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  1. alex morataya

    For Sale Curado 300 DSV Great Shape

    You can sell that reel on swimbait underground for $200 easily.....amazing shape GLWS
  2. alex morataya

    WTB PH Ulua black blank

    Hey BD, Want to see if anyone has a PH Ulua black version for sale? Looking for a blank preferably but will take the factory rod as well. Thanks BD! Alex
  3. alex morataya

    Rpt.-Cat-07-02-20 Big Tails

    Happy to read your reports Cory! glad you guys found them, looks like y tu I’ll be eating well for a while!
  4. alex morataya

    SOLD Found one......

    Forgot to tell you, reach out to moon, he’s has the blanks and one if the best wrappers out there....
  5. alex morataya

    SOLD Found one......

    Great blank, you should consider the BTG 90j recoils a little faster so you can really pull on the fish killing them quick
  6. alex morataya

    SOLD Looking for Trinidad 12a..

    Best little reel ever!!!! Killed most of my yellows on that reel last year......
  7. alex morataya

    For Sale Shimano Trinidad 16a spooled with 65lb powerpro

    Killer deal! Braid alone is $65, that’s almost $200 savings.....some ppl don know a deal when they see one.... GLWS!
  8. alex morataya

    SOLD Calstar and Tranx combo

    If you decide to separate I would be interested in the tranx Thanks
  9. alex morataya

    For Sale Shimano Curado 300EJ - New in Box

    This is the best curado ej , the Japan version is the shit!!!
  10. alex morataya

    WTB Cal Star blank BTG 90 J-MAG

    Love my 90jmag! IMO it’s the best jig stick out there.....seekers are nice too but something about that 90jmag feels Just right for my style of fishing....won’t break the bank or ur back and you’ll have a rod that will kill yellows all day long
  11. alex morataya

    WTB Black PH Ulua

    Hey guys, Looking for this rod....factory wrapped. mid yiu have one and want to sell let me know. PM or text is best Thanks Alex 323-304-4941
  12. alex morataya

    SOLD Calstar gg 90j ???

    Simeón just posted on blk on blk....will need some coating but it’s a steal
  13. alex morataya

    SOLD Cal star GG90J blk/blk used

    Greta deal for an amazing rod! That’s a yellowtail killer!!!
  14. alex morataya

    SOLD Seeker pinhead black ulua

    Missed out on this deal!!!! Anyone got another for sale?
  15. alex morataya

    WTB Tiburon clamp trini 12a/14a

    Looking for 2 clamps. i believe they'r the same size for both reels. Let me know if you wanna sell. thanks alex
  16. alex morataya

    WTB Trini 16A or 20A

    Let me know if you have one around. mom price and location thanks
  17. alex morataya

    For Sale Clean TRInidad 20a for that ass...

    so far i think he's taking the gold on this ad, hahahahaha
  18. alex morataya

    WTB TN 20 or 20A

    How much for the 16
  19. alex morataya

    For Sale Phenix feather bass rod

    I’ll take it for my buddy.....he loves fishing lite line.....You come up to la?
  20. alex morataya

    For Sale Phenix feather bass rod

    Is this still available?
  21. alex morataya

    SOLD Seeker honey tip csj90 pending

    it’s in reference to Kanye West‘a jam, I believe late registration, not sure..... No PHD seeker, sorry for the confusion
  22. alex morataya

    SOLD Seeker honey tip csj90 pending

    I got a PHD....does that count?
  23. alex morataya

    Early Spring SB Bass Fishing

    best video so far! I like sand bass fishing and always enjoy seeing others pull on some turds.... nice outing and thanks for sharing
  24. alex morataya

    LB spotted bay bass biting report and video 4/8/20

    solid!!!! i'm about to do a ninja sesh, in the daytime..who know, lol! like the spinnerbait bite, kinda like surface iron fishing nice outing!
  25. alex morataya

    SOLD Trinidad 20A

    Nice ass reeel.....
  26. alex morataya

    For Sale Terez Rods (Aqua)

    Thanks for the offer guys....I would consider something lighter than 50-100 lbs lol....8 footers are best, need something for my trini 12 gold Thanks
  27. alex morataya

    For Sale Terez Rods (Aqua)

    Hey guys, I know this is a long shot but wanted to know if Shimano is making any Terez Rods that are 8 footers? I know in the past they did but haven't seen anything come up for sale.... looking for a rod for my reel.... thanks
  28. alex morataya

    For Sale 300 DSV 300 E

    Will sell and ship or trade for a nice jig stick....hit me up 323-304-4941 Thanks
  29. alex morataya

    WTB Gold Shimano Trinidad handle

    Looking for a handle for my Trinidad 12....let me know Thanks
  30. alex morataya

    SOLD Gold Trinidad 12 $200

    Mr. Dre, Thank you for the reel! it's clean and smooth. I appreciate your patience. Hope all is well, Sucks we couldn't even shake hands but know that I'm truly thankful for the reel and your patience.
  31. alex morataya

    WTB Seeker Blue Lightning/Inshore Pro 809 rod

    Last year I used the 809 with a trini 12A and killed the yellows all season long....never used my calstars or other seekers.....just the 809....light and strong
  32. alex morataya

    WTB Seeker Blue Lightning/Inshore Pro 809 rod

    Just get the isp 809, you won’t regret it
  33. alex morataya

    WTB Black pinhead ulua

    Hey guys been looking for the factory one and can’t seem to find one....want to know if anyone has one laying around they want to sell.... pM me thanks Alex
  34. alex morataya


  35. alex morataya

    SOLD SOLD *****

    is one of them the all black ulua?
  36. alex morataya

    For Sale Brand New TN 12 A. 400$ No Trades

    Great price for an amazing reel with braid.... Hope that you get back to work soon and keep your gear...or get what you’re asking for. Sorry to hear that....
  37. alex morataya

    SOLD Gold Trinidad 12 $200

    17lbs? Youre brave! I use my 12A with 50lb braid and 25lb floro, but 17lbs does sound fun......thanks for the info!
  38. alex morataya

    SOLD Gold Trinidad 12 $200

    Good to know. Now I gotta look for a trini 16handle lol....hope we can start fishing soon :)
  39. alex morataya

    SOLD Gold Trinidad 12 $200

    I like the idea of the bigger handle on it....but would that screw the gears up because of the torque? I know that lil reel is tough, I got the 12A and use it for the yellows all day long, so I know they can handle big ass fish.....but curious if the handle will screw the gears..... Thanks
  40. alex morataya

    SOLD Watch out for Boat0501 BETTY AND NICKS HAL 732 606 3451

    This is strange....I’ve bought from Kevin before and never had a problem.....he’s even dropped the prices on things as well, great seller with great gear.....straight up dude! Buy with confidence....
  41. alex morataya

    For Sale Tranx 500hg/Calstar n Penn 40nld2/Phenix

    Will you split the combo? Interested in the tranx... Thanks
  42. alex morataya

    SOLD 200$ 9'7'' Pinhead Ulua

    Someone buy this rod before I do lol
  43. alex morataya

    For Sale LB FD850

    Wish I never sold the one moon wrapped lol. Oh well, someone scored and someone’s gonna score again
  44. alex morataya

    SOLD 200$ 9'7'' Pinhead Ulua

    good gear, great seller. I pick up a PH Ulua (black n pink) and it was nice! buy with confidence...
  45. alex morataya

    For Sale Selling a Seeker 540-Mint condition

    Beautiful rod! (Never thought I’d say that lol) Diggin the color and wraps
  46. alex morataya

    WTB Torium 16 or 20HG

    Message replied. Thanks
  47. alex morataya

    WTB Torium 16 or 20HG

    If you have one hit me up. Prefer a tiburon clamp as well.....reel doesn’t have to be pretty but must be functional. Wanna get it for my brother for the up coming season. thanks
  48. alex morataya

    Tranx 500 HG ve PG

    Hey guys, Looking at this reel for my surface iron applications and what know what you guys suggest? I have a trini 16 and love it but also looking to add another reel to my arsenal. thanks
  49. alex morataya

    SOLD Seeker pinhead ulua 93h (OC)

    Looking forward to seeing the rod
  50. alex morataya

    SOLD A few Super seekers for sale or trade

    If you don’t find anyone to full fill your trade request, I’m ready to buy the green ulua blank...just saying
  51. alex morataya

    WTB Dobyns 908 Ultra Mag prefer 1st gen.

    There’s guy here that reached out to me and has the 806 1st generation ....his name is Jeff.. Here’s his number 661-753-6890.....hope it helps
  52. alex morataya

    SOLD Calstar GG•90•JMAG 30-60 9ft rod

    Sweet rod! Best jig stick IMHO....
  53. alex morataya

    WTB Dobyns SWB rod 807 or 867

    Let me know if anyone you have a swimbait rod for sale....looking for the newer dobyns all foam handle... thanks Alex
  54. alex morataya

    For Sale Okuma,Shimano,Seeker

    Hey Jose, Can you send a pic of the specs for the cura do rod 323-304-4941 Thanks Alex
  55. alex morataya

    For Sale Seeker BCSW #15-25 w/ Mini Super Clamp

    Is this blank the same blank seeker uses for their inshore pro line?
  56. alex morataya

    SOLD Long Beach SS Ulua

    Hey mike got yo pm as well, will send pix tomorrow Thanks
  57. alex morataya

    SOLD Long Beach SS Ulua

    Got it...will send pix tomorrow Thanks
  58. alex morataya

    SOLD Long Beach SS Ulua

    Got a 10 foot LB fat butt green glass Ulua blank if interested? was going to wrap it but don’t see that happening anytime soon....
  59. alex morataya

    For Sale Seeker BCSW #15-25 w/ Mini Super Clamp

    Very nice rod and really digging the clamp.....will the clamp work on other 300 size reels? Thanks
  60. alex morataya

    For Sale Trini 12A (sold) and Metaloid 12ii

    Great price on the trini 12A. That little reel caught half of my yellows this summer.....little but powerful enough to handle 15-25lbs yellows..... GLWS
  61. alex morataya

    WTB Dobyns 807

    Hey guys looking for the black swimbait rod for my glide baits, let me know if you have one to sell. thanks Alex merry Christmas
  62. alex morataya

    For Sale Lots Bass Rods / Reels / Freshwater / Trout

    I’ll take the 766 Powell flipping stick
  63. alex morataya

    SOLD Reels for sale, tranx, talica, trinidad

    I meant rate of fall in the hudds....sorry for the confusion
  64. alex morataya

    For Sale Shimano Trinidad 20 and calstar 90j -$550

    If you split I’d be interested in the reel
  65. alex morataya

    For Sale SOLD!!

    Sold! Thanks Micheal! Hope you kill tons of fish on it! Merry Christmas!
  66. alex morataya

    For Sale SOLD!!

    Let’s do it!
  67. alex morataya

    For Sale SOLD!!

    Thank you for the offer moon but have the 300te, looking for the new conquest
  68. alex morataya

    For Sale SOLD!!

    I’ll trade it for a nice swimbait set up..... Looking for a conquest 300.... Let me know thanks
  69. alex morataya

    For Sale SOLD!!

    All pm’s replied
  70. alex morataya

    For Sale SOLD!!

    Hey BD, Got a trini 16NA for sale full of 60lb braid clamp included. Might have the box but not sure. Didn’t get much use so looking to sell. $325 OBO ace to face $345 OBO shipped TYD Text me for pictures (it won’t let me load the images) looking for a dobyns 807/conquest 300 or 400... thanks Alex
  71. alex morataya

    SOLD Shimano Conquest 400 $300 StCroixxtreme legend $150

    Got any pic of the xl punker? Looking for big baits for stripers....... If you got any OG punkers let me know.
  72. alex morataya

    SOLD Jigsticks! Bait sticks! Fish sticks!

    That’s a great price for a custom 90J Mag! if you’re looking for a nice jigstick this is one of the best IMHO. GLWS
  73. alex morataya

    SOLD seeker LM9

    Very nice and clean wraps!
  74. alex morataya

    SOLD Blue SB Ulua

    Thanks for the offer but I find the 540 a bit too soft for a jig stick, at least for my style of fishing. I appreciate the offer tho
  75. alex morataya

    SOLD Blue SB Ulua

    How do I get my hands on that black tan ulua?
  76. alex morataya

    For Sale Seeker Honey 7X

    So tempting......:drool:
  77. alex morataya

    SOLD Keeping it

    Another nice rod! clean work What’s the action in the LM9
  78. alex morataya

    WTB Tiburon clamp Trinidad 14A

    If you got one for sale let me know. Thanks
  79. alex morataya

    SOLD Delete

    Hit me up with the new stuff. Thanks!
  80. alex morataya

    SOLD Delete

    Great seller!! Buy with confidence.... Do you still have the skinny ulua?
  81. alex morataya

    SOLD Shimano Trinidad Tn12 gold

    How would you compare it to the new trini 12A?
  82. alex morataya

    I hit him up earlier but I’m way too far and shipping’s out of the question so I knew I had a...

    I hit him up earlier but I’m way too far and shipping’s out of the question so I knew I had a slime chance.....can’t beat the deal. It’s my go to rod!
  83. alex morataya

    SOLD Seeker/Avet mxj

    I’ll take the rod
  84. alex morataya

    SOLD Seeker Ulua EX93H ***keeping it***

    You’ll regret letting it go but it’s hard to walk alway from that kind of money as well. Tough decision :)
  85. alex morataya

    TRADE Virgin Cousins 95Mag

    Not sold yet??? What’s going on BD?
  86. alex morataya

    SOLD Seeker Ulua EX93H ***keeping it***

    Nice rod for sure! But even a deal is out of my league lol....I’m sure there’s someone here with deep pockets ready to cut you a deal.
  87. alex morataya

    For Sale Black Glass Fenwick Jig Stick Sabre 690j

    Yellowfin or yellowtail? which boat? GLWS
  88. alex morataya

    TRADE Virgin Cousins 95Mag

    I like virgins Hahahaha!!! Great deal, great seller.....Someone’s gonna score!
  89. alex morataya

    SOLD Seeker Ulua EX93H ***keeping it***

    Share the video I want to see
  90. alex morataya

    SOLD Cousins 95j mag ( Limited edition Blacked Out Series )

    I remember when when it was selling for $400....dang I better keep mine lol
  91. alex morataya

    SOLD Cousins 95j mag ( Limited edition Blacked Out Series )

    :rofl::rofl::rofl: you got me rollin!!!!!
  92. alex morataya

    TRADE Super seeker f100 LB

    Hahahaha....I think it’ll whoop my ass as well.... I’d figure I’ll use it for a couple of years and then hand it down to my kid Hahahaha.
  93. alex morataya

    TRADE Super seeker f100 LB

    Great quote!!! Hahahaha Question- is your Ulua 10ft or did you modified it? I have a blank and want to get it wrapped. thanks for the info. by the way, hookem is a legit person that I’ve bought tons of gear from. He’s not only straight up, he’s understanding as well. He had a coupe of blanks...
  94. alex morataya

    SOLD Delete

    Clean wrap! Digging the metallic color bouncing off the root beer blank.
  95. alex morataya

    SOLD Come on in. Join the party.

    You forgot best customer service!!!
  96. alex morataya

    SOLD RARE SS composite/s-glass CSB909

    Cool wraps! Gave me some idea for my ULUA. GLWS!
  97. alex morataya


    Not gone yet???? What’s going on? I’m shocked! (I must resist, I must resist, I must resist).....someone buy it please
  98. alex morataya

    SOLD White Tiger 7X

    Question- who wrapped it? Very tempting lol
  99. alex morataya

    SOLD White Tiger 7X

    I can see it’s been collecting dust....Hahahha I must resist......someone please buy it. GLWS!
  100. alex morataya

    SOLD Seeker ex Ulua 93h 10’

    Nice colors and at $1300 it’s a deal!
  101. alex morataya

    WTB Cousins 95JMAG

    When you say “blows up on cows” are you saying it’ll break when fighting bigger fish say 80Lb class and above?
  102. alex morataya

    SOLD All blue glass Ulua

    :hali_ruahahaha::hali_ruahahaha::hali_ruahahaha: I love it!!
  103. alex morataya

    FREE Trinidad clamp GONE

    Someone did the same for me once and now just paying ir forward :)
  104. alex morataya

    FREE Trinidad clamp GONE

    want to be fair and Mike likes it was the first PM. I’ll send them out soon. Enjoy
  105. alex morataya

    FREE Trinidad clamp GONE

    Hey BD, I found this old Trinidad clamp that fits the gold Trinidad’s....I believe I used it for my trini 14 or 16 cant remember. Pm your address and I’ll send it to you Thanks
  106. alex morataya

    WTB Buddy looking for Cousins 95J

    Can you get me one? Lol Let me know if there’s any left over, us regular guys would like to own a quality rod too. Good luck!
  107. alex morataya

    For Sale And delete

    That Trini14A is a little beast. Probably the best all around reel for inshore and to some degree offshore. Can’t go wrong with this reel or buyer! By the way, love my 12A too.....
  108. alex morataya

    WTB 301e curado 300 - left hand retrieve

    Oh snap, that’s right I forgot about the type J model....never seen a lefty, pretty cool. There you go, same as the EJ
  109. alex morataya

    WTB 301e curado 300 - left hand retrieve

    Do they make em left handed....never seen one before....interested to see one. Hope you find one.
  110. alex morataya

    SOLD Shimano Calcutta 300te $180

    Stupid, sick, no brainer deal!!!!
  111. alex morataya

    For Sale Tranx 400 and Phenix Ultra Swimbait

    That rod is a bitchen rod!!! The trigger is designed for all day casting big baits and hard to find. I’m not a Phenix fan, I dislike them, but that’s then only rod I would buy. Anyone who gets the rod will be happy for sure! GLWS!
  112. alex morataya

    WTB Seeker inshore Pro 809

    At least you’re getting offers.....when I was looking for one no one answered lol. I would buy it again if I found one :)
  113. alex morataya

    WTB Seeker inshore Pro 809

    Hope you find one, you’re gonna love it!!!
  114. alex morataya

    WTB Looking for Trinidad 12A

    Sweet hit me up with pix Thanks man!!!
  115. alex morataya

    WTB Looking for Trinidad 12A

    Anyone got one for sale?
  116. alex morataya

    WTB Torium 14HG

    looking for a eeel for my brother who’s now got the bug.....trying to get him set up. Thanks
  117. alex morataya

    WTB 1-2oz banana leadheads

    hey BDer’s Can anyone help me find some banana lead heads for fishing sandies on the twilight? I stay in Porter Ranch and will fishing MDR tonight. Thanks Alex
  118. alex morataya

    SOLD Shimano reels (carlsbad)

    That 12A is a bad ass little reel.
  119. alex morataya

    90 anglers WTF

    90 is a lot of ppl no doubt but they “Native Sun” at least post the number of ppl on the boat which lets you know more or less what you’re getting into. Other boats in the same landing only post “spots available” which I find a bit deceiving and unethical. Once there you realize you’ll be...
  120. alex morataya

    SOLD Seeker SSR 93H ( Blue)

    It’s no joke....I got 2 rods wrapped and feel like a changed man, lol!!!
  121. alex morataya

    SOLD Seeker SSR 93H ( Blue)

    No apology needed....the price asked by the seller is his/her right....we all know the quality of the wrap and that makes it valuable :)
  122. alex morataya

    SOLD Seeker SSR 93H ( Blue)

    Can you explain the difference...sorry for my question, just not too familiar with Seeker line and I want to either get one wrapped or jump on one of these. Thanks
  123. alex morataya

    WTB Seeker inshore pro

    Hope you find one! I have the 809 Corey sander inshore pro and that thing is sick! Light and strong....I know it’s for fishing calicos in the weeds but it handles yellows with ease. GL
  124. alex morataya

    For Sale Super seeker greenies and OG saltigas

    I don’t what’s better.....the gear or the pictures lol. Nice rods! Thank I’m digging the black on green scheme!
  125. alex morataya

    SOLD Seeker SSR 93H ( Blue)

    No kidding....I guess I gotta get a 3rd gig lol! Ni ce wrap tho
  126. alex morataya

    WTB Seeker Inshore Series

    You should go pull on the 809, you won’t be disappointed. Pulled on yellows and calicos with ease. Light and strong so you won’t get worn out fishing it all day. I used mine with a Trinidad 14A. Check it them out
  127. alex morataya

    Catalina Friday tails

    Looks like you guys got into em. Nice grade if fish too. Congratulations and good eats right there. But he way is that a 16NA on the seeker?
  128. alex morataya

    7/27 Coronados BIT (Video)

    Nice job and awesome tip on not losing your fish to the dogs. Never heard that one before....gotta try that one next time
  129. alex morataya

    Inshore Mako (part II)

    You guys have big balls!!!! Hahaha Congratulations on an awesome beast !!!!!
  130. alex morataya

    For Sale Padres vs Dodgers 8/2

    Not sure but the packages included 2 parking passes. Kinda weird but i usually give one away to someone in line to save them some money.
  131. alex morataya

    For Sale Padres vs Dodgers 8/2

    Got 4 field seat tickets with 2 preferred parking passes for sale. Each ticket is $175 and preferred parking passes are $50 each, total package price is $800 but looking to let go for $500. Amazing seats and since it’s a Friday night game you’ll get to walk in the field for fireworks. PM if...
  132. alex morataya

    For Sale Seeker inshore 808 & Wallbanger

    I live in porter Ranch, adjacent to chatsworth/Northridge but work in Burbank
  133. alex morataya

    For Sale Seeker inshore 808 & Wallbanger

    I’d take the 808 if you were closer to LA. Some of the best rods in my opinion.
  134. alex morataya

    Difference in Curado E green color

    I’ve been noticing that my EJ changes colors when you move it around but my 300e stays the same green color. Has anyone noticed this or is it just me? Just curious. Thanks
  135. alex morataya

    SOLD Super Seeker 6485

    that's a deal on a great rod....someones gonna score.
  136. alex morataya

    WTB Xtratuf boots size 10 or 11

    located in Burbank/LA, let me know if you have a pair laying around... Thanks Alex
  137. alex morataya

    For Sale Deck boots.

    Hey rob, Do you come up to LA? If so I’ll take em...
  138. alex morataya

    SOLD Super Seeker 6485

    Oh man, that’s way down there.....all good If you’re ever in LA and still have the rod me know. Thanks
  139. alex morataya

    SOLD Super Seeker 6485

    Where’s imperial beach
  140. alex morataya

    WTB Seeker 93h ulua

    Dope rod!! Too bad it sold, would have bought it.
  141. alex morataya

    WTB 90j

    Got pix?
  142. alex morataya

    T Shark 7/6/19

    Beautiful fish!!! Huge kudos for CPRing the Tshark....many more and bigger ones coming your way!
  143. alex morataya

    SOLD 10’ Super Seeker Ulua GREENIE

    Very honorable of you but you don’t need to justify why or who you sold it to....this is a free market and cash is king! if ppl are hurt hurt about so be is never about feelings, it’s about making the right financial decision that full-fills your financial needs.....but someone...
  144. alex morataya

    For Sale Shimano Bass set up

    They’re not the same as those crucials but they work and they are Nice as well. I like mine but I miss my crucial. I still have a flipping 711H crucial and the XH Swimbait rod from that generation that I use....they were nicely built.
  145. alex morataya

    For Sale Shimano Bass set up

    The new curado rods are really nice. Had mine replaced when I broke my crucial (green version 3 generations back) and was skeptical at first but then it’s been my go to rod. Great price for a great rod. GLWS
  146. alex morataya

    Catalina report and PB

    Dope video! congrats on the PB slug! the name "pig" on the rod is hilarious!!!!! thanks for sharing and for cleaning up our ocean :)
  147. alex morataya

    WTB Looking for Trinidad 12A

    Looking for a trini12A to add to my arsenal. If you have one laying that doesn’t get much use let me know. PM or text. I stay in porter Ranch/granada Hills work in Burbank. Thanks Alex 323-304-4941
  148. alex morataya

    It this legal?

    If you’re not gonna name the boat then what’s the point.....
  149. alex morataya

    It this legal?

    Although this isn’t right or ethical , I would like to know which boat killerskiff is talking about. Naming the boat helps us all and avoids speculations...
  150. alex morataya

    It this legal?

    Hey Killerskiff, Sorry you had a sucky trip. I'm sure lots of us have had 1 or 2 shitty trips in our lives but for the most part its been okay with no problems or issues. If you really want this to stop, then please name the boat you were on. doing this will help the next guy make a better...
  151. alex morataya

    SOLD NIB Trinidad 14a

    Such an amazing little reel. Landed yft, bft and yelleers up to 40lbs no problem. Great deal with braid and never’on someone buy it, won’t regret it
  152. alex morataya

    For Sale GUCCIxSeeker Hercules

  153. alex morataya


    Clean reel and badass deal!!!!! My favorite reel. Should sell tonight
  154. alex morataya

    SOLD Trinidad 14a Excellent shape

    that's a deal, can't believe it hasn't sold.
  155. alex morataya

    SOLD Calcutta 300 TE with 2 handles Pix

    Hey BD'ers, looking to sell my last calcutta 300TE with paddle and power handle. (trini 14 gold handle). has 65lbs braid 50% and the rest 25 mono. Never seen salt water, only fresh water, it was my swimbait reel. looking for $225 firm. located in porter ranch/Granada Hills Thank Alex 323-304-4941
  156. alex morataya

    SOLD Super Seeker CJBF 100 greenie Moon wrapped

    That is a sweet ass rod!!! Moon wrapped my jig stick last summer and hands down it’s the best rod ever...a true piece of art imo
  157. alex morataya

    SOLD Shimano Crucial CRC-C711M

    Best rods ever! These are the last generations with lifetime warranty. Can’t go wrong with that rod. GLWS!
  158. alex morataya

    For Sale Curado Rod

    hey guys, Broke one of my crucial rods and shimano replace it with a new curado rod. It’s too parabolic or light for my style of fishing so want to sell it. Specs: Length: 7’0” Power: Medium Action: extra fast Line: 10-15lb Lure: 3/16-1/2 $100 obo Text is best 323-304-4941 Thanks Alex
  159. alex morataya

    For Sale SHIMANO 301E Price Drop

    Clean reel. Can’t beat the price too especially when you factor the fact it has braid and a power handle. Great deal for sure! Shouldn’t last
  160. alex morataya

    WTB Crucial swimbait rods

    hey BD, Looking for any swimbait crucial rods that have the black EVA split grip. Let me know if you have one laying around you don’t use anymore. Text is best 323-304-4941 Thanks Alex
  161. alex morataya

    SOLD Shimano Conquest 401-Used $350.00

    Great price! Shouldn’t last long
  162. alex morataya

    SOLD Shimano calcutta 300te and 200te

    If you can’t sell here, try swimbait underground and it’ll sell fast, especially that 300TE GLWS
  163. alex morataya

    SOLD Shimano calcutta 300te and 200te

    If you can’t sell here, try swimbait underground and it’ll sell fast, escoially that 300TE
  164. alex morataya

    WTB Expride 76 Heavy

    if you’ve got laying around let me know. Thanks
  165. alex morataya

    SOLD (2) Shimano Trinidad 16A Used with box

    Great reels and great prices! If they don’t sell now, they will once the yellows start biting... GLWS!
  166. alex morataya

    WTB GL2 956 or 957 SWB

    let me know if you have one for sale. Thanks
  167. alex morataya

    For Sale LB made seeker rods

    Hey jerr, Can you post more pix of the 809. Thanks
  168. alex morataya

    For Sale Mint like new trinidad 14a!

    one of my favorite little reels. clean and great price too, can't believe it hasn't sold yet. Little in size but capable of handling big fish...great for these bonito we have right now in our local waters. someones gonna score if they pick it up. GLWS!
  169. alex morataya

    For Sale Calcutta 300 TE with power and paddle handle

    hey guys, i have a clean calcutta 300TE with a power handle and paddle handle that doesn't get much action. i prefer using my low profiles and i think its time to sell this one. this is my last one, might regret it but for now i'm selling it. no rush to sell it. asking $250 PM or text me...
  170. alex morataya

    Dana point Clemente 1/2 day 10/29

    that's what it's all about. now you're gonna have a fishing buddy for the rest of your life! good job dad!
  171. alex morataya

    SOLD Withdrawn - GS Rod

    hey Bud, try selling the reel and rod on someone will take it, especially at those prices. good luck!
  172. alex morataya

    For Sale SOLD 8 REELS

    Great reels! Amazing prices!
  173. alex morataya

    The shoe

  174. alex morataya

    WTB 300 ej or 300e

    Tempting but it’s a bit out of my budget right now. Maybe later.... Thanks man!
  175. alex morataya

    WTB 300 ej or 300e

    Thanks Shawn. Text some pic 323-304-4941
  176. alex morataya

    WTB 300 ej or 300e

    let me know if you have one laying around. Pm me, getting ready for the swimbait season. Thanks Alex
  177. alex morataya

    WTB Clean Trinidad 20A Great deal! Exactly what you’re looking for...don’t wait, buy it
  178. alex morataya

    For Sale TN16NA $325 !!!$300 tonight!!!

    Amazing deal! Looks bad ass with that Stella handle.
  179. alex morataya

    WTB XH Swimbait Rod

    Holy smokes, you found a unicorn. Great rod with life time warranty...
  180. alex morataya

    WTB XH Swimbait Rod

    That’s an old model. Hard to find now a days. One of my favorite models. Good luck
  181. alex morataya

    SOLD Daiwa lexa wn 300

    Nice looking reel and sweet deal too!
  182. alex morataya

    For Sale Seeker,uc,trinidads,curados

    I've been good thanks. haven't jump[ed on a boat this year, busy with family life but I've been hitting local golf courses and nailing some bass on the Swaver 200 trout and light trout. no ocean yet but hopefing soon. nice stuff you got there. I'msure it'll sell soon.
  183. alex morataya

    SOLD Trinidad 16A Cerritos/Cypress

    Great price on a solid reel! Don’t think it’ll last long before someone snatches this up. GLWS
  184. alex morataya

    For Sale Seeker,uc,trinidads,curados

    Looks like you’ve been doing the glide thing lol! Those mothers sure swim nice
  185. alex morataya

    WTB Seeker ISP 809

    I bought from a fellow condition too. I’m sure someone’s got one laying around....good luck with your search
  186. alex morataya

    For Sale SS Super Seeker 90m

    25-50lb.... solid rod! good for surface iron and can handle yellows with no issues.
  187. alex morataya

    For Sale Mint Calstar GFDH 850M

    got a minty rod, almost new for sale. Asking $200 obo. Don’t need it anymore as I juts picked my custom rod. Text me 323-304-4941 Thanks Alex
  188. alex morataya

    WTB factory wrapped Calstar 800H 800ML This guy has a nice 20A for sale. Clean and only $380 with braid too. Can’t beat that the
  189. alex morataya

    For Sale Calcutta 300TE with 2 handles

    Hey BD, Selling my 300 TE with power handle and paddle handle. been my go to reel for a long time and has never let me down. had 65lb brad (apporx 120 yrds) and 75yrds of 25lb pline (i think). cosmetically 7.5/10 mechanically 9/10 will post pictures today or shoot me a text for pictures...
  190. alex morataya

    WTB Seeker ISP 809

    I’m not sure about the 807 or 808 since I’ve never used either one...but I do own the 809 and it’s such a bitchen rod. I bought it to fish bass, but killed 20lb yellows on it with no problem. Light enough to fish for bass all day and strong enough to toss iron (tady C) and bait at yellows....I...
  191. alex morataya

    WTB Seeker ISP 809

    Nice!!! The 809 is a beast!
  192. alex morataya

    WTB Seeker 809 Inshore Pro blank PLEASE DELETE

    I hear you brutha....i was thinking of wrapping an 800L but I prefer this’s an awesome rod all around. The action is bitchen!
  193. alex morataya

    WTB Seeker 809 Inshore Pro blank PLEASE DELETE

    I bought for bass only but quickly found out it was good for the yellows too...not small yellows either...what reel did you slap in it?
  194. alex morataya

    WTB Seeker 809 Inshore Pro blank PLEASE DELETE

    I bought this rod not too long ago and it’s AWESOME! Now I want a blank and have a custom deckhand one. This rod is so versatile you’re gonna love it!!! Hope you find one
  195. alex morataya

    For Sale GFDH 850M

    Yes deckhand. I think it’s the best all around rod. Only reason for selling is I’m getting one wrapped soon
  196. alex morataya

    SOLD Super seeker 90M SOLD!

    You’re welcome! Can’t wait to see some pix!
  197. alex morataya

    For Sale GFDH 850M

    Bump! the rod is practically new.
  198. alex morataya

    SOLD Super seeker 90M SOLD!

    sold! enjoy the rod and kill some fish on it!
  199. alex morataya

    SOLD Super seeker 90M SOLD!

    Don’t want to sell it but need some cash. Either I sell this rod or my calstar....
  200. alex morataya

    SOLD Super seeker 90M SOLD!

    this is a custom wrapped rod by Young’s tackle. Clean rod No rust No cracks No name Cord handle Fuji guides Bought here from a fellow BD memeber. Paid $300 Will sell $250 firm. Text for faster response 323-304-4941 Alex Thanks
  201. alex morataya

    For Sale GFDH 850M

    selling a clean gfdh 850M. factory wrapped no cracks no scratches no rust Porter Ranch during night time Burbank during day. asking $200 firm. no rush to sell..just a back up rod. no trades thanks for reading. Text for faster response 323-304-4941
  202. alex morataya

    SOLD GG 90J factory SOLD

    Sold!!!! Thanks BD.
  203. alex morataya

    SOLD GG 90J factory SOLD

    hey BD, Have an almost new factory gg 90j for sale. Used 3 times in 4 yrs. no rust no cracks on the guides Has xwrap over cork. Asking $200 Text for pictures 323-304-4941 Work in burbank Live in porter Ranch
  204. alex morataya

    SOLD Reduced Xlnt Seeker Inshore Pro 709-7T 20-30lb - $115

    Amazing rod, So versatile and a killer back bone! Can pull on calicos all day with it and yellows! Wish it was an 8ft I would take it. GLWS!
  205. alex morataya

    For Sale Trinidad 14A $350

    Sorry to jack your thread. Hope it sells!
  206. alex morataya

    For Sale Trinidad 14A $350

    This changes my view on my trini 14a....60# BFT is huge...didn’t think this reel could handle that but now I guess it does. Thanks man!
  207. alex morataya

    SOLD New 300 ej pics up

    Great deal on an awesome reel! The only issue I have with the E series is the fact that they’re running out of parts at least that happened to my complains though, got a new curado 200K....can’t beat Shimanos customer service
  208. alex morataya

    SOLD New 300 ej pics up

    all ej's come with a power handle
  209. alex morataya

    Need advise on BFT setup

    That’s new to time I spool my reel, I’m using max Thanks
  210. alex morataya

    Need advise on BFT setup

    Good to know.....learned something new today :)
  211. alex morataya

    Need advise on BFT setup

    Why max cuarto? Is it narrower? Is it strong like regular braid?
  212. alex morataya

    Need advise on BFT setup

    Yeah...I prefer the narrow reels instead. Thanks man
  213. alex morataya

    Need advise on BFT setup

    I’m with you. I like the smaller gear that can handle big fish. Kinda like my using my 16a versus a 20a. Leaning towars a 12ii....thanks for the input man!
  214. alex morataya

    Need advise on BFT setup

    Thanks man! I like the idea I can put #100+lbs fish on the deck with a small reel.
  215. alex morataya

    Need advise on BFT setup

    That’s like mortgaging my house lol! I got trini 14a, 16na, 16a which covers me 20-40lbs. But don’t have anything for the big boys....wish I could get 2 Talicas but can only afford 1 and 1 rod plus the trip lol. But definitely something to keep in mind as I build the BFT arsenal. Thanks all!
  216. alex morataya

    Need advise on BFT setup

    Thanks m Thanks man. I appreciate your help.
  217. alex morataya

    Need advise on BFT setup

    hey guys, Looking to buy a Talica 12ii for the bft but not sure if that’s enough? Should I consider Talica 16ii? What rod should I purchase or what do you guys prefer? Any tips or advise will greatly be appreciated. Thank you
  218. alex morataya

    New Shimano Trinadad 16AN $380 w 50 braid New

    Me too! great deal on an awesome little big reel!
  219. alex morataya

    WTB Trinidad 12/14 gold handle

    thank you for the offer but i only need the handle. post the reel here, i'm sure it'll seel right away.
  220. alex morataya

    WTB Trinidad 12/14 gold handle

    if you have one for sale let me know. Prefer local pick up. Thanks
  221. alex morataya

    Coronados on the Mission Belle

    Thanks for the report. Precise and to the point. I love the run and gun style fishing, keeps you on your toes! Thanks for sharing
  222. alex morataya

    For Sale Bv2 400 Bv2 500 Bv2 600

    Hope it’s a mistake that can be fixed quickly. Never had any problems with anyone here but this is exactly why i prefer the face to face thing
  223. alex morataya


    Great price for a clean, awesome little reel. Plus, it’s got braid which makes the deal even sweeter! Love mine. If didnt have 3 already I’d be all over it.
  224. alex morataya

    SOLD 9 footer 900H price drop

    GFDH means deckhand style
  225. alex morataya

    My d-ck is bigger than yours!

    Cool video! Makes me want to trade in my rods for speargun, a wet suit and some fins....looks like I’ll have a better shot and killing some tail versus jumping on a boat with 40 other guys lol. Time to consider a new hobby....hmmmm Thanks for sharing
  226. alex morataya

    WTB Banana leadheads for Sandies

    hey guys, Sorry if I posted this know the wrong forum. Looking to buy some lead heads for sanbass fishing. I don’t seem to find them in my local tackle stores. I’m in porter ranch/granda Hills. Anyone have some for sale or point me in the right direction? Thanks Alex
  227. alex morataya

    SOLD 1st Generation Seeker White Tiger

    Such a nice rod! Wish i had the cash for it. Looks nice and dig the color scheme. Someone’s gonna pick it up eventually
  228. alex morataya

    For Sale Reduced again!!Shimano Curado 300e with power handle!

    great price considering it has a power handle and braid. that alone is $70. if i didn't have 2 already i would be all over it. GLWS!
  229. alex morataya

    SOLD Trinidad 16NARROW 4 sale it WTT

    Favorite little reel that fishes like a big reel! great price too. that's over $100 in savings.
  230. alex morataya

    For Sale Shimano tranx 400 hg

    Great price with or without the receipt GLWS!!
  231. alex morataya

    For Sale WTS Diawa and Calico special rods

    The calico special rods are awesome and I would buy it from you if you were in LA
  232. alex morataya

    For Sale WTS Diawa and Calico special rods

    Love those calico special rods. If you come to LA I’ll let all it. Thanks
  233. alex morataya

    For Sale Or Trade Black’d Out Calstar 270-8H

    That’s a bad ass rod! Digging the wrap and design. Good luck with the sale.
  234. alex morataya

    WTB Rod for my tranx 400...

    Good all around rod....GFDH 850M Good for bait and light surface iron. Enough back bone to kill yellows, sensitive enough to use for calico/sandies.
  235. alex morataya

    WTB crucial swimbait rod

    looking for the split grip heavy action crucial swimbait rod. If you have one PM me. Thanks
  236. alex morataya

    In shore rods / shimano n diawa

    I if deals falls through I’ll take the teramars Thanks
  237. alex morataya

    WTS Trinidad/calstars

    I thought they would sell by now but got a lot of “counter offers” but no takers....maybe as we get closer to spring things will pop. Hopefully I’ll get rid of these bills by then and not have to sell them :)
  238. alex morataya

    WTS Trinidad/calstars

    Saturday bump. Trinidad’s are clean and rod always rinsed after every trip.
  239. alex morataya

    WTB Shimano swimbait rod CRC-S711HA

    looking for the spilt grip all black swimbait rod. Previous model not the new green one. If you have one PM with price and location. Thanks
  240. alex morataya

    WTB dobyns 867

    if you have one let me know. Thank Alex 323-304-4941
  241. alex morataya

    Calcutta 300TE power handle

    got a power handle for sale. bought it from jigging world, cost me $60 with shipping and tax. $40 TYD same color as the picture. thanks Alex 323-304-4941
  242. alex morataya

    WTS Trinidad/calstars

    No trades, looking for cash Thanks
  243. alex morataya

    WTS Trinidad/calstars

    For some reason it won’t let me upload the pictures. Text me and I’ll send you pictures. Thanks
  244. alex morataya

    WTS Trinidad/calstars

    wassup BD, Got some unexpected expenses that I need to pay up so I’m selling some stuff: Trinidad 14a 8/10 $325 Trinidad 16a N 8/10 $350 Trinidad 16a 8/10 $350 with tiburon clamp Tributos clamp for Trinidad 16a $30 Calstar 90J with xwrap 9/10 $180 Calstar 850M deckhand 9/10 $200 Text me for...
  245. alex morataya

    Native Sun

    that's exactly what i was thinking when i read this report. customer service will separate you from the pack. Native Sun is my favorite local boat. the Pursuit is a killer boat, haven't jumped on it in a long time, its always packed but for a good reason. Love the fact that this landing...
  246. alex morataya

    Curado 300 EJ , 300 DSV, Performance Tackle SWB rod, Shikari Trout Rod

    Thanks for the reel Matt! Looking forward to killing some fish with it. Bump for a great seller and great/clean gear! Good luck on the DSV, tempted :)
  247. alex morataya

    WTB calstar 900L

    looking for a blank or factory wrapped. Pm me with price. Thanks
  248. alex morataya

    8/20 Catalina Island Report and Slug Yellows

    you've been killing it! if its not big calicos, its slug yellowtails! either way great report and pictures. glad you guys got the yellow, nothing like team work! Thanks for sharing!
  249. alex morataya

    FS Trinidad 16na-SOLD

    Deal of the week! Someone's gonna be that reel
  250. alex morataya

    WTS phenix SMX 82H

    Got a clean swimbait rod for sale. Don't really use it anymore... $150 Text for faster reapose 323-304-4941 Thanks
  251. alex morataya

    Rpt.-Wed. 08-02-17 SCI, another big Bluefin on the Toronado!

    congratulations on another big fish! i wish i could fish as much as do :) Toronado is a great boat! both Chris and Tom are very cool and super helpful. thanks for sharing Cory!
  252. alex morataya

    Coronado Island Bluefin

    nice outing! i'm jealous, hope they are still biting by this weekend. question- were they line shy?
  253. alex morataya

    Catalina tail

    Awesome report! I like reading reports like this, they make me happy :) it's always nice to 3 generations fishing together! Your son is hooked and your wife got a slug of a yellowtail!! Congratulations to her and you for taking them all out! Thanks for sharing
  254. alex morataya

    50 lb Halibuts on Video • Santa Rosa Island

    finally got to see the entire video. one word....AWESOME! love the footage, especially the shot of the 2 old guys in a dingy. Way to go! Old Guys Rule for sure! thanks for sharing!
  255. alex morataya

    Back to Basics - DP Bassin

    great video thanks for sharing....
  256. alex morataya

    Native Sun 7/10

    great boat and great captain. you wont be disappointed. glad you got in to the time i'm bringing 12lb set to see the calicos jumping...way too much fun :) thanks for sharing
  257. alex morataya

    Native Sun 7/10

  258. alex morataya

    Native Sun 7/4

    That's what I like about Arron, he works hard to put you on fish....Great attitude and never gives up.
  259. alex morataya

    Native Sun 7/4

    That's what I like about Arron, he works hard to put you on fish....Great attitude and never gives up.
  260. alex morataya

    Native Sun 7/4

    Love the fact it has no corners....gotta keep moving.... :)
  261. alex morataya

    Point Loma July 3rd

    spending quality time with your daughter is what life's all about. can't ask for anything else. thanks for sharing!
  262. alex morataya

    7/6 Afternoon Trip and Wide Open Toads at Izor's

    toads for sure! lots of life out there. great picture of your dad! thanks for sharing
  263. alex morataya

    Native Sun 7/4

    i'd like to see that!
  264. alex morataya

    Native Sun 7/4

    i hear you man....native sun will make your son's as well your experience a memorable one for sure...taking my son on Sunday, cant wait to see him land a fish...
  265. alex morataya

    Native Sun 7/4

    I've seen that before...its okay to help your buddies but you really need focus your attention on the ones that need the help and support. you want to ensure that customer service is your first priority, especially for newbies and the next generation of anglers...the only thing captains and...
  266. alex morataya

    Native Sun 7/4

    totally agree with you!
  267. alex morataya

    Native Sun 7/4

    decided to jump on the native sun on Tuesday and it was blast. the fishing was great with nice calicos and sandies coming over the rail. most bass were quality models averaging 4lbs. at one point the calicos came up to the surface jumping out of the water which was pretty cool to see,. its been...
  268. alex morataya

    Catalina - 7/2

    Nice looking calico...haven't seen a big one lately glad you found em. thanks for sharing. alex.
  269. alex morataya

    Has anyone seen my GF Karma?! - 6/28 Late report

    thanks for sharing your report. I've been waiting to read a report re: the boat and Skipper. i only hear good things about he operation..looking to jump on it soon. you're right about the'll all click soon and the fish bite, it just a matter of time. gad you got to pull on some...
  270. alex morataya

    Fished Catalina 6/28 on the Sportking w/ 60 other people

    way to go... digging the Long Beach hat! go beach!
  271. alex morataya

    Is this a record Seabass on Pole and Line ?

    that's is a toad!! regardless of the record you are in the 70lb class which is very impressive. you'll be eating well for weeks to come. congratulations!
  272. alex morataya

    WTB Phenix M1 Inshore SMX-82H

    Nice rod! Inshore assain tods kick ass!!! Wish it was 8ft
  273. alex morataya

    WHOPPER by son at the Flats 06/22/17

    That's a toad! Congrats to your son! Really like the pictures wheee he's hooked up and the pooped picture, lol!!! Can't wait to take my son fishing...those memories are priceless!! Thanks for sharing!
  274. alex morataya

    Sportking fishing @ Catalina Island 6/21

    i can handle sarcasm but when they start ripping in to you then it becomes something else. that takes the fun out of fishing and screwing up, lol...
  275. alex morataya

    Sportking fishing @ Catalina Island 6/21

    is he that kinds of captain? i don't know about him or his crew but i've been eyeing the boat, but not sure about fishing with someone like that.
  276. alex morataya

    Calstar 690j $160

    nice rod and nice excellent price. if you come to LA i might just take it off your hands.
  277. alex morataya

    6/19 Bass fishing is just nuts!

    nice looking sandies! those are the nicer models. yeah, twilight's have been tough. Native Sun is a nice boat, Captain and deckies are cool peeps. congrats on getting you son on quality fish. thnaks for sharing
  278. alex morataya

    6/13 @ El Zapato.

    sounds like a great day to me even though it wasn't wide open. your boy with the LC 110 and trout gear must have had a blast! thanks for sharing.
  279. alex morataya

    Late report for Wednesday 5-31-17, Horse shoe

    Awesome job on the solo trip and congratulations on both the fish and boat! Many more successful trips to come for you! Thanks for sharing
  280. alex morataya

    5/26 Twilight Sandbass Tourney on the Monte Carlo

    They're there but it all depends on conditions, current, temp....etc. Been going last 5 weeks and some days the bite is good, not wide open, but good with quality fish coming over the rail. Biggest weight to beat is 7.13 that's a toad...most were in the 3-5lb range which are nice models. just...
  281. alex morataya

    First trip of the year

    fishing with pops is priceless...looks like you guys got some quality fish there! your pops looks happy filleting the fish. making memories is what's it all about. thanks for sharing. Alex
  282. alex morataya

    WTT PSW 808MH For a M1 SMX 82H

    i would use the heavy version, especially with the tranx 400HG...light as a feather but strong enough handle yellows, tuna, cuda, bonitos, anything inshore. i got lucky and found one for $120 just keep your eye open for pop up
  283. alex morataya

    saltiga 15

    been looking at these reels and no considering one. how would you compared it to the trindad14a? want to see what your experience's been using the saltiga 15h. thanks .
  284. alex morataya

    Yellowtail at Catalina

    That's a nice model for sure. looks nice out there. you picked a great day to fish. congratulation on the tail! thanks for sharing.
  285. alex morataya

    Anacapa White Seabass 5-19-17

    swigin jack while fighting your fish is bad ass!! nice job!
  286. alex morataya

    WTT PSW 808MH For a M1 SMX 82H

    the SMX 82H is a bad ass rod. enough backbone to bounce 5lb sandies and to fight 30lb yellows
  287. alex morataya

    Rods and reels - Phenix, dobyns, Abu, daiwa

    you come up to LA? i'll take the phenix
  288. alex morataya

    Shimano Curado 300EJ - RH

    Do you ever come up to LA?
  289. alex morataya

    F/S: Calstar GG90j

    Bomb ass rod! jack pull 18lb yellows with mine...solid rod with a great backbone and amazing $200 its a deal! GLWS, someones gonna be really happy!
  290. alex morataya

    4/17 pac queen limits of bluefin

    job well done! the sporties in San Diego are, for the most part, best sport boats to jump on if you wanna land some quality fish! Glad you guys limited out and nice job on the heart! thanks for sharing!
  291. alex morataya

    Flat Fall Jig

    thanks for the info...really appreciate it.
  292. alex morataya

    Flat Fall Jig

    What's Up BD! Jumping on the fortune this Thursday and wanted to know color of flat fall i should be using..not sure if we'll be targeting BFT but i want to be ready just in case we come across a school of em.....any tips and or recommendation would be greatly appreciated it!! Thanks!
  293. alex morataya

    4/10 San Diego 3/4

    WOW!!! Very impressive! job well done buddy! :appl:got me all pumped up.. Can't wait till i go out. thanks for sharing!
  294. alex morataya

    Pacific Queen 4/8 overnight finall

    nice going! those pictures made me hungry, lol. whats the recipe for those burgers??? they look tasty! thnaks for sharing!
  295. alex morataya

    Fun with my son!

    That's priceless! The lessons learned, the fish caught but hanging with dad spending quality time is something both of you will never forget! You have a fishing buddy for life.
  296. alex morataya

    WTB 16hg or 20hg

    looking to buy or trade for a used reel. Have a SS for trade. Thanks
  297. alex morataya

    FS Shimano CRC-SXS711MH Swimbait Rod

    landed a 24lb yellow with this rod...light and lots of backbone!!!
  298. alex morataya

    FS Shimano CRC-SXS711MH Swimbait Rod

    If you were closer I'd be all over this rod.
  299. alex morataya

    Trinidad 16na $320obo

    So is the reel 320 obo? That's what the title says
  300. alex morataya

    Malihini Offshore 3/26

  301. alex morataya

    Malihini Offshore 3/26

    Bass rod for small yellows = hella fun!!!!!
  302. alex morataya

    Malihini Offshore 3/26

    congratulations on your catch! looks like you guys got em good. good way to start the year! thanks for sharing
  303. alex morataya

    Thresher catch 3-19-17

    congratulations on a beautiful fish! I'm sure your friends and neighbors will appreciate the good eats!!!
  304. alex morataya

    16A narrow clamp

    it wouldn't help because the reel is narrow which makes the screws come down in an "outward" angle making it impossible to attach the the aftermarket clamps are a bit wider and the length of the screws help a lot.
  305. alex morataya

    16A narrow clamp

    that's exactly the rod i like using when tossing surface iron. the TN 16NA is my favorite reel but sucks i cant use it on my rod....makes no sense...oh well.
  306. alex morataya

    16A narrow clamp

    thanks for the information. i was thinking of buying it but needed to know. its kinda dumb not to make longer screws or after market clamps for the reel, especially when you're buying a $450 reel....all that engineering to come up short.
  307. alex morataya

    16A narrow clamp

    the stock clamp doesn't fit on the butt of the rod...screws aren't long enough.
  308. alex morataya

    Back in the Saddle Again - Catalina Seabass - 3/18

    Nice job on the biscuits! Sounds like you and Stephen had a great outing!! Thanks for sharing!
  309. alex morataya

    16A narrow clamp

    looking for an after market reel clamp for my 16A Narrow but can't seem to find one and the guys from shimano don't plan on making one for this reel. Do you guys know where to get one or which "brand" to use? Thanks in advance for your help! Alex
  310. alex morataya

    For Sale sabre 540 full length orange helped me recently.
  311. alex morataya

    SS for trade (Pics of the rod)

    pictures are up.... if you have nay questions hit me up. Thanks ,
  312. alex morataya

    SS for trade (Pics of the rod)

    Will post pic today, my bad. Family life got me busy....
  313. alex morataya

    SS for trade (Pics of the rod)

    I hear you...not young anymore :)
  314. alex morataya

    SS for trade (Pics of the rod)

    wish i knew, not too familiar with SS as i'm just getting into them, i'm more of a calstar guy right now but experimenting with SS.
  315. alex morataya

    SS for trade (Pics of the rod)

    Yes, I'll try to post pic soon
  316. alex morataya

    SS for trade (Pics of the rod)

    Not sure but it's cherry blank 8'6" 15-30lbs
  317. alex morataya

    SS for trade (Pics of the rod)

    Looking for a Torium 20HG. Got a super seeker for trade. pm with questions or pictures. thanks.
  318. alex morataya

    WTS: Phenix black diamond and Shimano curado 300E

    awesome setup! someones gonna score!
  319. alex morataya

    Shimano Talus rod and Torium, Calcutta reels for sale

    IF THE 16na deal falls through i'll take it.
  320. alex morataya


    Congratulations on a catch of a lifetime!! Good eats right there...I'm still waiting for a legal myself :)
  321. alex morataya

    Trini 14A line capacity

    I'm glad I saw this. Been thinking of doing the same to my trini 14a as well. I figure I can change the top shot and drag setting depending on the size and type of fish you'll be targeting on that trip. 260 yards of 65lb of any braid is yellow will spool that....but then again I...
  322. alex morataya

    WTB Leadheads

    Thanks man, i was looking for that post but couldn't find it. much appreciated!
  323. alex morataya

    Jack be nimble, Jack be quick

    congratulations on a quality yeller! man, you killing us here :)
  324. alex morataya

    WTB Leadheads

    Looking for banana leadheads 2oz. if you make some or know anyone who does let me know you, need some. Thanks, Alex.
  325. alex morataya

    Cousins 95mag $250

    is this the all black one?
  326. alex morataya

    Braid to Florida connection

    that's the reason i use it because i hear of how strong the knot is and how easy it is to tie, especially when you're on the boat
  327. alex morataya

    Braid to Florida connection

    i find that to be my case as well.....i out some chap stick on it to help it slide and still hard to cinch it down.
  328. alex morataya

    Braid to Florida connection

    thnaks for the video, very helpful. will need to practice this one :)
  329. alex morataya

    Braid to Florida connection

    i think that's what happened because i keep retying the knot at home and keep pulling on it and it doesn't come undone, strong ass knot. used it for leadhead and squid on the sandies and it never failed me....broke off at the connection floro to leadhead but the knot with stood the pulling,.
  330. alex morataya

    WTS:Shimano trinidad 16a $380

    Great deal!!! Braid alone is $45... Saving close to $200, someone's gonna be happy!
  331. alex morataya

    2 curado 300ej

    great deal...wish you were closer.
  332. alex morataya

    Braid to Florida connection

    Bob Sands is a reliable knot for sure.
  333. alex morataya

    Braid to Florida connection

    Not completely, still use it for almost everything else (bait, swimbaits, leadhead n squid) but maybe I did something wrong. So you use the RP knot for surface iron? Easy to do for sure
  334. alex morataya

    Braid to Florida connection

    Thanks man! Really appreciate
  335. alex morataya

    Braid to Florida connection

    wanted know what you guys use to connect your braid to a short 40/50 floro leader? Been using the RP know but last year somehow it came undone :-/ lost the jig and didn't land any more iron yellows...What knot do you guys recommend when connecting the braid to short floro leader? Thanks for your...
  336. alex morataya

    WTB Shimano Swimbait rod

    Looking for the older full cork crucial swimbait rod Extra Heavy for the calicos/sandies. Let me know if you want to sell. PM with info, prefer local transaction but willing to drive half way. Thanks Alex.
  337. alex morataya

    Pre- work solo strike 1/10/17

    Solid fish right der brotha! Way to nail him on the flat fall! Congrats on the solo mission!
  338. alex morataya

    WTS SS 15-30

    will trade for a Dobyns swimbait rod...
  339. alex morataya

    WTS SS 15-30

    n no name on it
  340. alex morataya

    WTS SS 15-30

    Thanks for the info...wasn't sure but the guy I bought the rod from told me the same, only a few were made....I believe it's a moon wrap...its got his signature wrap @ the bottom of the handle....
  341. alex morataya

    WTS SS 15-30

    Not sure.....but it's a nice stick
  342. alex morataya

    WTS SS 15-30

    got a nice SS i bought here from a fellow BD'er. This is a cherry blank LB made. its 8'6" 15-30 deckhand style. the guides are fuji, the wraps are all black with a small blue line, really nice rod but after using it, i realized its too light for my style of fishing. Clean rod, pm me for...
  343. alex morataya

    Local yellows (sport king/pursuit)

    anyone know the size of the yellows being caught locally? I see the yellows came up but wondering if anyone knows or has a pic of the average size yellows comin over the rail. Thanks
  344. alex morataya

    Shimano Curado 300 DSV w/ 65 lb powerpro (braid)

    how much for the extra spool only...great reel, love mine!
  345. alex morataya

    Shimano Calcutta 300te-sold

    this reel will last for years and through any abuse you put it through. had mine for years (10 yrs) and still performs just as it did when i bought it. great for tossing big trout baits...put a power handle on it, jigging world has killer handles for the TE's, and you'll kill yellows...biggest...
  346. alex morataya

    Skeletons for Halloween

    Very creative!!! I love it!
  347. alex morataya

    OcTuna 10-27

    Congrats on the slaughter!!! quality fish for sure!!! Kudos to you for getting your brother on fish...been trying to get my brother out and no luck...I even pay for him and still lo luck :) all good tho. Thanks for sharing!
  348. alex morataya

    WTB SS CJBF 85 and SS Ulua 93H Blanks

    if you have any of these blanks hit me up...looking for cherry blanks. I'm in LA during the day and Porter ranch during the night. thanks .
  349. alex morataya

    FS: Like New Custom Calstar GG90J Mag: SOLD

    that's a steal! great rod for tossing irons for those big can jack pull yellows up to 18lbs with that rod. GLWS
  350. alex morataya


    i like the SS 80....wish i would have seen this sooner...
  351. alex morataya

    WFO Quality 40-60lb Yellowfin Tuna

    Billy, Congratulations on the quality fish and epic year you're having but more importantly congratulations to you and your family on your sons first birthday! Looks like you've been busy with family and remodeling...and still you manage to not only fish but kill fish and quality fish at that...
  352. alex morataya

    Tuesday 10/17 YFT

    dude, you killed it! Congratulations on finding your own fish and landing quality fish! looks like you guys will be eating well in the next few days!! diggin the bloody deck shot. thanks for sharing! Alex.
  353. alex morataya

    San Clement Island BFT in October

    quality fish for sure! nice read and nice pictures, especially the one where you're battling with you fish! looks like you have good eats for a while. thanks for sharing.
  354. alex morataya

    San Clemente Bluefin 10-17-16

    redemption! Congratulations on your fish! glad you got your fish after losing the first one. i too, learned on my last trip, that my rod and line can handle more than i thought. it wasn't till the deckhand tighten my drag and showed me how to pull on 40lb line...after that, my fish were coming...
  355. alex morataya

    Toronado Wed 10/19 b

    great report and excellent Intel! Kudos to you for handing out the sinkers to the other guys and for handing off some fish. that fishing gods will continuously reward you for that. thanks for sharing brotha!
  356. alex morataya

    Pacific Voyager Yellowfin Tuna Fishing Video

    cool video! digging the slow mo shots.... looks like a fun day on the water..
  357. alex morataya

    10/8-10/9 Catalina and DP lobster and sheephead

    congrats to you and your son! that's one big goat! looks like you guys will be eating well soon. thank for sharing. Alex.
  358. alex morataya

    10-15-Lobstering so easy a 3,6,and 8 year old can do it!Also,found net.

    great job!!! nothing beats spending quality time with your kids doing what you love best which eventually will be their passion as well. Showed my wife this post and now she's open to the idea of buying a boat. Hope to get them out as well. thanks for shirting! Alex.
  359. alex morataya

    Freedom to San Nic

    We went out as the yellows started to bite big time...I think that was 2 weeks ago @ most....the crew was fishing but they stopped as soon as their help was needed, never neglected anyone....they gaffed tons of fish, helped with tangles, and chummed...can't say enough of the boat and...
  360. alex morataya

    Super seeker ulua & uc rod

    Nice! Are you still asking the same?
  361. alex morataya

    Super seeker ulua & uc rod

    How much does it cost to finish the ulua?
  362. alex morataya

    Trini 16A

    Great price on the rod!!! Wish you were closer...
  363. alex morataya

    Trini 16A

    that's a nice rod! never seen one before...
  364. alex morataya

    WTS Shimano teramar

    would love to but i don't see my self going down there anytime soon.
  365. alex morataya

    WTS Shimano teramar

    it's very clean and its the brown version so it has lifetime warranty.
  366. alex morataya

    WTS Shimano teramar

    bought this rod from fellow BDer and looking to either sell for $100 or trade for a calstar GFDH with $$$ on my end looking for the following : GFDH 800/850L GFDH 800/850M Factory or custom is okay. Teramar specs: Length: 8ft Action: fast Power: medium heavy Line: 15-30 Deckhand rod
  367. alex morataya

    Catalina Quality Yellows 9/18 Report With The Wife

    very nice! quality yellows for sure, glad you found them. thanks for sharing.
  368. alex morataya

    f/s TranX 500PG $380

    Boxes help you catch more fish.....I think... Great deal!!! Should sell fast.
  369. alex morataya

    20 Fathoms - Collection of Yellowtail fishing

    great video and great info! looks like you and your dad had a blast! need to get me a boat one day... thanks for sharing brotha!
  370. alex morataya

    Epic Tuna fishing on the big bertram.

    epic is an understatement! congratulations to you all for the quality fish! digging the circle hook shot, gonna start using them soon. Thanks for the fish porn!
  371. alex morataya

    Quick sesh at cat west end 8/26

    that's the way to get it done! glad you guys found them. Kudos for putting your "virgin" friend on yellows and limiting! Thanks for sharing.
  372. alex morataya


    300 TE's are the best reels ever! love mine and cant say enough good things. built like tanks!!! should sell quickly!
  373. alex morataya

    SOLD FS/FT Calstar GFDH 850M - Pasadena PICTS. UP!

    Can you send me pics please 323-304-4941
  374. alex morataya

    Limits of yellowtail. Coronado island

    great outing for you and your buddies! i'm sure that they're hooked like all of us.. glad you guys found some quality yellows. thanks for sharing
  375. alex morataya

    FS: New Phenix Ultra Swimbait Rod 790H 15-40lb

    Holy shit!!! That there is funny stuff!!! Got my step dad and I laughing our tails off!!
  376. alex morataya

    Wanting All Star Western Inshore 8'6'

    Mine is 15-40 8'6", let me know if you want it, $85 yours.
  377. alex morataya

    Liberty 3/4 Day 07/21

    way to go! looks like your roommate got a great lesson on yellows. way to get him hooked! thanks for sharing.
  378. alex morataya

    Farnsworth Bank 07/20

    nice! those yellows at Farnsworth are known to bust you off. did you use the dropper loop or fly lined the dine? you'll nail them next time.... thanks for sharing.
  379. alex morataya

    Cat calicos 7/18

    You spent quality time with your grandson and that's all that matters. Fish or no fish, nothing beats quality time with your loved ones....catching fish helps tho... Thanks for sharing
  380. alex morataya

    Graphite USA 79xf for sale

    Finally! it was a nice rod and i was considering it but i prefer 8.5 foot rods. i'm glad it sold.
  381. alex morataya

    Toronado 7/16

    haven't gotten out much this year and i finally did. jumped on the Toronado and i had a blast...the skipper, the cook and the deckhands were super cool. called the landing and they only had 14 ppl going so i said hell yeah i'm going. we fished SCI and landed some really nice yellows. the big...
  382. alex morataya


    Amazing!!! You definelty kicked BFT ass my friend! That was a killer trip for you guys. Your buddies missed out big time!!!! Congratulations!!! Thanks for sharing
  383. alex morataya


    You guys did well considering all the rent rods on the boat. Those yellow are quality fish and that Bonita your mom caught is huge!!!! My brother and I were considering the malahini and looks like wemihht give a try this weekend Congratulations to both of you!!! Thanks for sharing...
  384. alex morataya

    Limits of YT at the Islands 7/11

    congratulations buddy! looks like you're gonna be eating yellowtail for quite some time. catching yellows on big dines is fun...might need to reconsider the boats down in San Diego soon. thanks for sharing.
  385. alex morataya


    I will definelty jump on this boats. That's showing us that this captain cares about his clients and his business....wish more captains acted this way. It would ensure them retained clients..... Thanks for sharing
  386. alex morataya

    FS Trinidad 12A

    great deal! wish i had the money....great little reel.... GLWS.
  387. alex morataya

    Epic Catalina bassin

    that's a toad!! congratulations to you and your son! time well spent..cant wait to take my little buddy out... thanks for Sharing!
  388. alex morataya

    Big Bass Day in Dana Harbor

    nice report! glad he got into a hot bite before he headed out to school. good luck in school!
  389. alex morataya

    4th of July Butt Special 1/2 AM Dolphin

    Hell yeah buddy!!! that's a fatty for sure! congrats on your fist legal butt! i'm still looking for mine :) thanks for sharing.
  390. alex morataya

    1.5 Shogun charter fish San Clemente Island. 6-29-16

    For a minute I thought I was watching Larry Csonka, lol
  391. alex morataya

    El Dorado Overnight 6/26

    that right there is some funny shit !!! lol
  392. alex morataya

    Black Pearl, 3/4 day, Catalina

    you're a good brother! looksl ike he had a full fun day with all that action. been on the black pearl once long time again in San Diego and that boat is very nice! clean, quiet and fast too....don't remember if it was an overnight or not but it was a nice boat for sure.' Kudos to you for...
  393. alex morataya

    PV Saturday 6/25

    those are toads! congratulations man! I need to get my own boat, its the only way to catch them toads! thanks for sharing...
  394. alex morataya

    Shimano crucial 2 rods

    those are the last models with lifetime you break them, you'll get the new version which only has 1 yr warranty, not bad.
  395. alex morataya

    It was like hunting elephants with a BB Gun, big Thrasher on a bass rod

    Holy smokes, that must have been an awesome fight!!! Congratulations bud! Can't believe you landed that beast on a bass set up, way to go.... Alex
  396. alex morataya

    Got juan!! With the KC ANGLERS @SCI

    Luck is on your side right better go out and play the lottery... you're killing it everywhere you go! Nice! Thansk for sharing
  397. alex morataya


    CLB90F 15-25lb CJB90F 20-30lb CJBF90 20-40lb CJBF100 20-50lb
  398. alex morataya

    Crucial Curado Combo

    got a nice combo, used a couple of times. don't want to sell it but i need the funds. the curado is clean, comes with 65lb braid and power handle. the crucial is clean as well except for the split grip which has a patch of the gloss coming off (peeling). asking $300 for the combo...PM is...
  399. alex morataya

    Playa Del Rey Off tha Hook!! Legal halibut and more

    dude, you've been killing it lately! good job out there! looks like you guys made the right call. thanks for sharing
  400. alex morataya

    Shimano Calcutta 300TE

    got a clean reel, never seen salt looking to sell. asking $250 rush to sell...just don't use it at all. I'm located in Glendale/Burbank during the day...porter ranch at night.
  401. alex morataya

    Wasted money.....

    I hear you...I too sometimes get stuck and don't adapt to the changing evnviornment. I thought your line was clever and funny...either way, it made me laugh And that felt good!!! Thanks!!!
  402. alex morataya

    Seal Beach BaCk on tha MAP!

    that was pretty cool.....ever tried catching them?
  403. alex morataya

    Wasted money.....

    thanks for the laughs captain obvious!!! you got me cracking up right before my sales meeting.....everyone in the office wants to now what i'm laughing about... #funnyfriday
  404. alex morataya

    Tommy Lee, on the Gail Force

    I was pleasantly surprised when I heard his voice/report on 976-tuna....he's a great skipper and I'll be jumping on the gail force very soon.
  405. alex morataya

    UC vs Calstar GFDH

    i hear you....that's the reason why i don't like phenix, plus their recoil isn't as great as Calstars...but that's my opinion...main reason why i stuck with Calstar... thanks man!
  406. alex morataya

    UC vs Calstar GFDH

    thank you for your helps.....i do like the surface iron and yoyo fishing style, just haven't gotten as lucky as for the recoil, that's important, so that the rod is fighting the fish and not so much me :)
  407. alex morataya

    UC vs Calstar GFDH

    Hey guys, I'm a Calstar guy but I've been seeing some UC rods for sale and 1 that caught my eye...i don't know much about these rods but can anyone tell me how they differ or are similar to Calstar GF?? lastly, is it okay to tie on more spectra on to a reel that already has spectra or remove...
  408. alex morataya

    Lexa 400 hd

    nice rod! don't know much about UC rods but i like this one... wish i had the cash for it. what are you looking to trade the rod for?
  409. alex morataya

    Seal Beach BaCk on tha MAP!

    Great day!!! Spotties are fun for sure!!!
  410. alex morataya

    WTB Calstar 800m

    for $170 its a good deal....$40 bucks you can add xwrap on top of it and you're good to go all season long and then some.
  411. alex morataya

    Wasted money.....

    :rofl: :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  412. alex morataya

    Wasted money.....

    the information i have regarding the comments on fish counts comes from my experiences on boats.....I've been on boats where the fish counts do not accurately reflect what was caught....I've seen it multiple asked, i answered....
  413. alex morataya

    Wasted money.....

    i was thinking about on jumping on that boat...better think twice. never heard anything about this boat before, sucks that i had to read a negative report. shit happens....oh well. as for the squid versus the dines, well, i would have to disagree.... most landings lie about their counts, if...
  414. alex morataya

    WTS Calcutta 300 TE

    Monday morning bumb
  415. alex morataya

    Late report: 6/4 jumbo yellows with onemancharters

    daaannnnggg!!! freaken toads! glad you guys nail em but would have been hard for me to leave the spot for cbass....yellows fight way more than a huge cbass...either way, looksl ike you guy had a blast!
  416. alex morataya

    Catalina Mid-Week Report – PB 31 Pound Yellowtail

    nice yeller!!! that's toad for sure. congratulations! good eats right there.
  417. alex morataya

    WTS Calcutta 300 TE

    friday bump...if you have a clean GFDH850M i might be willing to trade.
  418. alex morataya

    Shimano Reels For Sale

    That's one hell of a captain...never fished the eclipse before but juts hearing this story makes this boat and captain a must....taking care for your clients is a must no matter what....this is what keeps your business going even when the fishing isn't great....happy to hear you got your stuff back
  419. alex morataya

    WTS: Phenix 838MH, Doybins swimbait rods

    What's a swimsuit rod? Are those new? They sound like they'll catch a lot of tail.... Nice rods, can't go wrong with dobyns
  420. alex morataya

    BRAND NEW shimano Trinidad 14A

    Great deal! Especially since it's got braid already. Should go fast!.. GLWS
  421. alex morataya

    Shimano Reels For Sale

    that sucks!!!! never had anything stolen but i would hate that to happen to me.... which boat? what did the captain do? hope you get a new trini and kill fish with it all season long!!!
  422. alex morataya

    2 for 4 BFT 80#-90#; Some Nifty Angling

    congratulations!!! enjoyed every bit of that video. the narration was very cool! felt like i was watching a national geographic show :-) thanks for sharing.
  423. alex morataya

    WTS Calcutta 300 TE

    bump not looking for trades at the moment..but thanks for the offer.
  424. alex morataya

    Huge Calicos and More 6-3-16

    nice write up! that calico is huge! love fishing for calicos...nothing wrong with a bass thumb! thanks for sharing!
  425. alex morataya

    Longer screw for talica 10ii

    i went through the same thing with my trini's on a GG90J....ended up buying the after market clamp by tiburon and never had a problem again. i had trouble with the longer screws as they will bend under pressure which happened twice...the after market clamp will keep your reel; secured no matter...
  426. alex morataya

    Trinidad 16a with tiburon clamp

    Deal of the week!!! Someone's gonna score big time! Sorry about your dog.... GLWS
  427. alex morataya

    WTS Tranx PG, Trinidad 14a

    love my 14a! great little reel with lots of balls!! can't go wrong with this reel. $400 new is a deal!!! GLWS!!!
  428. alex morataya


    Great rod!!! Love mine, it's a GG 90J not a mag but still kills 30/40lb yellows and tosses the jig a mile away.... Bob sands has one for $300, go get it before it's gone
  429. alex morataya

    Phenix Curado uc

    An pictures of the UC rod... Thanks
  430. alex morataya

    WTS Calcutta 300 TE

    i have clean reel for sale. Great condition asking $250 obo. Will post pictures tonight. Thanks
  431. alex morataya

    Ft calstar 800 deck hand grip

    let me know if you want to sell it.
  432. alex morataya


    Very informative!!! I've got a GG and always thought I could go up to #60's, guess not. This was helpful Thanks
  433. alex morataya

    WTB GFDH 850L and 850M Factory or Custom

    Thanks....I'll change the title, that's might help. Very hard to find....not man
  434. alex morataya

    WTS: Used TN20A $350

    I want the clamp...Would you sell me the clamp?
  435. alex morataya

    Wtb a calstar GF900m blank

    If he doesn't take it I would be intrested... Can you send me pictures [email protected] Thanks
  436. alex morataya

    WTB GFDH 850L and 850M Factory or Custom

    Let me know if you have one to sell. Work in Burbank and live in Porter ranch. PM me. Thanks Alex
  437. alex morataya

    Calstar GFDH 900M + Daiwa Lexa 400 HSLP

    i'll take the rod. pm me to set up a meeting
  438. alex morataya

    GFDH 850L

    let me know if you have one you want to sell. thanks.
  439. alex morataya

    SOLD Calstars for sale

    all rods sold.... thanks you guys! hope you kill some fish this summer!!!
  440. alex morataya

    WTS TRINIDAD 16A sold

    Great prices!!!! Should sell fast...especially when the yellows start showing up in the counts.... GLWS
  441. alex morataya

    Curado 200E7 Phenix Recon C764 Combo $240.00

    ever come up to LA? if you do, let me know, i'll take it! thanks.
  442. alex morataya

    No Longer looking

    Got a clean gh690j 20-50lb jig stick Factory wrapped $180
  443. alex morataya

    SOLD Calstars for sale trades at this time. thanks.
  444. alex morataya

    TN40N, TN16A, Calcutta 800F, 300TE, TE200DC, Curado 200 HG

    Clean gear!!! Wish I had the cash! It should sell fast
  445. alex morataya

    SOLD Calstars for sale

    hey everyone, Got 2 rods for sale..... 1. 9 foot GFDH 900H 30-60, customed wrapped by youngs tackle...x-wrapped with turks heads and Fuji guides, clean rod no rust, black on black....$180 2. 9 foot GG 690J, factory wrapped in mint condition.....$180 PM if intrested. Thanks
  446. alex morataya

    WTB Crucial

    Looking for the older model with split grip and cork. don't like the new ones, prefer something that's 7'6' 10-20lbs 30-50lb braid. don't remember the model number but if you have PM me. prefer something local. thanks.
  447. alex morataya


    Best deal around for sure! If I had the cash I would take it today! GLWS
  448. alex morataya

    Shimano Trinidad 20A

    2nd in line!!! Put me down
  449. alex morataya

    Custom cal star 850m 20-40 $180

    Post a picture, I'm intrested
  450. alex morataya

    WTB raze rod

    hey guys, Looking for an inshore rod for the bass in the summer time. Looking for the RSW 808HT model... PM me with price and location. Thanks
  451. alex morataya

    LJ/PL 2-9 & 2-111

    Beautiful fish!!! Love the colors in those checkers....kudos to you for talking those brutes.. Thanks for sharing
  452. alex morataya

    SORRY THEY ARE BOTH SOLD $320 Shimano trinidad 14A mint

    what a deal!! if i could i would take them both, hate being broke, lol. they should sell fast!
  453. alex morataya

    SOLD FS Crucial Swimbait Rod

    SOLD! thanks Kevin! Enjoy the rod buddy!
  454. alex morataya


    Wish I had the cash....$400 for a new tn20a is a steal!!! It'll get sold before 5pm...
  455. alex morataya

    brand new with tags Shimano Teramar 9ft jig stick $120

    Joser85, I'll take the rod. PM sent. Thanks
  456. alex morataya

    brand new with tags Shimano Teramar 9ft jig stick $120

    Intrested but what the line rating on it? Thanks Alex
  457. alex morataya

    Cousins Raze series

    might to reconsider and go for the 808 or 858.... thanks everyone....
  458. alex morataya

    Cousins Raze series

    thanks for then input...might get the lighter one, need something for sandies/calicos with back bone to bounce them over the rail.
  459. alex morataya

    SOLD FS Crucial Swimbait Rod

    pictures are up now.... thanks .
  460. alex morataya

    Cousins Raze series

    anyone fished with this rod? thinking of the 839T for bass and cudas, whats your opinion of the rod? too heavy for the bass? i like to bounce my fish over the crucial rods seem too light for that. any input will be greatly appreciate it! thanks Alex.
  461. alex morataya

    Which 8FT jig stick?

    too funny!!! LMFAO!
  462. alex morataya

    Which 8FT jig stick?

    90J is the way to go...i sometimes do use the 900H but prefer the give on the 90J.....strong enough to bounce tunas and yellows, light enough to fish bass with...tried the phenix but didn't like the action, but that's my preference, you might like the phenix rods if you're not a Calstar fan...
  463. alex morataya

    Trinidad 20a WANTED

    that's a very clean TN20A...wish i had the cash for it...once March rolls on in, that reel will not last, especially at that price. GLWS!
  464. alex morataya

    Inirida Colombia Peacock Bass 2016

    trip of a lifetime! the color on those fish and the size of them is amazing!!! anyone that loves fishing with swim-bait gear would love to put their gear to the test on these magnificent fish. this is a must do for me before my time is up. a BIG THANK YOU for taking the time to share!!! Alex.
  465. alex morataya

    SOLD FS Crucial Swimbait Rod

    got a clean, full cork version, swimbait rod for sale sale. specs 7'11" 15-30 mono, 30-65LB braid lure weight: 3"-8" swimbaits. looking for $120 prefer local transaction, i'm in Burbank during the day and Porter Ranch at night. thanks. Alex.
  466. alex morataya

    Hooping Long Beach harbor Lobster 1-16-16

    Holy Shit batman, that's a bug! need to get some of this action soon. got me all pumped up at work, lol. thanks for sharing and a huge CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU AND YOUR SON!!
  467. alex morataya

    Hooping With The Master

    wow!!!! you kill them for sure. i don't know shit about bug fishing/hooping but i wanna try it now. whats the limit per person? about to go to sportchalet and get me a reports card and jump on the Gail force... thanks for sharing bud!
  468. alex morataya


    i'd recommend getting the extra heavy version...will handle the hudds much better,
  469. alex morataya

    PRICE DROP! Curado 300EJ Phenix PSW 760MFX

    awesome combo...wish you were in LA. good luck with the sale.
  470. alex morataya

    Gail Force and Triton Bug Extermination

    need to try lobster fishing!!! question-do yo guys do any fishing while hooping?
  471. alex morataya

    VIDEO - Bassin

    cool video for sure....wish i had a little boat...i would be doing a lot more therapy than i am now :) thanks for sharing.
  472. alex morataya

    For Sale GG 690J

    got a clean jig stick that I don't use much. looking to sell $175 clean, factory wrapped no rust anywhere. hardly used. I'm porter ranch or work in Burbank. no trades looking for cash. thanks .
  473. alex morataya

    YT 150 area 1-2-16

    congratulations on starting off the new year in style! looks like they're keyed in on macs right buddy got 4 the other day and would touch anything but macs.... thanks for sharing.
  474. alex morataya

    Lexa 300

    thanks! next time I use read his bio, lol...
  475. alex morataya

    Lexa 300

    Where you located?
  476. alex morataya

    Lots o'Lings 12-29-15

    great outing and good eats right there... thanks for the report! happy new year!
  477. alex morataya

    WTB: Calstar 90-J or 690-J - Uncut

    Hit me up when you want to see the rod. 323-304-4941...either way, good luck with your search
  478. alex morataya

    WTB: Calstar 90-J or 690-J - Uncut

    Sorry to hear that that someone would actually break in, not cool. I do have the 690J factory wrapped used a few times in great condition...$175. I'm in porter ranch if you want to hit me up. thanks
  479. alex morataya

    WTB: Shimano Curado 300 Handle

    let me know if you wanna sell me one :) thanks ,.
  480. alex morataya

    WTB crucial swimbait rod

    looking for the TC4 heavy model. Let me know price and condition, prefer something local. Thanks
  481. alex morataya

    Big YT out of SMB

    that's a toad for sure!!! congrats
  482. alex morataya

    SportKing 9/20

    you have a point there...didn't consider the lost fish...still its a boat i'm going to jump on for sure... great price, cant beat it
  483. alex morataya

    SportKing 9/20

    \ very true...sensitive people don't jump on this boat. :D
  484. alex morataya

    SportKing 9/20

    he's good, just likes talking shit, its dry humor... all good, still a boat to jump on, I know I will.
  485. alex morataya

    SportKing 9/20

    surprisingly, the boat was hauling ass.. got there just over an hour...captain was trying to get us on fish right away
  486. alex morataya

    SportKing 9/20

    Jumped on the spots king this Sunday and the crew/captain were awesome. great weather, little boat traffic. fishing was okay to, the people on the boat were cool but the fish didn't really want to cooperate. read the fish count and they are not accurate...probably had about 30 yellows...
  487. alex morataya

    Talica for sale

    They are all back ordered till October, if you need it now you might as well look elsewhere...but if you can wait, then you've got a great deal!
  488. alex morataya

    WTT BNIB Trinidad 16A

    Holy shit, got me cracking up this morning :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  489. alex morataya

    TN 14 reel Lug bolts or longer screws

    I need one for my Trini 20a, which doesn't fit in my cal star 90J... What's the part number so that I can order. Thanks
  490. alex morataya

    Talica for sale

    I ordered it so if it comes before cool, if not my 16a will have to do the job for now
  491. alex morataya

    Talica for sale

    Thanks for the heads up! Just picked a new trini 20A for $400, awesome!!!!
  492. alex morataya

    Talica 12ii vs Trinidad 20a

    Thank you all for your input, really appreciate you guys taking time out of your day to answer my question. Tough decision, wish I could but them both.. Time to look for a Talica :) Thanks everyone!!!
  493. alex morataya

    Talica 12ii vs Trinidad 20a

    I've been eyeing both these reels and not sure which way to go. I want a reel that can toss the iron and toss bait... can the talica 12ii handle both scenarios? my TN16a is nice but I'm liking the 2 speed option... any input would be greatly appreciate it. thanks.
  494. alex morataya

    Making every second count today. LBC

    great post for sure!!! way to maximize your time with you r family! of and congratulations on the fish too! lol.
  495. alex morataya

    City of Long Beach 8-18

    holy shit...he got booted! I'm glad that someone is doing something for a change. time to jump on the boat again :)
  496. alex morataya

    The 105 mafia style

    Very nice day for sure!!! Looks like you fun to me. Thanks for sharing
  497. alex morataya

    WTB Calstar 90J

    I've got a GG 90J brand new one, never fished, with x-wrap for $275 firm. let me know...
  498. alex morataya

    WTB Calstar 90J

    you looking for factory?
  499. alex morataya

    Best day ever without landing a fish!

    That's one happy girl! congratulations to her and Kudos to you for putting her on fish and handing off the fish to the other guy. that's a trip she'll never forget! thanks for sharing!!!
  500. alex morataya

    WTB Power handle

    need a power handle for my curado 300 DSV. let me know if you have a handle that fits my reel. prefer local pick up. thanks.
  501. alex morataya


    best curado mine...digging the power handle on it. should sell fast. GLWS
  502. alex morataya

    Taliban 8 10 Trinadad 16 a

    holy shit...this got me cracking up this morning.. thanks for the laughs!!!
  503. alex morataya


    is the reel available?
  504. alex morataya

    Dobyns Gen 2 806 HSB swimbait rod SOLD

    I hear nothing but great things about Dobyns. wish I had the cash, great price!
  505. alex morataya

    San Pedro Tuna - 7/11

    stellar trip! beautiful family and fish! thanks for sharing!
  506. alex morataya

    rod sale for donation to friends Grand daughter with Cancer

    I'm sorry for the bad news....if there's a place to make a donation please let us all know. I have kids so I know what its like when your kids go through something health related.. thanks!
  507. alex morataya

    FS Trinidad 12 Gold

    there's a number that shimano will give you where I ordered mine, I think they're located texas. call shimano, they'll gibe it to you. good luck!
  508. alex morataya

    FS Trinidad 12 Gold

    clean reel, should sell fast. by the way, you can get all the clamp parts for less than $10 with shipping too. GLWS
  509. alex morataya

    WTS Shimano Crucial Swimbait Rod 7'11 H

    great rod for sure it'll sell fast, lots of guys prefer the cork grip versus the new EVA foam grip. someone's gonna be happy for sure. GLWS
  510. alex morataya

    Super Seeker Baby Ulua Blank w/ Basket Weave

    digging the grip as well! what's the line rating on the rod? tempting.......
  511. alex morataya

    FS Shimano Curado I series baitcasters

    Hi Brian, I'll also take the 200 PG. I sent the $$ for the other reel. Thanks
  512. alex morataya


    tempting....... I would buy it from you only because you're a cool dude!! GLWS!!!
  513. alex morataya

    Am trip to the rockpile

    very nice! looks like a lot of fun. radio taking a crapper is kinda scary...might want to get the checked out. glad you guys had fun and got home safely! thanks for sharing!
  514. alex morataya

    Shimano Trinidad 16A

    It's!!! 380 is a steal!!!
  515. alex morataya

    WTB curado 200i

    Looking for a light saltwater reel for the surf..used or new, let me know what you have. Shoot me a pm with price Thanks
  516. alex morataya

    My last 2 days off went like this ...

    awesome report! kudos to you for releasing the fish! thanks for sharing, enjoyed the pictures and videos!
  517. alex morataya

    Phenix M1 Inshore 7'11" Swimbait Rod $100

    that's a deal for that rod!!! someone's going be happy!
  518. alex morataya

    new curado 300e

    digging the handle!
  519. alex morataya

    FS Trinidad 14A

    true. still, its a great deal at $360..looks new to me. it sell soon. GLWS
  520. alex morataya

    FS Shimano 16NA

    keep it and kill fish with it! my favorite reel!
  521. alex morataya

    FS Shimano 16NA

    cool story bro....
  522. alex morataya

    FS Shimano 16NA

    now we know who the low baller is!!! BNIB for $400 is a great deal!!! I bought mine for that same price, bitchen reel! GLWS, im sure it'll get sold before the weekend ends.
  523. alex morataya

    wed 6/17 we got em 10 miles off the beach

    awesome! glad you got some. I think you guys need some deck boats...hahahahaha thanks for sharing!
  524. alex morataya

    Videos and pictures of BFT the last 5 days & 168# fish dead

    amazing!!! never seen that before, glad you posted the videos of both the foaming BFT and the spear shot! pretty freaken cool!!!
  525. alex morataya

    Calstar 800M 850M

    great rods, should sell quick, especially the 850M. GLWS
  526. alex morataya

    The san diego 6/15

  527. alex morataya

    Trinidad 14 mint w/clamp,box,papers

    super clean. should sell fast!
  528. alex morataya

    Combat style fishing on the 150 - 6/11

    so true! at least you got out and caught some. I had to take the wife to sushi since I failed to bring back fish o_O I got taxed twice that day! hahahahaha
  529. alex morataya

    Combat style fishing on the 150 - 6/11

    nice strategy! looks like you did very well buddy! its crazy to be fishing with 80+ people...I did it last Sunday and struck out. The fish didn't bite for us. im glad they bit for you! thanks for sharing!
  530. alex morataya

    trinidad 12 gold SOLD

    Nice meeting you Reggie! I hope that reel brings you much luck! let me know if you need anything else. Thank you!
  531. alex morataya

    trinidad 12 gold SOLD

    Thanks man! Trying to fund a trip for my brother and I :)
  532. alex morataya

    Help needed - missing dog on the backside of the westend of Catalina

    I'm sorry to hear that...I hope someone finds him. I'd be heartbroken too.
  533. alex morataya

    trinidad 12 gold SOLD

    I'll post pictures tonight.
  534. alex morataya

    For Sale GG 90J New-SOLD

    sold! enjoy Richard..kill some fish with it!
  535. alex morataya

    trinidad 12 gold SOLD

    i'm in Burbank and you?
  536. alex morataya

    trinidad 12 gold SOLD

    got a nice TN12 gold series. I would rate it 8/10 cosmetically 9.5/10 mechanically. 1/3 braid top off with 25lb leader. it comes with the OG clamp. asking $225 OBO ...very clean. text me if you're intrested. Trying to sell this soon. Thanks 323-304-4941
  537. alex morataya

    trinidad 12 gold

    got a nice TN12 gold series. I would rate it 8/10 cosmetically 9.5/10 mechanically. 1/3 braid top off with 25lb leader. it comes with the OG clamp. asking $225 firm...very clean. text me if you need pictures. (of course you will)
  538. alex morataya

    For Sale GG 90J New-SOLD

    sorry, no trades at this time. looking for cash...rod in mint, new, never used with x-wrap on it. great rod for tossing jigs!
  539. alex morataya

    For Sale GG 90J New-SOLD

    buyer backed out...still available...,.
  540. alex morataya

    6/6/15-target yellowtail

    that sucks! at least you got out and have your own boat to do it in the middle of the week whit out the traffic. But this kind of issue/situation/problem goes both ways. I was on a party boat and the private boat went right through our chum line right as we started hooking up which of course...
  541. alex morataya

    For Sale GG 90J New-SOLD

    Pending sale tonight.
  542. alex morataya

    For Sale GG 90J New-SOLD

    I think so. My trini 16 doesn't fit so I'll stick to my GFDH 900H... Great beefy rod.
  543. alex morataya

    For Sale GG 90J New-SOLD

    thanks for the offer but don't like Phenix...looking for cash to fund a trip.
  544. alex morataya

    For Sale GG 90J New-SOLD

    brand new never used X-wrap. 275 firm. 323-304-4941
  545. alex morataya

    3/4 day local yellows - SpitFire

    toads, toads, toads!!! congratulations on both, your finals and the yellows!!!
  546. alex morataya

    Yellows at the 150

    :appl:6 fish in 3 hours is outstanding!!!
  547. alex morataya

    6/3 solo 150 run in the skiff

    congrats on your finals and slaying some yellows!!! wish I had a boat! if you ever need a boat ho let me know :)
  548. alex morataya

    WTB a GG90j

    I will...I bought both 690j and 90j but just haven't found the time to fish, family... :)
  549. alex morataya

    NEW Shimano Trinidad 16NA WTS

    pictures not needed for a NEW 16na, especially at that price! that's a killer deal!!
  550. alex morataya

    WTB a GG90j

    thanks Jeff. gonna try my gg series to see if i like it...i dig my graphfighters!
  551. alex morataya

    A Football Field Of Bluefin at the South 9-Mile

    great report!! got my blooding pumping... getting spooled is fun, well, sometimes, but it gets you pumped!! thanks for sharing.
  552. alex morataya

    WTB a GG90j

    question, (sorry don't mean to jack your thread) what's the difference between the graphfighter versus the GG series? noticing that lots of guys here prefer the GG series... thanks .
  553. alex morataya


    The trini 14a is a hell of a deal!!!
  554. alex morataya


    awesome!!!! that's what I'm talking about... fish is almost as big as you. this is going to be an epic season! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!
  555. alex morataya

    Local Yellows 5-21

    Nice video and Greta music!
  556. alex morataya

    Long Beach Yellows 5/23

    Congratulations on the slayage!! Good boating tip...wish I had my own boat....looks like you got the pictures for your article!!! Thansk for sharing
  557. alex morataya

    We did it!..local yellers on the harbor boat 5/23

    Nice report!! Congratulations on the yellows and most of all for accomplishing your goal! Looks like it was nice out there. Question- where do you rent the harbor boats and how much? Thansk
  558. alex morataya


    I'll text you pictures once I get home. PM me your cell #
  559. alex morataya


    I've got a customed wrapped GFDH 900H 30-60 black on black with x-wrap, hardly used.
  560. alex morataya

    Abu Revo inshore vs Curado

    thanks for the input Mark! gonna go get some grease and lube....youre hardcore, lol! gonna give it a try!
  561. alex morataya

    Abu Revo inshore vs Curado

    sorry, I know its the wrong section but I had to ask as my little curado 100D is starting to sound like carp...only fishing largemouths but I do use it when I hit the surf or walk the walls out in the ocean...either way I appreciate your input JFK.
  562. alex morataya

    Abu Revo inshore vs Curado

    I think i gotta start learning how to break my reels down and get into them. what kind of lube works best for shimano reels?
  563. alex morataya

    Abu Revo inshore vs Curado

    I hear about that, strong little reel. too many choices... thanks for the input.
  564. alex morataya

    Abu Revo inshore vs Curado

    its a lot of work doing that. I do it all the time and still, the reels get rough and noisy. I think I'm going with the inshore reel. thanks!
  565. alex morataya

    Abu Revo inshore vs Curado

    s I had a 200DHSV but my brother took it...he uses it for sandies and calicos off the boat! actually, I gave to him.
  566. alex morataya

    Abu Revo inshore vs Curado

    Thank you for the link! cant beat the price...might have to pull the trigger!
  567. alex morataya

    WTB Crucial 7'11 heavy

    Why? You don't catch fish! still have the 7'6" mh crucial cork?
  568. alex morataya

    Abu Revo inshore vs Curado

    Great info everyone!! I think I'm going to try to open up my reel and lube it. But will consider the abu revo...I'll hit you guys up for pricing.. Thanks everyone!!
  569. alex morataya

    Abu Revo inshore vs Curado

    looking to buy a 200 size reel. always been a shimano guy noticing that some of my shimano reels are making noises, especially after a surf session. plus I put lots of strain on my reels as I fish braid with a short floro leader. what would you recommend?
  570. alex morataya

    Abu Garcia Revo Inshore

    question-which reel would you prefer? the curado/chronarch 200 or the revo inshore. I will be using it for surf fishing hunting butts, long beach break wall for calicos and sandies and all other inshore species. I'll also be using it for largemouths as well. what would you prefer. I've always...
  571. alex morataya


    stellar outing for sure!!! cool a$$ video! you guys had on non-stop action!!! wish I could get into a bite like that. thanks for sharing and keep them video coming brotha!!
  572. alex morataya

    Fire sale of some nice gear

    got any pictures of 300 dsv?
  573. alex morataya

    5-10 BIG BUT

    wowsers!!! that's a toad! looks like you'll be eating great for a long ass tome.. congratulations buddy!!!
  574. alex morataya

    SMB Bass 5/9/15

    great quick trip.. looks like you did well...6lb calico is a trophy for anyone. thanks for sharing!
  575. alex morataya

    SaltWaterBassSeries features Kayak Event in Dana...

    great post! now its time for me to buy a kayak!
  576. alex morataya

    1995 Boston Whaler 17' Montauk - $9k obo

    wish I had the money for it.... don't know much about boats but that's one I would be all over. glws
  577. alex morataya

    Shimano Teramars FS

    digging your avatar.... I'm a dirtbag as well...go beach!
  578. alex morataya

    I'm still excited!!!

    that's a beast any day anywhere!! I would be excited for a very long time! I would also be eating good for a very long time :) congratulations!!!
  579. alex morataya

    Fun Bay Pic's

    awesome day! love the action bendo shot! gets my blood pumping ;)
  580. alex morataya

    For Sale..Shimano Calcutta 300TE and 400TE with Power Handle

    not cool....I even made a positive comment on the reels based on the first pictures posted. we all work hard for our money and WE shouldn't get screwed. I would rate those reel 7/10. scratches are nothing but pitted metal or erosion are bad news on any reel. be honest, no need to screw your...
  581. alex morataya

    Last Drop is a Winner

    nice video! congratulations on landing that toad on light gear...must have been fun! always digging your videos. keep them coming. thanks for sharing!
  582. alex morataya

    Caught this slug on a popper

    that's awesome! must of be fun catching yellows on top water or surface iron. Bets way to fish IMO. thanks for sharing!
  583. alex morataya

    looking for calcutta te

    post a picture of the reel...I bet you it'll sell within 2 days. some people need to see pictures ... GLWS!
  584. alex morataya

    G loomis Bacara Rod w/ Gold Trini 12

    You should post pix of the reel, if its in good condition it'll sell fast. great reel with lots of power. GLWS
  585. alex morataya

    looking for calcutta te

    that's a deal! I would be all over it if I didn't have favorite reel for stripers, LMB and Calicos! post should sell fast!
  586. alex morataya

    Rpt.-Thur.-04-30-15 A flurry of great local Bass fishing!

    you're having too much fun!!! thanks for sharing, always digging your reports and pictures!! those reds are very red! beautiful colors and fish!
  587. alex morataya

    For Sale..Shimano Calcutta 300TE and 400TE with Power Handle

    bets reel IMO. you wont need a reel for a long time! set for the next 10 years!!
  588. alex morataya


    you got me rollin!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  589. alex morataya


    it would easier if you sold it...
  590. alex morataya

    wts Shimano terez and gloomis rods

    if you're ever in LA I'll take the loomis!
  591. alex morataya

    South Nine Yellows 4-11-15

    nothing but quality yellows! must be fun to hang on 30lbers....its been way too long for me.. thanks for sharing!!!
  592. alex morataya

    Freedom Yellows San Clemente 4/4

    freedom is a great boat!!! Haven't been on that since Tommy left...might have to revisit very soon. thanks for sharing!
  593. alex morataya

    FS: Trinidad 14A

    great deal! too bad a I just bought one...I would have been all over it. it should sell fast.
  594. alex morataya

    Last Calcutta 300te reel. Final Price Drop !

    best round reel in IMHO.... these things are tanks and will last for a very long time when properly taken care of. love mine.. not surprise 2 already sold GLWS!
  595. alex morataya

    FS Calstar gg 90j factory wrapped jig stick

    Do you ever come to LA? I'll take it. Thanks
  596. alex morataya

    Phenix PSW907ML w/Trinidad 12N Gold

    very cool setup! should sell my trini 12... GLWS
  597. alex morataya

    Trinidad 12A and 14A For Sale

    Nice reels!!! Question-where did you get the knobs? I wanna switch my knobs as well. Thanks
  598. alex morataya

    calcutta 300 te

    Sold! Thanks Edwin! The reel is not pretty but it's still in perfect working conditions. It's caught lots of fish for me and it will for you too! Enjoy!!!
  599. alex morataya

    March Madness Yellowtails

    Glad you made back safe... Looks like you got some quality tails today....congratulations!!!!
  600. alex morataya

    heavy metal

    big ass toad!!! you did well my friend!!! congrats on the slug!
  601. alex morataya

    calcutta 300 te

    I'll send you pictures tonight. thanks .
  602. alex morataya

    calcutta 300 te

    I have one for sale. $175. cosmetically 6/10 mechanically 9/10 2/3 full of 50lb braid. PM if interested. thanks.
  603. alex morataya

    Catalina Mossbacks 3/17/15

    way to nail 'em! looks like you'll be eating good for a couple of days!!! and JP, that's awesome! thanks for sharing!
  604. alex morataya

    In Pursuit of Mossback 3/16

    great report!! what did the JP winner do? you called him pathetic freaking loser....hahahaha thanks for sharing the pictures. pursuit is a great fishing boat!