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    I second the recommendation for the 7' 6" GP Predator. 60# is the sweet spot in my opinion. Whatever you pick you will be smiling when the big bluefin hits the deck. Have fun.
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    Temporary Import Permit???

    Michelle is fantastic but it is costly. If you have the original TIP I believe it follows the boat. the previous owner of my boat was unable to locate so I used Michelle to work with the authorities in Ensenada to cancel and reissue. Good luck
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    Covid-19 and an FMM

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    Covid-19 and an FMM

    Which FMM link did you use. I can't find one that works? Thank you,
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    WTB Blackwater flurocarbon

    Check out the new Aftco Saiko. Just as good if not better in my opinion and I have been BW loyal while available.
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    spooling up Torque 15 star

    The 6.0 gear is perfect. I got 40 yards of JB hollow 40. Sweet setup.
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    For Sale Bean Bag Chair

    I am local in San Diego and will take them if the other sale does not go through. Thanks,
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    Penn Fathom FTH12 Fly Lining Recommendations

    I would go 30# braid so you have some capacity and enough room to cast mono. The 30# braid does not cast well. Either does the 40# IMO. Caught some good size fish with this set-up using 20# or 25# topshot. Have fun.
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    What's going on with the Relentless?

    It was tied up at the dock last weekend.
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    20 VISX Line Capacity

    I have heard 700 yards of Izor 100#. I got 300 80# Seaguar plus 325 100# Seaguar. Had hoped for more but every spectra is different.
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    For Sale UC76Tilefish JR

    That particular blank is awesome! It gets more use than all others combined. GLWS.
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    UC Wahoo JR Capablities?

    Just got back from a trip where I loaned my Wahoo Jr. and Torque 25N2LD to a guy. He made pretty short work of a 85# BFT caught on a flat fall. I think it's sweet spot is 40-50#. On the rail it was lifting the fish just fine.
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    New PENN Torque TRQ15XNLD2

    Yeah, not sure. Hopefully I can flatten it out a little this weekend on a solid BFT!
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    Best Knot for Heavy Line

    Spangler all the way. Picked it up on this forum 5 years ago and started using on 20# up to 200#. Many fish caught including cows and zero failures. Easy to tie big line, fast, and seems stealthy. Two loops around the hook adds confidence. Thank you to whoever posted this knot 5 years ago...
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    New PENN Torque TRQ15XNLD2

    Just filled a couple 15XN reels and a 15. Surprised the 15XN took 350 yards of JB hollow 40# and the 15 took 400 yards. Same line winder and line. Looking forward to a 3 day this weekend to put them through their paces.
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    Alan Tani scores 93 pound bluefin on little Torque TRQ15LD2

    Last trip I ended up hooking a 70# on the 15ld2. Took a lot longer than 15 minutes for me. Then hooked one on the 12 star drag...first time I have been spooled! Figured it had to happen sometime.
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    Torque 30 star drag as a surface iron reel???

    I'd say that 15XN will be a winner. The standard 15 can make it tough to keep up with a fish coming towards the boat. It seems the 15XN will be geared like the 25N which seems perfect. Fast retrieve and low gear when you want it. Way to go Penn.
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    Vagabond 1.5 Day

    Do it. They run a great operation. Have yet to have anything but a great trip on that boat.
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    Recommendations for SQ, LA bay, Loreto, Cedros, East Cape, or even Cabo

    I agree your only real choice is La Mision or on second thought down in the East cape. Loreto that time of year is scorching hot as it is not tempered by the Pacific like Cabo and that area. If you like panga fishing and a really nice hotel and pool Loreto is it. Qaint town...feels safe and...
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    New handle

    Get a Tiburon handle. They are perfect for that reel.
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    For Sale Accurate 30 topless pen VSX 16

    Funny how Topless in the title gets all kinds of hits. Bump and GLWS.
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    WTB Rack for Lobster Nets

    I am interested in two as well.
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    Another 76 Invictus for Pete

    That'll put a serious spank on a cow yellowfin! Put er in low and crank er to the boat.
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    Gonzaga Thanksgiving Week.

    Good to get that feedback. I am taking a similar rig down.
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    Gonzaga Thanksgiving Week.

    The Baja 1000 course goes right through there this year. Race starts November 16th so you should be clear. Not sure if they will make the road better or worse. I am heading down with a 20' skiff and hoping the road is not too bad. Good luck.
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    United Composites Spinning Rod Advice

    Thanks for the input guys. Seems like the Predator might be a little heavy for the smaller reel I am considering. I have a 7 1/2 foot Predator conventional and it is one awesome rod.
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    United Composites Spinning Rod Advice

    Hoping some of you UC gurus can point me in the right direction for a rod to match with a Shimano 6000 Saragosa. Something in the 25-50# range to throw lures. Probably put 65# spectra on the reel. I was thinking the GUSA Tilefish Jr. 8 foot might work well but would appreciate any input. Thanks!
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    For Sale Large Rapala Lures

    Agreed. Better for local pickup or off to Good Will. Thanks for looking.
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    For Sale Large Rapala Lures

    Looks like $7.41 USPS. Thanks,
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    Torque 30 LD2 Binding

    Just spooled up this reel I had sitting around for a while. It now binds badly and has a strange clicking sound. It is more than a year old. Anyone have any experience with their warranty system? Should I send it into Penn as warranty or just bite the bullet and take it to a local reel shop...
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    For Sale Large Rapala Lures

    (2) large Rapala lures. $15 for both including the storage tubes. Shipping at cost or local pickup in San Diego. Thanks for looking
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    For Sale New Marauders - Wahoo Lures

    (2) Brand new lures. One is a Megabait approximately 8 1/2". The other is a Yo-Zuri. $30 for both plus shipping or local pickup in San Diego. Thanks for looking
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    Big Bluefin tackle

    If you decide to get a VISX I would opt. for the 20 rather than the 16. I have both and they are great reelshowever the 20 is better for the larger fish and you have the rest covered with the Talica 16. Don't let the reel stop you though. Go get some big ones!
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    Big Bluefin tackle

    You might get lucky and land a cow or you might get spooled. Mak 20 with 700 yards of 100# spectra would be my minimum.
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    How much 130 JB on a VISX20

    Just put 600 yards of Threadlock 100# on a VISX 20. May want to switch the 130# to your VISX 50 when you get it. I was told you can get 700 yards of Izor on a VISX 20.
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    can anyone report on gonzaga?

    Hello, Would you recommend a full size camper and 20 foot boat with the road conitions. Thanks much
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    SOLD *REDUCED* NIB Penn Torque & Pro Gear V32

    Was trying not to spend over $400 but will take it for $415 to San Diego if that works for you. Thank you,
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    What Drag Setting for 100lb Spectra ?

    28-30 is good. Don't slam it up to strike like you do with 25#. Ease it up there. Most importantly... keep smiling till they git er to gaff.
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    For Sale United Composites RCX70 CENTAUR 60-100lb $360

    That is a sweet set-up. Perfect for fishing a 100# topshot.
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    Vancouver Island Timing

    Good to know. Thank you for the information.
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    Vancouver Island Timing

    Appreciate the intel. We will be towing a 20 foot skiff up there to fish from. Are the San Juan's within reach of a small boat? I was planning on July 1 through first week of August but based on your input will adjust to end of July through August. I haved fished Hippa off Queen Charlotte 9...
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    VISX 30 capabilities

    It would work well although the size 20 is a great size for sardine fishing and the 50 is nice for big bait and jigs. I always like bumping up the size for the last 100-200 yards of spectra. Good luck.
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    WTB WTB Bluefin Setup $800

    Have a Calstar 770XH custom wrapped and a Makaira 16 filled to the top with 100# Jerry Brown hollow spectra. Both in almost perfect condition.
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    Line Capacity for Local cow BFT?

    Most of the time a Makaira 20 with 100# spectra will have you covered. Many cows on this size outfit. Captain of the Vagabond said he has seen them get smoked when a really big fish decides to keep going. a 222# took me down to the last 1/3. If you are using your reel on the kite you...
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    1.5 Day on Pacific Queen, what to bring?

    Get a 100# setup if you think you will start going long range. Otherwise see if the boat has one. I would pass on the 60# set-up right now. Its either big bluefin or smaller grade yellowfin and not much in between.
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    Hollow Spectra to Swivel Connection

    Thanks for the info guys. I will give the larger loop a go.
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    Hollow Spectra to Swivel Connection

    That works well when it is just the swivel. I have prerigged Yummy Flyers etc. that would be tough to attach with cats paw. I guess I could just make a larger loop so I could get the Yummie and line through it.
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    Hollow Spectra to Swivel Connection

    Any recommendations for the best way to connect the spectra to the swivel? One person suggested a large loop in the spectra and then tying a 10 turn double San Diego knot. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Always hate to learn the hard way. Thanks,
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    Vancouver Island Timing

    Hey guys, thanks much for the info. Bummer about the crab. Hopefully they will come back. Maybe we will just bring prawn traps instead. Tight lines,
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    Vancouver Island Timing

    A group of us are planning a summer trip up the island and would like input on best time of year to go. We want to fish Coho and King, Crab, and shrimp. Not sure when the season for the shrimping and crabbing are typically open and when the salmon runs occur. Any insight would be appreciated...
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    For Sale Blue 2x4 and Makaira 30

    Would you be interested in selling just the reel? Thanks,
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    Penn Torque 40LD2 wins the battle

    I saw someone land a cow on a Fathom 40, but also was told by the captain that he saw a VISX 20 get dumbed in a matter of seconds. Really depends on how mean and ornery the fish is. Line capacity is key.
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    Spectra Capacity

    Got 650 yards of 100# JB hollow on my VSX 16.
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    Penn Torque 40LD2 wins the battle

    Saw the same thing a month ago with a Fathom 40. Need to see someone step it up and get one on a 25N!
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    Spectra for Penn 12 Reel

    Think I will try adding a mono topshot and if that doesnt work then try the above spectra.
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    Spectra for Penn 12 Reel

    Any recommendations for spectra? Currently have 30# Jerry Brown solid and can't stand the way it casts. Would like something which provides decent capacity and casts well. Thanks,
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    Rigging Flat Fall lures for Big Tuna

    A deckhand recently told me they see far more fish lost with the large stinger hook. He didn't elaborate but it may be it gives the fish leverage against the jig when it shakes its head. I am sticking with a couple of high quality assist hooks for now. Seems with this set-up the fish can...
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    For Sale Clamp on Extended/Standard Fishing Rod holder - 316 Stainless

    Would like 4 of the standard version. Will send PM.
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    Vagabond BFT Score

    Sounds typical. I get on the Vagabond this Thursday. I'll bring all the heavy stuff. Probably end up fishing dink yellowtail :-) Thanks for sharing the info.
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    Vagabond BFT Score

    Was there much flat fall fishing during the day or was it during the nighttime hours?
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    For Sale Shimano TLD-25 Reel

    Price reduced to $50.
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    For Sale Calstar and Seeker Rods for sale

    Price reduced: Calstar 660H - $100 Seeker custom wrap - $180
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    Dissapointed in Makaira 30II-SEA after 8-day trip

    My SAE 20 just started making that same noise. It has seen quite a bit of use so am dropping it off for service. It seems to work fine with the noise. I caught a few bluefin with it and it didn't miss a beat.
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    For Sale Lot of Rapalas - Extras included

    Replied. Lures pending for Dan.
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    For Sale Lot of Rapalas - Extras included

    Most never used. Proven fish killers on many species. Reel covers and boxes included. $70 plus shipping.
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    For Sale Tuna Trolling Lures

    Just in time for the arriving Yellowfin tuna! $30 plus actual shipping cost. Thanks for looking
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    For Sale Lot of Shimano Waxwing Jigs

    Most of these have never been used. Includes case. They have a very erratic, effective action. $48 plus actual shipping cost. Thanks for looking
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    For Sale Rapala Type Lures

    OK. I am located in University City. I-5 and I-52.
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    For Sale Marauder Wahoo Trolling Lures - New

    These have never been used. They are 8", 8 1/2", and 10". These are proven wahoo lures. The black 10" has upgraded stainless steel hooks. $75 plus shipping. Thanks for looking.
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    For Sale Rapala Type Lures

    $45 for local pickup in San Diego or shipping at cost. Thanks for looking.
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    For Sale Shimano TLD-25 Reel

    Excellent mechanical condition. Fair cosmetic. $60 in San Diego for local pickup or ship at actual cost. Thanks,
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    UC GUSA 8' Jig Stick Recommendations

    Great input Alex. All the UC rods I have are the US line but might think about trying a CE blank as well.
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    Pacific Voyager and Mirage Charters

    Do you have spots left on the Pacific Voyager? Thanks,
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    UC GUSA 8' Jig Stick Recommendations

    Looking for some advice for an 8' rod to use with a Tranx 500. Fishing mostly 40# maybe 50#. Really like the 7 1/2 Predator I have, but wondering if it would be a bit stout in the 8' version for casting lighter jigs. I am considering the following: Monster US80 Wahoo US80 Predator US80 I...
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    Kite set ups

    For private boat kite I like 130# spectra better than 200#. The line doesn't sag into the water as easily. For this application the size 50 Makaira is more than enough. A 30 would work just well too. For long range the Makaira 50W with 130 stepped to 200# works well. I have it paired with...
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    For Sale Calstar and Seeker Rods for sale

    Here are a couple of rods for sale. Calstar 660-H rated 30-80# Great trolling rod or good for larger local bluefin. $125 Seeker CJBF80 rated 20-40# In reality could be used for heavier applications. Great jig stick or bait rod. $200 Local pickup in San Diego. Thanks for looking.
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    SOLD Tiburon SST 20 Reel

    Replied to all PM's. Thanks,
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    SOLD Tiburon SST 20 Reel

    Like new condition auto 2-speed reel. Includes 475 years of 100# Jerry Brown hollow spectra. Had the drag upgraded by Tiburon to provide additional drag capability. Go hook a big bluefin and have fun. $380 Thanks for looking
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    Power Handle For Penn 30ld2

    Those Tiburon handles are sweet. You won't be spending much time in low gear.
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    For Sale Tiburon 8

    The 7540 is sold however the 8 is still available. Great Wahoo reel...keep em coming to the boat while the reel shifts between low and high.
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    For Sale Tiburon 7540

    Bump for a great wahoo reel.
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    Torque 25 line capacity

    I was able to put 450 yards of JB 60# hollow on a TRQ25N.
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    For Sale Tiburon 8

    Autoshift 2 speed reel. Made in USA. Works perfectly and in excellent condition. Recently serviced. $350 plus shipping. Thanks for looking.
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    For Sale Tiburon 7540

    This is a made in USA auto 2-speed. Spooled with 50# spectra and mono. Has recently been gone through to lube and check. Works flawlessly. $350 plus shipping. Thanks for looking
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    For Sale Sato Crimps and Pliers

    I prefer not to ship. Some local guys want it. Thanks for the interest.
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    For Sale Calstar 9' Jigstick

    Like new condition. Cork handle. 90JC $180 local pickup in San Diego.
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    For Sale SKB 7100 Tackle Box $200

    Medium size. Model 7100. Like new condition with (4) rod holders. Also has base so it sits high enough to open front door on sport fishing boats. $200 local pickup in San Diego.
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    For Sale Sato Crimps and Pliers

    Crimps and pliers. $25. Local pickup in San Diego.
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    Best Raider Jig Color

    I have always been told for jigs color does not matter as long as it's purple. For wahoo the best color is FAST. :)
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    New UC85Phantom is out if u haven't heard

    Looks like a winner. Would be great to hear from anyone who has fished it. Seems hard to go wrong with any of the UC blanks.
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    Which Reel Would You Buy??

    Tough decision. I have the Mak 16 and it has been excellent. I also have the prior generation Penn 16 VSX which has been sent to Cal for lower gearing and Blueprinting. I think the newer Penn's have incorporated a lot of what Cal does to the VSX into the design. I would opt. for the Penn if...
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    UC Rod 60#

    US 76 Predator. Gets bait away from boat easily and plenty of lift.
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    For Sale SKB 7100 Box - $200

    This box is like new. Has rod holders, and spacers added to the bottom so it will open on sport boats. These spacers can be removed but are very handy. This is the medium size box. Local pickup in San Diego only. Thanks,
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    For Sale 9' Calstar BWCDH 90JC Jigstick

    In excellent condition. Just in time for the Yellowtail! $180. Local pickup only in San Diego.
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    For Sale 8' Sabiki Rod

    These rods let you reel your Sabiki bait catcher into the rod tube for easy use later. In like new condition at less than half the price of new. $40
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    WTB Used SKB 7100 tackle box

    I have one in San Diego if you are interested. Would need to pull it out of the shed and send you some pics.
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    For Sale Fishing Rods for Sale - Calstar and Seeker

    $100 for that one. Thanks for looking.
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    For Sale Fishing Rods for Sale - Calstar and Seeker

    Clearing out the garage and would like to sell the following rods: Calstar GF 700 XLH 15-25# - $150 Calstar 870 7' 15-40# - $100 Calstar 270 7' 12-30# - $100 Seeker FL8460 6' 25-40# Fishermans Landing factory wrap. Local pickup in San Diego only. Thanks for looking.
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    SOLD MAK 15

    What brand of hollow?
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    Which UC rod for all around 50lb test?

    I am getting ready to have a US 70 Wahoo Jr wrapped for that duty.
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    United Composites 30# 8' blank

    Well I went with the US 80 ML and it seems more like a 20-25# rod. No worries. I am getting ready to order a US 80 Mega for 30# along with a US 70 Wahoo Jr for 50# and a US 70 Monster for 40#. Can't say enough about the Predator and US 76 HP I had wrapped. Super light and powerful yet cast a...
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    For Sale Calstar 9' Jig Stick

    Very nice condition BWCDH 90JC factory wrapped rod. $180 for local pickup in San Diego only. Thanks for looking.
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    For Sale Brand New Calstar 700H rods

    These are factory wrapped GFGR-700H Grafighter rods. 7' rods rated 30-80#. Really nice rods for local fishing or long range. Price is $250 each firm. Located in San Diego for local pickup only. Thanks for looking.
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    WTB Factory Calstar 700H or 875H or 800H

    Have factory 700h if interested.
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    Which UC Rods?

    Just got back from a 17 day on the Royal Star and followed up with a Loreto yellowtail trip. UC's rock! Cow on the big stuff. The Predator 76 and 7 were fantastic on the 30-40# yellowtail. Probably going to fill in the quiver with an 80H for 30#. Maybe and a 76 Wahoo Jr for 40#. These...
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    WTB Sato splice kit

    Pretty sure I still have one I would let go real cheap. PM me if interested.
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    United Composites 30# 8' blank

    Thanks guys. I have the Tilefish Jr. 7' 6". Love that one for 30#. I didn't realize they made an 8' version. Really appreciate the input from you UC gurus.
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    United Composites 30# 8' blank

    Hi guys, Really like the GUSA blanks. Have a few now...well maybe like 6. Looking for a 30# 8' rod for bait fishing. Any recommendations? I have been fishing Calstar 800MH and M for 30# before being swayed to UC with their awesome blanks. Anyway, really appreciate the guidance others...
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    Cal Sheet's Super 30 VSX's for sale

    Ditto. I have (3) of these upgraded reels and feel they are better than anything out there. Cal's machining cuts weight, adds line capacity, and are oh so smooth. Those are a great deal considering what it costs for the reel and the upgrades. I wouldn't worry too much about the cosmetics cuz...
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    Lobster Fishing on the hook at Catalina?

    I think you are fine as well but get the booklet from DFW and double check the MLPA's. They are clearly marked in the book and you don't want to make a mistake. Take it from me.
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    WTB Calstar 700H rod

    Have two factory wrapped if interested. Brand new. Plans changed so don't need them. PM if interested.
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    United Composites 25# bait rod

    Looking at adding one more to use with a Tranx 400 and 25#. Like to pitch a sardine a long way from the boat. Any suggestions for you UC gurus out there? Maybe an 8 1/2 foot blank. I really like the GUSA blanks. Thanks much,
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    Tiburon SST 7540 and 16 for sale

    These are both serviced and in excellent condition. SST-16 has 450 yards of lightly used 100# Jerry Brown hollow spectra. $375 SST 7540 has Jerry Brown 50# spectra backing. $350 Prefer local pickup in San Diego but will ship at actual shipping cost. Thanks for looking.
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    Tiburon 7524 For Sale

    Reel is pending. I still have a 7540 for sale.
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    Rule Rule-A-Matic Switch

    Still in original packaging. $15 plus shipping.
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    Tiburon 7524 For Sale

    Thank you for the offer but already have one and am trying thin out the heard. Wife says too many reels. I say she has too many shoes.
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    Tiburon 7524 For Sale

    Thinning out the reels. This Tiburon is in almost perfect condition. Includes 390 yards of Jerry Brown hollow 40# spectra. $350 for local pickup in San Diego or shipping for actual shipping cost. Thanks,
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    Tiburon Reels for Sale

    The SST-6 is pending. 7540 is still available.
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    power handles for Penn Torques and Fathoms

    Those Tiburon handles from Ken's are sweet!
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    Tiburon Reels for Sale

    SST 7540 - $350 Includes spectra and mono topshot SST 6 - $375 Filled with new Jerry Brown hollow spectra Both in clean condition and recently serviced. Prefer local pickup in San Diego or ship at cost. Thanks
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    Parker 2520 or Duffy 26

    Had a Yanmar 260 in my last boat and it was fantastic. Always liked putting around at 6 knots burning 1 gph. You should research the hull characteristics.
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    United Composites 25# bait rod

    Your recommendations have been very good. I am torn between the MH and HL. Think I will order the MH and if too light just get another. Is that a bad thing? Appreciate all the feedback!
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    Considering sizing up from 25' Davis and buying a 30' flybirdge slipped boat. Talk me out of it!

    This thread caught by eye as I am in the same situation as the 25 Davis owner. I had a 26 straight shaft Blackman in the water for over 5 years. The cost of keeping it in the water was not that bad. After 5 years of owning a slipped boat I swore I would never trailer another boat to the...
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    United Composites 25# bait rod

    Bill's recommendation of the 80 HL looks like a good option. He has been spot on with his other recommendations I have followed here. Thanks much!!!
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    United Composites 25# bait rod

    Thanks guys. Sounds like the XF is the ticket. Much appreciated.
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    United Composites 25# bait rod

    Hi folks, does anyone have any suggestions for a 25# bait stick. I really love the 7 1/2" Tilefish Jr for 30# but am looking for an 8" stick to fish 25#. Really like the GUSA blanks. Thanks ,
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    WTB Tiburon Tranx 500 Reel Clamps

    I have one. Let me know if you want it. Thanks,
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    Hoop Net Weights

    They are a couple of pounds each. 3 per net adds the right amount of weight to keep them planted even in deep water. I am located in University City. Thanks,
  129. T

    Hoop Net Weights

    I don't need these lead filled weights anymore. Just trying to recover some cost at $3 each. It takes 3 per net to get them down so they don't skip across the bottom. Located in San Diego and local pickup only. Thanks for looking.
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    50# / 60# Live Bait Reel

    Having had the Talica 20 and now a Torque 40N2 I like the Torque better. Only other thing I would suggest considering might be a Makaira 10. Good luck.
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    United Composites Rods? Who uses them?

    Any opinions on 7'. Vs. 7 1/2' Predator? Lokiing for 50-60 pound bait stick. Thanks,
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    Which UC Rods?

    I second the US Tilefish Jr. for 30# bait. Now my favorite 30# and I am a Calstar guy. Just ordered blanks for US 70 Predator for 50# bait and a US 76 HP for 40# bait. Good luck.
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    Andros 5n11a vs Makiera 8-2se

    I have all the Mak's and most of the Andros. The Mak 8 is used least as it is bulkier than other reels and lacks line capacity for larger fish. For 20-30# I would consider a star drag reel. As others have said the new Torques are killer. I use the 15 lever drag for 30# and the 25N lever drag...
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    Trailering south 9/30 advice appreciated

    Best bet might be to fish the inside of the 302 or near the 425. You need FMM visas and passports if within 12 miles of shore in Mexico. Mexican fishing license if you go down South. The school size YFT are biting pretty good right now. Good advice on Mission Bay launch. The bait receiver...
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    United Composites 40# 7 1/2' Blank

    I believe the Tilefish is 8' and I prefer 7'. Does anyone know the difference between the US 70H, 70XH, and the 70XO, 70XOS? They look very similar on paper. I do prefer a little bit more moderately actioned blank as I get older. Thanks for the input. Much appreciated.
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    RP knot failure

    It helps to wrap the mono around one hand, the spectra around the other and give it a quick pull at the end. This cinches it. I have never had this knot fail. I have pulled too hard and had fluorocarbon fail but never the knot. I used to only use the Bob Sands but switched over a few years...
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    United Composites 40# 7 1/2' Blank

    Primarily for a live bait rod. Possibly yo-yo as well. Thanks!
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    United Composites 40# 7 1/2' Blank

    Appreciate the input. Which UC blank would you recommend for 40# that is 7'. Seems like quite a few options. Thanks,
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    United Composites 40# 7 1/2' Blank

    I received some great advise to get a US 76 Tilefish Jr. blank for 30#. Any suggestions for a 40# and 50# blank in the 7 1/2 foot length. I wouldn't mind going down to a 7 foot blank for the 50#. Thanks much,
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    Boat Bean Bags

    The bags are sold. Thanks.
  141. T

    Boat Bean Bags

    Sounds good. Couple ahead of you. Thanks,
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    Boat Bean Bags

    PM sent.
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    Boat Bean Bags

    Sold boat. These are in great shape and very comfortable for lounging around on the boat. $50 for both. Local pick-up in San Diego only. Thanks,
  144. T

    Cold shrink question

    Pretty simple. I cut the excess of after I installed it. Just be sure to keep the starting point in place as you pull the plastic out. Good luck.
  145. T

    Trans400 Calstar Rod

    Appreciate all the feedback guys. Sounds like for Canstar I should go with 800L or 800M. Was thinking something longer but sounds like you guys recommend 8'. Thanks!
  146. T

    "Sold" Please delete Blackman Outerbanks

    Just sold a 2009 Pilothouse Blackman and miss it already. I have never seen a better outfitted Outerbanks. Someone is going to have a lot of fun with that boat. The economy and ride are incredible and it has everything you need. GLWS.
  147. T

    Trans400 Calstar Rod

    Meant to have title read Tranx 400.
  148. T

    Trans400 Calstar Rod

    Does anyone have any input on a good blank to consider for this reel. Planning on using it for 25-30# test down in baja fishing live bait or small lures like Rapalas. I am partial to Calstar unless they don't have anything suitable. Thanks,
  149. T

    SKB 7100 Tackle Box

    I will take it. Let me know when is convenient.
  150. T

    WTB/WTT Shimano Tranx Reel handles - white knob

    I think I may have two handles. Let me check and let you know.
  151. T

    Rods and reels

    PM sent.
  152. T

    WTB trac pot pulled/hauler

    Ace line hauler pulls similar catch with about 5# weight. No assist needed. The hands free option is awesome. Good luck.
  153. T

    Catalina bugs and found nets 1-14-17

    Good Karma for you. Hope you get many bugs on your next trip.
  154. T

    Shimano Tiagra 30 (Reel Ony)

    Yes, the reel is cow worthy. Bump.
  155. T

    Shimano Tiagra 30 (Reel Ony)

    Sorry Yummy Flyer not included. Bump.
  156. T

    Shimano Tiagra 30 (Reel Ony)

    This reel is in excellent shape. A few scratches but mechanically perfect. Had it completely gone through by Ken's Custom Reels after last trip. Has always performed flawlessly. Just have too many reels. Has either 110 or 130# Jerry Brown hollow spectra with 100# wind-on leader. $350 plus...
  157. T

    UC 30# Bait Rod

    Getting a blank on order. Thanks for the input guys!
  158. T

    UC 30# Bait Rod

    Looks perfect. Thanks,
  159. T

    UC 30# Bait Rod

    Just checking to see if anyone has any recommendations for a 7 1/2' bait stick? Looking for something similar to a cut down Calstar 800M. Thanks,
  160. T

    For Sale Tiburon reels for sale Pics Added

    Those Tiburons are great reels. Caught a few 90# BFT on the 7530 this year. Smooth and strong. Wish I needed another. GLWS.
  161. T

    Penn Torque 12 Star Drag Set Up

    I just put 325 yards of 30# Berkley spectra. Plan on using it for 25-30# topshots. Seems like a VERY nice reel.
  162. T

    Spangler Knot

    The Spangler is now my know of choice for everything. I have used it for 15# all the way up to 200# mono. Zero failures after 2 years of "field testing". Two cows were in the mix. I really like that you can tie heavy fluro as well as mono. and it seems to be much more stealthy than the San...
  163. T

    WTB Extratuf boots size 10

    Have some older ones which would be really cheap but don't want to ship. Let me know if you are ever in SD.
  164. T

    Wtb fighting belt

    I have one I will give you if you are ever in San Diego. It is collecting dust in the garage right now.
  165. T

    Springer knot vs Spangler knot

    I can vouch for the Spangler. Having been a diehard San Diego knot fisherman I converted over to the Spangler when Jeff posted a few years back. I started using it on all the local trips using 30-40# just to test it out. Never had a failure and got fast at tying the knot. With this...
  166. T

    2003 Blackman Outerbanks for sale

    I have a 2009 Pilothouse that is going to go on the market. Blackmans are built so well it is hard to let it go but is time to upsize. They are the perfect Socal fishing and diving machine. GLWS.
  167. T

    Need some input: MAK 50 or 30..........or 20

    I would start with the 20. Should be plenty for local kite fishing. Great sardine reel on the long range trips. Trust me this won't be your last reel so get the 50 next. I have them all and when standing at the rail all day opt for the 20. To me the 30 is a bit wide but all this is personal...
  168. T

    Drift sock - 32"

    pm sent.
  169. T

    1986 blackman billfisher straight shaft 50K

    That is one sweet hull. Just can't beat it. I have the 6 Yanmar and can't say enough good about that power either. Can't find a boat of this quality that does it all until you step up to much bigger ones. GLWS.
  170. T

    Fillet Table

    Still available.
  171. T

    Okuma Makaira 15II-SEa

    Sent you a text. Thanks!
  172. T

    ultimate 30 pound outfit for 1 - 3 day trips

    I second the recommendation for the Calstar 800M with a talc 10 2/speed. I have had this outfit since the Talica's first came out and have caught some very large fish mostly using 30#. This is perfect since you can use if for both 30# and 40 depending on the Fluorocarbon leader you add. I put...
  173. T

    274 pound American Angler tuna on PENN 16VSX

    I have the JB 100# on mine and it is perfect.
  174. T

    274 pound American Angler tuna on PENN 16VSX

    If you are already paying for the labor to take it apart you might as well do it all. You will never regret it. You do run the risk of getting spooled but after holding the rig all say it is nice to have the lighter outfit.
  175. T

    274 pound American Angler tuna on PENN 16VSX

    I have landed cows on a modified 16VSX. Probably the part I like best is the lower low gear. The bearings and blueprint are nice but probably not a critical. If I were buying one out of the box reel it would be the 30.
  176. T

    Okuma Makaira 15II-SEa

    Still available.
  177. T

    Fillet Table

    Last person didn't pick it up so it is still available.
  178. T

    Calstar 765L Custom Rods

    One of the rods is sold. One left if anyone is interested.
  179. T

    6' Gaffs

    The gaffs are spoken for. Thanks
  180. T

    Calstar 765L Custom Rods

    They are rated 30-80#. Would prefer to sell as pair but would separate.
  181. T

    Calstar 765L Custom Rods

    I had 4 of them made for my boat but only troll with two. Great 60# trollers or 50-60# live bait rods.
  182. T

    Calstar 765L Custom Rods

    Two like new custom wrapped by M&M Custom rods Calstar rods. All high quality components. $400 for both. Must be picked up locally.
  183. T

    Fillet Table

    This is intended to be rail mounted and includes hardware. The dimensions are 15" x 30". $40. Local Pick-up only.
  184. T

    6' Gaffs

    $40 for both. Local pick-up only.
  185. T

    Okuma Makaira 15II-SEa

    Two of these reels for sale. Little bit of trolling use. Perfect mechanical condition. Slight marks on reels. One of the handles has abrasion. Both have 60# Jerry Brown hollow spectra. Gunmetal. $375 each. Prefer local pickup in San Diego but will ship at buyers expense.
  186. T

    16VSX larger handle knob?

    Not sure but you can add the Tiburon handle which is awesome.
  187. T

    Showtime on the Star

    Wow amazing recount of the events on what some would call a slow fishing trip. I want to find out how to get on the Picasso list. Don't really care what boat, where we go, or what we catch. Just want to fish with him again. BTW I may have taken come "cocktail" ice from the galley before it...
  188. T

    WTB: Pilot House (Parker, Blackman, Stringari, etc.)

    Have a 2009 Blackman pilothouse if you have any interest. Yanmar 260 hp diesel. PM if interested.
  189. T

    Torque 40nld braid capacity

    Have 500 yards of 100# JB hollow if that helps. Incredible reel.
  190. T

    Long Range Topshots

    Thanks for all the info guys. It is decided. I am going to try to use up all the supplies I have using the Teraoka nub knot method. When I become completely frustrated I will just buy them from Basil or Ken for the next trip. Be glad to post some pics of the 17/11 Royal Star trip.
  191. T

    Long Range Topshots

    You have me leaning towards using nail knots. Can't really see any downside. A guy did show me how to do a serve three years ago and I made one up. Caught a nice one and the flouro slipped in the spectra. Still got the fish but immediately replaced the topshot with a premade one.
  192. T

    Long Range Topshots

    Appreciate the info. The problem with this trip is it is a fly / fly from Cabo so I will only have a day to set gear up and make top shots, so thought I would get a head start on it. I was thinking I would serve the top shots. Bought one of those funky bobbin things from BHP.
  193. T

    Long Range Topshots

    Great info guys. Thanks much. To answer Steve's question, yes the jig is to hold the line taut. It looks almost identical to the one shown in the video.
  194. T

    Long Range Topshots

    I am fairly new to the long range trips. One under my belt. I have committed to making topshots for an upcoming trip in a few weeks. I made a jig and have most of the materials. Can any of you long time, long rangers point me to some good tutorials for making the wind ons? I will be...
  195. T

    Fishing pliers, which one?

    Channelocks are the way to go. They will rust but keep working.
  196. T

    SKB 7000 W/ROD HOLDERS $200.00

    I am in San Diego. Willing to ship?
  197. T

    Shimano Tiagra 30 for sale

    Excellent condition with Jerry Brown hollow spectra. I don't recall how much or what test but most likely 100# or 130#. Had it completely serviced by Ken's custom reels after my last trip. It's only caught a few fish. Too many reels and need to let this one go. Local pickup in San Diego or...
  198. T

    Tiburon Reels (SST30, SST20)

    I will take them. Sending PM.
  199. T

    WTB: Shimano Evair Deckboots size 10

    Have some that have been worn a few times. They are size 10. Didn't fit me quite right. I am located in University City if you are interested.
  200. T

    Aftco Fighting Belt

    Only used a few times. In like new condition. $50.
  201. T

    Fillet Table

    Has brackets to attach to stern rail. $50
  202. T

    I am going to be listing my 2009 26 foot blackman for sale soon if you are interested.

    I am going to be listing my 2009 26 foot blackman for sale soon if you are interested.
  203. T

    Spangler knot

    Just used it last weekend. Pulled pretty hard on good size yellowtail with no issues. I can still tie the San Diego knot quicker however like this knot better.
  204. T

    15# Calstar Blank

    That is great advice. I don't fish 15 all that often either but remember years having a blast on smaller YFT with 15. I like the short leader idea. I just spooled my small reels with 30# JB. Wish I would have filled to the top after reading your post. Thanks again.
  205. T

    15# Calstar Blank

    Thanks guys. Since there are two votes for the 196-8 it sounds like that settles it.
  206. T

    15# Calstar Blank

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a 15# live bait blank? I am thinking either the 800XL or GX8. I will be using a Trinidad 10. Appreciate any input.
  207. T

    Mak 8ii, a 40lb live bait reel?

    I am another that agrees with Blane. Having most of the Okuma reels and many others, I think the Mak 8 is one of my least favorite. It is a fine reel just doesn't have much line capacity if you run into those 100# + BFT. You may want to consider the new Andros 12 as a 40# outfit with a...
  208. T

    40NLD2 drag setting question

    I got 385 years of the new JB 16 carrier 100# spectra. I think I would get close to 500 yards of the 12 carrier 100#. This is pretty much all the way to the top.
  209. T

    Clamp bolts on Torque reel

    I just received two Torques and one of the clamp bolts was only threaded part way down so the nut would not go far enough down to reach the reel seat. Hopefully they can be found at a hardware store.
  210. T

    Was going to get another andros 5n...

    I agree with the recommendation to add an Andros 5 II. I have the Mak 8 and it holds right around 300 yards of JB 40# hollow. It is a bit bulky for that line test and capacity. Sure did wonders pulling on the big YT in Loreto last month though. Better strike while the irons hot and get...
  211. T

    One Man's Trash, is Another Man's Treasure

    Those speedsters work well for YFT as well. Nice lures.
  212. T

    Andros 5II new vs old

    I am hoping the new ones a just not inferior to the older ones which have a stellar reputation. I have a 5II showing up in the mail today so should be able to run it through the paces soon.
  213. T

    Trinadad 20A

    The Trinidad 40 works very well. It has a fast retrieve and lots of line. If you put 60# spectra on a 20 I think you would get plenty of line capacity though.
  214. T

    Making Wind On Leaders

    Basil said he has two vices with rubber padding on a workbench. He pulls very hard before clamping. He also mentioned that using the correct spectra size for the flourocarbon diameter is key.
  215. T


    Practiced that Spangler knot and think I have it wired. It sure is a stealthy knot. Planning on putting it to the test here locally this year before giving it a go on the cows. It is actually pretty fast and easy to tie as well. Thanks for the tip Jeff.
  216. T

    Making Wind On Leaders

    Thanks for the great info. I talked to Basil today and have some supplies heading my way. He mentioned he really believes in pretensioning the line before applying the serve. My cheesy homemade jig doesn't sound like it is going to cut it. Back to the drawing board.
  217. T

    Making Wind On Leaders

    I have purchased from BHP in the past Yes, great guy. I wonder how current the information in the DVD is.
  218. T

    Making Wind On Leaders

    OK. I am sure this topic has been beaten to death, but would appreciated some guidance. i would like to start making my own. Can someone point me to a "how to" source for making them? Looking for a source someone can vouch for. I made one a few years back and it slipped on a big fish...
  219. T

    40NLD2 drag setting question

    It sounds like there may be an issue with your reel. I have a 40 and 25 Torque on their way and will let you know if I experience the same thing. I had a drag issue with some Accurates and returned them.
  220. T


    I have a Fishermans's Landing wrap 270. It is a black blank with blue and gold wrap. Rod has reel seat.
  221. T

    26' Blackman Billfisher (2003)

    Have the same hull with a 260 Yanmar direct drive. Also kept in the water and can't say enough good things about this combo. Very efficient, smooth and no outdrive to worry about. As with you, I was done with trailer brakes and boat ramps. It is so refreshing to just go to the marina and...
  222. T

    First 40lb Set Up

    I have all the Talicas and Okumas and end up fishing the Tacila 10II with either 30# or 40# more than anything. There is not much on a trip of that range you won't stop with this reel. Very light, nimble and casts well. For consistently bigger fish I would opt. for the Talica 12II with 40#...
  223. T

    Shimano Talica 8

    My go to 30# reel in Southern California is the Talica 10II. 70# yFT, 80# BFT, 50# dorado and have not been spooled. I fish it with 40# spectra and 30# topshot. The 12 is great also but don't seem to need the capacity that much. I would opt. for the smallest reel that will meet your needs...
  224. T

    Talica 8 braid capacity

    Talica 10II always seems to me the go to set up. Caught 70# yft, 80# bft, and 53# dorado with 30# topshot and 40 spectra backing. Used a Calstar 800ml. Yes, it kicked my ass but that's half the fun. Never been spooled so thinking of using the 8 more now. Ulta smooth drag and cranking.
  225. T

    Stainless steel drum for conversion to smoker or????

    I am interested if you still have it available.
  226. T

    Cow Drag

    So for all you experienced cow fisherman. What is your recommendation for drag when you first get hooked up? Do you go to your strike setting? I usually set my strike setting at 28# but am never quite sure if I should push it to strike or back it off. I realize I can always back it off if I...
  227. T

    14' Achilles Inflatabe

    Boat was sold awhile back. Thanks for asking.
  228. T

    Mexico fly backs with fishing Reels

    Have run nto the same dilema on Costa Rica and Canada trips. Always ended up checking the reels rather than stipping the line off them.
  229. T

    Channel Island White Seabass Boat

    Hey guys thanks for all the great recommendations. I forgot about the Pacific Dawn. Fished that boat for 10 years down here. Just need to get the WSB monkey off the back.
  230. T

    Channel Island White Seabass Boat

    Looking towards next year and wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a boat to fish? Looking for any recommendations of one of the nicer, less crowded boats that target white sea bass out at the islands. Thanks,
  231. T

    Talica 10 vs Avet Jx

    Have almost every size Talica. My favorite by far is the 10. 70# BFT, 75# yft, 53# dorado...too many fish to remember and have only had it serviced once. Love the reels.
  232. T

    Mak for 60#

    I have been using my 15s for 60# and they work well.
  233. T

    new andros differences?

    Does anyone have a recommendation for yo yo jigging iron for yellowtail. Either of the 12s or the 16? Would the 12 high speed be to high? Thanks
  234. T

    New Andros Vs.Makaira SEA

    I was at Hurricane bank earlier this year and a guy caught a 151 yft on a Makaira 10. Long battle on 40# but he got the fish in. It was an Accurate sponsored trip. Oops.
  235. T

    Boat Fridge / Freezer

    Give me a call and we can arrange for you to pick it up. 619-246-3019. Terry
  236. T

    Boat Fridge / Freezer

    This fridge came out of a 2009 Blackman. The 120 volt side still works fine. The 12 volt side quit working. Free for anyone who wants to fix it or use it dockside. Located in University City. Near I-5 and I-52 in San Diego.
  237. T

    When? New Andros A-12IIa

    Thanks. I missed it.
  238. T

    When? New Andros A-12IIa

    Is the 12 the only size which is being introduced? Does anyone know what line capacity this reel will have and gear ratio's. Wondering if it would be a good equivalent to an Accurate 600N used for yo yo fishing.
  239. T

    Need Boat Advice

    26 Blackman is the best boat in it's size range. There are some nice ones out there right now.
  240. T

    Rod Holder

    Never installed. $20.
  241. T

    14' Achilles Inflatabe

    The 14' Achilles is still for sale. Great running boat. $1,900
  242. T

    Drag tighten while fighting a fish.

    Wondering if you got an acceptable resolution. I have the same problem with two brand new Dauntless reels. Lost some quality 100# Blue Fin on the trip I just got off. The deckhands confirmed something is wrong. I am hoping Accurate can convince me to keep the reels as they are nice other...
  243. T

    Drag tighten while fighting a fish.

    If it makes you feel any better I am having the same problem with two brand new Dauntless reels. Lost some really nice Jumbo BFT on the trip I just got off. I know that Accurate will make it right but even the deckhands said something is definitely wrong. Went from light drag at strike in the...
  244. T

    14' Achilles Inflatabe

    Bump. Wifey says get it gone. $1,900.
  245. T

    For Sale: ATD 50W, Super Seeker 2x4

    How old is the reel? Thanks,
  246. T

    14' Achilles Inflatabe

    Bump. Make offer.
  247. T

    Dauntless 500N

    Thanks guys. I am going to give one a try.
  248. T

    14' Achilles Inflatabe

    Includes 30 hp Evinrude, Pacific Trailer, anchor, pump, fuel tank, life jackets, dry box, rod holders, cover. Boat has always run great. Used mostly for kelp bed fishing off La Jolla but also for diving and hoop netting. Very low maintenance boat and always well cared for. No patches or...
  249. T

    Dauntless 500N

    Does anyone have experience with this reel? Seems like a nice reel for surface iron and live bait with 50# spectra and 40# topshot. Thanks,
  250. T

    FS Shimano Tranx 500PG 4.6.1 SOLD!

    I will take it. I am located in San Diego. Thanks
  251. T


    Got get the skinnies! Should be perfect timing.
  252. T

    Calstar GF700-XLH

    Here is the photo.
  253. T

    Calstar GF700-XLH

    7' 15-25 pound. Great condition. $125 Will not ship. Must pick up in San Diego.
  254. T

    2007 28' PARKER - REDUCED!

    Please let me know how to reach you. Thanks