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  1. alex morataya

    WTB PH Ulua black blank

    Hey BD, Want to see if anyone has a PH Ulua black version for sale? Looking for a blank preferably but will take the factory rod as well. Thanks BD! Alex
  2. alex morataya

    WTB Black PH Ulua

    Hey guys, Looking for this rod....factory wrapped. mid yiu have one and want to sell let me know. PM or text is best Thanks Alex 323-304-4941
  3. alex morataya

    WTB Tiburon clamp trini 12a/14a

    Looking for 2 clamps. i believe they'r the same size for both reels. Let me know if you wanna sell. thanks alex
  4. alex morataya

    WTB Trini 16A or 20A

    Let me know if you have one around. mom price and location thanks
  5. alex morataya

    For Sale Terez Rods (Aqua)

    Hey guys, I know this is a long shot but wanted to know if Shimano is making any Terez Rods that are 8 footers? I know in the past they did but haven't seen anything come up for sale.... looking for a rod for my reel.... thanks
  6. alex morataya

    For Sale 300 DSV 300 E

    Will sell and ship or trade for a nice jig stick....hit me up 323-304-4941 Thanks
  7. alex morataya

    WTB Gold Shimano Trinidad handle

    Looking for a handle for my Trinidad 12....let me know Thanks
  8. alex morataya

    WTB Black pinhead ulua

    Hey guys been looking for the factory one and can’t seem to find one....want to know if anyone has one laying around they want to sell.... pM me thanks Alex
  9. alex morataya

    WTB Torium 16 or 20HG

    If you have one hit me up. Prefer a tiburon clamp as well.....reel doesn’t have to be pretty but must be functional. Wanna get it for my brother for the up coming season. thanks
  10. alex morataya

    Tranx 500 HG ve PG

    Hey guys, Looking at this reel for my surface iron applications and what know what you guys suggest? I have a trini 16 and love it but also looking to add another reel to my arsenal. thanks
  11. alex morataya

    WTB Dobyns SWB rod 807 or 867

    Let me know if anyone you have a swimbait rod for sale....looking for the newer dobyns all foam handle... thanks Alex
  12. alex morataya

    WTB Dobyns 807

    Hey guys looking for the black swimbait rod for my glide baits, let me know if you have one to sell. thanks Alex merry Christmas
  13. alex morataya

    For Sale SOLD!!

    Hey BD, Got a trini 16NA for sale full of 60lb braid clamp included. Might have the box but not sure. Didn’t get much use so looking to sell. $325 OBO ace to face $345 OBO shipped TYD Text me for pictures (it won’t let me load the images) looking for a dobyns 807/conquest 300 or 400... thanks Alex
  14. alex morataya

    WTB Tiburon clamp Trinidad 14A

    If you got one for sale let me know. Thanks
  15. alex morataya

    FREE Trinidad clamp GONE

    Hey BD, I found this old Trinidad clamp that fits the gold Trinidad’s....I believe I used it for my trini 14 or 16 cant remember. Pm your address and I’ll send it to you Thanks
  16. alex morataya

    WTB Torium 14HG

    looking for a eeel for my brother who’s now got the bug.....trying to get him set up. Thanks
  17. alex morataya

    WTB 1-2oz banana leadheads

    hey BDer’s Can anyone help me find some banana lead heads for fishing sandies on the twilight? I stay in Porter Ranch and will fishing MDR tonight. Thanks Alex
  18. alex morataya

    For Sale Padres vs Dodgers 8/2

    Got 4 field seat tickets with 2 preferred parking passes for sale. Each ticket is $175 and preferred parking passes are $50 each, total package price is $800 but looking to let go for $500. Amazing seats and since it’s a Friday night game you’ll get to walk in the field for fireworks. PM if...
  19. alex morataya

    Difference in Curado E green color

    I’ve been noticing that my EJ changes colors when you move it around but my 300e stays the same green color. Has anyone noticed this or is it just me? Just curious. Thanks
  20. alex morataya

    WTB Xtratuf boots size 10 or 11

    located in Burbank/LA, let me know if you have a pair laying around... Thanks Alex
  21. alex morataya

    WTB Looking for Trinidad 12A

    Looking for a trini12A to add to my arsenal. If you have one laying that doesn’t get much use let me know. PM or text. I stay in porter Ranch/granada Hills work in Burbank. Thanks Alex 323-304-4941
  22. alex morataya

    SOLD Calcutta 300 TE with 2 handles Pix

    Hey BD'ers, looking to sell my last calcutta 300TE with paddle and power handle. (trini 14 gold handle). has 65lbs braid 50% and the rest 25 mono. Never seen salt water, only fresh water, it was my swimbait reel. looking for $225 firm. located in porter ranch/Granada Hills Thank Alex 323-304-4941
  23. alex morataya

    For Sale Curado Rod

    hey guys, Broke one of my crucial rods and shimano replace it with a new curado rod. It’s too parabolic or light for my style of fishing so want to sell it. Specs: Length: 7’0” Power: Medium Action: extra fast Line: 10-15lb Lure: 3/16-1/2 $100 obo Text is best 323-304-4941 Thanks Alex
  24. alex morataya

    WTB Crucial swimbait rods

    hey BD, Looking for any swimbait crucial rods that have the black EVA split grip. Let me know if you have one laying around you don’t use anymore. Text is best 323-304-4941 Thanks Alex
  25. alex morataya

    WTB Expride 76 Heavy

    if you’ve got laying around let me know. Thanks
  26. alex morataya

    WTB GL2 956 or 957 SWB

    let me know if you have one for sale. Thanks
  27. alex morataya

    For Sale Calcutta 300 TE with power and paddle handle

    hey guys, i have a clean calcutta 300TE with a power handle and paddle handle that doesn't get much action. i prefer using my low profiles and i think its time to sell this one. this is my last one, might regret it but for now i'm selling it. no rush to sell it. asking $250 PM or text me...
  28. alex morataya

    WTB 300 ej or 300e

    let me know if you have one laying around. Pm me, getting ready for the swimbait season. Thanks Alex
  29. alex morataya

    For Sale Mint Calstar GFDH 850M

    got a minty rod, almost new for sale. Asking $200 obo. Don’t need it anymore as I juts picked my custom rod. Text me 323-304-4941 Thanks Alex
  30. alex morataya

    For Sale Calcutta 300TE with 2 handles

    Hey BD, Selling my 300 TE with power handle and paddle handle. been my go to reel for a long time and has never let me down. had 65lb brad (apporx 120 yrds) and 75yrds of 25lb pline (i think). cosmetically 7.5/10 mechanically 9/10 will post pictures today or shoot me a text for pictures...
  31. alex morataya

    SOLD Super seeker 90M SOLD!

    this is a custom wrapped rod by Young’s tackle. Clean rod No rust No cracks No name Cord handle Fuji guides Bought here from a fellow BD memeber. Paid $300 Will sell $250 firm. Text for faster response 323-304-4941 Alex Thanks
  32. alex morataya

    For Sale GFDH 850M

    selling a clean gfdh 850M. factory wrapped no cracks no scratches no rust Porter Ranch during night time Burbank during day. asking $200 firm. no rush to sell..just a back up rod. no trades thanks for reading. Text for faster response 323-304-4941
  33. alex morataya

    SOLD GG 90J factory SOLD

    hey BD, Have an almost new factory gg 90j for sale. Used 3 times in 4 yrs. no rust no cracks on the guides Has xwrap over cork. Asking $200 Text for pictures 323-304-4941 Work in burbank Live in porter Ranch
  34. alex morataya

    Need advise on BFT setup

    hey guys, Looking to buy a Talica 12ii for the bft but not sure if that’s enough? Should I consider Talica 16ii? What rod should I purchase or what do you guys prefer? Any tips or advise will greatly be appreciated. Thank you
  35. alex morataya

    WTB Trinidad 12/14 gold handle

    if you have one for sale let me know. Prefer local pick up. Thanks
  36. alex morataya

    WTB Banana leadheads for Sandies

    hey guys, Sorry if I posted this know the wrong forum. Looking to buy some lead heads for sanbass fishing. I don’t seem to find them in my local tackle stores. I’m in porter ranch/granda Hills. Anyone have some for sale or point me in the right direction? Thanks Alex
  37. alex morataya

    WTB crucial swimbait rod

    looking for the split grip heavy action crucial swimbait rod. If you have one PM me. Thanks
  38. alex morataya

    WTB Shimano swimbait rod CRC-S711HA

    looking for the spilt grip all black swimbait rod. Previous model not the new green one. If you have one PM with price and location. Thanks
  39. alex morataya

    WTB dobyns 867

    if you have one let me know. Thank Alex 323-304-4941
  40. alex morataya

    Calcutta 300TE power handle

    got a power handle for sale. bought it from jigging world, cost me $60 with shipping and tax. $40 TYD same color as the picture. thanks Alex 323-304-4941
  41. alex morataya

    WTS Trinidad/calstars

    wassup BD, Got some unexpected expenses that I need to pay up so I’m selling some stuff: Trinidad 14a 8/10 $325 Trinidad 16a N 8/10 $350 Trinidad 16a 8/10 $350 with tiburon clamp Tributos clamp for Trinidad 16a $30 Calstar 90J with xwrap 9/10 $180 Calstar 850M deckhand 9/10 $200 Text me for...
  42. alex morataya

    WTB calstar 900L

    looking for a blank or factory wrapped. Pm me with price. Thanks
  43. alex morataya

    WTS phenix SMX 82H

    Got a clean swimbait rod for sale. Don't really use it anymore... $150 Text for faster reapose 323-304-4941 Thanks
  44. alex morataya

    Native Sun 7/4

    decided to jump on the native sun on Tuesday and it was blast. the fishing was great with nice calicos and sandies coming over the rail. most bass were quality models averaging 4lbs. at one point the calicos came up to the surface jumping out of the water which was pretty cool to see,. its been...
  45. alex morataya

    saltiga 15

    been looking at these reels and no considering one. how would you compared it to the trindad14a? want to see what your experience's been using the saltiga 15h. thanks .
  46. alex morataya

    Flat Fall Jig

    What's Up BD! Jumping on the fortune this Thursday and wanted to know color of flat fall i should be using..not sure if we'll be targeting BFT but i want to be ready just in case we come across a school of em.....any tips and or recommendation would be greatly appreciated it!! Thanks!
  47. alex morataya

    WTB 16hg or 20hg

    looking to buy or trade for a used reel. Have a SS for trade. Thanks
  48. alex morataya

    16A narrow clamp

    looking for an after market reel clamp for my 16A Narrow but can't seem to find one and the guys from shimano don't plan on making one for this reel. Do you guys know where to get one or which "brand" to use? Thanks in advance for your help! Alex
  49. alex morataya

    SS for trade (Pics of the rod)

    Looking for a Torium 20HG. Got a super seeker for trade. pm with questions or pictures. thanks.
  50. alex morataya

    WTB Leadheads

    Looking for banana leadheads 2oz. if you make some or know anyone who does let me know you, need some. Thanks, Alex.
  51. alex morataya

    Braid to Florida connection

    wanted know what you guys use to connect your braid to a short 40/50 floro leader? Been using the RP know but last year somehow it came undone :-/ lost the jig and didn't land any more iron yellows...What knot do you guys recommend when connecting the braid to short floro leader? Thanks for your...
  52. alex morataya

    WTB Shimano Swimbait rod

    Looking for the older full cork crucial swimbait rod Extra Heavy for the calicos/sandies. Let me know if you want to sell. PM with info, prefer local transaction but willing to drive half way. Thanks Alex.
  53. alex morataya

    WTS SS 15-30

    got a nice SS i bought here from a fellow BD'er. This is a cherry blank LB made. its 8'6" 15-30 deckhand style. the guides are fuji, the wraps are all black with a small blue line, really nice rod but after using it, i realized its too light for my style of fishing. Clean rod, pm me for...
  54. alex morataya

    Local yellows (sport king/pursuit)

    anyone know the size of the yellows being caught locally? I see the yellows came up but wondering if anyone knows or has a pic of the average size yellows comin over the rail. Thanks
  55. alex morataya

    WTB SS CJBF 85 and SS Ulua 93H Blanks

    if you have any of these blanks hit me up...looking for cherry blanks. I'm in LA during the day and Porter ranch during the night. thanks .
  56. alex morataya

    WTS Shimano teramar

    bought this rod from fellow BDer and looking to either sell for $100 or trade for a calstar GFDH with $$$ on my end looking for the following : GFDH 800/850L GFDH 800/850M Factory or custom is okay. Teramar specs: Length: 8ft Action: fast Power: medium heavy Line: 15-30 Deckhand rod
  57. alex morataya

    Toronado 7/16

    haven't gotten out much this year and i finally did. jumped on the Toronado and i had a blast...the skipper, the cook and the deckhands were super cool. called the landing and they only had 14 ppl going so i said hell yeah i'm going. we fished SCI and landed some really nice yellows. the big...
  58. alex morataya

    Crucial Curado Combo

    got a nice combo, used a couple of times. don't want to sell it but i need the funds. the curado is clean, comes with 65lb braid and power handle. the crucial is clean as well except for the split grip which has a patch of the gloss coming off (peeling). asking $300 for the combo...PM is...
  59. alex morataya

    Shimano Calcutta 300TE

    got a clean reel, never seen salt looking to sell. asking $250 rush to sell...just don't use it at all. I'm located in Glendale/Burbank during the day...porter ranch at night.
  60. alex morataya

    UC vs Calstar GFDH

    Hey guys, I'm a Calstar guy but I've been seeing some UC rods for sale and 1 that caught my eye...i don't know much about these rods but can anyone tell me how they differ or are similar to Calstar GF?? lastly, is it okay to tie on more spectra on to a reel that already has spectra or remove...
  61. alex morataya

    WTS Calcutta 300 TE

    i have clean reel for sale. Great condition asking $250 obo. Will post pictures tonight. Thanks
  62. alex morataya

    WTB GFDH 850L and 850M Factory or Custom

    Let me know if you have one to sell. Work in Burbank and live in Porter ranch. PM me. Thanks Alex
  63. alex morataya

    GFDH 850L

    let me know if you have one you want to sell. thanks.
  64. alex morataya

    SOLD Calstars for sale

    hey everyone, Got 2 rods for sale..... 1. 9 foot GFDH 900H 30-60, customed wrapped by youngs tackle...x-wrapped with turks heads and Fuji guides, clean rod no rust, black on black....$180 2. 9 foot GG 690J, factory wrapped in mint condition.....$180 PM if intrested. Thanks
  65. alex morataya

    WTB Crucial

    Looking for the older model with split grip and cork. don't like the new ones, prefer something that's 7'6' 10-20lbs 30-50lb braid. don't remember the model number but if you have PM me. prefer something local. thanks.
  66. alex morataya

    WTB raze rod

    hey guys, Looking for an inshore rod for the bass in the summer time. Looking for the RSW 808HT model... PM me with price and location. Thanks
  67. alex morataya

    Cousins Raze series

    anyone fished with this rod? thinking of the 839T for bass and cudas, whats your opinion of the rod? too heavy for the bass? i like to bounce my fish over the crucial rods seem too light for that. any input will be greatly appreciate it! thanks Alex.
  68. alex morataya

    SOLD FS Crucial Swimbait Rod

    got a clean, full cork version, swimbait rod for sale sale. specs 7'11" 15-30 mono, 30-65LB braid lure weight: 3"-8" swimbaits. looking for $120 prefer local transaction, i'm in Burbank during the day and Porter Ranch at night. thanks. Alex.
  69. alex morataya

    For Sale GG 690J

    got a clean jig stick that I don't use much. looking to sell $175 clean, factory wrapped no rust anywhere. hardly used. I'm porter ranch or work in Burbank. no trades looking for cash. thanks .
  70. alex morataya

    WTB crucial swimbait rod

    looking for the TC4 heavy model. Let me know price and condition, prefer something local. Thanks
  71. alex morataya

    SportKing 9/20

    Jumped on the spots king this Sunday and the crew/captain were awesome. great weather, little boat traffic. fishing was okay to, the people on the boat were cool but the fish didn't really want to cooperate. read the fish count and they are not accurate...probably had about 30 yellows...
  72. alex morataya

    Talica 12ii vs Trinidad 20a

    I've been eyeing both these reels and not sure which way to go. I want a reel that can toss the iron and toss bait... can the talica 12ii handle both scenarios? my TN16a is nice but I'm liking the 2 speed option... any input would be greatly appreciate it. thanks.
  73. alex morataya

    WTB Power handle

    need a power handle for my curado 300 DSV. let me know if you have a handle that fits my reel. prefer local pick up. thanks.
  74. alex morataya

    WTB curado 200i

    Looking for a light saltwater reel for the surf..used or new, let me know what you have. Shoot me a pm with price Thanks
  75. alex morataya

    trinidad 12 gold SOLD

    got a nice TN12 gold series. I would rate it 8/10 cosmetically 9.5/10 mechanically. 1/3 braid top off with 25lb leader. it comes with the OG clamp. asking $225 OBO ...very clean. text me if you're intrested. Trying to sell this soon. Thanks 323-304-4941
  76. alex morataya

    trinidad 12 gold

    got a nice TN12 gold series. I would rate it 8/10 cosmetically 9.5/10 mechanically. 1/3 braid top off with 25lb leader. it comes with the OG clamp. asking $225 firm...very clean. text me if you need pictures. (of course you will)
  77. alex morataya

    For Sale GG 90J New-SOLD

    brand new never used X-wrap. 275 firm. 323-304-4941
  78. alex morataya

    Abu Revo inshore vs Curado

    looking to buy a 200 size reel. always been a shimano guy noticing that some of my shimano reels are making noises, especially after a surf session. plus I put lots of strain on my reels as I fish braid with a short floro leader. what would you recommend?
  79. alex morataya

    Abu Garcia Revo Inshore

    question-which reel would you prefer? the curado/chronarch 200 or the revo inshore. I will be using it for surf fishing hunting butts, long beach break wall for calicos and sandies and all other inshore species. I'll also be using it for largemouths as well. what would you prefer. I've always...
  80. alex morataya

    calcutta 300 te

    I have one for sale. $175. cosmetically 6/10 mechanically 9/10 2/3 full of 50lb braid. PM if interested. thanks.
  81. alex morataya

    WTB Trinidad 12 Gold Clamp

    if you have one please let me know, I'll take it. thanks Alex 323-304-4941
  82. alex morataya

    WTB Phenix Recon

    Broke the tip on crucial so now looking to get a recon to replace my old trusty rod. Looking for either model: PHX-C766 PHX-C796 Prefer local pick up, I'm in Glendale but can meet you half way. Please pm me with pictures and price. Thank you, Alex.
  83. alex morataya

    WTB Phenix Recon

    Broke the tip on crucial so now looking to get a recon. Looking for either model: PHX-C766 PHX-C796 Prefer local pick up, I'm in Glendale. Please pm with price and pix. Thanks, Alex.
  84. alex morataya

    WTB trini 12 clamp

    Looking for the clamp for the gold TN12. Anyone got one to sell?? Thanks
  85. alex morataya

    Enterprise 11/23

    so I finally got the opportunity to get out in a long time, (family life takes priority, 3rd one on its way very soon) and took the opportunity to jump on the enterprise. the boat is huge! there were 35 anglers but you couldn't tell because of the size of the boat. The bad part is that we didn't...
  86. alex morataya

    WTB calcutta 300 TE

    let me know if you have one, PM your price and pictures. thank you.
  87. alex morataya

    WTB Powerhandle

    looking for a power handle for my curado 300 DSV. let me know if you have one. thanks . Alex.
  88. alex morataya

    WTB Crucial CRC-X711H

    let me know if you have and looking to sell. thanks.
  89. alex morataya

    WTB calcutta 300 TE

    if you have a used one or new let me know. thanks .
  90. alex morataya

    WTB TN14a

    Let me know if you have one for sale, new or used. thank you. Alex.
  91. alex morataya

    WTS/WTT Curado 300ej

    SOLD! used only once, actually took on 1 boat ride, caught nothing on it but did cast it so I can't say its new...but it's as close to new as it can nicks, no scratches. 65lb braid to brim. $180 firm or will trade for 14a and cash on my end. thanks.
  92. alex morataya

    WTB Trinidad 20a

    anyone got one used or new, let me know. thanks.
  93. alex morataya

    WTB TN20a and TN14a

    Looking for a used Trinidad. local pick up, near LA. thanks.
  94. alex morataya

    Point Loma (the boat) out of point loma

    with all the boats booked for the long weekend, the Point Loma out of Point Loma had some spots available which I took advantage of. I wanted to get my brother on his first tuna, yellow or dodo...anything bigger than a cuda, so this seemed like the right time and boat to jump on. glad we did cus...
  95. alex morataya

    Point Loma

    anyone ever fished on the point loma? never heard of them but they have spots available for this weekend. want to know if its worth it? thanks. Alex.
  96. alex morataya

    WTB Clastar GFDH 850M

    looking for one that's not too beat up for my reel. let know if you have one. thanks.
  97. alex morataya

    FS new 300 EJ

    comes with box and full spool of 65lb braid. never used....200 firm...or will trade for new calstar GFDH 850M and cash on my end. let me know. thanks.
  98. alex morataya

    Trinidad Screws

    anyone know where to get longer screws for the new trinidads. bought the reels but they don't fit on my jigs sticks because the screws are too short.... anyone have this problem? any tips? thank you in advance. Alex,.
  99. alex morataya

    WTB TN16a

    Let me know if you have one. Please pm price and pictures or shoot me a text 323-304-4941 Thanks Alex
  100. alex morataya

    FS Trinidad 16 and 20 gold

    Need to sell these to pay off some bills. Both reels are clean. Trini 16 has gold clamp and full of 65lb braid to the top Sold Trini 20 has half a spool of 65lb an clamp $250 each or $475 for both firm Local pick up in LA, burbank or glendale. Thanks Alex 323-304-4941
  101. alex morataya

    Selling Curado 300 EJ

    the reel is new with paper and box. never been used and if full of green 65lb braid to the top. I don't use it so might as well sell it. 180 obo. thanks for reading.
  102. alex morataya

    Selling TN16 and TN20

    Selling the last of my reels. TN16 with gold clamp and 65lb braid, 8.5/10 cosmetically, 10/10 mechanically. $240 without clamp or $265 with clamp TN 20 with original clamp, half spool of 65lb braid, 8.5/10 cosmetically, 10/10 mechanically. Will post pictures later tonight. $240 Thanks for reading.
  103. alex morataya

    FS Calstar and Trinidads

    Updated: Selling the following: GFDH 900H custom $275 sold GFDH 850M factory new $275 obo GFDH 800L factory clean $185 sold No rust on any of the guides on any of the rods TN 14 clean 9/10 $250 sold TN 16 clean 9/10 full braid 65 LB and gold clamp $275 sold TN 20 clean 9/10 3/4 65 braid $275...
  104. alex morataya

    FS 800L and TN14 (gold)

    selling an almost new GFDH 800L. I bought this rod from a fellow BD'er and never got to use it. he said it was new so for argument sake, lets say almost new. also selling TN 14 with 50LB braid and 25 top shot. the reel is very clean, I would give it 9.5/10. hate to sell it cus its part of my...
  105. alex morataya


    got a mint rod for sale or trade. the rod is bit too light for my style of fishing. looking to trade it for a 800M deck hand or selling it for 180. pm me if intrested thanks alex.
  106. alex morataya

    WTB calstar GFDH 800L

    let me know if you have one laying around. pm me a picture and price. thanks.
  107. alex morataya

    WTB Trinidad 20

    If you have one let know. Pm pic and price. Thanks, Alex
  108. alex morataya

    WTB banana lead heads

    Hey guys thinking of jumping on a twilight run tonight and want to know if anyone here knows where to buy some banana lead heads like the ones found on the party boats. 1oz-2oz leads is what I'm lookin for tonuse with squid. Thank you everybody! Alex 323-304-4941
  109. alex morataya

    Want to buy GFDH 800M

    If u have one please pm Thanks Alex
  110. alex morataya

    Calstar GFDH 850M

    Looking for a great conditioned rod, let me know if you have one. PM or text me 323-304-4941. Thanks Alex
  111. alex morataya

    GFDH 900M

    hey guys, Just bought this rod from a fellow BD but it's a bit too soft at the tip for my style of fishing, its a clean rod, the cork in almost new condition, no rust on the guides, its practically new. looking to get what i paid for $160 or if you have an 800M in sme condition we can trade. i...
  112. alex morataya

    GFDH 900M

    Let me know if you've got one for sale. Thanks Alex 323-304-4941
  113. alex morataya

    Teranar 80MH or 90MH deckhand style

    if you have one let me know. thanks alex. 323-304-4941
  114. alex morataya

    CGFDH 850L

    if you have one hit me up. thanks Alex. 323-304-4941
  115. alex morataya

    Okuma Select Swimbait Rod

  116. alex morataya

    Curado 300 DSV

    SOLD!!! brand new with 30lb white braid (previous owner spooled it) box and everything. looking for $200... or willing to trade for calstar gfdh 900 H, 850M, 850 L. pm me thanks.. alex.
  117. alex morataya

    300 EJ

    if you have one for sale pm please.. thanks, alex.
  118. alex morataya

    Curado 300 DSV NIB

    Reel is new with 30lb braid to the brim. Looking to trade for a phenix swimbait rod, 8' 15-50lb in excellent condition or Calcutta 300te in excellent condition. sold PM me Thanks
  119. alex morataya

    Curado 300 DSV

    If u have one for sale let me know thanks Alex
  120. alex morataya

    Shimano Trinidad

    Selling 2 Trinidads: Trinidad 16 with gold clamp Cosmetically 9/10 Mechanically 10/10 $250 Trinidad 14 with stock clamp and box Cosmetically 9.5/10 Mechanically 10/10 $225 Shimano teramar 9'0" jig stick heavy new $125 sold Phenix deckhand style heavy 20-50 psw 869h $200 sold Will negotiate...
  121. alex morataya

    Crucial 7'6 or 7'11" MH cork style

    If you have one and want to sell it hit me up... Thanks Alex
  122. alex morataya

    Shimano phenix

    Got lots of bills to pay so need to sell my gear, don't want to but have to.. Trinidad 14 $250 full of spectra box and everything SOLD Trinidad 14 $225 Pending Trinidad 16 $250 with fold Shimano clamp SOLD Phenix 869H deckhand style 20-50 $225 Teramar 9' heavy new with tags $165.... Reels are in...
  123. alex morataya


    Selling some reels I don't use much... Curado 200 DHSV with power handle, 50lb pp to the brim and original handle..$130 Calcutta 300TE, 3/4 50lb pp braid, used but still in great working condition 180....pending Text me for pictures....323-304-4941 Alex
  124. alex morataya

    Shimano and phenix gear

    Hey guys, times are tough and need money for some expenses... Don't want to sell my gear but I have too.... Teramar 90h new with tags with trini 16 (gold) with gold clamp, the reel is 9/10 and mechanically 10/10, spooled with 50lb pp half way...asking 450 for the combo.....sold Phenix 869...
  125. alex morataya

    PSW 869 and teramar 90 H

    Selling some rods to make room for other gear.. Selling the PSW 869 for 220 Selling the teramar 90H (new with tags) for 150 Prices are firm, local pick up Thanks Alex
  126. alex morataya

    Mint curado ej

    Looking to trade my mint curado ej for a Trinidad 12.... The curado is full of 50lb pp braid...took it out on 3 times for sandies... Let me know if you have one...text me for pictures 323-304-4941... Alex
  127. alex morataya

    or trade Customed Super Seeker 90M

    looking for factory wrapped GFDH Calstar 900M or will take 175 obo... thanks, alex.
  128. alex morataya

    The Freedom Rocks!!!

    kinda late report but here it goes... jumped on the freedom on the 14th and headed out pass San Clemente. Tommy got us on fish before grey light and immediately started hooking into some nice grade BFT...lots of fish hooked and lots of them lost, thats fishing...i hooked into 1, the only for me...
  129. alex morataya

    Custom Super Seeker 90M

    Hey guys, Looking to trade my custom wrapped SS for a factory Calstar 900M. Send me a text to 323-304-4941... The SS is in excellent condition, I like the Calstar action better than the SS... Thanks, Alex
  130. alex morataya

    Calstar GFDH 900M

    im looking for 900M. text me pictures to my phone 323-304-4941.. Also willing to trade my Super Seeker 90M 20-50, cutomed wrapped. very nice rod but dont like the action, too soft for my style of fishing... i can text you the pictures, they're on my phone... Thanks for reading. Alex.
  131. alex morataya

    Phenix 909 XH

    If you have the rod and looking to sell send me a text 323-304-4941 Thanks. Alex
  132. alex morataya

    PSW 808mh

    Let me know if anyone has this rod for sale... Thanks, Alex
  133. alex morataya

    CJBF 90m 9' 20-50

    Custom wrapped with black wraps and green cord handle. really nice rod but too heavy for me... text me for pictures, 323-304-4941.. thanks, alex.
  134. alex morataya

    Trinidad 12 or 14 handle

    Let me know if you have one. Thanks
  135. alex morataya

    inshore or swimbait rod

    Heyguys, need a rod for the sandbass, not looking for expensive gear as funds are limited. if youve got a rod you dont use hit me up...if possible something local, i stay in burbank. thanks, alex.
  136. alex morataya

    Torium 14

    Looking for a Torium, used but not abused... Let me know what you have.... Thanks, Alex.
  137. alex morataya

    300 te clamp

    if u have one let me know. thanks, alex
  138. alex morataya

    Curado 200 DHSV or 100 DSV

    if you have one and no longer have use for it let me know and i'll take it. thanks, alex.
  139. alex morataya

    Crucial 7'11" MH 10-20lb

    if you have one let me know.. thanks.
  140. alex morataya

    Phenix, Trinis 14 and 16

    selling my suff, need cash.... these rods anre very almost brand new, used them once on a cuda run. dont want to seel them but need to pay some stuff. phenix deckhand style, 869h 20-50 $200 firm phenix reel seat, x-wrap, 869h 20-50 $200 firm trini 14 with clamp, 1/2 braid $200 trini 16...
  141. alex morataya

    trini 14 and 16

    trini 16 comes with gold clamp, braid, and cover 275 trini 14 comes with clamp and braid, 250 pm me if interested... thanks, alex.
  142. alex morataya

    GFDH 850L

    selling my use but not abused rod. not going to do any fishing this year so might as well sell it. factory wrapped with x-wrap. 150 obo..... thanks.;
  143. alex morataya

    Phenix psw 760L

    if you have one let me know.. i have some calstars, factory wraaped deckhand style for trades... just focuisng on inshore and reshwater $$$ for tuna runs anymore.. thanks...
  144. alex morataya

    Calstar 850L

    used but not abused calstar for sale with x-wrap, deckhand style,. its your for $150.. thanks.
  145. alex morataya

    TN 12

    ifyou have one, let me know. send me a pm please... thank you. alex.
  146. alex morataya

    TN 14 and TN 12

    let me know if you have an extra reel looking to get rid of... thanks..
  147. alex morataya

    TN16 Clamp

    if anyone has a clamp or the backing and screws, i'll take it. send me a pm or 323-304-4941. thanks. alex
  148. alex morataya

    Calstar GFDH 800M

    Factory wrapped with x-wrap. has some rust on the guides from wear and tear which is normal. bought it used about 2 months ago and never used it. selling it for $175 obo.... shoot me a pm or my cell 323.304-4941 if interested. thanks, alex.
  149. alex morataya

    Calstar GFDH 800M

    factory wrapped with x wrap. just bought but dont need $175 OBO thanks.
  150. alex morataya


    Selling both trinidads do to hard times...... trini 16, with gold shimano clamp, reel cover and 65lb spectra $250 trini 20, with regular clamp, reel cover and 65 spectra $250..... PM me if interested, thanks, Alex.
  151. alex morataya

    Calstar 800L and 800M

    Selling my rods do to hard times....both rods factory wrapped 800L and 800M $150 each.... PM if interetsed. thanks, Alex.
  152. alex morataya


    selling my trinidad 16 with 50lb spectra and clamp as well as my trini 20 with 65lb spectra. Both reels have white izorline sprectra. Gear in great condition, both reels have covers and willing to reduce the price if you buy both reels and or rods... also selling calstar 800L and 800M Trini 16...
  153. alex morataya

    GFDH 800L and Trini 14

    I have a used but in great condition trinidad 14 with 20lb p-Line on it for sales asking $225 obo I also have a used but in great condition GFDH 800L for sale, factory wrapped looking for $150 obo. take both for $300 PM me if interested. thanks, Alex.
  154. alex morataya

    Daiwa Sealine X 20 SHA

    Hey everyone, selling one of my reels that i no longer use, great condition, some boat rash, spooled with 20lb P-Line. Dont use it anymore and need maybe someone here might pupt it to good use. Let em know if interested. $75 OBO. thanks... Alex.
  155. alex morataya

    GrafTech Rod 8'

    selling my slightly used rod in great condition. nice rod, have no use for it plus i need the cash.. $100 obo. PM or send me a text if interested. 323.304.4941. thanks, alex.
  156. alex morataya

    SS-ULUA 93 Blank

    Hey everyone, i've got a balnk for sale. dont have the cash to wrap it so maybe somone here might be looking for one. nice blank, strong as heck...looking for $100 for it. honey blank as well. let me know..send me a pm or my cell 323.304.4941 thanks for reading. alex.
  157. alex morataya

    SS-CJBF 90

    I got a nice rod for sale. Dont want tot sell it but i need the, if you're interested PM or call me 323.304.4941 this is agreat 20-25lb stick. perfect for bait... $225 OBO.. Thanks for reading. Alex.
  158. alex morataya

    Super Seekers

    Need some money for fishing so i need to sell some of my stuff: Rods: 1. SS-Ulua 9'3" Blank $120 2. SS-CJBF90F with aftco reel seat and SIC guides, green and black wrap, very nice 20-25lb rod, $225 PM or call me if interested 323.304.4941 thnaks, Alex.
  159. alex morataya

    Curado 200 e7

    Looking for used but in great condition curado 200 e7. if you've got one, let me know or pm'd me and i'll get to you. thanks, am
  160. alex morataya

    Curado 200E7 or E5

    Looking for a used curado in great condition. if you've got one and looking to sell, let me know. thanks.. alex.
  161. alex morataya

    Graftech and Allstar Rods

    Selling a couple of rods i no longer use, just collecting dust, here are the specs: Graftech GIS80M 15-25#, great swimbait, calcio inshore rod . Practically brand new, used only once this summer for the sandbass. $115 Allstar WCSI76H 15-30#, good for inshore and swimbaits rod. This rod's...
  162. alex morataya

    800L for a 900L

    Factory wrap deckhand 800L calstar in great conditioned, looking to trade for a 900L. Anyone want to trade? i got 2 800L rods. thanks, alex.
  163. alex morataya

    Overnighter on the Black Pearl

    Kinda late but here it goes. Fished with a buddy of mine on the BP and we killed the YFT on our first stop. Most of the fish were averaging between 8-15lb with the occasional 20 and 30lber coming over the rail. After we limited on all the tuna you could have, we went searching for yellows and...
  164. alex morataya

    Super Seeker

    Looking to buy a used SS. want to try this rod out before i start investing in custom made rods. Need to compare them to the calstar. thanks . alex.
  165. alex morataya

    Calcutta 400TE and Torium 16 for sale

    Selling my Calcutta 400TE for $225 and the Torium 16 for $125. Both reel have been recently serviced and spooled with new line. Thanks for reading. sorry everyone, reels are sold!
  166. alex morataya

    help with location!

    what's up everyone! got a small request. a buddy of mine just picked up a boat and is really itching to take it out to catalina and san clemente to do some yellow wsb fishing. can anyone help with location and or coordinates? boat is coming down next week from Oxnard and i hoping to post a...