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    United Composites Spinning Rod Advice

    Hoping some of you UC gurus can point me in the right direction for a rod to match with a Shimano 6000 Saragosa. Something in the 25-50# range to throw lures. Probably put 65# spectra on the reel. I was thinking the GUSA Tilefish Jr. 8 foot might work well but would appreciate any input. Thanks!
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    Torque 30 LD2 Binding

    Just spooled up this reel I had sitting around for a while. It now binds badly and has a strange clicking sound. It is more than a year old. Anyone have any experience with their warranty system? Should I send it into Penn as warranty or just bite the bullet and take it to a local reel shop...
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    For Sale Large Rapala Lures

    (2) large Rapala lures. $15 for both including the storage tubes. Shipping at cost or local pickup in San Diego. Thanks for looking
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    For Sale New Marauders - Wahoo Lures

    (2) Brand new lures. One is a Megabait approximately 8 1/2". The other is a Yo-Zuri. $30 for both plus shipping or local pickup in San Diego. Thanks for looking
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    Hollow Spectra to Swivel Connection

    Any recommendations for the best way to connect the spectra to the swivel? One person suggested a large loop in the spectra and then tying a 10 turn double San Diego knot. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Always hate to learn the hard way. Thanks,
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    Vancouver Island Timing

    A group of us are planning a summer trip up the island and would like input on best time of year to go. We want to fish Coho and King, Crab, and shrimp. Not sure when the season for the shrimping and crabbing are typically open and when the salmon runs occur. Any insight would be appreciated...
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    Spectra for Penn 12 Reel

    Any recommendations for spectra? Currently have 30# Jerry Brown solid and can't stand the way it casts. Would like something which provides decent capacity and casts well. Thanks,
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    For Sale Lot of Rapalas - Extras included

    Most never used. Proven fish killers on many species. Reel covers and boxes included. $70 plus shipping.
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    For Sale Tuna Trolling Lures

    Just in time for the arriving Yellowfin tuna! $30 plus actual shipping cost. Thanks for looking
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    For Sale Lot of Shimano Waxwing Jigs

    Most of these have never been used. Includes case. They have a very erratic, effective action. $48 plus actual shipping cost. Thanks for looking
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    For Sale Marauder Wahoo Trolling Lures - New

    These have never been used. They are 8", 8 1/2", and 10". These are proven wahoo lures. The black 10" has upgraded stainless steel hooks. $75 plus shipping. Thanks for looking.
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    For Sale Rapala Type Lures

    $45 for local pickup in San Diego or shipping at cost. Thanks for looking.
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    For Sale Shimano TLD-25 Reel

    Excellent mechanical condition. Fair cosmetic. $60 in San Diego for local pickup or ship at actual cost. Thanks,
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    UC GUSA 8' Jig Stick Recommendations

    Looking for some advice for an 8' rod to use with a Tranx 500. Fishing mostly 40# maybe 50#. Really like the 7 1/2 Predator I have, but wondering if it would be a bit stout in the 8' version for casting lighter jigs. I am considering the following: Monster US80 Wahoo US80 Predator US80 I...
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    For Sale Calstar and Seeker Rods for sale

    Here are a couple of rods for sale. Calstar 660-H rated 30-80# Great trolling rod or good for larger local bluefin. $125 Seeker CJBF80 rated 20-40# In reality could be used for heavier applications. Great jig stick or bait rod. $200 Local pickup in San Diego. Thanks for looking.
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    SOLD Tiburon SST 20 Reel

    Like new condition auto 2-speed reel. Includes 475 years of 100# Jerry Brown hollow spectra. Had the drag upgraded by Tiburon to provide additional drag capability. Go hook a big bluefin and have fun. $380 Thanks for looking
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    For Sale Tiburon 8

    Autoshift 2 speed reel. Made in USA. Works perfectly and in excellent condition. Recently serviced. $350 plus shipping. Thanks for looking.
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    For Sale Tiburon 7540

    This is a made in USA auto 2-speed. Spooled with 50# spectra and mono. Has recently been gone through to lube and check. Works flawlessly. $350 plus shipping. Thanks for looking
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    For Sale Calstar 9' Jigstick

    Like new condition. Cork handle. 90JC $180 local pickup in San Diego.
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    For Sale SKB 7100 Tackle Box $200

    Medium size. Model 7100. Like new condition with (4) rod holders. Also has base so it sits high enough to open front door on sport fishing boats. $200 local pickup in San Diego.
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    For Sale Sato Crimps and Pliers

    Crimps and pliers. $25. Local pickup in San Diego.
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    For Sale SKB 7100 Box - $200

    This box is like new. Has rod holders, and spacers added to the bottom so it will open on sport boats. These spacers can be removed but are very handy. This is the medium size box. Local pickup in San Diego only. Thanks,
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    For Sale 9' Calstar BWCDH 90JC Jigstick

    In excellent condition. Just in time for the Yellowtail! $180. Local pickup only in San Diego.
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    For Sale 8' Sabiki Rod

    These rods let you reel your Sabiki bait catcher into the rod tube for easy use later. In like new condition at less than half the price of new. $40
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    For Sale Fishing Rods for Sale - Calstar and Seeker

    Clearing out the garage and would like to sell the following rods: Calstar GF 700 XLH 15-25# - $150 Calstar 870 7' 15-40# - $100 Calstar 270 7' 12-30# - $100 Seeker FL8460 6' 25-40# Fishermans Landing factory wrap. Local pickup in San Diego only. Thanks for looking.
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    For Sale Calstar 9' Jig Stick

    Very nice condition BWCDH 90JC factory wrapped rod. $180 for local pickup in San Diego only. Thanks for looking.
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    For Sale Brand New Calstar 700H rods

    These are factory wrapped GFGR-700H Grafighter rods. 7' rods rated 30-80#. Really nice rods for local fishing or long range. Price is $250 each firm. Located in San Diego for local pickup only. Thanks for looking.
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    United Composites 30# 8' blank

    Hi guys, Really like the GUSA blanks. Have a few now...well maybe like 6. Looking for a 30# 8' rod for bait fishing. Any recommendations? I have been fishing Calstar 800MH and M for 30# before being swayed to UC with their awesome blanks. Anyway, really appreciate the guidance others...
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    Tiburon SST 7540 and 16 for sale

    These are both serviced and in excellent condition. SST-16 has 450 yards of lightly used 100# Jerry Brown hollow spectra. $375 SST 7540 has Jerry Brown 50# spectra backing. $350 Prefer local pickup in San Diego but will ship at actual shipping cost. Thanks for looking.
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    Rule Rule-A-Matic Switch

    Still in original packaging. $15 plus shipping.
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    Tiburon 7524 For Sale

    Thinning out the reels. This Tiburon is in almost perfect condition. Includes 390 yards of Jerry Brown hollow 40# spectra. $350 for local pickup in San Diego or shipping for actual shipping cost. Thanks,
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    Tiburon Reels for Sale

    SST 7540 - $350 Includes spectra and mono topshot SST 6 - $375 Filled with new Jerry Brown hollow spectra Both in clean condition and recently serviced. Prefer local pickup in San Diego or ship at cost. Thanks
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    United Composites 25# bait rod

    Hi folks, does anyone have any suggestions for a 25# bait stick. I really love the 7 1/2" Tilefish Jr for 30# but am looking for an 8" stick to fish 25#. Really like the GUSA blanks. Thanks ,
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    Hoop Net Weights

    I don't need these lead filled weights anymore. Just trying to recover some cost at $3 each. It takes 3 per net to get them down so they don't skip across the bottom. Located in San Diego and local pickup only. Thanks for looking.
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    United Composites 40# 7 1/2' Blank

    I received some great advise to get a US 76 Tilefish Jr. blank for 30#. Any suggestions for a 40# and 50# blank in the 7 1/2 foot length. I wouldn't mind going down to a 7 foot blank for the 50#. Thanks much,
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    Boat Bean Bags

    Sold boat. These are in great shape and very comfortable for lounging around on the boat. $50 for both. Local pick-up in San Diego only. Thanks,
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    Trans400 Calstar Rod

    Does anyone have any input on a good blank to consider for this reel. Planning on using it for 25-30# test down in baja fishing live bait or small lures like Rapalas. I am partial to Calstar unless they don't have anything suitable. Thanks,
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    Shimano Tiagra 30 (Reel Ony)

    This reel is in excellent shape. A few scratches but mechanically perfect. Had it completely gone through by Ken's Custom Reels after last trip. Has always performed flawlessly. Just have too many reels. Has either 110 or 130# Jerry Brown hollow spectra with 100# wind-on leader. $350 plus...
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    UC 30# Bait Rod

    Just checking to see if anyone has any recommendations for a 7 1/2' bait stick? Looking for something similar to a cut down Calstar 800M. Thanks,
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    Calstar 765L Custom Rods

    Two like new custom wrapped by M&M Custom rods Calstar rods. All high quality components. $400 for both. Must be picked up locally.
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    Fillet Table

    This is intended to be rail mounted and includes hardware. The dimensions are 15" x 30". $40. Local Pick-up only.
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    6' Gaffs

    $40 for both. Local pick-up only.
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    Okuma Makaira 15II-SEa

    Two of these reels for sale. Little bit of trolling use. Perfect mechanical condition. Slight marks on reels. One of the handles has abrasion. Both have 60# Jerry Brown hollow spectra. Gunmetal. $375 each. Prefer local pickup in San Diego but will ship at buyers expense.
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    Long Range Topshots

    I am fairly new to the long range trips. One under my belt. I have committed to making topshots for an upcoming trip in a few weeks. I made a jig and have most of the materials. Can any of you long time, long rangers point me to some good tutorials for making the wind ons? I will be...
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    Shimano Tiagra 30 for sale

    Excellent condition with Jerry Brown hollow spectra. I don't recall how much or what test but most likely 100# or 130#. Had it completely serviced by Ken's custom reels after my last trip. It's only caught a few fish. Too many reels and need to let this one go. Local pickup in San Diego or...
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    Aftco Fighting Belt

    Only used a few times. In like new condition. $50.
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    Fillet Table

    Has brackets to attach to stern rail. $50
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    15# Calstar Blank

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a 15# live bait blank? I am thinking either the 800XL or GX8. I will be using a Trinidad 10. Appreciate any input.
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    Making Wind On Leaders

    OK. I am sure this topic has been beaten to death, but would appreciated some guidance. i would like to start making my own. Can someone point me to a "how to" source for making them? Looking for a source someone can vouch for. I made one a few years back and it slipped on a big fish...
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    Cow Drag

    So for all you experienced cow fisherman. What is your recommendation for drag when you first get hooked up? Do you go to your strike setting? I usually set my strike setting at 28# but am never quite sure if I should push it to strike or back it off. I realize I can always back it off if I...
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    Channel Island White Seabass Boat

    Looking towards next year and wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a boat to fish? Looking for any recommendations of one of the nicer, less crowded boats that target white sea bass out at the islands. Thanks,
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    Boat Fridge / Freezer

    This fridge came out of a 2009 Blackman. The 120 volt side still works fine. The 12 volt side quit working. Free for anyone who wants to fix it or use it dockside. Located in University City. Near I-5 and I-52 in San Diego.
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    Rod Holder

    Never installed. $20.
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    14' Achilles Inflatabe

    Includes 30 hp Evinrude, Pacific Trailer, anchor, pump, fuel tank, life jackets, dry box, rod holders, cover. Boat has always run great. Used mostly for kelp bed fishing off La Jolla but also for diving and hoop netting. Very low maintenance boat and always well cared for. No patches or...
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    Dauntless 500N

    Does anyone have experience with this reel? Seems like a nice reel for surface iron and live bait with 50# spectra and 40# topshot. Thanks,
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    Calstar GF700-XLH

    7' 15-25 pound. Great condition. $125 Will not ship. Must pick up in San Diego.