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    Two Douchebags Hunting!

    add owen renner on instagram. his was 1st to come up. accounts private and his head liner "it is what it is"

    Anyone know the longest rod I can bring to Kauai?

    u can buy a 11-13' ugly stick there for like $60-70

    WTB shimano teremar 100xh

    im in san diego and have cash. im only looking for the 100xh

    Grunion Run 3/1/18

    theres just not enough blood and oil in them. cat food works better

    trying to find a rod

    i know wrong section but i have been looking for a teremar 100xh and i did post under classifieds but this section gets more views so im hoping maybe someone has 1 of these they want to sell or trade

    WTB teremar 100xh (10')extra heavy

    looking to buy a teremar 100xh. i have cash and im in san diego

    WANTED teremar 100xh

    im looking for a shimano teremar 100xh and have cash.

    WANTED 10' shimano teramar (san diego area)

    will pay cash. only need 1.

    How to fish with shrimp.

    dropper look 1/0 octo and 30lb or bigger.

    2 1/2 COW and a record breaking 285lbs BFT!

    theres a 297 from last week but either way those are some nice fish

    Want to buy old shimano beastmaster fishing rods

    man do i have a collection....... beast master/speedmaster/boron/tails n toads. i think i got about 20 but im not selling just collecting. i find my best scores at the swap meet or fish swap meets. good luck

    14 mile bank 6/17 one big SOB

    1st pic: huge gut and even bigger smile

    Is this normal? 6 hours tied to the bait dock to make it a 2.5 day trip.

    i know when the boats get to the dock early(before the tackle shop opens at 5am) they will not tie to the dock and float. i was told its do to customers having rentals that need to be returned to the shop. we spent a 1.5 hrs floating last week but that was on a 9 hr boat trip back to san diego...

    What fish is it?


    TM 1607 ST

    good rod. i fish them and the tsm series. let me know if you want to sell it

    did anyone see the yellowtail schools

    we fished point loma whistler buoy and at about 11 am we had fish all around us, fish came up 4 times in about a hour and a half. we hooked 3 durning the time between boils. 1 lost o sea lion an 2 to rocks or structure. we were rigged for bass an rock fish or we could of hooked a lot more. all...


    ginger and sea sick pills/patchs/bands. sounds like you got a good pre game plan. maybe take to soak for bat rays so they can feel a 20lb + fish pull

    Dana Landing Launch Ramp

    #1 there was a contest being thrown at dana. #2 not sure if you noticed but theres also a kayak shop right there next to dana tackle.#3 theres a parking lot there that allows anglers to have somewhere to park after launching. #4 its the closet ramp to the ocean and bait barge. #5 its a ramp with...

    14 Mile Bank fishing

    be sure you got 6-8lbs of lead. i got a cow last year and the 5lbs i had didnt do shit. had to watch a 20lb+ cow just float

    Shelter Island Ramp Closure Info 5/16/2017

    thats what im looking forward to.

    Shelter Island Ramp Closure Info 5/16/2017

    stoked its happening and i know my concerns dont mean shit but, are they really doing this just as season starts? could someone please start a thread with all the available launch site in san diego bay so people realize they can still launch there and mission bay is not the only option

    Coronado Islands

    just grab one from by the dock. h and m or fishermans landing. so whats the size on that yellow in your pic?

    Battle of the Bays Report...

    Tom Buckalew won second place in the bass CPR with 2 Spottys at 30.5 inches. i didnt know they did a total bag length or those 30" spottys are the biggest ever

    Reels in mint condition, soon available.

    waiting to see the post

    How does my oil look?

    looks fine and for the hours and if it dont smell your good.


    go look.... there was last weekend

    Poll: What new product would you most want to see from Shimano?

    as are the toriums but there are not like the speedmasters at all. you could also say the shimano triton mark 1 and 2(all aluminum) are more like the trini or torium since the build is closer but you could also say the triton mark 1 an 2 are what the calcutta turned into since the 1 an 2 are the...

    12 volt motor for DIY dryer build?

    disco ball from party city $9.99

    Whats up with Aztec ??

    not sure how much they have been running this year but anything can happen at anytime. might of worked fine all morning/day and just crapped out right then. been on that boat and the pride(owned by the same brothers) those guy work hard and fish hard. really sucks to have that happen and miss...

    Somali Pirates VS Ship's Private Security Guards

    thats a no smoking vessel. not my type

    Poll: What new product would you most want to see from Shimano?

    a new version of the speedmaster ll,lll and lV more aero glass rods

    Hannibal bank 4-15-2017

    way to go patrick. saw your pic of the boat on the beach and new good things were happening. fuck ya

    Is paddle board fishing better than kayak fishing?

    great for mellow are limited on what gear you can take. fun on the kelp beds but the wind can be a pain.

    Local Knowledge - Road Trip - Puerto Vallarta always you guys are making dreams come true

    Dorado Candy Bar Starman 200

    flex coat light make a good clear coat. try using a acrylic spray on top of enamel well the enamel is still wet/fresh

    Hand Wrappers

    i wrap on my lap no stand no thread holder. takes some practice but i can do some nicer diamonds and weaving

    Unusual or Rare Long Range Species Pictures

    not off shore but here goes a few odd pics pic 1 is abalone in point loma 2014 pic 2 13" bsp that got hit when i set the hook. had to be cbass pic 3 vessel assist towing vessel assist towing a boat pic 4 is a shovel nose that was cut out of a big female. all babies looked perfect except this...

    Issue with Andros 5aii Skipping, 4th time returned to Okuma!!

    i fished a mak. and every 3rd full turn of the handle it felt like it jumped a tooth or skipped hard. only under load did i notice it. returned and happened again.

    Josie Lynn Bluefin April 2

    crew trips are the best. Producer got bluefin on there crew trip in march.

    Long hard fight, no reward

    big(150#) bats come around there from the flats also big 7 gill but they got razor teeth

    Size of recent YTs in the Coronado's?

    islands were 3-8lbs today with a few 15-20 but the boats have been hitting kelps also. lot of bonito 3-12lbs pushing around

    PT Loma Sand Dads 3/21

    8" plastic, they find the hook almost every time

    Went Looking outside again and found them 3-18 ( video )

    great now all the internet fishing turds will be out there pushing the fish down that already dont want to chew. pretty sure this is from last year. got a feeling theres going to be some good April fools jokes coming up

    So Is this Happening... BFT

    hahahahahahahahaha.............look whos putting these fish on. 90% of you dont live on the water like they do but if 90% of you have ever fished with/around them you would understand whats going on with this. born and raised these guys are some of san diegos best. best is not free or easy

    "Best" Small Lever Drag Reel?

    dont mess around, if you dont have one get a tld 5.

    What do I have to do to get a big PENN sticker for man cave

    take your small one to a shop that makes stickers. die cut or standard. have it made any size any color. our malls have sticker stores and vinyl wrap stores

    Seiners fishin BFT at Tanner?

    they were south west about 695 miles

    Seiners fishin BFT at Tanner?

    seen a spot of them the other day. must have been 50-60 boats

    looking for a newell frame

    thanks. i have seen other post on the net about a 440 narrow kit but it must have been the 533 kit. i have seen a tiburon frame on a blackie and i know they dont fit either

    looking for a newell frame

    so i contacted him and this is what i was told : We only make the 533 in a narrow kit, and it's not compatible with a 440. Different shaft inset in spool. I have the 440 frame available in black only. 440 spool in red, black, or silver. so this means you cant just get a 440 narrow kit??? but...

    Lure question

    rebel fastrac.............the 1 and only.

    is this newell side plate real

    the color is not the only thing i see odd in this. i didnt know there were plastic threads on the plates.

    FS: Harnell 724

    just found a harnell fly rod in the trash the same color pattern. cool to see it in a jig stick.

    Quick Disconnect on Cooling / Flushing Hose

    well i know on my "merc" the quick connect on it flushs the water from top to bottom but someone told me it only passes threw 60% of the motor like that. it flows the same running and off. i just stick with standard flushing in my neighbors pool plus the chlorine kills any growth

    looking for a newell frame

    awesome i will keep a eye out and wait a little longer to rebuild it. then again i do have a hack saw

    looking for a newell frame

    figure i will just try on here to see if anyone had a tiburon frame before i buy 1 from them. i have a 440. also anyone know if this series can be narrowed? i have searching forums but i havent seen anything yet.

    whats this crap.....

    ya not the right spot and maybe im wrong but its say 2015 on the add at the right(dominator). you guys get hacked?

    How do you set the hook fishing sardines?

    i fish sardines from the rod holder on my milk crate. clicker on beer in hand. ya small bait and big fish i swing quick unless its a circle hook

    Target Sculpin and not rockfish?

    knocker rig. torpedo with a slider

    Underwater cameras/thru hull camera systems

    shouldnt be to darn hard to make. i threw some stuff together and sent my gopro down 800' after 5 hrs of video out of 3 trip and nothing other then sea bugs from the light i used it for target practice with the camera in it. 1 shot 1 kill (.338)

    300 EJ Discontinued ?

    curado for life son. 200 200sf 300 300type j


    now this is about flying?

    U.C. US100 Mega F.S.

    whats this rod rated? looking to use it for casting 4oz jigs

    Winter Lure Making

    whats the prizim coating on the last 3 jigs.. i pour lead heads mostly 1/8th oz. thru 4oz mostly the shade/anchovy style. i like to fish yellow tail with bigger plastics and the rock fish love the 8" plastics

    18" Marauder Like Lure-Your Experience?

    hookers where just going for over $200 on ebay

    Reel deal gone bad

    i had a reel stolen do to the package being left in the open. same deal i got screwed

    "Go-To" Lingcod Rig

    i pour 4oz jig heads and fish on 8" plastics. 65lb braid to 60lb mono. be ready to get stuck. we have some bsb here that like to eat the plastic so a heavy leader helps. sand dabs and octo. work good to but i like the bi-catch i get on the plastic

    Sea Ox & OMC Sea Drive Questions

    cool boat. i have a sea ox 230 center console not cuddy. i have a 2002 225hp mercury 3L 2stroke. think its around 515lbs. boat holds 115g of fuel. full load i have got it around 42 mph. boat says its rated upto 235hp. i would love to add a swim step with a full transom but for a trailed boat 3'...

    Boat capsized off windansea

    dam this sounds bad i hope they find the 5th person

    any decent yellows at la jolla

    yellowtail season closed oct.1

    John Deere on Portland CL

    new tires for that tractor cost $2500

    Super moon over Guadalupe

    pretty sure its a day time moon

    Looking for Newell / Murdered Out

    whos got a rainbow newell?

    6lb bonito at cortes bank

    we were fishing 30lb yt i had 3 on the boat already. drag was set for them and worked fine. that bone just had way to much will to get away. i tend to fish most bone on 4lb since our average size is 1-5lb

    6lb bonito at cortes bank

    had 1 in la jolla over 15# snap my 40# andy like nothing. kept a 13# that day that was much smaller. if i didnt see it i would of thought a dog took it the way it ran.

    The New Avet G2 Series

    Lethal killer metal blood and steel hot shit O.G. 2

    Yellowfin Tuna Feeding Frenzy of Dana Point

    so giant amount of fish but not many biting? 2 fish dont seem like much for a crazy feeding frenzy. then again sounds like thats what everyone else has been seeing

    WTB Bait Pen

    you got to feed your bait. down here in san diego. we have a rain barrel rebate so we can buy them and get our money back. smallest i would go is a 220g its over 5' tall and 6' dia. 20lbs is 2 scoops down here. my 40 gallon tank on my boat is to small for that much bait. water flow has to...

    Which fuel stabilizer?

    i take it you also use a fuel water separator right? when i bought my boat it did not have 1. i put 1 on and hand pumped my gas threw it(40 gallons) lots of shit came out and water. i always use stabil360 as well. im running a 2002 mercury 225hp 2 storke

    San Diego County turkeys?

    the Cuyamaca birds are smart and stay in protected areas. look on the south side of the 8. seen some big animals over on that side plus less protection

    Fresh Dead Squid

    ya i have heard of bleaching also heard fresh water on them has a bleach effect. san pedro .....

    Couple cool pics from last weeks shoot

    that fish looks likes its about to eat a banjo minnow

    crazy rare fish

    not sure on all the info just found the link. the teeth on this are insane

    Jesus weave

    kinda looks like the zigzag guy

    Long run with no love!

    i had a hard time getting them to even look at 14# floro 6# hook lots of chum. even drifted into a huge slick of boiling fish for zero.

    MPA = Marine Poaching Area

    s.d. and mission are closed

    Wahoo: has anyone ever dropped back a small/regular marauder on the slide? Result?

    hell ya. if not wind like hell. i can cast my halco 130max pretty far on the jig stick. only got bone casting far

    underwater lights

    yes there are many types and if you go on youtube there is lots of info there as well with videos of how they look under water. i know of 1 boat with a drain plug light thats docked in mission bay. 2 years no issue just a single led an not very strong plus its red

    underwater lights

    look into the lights that tread into your drain plug. the brass 3 way was on a boat in mission last weekend. they seemed decent for what they were. they have a single for much cheaper but at the price its worth not having to drill more holes in a boat...

    20lb getting bit or roll the dice.

    pulled hooks do to no stretch in your braid. i fish the same way in the kelp for them and its a huge problem. i fish iron on 40 mono and fly line those never pull.

    Fishing with a 9mm.

    like the tip they made to disperse the muzzle blast

    La Jolla 9-21-16

    surprised you didnt get any bone on the fly. the weekend they were thick.

    electric boat for sale

    last i checked a lien sale is a pain in the of 2011 and a boat i tried to buy. but electric sounds fun. jumper cables and a geni. maybe solar roof the whole thing and do a steam engine.

    Halco Max 130

    1st take all the hooks off then look at it for a few minutes. maybe put the hooks back on and then take them off. either way step 2 you got to throw it in the dirt and jump on it. step 3-5 clean and paint it. either fire tiger or purple tiger. next leader with 450# steel 49 strand. double crimp...

    Fish and Game Ticket

    my brother got popped slow trolling the wrong area over 2 months ago. they said to it would be filed in 2-3 weeks and there would be a court date appointed. still no ticket filed as of 3 days ago

    New Shelter Island Ramp Coming Soon??

    its says it was a 10 lane boat ramp. from the pics i see i can count 6 lanes at most. hope it gets done soon but it seems it might be 2 more years still

    Halco Max 130

    ya got 2 the yft like them

    Over $125,000 in fines handed down to two poachers

    asians white blacks mexicans......... they all poach. just glad these guys got stopped. old timers like them got knowledge of what there doing and need to be handled. im white and learned a shit load from asians about fishing. from tying knots to cutting bait i watched what they did. i also...

    Canning Tuna ???

    what do you guys add in the jar when you put fish in them
  100. OCEAN theRAPIST

    182 report that I suck...9/10

    mb bait was was not great today even with a tip.
  101. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Agressor..Newport Landing 9/9

    i do not wash fillets. you ever try to wash a steak then put it in the fridge over night? comes out looking nasty. i take the time to clean my fish if i plan on eating i prefer to not cut in to the gut. got to bleed it if you eat it. clean my blade a lot to keep it from getting scales in the fish.
  102. OCEAN theRAPIST

    YFT West of 9

    what are those>>>>>>
  103. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Inshore yellowfin

    ya kinda hard to get them to come up from 100' unless you got endless chum. chummed 2 scoops over about a hour fish came up 1 time. tried to drop bait jigs and more. tried to troll the area with jigs and bait. nothing :( seen san diego getting bit. we tried 15lb an up floro and mono.
  104. OCEAN theRAPIST

    From Dad's tackle box

    they make a twist tool for this
  105. OCEAN theRAPIST

    la jolla graveyard

    every year is different. the kelp being thin is not helping. nw corner hasnt been the spot right now.
  106. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Trophy Grouper..... Intrepid with a nice grouper

    very nice. thats a ass kicker right there
  107. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Need help with marbling under guides

    i have found heat can make things have more of a natural look. apply colors then heat an let the colors twist them self. a little practice and its pretty awesome
  108. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Where's all the Sandbass?

    have you seen what they do with them down south :skullbone if they are not chunking them for food/chum then they use them for live bait. i seen a recent video from a few hundred miles south of us. full bait jigs loaded with turds. every drop it was loaded. they fish them as live for grouper. i...
  109. OCEAN theRAPIST

    School me on fuel flow meters

    from what i have seen flowscan is pretty good but someone told me i can hook my 2002 mercury 225 to my lowrance but i havent been able to find a cable(lowrance to mercury) any info would be appreciated
  110. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Ferringo Boy Bonito Seiner?

    stop seiners.... if you cant catch a fish"dinner" then natural selection should be able to weed out the weak.
  111. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Who says Bonito isn't good eatin'?

    that fish is 8lbs tops
  112. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Got. Two

    9 min ??? really ??? did the fish know it was hooked?
  113. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Beware of pay wash down machines at Dana Point, Etc.

    well this is my 5th boat and i have put outboards on anything that floats. only 1 motor i have owned long enough to change it twice.
  114. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Beware of pay wash down machines at Dana Point, Etc.

    i have replaced dozens of impellers and i have started my boat plenty of times with out water. i have never seen a impeller burn up that fast "30 seconds"
  115. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Dana to 181+dick move

    you should of fired the motor up
  116. OCEAN theRAPIST

    UC CE 1000 Delmar

    so this blank was ordered from there site? whats the ratings on that rod?
  117. OCEAN theRAPIST


    i hate regulations but this is not cool. boats are just killing our future yellows. what happen to a 24" minimum
  118. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Harpoon for local BFT giants

    dont think its legal here
  119. OCEAN theRAPIST


    i will take the marauders if they are $10 each
  120. OCEAN theRAPIST

    I hate flex coat!!!!

    that sucks. sounds like 5 minute epoxy. i like there light build for marbling. i use a scale to measure my flex coat. i also use heat to make my marbling do its thing. i have never used a "tool" to create the marbling effect. good thing theres lots of options out there
  121. OCEAN theRAPIST

    us-mexico pacific ocean border coordinates

    from the mex border on land make a straight line to 32'37.47,N 117'49.48'W that point is where the border changes angles and heads south to 31'07.53' N 118'36.37 W thats about as close of a border as you can get. my numbers are from temp break using there cursor. its not hard to find but i...
  122. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Whats the best channel for up to date fishing while out on the waters

    only time you need your radio on is if you have a problem then channel 16. otherwise 72 is always amusing if you need to kill some time. 95% of the people on there wouldnt tell anything helpful and will make and real info hard to take serious. find people you know and set up a code and channel
  123. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Insane foamer action

    somebody ran the boil over just a little
  124. OCEAN theRAPIST

    North Nine/ La Jolla

    we did about the same. seen lots of cool stuff but not what we were looking for. seen new seaforth stop about 8 miles out of MB and kill some bone
  125. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Want to take my son fishing for his 15 birthday on july 16

    shouldnt be hard to find someone on here. what part off san diego are you trying to go out of?
  126. OCEAN theRAPIST

    The roosterfish of my dreams on surfishing

    awesome fish. i seen this on justins page this morning. monster for sure
  127. OCEAN theRAPIST

    New to kayak fishing

    extra heavy bass rods,dropper loop,fliyline and a jig stick. you will also need a bit making rod if you plan to fish live.
  128. OCEAN theRAPIST

    I cant find the regs on this.....

    not much life in those bugs. not even a tail flap. either way that dogs got some skills
  129. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Deep water rock coding.

    like he said have you seen a cow cod float a 3 pound sinker? last one i got off la jolla must have been 20 pounds. biggest i had seen. i tried everything in the boat to get it down. had to use the anchor. pretty sad to see it but that fish came up 5 minutes later.
  130. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Boat went down right next to us.

    i always run my radio on scan. you hear a lot of stupid stuff all day and night but when it stops on 16 i try to make sure im ready if needed
  131. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Was about Wahoo on kelps (but the thread has been jacked)

    so is 480# cable to much to run on a intruder? some guys say 600#
  132. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Was about Wahoo on kelps (but the thread has been jacked)

    looks like yellowtail and yellowfin to me.
  133. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Another bft foamer video

    this is last year..dana
  134. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Another bft foamer video

    this video is from last year............. and it was off dana
  135. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Shelter Island ramp renovation

    this dont sound like its worth the time or money. shelter island gets a lot of traffic and "walls' will only give us a few more feet if the are on the same foot prints. maybe widen the whole ramp an move the walls north and south past the ramp 100'
  136. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Hooked 1 lost to seal...I hate seals!!!

    seems like a big fish for a seal to take. must have been a huge seal.
  137. OCEAN theRAPIST

    The Dark Side of Trailer Boating

    so your putting your truck in the water to launch?
  138. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Judge Judy show today

    if i can cast to you your to close. it dont matter what kind of boat it is. give people a little space
  139. OCEAN theRAPIST

    seal killed and raped......sounds crazy right?

    well its true and from the sounds of it we need more if these down here in by the children's pool. it reports that its been documented 3 times with the male otters
  140. OCEAN theRAPIST

    anyone in Utah ???

    im going to be out there may 7-11 and i wanted to get some fishing in. so i was wondering if anyone on here would be able to help point me to a area(lake,creek,stream) that might hold some fish. i will be going up the 15 to the 70. im going to come back down the 72,62 and 22. i have been looking...
  141. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Dana Mako

    douche cant fish
  142. OCEAN theRAPIST

    My boat just got bigger!!!

    just wrap it in pool noodles and your good
  143. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Thunderbird Overnight fishing 4/20 bro

    whats all that shit on the deck? looks pretty dirty
  144. OCEAN theRAPIST

    La jolla 4/19

    looks like point loma in the back not la jolla. looks like hes just west of la jolla
  145. OCEAN theRAPIST

    newell blackie mods ???

    any chance you got a link for that. i looked threw his site and seen a lot on the 338 blackie but im looking for info on the 322 blackie frame conversion
  146. OCEAN theRAPIST

    newell blackie mods ???

    im wondering if anyone has got a tiburon frame to fit a blackie 322 series reel? im sure the frame would need to be modified. or is there another option? i really want to remove the cross bars
  147. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Vintage Tady Lures

    those jigs are worth more................
  148. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Need a gutter guy...

    crapping sealing job or a seal that dried out. lots of that stuff just drys out and cracks. a hand cut miter seals better and looks nice then that cheater strip. also if those are long rung 40' or more you will get some expanding and shrinking in length
  149. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Rain Barrel bait hotel, or is there something better.

    bigger rain barrel. im going to use a 250 gallon model an you need a lot more holes. also slat the bottom for dead baits to fall threw
  150. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Is the San Diego fishing the islands or offshore tomorrow

    you wont know til the boat is leaving. i have even seen him ask what we want to fish and winning votes got what they wanted
  151. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Ideal Shimano "Light Line" Bluefin Setup?

    tsm 2 on a tsm 1602 rod is what i fly line with. got a nice 32 on it last year on 203 ande. not a easy set up to find and may cost more now then it did when it was made in the early 90s
  152. OCEAN theRAPIST

    am I dreaming??????

    the 2 i got last year had tails that looked like this. im in san diego an the fish were 5 days old from washington. either way if theres albi right now here or there its a good thing
  153. OCEAN theRAPIST


    dont worry about it. everyone knows the tuna bites going off in santa barbra
  154. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Santa Barbara Tuna ?

    more then likely if there are fish being caught they are Bonita
  155. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Santa Barbara Tuna ?

    you have to video tape it and call it porn to be legal
  156. OCEAN theRAPIST


    that trini alone is worth more then $250
  157. OCEAN theRAPIST


    got to be stolen
  158. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Wahoo Night Bite?

    east coast they fish them at night. they say the first few hours after dark and before sunrise. i cant get the link to open but maybe someone else can
  159. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Yo-Zuri HD 130lb Fluoro Diameter

    so back to fishing line. where do you buy your crimps? and what brands?
  160. OCEAN theRAPIST

    What would you pay for the perfect Surface Iron???

    i paid way to much for a jig a few times and would do it again..........but why?
  161. OCEAN theRAPIST

    newell collectors LOOK HERE carl newells reel

    im not a huge fan but i do like my 2 black series. so if you have not seen it yet heres carls reel or at least they say it is. semi translucent green
  162. OCEAN theRAPIST


    Panthers 27, Broncos 17....... cuz i want 2 purple and black intruders
  163. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Newell Reel goes Manic

    theres another clear for $5k the newell trend is out of hand. real seatt cross bars an rod clamp for $139 wtf just buy the reel
  164. OCEAN theRAPIST

    just wanted to say thanks for not posting the spot. seen you fight that fish for a while. good...

    just wanted to say thanks for not posting the spot. seen you fight that fish for a while. good job on a fish you will never forget. and posting a week later helps as well. that spot had just started to show good stuff on monday(3-52# fish)
  165. OCEAN theRAPIST

    anyone have any issues with fish and game

    you already posted about this........... nut yes 2 years back they hit my 14' fiberglass with there inflatable. there boat had a aluminum hull and put a big gash threw the gel coat into the fiberglass. they were cool about it and noticed what they did. they apologized and im sure i could of had...
  166. OCEAN theRAPIST

    3-Speed HXW Raptor... When?

    well for big tuna the 3 speed has been out for a while now. a raptor series im not sure about
  167. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Lures to catch stripers

    4.5" banjo minnow. the original style
  168. OCEAN theRAPIST

    23' mako makeover

    pics are loading :(
  169. OCEAN theRAPIST

    New Calcutta Conquest 400 - What can they do?

    some people fish there gear a lot harder then others. i still have my original 400 and 400b that are at least 12 years old. i fish every thing with them. this year i got a 42# bluefin and 90# bsb on my 400b with no issues. i have had to replace my clutch bearing in them but that seems normal. im...
  170. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Lowrance Total Scan

    so lowrance makes a transducer but it only works with a few select lowrance displays? what about the hdi display or the chirp display? i assume the hardware inside these models doesnt support what this transducer can do.
  171. OCEAN theRAPIST

    What's my boat worth?

    its a 18' from what i see in your profile info? electronic? under side pics? deck pics?bait tank? trailer? is it a full transom or cut away?
  172. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Mission Bay out of bait.

    sd and mission are out right now. i was 1 of the last people to get bait yesterday morning. there were some pissed off people and lots of people fishing jigs on the yellow fin but they didnt seem to be getting bit. the parking lot party ruined our bite that we had with 1 other boat. tons of...
  173. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Surface iron for calicos

    the only time i switch speeds when fishing yellow is to break my line but even then a 2 speed for yellow under 30# is kinda over kill. my Calcutta 400 works best for me when throwing surface iron for yellows and calicos. i run it with 50# braid and enough mono to make a full cast and have a few...
  174. OCEAN theRAPIST

    How to get rid of seals and fishing report

    please go here.....EVERYONE GO HERE
  175. OCEAN theRAPIST

    17' SurfSki

    nice, whats the inside look like
  176. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Lots of Wahoo....

    i want to kill myself
  177. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Kunnan rods ???

    good rods. i have a few of them. they also make golf clubs
  178. OCEAN theRAPIST


    i had a white sea bass eat a 14" calico ?? or my leo that became bait for a hali???? never used them as bait but it happened
  179. OCEAN theRAPIST

    This whoo is for you dad! Hell yeah!

    you deserve that fish. im glad to hear you were 1 of the lucky wahoo girls
  180. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Win A Free Pair Of Sunglasses-Costa

    please sign me up. thanks again
  181. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Rock fishing off la jolla

    try the 270 spot. its kinda deep (270') but its a big spot 32° 46.628'N x 117° 21.135'W heres a smaller spot it about 200' 32° 50.664'N x 117° 19.979'W do you have a fish finder on your boat?
  182. OCEAN theRAPIST


    i just loop around and make paddy salads at full speed. if you ruin a paddy bite like that for me i will make sure you dont get any fish off of it.
  183. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Kite Fishing?: I Think I was Scammed

    i kite fish from a pier and ballons are the only way to go just buy a dozen already filled
  184. OCEAN theRAPIST

    9/11/15 What a day...

    ya says they got limits but i didnt know limits for 2 people was 15 dorado. did i miss something?
  185. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Outboard to boat ratio

    ya you sound have a vin/id tag that tells you what your boat is rated. i have a 225 on my 23' center console
  186. OCEAN theRAPIST

    9/11/15 What a day...

    whats the limits on dodo's
  187. OCEAN theRAPIST

    WTF growing out of a tuna?

    flag worm like the yellowtail get
  188. OCEAN theRAPIST

    You wanna see two PUNKS?!?!

    ......................i cant imagine what it would take to make to high school kids to plow a ref like that. or maybe i could think of a thing or 2 but still thats not cool and its battery at the least.
  189. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Anyone use a Sears 12ft fiberglass for a dingy?

    not something i would put 5 in but i have fished 1 in the kelp beds
  190. OCEAN theRAPIST

    In search of Metaloid 5nii

    just saw 1 on craigslist s.d.
  191. OCEAN theRAPIST

    West side marlin 08/23

    area? i know the ocean but was this a island fish or more towards the boarder
  192. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Micro Bait on Paddies...Think Again

    we were on a paddy today with at least 300 of them it was only 5' across but was loaded with those yellers.
  193. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Sat Aug 22 YFT Report plugged the boat

    did you guys have many boats around? did you see a parking lot out there today?
  194. OCEAN theRAPIST

    baitcaster for smallest jiggy

    shimano bantam 50sx from the early 90s it out cast my curado by far. i learned on it and still fish it. heres 1 starting @ $3
  195. OCEAN theRAPIST

    some yellow pus under the bluefin skin

    seen 2 in a yft pre fukushima they were smaller then a dime an seem to "slip" out if you cut next to them. i removed all surrounding meat
  196. OCEAN theRAPIST

    2 sets of boat seats

    now i see why mine didnt sell. thanks for the thread jack fish4fun90680
  197. OCEAN theRAPIST

    La Jolla 7/19/15

    the yellows have been playing with the bait and not much else for about 2 weeks. we sat on them for 2 hrs last week with fish in free gaffing range that didnt want mac or dean(fresh caught). are yellows came in about 120' of water on meter marks
  198. OCEAN theRAPIST

    late, i know SD the 8th

    that looks like he was wrapped at 1 point that tail damage is pretty looks like it came from something solid and stiff to come from bumping other soft slime cover fish doesnt seem possible
  199. OCEAN theRAPIST

    F350 on the 22' Whaler Guardian.....

    it will tear the boat apart if its not used carefully. it make take years before the effects of running that show on the boat or just 1 swell taken wrong
  200. OCEAN theRAPIST

    2 sets of boat seats

    ya the seats with the arm rest are comfy. hope those seat worked out. see you out there soon ray
  201. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Grunion Run Tonight

    they came up in ob the last 2 nights but there were 100 douche bags waist deep scaring them before they could spawn. fireworks will ruin ob tonight
  202. OCEAN theRAPIST

    2 sets of boat seats

  203. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Semi-Controlled Chaos

    wheres san gabriel? do you know how to use a map? its 1 thing to ask for a spot but how can you not even look up san gabriel? what if that was his spot?
  204. OCEAN theRAPIST

    anyone do seamless gutters?

    its not easy i hang gutter(5k,6k,straight face,box etc..) seems you need to have a bit of time in the business to get things rolling for it to be worth the space to store a machine.
  205. OCEAN theRAPIST

    unknown boat problems......

    i have the title and was about to go to the dmv. im trying to have the boat slipped an he was fine with signing it over before i paid it off
  206. OCEAN theRAPIST

    unknown boat problems......

    this is a 23cc sea ox the port stringer is coming off the boat and couldnt be seen til i put a new deck hatch in.the top half of the boat needs to come off before the string beats a hole threw the bottom. i didnt want another project boat and was told the boat would be sea worthy.
  207. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Someone did something wrong

    ya they used the wrong stuff.
  208. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Are the squid nests anywhere near the beach?

    wait 2 years they will come back
  209. OCEAN theRAPIST

    La Jolla Yellowtail Lunker

    know just the pic of him holding the fish. seems he posted it right after he got off the water or this is a fake report
  210. OCEAN theRAPIST

    La Jolla Yellowtail Lunker

    i just saw this boat for sale on craigslist for $6500
  211. OCEAN theRAPIST

    My dog figured out what to do with the seals!

    i take it this is his hunting partner
  212. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Fishing Mexican Waters 2015

    plenty of good fish in us waters.......on top of all the papper work it seems they like to destroy your gear when they feel needed. i think its funny how much they try to attract tourist yet scare them away more then anything.
  213. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Boat nd Trailer $500

    what kind of motor does it have? hows the deck? any dry rot?
  214. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Vintage Jig ID Need Help

    sand it and you will see it perfect
  215. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Stop raining!!!!

    swell looked nice i was just down there. maybe 3' tops just kinda wet out
  216. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Shamrock 27 Diesel 2001

    does the boat have a trailer?
  217. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Why do RAPTORS have such high drag ratings?

    wtf yellowtail with a 1.9/1???? thats lame. unless it was a 90lb yellowtail. my raptor has 80# braid with 20-80 top shot depending on what im going for. i dont have a ton of rods so this covers a wide range of fish.
  218. OCEAN theRAPIST

    more odd rock fish

    that bone was about 7lbs but i did have one well over 10lbs that ate a 12" mac and snapped 40# like nothing
  219. OCEAN theRAPIST

    more odd rock fish

    so we went out to try and get a few rock fish before the season was over. it was kinda slow and we only got a few fish but the weather was really nice. almost no wind and the swell was mellow. we fished big bait looking for lings an never did see any. fish were snapping the 40 an even the 60...
  220. OCEAN theRAPIST

    NOAA looking for input on how to best deter sea lions

    open season on them....even if its only 1 day a year and sell tags for them.
  221. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Mission Bay 12/17/14

    dana rentals are all i get..... then again i get it for the live well/bait tank on board glad you got a few fish and hit me up next time we can take my skiff
  222. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Should You Still Tip if They Gaff in the Back?

    so how long of a gaff do you keep on your boat? i have a small boat and im low to the water so a 3' gaff would be fine but i keep a 6' stick in case i need to get a long shot in the kelp or something. i dont see many private boaters using a 10' bamboo gaff.
  223. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Carolina Skiff J14 for Inshore and Local Lakes (or another small skiff)

    get a flip tongue on the trailer. i got the same size issue with my garage and now that my 14.5 is in there i could of gone bigger maybe even 17'
  224. OCEAN theRAPIST

    SOLD!!! fully working beater. its a cool boat... just not pretty

    thats a cool set up. it looks like it has room to kill fish and the tackle stands are nice
  225. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Prowler a BUST 10-18-14

    good report an thanks for the info. these post will cost the boats even if its only me that skips that boat it still cost them. sounds like the problem may not be the crew but who hired them or allows for that bullshit. i busted my ass on a lot of boats and made a ton of people happy. it paid...
  226. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Boca Bearings... worth the upgrade?

    it took a little adjusting. the free spool is awesome but i was looking more for smoothness since it had been thousands of casts on the older bearing they were a little rough.
  227. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Boca Bearings... worth the upgrade?

    i like my upgraded bearings. oil less steel. i wish i could of got ceramic do to only fishing saltwater.
  228. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Going Wahoo fishing

    hope to not see you out tomorrow or any other boat for that matter. im going to killem all
  229. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Who's the Boss

    just shoot it already its a hazard
  230. OCEAN theRAPIST

    I Win!! . . .my catch is smallest ever!

    i had a 4" yellow in my tank for a year it got to big so i released it at 11"
  231. OCEAN theRAPIST

    horseshoe slugs still biting

    these fish were much closer to mission bay(south) and there was no other boats around. also no seals which helped the rookie on the boat get a fish after 25 minute i was sure a dog would show up but it never happens. went 3 for 5 do to light tackle
  232. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Saturday, 04 Oct. 14

    seen a 130# killed this week much closer they are showing everywhere
  233. OCEAN theRAPIST

    yellows in shallow

    well it happened again. fish were not the best grade but its not every day you get yellows from a pier. just got the pic sent to me this was from thrusday on the ob pier. the bonito bite died out but well fishing for them my friend pulled this little guy. caught on a pink 1oz megabait
  234. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Saturday, 04 Oct. 14

    try north more for the unicorns they seem to be just on this side of us water
  235. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Will the real slim shady please stand up...

    bitchs will always be a fisherman
  236. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Nice Mako on the Hello Kitty rod.

    nice work igfa all the way
  237. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Prowler scores a local wahoo!

    thats the most interesting guy
  238. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Anyone see the UFO @ 5:30am today leaving SI ??? WTF!!!!

    as a rocket scientist i can say that what you saw was a rocket. it was a 2 stage rocket the 2nd stage never ignited an the rocket was lost at sea. im trying to find the link for what you can expect to see in the sky do to testing. there are test almost every day
  239. OCEAN theRAPIST

    9/4 tough fishing

    good effort..and on the bait. never tip before they scoop your bait seemed like i got less for tipping last time
  240. OCEAN theRAPIST

    best sonar(fish finder) you can buy

    i have been looking around an there are so many new options. if you could buy ANY sonar unit what would it be? im currently running a unit that cost me 3 times what my boat did but its a 14' fiberglass skiff. im looking to upgrade my boat an electronics
  241. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Blue caven MPA busted

    no way thats some bull shit. i have seen tons of boat in the mlpa right there. thats sucks
  242. OCEAN theRAPIST

    HULK Sandcrab

    mole crab....sand crab eater
  243. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Reel Painting Service

    have them anodized an then let me know where you got it done
  244. OCEAN theRAPIST

    The salmon cannon.

    i need a tuna mackerel cannon for the boats that get to close
  245. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Calling Out Numbers with no bait and a Bloody Deck (video)

    good to see it goes to people that enjoy it. after 1 video im good
  246. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Big Blue Fin on the Game Fisher

    8/1 on the sport boat i was told "put your camreas an gopros away all fish will be cleaned as caught" i asked the deck hand whats going on he said were fishing for tuna when i asked what kind he said the kind that looks like fish. this was at the pens on 8/1 nobody seemed to care not even the...
  247. OCEAN theRAPIST

    8/3/2014 sharking south of 279

    as a free diver if your off shore keep a flag on a buoy attached to you. 60' of rope an ur good. as a diver i dont expect anything other then EVERYTHING. i give space when im in the boat or the water but i see way to much happen out there that could be very bad do to people being careless or...
  248. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Calling Out Numbers with no bait and a Bloody Deck (video)

    how big is your freezer thats a lot of tuna in a week? do you sell your fish?
  249. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Video: 90+ Pound Tuna Free Gaffed off FL Dock

    true east coast style.
  250. OCEAN theRAPIST

    is this legit

    i would of posted under a lot of other topics but the guy seems local. does tis seem legit for a craigslist post? i figure most guys that are allowed to sell already have a market lined up? [email protected]
  251. OCEAN theRAPIST

    17ft Mako inshore question

    mako makes a nice boat. i take my 14' glaspar offshore on nice days
  252. OCEAN theRAPIST

    GoPro underwater mounts, what do you use?

    my set up is for slow troll/drifting.i use a stainless L bar made of heavy wire with the cam zip tied twice to it the L bar has about 8" over the cam an 5"going down the back which its tied to. i connect 1 3# ball with 25lb mono.
  253. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Reality Check Fish Report 267 - 209 7-30-14

    i will pay for 3" chovy before i pay for another scoop of smelt :imdumb:
  254. OCEAN theRAPIST


    only in mex right now but talks are happening to ban them here
  255. OCEAN theRAPIST

    could all blue fin be banned?? feds want to ban u.s. blue fin The Federal agency that manages marine endangered species announced Wednesday that it's considering a ban on recreational or commercial fishing of a species of tuna that extremely popular among fans...
  256. OCEAN theRAPIST

    No Rat Chicks

    like always your killing it
  257. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Which Hand Held GPS

    garmin 60csx is what i use its around $200 used. mine comes with me everywhere
  258. OCEAN theRAPIST

    What channels on VHF for socal?

    72 but i just keep mine on scan
  259. OCEAN theRAPIST

    When Rod Blanks Go Boom

    the rod to handle was the problem 3" or 10" the rods was maxed out even if it was unlimited. 80# of drag was way to much for the rod an 80# of drag is what a tow truck runs
  260. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Bigeye ID

    dam randy thats a toad. did you get the weight on that monster
  261. OCEAN theRAPIST

    San Diego pier reports

    ya bones are there just work more around the cafe
  262. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Paddy issues solved

    ya i feel if a boat rolls up an seems like they will run over the paddy i will do it 1st just so they dont have a chance to bother me.
  263. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Paddy Poaching

    i fish the paddy and im fine with others fishing it respectfully but beyond that if you try to poach my spot i will do 1 of 2 things. 1st ask you to back off or leave if that dont work I will shut down the bite so they cant poach/catch fish if i feel they will cause me to not catch fish. i will...
  264. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Tuna Pen Location?

    why all the run when we just killed tuna west of point loma
  265. OCEAN theRAPIST

    curado in silver and blue

    older curado look up curado 300 on ebay
  266. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Fish ID

    dodo that is a juvi an pissed off
  267. OCEAN theRAPIST

    look out people... its going to blow up!!!

    you could get more fishing time for cheaper if you went with 4 trips on a 3/4 day
  268. OCEAN theRAPIST

    The Pride 2 day Trip 8/5 & 8/6

    price is good but its hard to get on a 2 day when fish are in 3/4 day range. you do get double limits with a 2 day but then again i dont need more then 30lbs of fish
  269. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Please keep eye out for stolen gear!

    well shit u got a list of people that were on the boat. someone should be getting a ass whoopin right now
  270. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Rigged Swordfish Squids & Ballyhoo at Anglers Center

    pic would be awesome an san pedro is all i buy
  271. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Pacific Queen 2 days 6-13 6-15

    some boats have a MANDATORY food/fuel charge i read a lot about people last year getting pissed they paid $80 for a food charge which ended up being 2 breakfast burritos(1 each morning) an 1 hamburger dinner. 1 person even said thats fine i will not eat for day and a half but was told he had to...
  272. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Base for bait tank

    starboard would be best or something similar that will not rot from water an salt. i have a tank that is elevated for the same reason. my bait tank is a rubber maid trash can. i used 1 trash can with 2/3rds cut off the top and screwed it to the deck. my bait tank is a 2nd trash can that slips in...
  273. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Fish Finder Noise?

    sounds like a grounding issue that might mess up your fish finder
  274. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Trigger fish this far north?

    ya i see more triggers out of o.c. then i do out of san diego
  275. OCEAN theRAPIST

    WTB Salas 6xJr's in chrome

    what about chrome an blue or green
  276. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Looking to get Sabiki Rod

    squid co.$50..... and a 7' should be fine just cut the swivels and tie to line and weight
  277. OCEAN theRAPIST

    A Double

    hes hooked
  278. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Nados - 5/30 - Agony and Ecstasy

    those are not opal eye but good work an nice report
  279. OCEAN theRAPIST

    5/31 - Bait, Fish, and a Jackpot Controversy

    c not a fair catch otherwise D: fight for JP
  280. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Blank for Deep Dropping

    i use a 11' sail board mast cut down to 7' its red glass an stiff like a telephone pole with a sensitive tip. what are you deep dropping for? and i take it your using a stand up rod for a manual reel not electric? i dont stand up deep drop(1000')for anything that sounds nuts
  281. OCEAN theRAPIST

    PB warning: Mission Bay June 1st

    so im sure south shore will be closed
  282. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Dana Pt Paddy YT

    there was a cuda bite for a few day kinda died out now
  283. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Holy Carp...

    thats a big female for those parts
  284. OCEAN theRAPIST

    How do you properly bleed a fish in a panga boat in Baja?

    lay the fish flat in the boat and put the gun to its head this will allow for the blood to drain out of the boat
  285. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Avalon private skiff rental?

    rent a kayak or stand up board. i tried the same thing with finding someone over there to rent from but it never happened. i also posted on craigslist an facebook
  286. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Cat with one bait tank - bait planning

    i put squid an mac together in my 30 just take 10 or 15 macs not 50
  287. OCEAN theRAPIST

    He Shoots! He Scores!!!!!!!!! on eBay

    awesome i lerk on there a lot....... there are endless deals yo just got to know what to look for
  288. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Shark Fishing in San Diego

    chum can be pricey but is key for makos an blues. just catch a ton of macs an hand chum it will help kill time well you wait for them. makos tend to hang off shore a little more then the threshers i have had good luck by the "9". for the threshers watch for large schools of bait an slow troll...
  289. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Best way to remove poles out of upper rocket launchers?

    put some non skid on your bait tank
  290. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Slow bite at the dolly patrons

    short bsb? what legal size to you?
  291. OCEAN theRAPIST

    HP + Al = Fun

    so it is based on a chevy engine?
  292. OCEAN theRAPIST

    HP + Al = Fun

    wow that awesome
  293. OCEAN theRAPIST

    HP + Al = Fun

    what is that
  294. OCEAN theRAPIST


    Spanish dancer a.k.a cheap whore a.k.a flesh light
  295. OCEAN theRAPIST


    heres a large amount of gelatinous animals that come up this time of the year for the temperature increase.
  296. OCEAN theRAPIST


    hard to tell...was it A tentacle or did it have tentacles?
  297. OCEAN theRAPIST

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    a handful of salt water right out of the ocean will settle your stomach just like lays or saltines
  298. OCEAN theRAPIST

    wtb pro angler

    im not big on filming but this video here along with others will show you how to beach launch 20' boats an bigger in shitty spots with rocks an waves unlike la jolla shores an the ankle slappers
  299. OCEAN theRAPIST

    wtb pro angler

    for the same price you can get a 10-12' livingston with a still beach launch it. i sold my yak a few years ago an put my money into a small skiff. it made thing much faster as far as getting around
  300. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Half Way

  301. OCEAN theRAPIST

    What is the best setup (Rod & Reel) for Bluefin Tuna? off San Diego

    ugly stiks an coffee grinders are the way to go on the sport boat
  302. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Islands Intel MIA

    they are there almost everyday they like the sport boats for the most part.
  303. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Shogun is on the Bluefin 05/24/2014

    fish are getting close an they have some good size
  304. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Islands Intel MIA

    the navy dont stop anyone now they just fly across your line 10 yards off the boat doing 30 knots in the middle of the parking lot circus then everyone just leaves its must easier for them.
  305. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Bait out of SD?

    ^^ or follow them on facebook they post every time they get new bait
  306. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Seal Deterrence

    i carry a print out of the noaa list for seal deterrents do to fishing places like piers i have the cops on my ass about it all the time. last time they were ready to arrest me until i said the magic word......sea lion. someone reported i was shooting birds with the sling shot an as soon as i...
  307. OCEAN theRAPIST

    where to get replacement skirts/bait o matic

    ya dana has some good skirts. just making sure im not over looking/forgetting a shop
  308. OCEAN theRAPIST

    where to get replacement skirts/bait o matic

    looking to get replacement skirt for my bait o matics. i was wondering if someone on here had a link for skirts. i know they dont have to be perfect i have seen them zipped tied on
  309. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Who's going shark fishing off the Whale?

    so hes got a 31 an not a 28 back to this chum slick. when an where do we go
  310. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Why they call it Dope

    awesome at least you got the important stuff and thats why i wait til noon.
  311. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Who's going shark fishing off the Whale?

    whos got the numbers for this paddy
  312. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Best place to make bait out of SD bay?

    all of the above
  313. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Thieves on long range boats?

    i have seen the captain toss the boat over a torium 16 on a half day boat out of s.d. i felt he was in the right when he came over and asked me to open up my bag. for cash to be missing(over $100) and the captain not doing anything is wrong. when he leaves that dock he is responsible for what...
  314. OCEAN theRAPIST

    New duck rig....

    how do you get in that thing
  315. OCEAN theRAPIST

    1990 Mako 250 el Tiburon

    what are the cut out hatch's on the transom for?
  316. OCEAN theRAPIST

    La jolla Monday??

    i will be on the south end monday in my skiff
  317. OCEAN theRAPIST

    point loma

    nice report. its that time of the year for croaker. i have a spot you might want to check out but im not sure what depth you looking to dive it is in 60'+ and produced good last year around this time
  318. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Fishdope update for 5-15-2014

    paddys were empty yesterday from mission to the 9 an back north then in to la jolla good water just to early
  319. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Boat fire, Avalon

    kinda looks like a drill
  320. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Shooting sport caught fish

    i have been on a sport boat out of san diego with atleast 25+ heads an when 1 guy hooked a big mako the gun came out. then again this was in the 90's
  321. OCEAN theRAPIST

    need info on shimano speedmaster series rods

    well if anyone has any info on the different models please let me know
  322. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Surf fishing options near Cabo

    any where that the ocean touch's the sand or rocks. a good long casting rod an some surface jigs or plastics
  323. OCEAN theRAPIST

    OB/Sunset Cliffs

    theres just not many sand spots an you will lose a lot of tackle. but if you are going to chance it then try the 3rd parking lot on sunset cliffs you will be able to hit deep cleaner water
  324. OCEAN theRAPIST

    catching Mackerel !

    mission bay was loaded with them last week you could see a blanket of them just sitting under the dock it had to be thousands they went for at least 20 slips
  325. OCEAN theRAPIST

    OB/Sunset Cliffs

    ob and piont loma get a ton of salad that makes it a pain. you really got to watch the water for a good day. the ob pier will be good in a few months
  326. OCEAN theRAPIST


    you take me to the squid an i will catch all you want.....
  327. OCEAN theRAPIST

    South 9-Mile Bank 5/2

    killer i wish i new more people that fished deep i still havent fished over 500
  328. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Sustainable Tuna Fishing on hook and line?

    i would pay a buck more a can if it meant i would catch more fish but i would pay more to see some real laws enforced on seining
  329. OCEAN theRAPIST

    34# Monster

    must have something to do with being born an raised in Ocean Beach. so you say you should be more polite then you bag on my typing/writing style glad to see everyone here to talk fish
  330. OCEAN theRAPIST

    182 on 5/2

    always good to get out an thanks for the report on the 9
  331. OCEAN theRAPIST

    34# Monster

    if you wanted to be a dick just send him a private message. he did just fine last year with some of the amazing shit i have seen him get. he put me on my personal best yellow and that croaker in his avatar that was almost 60# an was LOCALLY caught along with lots of others.when was your last...
  332. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Where to find a seabass

    f them all the surf perch are wide right now....... and you might even get a shovel nose
  333. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Santa Rosalia report with pic

    must not be any seals down there with that yellow hanging in the water
  334. OCEAN theRAPIST

    CABO 216 or 226 - WANTED

    who is the maker of cabo's? is it cabos yachts? and dont they make a 19 cuddy con?
  335. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Better go check your boat today if slipped!

    tomorrow will be the same be ready if you got an nice boat with a paint job you like
  336. OCEAN theRAPIST

    how many poles are you allowed to fish from a private (NAVY) pier

    the amount of rods they have out there is insane. i thought the ob pier was bad but about 2 years ago i noticed the north island navy pier was loaded with this kind of stuff every time i went by it
  337. OCEAN theRAPIST

    the Green Halibut

    that thing is just throwing salt every where
  338. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Wtb shimano speed master 3

    got a few ll's for sale but they are the f.s. series
  339. OCEAN theRAPIST

    how many poles are you allowed to fish from a private (NAVY) pier

    i would like to know as well i see that shit there every time i go by its not right an it sounds like a navy issue not dfg
  340. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Dogs, Rats, a Butt and my GoPro

    the gopro mount looks awesome but looks a little bulky an may cause a lot of drag but either way nice video
  341. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Lowrance Elite7, and gold nav dosent show C closure?

    yep i got the gold and im in cali and the card does not show MLPA so i use markers with the fish an game gps numbers
  342. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Cow fishin the Pacific east coast style

    some people use what looks like a plastic spring. they can help a lot in the right situation
  343. OCEAN theRAPIST

    First run at it!!!

    nice jig
  344. OCEAN theRAPIST

    trailer for Stealth 14

    awesome set up i have the same trailer with a 14ft fiberglass boat on it.
  345. OCEAN theRAPIST

    CL Post of the day Boat related

    i called its fake an he is pissed
  346. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Best place for yellowtail

    click on his profile to send him a pm... nados are 14 miles from the tip of the point an about 16 from the ramp.
  347. OCEAN theRAPIST


    $160 is a great price i would buy that if i had the extra cash
  348. OCEAN theRAPIST


    nice rig and good job on the spear gaff combo kill shot
  349. OCEAN theRAPIST

    h and h marine? is it still on rosecrans?

    shit so is there any where in point loma to get mercury out board parts?fuel filter?
  350. OCEAN theRAPIST

    h and h marine? is it still on rosecrans?

    i tried there number but it dont work? 619 298 6211 an info if sharon is still open
  351. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Venice Offshore-Pelagic Charters

    the last pic is the best........ looks like you guys will have a good year
  352. OCEAN theRAPIST

    66' Whaler - New Motor and Trailer - Make Offer

    awesome skiff i seen the pics on the mods you did
  353. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Gonna put this out there. Pipe jigs

    random thread jack???? but i would love a jig an bobber like that......
  354. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Diving with old friends and a nice seabass...

    nice fish sounds like the it was a nice dive
  355. OCEAN theRAPIST

    need info on shimano speedmaster series rods

    im trying to locate any info on the speedmaster an beastmaster series rods. i have a handful of these rods an always look for new ones i dont have. the only problem is i cant figure out all the series they have(BE/SM/TM/BL/GT)??????. anyone have any clue to what series are out there an what rods...
  356. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Big Mako Catch!

    sounds like some of you have never fished the shark infested waters of Florida. how many makos over 500lbs have you seen caught from the sand on the west coast????? or giant hammer heads from the sand??? floridas sharks are like californias sea lions..
  357. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Catalina 4 / 21

    just goggle image search sea cucumber. it does kinda look like a Pyrosome but its had to tell with out a better pic of the inside. sea cucumbers will open an can appear hollow did you find squish?
  358. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Saudi drift fails akhbar
  359. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Steelhead Lawsuit stops hatchery fish/puget sound

    the wild fish conservancy does not conserve anything and now they have shut down a hatchery. glad there are not trying to shut down the white sea bass program that has done so good for the fish down here.
  360. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Adding reel seat to already built rod...

    strip the handle and take it to a local shop so you can size up the reel seat along with the foam/eva handles. or you can order from places like acid rods or mudhole
  361. OCEAN theRAPIST

    My Barn Find (Skipjack 25 Sport)

    thats a cool skippy
  362. OCEAN theRAPIST

    live feed from 1100+ meters/explore the ocean live

    they found a cool wreck the other day and some of the fish they have seen are crazy looking. they explore different spots everyday
  363. OCEAN theRAPIST


    hahahahahaha.... we all have dreams and wish's
  364. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Well, maybe something a little different...

    awesome.. if you were not staying all time correct i would say a inboard from a jet ski would be more fun do to turning an low draft.
  365. OCEAN theRAPIST


    i prefer just to do it in a cold place or at night it keeps the stuff thick an manageable
  366. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Buying new finder

    i dont think you need side scan an to get good side scan it would cost alot. have you looked into chip? raymarine has some nice stuff along with lowrance which i use(elite 7 hdi) and down scan with lowrance is pretty good
  367. OCEAN theRAPIST


    im in ocean beach i know what a scarecrow is and theres a bunch of witchs here. last i checked east county is anything east of the 5
  368. OCEAN theRAPIST

    14' Carolina skiff

    wow this is a awesome skiff. if it was a j16 or bigger i would be on it but i already got a 14
  369. OCEAN theRAPIST


    whats east county??
  370. OCEAN theRAPIST

    New bottom paint

    looks like the trailer switch i just did. my boats much smaller but still not the best feeling watching your boat hanging in the air. good work
  371. OCEAN theRAPIST

    How Much Pigment per cc

    i mix til color is where i want it and i mix alot of colors like black an metallic purple its almost a black cherry color
  372. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Stole my pin from my ball hitch/BAM

    they are suppose to mark your tire first no matter how long it has been they also mark the street at the same time. from there they have to come back and prove the object hasnt moved. my boat is in my drive way which is illegal the city dont care til someone calls and complains. the left wheel...
  373. OCEAN theRAPIST

    I did it again!! Jigmaster 500/501 SS dual dog bridge, yoke and jack.

    awesome how can we order/pay for these
  374. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Roddy for sale

    any idea what the line size would be for this. im looking for a lite 9' like i have now
  375. OCEAN theRAPIST

    live feed from 1100+ meters/explore the ocean live

    heres the link to watch the live feed of the ocean floor
  376. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Another dead whale on an Oregon beach

    man i have seen this a thousand times an it never gets old. wish i could of been there
  377. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Help with which flybridge.

    why fly bridge? and not just a inclosed cockpit or cuddy con? heres a few of what im talking about the '93 trophy would be my hoice but i dodnt know how much room your looking for. just remember bigger cost more to maintain an store.
  378. OCEAN theRAPIST

    MLPA areas for your chart plotter.

    i was wondering the same thing my new gold card(march2013) still does not display mlpa. any tips on update/upgrade would be awesome
  379. OCEAN theRAPIST

    It's coming Boys!

    got a nice king down here in san diego went about 18# things are kinda strange this year
  380. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Surface Iron Set up

    i use a torium 30 most people think its to big but im use to it an like the way it cast
  381. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Buckley Dam on White RIver Killing thousands of fish

    i hope this gets fix asap. who can we contact to show support an help speed this up
  382. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Fish finder interruption?

    to much rocking of the transducer,prop wash/turbulence or same frequency an to close?
  383. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Catalina Shore fishing

    rent a yak an find where you are allowed to fish. lots of good big fish there but everyone tends to fish perch an small calico on micro strips of squid or ghost shrimp in hope of catching a sheep. try throwing bread in the water an fish big baits if you can find them(whole macs)
  384. OCEAN theRAPIST

    1st and hopefully last time this happens to me!

    i keep a spare and i always pull mine so i always have to put it in but i have still gone to the transom undone my 2 ratchet straps an forgot the plug
  385. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Sabiki Rigs

    i tie my own or pick up when on sale/ebay
  386. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Need your livers

    thats a awesome dog
  387. OCEAN theRAPIST

    42 Inch Halibut.....From the Beach! 4/7

    like always good job you always produce some nice fish
  388. OCEAN theRAPIST

    WTF Kali

    even worse is this chicks right but we still have a shit load of homeless that are to lazy to even steal from our government
  389. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Build your own aluminum skiff kit.

    cool setup they have there.
  390. OCEAN theRAPIST


    whats the size? is it a trolling lure?
  391. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Which Booze?

    any good 15 year whiskey should do. but then again if he drinks vodka i wouldnt know what to to
  392. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Solar systems for the home

    thats awesome im will be looking into this in about 2 years when i build my place
  393. OCEAN theRAPIST

    wet suit, humming bird transducer an mount

    so i have a size small(used by a 5'3 guy) 2 piece dive suit that got to be a 6mm or 6mm as well as a large heavy bag for it(kinda like a dry bag) i also have a humming bird transducer an head unit bracket stuff is free wet suit is in great shape but you must take the bag an suit together. i...
  394. OCEAN theRAPIST

    48" 52.7lb Halibut

    Point Loma was abbreviated P.L. last i checked
  395. OCEAN theRAPIST

    NEW-Orion Alert/Signaling Kit #544

    this is what im talking about. old flares for back is fine but alot of people dont understand you need NEW flares that are not expired
  396. OCEAN theRAPIST

    climate credit on utility bill?

    sounds like some sort of pay off. it says they must pay us for putting out emissions. so they pollute an then pay us off. this kinda sounds like hush money
  397. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Oceanside 4/2/14

    water temp is the coldest i have seen this year off mission bay around 5 miles out and farther
  398. OCEAN theRAPIST

    i took this pic at a trout derby. classic.. .

    nice wheres dfg when you need them
  399. OCEAN theRAPIST

    April Bass Content - Spotted Bay Bass - Enter HERE to win some great gear!

    this is a rad contest. i will be entering every chance i get
  400. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Beware of the Post Office

    they have been dicking me around alot lately. i watch 1 package bounce back an fourth form the same 2 post offices. for over a week i called,they saw the problem an couldnt do a thing about it and couldnt prove it was my package. they acted like i was trying to steal mail.i had 1 package that...
  401. OCEAN theRAPIST

    need lead?

    $.40 lb
  402. OCEAN theRAPIST

    RayMarine Dragon Fly VS??

    i have a 7 an i like the over lay options along with the bottom i.d.(sand is brown grass is green) together an the 7" screen is nice when you want a big picture of whats down there. lots of background color options but i like white with the over lay an bottom id turned on. I FISH SALT ONLY with...
  403. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Water impeller pee stream weak?

    could it just be weak do to your thermostat not being open?could be rubber from the old impeller that was in the 2 years ago. could be sand kelp etc. but seem you have some thing in there i use a hose with a fine hi pressure spary tip an i use air. try putting the air/water thru intake an were...
  404. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Garage Cleanout

    ya i will be picking up the beastmaster an black max when i see you at the show today
  405. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Can Someone Give Me Some Info About This Rod I Just got From a Friend?

    what he said cool rod to fish but i would put it on the wall
  406. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Holy Guacamole! I got a response from the Mexican Gov't!

    good to see it all worked out. so in the end how much did all of it cost to be able to fish mex waters?
  407. OCEAN theRAPIST

    What does Mola taste like..

    im down to stick 1 and try it seagull taste like plastic
  408. OCEAN theRAPIST

    What size Gaff for the size and room of you boat?

    low to the water or not a 6' gaff is nice. i had a Cbass wrapped in kelp about 9' down and having a 6' gaff helped alot with removing some of the kelp an the reaching all the way down and sticking it. i had to get my face wet but it was well worth it
  409. OCEAN theRAPIST

    IRS and the Sportboat Owner

    seems there alot of people in that boat(life style)
  410. OCEAN theRAPIST

    97 21' bayrunner tear down

    ya did you ever get your foam blocks?
  411. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Free gaffed opah ?

    you mean this 1 that was dying in the mud? i wouldnt eat that
  412. OCEAN theRAPIST

    using swimbaits for rockfish/ling

    big lead heads an big plastics bounce the bottom braid is preferred
  413. OCEAN theRAPIST

    WTB Squid Light

    leds on ebay are cheap an i run mine with just a battery for 6-8hrs
  414. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Squid Jigging and Trolling lure Model 2

    that looks nice is the head weighted ?
  415. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Mt.Bike Trailer for Hunting/Camping

    i put a rubber made trash can on 1 an used it as a live well
  416. OCEAN theRAPIST

    3 ducks just dropped into my pool...

    soak some bread in whiskey and leave it out for them they will be your best friends
  417. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Parts for Discontinued Shimano Reels

    the parts are around but not easy to find. i agree shimano needs to keep up with there product part an services. i fish alot of older shimano stuf an buying parts is a pain some times i have to get used parts which is not cool but then again i just like there older stuff an have to deal with it
  418. OCEAN theRAPIST

    From the San Diego UT

    i have been stopped on the water twice in the last few months as of 2013 i never had them pull up on me well 3 miles out. im ready every time i come to the dock to see them but i wasnt read last time they came flying up well i was"with my girl"
  419. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Rpt.-Sat.-03-15-14 Reds at SCI!

    thats a nice ling good to see your getting bit already
  420. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Glow in the drak paint for Tady jigs

    ya i find a slight 1/8" clean spot around the jig helps with the epoxy not flaking off
  421. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Cobra Snake Weave (Completed)

    those are some good lines the eyes look awesome. i have only weaved letters so far
  422. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Central Valley Hog

    f#ck ya thats nice 1 for a local (central)hog. the background terrain looks nice its a early year with this weather
  423. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Glow in the drak paint for Tady jigs

    looks about the same but its been over a year i flipped thru the adds an didnt see it but about the same epoxy keeps them alive longer
  424. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Carolina skiff j16

    thats nice if it was april i would be all over that..
  425. OCEAN theRAPIST

    FADS Buoys

    what about
  426. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Glow in the drak paint for Tady jigs

    i would prep by sanding an a clean damp wipe down then clear coat
  427. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Glow in the drak paint for Tady jigs

    ebay as well has some good choices i bought a 2oz jar of yellow its been over a year an works great think i paid $6
  428. OCEAN theRAPIST

    WSB Released into CIHarbor

    this project has been awesome. growing up in san diego my whole life(33yrs) i have seen this project help the counts of fish in many ways an hope that the numbers keep growing. the last 3 -4 years the cbass have been the best ever with alot of those fish in the surf where croaker tend to be
  429. OCEAN theRAPIST

    What does lead cost these days?

    it can still pop wear safety gear hot lead in the face sucks.
  430. OCEAN theRAPIST

    cold water cycle? i don't get it

    temp off scripps was 64.5-65.1 yesterday thats about 4 miles off shore
  431. OCEAN theRAPIST


    awesome i have got a few things on lizards
  432. OCEAN theRAPIST

    cold water cycle? i don't get it

    i hear the same thing the last few years are "cold" but i dont see that i dont think i have seen the water temp below 60 this year
  433. OCEAN theRAPIST Everything OK?

    the rain did cause mud slides up there not sure how much damage it caused
  434. OCEAN theRAPIST


    yellows eat lizard fish right?
  435. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Dana Pt. Halibut

    good job thats a nice fish
  436. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Small Male Butts and a Little Head

    ya i have got them to but i get tired of pulling shorts an lizard all day big baits keep the crap off.
  437. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Small Male Butts and a Little Head

    anchovys dont get big halis like a dean or a mac will. i did see a 30# on chovy last year but we were fishing a huge anchovy school for a week. good numbers on the fish you didnt have a slow day
  438. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Livingston 14 Advise

    ya my 3.3 was my only motor for 2 years an i used it to go about 8 miles. the rides where long but i just have to fish
  439. OCEAN theRAPIST

    WTB: Plastics or slayer heads

    here is a 4oz with 9/0 hook
  440. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Does this count as credible intel?

    pics? false killers eat everything an im sure its much easier for them to find c.bass then use plus if you find them and they are not biting its not like you can swim down there an grab 1 with your mouth. good signs of fish to come this season
  441. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Blackman thoughts

    seen a blackman on craigslist the other day im sure its gone now it was 4800 without engines. for 20k more it could of been a nice boat
  442. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Livingston 14 Advise

    i used a 3.3hp for a kicker on my 14. motor was only 30lb+ an got me going around 5 mph
  443. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Important links and instructions for private boaters that want to fish Mexico

    glad to see this an at the same time kinda bummed i wont be going south as much do to the changes an hassle that comes with but either way its good to see this thread
  444. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Albino Blue Marlin

    ya thats a unicorn for sure. was this fish released?
  445. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Dragonfly gps & fish finder

    ya i see mine flicker when i turn stuff on or off my outboards not tied to my battery but on my volt meter i can see if i turn on something an if causes a pull that drops the volts under 10 my hds flicker and under 9 it will shut off
  446. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Tunaslam, Corey! Steve and the guys

    hope things improve an you get to fish soon miss your reports
  447. OCEAN theRAPIST

    3/10 San Diego-YT-SLAUGHTER

    he was on a charter boat not a private boat so when he paid 130 for a ticket it included his mex permits
  448. OCEAN theRAPIST

    TruLine LM9

    pink and green as well thats a cool combo
  449. OCEAN theRAPIST

    WTB: Plastics or slayer heads

    i make my own 3 an 4oz heads an have some extras but that way to big for most people
  450. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Fish the tides!!

    F the moon theres always fish in the ocean you just got to be smarter then they are or be ready not to catch anything sometimes
  451. OCEAN theRAPIST

    3/10 San Diego-YT-SLAUGHTER

    we were fishing lings those other guys just showed up
  452. OCEAN theRAPIST

    the islands 3/10

    hope tomorrow is good to you guys....
  453. OCEAN theRAPIST

    big ling

    ya it was a hard day rock fishing only 3 fish for 3 people
  454. OCEAN theRAPIST

    big ling

    fished rock fish yesterday for 1 ling that went 11lbs and was skinny do to spawning out.
  455. OCEAN theRAPIST

    3/10 San Diego-YT-SLAUGHTER

    try point loma kelp yesterday was a nice day
  456. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Want to wrap 1st rod

    yep lots of this to get you started. just take your time and spend time spinning thread its not rocket science
  457. OCEAN theRAPIST

    SD gunshow, who's going?

    ya i will be there for a pump action .22 if i can find the right model to go with me lever action Winchester .22
  458. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Want to wrap 1st rod

    i have wrap without a machine or bench for way to long you dont need much i started re wrapping beat up broken rods. most importantly go thru the rod building forum here they always have some good stuff and helpful people
  459. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Phenix Rods??? I was told there made in China?

    i will buy japan made(older shimano)over china made but America is number 1
  460. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Long Range bait situation

    make bait they do it all the time be ready to sometimes its at 5am. i have been finding alot of local sardines im kinda confused about everyone saying they are gone.i prefer to make my baits whether its surf smelt or squids i like my bait fresh
  461. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Caption Contest - Win a pair of Accurate Pliers - New Color!!!

    that thing looks hammered
  462. OCEAN theRAPIST


    man that spot holds some good wsb
  463. OCEAN theRAPIST

    New to pouring...

    maybe a little more heat
  464. OCEAN theRAPIST


    hold on let me open google earth an give you a few of my go to spots. just enter in google earth you will get the idea and where you should be looking with these numbers also sent a private message with pics of what i catch there. anyone else want pics? 32.44.603'n 117.12.652'w 32.44.808'n...
  465. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Fishing the Anchovie

    i do use a 10lb leader
  466. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Fishing the Anchovie

    i prefer 4lb on my 8' frank la preste marriage rod from 1966
  467. OCEAN theRAPIST

    FS: Hobie Outback Tons of Accessories

    man i want a kayak again but i cant see paying 3 times what my 14' skiff coast me
  468. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Clearing out my wrapping supplies

    pdf file? is this a virus?
  469. OCEAN theRAPIST

    First time at The Wall - Big Success 3/7/14

    looks like you got a dab of fish
  470. OCEAN theRAPIST

    San Diego Bait Barge Part II

    long term is 3 months a year they will move it for the next 3 year but it said it would be from oct.-jan. this is no where near oct. yet
  471. OCEAN theRAPIST

    ya i got a 14' its in my garage since i put a bunch of electronics on it. i sent you my number...

    ya i got a 14' its in my garage since i put a bunch of electronics on it. i sent you my number just hit me up when your free
  472. OCEAN theRAPIST

    i grew up in ob matt an benny i live on cable st. i have a brother jerry

    i grew up in ob matt an benny i live on cable st. i have a brother jerry
  473. OCEAN theRAPIST

    need lead

    its a term. some are round some are blocks of all sizes. wow 100# looks like mike has hook up for you if the "hood" is not to far away
  474. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Fishing the Anchovie

    fishing chovie is alot of fun but you got to go light on the gear. it seem fishing 15lb with large chovie is good any heavier I fish braid to mono or flouro. anchovys are not strong an get burnt out fast so change them out also collar hook them an if you nose hook make sure not to pin it mouth...
  475. OCEAN theRAPIST

    need lead

    how much you looking for. i just finished pouring a bunch of jig heads i think theres about 4+lbs left you can have. its all stuff i found at the tide pools and poured into ingots so it clean an ready
  476. OCEAN theRAPIST

    New, one of a kind flats boat, finally here

    hell ya that looks awesome
  477. OCEAN theRAPIST

    You 2 fishfinder guys

    just get a ipad...they can work with your fish finder as a second display
  478. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Sons pre dusk mulie with grandpa

    thats a nice animal good shot
  479. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Semi explodes after being forced off road

    forced off road he was doing some dukes of hazard shit right there
  480. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Am I nuts?

    i learned when i was 6 an started to sink like a rock. well i was puking up water i remembered being under water looking up i could see the sunny shimmering thru the water an thinking that looked so cool just like in the movies. i learned how to swim so i could go under water an look at the...
  481. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Ever see this?

    the surface of the rod might not have been dusty or to smooth. the flex coat seem to have shrunk alot. does the weave move/twist free from the rod?
  482. OCEAN theRAPIST

    point loma buoy swells at 16'.1

    i would be down to throw traps in sd bay or mission but mission bay channel was breaking super clean in the channel
  483. OCEAN theRAPIST

    point loma buoy swells at 16'.1 swells not suppose to peak til 7pm
  484. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Gaviota Pier: Nice knowing you

    dam swell hasnt even come in all the way
  485. OCEAN theRAPIST

    mackrel indentification (aka fish indentification)

    the spanish make good live bait smelt not as good
  486. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Smallest Boat for Tuna

    i fished swordies on my 12' an 14' but that socal
  487. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Kalli boys have some rain Coming

    im going fishing tonight just got my gear ready. be safe dont be stupid the swell comes saturday
  488. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Aluminum winding checks

    hobbie world used to have some green an blue ones im not sure what they were meant for but at 60 cents each i grabbed 20 or so
  489. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Silk Screen tee shirt making machine

    i have a setup and make a lot of stickers with mine. i have also printed hundreds of shirts for friends
  490. OCEAN theRAPIST

    God I hate bugs....

    i still have a rod with a fly in it an 1 with a spider
  491. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Attacked by a Seal or Should I say Sea LION!

    be ready never go into a gun fight with a knife or a mac
  492. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Hobie Pro Angler 2011 (Crazy Modifications)

    i would buy a bout with that kind of money........
  493. OCEAN theRAPIST

    geiger counter

    agreed if you worry about it stop fishing an sell your boat...
  494. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Info on Mac 20 at FHS

    chark bait just seems to be a little more compared to squid co and buying thousands of dollars worth tackle an gear i try to save where i can
  495. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Bad rod or good rod

    ya new flex coat that hasnt been stretched,cracked or moved at all since it was built.
  496. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Possible human skull in Wesport crabpot.

    the ocean is a good spot because you never need to dig the hole just make sure it sinks
  497. OCEAN theRAPIST

    what lbs to set your drag for 50 lbs test

    quad drags and bigger reels have the power and strength for more drag(line breaking drag) avets 3 speed has 57lbs of full drag an 50lbs at strike which is fine fishing 130lb line or bigger..
  498. OCEAN theRAPIST

    what lbs to set your drag for 50 lbs test

    your drag should max out around a 3rd of your line weight this will keep you from snapping your line but all styles of fishing are different. i modified the drag on my ling cod rod its has no felt/crabon disk. its all metal an welded in place and drag star is hammered tight with a hammer. this...
  499. OCEAN theRAPIST

    My rig is finally ready to go!

    somebody is on a good one!!! your hammock looks a little small an where is the live well and cooler
  500. OCEAN theRAPIST

    birds hunting humans!!!

    if you havent seen this yet its awesome
  501. OCEAN theRAPIST

    San Diego Rockfish Derby

    so 6-8' seas and rain all day this should be a fun tournament
  502. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Clogged Drain on a '89 Radoncraft

    muriatic acid if the fiberglass will allow it?
  503. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Clogged Drain on a '89 Radoncraft

    vacuum or vac an push from different ends?have tried a compressor?
  504. OCEAN theRAPIST

    How to find out what's been done to a reel?

    no drag and some braid you should be fine up to 50-60lb fish but you might want to go with something bigger if you want to put more fish on the deck faster
  505. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Ahi out of Kaneohe

    no 2speed needed
  506. OCEAN theRAPIST

    fish id

    snake head x peacock bass
  507. OCEAN theRAPIST

    fish id

    its not a chupacabra and its not my mom
  508. OCEAN theRAPIST

    fish id

    caught in south end of main land mex any ideas? its not photo shopped
  509. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Holy Boat tabs

    the price on tabs aint what it use to be
  510. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Just found this gem!

    wow im glad no one likes me that much
  511. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Need help from you predator killers

    ya i get predator control. i would be all for seal control. and i have shot a coyote that was a coming to close to kids an animals
  512. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Deps Slide Swimmer 250 - Natural Trout and Saiko Natural Trout

    pm me a price otherwise i will more then likely low ball an i dont want to b a dick
  513. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Need help from you predator killers

    people like to kill everything even if they dont eat it. i seen a tree that looked like a willow from far and when you got up to it there where hundreds of tail hanging from it. i was told the local farmer kill them and throw them in the bone pits minus the tail
  514. OCEAN theRAPIST


    i think more then anything it has to do with were you live and whos your neighbor. i live in o.b. and see the r.v. loaded up all day everywhere. i have a boat that i park in the drive way in frony of my garage but i have been warned its is illegal to park there because my drive way is on the...
  515. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Too Pretty to Fish!!

    i did order 2 salas 7x that were sumos not salas it says it right on the jig
  516. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Too Pretty to Fish!!

    2 on left r candy bars you can see the v it the tail
  517. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Too Pretty to Fish!!

    2 candy bars an 2 tadys
  518. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Too Pretty to Fish!!

    jigs are $20 out the door at the show. refinished is around 12 i think but price also very if you want him to put new hooks an rings. i got a squid a mac an a sardine from him the jigs look nice but not a cheap way to set anchor(snag the bottom)
  519. OCEAN theRAPIST

    costa shades saved my eye

    well mine were glass but do you have any info on either. i will be on the water more an more as spring an summer and need to figure out what im going to do about this i like the costa design an feel
  520. OCEAN theRAPIST

    costa shades saved my eye

    yes i tryed going with costa but my glass's were a gift an they wanted proof of sale or cash to fix them and they never offered to do anything when i contacted them thru Ali after he talked with them. i cant afford to pay what they want to fix them and ebay has some good prices i just want know...
  521. OCEAN theRAPIST

    costa shades saved my eye

    so im still trying to fix my shades an i made the post trying to find out if anyone has bought after market lens an if so how good were they(not the factory lens)
  522. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Lb test for ling cods?

    i get snapped on 40# more then i would like those fish have teeth
  523. OCEAN theRAPIST


    ya bobs was the shit an chark bait seems way to pricey
  524. OCEAN theRAPIST


    what about bobs bait and tackle
  525. OCEAN theRAPIST

    kayak repair

    was the whole cut for a reason like a demo model being made unusable by the factory? maybe theres company/factory policy about that or they know that its not 100 percent fixable an dont want to be liable when it re breaks
  526. OCEAN theRAPIST

    What Hook size for making lead head jigs?

    i use a 9/0 on my 4oz an 8/0 on my 3oz. mustad 91715d with a 90 degree bend you can find molds at hilt mold/mold-it an ebay.
  527. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Jim Trelikes is the MAN

    wow all rasta color mike?
  528. OCEAN theRAPIST

    WANTED: Aluminum Ghost Shrimp pump

    sure but you dont want it....... its 3" diameter and is a gravity pump not a manual pull to suck. it will wreck your back in under 30min but funny as hell to watch friends try to use it. 1st one i seen was made from a GIANT artillery round with a rebar handle
  529. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Shallow Water Lings - 2/16

    looks like you might have a new ling spot
  530. OCEAN theRAPIST

    WANTED: Aluminum Ghost Shrimp pump

    i have a stainless but havent seen aluminum yet
  531. OCEAN theRAPIST

    F*n fuel theives!

    just kick the valves so they break off. valves are cheap to replace but not easy
  532. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Getting sardines out.

    watch and listen. then when you know where they are and what your current is going try to place your self to allow the current to pull your bait. capt. will do everything to get the boat as close to the fish an up current from them
  533. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Kicker Engine Cover Lever Seized

    new cowling cover..or i made a latch out of aluminum for a home made cowling cover that i pop riveted out of aluminum
  534. OCEAN theRAPIST

    future newbie looking for advice

    most spots are not like cat. an make sure you know where and what you can do lots of closed spots an fish appear 25 percent bigger under water
  535. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Any good EL Nino fish stories?

    wide open yellow on the ob pier. i seen a 100 come over the rail on everything from frozen shrimp to rock cod lucky joes
  536. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Where to Store Fishing Boat in San Diego

    wow wouldnt that be nice
  537. OCEAN theRAPIST

    avet mxl raptor

    tuna run an sometimes the biggest reels cant stop them....thats why they have a back up rod to clip on yours but then that means your reel is going for a swim
  538. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Penn rebuilds.

    how do i get that upgrade set? i have 1 penn 500 that has been upgraded an alot of friend ask about it
  539. OCEAN theRAPIST

    GoPro Halibut

    ya the line sounds bug me i use braid on my gopro setup an it sound like a chain
  540. OCEAN theRAPIST

    23 Rods

    any 8' rod or shimano stuff?
  541. OCEAN theRAPIST

    WTB Avet JX Clamp and Screws

    i just got a blue 1 on ebay for 3.25 plus shipping an it comes with the papper work an warranty for the avet it came with(not a knock off clamp)
  542. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Favorite Bait...

    live trout(8" rainbow)....... thats if i could. an thats for Lmb an strips
  543. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Giant Catfish Picking Off Pigeons

    seen this awhile ago also was linked to catfish in Chernobyl cooling pounds that were huge
  544. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Whats up with Seeker

    that blows hope they keep up the good work but if people are leaving an not being fired theres something going on
  545. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Stainless Bow Rail

    sure it will but you will need to make some cuts
  546. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Andaman Island, India Feb 2014

    awesome report like alway i can only dream an start saving now
  547. OCEAN theRAPIST

    What am I looking at on my sounder?

    looks like bait or could be clouds of hatch. seen some thick schools of lizards
  548. OCEAN theRAPIST

    2014 Wicked Tuna Season

    muggin numbers...... this year
  549. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Long Lining

    they also fish commercial long lines on the east coast(not mexico) the sea turtle bi-catch on the east coast is insane. some days 1 long line will have 8-10 trutles hanging on it along with all kinds of dead undersize an protected fish. mexico an other foreign country are even worse an have less...
  550. OCEAN theRAPIST


    WORST ever is the ob pier.........
  551. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Lancet Fish

    lizard sail fish from hell
  552. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Old Glory 1/31-2/1

    id be pissed if i bought a trip to collonett and they didnt go
  553. OCEAN theRAPIST

    U.S. Limits (southern california)

    i just use calicos for bait and only the small one
  554. OCEAN theRAPIST

    How do I get to the archery range in Balboa Park?

    google maps works pretty good
  555. OCEAN theRAPIST

    lead melt NORTHEND

    i just poured a bunch of jigs. what are you planning on pouring?
  556. OCEAN theRAPIST

    lead melt NORTHEND

    so what does this consist of?
  557. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Long Lining

    CUTT'EM an remove them if you get someone asking about the mile of line in a pile say it was stuck on your prop
  558. OCEAN theRAPIST

    White Nightmare

    wow nice work.
  559. OCEAN theRAPIST

    How to embed fish hook in clear epoxy/resin

    yep vacuum pump for best result otherwise try smooth-on for all the casting stuff.
  560. OCEAN theRAPIST

    UW video from Dec. and Jan

    ya i have seen a few things on fin rot do to netting. i figured as much on the soupfin they can be a pain in the ass.
  561. OCEAN theRAPIST

    I never knew they made a 4 gauge shotgun?

    yep the long tom that thing was a beast. single shot just aint my style would of made a cool sawed off but i sold to a collector. i never did get to shot a tom with it
  562. OCEAN theRAPIST

    San Diego Spotted Bay Bass Fishin

    pics are broken?
  563. OCEAN theRAPIST

    I just woke up from an alcohol induced coma

    man i tried to bite my tongue on my 1st reply and not just tell him to piss off. but im glad others feel as strong about that turd as i do.there has been a few new threads on the changes an things are still getting worked out. this site is a awesome place mostly do to the members and there in...
  564. OCEAN theRAPIST

    I just woke up from an alcohol induced coma

    well i see you started your account in 2004 was that the last time you were on? it changed a little every time they did updates and fixed things. if you come on the site MUCH everythings is in the same place just modified by the modifiers
  565. OCEAN theRAPIST

    UW video from Dec. and Jan

    sarcastic fringe head at the end..... and the octos are so thick some times. i like the white tail butt and the little octo that got bit. that soupfin must have been fun
  566. OCEAN theRAPIST

    JX MC Frame

    cool i know some of my older reels have a metal plate/ring that works with the magnets
  567. OCEAN theRAPIST

    I never knew they made a 4 gauge shotgun?

    i had a 10 gauge with a 34" barrel
  568. OCEAN theRAPIST

    JX MC Frame

    yes i understand the concept an thought that there was something on the spool(like the megged reels i have) i didnt know that aluminum was magnetic
  569. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Convicted for the murder of Chief Petty Officer Terrell Horne III

    glad to here they got them before they made it back to mexican water. protect an serve what you love. R.i.p. Terrell Horne III
  570. OCEAN theRAPIST

    JX MC Frame

    so whats on a regular spool that the mag break will work on? or will it just work with a regular spool but no casting control?
  571. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Tackle for Rock Cod fishing

    6/0-8/0 aki twist. 6-16 oz torpedo. use braid with 6-15' mono/floro leader. whole squid dont mess with strips. big bait an hooks keep the little unwanted fish from wasting your time
  572. OCEAN theRAPIST

    JX MC Frame

    dont you need a mc spool to work with the mc frame?
  573. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Need cork tape

    price is about the same every where. i did get a roll an a half on ebay for $30
  574. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Squid Crowder Info

    the crowders work great if the bait will come up to the surface tin slayer has a nice setup
  575. OCEAN theRAPIST

    scrapping an old aluminum boat?

    cut it up you might get $70 better off selling as is
  576. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Whats a Custom Rod Costs Nowadays?

    i usually charge around $100 for the build on a 8-9' jig stick, bass rods $60-80 but it all depends on how insane they want it. and thats the price if they supply the blank and parts.
  577. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Deciding on a good 17 footer

    whaler or livingston for that size..........but 19' is a whole other category with many more options
  578. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Found Hoop Net

    i see those "hoop nets" all the time. but with a glow stick thats kinda strange
  579. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Bobcats in Santa Barbara

    they are around but tend to be grey light animals. i seen a big 1 in santee it had to be 20lbs or big compared to my 30lb dog
  580. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Aftco technical sweater

    i have been looking at this for awhile now and i think im going to get one in black
  581. OCEAN theRAPIST

    where to get rod's appraised

    well just post the make and model. im sure you could get a rough estimate here
  582. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Attn: Washi-homos ;)

    it looks pissed
  583. OCEAN theRAPIST

    New Video of a 24 Mile High Freefall

    this footage was online right after the jump but either way its some rad footage and at 800+mph
  584. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Avet LX 6/3 Grinding

    drag bearings. send to avet its the best for your $
  585. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Rasta Styled GF700H

    ok cool have seen those yet i use the black style boat guide a lot. do you like the ti coated guides?
  586. OCEAN theRAPIST

    reclamation lead worth the trouble??

    melting an cleanings not to hard to do but 250lbs might take awhile i use lead i pull out of the ocean. the clean part is easy. just melt your lead in batches dont add lead to molting lead dirty lead can be explosive when added to molting lead
  587. OCEAN theRAPIST


    nice work on the ramp thats a good upgrade right there. any finished pics?
  588. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Rasta Styled GF700H

    whats the deal with the last guide it looks black ???
  589. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Lingcod what do you use to catch the BIG monsters????

    macs if you see 1 in the live well ask them to scope it for you. big swim baits 7" or bigger i use a 4oz jig head. they will eat anything i got them on perch sand dabs lizard fish live an dead squid. big hooks i fish 6/0-9/0 lings have a giant mouth. live rock fish work better then strips
  590. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Why No Clicker?

    i have a ton of shimano gear and it does seem the newer models an based on throwing jigs but i like my older 400's they have clickers. an i would own a tranx if it had a clicker or clicker kit. there are alot of good companys out there but i wont ever just sell all my shimano gear they have some...
  591. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Yak run, and a little herping..

    how did those spotties taste? and nice snake
  592. OCEAN theRAPIST

    anyone fishing la jolla today(super sunday)

    pics? i know the fish are there but it seems everyones focused on that game or something
  593. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Avet Pro EX 30 / 3

    im pretty sure they are around i seen 1 on here for sale and they have been fishing them on some boats for about 2 years
  594. OCEAN theRAPIST

    anyone fishing la jolla today(super sunday)

    any body fish la jolla or the islands today?always seems to be a good day for yellow and looks like the swell dropped this morning
  595. OCEAN theRAPIST

    My Lucky Day...:):)

    good work
  596. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Z Fly Fish Report (2/2/14)

    awesome report
  597. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Squider Jr.

    squider is a awesome reel
  598. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Oldschool's progress

    keep the pics coming
  599. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Stripers in Southern CA...???

    same fish as i was preping to make a mold of it
  600. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Stripers in Southern CA...???

    i have seen a handle full come from mission bay over the last 20 years i heard hubbs releases them now an then. last year my friend got 1 in point loma it went about 10lbs. heres the fish at the ob pier before it was cleaned
  601. OCEAN theRAPIST

    New Weave.

    awesome work
  602. OCEAN theRAPIST

    shimano tsm 2

    i have 3 shimano triton speedmaters these are the tsm 2. they are used and in working order they have the normal wear for 20 year old reels but all work just fine. i will post pics when i get in town tomorrow(monday) im asking $60each or $150 for the 3
  603. OCEAN theRAPIST

    So I've been MIA for a while......

    my costa del mar shades saved my eye in the same situation but it ruined my glass's
  604. OCEAN theRAPIST

    F****** Poachers

    this is what im talking about i have been there an done that. it almost never turns out good but i alway tell them to release it 1st then try to trade off a fish for there short fish so i can release it. other times i have tryed caltip with no luck from them. i did flag a cop down 1 time an he...
  605. OCEAN theRAPIST

    F****** Poachers

    so growing up working on the pier and fishing it i have seen way to much of this. and with out trying to sound racist the small amount of english speaking poachers were able to understand what they were doing wrong and stopped doing it.. but for some reason if they were any non english speaking...
  606. OCEAN theRAPIST

    offshore Venice LA

    those are some toads
  607. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Blank Suggestion For Huge Swimbaits?

    go with a saltwater rod like cal star or seeker.
  608. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Good Taxidermist

    znot sure what his name is but he is pretty good
  609. OCEAN theRAPIST

    "Lava Flow"

    looks expensive
  610. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Lizard fish

    hali bait for sure lizard fish stay on the bottom so i just lift u the tip every now and then. but i have got rock fish,bass,hali,shark and even seen a bonito eat 1 i threw back off the pier. i have seen them in the pet store and from what i have read they are all over the oceans
  611. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Crab trap angle 2

    nice i saw this on your channel the other day and made more sense of what happened in the first vid
  612. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Game Warden Eric Fleet is nwtf warden of the year!

    is fleet gone??? seem nobody likes him. thats to bad he was suck a nice guy.....psych
  613. OCEAN theRAPIST


    over a base wrap you would want to coat it first to have something for your decal to sit on or be glue to so you dont trap air under it but i have put small decals on the thread with no coating. they were 1/8"th x 1/8"th so the coating went under pretty fast only 1 had a small air bubble under it
  614. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Scientifically the most annoying song created

    when im on my boat i put this on loop it gets me so amped i just want to see a nar whale spear a fish
  615. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Drone seen off of Venice and need help Identifying

    flotsam an jetsam. hit it with your paddle and its a shipwreck.
  616. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Finally finished my RDR96MH Downrigger rod

    i used the same guides on my 8'6 lamiglas downrigger
  617. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Islands shut down for Sunday for local 3/4 day boats!

    diego an bell are off the schedule for tomorrow
  618. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Islands shut down for Sunday for local 3/4 day boats!

    from what i heard no 1 was kicked out today just boarded
  619. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Islands shut down for Sunday for local 3/4 day boats!

    i know of 1 private that fished it today they saw 3 sport boats being boarded but they didnt come near them
  620. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Anybody going on the San Diego tomorrow?

    sounds like the bell got a handful of rock fish an no yellows.did they fish the islands?
  621. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Swords on hook and line.

    the humbolts are here some years and other years they dont show up. some people hate them and some people love them. they put up a awesome fight and can make good bait or food but the humbolt squid is a killing machine and when they move in large number some people fear they will eat everything...
  622. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Swords on hook and line.

    squid squid squid i see you ask alot about the big squid. 1st this video has been on youtube for some time i see it says it was published on jan 17th. i watched this last year so even if they were making bait it wouldnt matter. and the big squids they use are store bought swordie baits some even...
  623. OCEAN theRAPIST

    Coral for fishing gear?

    you ever trade frags for frags? i have some super nice acans and yumas
  624. OCEAN theRAPIST


    pink or ghost
  625. OCEAN theRAPIST

    tuna fishing

    just watch the counts an stay on this site you will learn everything you need