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  1. Sactotuna

    Accurate ATD50

    SOLD SOLD The last and most favored of my ATD's. Leaving long-range for sure to fly fish, this was my favorite live bait reel. Serviced after last trip, just checked all the bearings a few minutes ago, everything's good. $500, PayPal only and I'll pay shipping. Cosmetically 8+/10 (it was my...
  2. Sactotuna

    Spinning advice sought

    Here's the thing. This year off from LR to fly fish has really opened my eyes. When I return to LR next summer, I want to be using the gear I spent years scoffing at. Yes, spinning! This is not up for discussion. My question: WHAT THE HECK DO I BUY? Looking for that 30, 40, 50# range. Live...
  3. Sactotuna

    Accurate ATD50

    More herd thinning. ATD 50 topless, 4:1 high speed gear. A cow yoyoing dream, but also serves very well to bring back a sardine waayyyyy out there quicker. Photos show as best I can the couple scratches and a spot on the spool. It's been completely serviced since last trip, and has the best Acc...
  4. Sactotuna

    More thoughts about gluing top shots

    Ok, this is something I've been thinking about for some time, I'd like the thoughts of others before I start trying this and testing this summer. UV cureable adhesives. A medium viscosity uv adhesive, formulated for flexibility and adhesion to plastics, still won't "stick" to polyethylene...
  5. Sactotuna


    I'm looking at a new wahoo reel, replacing a classic old newell 533, BUT, there are just soooo many reels. It needs to be able to cast a heavy jig/bomb but not concerned with light stuff. Probably close to 40" per crank retrieve. 25+ lbs drag. Can a trq300ld do the job, my only concern...
  6. Sactotuna

    Calstar 7465H Saltydawg

    For sale, the perfect 100# rod. Calstar 7465H blank, wrapped black on black by Saltydawg. Rail Dawg foregrip, Black reel seat, black gimbal, jufi hbsg gunsmoke guides. Rear grip done in black cord wrap, hand this to the crewman up at the anchor rope and watch him smile, no worries...
  7. Sactotuna

    box of assorted hooks

    SOLD SOLD SOLD gorrila 5/0's ringed (24) and unringed (10), vmc nemisis ringed, chunking hooks, hoodlums, 7691's, mustad big circles, mutus, super mutus, all sorts of hooks. Zero rust, kept with VCI chips. Yes, with the box. $50 shipped paypal only 1st pm wins
  8. Sactotuna

    stragglers raiders etc

    SOLD SOLD 8 stragglers, 5 small 3 large (one of the large is a heavy, 2 lights) 2 tady 4/0 glowbacks w/tuna hook 4 150g raiders 3 200g raiders small box of assorted swimbaits yes stragglers, one of the best swimming jigs ever, sadly out of business 17 jigs plus $50 shipped paypal...
  9. Sactotuna

    wahoo stuff

    Sale pending, wow that was fast 2 Braid Speedster (10") trolling jigs, NIB 2 trolling leashes 2 Braid Bombs, new $35 includes shipping, paypal only 1st PM wins
  10. Sactotuna

    Pro Gear Wahoo Special

  11. Sactotuna

    Accurate ATD30

  12. Sactotuna

    THAT'S IT!!

    So I now find the owners/operators of this board have altered my signature and blocked me from returning it to it's original form. I had intended to leave BD as a result of the last big moderator bullshit event, but realized I still owed it to the guys who had taught me soooo much to not do...
  13. Sactotuna

    seaguar premier

    Good news for users of Seaguar Premier, coming to a tackle store near you this November . . . 50 yard coils! Yay! Well, I was excited.
  14. Sactotuna

    For the sandals guys

    If you love to fish in sandals (Keens for me), the REI store nearest you has their summer end clearance sale starting Friday. 30%+ off all sandals in stock. BUT if you are there today the register will already give you the clearance price. Go now before there's nothing left but size 14 or 8...
  15. Sactotuna


    Piggy-backing on the previous post about marauders, is anyone making iron? I've been looking for something Tady 15 size with less weight than the heavy and more than the light. ???????
  16. Sactotuna

    Makaira and ProGear reels

    Okuma Makaira 30SEII used one trip, one scratch on left side 1/4" long, otherwise mint. $375 shipped/PayPal. Cash pickup in Sacramento $340. (No harness plugs unless I can find them) SOLD SOLD SOLD ProGear Wahoo Special, used one trip, spotless mint. $225 shipped/PayPal. P/u $190 1st PM...
  17. Sactotuna

    Kudos, of course!

    Just returned from a 15day on the Royal Star . . . off the hook fishing! As years before, every one of my Accurate ATD's performed flawlessly. Complain if you wish about having to do maintenance, no finer reels for big fish are made. Period. Thanks guys!!
  18. Sactotuna

    Best Mex food near landings

    We've got a bunch of guys coming down mid-Jan from Alaska to South Africa and everywhere between. So, where's the BEST mexican restaurant near the landings?? Walking distance would be great.
  19. Sactotuna

    Thanks Saltydawg!

    I was going to put this on the rod building board and decided, heck, those guys already know, it's the LR guys I want to talk to. Just a couple days more than 2 weeks ago I decided I really needed another 100# rod. With my rod builder no longer around I did some research and contacted Bill...
  20. Sactotuna

    2010 redux?

    Ok, I'll be the one to say what we're all thinking (or maybe just me?). The 2011 cow season sure is starting to look like 2010. Lower banks fish that just won't bite, and the boats are scattering down to the buffer zone and Hurricane already. Oh nooooo! Is this the new normal? Ugh...
  21. Sactotuna

    Shift button modification

    Posted on the long-range board, the new Sato Shifter by Cal Sheets for the ATD's
  22. Sactotuna

    Sato Shifter

    For those of you listening to Garry Sato on Let's Talk Hookup Saturday morning you already know, for those who didn't (and it's on the website archives now) he talked about a modified shift button for Accurate ATD's. Garry asked me to go ahead and put it out there, it's totally a go. His idea...
  23. Sactotuna

    Next trips out, I'm envious!!

    I just read the Royal Star report for 11/19, WOW! For all you guys leaving the day after Thanksgiving, looks like we don't need to wish you good luck at all. Exploding masses of fish, run and gun big gear style fishing, I am so envious!!
  24. Sactotuna

    Go short or go thin?

    In a picky, slow maddening bite, do you feel you get bit better going to a shorter topshot, or to a lighter line? Does a fast swimming tuna notice the sardine swimming better because it's dragging less fluoro, or can it see and select the one dragging one tenth of a mm thinner line?? This...
  25. Sactotuna

    20g over under

    For Sale: A really nice 20g Weatherby Orion over/under An upland model, matte finish on the wood, some nice figure in the buttstock that photos just don't do justice to. Rounded grip, slim rounded forearm. Feels really nice in the hands so it's a quick natural pointer. Condition 9+/10. Made in...
  26. Sactotuna


    Going thru my hooks left from last year's trips and was considering what I should order. . . What I didn't have and would like very much to try this next winter, having seen them used, is the Mustad Demon Perfect Circle. My question to those who have them and have used them, which sizes and...
  27. Sactotuna

    Swag, $200 giftcert, assorted raffle wins

    I gotta clean house once in a while! An assortment of swag and raffle winnings that can I'm sure be better utilized by some of you guys. Each item is first PM. PayPal only. Shipping can be avoided by p/u in Sacramento. 1-Gift Certificate for $200 of any Shogun trip, but you must tell them when...
  28. Sactotuna

    Who's going fishing??

    Looking at the schedules out of boredom (I'm taking a break from making topshots and cleaning up stuff from the last trip) there's alot of boats all going out about the same time as the my trip . . . Who else is going cow hunting in late January?? I'm leaving on the Star on the 21st w/my...
  29. Sactotuna

    Feliz Navidad

    Feliz Navidad Merry Christmas Happy Holidays To all here at BD
  30. Sactotuna

    First Indy trip 12/8-19

    I'll try to do this simple direct and organized . . . this has been heavily edited for brevity. The Boat: Yes, it's big, the thing is they incorporated alot of the better features of the boats that went ahead into the Indy. The bulbous bow does improve the ride and try as I might doesn't...
  31. Sactotuna

    Penn 16 VSX and Calstar 770XXXH

    For sale together or separate: Penn 16 VSX mint, one lr trip, one fish, loaded with JB hollow 80. $350 p/u in Sacramento or $15 shipping. CalStar 770XXXH mint, X wrap on foregrip and rear grip, same trip, same fish! $275 p/u in Sac or $20 shipping. Factory wrapped/ringed guides. PM me, first...
  32. Sactotuna

    More INDY questions . . .

    Yes, I'm jonesin' bad for my departure Dec 8th, and yes maybe I'm a little obsessive compulsive . . . BUT, I was looking at the Indy boat tour video and wondered, are they cool with my putting a tacklebox with rocket launchers on the stand upstairs behind the bench/line winder? Looks like a...
  33. Sactotuna


    So I guess if dad won't let us fight about Ginger vs Mary Ann, how about chiming in if you are on the Dec 8th trip on the Indy!! Never been on the Indy, but fished w/Jeff some time ago. Sure hope he hasn't gotten old and soft! God, I just can't wait . . . :Exploding_Smiley:
  34. Sactotuna

    OTR harness

    I just put an OTR harness (xl) on the advertising board at allcoast. Yeah. it's sort of lazy to do it this way!
  35. Sactotuna

    Independence question

    I'm taking my first trip on the Indy next Dec. Can't get down to Long Beach to look at the boat and answer this question myself. I see the tackle box area is numbered so I assume it's assigned? How big are these spots? Anybody got a photo they can post? I've got 3 boxes to choose from in...
  36. Sactotuna

    HX Raptor question

    Ok, I'm looking for a reel to use when I want to THROW a chunk of iron (like a 200g Raider) at BIG tuna, say 100-200+. Not drop, throw! It sure looks like this is the reel. Guys, what say you?!?
  37. Sactotuna

    Spool bearing size ATD50?

    Does anybody know what the bearing dimensions are for the spool bearings in an Accurate 50??
  38. Sactotuna

    Accurate ATD30

    For sale, ATD30, just serviced. Few minor scratches, mechanically 100%. No line. With both the Alan Tani handle and the original. Serial number in the 5000's. $600 cash pick up in NorCal (Sacramento area) or $650 PayPal shipping and insurance included.