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  1. kimbo

    For Sale Shimano teramar tmc-80h / fathom 30ld2

    Shimano teramar tmc-80h in good condition $120 Penn fathom 30ld2 1/2 filled with 65# white braid and 40# mono topshot. Box and clamp included. Located in Anaheim hills 714 290-2663
  2. kimbo

    For Sale Cousins 800xlh like new

    Cousins clb800xlh in new condition fished a few times $250 Located in Anaheim, pick up only, no trades. (714)290-2663
  3. kimbo

    For Sale Cousins, okuma, and shimano rods for sale

    No longer available
  4. kimbo

    WTB seeker 670-8 or calstar 800ml

    looking for one of these used, (black steel or ss and grafighter), before I pull the trigger on a new one. Let me know if you have anything you let go of.
  5. kimbo

    SOLD Shimano teramar tmc-80h brown

    Delete (714)290-2663
  6. kimbo

    SOLD Moved thread

    Moved thread
  7. kimbo

    SOLD Okuma spinning rod pch

    Okuma spinning rod for sale okuma pchp-s-761 mh 7'6" 40-80# Sweet 30-40# spinning rod, killed a few 20-25# yft on it last year, used on 1 trip. $160 714 290-2663
  8. kimbo

    For Sale okuma pch 901h

    okuma pch 901h 9' 20-50# with reel seat, new, sat on my rack. Just picked up a seeker so letting this go. $225 located in Anaheim 714-290-2663
  9. kimbo

    For Sale Vendido

  10. kimbo

    WTB Calstar 90j or seeker ulua jigstick

    Looking for one of these, preferably factory wrapped. Located in orange county.
  11. kimbo

    SOLD Okuma pch xxh

    Moved the thread
  12. kimbo

    Tesoro 5

    Finally got my tesoro 5 from charkbait, good deal during the fred hall show. Had to get shipped cuz they were out of stock. Loaded it up with a 300 yard spool of #65 soft steel eminent baid that I got from the fhs. This braid feels great, super thin, just wish it was white. Took the whole spool...
  13. kimbo

    Get the strap!

    Went in to turners yesterday to pick up my new 92fs and some ammo, never seen the gun area so crowded. 1/3 of the display models gone, 1/2 the ammo gone, over a 2 hour wait to pick up. Picked up 400 rounds since it was going so fast. Getting crazy.
  14. kimbo

    For Sale Penn fathom 25n sd and 30ld2

    Selling a couple of fathoms, both in new condition, used a few times, include clamps, and boxes. 25n with 65# power pro and 40# izor xxx topshot sold 30ld2 with 1/2 spool 65# power pro and 40# izor xxx topshot $210 (714)290-2663
  15. kimbo

    For Sale Sold gone no mas

    Selling the line off my makaira 20 sea. Been on 1 trip, drop a flatfall for a bit, no fish hooked. Only selling to switch to 100# . 600 approximately white, izor solid. $60
  16. kimbo

    For Sale Penn fathom 25 star drag for sale

    Penn fathom 25 star drag for sale, loaded up with 50# white power pro and 75 yd 40# izor xxx topshot. 9/10 condition clamp, box included. $180 (714)290-2663
  17. kimbo

    For Sale Penn fathom 30ld2 for sale..

    Selling a fathom 30ld2, used a handful of times, still looks new, 1/2 filled with 65# braid, topped off with 40# mono $200 box and clamp included 40ld2 has 80# braid to the top short white power pro, new condition, box and clamp included Sold 714-290-2663
  18. kimbo

    For Sale Makaira 20ii sea gunmetal

    Selling a new mak 20ii older gunmetal color, filled with 130# izor solid and 130# soft steel wind on. Mounted but not fished, box and everything included. $500 no trades 714 290-2663
  19. kimbo

    WTB Okuma tesoro

    Anybody have one they'd part with before I buy new? Looking for a 5 but maybe other models as well.
  20. kimbo

    WTB Seeker Mexican series

    Want to buy a couple of the factory wrapped seeker Mexican series rods. Preferably 8'. Let me know whats out there. Thanks
  21. kimbo

    For Sale Seeker g6470h custom wrapped / okuma metaloid 12ii red/ penn fathoms

    Selling a custom wrapped g6470h custom wrapped by seeker blank painted white, blue wraps. Been on 1 ride, not fished. $240 Metaloid 12ii red, brand new in box mounted but not fished loaded up with 65 white pp to the top $250 or no line $210 Fathom 30ld2 loaded up with 80# power pro in great...
  22. kimbo

    SOLD Seeker ulua price lowered

    Selling a custom wrapped seeker ulua in good shape, new grips, all glass, not composite, 9'3" sweet rod, sticking with my 90j though. $230
  23. kimbo

    SOLD Cousins rod cjb 80h-ct

    Selling a cjb80h-ct 8' 30-50# deckhand rod. Basically new. Mounted a reel, took it out last weekend, but didnt use it. Asking $220 714 290-2663 (
  24. kimbo

    SOLD Penn fathom 30 star sold

    Selling a penn fathom 30 star drag reel, used once to throw jigs, gonna stay with the 25 instead. 65 power pro with 40 izor xxx on top. In new condition, box, tool, clamp included. Sold
  25. kimbo

    Pacifica 6-14 1.5 day

    Booked my spot. Anyone else going? Maiden voyage.
  26. kimbo

    For Sale Penn fathom 15 star drag

    New, not fished spooled up with 20# mono . Mounted on rod but switched up to a 12 instead. $150
  27. kimbo

    For Sale Okuma pch 701xh sold

    Sold please delete
  28. kimbo

    Legend 1.5 day 5-25-19, opions on the boat?

    Never fished the boat, any opinions, reviews? I read some reviews on facebook and some weren't very good. Hoping to hear better here before I book.
  29. kimbo

    TRADE Makaira 16II sea

    I have a makaira 16ii sea with 550 yards of white 100# power pro. In new condition, taken on a couple of boat rides. Looking to trade for a makaira 20ii or 30ii sea in similar condition. (714)290-2663
  30. kimbo

    Condor 5/10

    Booked a couple of spots for me and a buddy. Anyone else on the trip?
  31. kimbo

    For Sale Vertels yellowstick deckhand rod

    Old school vertels yellowstick. Deckhand with fresh corktape, 7' 15-40# super soft tip, excellent chovy rod. $70 714 290-2663
  32. kimbo

    Okuma metaloid baitcaster review

    Anyone used one yet? Wondering how they compare to the shimano Calcutta 400?
  33. kimbo

    For Sale Sold Shimano sold teramar jigstick tmc-90h for sale..

    Selling my tmc-90h in good shape 9 ' 25-40# excellent lightweight jigstick $150 (714)290-2663
  34. kimbo

    For Sale Bye

    No longer for sale. Thanks
  35. kimbo

    Okuma metaloid baitcaster

    Anyone used one yet? They look pretty cool.
  36. kimbo

    For Sale Penn fathom 40ld2

    Selling my fathom 40nld2, almost new, been on a couple of boat rides and falt fall drops, filled to the top, 80# power pro. Box and tool included. $280 text for pics 714 290-2663 Edit. Line has been filled to the top since pictures were taken 80# white power pro
  37. kimbo

    TRADE No mas

    New okuma makaira sea gunmetal, loaded up with 700+ yards of white power pro 80#, never used, just mounted on a rod. No box. Looking for a makaira 20 or 30sea new or like new or penn 20 or 30 visx. Thanks
  38. kimbo

    For Sale Winchester Ranger 120 12ga fs OC $160

    Winchester ranger 120 shotgun 12ga $160 can meet at turners or fowlers in orange for transfer. Buyer pays fees. Thanks
  39. kimbo

    For Sale Shimano and okuma rods and reels for sale

    Shimano teramar tmc-90h older brown version in good shape 9' 25-40# $150 Shimano torium 20hg used in good shape no line sold Shimano 14hg used once, in new condition, box and clamp, included no line sold Okuma pch 701xh 7' 30-60#, used a couple of trips, in new condition $160 Okuma pch...
  40. kimbo

    For Sale Torium 14hg reel

    Selling a torium 14hg used a couple of times, in new condition. No line, box and too included. $160 obo (714)290-2663
  41. kimbo

    WTB Seeker black steel 270h-8 and 6480

    Looking for one of each, deckhand style, newer style guides. Thanks
  42. kimbo

    For Sale Shimano teramar tmc90h and torium 20hg

    Selling my jigstick setup. Older brown teramar 90h and torium 20hg. Both in good shape, 65# power pro with 100 yard 40# mono topshot. $300
  43. kimbo

    Anyone using owner siwash hood for tuna

    Wondering if anyone is using the open eye siwash replacement hooks for their tuna jigs i.e. colt snipers/ megabaits. Anyone else worried about them opening up on a bigger fish?
  44. kimbo

    New okuma pch railrods

    What are your guys ' opinions on the new okuma pch rods. I figured someone has some experience on their sct heavy rods. Thinking of picking up the xxh and xxxh.
  45. kimbo

    Okuma pch rail rods

    What are your guys ' opinions on the new okuma pch rods. I figured someone has some experience on their sct heavy rods. Thinking of picking up the xxh and xxxh.
  46. kimbo

    For Sale Super seeker 2x4 and black steel 6470h

    Holding off for now due to some personal stuff coming up. Sorry for any inconvenience
  47. kimbo

    For Sale Okuma metaloid 12ii and pch 701xh and axeon swimbait rod

    Selling a pch 701-c-xh 7' 30-60# basically new, been on a couple of rides. $170 Metaloid sold Okuma axeon swimbait rod, axpi-c-801xh 8' 20-40# $60 used once (714)290-2663
  48. kimbo

    Nomad design dtx minnow

    Wondering of anyone has used these for bft. Heard they are working on the troll. Dive down to 40 feet. Big tuna hooks on them. Any feedback?
  49. kimbo

    WTB Looking for a torium handle

    Looking for a factory torium handle 16/ 20/ 30 will work. Thanks
  50. kimbo

    Feedback on xtreme braid

    Anyone on here used it? I see it's pretty popular with guys back east.
  51. kimbo

    Anyone check out Melton tackle sale today?

    Just wondering what kind of deals. Thanks
  52. kimbo

    WTB Shimano Calcutta 400d used

    Anyone have a used one for sale? Thanks
  53. kimbo

    For Sale torium 20hg / Cardiff 300

    used torium 20hg, about 250 yards of 65# braid and 40# izor xxx top shot. Some corrosion around base. $150 Cardiff sold (714)290-2663
  54. kimbo

    For Sale Penn fathom 60ld2 sold

    Selling a Penn fathom 60ld2 used a couple of times, in new condition , comes with clamp box and tool , $200 without line (714)290-2663
  55. kimbo

    For Sale Wtt shimano teramar tmc-x80hb for a tmc-80hb

    Wanting to trade my like new tmc-80hb for a similar condition tmc-80hb. Price difference is $10, willing to pay that. Thanks
  56. kimbo

    Okuma axeon pro rods

    Just picked up the 801xh axeon pro for my komodo 364. Anyone else used them? Likes/ dislikes?
  57. kimbo

    Anyone fished the axeon pro rods?

    Just picked up the 801xh axeon pro for my 364. Anyone else used them? Likes/ dislikes?
  58. kimbo

    Fathom 30 for 60#?

    Anyone using their fathom 30ld2 for 60# setup? I was using mine for 40# but thinking of putting it on a psw700xh for a 60# setup. With 33# of drag and 480 of 80# braid seems like it would be fine. I know I should put a 40ld2 on it but it feels awkward with such a tall reel on a skinny rod. Your...
  59. kimbo

    Penn fathom 30ld2 for 60#?

  60. kimbo

    Wtb calstar 7400h 7400xh or similar

    Looking for something along these lines, factory or custom. Would like to stay with 7' thanks send me a PM please
  61. kimbo

    Shimano curado, Newell s229, and a couple of Penn rods for sale

    Selling some gear I don' use Curado 300ej I good shape, some bucks but fishe' great, upgraded drags and loaded with fresh 50# yozuri braid. $160 Newell s229-5 great condition, with clamp, filled with fresh 20# izor xxx mono $125 Penn sabre cs270-8 8' 12-30 deckhand rod $60 Penn blue water...
  62. kimbo

    Fs/ ft Phenix black diamond psw700xh

    Selling a phenix black diamond psw 700xh 7' 30-80. Used a handful of times in good shape. Looking to get $230 or trade for a calstar or seeker of similar rating.
  63. kimbo

    Wtb shimano teramar tmc-x80h older model

    Looking for one if these, let me know what you have, local to Orange county please
  64. kimbo

    Newell s229-5 and Penn sabre rod

    Selling my 20# bait stick. Sabre cs-270-8ct 12-30# deckhand rod, with a Newell s229-5 in excellent shape. Rod is still in good condition, typical older rod. Reel has fresh 20# izor xxx. $170 (714)290-2663
  65. kimbo

    FREE Deeeleet

  66. kimbo

    Trinidad 20 for sale

    Tn20 gold ready to fish, freshly serviced, supe clean, excellent freespool. #65 izor braid with #40 izor xxx top shot. $320 (714)290-2663
  67. kimbo

    Wtb 80-100# setup

    Looking for a decent setup used before I pull the trigger on new stuff. Local to Orange county please.
  68. kimbo

    Wtb Penn fathom 30ld2

    Looking for one in good shape or new. Local to Orange county please. PM me please
  69. kimbo

    penn blue water carnage rod for sale

    Penn blue water carnage rod carbw800l 7' 10" 15-30# for sale used a couple of times, great feeling rod. Deckhand grip. Reel not included $100 Located in Anaheim 714 290-2663
  70. kimbo

    Wtb okuma komodo 364ss, torium 20, and 8' 30, rod

    Looking for these items, please let me know what you got, prefer local to Anaheim.
  71. kimbo

    Wtb older teramar or calcutta rods

    Looking for a couple of the older deckhand style rods, 80mh, 80h, 86xh, 90h. send me a PM
  72. kimbo


    Found one thanks
  73. kimbo

    Wtb okuma metaloid 2 speed reels

    Looking for a 5 and 12 2 speed. Let me know what you have.
  74. kimbo

    Jig lots Tady, Salas, and waxwing

    Jig lot for sale, 8 tady , some new some used 3 Tady 45 2 Tady c 1 Tady a2 2 Tady aa Salas and waxwings sold $50 for the lot, buyer pays shipping Thanks for looking (714)290-2663
  75. kimbo

    Penn fathom 25n ld 2 speed brand new

    I have a brand new Penn fathom 25n 2 speed lever drag reel for sale. Looking to sell for 230 or trade for another reel. Not really into the narrow reels. Reel has been mounted on a rod, but has not seen water. Still have box, paperwork, tool.
  76. kimbo

    Wtb spinning rod

    Looking for a spinning rod 7-8', closer to 8 preferably. 30-40# rating. Don't need anything gucci, not looking to break the bank.
  77. kimbo

    Shimano Calcutta jigstick & torium 20

    Selling a Shimano Calcutta jigstick clc-90h and torium 20. Rod is in fair condition shows lots of use but has lifetime warranty. 9' 25-40# deckhand grip. Reel is in very good shape, carbontex drag washers, recently serviced filled to the top with white #65 power pro. $140 calcutta rod $130...
  78. kimbo

    Phenix abyss psx806

    Selling a used but in great shape abyss 806. 8' 10-25# $150 (714)322-9407
  79. kimbo

    seeker black steel graphite g6465h

    seeker black steel graphite g6465h 6'6" 30-80 factory wrapped $170 located in anahiem. (714)290-2663
  80. kimbo

    2004 GMC Sierra 2500HD

    Selling my 04 GMC Sierra 2500hd, 6.0L auto, with tow package, spray in bed liner, clean title tags current till Nov . 198k, runs stong. $4,600 (714)290-2663
  81. kimbo

    Shimano Terez txc70XH brand new

    Selling a tzc70XH shimano terez 7' 65-200 XH brand new with tags black $200 (714)290-2663
  82. kimbo

    Calstar grafighter 7460m and tyrnos 50 lrs 2 speed

    Great trolling and big bait setup. 6' 40-100# grafighter all roller. Tyrnos 50 lrs 2 speed loaded up with 100# braid and 80# mono topshot. Both are in great condition. . $500
  83. kimbo

    seeker black steel graphite 270h -8

    Used but still in good condition. Deckhand style. $140 Located in Anaheim (714)290-2663 Will load pics later
  84. kimbo

    okuma metaloid 12II

    Taken on 1 boat ride. No nicks or scratches. filled to the top with white power pro #65 $280 Basically no tax and free braid. Located in Anaheim (714)290-2663 Can provide pics but I think you know what they look like.
  85. kimbo

    wtb seeker black steel graphite factory rods

    Looking for factory wrapped deckhand rods 270-8 270h-8 980-8 6480 6490 Let me know what you have.
  86. kimbo

    Daiwa saltist LD40 2 speed

  87. kimbo

    Calstar grafighter gf7460m

    Custom wrapped grafighter in excellent condition. 6' 40-100# all aftco rollers, after aluminum reel seat. Perfect trooper or rail rod. $250 Please text for pics Located in Anaheim ( 714 ) 290-2663 Also have a tyrnos 50 lrs for sale
  88. kimbo

    wtb seeker black steel graphite rods

    Looking for a 6480 and 270h-8, factory wrapped and deckhand preferred. Let me know what you have. (714)290-2663
  89. kimbo

    Shimano tyrnos 50 lrs 2 speed

    Tyrnos 50 LRS 2 speed Used a coupe times but in new condition loaded with 100# braid, 80# mono topshot $325 714-290-2663 Text for pics
  90. kimbo

    Shimano Calcutta deckhand rods

    Selling a couple of rods Clc -80MH SOLD Clc- 90H Cut down to 8' 25-40 $130 each 714-290-2663 Text for pics
  91. kimbo

    Shimano curado 200dhsv

    Selling a used curado 200dhsv, great drags and free spool, some scuffs, loaded with 40# braid. 714-290-2663 $120 text for pics
  92. kimbo

    Calstar shimano Phenix rods and reels

    Calstar grafighter custom wrapped all roller gf7460m $250 Shimano calcutta deckhand Clc 90h Cut to 8'. $150 Shimano calcutta deckhand clc-80MH $150 Shimano Tyrnos 50 LRS loaded with 100 braid 80 lb topshots $300 Shimano curado 200dhsv $120 (714) 290-2663 please text for pics
  93. kimbo

    daiwa saltist ld20

    Selling my saltist ld20 single speed reel. Used 3 times. In new shape. No scratches. Fresh 25 lb izor xxx $170 (714 ) 290-2663
  94. kimbo

    Phenix px80mh swimbait rod for sale

    Older Phenix rod factory wrapped px80mh in excellent condition. 8' 15-25 $175 please text for pics ( 714 ) 290-2663
  95. kimbo

    Calstar gf 7460m

    Custom wrapped calstar gf 7460m 6' 40-100# all roller blue and gold wraps in excellent shape. $300 obo Please text for pics ( 714 ) 290-2663
  96. kimbo

    daiwa saltist ld20

    I have a daiwa saltist ld20 for sale. Single speed. Used 3 times. Looks brand new. Fresh 25 lb izor xxx. $170 Located in Anaheim ( 714 ) 290-2663 Text for pics
  97. kimbo

    FS Calstar grafighter and green Super Seeker , Shimano Tyrnos and Daiwa Saltist

    Calstar grafighter GF7470H 30-80 in great shape factory wrapped with reel seat $200 Seeker SS 270H-8 green blank, clear coat is rough but blank is in good shape Sold Shimano Tyrnos 50 LRS only used a couple times in new condition $340 Daiwa saltist LD20 in great shape, used 3 times. Sold...
  98. kimbo

    Shimano Talica 16 II and Tyrnos 50 II LRS for sale

    Used a couple of trips, in great shape, with clamp and box, loaded up with 65lb, white power pro $420 or no line $380 Shimao Tyrnos 50 II used a few trip, looks brand new, loaded uo with 80 power pro 450 yards, $400 (714)290-2663
  99. kimbo

    WTB Seeker and Calstar 8' deckhand rods

    Looking for 8' factory wrapped deckhand rods Calstar 800XL 800XLH 800L 800M 800H Seeker Black steel graphite 270 270H-8 6480 6480H please text pics and prices (714)290-2663
  100. kimbo

    New Daiwa Proteus west coast rods

    Anyone get a chance to fish them yet? Any thoughts on them? Thinking of getting a couple.
  101. kimbo

    WTB Seeker Black Steel 270-8 or 270h-8

    Looking for one in good condition, factory wrapped, deckhand style, no gold guides, thanks. (714)290-2663
  102. kimbo

    WTB Seeker Black Steel Graphite rods

    Looking for some factory wrapped rods. Looking for 270-8 deckhand 270h-8 deckhand 6480 deckhand 6480h deckhand 6470 6470h Prefer not to have the gold guides. Thanks
  103. kimbo

    Shimano rods for sale

    Selling a few shimano rods Calcuttas CLC -90H 9' 25-40 cut down to 8' deckhand $160 CLC-80MH 8' 15-30 deckhand $160 Clc-80H 8' 20-40 deckhand $160 Pics available @(714) 290-2663 Located in Anaheim Hills
  104. kimbo

    Shimano Calcutta Deckhand rods for sale

    I have 2 shimano calcutta rods for sale. Both are deckhand style and have the lifetime warranty. CLC-80MH 8' 15-30 8/10 $150 CLC-90H 9' 25-40 9.5/10 $160 Located in Anaheim Hills Please text for pics (714)290-2663
  105. kimbo

    WTB Calstar 800H or Seeker 6480H

    Looking for either of these. Let me know whats available. You can text pics to (714)290-2663
  106. kimbo

    Shimano Calcutta 9' jigstick

    CLC-90H 9' 25-40 in excellent condition $170 Located in Anaheim/ Orange (714)290-2663 Please text for pics
  107. kimbo

    WTB Daiwa Saltist LD20 or LD30

    please let me know what out there, thanks
  108. kimbo

    WTB Talica 12 or 16

    Looking for a used 12 or 16 2 speed, let me know what you got, thanks. (714)290-2663
  109. kimbo

    FS Shimano Calcutta 9' jigsticks CLC-90H & 930XFA

    Got a couple for sale, CLC-90H 9' 25-40 in excellent shape, hardly a nick on it 930 XFA 9' 25-40 Washington rod, in good shape $180 each (714)290-2663 Will consider a trade for a 7' 40-60 rod
  110. kimbo

    WTB Daiwa Saltist LD 2 speed reels

    Interested in a 40 and possible a 30 or 20. Let me know what you got. Thanks
  111. kimbo

    Shimano terez waxwing rod black

    Brand spankin new, still in plastic, just received it from shimano today, 8' medium black $200 (714)290-2663
  112. kimbo

    Phenix PH80mh swimbait rod

    Older phenix px80mh swimbait rod for sale in excellent condition 8' 15-25# $160 please text for pics (714)290-2663
  113. kimbo

    WTB torium 20

    Looking for one in good shape, near Anaheim/ orange area if possible. Text me with pics an price please (714)290-2663
  114. kimbo

    Phenix, Calstar, Seeker, Shimano for sale

    Seeling a few things, Phenix px80mh, older swimbait 15-25 8' rod with GLoomis blank in excellent condition $200 Calstar gf 7460m #40-100 all roller rail rod $225 Seeker 6480h custom wrapped by Melton tackle sold Shimano curado 200dhsv full of #40 braid $140 (714)290-2663 text for pics
  115. kimbo

    Shimano Talica 12 II

    Selling my Talica 12 2 speed, in great shape, used a few times, in great shape. Loaded up with 65# white braid and 40# flouro. Box included. $400 (714)290-2663
  116. kimbo

    Calstar gf7460m

    Selling a used calstar gf7460m 40-100 rail rod, wrapped by the longfin, blue and gold wraps, aftco aluminum reel seat and gimbal, all roller. Paid $375 seling for $275 text for pics. (714)290-2663
  117. kimbo

    WTB Talica 20II and Terez 66XH

    Let me know if you have either of these, thanks text me @ (714)290-2663
  118. kimbo

    Trinidad 40 for sale

  119. kimbo

    Seeker rods and Daiwa Saltist LD20 2 speed an LD30 2 speed

    Selling these 2 reels, both in great shape. Both have 50 power white power pro and mono top shots. About 100 yards of 25 on the 20 and 30 on the 30. Asking 225 for the 30 and 215 for the 20. Seeker black steel graphite factory 270h-8 deckhand 9.5/10 $160 Black steel graphite 6480 8/10 $160...
  120. kimbo

    Melton Tackle custom wrapped CLB-80H

    Selling a 8' 30-50# rod wrapped by Melton Tackle. Model number CLB-80H. It uses the same blank as a seeker black steel graphite 6480h. Rod is in excellent shape. deckhand style with silver wraps. $160 Text me for pics (714)290-2663 Located in Anaheim
  121. kimbo

    Seeker black steel rods and shimano torium for sale

    Selling a couple of seekers. 6480H, custom wrapped by Melton tackle. In excellent shape, deckhand style, black with silver wraps. $150 6480 factory wrapped with the gold guides. In great shape , deckhand style turks head and xwrap over the cork $160 Shimano torium 20 in excellent shape with...
  122. kimbo

    Calstar bwc 90j and torium 20

    Selling a calstar jig stick black west coast deckhand 90j in great shape $120 Also a Shimano torium 20 in great shape, upgraded carbontex drags, #65 power pro and 100 yards #40 big game. $125 Located in Anaheim (714)290-2663
  123. kimbo

    tiagra 30 for tiagra 30w

    Looking to trade my almost perfect condition tiagra 30 for a tiagra 30w. I dont need any line on it, mine is also the new style handle. Let me know if you're interested. (714)290-2663
  124. kimbo

    Shimano terez waxwing rod 8' medium

    Looking for a waxwing rod 8' medium cork handle. Let me know what you got. (714)290-2663
  125. kimbo

    Shimano Teramar TMC-80M Deckhand

    Selling a Shimano Teramar TMC-80M 8' 12-25# rod in great shape, deckhand style, located in Anaheim, $120 (714)290-2663
  126. kimbo

    Calcutta CLC-80MH for sale or trade

    Shimano Calcutta jig stick 8' 15-30 looking to trade for a factory deckhand seeker black steel 270h-8 or Calstar 800xlh or sell for $145 (714)290-2663
  127. kimbo

    Seeker pinhead rod 8' 15-30

    Used on 1 trip $115 (714)290-2663
  128. kimbo

    Shimano Calcutta CLC-80MH for 80M

    Looking to trade my clc-80mh for a clc-80m let me know if you got one, deckhand only please (714)290-2663
  129. kimbo

    Torium 16

  130. kimbo

    Daiwa saltist ld20 and Calstar 800 xlh, seeker 270h-8 or Calcutta 80m

    Looking for this reel used but not beat up. Calstar 800xl or xlh, seeker 270h-8 factory, or Calcutta clc-80m. Factory wrapped only, deckhand. Please text me to let me know what you got. (714)290-2663
  131. kimbo

    Daiwa saltist ld30

  132. kimbo

    Shimano, avet, seeker

    Selling a few things- all sold except Torium 16, used, w/ 65 power pro and 100 yards 40 lb big game, carbontex drags just installed $135 (714)290-2663 Text for pics
  133. kimbo

    Calstar 800xl, 800xlh or seeker 270h-8

    Looking for either, factory wrapped, in good condition. Deckhand only please. Text me @ 714 290-2663
  134. kimbo

    Daiwa saltist ld30 for a saltist ld20

    I have a saltist ld30 single speed, looking to trade for a saltist ld20. Let me know what you got.
  135. kimbo

    Shimano torium 16 for sale or trade

    I have a clean torium 16 with upgraded drags, looking for $125 or trade for a torium 20 in similar condition with upgraded drags also. Or I can put the factory drags back in and sell for $110 or trade for a 20 with factory drags. Text me if interested, (714)290-2663
  136. kimbo

    Shimano Calcutta 400

    Used, but in excellent shape. 9/10. Slight rash on left side. great freespool and drags. loaded up with 15 lb big game $130 Text me for pics (714)290-2663 Located in Orange/ Anaheim Hills
  137. kimbo

    Torium handle

    Looking for a torium 16, 20, or 30 handle to put on my 14. Let me know if you got one laying around, (714)290-2663
  138. kimbo

    Calstar and Seeker rods

    Calstar SOLD Seeker SOLD
  139. kimbo

    3/4 day on the San Diego 7/18

    Fished the San Diego today out of sea forth. About 40 anglers on the boat. Hit the rock pile for nada, then headed back to the islands. Slow pick on the bass, then some barracuda showed up. I hooked on the first yellow of the day, #25 flouro , flylined sardine. Fight lasted 5-10 minutes, almost...
  140. kimbo

    Newell p229f

  141. kimbo

    Torium or Trinidad 14 and Avet SX

    Looking for these used but not beat up. Let me know what you got. Thanks text me @ (714)290-2663
  142. kimbo

    Avet sx

    Looking for a used, newer model, not beat down. Let me know what you got.
  143. kimbo

    Newell g220f and g229f

  144. kimbo

    Torium 14 and Trinidad 12

    Got a 12, just need a 14. Please text pics to (714)290-2663. Got a couple Newell g229f for trade if you want to make a deal.
  145. kimbo

    Got our first wsb of the season

    Fished out of Dana point today, anchored up in the pakimg lot. hooked up Around 8:30 am. Caught on 40 lb flouro, on a dropper loop, live squid. Weighed in at 51.6. Only saw 2 others caught, definitely not wide open. Will post up pics tonight, still driving home.:hali_olutta:
  146. kimbo

    Calstar wc660xxh and tiagra 30w

    Looking for a used one or a rod very close to it. Gonna be used for a mako setup. Not trying to break the bank, Let me know what you got. You can text me @ (714)290-2663
  147. kimbo

    Torium 20

    Got one
  148. kimbo

    Shimano teramars

    Got a tmc-80m new, reel mounted but never fished $100, picked up only (714)290-2663
  149. kimbo

    Calstar 270-8h

    Looking for a deckhand style bwc, wc, or dhs, 270-8h. Let me know what you got. Text me at (724)290-2663 Got some rods to trade if your interested or cash in hand
  150. kimbo

    Calstar WC90J or BWC90J

    Looking for one used but in good shape, factory wrapped prefererred. Also looking for a 270-8h. Please text me @ (714)290-2663 with prices or got some rods to trade if you're interested in trades.
  151. kimbo

    Newell 332-5

  152. kimbo

    Calstar 800H and Melton custom 80H

    Factory used gfgr 800h shows age and use $120 melton custom wrapped CLB80H is great shape, uses 800h blank, black and gray wraps deckhand w turkshead $150 Phenix px80mh older swim bait rod in great shape $125 ---pending Teramar tmc-80m deckhand new $120 Teramar swim bait rod tmc-x80m brand new...
  153. kimbo

    Shimano Teramar TMC-80M

    Never seen water, mounted a reel on it then took it back off. $120 or trade for a ??? Calstar or seeker 270H-8? Or a black steel 270-h or calstar 800XLH plus cash (714)290-2663
  154. kimbo

    Newell 229, 332, 338 Calcutta 400 torium 20

    Looking for a few reels, preferably p or g series. May also be interested in a Calcutta 400 and thorium 20. let me know what you got. If you got pics please text them to (714)290-2663
  155. kimbo

    Car Amplifiers- Alpine, Fosgate, Phoenix Gold

    All used but in great shape Alpine MRV-F307 $140 obo Rockford Fosgate Punch 500A2 $140 obo Phoenix Gold QX2150 $90 (714)290-2663
  156. kimbo

    Newell G220 Mint

    $5000......worth a try I guess
  157. kimbo

    Calstar WC 660XXH

    Anyone got one laying around?
  158. kimbo

    Tiagra 30 or Avet Pro EX 30

    Wondering if anyone is looking to get rid of one of these or something similar. Thanks
  159. kimbo

    Trinidad 40 or Avet HX 5/2

    Had it, sold it, miss it, want to replace it. Let me know what you got. Thanks
  160. kimbo

    Shimano Trinidad and Torium

    Trinidad SOLD Torium 16 used with a little rash on the left side plate, fishes excellent, 185 yrds. 65 braid and #20 mono topshot $110 Prices are firm, willing to ship if buyer pays, paypal accepted as gift only, pics to follow (714)290-2663
  161. kimbo

    Shimano Torium 16

    I have 2 willing to sell either, - super clean, #180 yards of white #65 spectra #30 mono topshot $120 -scuffed on the left side plate, #180 yards of #65 white spectra, #20 mono topshot $110 Can email or text pics (714)290-2663
  162. kimbo

    Shimano Trinidad 20

    Used, normal rash, fishes well, $170 firm (714)290-2663 Pick up in Orange, or buyer pays shipping and paypal, email or text me for pics
  163. kimbo

    Snap on screwdriver set

    Brand new package never opened Retails for $104 plus tax Selling for $80 Contact me @ [email protected]
  164. kimbo

    Newell 220

    Looking for one, let me know what you got
  165. kimbo

    Tiburon Reel clamp

    Tiburon Black universal clamp fits trinidad 16, 20, etc size reel, used, great condition, one small scuff on it, $5 to ship, $20
  166. kimbo

    Seeker Black Steel Graphite 270H-8

    Looking for a used but not abused one, deckhand style, factory wrapped
  167. kimbo

    Ruger P345

    Ruger P345 all black, about 600 rds fired through it, includes hard case, 2 clips, soft case, and uncle buck holster. Also through in a box of hollow points, $375 buyer pays transfer fees. (714)290-2663
  168. kimbo

    Calstar, Seeker, Shimano, and Newell

    Black Steel Graphite John Grabowski, G6470, used, $130 Shimano Teramar TMC-80M never fished, just mounted a reel on it $110 Torium 14 used but in great condition, 50# braid and carbontex drags $120 MAKE ME AN OFFER Please contact me @ (714)290-2663
  169. kimbo

    Calstar 800L Factory wrapped

    Posting for a friend, Factory wrapped, deckhand rod, used, but in good condition $140 Please contact (714)357-4771 call or text
  170. kimbo

    Shimano Teramar TMC-80M

    Brand new,never seen water $125 (714)290-2663
  171. kimbo

    Shimano Teramar and Curado

  172. kimbo

    Shimano Curado 200E7

    Used but in great shape, loaded up with 50# red power pro $120 (714)290-2663
  173. kimbo

    Trinidad 40 vs. Avet HX 5/2

    Which would you guys rather fish and why? Just wondering other people's takes. Please leave out the made in America, just considering performance, feel, warranty, etc.
  174. kimbo

    Daiwa swimbait rod $50

  175. kimbo

    Trinidad 40

    Got a used trinidad 40 used with just a bit of side rash. Brand new carbontex drags installed. Loaded up with 80# blue power pro. $265 (714)290-2663
  176. kimbo

    Torium handle

    If anyone has one the are willing to part with for a few bucks, let me know. Looking for a handle from a 16, 20, or 30 to put on my 14
  177. kimbo

    Shimano Teramars, Seeker, Daiwa rod

    Brand new with tags Shimano Teramar Tmc-80m and Tmc-x80m $125 each firm Seeker 270h-8 deckhand style Mexican flag series used but in great shape $90 Daiwa heartland graphite swimbait rod used but in great shape #12-30 $50 Please contact me @ (714)290-2663
  178. kimbo


    Looking for a used but not abused one, pm me please
  179. kimbo

    Factory wrapped Calstar 700H

  180. kimbo

    Seeker Black Steel Graphite G6470 John Grabowski

    Used but in good condition, with gold guides. 7' 30-40-50 $160 obo (714)290-2663
  181. kimbo

    Shimano Teramar TMC-80M jigstick

    Looking for a Shimano Calcutta or Teramar 80M jigstick, used one in good shape. Let me know if you got one you're willing to let go. (714)290-2663
  182. kimbo

    Seeker Black Steel Graphite G6470H

    I have a seeker G6470H John Grabowski model 7' rated 40-50-60 Looking to trade for a G6470 John Grabowski rated 30-40-50 Mine is just a bit stiffer than I like, looking for a straight swap. Mine is in great condition, minus 1 scratch. Please contact me if interested @ (714)290-2663
  183. kimbo

    or trade Calstar 800XL and Torium 16

    Torium 16 used, loaded up with fresh #30 big game, clamp included, some boat rash, $110 or trade for newell P-229F or teramar TMC-80 Calstar sold (714)290-2663
  184. kimbo

    Looking for a 50-60# rod

    got one. please delete
  185. kimbo

    Trinidad 40

  186. kimbo

    Torium 16

    Used in very good shape, fishes better than new, excellent freespool, clamp included, a little rash on the left side plate. Brand new #30 big game on it. $110 (714)290-2663
  187. kimbo

    Shimano Teramar tmc-x80mh

    Looking for one in good condition. Only interested in this model. Thanks. (714)290-2663
  188. kimbo

    Shimano Calcutta Jigstick and Torium

    -Shimano Calcutta jigstick CLC-90H #20-50 Lightly used, looks new, retails for $269 selling for $150 -Torium 16 in great shape, excellent freespool, loaded up with 100yrd #30 big game ---$110 or trade for a torium 20 Or buy as a combo for $250 Please contact me if interested @ (714)290-2663
  189. kimbo

    Tiburon sst8 brand new

  190. kimbo

    Tons of jigs and tackle for sale

    Selling off most of my gear to pay for some shop equipment, most is brand new --Tady Jigs- $5 each Tady AA purple/ white (2),Black/ white, Chrome Tady C mint, blue/ wht Tady 9 Black/ wht Blue wht mint/ wht Tady 4/0 green/ wht Tady 45 --SOLD TO FISHYBUZZ PENDING PAYMENT mint...
  191. kimbo

    Shimano and Avet gear for sale

    Selling a couple of my setups to get some money together to open my new shop. -Shimano Terez TZC70HSR Brand new 7' rated 50-100# braid Retail $259 Selling for $225 or willing to trade for 2 teramars(80mh and x80mh) -Shimano Calcutta jigstick CLC-90H #20-50 Lightly used, looks new $140 or...
  192. kimbo

    Shimano Curado 200 E5 BNIB

    BNIB $150 cash pickup in Anaheim (714)290-2663
  193. kimbo

    Talica 16 or 20 2-speed

    Looking for a used one, anyone getting rid of one? No line needed. LMK
  194. kimbo

    Shimano Catala 300

  195. kimbo

    Shimano, Calstar, Avet gear for sale

    Brand new GFGR765ML, factory wrapped, just mounted a reel on it, but hasn't seen water. Retails for $302.99, Selling for $260 firm----$240 today, I found a terez rod I want-----pending -Avet HX 2 Speed Silver in excellent condition, loaded up with 70# Daiwa Saltiga Boat braid line. Avet reel...
  196. kimbo

    Shimano teramar and curado

    Please delete
  197. kimbo

    Avet HX 2 speed

    please delete
  198. kimbo

    Brand new Calstar GFGR 765ML

    please delete
  199. kimbo

    Calstar Grafighter 700m $100

    Custom wrapped Grafighter 700M with turbo guides, aftco aluminum reel seat, and aluminum gimble. Clear show wear but still in good shape. $100 firm, picked up (714)290-2663 Tony -------------------------pending
  200. kimbo

    Calcutta or Teramar 9' jigstick

    Got one
  201. kimbo

    Calstar and shimano Rods and a Newell and Shimano reel

    Calstar Grafighter 850M Deckhand Style factory wrapped -Sold Calstar Grafighter 800XLH Deckhand style factory wrapped -Sold Calstar Grafighter 700M custom wrapped purple and gold accents aftco reel seat and gimble $100 Shimano Teramar TMC-X80MH Used for 1 season $120 Shimano...
  202. kimbo

    Brand New Shimano Tallus

    Brand new rod I got as a warranty replacement from Shimano. Still has tags on it, nothing mounted on it. TLC-M70HA 7', Heavy Power, 25-50lb Line Rating, Med Fast Action, 1 Piece Excellent bait / yoyo rod Retails for $140 plus tax, selling for $130 picked up, saves you $20 from the store ...
  203. kimbo

    Calstar and Newell Combo

    Excellent #40 yellowtail or tuna bait/ yoyo setup Custom wrapped Calstar 700M purple aluminum gimble and cap, Aftco aluminum real seat, turbo guides, purple wraps with gold accents, clear shows wear. Newell C533-4.6 in excellent condition, clamp included, upgraded Stroker cranks handle...
  204. kimbo

    Newell P440-F

  205. kimbo

    Newell P220-4 and P440-4

    Both used with clamps. 220-f has #15 line, 440-f has #30 $145 for the 220 works perfect $135 for the 440 could use new drags or make an offer for both (714)290-2663 [email protected]
  206. kimbo

    newell p220-4

  207. kimbo

    Brand New Calstar GFGR-765L

  208. kimbo

    HX 2 speed suggestions

    Just wondering what rod you guys are matching this up with. Will be used for Jigging/ dropper loop setups, spectra backing with 50-60# topshot. Also, any recommendations on presetting the drags.
  209. kimbo

    Abu Garcia 6501C3

  210. kimbo

    Shimano Teramar TMC-X80mh

    Let me know if you got one you're willing to part with. Looking for a used one . [email protected]
  211. kimbo

    Trinidad 40

    Anybody getting rid of one?
  212. kimbo

    Curado 200 Bantam

    In great shape, new carbontex drag washers, excellent freespool, $60 (714)290-2663 Picked up
  213. kimbo

    calcutta 8' mh

    Got a shimano calcutta clc-x80mh, in great shape. Looking to trade for a teramar tmc-80mh in same condition, plus a few bucks for the price difference. I just like the longer handle of the teramars. Hit me up if you wanna work something out. (714)290-2663
  214. kimbo

    torium 20, curado 300, calcutta 400

    Looking for these reels, used, local pick up. Let me know what you got. Pm me or email me @[email protected] or text me @ (714)290-2663 I have a few factory rods for sale if you wanna work out a trade, -Seeker black steel G270H-8 $130 -Calstar graphiter 800xlh $175 -Calcutta CLC-X80MH...
  215. kimbo

    Calstar 800XLH

    Factory wrapped in excellent condition, deckhand style corktape with turks head, rated 15-25# $328 new, selling for $170 . (714)290-2663
  216. kimbo

    Curado 300 D or E and Teramar 8' MH

    Let me know what you got, used preferred
  217. kimbo

    Torium 20

    Let me know if you got one your willing to part with.
  218. kimbo

    Seeker Black Steel 270H-8

  219. kimbo

    I.R. 1/2" impact

    Ingersoll Rand 2131A 1/2" impact gun, used for a few years, new hammer and anvil installed, switched to a new Cornwell, so don't need anymore. Paid $300 for it new, selling for $100. (714)290-2663<!-- START CLTAGS -->
  220. kimbo

    shimano waxwing jigs

    Large 4.6" $16 each 2 chrome 1 trout Small 3.5" $14 each 1 chrome 3 live squid BNIB, prices are firm (714)290-2663
  221. kimbo

    Ruger P345

    Ruger P345 about 500 rounds shot through it, $400 please contact me if interested (714)290-2663 or [email protected]
  222. kimbo

    Removing VBS on toriums

    Has anyone removed the vbs on the toriums to improve freespool? Results? Trying to get a lil better freespool out of my 14
  223. kimbo

    BNIB Shimano Cardiff 200

  224. kimbo

    Torium 14

  225. kimbo

    Calstar 800H

  226. kimbo

    Avet LX 2 speed

  227. kimbo

    Calstar, Seeker, Shimano, Daiwa

    Letting some of my gear go for a few extra Christmas bucks. Calstar custom wrapped 800H Butt cord w/ turks head, wrapped by the longfin 9/10, black on black $140 Factory wrapped 850L Xwrap added over cork handle, 9/10 $150 pending Factory wrapped 850M cork handle deck hand $140 pending...
  228. kimbo

    2 Seeker G270H-8, Calstar 800H

    Got 2 Seeker rods for sale - Factory wrap "mint condition" Black Steel G270H-8 cork tape grip w/ reel seat $150 -Custom wrapped Seeker Black Steel G270H-8, deckhand style, cork grip, black with blue wrap, excellent condition $110 Looking to trade either for a factory wrap Black Steel...
  229. kimbo

    Custom wrapped Seeker G270H-8

    Deckhand style rod 8' 20 (25) 30 Cork tape handle, uses seeker blank CLB806H, same blank used in Black Steel G270H-8 Black and blue wraps in excellent condition. Just bought it from someone 3 weeks ago, haven't used it, but switching to a factory wrap. Selling it for what I paid for it. $110...
  230. kimbo

    Calcutta power handle

    Used power handle off a calcutta 400. Wooden knob style. $20, or trade for a torium 16, 20, 30, style handle. (714)290-2663
  231. kimbo

    Torium 16 handle

    Wondering if anyone has one laying around they'd be willing to sell. Looking to put one on my 14. Thanks. (714)290-2663
  232. kimbo

    shimano curado 200 bantam

    Fishes like new, in great shape, spooled up with fresh 20# big game $70 Thanks for looking (714)290-2663
  233. kimbo

    calstar 800XLH or 800L

    Looking for a good deal on one, anything out there? Factory wrapped preferred.
  234. kimbo

    Calstar 800H

    Custon Wrapped by the longfin. cord handle with turks head. All Black, just had the guides redone last year. 9-9.5/10 $175 picked up Please contact me @(714)290-2663 or [email protected]
  235. kimbo

    Seeker Black Steel 270H-8 CT

    Looking for a used one in good shape. Let me know if you guys want to get rid of one.
  236. kimbo

    Looking for a few rods

    Looking for a 20-30# 8" baitsick, a 8-9' 30# jigstick, and an 8' 10-20# swimbait rod. Used, calstar's, shimano, seekers preferred, let me know what you got. Text me @ (714)290-2663 or email me @ [email protected]
  237. kimbo

    Calstar 800L

  238. kimbo

    Selling all of my gear; shimano, calstar, seeker

    Gotta do it Shimano curado 200 dhsv 50# power pro 15# topshot $120 Shimano Calcutta 400 with power handle, upgraded drags #65 spectra #20 topshot SOLD shimano torium 14 #65 spectra #25 topshot super clean SOLD shimano torium 16 #65 spectra #30 topshot upgraded drags SOLD Shimano torium 20 #65...
  239. kimbo

    Shimano Calcutta 400

    Used, got some boat rash on it but mechanically perfect. Just serviced by shimano. Loaded with 12# maxima, can put 20# big game if you prefer. Local pickup preferred SOLD Please contact me @ (714)290-2663
  240. kimbo

    Shimano Teramars

    Looking for a TMC-X80M and a TMC-X80MH, preferrably used in good condition. Please let me know what you got @ (714)290-2663
  241. kimbo

    Calstar WC 610 C

    Selling a Calstar WC 610 C 6' 10" 25-60# 9.5/10 $115 or will consider trading for a Shimano Teramar 90H jigstick Please contact me @ (714)290-2663
  242. kimbo

    Calstar, Shimano, G Loomis rods and reels

    Rods- -G Loomis GL2 BBR 964 C 8' 12-25# 10/10 $125 -G loomis Custom GL2 965 C 15-40# 9.5/10 $125 SOLD -Calstar GF 800L Custom wrapped 15-30 deckhand style 7/10 $135 -Calstar WC 610 C 6' 10" 25-60# 9.5/10 $115 Reels- -Curado 200DHSV filled up with 50# spectra and 15# top shot some rash $120...
  243. kimbo

    Calstar 800XL

    Looking for one, factory wrapped with cork tape handle, factory wrap preferred.
  244. kimbo

    Teramar TMC-80H and Torium 20

    Looking for a this rod and reel, used but still in good shape. Let me know what you guys got. Please contact me at (714)290-2663
  245. kimbo

    Shimano Teramar TMC-X80M

    Looking for a used one, cash in hand Please contact me @ (714)290-2663
  246. kimbo

    Shimano Clarus 7' MH brand new

    Shimano Clarus CSC-70MHA, 7' 10-20#, brand new still has the tags on it. Retails $79 + tax, selling for $60 , save your self a few bucks Please contact me is interested @ (714)290-2663
  247. kimbo

    Gloomis, Calcutta 400, Curado DHSV

    GLoomis BBR965C Custom wrapped by the Longfin, 8' 15-40# excellent condition Retails $270 new, $185 Calcutta 400, very clean, recently serviced, upgraded carbontex drags, loaded with fresh 15# big game, with power handle or regular handle $120 Curado 200 DSV, with power handle ($30) or...
  248. kimbo

    Shimano Teramar TMC-X80M or similar

    Looking for this rod or something similar for 15# bass setup. Let me know what you got. Feel free to text me at (714)290-2663
  249. kimbo

    custom seeker, cardiff, sealine

    All sold, thanks for lookin.
  250. kimbo

    Teramar 8' mh or h

    Looking for a used, but not beat up 8' cork handle teramar mh or m. Let me know what you got, thanks. Also looking for a torium 14
  251. kimbo

    shimano teramar tmcx70h

    teramar tmcx70h 7' heavy 15-30, in great shape, $100 (714)290-2663
  252. kimbo

    Torium 14 and Calcutta 400

    Looking for a couple of used, but good condition reels. Let me know what you got. Thanks. Also may be interested in a curado 200 or 300 for the right price.
  253. kimbo

    Avet MXL MC

    SOLD Avet MXL MC 5.8:1 Used once, in brand new condition, silver and gold, loaded with 65# spectra and 40# mono topshot, box, clamp, oil incl. $175 or 155 with no line Please contact me @ (714)290-2663
  254. kimbo

    Shimano, Avet , Calstar, rods and reels

    Rods Shimano Calcutta, Washington made, CL 825FA 8' 15-30# Xrap with reel seat SOLD Shimano Teramar TMC-90H 25-40# Used once, perfect cond. SOLD Calstar WC-610C 25-60# with reel seat Excellent condition, $125 Sale pending Reels Avet SX 5.3:1 Used twice, in brand new condition, loaded...
  255. kimbo

    Avet reels for sale

    Avet SX 5.3 single speed, used twice, still looks brand new with box,silver and gold, loaded with 65# spectra, topped with 20# mono $155 Avet MXL single speed MC, used once with box, silver and gold, loaded with 65# spectra, and topped with 40# mono #185 Also consider trades for torium 14 or...
  256. kimbo

    Shimano rods and reels for sale

    Selling a couple of setups Calcutta rod CLC-80ML 8-14# SOLD to Bob Calcutta rod (washington made) XFA 820 12-25# $140 SOLD to Scott Curado 201 DHSV fresh 12# maxima $115 Calcutta 400 loaded with 15# big game $120 SOLD Please contact me @ (714)290-2663
  257. kimbo

    Curado 201 dhsv

    Looking to trade for a right hand model. Mine is the gray one, lightly fished, 10/10, in near new condition. Looking for the same condition trade, or to sell for what I got into it. $125 firm with brand new 12# maxima, or $115 without line. Please contact me at (714)290-2663
  258. kimbo

    Daiwa VIP rod 25-60

    Daiwa VIP saltwater rod 6' 25-60# excellent tuna stick, just a bit too short for me $60 Please contact me @ (714)290-2663
  259. kimbo

    Torium and teramars

    Got 2 teramars for sale, 80H and 80MH, both jigsticks 80H has been used once, 80MH is a year old $125 each or will trade the 80mh for a similar 8 1/2 20-40# Also a torium 16 used twice last year, just respooled with 30 maxima, hasn't seen water yet SOLD Please contact me @ (714)290-2663
  260. kimbo

    MXL too small for a 40# setup?

    I've noticed that a lot of you on here recommend a larger reel than the mxl for 40# test. Wondering if there is any reason for this. Is it a line capacity thing, if so, spectra would solve that. I have a SX for a 20# bait setup, a trinidad 16 for 30# jig stick, a MXL for a 40# bait setup, and a...
  261. kimbo

    Shimano Teramar 8' jigstick

    TMC-80MH 8', Med Heavy Power, 15-30lb Line Rating Black diamond grip $120 Please contact me @ (714)290-2663
  262. kimbo

    Avet MXL and SX

    Looking for a MXL and SX single speeds. Used is fine, as long as they are the new style. Gold, black or blue are prefered. Please contact me at (714)290-2663, I dont have access to a computer until after 7pm.
  263. kimbo

    Penn and shimano reels, cheap

    Penn Jig master 500 Shimano Callisto Shimano Sedona 2500rb SOLD please delete
  264. kimbo

    Avet MXL

    Looking for a avet mxl single speed, new style. Gold, black or silver preferred. Also looking for an sx, gold or blue prefered. Please contact me @ (714)290-2663
  265. kimbo

    Avet SX amd MXJ and Penn Jigmaster

    Blue Avet SX old style with clicker 10/10 super clean like new condition, loaded with 50# green spectra SOLD Blue Avet MXJ old style with clicker with clamp, 10/10 like new loaded with 65# white spectra SOLD Penn jigmaster 500 fished twice, loaded with 65 white spectra, super clean $65...
  266. kimbo

    Shimano Sedona, Shimano Callisto, and Daiwa VIP rod

    Shimano Sedona 2500RB spinning reel, used a couple times last year, new 10# big game line $45 Shimano Callisto, used a few time for throwing plastics, good starter bass reel, $35 Daiwa VIP saltwater rod, excellent tuna stick, 6', 25-60#, $50 Please contact me if interested, (714)290-2663
  267. kimbo

    Looking for a calcutta 400, Torium 16 and 20

    Looking for new or used, let me know what you got. Also may be interested in a curado 300 dsv and teramar. Feel free to text me with offers. (714)290-2663
  268. kimbo

    Daiwa VIP 6460M Rod

    Great condition, lots of backbone 6" rated 25-60lb. $80 obo need to sell quick (714)290- 2663 Local pickup preferred
  269. kimbo

    Shimano rods and reels

    Torium 20 spooled up w/ 65# spectra and 100yd. 40# topshot SOLD Calcutta 400 loaded up with 15# big game SOLD Cacutta rod 825XFA with diamond grip and reel seat $175 Teramar X80M cork handle and real seat $100 SOLD Teramar TMC80MH jig stick w/ diamond grip 15-30# $120 Clarus rod...
  270. kimbo

    Shimano Teramar 80H

    Looking for a teramar 80H jigstick with the diamond grip. Let me know ......
  271. kimbo

    Calcutta 400, Avet sx, shimano rods

    -Brand new shimano teramar TMC X80M ---$125 -Used once Avet SX, gold, loaded with 50lb. spectra and Yozuri 30lb topshot ---SOLD -Used Shimano Calcutta 400, in great shape loaded with 15lb. big game ---$120 -Shimano Calcutta 825FA rod, 15-30lb, reel seat, diamond grip handle, washington...
  272. kimbo

    Brand new shimano teramar tmc-x80m

    Brand new TMC-X80M 10-20lb., perfect bass fishing rod $125 Please call if interested (714)290-2663
  273. kimbo

    Shimano Calcutta rods for sale or trade

    Both rods brand new with tags still on them Calcutta CLC-90H $239 retail Calcutta CLC-X80MH $239 retail Selling $150 each or will consider trades, let me know what you got, looking for Avet or Shimano reels. (714)290-2663