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  1. cudun

    New Lo Ann 6/15/20 be prepared for a sinker bite

    I thought that one was 400+ lbs. You must have underestimated its weight bruda :-)
  2. cudun

    WTB Line Winder or Spooler

    got one. $300 I am in Garden Grove. Let me know if you are interested.
  3. cudun

    "Bubble and Feather" for Bonito

    Wood dowel is the way to go. The plastic bubble just doesn't last.
  4. cudun

    why do people put 150# braid on a cow reel if #30 drag is all a person able to handle

    The best answer!!!! You must be an engineer!
  5. cudun

    8/21 bluefin grounds

  6. cudun

    For Sale Tranx 500HG-$430.00 ***SOLD***

    With Maxcuatro spectra and reel clamp !!! That IS a great deal!!!
  7. cudun

    New 2018 Shimano Reels

    Are they available now? I'd love to put those T bar from the Torium on my Trinidad reels.
  8. cudun

    For Sale Brand new Phenix HAX 907 ML, 12-30 lb

    Won this from a raffle, and I don't need another rod of this range. Retail for $269 yours for $190 picked up only in Garden Grove. Will trade for Lexa 400HD (plus cash on my end). Thanks.
  9. cudun

    Big ass flat falls from Fred Hall

    Thanks Mike. I'll check with their HB store to find out. Actually, I want the 375g and 475g as Mike showed in his post. Caivo website does not show any flat fall though.
  10. cudun

    Big ass flat falls from Fred Hall

    I really want some of those. Missed the Fred Hall show this year due to our PV trip. Anyone knows where I can get them online? Did a Google search for "heavy flat fall jigs" and nothing but Shimano flat fall jigs came up. Thanks gents.
  11. cudun

    Tn 40N brand new

    Would have jumped on it if I didn't have five of them between the Ocea Jigger 4000/5000 and TN40N. Great price for hard to find BNIB one.
  12. cudun

    Storing fish in PV after the trip

    Thank you all for the info. I'll try to talk to the guys working at Paradise Village where we stay. Hope it'll work out.
  13. cudun

    Storing fish in PV after the trip

    Our group is going to fish on the Success in Mar. Since some of the guys are from oversea, we are planning to hang around PV for a couple more days after fishing to entertain them. The issue is we don't know where we can keep the fish after getting off the boat. The boat can't keep them and...
  14. cudun

    Guadalupe report- Shogun Nov 4-10

    Congrats on the jackpot Mike. It's long overdue!
  15. cudun

    Shimano trinidad dc handle

    I'll take it if you also let go the rest of the reel :)
  16. cudun

    What Rods to pair the shimano stella 10k and 6k

    If price is not an issue, I know exactly where to shop:
  17. cudun

    My Parker 2320 build - Bangarang

    Can you show us where you keep the generator Billy? Thanks
  18. cudun

    7/5 182 to 226 area

    Thanks for the report! At least you did catch a beautiful sunset!
  19. cudun

    14 mile bank 6/17 one big SOB

    It was swimming to the boar as you were getting out of the water? Good thing is it wouldn't be noticeable If you peed your shorts !
  20. cudun

    178/182/NW of N 9 - 6/16/17

    Thank you for the great, detailed report. You didn't get them but I would say we all benefit more from your report. You'll get them next time (or eventually lol), and I hope I'll next week too.
  21. cudun

    Can't win them all but did see a surprise .... (video included)

    That's what I always try to tell myself when I get skunked. Only that I found myself saying it quite a few too many times last year. You are the man Billy!
  22. cudun

    Foamers Everywhere - Triple Digit Fish

    You are funny! If locations are irrelevant or of no value on the days following the reported catch then Fishdope shouldn't exist! Fish moves, yes! but they should be in the same general areas and locations would help fellow anglers burn less fuel. Did you miss the part in the OP's report that...
  23. cudun

    Rod choice for big poppers

    Try Phenix 909XHJ. You may like it. That's what I've settled on for my heavier poppers after trying quite a few different rods.
  24. cudun

    June 2 @43 report

    On the bright side, the BFT didn't charge you for the line removal. LOL
  25. cudun

    big bluefin

    I am afraid you may have to take a number and get in line for that! LOL
  26. cudun

    Offshore 5-25-17

    I was thinking of the same question. LOL
  27. cudun

    Shimano Torsa

    $590 ? Was it brand new?
  28. cudun

    Jig bags

    Somebody scored! Even $20 each Open Water Jig bag is a great deal.
  29. cudun

    Any upgrades for Trinidad 16 or 20DC?

    Man! I am jealous! That TN 20DC is killer reel for surface iron. Where can I find one?
  30. cudun

    Poll: What new product would you most want to see from Shimano?

    Bring the slow pitch rods currently available in Japan over. How hard is it? TN40NA. No R&D BS. The old TN40N works beautifully. Keep the internal. Up grade the drag. Make the frame a bigger version of TN16NA and we are in business.
  31. cudun

    Which rod for your Tranx 400HG ?

    This is exactly how I fish my Lexa 400HS-P. I have the Tranx 400 HG on a Phenix Diamond Hybrid 869XH but always reach for the Lexa first.
  32. cudun

    King of The Crawl - King Pacific Corp. location ?

    Thanks! the info certainly helps me narrow down the search.
  33. cudun

    King of The Crawl - King Pacific Corp. location ?

    I know I was stupid not to get their business card. But look at our avatars, my fish is bigger than yours. Isn't that what counts? JK bro! I was just too excited at the show and got carried away a bit.
  34. cudun

    King of The Crawl - King Pacific Corp. location ?

    I bought a few hoop nets from King of The Crawl at Fred Hall show but did not pick them up since they're quite heavy. Toll the guys there that I would pick them up at their store. They said their store/warehouse was in Huntington Beach. I thought it should be easy to look them up but then...
  35. cudun

    Sailfish 266 rebuild

    Thank you for the info Dan.
  36. cudun

    For Sale FS Kman Special Leadheads and Swimbaits!

    Do you sell plastic swim bait also? if you do please send me the price on different sizes. Thanks.
  37. cudun

    Sailfish 266 rebuild

    The hard top looks exceptionally beautiful! My I ask where you got the hard top from and also the place where you have the T top frame powder coated? Thanks
  38. cudun

    Okuma Makaira for popping?

    Jamie, Please share your experience/review with me via PM too if you don't want to post it on this forum for some reason. Thanks,
  39. cudun


    "The End" ??? Said what? From the introduction I thought there was going to be Chapter seven "Operation Comparison: Constitution v.s. Apollo". Come on! At least give me a ... top shot cost comparison then! Thank you for the beautiful read! Congrats on the cow!
  40. cudun

    Question for Bantam1

    I am no Bantam, and I am no Fishingguy either. But I bet what Fishingguy did was he simply removed the handle from his Tal 25II and installed the Tal 50II handle using the existing screws and button shield from his Tal 25II. Now look at the pictures below (the arm is from Tal 50II, the plastic...
  41. cudun

    Constitution Sportfishing Need advice

    I did the math Robert! And the result was I switched to the Apollo the last two seasons. Like Wahoodad said, same price but everything else on the Apollo is included: jigs, leader, topshot, sinker, rods and reels, and filet. No brainer! And saying Keith is the best down there is B.S. It may...
  42. cudun

    Constitution Sportfishing Need advice

    Come David! you are known to speak your mind! $25 a balloon topshot is just "Hmmmm...interesting"?, not a rip off?
  43. cudun

    Talica 12ii for YOYO?

    Interesting opinion! Most of the guys own a TN40N simply for that purpose: Yoyo iron. If you like the Tal 12II better, maybe you don't have a use for that TN40N anymore. What about having another Tal 12II setup since you like it so much? If your TN40N is in great condition, I am willing to...
  44. cudun

    Talica 25

    You are right! the handle will bolt right on, but not the push button shield. Why I needed to change the push button shield? Because the hole pattern/spacing for the two screws (part #767 )which secure the push button shield to the arm is different between the Tal 50II and the Tal 25II.
  45. cudun

    Talica 25

    Question 1: You need part #1933 in addition to the arm and handle assembly (#1935). Trust the guy who has done it himself. Question 2: You cannot just replace the knob from the Tal 25II with the power handle from the Tal 50II. It won't fit. Not to mention the longer arm from the Tal 50II is...
  46. cudun

    Talica 25

    My Talica 25II currently has the Tal 50II arm and handle on it. It takes two minutes to swap out but you need more than just the arm the handle. You will to order that little thingy in which the gear switch button sits because the one from the Tal 25II has different screw hole pattern. With...
  47. cudun

    Ending the season with a bang.

    Left on Fri at 11PM from Huntington harbor and headed to Tanner bank after a quick stop at Cat Island and loaded the bait tanks with squids from the Ultra (Note to self: Any attempt to wake Nachos up to get bait after 10PM is futile). The ride on the 35 Cabo was quite pleasant. Got there around...
  48. cudun

    Royal Star 12-26/16 14 day changed to 7 day Guadalupe trip

    Yeah! It's really getting old to keep blaming everything on Obama for the last eight years. I got diarrhea late last night. Must be Trumps acceptance speech! Going after the big BFT at the Tanner bank this weekend. I hope I don't have to blame him when I get back.
  49. cudun

    Which reel for surface jigs

    You will regret later my man. The TN40N is the best wahoo and yoyo reel.
  50. cudun

    Daiwa Saltiga 15H or Shimano Ocea Jigger 2001PG?

    X2 I am the Shimano guy also, but I really like the Saltiga 15H. I have both and spec on both are almost identical. If I have to pick only one between the Saltiga 15 and the Ocea Jigger 1500, I'll go with the Saltiga 15. See the spec discussion here...
  51. cudun

    Boat Canopy maker Wanted

    Please post his info. I need the enclosure for my T-top.
  52. cudun

    Guadalupe Early November or Late December?

    "Tuna are migratory" . That's what I was taught also but can you explain why the tuna fishery only recovers after several years of closure of the island? Remember the days when you had to fish 40-50 lb test to get bit and if you're lucky you'd get a 80 lb YFT? Regarding the cooler water this...
  53. cudun

    Guadalupe Early November or Late December?

    "GONE" as in being wiped out by the SD fleet? LOL. At this rate, I wonder how soon the Lupe will be back to what it had been before it was closed to SD sport boats. You're so right Mike. I am trying to squeeze in a second Lupe trip this year as I honestly don't know the fish are still there...
  54. cudun

    What do you think about Fishdope? is it worth it?

    Twice a week and FD put you on fish every time!!! You must have gotten a few dozen BFT this season ??
  55. cudun

    Flat Fall jigs

    I can't find the swivel with solid ring. Can you tell us where to get those? Thanks
  56. cudun

    Center console enclosure, where to get it made?

    I am in search of a local guy who can make the enclosure (front, side curtain, wings) from Sunbrella & Strataglass for my center console boat. Anyone knows of a reputable guy please send me the information. I am in OC but willing to take the boat anywhere between LA and SD if the quality and...
  57. cudun

    Cover the hole from an external GPS

    Not sure how big the hole is, but this site should give you all the info you need. You can use Marinetex, available from West Marine for smaller holes.
  58. cudun

    ultimate 30 pound outfit for 1 - 3 day trips

    This is exactly how I have mine set up, except all my rods are Phenix and a second 20lb setup with a Daiwa Saltiga 15.
  59. cudun

    In need Boat Detailing service In OC

    I am really in need of a a good boat detailing service for my boat. Not too concern about cost but I am particularly picky about quality of the job done. Any info on a great service that you have had experience with will be greatly appreciated. Boat is a 27' Grady White center console Twin...
  60. cudun

    How big is this turd????

    A man's fist won't fit in the mouth of this one, but he can try to fit something else other than the fist!!
  61. cudun

    Rpt.-Wed.-06-22-16 312,209,181,182 and the corner!

    Ouch! 0-4 on the tuna!! but that seems the common theme for us except for Billy (Fishingguy). I haven't seen a skunk report from him at all. Thank you for your informative report Cory!
  62. cudun

    Handle upgrades for Talica 16 and 10.

    Do you need to drill out the original shaft from the arm or you simply replace the knob with the new T-bar. I used the Ultimate Jigging handle. While it fits on the original shaft, it is a lot more expensive at $80 a pop.
  63. cudun

    Garmin 74DV - 549.99 Sale

    I have the 74DV on one boat and the Simrad Go 7 on the other boat. While the 74DV is a decent unit for the money, the Go7 is much better IMHO. Easier to operate, better GPS speed (10Hz vs. 5 Hz for the Garmin 74DV), better chart. Note that this is just my preference without going into the...
  64. cudun

    WTS Trinidad 40N need gone ASAP! Price drop

    Man! you are in a tough spot as neither the TN40N nor your beloved dog is replaceable!! Good luck!
  65. cudun

    WTB Big Ass Bait Tank

    90 gal tank? With the new bait price this year at 55 bucks a scoop I guess your bait will cost as much as your gas !!!
  66. cudun

    PowerPro MaxCuattro-Results? Opinions?

    I am planning to use the 80 lbs test on my bx2 600 for additional line capacity for the Lupe fish as I was almost spooled last year. If you don't feel like voicing your opinion publicly, I'd like a copy of your PM also David. Thanks.
  67. cudun


    That Calcutta 700 te alone is worth $250. But your generous donation of the rest of the reels will certainly be appreciated buy the guy that scores.
  68. cudun


    And it's his first post!!! How come nobody is complaining? Perhaps people are busy fighting for his great deal! LOL
  69. cudun

    wtb trinidad 40N or 16NA

    There is one in great condition on this board offered at $500 a few days ago. I don't think it's sold yet. If it is still not good enough for you, make me an irresistible offer on my BNIB one. Good luck.
  70. cudun

    United Composites CX 70 Gladiator

    Thank you Jim
  71. cudun

    United Composites CX 70 Gladiator

    What about the main dark blue color Jim? Thanks
  72. cudun


    Unless you are selling your TN40N, I am not convinced LOL.
  73. cudun

    Shimano Trinidad 40N

    Hhmm! This makes me wonder how much I should sell my brand new ones for?
  74. cudun


    The Ocea Jigger 4000 is the same as the TN40n but has a longer (better IMO) handle. The 4000P has lower gear ratio (4.1:1 vs 4.9:1). West coast guys prefer the higher gear. Per spec the difference in line retrieved per crank is about 8 inches(92 cm vs 112 cm). Will that 8 inches make any...
  75. cudun

    fs Phenix hybrid phd 809xh

    The reel seat on the factory PHD 809xh is not ALPS Triangle. I believe it is CAH model. Can't believe the rod has not sold at that price. Like mine so much I wrapped 2 of them.
  76. cudun

    Penn Fathom 40NLDHS 60" per/crank.

    Couldn't be more truthful from a tackle rep.
  77. cudun

    WTB - Lexa 400H - Also looking for power handle

    Here it is Lexa 400 HS-P (power handle as shown), fished one season. $150 Picked up in Garden Grove if it is what you are looking for. I am upgrading to the HD model.
  78. cudun

    Smaller Tranx???

    I'd also love to have a smaller Tranx, but for now I am happy with the Lexa 400 HD. In fact, the Tranx mostly sits in the rack on my trips as I always tend to reach for the Lexa.
  79. cudun

    Trinidad 30A and Phenix Abyss PSX-1009 (25-60lbs)

    Up for sale: Trinidad 30A hardly used. There are a few scratches here and there but over all in great condition. No spectra. Brand new clamp included. $340 Phenix Abyss PSX-1009 like new. $140 This is my back up surface iron set up, but I found out the rod is a bit long for me, or I should...
  80. cudun

    Trinidad A vs. New Saltigas?

    The new Saltiga 15H is exactly the same size as the Trinidad 12A. Same line capacity, almost the same gear ratio 6.4 & 6.3 for the Saltiga and the Trinidad,respectively, same line retrieved per crank, same number of bearings, almost the same weight 390g for the Trinidad v.s. 405g for Saltiga...
  81. cudun

    under arm fishing

    X2 To eliminate the confusion of left or right,I'd put the rod between my legs, or between the two cheeks to be precise!
  82. cudun

    Shogun 12-26

    Damn! So it is going to be your third trip to the Lupe since Nov? You are living my dream sir!!! Hope you get some monster YT this time.
  83. cudun

    Gonzaga Bay was fun!

    Thank you for posting! I love the place!
  84. cudun

    Talica 20ii or Makaira 20ii which casts a sardine best?

    I really like the set up. I caught my share of YFT on a variety of setups: the Tal16II on Phenix Hybrid HPD809XH, the BX2 600 on the Graphite USA Predator, Tal 20II on the Phenix Axix HAX 782H, and ATD12 on Phenix 700X3H. Most of my fish were caught on the lighter setups. The ATD12 almost...
  85. cudun

    Talica 20ii or Makaira 20ii which casts a sardine best?

    The Makaira 20 is in a completely different league. It is almost 14 oz heavier (45.8 oz v.s. 32.2 oz) compared to the Tal 20II. You will not be able to cast your bait as far using the MK20 as compared to the Tal 20II. The MK20 is more of a cow reel. Even the MK16 is bigger than the Tal20II...
  86. cudun

    All American pressure canning set up.

    Great price!
  87. cudun


    Can you post some pics of the soles? I loved mine as they were much more comfortable compared to the Xtuff but had to throw them away once the tread on the soles worn out because they became dangerously slippery.
  88. cudun

    TN 40 narrows (3)

    I've been keeping an eye on those also. I don't think they pop up regularly like you said. And when they do, people want pretty penny for them too. Please let me know when you find the sources. Thanks.
  89. cudun

    reel display case?

    IKEA! Look no further. Bought mine decade ago but the one I saw there recently looked even better. It'scrounge $150 if my memory serves me right. The glass case is in my bedroom. My reels are within reach so I can caress and cuddle them on those cold nights
  90. cudun

    WTB Saltiga 15 old model

    If you want the new model, Charkbait has them. Good luck finding the older Saltiga 15 though. Or you can buy the domestic version Z20 which I happen to have one NIB if you want.
  91. cudun

    Lupe even better

    You'll get more bites on 60 but you'll also loose more. The longer you are on your fish, the greater the chances you'll loose it to shark, tangles, pull hook, break off, etc. I brought 11 setups ranging from 40 lb to 100 lb on my 11/14 trip but never touched anything less than 60 lb. The next...
  92. cudun

    FS: Shimano Ocea Jigger 5000 aka Trinidad TN40

    Are these the picture of the very reel you are selling? It's weird because I just bought one on EBay from Malaysia (expect to receive this week) and the pictures are the same. I am sure they are not from Shimano website. You got me worried now lol!
  93. cudun

    Trinidad Gold, comparable Ocea Jigger model?

    I opened up the TN40N and the OC jigger 4000P to see if the spools are interchangeable. The shafts are different lengths although the spool widths and diameters are the same. So you cannot replace one spool with the other. However, I am planning to replace the lower gear in the OC jigger...
  94. cudun

    Trinidad Gold, comparable Ocea Jigger model?

    I have the OC jigger 4000p and the 5000. The 4000 is the same gear ratio as the TN40n, and all dimensions are the same. The side plate is different and has only 4 screws v.s 5 on the TN40n.The 4000p/5000 are lower gear. The 5000/5000p are about 1/4" wider than the 4000/4000P. If you are...
  95. cudun

    Looking for TN40N spool

    Steve, Didn't you just have one TN 40 converted to TN 40N not too long ago? Is that the one got corrosion on the spool?
  96. cudun

    Talica 8 vs Talica 10 vs Andros 5IIa for 35Ib.

    Very nice fish! You've earned your bragging right. Should have it on your avatar instead of those two dinky ones.
  97. cudun

    ATD12T Super for sale

    what do you replace it with, if I may ask? Thanks Steve
  98. cudun

    Tranx Handle

    The search function is your friend:
  99. cudun

    WANTED Trinidad 40 special narrow

    15 minutes and counting......
  100. cudun

    Stella knob for Shimano Tranx?

    This is what you want. The Yumeya T-power handle. It's the best, period. Hard to find though. Second choice would be the handles from Jiggingworld:
  101. cudun

    F/S Shimano Trinidad 40n

    Very reasonable considering the Alan Tania upgrade. You'll regret selling it.
  102. cudun

    Dedicated Wahoo Reel

    Would you please share your Wahoo technique Tim, if you are reading this? :D
  103. cudun

    WTB Saltiga 30T

    If you are willing to drop $450 for a BNIB, I can show you where you may be able to get one.
  104. cudun

    Tuesday Morning Wahoo

    Fantastic! looks like your next writing assignment will be on corrosion issue with Penn reels.
  105. cudun

    Updates to Talica and Trinidad line?

    You cannot just replace the handle/knob. Buy the entire handle&arm assembly for around $80. Here you go
  106. cudun

    Updates to Talica and Trinidad line?

    I put the Tal 50 handle on my Tal 25 and it fits just fine. Can't figure out why Shimano rep said it would not fit.
  107. cudun

    DP Wahoo

    As amazing as buying a lottery ticket and actually won! Congrats bro! I'll turn off my fish finder the next time to see if it'll change my luck too!
  108. cudun

    Torsa 16 and 30 questions

    I have the Torsa 30 and 20. They are ones of the most if not the most powerful single speed reels,period. They have tremendous torque even compared to other two speed reels. Of course this is just my opinion but based on my observation after using most of the reels out there except for few...
  109. cudun

    Line winder forsale super cheap!

    Can't believe no one has jumped on this. This is a steal for such a great linewinder compared to the $370 Sato line winder (without a drill). GLWS
  110. cudun

    8-29 Oceanside Report

    Have you experienced days that you saw lots of fish, metered lots of fish, but could not get them to bite despite trying everything in and out of the book? I am sure you have. If not, then it is apparent that you have not being fishing long enough because days like those are bound to happen to...
  111. cudun

    Yesterday Oside 8-23

    You got me there for a second with the word "loaded" in tittle of your post LOL. Slow day for us too. Only 3 (20-30lbs) YFT and one dorado for our effort. Basically the same route but avoided all the parking lots hoping we'd find our own fish. Found many paddies with no fish. Thank you for...
  112. cudun

    8/18 we tried

    Thank you for the report. Some days you score, some days you don't. It's part of the game. I despise boastful posts from dudes that scored. As good as captains from sport boats, they still have on and off days.
  113. cudun

    Shogun 3 Day 08/13-08/16

    Thank you for the report! Apparently the nervous captain did better than most other boats, especially on Fri 8/14. FYI, the Royal Star and the Royal Polaris each got 6-8 fish for the whole day.
  114. cudun

    2007 Parker 1801 $25000

    Very nice, well taken care of boat. Should sell in no time. I really like the clamp on rod rack. Would appreciate it if you can tell me where you got the rack from.
  115. cudun

    black diamond reel seat issues? anyone experience?

    Alps aluminum reel seats will come loose. Never have that issue with Pac Bay reel seats. Get one of these strap wrenches and problem solved. I don't use clamps on less than 100 lb class reels and of course on deckhand style rods. Reel clamps are just for redundancy on small reels as the load...
  116. cudun

    Navionics cf643p platinum

    I'll take it if it works on my Raymarine A65 classic. Thanks
  117. cudun

    WTS (NEW) TRINIDAD 40 N Narrow Special

    i $650???please contact me for PayPal info. At that price I have a few to sell. LOL
  118. cudun

    No Fish Report - Sunday

    Seems being skunked is the common theme for most of us over the weekend Perhaps it had something to do with the earthquake on Fri in Montana? Learning from experience which was also confirmed by some captains that at least rockfish don't bite after an earthquake. Maybe the same thing for tuna.
  119. cudun

    WTS (NEW) TRINIDAD 40 N Narrow Special

    Are you also selling the flat fall jigs? and how much are you asking by the way?
  120. cudun

    Trinidad clamp

    The gold clamp does not fit on TN40N. You'd have to go with Tiburon clamp.
  121. cudun

    130 Pound Blue Fin 9-mile Bank New Lo-Ann

    Unlikely that they had enough time for a full kite rotation to make the kite fish eligible for jackpot.
  122. cudun

    Name the Tuna

    It depends on where it was caught. If south of the border then I would say it's definitely a yellowfin. Otherwise I'd say you got some great bluefin sashimi there!
  123. cudun

    Shimano Flat Fall Jig

    Yeah! Totally agree! It's a must have in YOUR tackle box when I am on the same trip with you LOL.
  124. cudun

    WTT BNIB 08' Stella 18K

    Interesting! I did the opposite after consulting with John Tuttle on this board. If you want just one reel for both jigging and popping, the Stella18k is supposedly a better reel thanks to its higher speed. That's what I was told.
  125. cudun

    Filet Knive - Sale Alert

    Gone! I missed the deal!
  126. cudun

    Where to put the boat?

    You'll figure it out that the best place to put the boat is in.... "Classified" section.:D Just messing with ya !
  127. cudun

    June 10, 2015 YFT again.

    I just went back and read Ali's post titled "Don't be a dick". My thought was confirmed: this report definitely fits in "dick" category. Nice picture (of the fish) though. Got to give you credit for that.
  128. cudun

    Calstars, Shimano Talica 16II, Trinidad 40N, Torsa 30, Daiwa Saltiga 20Z, 30Z,30T,

    Calstar rods, Talica 16ii, and Trinidad 40N sold. Thank you Frank and Nathan. My pleasure to meet you guys.
  129. cudun

    Calstars, Shimano Talica 16II, Trinidad 40N, Torsa 30, Daiwa Saltiga 20Z, 30Z,30T,

    TN40n and Talica 16ii pending to Frank (lizard fish slayer). Calstar rods spoken for also. Thanks gent.
  130. cudun

    Calstars, Shimano Talica 16II, Trinidad 40N, Torsa 30, Daiwa Saltiga 20Z, 30Z,30T,

    By the way, I am in Garden Grove (off 22FW and Magnolia). Priority will go to the angler who responds first with full price offer. Pick up on Fri or Sat and Sun if I am not fishing.
  131. cudun

    Calstars, Shimano Talica 16II, Trinidad 40N, Torsa 30, Daiwa Saltiga 20Z, 30Z,30T,

    Below are some of the rods that I don't fish anymore as I converted to Phenix rods. Would be a perfect set for up to 5-6 day trip. Factory Calstar 800XL good condition, 765XL like new, 700H newly refinished with a coat of epoxy, custom Calstar 765L excellent condition. Sell as a lot: $500...
  132. cudun

    WTS: Phenix Abyss PSX-909 Jig Stick - $180 [SOLD]

    Is "$150.00 cash!!!" equal "$180 FIRM." ????
  133. cudun

    Islander or Legend 2 Day trip cant decide

    Being compared to the Leg-end is an insult to the Islander. JMO.
  134. cudun

    Taking Bluefin To Mexico in RSW

    Interesting! If the Mex authority boards the boat and sees Bluefin, how do they tell if those are American BFN, not Mex BFN? By checking their passports? Or, in this case, death Certificates? Got to think hard about the Penn sponsored 8 day trip on the Shogun now.
  135. cudun

    First report....trip of my life

    Congrats! The flat fall jigs will soon be $35 a pop again! :D
  136. cudun

    Tady 15's

    I'll take it Jeff.
  137. cudun

    tackle box for surface iron and more .. suggestions

    This is a winner. The lid prevents the jigs from getting soaked when they hose the deck.. We can drill some holes on the bottom to drain the water out when washing the jigs at the end of the trip with fresh water. Can you please tell which brand & model of the ammo box that you use. Also...
  138. cudun

    Shimano Tn o40n

    Don't you worry brothers! Wanting it doesn't make you a tackle ho. Still contemplate buying it although you already have a few of those under your bed is something you should worry about.
  139. cudun

    2 speed or single speed

    Let me try to read your mind Jeff: TN40N ? Please tell me I am wrong!
  140. cudun

    Shimano Tn o40n

    A upgraded brand new TN40N for $500 is very reasonable to people who love this trie and true best yo yo reel. Does not have the 7.2:1gear ratio hype but a perfect balance of power and speed for the intended purpose. I've seen people (myself included) pay more for a new un-upgraded one. GLWS
  141. cudun

    For Sale BNIB Diawa Lexa 400HS-P

    I could understand your point and totally agree with you but that should be applicable to used equipment only. What you have for sale this time is a brand new reel. Everyone know what it looks like, and if he is willing to pay for shipping, I don't see why it can't be done. JMHO.
  142. cudun

    How to keep reel from slipping on deckhand rod?

    I know you're done growing but what about when you shrink with age? The rear grip may be too long then? Lol
  143. cudun

    Shimano ocea series

    The 4000/4000p and 5000/5000p Ocea Jigger DO NOT have the auto engage feature like the smaller size Ocea Jigger. The 4000 is just like the TN40n (4.9:1 gear) but has spool lock. The "P" (power) version is 4.1:1 gear. The 5000 thousand series are just a little bit wider than the 4000. I can't...
  144. cudun

    Shimano Talica 8 II Speed

    You really stay on top of those low ballers, don't you. LOL
  145. cudun

    Tiagra 30 and Tiagra 30W LRS

    I have a like new TI30A, one LR boat ride, no fish. Free spool &drag kit by Cofe. Also have another TI30LRS not A model but handle has been upgraded to A model in great condition but side plate has some boat rash. If you are picky, buy the new side plate for $35 or so if I remember correctly...
  146. cudun

    New Shimano TN16A vs used gold Shimano TN16

    You said it better than the Shimano rep Jonathan!
  147. cudun

    Phenix Rod

    Very sound advice sir!
  148. cudun

    Talica 12 Excellent Condition

    I'll hug any first-post BDer that sells his stuffs to BD fellows at such good prices. Forgive him brotha!
  149. cudun

    Trinidad 14A - Brand New In Box

    X2. Did you read my mind?
  150. cudun

    shimano torsa 20 n 30

    Having both of these myself, I can tell you that Torsa is most powerful single speed reel out there I've ever used. However, the spool on the Torsa is heavier than that of the Talica so using it for live bait is not the best way to optimize the reel. I use mine for jigging, and ...rock cod...
  151. cudun

    New Torium handle swap

    Try contacting people at to see if they have one that fits. I saw a great number of different custom handles on their website.
  152. cudun

    BNIB Shimano Trinidad 40N and Ocea Jigger 4000P

    I do offer buy back program. (your cost less administrative fee LOL)
  153. cudun

    PRICE DROP Shimano Tiagra 12II Topless, Baker Frame.

    I agree. Just the mod alone costs more than $250. The Tiagra 12 is built like a tank for its size. Too bad since the Talicas were introduced, the Tiagras' fates were sealed at least to the the West coast guys IMO. You may want to try east coast boards. GLWS.
  154. cudun

    Blown anti reverse in a new Boss 600 DPX2 Dawg!!!

    So it is ok to praise a product and "air your satisfaction" but not the contrary? I thought it works both ways. I love the performance of my BX2s but they're now sitting in my glass case as art works as I prefer the ease of maintenance of the Talicas.
  155. cudun

    Shimano Trinidad 16, 20, 16na (silver) WANTED

    I am in line right after Greg for a couple of TN16N and 16a at that price lol
  156. cudun

    new mak 30 and 20

    When was your trip Ken? I'd like to know so I can time my trips better. So far it seems later is better than earlier but I am not sure.
  157. cudun

    Why not make a Trinidad 40NA

    Dan, now the system is back on track, can you tell me if I can order two spools for my TN40Ns? Thanks
  158. cudun

    Fuji MNSG Limit

    There is a huge difference between the conventional and spinning rods in the way how the guides are loaded. In the conventional rod, the guides are under compression load and the buckling is the failure mechanism (if loaded to the limit). On the other hand, the guides in the spinning rod are...
  159. cudun

    WTB Shimano Trinidad Gold Reel Clamps for Size 16,20 Reels

    Here is one for you. Spanking new. It's yours if you are willing to pay what I paid for it $50
  160. cudun

    Fred Hall and Fishing Insights from a Seller and Consumer's point of view

    From the point where Jamie said "IN SHORT:" to where he ended, it was 1245 words !!!:) Always love to read your write ups.
  161. cudun

    Saltiga - Pro Gear - Newell - Calstar

    Please pardon my dumbness. I still don't know if the pic of the rest of Saltigas are posted because they are for sale or the OP just wants to ... show off ? If they are for sale also then how come I did not see them listed with price?
  162. cudun

    graphite vs aluminum body

    What are you talking about? I am willing to sell my reels if need to so I can go to In-n-Out!!
  163. cudun

    Saltiga - Pro Gear - Newell - Calstar

    What Saltiga 20 are you talking about? I don't see any in the post?
  164. cudun

    Need help with disaster! Epoxy won't dry!

    I can't thank you enough Bill! The tip is really music to my ear! Are you going to be at the FH show? May I buy you lunch and a beer ? I'll post a pic of the rod when done to make you proud. Thanks again!
  165. cudun

    Need help with disaster! Epoxy won't dry!

    I must have either messed up on my measurements of the epoxy or not cleaned the syringes thoroughly and thus caused some contamination, but anyhow after 24 hrs the finish is still sticky to the touch. Please, very please tell me if there is a remedy for it as I don't want see my several hours...
  166. cudun

    Need help with disaster! Epoxy won't dry!

    I must have either messed up on my measurements of the epoxy or not cleaned the syringes thoroughly and thus caused some contamination, but anyhow after 24 hrs the finish is still sticky to the touch. Please, very please tell me if there is a remedy for it as I don't want see my several hours...
  167. cudun

    SALTIGA 30T perfectly NEW condition ... LOWER PRICE

    Great price on a great reel! I paid a lot more for mine. Should go quick
  168. cudun

    Used but new Shimano Trinidad 16A

    It means no longer a virgin but looks and feels perfect. Hope your curious mind is satisfied.:D Seriously, consider that spectra costs at least $50, a virtually new 16A for $370 is hard to beat IMO. If I was in the market for one, this is a no brainer. GLWS.
  169. cudun

    Long Beach 150 and Izors Reef

    Thank you for the report. Spending time fishing with your pop while he is able to do so is priceless.
  170. cudun

    3 day mid March.

    If it has to have something with 'gun, how about the Shogun 2.5 days leaving Fri 3/20? It's personal preference but if you haven't done any long range, try the Shogun and get a teaser!
  171. cudun

    Torso 20 for sale

  172. cudun

    Torso 20 for sale

    Great deal! should go within minutes if posted on 360tuna
  173. cudun

    Talica ?

    I don't see why the year manufactured matters. Reels are not like cars or...girls. The Talica/Trinidad A manufacture this year is exactly the same as the one made last year or the year before. The only exception is the Talica 25II, the newer one has beefier frame in the reel foot area as the...
  174. cudun

    calcutta 700te with trinidad 16 gold handle

    It does fit. I did that on my Calcutta 700 years ago when the Trinidad first came out.
  175. cudun

    Best Wahoo reel to buy

    I guess he meant $1000 for the pair. If it's $1000 each I am ready to unload my two NIB Trinidad 40N
  176. cudun

    Best Wahoo reel to buy

    I guess he meant $1000 for the pair. If it's $1000 each I am ready to unload my two NIB Trinidad 40N
  177. cudun

    Talica ?

    The one shown is Tal 50II. The handle will not fit on Tal 25II or 20II
  178. cudun

    Talica ?

    The one shown is Tal 50II. The handle will not fit on Tal 25II or 20II
  179. cudun

    What gloves do you use to pull traps

    The best ones are the ones on your buddies' hands (from my years of experience LOL).
  180. cudun

    Which Poppers for large Tuna?

    As much as I respect your knowledge and experience, I wish I could find the "dislike" button for your comment this time.
  181. cudun

    Tranx Handle fit same as Trini A Handle???

    You are right. I wasn't looking for for ways to increase the drag capacity but rather to improve ergonomics. The custom handle is much more comfortable to crank. It's the best handle Shimano ever made IMHO.
  182. cudun

    Tranx Handle fit same as Trini A Handle???

    The best handle is the Shimano power handle by Yumeya which is not available in the US. The arm is longer and the handle is the same size as the one from Ocea Jigger 4000/5000. I put it on my Tranx and could not be happier. Talking about serious power!!!
  183. cudun

    What rod do u pop with? (conventional)

    Jamie, What series of Phenix were you referring to? I could not find models 80HJ or 80XHJ. Perhaps you meant 809? Thanks.
  184. cudun

    Don't be stupid

    The scientific explanation is when he was with two girls, the blood flow was running downward to the you-know-what. The lack of blood supply to his brain resulted in its malfunction. That's what my doctor said.
  185. cudun

    WTB Saltiga 30T

    I have a NIB 30T sitting under the bed. Make me an irresistible offer and the reel is yours.
  186. cudun

    Apollo in PV

    Breathe easy! I'll give you a first hand report upon my trip on 1/29 on the Apollo.
  187. cudun

    Tranx Handle fit same as Trini A Handle???

    This is what you may want to have on your Tranx
  188. cudun

    Phenix BD hybrid question

    This is one of my favorite blank. I like it so much that I wrapped 2 rods using this blank. I have used it for wahoo, yoyo for yellow tail, and live bait for several bigger Yft up to 110 lbs. You will like it. I can't say about the Avet as I have none. I use Trinidad 40N one one rod and...
  189. cudun

    Opening in the apollo

    Wish I was on this trip! Oh wait! I AM on this trip! I am so pumped seeing the reports Lupe
  190. cudun

    How is the bite in PV?

    The Apollo did well on its recent trip a few days ago.
  191. cudun

    YOYO tackle recommendations

    IMHO, they don't have to match/be identical to the Shimano flat fall, they just need to work! BTW, there are tons of similar slow pitch jigs in Japan other than the flat fall.
  192. cudun

    Flat Fall Reel?

    Should there be a desire to learn about slow pitch jigging (with Shimano flat fall and the likes), go to: I am going to get some of the real slow pitch jigging rods soon.
  193. cudun

    Leather double plier sheath

    I love #69 to death too! Even when it has nothing to do with pliers sheath:D. Wish you had the right pic of #69 though!
  194. cudun

    WTB Shimano Torsa 16N or 16

    What about a Torsa 20? It's not much wider than the 16 while giving you more line capacity. All three have the same gear box & drag but the IMHO the gear on the 16N is overkill for such limited line capacity. I'd say a Trinidad 16A will be able to do what you want to do with the Torsa 16N at...
  195. cudun

    Looking for Rod Recomendation want a Bait and Popper rod for 30-50lb test

    You will get better answers posting your question in the jigging and popping section. I am sure people with authority in fishing spinning reel like Doc John Tuttle or Fishordie will give you proper advice. The thing is real popping rods have stiff tip while live bait rods need softer tip. If...
  196. cudun

    Bnib saltiga z20

    A little bit too late ! He is now on the "Ignore" list of quite a few sellers. BTW, BD needs to provide a more appropriate "Disgusted" button beside "Ignored"
  197. cudun

    "Raider" Wahoo Jigs

    Note taken! I will try that ! Thank you for the advice.
  198. cudun

    Apollo headed to PV - Anyone fishing with them?

    I'll be there on Jan 29th. Keeping my fingers crossed!
  199. cudun

    Super seeker and pac bay

    Bump for a great deal! Lupe's custom wraps are top notch, you have to see the rods to appreciate the beauty. Someone should jump on this!
  200. cudun

    YOYO tackle recommendations

    I am more than with you on the TN40N Jeff. I've tried virtually everything out there including the Raptor, Accurate Bx2 600N, etc., but haven't found anything I like better than the TN40N and the Ocea Jigger when it comes to wahoo and yoyo. If a little more line capacity is desired, the Ocea...
  201. Profile Pictures

    Profile Pictures

  202. cudun

    YOYO tackle recommendations

    Jeff needs the strength from God so he could break the barrier of "west coast jigging with conventional reel and long rod" and embrace the "east coast/vertical jigging with spinning reel and slow rods" . I'll pray for you tonight also Jeff.:D
  203. cudun

    Metaloid v. Fathom 25n 2speed

    I hear you. But I try to put my money in the American workers' pocket and they take it to Walmart and spend it all on Chinese made stuffs. LOL
  204. cudun

    United Composites CP 70Hs

    I wrapped some rods while I was half sleep too, the thing is I did not want to look at them when I woke up.:D
  205. cudun

    Trinidad 14a or 16Na

    I would say the 14A would be better for fishing anchovie. The 16NA is better for everything else. I went thru the same dimlemma. In the end I decided to go with 12A and 16NA. The whole spectrum covered.
  206. cudun

    Shimano Flatfall Jigs

    I would like to send her flowers to show my admiration! Consider yourself lucky to be married to the lady! ;)
  207. cudun

    Shimano Flatfall Jigs NIB !!!

    Sorry to disagree! Your argument is not valid since in the case of your Mustang, it's a collectible item. One would not be able to wait for the dealer to replenish their supplies in Oct as in the case of the flat fall jigs. I was very happy to pay $525 for a new Shimano Ocea Jigger 4000...
  208. cudun

    Shimano Flatfall Jigs NIB !!!

    You truly earned my respect! I have three of those flat fall jigs. Any of you that thinks those jigs are the "must have" for your trip just let me know. I'll let you borrow them and you only have to pay me if you loose them. I paid $20 a pop.
  209. cudun

    SALTIGA: 30T For sale or Trade

    Free bump for an excellent reel at a very reasonable price !!!
  210. cudun

    WTS Saltigas

    It's still out there. Question is are you willing to part $450 for a new one?
  211. cudun

    ATD12 Topless for sale

    Someone should grasp this reel quick! Who needs an Okuma when you can get this reel at such a price! I can't justify the need of having two of them otherwise I'd be all over it.
  212. cudun

    Tony Reyes Charter's

    What do you think Lupe? Should we go?
  213. cudun

    Trinidad 40N

  214. cudun

    2 Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid spinning rods for sale, PHD760XH and PHD760X2H

    Great prices on great rods! Good luck with the sale!
  215. cudun

    Shimano shallow water butterflies

    Come on Dan! Spit it ! You work for Shimano so don't you think your opinions have always been biased all along?
  216. cudun

    Intrepid build question

    Wow! couldn't think of that!
  217. cudun

    Pedro's How to Leather grips and ramps

    Thank you for the tutorial.
  218. cudun

    Halco Max 130's in stock NOW at Melton Tackle

    If you need anything and yo have money to spend it NOW, Melton is the place. Charkbait: Halco 130 = $14.49 Melton Tackle: Halco 130 = $21.99
  219. cudun

    Some kind of slam on 7/22!! Afternoon run yields surprise from the deep!!

    Fantastic! The last time I had such a smile on my face was after getting one of the best lay of my life!
  220. cudun

    Is there any reason to use size C/D thread?

    Jon, C&D are good only good when it comes to cup sizes. You know that, don't you. (Sorry couldn't help messing with you):)
  221. cudun

    WSB Report

    He just wanted to brag about his catch (and he earned it, don't get me wrong), not to give out the dope. Otherwise, he would have mentioned it in his post. So don't bother bro! By the way, judging from the pics, it's not Catalina. Must have been local IMO. Have been trying myself but haven't...
  222. cudun

    The business of running a fishing boat.

    Well, you'd better start eating the Cup Noodles then if you still want those Talicas. Truth is food on some of the overnight boats isn't that great compared to Cup Noodles. It's a good idea to always have some with you just in case. Just make sure your use of hot water reflected in your tip...
  223. cudun

    Handle Options for Tal12II?

    I changed out my Talica 12II and up to the Ultimate Jigging handles. See pics in this post by Reel Fishy:
  224. cudun

    Handle Options for Tal12II?

    I changed out my Talica 12II and up to the Ultimate Jigging handles. See pics in this post by Reel Fishy:
  225. cudun

    40lb line class go to set up recommendations

    A Calstar 800L (rating 15-30lb) for 40lb set up? and trust that you'll be able to land that 100s pounder bluefin? With all due respect, either you are not giving sound advice or I am ignorant because most won't fish heavier than 30lb on 800M or even PSW809H. Regardless of what magical Okuma reel...
  226. cudun

    Longrange Jackpot Drama

    I didn't know that people who HAVE THE TALENT could select the biggest fish in the school of fish down in the water to hook and land to win the jackpot !
  227. cudun

    Top Gun 80 into big Bluefin

    Don't get too excited just yet! I just got back today from a 3.5 day trip on the Apollo.. Went all the way to Sac reef and ran into schools after schools of uncooperative YT. No BF in sight. Ended up with bunch of rock fish to pay off for our effort. It beat fishing from the keyboard anyway...
  228. cudun

    I'm going Long Big X style

    Very interesting analogy! In that case, just skip the report and give me the pictures
  229. cudun

    Want to start buying thread

    You should have said that a long time ago ! I already learned my lesson the hard way!
  230. cudun

    Phenix 809XHJ

    Just finished this rod for a fishing buddy. He didn't want any colors other than black and silver (Perhaps my influence). This's the first time I ever wrapped a rod that wasn't mine, so he got a free wrap and I got to practice. We both won.
  231. cudun

    intrepid Mar 21-April 5

    I think I know what part of your body you told your wife that it was still growing ! And she's hoping so!
  232. cudun

    POS Phoenix Hybrid series

    Sorry to hear that. If you had not done something wrong (e.g., high stick, accidentally damaged the blank somehow and thus weakened the blank at that spot, etc.), then you must have gotten a bad/defective blank. I have had a hybrid 809xh for five years now and absolutely love it. It is just...
  233. cudun

    I hate sanding hypolon, so I came up with a better mousetrap

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
  234. cudun

    I hate sanding hypolon, so I came up with a better mousetrap

    Will I have a sexier hypalon grip if I use the Gillete Venus instead of the Gillete disposable for men?
  235. cudun

    I hate sanding hypolon, so I came up with a better mousetrap

    I've used the dragon skin. I am not sure if it was my Pacbay motor is not strong enough because unlike what stated in this thread, it took me forever to shape the hypalon. The motor would stop when I pressed hard, but then when I reduced pressure on the dragon skin not much material was...
  236. cudun

    Shimano Stella SW8000HG Brand New

    Stop the temptation now Tom ! :)
  237. cudun

    WTB Saltiga 15

    That's what I used in the pre Trinidad era. Caught tons of tuna on that lovely reel. Handle 40 lb bluefin without problems. Still wish for a Saltiga 15 though.
  238. cudun

    700H Facelift

    Beautiful Scold. I really love the marble.
  239. cudun


    Good price on one of the best reels!
  240. cudun

    Sato Custom Rods at the Fred Hall show

    I have to admit the pic I like best is not of the rods :D
  241. cudun

    Guide spacing for Blackhole 80N popping rod?

    Very good choice! I am eyeing that blank also but I also am looking at the STK78HH as I only want to pop for 100 lbs and smaller fish. I've done some web research and found this site very informative. I followed their...
  242. cudun

    Phenix Hybrid 760H and 838MH

    I've been slowly replacing all my rods with Phenix Hybrid. All the new rods in my arsenal are in uniform color scheme consisting of three colors: black, silver, and gun metal. I know I am boring but at least I am actively wrapping :D Just bought some sap for marble from Saltydawg at the...
  243. cudun

    Limited edition JDM Trini

    I would love to replace the handle on all my Trinidad 16 A and up with the new handles. Anyone knows where they can be ordered?
  244. cudun

    WTB PHD-700X4H

    Look no further. Here is one for you if you really want it. Brand new custom built by yours truly. Best components: Fuji HBSG guides, Alps reel seat. $500
  245. cudun

    WTB: Shimano Trinidad 40 N Narrow Special Reel TN-40N

    I've been eyeing that OJ4000P of yours, but $530 price tag is making me think hard. LOL
  246. cudun

    Limited edition JDM Trini

    I am really digging the handle.
  247. cudun

    12.26.13-01.07.14 American Angler - Calstar 12 Day Trip! Super Late Report! Picture Heavy!

    "I put a nice bend in the rod, laid my foregrip on the rail, and sat on the butt of my rod. It's quite odd feeling every shake and pull of a tuna through the butt of your rod. " I am sure it feels a lot better to put the rear grip in that sensitive area between the cheeks than in your armpit ...
  248. cudun

    New Style of Talica Coming???

    I wouldn't count on it. Think about how long they had kept the gold Trinidad before they came out with the Talica and Trinidad A. Not to mention the Tiagra which have bee around for ages. Still, I'll be one of the first buyers if they offer a new line of reel.
  249. cudun

    RP coming in early-filled the boat

    I am sure quite a few guys don't want to get back a day early not because of loosing a fishing day after plugging the boat. They just dread reuniting with their wives one day early after two weeks of freedom.
  250. cudun

    Teaser Pics - Maximus 1/23 to 1/26

    why complain ? "New member", "junior", "young", "fresh", etc. It's all good ! Can't wait for your report. I know it'll be some great reading when it's from you.
  251. cudun

    Avet Pro EX 30 / 3

    Can the current Pro EX 30W be upgraded to the 3 speed? thanks
  252. cudun

    Shimano Torsa TS16N

    And I almost did it LOL.
  253. cudun

    Rod warranty w/o receipt.

    I brought in 3 broken rods (Crucial & Clarus) due to high stick and they sent me three newer model as the ones I had was discontinued. Zero cost on all three. Shimano has one of the best ( if not the best) services. However, got to say that never broke any other rods (Seeker, Calstar...
  254. cudun

    NIB Gold Trinidad 40N

    Wow NIB nice & hard to find reel ! arguably one of best (if not the best) jigging reel for wahoo. Can't believer two of these show up in Classified in one day ! Would have jumped on it but just could not justify the need to have five of them. Good luck with the sale. !!
  255. cudun

    Calstar 770XXXH

    Most excellent Jim. Thank you so much for the tip on the tiger wrap.
  256. cudun

    How does Shogun ride?

    It does rock a little compared to other big boats IMHO. But what really "rock" are the young gun captains Aaron and Cole. They are top notch. I love fishing with them.
  257. cudun

    WTB SHIMANO trinidad 20a

    If you can find them for $200, please let me know. I'd love to buy a dozen of them (and resale them for $320-$360)
  258. cudun

    Waxwing damaged

    I can tell you which form to send in for a replacement waxwing. It's the green form with Franklin on it! :D Just pulling your leg bro.
  259. cudun

    North vs South

    Baja all the way! although it's not to say that you will not catch a lot of fish in SI. The pic below is from SI on private boat.
  260. cudun

    HX Raptor vs Talica II

    Asking this question on the Avet board, you'll most likely receive bias responses from Avet lovers. Go to Shimano board for the same question then the responses will be just the opposite. What I did was buying them both to find out for myself. Ended up getting rid of one brand.
  261. cudun


    Do you have 300g jigs in these styles and what are the prices? Thanks
  262. cudun

    Thule EXcursion Cargo box

    PM sent
  263. cudun

    Some recent builds...

    When it comes to fade wraps, Moon is the man, period.
  264. cudun

    Makaira 20II SEa and Seeker 2X4 For Sale

    That's the best deal I've seen in quite a while !
  265. cudun


    Good price! At least $50 worth of spectra right there so $370 for a virtually new 12II is a no brainer! Should go quick! I just couldn't justify the need for another12II otherwise I'd jumb on it. Good luck with the sale.
  266. cudun

    Need a rod wrapped

    Some good recommendations thus far. But I have to say if you are in OC, Moon on this board is the man IMHO. He does super clean and beautiful work. (as a amateur rod builder myself, I know what to look for)
  267. cudun

    Wahoo Stick...Which one?

    I've used Calstar graphiter 700H, Graphite USA Predator, Supper Seeker 800H, Phenix 809XH, Phenix 760XH. Of course they all got the job done, but my favorite for all day long Raider casting: Phenix 809XH. JMHO cuz I don't fish much.
  268. cudun

    Problem with the Excel

    It's a wet boat no doubt. But I'll take that wet boat over dry land any day! Actually I'll take that boat over many other dryer boats. JMHO
  269. cudun

    "Eye Candy"

    I am afraid for such a beautiful rod especially with that pic/decal you may find the fisherman himself licking the ...rod (specific spot on the rod, to be precise).LOL True artwork Jim. I promise I'll copy it some day.
  270. cudun

    FIVE STAR???????????????????

    For the exact reason, I keep coming back :rofl:
  271. cudun

    Talica II handle

    Batam1, I am wondering if the Talica 50II handle assembly (part TG1936) fits on Talica 25II or the hole will be too big because the shaft on the 50 is larger in diameter? The handle arm on the 25II is a little too short and the knob is not really suitable for LR fishing for cow tuna in my...
  272. cudun

    Long Range Plane

    And who is to blame other than the "teacher" :)
  273. cudun

    A Pair of Hercules

    I am speechless!
  274. cudun

    Capt. Bill Cavanaugh on the Intrepid

    You sound like you're from Sacramento, not Santa Clara! LOL
  275. cudun

    Amount of Bluefin?

    I'll keep you in my prayer if you are going out on your 19 bayliner Trophy.
  276. cudun

    Rpt-Wed. 07-31-13 A one day trip on the Islander and Humble Pie!

    I quit fishing overnight trips years ago to avoid that pie. Don't ask me how I know the taste of the pie. Too little fishing time, too many guys hugging the bait tanks simply because of the pressure. Fishing private boat is a different story though.
  277. cudun

    Super Seeker Split grip cord handle.....

    Beautiful! I am always impressed with the workmanship on Moon's rods.
  278. cudun

    FS Shimano Trinidad 16A & Tranx HG

    Very tempting but I don't need another Tranx. What about both of the 14A and 16A? Thanks
  279. cudun

    Bluefin spinning blank

    I just wrappeda a spinning rod using also Phenix diamond blank of the same rating 20-50 lb for the same purpose but mine is 809H. Tested it on my recent 3 day trip on the Shogun. The rod performed flawlessly on a 25 pounder yellow tail. I didn't dare to use it on the bluefin as they were all...
  280. cudun

    cash on hand?

    You are my hero !! :rofl: and I hope you were not BS'ing. The only times I could afford to give them that much were when I threw in the jackpots that I won.
  281. cudun

    Cal's Talica Low Gear Mod

    In addition to the lower gear, a custom power arm and handle from jiggingworld will certainly you enough power, IMHO. I need to get the lower gear installed on my Talica 25II.
  282. cudun

    ringed or non ringed

    "Ringed or non ringed ?" Some may find the ringed ones wild, and sexy. I prefer all natural; no ring, no silicon either.
  283. cudun

    First trial of JT diamond and spiral wrap

    I wrapped this spinning rod (Phenix 809H) with the intent to use on schoolie tuna when they don't want to get close to the boat. A spinning set up will surely help me get the bait out to them. I had initially planned on trying the marble but since I didn't have Saltydawg & JT sap handy I...
  284. cudun

    On the water report

    Camped out there on Thur night with my buddy. Anchored on a thick bed of squids. No luck on the WSB. Caught a bunch of cuda and sand bass though. Did not see or hear any joyful screams from surrounding boats either.
  285. cudun

    Want to buy- TN 40N

    They are hard to find, but how much are you willing to pay for a new one?
  286. cudun

    That guy!

    "Those who want to see that guy, look at yourself in the mirror" - Confucius :D
  287. cudun

    What the Heck!

    Ahah ! I thought I was the only one screwed up. :D
  288. cudun


  289. cudun

    Milestone of my rod wrapping career.

    This is my 10th rod, a Phenix Hybrid 869XH blank intended to fish with my Tranx HG. I now feel a little bit more at ease with the process, especially working with the epoxy. When I first started out, epoxying the guides was the part that I always dreaded. I'd do only two guides at a time as I...
  290. cudun

    Marbled up Calstar GF760L

    You're the ultimate master of marbling!
  291. cudun

    WTB Smitty Rod Belt

    I have a large day belt that I made myselft to the same Smitty dimensions/spec. It looks identical except it has no coating. You can have it for free if you pick it up. I am in Garden Grove. I'll post a pic. of it tonight when I get home. Here is a pic of the belt
  292. cudun

    bnib shimano tranx 500hg

    Those "several guys were looking" to low ball you. $380 for a NIB one and it's not sold! I'd have been all over it had I not gotten mine already. It's just not something I would to have two. Good luck with your sale.
  293. cudun

    For Trade Trinidad 40n for Trinidad 20/16a

    I have a like new TN20A. I'll trade with you. Please send some pictures of your reel. Thanks
  294. cudun

    Procedure for Clarion camp check-in?

    Isn't it supposed to hurt the first time? You walked around ok after the search? You must be brave!!!
  295. cudun

    Unopen NIB TranX 500PG's

    Do you still have room in your bag for another reel?:)
  296. cudun

    8 or 10 dayer?? Differences

    Longer is always better. Ask her and she'll say the same thing :)
  297. cudun

    Metallic Tigers - take 2

    They are all exceptional!!!
  298. cudun

    Rubber Cement

    I bought mine at Office Depot.
  299. cudun

    Talica 16II line capacity

    I am also building up my vertical jigging arsenal just to learn something different from what typically do in this west coast. Based on what read, the 16II may be a little too wide. The 12II with 65lbs should be a better choice for vertical jigging. I just don't think line capacity on the...
  300. cudun


    PM sent
  301. cudun

    Green Abyss 808

    I like it a lot! Classy looking!
  302. cudun

    Excel gets a Rail Dawg special

    Beautiful ! Can visualize myself holding the rod standing next to a cow !!:)
  303. cudun

    Seeker Hercules

    Amazing ! One of the best I've seen.
  304. cudun

    looking to start wrapping

    Do yourself a favor: buy the CD by Docski, watch it five times and start wrapping. You will be able to wrap your own rods! guarantteed. All the fancy butt wraps you can learn from various websited like Bill said in the post above or you can ask the seniors right on this board. Good luck!
  305. cudun

    High School Graduation Present on the Intrepid

    Those pictures are priceless! You must be a proud dad. Thank you for posting
  306. cudun

    Anyone do rod work for others?

    I can do it for you, for free of course! I don't mind helping out with tip & guide repair either. I learned how to build my rods from this board, so I guess I should return the favor :)
  307. cudun

    mini snowflake (not complete)

    Beautiful!!! It is thread art like this that gives the motivation to learn. I am impressed
  308. cudun

    Rods/Reels: Xzoga, Shimano, Diawa, Phoenix

    Thank you Lance for the good deal on the rod. It was nice meeting you.
  309. cudun

    Trinidad 40 Narrow

    Not sure how much Drew wants to pay but I am willing to put out $400 for a new one:D
  310. cudun

    Is this rod building?

    Absolutely! I am building a very stiff rod looking at the picture:rofl:
  311. cudun

    A couple in the works

    Amazing grip. I wish I could do that when I grow up :)
  312. cudun

    Jigging Master Three King Special Vertical Jigging rod

    I have always wanted to try vertical jigging after watching videos of people from places other than our West coast catching all kinds of fish using vertical jigging style. The first rod of the bunch was completed and I thought I'd share with the BD brothers. This time I stole idea from Capt...
  313. cudun

    Phenix UMBX in greens

    Beautiful green tiger. Perfect!
  314. cudun

    2009 235CC Triumph 250 Yamaha

    Please educate me if I am wrong. I thought the BD's rule is price must be stated on any item for sale on BD.
  315. cudun

    Green Tiger

    My first attempt at the tiger wrap. I followed exactly the steps in DocSki's tutoring write up. I wanted something subtle so on the base wrap I put 3 different shades of green and a silver thread. Top is the darkest shade of green with three sacrificial threads. The end result was a little...
  316. cudun

    How and where do I start?

    For starter, do yourself a favour and buy the DVD from Docski. It's the best way to learn IMHO and I am sure many others think the same. I was able to start after watching the DVD 5 times ( I am a slow learner). Good luck and be warned that it's addictive too.
  317. cudun

    7th rod, and no it's not like learning to ride again at all.

    After having half a dozen of rods built under my belt about two years back, I felt pretty confident as I thought at least I got all the basis down. Boys I found out I was so wrong when I started building the next batch again this year. It was not like getting back on the bike and started...
  318. cudun


    Bill, Can you elaborate some more? What happens when I high stick it? I'll hurt myself more if I keep the rod, says over 45 degree from horizontal? Thanks
  319. cudun

    Shogun 15 day in May

    I had not fished the Shogun in ages until last year when I did an 8 dayer. From my observation, there have been tremendous improvements in many aspects. The young team on deck led by Aaron and Cole was enthusiastic and energetic. The team in the kitchen was terrific. Food was way better than...
  320. cudun


    What would be some cheap good substitutes for the Shimano Butterfly John ?
  321. cudun

    Rod recommendation for Tranx HG

    Great minds think alike !!!LOL I am wrapping one for the Tranx HG too. Planning to use it on the wahoo. Hope it works out well. Had my TN40N on a Phenix hybrid 809xh, field proven wahoo killer set up.
  322. cudun

    Price for a Used Stella 10k SW?

    There is a like-new one listed on 360tuna today at $600. Jump on it if you are serious. Can't get a deal better than that.
  323. cudun

    NEW- Daiwa Saltiga 20 (>$100 OFF)

    Great reel at great price! Free bump!!! I am still waiting until you put up your Trinida TN40N for sale :D
  324. cudun

    Voltus rod warranty repair/

    Simply bring it to Shimano in Irvine and they'll give you a new one. They'll ship to you at no cost if it is not available in their warehouse. No hassle at all. At least that's what my experience was. Shimano warranty is the best!!! Good luck
  325. cudun

    Spinning rod for yellows

    to accept the changes or to...get off the board?:)
  326. cudun

    Difference between Stella 8000SW and 10000 SW

    John, Thanks for the reply. I understand that the 8000SW PG does have different gear ratio. But what about the 8000SW? is it truly the same reel as the 10000SW. Could the 10K SW faster line retrieve be simply because it has bigger spool diameter ? The lesser drag of the 10K (51 lbs max v.s...
  327. cudun

    Super Seeker 6463XXXXH 80-150

    What do you expect Jim? His name is ROB. He doesn't really want to pay! :rofl:
  328. cudun

    Difference between Stella 8000SW and 10000 SW

    Dan, I was told that the Stella 8000SW and the 10000SW are identical reels (the out going model, not the black 2013 model). The only difference is the 10000SW has a bigger spool. Can you confirm that? Thanks.
  329. cudun

    Release of the Trinidad 40A, 40NA, and 50A?

    Can you show us where the Japanese version of the TN40NA can be found? Thanks
  330. cudun

    Shimano Trinidad 40N

    That's quick Tim. Only took you two minutes!!
  331. cudun

    Daiwa Saltiga 15

    Lucky you! Do they have another one left? Thanks
  332. cudun

    Skb 7200

    Great deal!!
  333. cudun

    ATD 50

    I am surprised Lou didn't feel insulted by the offer!!
  334. cudun

    Raider Lures

    PM sent. Thanks.
  335. cudun

    DOs and DON'Ts on a long range trip.

    Do it when you stand up wind next to Blackfish !
  336. cudun

    Which Reel for a 40/50# Set Up

    As of today the counts on the top two are 112 votes on Talica 12II and 140 on Avet HX. It would be really interesting to know how many voters on either one actually own both reels. It's really meaningless if I vote for Ford, not Chevy as the best truck simply because that's what I drive.
  337. cudun

    Shimano Trinidad 16na for jigging?

    The biggest con is once you have bought one Trinidad A to try it out, you will end up buying the whole series, and that is a lot of damage to your wallet.
  338. cudun

    deal at home depot

    Read the post at 7:30 PM. Got up. Ran to Home Depot. Home at 8:00 PM with a bunch. Best $1 deal ever!! Thank you my BD fellows
  339. cudun

    Aging Gracefully in Long Range

    Thank you for one of the best non-fishing-report posts Jamie! Your write ups are always a pleasure to read. Now please tell me which church you preach at on Sun so I can go to! :D
  340. cudun

    Trinidad 16na and Phenix PHD 760h

    Another vote for the Phenix Hybrid 809XH! It is indeed one of my most favorite rods because of its versatility. I've caught a few YFT up to 110 lbs with this rod when paired with a Talica 12II (65# spectra, 50# top shot). I put a 16" fore grip on it and mostly used the rail when fishing this...
  341. cudun

    SoCal source for Fuji KL, KL-H, KT series guides?

    Try jdmtackles in Garden Grove. 10% off is being offered right now.
  342. cudun

    Top US cities for saltwater fishing?

    Stay within the limit and you wouldn't need to carry a gun:D
  343. cudun

    Open Water 606 jig bag

    Thank you Jason! Appreciate the help!
  344. cudun

    Open Water 606 jig bag

    I can't locate any stores that still have the Open water 606 jig bag. If any knows any places that may have some, please let me know. Thank you!
  345. cudun

    EXCEL 2012 16-Day HB, The Final Morning

    This tells me the first timers are not necessarily beginners. It seems that the number of long range trips under one's belt has little to do with his/her skill and talent! Still, I have to wonder where John learned how to cast a sardine on 50 size reels (unless he fish skipjack the whole time).
  346. cudun

    Short Cow Leaders and Fuel Surcharge Question?

    I'd say his watch needs a battery replacement !
  347. cudun

    tundra owners

    His truck is equipped with the tow package from the manufacturer (class V) if I am not mistaken.
  348. cudun

    tundra owners

    It will be perfectly ok! My buddy tows his Grady White 28' Sailfish (>10,000 lbs) from OC to SD in tuna season all the time. His is 4x4 5.7L. The truck has more than adequate power except it swings a bit due to not being heavy enough. It does the job well enough that he sold his Ford 250 diesel.
  349. cudun

    Fly Back??

    I'd like a full report on your stay (not your fishing trip) upon return.LOL
  350. cudun

    A friend of mine needs help....

    Please come back when you are done pooping. It's getting better and better by the minute.
  351. cudun

    LR Trip Insurance

    If my trainer looks anything like the one in your signature, I would love to do 100 push up every time, 10 times a day.
  352. cudun

    pacific voyager does it again!

    You do? Take a look at his avatar!
  353. cudun

    Top Gun 80 Charter Boat

    Long or short is all relative in the eye of the beholder. One of my ex told me it's long but another said it's just ok.
  354. cudun

    Tuna Seiner Helo crash

    I don't know you personally but from hundreds of your posts that I've read I was sure your initial comment was just a slip of the tongue and you're a lot more decent than your comment appeared. Your apologies have proven that.
  355. cudun

    HD140 Line Winder New

    Very, very tempting! Would you state the price please. Thanks!
  356. cudun

    Rods, Reels and stuff..

    Agree wholeheartedly ! And I would give away all my tackles and quit fishing!
  357. cudun


    Well, since they love to see you experience it, not just hear about it, you'll have to jump on board the Freedom to find out which island.
  358. cudun

    Excess fish

    I don't think that bloody fish in your avatar survived after being release. Perhaps the next one you may want to be a little more gentle.:rofl:
  359. cudun

    Which 6 day trip

    Not quite. Smaller rooms do not provide the same air circulation when your room mate tarts.
  360. cudun

    Shogun Ownership?

    I'll have the opportunity to find out first hand on the coming 8 day leaving on Jun 1.
  361. cudun

    Need advice before i purchase a power wrapper

    Buy the DVD from Docski.
  362. cudun

    200# cutoff for the RP....

    Hate to admit it, for the first time I just love what you said! :D
  363. cudun

    Talk me out of it...Accurates

    Very true until the Trinidad A series and Talica came along. Try it for yourself and see if you change your statement.
  364. cudun

    irons for yellowtail

    Wish there was a pic taken from the other end! What was it we're discussing by the way.?
  365. cudun

    Phenix 838L

    Where can I buy that grip Bill?and who's the manufacturer? Thanks.
  366. cudun

    JIG N POP Trip on the Maximus

    It's a tough schedule!! LOL. You are living my (and lots of others') dream. By the way, how many days was the trip on the Maximus? I didn't see it on Keith's schedule. I'd love to go on a trip when the wahoo can be caught.
  367. cudun

    Best real for Marlin, Cow Tuna, and sharks

    When I grow up, I'd like to do the same thing:rofl:
  368. cudun

    freedom or channel?

    I'd care less about the report when a post has signature pic like yours.:D
  369. cudun

    Silverwood Stripers

    Great catch ! Thank you for revealing your secret !
  370. cudun

    Fishing In August

    Yeah! looks like you're also turning 40 soon. I'm afraid you don't have enough time to find such a treasure before then.
  371. cudun

    The complaint dept LOL

    He must have done something wrong because my copy works just fine:D hehe! just pulling your leg Bill LOL. Could not wait to try the marble with your beautiful product!
  372. cudun

    Phenix 20-50

    I'll second that!
  373. cudun

    dvl reports

    Were they taken on cut baits or lure or trolled fish? Thanks
  374. cudun

    Shogun map of staterooms

    Thank you Lew!!!
  375. cudun

    Shogun map of staterooms

    Hi all, Can anyone that has a map of the Shogun stateroom layout please post it up here or PM me. Thanks a bunch.
  376. cudun

    custom rod price

    Moon is the bomb and he is very reasonable too!!
  377. cudun

    is this Accurate?

    If you have any of those useless ATD 30 "paper weights" that you so despise, please kindly let me take it away from you and I'll send you a beautiful, marvelous Makaira of your choice.
  378. cudun

    Saltiga 40-2spd, Talica 12or16 II, Saltist 40-2spd

    I am not a pro by any means, so I can only tell you based on my limited experience. In all my trips up to 8 days, I'ven't had to use anything bigger than Talica II 12 and BX2 500 with 40 lb or 50 lb top shot with 40 being used more often (YFN up to 110 lbs). Even at the Rock, BX2 600 & Talica...
  379. cudun

    latest wrap

    Beautiful color combination!!!! Two thumbs up!!! I'd love to try that on my rod if you don't mind telling me the all the thread No. & manufacturer. Thanks
  380. cudun

    Three Day Trip On The FORTUNE!!!

    Forget about the fish ! just the last picture alone is worth the trip!
  381. cudun

    Avet vs. Accurate

    Perfect analogy!!!
  382. cudun

    Talica 12 or Accurate bx2 500? Need your input

    I'd venture to say the E.I coating on the Talica and new Trinidad A is better than anthing out there right now in my opinion (among Avet, Daiwa, Accurate, except for Okuma, as I don't own any reel from them). My Talicas have taken quite an abuse and and they still look new. The old Shimano...
  383. cudun

    Talica 12 or Accurate bx2 500? Need your input

    I have my Talica II 12 on a Phenix Hybrid 809XH (30-80), and the BX2 500 on a Graphite USA Predator (50-80). Caught up to 110 lb yellowfin on both of them at the Rock. They both have silky smooth drag and powerful cranking power. Unlike Steve, I am partial to the Talica for the following...
  384. cudun

    Build A Rod

    Please do yourself a favor and buy DocSki's DVD. That's all you need. As a newbie myself, I can attest to that. I never attended any rod building classes. I bought the DVD and watched it three times, plus an hour tutoring from my mentor before I jumpstarted. If you have questions,you will...
  385. cudun

    Avet SX raptor or Shimano Talica 10 II?

    I sold my Delwalt and Hitachi impact drills and bought Harbor Freight ones. Just good stuff too!:D Any of the Shimano reels you sold were Trinidad A or Talica, by the way?
  386. cudun

    Shimano reel question

    Take this argument and apply to cars. For the cost of a Lexus LS 460, one can buy a Ford Taurus AND a Hyundai Genenis, but many people still prefer the Lexus. I guess it's just a matter of choice.
  387. cudun

    Shimano reel question

    For information/opinion from first hand experience, you may want to talk/PM Tim Turis. He used it last year and liked it.
  388. cudun

    Accurate reel maintenance

    Totally agree! I am not mechanically inclined by any mean but I was able to service my BX2 and ATD reels by simply following the tutorial powerpoint from Accurate website. They are a lot more complex than my Talica II but still workable and you'll have fun doing it.
  389. cudun

    OK, let the rookie hazing begin!

    Beautiful color combination! But you made the same mistake as I did: the guide should have been bent back before wrapping. The plane of the ring should be perpendicular to the rod. I never noticed when I built my first rod until it was pointed out by a pro.
  390. cudun

    BAJA FISH GEAR's Mean Green ACCURATE Xtreme BX2 - exposed.

    I'd like to buy a set of screw drivers to work on my Accurate reels. The wrenches come with the reels are hard to use. I've bought two sets and neither of them fits. I don't think the screw are proprietary but pretty uncommon. This is what I saw from another post and I am thinking about...
  391. cudun

    daiwa saltiga 15 for sale

    I'll take it. PM sent
  392. cudun

    Start-Up Jigging and Popping Set of Rods

    I'll take the OTI OceanXtreme 40/60 7'6" Popping rod and Ty from Lousiana can take the jigging rod. Please let me know if you want to spit them that way. Thanks
  393. cudun

    Maximus Day ONE report

    This really gets me excited!! Can't wait until next week for our trip on the Maximus. Save some for us!
  394. cudun

    Closed Diamond tutor by Steven (Rooster1264)

    This is it. Thanks you Sean.
  395. cudun

    Closed Diamond tutor by Steven (Rooster1264)

    I remember seeing a tutor by Steven on closed diamond wrap on one of the rod building sites but can't seem to find it. I'll certainly appreciate it if someone can show me where it's posted. I'd like to give it a shot on my next rod. Thank you so much.
  396. cudun

    WTB Diesel Farallon or Parker

    Why keep pumping? Just go here and buy this boat if you are really interested in a Parker: If this is not good & cheap enough, I doubt anybody can offer something...
  397. cudun

    need info on wahoo trip

    What wahoodad said. I was asking the exact same question last year. After seeking advice from many old timers on this board, I jumped on the 15 dayer on the Excel in May this year (booked with the Q initially but the trip got canceled because of some issues the boat the inspection). Had the...
  398. cudun

    whats going to be the go to reel fro wahoo

    Could have been more, had you fished with a TN40N instead :D
  399. cudun

    Shimano Stella 18000SW and TZS- 78XH-PW

    What a deal ! Beautiful setup Now I have to justify why I need that combo !!
  400. cudun

    My fifth and sixth rods; successfully field tested

    Thanks everyone for the kind words of encouragement! If my rods did look any better than that of an average beginner, I'd have to attribute it mainly to my background. I was a jeweler by trade at very young age so I guess I learned how to work with small stuffs detail work. Still, without so...
  401. cudun

    My fifth and sixth rods; successfully field tested

    Just like to share a few pictures of my recent rods. After the first few rods last year I did not really have time to build any new ones until I booked the 15 day trip on the Excel last month (5/13-5/28) that was giving me the motivation to build a couple more right before the trip. The first...
  402. cudun

    Guide spacing with Phenix 700-3XH

    I have completed the installation of the grips and reel seat. Rear grip: 11.5" Reel seat: 5.75" Fore grip: 16" The total length left from tip to the fore grip is 49" (or 66.5" to the center of the spool of my reel). Can someone please give me with the spacing of the guides? I'll be using...
  403. cudun

    Hurricane & Clarion trip in May

    Thank you all for your response ! Isn't it interesting when one is even more confused after receiving all the advices? Especially when they are contradicting and from some of the most respectable anglers on this board? Anyway, looks like I am gonna go for it and jump on the trip in May.
  404. cudun

    Hurricane & Clarion trip in May

    I have been dreaming about fishing one (or both) of these two places. The June Heat trip on the RRII is out of the question as there are so many on waiting list. The other two boats that offers trips in close time frame are the Excel with a 15 dayer (5/13 - 5/28, 28 anglers) and the Qualifier...
  405. cudun

    How do you guys do an Olive Branch Wrap?

    Thanks Jim. The main reason I paid my subscription to RCJ yesterday was to get a copy of the last issue to do the olive branch. Now they said it's no longer available.
  406. cudun

    How do you guys do an Olive Branch Wrap?

    I just paid for the membership yesterday (still waitng for the admin to approve my acount before I can access the forum). Will I be able to get a copy of the tutorial on the olive branch from the site? If not, can some RBG members send me a copy? Couldn't wait to try that on the 2x4 I am...
  407. cudun


    I'll take the TN16. Send you a PM
  408. cudun

    tiagra 16 or 20

    PM sent
  409. cudun

    2003 Pursuit 3000 Offshore Reduced AGAIN! $115K

    My keyboard malfunctioned because I drooled all over it.
  410. cudun

    2820 XL PARKER 2006 BACK ON MARKET 330 Hours

    It is THE nicest Parker in So Cal, in deed !!!
  411. cudun


    If you're one the anglers on this canceled trip and decided not to ride that boat again, just let me know and I will be very happy to refund the total cost of your trip in cash and more (e.g. a couple Trinidad ?) so that this fellow of yours can benefit from the massive discount on the trip in...
  412. cudun


    You are reading my mind!!! I really wish I had been on that canceled trip. I've been dreaming about the 15 dayer in March ! With that $1200 off, I wouldn't have to dream any longer.:)
  413. cudun

    Power Wrapper / Salas 6x jr jigs

    I'll take it. Send you a PM. Thanks
  414. cudun

    Low ball???

    " As far as a Tallica goes if you pay more than $360.00 for a Brand new one you got robbed ,Anyway ACCURATES WILL ALWAYS BE #1 REEL ON THE MARKET. ALL THE OTHERS ARE STILL PLAYING CATCH UP JUST MY 2 CENTS" Can you show me where to buy a Talica II for #360? I'd love to get a couple more. I fish...
  415. cudun

    17ft Centercosole.

    Nice boat ! Here's a free bump for you bro !!
  416. cudun

    Lake skinner Help

    The aobve suggested plan may not work for the current condition at the lake. I was there the last two weekends. The inlet was closed (no flow, no current, no bait concentration). Neither time did I see any boil ( I came in as it's still dark). The water is really dirty. We managed to get 19...
  417. cudun

    Rods, blanks and rod wrapping equipment

    I am interested in the wrapper and dryer. Would you please tell me how much you are sellin them for? Thanks. Luan
  418. cudun

    Shimano Clarus 7' MH brand new

    Wondering why? Try knocking the asking price down, like 15-20% off then you may get a few responses. I bought mine from Sport Chalet when they had similar sale. Good luck with the sale ! Very good rod for the price by Shimano by the way.
  419. cudun

    My first three rods.

    Thanks to the BD members, specially Jtime5 I got the motivation to get started on building my first rod. Bad thing is once I started, it's history. I just couldn't stop and now I've had three built and 3 more blanks waiting. I'd like to share with BD members the fruit of my labor. The first...
  420. cudun

    Independence 8 day May 22-30

    Great report ! Thank you for the write up. Biggest yellow tail, biggest yellowfin, and biggest bluefin ! Go buy a lottery ticket, what are you waiting for ?
  421. cudun

    40-60lb reel

    x2. or Talica 16. Can't tell much about its durability as I've not fished it long enough to tell. But its cranking power is amazing and the new anodize, whatever they call it, really works. Like it better than my B2-600. Just MHO.
  422. cudun

    Topless frame for Tiagra 16

    Looking for a topless frame for Tiagra 16. Anyone has one to unload ? Thanks
  423. cudun

    Charging people $$ to generate interest in LR fishing?

    I personally don't think charging $50 for the show is a wise marketing approach, and I don't think the show is going to cover something special that will not be cover on the ride down either. However, I think it will be fun, and fun is what I am after in doing many things including fishing so...
  424. cudun

    Swifty Nu-Skin

    Thanks for the info. This is exactly what I have been looking for.
  425. cudun

    ATD-30 freespool

    Thank you all for your input. I'll open it up and give it a shot. By the way, where can I find the tutorial on ATD 30 from Alan Tani ? It wasn't on his website when I checked. A Google search did not yield anything either. I guess all ATDs coming straight from the factory do not freespool...
  426. cudun


    Hi Steve, That trip is exactly what I have in mind. If I loose my patience, I'll jump on the 8 days in Jun.
  427. cudun


    Sorry Steve ! I beat you to it. The check is already in the mail Howard.
  428. cudun

    ATD-30 freespool

    Badly influenced by the praises on ATD-30 as the best cow reel. I bit the bullet and bought a new topless ATD-30. I am surprised to see that the reel free spools only 3-4 seconds. Is it usual/typical for this reel ? I would think for the kind of dough this reel costs, it should not need the...
  429. cudun


    PM sent
  430. cudun

    10 Rods for Sale

    PM sent
  431. cudun

    Shimano Tiagra 50 2 Speed Reel New

    That's quite a deal right there ! I would be all over it if I did not have too many Tiagras already. Good luck with the sale ! You may want to put it on and/or I'm sure it'll be gone in no time at this price.
  432. cudun

    New In Box Tallica

    Also interested. PM sent
  433. cudun

    Merritt 10 day on the Excel 11/4-11/14

    You were getting me on the edge of my seat with your suspense write up. I did let out a sigh of relief when I reached the end. Not one of the biggest fish but surely one of the greatest report.
  434. cudun

    B164 1KW thru hull 20Deg tilt for DSM300

    Email failed to deliver. Please PM me so we can talk. Very interested. Thanks
  435. cudun

    Navionics SoCal-Baja chip/card.

    I'll take it if it fits my Raymarine C80. Send you a PM also. Thanks
  436. cudun

    Furuno FCV585

    What transducer does it come with? Thanks
  437. cudun

    Weather this coming weekend in San Quintin

    I've just looked at the 5 day forecast for the hurricane Norbert and it didn't look like it's going to affect areas north of Tortugas. My buddies and I planned on going down to San Quintin this Fri and fish Sat, but the forecast scared them off. I really hate to cancel/postpone the trip but I...
  438. cudun

    181 / 209 YFT searched long&hard

    Thanks for the report. Your report helps me save lots of gas.
  439. cudun

    Looking for boat advice

    My 2003 Triumph 210 is still for sale. Search for the ad under my name at in Used boat in Classified section.
  440. cudun

    Raymarine C80 trouble shooting

    Thank you all for your precious advice. !!! I found the culprit that caused all the trouble. Last Sat before my hooping trip to Cat island I checked and tightened the connection to/from the DSM300. I also cleaned the ducer. The moment I turned on the fish finder, it gave me a big grin on my...
  441. cudun

    Raymarine C80 trouble shooting

    Hi Todd, I did try what I know. The scroll speed has been set at 100% but it did not do any good. I'll contact you for your help. Thanks
  442. cudun

    Raymarine C80 trouble shooting

    I posted my question on Raymarine site. This was the response I received from them. "Try tapping the DSM300 while someone is looking at the screen, if the picture is breaking up and you see noise spikes or any form of breakup there is likely a problem in the DSM, this will require to have the...
  443. cudun

    Raymarine C80 trouble shooting

    My new used boat comes with a C80 unit. Somehow, even when I set the scroll at 100% the screen of the fish finder still moves very slowly. I would say it moves less than one inch after the boat has traveled over a quarter mile. As the result, the bottom is so compressed that I can't read it...