Norman)

    Same day as my friends wedding it's a coming
  178. S

    Tis the Season... TD 16E (Norman)

    Pat what website u using
  179. S

    Tis The Season... Lane.

    There is a website called my friend showed me kinda interesting it forcasts the storm's. To me better than the noaa site
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    Ono Run 08-18-18

    Sure those aren't from the hooks whipping around
  181. S

    Kaneohe 8/18

    Managed to pull 3 mahi off u buoy managed to lose just as many there yesterday
  182. S

    Did anyone see this coming?

    Who should take up bird watching
  183. S

    Did anyone see this coming?

    Free bill once again comments are like assholes everyone has one but most of them stink. We sell and give away the smaller tunas yes we do what you don't realize is not everyone gets to fish, kapuna ECT. Plus there is a lower income population that depends on this cheaper source of protein and...
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    Tis the season... Hector.

    Here we go next week
  185. S

    Tis the season... Hector.

    Just became a hurricane
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    False May Day call

    Can't ever turn a donkey into a race horse. Maybe rimpac can use um for target practice
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    7/10 1000 fathom in front of Ko Olina

    Yup 1005 at the block saw the weight tag
  188. S

    Rubbish carnage

    Please don't come here and stay in your piece of shit desert
  189. S

    Rubbish carnage

    Point made it's a HAWAII report keep your mainland opinion on the mainland. As for the longline debate I agree with Pat what they bring in in one dayl sometimes pushes 150000 lbs. If you guys want someone to grumble about go grumble to the longliners.
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    Rubbish carnage

    All you people from the mainland take your opinions and GO HOME in Hawaii WE DONT PLAY WITH OUR FOOD. When we are fortunate enough to load the boat like that it pays my mortgage, feeds families allows the kapuna (if you don't know what that word means you probably don't belong having an...
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    Rubbish carnage

    Mike way to go like those little guy fried hot rice shoyu and chilli pepper water. Keep the post coming for me shattered wrist got me side lined till at least july
  192. S

    Rubbish carnage

    Nice finally got those bastards to bite everyone's been seeing um but no bite. Lou this guy is part time commercial buy as are most of us when we are blessed enough to catch a load like that keep your mainland opinions and self there. Thank you and have a nice day
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    Report from Ahi Shoot Out

    Nice fish some toads came up in the tournament
  194. S

    Spear fishing Oahu

    Pelagic yes and I guess peacock grouper would be grouper LoL
  195. S

    Bloody Saturday

    Nice job shattered my wrist down till mid julJ
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    West side 5/20

    Actually we take um up to about 300 and put the big girls back better eating the smaller ones as well as better price
  197. S

    West side 5/20

    You must be rich my friend got 4.90 for a blue that size on frFrid
  198. S

    Mid-week Birthday Bite

    Happy b day too u
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    5/11 pinnicle

    Grilled hebi cilantri olive oil garlic basalmic vinegar salt and pepper delicious
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    Waianae 4/29

    Went Friday haleiwa had 10 mahi drop 9 at the block for 182 and 70 gg shibi
  201. S

    Carnage 4/12

    Nice fish can't wait till they get to the windward side
  202. S

    Bucket List- South Point

    Wow sounds like a trip we had a few years ago took 60 something stikes and end the day with over 800 lbs of mixed mahi Ono and shibis
  203. S

    HH Saturday

    Took advantage of the flat water got a bunch of ehu onaga and paka
  204. S

    West side Saturday and Sunday.

    Went kaneohe Sunday went to t and back 14 mahi 1 aku 2 shibi rough but at least the fish bit
  205. S

    Ko olina ramp

    Late report got to try the ko olina ramp last was awesome the people who checked us in and out were super nice. Got some opelu then hit s and r buoy no love. Went outside S buoy and found what looked a personal fad bunch of floats strung togetherfirst pass took a screamer comes off. Then get...
  206. S

    Su nday funday

    Trolling been horrible time go deep!!!
  207. S

    Lost Buoys

    Ll gone mm might be there but way off the mark
  208. S


    Aloha, Got ballyhoo for sale 15 pcs for 20.00 message me if interested.
  209. S


    Same to you may the fish jump in your boat
  210. S

    Skill or luck?

    Good luck at the auction the prices have been horrible.
  211. S

    Blue Marlin Release 12/17

    Good going if you get another message me we smoke um
  212. S

    Carnage in the calm

    Nice one we got some big Paka and ehu and a few bags to stash in the freezer for the holidays
  213. S

    Carnage 12/4

    Called the fad guy he said as of Friday it was on station. Last time we went the buoy was way north.
  214. S

    Carnage or work? Hmmmmm

    NOt the ll guys to much long line fish time to start chopping and sell um to your neighbors for a decent price. Or like you said go work lol. The auction can be a kick in the nuts sometimes
  215. S


    Good going we saw lots of large aku out there got a few and 17 Mahis
  216. S

    Crack of dawn carnage

    Going today to try and get some of those pretty red fish
  217. S

    Kaneohe 9/30/17

    It's on the beach at pounders
  218. S

    Oahu inshore action

    Yup makanis a good guy
  219. S


    Aloha, Got fresh halalu for bait, caught this morning 25 pieces for 20 dollars message me if interested. Thanks
  220. S

    Ballyhoo dealer?

    That are still in good shape
  221. S

    Ballyhoo dealer?

    I got some old ones
  222. S

    Carnage 7/14

    Good going
  223. S

    Fresh bait

    Aloha got fresh halalu for ALL caught hook and line 25 pcs for 20 dollars perfect for mahimahi bait. Message me if interested have a great day and good luck
  224. S

    Mini mahi carnage

    We don't play with our food here
  225. S

    Mini mahi carnage

    Gary please keep yourself and comments in California way to go Mike
  226. S

    Live bait

    We are based on the windward side so if you guys were willing to pick them up we could arrange something. Aloha
  227. S

    Live bait

    Howzit just a question what would people be willing to pay for live opelu and akule
  228. S

    ll and t

    Heard ll and t might be gone tell me it ain't so
  229. S

    Finally Monkey off the back today "Ohana H"

    Good job going out today to look for that guy too
  230. S

    Ballyhoo Source Oahu?

    Day time and yes hook andline
  231. S

    Ballyhoo Source Oahu?

    I'm not sure if you have base access but if you can get on hickam you can catch your own
  232. S

    Ballyhoo Source Oahu?

    Remember the minimum mesh size is 2 inches in Hawaii quite sure Ballyhoo won't fit that mesh size
  233. S

    Waianae 4-24

    Good job and good eats
  234. S

    Was a "Good Friday"

    Nice jo
  235. S


    Kyle here's what I mean GROWN HERE NOT FLOWN HERE. You Caucasian people come here with your opinions and think that's the way it should be and they have been doing this centuries around the world. Here's what I say since it's so awesome where your from is so awesome go back please. Aloha
  236. S


    Again people with OPINIONS NOT FROM about Hawaii. We here in Hawaii for the most part don't play with our food I guarantee that all those tunas will be consumed or shared with friends and family. We went out on Thurs got soaking wet from the rain and had 200 lbs of tunas and Mahimahi which...
  237. S


    Know your fish know your fish and fisheries ID please those are yellowfin tuna we don't get bluefin here very often the waters to warm
  238. S

    Kona 4/14-4/16

    The opelu are usually spawning this time of year I think. Went to get bait today only got 8 opelu tured them into 3 30 lbs shibi and missed couple of bigger ones.
  239. S

    Was a "Good Friday"

    Good job guy s
  240. S

    Ahi bite

    Nice heard it costs an arm and a leg to go on vacon vacation there t
  241. S

    Ahi bite

    Heard the ahi bite was turning on in Kauai
  242. S

    Costa rican sailfish trip

    Typically hail Typical ignorant Halle mentality the fish we catch feeds family and friends that can't afford the crazy fish prices at places like whole foods and Costco. Or older kupuna who can't fish anymore. The yellowfin rule needs to change agreed but there is a niche market of lower...
  243. S

    Molokai fishing restrictions

    Howzit everyone just a heads up there trying to create a community based fishing area from laughing point to Halawa up to 3 miles out. Which basically means you ain't from there you ain't fishing there. Stay informed aloha
  244. S

    Costa rican sailfish trip

    That's the thing we don't play with our food here. Another reason you don't catch many sailfish here is the conditions water temperature is isn't right. Lastly go to the auction one day and go look at how many billfish the long line industry are killing aloha
  245. S

    Oahu Block Stuff.

    Really basically no auction today?
  246. S

    Kona charter

    Used to work on a charter here on Oahu. Four hours were the worst because it gives you no time to fish. I would recommend at least eight hour charter to really be able to get in fishing time. Aloha
  247. S

    Hawaii Kai - 12/10/2016

    Nice fish sashimi
  248. S

    Carnage in the morning.

    What side u go
  249. S

    Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - Nov. wrap-up.

    Hi mr Rogers. I have a friend here who runs a fishing and hunting business. Almost all of his hunts are non resident and it's not a hassle for them they can even get the license up to the day before the hunt. Almost every state has a form of marine fishing license. Here's some interesting...
  250. S

    Oahu Block Stuff.

    Went kaneohe yesterday 300 lbs mahimahi and some aku to bad the price crashed peddle most of it lots of :-) faces to get fillets at a reasonable price sorry no pictures
  251. S

    Friday Vets Day LL Buoy 11 Nov. 16

    Went deep bottom can't wait to go there this weekend in the upside down weekend!,,l
  252. S

    Oahu Block Stuff.

    Finally bottom fish showing up
  253. S

    Oahu Block Stuff.

    Already voted
  254. S

    Oahu Block Stuff.

  255. S

    Oahu Block Stuff.

    Yup finally nicer days guess we should have dropped my papas yesterday
  256. S

    A couple windward mahi

    Good going
  257. S

    Just another bottom fish day

    Thanks guys yah was nice but not super flat
  258. S

    Just another bottom fish day

    went deep bottom again the water was beautiful
  259. S

    Something different

    Yes 140 fathom and that's one locally call gindai or Binghams snapper
  260. S

    Something different

    Yah kinda bumpy lol
  261. S

    Something different

  262. S

    Something different

    Didnt get to troll this weekend went deep
  263. S

    Something different

    Did get to troll this weekend went deep
  264. S

    Kane'ohe Saturday

    Got 4 mahimahi there
  265. S

    Kane'ohe Saturday

    Went Sunday Kaneohe dozen mahimahi and a 40 lb shibi between mm and t
  266. S

    Oahu Block Stuff.

    I guess ahi bitting cause I'm in Vegas
  267. S

    Storm ahi

  268. S

    Storm ahi

    Went yesterday left Kaneohe at 230 pm home by 5 pm one Bite one fish
  269. S

    Best day yet!

    Way to go can't wait till they show up on the east side
  270. S

    Oahu Block Stuff.

    The bottom fish price was good even with all the uku
  271. S

    Oahu Block Stuff.

  272. S

    Oahu Block Stuff.

    Lol it was big 32 lbs lol
  273. S

    Oahu Block Stuff.

    Sea bass
  274. S

    Oahu Block Stuff.

    You forgot our sea as
  275. S

    Hawaii fad program

    Hey guys just as a reminder when you fill out your commercial catch reports please include the buoys you went to. Also please participate with the Hawaii marine recreational survey when interviewed at the ramp the buoy data is very important aloha
  276. S

    U Buoy Has Life

    Yah we lost one there to got to replace some skirts now
  277. S

    Hawaii fad program

    Yah that's my favorite Kaneohe buoy mm heard its hung up on the reef outside kahana bay
  278. S

    Hawaii fad program

    Went Kaneohe yesterday think mm may have broken off
  279. S

    Oahu Block Stuff.

    Where's all the aku biting?
  280. S

    Oahu Block Stuff.

  281. S

    Oahu Block Stuff.

    Don't forget my six hobo lol
  282. S

    Oahu Block Stuff.

    Fish prices were crazy our onaga got over 30 dollars a lb happy new year have a safe 2016
  283. S

    Oahu Block Stuff.

    Your telling me was weird
  284. S

    Oahu Block Stuff.

    Was kinda interesting ehu 4.10 to15.10 onaga10.10 to21.10
  285. S

    Oahu Block Stuff.

    Hope our ehu and onaga got good money
  286. S

    Oahu Block Stuff.

    Hope my ehu got a good price
  287. S

    Merry christmas

    must be the holidays smoke marlin dip requests getting filled.
  288. S

    Oahu Block Stuff.

    Lol damn spell check yes mahi and thanks was a little bumpy out there
  289. S

    Oahu Block Stuff.

    Hopefully r magi will get a good price for getting r buts kicked yest
  290. S

    Smoke marlin

    First batch pau for the holidays thanks nick ready for pick up
  291. S

    Oahu Bottomfish Tagging

    Would you provide the numbers to fish or looking to poach someone's hinny hole lol
  292. S

    Smoke marlin

    Howzit if anyone's looking to smoke a marlin with all of um running around and the horrible price at auction message me if interested are turn around to get it back to you smoked is about a week.
  293. S

    Oahu Block Stuff.

    That's a lot of longline boats
  294. S

    Marlins still biting

    Ha food baby smoked marlin is delicious and a money maker that is extra income
  295. S

    Some fairly new articles.

    Lame what's the point of having a quota if they are only going around it.
  296. S

    Oahu Block Stuff.

    Wow we caught more deep bottom then was on the block lol
  297. S

    Oahu Block Stuff.

    Kales usually 4 to 5 bucks, paka anywhere from 5 to 15 depends on size and who's buying it what u guys get over there heard mamas fish house takes good care of u guys.
  298. S

    Oahu Block Stuff.

    True that we tried last weekend only paka kale kale Ulua and kahala
  299. S

    Oahu Block Stuff.

    Usually it's on there was talking to the DAR office guys and said the numbers being caught super low elnino? And junk weather maybe
  300. S

    Oahu Block Stuff.

    Wonder where all the deep bottom is?
  301. S

    Marlins still biting

    Right on no worries
  302. S

    Marlins still biting

    Yup price is good if you need it smoked private message me
  303. S

    20 Sept..No love

    Damn spell check onos
  304. S

    20 Sept..No love

    Went kaneohe last weekend braved the rough water some mahis and obisobis
  305. S

    Oahu Block Stuff.

    Got 6.50 for a13 lb Ono today and 6.90 and 6.80 for two gg mahi today
  306. S

    Oahu Block Stuff.

    What about aku and kawakawa
  307. S

    Smoke Marlin

    Pm me if interested
  308. S

    Smoke Marlin

    We do smoked marlin
  309. S

    Oahu Block Stuff.

    Think the fish prices should start coming back up mid sung the long line bigeye quota should be met by then. Anyone knw what the deep bottom price is had some big parkas and onagas this past weekend thought about dropping um there
  310. S

    Oahu Block Stuff.

    How's the west side Opelu bite east side slow
  311. S

    Oahu Block Stuff.

    Any idea on deep bottom prices
  312. S

    Oahu Block Stuff.

    Lol y bother hook everyone up with nice fish for a decent price. Had nice fish selling at 7 bucks on July third went like hot cakes
  313. S

    Please help us and make a comment to NOAA

    So tell the beaners to do better job enforcing there laws and stop asking us as Americans to police there mistakes we have enough problems of our own
  314. S

    Kaneohe 5/31

    Pat that would be cool
  315. S

    Kaneohe 5/31

    Howzit I agree it would be helpful made dried aku with ours last week family and friends were super stoked
  316. S

    Hope it's not true.......

    Sorry prayers for him
  317. S

    Kaneohe - 05/27/2015

    Went today same place got 20 pcs and broke off a big ahi at leader that's the way it goes got fish for the dry box
  318. S

    Gotta love spring time

    Went today got a bunch of those plus a mahi and 2 ones
  319. S

    Old Catches

    Last years tuna 230
  320. S

    3 may Waianae

    Went west side today2 Ono one chucker lost an ahi
  321. S

    Private boaters in Kawaii

    Learn how to spell
  322. S

    Humpback whale sanctuary

    Aloha guys if you fish the banks you might consider attending the meeting on April 28 the there could be some drastic changes coming up. Or at least check out the humpback sanctuary aloha
  323. S

    4/15 Waianae Mahi

    Always carry bait
  324. S

    Saltiga a

    Thanks went there Friday bought 5 going try um tomorrow
  325. S

    Saltiga a

    Anyone know where to get the pink salting as locally or on the internet aloha
  326. S

    K-bay 3/15/15 more lessons learned, more questions to ask...

    Went moku Manu all weekend even Friday
  327. S

    Local ballyhoo

    Sold out right now should have next week
  328. S

    Howzit u still looking for Opelu?

    Howzit u still looking for Opelu?
  329. S

    Local ballyhoo

    Fresh frozen ballyhoo 12 pieces for 15 dollars message me if interested
  330. S

    Local ballyhoo

    Fresh frozen ballyhoo 12 pieces 15 dollars message me if interested aloha
  331. S

    Bottomfishing and some tiger footage

    That's what's been eating y bottom fish takes a lot of paka and Onaga to fill him up
  332. S

    BALLYHOO for sale

    by the way that's why I sold most of um lol
  333. S

    BALLYHOO for sale

    it ok if no one buys it Ill just use it for bait
  334. S


    aloha have fresh frozen ballyhoo available 15.00 a dozen aloha and good luck
  335. S

    BALLYHOO for sale

    Aloha, Got around 10 bags of ballyhoo available 6 to a bag 10 bucks a bag or 17 bucks for 2 bags message me if interested alohas and good luck
  336. S

    how many are you looking for

    how many are you looking for
  337. S

    ballyhoo 4 sale

    aloha and happy new year, Got some fresh ballyhoo for sale 15 bucks for a dozen alohas
  338. S

    ballyhoo 4 sale

    Aloha and happy new year Got some fresh local ballyhoo for sale 15 bucks for a dozen pieces hit me back if interested alohas and good luck out there
  339. S

    halalu and ballyhooo

    Got HOOKED halalu and ballyhoo for sale 10 dollars a bag. Ballyhoo are to small for trolling but excellent for baiting mahimahi and shibis aloha have a good day
  340. S

    First Ahi on my new sled, 30' Knife

    nice fish we got 2 yest too
  341. S

    Mr. Mele

    Wow for reals like that guy prayers going out to his family. Aloha Mr mele
  342. S

    Commercial License

    It depends what you fish for. If you fish for the deep seven its better to have your commercial license it allows you to go from a bag limit of five fish to unlimitted.
  343. S

    Honolulu auction prices

    I heard some boats were getting upwards of 9 bucks for mahi earlier in the week part if it is building a rep at the block my friends have a long standing good rep well taken care of fish not that you guys aren't and usually get ok prices. I work in the aquaculture/ aquaponics buisness and our...
  344. S

    COINS...What's the RIGHT ( most productive ) way the use the "coin" lures

    Oh no secrets out good thing got better cheaper secrets
  345. S

    Plenty lock jaw, must be the season...LOL !

    Went kaneohe yest six mahis and 12 shibi
  346. S

    Tomorrow lookin nasty

    It doesn't even count as fishing if its not blowing at least 10 to 20 lol east that is.
  347. S

    Bad Dad Tournament

    Ahi 156 2 nd nani kawika Ahi 135 jilly t Freddy side Ahi 6 lb spearfish side 13 lb mahi verna c 26 lb ono verna c
  348. S

    Maui -Start Me Up!- mahi and ahi

    Hey next time use those motion sickness pills they make it much more enjoyable
  349. S


    Got some ballyhoo if interested
  350. S

    Lucky Day! Aug. 2, 2012

    Nice fish I was wondering the same thing is that a bigeye
  351. S


    Aloha Fresh caught small size opelu and ballyhoo Opelu 6 to 8 inch 20 pieces for 25 bucks Ballyhoo 12 pieces for 20 bucks the ballyhoo are much skinnier then the pop ones juveniles pm me if interested thanks Steve
  352. S

    Mahalo all

    Crazy awesome job
  353. S


    Got some fresh opelu for sale cigar size pm me if interested aloha
  354. S

    Kaneohe Ahi's

    The question now becomes does that mean that the Japanese tours that serve beers and mai twos no longer can serve as well or is it like usual the locals loose out again
  355. S

    25 Force

    Makes my back sore thinking about them
  356. S

    Great Mahi day

    we fished it on thur that thing was huge
  357. S


    yah we do when we got um.
  358. S


    mines are fresher and cheaper when we got um
  359. S


    I got um sometimes for sale
  360. S


    i think its running were in
  361. S


    have halalu for sale anyone interested pm aloha
  362. S

    cool pic

    my friend eric got this bull on 20 lb test that me in the pic though
  363. S

    cool pic

    just a cool mahi pic eric boy caught um on 20 lb test on a spinner alohas
  364. S

    anyone going fishing out of waianae tomorrow

    yup full moon sucks time to look for other kine fish
  365. S

    Good Luck Out There

    me too m too
  366. S

    Kaneohe fishing

  367. S

    Aftco gaffs SUCK

    yah me and ivan had the problem with a marlin got the gaff and marlin though
  368. S

    ahi kaneohe

    by the molokai the fish ended up cherry think because we bled it well and it came up almost dead
  369. S

    wtb fish bag

    Lokking for a 6 ft fish bag thanks
  370. S

    ahi kaneohe

    nah was suppsoed to be holoholo trip fro small kine kaukau fish and bait thats why not enough icenormally get 400 lb on the boat of ice that is. Onece brined and stuck in a chill box over night.
  371. S

    ahi kaneohe

    went kaneohe today fished my friends boat for the 1st time. Got an ahi thas was snagged in the side and tail rapped not even one hook in the mouth. Fish was about 170 not enough ice ran home got 2 mahi to boot. cant grumble
  372. S

    Where is the best place to get bait?

    right at hickam balllyhoo baby
  373. S

    national saltwater fishing registry

    the saltwater registry is for only people without commercial liscenses.
  374. S

    Any word on Waianae Side for Sunday?

    heards the boys with the stick caught like 5 to 8 pieces
  375. S

    fresh bait

    Anyone interested in buying fresh akule just curious alohas
  376. S

    holoholo in the rain pics

    Pics of the rainy sunday yummy
  377. S

    still looking for yellowfin or saltwater

    yah the guy never write back
  378. S

    holoholo in the rain

    Went holoholo bottom found nabeta city 57 pieces and 2 moana wheres the pics iv
  379. S

    still looking for yellowfin or saltwater

    Aloha all I'm still hunting aroung to find a 24 to 30 foot boat yellowfin, saltwater, knife ect let me know if your selling one or knows someone who is aloha and tight lines
  380. S

    4/23 small kine LL action

    cant wait till the akuboats dissappear into histoory
  381. S


    eh what only now the pics show up to bad the price sucked
  382. S

    a little fishin' intell...

    yum smoke marlin poke
  383. S

    wtb yellowfin, or saltwater

    thanks I saw that one we might go and check it out
  384. S

    wtb yellowfin, or saltwater

    um the one on bi is gas I think looking for diesel and the one in hawaii kai is a little out of our price range
  385. S

    wtb yellowfin, or saltwater

    what kine boat
  386. S

    wtb yellowfin, or saltwater

    Howzit everyone looking to buy a bigger boat looking for yellowin, saltwater, knife ect in the 24 to 30 ft range diesel just wondering who got what for sale alohas
  387. S

    Kaneohe 4/6

    nice we went today only had 4 mahis and an ono and some shibis but all good for a freinds wedding mission accomplised
  388. S

    March 24, 2010-Lahaina Harbor, Maui

    yah 5 pound mahi means I get dinner my gf gets dinner and mom and dad get dinner. Mind your own buisness you tree hugging greenie we dont need people like you here stay on the mainland thank you and aloha means goodbye tooo!!!!
  389. S


    Went with Ivan the terrible LOl anyways went all over and got 2 mahis for the trouble lots of fish in the water lures bait no takers oh well good to be back in the water after 2 weeks in the desert (las vegas) gills got a little crispy
  390. S


    Anyone interested in buying ballyhoo pm me
  391. S

    fishy tsunami...

    we need more tsunamis i guess
  392. S


    LOl I dont see any of ivans lures on there what movin or something???
  393. S


    Just to let everyone watch might have tsunami around 11
  394. S

    mitchs sushi shootout

    wow jeff u getting ready to rumble gots to talk to Ivan lolI just want to beat u alohas
  395. S


    So funny all the posts. EH how bout you take time learn the fishery that has regulations. Be up for a day and a half strait while having the flu I know Ivan he ended up with phnemonia from this and the following trip. Not to mention your fishing in deep ass water. For all you haters why not...
  396. S


    IMI I'll get u one
  397. S


    hit Ivan back they may be avalible at theocean expo in a few weeks if not hit up Ivan
  398. S


    one fish two fish red fish blue fish they all taste good
  399. S

    lettin everyone know

    Hey just to let everyone know wespac meeting fishermens forum sat alamoana hotel 9 am get involved see you there alohas
  400. S


    Eh for all you haters those fishs went to many a xmas and new years party and paid for fuel bait ect thanks for the fish for xmas and new year I got my share from that load was ono chinese style steamed with veggies and hot peanut oil the ohana thanks you
  401. S


    Nha jeff thats the pic from a while back Ivan posted it
  402. S


    Yah yah Ivan I'm waiting to make a trip like that
  403. S

    Going deep

    Well the trollin was slow so we went bottom fishing a week ago got some onagas pakas and ukus life is good
  404. S

    New Years Eats for 2010

    Yahyah I got my chopsticks
  405. S

    monkey off the back

    pulled hooks no lost lures and no not near hh
  406. S

    monkey off the back

    Worked a charter yesterday chased porposise outside HH took a 5 banger got one ahi 140 life is good alohas and happy new year pic to follow
  407. S

    Kaneohe Bay Channel Closing Out?

    Went out laye yest was fine got one 60 lb shibi
  408. S


    Right on Jeff you got more then us but ours was bigger LOL 78 wish we could have stayed longer we might try monday aloha
  409. S


    Going working a charter tomorrow out of hickam
  410. S


    went south
  411. S


    Fished a 8 hr chater today kinda bumpy guys did good 2 opens school bait everywhere. Got three mahi 20 to 30 llb range. Sorry no pics forgot the camera at home alohas
  412. S

    goin fishin

    Goin fishing tomorrow got to crew for a charter alohas let u all know how it goes
  413. S

    Got Crabs?

    If got nabeta got Kona crabs
  414. S

    Kaneohe Akule/opelu

    yup but you need a good depth finder
  415. S

    Where have the fishys gone

    Went today six hour chater. Shallow bottomw first thing tried them jig six taape. Went out to BO no love out there. Lots of bait on the 40 though ahve great weekend and happy Halloween!!!!
  416. S

    Banks sunday

    Nice fish thanks for not calling hey Ivan guys are out tonight he said they had one 6 ft box topped off with paka already. Working on the center 8 ft box call you tommorrow
  417. S

    lots of misses

    Fished this morning ran the 40 outside own lots two onos and then dropped butterfly jigs three monster strikes broke line. Oh well not bad for a six hour charter.
  418. S

    Kaneohe Sat 10-17

    nice fish
  419. S

    Banks 10/14-10/15

    No ehus this trip to shallow
  420. S

    Banks 10/14-10/15

    Wow Jeff our cooler looked fuller then yours. Nah just joking. Yah we had 63 paka 2 taape and 15 kalis I know talk about lack of sleep. What did you get for your fish by the way just curious we need to tag team um again. I just finished chopping vegtables to make paka chinese style cant wait...
  421. S

    Why waste fuel, go catch Akule tonight!!

    Ah Akule fried yum.
  422. S

    Heading out West Side Sunday.. anyone else?

    Were going tomorrow charter deck hand. Aloha good luck tomorrow
  423. S

    Kona Kampachi?

    Actually the fish is an almaco jack simillar to kahala. Yes they are beginning to have worms according to some fish cutters I know as well some of the restaurant chefs say the same thing.
  424. S

    Palolo Pool Training - IT'S ON! October Dates

    I might be intersted need to find a partner/spotter
  425. S


    Anyone interested in buying ballyhoo?? let me know going today to catch aloha
  426. S

    boat slip ??? schofield commute

    theres always haleiwa tooo
  427. S

    here fishy fishy

    yah when the price sucks everyone loves fresh mahi alot of people got or are getting fish
  428. S

    here fishy fishy

    The fish caller worked
  429. S

    HOOTERS payout $ and %

    The reason for the low payout is because you dint have pay taxes on your winnings. A lot of the other tournys after you collect your winnings you owe taxes ex. We won the marlin side a few years ago in shack and won like 3600 ended up with 2400. when you win 15 grand in the hooters you win 15...
  430. S

    hh ahi

    ah HH be there tomorrow
  431. S


    Yah I know that why I was wondering if anyone would be interested
  432. S


    Still working it out I was think around a dollar or two a piece not anymore then ballyhoo
  433. S


    Would anyone be interested in buying live bait akule or opelu hit me back aloha
  434. S

    here fishy fishy

    Ho capt kazu actually the water waas super nice in town
  435. S

    here fishy fishy

    went fishing in town today wenty hh got small kine stuff and then on the way home mercy ono and mahi bites alohas
  436. S

    Slow trolling the lures

    its spelled otaru
  437. S

    Oamas are running

    pepe the shibi like um
  438. S


    eh captain kazu I heard freddy got one today to
  439. S

    Any west side reports from this weekend?

    went out had an ahi on the 1000's outside power plant
  440. S


    yup yup it was cool the guy was like 70 and did an awesome job
  441. S


    Went today helped a friend with a 6 hr chater out in town. Found small pile of bird on thousand bang hooked a customer into an ahi about 210 lb. They were stoked. pictures to folow alohass
  442. S

    LURES!!!!! For sale

    Howzit everyone Gonna have some more lures for sale pearl head, blueberry, and strawberry. 7 and 9 inch lures. Proven ahi mahi marlin and ono lures. Oh this past weekend they also caught an ulua and rainbow runner. Prices heads 14 to 18 unrigged and 25 to 30 skirted.
  443. S

    Found A Lure Out There (Tortoises Needed Too)

    howzit paul I might have a lead on a pair what kind of money you looking to spend
  444. S


    Went yesterday all the way to P buoy noting cam back on the back. Then back to the banks fish finally bit at the end of the day we had 7 onos 12 shibi and othe random fish.
  445. S

    kaneohe on da outside

    Nice going capt kazu
  446. S

    Good lure deal on Craigslist

    The deal we offered was better 12 lure for 160
  447. S

    FL lures vs HI lures

    Yah sometimes kaneohe get but if not west side
  448. S

    going going gone

    Finally hooked up with cappy thanks for buying the lures hope they serve you well let me know. Anyways should have more up for sale soon. Any recommendations on what you guys are looking for hit me up alohas
  449. S

    report eastside 7/19

    Good job can wait to get out there!!!! Mahi price is good.
  450. S

    Ok guys (Lures for sale)

    cappy finally up and moving again down and out out this weekend hd the flu for four days no fin. Anyways just wondering if you still interested in the lures. If not anyone else hit me up for the lures.
  451. S

    Ok guys (Lures for sale)

    hows cappy I am sick I will give you a call in the next couple of days sorry
  452. S

    200 and 201

    what patrick did it bite my lure???
  453. S

    Ok guys (Lures for sale)

    Great pic I ahve seen some weird lauching things in my dayat Kailua beacha dn Maui but that one takes the cake kinda under the weather today be in town tommorrow give u a call
  454. S

    Ok guys (Lures for sale)

    well buy um already guys send me an email or your numbers so I can contact you guys
  455. S

    Ok guys (Lures for sale)

    um torrow or friday whats your email so I can get your number
  456. S

    Ok guys (Lures for sale)

    yah Inkow try making uym lol
  457. S

    Ok guys (Lures for sale)

    Ok Gentlemen finally got this figured out. Photo bucket is awesome. Anyways the lures are all NINE inch lures. 15.00 bucks each. Or all for 165.00 for all of um These lures are proven winners. Just clearing out stock for the new stuff. Pm me if interested thanks
  458. S

    Magic Island Saturday

    lots of those in the lake behind my friends house
  459. S

    lures for sale

    have the pics tomorrow
  460. S

    Kaneohe 7-10

    nice fish the boys are out fishing today got things to do tonight
  461. S

    Fishin Report - West Side - Nothing

    new lures let me know we got lots
  462. S

    Arvo on the Makapuu ledge.

    my friend ran the banks on july3rd and had 13 onos 12 mahis and couple hundred pounds of aku and shibi. My other friend went the next day found a rubish had 400lbs of mahi and ono . fish out there just got to get lucky
  463. S

    lures for sale

    oh yah sorry all nine inch lures
  464. S

    lures for sale

    The lures people have been asking about the lures are 20 bucks each or 4 for 75 . Proven for mahi ono marlin and the yellow man pm me if interested alohas
  465. S

    some lures we made

  466. S

    lures for sale

    how do you do that
  467. S

    lures for sale

    ALoha all got some nine inch lures for sale. Cant get um to post here 20 bucks each. Hit me back with a private message and I will email some pics. They have caught marlin ahi ono and mahi alohas
  468. S

    Banana boat day

    LOl thats a great pic
  469. S

    Banana boat day

    Went yesterday all the way to x small kine shibi. Ran across one open school. NO takers not even fresh aku. worked our way to outside U got six otaru and broke off a double ahi. Not bad considering someone bought a stupid BANANA !!!!!! Happy fourth all
  470. S

    Kaneohe koa kai....

    when the aku boats in the bay get by them got to kow how though
  471. S


    have caught 2 in kaneohe in the 150 lb range.
  472. S

    Haleiwa tourny

    IS anyone fishing haleiwa hanapa'a alohas
  473. S

    Da Fever- Roll Call 2009

    I saw that thing on sat I know steve it loked nuts
  474. S

    Icey Blue???

    black silver pink
  475. S

    last week

    Heres a pic from last week alohas
  476. S

    There's no cure for the fever.

    God jo now lets hope they come around kaneohe side my friend had 2 yesterday alohas
  477. S

    Ahi Feva..

    Didn't get to fish but went to watch the boys weigh fish was there from 230 till ninr and they were still weighing fish it was pretty amazing. Good luck all today and happy fathers day to all the dads out there.
  478. S

    Yes, there are fish in the Ocean

    good going the boys are out but rubber hooking fish today I had to work. See what happens when you dont take my girlfriends lucky cookies lol aloha
  479. S

    bleeding an ahi

    we find the vein on the lateral line bleed um thar way if your in the right spot just an inch or two and blood will come rushing out. then gut it but not the gills and pack the belly with ice. Usually comes out cherry.
  480. S

    ahi ahi

    no ahi fever for us were working
  481. S

    ahi ahi

    west side
  482. S

    ahi ahi

    Went yesterday got one ahi on a double broke the other one off bummers. Also got one aku 4 mahi and an ono. Pictures to follow aloha
  483. S


    Got some lures wanting to sell anyone interested pictures to follow shortly. Aloha
  484. S

    Got one!

    Howzit tsu, I want to get a couple shirts for fathers day how do I go about doing so aloha steve
  485. S

    driving from oahu to off lanai...what would u run?

    blue silvers blue pink choke malolo
  486. S

    Cruising around the island of Molokai

    pelekunu is awesome
  487. S

    Just another day in paradise

    Went out fighing this weekend. Aloha all
  488. S

    The rubber hook syndrome...

    try tie stapping the double hooks works way better
  489. S

    All fishing...No catching. Penguin Banks 5/15

    we went hk yesterday flat flat water but managed 1 mahi and 2 ono missed a bunch of fish to alohhas
  490. S

    Waianae 05/20/2009

    nice fish was it in the blind or a pile choke porpise up on trhe banks just no ahis
  491. S

    went again

    If you go Kaneohe dont waste your time with the top side my friend said was junk alohas
  492. S

    went again

    Went again today got 5 3gill and gut 2 teens mahi and an ono lost mister yellow man all in all a good flat flat water day. Aloha
  493. S

    The Banks

    were had 3 on monday and 9 last week
  494. S

    went today

    5 gill and guts yah we got good money for um 2 pinner ones made nice mahi piccata tonight
  495. S

    went today

    yah were going up the banks on thurs again I think
  496. S

    went today

    Went fishing in hawaii kai today just got home from the block. Got 7 mahis and 3 onos was kinda a bummer forgot the camera at home alohas
  497. S

    my time on the island

    good going were going bottom fishing monday alohas
  498. S


    it hit a 7 inch gay bob
  499. S


    Went fishing today out of kaneohe left at 1130 to run the fixed motor. Went and trolled mokumanu got an ono first past. Came in was home by 3:00 boat wash fish cut yeah got fish for mothers day alohas
  500. S

    Skirt color combos

    r they destrroying the lures I sent you?
  501. S

    Fishing report 5/4

    if it did it was like yest my friends were there on sat
  502. S

    Skirt color combos

    patrick hows the fishing on kauai?? aloha steve
  503. S

    Molokai Trip Report

    Good going way to let that marlin the price is crap right now anyway let her go and make babies lol aloha
  504. S

    fish fish mahi onos and other stuff

    theres the pics aloha
  505. S

    fish fish mahi onos and other stuff

    not bs trying to get the photos from my fish8ing buddy
  506. S

    fish fish mahi onos and other stuff

    went fishing today just got home from the block and cleaning up 9 onos 6 mahi in our secret spot on our secret lures. Missed another 15 to 20 knock downs. pIctures tommorrow
  507. S

    fish report

    went top side 7 were working I thought t was on station went there a few weeks ago. How did u do in the tournament we had 5 mahi nonr big enough to place
  508. S

    fish report

    Went fishing today got beat up out of Kaneohe got 3 mahi and an ono though missed a bunch of fish aloha
  509. S

    tournament this weekend

    Ahi fever is on pick up the application this past week. also no the one were fishing in this weekend is put on by hanapa'a fishing supply from sand island not from haleiwa. good luck to all those who entered
  510. S

    tournament this weekend

  511. S

    tournament this weekend

    yah were in were bringing the whole plat lol
  512. S

    tournament this weekend

    Whos fishing in the hanapa'a tournament this weekend ???
  513. S

    Yama Trolling Jigs

    try ebay
  514. S

    marlin marlin marlin

    A good day 3 marlin and 10 misses
  515. S

    one week!!!

    Kaneohe is slow went last friday only one mahi mahi