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  1. Bench Fisherman

    Fresh water trolling flashers

    I have 12 Dave Davis trolling flashers for sale. Good condition. Asking $65.00 951-805-6689 Jeff
  2. Bench Fisherman


    About 35 assorted buoys. Make offer. Jeff 951-805-6689
  3. Bench Fisherman

    Nice guys finish last

    A couple months ago. I got a call from my ex- wife. This is how it went... The place i'm keeping my horses at are not feeding them. They are getting skinny. Me... What can I do ? Ex... Can I borrow some panels(pens) so I can keep them at my house Me... I need them back by the middle of Feb...
  4. Bench Fisherman

    Fish Jerky

    Anyone in the Inland Empire that has whole Tuna loins in their freezer that wants to try fish jerky ? I don't fish much anymore but miss my fishy jerky. It takes about five pounds of fish to get just under a half pound of jerky. Send me a private message. It comes out tough and pretty damn...
  5. Bench Fisherman


    Last year we had a "redo" Thanksgiving for my Daughter because hers was not good. Everybody needs a great Thanksgiving. This year, Helen and I would like to invite anyone that has no place to go or if it's not in your budget. If you have kids, there's five acres they can tear up. LOL I'll help...
  6. Bench Fisherman

    Looking for advice

    Thank you everyone for the advice.
  7. Bench Fisherman

    Happy Grandparents Day

    I sure miss mine. Those of you that are still fortunate enough to still have yours around. Did you call them today ? Just a reminder.
  8. Bench Fisherman

    Prayers needed for a Bloodydecks brother

    Blackfish (Mike). His family can use some thoughts and prayers right now. I won't go into detail but his son Jack is in the Hospital. Lets send some prayers for them. They work.
  9. Bench Fisherman

    Caught a keeper yesterday

    Some on here have met her at BD functions over the last few years. Yesterday, Helen and I got married. I finally married my best friend ( and she likes to fish too).
  10. Bench Fisherman

    Redo Thanksgiving

    Here's the deal, If for some reason you didn't have or had a bad one. Helen and I are redoing Thanksgiving Dinner at our home in Perris on Saturday afternoon around 2 pm. The reason we are doing this is because our daughter did not get to have the Thanksgiving she deserved. We would like...
  11. Bench Fisherman

    Inland Empire buisness owners

    OK fishing and hunting fans around the Inland Empire. We are in need of some help. Helen, (my better half) That some have met at a few Bloodydecks get togethers is in need of job. About Helen... With more than 10 years at the same Geotechnical firm taking care of the office and assistant...
  12. Bench Fisherman

    Looking for Ty Hessel

    Ty use to work at Phenix Rods ( and owned it for awhile). We started hunting and fishing together when we were both 16. I lost touch with him over the last 5 or 6 years. If you know him, PLEASE send me a PM. Seems like disappeard of the face of the earth. Thanks
  13. Bench Fisherman

    BD sighting in Elsinore

    Who was the BD'r coming out of West Marina at Lake Elsinore around 11 today. I followed you out and went a ways toward the freeway. You turned left into a stripmall to the left. Chevy truck with a big BD red Yellowtail decal on the back window. Same decal I have on my rear window. I honked in...
  14. Bench Fisherman

    Newest member of Bloodydecks

    We want to welcome our Grandaughter to bloodydecks, Allison Danielle. She came into this world at 6 lb. 6 oz and 18" long. She is a beauty and we are very excited as she is our first. Attached are a few photos. Helen (Benchfisherman's Wife)
  15. Bench Fisherman


    For the "Newbies". When i'm reading a post and it says, "I got my pole out or the fish bit my pole". To me, this is like watching someone with a spinning reel, holding it upside down, cranking the cranker backwards. It just makes me want to smack'em in the back of the head and show them the...
  16. Bench Fisherman

    Your name on Bloodydecks

    How did you come up with your screen name??? ... Myself, My legs don't too good. "Bench Fisherman". What about you? :finger:
  17. Bench Fisherman


    Anyone here ever fish with the "Southern California Sporters" fishing club?
  18. Bench Fisherman

    BD Sighting in Corona

    Sunday afternoon I was nodding off in the passenger seat while at the 15 and 91 interchange and Helen yells "BLOODYDECKS". Maannn, for a minute, I thought we had a jig strike. I gained my senses quickly and realized we were not trolling. I looked over and saw two people waving. So, what did I...
  19. Bench Fisherman

    Chunking for seasonal visitors

    I've read so many reports lately on seeing Dorado on kelps that don't want to play. Yet, nobody has said they tried "Chunking". When I was able to pull on more than a Bluegill. I made a good living fishing. When you have a visual on the fish and they don't want to play, try chunking your bait...
  20. Bench Fisherman

    Lake Perris

    Has anyone fished Perris Lake for Crappie or Bluegill in the last few days? If so, How did you do? Thanks in advance.
  21. Bench Fisherman

    Want to talk fishing??

    Long story very short. I don't fish much anymore, but miss talking to the guys and gals that still do. When I was a kid, I worked for Norm Kagawa on the original "SHOGUN". He tuned my fishing skills. After about six years I bought a commercial boat. That was a good living. Had to give it up to...