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  1. oceanski

    WTB Calstar GG90J Mag

    Looking for this rod only in factory wrap. PM is best. Have cash or some trade bait.
  2. oceanski

    For Sale Daiwa Saltist 20TLD Big Game

    Half way full of 100lb spectra. Good trolling reel or flat fall reel. $150 obo. PM is best
  3. oceanski

    TRADE Black Penn Torque 25N Star Drag

    In really nice shape mechanically and cosmetically. Comes with factory clamp. Loaded about 2/3 of the way with 50lb braid. Looking to trade for a Penn VISX(S) 50 PM is cool.
  4. oceanski

    SOLD Minty Shimano Trinidad 16N Narrow Special

    Gone. Thanks for the interest. PM is best! Thanks for looking 😎
  5. oceanski

    SOLD Cousins 80H Rootbeer Red Blank

    Beautiful blank I had plans to wrap but already have a factory wrap 80h and the boat is expensive. $old PM is best
  6. oceanski

    SOLD Seeker 6465 - S glass

    Beautiful black S glass. Just need money for the boat right now. Rated 20-50. Great 25-30lb schooly tuna rod. PM is best. Local pickup in North County SD SOLD SOLD SOLD
  7. oceanski

    SOLD Factory Cousins 95Jmag

    The boat is really taking on the meaning of bust out another thousand so it’s time for me to sell one of my prized possessions. I’m in no hurry to sell so please don’t low ball me. If you know, you know. Factory blue Cousins 95Jmag in great shape. Second layer of XWrap where the reel sits to...
  8. oceanski

    SOLD Penn Fathom 25NLD2 w/ 65lb braid

    Good shape. $180 Pm/text 760-877-2535 Will ship at buyers expense.
  9. oceanski

    For Sale Cousins - CRR70XXH

    Selling a few sticks to help fund boat work. 1. Cousins Blackout CRR 70XXH. Rated 60-100 but actually fishes better 80-130. $350 obo 2. Cousins 909xf-ct. nice schooly tuna/YT rod. Throws small colt snipers well. SOLD. 3. Cousins F90J - great YT/mid grade tuna jig stick. SOLD PM is best...
  10. oceanski

    SOLD 2 Perko Rod Holders & 3 pumps

    1. Rule 700 pump 2. 2 piranha shurflo 1100. 1 is brand new. 3. 2 perko rod holders. $60 takes it all. Local pick up in North County San Diego only. Will not ship. 760-877-2535
  11. oceanski

    SOLD New Seeker PH Ulua 93H Green S Glass

    Brand new with tags. $400 obo Pm/text 760-877-2535
  12. oceanski

    SOLD Tranx 500HG w/ 65lb Maxcuatro

    Great shape. Serviced a few months back by Ken. Has a couple small marks on sideplate, 1 small mark underneath from clamp screw, the rubber around the knob on the handle is a little funky. loaded with 65lb maxcuatro. $415 obo. PM/text 760-877-2535
  13. oceanski

    SOLD Trinidad 12a, 14a and Talica 10ii Tiburon Clamp

    Good shape. $40 shipped. $35 local. PM/text 760-877-2535
  14. oceanski

    SOLD Seeker PH Ulua93h “little boy”

    $400 obo Located in North County San Diego. 760-877-2535 or PM
  15. oceanski

    For Sale Penn Senator 9/0 115l2 & Baja Slammer rod

    Great shape. Just have too many trollers so downsizing. $160 obo for the combo. PM/text 760-877-2535
  16. oceanski


    Selling a BNIB VISX16 gold. Only selling because I decided to get a 20 instead. pm/text 760-877-2535. only trades for a Trinidad DC or a penn torque 25N lever drag plus cash on your end. Or a CEX Ulua or Jmag haha $490 obo
  17. oceanski

    SOLD Trinidad 20a W/ braid sold

    Trinidad 20a. Real nice condition. Loaded with 65lb braid No box, no clamp. $380 obo pm/text 760-877-2535
  18. oceanski

    SOLD Penn HD Line Winder

    Brand new in the box Penn HD line winder. Retails for $69. Asking $50. pm/text 760-877-2535
  19. oceanski

    WTB Torque 25N Lever or Star

    WTB Torque 25N Star or lever. Don’t care if it’s black gold or silver. Have some nice trade bait or $. pm/text please 760-877-2535
  20. oceanski

    SOLD Cousins F90J Jigstick sold

    Great condition. Could use some new cork tape in the near future. $425 obo pm/text 760-877-2535
  21. oceanski

    SOLD Black Penn Torque 25 SD

    Awesome condition (could pass as new) Penn Torque 25 SD. Loaded with spectra. Went a little overboard on reels recently so one has to go. pretty rare to see in black. Asking $400 PM/text 760-877-2535
  22. oceanski

    For Sale 8’ VHF Antenna

    Have this vhf antenna that I bought new in January. Installed on my boat last week then removed today. Comes in original packing with all stock parts. asking $120 obo. Might trade for a cool cousins stick or 65/80lb braid spool of equal value. PM/text 760-877-2535
  23. oceanski

    TRADE Tac8ii for Penn Torque 15LD2

    Shimano Talica 8ii in great shape loaded with 50lb braid. Box and clamp included. looking to trade for Penn Torque 15LD2. Silver is preferred. Sell price is $400.
  24. oceanski

    SOLD Brand New Factory Calstar 775XH

    Bought this rod but am deciding to go with something a little different. brand new with tags Calstar 775XH. Asking $380 obo pm/text 760-877-2535 pics on request but it’s brand new with tags.
  25. oceanski

    SOLD Accusteer AP Pump

    Had this on my Davis but am adding a new Simrad pump. works great. only asking $100 PM/text 760-877-2535
  26. oceanski

    SOLD Shimano Tac8ii & 10ii & Trinidad 16a

    1. Shimano Talica 8ii in great shape loaded with 50lb braid. Box and clamp included. $400 obo 2. Shimano Talica 10ii in great shape mechanically and loaded with 60lb braid. No clamp. $380 obo 3. Shimano Trinidad 16a in great shape loaded with maxcuatro. Box and clamp included. $400 obo only...
  27. oceanski

    WTB Cousins 80XH

    Ltb this rod. have stuff to trade or cash. shoot me a Pm or text 760-877-2535
  28. oceanski

    For Sale Shimano Trinidad 16a Fs or trade

    Awesome condition. Pics speak for themselves. Loaded with 65lb braid $400 Only trade for cousins 80XH plus cash on your end. Or heavier cousins rods or cousins jig sticks possibly too. PM or 760-877-2535
  29. oceanski

    WTB FL Wrapped Cousins 95Jmag

    Want to buy a Fishermans Landing wrapped Cousins 95Jmag. Have some cool stuff to trade or cash. PM or text 760-877-2535
  30. oceanski

    SOLD Shimano Talica 10ii fs or trade

    In really nice shape. No clamp. Has 50lb braid. Asking $375 obo Or possible trades for Seeker Pinhead rods, cousins rods, or Penn Fathom 15ii + cash on your end. PM or text 760-877-2535
  31. oceanski

    TRADE Brand New UC Invictus 7’ 6”

    My rod is brand new (factory wrap) and never left the garage. Looking for a Calstar 775xxxh for trade. Same condition or if worse add $ on your end. pics on request.
  32. oceanski

    SOLD LB Super Seeker 93H w/ turbo guides

    Looking to trade for 2 S glass pinheads. Rod is in great shape. Factory wrap. Haven’t fished it in 4-5 years. Ideally one of the two pinheads will be a 93h Ulua. located in NorthCounty SD. PM/text 760-877-2535.
  33. oceanski

    SOLD Shimano Talica 16ii TAC16ii

    Great shape. Has roughly 400 yards of 80# braid. text/pm 760-877-2535 $430 obo
  34. oceanski

    WTB Looking for Simrad GO 7 XSR

    Must be 7 XSR. Shoot me a pm or text. 760-877-2535
  35. oceanski

    WTB Seeker ISP 808

    Shoot me text or pm with what you have!! Thanks, BD. 760-877-2535
  36. oceanski

    WTB Penn Torque Star Drag 25N & 30

    Looking for these two reels in good to mint condition. Prefer black but might consider gold for the right price. shoot me a PM or text 760-877-2535.
  37. oceanski

    WTB Looking for Seeker Pinhead 89 and 36

    Looking for seeker pinhead 36 and 89. shoot me a PM or text with what you got and your price. thanks all. 760-877-2535
  38. oceanski

    SOLD Factory Super Seeker D8

    Really nice shape factory wrap D8. willing to trade for the following: -Cousins GG 95Jmag or GG blank -Seeker Pinhead Ulua plus cash -Penn Fathom 2 speed 15 plus cash -$750 760-877-2535
  39. oceanski

    WTB Seeker Pinhead Ulua 93H

    Lmk what you have! pm or text. 760-877-2535
  40. oceanski

    WTB Cousins Rods 7’ 6” and above

    Looking to buy Cousins rods 7’ 6” and above. Not interested in shorter rods due to the bracket I’m putting on my boat. I’m also set on bass rods. I’m looking for a new Cousins jig stick and bait rod. Shoot me a PM or text with what you have and your price. 7608772535 Thanks and have a great...
  41. oceanski

    For Sale Yeti 105 Cooler

    Selling my like new Yeti 105 Tundra cooler in tan. Only selling because I upgraded to a 160. Selling for $400 obo. BD server won’t let me post actual pics... says they’re too big. What is up with this new site? Anyways if interested, shoot me a pm and I can text actual pics.
  42. oceanski

    SOLD UC Wahoo 900 40-60 & Phenix 909XHJ

    Bought both of these rods brand new in April 2019. Both are in really good shape. UC Wahoo - $old Phenix 909XHJ reel seat - $260 obo both great jig sticks Text/pm for quickest response. 760-877-2535
  43. oceanski

    Davis Bahia Outboard Conversion

    Wanted to start a thread to document the progress on my Davis Bahia. I am in the process of converting it to an outboard. All new electronics at the same time. Just removed the motor and outdrive today. Hopefully have the project finished by April! I started with a Volvo Penta 5.7 with DP...
  44. oceanski

    WTB Cousins 95Jmag or 100

    Looking for either of these rods. Have a Trinidad 20a sitting around that needs a home. shoot me a pm with what you have.
  45. oceanski

    SOLD Swimstep

    Selling the swimstep off of my Davis Bahia. The swimstep is still currently on my boat but will most likely be coming off this weekend. It had a bait tank on it. The holes were filled with marine sealant. Good condition. Only selling because I’m putting an outboard on the boat. Asking $400
  46. oceanski

    For Sale Furuno FCV 582L

    Works great! Just upgrading to brand new electronics. I have a video of the unit running before I removed it. Sold
  47. oceanski

    For Sale 2013 KTM 250SX 2 Stroke

    Good condition. Runs great. Aftermarket pipe. Top end done a few rides ago. Comes with brand new trails legal pipe. $3200 obo
  48. oceanski

    For Sale 40 gallon Fiberglass Bait Tank

    In good shape and works awesome. Comes with mounting brackets and hardware. This was on the swimstep of my Davis but am converting to an outboard so am selling. Holds 1.5 scoops really well. Can do 2 as well depending on size of bait. Light works. already plumbed with the intake and exit hoses...
  49. oceanski

    For Sale Xtra Tuff Women’s Size 8

    Bought these for an ungrateful ex gf. now selling them. Bought new June 2019. Worn maybe 5 times. Could use a good cleaning after catching some yft. $40 760-877-2535
  50. oceanski

    WTB Suzuki 350

    I know this may be a long shot but I’m committed to converting my boat to an outboard in the near future. looking for a Suzuki 350. If I can’t find one used with low hours I’ll end up buying new. thanks, T.O.
  51. oceanski

    For Sale VHF Radio, Simrad Ap11, GPS

    Standard Horizon GPS170C. Works great. Takes a few mins to gain GPS position when initially started like all older GPS units. $50 the reason for selling is because I’m getting all new electronics.
  52. oceanski

    For Sale Furuno Electronics Package

    Fish finder - FCV 582L - $250 All items work great. I’m just getting new electronics so these have to go. I will leave on the boat to prove the functionality.
  53. oceanski

    For Sale 5.7 Volvo Penta & DPE Outdrive

    $5,500 worth of work done to the motor and outdrive in March 2019. Both still under warranty until March 2021. Both run great but I’ve always had the dream of converting my Bahia to outboards. It’s not going to happen with the I/O in it so now it’s time to sell. All warranty paperwork comes...
  54. oceanski

    TRADE Factory Cousins 95Jmag for FL Wrap

    I prefer the look of the Fisherman’s Landing wrap so I’m hoping someone would like to trade. Located in North County SD. PM is best
  55. oceanski

    For Sale Cheap Trolling Setups

    1. PENN 45GLS on 5’ 6” Baja Slammer rod. 2. Okuma Titus 50 on Okuma 6’ 6” Tail Walker rod. Both reels have mono. $80/each set up or $150 for both. No issues. Just have plenty of other trollers. PM or text 760-877-2535
  56. oceanski

    TRADE Super Seeker Ulua 93H LB

    Trade for a Cousins 95J mag blank or Fishermans Landing wrapped 95jmag. Can add $ on top for the right deal.
  57. oceanski

    Davis Boat Owners

    Hello All, I have a Davis Bahia (25’) with the I/O. I’ve been thinking more and more about converting this to an outboard(s). I’m trying to gain all of the info I can before making the decision to convert it. Are there any fellow Davis owners on this forum with outboard(s) on their boat? I...
  58. oceanski

    For Sale Sig Sauer P220

    German made Sig Sauer P220 .45. Good condition. All deals must go through FFL in North County. Only interested in trades for a Cousins 95J mag. $600.
  59. oceanski

    WTB Cousins 95J Mag

    Since people think these aren’t gems... I’ve got $300 for one! Shoot me a pm. And only $130 for a blank. I expect my pms to be blowing up. because prices in January should still be the same.
  60. oceanski

    For Sale OG Californian Calico Special

    8’ good condition. 12-20 100% lifetime warranty. Break it and get a brand new one from any turners for free. $80
  61. oceanski

    WTB Calstar 800MH

    Looking for this rod to pair with my Talica 10ii.
  62. oceanski

    SOLD Shimano Tranx 500HG w/ Tiburon clamp

    Has 65lb Maxcuatro. Serviced in May 2019. $400 obo or trade for a Talica 8ii or Talica 10ii.
  63. oceanski

    SOLD Brand new Tanacom 750

    selling Brand new Daiwa Tanacom 750 loaded to the top with braid. Comes with power cords. $500 for reel. $550 with kite rod. Obo Will trade for Cousins 95J mag blank or rod
  64. oceanski

    WTB Buddy looking for Cousins 95J

    Have a buddy looking for a Cousins 95J. Shoot me your price and I’ll put you in contact with him.
  65. oceanski

    SOLD Shimano Terez TZC 80H

    TZC 80H in good shape. Only caught a few fish. Possibly trades towards a Talica 8ii or 10ii. $200 obo. Pm or text is best 760-877-2535
  66. oceanski

    I/O to Outboard Conversion Costs?

    Hello all, I’ve been contemplating upgrading my Davis Bahia from an I/O to either a single 350HP Suzuki outboard or twin 200’s. I already know the motor/rigging/controls costs for the outboards but haven’t had much luck finding what the actual conversion would cost with a bracket. I spoke with...
  67. oceanski

    WTB Cousins 95J Mag

    like to buy. Have cash ready. PM me what you have and your price.
  68. oceanski

    SOLD Brand New Mak 30 SEA w/ 130lb JB & Brand New UC Viper 76

    Bought these both brand new. Both are brand new with tags never fished. Only selling to fund another build. Mak30 SEA silver w/ 730 yards of JB 130 hollow and 200lb windon from Ken. Brand new UC Viper 7’ 6” with tags. Reel - $600 Rod - SOLD Obo Local pick up in North County San Diego. No...
  69. oceanski

    For Sale Rods for sale - Terez, Teramar, Seeker, Phenix

    1. Terez - good shape. $180 2. Teramar - SOLD 3. Seeker stealth - needs new guide. -$80 4. Phenix - SOLD Pm is best.
  70. oceanski

    For Sale Two Kill Bags

    1. Boone 30x60. 1 year old. 1 zipper needs to be put back on track. 2. C&H 20x60. 4 years old. Exterior is showing some wear and could use some attention in the corners. Still holds ice fine. Only selling because I bought a bigger kill bag so I only need one instead of 2. Asking $150 for both.
  71. oceanski

    WTB Standard Horizon GPS/Chartplotter

    Mine turned white screen yesterday. Looking for something to get me through this season. Doesn’t have to be perfect but needs to work. Let me know what you have.
  72. oceanski

    WTB Want to buy jig bag

    Ltb jig bag. Pm is best.
  73. oceanski

    SOLD Magma Fillet Table.

    Only asking $50 Pm is best
  74. oceanski

    For Sale Spinning rod holder

    Good condition. $20 takes it
  75. oceanski

    SOLD Marine Power Cord

    Power cord with case and adaptor. No need for it. $50 takes it all.
  76. oceanski

    SOLD Two props

    1. New in box. This was a backup prop for my Yamaha F150 that I forgot I had. 2. Old prop. Think it was from a small Mercury motor. $25 takes them both. Pm is best.
  77. oceanski

    New Okuma Makaira 30II SEA for cheap

    There’s only one 30SEA for sale at $411 so good luck! Also one 80W for you East coast guys. I bought the one 50WSEA they had for $448.
  78. oceanski

    WTB Okuma Mak50W SEA

    Looking for the reel above. Lmk what you have. PM is best. Color doesn’t matter.
  79. oceanski

    FREE Lowrance Globalmap

    Free. Doesn’t come with the case. No idea if it works or not.
  80. oceanski

    For Sale Seeker Stealth & G Loomis spinning rod

    Seeker needs a new guide and has a slight piece of clearcoat missing. Good condition minus those two things. $100 obo G Loomis is in good condition but the previous owner botched the tip and it needs a new one. I never got a spinning reel for it so never bothered to fix the tip. $130 obo Pick...
  81. oceanski

    6.7L Ford Diesel - Tow Vehicle

    After a lot of thought/crunching numbers I think I’m ready to buy a new (to me) truck. I have my eyes on a 2013 F-250 4x4 with 65K miles. I have been towing with a 7.3 but wanted to get something a little newer since this will be my daily driver after the lease on my car runs up soon. Just...
  82. oceanski

    TRADE Selling ammo?

    Is it still legal to sell ammo from individual to individual in CA? Have some extra rounds that I don’t need any longer. Thanks in advance.
  83. oceanski

    For Sale Shimano, Phenix, Avet, etc rods and reels

    Rods: 1. Californian Calico Special 8’ 15-20lbs. This is an OG rod that carries a 100% lifetime warranty. Great condition. $80 2. Phenix M1 - SMH82MH 15-35 - great condition. $170. Lifetime warranty with replacement fee. 3. Californian Calico Special CS 90XH 15-40. Great condition $100. Rod...
  84. oceanski

    WTB Cousins 95J Mag

    Looking for a Cousins 95J mag in good to great condition. Live and work in North County San Diego but willing to meet up for the right deal. PM or text is best. 760-877-2535
  85. oceanski

    Shimano Trinidad DC’s

    I see Trinidad DC’s going for ridiculous prices nowadays. Just wondering for the people that are buying them... Are you guys buying these to use or as collector items? Are there still shops that are able to service them? I had never thrown a DC until this past summer I threw a buddy’s DC20 and...
  86. oceanski

    Subaru Crosstrek Question

    Looking to buy a new commuter car. Have my eyes on a Subaru Crosstrek SUV. Does anyone on the forum have this vehicle? If so, how long of fishing rod can you fit inside it? All I can find online is people storing their rods on their roof racks which I will not do with the amount I’ve spent on...
  87. oceanski

    WTB Rod for Baitrunner 12000D

    let me know what you guys have. Prefer around 7’ 6”. Budget around $150-$200 depending on make, model and condition.
  88. oceanski

    TRADE USSSA Slowpitch Bats

    Any slowpitch players here? Looking to trade some of my bats for high end fishing gear. All bats are NIW 26oz
  89. oceanski

    For Sale 7.3 F250 4X4 104K - 18K

    Hello BD, I’m contemplating selling my 7.3. I now tow with a 2016 Cummins so am contemplating selling this truck since it just sits now. Never had any issues and is really a great truck that I’m sure I will miss. Here’s the full craigslist add...
  90. oceanski

    SOLD Shimano Terez 8’

    Like new. $200 obo
  91. oceanski

    Parker 2320 Fuel Economy

    I’m starting the search for a bigger boat and one of the boats I’m considering is a Parker 2320. I’ve done a lot of research on this boat and everyone’s fuel economy seems to be different. I’ve heard 1mpg all the way to 3mpg. The boat I’m looking at has a Yamaha F250 3.3L. Does anyone else have...
  92. oceanski

    SOLD 1987 Cabo 216 w/ 2017 Yamaha F150 Renewed the listing for my Cabo. Have a different boat in mind. Shoot me a PM if you have any questions. 31,500 obo
  93. oceanski

    For Sale Shimano Terez, Phenix Black Diamond, Ahi rods

    Like new rods. 1. Phenix 909XH. MSRP is $319. Asking $250 2. Shimano Terez 8’ 40-80. MSRP is $269. Asking $220. 3. Ahi 20-40 rod. $40
  94. oceanski

    For Sale Phenix 909XH rod

    really good condition Phenix 909XH. Hardly ever used. Asking $250 obo.
  95. oceanski

    Cabo 216 W/ 2017 Yamaha F150

    I never thought this day would come but I have decided to list my 1987 Cabo 216 because I'm looking at a slightly bigger boat. I purchased this boat in 2015 and fished it that season with the original Yamaha 2 stroke. In October of 2016 I went through with fully restoring the entire boat. I...
  96. oceanski

    Avet Reel Question

    I'm looking to get a new yummy reel. I've been fishing a TLD 50II but want to upgrade to something a little heavier duty. I have my selection narrowed down to these 3 reels: 1. EXW 50/2 - $600 2. EXW 50/3 - $709 3. TRX 50/2W - $900 I've been leaning towards the EXW 50/3 because of the high...
  97. oceanski

    8' Phenix Rod

    8' Custom wrapped Phenix rod. I bought two of these from the SD tackle traders about a year ago right after they had them wrapped. Selling one of them to make room for a rod for my Talica 50. This is a perfect 25lb-30lb stick. All Alps guides. Asking $200. I think I paid $250.
  98. oceanski

    Green Avet MXL 6/4 loaded with braid

    Just fully serviced at Ken's. Hasn't been out on a trip since the service. 9/10 cosmetic. 10/10 mechanically. Loaded with 50lb braid. $215. Pm for quickest response.
  99. oceanski

    Transom Saver - $20

    No need for it anymore. $20 local pickup in North County. PM for quickest response.
  100. oceanski

    Owner Pro Packs 1/0,2/0,3/0,4/0

    Will sell each pack for $25 shipped. All 4 for $90 shipped. $20/pack local pickup in San Marcos. PM here for quickest response.
  101. oceanski

    Eat My Tackle Kite

    Bought this kite to have as a backup but won't be needing it. It is still brand new in the shipping tube. Paid $75 and will sell for $50. Local pickup in North County SD. Call/text 760-877-2535 or PM for quickest response.
  102. oceanski

    Yummy Bites 7/22

    Short report: caught two fish on the yummy Long version: Met up with Dave, Max and JT at Dana Landing shortly after 6am. We all agreed to make the trek out 60-80 miles in search of the jumbos. Launched and were on the water by 6:30am. We decided to pass on bait and make a few macs instead. Made...
  103. oceanski

    Shimano Curado 300EJ

    Like new with box. 9.9/10 condition. Has braid and about 40 yards of 12lb flouro leader. It was serviced not too long ago by Ken's where he put carbon tech drags in. Works great but I bought a new calico reel. $200 obo
  104. oceanski

    2008 Sea Fox 197 CC W/ Yamaha 115 4 stroke

    Posting for a friend in Carlsbad. Not my boat! If you are interested, PM me and I'll pass along contact info. 2009 Sea Fox 197 CC w/ Yamaha 115 4 stroke with roughly 300 hours. Trailer was just serviced. He's asking $15k. I apologize in advance for the minimal info. This is all he could give...
  105. oceanski

    WTT Talica 8II for Trinidad 16A

    Have a like new with box Talica 8II (haven't caught a fish on it) loaded to the top with spectra that I'd like to trade for a Trinidad 16a in same condition. Or I'll sell for $400 firm.
  106. oceanski

    Anyone need one tmrw Sunday 6/25?

    Had two buddies bail on my boat for various reasons. Anyone need one for tmrw? Will pitch on gas/bait. Let me know ASAP. Shoot me a message here.
  107. oceanski

    6/8/17 - Popper fish

    I haven't been able to fish for four weeks but found time to get out yesterday. Launched out of Dana Landing around 5am. Picked up a scoop of mostly chovies with a few dines mixed in. Around 7am we got to the grounds and started to search. Found a few small schools of foamers but the fish were...
  108. oceanski

    Owner Pro Packs

    Recently bought a full lot of Owner Pro Pack hooks from a fellow Bd member and ended up having wayyy more hooks than I need so I will offer these back up to you guys. Here's what I have (all are ringed): All sold. Thanks guys. Will sell each Owner Pro pack for $25/pack or $21/pack if you...
  109. oceanski

    BNIB Shimano Trinidad 14a

    BNIB Trinidad 14a. $390. Willing to trade for a Tranx 400 and cash on your end. Will ship on your dime. 760-877-2535
  110. oceanski

    WTB 9' Phenix Rod 30-60 w/ reel seat

    Wtb 9' Phenix rod with reel seat for my Tranx 500. Most interested in Phenix because of the warranty but may be open to comparable rods if the price is right.
  111. oceanski

    WTB Tranx 500HG

    wtb tranx 500hg. Prefer in great condition or NIB. Let me know what you have.
  112. oceanski

    2018 CA Boater Card
  113. oceanski

    Airmar P66 Transducer

    Removed from a Raymarine C80. Upgraded my electronics and won't be needing this. $20? Or will trade for a few good craft beers. Call/text 760-877-2535 or PM me.
  114. oceanski

    Yamaha Excel

  115. oceanski

    Repowering Soon - Advice Wanted

    My 1988 motor has been nothing but problems since April and I'm ready to give up on it and repower. I have it narrowed down to either a Yamaha or Suzuki 175 or 200 4 stroke. I've been pricing out new motors from multiple dealers and stumbled across this site in my search. Does anyone have...
  116. oceanski

    Looking To Fish 7/16 or 7/17

    I have my own boat but it's currently out of commission until I get a few parts for the outboard. Looking to fish this weekend. Will help with fuel, bait and boat cleaning. Don't drink or smoke when I'm fishing. Pretty laid back and just enjoy fishing hard and being on the water. If you need one...
  117. oceanski

    7/9-182- BFT

    Launched from Dana landing at 5:30am, picked up a scoop of healthy dines and we were off to the 182. Stopped on a few patties on the way out holding rat yellows. Arrived to the 182 with birds and bft from 25-200 pounds crashing bait. Threw the popper in the first school and immediately hooked...
  118. oceanski

    Wtb Phenix 808mh or similar Phenix rod

    Just got a Trinidad 14a and need a rod for it.
  119. oceanski

    Seeker Black Steel Graphite 270H-8 20 (25) 30

    Rod is in excellent condition. Only used a few times. Retails for $290. Will sell for $200. Located in North County San Diego. 760-877-2535
  120. oceanski

    WTB Trinidad 20A

    looking for a Shimano Trinidad 20A in excellent or like new condition. Please let me know if you're looking to get rid of yours. 760-877-2535
  121. oceanski

    NIB Avet LX & Californian Rod

    brand new in box silver Avet LX 6.0 loaded with 350 yards of spectra and a new never used Californian 20-50lb glass Rod to go with it. $300 for the setup. Cost me over $400 just a month ago. 760-877-2535
  122. oceanski

    WTB Talica 12II

    Looking for a Talica 12ii in good condition. PM me if anyone has one for sale.