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    For Sale 1986 24’ skipjack 10,500

    Hey Tom, Are you still building those hardtops?
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    For Sale Skipjack 24 Flybridge w/ Diesel Power - $16K

    Good luck! Someone's getting a hell of a deal- Lotsa good features listed, I have one with a similar past - a costly conversion, but the boat is worth it- a true battlewagon!
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    For Sale 26' Skipjack Factory Pilot House Volvo Penta Diesel.

    Nice!! Grant, Thanks for helping me out this year by selling me your props when I was broke down at Catalina, Your a stand up guy!
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    For Sale 2006 Everglades Center Console $78,900

    Beautiful boat! Love the name also:cheers: GLWS!
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    SOLD 24 skipjack fb

    Love the extra helm! Did you install that, or was it on the boat when you bought it?
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    For Sale Tiburon Jigmaster

    Is the reel a converted Shimano 30 2 speed?
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    For Sale 2006 Farallon Walkaround

    Jeez, Lighten up brotha, You wanna know more? ask more- Are YOU interested in buying this boat? if so, P.M. him and go for what you know- S.D. out
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    For Sale 1979 24 Skippy fb

    Bump for a nice Skipjack- That's great fuel economy with a gas motor! GLWS!
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    87' Skipjack flybridge for sale

    Nice boat, Hold out for the big bucks, its worth it!
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    For Sale 1990 25 SKIPJACK FLYBRIDGE

    Texted you last night, Can I come see it on Sat?
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    For Sale 1990 25 SKIPJACK FLYBRIDGE

    Clean looking boat! How large is the fuel tank? Does it come with winless? Was is set up for A.P ( pump , actuator, column etc ) or is this cable drive?
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    For Sale Reliable Kill Bag - NEW in Box

    sorry, just read whole post- please call me if you have anything left, Steve
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    For Sale Reliable Kill Bag - NEW in Box

    I would like a 30X60 - still available? 760-855-1997 Steve
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    SOLD Used Furuno Radar

    Sorry I went away for quite some time- remodeling ahem: the radar has a error message that reads HTT-SIG-MISS - when I looked in the manual it says to check the cable- Since got the new radar and its been sitting in my garage ever since. Could be something simple- my friend had the same radar...
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    Hey Kenton, Please keep my info! This is Steve Dickens ( Western Ext ) Buddy boating increases...

    Hey Kenton, Please keep my info! This is Steve Dickens ( Western Ext ) Buddy boating increases your odds of a successful trip!
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    For Sale Turn Key, 22' 1998 Davis cortez Diesel 50k

    What kinda mileage does this boat get if you don't mind me asking, Thanks, nice boat!!
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    SOLD Used Furuno Radar

    Bump- I know this is old technology, but I still see small skiffs leaving the harbor without radar- this will at least get you a reliable radar for cheap. My buddy has this same unit on his bayrunner- peace of mind!
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    SOLD Furuno fcv 582l bottom finder

    This fish finder works great transducer is not included but bracket and cover are included $150.00 takes it.
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    SOLD Used Furuno Radar

    Up for sale is a GPS 1650 w c map this unit work great until the one of the pins on the power connector broke off. An electrical wizard could probably fix this. Also a Furuno model 1712 radar unit and radome. This unit work sporadically and would need to be gone over I'll take $150.00 for all of...
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    Nice grade yellows at Channel Islands

    That's awesome! Good job on the fish! Ya the white shark would get me outta the water for sureo_O I had the same 2002 Sea Pro 190 as that one, great dive boat!
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    2014 Mercury 8 H.P. 4 stroke

    I am throwing in a 3 gallon gas tank ( 3/4 full ) and a 8 ft hose and squeeze bulb Brand new as of last Nov. Bump!
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    2014 Mercury 8 H.P. 4 stroke

    I still have a Mercury outboard
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    For Sale SOLD! 24ft Skipjack Flybridge

    Attention to detail is off the hook GLWS!
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    For Sale Killer bag

    Is this a 30x72?
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    For Sale 2014 Mercury 8 HP 4 Stroke short shaft- Bristol Condition

    Up for sale is an 8 HP 4 stroke with very low hours -an old man that never used it sold it to me and I used it for 2 hours. Serviced recently, oil, air filter and impeller. It would be a great tender motor for a larger boat with a davit. Electric start and helm capable- Too heavy for my dingy...
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    SOLD 1983 Skipjack Flybridge 24' - $5,800 - Price Drop $5,000

    That is the same motor I have in my 24-- That 20 is going to scream with that motor plus great gas mileage- See you on the water!
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    SOLD 1983 Skipjack Flybridge 24' - $5,800 - Price Drop $5,000

    Did you put the 41-p into your Crystaliner? The ad is still up, is she sold?
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    2014 Mercury 8 H.P. 4 stroke

    Thanks but prob by another Merc
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    2014 Mercury 8 H.P. 4 stroke

    Bump-- Price reduction!! $1200.00 OBO
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    2014 Mercury 8 H.P. 4 stroke

    Bump for the weekend!
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    Colonet on the Pacific Queen

    Great fishing trip on the Pac Queen out of San Diego to Colonet. Boat caught 30 plus yellowtail and a ton of various rockfish and lingcod. Fish ranged from 15-25 lbs and bit on 6 and 7x salas red crab color for the most part- saw a lot of red crabs in the water throughout the day also! Pretty...
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    2014 Mercury 8 H.P. 4 stroke

    Price reduction!! $1200 OBO Up for sale is my Mercury 8 H.P. 4 stroke motor with very low hours . In fact I only put about 2 hours on it myself as the second owner. It has a starter so you can set it up for a small tender with a helm. Forward and reverse gear all from the throttle handle. I put...
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    **SOLD** 2006 Diesel Powered Blackwatch 26 Flybridge Sportfisher

    Can you ask her for me? Seriously, though if I was able to, I would in a New York minute!
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    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    That looks like a 28 sportfisher, they are nice boats if you could get it for $500.00 that would be great--then add about 30-40k --but... people do it!
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    Searay Sedan Bridge 240 SDBG Dual Helm FlyBridge $7000.00

    Nice to have 2 tanks- one for macs and one for deans!!
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    Searay Sedan Bridge 240 SDBG Dual Helm FlyBridge $7000.00

    Clean boat! How does that bait tank work on the step! GLWS!
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    87' Skipjack flybridge for sale

    Beautiful boat, GLWS!
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    SOLD 1979 skipjack flybridge sold

    Is it easy to get under the diamond plate hatches?-- I like that minimize water in the bilge!
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    YFT on Wednesday. with video, drone view and underwater fish on footage

    Nice job on the video Mark- Youll have to show me how to put one together!!
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    WTB skipjack 262 diesel

    I believe that has sale pending if not sold- My buddy went up to see it and we are both looking ourselves for the same boat- Let me know if you come across a good one:cheers: has to be diesel!
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    Yellow and Dodo off O'side with video

    Badass video Mark!! Good job on the fish!
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    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    So I looked that k and n filter up and it doesnt show the small hole in the pic- is your filter the same as the one in my photo- I may change to the k and n because it looks sturdier
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    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    Yes it is however I found it under part #3582358 But the one you are showing is the technical # Thanks for the comeback and I hope Neptune blesses your boat with many fish this year!:cheers:
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    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    Thanks Madrugador, This is the filter Air Filter - Volvo 3582358 - Don't know if they have the equiv in Kand N but prob do-The prev owner told me which wix filter to get and it looked like yours- My motor is a 41P-A oddball I guess, I since picked this one up at Cal Kona- They told me they...
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    Ass holes on the 209 on a whaler on july 6 2017

    That was about the same time as WAZZZUPP!
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    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    I am having a hell of a time matching my air filter, Engine is 41p-a and the filter housing is Part # for the housing is 3582357 no number on the filter itself - Small hole on one end and 4 " hole on other -Filter is about 4 " high and 6" in diameter -- don't know why they want to keep it a...
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    Skipjack Offer

    Nice skippy- I would love to have a hardtop! They are great boats! Good luck, a survey is a good idea, a buddy just backed out of a sale that wouldve costed him!
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    Skipjack Offer

    Nice skippy- I would love to have a hardtop!
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    1983 Skipjack 24FB Diesel, Re-Power, Turn-Key - SOLD!!!

    Wow! Now I feel inadequate--THAT is alot of work done to make a great boat the best it can be GLWS!
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    Searay Sedan Bridge 240 SDBG Dual Helm FlyBridge $7000.00

    Nice boat!! Someones gonna be happy! Great Price!
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    Do you recognize this machine?

    No foot pedal- It was with a bunch of fishing gear so it must be somewhat related, Thanks
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    Do you recognize this machine?

    Thanks for all the responses! Right now taking up room in my garage, I like the diamond plate table though!
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    Do you recognize this machine?

    Can anyone let me know what I am looking at?. If this is a rod wrapping machine I may want to use it to repair some of my old rods and who knows, I may want to try my hand at rod building. What else do I need? The label says 3250 RPM but when I plug it in, it goes very slow. Do I need a pedal...
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    Dana Landing Launch Ramp

    That's what I was going to do--your secret is out and it may be what a lot of people may attempt to do!! Get ready to wait...:jig:
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    Zodiac Zoom 260 aero $300 obo

    Is this the 2015 model?
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    Fishing Tip and Swimming Lessom

    God Bless the Duke!! He craps bigger than u!
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    do I have the ransom virus now?
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    This Years Wind vs. Last Years Wind?

    why sell em when you can just drive em into a ditch! Its bad out there:D
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    Shelter Island Ramp Closure Info 5/16/2017

    The slipped boats in the bay will enjoy a very laid back summer at the bait receivers! Very jealous!
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    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    Looks nice, What kind of paint did you use? Thinking of doing this myself, Thanks
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    Volvo Penta aftermarket starter?

    Holy scnikey, please tell us how it works out! Now I know what I have to look forword to.
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    24 ft Skipjack Flybridge

    Thanks Mischeif1 !That little plastic cover was it, glad I didn't have to rebuild the unit, couldn't even remove it from the boat!
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    24 ft Skipjack Flybridge

    Thanks, no I didn't but it turns out it was the plastic relay cover, how would you get that off anyhow, I know Volvo has a lot of special tools!
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    24 ft Skipjack Flybridge

    Thanks, I'm trying everything, only two screws that hold this thing as far as I can see, its pretty locked in and prob hasn't been removed since it was installed.
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    24 ft Skipjack Flybridge

    Thanks for that I took off two screws on the top, I will look for the bottom screws.
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    24 ft Skipjack Flybridge

    Was there any banging or difficulty pulling it out? Mine seams to be stuck
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    24 ft Skipjack Flybridge

    Yes, its a good one, just need to get this unit out of the boat first:smash:
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    24 ft Skipjack Flybridge

    I'm having trouble with the lift mechanism for the outdrive on my 1980 Skippy. It wasn't lifting the drive so I decided to take the mechanism out and cant find any youtube videos on how to do it. Hoping someone has done it already and I can pick your brain. Its not the hydraulic with the rams...
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    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    Mines 1980 as well! Might be selling this boat to trade up for a Blackman
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    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    What year is youir skippy? Mine looks very sim but I also know that our design didnt change much over the years. Good luck with the build!
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    24FT Flybridge Skipjack project

    Good luck with that rebuild, I have seen cabin configurations with nothing in them except the V berth and it really opens it up, Depends on what you are going to do with the boat, mine came sort of stock and I'm keeping it that way. Before I owned my boat the prev owners put in a bench seat...
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    Never seen twin motors in a 24 GLWS!
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    25' Skipjack Flybridge Diesel SOLD 5-2-17 Thanks BD!

    Bump--someones gonna get a nice boat for a great price!
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    Good to meet you Roger and thanks for the kill bags, now I have to figure out out to fill em up lol

    Good to meet you Roger and thanks for the kill bags, now I have to figure out out to fill em up lol
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    45 LB Polished stainless steel Anchor

    Hooked my anchor chain to shank and pulled it up with my windlass.
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    45 LB Polished stainless steel Anchor

    Recovered this while diving. Shank is a little bit tweaked but prob can be straightened, you can see by the pics its a little off kilter. They probably tried a hail mary from the cleat and that broke the shackle amongst other things maybe. For 45-55 ft boat Asking $1000.00 OBO
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    Wtb: 24ft Skippy

    not likely Brian- I think you called on her as I was handing them the check! it was for sale for about a month-luck was on my side for sure. Ill keep my eyes peeled for you! Cheers!
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    Wtb: 24ft Skippy

    Bet it was "Boomer" I bought it! Love this boat 24 with 41p diesel auto pilot, radar Needs some tlc but mostly there, Good luck with the hunt!!
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    2002 Sea Pro 190 WA

    Sold!! This looks like a happy boat owner! The day he bought it!!
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    2002 Sea Pro 190 WA

    3-3.5 MPH Based on GPS trip and it probably weighs 2200 Dry
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    2002 Sea Pro 190 WA

    I am offering up my 2002 Seapro Walkaround to BD Members before I list on the myriad of other sites. She has been a good boat to me and is a good starter boat for a first time boat owner. There is no hour meter on the boat, but I figure its got about 60 hours per yr for the last 12 years = 720...
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    Need a mobile Welder

    To weld my aluminum side rails on trailer. Please call me if you work around Escondido, Thanks, Steve 760-855-1997
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    24-1/2 Skipjack Diesel Flybridge/Priced to Sell Quickly

    What every boat seller wants-- a bidding war!!
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    Got a citation for "illegal take" inside the Footprint reserve.

    FishAlerts! 31 Great Outdoors Mobile, Inc. Tools Unrated You don't have any devices Add to Wishlist Install
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    For Sale: 1987 Skipjack Flybridge (SOLD)

    What was she powered by before- Gas or diesel?
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    seal killed and raped......sounds crazy right?

    Id like to see the looks on the seal huggers faces down in childrens pool, then Id say "hey its natures way"
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    Fish Alert! Not so new app for your phone

    Not when fishing inshore N.C. San Diego- Probably would have trouble around channel isles though.
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    Fish Alert! Not so new app for your phone

    Dont know if this has been discussed, but here is an app Ive been using for about a year- Shows where you are in relation to the marine protected area. You can fish right on the border!! FishAlerts! 31 Great Outdoors Mobile, Inc. Tools Unrated You don't have any devices Add to...
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    Got a citation for "illegal take" inside the Footprint reserve.

    "Fish Alert" is on your phone, which you should have conectivity in most locations.
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    Got a citation for "illegal take" inside the Footprint reserve.

    "Fish Alert" is a free App on your phone showing you exactly where the mpa's and mlpa's are located in relation to your boat- Might not get cell servcice in back of the channel isles but in most cases along the coast it is a cool thing to have!
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    Awesome report and pics Bob- Def an adventure, looks like alot of fun!!
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    Awesome report and pics Bob, Gotta join you one of thewse trips!!
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    Diving Cozumel

    We were there in 2010 and stayed at the El Cid. We stayed there this time and got to dive with the same dive master- His name is Luis and one of the cooleswt guys around. This time was just as epic. Ive got a ways to go with the photography, but its such an addicting hobby specially with the...
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    Diving Cozumel

    Just got back from an amazing trip to Cozumel, Quintana Roo, Mexico- Heres a few still shots!
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    In Memory Of My Brother

    I raise a glass to your brother. Im sure I would have enjoyed sharing a rail with him!
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    93 SKIPJACK 262 Diesel For Sale

    Thanks Brooks-looks like I need to sell my truck first!!
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    93 SKIPJACK 262 Diesel For Sale

    How much does it weigh? I have a 2005 Tundra that weighs 5700 an V8 Do u think I could tow it with this? Beautiful boat- I have always dreamed of having, Am looking to upgrade soon.
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    South Nine Yellows 4-11-15

    That was gonna be our fallback pos yesterday! Way to put the wood to em!!
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    "The Rockpile" or The Yellowtail killing Fields

    Left Shelter Island at 5 a.m got bait- yada yada - Plan was to fish the flats and work our way to the rockpile- morning was slow on the flats with a few bird schools but nuttin to show -water barely 62 - worked our way down to the Rockpile and started to fish the birds slow trolling deans with...
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    maximum fish size without reel

    Oops I didn't see where you said you were going to be on scuba Shoot away!
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    Diving Point Loma

    More captures.
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    Diving Point Loma

    The little orange fish with the neon blue streaks are baby garibaldi. Beautiful little critters, but don't eat em, they are protected:cheers:
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    Coronado wahoo

    I caught a world record 105 lb yellowtail on 15lb test the other day--ya...I think it was Wednesday....ya!! Everyones seen a yellowtail before so.....:smoking33:
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    Propane is a good way to go- You can dial it down real low and forget it - Glad you caught your potential full fledged fire in time!
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    Diving Point Loma

    Thanks Rob, Its all in 45-55 feet.
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    maximum fish size without reel

    I would shoot any reef fish without a reel- My gun is a JBL sawed off woody 3 band gun- I would draw the line at yellow tail or Dorado- they will drown you or steal your gun without a reel, Good luck!
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    Diving with old friends and a nice seabass...

    Awesome fish! Great story! Thanks for sharing
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    Diving Point Loma

    These are still pics taken with a still camera and Go-Pro captures over the last 4 weeks.
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    lobster potting the SMB

    Most DFG officers are seriousley nice guys doing us a good service. As Johnny Friendly says to Terry Malone: "smatten up kid"
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    Great white shark attacks kayakers

    Or swim in areas that people are trying to raise seal pups!8-)
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    9/20 Below the 209

    Like I say, sometimes I see things :drunk
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    9/20 Below the 209

    Those fish in the picture appear to be bluefin- look at the pectoral fins how they dont reach the dorsal. Anybody else have an opinion on this or am I seeing things? Ive been known to see things-- especially after being on the water for 15 hoursLOL
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    277-209 4 step

    You guys killed it! Good talking to you at the dock.
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    277-209 4 step

    Fitty for a full scoop! Almost swallowed my tongue!
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    181 fun!!!

    2 Thumbs up Way to go!
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    277-209 4 step

    Left Oceanside at 5:30 with some expensive but pretty good 6-9" dines and headed to a spot that would be about 6 miles north of the 209- Our plan was to sniff around for paddies and then troll to the 209- Got 1 med size YFT on the troll on a mex flag feather then troll troll look look all the...
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    Anyone see the UFO @ 5:30am today leaving SI ??? WTF!!!!

    I have concluded it was reflected light off of a milar baloon!
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    Anyone see the UFO @ 5:30am today leaving SI ??? WTF!!!!

    We saw it on the way to the 230 - It was awesome- never saw anything like it - now I have to tell my wife I believe in UFO's :smoking33: and no I wasn't smoking anything!
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    Heading out on Thursday............

    A little intel would be great! Going Fri - post um up!
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    Thank you coast guard

    Glad you guys are all right! Thank God for the coast guard. Ive had water coming in from a line on my washdown where the clamp failed and that's when I found out that the float switch was mounted too high in the bilge- Everyone should check on this periodically- On my way outside to test my...
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    Sat 7/12 - Crushed'em close to home - Limits for 4 by 9:30

    Good job, Thats awesome- love the way this year is shaping up- How was the bait? were they sturdy enough to last the day?
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    Apollo Overnight, 7/9... lots of PICS

    That looks like an awesome time with the little ones, memories for a lifetime!
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    425, 371 and in

    sorry, Im rusty at posting!
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    425, 371 and in

    Made bait at the Islands at grey light then on to the 425 and below -found a couple a kelps -dry- trolled for miles- then the majic kelp with yellows that wanted to die- switched to circle hooks after my budy caught two - one went 27lbs. 3 in the box - short bit on the purp and black...
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    who's going tomorrow independence day

    Love to buts its my wedding anniversary- do you think she will understand?LOL Gettum!
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    FRIDAY 6/27 at the islands.. fail

    Ive been feeling the Jonah curse as well my friend I caught a 18lb yellow on a paddy 3 weeks ago , but the helmet has grown back almost smothering my face by now - Going tomorrow though - dont give up - I know I wont!
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    First Bluefin 2014!!!

    Sounds like you got the bug now- Its gonna be spencive!!!
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    Help with Baja Manifest needed

    Thanks so much for your input, 2small and Vincentek9 That helps!!
  129. Full Eclipse

    Help with Baja Manifest needed

    O.K. so I went onto the Banjercitos web site and got our visas, but I cant find a link to fill out the manifest, The example that Ali gives is for the other website and he states that the window is still open after you pay, but there was no other window or link to open on Banjercito, Anyone got...
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    Tunaslam, Corey! Steve and the guys

    Glad your O.K. Corey- You need to kill fish, not the other way around!:)
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    Upper Hidden 9-15-'13

    Awesome thanks for the report!
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    Things were obviously going too well on Fri. -- too well prepared to go 90mi distance

    Hope it works out for you- Im interested to find out what Boat U S will do as well- keep us updated and good luck!
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    The oceans lousy with em- kill em all and let God sort it out..........
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    Wow, never caught a halfmoon- are they good eating?
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    8/16 Friday Report, 425, 371 and U hidden triangle.

    Otto, Does the blu-green water mean too much chloro? Water at the 390 was purple and very clear. Id like to know if fish dope tells you where paddies are located? or where people caught fish recently? Ive been on the site and seen some of the examples, close to pulling the trigger on it but I...
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    8/16 Friday Report, 425, 371 and U hidden triangle.

    We were in the same vicinity yesterday and should have thought about the mega bait. We made a hike to the 390 and there abouts- also didnt pack the speargun- Got one dodo but saw lots of free swimmers-Next time we will match the hatch or feed em the iron!
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    Awesome- Thats great news, how was the water temp at the 425?
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    1999 SEA PRO 19FT WA..3.0 Mercruiser

    Wow- Looks like fresh water cooled- I think that is a great price given the fact it has a new motor. My boat gets a little over 3 miles to the gallon- you prob get better than that with the new engine. That is a clean boat- good luck with the sale
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    All I wanted was a 10# yellow and I got this...

    good job! those fish are delicious the tri tip of the ocean!
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    07/13 and I skee yellow

    way to give a fish a chance!
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    7/6/13- Paddy hopping made easy, 9 mile bank

    Not only slightly different, but requires a whole diff. skill set- I dare anyone to go "blast" a yellow tail 12 miles offshore- gets you heart racing real fast!! "Well presented bait" sheesh! Ive done that before and them yellers still got lock jaw- but they wont refuse the steel!!
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    Question on Sea Pro 235 cuddy walkaround! Need help please

    Hipp Marine should have this info -858-541-2960
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    Sardines anyone?

    Thanks , ya Ive used cat food and I know its better bait, It just adds more to the fishing experience that wasnt necesarry before. Im sure its all for the best!
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    Sardines anyone?

    No sardines out of San Diego Bay made yesterdays fishing more interesting to say the least. Switched out to number one hooks for the pinhead anchoviies and since it was so hard to collar hook them, we ended up pinning them on up through the jaw and out the top of the head. This seemed to allow...
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    2013 Yellowtail Tournament Feedback

    Awesome tourney- we really enjoyed it, done very pro and had a great time at the banquet- good food, a few laughs and a brew or two-- C-ya next year!
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    Offshore Mexican yellows 6/15

    What a blast-Nice yellows,where is the 475 knuckle?
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    No Cory, Thats Anacapa
  148. Full Eclipse


    Decided to do some recon before the yellowtail shootout-- Caught on flyline dean, we had to dig this guy out of the paddie 3 times before he made a run for open ocean- went 30 lbs on a spring scale. Hoping to find some of these next Sat.
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    Rpt-Sat-06-08-13 Another Catalina Tale!

    You gotta be some kind of krusty pirate dog to make that run in an inflatable as much as you guys do. Great report as always Cory, I know you will nail a big croaker on Cat one of these days!
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    No love on the Halibut, But YT by catch

    Awesome!, Yeah it was a great day on the ocean, I wouldve liked more sun but hardly any wind, Good job on the yellows, sorry no butts, but what a great cosolation prize!:hali_olutta:
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    Coronado surprise!

    Decided to go offshore in search of paddies on Sat so we headed out with a half scoop and made the run to somewhere inbetween the 302 and the 425, (my budfdys plan) and turned south to the 425 for two paddies both dry. Went to the rockpile and slow trolled, boring boring then made the move to...
  152. Full Eclipse

    2013 Yellowtail Shootout Teams

    Isthere still time to jump in ?
  153. Full Eclipse

    1998 Blackman Custom Express 26ft Diesel

    Hey Doc, How many hours do you think are left on the engine? Beautiful machine- any indoor pics?
  154. Full Eclipse

    1986 Skipjack 24

    Would love to see some more pics- what a beauty, Can you tell me what the boat weighs?
  155. Full Eclipse

    Epoxy garage floor/Mancave (pic heavy)

    Very nice- Enough to motivate- Thanks!
  156. Full Eclipse

    NoZilla gets a little new wiring.......

    I tried to pay attention to your wiring but accidently scrolled down too far........... thats when I lost concentration.:rofl: Cheers- Glad you got your boat fixed! Looks like a very sanitary job! :hali_olutta:
  157. Full Eclipse

    What brand tires are you running on your truck???

    We just replaced our Yokohama Geolander A T with a new set- We got 60,000 miles out of the last set- They run $167.00 per- Great Tires!!
  158. Full Eclipse

    sailfish dredge cam

    Such a cool video, Did you get a sailfish to stick? Next trip to Cozumel, we are going to Isla Mujeras never been there but everyone says it rocks!
  159. Full Eclipse

    Rpt-Thur.-01-31-13 Winter Yellowtail go on the chew!

    Cory, as always a great story with a happy ending, You guys killed it! Congrats!
  160. Full Eclipse

    Who's buying a fishing license?

    Ahem, You must buy a license if you want to fish Kelifornia.... simple enough? This is a fishing forum with fisherman on it- and some people arent buying fishing licenses? I suspect 99 percent of you will buy a license, but want to seem badass and rebelious. You have to buy the license because...
  161. Full Eclipse

    Man shoots Gil shark in Carlsbad

    Purump pmp Tss!:rofl:
  162. Full Eclipse

    We Did Good

    Sounds like a carb float prob- Doug wouldve known right away -Good job on the fish!
  163. Full Eclipse

    WTF Would You DO?

    musta been pretty bad since I cant see the pic now. Somethin about a hook in the eye ---oowwwwwwww!!
  164. Full Eclipse


    Doug once rebuilt a carb for me and it worked perfectly, He was a good man that was turning his life around when I knew him. R I P Doug see you at the fishing grounds in heaven.
  165. Full Eclipse

    302 ,230,hidden dads first trip back in 8 years

    Def cherish the time with your Dad, thats awesome, good trip!!:appl::appl:
  166. Full Eclipse

    Eating tuna head?

    What a mess- freeze the tuna heads and in the hoop they go- nothing will go to waste. I dont hoop, but then again I havent caught any tuna this year so it doesnt matter- I do know plenty of people who will take the caracsses after being filleted. Monkey brains are a delicacy somewhere -right?
  167. Full Eclipse

    Scratch Fishing

    Left yesterday 9/14 at 4:30 a.m and headed for the 302 - Couple nice kelps for two med size yellows.. in hindsight should have skulked around 302 for longer lotsa life birds every where and good temp 68.5., But I trolloed out to 230 and then the Knoll looking for the break- well there was no...
  168. Full Eclipse


    Fish doesnt look girthy enough for 51lbs- Here is Richards 52 lber Hamiltons%20fish.jpg (102.1 KB) Pics caan be decieving though, Im no hater, jus sayin Thats def a nice fish, what a story.. Good goin! By the way, the one he is holding is 25
  169. Full Eclipse

    When coming into San Diego, and need to grab a great dinner. Slaters50/50 is a must!

    I guess I know where to get burgers- Can you fish there too!:rofl:
  170. Full Eclipse

    WO Yellowtail 8-25

    "Ended up landing 28 between the 3 of us" You were really at the 182, right?
  171. Full Eclipse

    Personal Best

    Nice Dorado! Did you feed it the iron? If so, what kind of gun? My bad -just reread your post that says you caught it... Damn nice!
  172. Full Eclipse

    Legend 2 Day 8/10-8/12

    Great boat they work hard to put you on fish, Good going on the tuna- Those guys are master carvers as well if you noticed them fileting the fish.
  173. Full Eclipse

    what should i do?

    Duh! Show up and get on the boat!!!
  174. Full Eclipse

    8/17 Monster Dodo

    Huge Dorado- way to go!!:appl::appl:
  175. Full Eclipse

    RADIO FISH 8-18

    ................Bob Vanian Bob Vanian pick me up----All day!
  176. Full Eclipse

    Bait Rolling

    Good try Rich. Youll get him next time- Went out on an overnighter and realized the bait was much livlier- combination of cured bait and better aeration. The bait we are getting has been caught recently- uncured, with combination of warm water and then we put them into little tanks and they...
  177. Full Eclipse

    Dissapointed in ebay

    smart ebay buyers wait until 30 seconds to bid what they think its worth or just under to be sure to get a good deal- Its not over!
  178. Full Eclipse

    How's your mind?......

    I did it -what do I wni
  179. Full Eclipse

    OTW signs of stroke

    Awesome, way to be alert and concerned, You saved the guy!!
  180. Full Eclipse


    Thanks brother, thought there might be something closer.
  181. Full Eclipse


    Need to know where I can purchase some guides- Im in Escondido ThankS:hali_olutta:
  182. Full Eclipse

    8/9, 8/11, 8/12 fishing reports

    Quote of the weekend, to the guy next to us at the fuel dock just after his bilge turned on" hey man are adding gas to your rod holder?" yep he was...... Thats Tired!!!!:rofl: Or stupid!
  183. Full Eclipse

    Caption Contest...

    Two, Two, Two lips on one!
  184. Full Eclipse

    TUNA VIDEO...Chromecollector style

    I would put up with that "snotty" weather for 16 longfins! Great job!!
  185. Full Eclipse

    Dorado @ 425

    Adam, I certainly respect your right to do what you did, however there are a million things that can go wrong--what are they?- you cant think of them all, and thats why it is safer to have someone in the boat with there eyes all over you at all times. Just lookin out for you bro! Good job on...
  186. Full Eclipse

    Beached Fish

    Perfect eating size!!
  187. Full Eclipse

    Dorado @ 425

    I concur-since your doin it I think Ill try it!!!!:hali_olutta:
  188. Full Eclipse


    I like the taste of albacore better- bluefin-too strong-- That being said Ill catch anything that swims by my boat- which hasnt been alot lately- Tryin to change my luck tommorow.
  189. Full Eclipse

    Bewere of Aros trailer in Escondido

    That MUST be it:ashamed:
  190. Full Eclipse

    Attention and Beware...Mx Visas, tomorrow should be intersting

    I was there yesterday and never saw the Mex navy- Was there till 4:45 P.M. Everyone split cause of the wind. Misinformation is running rampant. Take a deeeeeep breath and chant your mantra like a contra!
  191. Full Eclipse

    meanwhile in texas

    Couldnt even feel it! Thats the roids!
  192. Full Eclipse

    7/20 Nados. Badges? We don't need no stinking badges!

    Was fishing the same water with you and those guys in the pic just waived and went on by--But did you hear the F-Bomb jerks that were on the radio man o man- When rednecks go fishing! Congrats on the fish!
  193. Full Eclipse

    SUCKS (just venting)

    The bait yesterday was the best Ive seen in a long time- EB rocks
  194. Full Eclipse


    Heres a fish that my bud Richard caught onnthe way in to port. They thought they would save the day with some rockfish for the barby and were nfishing Coronado Canyon in about 360 ft of water. Caught with an Avet 63 with 20lb and 20lb spectra backing on a leadhead jig. Took him 1 hour to bring...
  195. Full Eclipse

    NADOS SLAYFEST sat 7-14-12

    Nine??..................... Nine? Way to go, guess I should do some of my errands during the work week.. Great job!
  196. Full Eclipse

    07-14-12 Nados

  197. Full Eclipse

    182, 43, 181 Loop.....

    That sounds like about 120 miles- Very nice!! Thanks for doin the lookin, There bound to be here any minute now............
  198. Full Eclipse

    Weather Patterns

    Wow, This looks great, Im sure they get their intel from where everyone else does. Im saving this site-looks easy to use- NOAA has the same info, but the site sucks to navigate through.
  199. Full Eclipse

    What are the odds?

    Wow its like the govment- Every time they try , it heads south!!!!!!:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  200. Full Eclipse

    Great YT Fishing @ the Coronado Islands!

  201. Full Eclipse

    Local Yellers

    Numbers?:rofl::rofl:Good goin!
  202. Full Eclipse


    Im sure they will be there!
  203. Full Eclipse

    oppertunity knocking

    No meat wasted there, Congrats:appl:
  204. Full Eclipse

    Trophy Hunting at San Clemente Island!

    Good fishing -looked like a ton of fun!
  205. Full Eclipse


    Good one!!:rofl:
  206. Full Eclipse

    Appealing the MLPA Closures

    "Amity as you know , means friendship"
  207. Full Eclipse

    Appealing the MLPA Closures

    What in the hell was everyone so worried about!! Im gonna go fishing as soon as possible!!
  208. Full Eclipse

    Appealing the MLPA Closures

    Its instantaneous!! I love it when things work out like this!! Thank you MLPA!!!
  209. Full Eclipse

    Rockpile report from June 15

    Way too costly to taxidermi, consider buying a blank that is in the same weight range then they paint it like your fish.
  210. Full Eclipse

    Boat Tax due

    Its BULLSHIT!!!:shithappens:
  211. Full Eclipse

    Spear-fisherman Cited for Harvesting Black Sea Bass

    He sure posed nice for the camera:rofl: Whatta dork!
  212. Full Eclipse


    :appl::appl::appl: :appl::appl::appl::appl:
  213. Full Eclipse

    Tip of the week

    Very nice, Good info there, thanks.
  214. Full Eclipse

    First yellowtail

    Congrats, looked like a great trip. Watch out for "yellow fever". Youll be dreamin about how it felt when you caught it, the excitment of it almost getting away, and when your gonna be able to do it again.
  215. Full Eclipse

    first time this far south

    Channel 2 is NOAA Everyone gets their weather from them. Hope that helps, Eclipse, out.
  216. Full Eclipse


    Your bringing too much sense and sanity to this thread, I would rather fantsize that this would all go away- "Joykill":rofl: Eclipse out
  217. Full Eclipse


    Just bein sarcastic- I dont maybe do anything- I thought the limit was 24 MILES ---not kilometers. We figured the only offshore bank unfishable would be the 425- This is getting better!:hali_olutta:
  218. Full Eclipse


    Ya but I dont wanna buy a frikken $33.00 ticket every-time I wanna fish the Nados-- Oh well hopfully the Albis will cure my blues - hope they make it up from the 500 this year- Maybe Ill get into gardening-hmmmm....:rofl:
  219. Full Eclipse


    Im crossing my fingers for him- Please let us all know.
  220. Full Eclipse


    Thanks everyone - ya Im thinking that the sportys have some sort of deal worked out- Just wanna fish the Islands without getting towed into Ensenada.
  221. Full Eclipse


    My understanding is that some of the charters fishing the Coronados are NOT purchasing visas or charging their customers the $30.00 fee. Also word is that the tuna pens are gone below south island. Looked around the web and on this site and not a word. Western outdoor news is reporting that the...
  222. Full Eclipse

    Newbie Question.....

    There is a practice breathing device you can buy that works on the same principle as a weight at the end of a bat will condition you to swing the bat faster. Its called expand a lung. Good luck, I always wanted to get up...
  223. Full Eclipse

    First WSB on the spear...

    Good Job, wsb is still alluding me , Im very jealous!
  224. Full Eclipse

    4/29 La Jolla, no fish, terrible vis and a BSB encounter...

    Close enough- That sucker is huge!
  225. Full Eclipse


    Nice presentation Tommy!
  226. Full Eclipse

    4/29 La Jolla, no fish, terrible vis and a BSB encounter...

    You found Barry!- You musta been diving around Marine St?
  227. Full Eclipse


    They do a great job for you at $10.00 an hour and right at the end of the job, trip over your trailer tongue, do a face plant and end up owning your boat? Nada! Just do your own work- It builds character.
  228. Full Eclipse

    Electronics Stolen

    Freekin blows!! Hope you can catch-em!!
  229. Full Eclipse

    Potential new world record Yellowfin caught...

    Did the deckhand pass it off!!:rofl:
  230. Full Eclipse

    what kind of shark it is

    Smoothhound sounds like greyhound, doghound- brown or grey-cant remember what they say tastes better! Seen em diving- let it go....
  231. Full Eclipse

    Crabbin', Dabbin', and Rockfishin'

    Great job on the crab--and hiding the area you got em from!!!
  232. Full Eclipse

    'Are my testicles black?'

  233. Full Eclipse


    Here we go- Im thinkin per day take will be reduced. Just a guess.
  234. Full Eclipse

    52lb. Halibut

    HUGE!!!! Fish! Awesome photo.
  235. Full Eclipse

    358LB YFT Speared!

    Awesome feat- The Riffe 140 euro looks like a bad ass gun- Nice pic in the bottom of the boat- Terry Maas move over.
  236. Full Eclipse

    Popped the cherry, 9-23-10

    Really Nice-- Nicer than nice:rofl: We are that bored? Pick a nicer post, Like say This one!
  237. Full Eclipse

    LOBSTA! 8-2-10

    Nice Post!!
  238. Full Eclipse

    Did'nt see this at Fred Hall

    Maybe we should take-um out for ice cream first!:rofl:
  239. Full Eclipse

    Mexican Visa press release 3/12/2012

    What about the 24 mile limit zone? is that still in play that if you are outside that zone, no permit required?
  240. Full Eclipse

    Old Yellar

    Both fish were caught on Xrap 30 Mackeral Blue.
  241. Full Eclipse

    Old Yellar

    ... Yeah, we want fresh live cats!<!-- google_ad_section_end --> They could be and probably are there right now!
  242. Full Eclipse

    Old Yellar

    Get this, One week earlier this guy goes to Bluwater tackle to get a rod and reel to catch these 40 Plus pound yellows down in L.A. bay taht hed been getting broke off on. The guy sells him a 40 trinidad all spooled up with spectra and mono with a nice seeker rod, the next day goes out and...
  243. Full Eclipse

    Not a Lot to Report

    Thanks for lookin, Water didnt look to bad, needs to warm up a bit, itll happen, hopefully!
  244. Full Eclipse

    Old Yellar

    Here is my fishin buddy's yellowtail caught about 3 weeks ago off Pt La Jolla Both fish caught on Rapalas -He is currently 1st place in Rapalas photo contest. The large yellow is 52lbs and the smaller one is about 25. Good job Richard...
  245. Full Eclipse

    make an offer quick!

    Nice Boat, If I bring cas$$$$$$h in hand- How much should I bring?
  246. Full Eclipse

    Lobster snorkeling question

    Bet you wont be able to see your hand in front of your face- Wait till these storms pass by and less surf- pick your days and good luck!
  247. Full Eclipse

    How to catch the biggest bugs......

    Awesome- now thats a bug- good job on the release, I dont know if I could do it- looking at them reminds me of Newburg!!!
  248. Full Eclipse

    30lb. YT SCI

    Awesome, Nice yalla!
  249. Full Eclipse

    Cageless Great White Dive Video @ Lupe

    See? They dont like bubbles- Only free divers and surface swimmers are at risk- Nothin to worry about.
  250. Full Eclipse

    La Jolla and Mr Blacky

    I know what you mean but we all know they are there. I hope the rumor that they dont like the souind of bubbles is true because Ive been diving for 25 plus years and have never seen one- what we did see was either a 7 gill or salmon shark on Oct 28th 11 but wasnt ready to take a pic- They are...
  251. Full Eclipse

    La Jolla and Mr Blacky

    Heres a few more photos from Oct 2011
  252. Full Eclipse


    I think everyone is an asshole! And I mean that in the most respectful and endearing way.;)
  253. Full Eclipse

    28" Halibut C & R

    ????????? Im baffled at your arrogance. And stupidity on top of that...
  254. Full Eclipse

    Marine Wardens Snare Poacher

    .......And that means???? Did you see the one short lob they got was not much bigger than a prawn! Diving in a reserve that is clearly visible from downtown Laguna--DARWIN AWARD!
  255. Full Eclipse

    28" Halibut C & R

    So, yeah....I agree with you........kayaking sucks Wish I could suck that bad!!:rofl::rofl::rofl:
  256. Full Eclipse

    Rosie O'Donnell in trouble for kiiling sharks.

    A whale killin a shark... I hate Rosie, can ya tell?:slap:
  257. Full Eclipse

    What is this?

    Very nice specimen. I got one outta horseshoe kelp while diving that is slightly bigger. If you collect shells itsa must have!
  258. Full Eclipse


    It will create a cradle for the hitch in case the hitch jumps off the ball. Make sure that the length of the chains are correct.
  259. Full Eclipse

    The plunder continues

    We should trade our contaminated clams for their radioactive fish!!
  260. Full Eclipse

    Bug question

    Your sposed to throw the lobsters back and grill up the tags.. Yuk yuk
  261. Full Eclipse

    Thanksgiving in BOLA!

    Great report and pics. Nice goin on the YT and better yet gettin the young-un in on the action!
  262. Full Eclipse

    Anybody got a "spot" to 4-whl in the mud !!!!

    ..... :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Seriousley though, sadly not too many wide open spaces anymore. We used to motocross behind Palomar College back in the day, Cougar pass, Elfin Forest, Black Mtn. etc... -You name it. Pala has a race track and close to the border off the...
  263. Full Eclipse

    Del Mar attempts no fishing ordinance

    Furthermore, cities like Del Mar and San Fransisco would rather just cecede from the union with their wacky ideas, Lets see, where can we put them? Thanks Joe for for the letter, If some one doesnt look out for this kind of stuff, they will take it all away.!!
  264. Full Eclipse

    10/11 Catalina keeps producing, limits....

    Great job on the bugs and nice sunset pic!
  265. Full Eclipse

    catalina yellows!!! 10/30/11

    I like the fact the yellows are biting at CAT!! And Salukis avatar!
  266. Full Eclipse

    La Jolla and Mr Blacky

    Sorry-screwed up the download:Dynamite:- Hope these pics show.
  267. Full Eclipse

    Shore Launching off our coast

    I dont think it is legal to launch a powered vessel off the beach because of the law that you cannot come within 200 ft from any swimmer, or I am sure there are other ordinances such as the pollution factor- Your putting gasoline and oil on the beach- although it is contained, an accident could...
  268. Full Eclipse

    La Jolla and Mr Blacky

    Went diving this weekend and last in La Jolla. Looking for some bugs and maybe a good photo opp. Had my head in a crevice and look up to sea Mr Blacky, almost stopped my heart. He cruised around us within arms reach about 6 or 7 times then split. This was HIS reef. Visibility this week was 30...
  269. Full Eclipse


    Awesome trip Bob, Looks like a great time Congratdulations!!!:appl::appl::hali_olutta:
  270. Full Eclipse

    CONDOR Limits YT,3YF,2BF Rocked em!

    Looks like an awesome trip Ron!!!
  271. Full Eclipse

    how to launch 10/14 LB

    Maybe they were looking for lobsters?
  272. Full Eclipse

    JosieLynn 6 Pack Report 9/3

    Cool thing they found the dorado on the local banks, sounds like a good trip!
  273. Full Eclipse

    Good Day on the Triple Play 9/3/11

    Great job on the tuna! Where do you estimate you were fishing.
  274. Full Eclipse

    Blackman Outerbanks Diesel 23

    Very nice!! Perfect size and economy
  275. Full Eclipse


    nice 6 pack dive boat! good luck!
  276. Full Eclipse

    Have you ever seen this? :)

    Bird looks right at home- Bird is the word ya know.
  277. Full Eclipse


    I have a dumpster at my work but I freeze them in a bag if I cant get there right away!
  278. Full Eclipse

    Any private boat reports??

    I think with the lack of fish showing up in the local banks, this is where people are posting their catches. I like the sight of dead fish, so I dont mind too much!
  279. Full Eclipse

    8/24 Locally Made Tuna Sammiches

    Good job, Thanks for the intel.
  280. Full Eclipse

    Tuesday Aug 23rd: Hidden Bank, 371, 425.

    Thanks Barry, Youll get em next time!
  281. Full Eclipse

    8/23 La Jolla

    I like the part where you say " I dont care where you get him" Just bring him in the boat!- Right on, Nice yeller!
  282. Full Eclipse

    New Hoop Net Regs

    Speak for yourself, its def my prefered meathod!
  283. Full Eclipse

    How do you prepare bellies and collars??

    Smoking is def a good way to go -2cups brown sugar 3/4 cup sea salt garlic powder pepper and any other seasoning you want . wet down into a slurry- not liquid- with some apple juice, brine the bellies for 2 hours smoke for about 5 hours at 160 deg. The best snack when out on the water!!
  284. Full Eclipse

    Best Knot for 80lb

    Uni knot is good too!
  285. Full Eclipse

    Really cool Tuna video

    Combat fishing!!! Cool vid, thanks for posting!!
  286. Full Eclipse

    181 on (8/5/2011)

    Those are the tax dollars I dont mind payin!
  287. Full Eclipse

    302,230,371. nados

    7/29 Arrived at the 302 around 7:30 ocean pretty nice in the morn then got worse as the day went on. Large meter marks, trolled the area then trolled to rhe 230 and on to the 371. Temp never got above 64. Tried baiting a few bird schools and paddys for nada. Ended at the Nados for a few bottom...
  288. Full Eclipse

    Knot ???

    This is a seaguar knot, easy to tie, and can join to diff size line.
  289. Full Eclipse

    Hit the 43 and points west

    Good try, Thanks for posting a report, got to be heartbreaking to bust one off under the boat- Youll get em next time----Im sure of it!
  290. Full Eclipse

    lake camping

    Never been camping but I thought Cachuma was nice too!~
  291. Full Eclipse

    solo mission 7/13

    Good goin on the tuna partner!!! I wanna wanna believe this guy---
  292. Full Eclipse

    Need to refinish my JBL woody (mahogany wood)

    I have the same gun. It looks like spar varnish on my gun.
  293. Full Eclipse

    Saluki is down, but not out!

    Get well soon Brandon, Remember, you never know, the gym might have big breasted asian chicks!!!
  294. Full Eclipse

    La Jolla Gars

    Logger! Good goin- Water looks like glass.
  295. Full Eclipse

    big beans in the surf

    Nice Corbina! No go clean up your act!!:rofl:
  296. Full Eclipse

    Not what I wanted to hear..

    Take em all for a swim at childrens pool!:rofl: No not really!
  297. Full Eclipse

    Coronado Islands - Report 6.4.11

    Good goin on the calicos, looks a little chunky out there- Temp is going up and down at the islands- Just need some consistant weather patterns and some sun-Bring on the yallers!
  298. Full Eclipse

    50 lb WSB

    Very nice, Congrats!
  299. Full Eclipse

    Friday the 13th, Coronado Non-YT Report

    Sand Dabs are the bomb! Thanks for the islands report!! Boats almost ready!
  300. Full Eclipse

    COASTAL YELLOW - 4/6/11

    Niiiiice -a little more work on the boat and Im there!
  301. Full Eclipse

    Mexican Navy and a nados fishing report

    No just 100$ bills...and only at night... with your boyfriends passport. Really.........I read this on the internet... it's true!<!-- google_ad_section_end --> __________________ <!-- google_ad_section_start(weight=ignore) --><!-- google_ad_section_end --> Then it must be true!!
  302. Full Eclipse

    Mexican Navy and a nados fishing report

    Since I didnt read all 25 pages of this thread, please let me know if I have to plaster a boat name on the side of my boat if I go to the islands- Thank-you
  303. Full Eclipse

    Rpt-Wed.-04-20-11 Coronados-Rockpile!

    Thanks for the report Cory, Youll get into em next time!
  304. Full Eclipse

    Rpt.-Sat. 2-05-11 Izor's, The Shoe and Points South.

    Great report as always Cory, Very nice calico, Very good read with plenty of info in there, You should write for W.O.N.! I can see it now: "Cory's Column"
  305. Full Eclipse

    2011 Baja Spearfishing trip

    Yessss! I Like! Alot! Good goin guys- way to put the wood, I mean, iron to em!
  306. Full Eclipse

    Record Halibut?

    What a hog!!:oinker:
  307. Full Eclipse

    Would Carl hit it?

    What in Gods name possesed you to show me that?...........
  308. Full Eclipse


    Man, fishing is slooow!
  309. Full Eclipse


    Im "lurking " right now so bite me!:finger:
  310. Full Eclipse

    toolbox on boat

    Whenever I work on the boat in the driveway, I use the tools on the boat only, If I found I needed another tool, it went into the boat permanantly. Regular maintenance will cut down on the need to fix anything on the water, however its best to be prepared, hose clamps, hose clamps, hose clamps...
  311. Full Eclipse

    Rpt-Fri-12-24-10 A Half Day of Limit Bass'n!

    Great report Cory, way to get in some fishin when you can. Merry Christmas!
  312. Full Eclipse

    19ft boat cover

    $2.19 sounds good Ill take it!:rofl:
  313. Full Eclipse

    Rat Face back to the Broncos?

    Please hire Gruden...So i don't have to listen to him audition every fucking monday night :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Hes definatley trollin hard, someone should pick him up, couldnt do any worse than some!
  314. Full Eclipse

    Vid 4-The Guys That Have Never Seen This B-4

    Ive seen those underwater in Loreto, pretty sure those are the smaller species of manta in the Sea of Cortez. Thanks Keith, very cool vid.
  315. Full Eclipse

    Shamrock Predator 26' for sale

    Wow! No telling what kind of response your gonna get, but Id say that this boat is way worth what your askin, Good luck with the sale, wish I had the cash, Id be all over it. What year is the boat if you dont mind?
  316. Full Eclipse

    Izor's report 12/4

    Nice lettering, and I like the cartoon of the angler! Great to get the young-un on some fish.
  317. Full Eclipse

    Freestyle Motocross Competition At Pala Raceway

    Looks very dangerous! Its amazing what is being done out there right now, Crazy!!:2gunsfiring_v1:
  318. Full Eclipse

    Lightning Does Strike Twice! Redondo Canyon Dive 11/26/2010

    Good job on the bugs-150-160 ft? Ive dove to 180, but that was in 85 degree water, How much time did you have at that depth- you diving 120s? Wow, Im not sure if any bug is worth that for me- Your balls out!:2gunsfiring_v1:
  319. Full Eclipse

    Penn 114H

    Prob get more if you put it up on e-bay, Its a great deal for that reel I have 4 of em! Good luck.
  320. Full Eclipse


    Damn thats nice, wish I was there!
  321. Full Eclipse


    Frikken amazing Good for them!
  322. Full Eclipse

    Fishing for my Bachelor Party

    I april, its not warm enough for the stripper to get undressed!:boobies: Try July or August, of course you will have to re-sched your wedding date:rofl: Good luck brotha!
  323. Full Eclipse

    guy knows more than me

    I call B.S.:shithappens:
  324. Full Eclipse

    Pulled The Trigger :)

    Very niiiiiice!
  325. Full Eclipse

    Speared by A Marlin

    Great vid, thanks for showing this-Terry Maas still holds the record bluefin (338lbs) spearfishing.
  326. Full Eclipse

    Gargoyles Sunglasses Present - Beat this caption - Contest ending November 29th, 2010

    "I think Im gonna need my Gargoyles to see it!"
  327. Full Eclipse


    We couldnt catch any fish, so we got drunk instead!
  328. Full Eclipse

    my boy got himself a 'BIGGUN!!!

    Nice halibut! Great recipe for halibut- macadamia encrusted, lobster stuffed halibut drizzled with lobster sauce. You have to partially cook the lobster before you layer it between the halibut -saute in butter to get brown, then finish off in the oven-drizzle with lobster sauce
  329. Full Eclipse

    Need a termite inspection

    If youd like, I work for Western Exterminator Company and we can get someone to look at it. The number for your area is 310-835-3794 or pm me and I will have someone get in touch with you, Steve
  330. Full Eclipse

    Sweet, let's legalize everything.....

    I use to come home from an overnighter and clean my fish,the boat,my rods and reels,play with the kids,clean the house,wash both cars,till the garden,tidy up the garage then detail my mustang........... Whats wrong with that? :rofl::rofl::rofl: <!-- google_ad_section_end -->
  331. Full Eclipse


    I agree. Do what you want with them when you are at home. I don't see the DFG stopping by for dinner anytime soon.<!-- google_ad_section_end --> If they do, I suggest you charge them market price!:rofl:
  332. Full Eclipse


    On the bed under a blanket is where they keep this gun? Almost got a Darwin for that one!
  333. Full Eclipse


    You might be a redneck if you post a picture to a contest thats been over for 2 months:rofl:
  334. Full Eclipse

    FKG's Halloween Costume...... He's Sushi.

    California Roll? Great costume! Watch out for the candy corn, it gets stuck in between your teeth. Have a fun safe Halloween!
  335. Full Eclipse

    Overnight on a 210CC

    The Cabins at Two Harbors are available, campground is closed after the first week in Oct.-Dont know if you can camp just anywhere on the Island. Hope that helps, the cabins are worth it!
  336. Full Eclipse

    Venice Offshore- Finally!

    Why in the hell would you wanna catch all those fish like that,How booooring!:rofl: I hate you------------in the nicest possible way:hali_olutta:
  337. Full Eclipse

    2010 Elk hunt weather sucked!! But had a blast, here are few pics

    I see trout in the pan! Thats not a skunk:rofl: Looks like a great time, Its all about the journey....
  338. Full Eclipse

    new fish in the pond

    Pics needed for verification of said "rack"
  339. Full Eclipse

    With the ocean nasty as all hell, whats the worst you have been in?

    Took 6 hours to go from Huntington Harbor to Two Harbors, Catalina once{28 miles}. I know its nothing like the kind of weather you guys have up there, but it was a nightmare! Chugged two beers as soon as we got to the lee side.
  340. Full Eclipse

    DFG infraction

    Throw himself on the mercy of the court, Itll prob go like all other infraactions and be plead down to fishing without a license, about $300.00. A SPOTTED BAY BASS? Tell your friend to give the fish a break next time!
  341. Full Eclipse

    Need mouse/rat advice

    AT THE BEGGINING OF THIS THREAD SOMEONE SUGGESTED YOU PUT BAIT ON THE TRAPS AND NOT SET THEM TILL THE BAIT DISAPPEARS. dO THIS FOR A COUPLE DAYS ITS CALLED PREBAITING. Then set the traps. Best thing to use is called "trapper jack"! Its a mixture of molasses and macadamia nut bait. PM me and I...
  342. Full Eclipse

    Punta Banda Baja C. Mexico Report

    Punta Banda def the place for lings, unbeleivable underwater terrain there, Congrats on the fish!
  343. Full Eclipse

    Team Aleta - PV Report 10/15 - 10/17 - Mega Fish Porn

    Outstanding pics, Im jealous, Looked like a great trip!
  344. Full Eclipse

    How spoiled is your dog?

    All he needs now is breakfast in bed:rofl:
  345. Full Eclipse

    Admiralty Marine

    Check with Dennis at Affordable for price.
  346. Full Eclipse

    Synonym Of The Day

    Damn, she can RIDE on my boat anytime!
  347. Full Eclipse

    nic 10-12/13

    Those halis are slabs! Yellows are nice models as well. Way to go! Never been to Nic. On my list of places to go.
  348. Full Eclipse

    10/13 offshore

    Thanks for making the long run and the report, sounds like great gas mileage, youll get um next time. Im o for this year on tuna, but I was on the same boat that tuna was caught!:rofl: Thats fishing -maybe the water will warm up some and I will get one more shot. Good luck on the wiring project.
  349. Full Eclipse

    Local 10/12/10 Big Bugs

    Marucs, you can cull but you cant have a limit or limits on the boat and then bring more keeper lobsters ABOARD as you are now over the 7pp possesion rule. But if I'm solo and have a limit and want to keep hoopin and trying for larger models I can do the following. I can keep 6 legals in the...
  350. Full Eclipse

    The Sun Drop 3 Day LIMITS OF LOBSTER

    Nice work on the bugs:hali_olutta:. Hows the water clarity at Catalina?
  351. Full Eclipse

    10/7 Hidden YT

    Good goin on the yalla!
  352. Full Eclipse

    22' Bayrunner BR-22 Walk aroud cuddy

    Pervs? Us? Nice boat for sure brotha! Good luck on the sale!
  353. Full Eclipse

    first bugzilla of the season

    Great bug for newburg, just chunk it up into 1" chunks and get a good recipe. Legs are awesome king crab too. Congrats!
  354. Full Eclipse

    Lobster diver dies after being pulled from Mission Bay

    Way too young to die. Condolences to his family. RIP
  355. Full Eclipse

    Can someone ID this fish? Looks like a type of shark.

    They pull great on light line, great fight, I let em go--lots of better tasting critters in the ocean.
  356. Full Eclipse


    Scuba divers are a different story.<!-- google_ad_section_end --> Mess with the scuba divers?
  357. Full Eclipse

    Rpt Thur. 09-30-10 A Tuna Holiday!

    Great report as always Cory! You always look on the bright side of things, next time its WFO!
  358. Full Eclipse

    9-29-10 YFT Report

    Thanks for the report!
  359. Full Eclipse

    One for the Ages

    Off the Charts! Helluva trip!
  360. Full Eclipse

    how do i fish catalina island?

    Call him - but if your looking to target Opaleye - PM me - I stack em up.<!-- google_ad_section_end --> Your WO on the opaleye?
  361. Full Eclipse

    No Luck

    Thanks for the report. Man that water looks greasy in the morning. Probably a sunfish under the boat, its a sign of luck!
  362. Full Eclipse

    NoZilla tuna hunt Dana Pt.-209-181-43-SCI-DP

    Def some of the best times are solo. Thats some great mileage, very inexpensive fun! Sounds like tuna are going to go back where they came from-theres always next year!
  363. Full Eclipse

    Oside Flattie Report 9/25

    Nice fish, The best gaff shot is the one that brings them to the deck!
  364. Full Eclipse

    9/23 West Fly, East Fly, 302, 43 Nada

    Thats a hike! Thanks for the report, YFT is only $10.00 a lb at the most. I think Ill go fishing at the market for the rest of the year. This year was a funky one. Maybe this warm up will help things out.
  365. Full Eclipse


    I ate one once when I first started diving, lots better tasting fish out there, theyre not horrible! but I wouldnt target them- they are vegetarians as I understand, seen some monster opals.
  366. Full Eclipse

    Late in the day to save the day: 15 SEP 10

    Very nice , Thanks for the report, saved the day with the Dodo!
  367. Full Eclipse

    Filleting Tuna Offshore - whats the problem?

    Just eat em whole
  368. Full Eclipse

    Dominator YFT Slay

    Your sons name is Tanner Banks? Awesome! Great report with great pics Way to slay em!
  369. Full Eclipse

    9/8 Stripe removal for 2010

    Good job gettin the skunk off- its all gravy from here on-- WTG!
  370. Full Eclipse

    Shogun 4 Day 08.29 - 09.02

    Good to see that grouper, thought they were close to extinct. Way to go on the yellows!
  371. Full Eclipse

    SCI Bad Case of the Grumps 8.19.10

    Sounds like a good time, Glad you got out on the water, better then lookin at my boat in the driveway, Good goin on the fish, good thing the dogs dont like the dorsal spines on the calicos.
  372. Full Eclipse

    Rpt. Wed. 8-18-10 Coronados-One Pukey Tail!

    Cory, great report as always, thinkin about goin to the Islands on Sat. Funny you should mention the Malahini being hung up on the anchor at MG because about 1 month ago, we witnessed the same thing. About an hour of backing down on the anchor from all angles. He finally was able to pull the...
  373. Full Eclipse

    Bow hunting Leopard Shark

    how do those taste? Not as good as they look, give the fish a break!<!-- google_ad_section_end -->
  374. Full Eclipse

    Live bait prices go up

    Fishing report from the bait barge? Man its bad.
  375. Full Eclipse


    Arent you the whale war guy? Are there middle grounds in Florida?
  376. Full Eclipse

    Finally A Bluefin

    Soylent green is people!
  377. Full Eclipse

    Making the News

    Some encouraging news in there!
  378. Full Eclipse


    and he caught White Sea Bass and we both got Yellowtail while eating bananas. (I didn't bring them on board) The last line is very telling- I dont bring um on board my boat- plenty of other snacks I enjoy munching on besides bannanas- Also just in case.... I also dont bring any skunks...
  379. Full Eclipse


    Im for skunk removal! And bannana removal.
  380. Full Eclipse

    Boys...look what I caught today. What is it????

    why does her post always get more views then mine?<!-- google_ad_section_end --> __________________ <!-- google_ad_section_start(weight=ignore) --> Hmmmm Yes, I wonder why Dave? Maybe you should put Kelly in your avatar!
  381. Full Eclipse

    Sharing Info

    You know fishing is bad when people start getting into a pissing contest on how good or bad their boats are-:Dynamite:
  382. Full Eclipse

    295 - Save your Fuel Money!

    Thanks for lookin and the report, keepin my fingers crossed that this season will be salvaged somehow. I get second thoughts about jumping in the water that far from land as well!
  383. Full Eclipse

    Albacore Tuna limits back on the table?

    Dont know bout you guys, but if I catch 10 albies, Im ecstatic, Ten is enough, I think the point is you dont like the state telling you the bag limit and neither did I. Hope you get into some this year, its been an almost nonexistant year so far down here! :jig:
  384. Full Eclipse

    first yellowfin of the year!!!

    Nice yellowfin-thats how this season is goin!
  385. Full Eclipse

    7/31 halibut for dinner

    Yea the simpler the better or... you can try lobster stuffed halibut with macadamia crust!
  386. Full Eclipse

    7/31 Who needs Albies when?

    Damn Im gettin hungry again just lookin at that spread.
  387. Full Eclipse

    Ten reasons fishing sucks this year

    #13 Al Gore was wrong! And, #14 Its Bushes fault
  388. Full Eclipse

    7/31 Who needs Albies when?

    Looks like youve got quite a honey hole- Way to put the meat on the table!
  389. Full Eclipse

    7/30 While you were sleeping...

    Awesome fish and great photo , looks like a great avatar!
  390. Full Eclipse

    My son first Lingcod in LJ. wide open calico

    Very nice ling, They look stoked, way to go Dad!
  391. Full Eclipse

    Grande 1.5 day 07/28-29

    Our Capt told us it was the biggest concentration of fish he has seen for years Nice report! Hopefully we will see some fish moving up the line{ I hope} Weather and water permitting.
  392. Full Eclipse

    28th and 29th

    Thanks for the report, Your puttin in the work brother!
  393. Full Eclipse

    "Pretty"picture fish report are BORING

    I caught a gosh darn fish once. River, worm, tilapia Damn cute little fish, Thanks for the report- very detailed.
  394. Full Eclipse

    Catalina report with "Pretty" pictures

    ANIMALS! Yaaaaaaa Lee Harvey what a load! Nice damn fish!
  395. Full Eclipse

    WTF with the offshore weather????

    <SCRIPT>if (site=="tbnm"){}else{var emailname = "bigfish"; var emaildomain = ""; document.write("");if (bottomdetail != ""){ if (cloudmask!="T") { document.write(' Help E-Mail Forums Bottom Detail SST Waypoints - Zoom + Zoom Previous Next '); }...
  396. Full Eclipse

    blacks beach report

    Nice spotty, Gonna try some surf fishing tommorow in Encinitas, Very economical way to fish and a good time.
  397. Full Eclipse

    "Pretty"picture fish report are BORING

    Caught bottom fish at the rockpile the other day. they were at the BOTTOM! This board is just another resource I use to try and seek out and catch fish. Everything else is on me. Tight lines everyone!:jig:
  398. Full Eclipse

    How damn big do these get?

    amaaazing fish. lotsa tasy uses for that, Congrats:hali_olutta:
  399. Full Eclipse

    7-20 to 7-25 Cedros & Benitos.

    Way to go and nice report!
  400. Full Eclipse


    Saweet , Congrats on the nice butts!
  401. Full Eclipse

    close to south island.....

    Nice fish! pics just came through, fueling up for Friday.
  402. Full Eclipse

    Stung through the boot

    Rub Salukis avatar on it and Im sure it will feel better- Nice job on the corbinas
  403. Full Eclipse

    7/25/10 Fishing La Jolla

    Nice job on the reds, very good eating! Cheers!
  404. Full Eclipse

    SMB Quality Booger Bars!

    Cudas are suckers for the iron, good job on the slimers!
  405. Full Eclipse

    Limits of Albies

    Knock knock dumper
  406. Full Eclipse

    Dang I forgot to put the trailer in the parking lot

    Reading all these posts I am feeling guilty and would like to step forward and embarassingly admit it that unfortunately it was me and my friend; {who has issues I won't go into.} We were concerned about that stupid big blue tourist seal boat always coming in and out hogging up the whole ramp...
  407. Full Eclipse

    Coronado islands 07-23 & San Mateo kelp 07-24

    The last pic shows a BFT in someones arms and some laid out on the deck. Who and where was that, Coronado? Thanks for the report.
  408. Full Eclipse

    Dang I forgot to put the trailer in the parking lot

    This is one of those checklist things , gear in boat,check-plug in boat, check launch boat check- drive away? They mustve gotten ahold of the medical grade :shithappens: :smoking33:
  409. Full Eclipse

    Tues 7-20-10 Albacore report off of Punta Colnett

    Great report and quality fish, pic of your sons blood spattered face is classic!
  410. Full Eclipse

    We went the distance for the Albacore

    Ya baby, Good job on the chickens, please tell them to head a bit more to the northeast please!
  411. Full Eclipse

    Monday (7/20) solo Albacore run

    Hard Core. Damn, what a long haul- Those look like nice, tasty, expensive albies. Good job!
  412. Full Eclipse

    Ghost Buster and other stuff..PICS

    Thanks Matty. Luckily my Girl Friend was around to make the call.. Might have to marry her soon.... Loose a girlfriend and gain a fishing buddy! Congrats on stickin it out for the croakers!
  413. Full Eclipse

    Going to Coronado Islands

    check weather and as long as your boat is seaworrthy you should have no problem at all. as far as bait sardines, take some frozen squid just in case bait rolls for rock fish if nothing else is going. island is very fishy now. if your boat is up to speed vhf , running good, all safety items you...
  414. Full Eclipse


    Awesome, way to put the hammer to em! Nice bluefin there!
  415. Full Eclipse

    Coronado YT 7/19 - Scratchy at Best!

    Nice goin on the yellows, Yum! Good gettin the little man out there.
  416. Full Eclipse


    Saw you at the dock yesterday, Very nice BFT, way to slay!
  417. Full Eclipse

    SWEET TERESA report for 7/17/10

    they all come in and they... rip you to pieces." "I'll never put another life jacket on again" Saw Jaws for the fourth time last week. Great movie! FOUR times? you call yourself a fisherman?:rofl: Nice pics of the Bonita shark Rod!
  418. Full Eclipse

    No Tuna Report for Sat 7/16

    hopefully there will be another wave of albies that decide to take the inside track but I would be happy for dorado YT and Ahi right now-let the season begin already!
  419. Full Eclipse

    9 north/9 south/makos/paddies/LJ 7/14

    Way to work it, thanks for the report.
  420. Full Eclipse

    1st Yellow on my own boat!

    Great to make an adventure out of it, nice yellow, congrats!
  421. Full Eclipse

    coronado island july 15

    Fuse link -Ive gotta keep an eye on mine too. You salvaged the day,good on ya!
  422. Full Eclipse

    07/16/2009 Offshore day w multi species...

    Great bait but I aint bitin- bring on the tuna!!!
  423. Full Eclipse


    50 plus from Oside-46 from Dana Pt. Better to trailer the boat up to Huntington Harbor- 28 miles to Two Harbors and a better ride!
  424. Full Eclipse

    Gettin dialed on the LAST CAST!

    Nice fish -thanks for the report!
  425. Full Eclipse

    NADOS 7/10

    Nice fish, Looks like Milla time careful with that knife....
  426. Full Eclipse

    July 9th Booger Bar Fishin' @ LB

    Great fishing lingo-Grats on the slimer!
  427. Full Eclipse

    Paddy Tail 425

    Looks like game on! Nice tail, cant wait to get out there, Thanks for the report!
  428. Full Eclipse

    53lb Yellowtail La Jolla 7/3 on Reel Hard

    Awesome fish man, Im jealous, Way to go!!
  429. Full Eclipse

    6/30 Laguna Shark (diving) Report

    Fairwell and ado to you fair spanish maiden... Had to do that. Cool pics!
  430. Full Eclipse

    OTW Report Sweet Teresa another homeguard 7/1/10

    I know what comes next after the sun goes down... Debauchery? Drunkedness? This guys killin it! Way to go! Is that La Jolla or I.B?
  431. Full Eclipse

    Rpt Sun. 06-27-10 Coronado Islands

    Great report Cory, Too bad about the spit hook, The tails are big and healthy for sure this year.
  432. Full Eclipse

    Island report 6/25 2 bft's

    Good job but, no photo that I can see.
  433. Full Eclipse

    YT - Friday at Coronados

    Saw you there today, Nice fish. Plenty of hook ups and boated yellows earlier in the morning, then slowed to a crawl, Cheers:hali_olutta:
  434. Full Eclipse

    6-25/ middle grounds 30 ilb Yellow

    Heard you on the radio today, Good goin, No pics? come on I wanna see a dead fish!:rofl:
  435. Full Eclipse

    Coronado Islands

    Fished with friend Billy out at the Islands today, He had the hot stick. Caught two fish at middle grounds between 8-10am. Both on flylined dines slow trolled. Worked our way from middle grounds to lighthouse for alot of barries which is what most people were catching today, heard of some...
  436. Full Eclipse

    6/22 Rockpile

    Nice job Don, gettin your son out on the water, priceless!
  437. Full Eclipse

    Coastal tanker part three. 46lb on 6-20

    Wow what a fish on fathers day! You must be doing something right!
  438. Full Eclipse

    6-19 Coronado Island yellowtail up to 41 LBS!!! pics in side.

    Awesome tail dude , Nice fish too , Congrats:hali_olutta:
  439. Full Eclipse

    Hot fishing and dead batteries...what a day

    Once my engine starts at the dock, it doesn't go off til Im back at the dock. Amen brother!! switching between batteries helps! Congrats on the yellows
  440. Full Eclipse

    Coronado Islands 6-19-10

    You guys frikken killed it Way to go!
  441. Full Eclipse

    06-18-10 WSB FINALLY!!!

    Way to go, Been chasing one of those myself, What a fish!
  442. Full Eclipse

    6/18 Tails, Seals, Slimers, More Seals and a bananna at the Nados

    Way to go, yeah the dogs were relentless today. Nice tails!
  443. Full Eclipse


    Good luck on the long run Mike!
  444. Full Eclipse


    I need a class in Bloodydecks
  445. Full Eclipse


    Wow, theyre workin on my computor, sorry, Ill try again.
  446. Full Eclipse


    For those of you who are thinking about fishing the islands tommorow, today was good. Started off in the middle grounds and quickly moved to the tip of south island . Caught two fish here slow troolling with a couple of close friends Despite the crowds of sporties and PBers, everyone got along...
  447. Full Eclipse

    Nados = Yellows 6/17

    Very nice, Congrats and thanks for the report!
  448. Full Eclipse

    WSB 06-16-10 YES WSB!!!!

    2nd pic looks more like a BSB
  449. Full Eclipse

    Blood on the boat finally!

    Hey Big Bird, Nice fishing with you yesterday, sure was rough on the way out, youll getum next time!
  450. Full Eclipse

    Blood on the boat finally!

    Interesting gaff ?? Thats just the rubber guard! Looks kinda strange ,I know.
  451. Full Eclipse

    Blood on the boat finally!

    Damn,Sorry about the double pics!
  452. Full Eclipse

    Blood on the boat finally!

    Ok. Sorry for the late report , Left Shelter Island about 6:00 A.M. Good lookin dines out into the washing machine to Middle Grounds. Arrive about 8:30 Start to slow troll immediate bite on 20lb and farmed. Next one I got in the boat 10 min later , went 18-20 lbs and another about 1/2 hour later...
  453. Full Eclipse

    Guys, would you hit this?

    So this is what happens in the goof off section!!
  454. Full Eclipse

    180 mix bluefin and albacore

    Yesterday heard on the radio a guy saying Albies and Blufin 78 miles from port. Dont know how accurate this info is. He called out his #s at 43 over 46. I assumed he was in the 32 box and that puts him just south of the 1010
  455. Full Eclipse

    5/29 Coronados, the good, the bad.

    As far as the radio goes, it's seems to get worse every year, sad! With Albacore season around the corner the radio can be a fisherman's best friend, until the jerks take over! __________________ Agreed. Not only is it a huge embarrasment and all that goes along with it (kids or wife in the...
  456. Full Eclipse

    Recommendations on the best way to BBQ YT Steaks!

    Blackened or Cajun seasoning- grill up and dip in garlic-lemon butter MMMM
  457. Full Eclipse

    where are the cudas

    probably when victory at sea stops
  458. Full Eclipse

    From 0 to 60

    What a Toad! Congrats on that ghost. Why dont you just buy a blank for it -Then you can eat it.
  459. Full Eclipse

    HUGE T came into Oceanside yesterday

    Don't take it personal bro. Most of the people on here love to fish, but seldom do. They sit in front of an office computer, cranky and bored. Then pretend to be 100-ton captains with years of experience and bowls filled with seabass stones. The reality is MOST of the people on here haven't...
  460. Full Eclipse

    Point Loma to La Jolla (part 2) 5/13/10

    Great report! Youll getum next time!
  461. Full Eclipse

    Tuna Porn - Puerto Vallarta Fish Report

    Very, VERY nice! Way to slay em and thats a bad ass boat!
  462. Full Eclipse

    Rpt. Wed 03-17-10 A Gazillion Vermillion!

    As always, great report Cory, looked like a great day! Cheers
  463. Full Eclipse

    Help Jon Apothaker Save the Giant Black Sea Bass!

    prater<SCRIPT type=text/javascript> vbmenu_register("postmenu_1641566", true); </SCRIPT> Registered User What ever happened to standing up and being a man in our society? ding ding ding ding We have a bingo. I dont know what you taught your kid, but mine knows when he did somehtin wrong...
  464. Full Eclipse

    Help Jon Apothaker Save the Giant Black Sea Bass!

    One problem with his "story". He claims that even when he dragged it onto shore, he didnt know it was an illeagle fish. Then why did he try to release and revive it. This is what this country is coming to. Fuck up real bad and then try to spin. Hed be better off to just take his lumps and STFU.
  465. Full Eclipse

    1/2/2010 SD Bay - Great way to start the year!

    I see you had enough sense to put your beer down for the gaff shot- Nice fish!
  466. Full Eclipse

    Bug Strugggle

    They are all fished out- you decimated em!
  467. Full Eclipse

    Plumbing question

    If Tiger's in the picture too, it could be worth bank$$$$$$
  468. Full Eclipse

    boat help

    My next boat has to be 20-22 ft for reasons already given plus more range and more stability-Good Luck
  469. Full Eclipse


    How deep do you think the bait was when you got hit?- Were you using some sort of sacrificial weight? Nice fish bro!
  470. Full Eclipse

    Why mixed messages from our "leaders"?

    So what are some of "their" boards? Heres a big one! San Diego Coastkeeper - Putting Advocacy Into Action An another
  471. Full Eclipse

    Rockfish Report (10/24) and Question

    Copper? San Dabs are pretty tasty if you get a bunch and theyre nice sized.
  472. Full Eclipse

    Live MLPA Meeting feed and updates!

    One fish for us and one for the cats -how sweet
  473. Full Eclipse

    Live MLPA Meeting feed and updates!

    That guy just shot himself in the foot!!! (Urchin fisherman)
  474. Full Eclipse

    Live MLPA Meeting feed and updates!

    I love to club seals .... I mean I love seals!
  475. Full Eclipse


    Here's a great animated fog link to check out before you launch. Cool link, that one is saved! Went to the Hidden yesterday, fog thick out till grey, then it opened up down there to about 1 mile- back at dark was spooky! Lotsa boats...
  476. Full Eclipse

    SoCal-Support MLPA Map 2 Petition-Please sign, it takes 10 seconds

    Thanks alot- Petition signed- should be signed by everyone on B.D.
  477. Full Eclipse

    Papa Catch a 37# White Seabass

    Good on ya -what a nice fish! your grandson is prophetic, ask him about some lotto #s LOL
  478. Full Eclipse

    SD City Council ready to endorce MLPA - CALL TODAY TO STOP THIS!!!

    Fisherman 1-Coastkeeper 0 Thanx Guys! I like when Martie said she felt like she was bein hoodwinked LOL
  479. Full Eclipse

    VIDEO - Filleting 101 (plus a little fishing action)

    If its a bigger fish, this is a good method- with smaller tuna, take the whole fillet off.
  480. Full Eclipse

    Another first for me - 9-27-09 on the Point Loma

    Did that makeup for not eating the heart? Um, I dont think so- you can eat the heart next time though:frehya2: Congrats on the YFTs!!!
  481. Full Eclipse

    9/22 425-HiddenBank-230

    Thats a long run-thanks for the same day report!
  482. Full Eclipse

    Mammals = Tuna 9-20-09 and Customs Info

    Your avatar is disgusting......original......but disgusting. When ya gotta go- ya gotta go I think you fit the profile of a suspicious enough boat to check out- A year ago my son and myself were pulled over by homeland security -couple questions- are you the only people on the vessel? good...
  483. Full Eclipse

    Diver Down Flag Rules

    Generally speaking a boat needs to stay 200 feet away from anyone in the water. I think even that is too close, being a diver myself, a propeller across the noggen can ruin your day!
  484. Full Eclipse

    Makin macs

    Thanx for the input!
  485. Full Eclipse

    Makin macs

    Looking to go fishing on Thursday, going on a buddys boat- two bait tanks and we want to make some macs for poss marlin fishing- Where is the best place to make bait around the big bay? Zuniga? the whistler buoy? Any help would be appreciated.
  486. Full Eclipse

    Anybody seen this?

    how did you weigh it ? The girl, the whale,the seal, the turtle or the dorado? Oh ya or the mola?
  487. Full Eclipse

    9/20 Nice Day close to home.

    Ya!! Good job on the YFTs!
  488. Full Eclipse

    Rpt Wed. 9-15-09 1010 Trench.

    Way to go Cory, Your a fishing animal!!
  489. Full Eclipse

    Heading Out of MB Friday....

    Welcome aboard!-:cheers: Hope you get into em!!
  490. Full Eclipse

    New Lobster Regs

    Thanks for the OFFshore report
  491. Full Eclipse

    Pending World Record YT

    Damn what a rush- you got balls bigger than king kong-Way to slay em!
  492. Full Eclipse

    9/11 heading to 209-181

    Thanks for the report... Oh well, thats posting
  493. Full Eclipse


    SAT WIND VARIABLE LESS THAN 10 KT...BECOMING W 10 KT IN THE AFTERNOON. WIND WAVES 2 FT OR LESS. MIXED SWELL W 2 TO 3 FT AND S 2 FT. This is from NOAA for Sat. the 12Th. Are the bouys broke?
  494. Full Eclipse

    Beats work! 9-10-09

    The shot of JD took the helmet off? Good try you will getum next time
  495. Full Eclipse

    HIDDEN BANK 09-09-09

    Very Nice, Congrats-- Seems like everyone is getting tuna south of the islands on the way back... Ocean looks very managable-heard it kicked up a bit today- thanks for the report.
  496. Full Eclipse

    Tuesday 9-8-9 425 to hidden bank

    Down to the 425 on a Jetski? Ya! baby Good job on the yft!
  497. Full Eclipse

    Big rollers, lots a fish 9-7

    Oh I thought the fish were throwing up!LOL Sounds like it was pretty bumpy. Good job on the ahi!
  498. Full Eclipse

    oside to 181 9-7-09

    What? Come back! Awesome.
  499. Full Eclipse

    3 Day Local Parade of Pescados

    How do you go fishing three days in a row? Damn I hate you --in a good way! Good job on the roundup. It is def better to fish the plan so to speak-Radio fish suck! Hope your dad is ok.
  500. Full Eclipse

    425 YFT good bite!!

    Looks like fun, Good goin guys!
  501. Full Eclipse

    INSANE TRIP 9/6/09 Late Report

    Congrats on the first time! . Good eats on the dorado. Adreniline rush for sure!
  502. Full Eclipse

    9/7 Proud Papa

    Off the chart awesome, way to go!
  503. Full Eclipse

    9/5 Hidden Bank YFT,YT,DODO

    They mustve liked the sound of your boat-Congrats on a succesful day and thanks for the report!
  504. Full Eclipse

    Late report 9/4 and a ?

    Meat doesnt look right. is it lamb?
  505. Full Eclipse

    what time does the fueldock in oside open

    The same time you learn to post in the correct forum...... __________________ Hilarious:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  506. Full Eclipse

    9/3 Bluefiin, Dodos, YF 21 miles from PL

    Good Job puttin your boy on the fish Don, memories for a lifetime right there~! We ended up going south for a couple YFT and 1 dorado.
  507. Full Eclipse

    9/3 425 - 302: Drilled by flying fish

    Thanks for the intel and congrats on a successful day. Any fog this morn? Gonna try it tommorrow. Hope were half as fortunate as you.!- minus the flying fish of course- at least it wasnt a mako that flew in!~ Out, Steve
  508. Full Eclipse

    9-2 The 2009 Skunk Jumped Off the Boat

    Awesome solo effort! Good for you!
  509. Full Eclipse

    YFT With My Boys 8/27/09

    Very Nice! Congrats to you and your boys! I may have to change my float plan!
  510. Full Eclipse

    302 YFT

    Nicely done, secrets out and I hope to see more reports tommorrow! Plan on goin on Fri. c-ya on 72, Eclipse
  511. Full Eclipse

    8-26 N. NONE to 182 to 181

    Thanks for the effort, its much appreciated!
  512. Full Eclipse

    8-26 9M YFT after work w/pics

    Awesome news, good work! Good eats! Its on!
  513. Full Eclipse

    Rare Catch: Lancet Fish 8/21/09

    Wow! I think Im in love:loverz: What strange catch! How do they taste?
  514. Full Eclipse

    8/23 flat calm ocean

    What a diff a day makes!
  515. Full Eclipse

    8/22/09 425,371 and Hidden Bank,Fat Alby

    Wat to stick it out to put fish in the boat, nice albie!
  516. Full Eclipse

    Why I take days off in the middle of the week

    No need to gutem unless you want to check the stomach- guts=yuck!
  517. Full Eclipse

    You could go 75 miles or?? A little less! 8-21

    Get it out shops should be hurting for biz now. Actually the 2 repair shops I know about are pretty busy, Hopefully by Sat- Im itchin!!!!!! __________________
  518. Full Eclipse

    YFT 238 8/18 and 19

    Good goin, very jealous!
  519. Full Eclipse

    Big Yellowtail

    Nice catch inshore! Nice yalla
  520. Full Eclipse

    Yellowtail in the box, and my "Issues"

    Nice job on the yallers- did you bring the bathroom scale with? Easily 40-50lbers!
  521. Full Eclipse

    Its time to go south

    Thanks for the report, good job on the tuna. I may have to hop on a charter if these fish dont move up the line a little more.
  522. Full Eclipse


    Nice haul, guys. Excellent report. Did four of you fish the 238 in a 19 footer? Awesome haul way to go! In a 19 footer? Lets see, maybe I can do that Hmmmm. No!
  523. Full Eclipse

    43 gots um 8=15

    Sounds like channel 72 on a Sat. afternoon!
  524. Full Eclipse

    182,302,islands- no love

    Thanks for the report youll get um next time! Im curious about what kind of fishing we'll get next with the kind of cold water coming up from the south, strange season, hope it gets better locally.
  525. Full Eclipse

    Fishing out of Seaforth/LOST equipment

    Bad news, sorry about your loss. Karma is a great thing and Im sure theyll get whats comin.
  526. Full Eclipse

    Rpt Wed 8-12-09 Nados-Limits of Tails

    Cory, great report as usual-makes you feel as if you were there . Great job on the fish, tryin for it on Fri.
  527. Full Eclipse

    07/11 Went catching again.

    clocks out to a long run and goin the distance, Great report and good fishin!
  528. Full Eclipse

    8/11 yellows

    they wanted to come home for dinner? Nice -whad ya feed em? Good job on them yellas!
  529. Full Eclipse

    First trip long

    You guys killed it! Nice job on the trifecta looked like a heap of fun!
  530. Full Eclipse

    182-181-209 area 8/11/09

    Hope you have better luck next time, just a matter of time -not many anglers hit this area, I know I have for bupkis this time of year. But heard many good reports over the years, I always have lousy luck out of Oside, but thats just me.
  531. Full Eclipse

    302/371/425 Report 8/11

    Nice job gettin the youngun on the yelows! Looks like fun. Goin friday, hope the ocean behaves itself till then.
  532. Full Eclipse

    Opah of a day 8-11 09

    What a trip! Nice goin youll remember this one for awhile Congrats!! Ive never had Opah -whats it taste like?
  533. Full Eclipse

    Fishing Report for fri 8/6

    Congrats on the first bluefin for the boat!
  534. Full Eclipse

    371-302 Fishing Report/Weather **Aug. 6**

    This is very interesting! Excellent report, Congrats! Heard it was real sloppy out there.
  535. Full Eclipse

    DP Dodos, and Mako

    Wheres the pic of the bullito?
  536. Full Eclipse

    1,000 BDers needed August 3rd!

    I hope to make it right around 3:30- too important too miss c-ya,Steve
  537. Full Eclipse

    Boner heaven

    Wow bonies aplenty- Good job Hunter, the new generation!
  538. Full Eclipse

    North 9

    Saluki<SCRIPT type=text/javascript> vbmenu_register("postmenu_1425889", true); </SCRIPT> Something about a pet Oprah? __________________ She was smuggling mola!:rofl:
  539. Full Eclipse

    Does anybody know what this critter is?

    Rare pufeyed silverscale. You probably took the last one:Beat_Them
  540. Full Eclipse

    Solo YT and dorado trip

    Outstanding solo trip- Good eating for awhile!
  541. Full Eclipse

    7/31 wfly BFT/alb/marlin

    Awesome pic of you and the marlin- Great on the release!
  542. Full Eclipse

    7 30 Fish Report

    Nice!! Way to get your son on the seafood!
  543. Full Eclipse

    SSK, Ebfly, report, thurs/30

    Thanks for the report-was gonna make it tommorow-prolly sat good info!
  544. Full Eclipse

    Local dorado 7-29

    25 lb dorado is huge! Good goin!
  545. Full Eclipse

    BFT East Fly 7/29

    Good job- very nice day! Id be happy with that!
  546. Full Eclipse

    7/24 Wide Open C Bass San Clemente

    Very sweet- I think Im starting to see a pattern here! Hats off to Cap Dave!:appl::appl:
  547. Full Eclipse

    7-27 E-fly BFT

    Good job on the assortment!
  548. Full Eclipse

    MB bait - WTF?

    Can we please quit fucking the dead camel ??? Im with you It is what it is!:deadhorse
  549. Full Eclipse

    7-28 albies, tails, bluefin, dodo, marlin

    Very nice -thanks for the report-Buddy went out to 302 371 and ssk for no tuna but 1 nice yellow -nice to know some albies still around. Temp break has some def break down where you were-It will be interesting to watch next few days....
  550. Full Eclipse

    16 IN THE BOX!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Very Niiice!! Very nieghborly of you as well!
  551. Full Eclipse

    dodos albs

    Tuna in my freezer. Thanks for the intel.
  552. Full Eclipse

    Warheads on Foreheads this week -- Only Fools Rush In

    Stealing fish? How desperate for seafood do ya have to be?:rofl: Glad he got it back!
  553. Full Eclipse

    7/26 Albies, Tail, Dodo with Eyeproblem and his son Brian

    Great job on the fish! Congrats on gettin the youngster on the fish! Ive never seen a bigger skippy!
  554. Full Eclipse

    Ensenada 7-24-09-Bluefin, Dorado and almost limits of Yellowtail

    1 dorado counts as 2 fish in your 10 in any combo-
  555. Full Eclipse

    Zero for 2009 / Including 7-26

    Chin- up Itll all happen if you just let it Youll get em next time I heard some radio fish in your direction today.
  556. Full Eclipse

    Fished the 230 SS Knoll area

    Theyre real easy to land after the taxman bites there tail off! Good job on the quality alberts!
  557. Full Eclipse

    July 25 NW & W of 230 Quality Day

    Dam! You guys killed em. Way to go and thanks for the report, Hope the albies stick around, no fishing till Fri for me!!!
  558. Full Eclipse


    Wow!! Thanks for the report, Good job on the tuna! Looks like Cole has a dedicated shirt for fishing now!:rofl:
  559. Full Eclipse

    Cook goes overboard.

    It was wrapped up in the kelp? What an animal! Looks like a nice trip, Fishoplenty!
  560. Full Eclipse

    7/25 around the 43, 1 albie

    Well at least you got one a them there longfins- good job thanks for the report!
  561. Full Eclipse

    7/25 Dodos at the 181

    Very nice , thanks for the report! Were these all flylined, swimbaits ? Good eating right there.
  562. Full Eclipse

    Jul 24 - BFT, Albies

    Yipee cayea Way to go!!
  563. Full Eclipse

    Warheads on Foreheads this week -- Only Fools Rush In

    Great job on the offshore species. Thanks for the intel on the BF -Ive yet to see the foamers this year-Wheres the pics?
  564. Full Eclipse

    One $250 Dorado....

    That's $31.25 per pound. DAM! Cheaper than abalone! You always have to find a silver lining
  565. Full Eclipse

    One $250 Dorado....

    Thats just fishing- your racking up time on the water points- youll get um next trip in the meantime grill up that dodo!
  566. Full Eclipse

    302 on 7-24-09

    Nice goin on the quality yellows!
  567. Full Eclipse

    Barely skunked on Lake Pacgic

    Nice try Rich youll getum next time. sucks about the equipment problems, hope it gets back sooner this time, Good intel!
  568. Full Eclipse

    7/24 BFT Shy (of a Slam)

    Good job on the double slam at least!
  569. Full Eclipse

    Whining, Bitching, & Complaining--Mission Bay

    MB bait barge is way back in a stagnet part of the bay- not very much flushing action and it gets warm in there- I dont like to go out of Dana but sometimes the location of the fish and the ride home dictate where you launch. P.S. Wheres the pics??
  570. Full Eclipse

    07-23-09 Fishing was slow but interesting...

    Good job on the fishing, sounds like you covered alot of ground. Wierd about the missile! Sorry bout the t.p. doesnt look too bad. Happy dinner!
  571. Full Eclipse

    7/22 182 DODO/YELLER

    Nice fishin-did your bro give you some fish?:rofl:
  572. Full Eclipse

    Fishing Only in Mexico...Need CA License?

    What if? you are at the 302 and fishing goes off the hook at the 182! Just buy the license and then your ready! Thread solved! On a more serious note, I would NOT make her buy a license for anything!
  573. Full Eclipse

    Giant squid!

    Great goin Dad, puttin the youngsters on the seafood!
  574. Full Eclipse

    YFT - South

    Nice double bluefin! Nice fish down thata way-interesting you didnt hit anything else up the line.
  575. Full Eclipse

    went long / caught fish

    At least 46miles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well done guy's! You mustve gone 45 Right?
  576. Full Eclipse

    Casper 425 > Islands July 18

    Just amazing! Richard-your a douche-bag you were probably the guy that ran up my troll Fri. and flipped me off after I warned you off! Nice calicos, way to go dad! great tasting tacos!
  577. Full Eclipse


    Yeah until they all get stuck in that knob with NO where to go out there, then it should be some of the most WFO albie fishing possible... Or they could just fly the coup, but I like your scenario better!
  578. Full Eclipse

    07/19/2009 230 Albie's, pushing rope

    Yikes, At least you got one, hope the repair is easy, Towing services are great Ya?
  579. Full Eclipse

    1st ever Yellowtail (7/15 late report)

    Good job on your 1st ever yellowtail cherry-Now that you have the bug, you have to go and buy a BIG boat and invite all your friends!:rofl: Also, your waaay too clean, need some blood splashed around!:Exploding_Smiley:
  580. Full Eclipse

    went long / caught fish

    nice pics and looks like a nice sled congrats on the tri-fecta Im guessin at least 60-80 miles away? Nice fish Give up some details and your GOLDEN!!
  581. Full Eclipse


    Your not gonna do that on the boat are you?
  582. Full Eclipse

    point loma 7-16-09

    no tuna to be heard of . boo hoo ! August. I heard tell of tuna being caught today. too bad about your lost fish-youll get into em next time!
  583. Full Eclipse

    7-18 long day

    Thats persaverance- Good job on stickin it out, heard it was rough today -glad you got some.
  584. Full Eclipse

    Got two Yellow Fin

    Very nice fish Congrats!
  585. Full Eclipse

    7/18 on the Tuna Kahuna with Captain FS

    Awesome job on the yellows and tuna!
  586. Full Eclipse

    Albies at 371

    Congratulations on th Albys-Lotsa Parkers out there yesterday!
  587. Full Eclipse


    Posted by Full Eclipse (We were out yesterday in the same areas.) Just checked your position, you were at the hidden-sorry my mistake- sounds like you had a funner ride home yesterday kinda like an E ticket at Disneyland right?:rofl:
  588. Full Eclipse


    Congrats on the tuna! Those are some nice ones! We were out yesterday in the same areas. Ya up short in the prop wash was key, but we did get bit on the long lines too- I dont think it mattered what color- Im with Fred Archer on this one - two colors, Black and White , just when to use each.
  589. Full Eclipse

    Albacore within striking distance

    Talked to you both at the dock upon your were right about the toad albie...NICE!! Hope you enjoy your BBQ today.:appl::appl::appl: It was nice talking to you PM sent.
  590. Full Eclipse

    Albacore within striking distance

    82nd Airborne<SCRIPT type=text/javascript> vbmenu_register("postmenu_1406392", true); </SCRIPT> Registered what the hell did you say? Sorry, 15 hours on the water makes you dizzy!:rofl:
  591. Full Eclipse

    Albacore within striking distance

    Thought Id post this in case anyone going tommorow. Left SI around 2:30 and headed straight for 371- trolled from greylight into and past high spotf first double one came unbuttoned landed 19 lb -Helmut off -boxed all around the area N, S , E and west for 4 more largest model 32-34 on spring...
  592. Full Eclipse

    302 lone yellow

    My advice is to go further south-will be out tommorrow s. of 371 on channel 72 C-ya Steve
  593. Full Eclipse

    First Marlin of the Season

    Awesome, very nice-things are lookin fishier Going Friday.. c-ya on 72
  594. Full Eclipse

    Hit a blue whale!

    Damn, seems like everyone has hit somthing but me -kinda makes me wonder if my time is up, I hope not- already a couple close calls- Like almost smashing into an unlit pro-kat at around 3:30 am just out of the channel:spank:-Please use your lights- Out Steve
  595. Full Eclipse

    Yellowtail & Dorado

    Marcus with a 19.10# yellow on rope (30 lb): Thats Funny!:rofl: Congrats on some nice fish on such light line!
  596. Full Eclipse


    Damn niiiiiice fish!! Think youll go fishin again soon?
  597. Full Eclipse

    Upper 500

    Thanks for the report. I cant begin to tell you how valuble this info is ! Congrats on your fish, not very easily won.
  598. Full Eclipse

    Remember these guys

    Id like to see the longfin variety myself-course Ill feel lucky catching anything!! Bring-em on
  599. Full Eclipse

    Erics beast 7/9/09

    Hog Hali! Nice fishin bro!
  600. Full Eclipse

    ULTRA WIDE OPEN SEABASS FOR 30mn.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    :appl::appl::appl::appl:Damn nice lookin fish, thats the way to get it done!!
  601. Full Eclipse

    Cbass Jihad? Tank you very much!

    Nice fish. Lunker bass! Congrats!!
  602. Full Eclipse

    Apollo 2 Day 7/5 to 7/7 Done Deal!!!!!

    Thanks for the detailed report and congrats on some really nice looking grade of fish!
  603. Full Eclipse

    Cat and Clemente report for 7-6( Big Tails)

    Awesome report and nice tails- that water looks bitchen!
  604. Full Eclipse

    Bottom critters out of Marina Coral....4th july

    Many places in MX age their meat differently and it changes the flavor. Or not at all-Lotsa roadside cattle down there!:rofl:
  605. Full Eclipse

    First trip offshore for 2009

    Noble effort, your gonna get um next time! Thanks for the details.
  606. Full Eclipse

    Work together

    Im uh... happy for ya! Go teamwork
  607. Full Eclipse

    NorCal Longfin

    do you get anchovys up there? .Congrats on the chickens- were all champin at the bit for somethin to show up here.
  608. Full Eclipse

    295 1st albacore this year 7/03/09

    Damn Ramil, Thats 75 miles in one direction -You got huevos! Congrats on your 1st albert of the season.
  609. Full Eclipse

    HAZZARD at the 209!

    Sends chills up my spine just thinkin bout it. Ive tried to run the scenario through my mind about what to do first if your transom gets ripped off at 4:oo am and still cant quite get my brain around it.... Wait yes I can . you get wet-grab the handheld! Thanks much for the post Jason.
  610. Full Eclipse

    My Son Was On Fire...

    Wow, What a day great report,story and pics-Congrats!! Now have him pick some lotto #s
  611. Full Eclipse

    Nados for Cow Cuddas

    Smokage! __________________ SHRACKLE CRACKLE! The best smoked fish ever!
  612. Full Eclipse

    WSB Adventure 6-26/7

    Wow, just read this post those are outsanding fish! Congratulations!
  613. Full Eclipse

    Nados for Cow Cuddas

    Nice mess of jumbo slimers, Good work!