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  1. joker63

    DFW ticket for chartering a trip by sharing costs on personal boat.

    Moral of this story is keep you’re mouth shut You don’t have to answer any questions Went to Morro Bay rockfishing on a friends boat there was 4 of us soon as we hit the ramp there was a dfg warden. Started asking questions like where you all from How do you know each other I knew what he was...
  2. joker63

    TRADE Goneeeeee

    If you decide to separate I’d be in on 1 of them cjbf80H
  3. joker63

    San Diego full day boats $200

  4. joker63

    San Diego full day boats $200

    Your wrong Aloha Spirit is 160$ + a 4% harbor fee works out to be 167$ open party for 15 Actually taking a hit of 100$ less over all I charter the boat and rate now is 100$ less than what I was quoted before this Rona Virus BS hit Also there’s a reason the boat is booked solid well into July...
  5. joker63

    SOLD Penn Torque,Fathom,Revo NACL

    All sold Thx to BD & all that bought reels
  6. joker63

    SOLD GF800 H

    Dammit Marc Your killing me !!
  7. joker63

    SOLD Penn Torque,Fathom,Revo NACL

    Price is 185$ shipped FIRM
  8. joker63

    SOLD Penn Torque,Fathom,Revo NACL

    Revo NACL is SOLD Penn Torque is SOLD Penn Fathom is available
  9. joker63

    SOLD Penn Torque,Fathom,Revo NACL

    Penn TRQ 15XNLD2 BNIB Has 65lb spectra w/room for top shot 500$ shipped SOLD SOLD GONE!! Penn Fathom 15LD2 BNIB 185$ shipped SOLD Opened to show reel in box Abu Garcia Revo NACL mint in box w/all that came with like new inc extra handle $165 shipped SOLD All prices inc shipping Shipped...
  10. joker63

    SOLD Calstars 850L,850M and Phenix BD w/ Revo TORO nacl

    All rods sold Only NACL reel available
  11. joker63

    SOLD Saltiga 35 ha

    Hey Marc, I’ll take it Text me 6613027174 Danny
  12. joker63

    Just bored, what calstars do you own?

    Try a 800XLH or 800ML
  13. joker63

    Just bored, what calstars do you own?

    BT196-6 old BT6485L BT90J GG90J BT6465XH GF800XLH GF800M GF800Mag GF90J GF900XL GF900L
  14. joker63

    to everyone looking to sell a boat

    I’m ready
  15. joker63

    Tackle Ho's, what have you picked up lately?

    Added a BNIB Penn Torque 12SD today :imdumb:
  16. joker63

    Tackle Ho's, what have you picked up lately?

    Tranx 300 Spent 235$ on misc tackle @ fred hall GP90MEGA blank now at Moons Xtra tuff newest shortys (really didn’t need them) but wtf JRI & OCT Jig’s TN20DC 1268 Truline Tiburon XN 220 frame A good score was 18 llsharp jigs @ 6$ a pop Unknown rod maybe a silaflex ? Pictured And sold 4 rods for...
  17. joker63

    SOLD Seeker Aqua blue 270-8H wrapped by moon

    Surprised this hasn’t sold Just seen a baby ulua same color blank same wrap by Moon sell for a 1000$ WTF!! Somebody buy this so I can’t
  18. joker63

    WTB Looking for a FD85

    Good luck wit ur search
  19. joker63

    SOLD Seeker Aqua blue 270-8H wrapped by moon

    Damn I’ve got the perfect reel for it
  20. joker63

    SOLD Calstars 850L,850M and Phenix BD w/ Revo TORO nacl

    Only Revo NACL available 165$ shipped CA only
  21. joker63

    SOLD Calstars 850L,850M and Phenix BD w/ Revo TORO nacl

    Bought these calstars not going to use them Custom from Young’s Tackle Both have previous owners name on them covered them up with a sticker Both in 9/10 condition 1.850M.....$200 SOLD 2.850L.....$200 SOLD Both of these have Fuji SIC guides bout hundred a set Separated the Phenix rod and revo...
  22. joker63

    For Sale Calstar grafighter 800xh...

    Still have it ? Available ?
  23. joker63

    SOLD Moons customs sold

    80H off market Only FL75 available
  24. joker63

    SOLD Moons customs sold

    1.SS FL75 moon wrapped 550$GONE 2.SS cjbf 90 moon wrapped 450$SOLD 3. Blue glass WT7X moon wrapped 450$SOLD Prices are FIRM Fastest reply text 661.302.7174 Not taking offers price to sell Firm Text over PM has priority No trades Fla
  25. joker63

    WTB Seeker Pinhead BH89

    Got this ultra rare LB prototype SS Clb80Xf told only a few produced Greenie by rooster
  26. joker63

    PENN new product wish list

    A compact/sleeker SILVER torque star drag to compete with the Trinidad
  27. joker63

    Party Boating Again, 1-18-20!

    Do it again and I’m in! Great winter weather And I’ll say better than sitting at home
  28. joker63

    SOLD Blue Glass CJBF 80H

    Surprised it hasn’t sold yet
  29. joker63

    SOLD FL75 greenie

    FL is for fisherman’s landing Originally a FL exclusive 75 is for 7.5 in length Designed for a 40lb bait rod
  30. joker63

    SOLD FL75 greenie

    At least OP is getting free bumps
  31. joker63

    SOLD FL75 greenie

    yeah Jeff I remember that I seen Steve’s post I should’ve jumped on that :rofl: Side note what happened to Steve ?
  32. joker63

    SOLD FL75 greenie

    Awhile back bought off these same classified ads Bought another from tackle store for 100$ when nobody wanted them
  33. joker63

    SOLD FL75 greenie

    Price sure has gone up since I paid 150$ for mine
  34. joker63

    SOLD New Penn Torque 15 XNLD2

    Great reel Free Bump
  35. joker63

    WTB Accurate Valiant 2 500

    Go to page 7 on here There’s 1 like new for 400$ Red & Silver BV500-2
  36. joker63

    Mexico Fishing License

    Bought mine from 22nd st. Landing
  37. joker63

    SOLD Saltiga & Saltist Set

    Looks like a SaltiSt 35 to me :rofl:
  38. joker63

    SOLD BV500-2 silver

    You’re welcome
  39. joker63

    SOLD BV500-2 silver

    BNIB accurate BV500-2 in silver 450$ shipped Fastest response text 661.302.7174
  40. joker63

    SOLD Truline D8 Roddy Br90 & Shimano 20 DC

    I don’t mean to destroy your post but that is NOT the right rod clamp for a trini DC 20 GLWS tho
  41. joker63

    SOLD Found One

    I know Calstar has a GF100JMAG got 1 from Tommy over at performance tackle Calstar also has the GF90J & a GF800MAG the 800 is a badass 40/50 rod GLWsearch OP
  42. joker63

    SOLD New Toro Tamer Poppers- Cheap + Free Pliers !

    Good seller received the poppers over night Thx again Ray!!!
  43. joker63

    SOLD Authentic LB Green SS cjbf80H

    I’ve got 1 already looking for cjbf80 Thx tho
  44. joker63

    SOLD Authentic LB Green SS cjbf80H

    Authentic LB made greenie CJBF80H (6480H) up for trade Baja Fish Gear edition Looking for ONLY (4) LB SS CJBF80 (6480) blank or rod Others are for reference only of glass ima looking for.....NONE (r4) sale Could be a + cash deal on your end depending on wat you got
  45. joker63

    Penn Fathom 2 Star drag reel

    Just buy it Fathom SD are great reels
  46. joker63

    SOLD Saltiga 30T reduced,Talica 8ii

    A must have for the tru hardcore Daiwa fan I have 2 and letting this 1 go
  47. joker63

    SOLD Saltiga 30T reduced,Talica 8ii

    Reduced Saltiga to 325$ shipped
  48. joker63

    SOLD Saltiga 30T reduced,Talica 8ii

    *****NO Trades***** Prices inc shipping CA ONLY Fathom 30LD2 in great shape (see pics) full of 65lb pro spec spectra reel & clamp only ^^^SOLD^^^ Saltiga 30T includes box,clamp,extra handle has 65lb power pro Blue spectra ^^^SOLD^^^ Talica 8ii in great shape (see pics) complete in box with...
  49. joker63

    SOLD Avet Reels Now Reduced $$

    BTT He’s ready to make deal to get these reels sold
  50. joker63

    SOLD Delete

    NO Trades 1. GONE 2. Phenix BD inshore 867ML brand new wit tags and plastic still on handle retail 289$ sell 175$ Will relist later date 3.GONE Firm on prices Please DONT ASK what my best price is Can meet as far south as island tackle NO TRADES Fastest reply text 661.302.7174
  51. joker63

    SOLD Avet Reels Now Reduced $$

    Buyer disappeared/flaked out All reels still available He might do free shipping just ask
  52. joker63

    SOLD Penn Baja special

    Sunday nite bump
  53. joker63

    SOLD Avet Reels Now Reduced $$

    Not my reels posting for a friend MUST text Ty @ 909.921.6100 No PM (2) me reels located in Upland,CA Reels look in great shape see pics Avet EXW 30/2.....300$ Reduced 275$ Avet LX 2-speed......200$ Reduced 185$ Avet JX single speed.....125$ Now 110$ Will ship to lower 48 only All reels come...
  54. joker63

    SOLD Delete

    Nice blank !! 196-8 SS People paying this $$$ for blanks maybe time to drop some LB moon wrapped SS ***plz no PM’s*** Free bump
  55. joker63

    SOLD Penn Baja special

    Ok but don’t tell Ruben :jig:
  56. joker63

    SOLD Penn Baja special

    6 ought gone Only Baja Special available
  57. joker63

    TRADE Virgin Cousins 95Mag

    Jerr, Why wouldn’t you sell take the cash and get BNIB what you want :cheers:
  58. joker63

    SOLD Penn Baja special

    Up Who needs a clean Fucking clean Baja Special
  59. joker63

    SOLD Penn Baja special

    Up Both fathoms sold 6/0 now 50$ shipped
  60. joker63

    WTB 20lb rod: 196 or?

    X2 on the 270-8 GLWSearch
  61. joker63

    SOLD Penn Baja special

    All SOLD!! Prices inc shipping CA only BNIB Penn Fathom 12 SOLD!! BNIB Penn Fathom 25N SOLD!! Baja special 9.5/10 cond has 65 spectra w/ 50lb mono ready to fish SOLD Used Penn 6/0 SOLD!! PayPal/Venmo Fastest response text 661.302.7174 Not looking for trades!!
  62. joker63

    WTB Fathom 12 star

    Sent you a text
  63. joker63

    Good rod and reel inshore set up

    Best all around rod Calstar 800M or any brand glass 6480
  64. joker63

    $13.00 Burger on a Sport Boat

    Last week I went on a sporty outta 22nd st. Landing we went to Catalina I had a grilled cheese,cheese burger, a coors lite,& 2 modelo’s tab was 14$ I paid 25$ and told em keep the change :rofl:
  65. joker63

    SOLD Penn Torque TRQ25N and TRQ15 -New-

    Free bump & a FYI These torque’s have been discontinued Better get em while you can
  66. joker63

    For Sale *LONG BEACH Super Seeker blanks*

    That cjb90F is a nice 25/30 all around bait rod
  67. joker63

    SOLD Penn Torque 15 “Black” Star Drag

    Sexy!!! This won’t last long !!!
  68. joker63

    Fall Yellows on the "Pursuit" !

    Nice Ray !!! Yellows bit for the Aloha Santa Cruz Island yesterday they got 36
  69. joker63

    For Sale *LONG BEACH Super Seeker blanks*

    Somebody say Fat butt 90F ?
  70. joker63

    For Sale Uc,seeker, rainshadow blanks

    For the price the 80M judge blank is a steal If I was closer :D
  71. joker63

    SOLD Torium 20PG mint

    1 boat ride mint in box complete wit everything like new. power gear 4.6/1 180$ shipped included is 500 yds 80LB green PPro Maxcuatro PayPal or Venmo Not looking for trades Fastest Reply text 661.302.7174
  72. joker63

    Penn fathom 25nld2 aftermarket reel clamp

    Make it easy tiburon xxl clamp or the new Duran’s clamp
  73. joker63

    Island Tak 9/22

    Always a pleasure fishing with you Ray !! And as usual stellar reports for BD Your always welcome to fish with the “crew” lol Next year I hope to do some Monday charters on the “Tak” you always will get an invite to join :jig:
  74. joker63

    Searcher 3-day report; 9/12 to 9/15, 2019

    I’m calling BS with no pics :rofl::food-smiley-014:
  75. joker63

    For Sale 1 left......Seeker Long Beach green sglass composite blue

    Damn glad I bought 1 back in the day for 90$
  76. joker63

    New Fathoms coming ..??

    Why discontinue a great reel ? Is there something equivalent coming out ? Inquiring minds want to know :jig:
  77. joker63

    WTB Super seeker FL75 Blank or rod

    Seen a few WTB same FL75 with 0 success very hard to get rod People that have em don’t wanna part with them :deadhorse I won’t git rid of mine GLWsearch tho :cheers:
  78. joker63

    SOLD Daiwa Saltiga Star Drag 20Ha

    Great Reel Free bump
  79. joker63

    WTB saltiga 15 or 20 stardrag

    I have a OG 15 BNIB I value it as one of those OG blue seekers :rofl:
  80. joker63

    For Sale NIB Daiwa saltigas 10 h, 15h, 35NH and LD 35 2 speed

    The 35NH is narrower than the 35H think of it as a Trinidad 16N and yes same side plate size
  81. joker63

    WTB Penn 40 NLD2

    Fathom 40NLD2
  82. joker63

    SOLD Trinidad’s 14A,16A

    Both SOLD thx BD!!!
  83. joker63

    SOLD Trinidad’s 14A,16A

    both come with box, clamp, paperwork 16A is filled with 50lb spectra has a 40 floro top shot 9/10 in condition 375$ SHIPPED 14A full of 50lb spectra 9/10 in condition 365$ SHIPPED Both Reels are SOLD!!! Price Firm on both <NO TRADES> Fastest Response text 661.302.7174
  84. joker63


    Revo Inshore mint in box filled with power pro 30lb spectra serviced @ Sav On tackle not used since 125$ NO trades Text 661.302.7174 for fastest reply
  85. joker63

    SOLD A 270H 8’ SEEKER

    Very nice Rod GLWS
  86. joker63

    SOLD Mint torque 25NLD2 Reduced 425$

    Blue power pro solid w/ 30yds 60lb hollow
  87. joker63

    SOLD Mint torque 25NLD2 Reduced 425$

    Absolute Mint torque 25NLD2 Has 30yds 60lb hollow expertly spliced into 65lb blue braid filled to the top ready for your topshot SOLD anywhere in CA usps priority Reel only and clamp NO box Fastest response text 661.302.7174
  88. joker63

    SOLD Unicorn DC

    Save your money get a 16A it will catch fish the same :jig:
  89. joker63

    SOLD 12 surface iron 80$ shipped

    All new except 1. 12 surface irons pictured 80$ shipped Fastest response text 661.302.7174 *****PENDING*****
  90. joker63

    For Sale Fluoro

    Ever get the PM I sent you ?
  91. joker63

    Penn Torque 2 Speed vs. Talica II?

    Dammit!!! Ima need another reel :D
  92. joker63

    Calstar XLH reel choice

    800XLH I use a 14A but you can’t go wrong using the 14 or 16N
  93. joker63

    Penn Torque 2 Speed vs. Talica II?

    What model is the silver reel ? Looks narrower the the gold 25N
  94. joker63

    Team Fandango goes north. Channel Islands.

    Nice!!! Went the distance and slayed em
  95. joker63

    For Sale D8 by Seeker-factory

    Better to have a back up buyer Lots O flakes on BD just sayin
  96. joker63

    Sea Bass Carnage in the 805

    Cast out let it sink a bit Start slowwwwwwwwww retrieve Got bit once on da sink Rest of bites was on the sloooooooowwwwwww retrieve
  97. joker63

    WTB Tesoro 12

    Unless you have a Pencil dick jig stick that fucker wit stock rod clamp won’t fit SHIT!!!
  98. joker63

    6/24 Yellas at Cat on the Pursuit !

    Stellar report from you always Ray!!! Nice handoff to the kid!!!
  99. joker63

    Sea Bass Carnage in the 805

    Those are sea bass stones outta the fishes head just keepsakes
  100. joker63

    Sea Bass Carnage in the 805

    6/23/19 Long story short We killed it!!! What worked red crab hook up baits 5/8 and the 1oz Bite lasted bout 1 1/2 hour always had 1 or 2 going All by ourselves no other boats around I’ll let the pics do the talking full 3 fish limits for 8 + crew My 5th trip straight I got C bass Even...
  101. joker63

    For Sale Okuma Makiara 15T New Gunmetal

    From Island Tackle today
  102. joker63

    SOLD Tiburon reel clamp SOLD

    brand new for accurate valiant 300 All parts inc...retail 64.95 sell for 43$ shipped PayPal Fastest response text 661.302.7174
  103. joker63

    For Sale 2 Snow Tiger Ulua’s and 1 White Tiger 7x

    I’ll text you 24/7 Nice rods what’s available ?
  104. joker63

    SOLD Tern 400 sold

    Most of my rods are seine cord DH style Don't like the narrow accurate rod clamp That is all
  105. joker63

    SOLD Tern 400 sold

  106. joker63

    Wrapping handles on pliers

    I can't make/wrap shit but, lucky for me my $$$ can buy me shit Moon's wrapped plier set wit a custom sheath from granite station saddlery up here in Bakersfield Also made black sheath for my other set (last pic)
  107. joker63

    Cedros 10-8/10-11

    Same rod socks bundle together Next time Ima going to something different to protect the tips of rods
  108. joker63

    Cedros 10-8/10-11

    Planned this trip since January word was it may get cancelled coz of Sergio got the green light and it was a GO! We had beautiful weather good enough that we made the trek to Benito's first full day of fishing got in on some solid action on calicos and a few yellows on the yoyo iron got corn...
  109. joker63

    Aloha Spirit 10/13 - BASS !

    It was great fishing with you Ray Good times :cheers: and yes you got the invite to fish with us again on the New Years Eve trip :720icon: Oh yeah you forgot to mention you got JP Calico Bass !!! And great report
  110. joker63

    Pursuit-Catalina 9/25

    Always top notch reports :jig:
  111. joker63

    For Sale Super Seeker And Saltiga

    I'm already winning I have a job that pays well that I don't have to nickel and dime people to make a few bucks ain't got time for that GLWS :p
  112. joker63

    For Sale Super Seeker And Saltiga

    I'll offer you 221$ Thatz 1$ over wat you paid for it last night CJBF80
  113. joker63

    WTB Trinidad conventional reel

    14A would be better or 16NA like above already posted
  114. joker63

    Aloha Spirit yellows

    I admitted they were stolen!! and ya maybe 1 day
  115. joker63

    Aloha Spirit yellows

    The nicer grade yellows @ Anacapa are biting not big #'s but if you can pick a good lively bait and get it out there chance are you can get "bit" We had nice strong swimming dines and a few right size mackerel Effin seals are relentless and they bite your bait in half or had quite a few snake...
  116. joker63

    For Sale 19 ft MAKO for sale

    Sent you a pm GL fishin
  117. joker63

    For Sale 19 ft MAKO for sale

    Did this ever sell ?
  118. joker63

    For Sale Shimano rods/reels, seeker and cal star rods

    I sent a text got 0 response Told bad he sold some off I would've bought it all for the 4Gs
  119. joker63

    For Sale AC Plier Holster

    Difference is get it NOW not wait 2 weeks and then wait for it in shipping and it's got 3 stamps Extra coin
  120. joker63

    For Sale AC Plier Holster

    Yes and spike holster also
  121. joker63

    For Sale MINT Makaira 8ii Sea 400$

    Went for a boat ride never used Can't call it BNIB might as well tho Has new 65lb j- braid 310yds didn't like the rainbow :supergay:color braid so I switched it out Including box and everything as new SOLD Text 6613027174 for fastest reply
  122. joker63

    For Sale AC Plier Holster

    Brand new SOLD PayPal F&F shipping included Fastest reply text 661.302.7174
  123. joker63

    For Sale Brand New Raze Swimbait rod

    Thatz a steal for a hunno
  124. joker63

    For Sale Moon's custom calstar 800MH,Ranger Contender live bait rod

    Brand new Moons custom calstar 800MH has Fuji mnsg "sic" guides hypolon handle wit reel seat 30/50 rating 325$ Ranger Contender 7.10ft. Live bait rod in excellent condition rated 12/30 100$ SOLD Best is text 6613027174 for fast reply
  125. joker63

    UC CE900XF

    Calstar 900XL UC 90XF I have both 90XF flings smaller baits better and has plenty of back bone for wat we catch locally All caught on UC90XF fishin 20lb floro
  126. joker63

    Trinidad 30 & Super Seeker Ulua

    Get a tiburon clamp Should come with appropriate screws to fit
  127. joker63

    For Sale Tuna N Stuff

    I like sluts how much to cop a feel ? :boobies:
  128. joker63

    Morrow Bay 8/4/18

    Only lost 1 dum dum bait all day and surprisingly nothing else :-)
  129. joker63

    Morrow Bay 8/4/18

    Got to fish on a private boat rarely get to do this on a nice Mako 21' center console Trip over from Bakersfield was uneventful 1 of our anglers didn't have a license so we stopped at patriot Sportfishing and got it handled Headed north out of harbor destination was fish the shallows off Cambria...
  130. joker63

    TRADE Luke Bryan/Sam Hunt Concert 7/28/18 @ 4:00pm

    I did a little research Luke Bryan Pass Glwtrade
  131. joker63

    For Sale shimano reel calstar rod combo

    Fuck man your inquiring about buying a effin fishing reel not a car 8-) GLWS
  132. joker63

    SOLD Penn torque 25 narrow W extra low gear set

    That's a good deal considering the "extras" this shouldn't last long If I didn't have (2) already :-) GLWS
  133. joker63

    Biscuits & yellows 7-22-18

    We had the same thing 2 trips ago 400lb BSB came up after a yellow followed it to the boat John called the BSB @ 400lbs
  134. joker63

    Biscuits & yellows 7-22-18

    Don't tell John bout this report :D I swore i wouldn't give up the location We were at Santa Rosa :jig:
  135. joker63

    Biscuits & yellows 7-22-18

    Went again monthly 8-Pak charter on the Island Tak seen way more yellows than we got I went 1/3 on the yellows fishing light line in the kelp started with 15 floro and then went heavy on the 20 floro made up for it wit 2/2 on the c- bass!! All anchovy fish cept for the bigger biscuit on one of...
  136. joker63

    TRADE Luke Bryan/Sam Hunt Concert 7/28/18 @ 4:00pm

    Who's Luke Bryan Didnt he open for suicidal tendencies & fucking slayer awhile back ?
  137. joker63

    WTB Penn Torque 25N (BLACK)

    Search this forum there was for sale posted last week
  138. joker63

    SOLD 16DC Shimano Trinidad

    Thx (4) the G$$D deal!! Freeeeeee bump
  139. joker63

    SOLD Calstar 800XL Cork Handle - sold

    That's a great deal on this 800XL!!
  140. joker63

    Penn Versa Gears

    5-TRQ40 4.8 main gear 13-TRQ40 Pinion gear Easiest is to call 609.296.1300 Have limited hours to call Tomorrow is only 6am/9am PT
  141. joker63

    Penn Fathom I get it.

    I use a different beast TRQ25N I have 2 1.with the 6/1 & the other geared down to 4.8/1 great iron reels
  142. joker63

    Live bait rod for my Penn Torque 12 ( star drag ) ?

    800XLH,800xl,800L,800M 900xl,900L Old school glass 270-8H Lotsa choices I just happen to like calstar
  143. joker63

    Penn Versa Gears

    Ordered from had em 2 days not bad from NJ to CA
  144. joker63

    Reel for uc gusa 90xf

    I found a BNIB Trinidad 10A Filled it w/ 300yds 30lb spectra and slapped it on my 90xf Great chovy rod for me If it's a DH rod Newell 220 would work
  145. joker63

    Pursuit-Catalina 6/25

    Damn very nice and detailed report!!! But where's the pics of eye candy you mentioned ?? Haha
  146. joker63

    Aloha Spirit 6-24

    Everyone on the Aloha Spirit is great inc the cook ‍ top notch food Reason there always booked solid during the summer months
  147. joker63

    Run & Gun seabass on the tak

    Kinda late went on monthly charter 6/24 on the island tak always just 8 anglers Run n Gun style fishing for the biscuits I got lucky and must have dropped my squid on this c bass's head got a 30lb Ended up with 7 and a couple casualties and a dog took the only yellow hooked and a few bass...
  148. joker63

    For Sale Calstar 100J Mag Avet JX MC cast

    Listen to the old married guys like me Wife bought me a 14A back in 2012 Every time I sell a reel she asks if it's the 1 she bought me I tell her NO I never sell that reel just because It go's wit me every trip
  149. joker63

    FREE Trinidads A series

    Not mine but wat a deal :eek: :confused:
  150. joker63

    Penn Versa Gears

    Best to order from penn website ?? Or from a dealer
  151. joker63

    Penn Versa Gears

    Does Penn still make 4.8/1 gears for the Torque Reels ?....25N
  152. joker63

    For Sale Shimano Reel Clamps for Trinindad A - all SOLD

    No you will need a tiburon clamp for that 30a
  153. joker63

    For Sale Cousins 95mag rod

    Hey Now Don't you have enough already lol Moon's customs are better than any factory rod
  154. joker63

    For Sale Cousins 95mag rod

    Although this is a bad ass Moon's custom Cousins does put out a factory blacked out version 95mag seen 1 today at local tackle shop
  155. joker63

    SOLD Original Seeker CEX Ulua-SOLD

    Should put pics up Pictures sell ur shit
  156. joker63

    SOLD Trinidad 20A Saltiga 15H

    Both 20A & 15H have been sold
  157. joker63

    SOLD Trinidad 20A Saltiga 15H

    Added BNIB saltiga 15H 275$ shipped
  158. joker63

    MOON wrapped Seeker CJBF80-H grey-blue blank.

    nice rod Moon does great work
  159. joker63

    New UC85Phantom is out if u haven't heard

    Got mine from Moon Has a trigger made to fish 400 size reels I'll use a Tranx 400 or a lexa 400WN
  160. joker63

    Virg's Landing vs Morro Bay Landing

    Fiesta outta Virgs good capt & crew 2 tips tho Watch the weather Bring your own grub 12 hr trip 5am/5pm are the best
  161. joker63

    FREE up to $100 off ebay, today only

    My item got marked "shipped"
  162. joker63

    FREE up to $100 off ebay, today only

    What did you purchase ?
  163. joker63

    SOLD Trinidad 20A Saltiga 15H

    Trinidad 14A SOLD Trinidad 20A very very clean was also used as a backup reel seen very little use Loaded with 60lb hollow to the brim incs clamp,paperwork,box...SOLD Daiwa Saltiga 15H BNIB SOLD Fastest reply text 661.302.7174
  164. joker63

    WTB Trinidad 10aa

    Only place I found 1 was eBay There's still 1 or 2 on there
  165. joker63

    WTB Anyone have a Super seeker 196-8'

    Sorry man went to take a pic of 1 and Ima hoarder and can't part with either 1 GLWSearch
  166. joker63

    WTB Anyone have a Super seeker 196-8'

    I have 2 Both made in the LBC SS804 is the seeker #
  167. joker63

    SOLD GG6480 Perfect (price reduced)

    That rod is solid Someone buy it B 4 I do
  168. joker63

    For Sale Seeker Rods (2)

    It's been paid for and gone
  169. joker63

    Reel for Jig Stick

  170. joker63

    For Sale Seeker Rods (2)

    Seeker Black Steel 6480 20/40 bomber eyewear limited edition seen 1 boat ride shows like brand new (mint) SOLD Seeker Pin Head 1580 15/40 limited blacked out edition Brand New wit tag SOLD NO TRADES Text 661.302.7174
  171. joker63

    Best Calcutta for Inshore/Half-Day duty?

    Shimano quit making them search eBay or the for sale forum here on BD they pop up for sale now and then Worth every penny I have 1 and if I didn't have so many reels I'd buy another 1 just to have it
  172. joker63

    which 9 ft rod

    UC 85Phantom Only available as a blank You can customize your own Fitting a 16NA w/ stock clamp NP This 1 was built for a Tranx 400 Rating is 25/50 My 16NA fits great also *****edit***** Also a super seeker CJBF90 would work also My 16NA will fit w/stock clamp but it also is custom wit small...
  173. joker63

    WTB calstar 800/900 xl/ xlh-graphiter

    No such thing as a 900xlh No reel seat on a 900xl only DH Both the 800XLH and 900XL HTF I've got em both in moon's customs :D
  174. joker63

    For Sale Shimano Trinidad 16A & Saltiga 30

    Try to text you # no good Where is your location Interested in 16A
  175. joker63

    SOLD 1st Generation Seeker White Tiger

    I've got the same 7Xlight Makes a great "light" jig stick also GLWS
  176. joker63

    4/2. The San Diego

    Nice report Thx for sharing!!
  177. joker63

    Endeavor sportfishing, morro bay opener

    Thx for sharing!! Nice report!!
  178. joker63

    03/30/18 Outrider 5-5 trip

    You never mentioned to me drove up the coast like a 1 eyed pirate lol Tucker's operation is 1st class explains why getting on is difficult at times Good Times
  179. joker63

    Tesoro 12 Reel Clamp?

    It is what it is At least I can mount my reels on my rods with no worries Did I offend you ? Maybe you needed to be offended
  180. joker63

    For Sale For Sale -*mint* Shimano Torium 16 HG $150

    805mike and I agreed Ima pu reel on Friday I will not fail/flake on him
  181. joker63

    Tesoro 12 Reel Clamp?

    my solution
  182. joker63

    Tesoro10 line info

    Just a FYI I got 500 yds of 65 of that power pro max some shit on mine My guess is at least 300yds(maybe 350) of forty for a 100 yd top of 30 mono
  183. joker63

    Tesoro 12 Reel Clamp?

    I've heard thru local tackle shop from okuma rep that tiburon clamp for Tranx 400 will fit Tesoro although I've not tryed it myself and I don't think it would be wide enough for a ulua This is what okuma sent me Stock nut caps vs. longer nut caps
  184. joker63

    Tesoro 5s

    Try 1 of these This is going on the 800ML to fish 25/30
  185. joker63

    FS: 2 Pro Gear V30 - Black ***SOLD***

    Good deals Should go Fast!!
  186. joker63

    Okuma Tesoro 10s

    Hey Okuma you listening ? I got me a 10......great reel!! But you need to include some longer reel seat screws and longer reaching screw heads nuts For those of us who fish DH rods I can barely get the 10 on a small diameter cord handle Some of us buy these to fish on our own rods not the store...
  187. joker63

    Trinidad 12A. Is it enough?

    If it's a DH rod I'd go with the 14A cuz it has a rod clamp I fish a 14A with my 900xl perfect reel for the rod
  188. joker63


    That's because it's NOT an OG 322 there not beveled Put up pics of reel box Probably a grey/white box Hard to see in pic but you can also tell by texture of side plates OG and the newer version have different textures on side plates The experienced eye can see the difference GLWS
  189. joker63

    SOLD Saltist BG20

    You can kill a lot of fish wit this combo From tuna/yellows to rockfishing Free bump
  190. joker63

    Limits of Bluefin on the New Lo-An 11/10 w/ Moon

    Nice report Ruben Looks you and Moon killed it
  191. joker63

    Mirage? or Pacific dawn?

    1 more for PAC DAWN More comfortable boat
  192. joker63

    Brand New Calcutta 812 XFA Value?

    Ya don't buy it Just forward me the contact info
  193. joker63

    4 stack Newell P322-F $235**SOLD**

    So you can't sell for 1500$ So you up the price to 1800$ GLWS
  194. joker63

    Christmas comes early.. 76 Raptor and 76 Predator by Moon.

    And Ruben knows......... That's why I only get my fishing rods from Moon Nice sticks!!!
  195. joker63

    Seeker classic 6485-8 1/2CT and Lexa 400

    It should/will work Clamp kit comes with short & long screws
  196. joker63

    Seeker rod

    Super Seeker LB made
  197. joker63

    rock fishing

    Yes Aloha Spirit
  198. joker63

    rock fishing

    I was rockfishing with a Super Seeker cjbf90/Daiwa Lexa WN400HS-P using a coltsniper and got this "incidental" catch Thresher Shark 10-14-17
  199. joker63

    Seeker rod

    LB made SS270-8H Worth the 200$
  200. joker63

    Daiwa Saltiga 20 never fished-sold

    SOLD a couple days ago
  201. joker63

    Send me pics text to 661/302/7174 Thx Where do you live ? Thx

    Send me pics text to 661/302/7174 Thx Where do you live ? Thx
  202. joker63

    WTB super seekers 80 or 80H LB made

    WTB super seeker 80(6480) or 80H(6480H) Long Beach made blanks or rods only Please PM
  203. joker63

    WTB Calstar 900XL

    Just FYI Never factory wrapped with reel seat Only cork tape handle Good luck on finding 1 of those There's the 1 on here been for sale long time that has reel seat
  204. joker63

    Calstar GG 6480 mint condition $200

    That's the finest 6480 ever made
  205. joker63

    Create My Dedicated Chovy Set Up (Please)

    Your SS804 is equivalent to a 196-8 I'd go wit the 804 and you're trini 14A or a12A Good excuse for needing another reel!!
  206. joker63

    I'm back! First real trip with full limits of quality yellowtail! (Video too)

    Awesome report young man actually It's fucking awesome !!!
  207. joker63

    "New condition Raptor"

    Call avet I'm sure they will hook you up Never buy anything w/o pics even if it is BNIB and seller says no pics nessary then move on Always ask if reel includes rod clamp Always ask for phone # if just to send texts Most everyone on this board is legit and don't let 1 bad experience get to you
  208. joker63

    Good surface iron combo?

    What size cork puppy ? You need the largest sz they have
  209. joker63

    Good surface iron combo?

    Moon re-wrapped my cord handle with a smaller diameter cord I can fit my Torque 25N with stock penn clamp on my GG90J
  210. joker63

    Truline - Calstar - Seeker WT 6463XXXXH - Pro Gear - Satiga 20 - Curado 200

    X3 Michael takes better care of his gears better than I do
  211. joker63

    calcutta or new tranx

    I'd go with the tranx Either the 300 or 400
  212. joker63

    Trinidad TN20 handle

    Try EBay
  213. joker63

    Aloha Spirit Yellows & island rescue

    Weathers looking "breezy" for Sunday
  214. joker63

    Aloha Spirit Yellows & island rescue

    They had left over from the day before From the bait boat
  215. joker63

    Bob Sands Tackle (Vanuys)

    Best tackle shop in the SFV
  216. joker63

    Trini 16a vs 20a

    If your referring to the black Shimano clamp No it does not work wit a 16A The tiburon will work wit the 20A I have both clamps
  217. joker63

    Aloha Spirit Yellows & island rescue

    All on squid Both the dropper loop and 1oz slider rigs
  218. joker63

    Aloha Spirit Yellows & island rescue

    Idk the name exactly but it was bout 1/2 mile around the corner from where we picked him up
  219. joker63

    Aloha Spirit Yellows & island rescue

    Went to CISCOS to fish Aloha Spirit finally got out with this being my 1st time out this year w/o hesitation I bought my yearly fishing license at the landing(more on this later). With high hopes and squid in the tanks Shaun announced we're going to the arch and fish gamefish with some ghosts &...
  220. joker63

    Your favorite 20,25 & 30lb setups

    Calstar 800XLH,900XL(20) tranx400HG,14A Super Seeker 270-8H (25) 16NA Calstar6485L,800M(30)16A, Super Seeker FL75(40) 20A/CalstarGG6480 Fathom25NLD2(40)
  221. joker63

    Tribute 4/9

    Yes you are right I'd never fish 20 on the FL75 It is a straight up 40lb rod that will fish 30 when needed The talk was fishing 30lb mono to a 25lb floro leader
  222. joker63

    Catalina Island Report 4/5 on Pursuit

    them sure are some beautiful pictures
  223. joker63

    Classic Yos wrapped Trulines

    You still have 1st dibs if if if I ever lost my mind and sold it
  224. joker63

    Classic Yos wrapped Trulines

    ive got some remnants of Yo's wrapped trulines in the garage buried so deep it will be weeks before i can recover them lol i still have the 1x and a TNT
  225. joker63

    reels to replace Okuma Andros 5aii any suggestions?

    accurate 400 has a wider spool (not much) other than that there about the same sz maybe a few yds different on capacity...not much i have both the 300 & 400-2 here in the BD rods&reels (4) sale
  226. joker63

    Tribute 4/9

    With that being said.....I think a super seeker FL75 7.5 ft rated 20/50 would be a great rod for that application
  227. joker63

    What kind of tiburon clamp

    16A w/tiburon clamp
  228. joker63

    What kind of tiburon clamp

    I don't think even the tiburon will work on your narrow 16 Even a cork puppy wouldn't work the ulua's butt section is too big for the reels narrow distance between the rod clamp screws You're gonna need a bigger reel Like a TN16A wit tiburon clamp
  229. joker63

    16A narrow clamp

    None ever made What bout the stock rod clamp ?
  230. joker63

    Newell Reels Servicing?

    Any local shop around you can do it There very easy to do it yourself, Newell reels are some of the easiest reels to work on
  231. joker63

    Phd869xh vs 800h

    UC tilefish fast 30/60 UC wahoo mod-fast 50/80 UC predator mod-fast 40/80 All 8' rods
  232. joker63

    Thinning the Quiver

    Damn Woodman you giving up fishin ❓ Got my i on that 970
  233. joker63

    Calstar 900L

    Sent you a P/M
  234. joker63

    Calstar 900L

    Is it custom or factory wrap ? Any pics ? May have something to trade you
  235. joker63

    Looking for Great 8' 30# rod

    Super Seeker 806H=270-8H or All glass Calstar/Seeker 270-8H fish 30 all day
  236. joker63

    SS for trade (Pics of the rod)

    I know that blank FD85(think that's correct #) not cut down from anything Moon had bout 12 of em made special Very rare blank think of it as a 90F but 6" shorter,a slightly heavier version great 25/30 LB stick Also Moon wrapped it
  237. joker63

    Best Baja Truck/Camper and Boat Rig

    May I suggest this book Lots of do's & dont's and place's to go from a seasoned Baja traveler
  238. joker63

    20# setup for yellowtail

    Im a little late to the party....... My 2 cents Calstar 800XLH or 900XL paired with a Trinidad 14A or any similar sized reel.Killed many yellows with the 900XL combo @ the Channel Islands last summer Also have a rare greenie SS80XF that would work
  239. joker63


    Valiant 400 has rod clamp
  240. joker63

    Reels (4) sale

    Talica 12 SOLD
  241. joker63

    Reels (4) sale

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Only talica is left (4) sale
  242. joker63

    Reels (4) sale

    Bump with pics
  243. joker63

    Reels (4) sale

    BNIB talica 12-2 speed all goodies in box no line on reel 400$ SOLD BNIB pro gear Violater V-32 SOLD No trades Can ship reel for 10$ in CA only Out of state for 15$ PayPal ready F&F preferred or pay fees Will post pics later today Text is best 6613027174
  244. joker63

    Old School Saltiga 15

    You should put up pics Pictures sell your shit Stay to your price right now gears are not selling so fast X-mas/Fred Hall coming up I think people holding out right now but I wouldn't lower the $$$ just wait it out someone will come along and want it These 15's are getting harder to find Or...
  245. joker63

    Old School Saltiga 15

    Your price of 550/500 is on point especially w/ daiwa clamp I have a BNIB old saltiga 15 that isn't for sale But I'd never take anything less than 500 for it if I ever lost my mind and put it up for sale GLWS
  246. joker63

    UC 40# stick recommendation

    That's what I was going to recommend to you I have 1 great 40lb rod yoyo,dropper loop, or tossing baits
  247. joker63

    BV2-400 ?

    I want 1 now but Ima waiting till the all Black colored bv400-2 comes out I'll put it on my Super Seeker FL75 fill it wit 50lb spectra and fish 30/40 topshots on it There's lots of rod choices for the reel
  248. joker63

    Lingzilla search and rescue..Oxnard - Morro Bay 12/21-22

    One of the best boats & crew on the Gold Coast It was a great trip!
  249. joker63

    Calstar logo ???

    Shirts only available during Fred Hall shows
  250. joker63

    Custom factory wrap HD-8

    Yes there is a "custom factory wrap" Back in the day I used to buy my sabre fishing rods from Kenny Tulao who would have the factory wrap em in any color combinations I wanted. I still have a sabre 196 from back then Truline would do the same if you wanted to wait and knew the right people Free...
  251. joker63

    Assorted jigs

  252. joker63

    WTS SS 15-30

    It says FD85 that is the blank # Fishermen Depot 85 that's what it stands for Moon had em special made only bout 12 of em in existence very rare Comparable to a 850L Calstar Also kinda looks like moon wrapped it
  253. joker63

    New Talica II..?

    Steve,I think it's because end of season and sellers trying to get rid of inventory
  254. joker63

    Power Handle for Conquest 400?
  255. joker63

    fs: brand new saltiga 15h Japanese model

    100 % Wrong Turn the handle Go's into Gear
  256. joker63

    Not for sale anymore.. I'm keeping it

    It looks like the factory wraps that came after JC died RIP Whoever produced Truline's after that looks like the glass they put out and the New factory wrap Maybe someone else can put in their 2 cents worth
  257. joker63

    More Anacapa Kingfish 9/29

    I've been fishing wit John bout 6 or 7 yrs now My friend charters the boat 1 Sunday every month he only puts 8 anglers on max nice with 8
  258. joker63

    More Anacapa Kingfish 9/29

    Yes there was 1 Kingfish on the dropper loop And I forgot bout a 100 pound BSB was caught and safely released also on the dropper loop don't know how i forgot about it :Beat_Them No chumming capt did want to attract the dogs to the boat
  259. joker63

    More Anacapa Kingfish 9/29

    Went again this time Island Tak outta cisco's got an opportunity to fish a charter wit open spots turns out I fished wit the charter master B4 so sort of know him Straight to a seiner got some squid and we had decent dines also Long story short We had a steady pick. I got a calico should have...
  260. joker63

    805 Yellows

    My friend fished last Thursday @ capa got a 28 and a 32 fishing big ass mackerels Go figure everyday different
  261. joker63

    805 Yellows

    I fished 3 or 4 macks for nada was all dines
  262. joker63

    805 Yellows

    Ya I know everybody wants tuna but I can't get enough of these slugs so back I went It was a Dark Kings charted Aloha Spirit trip everybody knows each other always a fun trip fish or not Well slow pick but we got some quality fish Got 1st blood on deck with a hookup baits fish (ya they work)...
  263. joker63

    3 vintage surface irons candy bar 112 and neptune

    Just keep em and fish em I tried to sell a lot of OG candy bar jigs awhile back all I got was ridiculous low ball offers so I kept em This what 2 of em look like now The others are still unfished
  264. joker63

    ---Calstar GG 6480C jig stick---

    Great Rod Free bump
  265. joker63

    WTB Calstar 900XL/BLANK

    Great Rod Factory rods 900xl are DH only
  266. joker63


    Selling a brand new in the box penn fth25 star drag spooled with 265 yrds of 50#PP braid and 65 yrds of 40#mono XXX $165.
  267. joker63

    Help !!! What should I bring

    ^^^^^^^^ What he said above 1/4 3/8 1/2 sliders 1/0 2/0 3/0 hooks and I carry sz. 4 and sz.6 in case u have small baits So far it's been a surface bite on the yellows might want to have some 8oz and 12oz torpedo weights also in you bag
  268. joker63

    Anacapa tails 8/17

    Went on the sea biscuit CISCO landing full day w/bunks after a 2 hour drive always nice to get a little sack time before the day's fiesta starts unfortunately I passed the fuck out and didn't wake till I heard anchor dropping and missed "jackpot" call We were at Santa Cruz wit the pacific eagle...
  269. joker63


    You guys R too nice...just say it You're a fucking dumbass Your not buying the reel keep ur pie hole shut
  270. joker63

    Shimano trinidad 30a clamp ?

    Bought mine off eBay Haven't seen any since then Any good tackle store should be able to get them
  271. joker63

    Calcutta 400D Reel Clamp

    Black clamp will fit on 400D Might be the only one in existence. There must be a few floatin around somewhere Bought in the 90's for the oringinal Calcutta ***************Not (4) Sale*************** Pic of above said gold clamp for Calcutta 400 Does NOT look like it could be modified to fit...
  272. joker63

    Reel mounting trouble

    Tiburon clamp may be your answer
  273. joker63

    Which reel for a Calstar 800MH?

    when your "experienced" enough you can fish with anybody whether they are "sticks" or not
  274. joker63

    Which reel for a Calstar 800MH?

    My guess is you will be using the the set up for more local fishing than multi day trips depends on what brand you prefer more Penn reels torque 25N star or 25NLD-2 Shimano reels trinidad 20A or Talica 10ll those are more than enough reels for anything local lots of "other" choices out there...
  275. joker63

    Front Load Tackle Bag Suggestion?

    SKB no need to see Just buy it Shit can the lunch bag and fit another tray in it Holds a lot of tackle Charkbait has em
  276. joker63

    WTB: 30-60# Bait rod

    Calstar GG6480
  277. joker63

    Trinidad 14a

    Ay pendejo Yes they come wit a clamp
  278. joker63

    BNIB Saltiga 15H

    No saltiga 15H If your on the fence Better jump off and buy it
  279. joker63

    BNIB Saltiga 15H

    My 1st time out wit this reel used it on my calstar 800M wit a 30lb floro short Topshot Landed 5 yellows to 30lbs 2nd time out used wit my 900xl fishing bass in the weeds pulled calicos out of the weeds like a little winch I'm sold on these new saltigas FYI spool holds 290yds of 40lb spectra...
  280. joker63

    F/T Truline tiger D8

    ok thx Jerr
  281. joker63

    F/T Truline tiger D8

    Hey Jerr is that like a 30lb blank ?
  282. joker63

    ICAST 2016 IS HERE!!!

    Andros 12N now i think i need another reel :drool:
  283. joker63

    Trinidad reel clamp mounting hardware thread pitch..??

    TRINIDAD A TIBURON CLAMPS L or XL comes with 2 sizes of screws MORE $$ BUT LESS HASSLE
  284. joker63

    Rod options for an old man....

  285. joker63

    Reel to pair with PSW-869H-DH

  286. joker63

    BNIB Saltiga 15H

    Great reels Glad I didn't "trade" mine away Seen @ icast there is a full line of them now sizes 20,30,35,35N,40& a 50
  287. joker63

    Input Needed: Which 8 FT Jig Stick

    if you have to have Phenix 809xhj DH style so you place reel where you want. I use calstars 6485L(8.5ft) GG6480(8ft) GG90(9ft) GF100MAG(10ft) might want to consider 6485L (30) or the 6485 glass or GG6480 for (40) these were wrapped by Moon and they have cord handles which I believe make for a...
  288. joker63

    ICAST 2016 IS HERE!!!

    Thanks for all your posts Keep em coming :jig:
  289. joker63

    WTS: Shimano Trinidad 14A Price Drop

    Overall they are similar reels 14A has a Rod clamp as 15H does not Pictures for size comparison 15H,OGsaltiga15,14A
  290. joker63

    Newell P220F original

    Nice reel.......
  291. joker63

    WTB: Saltiga 30T

    No it's not the same reel A Z30 is equal to a saltiga 20
  292. joker63

    FS: UC CE900XF glow in the dark

    Nice Should have no problem wit sale
  293. joker63

    Pro Gear CS 501

    right handed reel
  294. joker63

    Trulines n conolons

    Nice work
  295. joker63

    WTS Calstar Grafighter Rods

    NICE RODS!!! People dont consider that a calstar 800xl blank alone cost bout what you want for the complete rod GLWS
  296. joker63

    Checking the weather? Or wind alert pretty accurate
  297. joker63

    Looks like they're here

    They do that already whether biting or not
  298. joker63

    What Clamp for a Trinidad 16a?

    You could try this 1 if you can find it Take the reel with you to see if clamp fits Go to Erics in Ventura see if he can get it for you
  299. joker63

    Shimano Trinidad 16na Used once $390 or open to trade

    Hold on there nob Most would agree this ain't no stinking Amazon This is BD
  300. joker63

    Advice on Torium 16 and 20

    ^^^I'd do what he said^^^
  301. joker63

    Saltiga Star Drags

    Either the saltiga or Trinidad 12A Fished em both both are equal If you fish DH style rods you can get Rod clamps tiburon now makes a clamp for 12 and the Daiwa clamp fits the saltiga Kinda like the saltiga better built like a tank Wish I never sold my 12A
  302. joker63

    Truline Rods TNT and 3X

    Have had my TNT longer than 25yrs Fished it hard wit 50/60lb line No blow ups GLWS of ur truline
  303. joker63

    please delete, sold

  304. joker63

    Longer screw for talica 10ii

    I'd spend the bux and Git that tiburon clamp If your Rod is DH grip
  305. joker63

    2016 Saltiga star drag

    Cool!! Where did u Git it from ?
  306. joker63

    2016 Saltiga star drag

    What size reel does it compare to ? Rod clamp ? Thx
  307. joker63

    Best jig rod to match with Trinidad 20 DC?

    Get some grown man gear GG90J. 100MAG Dem reels deserve a real jig rod
  308. joker63

    TruLine 2X2S OG rod

    If the shoe fits Fish IT
  309. joker63

    WTS Accurate and Calstar

    Calstar would warranty the blank only (4) life
  310. joker63

    Wtb: gold trinidad handle

    Got 1 that's fits 16N thru 30 Will also fit 12/14 35$ new
  311. joker63

    Shimano (sold) & Penn Baja Special,Fathom 12

    Penn Baja Special Great condition come's with 65lb spectra and clamp,has metal star SOLD PENN Fathom 12 SOLD Shimano Tranx HG SOLD Prices are FIRM Best is text 6613027174
  312. joker63

    Reel Suggestions for Calstar GFDH-800XLH

    Trinidad 14A Penn fathom 12 Saltist BG20 Saltiga 15H
  313. joker63

    Long shot but have to ask

    Anyone know if 35NH has a Rod clamp ?
  314. joker63

    Daiwa Saltiga 15H

    Very nice reel Free bump
  315. joker63

    Reel info

    when I had 1 I used a gold TN20 with a cork puppy
  316. joker63

    Super Seeker 270H-8 $240

    Nice Ari!! If I didn't just get the same Rod from Moon.....
  317. joker63

    Free Shimano Tackle Bag

  318. joker63

    3 Shimano Trinidad 40N, 16 DC and 20 DC

    Grow a set of balls Put a price on them Then stick to your price My double or nothing offer still stands
  319. joker63

    3 Shimano Trinidad 40N, 16 DC and 20 DC

    I'll offer 1500$ And I'll fight you for them 4 Double my offer or nothing Serious bid offer
  320. joker63

    If You Could Only Use 1 Reel

    Penn Torque 25N Star Drag
  321. joker63

    8' surface iron stick

    These will work The RS is a great blank The GG6480 is a better blank I'd go wit a Calstar
  322. joker63

    Daiwa Saltiga 20

  323. joker63

    All Sold DELETE

    Pro Gear SPF
  324. joker63

    Daiwa Saltiga 20

    I wouldn't sell a dime less than 300$ Should sell fast GLWS
  325. joker63

    F/S Ultimate Jigging 45mm Power Knob (Blue/Silver) (NEW)

    No explanation was nessary Just tell the above to "Eat a Dick"
  326. joker63

    All Sold DELETE

    Baja special sold
  327. joker63

    4/0 yellowtail special worth?

  328. joker63

    NIB Penn Fathom 12 160$ shipped

    Title says it all 160$ shipped Only opened for pic Best is text 6613027174
  329. joker63

    Winning the jackpot?

    Back in the day I would split 50/50 and get handed a "pass" for the next trip Nowadays $$$ isn't a big issue for me so I'll leave 100% of JP $$$ Only once when I won a 300$ JP on a local 3/4 day boat crew said they withheld a 20% "fee" said DH took 60$ and I left w/ 240$ in my pocket I was...
  330. joker63

    The Ultimate 50lb. Set-up!!

    I just ordered a Torque 40NLD2 going old school with my truline TNT
  331. joker63

    WTB: 20# rod

    I have a UC 80XF
  332. joker63

    All Sold DELETE

    Pro Gear reduced 200$ shipped
  333. joker63

    All Sold DELETE

    Added pics
  334. joker63

    WTB: 20# rod

    800XLH is the best 20lb Rod you can get Or a UC 80XF BTW 800XLH is a graphite rod
  335. joker63

    New saltiga15h

    No I moved mine to a calstar 900xl That match up wit the UC would a perfect 20 set up
  336. joker63

    All Sold DELETE

    Added Pro Gear Will ad pics later
  337. joker63

    All Sold DELETE

    Yellows are here Great inexpensive yoyo reel
  338. joker63

    New saltiga15h

    No clamp but the Daiwa Clamp works but it's like 40/45$ on eBay
  339. joker63

    New saltiga15h

    I put 40lb spectra and fish it w/30floro caught a bunch of nice yellows wit it Using it on a 800M
  340. joker63

    FS rods and reels

    Ima lookin for a gold 12 Thx
  341. joker63

    FS rods and reels

    Is the torque 12 gold or black ?
  342. joker63

    Shimano Teramar 90H

    This post is from 2009
  343. joker63

    Super seeker CLBF 90F

    Worth the 175$ Blank alone cost that much
  344. joker63

    All Sold DELETE

    Trinidad 12 sold
  345. joker63

    Selling my Newells...

    Nobody gives a shit what your selling on eBay........spammer Just sayin
  346. joker63

    All Sold DELETE

    Added a Penn Baja special
  347. joker63

    All Sold DELETE

    If you have to asks for permission from your wife..... Do so B4 you say "I will take it" 4 sale
  348. joker63

    Matching a rod to an MXJ Raptor

    Calstar 800M/GG6480
  349. joker63


    Raffle 40X25...1000$ Scamming
  350. joker63

    All Sold DELETE

    Hump day bump
  351. joker63

    All Sold DELETE

    Update Truth SG SOLD Only TN12 for sale Hard to find 1 in this near mint condition
  352. joker63

    All Sold DELETE

    Sunday bump
  353. joker63

    Trinidad 12a handle

    A handle from a gold 12 or 14 would work
  354. joker63

    All Sold DELETE

    Penn Baja Special SOLD Pro Gear V40 MINT used 1 time has bout 200yds 65lb spectra wit a 100yds of 30lb on top has everything in box as new 220$ shipped....pic wit Torque is for size comparison only No trades Prices R firm I don't have time to Meet so....... Reels are listed as shipped price Text...
  355. joker63


  356. joker63

    Wtb bass rod

    Brand new Phenix swim bait Classic 711ml 10/25...180$ Rod is in WLA
  357. joker63

    Mint 16A SOLD

  358. joker63

    Mint 16A SOLD

  359. joker63

    Mint 16A SOLD

    Monday bump
  360. joker63

    Mint 16A SOLD

    Mint like new condition 16A still (4) sale
  361. joker63

    Mint 16A SOLD

    Still (4) Sale
  362. joker63

    Mint 16A SOLD

    Yes have box and everything that came with reel as new
  363. joker63

    Mint 16A SOLD

    Pictures added
  364. joker63

    Mint 16A SOLD

    Mint 16A SOLD No line Complete w/rod clamp and everything in box as bought new 380$ shipped PayPal gift or +3% or M/O or check NO pm's Text 661.302.7174
  365. joker63

    Anyone fished the new Saltiga 15H?

    I have 1 Badass reel Buy it
  366. joker63

    Looking for new super seeker 20# rod

    SS806 = 270-8... Straight up 20lb rod
  367. joker63

    Trinidad 16A or penn Torque 25N stardrag

    I have 2 16A`s and a torque 25N star drag like em both Penn torque would be my first choice fish em on calstars GG6480,6485L
  368. joker63

    Seeker CJBF 100 Jig Stick

    I 2nd the SS Baby Ulua and take a look a Calstar 100MAG
  369. joker63

    Shimano/Phenix Rods

    Both Shimano rods sold Some body needs to buy this fuckin Phenix bass rod
  370. joker63

    Wtb newell 220

    I got near mint 220-5 In the box wit everything like you bought new Has after market aluminum gun metal star drag & original star
  371. joker63

    All Sold

    Newell available
  372. joker63

    All Sold

    Great reels,strong drag system Just prefer star drag reels
  373. joker63

    8' Truline 36--Red Glass Beauty (FS or FT)

    You are nothing more than a total waste of good air You contribute nothing to this site with your worthless comments If your not a serious buyer then STFU and let the man sell his gear Rant bump
  374. joker63

    All Sold

    Both accurates SPF
  375. joker63

    Shimano/Phenix Rods

    Both Shimano rods SPF Phenix still available
  376. joker63

    All Sold

  377. joker63

    All Sold

    Mint in box DX400N-2 sold Mint in box DX500N-2 sold Newell 220-5 9.5 Sold
  378. joker63

    Shimano/Phenix Rods

    No for sale I needs dem
  379. joker63

    Shimano/Phenix Rods

    I have 3 brand new rods I never used or will use Phenix Ultra Swim Bait Classic...180$ Shimano Teramar TMC-80H 20/40...120$ Shimano Terez TZCW-X90MH-BLK 30-65 braid...150$ All are brand new w/tags plastic still on handles fastest reply TEXT 6613027174 PRICES are FIRM & Fair
  380. joker63

    WTB 8' 15# Bass Rod

    A bit over ur budget But I have this (4) 180$ New with tags plastic still on handle
  381. joker63

    avet mxj and jx raptors SOLD

    Dude you on the Rag? Or just butt/hurt cause he has buyers lined up already I bought a UC rod from him and he answered every question promptly
  382. joker63

    WTB: Affordable Trolling set up

    I've got a Penn 6/0 with a Penn slammer trolling rod Not the prettiest,but gets the job done 75$
  383. joker63

    WTS: BO6X Truline rod

    Should have bought my D8H
  384. joker63

    WTB: saltiga 15 and 30t

    I have saltiga 15 BNIB
  385. joker63


    That's the butt section of the rod
  386. joker63

    Looking for a seeker f90 or f90m

    Do you mean SS90F or 90M ?
  387. joker63

    New daiwa saltiga 10

  388. joker63

    MINT 20A Trinidad SOLD

    Julio I sent you a PM
  389. joker63

    MINT 20A Trinidad SOLD

    Don't waste my time @ the local mud holes
  390. joker63

    MINT 20A Trinidad SOLD

  391. joker63

    Super seeker 6480 deckhand

    Bad Ass rod for sure Wit those guides worth the 230$ Surprised it hasn't sold yet Free bump
  392. joker63

    New daiwa saltiga 10

    I've gotten mine out a couple of trips now caught yellows with it up to 25lbs ended up fishing it on my 800M with a 25lb floro topshot Reel was smooth and worked perfect I didn't use the auto engage just fished like a normal star drag beat these yellows with ease...
  393. joker63

    wtb anchovy reel

    As much thumb pressure you can apply!!
  394. joker63

    wtb anchovy reel

    heres what 20 bux will get you
  395. joker63

    wtb anchovy reel

    For 20$ Go to big 5 buy a spool of line and wrap some around a beer can
  396. joker63

    Best surface iron reel

    200$ Penn Fathom 25N Best Trinidad 20A if price is no concern Once again u all are thinking too much put some line on a reel and go cast the F N thing catch something and have some fun doing it My weapons of choice... 20A w/ calstar GF100MAG 16A w/ calstar 6485L 20A w/ calstar GG6480 Penn Torque...
  397. joker63

    WTS (NEW) TRINIDAD 40 N Narrow Special

    I seen 1 sell on eBay for 675$ bout a month ago You will won't get that price on BD Suggestion put it on eBay Pay the pay pal fees pay the eBay fees but hey at least you can say you got 675$ GLWS
  398. joker63

    WTB yellowtail jig casting reel

    If you got the coin...... Trinidad 20A is the best $$$ can buy
  399. joker63

    Rod for Torium 20 ?

    Calstar 800M Done Deal
  400. joker63

    Truline D8H and RD8

    There are many variances between D8's Some heavy,some light,some in between RD8 was explained to me that the "R" was for Rodger named after a friend of john Collins No two D8's are the same Seen a light D8 version Dude wouldn't sell it
  401. joker63


    Yes I've got 5 of em 1 since they 1st came out its been fished hard Zero issues w/ it
  402. joker63

    Super Seeker CLBF90 blank

    If that's the blank from you know who I want it
  403. joker63

    New daiwa saltiga 10

    I just got the reel last Monday Been working ever since I plan on using it with a 30lb floro Topshot
  404. joker63

    New daiwa saltiga 10

    I rather fish the saltiga on that rod I'm not a big fan of baitcasters unless fishing bass I got 295 yds of power pro super slick 40lb spectra on mine
  405. joker63

    WTB Calstar 800M

    Well GLWS l got a 1$ id donate towards ur 800M fund
  406. joker63

    New Narrow Trinidad TN16NA with full spool of braid

    Nice Reel Shouldn't last long....
  407. joker63

    WTB Calstar 800M

    May I kindly suggest go to a tackle store and buy 1
  408. joker63

    New daiwa saltiga 10

    United Composite's US80H
  409. joker63

    Wtb: calstar 800m and Uc tilefish

    Tackle Trade on Facebook There's a custom Tilefish for sale on there
  410. joker63

    Wtbcheap trolling setups

    I got a penn 6/0 with a penn trolling rod decent cond overall 75$ for rod and reel
  411. joker63

    Best jig rod

    calstar GG6480 For 9 ft GG90J,GG690j 10ft GF100mag
  412. joker63

    New daiwa saltiga 10

  413. joker63

    New daiwa saltiga 10

    Just fish your 14A
  414. joker63

    FS Trinidad 12 Gold

    Yes they do
  415. joker63

    FS Trinidad 12 Gold

    Clean reel Where's the rod clamp ?
  416. joker63

    New daiwa saltiga 10

    After nearly a week after the PO jacked mine I finally got it It's compares to the Trinidad 12 A in size,really lightweight and seems beefy Hope they make one like this in 30t size. That would be the shit having both the 12A and this 15H side by side comparison I prefer the saltiga....can't wait...
  417. joker63

    Beginer.... Need some advice on a yellow tail set up.

    Penn Fathom 25N is your best bet If you want to splurge.... Trinidad 16A or 20a is the shit Don't waste your $$$$ on a avet
  418. joker63

    PHENIX rod for my TALICA II 8

    809HXF Black Diamond 30/40lb rod
  419. joker63

    phenix ultra SWB Classic,Custom Seeker 530,Accurate DX400/2

    Would consider a clean TN30A in trade.....30A only
  420. joker63

    phenix ultra SWB Classic,Custom Seeker 530,Accurate DX400/2

    BNIB Accurate Dauntless DX400/2 SOLD New Phenix Ultra Swimbait Classic 711ML rod is 7'11"...180$ seeker 530 SOLD Prices firm on rods shipping on reel only Will meet w/rods Fastest reply text 661.302,7174 Trade only for TN30A
  421. joker63

    Wtb: lexa 300

    140$ shipped free BNIB eBay
  422. joker63

    Bait Wraps

    Check general fishing crap forum there's some for sale there I got some had em the next day
  423. joker63

    New Saltiga

    Shimano produces quality equipment and so does Daiwa You fools need to get over it : )
  424. joker63

    New Saltiga

    Couldn't resist anymore
  425. joker63

    New Saltiga

    The 15 or 10 ?
  426. joker63

    Custom Calstsar 90-J BWC and Okuma Cortez 10

    SOS Thatz a straight up 40lb yellow killer!!! AKA Grown Mans Gear
  427. joker63

    Custom Calstsar 90-J BWC and Okuma Cortez 10

    Entry Level??? That's proshaft equipment right there!!! Beware of the low ballin idiots GLWS foo
  428. joker63

    New Saltiga

    Anybody know if they have a rod clamp ?
  429. joker63

    Rod And reel for sale

    Pics sell ur shit here on BD A description on how long you used the combo does not... I'm a visual person and need to see the shit I buy Thx
  430. joker63

    Rod And reel for sale

    Any pics of rod ?
  431. joker63

    2-Jig lots

    Still 4 sale Price is firm
  432. joker63

    WTB: Calstar GG6480

    Those are bad ass rods Best 6480 ever made and I've owned them all Nobody want's to give them up my advice go get 1 from a shop...if you can find 1 Worth every dime Free bump
  433. joker63

    FS: Brand new Torium 20HG

    Yellows & C bass R a biting Sea Jay Friday Free bump
  434. joker63

    Mint phenix 700xh PHD hybrid

    You will sell it eventually I gots 1st dibs
  435. joker63

    Mint phenix 700xh PHD hybrid

    Got any 760H u gonna sell ?
  436. joker63

    2-Jig lots

    1st jig lot of 15 jigs SOLD 2nd lot now 50$ shipped
  437. joker63

    2-Jig lots

    Price indicates how old they are Price tags give em added value! Thx for your concern
  438. joker63

    2-Jig lots

  439. joker63

    2-Jig lots

    #1 is 11 surface iron & 4 yoyo irons All Brand New total of 15 jigs 95$ shipped Sold #2 is OG killer jigs(2)&(3) OG candy bars new nvr used total 5 jigs 50$ shipped Text 661.302.7174 if interested
  440. joker63

    BNIB Calcutta 300D Avet MXJ Silver SOLD

    BNIB Calcutta 300D SOLD Avet MXJ Silver SOLD
  441. joker63

    Saltiga 20

    Mine has a black spool not spoon
  442. joker63

    Gold Trinidads vs. the new ones

    X2....If Shimano made a TN40NA Shimano would sell a shitload of em....ultimate jigging reel
  443. joker63

    All Sold

    All Reels SOLD Will list a couple more for sale this weekend Thx to those that bought them!!
  444. joker63

    6/12 cattle boat style @ t/150

    So I got the green light to get the day off from the daily grind. I knew instantly id fish wit Captain Aaron on the native Sun and it would be a crowded boat we ended up with 52 anglers Native Sun is 75X23 and fishes well packed wit people. There were at times cluster fucks at the bait tank and...
  445. joker63

    All Sold

    Penn Sold Torium available
  446. joker63

    All Sold

    Buyer flaked on Torium Penn is now pending
  447. joker63

    WTB Torium HGA

    Have a 20HG 208$ shipped There is no line on reel MINT IN BOX
  448. joker63

    brand new Accurate Boss Dauntless 400 narrow

    Great reel for about a 200$ discount surprised you haven't sold it yet. Free bump
  449. joker63

    All Sold

    Lotsa looky lu's on da Penn Still available
  450. joker63

    Can't sell it It's irreplaceable I need for my 400D

    Can't sell it It's irreplaceable I need for my 400D
  451. joker63

    New in Box Reels - Trinidad 16DC, Avet 30/2, Saltist 40 2sp, Saltist LW...

    Yes u should I didnt make an offer Stay to your price and you will keep your reel GLWS & another free bump
  452. joker63


    Are these 2- speeds ?
  453. joker63

    All Sold

    Torium pending Fathom still available
  454. joker63

    lexa 300 & 100 nib

    Fuck the low baller's I'm never desperate to sell anything Just ingnore the worthless fucks
  455. joker63

    All Sold

    PM sent
  456. joker63

    All Sold

  457. joker63

    bait wraps candy bar 112 surface irons

    Dudes legit Bought some had em the next day
  458. joker63

    All Sold

  459. joker63

    Where to get screws and clamp for a Trinidad 16NA?

    Search Shimano Trinidad on eBay I seen some for sale there recently
  460. joker63

    average price for trinidad 16n

    Check your prices foo eBay has 1 for 409$ shipped Free GLWSearch OP
  461. joker63

    average price for trinidad 16n

    300$ sounds bout right 350$ for a gold 16n ? I'd spend the extra 50$ Or so and get a 16NA new
  462. joker63

    All Sold

  463. joker63

    wtb talica 8II. Trinidad10A, 12A ,14A, 20A

    I have a mint 12A I might consider selling
  464. joker63

    Daiwa Saltist 20H

    PM sent I'll take it
  465. joker63

    WTB Varmac NS4

    Pm ur address if you want it
  466. joker63

    WTB Varmac NS4

    I've got came off of a Garcia Conolon if I had to size it I would say sz. 22
  467. joker63

    All Sold

  468. joker63

    Flat fall for YT in Cedros?

    X2 got to jerk the bait while on the retrieve
  469. joker63

    All Sold

  470. joker63

    All Sold

  471. joker63

    All Sold

  472. joker63

    All Sold

    Penn fathom pics up
  473. joker63

    All Sold

    I'll post pics of Penn later today when I get home from this Bullshit called work
  474. joker63

    BNIB Penn Fathom 30 2-speed - FTH30LD2

    If not a buyer....keep your pie-hole shut
  475. joker63

    Jigmaster 505hs narrow

    Are you that stupid??? That's a different seller than shark man Gary Open ur eyes foo
  476. joker63

    All Sold

    Star Drag
  477. joker63

    All Sold

  478. joker63


    The only thing "newelled" on that reel is the reel seat w/no visible clamp...45$ is priced right
  479. joker63

    All Sold

    All SOLD
  480. joker63

    WTB Calstar 900XL

    Still looking
  481. joker63


    Here are some pics of P220F he sent me
  482. joker63

    Calcutta TE power handle

    Did you sell it ?
  483. joker63

    WTB Calstar 900XL

    Looking for 900XL in good/great condition Only 900XL No others
  484. joker63

    Newell 322-F Blackie SOLD

    Brand new NEVER USED in mint pristine condition Has 4-stack drags 200$ Reel only No box No OBO offers No Trades 200$ shipped USPS priority to your door Text is best 661.302.7174
  485. joker63

    WTB Shimano Trinidad

    Then u should have bought it
  486. joker63

    WTB Shimano Trinidad

    Sent you a P/M
  487. joker63

    Shimano Talica 8 II Speed

    Are you f%^*king kidding me!!!
  488. joker63

    conolon jig stick

    I bought one like this for 2$ at a yard sale...I sent it out for a re-wrap :D
  489. joker63

    Private 2.5 day charter on the Eclipse-Skipjack Robert/Oliver Solis

    Now I like Shimano 90% of my reels are Shimano But dem fucking cheap ass mofo's or crackers ain't going to give you shit!!! Shimano.....nothing Avet might and I said might give you a reel... But I'd still rather have nothing
  490. joker63

    40# iron rod

    Calstar GG6480
  491. joker63

    Ideal go to, first rod??

    If I only could take 1 fishin pole wit me...Calstar 800M Reel choices penn fathom 25N,Torium 16, Check BD classified ads
  492. joker63

    Phenix Rod

    One Rod to do it all 809HXF 30/40lb
  493. joker63

    Original Truline B36C and Other's F.S.

    How much for the hot wheels Case ?
  494. joker63

    New torium 16

    I'd recommend a ball of string over any avet reel
  495. joker63


    9ft. 15/30 great 20/25 rod
  496. joker63

    Reel for Throwing 7x's on a 10 Footer

    Your thinking too much Just go cast the fucking thing Practice Practice Practice
  497. joker63


    With the direction seeker is going...... This long beach made SS Is worth every dime Free bump
  498. joker63

    SOLD...United Composites Blanks

    No similarity between tilefish & TNT...look at a UC76HP straight up 40lb rod Tilefish compares to a GG6480 calstar but a much thinner diameter blank I'm tempted at the tilefish blank Bump for the seller
  499. joker63

    Shimano Trinidad 20a

    ^^^TiRe KicKeR!!!^^^
  500. joker63

    Makaira 10IISEA

    Penn SOLD
  501. joker63

    Makaira 10IISEA

    Makaira 10 still available
  502. joker63

    Makaira 10IISEA

    Went with black/silver edition Dauntless Better reel to yoyo for yellows with my truline 2 cents
  503. joker63

    Makaira 10IISEA

    Thx for offer I'm going with a 600N already bought
  504. joker63

    Makaira 10IISEA

    Bought this from a BD member I'm going with an accurate reel instead Sell for what I paid 390$ text 661.302.7174 for fastest response Every thing is included just as new.has 65lb spectra Still Available Also Have a BNIB Penn Torque 25NLD-2....Sold
  505. joker63

    Shimano Trinidad 14A and 16A

    nice reels should sell fast
  506. joker63

    Private 2.5 day charter on the Eclipse-Skipjack Robert/Oliver Solis

    4:20 comes early in da morning You know my ass is asleep by the time you called...just sayin
  507. joker63

    Private 2.5 day charter on the Eclipse-Skipjack Robert/Oliver Solis

    I have no manners I'm out 2 spots opened up now
  508. joker63

    Shimano Reels-All Sold

    All Reels have been SOLD Have the following reels for sale 2- 16A-390$ 12A-375$ 400D-300$ All mint in box w/everything All have spectra line No OBOffers No what's you best price Prices are FIRM NO Trades
  509. joker63

    What's a good yo yo rod in San Diego

    Best YOYO rods Good Luck Finding 1 Enuff said
  510. joker63

    1991 toyota pickup

  511. joker63


    Great blank/rod to have
  512. joker63

    Wtt: Shimano Trinidad 20a

    Send me pics I'll make Offer...WTF ? Anyone selling/trading a 20A makes the price....going rate is 375$ or More
  513. joker63

    WTB GUSA rods/blanks

    If you can't find what you want Consider the new United Composites line of blanks They're bad ass Don't see myself buying any more seekers anytime soon
  514. joker63

    Why not make a Trinidad 40NA

    Yes I like my Shimano reels My Torium 20A is already ordered All I'm was sayin was Shimano feels it's not worth their time to make a 40n Buy a Penn 40NLD2... It's a better reel anyways
  515. joker63

    Why not make a Trinidad 40NA

    F%#k Shimano Buy a Penn Torque 40NLD2 Better Reel
  516. joker63

    F/S Okuma Mak 10 in Black

    Mine went at 7:49 Beat by 2 min...: )
  517. joker63

    F/S Okuma Mak 10 in Black

    Sent you a message I'll take it
  518. joker63

    2 carts for carrying your tackle box and stuff

    Bring them to the next GCLA charter.... Dat shits for the old sea hags.... Dem old hags would probably buy em
  519. joker63


    If you're not going to buy it You should keep your fat ass mouth shut
  520. joker63

    WTB: Trini 12A

    Expect to spend at least 350$ for a clean 12A wit spectra
  521. joker63

    Newell P322F SOLD Shimano reel/rod clamps

    No wont work with trini 12 A Torium 14 clamp would Work with the gold 12
  522. joker63

    Newell P322F SOLD Shimano reel/rod clamps

    1st & 2nd GOLD clamps are on SOLD....only clamp still for sale is calcutta/conquest 400 clamp
  523. joker63

    Newell P322F SOLD Shimano reel/rod clamps

    VGC Newell P322F reel shows very little or No use excellent cond $200 Shimano Rod clamps $35 each
  524. joker63

    Shimano Torium ?

    Thx for the official 411...
  525. joker63

    talica 12-2,Conquest 400 SOLD

    Conquest & Talica SOLD
  526. joker63

    Shimano Torium ?

    Any truth to a new and improved Torium coming out this year ???
  527. joker63

    talica 12-2,Conquest 400 SOLD

    Conquest 400 SOLD Talica 12 SOLD
  528. joker63

    Guide question

    Should have bought your customs from Moon.... His shit don't crack
  529. joker63

    There are yellows in SMB

    I got mine 12/26/14 United Composites 800H,Talica 8 loaded wit 50 spectra,30lb floro Native Sun Sportfishing.same spot that's the Redondo Special in the background
  530. joker63

    Shimano Trinidad 16A

    ^^^smart move^^^ I have the 16A & 16NA,14A,12A I use the 16A more frequently but I like them all...going to p/u a 20A next
  531. joker63

    Shimano Trinidad 16A

    Since I bought 1 16A i now have 5 of the "A" series reels thatz all I fish now for local stuff,even my talica's are collecting dust......
  532. joker63

    Shimano Trinidad 16A

    Sweet Reel Will sell fast Moon...better get it NOW!!!!!!!!!
  533. joker63

    Calcutta 400D Reel Seat Clamp???

    It was by this company....I bought at turners way back in 97 I think when the 1st gold Calcutta 400 came out....
  534. joker63

    Calcutta 400D Reel Seat Clamp???

    If you can find 1 of these it will work with a 400D
  535. joker63

    BNIB Daiwa Lexa 300HS-P & Okuma Cedros star drag 10

    Need all 3,they're going on a yellowtail hunt tomorrow
  536. joker63

    BNIB Daiwa Lexa 300HS-P & Okuma Cedros star drag 10

    Little Tank of a reel If I didn't have 3 16 Trinidad A series Id keep it
  537. joker63

    BNIB Daiwa Lexa 300HS-P & Okuma Cedros star drag 10

    BNIB Daiwa lexa 300 Sold Okuma Cedros 10 star drag reel used once in box SPFunds
  538. joker63

    Trinidad 12a or 14a?

    1 of each should work ; )
  539. joker63

    Seeker "white tiger" jig stick combo

    Surprised this hasn't sold yet...
  540. joker63

    Native Sun 3/4 day went long...

    Really IDK I knew we south of Catalina but still north of DP
  541. joker63

    Native Sun 3/4 day went long...

    Native Sun went offshore 43 tuna for 14 anglers not bad for 3/4 day out of 22nd st. 20lb floro seemed to work best. Bloody Decks!!!
  542. joker63

    WTB NEWELL S220-5 P220F

    Seen em on eBay There F N Lame
  543. joker63


    I have an 866L just sittin in the garage already Found an 837ML hybrid....thx
  544. joker63


    WTB Phenix Hybrid 837ML inshore factory.....anybody? Plz PM
  545. joker63

    For Sale: Mint condition Trinidad 16NA

    Gotta act fast on da killer reels
  546. joker63

    Seeker "white tiger" jig stick combo

    Seeker 7X jig stick White tiger blank new nvr used...Cedros 10S reel used once A steal for $400 Can be P/U in WLA NO TRADES FIRM ON PRICE Still have box for reel Fastest reply text 661.302.7174
  547. joker63

    Release SG Reel

    Selling 4 a friend He bought reel went fishing gets sea sick and said no mo Used once has 150yds 30 spectra this is the newest version with new handle and cam for better free spool Reel is in like new cond see pics....$225 Will ship for $5 Come with box,clamp,and lifetime warranty SOLD PENDING...
  548. joker63

    Seeker Stealth 8030

    I'll give you 105$
  549. joker63

    Newell P220F

    Newell is SPF
  550. joker63

    Newell P220F

    145$ won't buy it
  551. joker63

    Newell P220F

    Yep make me an offer I can't refuse!
  552. joker63

    Newell P220F

    Very Clean P220F 175$ OBO shipped Sold Pending Funds
  553. joker63

    calcutta 400te clamp?

    Yep, Shimano and tiburon both made em if you can still find them
  554. joker63

    Shimano 16DC Mint

    Pics added
  555. joker63

    Shimano 16DC Mint

    MINT Shimano 16DC in box with clamp,all paperwork inc warranty card,there is no line on reel Very HTF in this mint like new cond SOLD
  556. joker63

    Cedros CSD10s - for sale

    PM sent I'll take it
  557. joker63

    Newell 220 w/tiburon frame

    I really doubt your dad deprives you of ANYTHING!!!