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  1. Hooops

    More Mussel - eating the steel

    Traffic really thinning out - I think people realizing that hook and line is a waste of time. Did see one other boat hang one for about 10 seconds then zing/pow - gonzo. The amount of anchor line and wrapped mono on all the mussel lines continues to grow. Arrived at 10am - 15 min swim - home...
  2. Hooops

    Mussel Farm - Part 3 - 7/3

    If you think the boat ramp is entertaining to watch - get out to the mussel farm this weekend - in less then an hour - we watched 3 boats today get their anchor stuck and whisky throttle their boats in circles trying to get unhooked - I think 2 cut their losses and one flybridge boat cracked...
  3. Hooops

    Bazillion barracuda:

    If you have a young kid, grandkid, nephew, niece - this would be a good time to take them fishing - barracuda are so thick locally HB/LB - you can walk on them. My son and I threw jigs today (didn't even get bait) and caught well over 100 fish in 2-3 hours.
  4. Hooops

    Catalina w/ Cabo weather fish report:

    Been fishing the island with my kids more then normal for May/June - online school is a joke, all their sports are still shutdown and I can't stand watching them on stupid fortnite or GTA. Catalina has more yellowtail around the island for May/June then I've seen in years - maybe less sportboat...
  5. Hooops

    Evinrude Outboards - RIP

    Maybe already posted this info - just as the style was growing on me:
  6. Hooops

    Hunting and foraging Catalina

    Pea Soup fog crossings Saturday and Sunday - crazy seeing skiffs out with no radar running around at 20kts. Staying sane getting away from the house with the kids and away from the news - island anchorages looked like a summer weekend - but everyone was staying off the island and enjoying...
  7. Hooops

    3/13 - Hunting and Gathering: not at the store

    Ended the bug season with a new secret spot - 8 Big ones - all males ironically enough...
  8. Hooops

    WTB 50cc minibike

    nothing special - just something that runs
  9. Hooops

    9/11 - Video Boat Lift

    Many have seen this video and if you haven't you should. Of all the BD boat owners I know - they would all be there helping out...
  10. Hooops

    SOLD Calstar Rod 755XH

    Calstar Grafighter - 5ft6in (50-100) Limited usage - $200 Will not ship - local pick up only
  11. Hooops

    SOLD Seeker Rod 6463XXXH

    Seeker Black Steel Graphite - 6 1/4 (80-130) RailRod Limited usage - $250 Will not ship - local pick up only
  12. Hooops

    SOLD Seeker Rod 6460H

    Seeker Black Steel Graphite - 6ft (40-60lb - but will fish 80 fine) Roller first and last guide Limited usage - $175 Will not ship - local pick up only
  13. Hooops

    SOLD Pelagic Kill Bag (Fish Bag)

    57'x29' - Used once - looks brand new $80
  14. Hooops

    SOLD Promar Platinum Rubber Landing Net

    Largest model - LN-628 (never used - won in raffle) See link for description and size: $50
  15. Hooops

    SOLD Steiner Commander V 7X50 Binos

    Great pair of binoculars - limited on water usage. HD- Stabilized with Compass For comparison - newer model on Amazon: Will not ship - local pickup only
  16. Hooops

    SOLD Accurate 665H Wide

    Limited use on reel - used as marlin caster - 100lb spectra $200
  17. Hooops

    SOLD Accurate 197 red/blk marble

    Accurate Limited red/black marble edition - 50lb spectra $150
  18. Hooops

    SOLD Newell S533 5.5 with Backbone clamp

    Yellowtail and wahoo killer - 65lb spectra and Backbone clamp to fit ulua or any size jig stick. $170
  19. Hooops

    SOLD 3 Rod Set - Trolling/LongRange Seekers/Calstar

    Doing some spring cleaning on rods and reels that I just don't use anymore... Seeker 6463 XXXH (rail rod) Seeker 6460 H Calstar 755XH Selling as a package only - don't want to deal with parting out. $400 located in HB (will not ship) - more pictures in links below
  20. Hooops

    Crawling in the backyard:

    Big Juans too - one last trip before commercial wipes them all out...
  21. Hooops

    1972 VW BUS - Custom Catalina Island Vehicle in 70's

    Wife says too many toys - time to shed a few... so here is one - or one-of-a-kind I should say... 1972 VW Bus - customized by Catalina Island Company in mid 70's to be used to tour vehicle for Avalon real estate lots for sale - roll up bimini windowed sides - Stored for 20+ years - always...
  22. Hooops

    Rule #1

  23. Hooops

    East Cape - Christmas-New Years:

    Headed to Hotel Buena Vista with a few good friends/families. I know its the windy season and fishing is limited - but can anyone recommend a boat/captain that really knows the bottom fishing options?
  24. Hooops

    Live Local Spiny Lobster $52 per lb:

    Water Grill in South Coast Plaza offer Spiny Lobster for $52 a lb. I showed my 2 boys (10 and 8yrs old) - they said dad - do you know how much money in lobster we've eaten this year already. The kicker if you look close to this menu - Alaskan Red Crab - steamed whole - $55 per lb - 7 to 10lb...
  25. Hooops

    Traveling at high speed at night - Public Service Announcement:

    No one likes to hear "slow down" but I share this because of two things my son said to me today - which also made me think of the upcoming lobster season with boats traveling at night - most of which have limited or no experience in nighttime travel... My 10yr old son - eats, breathes and...
  26. Hooops

    Tastes like Bluefin - only different:

    School starts tomorrow - thank God for mom and dad - promised the boys one more quick trip. Local Calico and Sandbass fishing on some of the local stones/reefs has been pretty decent and the boat traffic is non-existent as most are hunting trophy fish off SCI
  27. Hooops

    If you were thinking of fishing BFT tomorrow...

    You should go - acres of foamers out there today - National Geographic should be filming this...
  28. Hooops

    Near the 43 - lots of fish watching - 1 bite:

    Looked at several different schools of YFT and some xtra large BFT. Seiners are out and have the fish super skittish - up and back down very quickly. Landed a long cast with a popper on a breezer for 1 bite - very nice grade YFT.
  29. Hooops

    Epic Catalina bassin

    Never seen frontside bass this good at the close one. Straight 3-5lb fish with this 8.5lb personal best for my son Ty.
  30. Hooops

    Catalina - China Pt - Missing boater/person:

    Was fishing Catalina today - backside west - lots of 10-15lb yellows and a decent seabass. Around noon heard a distressed call from a 15ft boat near China Point - someone was bleeding from a prop injury and the other passenger fell over and went missing. Sounded not good. Any one else pick...
  31. Hooops

    Starting New Business - Fish Farming Florida Pompano: Need Votes...

    My brother in law in Florida made a big step away from sitting behind a desk job in the banking industry for nearly 20 years and decided to follow his dream of starting a fish farm operation in Florida raising and selling Pompano to the restaurant industry. He's raised...
  32. Hooops

    Cheeca Lodge - review/intel?

    Growing up back east we visited the keys pretty often. I have been bringing my family out every year or so now from California - we've rented houses all over and stayed in Hawks Cay twice before. We booked Cheeca Lodge ( this year when the kids get out of school in June -...
  33. Hooops

    Fat and Flat - breaking in the whaler

    Felt like September out there today. This pig was fatter then a boogie board - dinner will be served soon.
  34. Hooops

    Fat and Flat - breaking in the whaler

    Felt like September out there today. This pig was fatter then a boogie board - dinner will be served soon.
  35. Hooops

    F&G - fishing without a license:

    Took neighbor fishing in December and he forgot his license at his house. Got F&G ticket and needs to report to court in Long Beach and I guess bring his license. Anyone familiar with the process, fines, procedure, etc. Thanks...
  36. Hooops

    WTB - Youth Shotgun - ideally 20 gauge

    If you don't have one for sale - can you recommend one. My son's 10th birthday is coming up and he has growth very afraid of my 12 gauge guns.
  37. Hooops

    Panga options on 12/31

    Last minute idea to get kids away from wife for a few hours. Any recommendations for inshore 4-5hr trip. Kevin
  38. Hooops

    PV - Panga recommendation - New Years Eve

    Last minute trip and hoping to take my kids out for a quick half day trip (4-5 hr) Let me know if you have an email for a panga charter / owner that's worth reaching out to.
  39. Hooops

    1980 17ft Whaler Montauk - rebuild - finally done...

    Still working with Randy at Bluewater on a bait tank to match gelcoat - but everything else is done - and it even floats... I will never do a project like that ever again.
  40. Hooops

    WTB - Basketball adjustable net

    Before I buy a new one for boy Christmas present - anyone got one that kids don't touch anymore?
  41. Hooops

    Saluting the warship and catchin on Vetrans Day:

    Left HH around 9am - kids saluted the folks on the warship when we passed by going out and showed the halibut coming in around noon. Lots of fished in the sand right now - we missed at least 5-6 decent bites - but my 9yr old did throw a decent one on.
  42. Hooops

    1980 17ft Whaler Montauk - rebuild

    Picked up a whaler with a decent power plant but the rest of the boat needed some love after 35 years. Stripped the entire boat of everything and sent off to re-gel coat - 5 coats - Desert Sand color (was a bit worried about this color decision but it turned out really sweet) - the teak was...
  43. Hooops

    Dinghy bait tank - self contained:

    Has anyone found/figured out a self contained small (under 15 gallon) option to keep bait without hard wiring to dinghy batteries. Looking to keep a dozen or so pieces of bait alive running around the islands in the dinghy.
  44. Hooops

    35ft-50ft Boat Dock HH - available...

    If anyone is looking for boat slip for a 35ft-50ft boat let me know... I recently sold my boat and bought a small whaler that fits on the inside of my slip. Location is Humboldt Island
  45. Hooops


    Tady/Sumo/Salas/IronMan/Kicker 8 Total - $60
  46. Hooops

    Heavy tuna jigs

    Sumo/Tady 5 total - $40
  47. Hooops

    Big Surface Iron - Tady/Salas

    5 total - $40
  48. Hooops

    Wahoo Bombs

    7 in total - $75
  49. Hooops

    Wahoo Jigs

    Tis the season - 17 in all - Raiders, Catchy, etc. - $120
  50. Hooops

    Tady45 - Surface Iron New

    3 sets of 4 - all Single Hook - $65
  51. Hooops

    Surface Iron - Tady/Sumo/Salas/etc

    18 in all - $80
  52. Hooops

    WTB - small 15-20 Gl fiberglass bait tank

    Any condition - will re-gel coat to match whaler
  53. Hooops

    AB - RIB inflatable - 2004 - 9'6

    On my dock in HH - includes seat with life jacket storage and Weaver Leaver clips for swim step lift. First $1,200 - have 2 dinghies - only need one.
  54. Hooops

    2004 KTM 350EXC and Suzuki 50JR

    Both bikes run great - just rarely if never used. Cleaning out the garage because we are moving. Includes all gear as well - helmets, boots, pants and more. First $2K to my garage in Huntington Harbour - going on craigslist on Monday if not sold this weekend.
  55. Hooops

    FREE - 3rd row seats for Tahoe

    It was in a 2002 Tahoe - dark gray cloth. Located in Huntington Harbor.
  56. Hooops

    150 - They are in the prop wash of the sport fleet

    Don't believe the hype of fish away from the fleet. Cast your baits in the prop wash. Your Welcome.
  57. Hooops

    1999 30ft Skipjack

    Hull #12 Cummins 330B's Northern Lights 5KW Garmin 3206 Furuno 16mile radar Wesmar HD800 - Sidescan Sonar Icom M127 VHF's Simrad AP20 Autopilot Underwater Lights USA - zenon 50wt Offshore built in bait tank / 2nd bait tank in transom Reverse Cycle Heat/Air TV/DVD Etc, Etc, Etc. Owned for last 8...
  58. Hooops

    1972 VW Custom Bus:

    Moving from 3 Car Garage Home to 2 Car Garage and need to get rid of one of the toys. Bimini sides roll-up or snap down - 3 and 3 seating in the back Great summer SoCal cruiser - had it a bit over a year - runs like a top. New tires, Kicker Stereo system and custom full car cover. Going up...
  59. Hooops

    Huntington Harbour Home with Boat Slip for Sale:

    Anyone looking to move to HH and keep their boat in the water...
  60. Hooops

    2004 AB Inflatable - 9'6 RIB:

    I picked up a larger inflatable - so need to get rid of my previous one. Located in Huntington Harbour - always stored covered... Boat details/specs in link below:|215570|1794282|1831365&id=2553090 $2,700 - RIB only - no outboard
  61. Hooops

    3rd Row seats - Tahoe:

    I traded my old Tahoe in and got a new one today - forgot I had the 3rd row seats in the garage. Anyone?
  62. Hooops

    Duck Hunting Super Fun / Duck Eating Super Gross:

    OK - I recently - last 3 years - have gotten the Duck Hunting bug - as my brother joined one of those high-brow clubs in Prado Basin. The experience of finding a favorite gun or two, hunting with my brother early am or afternoon, calling birds, shooting birds, dog assassins - I really dig all...
  63. Hooops

    Tuesday Tribute - Tanner Tuna Trifecta

    My boy had off school on Tuesday for Veterans Day - we loaded up and made our way down from HB to SD to fish the Tribute (a first for both of us). 1.5 Day would put us back at the dock Wednesday at 6am and school in HB started at 8:15am. We hammered them in grease flat calm weather. We sailed...
  64. Hooops

    Horseshoe - gangbang:

    Unreal to see this grade of fish right out in front. This weekend should bring out another 1,000 skiffs - enjoy.
  65. Hooops

    So easy 6 and 8yr olds are cleaning up:

    Warm water have made the bugs monster size - no where near long beach. We did have a new record tonight easily 10lb sandbass in the hoop - god damm that was heavy...
  66. Hooops

    Horn Sharks released - Big Bugs Kept:

    Full Speed bugs - no one around...
  67. Hooops

    Honda 50hp Outboard for sale

    2002 Honda 50hp outboard - used mostly for harbor cruises - it will need carb clean and power trim not working. First $1,500
  68. Hooops

    Isthmus - Memorial Day Weekend:

    We'll be at the Island today - Monday - skiff fishing the front with the kids. Mothership (or mini-mothership maybe a better term) will be on our mooring A2 - stop by for a beverage or fish story.
  69. Hooops

    That was a close call:

    Maybe a repost - but this would have created a peanut butter shotgun in my wetsuit:
  70. Hooops

    VW Bus:

    This was a Catalina vehicle used by a real estate company for property tours. I raised my hand by accident at a car auction - runs well - great condition. No room at the Inn for this - $14K. Located in Huntington Harbour.
  71. Hooops

    WTB - 50cc motobike - crf50, kx50, etc.

    My boys bday is upcoming - and its time to pull the trigger - whos got one sitting growing dust - with gear would be sweet...
  72. Hooops

    New TunaJihad ready for cod season:
  73. Hooops

    Pre Turkey Day - Avalon:

    All the bonito bug bait you want - quality bass - quantity bugs...
  74. Hooops

    Bird Hitch:

    My brother got one of these and I got to see it in action last weekend - simply unreal:
  75. Hooops

    Kids Hoopin - tradition continues:

    My kids dialed in the custom floats with random sharpie doodles - my 7 year old said "to make sure no one else pulls our traps - like last year..." And a follow up quote from him - "dad - when we came to this spot a few years ago - no other boats were around". Still cleaned up - the kids love...
  76. Hooops

    Splatter S - duckclub

    Anyone here that's a member? Joining my brother for duck season this year and wanted to connect with any BD-ers.
  77. Hooops

    Craziest thing I've ever seen in HH today...

    An f-ing sea turtle - at least 50lbs. I scrambled off the back of my boat to get a cell phone pic - but missed...
  78. Hooops

    BigBear - warm and biting:

    Kids had the week off and since the local islands are still in a bit of a stalemate - we headed up to BigBear to our neighbors cabin. Even hit the mountain one last time for ultra-slushy conditions - but the kids thought it was great skiing in 65 degree weather. Lake opened up to boats on...
  79. Hooops

    50cc mx bike and gear for 7yr old

    Anyone have one around... That Kid grew out of... Let me know.
  80. Hooops

    Cooning cod ma

    Keep clear of my red drifts tomorrow. Based on fog forecast I may only see you in my radar. COD
  81. Hooops

    Beretta A300 or A400

    Anyone own and can give a review of these guns?
  82. Hooops

    Back in 1850...

    California became a state. <o:p></o:p> The people had no electricity.<o:p></o:p> <o:p> </o:p> The state had no money.<o:p></o:p> <o:p> </o:p> Almost everyone spoke Spanish.<o:p></o:p> <o:p> </o:p> There were gunfights in the streets.<o:p></o:p> <o:p> </o:p> So basically nothing has...
  83. Hooops

    Just like Catalina...

    But a millions times better - BVI - British Virgin Islands. If you haven't had the chance - put this zone on your bucket list - just unreal.
  84. Hooops

    No Fish / Yes Fun:

    Didn't even bring a pole - only 2 hoop nets. Brought over my wifes sisters family in from Pennsylvania to the Isthmus. Similar ages kids to my boys and we had a blast. No fish - Yes bugs... (but I could catch lobster in my sleep at Catalina - literally). If you have never visited the Isthmus...
  85. Hooops

    2004 Tohatsu 9.8hp - 4 Stroke - $900

    Manual start - short shaft - runs like a top - low hours. Great outboard engine - but its too heavy to get on and off my dinghy - so I'm downsizing.
  86. Hooops

    USVI - st johns

    Will be in st. John for 8 days in early January. Can anyone recommend a good guy/boat to charter for a family trip?
  87. Hooops

    Tohatsu 9.8 2005 4stroke

    Engine is too heavy to get on and off my dinghy - would like to downsize to a 4hp or 6hp - anyone looking for more power let me know.
  88. Hooops

    Happy Halloween!

    Ninja and Rat Trap:
  89. Hooops

    1st Grade = 1st Overnighter - PRIDE:

    Too hard to put these memories into words... A big thanks goes out to Capt Greg, Matt and PRIDE crew. Only problem now is he thinks he is going on every trip.
  90. Hooops


    Long story - short - I now own a few acres of land oceanfront in Belize - who knows someone there I can talk to? Fishing? Etc.
  91. Hooops

    and some bug bycatch:

    Kept the tradition alive with the kiddos and hooped the opening "sundowner" night of the season. Pulled 2 sets of 5 nets for an hour - full speed sculpin bycatch released to sting someone else and called it good with a bakers dozen of bugs - all nice ones. Lots of boat traffic, as expected...
  92. Hooops

    Watch your props

    I've been watching the commercial BUG fleet stack and load thousands of traps in front of my office in NB - even getting loaded by the bigger sporties like the Fury - Spiny season is around the corner - hope for the best - expect the worst. Just a general service announcement - if your...
  93. Hooops

    9/11 - Boatlift:

    Maybe a repost - amazing - I'd be there with my boat - I know that...
  94. Hooops

    Achilles 8.8 LEX with 2.5 Yamaha 4 stroke: $900

    Got a new hard bottom rib dinghy as my tender and have no room for my prior dinghy in my garage... 2006 Achilles LEX 8.8 (wood bottom - pic attached is new - this is not) 2006 Yamaha 2.5 4 Stroke - bullet proof - under 100hrs. First $900 takes the dinghy and engine out of my garage. Great...
  95. Hooops

    I like Chris Dunn - weather forecast guy:

    Can you get this guy to put up his weekly fishing weather report here. I really like him - seriously.
  96. Hooops

    Captured the "Look of Pure Fear"

    Took the family to the scariest place on earth and the boys man-ed up for their first log ride:
  97. Hooops

    Drive away from the bite:

    Loaded up the family truckster and made way for Catalina on Friday am - found the am window to beat the storm and tucked into the Isthmus along the West wall. Got text pics all weekend from friends in skiffs on the beach cleaning up on the coastal tankers but enjoyed my weekend with my own...
  98. Hooops

    4 Day Holiday Weekend:

    Marine forecast looks a bit lumpy - backside is going to be fucked... Be safe out there - my neighbor just called me and said he's headed over to SCI tomorrow afternoon - I asked if he saw the forecast - he said yes - Jackie Johnson said it was going...
  99. Hooops

    No more fueldock in HH!

    Still need to confirm this with Scott - but latest news is the one fuel dock in HH (Mariners Point / behind Simple Green) is closing down in June. Sucks... need to buy a Pacific Seacraft sailboat now.
  100. Hooops

    Safety on Mother Ocean:

    Not going to expand on Spikes post - I hope to put that experience behind us. I do not know the conditions of the accident at sea - but this morning I woke up early, kissed my kids and went directly to my boat for a very detailed safety check of all my gear. Take the time to go through your own...
  101. Hooops

    End of June adventure:

    So you've probably heard about the "older" folks that are retired and cruise south to Mex as a big group... Well I've been doing something similar but more local the last 5 years or so to circumnavigate Catalina and take advantage of the island over a 5-8 day period of fishing and fun. I...
  102. Hooops

    FHS Trout Tank:

    Grease flat conditions yesterday afternoon a bit scratchy on the bite but my kids whacked em. 6yr olds trick was removing the powerbait and replacing with small chunk of beef jerky - instant bite. Good times - sad thing was there were some adults that were serious as a heart attack about...
  103. Hooops

    The call of cod:

    Going to blow out the cob webs in the cummins this weekend and set up sunday for some local cod with my kids. I've read the Erik landsfiend cod tutorials to my kids for bedtime stories the last couple of nights - so we can't miss! Report to come - or see you all out front Sunday am.
  104. Hooops

    Big Bear - Epic conditions

    Took the fam up to the mountain for the last 4 days - great snow and great fun. Get up there if you can still amazed that we can leave the coast at 75 degrees and hit the mt at 25 degrees in a 2 hr and change drive.
  105. Hooops

    New Workout equipment - really works:
  106. Hooops

    Big Bear - MLK weekend - Fishing & Skiing

    Loaded up the family truckster with the wife, boys, snow gear and fishing gear. Thanks Saluki for the handoff on the trout gear - 2lb test is an interesting experiment with ice formation and kids trying to skip the fish onto shore. We had our losses but ended up 2 for 5 on a nice grade of trout...
  107. Hooops

    Queen box spring and matterass

    5 years old - think I spent around 2k for it then. In Huntington harbor - going towards dumpster by Saturday.
  108. Hooops

    6yr old - 3-5 day trip?

    Planning on taking my boy on a trip - probably the RR3 - as Andy is a the greatest. I know 6yrs old sounds young - but my boy has been on the water since 1yrs old - and has fished on my skipjack at multiple islands for up to 3-4 days. Hes sleeped on a much smaller boat in shittier weather with...
  109. Hooops

    Avalon - 2011 more memories...

    Loaded up the Skipjack for 3 days at the island - Santa left some new Zebco spincast reels for the boys to destroy and destroy they did. Mixed in some mini-golf and an attempt to get the boat in the backround of the Avalon Christmas tree. You could walk on the mackeral in front of Avalon -...
  110. Hooops

    Island bound:

    Headed over for a couple days to Cat. Will be fishing and hooping some of the front that my 3 and 5 yr old want to fish before they can't anymore - hard to type that... See you guys over there - stop by for a bloodymary or tecate in Avalon.
  111. Hooops

    Florida Keys / HawksCay:

    Just returned from taking the fam to visit my sister and her family in Florida - I rented a place down at HawksCay - Weather and water was about 80 - great time had by all...
  112. Hooops


    Been cleaning up in 1 zone but last night got nada - not even a short. Filled a 5gl bucket full of red crab though - but they taste like smelly vagina so we let em go at the dock. Do any caucasians eat these things?
  113. Hooops


    The Funeral Procession<o:p></o:p> A man was leaving a convenience store with his morning coffee when he noticed a most unusual funeral procession approaching the nearby cemetery. A black hearse was followed by a second black hearse about 50 Feet behind the first one. Behind the second hearse...
  114. Hooops

    5 out of 6 Legal Bugs prefer Mackeral over getting head:

    Very unreal low tide this evening - 4 nets 1 set - 5 out of 6 bugs prefer mackeral over salmon heads. We fished but got sleepy on the bite - 1 batray - that we released - had a boat run over to discuss keeping the catch but I could not speak the language to converse with them accurately so we...
  115. Hooops

    Hh - bucket o red crab and 2 nice bugs

    Took the boy out for a very local run on the whaler last night - 1 hr / 1 set of 5 nets - 15 nice crab and 2 big bugs - no shorts. Note to all striking out - get far away from other hoop-ers, divers and commercial sets - find your own structure and find happiness.
  116. Hooops

    Boys, Bass, Bonito, Bugs and Vessel Assist:

    Last weekend - the plan was to take advantage of the weather - enjoy the island with the fam and friends and try an old standby hoopin spot with the kids. Bonito fishing was a scratch (glad I brought 20 frozen), Bass was a pick at night, but Bugs crawled very well - limits for the 2 card...
  117. Hooops

    Lobster opener - Bugs and by catch:

    Decided to try something new this year and avoid the skiff nightmare on the front and hoop the back before the commercial guys whack it. All by ourselves at midnight not a boat or lightstick within site - this was a hailmary to say the least - each hoop comes up full of red - 6-10 in each net...
  118. Hooops

    Da Wedge:

    I guess this video was from this am: Some sets were jacking even bigger about an hour ago. Headed back down to check it out again late afternoon
  119. Hooops

    Need woodworking / const guy:

    I know this economy has hit a lot of general construction / remodel guys pretty hard. I wish I had a bigger job for you - but I am trying to have a custom bunkbed built for my kids - it's a unique request - a Full over Queen. I have found plans on the internet to build - but I do not have a...
  120. Hooops

    Good clean fun:

    Stayed 3 days at our island - kids wanted to stay longer - but diesel's expensive and I needed to get back to the office. Speared on a local friends skiff - those pictures were not authorized to share - see FishDope.
  121. Hooops

    2 Harb - Opening Day:

    We'll be on the mooring A2 this weekend in the Isthmus - opening day - full speed refreshments. Fishing with friends - local skiff out of Cat Harb on Sat and Sun to catch fish bigger then my kids - if you end up on the west end / best end - stop by A2 for a chilly cold Tecate - or a spicy bloody.
  122. Hooops

    Skipjack History:

    sorry no pictures but found a great write up. Saltwater Sportsman Skipjack History Unless you've done much boating and fishing in California, chances are you haven't heard of Skipjack Boats. This is rather odd, seeing as how over 4,000 Skipjacks have been built since the company was founded 41...
  123. Hooops

    Little Harbor WFO - FishDope: Thank you FishDope for the intel - I scored a bail before the fuzz arrived
  124. Hooops

    LingCod look out...

    Family codding day tomorrow - please stay clear from my precise drifts. Report to follow.
  125. Hooops

    Huell Howser runs LBC:
  126. Hooops

    Go to HEL:

    Had to send out a thanks to the HEL team (Crappo and Crow) for the hook-up. Lures look unreal - just rigged that "Cabo special" and handed it of to my dad's Dr. - he departs tomorrow to fish for 6 days - pics to follow. See last PM regarding Cat tournament hijinks.
  127. Hooops

    Fish Tank:

    Anyone have a old freshwater tank sitting around growing dust. My kids goldfish can't even turn around anymore in the Nemo tank. Let me know I can pick up in the OC/LB area.
  128. Hooops

    Beer - a must try:

    The x-tuff logo sold me - but this is a great IPA:
  129. Hooops

    OK - enough already:

    Lupe is open for biz - enjoy - I know I will. Private boat regs have been loosened and my Skipjack will be spending sometime at the Lupe in Sept/Oct.
  130. Hooops

    Big Bear - Big Snow:

    Took the wife and kids up Fri am to beat the storms - snowed on Friday - then more on Saturday and a ton on Saturday night. Good times... Tubed, sledded, snowball fights and giant snow forts. Visited the zoo to see that love is in the air - my 3 year old said "dad he cant jump over her". Get...
  131. Hooops

    Super Morning:

    My older boy (4) woke me up today and said - lets go fishing - so after a pot of coffee and telling the sick wife and sick 2 year old - "see you later" - we ventured out. All the terd - shitbags - you want but you need to fish the cloud. Patriot was 100 yards away not catching nothing. We...
  132. Hooops

    Local Limits:

    of laughs and bycatch (stingrays, crabs, octopus, eels - even a sandbass) - but not one stinkin lobster. Local secret honey hole has had too much commercial interest - but the kids enjoy seeing the bycatch more then the lobster. Trip was before the last freeze - boys taking their friends out on...
  133. Hooops

    Local Squish Fleet out in front:

    The white and green lights are huddled up and active on the local squid grounds this evening. Anyone planning on taking friends and family local fishing for the holiday week may want to consider giving it a look. "If you like to bang fat chicks - hang out in the cafeteria" Capt. Scott Pruner
  134. Hooops

    Avalon with kids and bugs:

    Packed up the left over candy from the pirate haul and took advantage of the epic weather. Checked out the new Descanso and the boys relaxed before the buggin adventure. Big Bugs were found in deeper water - fresh bonito was the ticket - as usual. My 4 year old was trying on lobster shoes to...
  135. Hooops


    Drove around and got as far away from the dipshits - as we could. A recent passing that I really did not even know helped make this trip happen. "Don't forget to stop and smell the roses"...
  136. Hooops

    "I want it to bend" - HH report:

    Took a weekend off from Catalina Island. Packed some lunch and beverages with my 4 year old and borrowed my neighbors 13ft whaler to fish the harbor on Sunday 8/15. The boy worked hard and scraped enough "free bait" (mussels) off the dock and we headed out in search of anything that wanted to...
  137. Hooops

    Not Radio Check on Ch 16

    I pray that this is the answer to unnecessary radio checks on every channel all fucking day long. Radio Check service seems to now be available is SoCal waters on Channel 27 - I believe the service is offered by Seatow. A neighbor of mine told me about it - I believe it is automated that will...
  138. Hooops

    Catalina on fire:

    Plane crash an hour ago or so: Plane Crashes At Catalina Island After Pilot Reports He May Be Suffering From Heart Attack ***Updated - Los Angeles News - The Informer
  139. Hooops

    Save your marriage:
  140. Hooops

    Memorial Weekend:

    Headed over Friday am to Monday pm - family trip - hitting the normal frontside coves n kelps in search of flats and some yellows which have been caught recently. Firing up the campfire BBQ at Goat or Rippers most nights, keg on the beach with a few other boaters and friends - all are welcome...
  141. Hooops

    Just how fucked is the US economy?

    Not a joke - but could not find a better suited forum. Doesn't matter whether your employed, unemployed, blue collar / white collar, black, red, green or blue... just how terrible is it right now? My story - short and sweet - I market shit you don't need on TV, radio and the internet - "Call...
  142. Hooops

    Hypothetically - $1 Million to spend:

    What vessel would you purchase? I have been aggressively playing the MegaBucks and I am trying to prepare - here's my current pick: Chuck Hovey Yachts, Inc. (Newport Beach, CA) 75ft Elliott
  143. Hooops

    Tito's happy home in HH:

    Don't know the "whole" story but it doesn't sound muy bueno - adios neighbor. Disturbance involves porn star, fighter Ortiz | tmz, police, home - The Orange County Register
  144. Hooops

    "You don't have a problem with God - do you?"

    Maybe a repost - but a classic: YouTube - CNN American Morning: Missouri Car Dealership Gives Away an AK47 with Each Truck Purchase!
  145. Hooops

    Boat currently on fire in HH:

    Just got a call from my neighbor that a boat is on fire in front of the Simple Green building...
  146. Hooops

    TigerWoods - Southpark:

    Classic... YouTube - South Park -Tiger Woods PGA Tour
  147. Hooops

    Wesmar HD800 expert?

    Anyone know of anyone in the LA/OC/SD area that knows these units? I've got some recent issues I can not figure out.
  148. Hooops

    KTM has got to go:

    After having 2 kids - the bike has been garaged for over a year - come make me an offer and ride it - like it needs to be ridden. 2004 KTM 450 EXC
  149. Hooops

    Catalina - Before the Storms:

    New Years Resolution is to share some fish reports... this was the weekend before the storms at the island with the family... Starting in Avalon - full speed bonito on the dinghy with the boys - Snoopy and Spiderman pole drags are toast - worked up the frontside for more bonito - lunch on the...
  150. Hooops

    Potential new BD advertiser:

    For all the hunters - - no shit - this lady called me to produce a TV commercial for her - looking for some production assistants to help with wardrobe fittings: Camelflage ™ - Photos. No Camel Toe Clothing: underwear, panties, swimsuits, bathing suits, t-shirts, shorts and...
  151. Hooops

    Anyone know - who bought the yacht - "Crystal":

    My neighbor was telling me it was hitting the auction block at around $2.2 - that thing is pretty sick. Did the auction/sale take place? George/NotoriousSUA/Tightasslockhead - did you make an offer?
  152. Hooops

    The ocean sounds angry:

    It's pretty rare to hear how violent the ocean can be from a mile within Huntington Harbour - I was just sitting on the patio and it sounded like 8ft waves were breaking against my house - I can't image what the oceanfront folks are hearing. If you are planning a trip - be safe - or rethink it.
  153. Hooops

    Typical night in San Clemente:

    SAN CLEMENTE – What started out as a call about a loud radio early this morning ended with the arrest of a nude 23-year-old man suspected of killing a family dog with his bare hands, then pouring hot coffee on his head while running naked in a tennis club, authorities said. Investigators...
  154. Hooops

    Cover of PCS holding a turd:

    Your day has finally arrived - nice turd roller - Happy Holidays Beak/GetSome!
  155. Hooops

    209 - Office Chair Kelp:

    Returned from the Coral (Ensenada) on Sunday and fished out and in. Whoever tossed the black office chair on that kelp around the 209 - classic! And the kicker - that kelp is probably 3,000 sq ft with nothing but tons of bait. Final thought - whos fished it for anything more then bait?
  156. Hooops

    Free beverage and fish whistle:

    Anyone in the Two Harbors area - stop by for a beverage in Emerald Bay - D6 - fresh yellowtail sashimi works....
  157. Hooops

    Free ride - Saturday/Sunday:

    Looking for someone with 0 experience, with no friends, doesn't blab his mouth about where we fished or what we caught - spinning gear a plus. Disclaimer: Spike is your bunkmate. Departing Saturday mid-morning returning immediately after we complete the mission.
  158. Hooops

    Body found in HH:

    Stay away from Turcs... Woman Found Dead In Huntington Harbour -
  159. Hooops

    Squid off LJ / BadCo:

    Any news on Bad Company's hull after running over squid in LJ? Brandon - Mod of the Year - do your thing...
  160. Hooops

    Just wrong...

    in so many ways - but funny:
  161. Hooops

    My new neighbors...

    Welcome to Huntington Harbour - hoping this will boost the property values back up:
  162. Hooops

    One for the BD motivational calendar:

    To remember October:
  163. Hooops

    1 Spot open - 8 day on the Supreme 10/5:

    Limited load on the Polaris Supreme leaving Oct. 5th - call the office. Old Wild Bunch - mostly very old TunaClub guys - lots of room at the rail and in the bow on this one. Call the office.
  164. Hooops

    Spikes daughter - out of heart surgery:

    Spikes 8 month old daughter had heart surgery to fix a large hole in her heart on Monday. I just spoke to him - his daughter Emmarie is healing well in ICI but he sounded pretty shaken up as any of us would be after surgery to one of our children. Any prayers or support would be great for...
  165. Hooops

    Eat a JelloHeart - by SaltyPup!
  166. Hooops

    Yo Spike:

    Your #1! Not even photoshop work - this was really posted - had to share as I know you are banned from enjoying his self-stoking.
  167. Hooops

    SoCal to NJ - Striped Bassin:

    On the east coast for almost 2 weeks now - meetings and 2 weddings to attend. Was "down the shore" (Long Beach Island) with some friends and family last week and fished with an old buddy that runs a skiff charter out of Barnaget Light ( He said "they are biting on the...
  168. Hooops

    Prop busters in the channel:

    Spent the weekend with the family over on the west side (best side) of Catalina - Cherry Cove. Returned Sunday am on autopilot - 22kts - a bit hung over - missed a Mola in the props by inches - keep your eyes peeled. Oh yeah - also baited a broadbill with dead squid for 15 minutes - till...
  169. Hooops

    Harnells/Uluas - R.I.P.:

    SSCJBF100 If you've spent some time in the bow - worked a long range boat - or just enjoy the passion of the plug - throw out every 10ft jig stick you have and wrap 3 of these. God bless technology - the best new long rod period.
  170. Hooops

    New energy drink...

    for the alternative lifestyle:
  171. Hooops

    Boat on the beach HB:

    3 idiots flipped their power/ski boat in front of Bolsa Chica about an hour ago - red and yellow boat getting hammered on the beach. Spoke to the HBPD - said after the boat flipped these fucking rednecks were trying to rescue their fishing gear and cases of budweiser - I assume their BDers -...
  172. Hooops

    AVALON - Memorial Day Weekend:

    Anyone going?
  173. Hooops

    Spike - found your rig: Bait tank comes jugged with dipping sauce....
  174. Hooops

    New weapon - CJBF100

    Looking to get this new blank into action very soon on some SCI yellow. Taking a few inches off the tip - I still think it will fish 40lb - maybe even 50lb. Seems to shut off very nicely - even comparable to the SS Ulua - but lighter and much smaller butt. Anyone bend this thing on any...
  175. Hooops

    CAT/SCI: 4/4-4/5

    The "MY TY" will be at one or both of the islands this weekend. Got some cheap $3 a gallon diesel that needs to be burnt.
  176. Hooops

    Grease spill at SCI this weekend:

    Prediction - hot sun, cold beer and yellow creamed corn on the SeaHorse... COASTAL WATERS FORECAST PZZ775-052230- /O.ROU.KSGX.MA.F.0000.000000T0000Z-000000T0000Z/ WATERS FROM SAN MATEO POINT TO THE MEXICAN BORDER EXTENDING 30 TO 60 NM OUT INCLUDING SAN CLEMENTE ISLAND- 733 AM PST WED...
  177. Hooops

    Spikes OTW Cat Report:

    Probably very drunk - says they got 1 - not sure if he said 6lbs or 60lbs... Pics to come...
  178. Hooops

    Discover Batteries - any experience:

    Good or bad... Sucks but I'm due for 2 new 8D's... ouch.
  179. Hooops

    Changing a Newell handle:

    Can anyone suggest a handle replacement for a Newell - I'd like to find more of a "ball style" handle. Which ones fits and how much are they?
  180. Hooops

    Link to Superbowl prop bets:

    Tis the season to gamble.... Any long shot predictions?
  181. Hooops

    "Gunslinger" - on Edinger:

    I think the cops are going to tow your boat off Edinger - just an FYI - I live on Trinidad - and they were taking a good long look at your boat and trailer today...
  182. Hooops

    Huntington to Ensenada - and back:

    Fished in a 2 day Tuna Club tourny over the weekend. Headed out on 8/16 - way out and down the line... fished outside the east fly for all the albies you wanted - triple and quads on the jigs and bait fish to be had. All quality fish 25lb+ - started running only 2 jig rods because we wanted...
  183. Hooops

    Kona Capts from SoCal Long Range:

    Are there any transplants to Kona running boats from the Long Range Fleet. Someone that's well versed in stand-up fishing, throwing iron and live baiting - instead of trolling all day? Anyone fishing the Classic this year?