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  1. Carpfisher

    Vintage National Geographic Boat Ads ?

    Long story but I seem to have inherited every single issue of NG from about 1961 thru 90, give or take a few issues. Lots of excellent reading but apparently pretty much no value. Now, with more covid free time, I see that every issue has an old boat, Evinrude or Mercury ad. Gone thru just a...
  2. Carpfisher

    Cabo 226 Bracket Removal

    Was doing some maintenance and saw corrosion inside my bracket. Sits ass heavy with the 4.2 Yamaha @ 560#, Same weight as the previous E Tec 250 w jack plate 530 plus 43# jackplate,but with the 25" shaft instead of 30 that the e tec was, Motor sits low in the water at rest and gets some water...
  3. Carpfisher

    2015 BF40 NMEA Question

    Trying to network my motor to my GO7 on my 15' Honda BF40. anyone done this on their 40 or 50 ? Under the cowl, I see no 4 wire connector. Is it a direct connection, with the proper connector, to the red DLC connector. If so, any leads on where to buy just an end ? I made all my own cables and...
  4. Carpfisher

    FREE US Lakes Card

    Found this in bottom of a box of boat stuff. If it’s of use to anyone, PM me an address and I’ll mail it.
  5. Carpfisher

    Cabo 226 Helm Recommendations

    My 30 year old Seastar 1 front seal is weeping more than I like. Haven't had to add fluid on the water but I keep noticing drips under the helm. The specified service kit HS 5201, I cant find but have an HS 5151 coming that has a 1" quad seal that I think will work. It's already torn down and...
  6. Carpfisher

    PB Barn Door....about time !!

    Finally knocked a couple off the bucket list !! First time overnighting on my Cabo followed up by finally catching a barn door. I've twice blown the gaff on two of the largest halibut I've ever seen. As wide as my outstretched arms. Not once but twice. Hard time sleeping both nights. Other than...
  7. Carpfisher

    FREE XD 100 oil Approx. 1 gallon

    Got about a gallon. Free for anyone that can use it. SB pickup at my work or Ventura pick up at my house in Carp on the weekend or eve.
  8. Carpfisher

    Model 76 Beretta Help

    Cleaning a couple of my father in laws weapons, the first one went fine, The second is a Beretta Model 76. When rotating the disassembly latch a third turn CCW, somehow, I let it rotate another third to far as I was pulling back the slide. Now wham bam, now she's a jammed !! Other than the...
  9. Carpfisher

    For Sale HTP Mini Mig Welder- 220

    HTP Mini Mig, light duty, 100amp. I was using it for making little art projects at home and teaching my kid to weld. Steve Holzer at USA Welding says this is a good ole model, German made internals not chinese. Needed a new cord. Minimum rating is 10 amp. I put a 15 foot, 30 amp cord on it cuz...
  10. Carpfisher

    For Sale 2006 Tohatsu 6HP

    06 Tohatsu kicker. Short shaft .Runs and looks great. Includes tank, bulb and manual. Just fully serviced. Zero hours on engine oil, lower unit oil and brand new impeller. 450 OBO.
  11. Carpfisher

    FREE XD 100 oil

    I've got about a gallon of XD 100. If your in the SB area and can use it. Let me know. Pick up at my shop on Milpas St.
  12. Carpfisher

    For Sale 2004 Tohatsu 6HP Kicker

    Any interest in an 04 Tohatsu kicker before I put on CL. Will be freshly serviced with new impeller and engine oil. With manual and fuel tank. More pics, close ups and video of it running to anyone interested. 500.00
  13. Carpfisher

    Cabo 226 with Yamaha F250 prop question

    Could I get some feedback from everyone with a 226, running a F250, 4.2L motor. What prop are you using and what hole mounting hole configuration are using. I.E., top hole on Camrac bracket bottom holes on motor. Pics would be even more self explanatory. Does anyone have a F300 on there Cabo...
  14. Carpfisher

    For Sale Evinrude Rigging Package

    Complete rigging package for an Evinrude. Was used on an 07' E Tec 250 but probably works on all Gen 1's large HP and maybe more. I-Command Gauge. Black, It was mounted under a plastic cover, no dust, water, crud or blood ever got on it. With user manual. 100.00 REDUCED 50.00 plus shipping SOLD...
  15. Carpfisher

    Cabo 226 Cuddycon Repower

    Well, The used motor thing just isn't working out for me. While handing over 8+ G's for a used motor with no warranty may turn out fine for some 90% of the time, with my luck, I'll be the one on the shit end 10%. Thinking about putting a 2018 2.8L F200 Yamaha behind my Cabo. Guy Schneider loves...
  16. Carpfisher

    For Sale HD Jack Plate from Bob's Machine Shop

    Manual jack plate. Rated for 300HP / 625#'s. Just under 5" thick. Weighs just over 40#'s. Not cheap to ship. But could be done I guess. Asking 275$.
  17. Carpfisher

    SOLD 2007 E Tec 250 1000$ or part out....

    E Tec 250 13-1400 hours. Great runner, well maintained, but a broken steering arm bolt, other wear and tear issues, and no time to repair it is "forcing" me to repower the Cabo. It's a 30" shaft motor. Lower unit COMPLETLY rebuilt. Every bearing and seal, pinion gear final set up done by Lundys...
  18. Carpfisher

    Golden Dot Mono ?

    I found these in the "archives", 4 spools tied together. Anyone know the history on this. ?
  19. Carpfisher

    SOLD Trailer 14-16' Aluminum CHEAP

    Trailer had a 16', non widebody bay runner on it. perfect for 14' aluminum. Powder coated frame. Lites work but need replacing cuz I stepped on them and broke the mounting, harbor freight. 2 spares. New tires. 200.00
  20. Carpfisher

    Big Bear July 7-11th fishing

    Wife won a week in Big Bear over a year ago. Problem is, always booked up in winter. Need to use so were going in July. All three teens and wife. Need fishing tips, boat rental for sure maybe pontoon one day for all 8 of us. 16'er for other days. I figure the water will be warm and the fish will...
  21. Carpfisher

    WTB WTB 16' Trailer

    Keeping an eye out for a galvinized trailer for my 16 Bayrunner. Thanks in advance
  22. Carpfisher


    Just got the insurance renewal from BOAT US for the Cabo 3 years, no claims, 837 credit rating. Says they are now underwritten/partnering with Geico Insurance now ?, rates went from 330 something to 564 WTF ?? Agreed Value now called Insured Value ? Ill read the fine print tonight but it looks...
  23. Carpfisher

    FREE Kokotat X2, and Youth Simms Waders

    So I'm marooned here in Carp, cleaning out some gear. Found these old paddling pants from my kayak days. Both size large, one stocking foot w wide velcro/elastic/neoprene cinch chest level. Other has velcro lower closures and drawstring/neoprene upper. Local pick up Carp. SB if you wait till...
  24. Carpfisher

    Morro Bay Hotel and fishing recommendations ?

    Heading up Dec 15-17 with the wife. Besides all this yelp and google reviews stuff, anyone recommendations of a decent hotel and place to eat there Not worried about cost to much, just don't want to end up in a dump Still working on the fishing part with her.....:xlbirthda
  25. Carpfisher

    San Diego Vintage Fighting Belt

    I inherited this from a good friend. For my fishing man cave. Was wondering the history or background if it rings any bells....
  26. Carpfisher

    Davis Weather Wizard 3 -Sell or trade.

    I had to dismantle my 60' antenna due to construction and decided to get out of the short wave radio scene, I have a Davis Weather Wizard 3 weather station. Google it. Awesome, accurate. Can interface with a computer too. It is not wireless. I have all the OE papers, but can't find the box. I...
  27. Carpfisher

    16' Bayrunner Bow Rail Pics ?

    So I picked up a nice little 16' Westcoaster a couple months ago. Motor was straight up perfect like I wanted but the hull needed a little love. Most of the bugs worked out but now I'm looking to add some bow rails. Aluminum. Anyone have one that has OE bow rails that I get get some pics of...
  28. Carpfisher

    WTB Nice 16' Skiff

    Serious buyer for nice skiff. Prefer modern 4 stroke. Repower ok if price is right but not looking for major projects.. Aluminum or fiberglass, let me see what you got. Really need to stay 15-16'. Cash in hand, longer it takes, higher the budget goes. Thanks Paul
  29. Carpfisher

    WTS "and" WTB 14 and 16' skiffs.

    I'm very blessed to be "allowed" to have 2 boats. I'm very happy with where I sit with the "big" boat, but it's time to upgrade my little boat status. I'm selling my 1979 14' 6" Western. It came with a modified, raised transom and a 25HP 1982 Suzuki. Previous owner did an ok job on the...
  30. Carpfisher

    Bunk Glide Cover recommendations ?

    On both my Cabo and my 14' skiff, when I launch, I back in till the rear tires of my truck just touch the water plus and inch in. Still need to give them a tug. Maybe call it a hard tug. Was interested in trying those plastic covers or sticks. I know I could back in deeper to float em but. I...
  31. Carpfisher

    Modified CB radios for your 4x4, Mexico or Home

    Getting out of the pirate CB/Ham radio thing. Had a 60' antenna on my roof for ten years +. Had to compromise with the wife since I hadn't shot skip for years and boating took over my life. I've got some great set ups. The show your 4x4 thread reminded me that I should offer them on BD. I have a...
  32. Carpfisher

    HELP- Shimming lower driveshaft-E TEC 250

    Without going into the long drama of how I fucked up bad.....lower unit, ate the upper bearing, upper shaft broke off inside lower shaft. Choices-buy used lower unit for 2K plus or fix myself. Decided to fix myself. No love from any local shop borrowing special dissasembly tools, made my own...
  33. Carpfisher

    Free Attwood Cowling cover 225-300HP

    Attwood 10545 "Road Ready" outboard motor hood, 225-300HP Free for local pick up, On a side note, the full, generic covers from are excellent. I have 3, 9.8hp, 20hp, 250 hp. All fit great, full coverage. I paid as much for this hood (from IBS, go figure) as is selling full...
  34. Carpfisher

    Lil Hustler 4 Blade Aluminum 15x15

    My boat came with a couple aluminum 4 blade props. Good for a back up if you have room for one on board Not brand new but good for a back up No hub Free Carp/ Santa Barbara/Ventura Area
  35. Carpfisher

    WTB Graftech Wall Banger WB78L

    Long Shot....Anyone got one they sell and ship. Probably not, shipping rods are a hassle, I know. Just thought I'd ask. Slammed mine in a door. Ouch.
  36. Carpfisher


    OOPS !! Got lazy and left the trailer lights plug, plugged into my truck. No lights on but a parasitic draw killed my battery dead dead dead , wouldn't recharge with my digital maintainer overnight at all, interstate gave me a little love but not much. Cost me 94 bucks. Thats a lot of braided...
  37. Carpfisher

    226 Cabo Steering Overhaul

    Mine came with a Sea Star Classic tilt. The plastic nose cone was worn internally, Lots of actually loose fitting feel. I tore it down and had a bronze bushing machined to fit that I had laying around to replace the nylon sleeve that came OE. This lasted for a while but was never a permanent...
  38. Carpfisher

    Starting from scratch, Kicker and bracket wanted

    Sold my 6hp tohatsu and 71090 Garlick 10" drop bracket. Looking for a 71091 15" drop bracket. Just thought I'd take a shot in the dark that someone has a used one before I drop 350 plus on a new one. Also, looking for a high thrust long shaft 8HP. Pull start, tiller of course, with charging a...
  39. Carpfisher

    Cabo 216 for Sale

    Just saw a Cabo 216 for sale in SB CL if your looking. He's asking14.5 Has OE engine. Looks pretty clean. Run till she blows and repower. On another note, if your cabo has OE Sea Star Traditional tilt helm, with a bunch of slop in it, I just received my bitchen new and improved tilt mechanism...
  40. Carpfisher

    Hi thrust kicker wanted

    Time to start dialing in the cabo. Looking for a nice hi thrust kicker for my 22' Cabo Cuddycon. Long shaft, pull start, no power tilt ok. Charging system desirable. Might get one of those fancy hydraulic lifts too !! Garlick makes a cool manual one but pricey at 1200. Ouch then ill be going...
  41. Carpfisher

    2012 Tohatsu 6HP for sale

    2012 Tohatsu 6 HP. Bought for 900 with 5 hours on it. It went for a ride on the boat 4 times, used once. Call it around 7 hours use. Like to get 750 with Garlick mounting bracket with new mounting pad. Little small for my 22' Cabo. Perfect kicker for 18-20' aluminum or main on a 12' lake boat...
  42. Carpfisher

    BD HELP purchase recommendation !! HD Sewing Machine

    Winds hit 41 MPH here in Carp last week.Boat is stored just north of where that fire jumped the 101 last week. anyway, winds did a bit of damage to my already hurting cover. Retack zipper, sew on a couple patches and repair a few seams. Standard, thick blue boat cover material. Not wanting to...
  43. Carpfisher

    Santa Barbara has Bait !!

    Heads up from my bro, anyone heading out of SB, they got and load of chovies last Thursday. Right now, flat conditions, but a lass, I'm land locked due to Christmas till next Saturday...go get sum !!
  44. Carpfisher

    Ventura Boat Repair Shop RAVE !!

    Brian from Valley prop mentioned that a guy named Matt at Inflatable Boat Specialist in Ventura was really sharp with E-Tecs. After talking to him on the phone with a bunch of do it yourself questions, which he was happy to answer, I realized I should just bite the bullet and pay him to look...
  45. Carpfisher

    Cabo 226 Furuno upgrade w older transducer

    Older system I'm guessing, FCV-562 Transducer, has a speed wheel on the bottom, looks like it goes thru the hull? Color 600 head unit. Works great but no GPS and the one I have is even more dated and the screen sucks. Id like to upgrade to modern FF/GPS unit from Furuno that will work with this...
  46. Carpfisher

    Cabo Cuddycon 226 Windlass

    I'm getting old. Pulled the anchor twice in 80' of water. Wore me out. Gotta be a better way. Anyone with a 226 or 216 have a windlass. Triton John, what do you have on the 256 ? Pics of install set up, brand used, pros and cons, if there are any cons, please let me know. Thanks, Love my Cabo.....
  47. Carpfisher

    Cabo Cuddycon Fillet Staion/Bait Cutting Tray ?

    Was wondering what others do for a fillet station. Trays that go in the rod holder ? seems like it wouldn't be that stable unless it fit real tight, then theres the problem of storing the large tray. I had put a large plastic "place mat" on top of the rear center hatch. Worked OK, but that...
  48. Carpfisher

    Dodged a 10K bullet thanks to E TEC SAFE mode

    Been a professional wrench for over 30 years. Rarely do I make a mistake, mainly stick to what I specialize in and triple check everything, but when I screw up, I do it big, just like NASA. Luckily, mainly I screw up my own shit. Boat storage is free, but can't wrench there, work is jam packed...
  49. Carpfisher

    Hydrafoil and seat mount extensions Free

    Located in Carpinteria Area Foil and seat extenders, come and get em prefer pic up or meet in SB
  50. Carpfisher

    Aluminum Prop to SS Prop Question

    One of the blades broke off on my aluminum prop. Gonna upgrade to a SS one. Question #1 = assuming I'm happy with my current aluminum prop. Can I replace it with the same pitch and diameter or are the characteristics going to be so different that I have to start all over to find the correct...
  51. Carpfisher

    Gotta learn how to read FF

    Duh….so I see what I thought was a HUGE school of macs Saturday off SB. Needed a couple more, WTF, why won't they hit the sabiki, then it dawns on me, BASS !!!! !st chovie drop down and kaslamm, it's on. 2 on the double dropper. One is my PB :beerbang: Just under 20", no scale but I'd guess 8+...
  52. Carpfisher

    Rockfish chewing and fish ID report

    Finally got to outing # 4 on the new to me Cabo 226. The winds never materialized. Man does she fly with trim tabs. On the way in we hit 36knots, almost 40 mph, for a stretch. Then settled back to a comphy 23kts. Took out my buddy that was an original member of the first Team Yeti mountain bike...
  53. Carpfisher

    Furuno 1731 Radar- Make Offer or Trade for ?

    1731 Mark 3 with magnetron, mag bracket, power cord, mount bracket and display unit with hood and magnifier lens. Not sure of hours, Very Clean,Gauranteed working condition. will power up and check hours this weekend. Came off boat that was used very little. Any interest and I'll send pics and...
  54. Carpfisher

    Trim tab mounting. 5200 or 4200 ?

    I see the instructions say 5200 but the other post, and my reply, got me thinking. What if I smash up a tab and need to replace it. I know it will delam or mess up the gel coat. Is 4200 good enough. What do you think other than I'm overthinking this
  55. Carpfisher

    226 Cabo cuddycon trim tab recommendations ?

    So I SCORED on a great 226 Cabo Cuddycon thru BD. Freakin awesome boat, ran to Santa Cruz on Saturday. Trim tabs are gonna make this boat fly. Talked to a local boat mechanic that has installed lots of trim tabs before. He is not to fond of Bennets he said and has been using tabs called Boat...
  56. Carpfisher

    New/used boat advice wanted !!!

    The kitty has finally grown to about 20K. I'm looking for a 19-21' boat. Seems I'm not the only one. Usage would be 90% inshore, "up the line", in SB channel. 10% Channel island overnighters, never solo, w buddy boaters. SB Channel can turn rough in a heartbeat sooo, No 17'ers, no CC., no...
  57. Carpfisher

    Jigmaster 500S Newell upgrade ?

    I bought a tackle box full of irons flashers and other misc. stuff. Also included a Newell spool, Model 500, and a Stainless Steel Brake Kit, BK-3. Vintage stuff, says 15.95 for the spool and 3.75 for the washers. I think these will fit my 500S, question is what are the advantages to installing...
  58. Carpfisher

    Sabre rod, reel and usage recommendation

    I found a used Sabre Grafast. It says GX2710C 7Ft. Line Test 12-30 Near the reel seat it says Aftco ARS-2M I've heard people talk about fake Sabres but I KNOW this one is real. The ladies husband had died and I bought a lot of...
  59. Carpfisher

    21' Arima Sea Pacer ??

    Im looking at a 21' Arima Sea Pacer on CL ventura. Anyone able to give any input. Boat is all original in excellent shape, saw it today. Literally not a scratch on it. Lots of storage. 2 manual down riggers. Good electronics, Garmin 740s ? Priced accordingly ?? Will be used inshore with...
  60. Carpfisher

    Alumaweld for Santa Barbara area ?

    The more I look the more I like these boats. A 20' Stryker or even 22 seems really nice. They seem expensive, even used, i.e., holding their value/good resale value. And I'm working on my budget, but I figured if I'm gonna go lightweight aluminum I might as well do it right. Looking to use it...
  61. Carpfisher

    Pacific Trailer Bunk Board Replacement

    Last time out, I noticed the bunk carpet is wearing away, allowing the wood to touch the aluminum.. Need to change out asap before corrosion occurs, if it hasn't started already. The two main boards are 10' 5" long. I didn't see any this long on their website or on Overton's website. Whats...
  62. Carpfisher

    Raymarine Dragonfly

    I can't afford a 1k-1.5k FF/Chartplotter. West Marine is pushing a Raymarine Dragonfly with Chirp technology of around 6 bills, more in my budget. Any input ? I'm inshore, 200 ft or less usually. The Humminbirds that I'm used to suck. I can't tell a rock from a ridge, but what do I...
  63. Carpfisher

    Older Suzuki outboard parts ?

    Any recommendations as to where to get older Suzuki parts now that Brownpoint Marine in New Jersey was wiped out by Hurricane Sandy ? I have a 1982 DT25. Looking for general maintinence stuff, carb kit, impeller, etc. Thanks
  64. Carpfisher

    HELP-Carburator needed !!

    Don't know if anyone can help but thought I'd ask. I have a 20' Gregor Seahawk 4 I'm trying to get going. Has a 92 70horse Johnson with a dead hole. It has a bad carb, switch it with a carb from known good hole, dead hole moves to other cyl. I've had this carb apart 3 times, still can't...
  65. Carpfisher

    New Guy

    Wanted to buy a boat before I introed. My name is Paul- Carpfisher cuz' I live in Carpinteria and am addicted to fishing. I have twin 9 year old boys and a 10 year old boy. All fishermen. I bought that 20 Gregor that was in Highland. Little rough but for 3200, Talked him down, I think I got a...