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  1. Bench Fisherman


    Our thoughts and prayers for you and your family, Mike.
  2. Bench Fisherman

    Tuna meat lesion?

    Looks like the fish wasn't bled.
  3. Bench Fisherman

    skipjack engine mount bracket

    Any boat builder company can make you a set. When I was working at Commander Boats, I made quite a few brackets for people with different makes of boats.
  4. Bench Fisherman

    BloodyDecks Finger Salute

    Hardrider5, Was that a white F150 that flipped you off. I remember doing that to a guy. He got super pissed. I pointed to my BD Yellowtail sticker in the back window. Then he figured it out. My wife would go out of her way to give someone the salute. I sold the truck. Told the kid about the...
  5. Bench Fisherman

    Battle of my life, starting tomorrow!

    If you need to vent, I'M here for you. My number is still the same. My thoughts and prayers for you and the girls.
  6. Bench Fisherman

    Boat songs, need play list suggestions

    Son of a Fisherman- Billy Joel
  7. Bench Fisherman

    Battle of my life, starting tomorrow!

    I just saw this , Mike. Good luck in court. I know how much your girls mean to you. Stay strong, Brother!
  8. Bench Fisherman

    Fresh water trolling flashers

    I have 12 Dave Davis trolling flashers for sale. Good condition. Asking $65.00 951-805-6689 Jeff
  9. Bench Fisherman

    Fish I.D.?

    Without a picture, Gray and blue fish under a paddy, I'm guessing Blue Perch. They are not Halfmoons until they reach Catalina. LOL
  10. Bench Fisherman

    Ever Catch Corbina On Squid Before?

    The scar might be from those idiots on the pier with 10 treble hooks on their line snagging fish.
  11. Bench Fisherman

    Ever Catch Corbina On Squid Before?

    Only down in Baja. Never here.
  12. Bench Fisherman

    TheCortez Bank is a Pandora box

    What are the 3rd and 4th fish from the right in the first picture? They look like Whitefish to me.
  13. Bench Fisherman

    Line rating for OG 630 Truline

    They could have. I don't recall ever seeing a translucent Truline blank though. Eric at Erics Tackle would be able to answer that. He's a Truline guru in my opinion.
  14. Bench Fisherman

    Line rating for OG 630 Truline

    Black, brown, caramel and green. The green blanks are rare.
  15. Bench Fisherman

    Can anyone tell me what this is worth?

    Eric's Tackle in Ventura can tell you.
  16. Bench Fisherman

    Probably not the correct forum, but...

    My thoughts and prayers for Dixie.
  17. Bench Fisherman


    Fishing show booth.
  18. Bench Fisherman


    Mancave or backyard decorations too.
  19. Bench Fisherman


    About 35 assorted buoys. Make offer. Jeff 951-805-6689
  20. Bench Fisherman

    Captain Ron Baker Surgery Update

    Looking forward to riding in your truck on the Crystal Cove Pier again LOL. Praying for a speedy recovery.
  21. Bench Fisherman

    12 Days of Christmas Give Aways-Day 3

    "Nose hook, you idiot. Not toes hook".
  22. Bench Fisherman

    I saw Bigfoot walking in the woods!

  23. Bench Fisherman

    My baby boy was born

  24. Bench Fisherman

    RIP Jeff Logandro

    My thoughts and prayers to his family and friends.
  25. Bench Fisherman

    Need a quick fix for my reels moving on my Deckhand rods..

    A few wraps of electrical tape works just fine.
  26. Bench Fisherman

    impeccable form

    I'm happy to know i'm not the only one that smells my own fart. I was a little worried . WTG Mike. :drool:
  27. Bench Fisherman

    'unatttractive to men'

    Kinda makes me want to touch myself. :boobies:
  28. Bench Fisherman

    Sea Trek - Helgren's Oceanside - Report & Review

    FYI...The bathroom on a boat is called a HEAD! :D
  29. Bench Fisherman

    Old Glory from H&M Landing Gaffs and kills Striped Marlin on Overnight Trip

    I've had to gaff a few over the years, not by choice. Still, it's a nice fish.
  30. Bench Fisherman

    dove recipes ? (besides bacon wrap)

    I like to make home made spaghetti sauce with onions, bell peppers, squash, tomatoes, seasonings. Put the breasts in the sauce and simmer about 5 hours. The meat falls right off the bones.
  31. Bench Fisherman

    Opinion please.....

    I'd be proud too! :appl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  32. Bench Fisherman

    WTB fly tying kit

    If someone gives you a nice kit with the vice, hooks and a lot of stuff in trade for some fish, make sure you hold up your end of the deal. I wish you would have asked a few months ago.
  33. Bench Fisherman

    Annoying popup

    Yep! :mad:
  34. Bench Fisherman

    Caption Contest! Winner gets $50 and free gear!

    "Damn it Ralph... Next time call, SHARE A FISHING CHARTER".
  35. Bench Fisherman

    Caption Contest! Winner gets $50 and free gear!

    "Lets go sunbathe on the pier and mess with the guys heads". NEWS AT 10...."Tree huggers find a way to distract shark fishing on piers".
  36. Bench Fisherman

    Gun range near riverside county?

    Steele Peak Canyon in Perris.
  37. Bench Fisherman

    Prayers and thoughts out to Maggie (Nunya)

    My thoughts and prayers for you and your family, Maggie.
  38. Bench Fisherman

    Win a 29' SeaVee - Caption Contest ends July 21, 2014

  39. Bench Fisherman

    Win a 29' SeaVee - Caption Contest ends July 21, 2014

    "Here boat, don't be shy, here boat, come, c'mon get in the hoist, it's ok".
  40. Bench Fisherman

    very proud of my girl!!!

    Good parenting...Congratulations!
  41. Bench Fisherman

    Bluegill hybrid? What is it.

    At Lake Perris, they call them Redear Bluegill.
  42. Bench Fisherman


    Imagine what she can do with her legs. :eek:
  43. Bench Fisherman

    Caption Contest - Win a pair of Accurate Pliers - New Color!!!

    "Vroooommmmmm..........My shark can fly".
  44. Bench Fisherman

    Any professional yard mowers on here? need advice on mower

    I have a little over an acre of grass. I got tired of unclogging the tube. I put "Mulching blades" on my mower and took the tube and box off. Works great.
  45. Bench Fisherman

    old tackle shops oc/la

    Mickys Rod and Reel in Monterey Park. Great shop until he sold it. I think it closed in the early 90's.
  46. Bench Fisherman

    fish identification! anyone?

    Sqawfish. Lots of them in the Kern River and Lake Isabella.
  47. Bench Fisherman

    Riddle me this....

    What size is the shirt? LOL
  48. Bench Fisherman

    Ha ! Only in the 909

    Last year it said, "FUCKING".
  49. Bench Fisherman

    Troopers Christmas .....wait for it.

    Made me tear up..........That was a great video.
  50. Bench Fisherman

    Bubba Blade Caption Contest Ending Dec 20th, 2013 - Woody Hunting Knife

    "This is why I take my wife huntin'. She's the best retriever ever".
  51. Bench Fisherman

    Old School spinning set up circa 1960s.

    I'll bet that rod was wrapped by Bill Bellinger.
  52. Bench Fisherman

    Halloween Humor...

    Little boy dressed as a pirate for Halloween... Ding dong..."Trick or treat". Woman says, "Oh, how cute, a Pirate. Where's your Buccaneers"? Little boy replies, "Under my buckenhat".
  53. Bench Fisherman

    Malihini 3/4 day 6/25

    Such fucken language. That's a bunch of shit LMAO
  54. Bench Fisherman

    Caption Contest - Tackle Day at Fisherman's Landing - Nov 2, 2013

    Beastiality, Louisiana style.
  55. Bench Fisherman

    Bubba Blade Caption Contest Ending October 30th, 2013 - New 9" Tapered Blade

    This is a Crappie fillet knife. Next time, Bubba Blade.
  56. Bench Fisherman


  57. Bench Fisherman

    Bubba Blade Caption Contest Ending October 30th, 2013 - New 9" Tapered Blade

    The only thing missing here is a Bubba Blade !
  58. Bench Fisherman

    Notice to web site repair men......

    I keep getting a pop up video in the lower right corner. This is the only site this happens on.
  59. Bench Fisherman

    Boat Outfitters Caption Contest - Ends October 16th, 2013

    If Dan Hernandez can do it...
  60. Bench Fisherman


    That officer is HOT ! :loverz:
  61. Bench Fisherman

    West Marine Opens Their Newport Beach, CA Flagship Store - Caption Contest - Win $150

    Plop plop fizz fizz oh what a relief it is.
  62. Bench Fisherman

    Got a pig.......

    That's how they roll LOL
  63. Bench Fisherman

    captians on BD

    I like cats.
  64. Bench Fisherman

    captians on BD

    No... You have to purchase it at Walmart for 49.95. If you want a towing endorsement stamp with it, that's only 5.95 :hali_olutta:
  65. Bench Fisherman

    I will put you on blast..

    Mike, Are you going to invite him out on the BASSHOLE ? LOL
  66. Bench Fisherman

    Boat Outfitters Caption Contest - Ends September 27th, 2013

    "That's what I get for checkin' out the truck going by with a Bloodydecks sticker on it".
  67. Bench Fisherman

    Please Pray

    Thoughts and prayers sent.
  68. Bench Fisherman

    Boat Outfitters Caption Contest - Ends September 27th, 2013

    "I was typing on BD, being a dick about keeping small Yellowtail and BAM...SHIT".
  69. Bench Fisherman

    Boat Outfitters Caption Contest - Ends September 27th, 2013

    "That's the last time I punch in numbers while sitting at a signal, damn autopilot".
  70. Bench Fisherman

    Please help me ID this wooden tackle box...

    Looks like a Ranger. Late 70s.
  71. Bench Fisherman

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ?? fisherman

    Happy Birthday Mike !
  72. Bench Fisherman

    Did you ever see one of these? fish worm ID please.

    We caught a 50# Yellowfin at Guadalupe Island that had about 25 to 30 anchor worms on it. The fish was long and skinny, very sick looking. We ended up giving to the lobster fisherman for bait. This was about ten years ago.
  73. Bench Fisherman

    Prayers needed for my Mom

    Thoughts and prayers for mom.
  74. Bench Fisherman

    SPLATTERED.......warning graphic

    Did you release it ? LOL........Nice shot !
  75. Bench Fisherman

    Ruptured my eardrum

    Try not to blow your nose. If you do, go easy.
  76. Bench Fisherman

    Accurate Caption Contest - Win the New Dauntless - Ends Sept 16th, 2013

    "I can still see your boobs from down here too".
  77. Bench Fisherman

    Blind Squirrel found a nut?

    I listend to the report. He said 211 BFT up to 45 pounds.
  78. Bench Fisherman

    What's Wrong With This Picture?

    The angler took his cellphone fishing.
  79. Bench Fisherman

    yellow tail people are keeping

    I sure wish I had a few of those "Baby Yellowtail" right now. Store bought fish sucks.
  80. Bench Fisherman

    Sad Day for One of Our Best Friends

    Very sad. Our thoughts and prayers to Larry and Kathy also.
  81. Bench Fisherman

    Towing Waverunner

    Get hold of "Blackfish" on here. He's done it.
  82. Bench Fisherman


    I wonder if she hooked an Opah ? LOL She does have a nice set of Molas though.:boobies:
  83. Bench Fisherman


    I'll see your bump Mike LOL
  84. Bench Fisherman


    Nice Opaljack LOL
  85. Bench Fisherman

    Is this an old/okuma reel, with private label ?????

    It's a great reel to loan your neighbor LOL.
  86. Bench Fisherman

    West Marine Opens Their Portland OR Flagship Store - Caption Contest - Win $200

    "But I was just giving him a reach a round".
  87. Bench Fisherman

    Prayers needed

    My thoughts and prayers are on double time for Luke. Prayers do work!!!
  88. Bench Fisherman

    Diamond valley tips??!!

    Take a hat and sunscreen LOL
  89. Bench Fisherman

    A funny thing happened at casting practice...

    She's got a nice pair of ducks LOL
  90. Bench Fisherman

    A Friend could use your prayers!

    Thoughts and prayers to Garrett and his family.
  91. Bench Fisherman

    Happy Birfday Blackfish

    Happy belated Birthday Mike.
  92. Bench Fisherman

    CHIEF 2.5 DAY Insane wide open Limits of Yellowtail at 166miles

    Bigfishhateme.........Do you throw back bleeders ? When you are on a boat with 25 other fisherman and the fish that are being caught are small, do you go sit in the galley and wait to hear,"That's a good one". Then grab your rod ? Just curious ???
  93. Bench Fisherman

    Is July too early for Tuna on a 1 day trip?

    Fish swim and travel... Just go and enjoy the ride.
  94. Bench Fisherman

    Death at La Salina

    Thoughts and prayers for him, his family and friends.
  95. Bench Fisherman

    Beware of halibut carcass girl

    Nope..........Just a dick LMAO
  96. Bench Fisherman

    Beware of halibut carcass girl

    I can produce the skin of a Peniserectus ... If she wants to come get it.
  97. Bench Fisherman

    Shimano sucks??

    I like that kind of "Sucks". LOL
  98. Bench Fisherman

    wasted my day on the pursuit (5/25) the slowest boat in the fleet

    The quote from gnehekul............"He closed the window". That's funny stuff right there.GNEHEKUL, You should have opened the window, hopped in,tied the Captain up. Next, you could hit the cat head switch and pulled the hook. VIOLA,,, now you could be the hero for the day...
  99. Bench Fisherman

    a different take on Memorial Day.......

    Thank you for posting this.
  100. Bench Fisherman

    nice you tube video

    That's bitchen.
  101. Bench Fisherman

    Win a Pair of AFTCO Transom Bibs - Caption Contest - Ending May 14th, 2013

    "Mom says she's gonna do this to you if I miss another day of school to go fishing"
  102. Bench Fisherman

    BD Extended Family

    I hope the extended BD family in Camarillo offers the same.
  103. Bench Fisherman

    BD Extended Family

    BD rocks...
  104. Bench Fisherman

    Kim Jong Un......

  105. Bench Fisherman

    A fellow BD'er could use some prayers

    Thoughts and prayers sent.
  106. Bench Fisherman

    Rest in peace mom, you will be missed!

    Thoughts and prayers for you and your family Todd.
  107. Bench Fisherman

    San Diego bay yellowtail

    That "Yellowtail" is great marinated in rice wine vinegar for a couple hours. The oiley the better. I pay dearly for that at the Sushi restaurant I got to. Some people just don't get your post LMAO
  108. Bench Fisherman

    My friend could use some help.

    Thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.
  109. Bench Fisherman

    Beat this Gilly

  110. Bench Fisherman

    Nice guys finish last

    It's not about the value of the panels. I was being a nice guy that doesn't like seeing animals going with out food. How does the small claims court work. Never done it before. I typed it up on Google and got lost LOL.
  111. Bench Fisherman

    Nice guys finish last

    I thought about Carl LOL
  112. Bench Fisherman

    Nice guys finish last

    A couple months ago. I got a call from my ex- wife. This is how it went... The place i'm keeping my horses at are not feeding them. They are getting skinny. Me... What can I do ? Ex... Can I borrow some panels(pens) so I can keep them at my house Me... I need them back by the middle of Feb...
  113. Bench Fisherman

    She's looking for a man.

    I can think of a few friends on here that would.............. Never mind LMAO
  114. Bench Fisherman

    Went Fishing, Caught 4 Deers

    Who says fisherman aren't good people. OUTSTANDING
  115. Bench Fisherman

    Baja Trade winds Home

    PM sent.
  116. Bench Fisherman

    Free Rod

    Very cool !!!
  117. Bench Fisherman

    San diego on the yellows

    I hope he sells every spot on his boat tomorrow... All the Sportboats need it right now.
  118. Bench Fisherman

    my son attacked

    Continuous thoughts and prayers to your son, you and your family. Keep talking to him, he can hear you.
  119. Bench Fisherman

    Shimano Introduces the New Stella SW - Caption Contest Ending March 11th, 2013

    "OH CRAP, he's using the new STELLA SW, I'm outta here".
  120. Bench Fisherman

    Need some prayers for my dad

    Thoughts and prayers sent.
  121. Bench Fisherman

    We have lost a friend

    Losing a friend hurts just as bad as if they were family. My condolences to you and his family.
  122. Bench Fisherman

    Visit from Jehova Witness

    When you open the door, have the American Flag handy. Before they can say anything.... Tell them to Pledge our flag and God. They won't come back LOL.
  123. Bench Fisherman

    Happy Birthday Kevan (Fishnfool)

    Happy Birthday !!!
  124. Bench Fisherman

    TIP OF THE WEEK - Private Boat Etiquette

    Great "TIP OF THE WEEK" Dave. I especially liked the paragraph on Paddy Fishing. Good stuff................Thanks Dave.
  125. Bench Fisherman

    Dolphin Rescue Hawaii

    Good karma coming to those guys. That was very cool.
  126. Bench Fisherman

    Islas Secas, Panama

  127. Bench Fisherman

    DOs and DON'Ts on a long range trip.

    Don't get on the boat thinking your shit does not stink. DON'T BE THAT GUY. Just enjoy your time on the water. . . . . The first thing the crew dislikes is the guy/gal that knows everything.
  128. Bench Fisherman

    Wounded Warrior Hunt @ Falling Feathers Ranch

    OUTSTANDING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  129. Bench Fisherman

    I'm so proud of my wife and dog

    I'd be proud too ! Very cool.
  130. Bench Fisherman


    Bitchen new toy Wayne. :drool:
  131. Bench Fisherman

    Fish Jerky

    Anyone in the Inland Empire that has whole Tuna loins in their freezer that wants to try fish jerky ? I don't fish much anymore but miss my fishy jerky. It takes about five pounds of fish to get just under a half pound of jerky. Send me a private message. It comes out tough and pretty damn...
  132. Bench Fisherman

    New Addition! 9 Months in the Making

  133. Bench Fisherman

    R.I.P. Mom

    Thoughts and prayers to you and your family.
  134. Bench Fisherman

    Home safe and sound!

  135. Bench Fisherman


    Mexican Tree Duck ?
  136. Bench Fisherman

    Baja Surf Fishing Adventure Video......

    That's what came to my mind, a Bruce Brown Film. Makes me remember my time down south. I really "Envy" the two of you.
  137. Bench Fisherman

    Happy Birthday........Spike

    Have a great day... Happy Birthday.
  138. Bench Fisherman

    RIP Raul Martinez (Nochinges63)

    Thoughts and prayers to his family and friends.
  139. Bench Fisherman

    Thanksgiving for my Momma

    Our thoughts and prayers to you and your family Maggie.
  140. Bench Fisherman

    Utah Bull Hunt! Picture Heavy!

  141. Bench Fisherman


    We are not looking for praise we just want to help those that we can.
  142. Bench Fisherman


    Hi this is Bench Fisherman's wife Helen...thank you all for all of the kinds words. Jeff and I would love to open our home to anyone who needs a place to be on Thanksgiving or any time someone needs a place to stay any day of the year. We don't usually get to many takers but where here even if...
  143. Bench Fisherman


    They don't even talk behind my back anymore. They just say it to my face these days LOL. Happy Thanksgiving.
  144. Bench Fisherman

    I swear I thought it was a bird.....

    It did'nt land in the ring. LOL I wonder if they yelled "Pilot ready" instead of "Trapper ready".
  145. Bench Fisherman


    Last year we had a "redo" Thanksgiving for my Daughter because hers was not good. Everybody needs a great Thanksgiving. This year, Helen and I would like to invite anyone that has no place to go or if it's not in your budget. If you have kids, there's five acres they can tear up. LOL I'll help...
  146. Bench Fisherman

    ***warning graphic bull ****viewer discretion advised

    I see the pen in the background. Farm raised ? LOL I can sit all day and shoot those things.
  147. Bench Fisherman

    What's in your MEDICAL KIT?

    Big pack of "Femine Pads", a bottle of Benidine soulution and a roll of electrical tape. Bolt cutters and a wood spoon to bite on. Trust me on this one LOL.
  148. Bench Fisherman

    We lost one of the good ones today... RIP SurfDoc aka Stan Stutzka

    The first BD event Helen and I ever went to I met Stan. I introduced myself and he made us feel welcome. This is truely sad news. Rest in Peace Surfdoc.
  149. Bench Fisherman

    Looking for advice

    Thank you everyone for the advice.
  150. Bench Fisherman

    9-27-12 on the FORTUNE

    Bitchen video. Nice to see someone that knows how to stay ontop of a fish.:hali_olutta:
  151. Bench Fisherman

    Dog has Lymphoma

    Just be there for your girlfriend.
  152. Bench Fisherman

    or should I say grandkids?

    Congratulations again Grandpa.
  153. Bench Fisherman

    27' Radon Complete Restoration

    My dog likes to take a nap in your shop while i'm checking out your work. BTW... Your work is pretty cool.
  154. Bench Fisherman

    Reel bought from Long Beach Rod & Gun Club Swapmeet 9/8/12

    Reminds me of my ex-wife. Looked good on the outside LOL. All joking aside, Always take a screwdriver with you. If the seller gets upset when you want to look inside, keep walkin'.
  155. Bench Fisherman

    Prowler Day and One Half

    Dave, I could go on and on about what I read. I won't. All I have to say is, Maybe next trip, your stars will line up.
  156. Bench Fisherman

    The Facts

    Business is business. If I had a resturant and the food trucks were outside on my property. I would do the same thing. Five Stars are great (don't get me wrong). Just sayin'.
  157. Bench Fisherman

    My son

    Thoughts and prayers to you and your wife.
  158. Bench Fisherman

    Happy Grandparents Day

    I sure miss mine. Those of you that are still fortunate enough to still have yours around. Did you call them today ? Just a reminder.
  159. Bench Fisherman

    Yellow Tail off Point Loma

    That's called "Safe fishing". LOL. I'll bet you don't do that again.
  160. Bench Fisherman


    How much for the green one ? LMAO. :rofl: Bump for Frank.
  161. Bench Fisherman

    How many Squid does it take to make a bed?

    Pretty bitchen Greg........... Thank you.
  162. Bench Fisherman

    Happy Birthday Hooops!

    Hoooping you have a great day. Happy Birthday!!!
  163. Bench Fisherman

    Boat antics

    Looks like a preview of this weekend LOL.
  164. Bench Fisherman

    Amazing Underwater Albacore Video!

    Pretty bitchen.......... Made me feel like I was there.
  165. Bench Fisherman

    Who is the best Fisherman you have been able to fish with?

    Norman Kagawa, JJ Gerittson and Ron Tadero... I know only one. Hard to decide.
  166. Bench Fisherman

    Dorado mouth infectious??

    When I was a kid working on the original SHOGUN. Normans' dad would be on the boat alot (Mr.Ted Kagawa). After a hot bite or cutting fish, he would make the crew put their hands in Benadine or bleach.
  167. Bench Fisherman

    WTF I Quit this Crap !!!

    REALLY.... When you get your refund check back, Please let us know. :rofl:
  168. Bench Fisherman

    Great day with friends

    That's what it's all about !!!
  169. Bench Fisherman

    Caption Contest...

    "OH SHIT".... His condom rolled back up and floated off.
  170. Bench Fisherman

    Caption Contest...

    "I did'nt know Wendy Peffercorn had a sister".
  171. Bench Fisherman

    Dolphin 3

    matrixx611, Did you watch the Crew member tag your fish or were you so exited to grab another bait and try to hook another... As for not enough bad bait,,, It happens every year. Next time you go on a boat, make a bunch of Bologna sandwichs' and keep them in your tackle box. Look at how much...
  172. Bench Fisherman

    Got Hitched :)

    Congrats to the two of you. I also recently married my best friend.
  173. Bench Fisherman

    Neat offshore sighting

    I always heard if a bird lands on the boat, it's good luck. I've personally seen, Beach Chickens, Sparrows, Dove, Boobies, Pelicans, some sort of a Finch, Petrol and once an Albatross. An Owl, I would have alterd course to the nearest point of land in California and bought a Lottery ticket...
  174. Bench Fisherman

    A great dentist

    I've been in the worst water you can imagine. I still go back. Going to the Dentist scares the hell out of me. After reading Tommys' report, I'm making an appointment. Thanks Tommy. As for Cast Gold, I'm the meanist pussy you ever met. LOL
  175. Bench Fisherman

    8/1/2012 Catlina on the Pursuit

    Thanks for the report. Beats the heck out of what I did yesterday. BTW... Great attitude on your trip. :hali_olutta:
  176. Bench Fisherman

    Prayers needed for a Bloodydecks brother

    Blackfish (Mike). His family can use some thoughts and prayers right now. I won't go into detail but his son Jack is in the Hospital. Lets send some prayers for them. They work.
  177. Bench Fisherman

    Elaborate border crossing ceremony

    Looks like a couple of Pigeons doing the mating dance.
  178. Bench Fisherman

    Glory Huggin' gunman

    I agree !
  179. Bench Fisherman

    Beach nostalgia...

    Zink Oxide and Olympia beer. That was pretty cool.
  180. Bench Fisherman

    Caption Contest

    "Do we have any biodegradable toilet paper?" "Cleanup in the Starboard corner" "Just turn the damn bilge pump on" "Fishnazzi must be on board"
  181. Bench Fisherman

    hunter v.s. gather

    Should we do a chum circle ??? :waglleybooty:
  182. Bench Fisherman

    Anyone seen this video?

    That was bitchen !!!
  183. Bench Fisherman

    You don't fuck with a mans livelihood

    LMAO.... One time at Surf fishing camp..... While practicing my surf casting skills, a Sportboat pulled up and dropped anchor on a private boater that dropped his anchor on a diver that put his dive flag up ontop of a boogie boarder that rode a wave over me standing in a foot of water. I was so...
  184. Bench Fisherman

    You don't fuck with a mans livelihood

    The old saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words". I have yet to see a video. Just sayin'.
  185. Bench Fisherman

    Caught a keeper yesterday

    Some on here have met her at BD functions over the last few years. Yesterday, Helen and I got married. I finally married my best friend ( and she likes to fish too).
  186. Bench Fisherman

    Tuna Seiner Helo crash

    Very sad. Thoughts and prayers to their family and friends.
  187. Bench Fisherman

    Win a 29' SeaVee - Caption Contest ends July 14th, 2012

    "Just open the Tailgate, Fuckin' Seagulls will swim right in".
  188. Bench Fisherman

    Win a 29' SeaVee - Caption Contest ends July 14th, 2012

    "See what happens when you take to long on the ramp". "The damn tide table booklet was wrong again". "Thanks bro, I really had to piss".
  189. Bench Fisherman

    1st Albi of our year report

    BRASS BALLS... Outstanding !!!
  190. Bench Fisherman

    What the F is wrong with kids! Makes me sick.

    I wonder how much "Quality Time" their parents (parent) spend with them ?
  191. Bench Fisherman

    My first post

    I wish I was out there with you. great fishin'. Beats the shit out of what I did at home.
  192. Bench Fisherman

    With a heavy heart!

    Very sad for sure. I met Larry when I was about 18 through Ty Hessel. I spent quite a bit of time at the shop. Larry always made me feel welcome. He always took the time to talk to anyone there. My thoughts and prayers go out to Pat. He will surely be missed.
  193. Bench Fisherman

    Say good bye to San Diego bait barge!

    Maybe some of the "Wounded Warriors" that have fished here can chime in. As for me, This place has History of Southern California.
  194. Bench Fisherman

    Fisherman's Processing - Caption Contest - Ending June 18th, 2012

    "We don't need no stinking Wasabi".
  195. Bench Fisherman

    Help Name the Newest Davidson Boat Model - Win a Swag Pack

    "Mantis"............Not that big but tough as nails.
  196. Bench Fisherman


    Mobile Home or manufactured home.
  197. Bench Fisherman


    Check a "Mobile Home" supply place. There are a few in the Inland empire. They even have the tubing if you need it.
  198. Bench Fisherman

    Grundens / Gage Presents - Caption Contest - Win a Gage Fish On Jacket valued at $150

    "Does this fish make my balls look big?"
  199. Bench Fisherman

    Penn Presents - Caption Contest - Win a Fathom Reel and Carnage Rod - Ends May 21st

    "I told you guys not to use that Penn gear, now look at the mess we're in".
  200. Bench Fisherman

    Collision suspected in yacht mishap that killed 3

    Whatever happend.... I hope their families and friends understand they passed doing what they enjoyed.
  201. Bench Fisherman

    Movies That Affected You The Most

    Big Wednesday. Great surf movie about friends.
  202. Bench Fisherman

    Here We Go

    I'll bet CeleryStick can speak Sweedish. :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  203. Bench Fisherman


    Happy Birthday. Hope your'e having a great day.
  204. Bench Fisherman

    What Did u get for Christmas ??

    I got two special gifts for Chritmas this year. The first is spending time with my daughter and grandkids. The second was gettind a "clean bill of health". Six years ago, I was diagnosed with MS in a bad way. I was told I would be in a wheelchair within a year and I would'nt live more than a...
  205. Bench Fisherman


    Thats the way to get it done Dave. Looks like someone is a little jealous :rofl:
  206. Bench Fisherman

    Deer hunting, and a curious bear comes along.......

    That guy has way bigger balls than I do.
  207. Bench Fisherman

    Seasons Greetings From Condor Sport Fishing

    Merry Christmas and a "Fishy" New Year To you Mike. Looking foward to hangin' out with you at the next Trout Derby.
  208. Bench Fisherman


  209. Bench Fisherman

    Anyone have backyard chickens?

    Nate, Did you change the brand of feed she is use to ?
  210. Bench Fisherman

    Pearl Harbor.............

    My flag flies 24/7.
  211. Bench Fisherman

    Out To Sea.

    I really enjoy your videos. The fishing, friends and music are outstanding.
  212. Bench Fisherman

    Redo Thanksgiving

    What a great time. I'm pretty sure everyone had a great late Thanksgiving. The kids went a long hike and did some hunting.(Lizzards and thew some rocks at the Quail) A couple of us stood by the lake and watched the fish (Goldfish pond). A few took advantage and tried to catch a few Bluegill in...
  213. Bench Fisherman

    Redo Thanksgiving

    Thanks for the bumps. I will keep the pictures and names confidential as asked.
  214. Bench Fisherman

    Redo Thanksgiving

    Thanks for the bump John.
  215. Bench Fisherman

    Redo Thanksgiving

    How do I keep this here until tomorrow morning ? Moderator ??
  216. Bench Fisherman

    Redo Thanksgiving

    Here's the deal, If for some reason you didn't have or had a bad one. Helen and I are redoing Thanksgiving Dinner at our home in Perris on Saturday afternoon around 2 pm. The reason we are doing this is because our daughter did not get to have the Thanksgiving she deserved. We would like...
  217. Bench Fisherman

    California Yellowtail

    I have a feeling Capt. G is going to show us something over 92lbs.
  218. Bench Fisherman

    Yes, I Support the MLPA

    Go get em Ali. :2gunsfiring_v1:
  219. Bench Fisherman

    Anyone hiring?

    Bump for Cristin, because she's a great person.
  220. Bench Fisherman

    Happy "F"ing Birthday Frank! (ConSeaMate)

    Happy Birthday Frank.
  221. Bench Fisherman

    Age limit

    I was twelve on my first three overnighters by myself. First long trip I was fifteen. It was a seven or eight day crew trip. When we got in, I had to call my mom. I was so fired up, I told her, "We caught so many fuckin' fish and I had a blast". She was pretty angry with me for quite some time.
  222. Bench Fisherman

    One Among The Few 10 / 12 Local Moo-moo Rockfishing Trip

    Ron, I'll see you on the boat this winter. Not many tanglers and good times, whether you catch fish or not.
  223. Bench Fisherman

    I thought summer was over...

    Friends, fish and perfect weather... I"m jealous
  224. Bench Fisherman

    In case you were wondering (Castaic Stripers)

    Nothing better than friends having fun. :hali_olutta:
  225. Bench Fisherman

    Our Help is SERIOUSLY needed.

    Thoughts and prayers sent.
  226. Bench Fisherman

    The Dinner Date!!!

    That was pretty good.... I see this turning into something funny about some BD members. :rofl:
  227. Bench Fisherman

    Carl, Rich, Simon, Scott, & Frank.......

    Classic :rofl:
  228. Bench Fisherman

    Lost my hunting partner today

    I know the pain your'e feeling. I had to put my Yellow (Boomer) down six years ago yesterday. By far the hardest thing I have ever done. Not a single day goes by that I don't think about him.
  229. Bench Fisherman

    Job well done DFG!

    Knuckle bump to the DFG.
  230. Bench Fisherman

    Offensive jokes - I guess :)

    Good stuff
  231. Bench Fisherman

    The newest addition for fish to fear! 10-01-11

    Congratulations Grandpa.
  232. Bench Fisherman

    Limits on YT

    Way to go Cristin.
  233. Bench Fisherman

    Any updates on Carl?

    Hope you feel better soon Carl.
  234. Bench Fisherman

    Ocean Odyssey Overnight 9/23/11

    Cristin, YOU ARE A FISHING MACHINE. :hali_olutta:
  235. Bench Fisherman

    Accurate Presents - Beat this Caption - $200 Accurate Product Pack - Ending 9/22/11

    "Say haloow to my littaall friend". :2gunsfiring_v1:
  236. Bench Fisherman

    Royal Star and others...?

    All the boats mentioned are great. If you are looking for a light load, check out the APOLLO. First class all the way.
  237. Bench Fisherman

    The ultimate "BD Lure Tune".

    I've seen that some place before. The Stripers are on the chew here ( nothing big). Miss hearing from you.
  238. Bench Fisherman


    Sounds Like 4 friends having a great time... OUTSTANDING.
  239. Bench Fisherman

    I've been a member of BD for over 2 yrs & I just used my 1st 3 posts like an ass.

    Pretty soon Cristin. I think i'm ready to stand on a deck again without falling down every time the boat rolls.
  240. Bench Fisherman

    I've been a member of BD for over 2 yrs & I just used my 1st 3 posts like an ass.

    I didn't blame you for me not being able to fish anymore. If you want the truth, I have a problem with my mussles. (Not by choice) After spending more than 3/4 of my 40 years on the water fishing. My own commercial boat, private boat and sportfishing boats over the years. I know who you are...
  241. Bench Fisherman

    Prowler Overnight Fished 9/2/11

    Good for you on gettin' it done.
  242. Bench Fisherman

    I've been a member of BD for over 2 yrs & I just used my 1st 3 posts like an ass.

    Asainfresh8661, Just wondering why you are being such a asswipe. Are you looking for attention, trying to be cool or just a flat out dick ?. If you don't like it here, you could go to another. As for me, I like this place, it's free and alot of great people here. Myself, I can't be on...
  243. Bench Fisherman

    Does this look like a shark bite?

    Looks more #4 buck too me.
  244. Bench Fisherman

    So we got a new family member

    Teach and train the pup yourself. Take him over to French Valley Gun Club and get him use to the gun shots before you do anything else. Just my 2 cents. PM me if you want.
  245. Bench Fisherman

    Blast From The Past: Searcher 5-day trip - 1984

    Thanks for the video. Great stuff. "Old School", Yellow Topsiders, OP shorts and San Diego style t-shirts (no sleeves and the collar split down about 6 inches) Very cool.
  246. Bench Fisherman

    PAIN KILLER CATCHES 20 pound yellowtail

    Wow,,, I need to relocate. crabs, Shrimp, salmon, beautiful scenery and again a Yellow. Sure beats the hell out of where I live. I'm really jealous of you Northern guys. Very cool catch. :appl:
  247. Bench Fisherman

    One more my Sport Boat did me wrong thread

    Frank, Thanks for putting this info up. Right to the point and dead on. :hali_olutta:
  248. Bench Fisherman

    8/24 - Dana Pride - Fishing W/ My Brother

    Very cool to get your brother on the water. Sounds like you guys had a good time.I wish I could fish with my brother again. PLEASE, tell him I said, "Thank you", for serving our Country. Lynndeva, You are awesome !!! :hali_olutta:
  249. Bench Fisherman

    The Success out of San Diego

    Where's ConSeaMate ? :2gunsfiring_v1::rofl:
  250. Bench Fisherman

    Happy Birthday Maggie!

    Happy Birthday Maggie. I hope you had a great day.
  251. Bench Fisherman

    Anybody see these?

    October (like clock work) is when they start making their showing around here. They are everywhere. The Tarantula Hawks showed up about a week ago.
  252. Bench Fisherman

    asking for some help

    Will do Mike.
  253. Bench Fisherman

    What a major fucked up day.

    Very sorry for your loss Ray.
  254. Bench Fisherman

    Who's going to come up with Sherms campaign slogan?

  255. Bench Fisherman

    Thank you Fishbones ( Rich)

    Very cool.
  256. Bench Fisherman

    HUGE NEWS!!!!!!

    Too bad i'm not in your neck of the woods, I'd vote for you Scott. Heck, if I can drive all the way down to San Diego to tie knots (alot of them) I can do the same for you. "Have staple gun, will travel", I'm there for you.:hali_olutta:
  257. Bench Fisherman

    Lyndeva, Your (chum) Grinder Lives in the OC

    You catch any of those "Rare Polesmokers" lately Scott ? :rofl: Are you going to help at the pier on the 30th ? I had a great time with you guys at Poway. Hope to see you there.
  258. Bench Fisherman

    Could use some Prayers

    Thoughts and prayers sent.
  259. Bench Fisherman

    This is kind of odd

    Baybassboy, Just what I was thinking.
  260. Bench Fisherman

    Condor Overnight 7/16 A tale of Seiners...with a couple tails

    Tunahelper, I watched it also. It was on the National Geographic Channel.
  261. Bench Fisherman

    Win a 29' SeaVee - Caption Contest ends July 25th, 2011 at 5 PM

    "We promise we won't fart in the Galley anymore". "I hope they don't use me for chum". "Does it hurt when they put the hook through your nose?".
  262. Bench Fisherman

    Happy B-Day+1 Gil Marlin

    Happy Birthday Scott
  263. Bench Fisherman

    Saluki is down, but not out!

    I'm glad it wasn't worse. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.
  264. Bench Fisherman

    Searcher 1.5 Day July 9-11

    Hey, At least you got to go fishing. ( can't offload before 0600)
  265. Bench Fisherman

    HAPPY 4TH and...................................

    Congratulations...... And she fishes too.:hali_olutta:
  266. Bench Fisherman

    Need some prayers

    Thoughts and prayers sent.
  267. Bench Fisherman


    Very well said Dey.:hali_olutta:
  268. Bench Fisherman


  269. Bench Fisherman

    Inland Empire buisness owners

    Thanks Scott.
  270. Bench Fisherman

    Inland Empire buisness owners

    OK fishing and hunting fans around the Inland Empire. We are in need of some help. Helen, (my better half) That some have met at a few Bloodydecks get togethers is in need of job. About Helen... With more than 10 years at the same Geotechnical firm taking care of the office and assistant...
  271. Bench Fisherman

    Redneck Race Fans!!!!!!!!

    I think they live down the street from me.
  272. Bench Fisherman

    Evidence That Great White Sharks Are Peaceful Creatures

    I'd like to see her feeding the shark naked. :rofl:
  273. Bench Fisherman


    thecheif666, You could have had another for your photo. In your first photo, there is another floating, just to the left of your left pocket in the picture.:waglleybooty:
  274. Bench Fisherman

    Tropic Star Presents - Beat this Caption - Contest ends June 2nd, 2011 : 5:00 PM

    "Awwww Shitttt" "Hurry up, the cows are eating the heavy stuff. "My dad is gonna kick my ass"
  275. Bench Fisherman

    Please say a prayer for Maggie

    My thoughts and prayers to you and your family. I know how tough it is. Hang in there buddy.
  276. Bench Fisherman

    11 Pound Calico

    Great fish Ty. I'll bet DpRes starts posting in Sweedish soon.:rofl:
  277. Bench Fisherman

    One of the best U.S.A. military videos on YouTube...

    I love that song and video. "Put a boot in their ass".:appl::appl::appl:
  278. Bench Fisherman

    My problem

    "Old Faithful" 500 Jigmaster
  279. Bench Fisherman

    Name this baitfish

    Silver Dollar Pompano. Yellowtail love 'em.
  280. Bench Fisherman

    Looking for Ty Hessel

    Ty use to work at Phenix Rods ( and owned it for awhile). We started hunting and fishing together when we were both 16. I lost touch with him over the last 5 or 6 years. If you know him, PLEASE send me a PM. Seems like disappeard of the face of the earth. Thanks
  281. Bench Fisherman

    Thoughts & Prayers for Doc Ski needed

    My thoughts and prayers for you Doc. Get well soon.
  282. Bench Fisherman

    Now for the dog lovers....

    They have better table manners than alot of my friends.:rofl:
  283. Bench Fisherman

    Breast Implants made in China

    Oohhh, Saluki is not going to like this (LOL) BTW, When it popped, I thought it was me. I had to check. Nope, My drawers are still dry. Whew... :rofl:
  284. Bench Fisherman

    Are roller guides needed for trolling/dropper loop?

    Thanks for reponding to your private messages. :_diarrhea_:
  285. Bench Fisherman

    Please Pray...

    Thoughts and prayers sent her way.
  286. Bench Fisherman

    Pops passed away earlier this morning

    Thoughts and prayers to you and your familly Ray.
  287. Bench Fisherman

    fred hall

    Did you buy some swag at the Bloodydecks booth to support this site ???
  288. Bench Fisherman

    And The Winner Is.....Fishfinder98

    Very cool !
  289. Bench Fisherman

    Where'd Troy Disappear to?

    Judy is keeping him in line. Last I heard, He's stomping the hell out the Stripers. For Judy, Thanks for taking care of my friend. :hali_olutta:
  290. Bench Fisherman

    I want free fishing rods and reels.

    KILLU4FUN, Hey man, I have about 25,000 Cane Poles you can have. Just bring a chainsaw and they're yours. By the way, bring your rubber boots as they are growing in the middle of my creek. DISCLAIMER.... You must take all.
  291. Bench Fisherman

    Update on Japan Earthquake.

    I'm happy to hear you're alright Greg. Keep us updated when you can.
  292. Bench Fisherman

    BD Poker Night IV (Let's play)

    Happy Birthday my friend.
  293. Bench Fisherman

    Maximus trip leaving 2/8 with boys from the "Right Coast"

    Tunaguitar, I have to say, Thats a perfect first post. I don't post much here but have been a member for a long time. Have you talked to Keith or any of the crew about this trip ? Guess not... It seems lately, that there is a crowder full of Lizzard fish just wanting there time to be a...
  294. Bench Fisherman

    Good times, bad fishing out of DP Sat.

    Way to go on giving it whirl. Beats what I did today. I rode the lawn tractor for an hour. I did however box the lower half of the backyard twice. The first pass I thought I got "Short Bit". Nope, It was just a bone. You might say I got a T today (T Bone,,,And only a week old):rofl: I'm happy...
  295. Bench Fisherman

    Thank You to all BDers & the Q-105

    I can totally realate to your post Eric. About 5 years ago. "They" told me I would be in a wheelchair in a year or so. I had to use cruches to get around. I missed fishing in the worst way. Bloodydecks has kept me going (Like I was there). At the last kids fishing derby, I walked around tying...
  296. Bench Fisherman

    Prayers needed

    Thoughts and Prayers sent.
  297. Bench Fisherman

    A farewell to Sdangler (Mark Fretwell) Scattering of ashes at sea 1.30.11 pics/post

    FIRST, Thank you Maggie for sharing this special and private moment us. Second.. Frank, You Sir are number one in my book. Heres a Cream Soda for you...:hali_olutta:
  298. Bench Fisherman

    ***Volunteers NEEDED for the Annual Lake Poway Kid's Fishing Derby Feb 4th & 5th ***

    Maggie, I will be there early Saturday morning eagerly willing to do anything it takes to help and put a smile on a kids face.
  299. Bench Fisherman

    Clam I am

    Great job on the Pismos. You got enough for chowder ond Pismo on the shell. Pismo on the shell... Open the clam. Use a thin blade ( clean the sand out) After the clam is open and cleaned .. Take the knife and chop up ( scrape both sides of the shell). Put all the meat on one side of the shell...
  300. Bench Fisherman

    Do you let Rookies use your good fishing gear?

    So, Is there gonna be a second date ? :rofl:
  301. Bench Fisherman

    Married and/or Divorced dudes, come share some wisdom with a younger BD'er.....

    Do what you think is right. In my opinion, If you have to ask You're not wanting to do it.
  302. Bench Fisherman

    BD sighting in Elsinore

    Who was the BD'r coming out of West Marina at Lake Elsinore around 11 today. I followed you out and went a ways toward the freeway. You turned left into a stripmall to the left. Chevy truck with a big BD red Yellowtail decal on the back window. Same decal I have on my rear window. I honked in...
  303. Bench Fisherman

    Another Colnet Report on the "Apollo" 1.15.2011

    I always look foward to your posts Harry. I know there will be some sunrise and sunset photos. I love 'em. Looks like you had a good trip. I have to agree with you on JJ running a great boat.
  304. Bench Fisherman

    2 nice yellowfin tunas

    Thanks for the picture Randy. I think about him often, Evan more this time of year.
  305. Bench Fisherman

    Need a source for Pigeons for Dog Training

    Just drive around town looking where Pigeons roost at night. Find a place that is easy for you to get to. Shine a flashlight in their eyes and grab them. Put them in a gunney sack and take them home. Keep them in a coop for three weeks and turn them loose. They will come back with friends. If...
  306. Bench Fisherman

    Close Bear encounter!

    "Hey bear, What are you doin' here?" I thought that was the best video i've seen in a long time. If that was me, there would have been two videos. First of a dead bear laying at the botton of the stand. Second, A video of my Shit Stained Underwear. Very cool of you to keep you head.
  307. Bench Fisherman

    I take full responsibility...

    Looks like you forgot to put the plug in. :rofl:
  308. Bench Fisherman

    *** A look back, A look forward... ***

    Bloodydecks, Jason, Ali and all the Moderators are great. I love this place. Bloodydecks keeps me feeling like i'm still in the fishing mode. But, there is one person that makes it special with the stuff she does. THANK YOU MAGGIE FOR WHAT YOU DO.
  309. Bench Fisherman

    All Members MUST READ... (please)

    Very cool Glenn... Merry Christmas
  310. Bench Fisherman

    Mr. & Mrs. Cooter 32 years ago today.....

    Congrats... Happy Anniversary.
  311. Bench Fisherman

    Does the crew have a nickname for you...

    1983 Norm Kagawa dubed me Baby Huey. It has stuck to this day.
  312. Bench Fisherman

    Desparately Needed Prayers

    Prayers sent
  313. Bench Fisherman

    Sad News...My Dad's best friend, fishing buddy passes away

    Prayers to you and the Hastings family.
  314. Bench Fisherman

    Alittle something to watch,

    Thank you Tommy for putting this up. I'm with Frank. I too, had the waterworks going. Those guys do a GREAT thing!!!
  315. Bench Fisherman

    Man killed on pheasant hunt in Napa

    Kurt, Did you grow up in Chino? As for the other posts, Yes, it was a mistake and should have never happend. I grew up hunting with a shotgun. I can see (in my mind) how this happend. Just be careful and keep an eye on whats going on around you.
  316. Bench Fisherman

    More then just YT in Asuncion!

    WTG Stan,, Your'e living MY dream. You sir, I envy you!!!
  317. Bench Fisherman

    Gargoyles Sunglasses Present - Beat this caption - Contest ending November 29th, 2010

    Cornfed giving a water birth to a Cornback
  318. Bench Fisherman

    Tommy Gomes - Headline News!!!

    WTG Tommy :appl::appl::appl:
  319. Bench Fisherman

    Vid 600# fish Breaks Rod & Beats Up Angler

    Imagine that guy on a wide open Albacore bite when the fish are eating the Heavy Stuff. He would have to go lay down in his bunk after one fish. While everybody else filled their limits. I've seen it.
  320. Bench Fisherman


    Holy shit!!! After a two year drift, Jason got himself a "REBITE".:rofl::rofl:
  321. Bench Fisherman

    Pasta Sauce Company Name

    Done. I like "Momma Megs"... Best of luck to her. If I find it, I will try it.
  322. Bench Fisherman

    Irvine Lake Camp Out 11/19-11/22 CANCELLED....

    I don't know if Helen can get off now. I will be there for sure with nephew in tow. I'll have alot of firewood to keep the "Fish Stories" goin'. I"m looking foward to it.
  323. Bench Fisherman

    San Felipe 10-29-10

    Scott, I love the custom fillet board on the fender on trailer. Thats just about the most bitchen beach rig i've ever seen. Very cool.:hali_olutta::appl:
  324. Bench Fisherman

    R.I.P.....MR BILL BOUNDS....

    Great of you for doing that. Too me, nothing better than having my ashes spread out on the fishing grounds.:hali_olutta:
  325. Bench Fisherman

    Happy Birthday FKG!

    Happy Birthday FKG.
  326. Bench Fisherman

    new fish in the pond

    anglefish13, I asked Troy what he told you to make you like him awhile ago. He never answerd me.:rofl:I'm happy the two of you are together. Like I told Troy, If you guys are ever down this way, we have an extra room and a truck for you. Welcome to the Bloodydecks family... Jeff
  327. Bench Fisherman

    Found: Bass rod and reel at Cat

    Very cool of you Dave.:hali_olutta:
  328. Bench Fisherman

    More sad news for our BD friends

    Our thoughts and prayers to you and you family Kurt.
  329. Bench Fisherman

    5.5 day leaving tuesday 26th

    You sir, are a true fisherman. Alot of people would leave problems to their other half. I hope and pray that "Roll" comes through fine and you can fish another day. Keep us posted please.....
  330. Bench Fisherman

    Anyone Down to Fish Sunday (23rd)

    Martin, Just curious, why go all the to Catalina for rockfish?
  331. Bench Fisherman

    Craigslist help/advice

    yknot, A buddy of mine sells alot of stuff on CL. He went to Walmart and bought a 30.00 pre pay phone to use for the ads.Keeps your home or cell number safe. Go with your gut feeling and take a buddy with you.
  332. Bench Fisherman

    First 6 day on the Independence

    Very cool, all of it. All I can say, Your'e fiance' is a very lucky man. Congrats.:appl:
  333. Bench Fisherman

    Congressional Medal of honor

    Very cool. I also would like to hear the story.
  334. Bench Fisherman

    Irvine Lake Camp Out 11/19-11/22 CANCELLED....

    Helen and I marked the calendar. We are looking foward to it. Maybe I can talk her into making a big batch of her deviled eggs. They are always a hoot a while after you eat them. Sounds like a great time, Can't wait.
  335. Bench Fisherman

    F'ing Assface

    :rofl:Carl, How many pay per view skin flicks did you watch while you were there???:rofl::rofl::rofl:
  336. Bench Fisherman

    eventful day...

    Very cool reads. There is nothing better than the sound of nature. Myself, I love the sound of a covey of quail taking off. Were you able to hear the wind coming off the wings of the hawk? Like a duck coming in to the dekes. A sound you never forget. You sir, I envy you.:hali_olutta:
  337. Bench Fisherman

    Warrior Foundation Tournament Results

    In my book, All of you are winnrers for doing this.:hali_olutta::hali_olutta::hali_olutta:
  338. Bench Fisherman

    WTF They are trying to shut down the Frog House!

    That place is a "Land Mark". I've bought quite a few wetsuits over the years. Who has'nt cruised down PCH and not slowed down to look at the Frog House. Whats next, Blackies, so they can build more houses? Just F--K WRONG.
  339. Bench Fisherman


    #1 Horse,,, "Buy me another drink and you can take me home". #2 Horse,,, "Hey man, pull over, I gotta pee". #3 Driver,,, "I'm takin' you to Fishworks, They have fishin' clothes to fit you".
  340. Bench Fisherman

    Bad Teacher

    Pescador Paul, There always has to be "That Guy" on every thread. You're it.
  341. Bench Fisherman

    Bad Teacher

    Wow...Congrats to your daughter. Just don't let her grow up to fast.
  342. Bench Fisherman

    Sooo, how much is enough?

    :)Just fish with your gut tells you. If your spool starts getting that low, the crew will be there with a back up. Just do what you want.:hali_olutta:
  343. Bench Fisherman

    DJ for a local High School Dance

    Sluester' Check out "The Hook", John is a cool guy. He was at the last Bloodydecks BBQ. He pulled up and started unloading his van and did his thing. We had great tunes for the day.:git::git:
  344. Bench Fisherman

    Number eight is in the house...

    I think you're gonna' need a "Kids Fishing Apperal" in the store soon. With you're grandchildren and my new grandaughter, I see a new fishing crew in the next few years. Congrats. I"m very glad Mom and Jayden are doing good. I'll stop by the store soon to compare stories. Very cool.:appl:
  345. Bench Fisherman

    Local Community Lake 7 27 10...

    Way to go Gramps :appl::appl::appl:
  346. Bench Fisherman


    Classic :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  347. Bench Fisherman

    Is BD Fucked up????

    I tried to log on at 12:15AM this morning. Yahoo said the page could not be found.
  348. Bench Fisherman

    REST IN PEACE SDANGLER (Mark Fretwell)

    Very sad news. Our thoughts and prayers for his family and friends.
  349. Bench Fisherman

    New Lo-An 09/24-09/25

    Very cool to spend some "Guy" time with your future son in law. Too me, that would be the best part of the trip. My son in law comes over once every other month and sits infront of the TV.
  350. Bench Fisherman

    2 days on the Eclipse 9/20-9/21

    Eclipse has 3 Captains, why? You asked why and I explained why.:finger:
  351. Bench Fisherman

    Dominic - A.K.A. Heavy "D" drops hammer on his first Ducks

    Very well done. The next thing you know, He will save his money and say, "Hey dad, I heard there is a pigeon shoot next weekend, Wanna go make some money?" You sir, Have a natural "Wingshooter" on your hands.:appl:
  352. Bench Fisherman

    3 black seabass bagged on Pacific Queen.(From 1967)

    Great find. About eight years ago, my mom showed me a WON paper that my dad was on the front page in 1968. They were shooting Dove at the end of the runway at Travis Air Force Base. Imagine doing that today??? Very cool find you there.
  353. Bench Fisherman

    Ling cod on the Daily Double

    Great going on that Ling Otto.
  354. Bench Fisherman

    Horizon off road camping trailer.

    Congrats,,, That there is one bitchen rig.
  355. Bench Fisherman

    1 new Danielson Conical Lobster Hoop Net

    Go gettum South Bend :2gunsfiring_v1:
  356. Bench Fisherman

    2 days on the Eclipse 9/20-9/21

    AZTunaMoran, First of all, If the boat is out more than twelve (12) hours, Coast Guard regs. require two (2) licensed captains are on the boat. As for the "One" captain you had hoped for, Why do you think he has more than "one" Captain. Do you think this guy never takes a day or two off? You're...
  357. Bench Fisherman

    Think before you speak...

    Thanks, I needed a good laugh...
  358. Bench Fisherman

    Seeing Red Again 9.17.10 video

    :appl:Very well done gentlemen!!!
  359. Bench Fisherman

    9/4-9/5 South Dakota Canada Goose Hunt - Kill Zone Outfitters - EPIC

    Good shootin Ali, The picture of the hull in the air is great. The picture of the Honker with the wings pulled back and the feathers and down behind it is bitchen. When I was younger, living in Chino, I saw that alot. Good times. Looks like you had a good time.
  360. Bench Fisherman

    fishing lecense

    Always Bent, I know it's past your bedtime. I'm sure you will read this. You said you're a Pinhead right? Your profile says you're 17. A few things that strikes me wrong with what you post on here... #1 As a pinhead, you're on a Sportfishing boat fishing (16 yrs and older must posess a Ca...
  361. Bench Fisherman

    Little Kenny On Math

  362. Bench Fisherman


    Go gettum Sneekee. I'm glad you went back to school. I think some "Retired" guy, that lives in the Central Coast area is a bit jealous.
  363. Bench Fisherman

    Newest member of Bloodydecks

    Maaannn, does time fly. It seems like yesterday, worring about being a dad. Now I get to do the grandpa stuff.
  364. Bench Fisherman

    Pulling trigger on new Fly Bridge

    Rich, Keep an eye on the starboard corner engine on your sea trial.:rofl:
  365. Bench Fisherman

    A day of rememberance---

    Big Dick, I'm with you on the Mosque site. Too me, It's just not right. Many prayers sent that this never happens again.
  366. Bench Fisherman

    Newest member of Bloodydecks

    We want to welcome our Grandaughter to bloodydecks, Allison Danielle. She came into this world at 6 lb. 6 oz and 18" long. She is a beauty and we are very excited as she is our first. Attached are a few photos. Helen (Benchfisherman's Wife)
  367. Bench Fisherman

    with the kiddos, good day but few keepers.

    Mike, The second picture of your daughter is priceless, "Look daddy,look what I caught". And what Troy said.(x2) Way to take care of the boy. Very cool.:appl:
  368. Bench Fisherman

    What were you doing 9-11-2001?

    I had got home late the night before after being on the boat for two weeks. Was planning on relaxing for a couple of days. I spent my two days off glued to the tv.My young daughter asked me why I had tears in my eyes. It was hard for me to explain to her in a way she could understand. To this...
  369. Bench Fisherman


    For the "Newbies". When i'm reading a post and it says, "I got my pole out or the fish bit my pole". To me, this is like watching someone with a spinning reel, holding it upside down, cranking the cranker backwards. It just makes me want to smack'em in the back of the head and show them the...
  370. Bench Fisherman

    Happy Birthday to AFry

    Helen and I wish you a great day. Happy Birthday my friend.
  371. Bench Fisherman


    Friends don't let friends wear other than "Fishworks".
  372. Bench Fisherman

    PURSUIT 8/29

    Chris, After reading your thread, sounds like to me, you already had enough "Crack". I'm glad you caught some fish.:rofl::rofl::rofl:
  373. Bench Fisherman

    Pictures Tell A Thousand Words: My 5 Year Olds' First Fishing Trip On The Dos Locos

    Chris, Your son will be a fishin' machine before you know it. I'm happy you're feeling better. You look great for the hell you went through.
  374. Bench Fisherman

    8/9 to 8/14/2010 - intrepid 5 day to cedros island, baja california

    Alan, After reading your report, I had to go see if there were scales on my dirty clothers. You made me feel like I was there,Thank You. Great reads. Jeff
  375. Bench Fisherman


    Good for you Terri, The next time you're down here to visit your family, get in touch. Helen and I would love to take the two of you out to dinner.
  376. Bench Fisherman


    Great photo Tommy. I hope he gets to go fishin' soon.
  377. Bench Fisherman

    Mega Yacht "A" anchored in SD bay west of Star of India

    If I was still working on sportboats and saw that thing,I would have to wake the Capt. and tell him, "I can't drive anymore,I'm seeing upside down boats passing us".
  378. Bench Fisherman

    Let's meet Captain Charlie Sims of Maui Sportfishing's Finest Kind

    Now it's Fishing chikk, Dude, Are you jacking off while you do this???
  379. Bench Fisherman

    Let's meet Captain Charlie Sims of Maui Sportfishing's Finest Kind

    Fishnazzi, Troy, I saw the photo you posted of yourself looking like a gorilla. The next care package I send you, It will include a few razors.
  380. Bench Fisherman

    Your name on Bloodydecks

    Mikee, Your avatar photo looks like the APOLLO, am I right? I might have gaffed a fish or three for you in the past.You look very familiar.
  381. Bench Fisherman

    Your name on Bloodydecks

    Troy, Maaannn, Those were the days. I sure miss getting in late and putting the new passengers on the boat and clearing the point in two hours.I remember bitching and moaning how it sucked.I sure miss it now.
  382. Bench Fisherman

    Your name on Bloodydecks

    I'm still wondering about a thousand more.Washington,Mexico,Hawaii and everywhere. I want to know.(and I think alot of other Bloodydeckers would like to know also)
  383. Bench Fisherman

    Todays date is 8/9/10

    Thanks for that info Rich. Sounds like you're just as board as I am.:hali_olutta:
  384. Bench Fisherman

    8/9 HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAGGIE (nunyabizness)

    Happy Birthday Maggie, Helen and I hope you have a great day.
  385. Bench Fisherman

    Your name on Bloodydecks

    Hotrail20, You sure put the wood to that flattie quick. Way to go!!!
  386. Bench Fisherman

    Your name on Bloodydecks

    hotrail20, How did you come up with name? Did that big Halibut take you around the boat 20 times and you had to yell "Hot rail" each time? I'm just wondering...
  387. Bench Fisherman

    Your name on Bloodydecks

    I know some of your names are "A no brainer", but chime in anyway. I don't get to fish much these days. Bloodydecks makes me feel like I was on the water today.I read almost every post and most names keep my mind thinking, "How did you come up with that".
  388. Bench Fisherman

    Meat Run: 9-Mile Bank 8/7

    Nice mess of Reds there. Someday when you get your "Dream House",can I fish off your dock? Have fun feeding all the kids. It sounds like a great time.
  389. Bench Fisherman

    Your name on Bloodydecks

    How did you come up with your screen name??? ... Myself, My legs don't too good. "Bench Fisherman". What about you? :finger:
  390. Bench Fisherman

    Yellow Tail on the Chubasco 2

  391. Bench Fisherman


    Harlan, Thanks for setting it straight.
  392. Bench Fisherman


    I can't wait to hear what Harlan has to say.
  393. Bench Fisherman

    Sending good thoughts to Tommy Gomes...

    Our thoughts and prayers to the Gomes family.
  394. Bench Fisherman

    rust never sleeps

    My My, Hey Hey John, I'm glad you caught some fish. You, for sure have, a Heart Of Gold.
  395. Bench Fisherman

    Hundred Bucks FREE NO BS FREE and a shot at $1500

    Keith, I would love to go. My guess is 24.
  396. Bench Fisherman

    Bloodydecks Supports Stars & Stripes Tournament - Helps Raise $25,000

    I'm glad you guys had a great time. It's wonderful to see people still support our vetrans and troops. On a second note, Next time take Maggie to put on the casting contest. If She was there, We would ALL feel like we were there by all the pictures she takes and posts.She's a great host too!!!!
  397. Bench Fisherman


    Prayers and thoughts on the way.
  398. Bench Fisherman


    Very well done!!!!
  399. Bench Fisherman

    Got ass kicked!

    niice, :shithappens: :shithappens: :shithappens:
  400. Bench Fisherman

    Follow Saltydog and the Boys on the RR3

    I hope they are in a stop right now. Wish them luck and flat seas.
  401. Bench Fisherman

    One of my Ex Girlfriends new business

    Stan, Could you send me a picture after you apply the "Armorall" when she gets out of the shower....
  402. Bench Fisherman


    Prayers sent Tim. Cory will be up and around before you know it.
  403. Bench Fisherman

    Killer Day

    Just wondering Tony, The yellow looking fish looks like a Kelp Fish. What is it?
  404. Bench Fisherman

    Fish Identification - Little Tunny?

    Back in 80's, we caught them fishing for Albacore. Bullet Tuna.
  405. Bench Fisherman

    Had to put down my 2nd dog this year

    Frank, Please don't feel left out. Your dog is way better looking than you too.
  406. Bench Fisherman

    Had to put down my 2nd dog this year

    Bill, Lets just say the "Old Lady" (the dog we met) was a little better looking than you.:rofl::rofl::rofl:
  407. Bench Fisherman

    o6 o5 10

    On the long rod too! Way to go young man.
  408. Bench Fisherman

    Had to put down my 2nd dog this year

    Bill, I apoligize for the mistaken idenity. We are both sorry for your loss.
  409. Bench Fisherman

    Had to put down my 2nd dog this year

    Very sorry for your loss Bill, Helen and I got the privlege to meet and give her a rub at the BBQ. When we saw her,we both looked at eachother and said, "wow". She looked like a twin to our "Cassidy". It blew me away. Cassidy is 20 years old. I know she is on borrowed time. I'm dreading on...
  410. Bench Fisherman

    K5 Bronco doesnt start after its warmed up ?

    My old Bronco did the same thing. 351 Cleaveland. The timing was off. Cold started just fine, after warmed up, it would just drag real slow when cranking on it and not start. Had to replace the cam gear for the timing chain. It was missing a tooth. Never had another problem with it. Hope this helps.
  411. Bench Fisherman

    Son graduated today !! JFAT afterwards !! PICS ADDED!

    Congrats Steven, It seems you raised a fine young man there Stan. Helen and I met him at the last BBQ.
  412. Bench Fisherman

    T-Sharkin on NoZilla with Captain Curt 5/31

    Saluki, If you would'a used "Eco Freindly Toilet Paper", You would have nailed a good one. Gettum next time.
  413. Bench Fisherman

    1.5 Tracer Trip Limited Load 10 Passengers

    If i'm not mistaken, Steve sold the boat in '06. The TRACER" is a really "Fishy" boat. Have fun.
  414. Bench Fisherman

    bay fishing with kids ig surprise

    That's a good fish and even better eating. Great job on taking the kids.
  415. Bench Fisherman


    I just realized you didn't have a tank top on.:rofl::rofl::rofl:
  416. Bench Fisherman


    Very cool Chris, Looks like it was a great time. I wish I could have been there.
  417. Bench Fisherman

    Corvina or WSB?

    Sea Trout? Never seen one in person.
  418. Bench Fisherman

    They're Here!

    Terri, It looks you adapted well to the north. I'll bet you don't miss Perris.
  419. Bench Fisherman

    Can't fish outside, do it off the docks 5.23.10

    Thanks for the post Harry, looked like fun. The last picture brought back memories of trolling for Albacore.
  420. Bench Fisherman


    Happy Birthday Val. I forgot about you and Helen pulling your shirts down a little to show some cleavagave. Good times.
  421. Bench Fisherman

    Old School vs New School on the Jig sticks! (Duplicate Report)

    Great post, Reading this, Nobody said nothing about "Not setting the hook". When slinging the iron, don't set the hook. Whe your'e grinding you jig and you get bit,keep your rod pointed towards the fish and grind till it starts taking line or your'e sure the hook is set good. Watch someone...
  422. Bench Fisherman

    need to identify this frame

    Steve , you're the pro, am I right. I need something to go my way tonight.
  423. Bench Fisherman

    need to identify this frame

    If i'm not mistakin', a 99 is about the size of a 500. The 146 is a "Squidder Jr." The 146 is smaller in diamater than 500. At least that's what frazzeld mind thinks. I could be wrong.
  424. Bench Fisherman

    Don't ever leave your account logged on......

    Not shitting you. I just ended a 30 minute loud discussion with my 20 year old pregnant daughter. They both live with me rent free. She saves the money to get stuff for the baby and a place of their own. He's buying SHIT for his car and dirtbike.I told my daughter what I felt about it. Somehow...
  425. Bench Fisherman

    desperately seeking VP#21450768

    For a quick easy (temp) fix. Try JB Weld from your local auto parts place. I waited on the same part for a DPX 600. I used the stuff and it got me through the summer. It only took three months to get the part from Volvo Penta. (Four tries for the right part) Good luck.
  426. Bench Fisherman

    Don Eddie's burned

    I llike MikeylLikesIt idea. I'm not to good on my feet, But i'm good at watching over things. Maybe for shits and grins, We could get together and have a weekend "You bring it,You nail it party. This is a pretty bitchen place to to me.
  427. Bench Fisherman

    Rod ID?

    Roddy Buddahead
  428. Bench Fisherman

    Damn........................ just, Damn!

    Our local paper said the dogs tore his testicles completly off.
  429. Bench Fisherman

    Ensenada area, other boats shut down and told to split

    O.K. Took it the wrong way. Lets go fish together.
  430. Bench Fisherman

    Ensenada area, other boats shut down and told to split

    Alan, I'm not "Ratting" on my friends. My friends don't bend the rules when it comes to their livelyhood.
  431. Bench Fisherman

    Ensenada area, other boats shut down and told to split

    We are IN their territory. Sorry, I didn't read it it before I posted.
  432. Bench Fisherman

    Ensenada area, other boats shut down and told to split

    This blows me away!!! Please bear with me, As i'm going to throw my two cents in. (and gonna catch hell for). I fished the area in question on private boats when I was young. When I worked on "Sportboats" (starting in 82) this water was off limits. As far as I know,it's still off limits to...
  433. Bench Fisherman

    Irvine Lake 4/2... Bass that's Green - Bass with Stripes & Trout

    I didn't see FKG in the pic's. I thought you bought the new ride for him.
  434. Bench Fisherman

    Prayer request for Cooter.....

    Prayers and thoughts sent.
  435. Bench Fisherman

    Love everyone

    Art, I can totally relate. Stay strong
  436. Bench Fisherman

    Point Loma Mexico horrible experience

    Nice fish. (I just had to say it)
  437. Bench Fisherman

    first boat

    Thats a cool boat, enjoy it. Be safe and catch some fish.
  438. Bench Fisherman

    My Sis in Law needs prayers

    Prayers sent
  439. Bench Fisherman

    Quick question...

    If it is a Grouper I stand corrected. Looks very much like BSB.(does not look like a Leopard,Broomtail or gulf to me) Let me reword my statement, A flare gun is permitted on any vessel, inland or international waterway for use as a distress signal. (even in Mexico). If you use a Flare Gun for...
  440. Bench Fisherman

    Quick question...

    In regards to PescadorJim's remark, Have you ever used a "flare Gun" in self defence ? Have you ever even fired one? I have, and unless you hit your target in the eye, you had better be ready to get it on with a very pissed off "Bad guy". The next time i'm on a boat in trouble, I will think...
  441. Bench Fisherman

    Never wished I was older, until......

    Be careful what you wish for. I wished to fish every day of my life,, Yea, I got my wish. The only good fishing I can do is on BLOODYDECKS.
  442. Bench Fisherman

    Fishing on the Apollo

    You will enjoy the boat and crew. If you happend to be in the wheelhouse shootin' the shit with JJ, tell him, Baby Huey says hello.
  443. Bench Fisherman

    Helping a Santa Barbara County Firefighter

    They got my vote
  444. Bench Fisherman

    awh shit deal of the year already

    Is this the place that has the old skin mount Dorado on the wall thats falling apart ?
  445. Bench Fisherman

    Cibola Photo Op's...

    Great photos.
  446. Bench Fisherman

    First Honker Hunt of the Season with a Suprise

    Well done Matt, By chance, were you hunting with a guy with the initials D.F.? Just wondering.
  447. Bench Fisherman


    Happy Halloween to all Bloodydeckers and their familes. Jeff, Helen and Sarah
  448. Bench Fisherman

    Search underway for survivors of military aircraft collision by San Clemente Island

    I'm with Johnnylite, this is not funny. dessie99, Have some RESPECT.
  449. Bench Fisherman

    Calico Ghost Town for Halloween?

    I meant pastrami. Pastrami- A sandwich to die for. Pastami- A broad standing on the corner.
  450. Bench Fisherman

    Calico Ghost Town for Halloween?

    Are you talking the "Hat" (for pastami) ?? If so, where is it ? Calico sounds pretty bitchen for Hollween.
  451. Bench Fisherman

    While I was out fishing.........

    Our Border Collie looked like the pup in the first picture. She helped me raise my daughter,get through a bad time in my life and now lives as the QUEEN of the house. She's a bit slow nowadays, but what the heck. She's 19 years old.
  452. Bench Fisherman


    Anyone here ever fish with the "Southern California Sporters" fishing club?
  453. Bench Fisherman

    Duck Decoy rigging

    Go to your local office supply store and get a bag of #64 rubber bands. Very easy to use in the dark. I would wind the line around the neck or keel and throw a rubber band around the sinker and decoy.
  454. Bench Fisherman

    is shooting geese not cool?

    I grew up in the Chino/ Corona area. One day for shits and grins, I shot two Honkers with a 410. That same morning, a game warden (name with held) got one with a bow out of our pit. Those were the days.
  455. Bench Fisherman

    They're coming

    Hey Rubberhook, Is that a Knight and Hale Double Cluck Plus with the tube call on your lanyard?
  456. Bench Fisherman

    They're coming

    Here's an easy recipe thats pretty damn tasty for geese. Fillet the meat off the breast and cut into 3/4" to 1" cubes. Roll in flour and fry in hot,hot oil until golden brown, season with pepper and garlic salt. I used to make jerky out my geese also.
  457. Bench Fisherman

    EaglesFanGirl gets her some

    Classic picture of you cutting fish sitting on the couch. If I did that,,,,, You would see a "Prayers needed thread".
  458. Bench Fisherman

    Shogun-1 1/2 day trip

    Wow, I worked for Norman from 1983 to 1988. I just can't fathom him or Bruce not wanting to catch fish. The only thing those guys like more than catching fish is helping their passengers catch fish.
  459. Bench Fisherman

    Pending World Record YT

    Comparing my balls to these guys, I have none. Beautiful fish.
  460. Bench Fisherman

    birthday yellowtail at moonstone

    Great birthday present from the fish gods. Happy belated birthday.
  461. Bench Fisherman

    BD Sighting in Corona

    Sunday afternoon I was nodding off in the passenger seat while at the 15 and 91 interchange and Helen yells "BLOODYDECKS". Maannn, for a minute, I thought we had a jig strike. I gained my senses quickly and realized we were not trolling. I looked over and saw two people waving. So, what did I...
  462. Bench Fisherman

    Prayers needed!!!

    I'm sorry I can't give blood, But Helen and my daughter can. Need a name and County so he gets credit for the donation. Riverplayer, My thoughts and prayers are sent to you and your family. Hang tough my friend, it will work out.
  463. Bench Fisherman

    PB right of way_Death by freighter

    Right of "Weight"
  464. Bench Fisherman

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAGGIE (Nunyabizness1)

    Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Haaapppyyy birthday dear Maggie, Happy birthday to youuuu. We hope you had a great day. Jeff and Helen
  465. Bench Fisherman

    Heres the deal on a protest and a history lesson

    "Welcome to Kallliforniaa". Mr. Govenor, When was the last you took your familly fishing on the coast of "California"? Govenor,, Let me guess, NEVER, your'e too busy shutting down law enforcement and firefighters and taking funds away from our schools. This is what my banner would say...
  466. Bench Fisherman

    100# BSB 50 Mins to Catch, 55 Mins to Revive and Release!

    Good for you guys on the catch and release. Outstanding job on getting the old guy back to his home. TWO THUMBS UP!!!!!
  467. Bench Fisherman

    Chunking for seasonal visitors

    I've read so many reports lately on seeing Dorado on kelps that don't want to play. Yet, nobody has said they tried "Chunking". When I was able to pull on more than a Bluegill. I made a good living fishing. When you have a visual on the fish and they don't want to play, try chunking your bait...
  468. Bench Fisherman

    Giant Yellowtail Caught Aboard The RTA Today

    I'm going to guess that yellow goes 33 pounds i oz. The one oz. is for the parasite on the fish. Thats a bitchen fish..............Great job.
  469. Bench Fisherman

    Licensed Captain Needed

    Try Fishnazzie, he's up your way.
  470. Bench Fisherman

    Need help with family outing

    Pappa "J", Very cool of you!!!!!!!!!
  471. Bench Fisherman

    Twilight from Dana on the Clemente 7/17/09

    Why is it here that every post with a few Calico bass, some "TOOL" has to be a dick. Gene, Hats off to you for taking your son fishing. Gotone, Thanks for being the "TOOL" for this post!!
  472. Bench Fisherman

    Casper 425 > Islands July 18

    Rick, Good job on putting the "Next" generation on fish, and might I say,"NICE FISH". Richard, WOW!!!
  473. Bench Fisherman

    2007 Mt. Laguna Archery Buck Mount

    Tim, That's a great buck. I could only imagine what was going through your head when you tagged him. Did your mouth get really dry, were you shaking, did you say to yourself " Aaeyy, I finally got him????? I did, and it's a great feeling. Congrats.
  474. Bench Fisherman

    Heres one for ya,

    What Matt and Jesse said is the reason my flag flies 24/7 with a light on it at night.
  475. Bench Fisherman


    When I was in high school, we would hang out at my buddys house on Wednesday nights listening to Dr.Demento on KMET. I always had a hard time getting out of bed the next day to go to school. We would usually get pretty tore up. Ahh, to be a kid again.
  476. Bench Fisherman

    Heres one for ya,

    Thanks Tommy for putting that up. That kind of stuff should be on every news channel and on the front pages of the paper every day.
  477. Bench Fisherman

    Gaff quality bamboo

    According to the late Capt. Ron Tadero (RIP), Tonkin and Calcutta are cured in some sort of mud for at least a year before they are sturdy enough. I tried using a heavy duty looking kane I cut from a neighbors yard for a lift pole. Eight pound Bonita split it quick.
  478. Bench Fisherman

    Happy B-day Harryo........

    Happy Birthday Harry, Keep the great reports coming.
  479. Bench Fisherman


    I REALLY like what John did first during the situation,,,,,Threw a PFD to all his passengers. Great of you for keeping your head straight.
  480. Bench Fisherman

    tissues at the ready

    As I was reading this with tears rolling down my face, the Willie Nelson song "Angel flying to close to the ground" was playing on the radio. Even brought more tears.
  481. Bench Fisherman

    what is this?

    All the long ranger's here should know this fish. After you come out of the Galley with your bellies so stuffed and walk over to the rail using a toothpick to get the last of your 5 star dinner out of your teeth and you look in the water, Scad. Push come to shove. They do make good bait. If you...
  482. Bench Fisherman

    Sons and I w/pics (Sport King)

    Very cool, If only more fathers would take time with their kids..... The picture of your youngest son with the bonita, That says it all. Your older son throwing a jig, PRICELESS.
  483. Bench Fisherman

    A few of the reasons why we're free to fish tomorrow.

    Could have not been said better. THANK YOU!!!!!!!
  484. Bench Fisherman

    Thank you!!!!!

    My flag flies 24\7 with a light on it at night. Thank you to ALL that gave their lives and to ALL that keep our country safe.
  485. Bench Fisherman

    BBQ Rules

    My wife didn't find it as good as I did... But she laughed.
  486. Bench Fisherman

    Rpt 5-23-09 Huge SCI tails on the Fury!

    Sorry you didn't get a yellow, but the tuna are a coming and with a name like tunaslam you need to live up to it. I now you can do it.
  487. Bench Fisherman

    Octagonal Blank

    They look like P T 60's
  488. Bench Fisherman

    new job!

    Taylor, If you truely love fishing and have desire for the water, stay in school,get a degree. Then see where life goes from there. Log your time scrubbing boats.(Time on water). I can tell you so much more. PM me if you want.
  489. Bench Fisherman

    keep rocky point open!!

    Sorry, I meant to say "GIVING UP FISHING. This guy got my balls in an "UPROAR".
  490. Bench Fisherman

    Bill Roecker LR article..

    When Bill is at the landing when a boat comes in early in the morning, I would "Swear" he was there all night waiting. { pad and pen taking notes,taking pictures,interviewing passengers and crew} If you ever get the chance to talk to him one on one,you will be blown away. He's a stand up guy for...
  491. Bench Fisherman

    Last day at Home Depot

    "Clean up on aisle 3"
  492. Bench Fisherman

    the most interesting man in the world

    This guy could give our Govenor a run.
  493. Bench Fisherman


    Maaann, After reading this thread, im calling my dad and tell him "I'm sorry" for all the crap.
  494. Bench Fisherman

    Lake Perris

    Has anyone fished Perris Lake for Crappie or Bluegill in the last few days? If so, How did you do? Thanks in advance.
  495. Bench Fisherman

    Cold water to stay with us in SoCal Coast

    1986,,, Big Albacore between the west end of Catalina and the Osborne Bank.Nine fish in the 60# range while fishing something else to make my boat payment.
  496. Bench Fisherman

    Form the last lead poruing party

    I saw a similar thing the other day here in Perris. Two days later, I read in the paper they got busted for cooking crack. I think it's pretty cool you guys get together and pour your own.
  497. Bench Fisherman

    Anyone fish Jalama lately?

    My mom and dad stay there ALOT. They went home because dad said fishing was lousy.
  498. Bench Fisherman


    Welcome to Perris, Ca.......The only thing you forgot, was the lady in front of you in the check out line at the grocery store buying crab legs with food stamps.
  499. Bench Fisherman

    This picture needs a caption...

  500. Bench Fisherman

    It's My Birthday!!!

    Happy Birthday Jason,,,enjoy Friday.
  501. Bench Fisherman

    Who HASN'T had this happen.....

    Chasntuna, THANK YOU!!!!! I wasn't feeling to hot today, then I read your post. I have to tell you I had to take my arms off the computer desk because it was shaking so bad I could'nt read the words on the screen from me laughing so hard. That's some really funny stuff.
  502. Bench Fisherman

    which school do you come from?

    With all my years working on sports boats,98% were Charters, mostly clubs and regular charters. Most crew members would always dread a rent rod group (none of there own tackle) and we would fish that day on the same spot of fish, that we did the day before (still willing to bite). We would sit 5...
  503. Bench Fisherman

    I'm finally BUYING A BOAT!!!

    Congratulations on your new boat.Have fun and be safe.Throw back want your not going to eat.Keep your wife,that was way cool what she did for you. She's a keeper.
  504. Bench Fisherman


    Put a few steaks in a ziplock bag and pour a bottle of Italian dressing in it. Let sit in the fridge overnight. Cook over hot coals for about 2.5\3 minutes per side. Enjoy.
  505. Bench Fisherman

    Childhood Friend sends me an Email today......

    Mikee, My prayers tonight go to you and your buddy.
  506. Bench Fisherman

    Good Luck Smudge

    Take your trolling rod. Be safe.
  507. Bench Fisherman

    Want to talk fishing??

    I can scrub a boat no problem.I'm good for a little while.(repetative motion)
  508. Bench Fisherman

    Want to talk fishing??

    I just have a problem with my mussles.I get wore out pretty easy now.Pulling on a good fish for more than a few minutes would kick my ass.Even holding a rod for more than a long soak hurts.
  509. Bench Fisherman

    Moving to Canyon Lake in 30 days

    Spencer, Get ahold of me.From my place,a dirt road,one switch back and water.DON'T EAT THE FISH THERE!!!!!!!
  510. Bench Fisherman

    Want to talk fishing??

    Really, I just want to talk about fishing.I like and execpt the hazing.
  511. Bench Fisherman

    Want to talk fishing??

    No, I don't have a van yet.Soon I will have one with a ramp.Hell,I might paint it orange.
  512. Bench Fisherman

    Want to talk fishing??

    Long story very short. I don't fish much anymore, but miss talking to the guys and gals that still do. When I was a kid, I worked for Norm Kagawa on the original "SHOGUN". He tuned my fishing skills. After about six years I bought a commercial boat. That was a good living. Had to give it up to...
  513. Bench Fisherman

    How do you mix your cocktail?

    How do I mix a cocktail? "Babe", I need a drink!!!
  514. Bench Fisherman


    Walmart, Already salted and frozen.Then you can walk around checking out the moms.