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    2-5-20 bait

    About that time of year to chase ballyhoo around. Going to try this week I think. Anyone interested? Line caught so the scales stay reasonably intact
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    Banks da other day

    Got to tag along with my friend the other day onagas kinda bit. We also a seagull I think hanging around our boat.
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    Banks 10-14

    Flat water means bottom time. Got mixed bag deep bottom about a 100 lbs Had to cut the day short captain was coming down with the flu. Aloha
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    Banks trip 10/24

    Nice water banks time again got some reds, couple coolers akule and nabeta.
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    Banks trip

    Got to make a trip on the banks with the pretty water mix bag trip 100 lbs mix deep bottom 180 lbs in akule and 40 lbs of my FAVORITE nabeta. Saw a bunch of piles going across.
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    That time of year

    Hmm what to do on flat days charge the bottom fish!!!! Over night trip 27 onagas and a 100 more lbs of misc. bottom fish and an all night party with the akule filled 2 coolers for close to 200 lbs.
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    Haleiwa 8-19

    Got to fish haleiwa today full day charter ran the thousand went to ii got an ono. Leaving the buoy center slams down reel screams then stops tell charter keep cranking long story short got the ahi to the boat gaff bat gm over SHBITE DOES IT AGAIN!!! 9 IN BLACK SLIVER HEAD WITH BLACK SALMON...
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    M n M 10-15

    Got to go fish haleiwa yesterday ran another brand new lure made by SH BITE lures. It worked like a charm it ran great and best of all caught fish. It caught a marlin about 80 lbs and a bunch of mahi
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    Can't fish soooo

    Can't fish so using lucky lure for something else
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    Took a chance today 7/30 went out to j buoy found the biggest open school I've ever seen or a rubbish we never found. Tried some new SH BITE LURES fresh out of the mold got 17 mahi and one lrg aku on um.
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    Aloha got opelu and halalu available if anyone's interested. Opelu 20 bucks a dozen, halalu 20 bucks for 20 pcs aloha
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    Haleiwa tournament

    Anyone know the results from the haleiwa tournament?
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    Lake kaneohe

    Water flat like a lake Sunday went deep bottom on a friends boat got some ehu, hapupu biggest one 33 lbs, ukus biggest one 19 lbs and a bunch of reef donkey aka kahalas. Beautiful water before getting laid up for the next month with carpial tunnel surgery.
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    Pretty water 3/30

    Since the waters been so nice went deep bottom kaneohe got 18 ehu and 2 onagas in a half day can't complain. Pics to follow
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    2-8 kaneohe

    Took a chance yesterday in kaneohe out early in early . Found a nice bird piles got some aku and med shibis. Time to batten down the hatches now be safe aloha
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    What would you rather eat?

    Took advantage of the flat water last week went shallow and deep bottom fishing. Which would you rather eat? Big nabeta or onaga sashimi?
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    Far and wide

    Went outside kaneohe Sunday got some livies hit mm and t buoy 4 gg Mahis on live bait not much out there aloha
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    Fresh Opelu

    Been catching a lot of opelu lately anyone interested in buying 12 for 20?
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    Ko olina ramp

    Late report got to try the ko olina ramp last was awesome the people who checked us in and out were super nice. Got some opelu then hit s and r buoy no love. Went outside S buoy and found what looked a personal fad bunch of floats strung togetherfirst pass took a screamer comes off. Then get...
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    Su nday funday

    Trolling been horrible time go deep!!!
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    Aloha, Got ballyhoo for sale 15 pcs for 20.00 message me if interested.
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    Aloha, Got fresh halalu for bait, caught this morning 25 pieces for 20 dollars message me if interested. Thanks
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    Fresh bait

    Aloha got fresh halalu for ALL caught hook and line 25 pcs for 20 dollars perfect for mahimahi bait. Message me if interested have a great day and good luck
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    Live bait

    Howzit just a question what would people be willing to pay for live opelu and akule
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    ll and t

    Heard ll and t might be gone tell me it ain't so
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    Ahi bite

    Heard the ahi bite was turning on in Kauai
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    Molokai fishing restrictions

    Howzit everyone just a heads up there trying to create a community based fishing area from laughing point to Halawa up to 3 miles out. Which basically means you ain't from there you ain't fishing there. Stay informed aloha
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    Just another bottom fish day

    went deep bottom again the water was beautiful
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    Something different

    Didnt get to troll this weekend went deep
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    Something different

    Did get to troll this weekend went deep
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    Storm ahi

    Went yesterday left Kaneohe at 230 pm home by 5 pm one Bite one fish
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    Merry christmas

    must be the holidays smoke marlin dip requests getting filled.
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    Smoke marlin

    Howzit if anyone's looking to smoke a marlin with all of um running around and the horrible price at auction message me if interested are turn around to get it back to you smoked is about a week.
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    Humpback whale sanctuary

    Aloha guys if you fish the banks you might consider attending the meeting on April 28 the there could be some drastic changes coming up. Or at least check out the humpback sanctuary aloha
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    Saltiga a

    Anyone know where to get the pink salting as locally or on the internet aloha
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    Local ballyhoo

    Fresh frozen ballyhoo 12 pieces for 15 dollars message me if interested
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    Local ballyhoo

    Fresh frozen ballyhoo 12 pieces 15 dollars message me if interested aloha
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    aloha have fresh frozen ballyhoo available 15.00 a dozen aloha and good luck
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    BALLYHOO for sale

    Aloha, Got around 10 bags of ballyhoo available 6 to a bag 10 bucks a bag or 17 bucks for 2 bags message me if interested alohas and good luck
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    ballyhoo 4 sale

    aloha and happy new year, Got some fresh ballyhoo for sale 15 bucks for a dozen alohas
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    ballyhoo 4 sale

    Aloha and happy new year Got some fresh local ballyhoo for sale 15 bucks for a dozen pieces hit me back if interested alohas and good luck out there
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    halalu and ballyhooo

    Got HOOKED halalu and ballyhoo for sale 10 dollars a bag. Ballyhoo are to small for trolling but excellent for baiting mahimahi and shibis aloha have a good day
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    Aloha Fresh caught small size opelu and ballyhoo Opelu 6 to 8 inch 20 pieces for 25 bucks Ballyhoo 12 pieces for 20 bucks the ballyhoo are much skinnier then the pop ones juveniles pm me if interested thanks Steve
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    Got some fresh opelu for sale cigar size pm me if interested aloha
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    have halalu for sale anyone interested pm aloha
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    cool pic

    my friend eric got this bull on 20 lb test that me in the pic though
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    cool pic

    just a cool mahi pic eric boy caught um on 20 lb test on a spinner alohas
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    wtb fish bag

    Lokking for a 6 ft fish bag thanks
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    ahi kaneohe

    went kaneohe today fished my friends boat for the 1st time. Got an ahi thas was snagged in the side and tail rapped not even one hook in the mouth. Fish was about 170 not enough ice ran home got 2 mahi to boot. cant grumble
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    fresh bait

    Anyone interested in buying fresh akule just curious alohas
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    holoholo in the rain pics

    Pics of the rainy sunday yummy
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    holoholo in the rain

    Went holoholo bottom found nabeta city 57 pieces and 2 moana wheres the pics iv
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    still looking for yellowfin or saltwater

    Aloha all I'm still hunting aroung to find a 24 to 30 foot boat yellowfin, saltwater, knife ect let me know if your selling one or knows someone who is aloha and tight lines
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    wtb yellowfin, or saltwater

    Howzit everyone looking to buy a bigger boat looking for yellowin, saltwater, knife ect in the 24 to 30 ft range diesel just wondering who got what for sale alohas
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    Went with Ivan the terrible LOl anyways went all over and got 2 mahis for the trouble lots of fish in the water lures bait no takers oh well good to be back in the water after 2 weeks in the desert (las vegas) gills got a little crispy
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    Anyone interested in buying ballyhoo pm me
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    Just to let everyone watch might have tsunami around 11
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    lettin everyone know

    Hey just to let everyone know wespac meeting fishermens forum sat alamoana hotel 9 am get involved see you there alohas
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    Going deep

    Well the trollin was slow so we went bottom fishing a week ago got some onagas pakas and ukus life is good
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    monkey off the back

    Worked a charter yesterday chased porposise outside HH took a 5 banger got one ahi 140 life is good alohas and happy new year pic to follow
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    Fished a 8 hr chater today kinda bumpy guys did good 2 opens school bait everywhere. Got three mahi 20 to 30 llb range. Sorry no pics forgot the camera at home alohas
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    goin fishin

    Goin fishing tomorrow got to crew for a charter alohas let u all know how it goes
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    Where have the fishys gone

    Went today six hour chater. Shallow bottomw first thing tried them jig six taape. Went out to BO no love out there. Lots of bait on the 40 though ahve great weekend and happy Halloween!!!!
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    lots of misses

    Fished this morning ran the 40 outside own lots two onos and then dropped butterfly jigs three monster strikes broke line. Oh well not bad for a six hour charter.
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    Anyone interested in buying ballyhoo?? let me know going today to catch aloha
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    here fishy fishy

    The fish caller worked
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    Would anyone be interested in buying live bait akule or opelu hit me back aloha
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    here fishy fishy

    went fishing in town today wenty hh got small kine stuff and then on the way home mercy ono and mahi bites alohas
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    Went today helped a friend with a 6 hr chater out in town. Found small pile of bird on thousand bang hooked a customer into an ahi about 210 lb. They were stoked. pictures to folow alohass
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    LURES!!!!! For sale

    Howzit everyone Gonna have some more lures for sale pearl head, blueberry, and strawberry. 7 and 9 inch lures. Proven ahi mahi marlin and ono lures. Oh this past weekend they also caught an ulua and rainbow runner. Prices heads 14 to 18 unrigged and 25 to 30 skirted.
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    Went yesterday all the way to P buoy noting cam back on the back. Then back to the banks fish finally bit at the end of the day we had 7 onos 12 shibi and othe random fish.
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    going going gone

    Finally hooked up with cappy thanks for buying the lures hope they serve you well let me know. Anyways should have more up for sale soon. Any recommendations on what you guys are looking for hit me up alohas
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    Ok guys (Lures for sale)

    Ok Gentlemen finally got this figured out. Photo bucket is awesome. Anyways the lures are all NINE inch lures. 15.00 bucks each. Or all for 165.00 for all of um These lures are proven winners. Just clearing out stock for the new stuff. Pm me if interested thanks
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    lures for sale

    The lures people have been asking about the lures are 20 bucks each or 4 for 75 . Proven for mahi ono marlin and the yellow man pm me if interested alohas
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    some lures we made

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    lures for sale

    ALoha all got some nine inch lures for sale. Cant get um to post here 20 bucks each. Hit me back with a private message and I will email some pics. They have caught marlin ahi ono and mahi alohas
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    Banana boat day

    Went yesterday all the way to x small kine shibi. Ran across one open school. NO takers not even fresh aku. worked our way to outside U got six otaru and broke off a double ahi. Not bad considering someone bought a stupid BANANA !!!!!! Happy fourth all
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    Haleiwa tourny

    IS anyone fishing haleiwa hanapa'a alohas
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    last week

    Heres a pic from last week alohas
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    ahi ahi

    Went yesterday got one ahi on a double broke the other one off bummers. Also got one aku 4 mahi and an ono. Pictures to follow aloha
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    Got some lures wanting to sell anyone interested pictures to follow shortly. Aloha
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    Just another day in paradise

    Went out fighing this weekend. Aloha all
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    went again

    Went again today got 5 3gill and gut 2 teens mahi and an ono lost mister yellow man all in all a good flat flat water day. Aloha
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    went today

    Went fishing in hawaii kai today just got home from the block. Got 7 mahis and 3 onos was kinda a bummer forgot the camera at home alohas
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    Went fishing today out of kaneohe left at 1130 to run the fixed motor. Went and trolled mokumanu got an ono first past. Came in was home by 3:00 boat wash fish cut yeah got fish for mothers day alohas
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    fish fish mahi onos and other stuff

    went fishing today just got home from the block and cleaning up 9 onos 6 mahi in our secret spot on our secret lures. Missed another 15 to 20 knock downs. pIctures tommorrow
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    fish report

    Went fishing today got beat up out of Kaneohe got 3 mahi and an ono though missed a bunch of fish aloha
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    tournament this weekend

    Whos fishing in the hanapa'a tournament this weekend ???
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    marlin marlin marlin

    A good day 3 marlin and 10 misses