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  1. dwr@c

    A Virus Nightmare

    Here’s one for the books. My friends wife disembarked off a cruise ship in San Diego on Monday morning. It was suppose to disembark in Chile but fortunately for them they said no way. This was a 2 week cruise which turned into almost 5 weeks. On Tuesday she received a call from the health...
  2. dwr@c

    Avalon Closed Until Atleast May 31.

    I read this on the JD Tackle website. No transit. No moorings.
  3. dwr@c

    Time To Buy A Boat ?

    If you want to buy a boat now might be a great time to buy one !
  4. dwr@c

    For Sale 3 Phenix and 1 Calstar Rods

    Calstar 700L. $ 175 PSW 809H. 225. Sold SMX 711MH. 150 PSW700H. 225 All rods are in like new condition. Very little use. Open to reasonable offers. Dave. Please text. 951-415-1127 Thank You.
  5. dwr@c

    Cory And His Wife Update

    I just heard from Cory. Sheryl is now breathing on her own. No more breathing tube. Alert and has recognition. Hopefully the worst is behind both of them. More prayers will certainly help !
  6. dwr@c

    For Sale Miscellaneous Rods Cheap

    $40 to 50 each ? Or make an offer. Good kids rods. Dave. 951-415-1127 Older Sabre Rods. Pacific Sticks. All in nice condition.
  7. dwr@c

    SOLD Penn Reels Including Four 501’s. Make Reasonable Offers

    Included. 6/0. 4/0 Broadbill special with Newell parts. 3/0. Open to offers Don’t know what they are worth. Dave. 951-415-1127.
  8. dwr@c

    SOLD Two Shimano Teramar 80m Rods

    Great Shape. $ 80 each. Dave 951-415-1127.
  9. dwr@c

    For Sale Avet. Daiwa. Shimano. Reels For Sale

    Daiwa Sealine Tournament SLT50 dual drag like new. $200 AvetHX5/2 Very good condition. Some rash. 500 yards 80 braid. $ 350 Shimano Tyrnos 10 2 speed. $ 125. Call or Text. Ron. 949-933-0444
  10. dwr@c

    Prayers For Tunaslam Cory

    Please send prayers and best wishes to Cory for his pending heart surgery. See you on the water soon !
  11. dwr@c

    Whale Entanglement

    Since the State lost the lawsuit filed by The Center For Bio Diversity the Dungeness Crab season is being forced to shut down on April 15. Don’t know if this is for the entire NorCal coast or just a section. No indication as to when of if the crab fishery will open back up. The lawsuit was over...
  12. dwr@c

    For Sale Two Teramar Rods and One Graftech Rod

    Both Teramar Rods are 80M. $ 80 each. Graftech rod is 80H which has never been used. $ 60. Dave. 951-415-1127. Text.
  13. dwr@c

    SOLD Hooks Galore !!

    J Hooks. Circle hooks. Ring hooks. All sizes. Half Price. Open to offers on all of them or part of them. Dave. 951-415-1127. Text.
  14. dwr@c

    SOLD Rockfish/Rockcod Jigs. Jax Jigs

    Most of them are 6 oz. I think the larger are 10oz. $ 1.50 each Dave. 951-415-1127. Text.
  15. dwr@c

    SOLD Tuna and Marlin Jigs

    Tuna Jigs. $ 4 each. Most are new never used The pouch contains 9 Jigs. Marlin Jigs. ? $$. Offers. Dave. 951-415-1127 Text.
  16. dwr@c

    SOLD Box Of Rapalas.

    $ 50 for all of them. Open to Offers. Text. Dave. 951-415-1127
  17. dwr@c

    SOLD Surface and Heavy Jigs

    Most of them are brand new. $ 4 each. Dave. 951-415-1127. To text.
  18. dwr@c

    SOLD Box of Lucanus Jigs

    Box of Lucanus with xtra hooks and skirts. $ 100. Dave. 951-415-1127.
  19. dwr@c

    SOLD Wonder Winder Offshore Line Spooler.

    Don’t know what’s it worth. The last one sold for $ 550. Looks like new. If interested please make offer. Dave. 951-415-1127. Text.
  20. dwr@c

    For Sale Six Baitwrap Jigs.

    New. Never used. $ 60.00. Text. 951-415-1127. Dave. 4 Heavy. Right ones are lite.
  21. dwr@c

    SOLD Tady and Salas Jigs.

    Bunch of various jigs. $ 4 each. Also have some poppers. Weights. Hooks. Too much to list. Dave. 951-415-1127. Text
  22. dwr@c

    SOLD Two Teramar Rods and Talica 8 2 speed.

    2 Teramar 80m. $ 85 each Talica 8 2 speed. With 50lb Power Pro. Pretty much like new Rods in great shape. 951-415-1127. Text #. Dave
  23. dwr@c

    SOLD Shimano Tranx 500HG. $ 435

    Reel serviced by Shimano. Not used since. Like new condition. 65 lb Izor braid underneath 40lb Izorline XXX mono. $ 435. Have Phonix Black Diamond 809 rod with reel seat available if interested. Dave. 951-415-1127. Text
  24. dwr@c

    SOLD Gold TN 20

    Has 65 lb power pro on it. Not used since service by Shimano. Great condition. $ 225. Dave 951-415-1127. Text. SOLD.
  25. dwr@c

    For Sale Old School Lowrance X16

    Have Lowrance paper graph that’s been sitting in the garage. Don’t know if it’s worth anything. X16 with 6 rolls of paper Dave. 951-415-1127
  26. dwr@c

    For Sale Transom Mount Swim Ladder

    Windline 2 step swim ladder. $50 Dave. 951-415-1127
  27. dwr@c

    For Sale Fortress fx 16 Anchor

    Never used. $ 85.00. Dave 951-415-1127
  28. dwr@c

    For Sale Bait Tank About 50gal

    About 50 gal. Includes hand well and cutting board/cover. $ 50. Dave. 951-415-1127
  29. dwr@c

    For Sale Raider Wahoo Lures

    Have 11 Raiders. Most of them new $ 75 Dave 951-415-1127
  30. dwr@c

    For Sale Shimano Gold TN 20

    Xlint Cond. Has only caught a handful of fish. Spooled with 65 lb powerpro $ 285. Dave 951-415-1127
  31. dwr@c

    For Sale Trinidad 40 N

    Brand new in box. Never used . Has clamp and paperwork. Spooled with 65lb braid. Don’t remember which brand. Asking $ 650 Dave. 951-415-1127
  32. dwr@c

    For Sale Talica 8 and 12

    Both 2 speeds. Tac 8 has 50 powerpro. Tac 12 has 80. Don’t remember what brand of braid. Tac 8 $ 400. Tac 12 $ 425. Both xlint cond. Couple scratches here and there. Dave. 951-415-1127
  33. dwr@c

    For Sale 28 Farallon Walkaround 2006

    Volvo D6 310hp diesel 675 hours. Duo prop outdrive 225 hours. Furuno electronics. 80gal bait tank. 200 fuel. Huge fish hold. Lofrans windlass. 24kt Cruise @ 2.5 mpg. Xlint Cond. Asking 98k. Dave 951-415-1127 SOLD.
  34. dwr@c


    Shogun returning on one engine ?
  35. dwr@c

    Newell and Diawa reels

    One. S229-5. Newell Reel. $. 185.00 One. SL20SH. Diawa Reel. $ 75.00 These reels are in brand new condition. Don't think they have ever been used. From estate. More rods and reels coming Dave 951-415-1127
  36. dwr@c

    Saltiga 30 for sale. $ 199

    Mechanically perfect. Has some rash. Includes 330 yards of 65lb power pro. $ 199. Call Ron at 949-933-0444 SOLD
  37. dwr@c

    Three Saltiga 30's for sale

    Two Saltiga 30 with 65lb power pro. One Saltiga 30T with 80lb power pro. Xlint mechanical. Reels have some rash. Asking $219 each. Please call Ron at 949-933-0444.
  38. dwr@c

    Calcutta 250. $100

    Calcutta 250 in like new condition. Only used a couple times. $ 100. Dave. 951-415-1127. SOLD
  39. dwr@c

    Trinidad 12 Gold

    Selling a Trinidad 12 with with brand new 65lb braid. Reel has never been used. Not a mark on it. SOLD. Dave 951-415-1127
  40. dwr@c

    Farallon 25

    1989 25' Farallon. 2006 Yanmar diesel. 1300 hours. 19knots at 3 mpg. Trolling valve. Floscan. Trim tabs with indicator. 2009 Pacific trailer with recent tires,brakes, bearings and coupler. JRC radar. Raytheon AP with wireless remote. Furuno chart plotter , sounder and gps. 2 VHF radios. Deck...
  41. dwr@c

    Newell,Shimano,Daiwa Reels

    Newell R 332-5 Sold Shimano TLD 15 star $75 Daiwa 30TH $130 This one has a small dent on top. The reels have had very little use and pretty much look like new. Dave 951-415-1127
  42. dwr@c

    Shimano Terez Rod

    7 ft. dark green 70Mh 40 to 80 lb braided line Very little use looks brand new $160 Dave 951-415-1127
  43. dwr@c

    Toriums and Terez

    Torium 20 with 65 braid. Some scratches and rash. $100 Torium 16. No line. Some scratches and rash. $75 Terez 7 ft. MH Dark Green color. Used a couple of times. $175 Reels were serviced by Shimano and have not been used since. Dave 951-415-1127 cell
  44. dwr@c

    28 Farallon 2006

    Volvo D-6 diesel. 2100 hrs,fully maintained and looks like new. Walk around pilot house. Two bunks and toilet below. All furuno electronics. 80 gal. offshore bait tank. Excellent Condition. Will email pics. $109,000. Dave 951-415-1127
  45. dwr@c

    Shimano rod and reels

    Terez dark green 70mh new condition $185.00 Torium 16 with 65lb Izor braid $100.00 Torium 20 with no line $100.00 TLD Star 15/30 with 65lb powerpro $90.00 Reels were just serviced at Shimano and all in good condition. Call Dave at 951-415-1127
  46. dwr@c

    Shimano Terez Rod

    7 ft Medium Heavy. TZC-70MH-EG 40-80 braided line. Dark Green color. Asking $210. Please call the cell phone if interested 951-415-1127 Dave. Am in Chino Hills
  47. dwr@c

    Trinidad 12

    Very little use in Xlint.Cond. $275 Dave 951-415-1127
  48. dwr@c

    Shimano Reels

    Trinidad 12 $285.00 Torium 14 $125.00 Both reels are in xlint. cond. with lite use. Dave 951-415-1127 cell
  49. dwr@c

    Calstar Rods

    Calstar GX-8 Custom Wrap. X-wrap handle. $160 Calstar 800-XL Custom Wrap. X-wrap handle. $150 Red and blue wraps. Very little use on both rods. Dave 951-415-1127 800-XL SOLD GX SOLD
  50. dwr@c

    Fishing Report Friday Aug. 14

    Fishing Offshore Friday Four of us headed offshore today from Newport in nice flat calm seas with just a very slight breeze. Stopped on a couple dry patties but finally found one and hooked a nice dorado which broke the line. A couple minutes later we hooked a nice long but skinney yellow...