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  1. Billy L

    Running Halibut Charter out of Homer till Labor Day.

    A lot of you BDers know me from doing all kinds of fishing. Tuna offshore from San Diego lobsters right in San Diego harbor and been catching quite a few Halibuts out of Homer for many years. I fish mostly in Cook Inlet usually with many other charter boats around. I know the tide current and...
  2. Billy L

    Is this what you think also?

    No. Not my rod. Just an online image
  3. Billy L

    SOLD 2007 GMC envoy suv tow capacity 5400-6400#

    Sold 2007 Gmc envoy 4200V6 vortec engine Runs, looks excellent New water pump, idler bearings battery runs great. Tows well. Leaving very soon for Alaska. Clean title 155,000 miles Towed my 22’ Boston whaler CC well. smogged 5-27-20 License good till July 2020 Quick cash sale $3800 6195205696
  4. Billy L

    SOLD Silverado Longbed liner GM oem

    Fits 2007-2013 and maybe other years. Must pick up before Saturday 6195205696 North Chula Vista $75
  5. Billy L

    SOLD 2002 F450 7.3 contractor flatbed power lift gate 1 owner trade?

    Sold One contractor owner truck 2002 Ford F450 stakebed flatbed contractor construction truck with lift gate. 12’ bed with extra 1’ extension where the lift gate is attached to makes it 13’ long overall. Auto and the good 7.3 liter bullet proof power stroke turbo diesel V8 6 near new bfgoodrich...
  6. Billy L

    SOLD Duramax silverado 2500HD extended cab 2004 trade?

    Leaving for Alaska at end of May so please don’t wait. It’s looks nice and runs excellent Has $5000 worth of injectors installed lately. It was done after it was determined that the whole truck is in such great running condition. 2004 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 extended cab rear wheel drive long...
  7. Billy L

    WTB Boat trailer for 22’ Boston whaler

    Looking for a boat trailer about 25’ Long for my 22’ boat
  8. Billy L

    SOLD 1/2” x 200’ 3 strand nylon anchor rope with thimble

    Bought new and never used in original packaging $75 North Chula Vista. 8 miles south of downtown San Diego.
  9. Billy L

    SOLD Kicker Outboard bracket mount stainless

    10”.8”.6” board 2” thick Deployed 4” back and 8” down Seems to work fine. stainless $50 San Diego area in North Chula Vista
  10. Billy L

    Need fishing buddies in Homer this Summer

    With the mess in the lower 48, some of my buddies might not be visiting this summer so looking for someone to go fishing with and share expenses. My 26’ is slipped in Homer Harbor. i limit on halibuts about 80% of the time. It will be June to august. Early July has a lot of Sockeyes also. I have...
  11. Billy L

    SOLD Like new 15 y/o aluminum Fisher 170 Hawk Sport 115 Merc 4 stroke low low hours

    If there’s ever a like new 15 year old boat, this gotta be it. 2004 Fisher Hawk 170 Sport with 2005 Mercury 115 4 stroke with likely less than 20 hours. Was purchased November 2005. It’s of course a bass boat with a trolling motor in the front. It has live well both front and rear. Has a...
  12. Billy L

    Boaters protest this morning at shelter island?

    Did anyone hear about any protest being planned this morning? Anglers club? Around 10 am? With boats in tow on shelter island drive?
  13. Billy L

    Got a good fix for my fishing addiction watching Ali’s local knowledge show from yesterday. Makes me home(ocean) sick.

    Glad I had my DVR set recording the Local Knowledge show from today (correction). Not sure if it was a fix for my addiction or torture watching it because we can’t go off shore right now. It was from Key West and he got stone crab claws, bottom fish, king mackerel, sailfish and black fin tuna...
  14. Billy L

    SOLD Lowrance gps antenna 5 pin

    Came with my boat and I installed a new unit $30 Text 6195205696 North Chula Vista Thanks
  15. Billy L

    SOLD Boat trailer for 15’ whaler or?

    It’s all complete and fully functional. Used it for going to the launch for lobsters 50 times last season. I sold my 15’ whaler to Arizona and they came with a brand new trailer. I offered to tow the boat with this trailer to AZ with my insurance and that’s how solid I think it is but they got...
  16. Billy L

    Hooping before and/or after rainstorms?

    I have my theory, and my experience will be shared after yours.
  17. Billy L

    Small bowling ball before the storm

    Forecast from a couple of days ago was for rain today thru Friday so I planned a trip for yesterday. I know, 3 days in a row. Lobster fishing is an addiction........ to me. I invited a BD brother to go yesterday after he pledged secrecy to against revealing my spots, and I, to keep his identity...
  18. Billy L

    2 limits again plus 2 extra

    It’s been awhile since we limited so we felt pretty good. Was 4 trips ago when it last happened. Did have to fish till 11:20 pm starting at 5. Last 3 trips were 6, 6 and 8. Salmon head is all I use.
  19. Billy L

    Found 2 nets in SD harbor

    2 promar volcano type 32”. Different setups so from different people. Saw them as of about 8 with no one attending to them so I pulled them at 11 when I was leaving. They’re empty. One of them had a whole, whole salmon head for bait Again, Pm me with the description. Lobster derby was fun...
  20. Billy L

    Fisher of men Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to all the fisher of men! We Socal folks are blessed to have tuna late into November.
  21. Billy L

    Found hoop net in San Diego bay.

    It’s the flat type. Pm me with good description to claim it. By the way, we went out tonight and got 15.
  22. Billy L

    Intel on La Jolla or Point Loma kelp for rock fishing

    I haven’t bottom fished for a few years now. Its been Alaska or tuna in San Diego and lobster. I have friends coming later this month to wanna go fishing. They’re green horns so don’t want to take them offshore. Any intel would be appreciated. Here or Thru PM. I see both Seaforth and Point Loma...
  23. Billy L

    For Sale Filet table bait tank to side rail

    This was custom made for a boat I’ve sold. It’s all fiberglass construction with the filet table material at one end. The slot is 9”x1 1/2”. 47” long x about 13” wide. Now you can filet your catch like the sports boat on your way in and the scraps and carcasses will just go into the ocean. $100...
  24. Billy L

    Tuesday for YFT need 2-3 (tentatively)

    Planning on making an offshore trip coming Tuesday in my 22’ Boston whaler CC. 5:30 am at shelter island launch. Expenses shared among the ho’s. $240 for fuel, 2 scoop bait and ice, shared by 2 or 3. So it’s $80-120/person I mostly drive. You guys will handle the troll poles. I will flyline when...
  25. Billy L

    Need a bigger cooler

    Late start tonight in the harbor. Didn’t set nets till 7:10pm with 4 of us. At the end of the 4th set at 9:45, we limited. Had to round up all the nets to find 9 more legals that we have to throw back. I think I’m gonna have nightmare tonight. Calm bay with not many boats. Bait was a...
  26. Billy L

    Bugging San Diego harbor Found lost net

    We’re out both nights so far and limited for 3 both nights. Lots of boats opening night and we got done by 9. Slower last night and much less traffic and limited by 11. Sure miss eating these tasting little creatures. Saw a buoy with no light and no ID for a couple of hours with no one attending...
  27. Billy L

    Need 2-3 in my 22’ Boston whaler center console Tuesday sept 24

    Want to make at least one more trip for YF before lobster season Honda 225 newly serviced and running well $60-70/person includes bait, fuel and ice
  28. Billy L

    For Sale Battery box. Blue sea system

    Relocating my battery. OD 24x13(h)x12 ID lower 7” 23x9x7 ID inside of lip 21x9(w)x11(overall height) Great for keeping water away from battery and other stuff Perfect for 4D battery. Would fit 24D,27D and 29D batteries with room to spare Was $140 new $50 in spring valley and Chula Vista area
  29. Billy L

    WTB Trailer for 15’ Boston Whaler

    Mine is still ok but rusty Looking for one in very good condition Thanks
  30. Billy L

    My 2014 Honda 225 won’t pee

    Soliciting advice for my 2014 Honda 225. So I had it serviced Last February at a Honda dealer spending about $1,000 for mostly a 2 year service. Did it right before the 5 year warranty expires. New thermostats, impella, all fluid, spark plugs, Etc and I think there was something else. Had not...
  31. Billy L

    Wanna ride in your boat as mine is going to Honda dealer

    Was supposed to take 3 people in my 22’ Whaler this Saturday but my 500 hour Honda 225 needs repair. Going thru withdraws as I haven’t fished tuna in 8 months. If you have room, Please let me know. I can go any day. Not thrilled going on full day with 50 people I don’t smoke or drink and usually...
  32. Billy L

    For Sale 57 Chevy sedan

    This baby has no rust. 1957 Chevrolet 150 sedan. Similar to 210 or Bel Air Original 45,000 miles Stock 6 cylinder and 3 speed on the column. Great running condition. Red with black interior. New paint and upholstery. Front disc brakes Newer Craigers American mags and new 205-70R14 tires...
  33. Billy L

    For Sale Boat seats and cushions

    all dusty and needs bathing You clean and save Blue fold out seats $100/pair (sold) Beige/brown seats with metal base pole $50/pair (sold) Metal seat with metal base pole $25 (What is this seat for?) Cushions $50/pair forgot what they came out of Chula Vista.
  34. Billy L

    For Sale 2003 Crestliner 18’ aluminum 90 hp Honda 4 stroke 500 hrs

    Will be offered for sale again mid September
  35. Billy L

    Take me fishing here and I’ll take you in Homer AK and San Diego

    Aloha I’m visiting my buddy Kevin in Honolulu January 26 to February 3. Would love for someone to take me fishing while I’m here. I fish for Halibut and Salmon in Homer, AK during the Summer and the rest of the time in San Diego area for Tuna and lately spiny lobsters. Would love to take you in...
  36. Billy L

    For Sale Propeller for 2014 Mercury 60 hp 4 stroke

    $60 with spacer Good condition Aluminum Chula Vista
  37. Billy L

    White flesh lobster meat. Not cooked yet

    Opened this one up and it’s not like clear meat like the others. It’s all white and that includes inside the antennas, etc. So it’s throughout the body. Didn’t see anything similar online. They talk about reddish brown meat but not white. Has anyone seen this before?
  38. Billy L

    Adding kicker for trolling to my Honda 225 sharing steering

    Stopped by a Boat store today to look into adding a kicker to my boat for trolling These high thrust 9.9 outboard nowadays can troll at 8 mph. Want to link the steering with an additional control at the console. Looking for an outboard mechanic. Would have other work for him also. Would...
  39. Billy L

    YF tomorrow

    Just found out 2 buddies can’t make it tomorrow. So I can take 2-3 in my 22’ Boston whaler CC. Leaving Chula Vista and not too early. Plan on doing lobster afterwards with the skippies and bonitos. Honda outboard get 2.5 mpg so cost should be low. Plan to get sardines also. Let me know if you...
  40. Billy L

    For Sale 15’ Boston Whaler side console 2016 Mercury 60HP 4 Stroke Command Thrust

    Perfect Lobster and inshore fishing boat. Had been to Coronado Islands also 1980 Boston Whaler 15’ and it’s solid. 2016 Mercury 60 Hp 4 stroke Command Thrust under factory warranty. That alone was about $8,000. About 50 hours. Get 6+ miles/gallon. 16 gallon tank gives it about 100 mile range...
  41. Billy L

    Sea trial/fishing trip with 3 WSB. 3 reds, Ling and bunch of mixed rock cods

    Drove almost 300 miles to Santa Maria with plan to purchase a 22’ Boston Whaler Outrage with a 2014 Honda 225 with 500 hrs. The seller Deano, a ‘fellow’ gentleman and I got along very well. (Yes, me too. Haha). He has a very sweet and pretty wife also. (OK guys, don’t go there!) We had planned a...
  42. Billy L

    Want to fish SCI, looking for a ride

    Was on outer limits 2 1/2 day a few days ago and Paul couldn’t go there because of green water, 7’ seas and bluefin had scattered. Saw the flat sea in the other post. Really itching to go to get my first cow. Had been looking hard for a 25-28’ but most are asking too much for what they have. If...
  43. Billy L

    Active military lobster buddies

    Fish San Diego Harbor starting 9-29. Can take 1-2 at a time in my 15’ Boston Whaler with 60 hp 4 stroke. I drive. You pull my hoop nets. We split lobsters evenly Want to fish very often. Will start around sunset and hope to get done by midnight. Will cost you nothing other than needing to get...
  44. Billy L

    Looking for active military lobster buddies

    Will fish in San Diego harbor starting 9-30. Can take 1-2 at a time. I drive, you pull my hoop nets. Cost will be nothing. You will need to get fishing license and lobster card. Other than the first day, will start fishing right around sunset and hope to get done by midnight Will use my 15’...
  45. Billy L

    18 Bluefin on Outer Limit 10-12

    Anyone knows what grade they are? 10-12 of September but you all knew what I meant
  46. Billy L

    My 28’ boat or yours Homer AK or nearby

    my 28’ is slipped in Homer until Labor Day It gets expensive fishing by myself. Can take you and share expenses. Mostly Halibuts but Sockeyes in July and Lings and Rock cods also. This was from August last year. PM or text 6195205696
  47. Billy L

    For Sale Precision 12’ outriggers with base mounts

    Has the riggings also. Good condition $350/pair or best offer 6195205696
  48. Billy L

    For Sale A cruiser that had done fishing also SeaRay Sundancer250

    It's nice and was just serviced. Ready for the summer 1996 SeaRay sundancer 250 cabin cruiser This was mostly a fresh water boat but had done some ocean fishing also 5 Brand new tires Sink Water heater Head Shower Berth with extra bunk table Windlass Trim tabs Has a 7.4litreV8 with bravo 3...
  49. Billy L

    For Sale 12’ Precision outriggers with base mount and rigging

    12’ fiberglass outriggers for the big BF Precision and has the base mounts $350/pair, best offer 6195205696
  50. Billy L

    Liberty 4-26. A day later. Load got bigger and fish got smaller

    Went on Liberty yesterday with 27 other eager folks. I’m sure all excited about the report from the day before. 15 BF 25-30# with a couple at 35# Mixed flat fall and bait. My only one was on bait, my only bite My first time on Liberty and it’s good reputation did come through. Captain said 40...
  51. Billy L

    Looking at a 2001 twin vee 22’ weekender with 100 Yamaha’s 4 stroke

    Looking to buy this boat. Any pro or con info will be helpful. Motors has about 700 hrs Thanks
  52. Billy L

    For Sale Minn Kota trolling motor Endura 46

    Works well. Can demonstrate with my 12V power station. Forward and reverse Some scratches $50 Text 6195205696 Chula Vista
  53. Billy L

    For Sale Garmin GPSmap 238 sounder burnt screen

    head unit with cover only. Don’t know condition. Came with a boat I bought and I put in new unit. $100 Text 6195205696 Chula Vista area
  54. Billy L

    New Lo-An bigger grade on day and a half

    Just got back from day and a half. Went about 150 mile south. 15 on boat with 32 load. 1 20#. Only fish at 8:30 school 14 65-80#. Only other stop for the day but was there 5 hours. Lost 10+ from tangles and tackle problem. I loosened my drag to let it swim way out and then tightened it when it...
  55. Billy L

    For Sale 12” Xtratuf boots 2 pairs size 9

    Both 12” tall Both Xtratuf Pelagic brand new size 9 $100 ($119.99 at the store) 2nd pair Used 1 trip $70 I got a new pair with heavy lining for my Alaska uses so these are for sale Text me 6195205696
  56. Billy L

    Take me fishing here. I take you fishing Homer AK

    I fish all summer almost everyday for Halibut and Salmon in Homer AK in my 28’ but don’t have a boat in San Diego. I get my limit of 2 Halibuts everyday. So if you have room for SoCal or Baja trips, I like to go with. I’ll do the same up North. I usually throw back anything under 30” but not all...
  57. Billy L

    Want to fish Camp Castro for 2 days. Looking to share panga

    I fished there 3 years ago and hooked 15 Lings in one day. Like to go and looking for someone to share cost of panga. I can fish any day of the week. Anyone one wants to go? It’s 60 miles south of Ensenada. It has hotel and cabanas also Very low cost
  58. Billy L

    Precision 12' outriggers with base(s)

    $350 for the pair bases had been removed from the boat so they're ready to go Call or text as I don't check BD messages often Thanks Forgot my number at first posting. Sorry 6195205696
  59. Billy L

    Trade Halibut fishing(in my 29' at Homer AK) for fishing in your boat in Vancouver B.C.

    I'm moving with my 29' from San Diego to Homer AK and stopping in Vancouver about June 9-19 visiting my sister. I won't be using my boat in Vancouver as I have way to much personal stuff loaded on the deck. Yes, I'm using it as a cargo trailer. I like to go fishing in Vancouver. Can share...
  60. Billy L

    Outriggers with base $500

    I'm told they're Precision Marine. they're 12' These are not the hollow cheapie. My boat is Alaska bound and they're not used up there. That's why they're for sale. Good condition. Call or text 619-520-5696
  61. Billy L

    Outriggers useful in Alaska? Particularly Homer area?

    I'm bring a boat from lower 48 and it has outriggers on it. Wonder if it will get used in Alaska or if I should sell them before trip? Please advice or suggest. Thanks
  62. Billy L

    25' Tandem boat trailer New tires brakes jack $1250 for quick sale

    SOLD 1998 boat trailer I sold my 33' aluminum trailer and took this in as trade to help the guy out with the logistics. 2" ball to back of trailer is 25' so it would fit anything from 22, 23, 24, 25 boat. Tandem axles with surge drum brakes on both axles. Many new parts including a heavy duty...
  63. Billy L

    3 Wahoos for me on first try. 500 miles south as it's drying up here locally

    My first try for wahoos and I lost 3 but landed 3 50-60#. Lou got a 75 #. This is on day 2 of our trip about 500 miles south down Baja. First day had no Wahoo. Count both days is 12 YFT. 40 YT. 15 skippes. Some YT and skippes released.
  64. Billy L

    Cedros 3 days after Hurricain Patricia

    We're planning on fishing Assencion by Cedros Monday and Tuesday next week. With Patricia making landfall this afternoon, what do you guys think about the wave or fishing being about 8-900 miles North of it? Thanks!
  65. Billy L

    Like to go fishing in homer in your boat. Share cost

    My Halibut charter limit is up so have to go on private boats. I bought a Sea Runner in Anchorage but it's being repaired. They're so busy they haven't touched and its been 8 days and counting. OK. I'll put away my violin now. Just wanna catch more Butts. Share expenses. I have my Bubba Blade...
  66. Billy L

    14 days starting now!

    The day has finally come and were on our way going south to Turtle Bay, Cedros, Benito's, and possibly Mag bay. We'll be on the boat for 14 days. Just left Dana point after fueling up the 38' Mediterranean And getting some lively sardines. Will let you know how we do. There's only 3 of us...
  67. Billy L

    Pull your hoops

    I'm free and dying for my first lobster of the season. Just got back in town. I had boats last few years and pulled many including one 15# donated to sea world. I know where they are. Pm me for lobster harvest. Can go this evening. Thanks 619-520-5696 This was in oct 2012 when we got 26...
  68. Billy L

    Visiting Honolulu Sept 13 to Oct 18 and like to go fishing

    Aloha, I'm visiting my retired Navy Captain buddy in Honolulu 9-13 to 10-18. Would love to go fishing for one or both of us. Can share expenses. Please let me know if you can show me about Hawaiian fishing. I'm used to fishing for tuna, dorado and yellow tail offshore from San Diego and Baja CA...
  69. Billy L

    Dolphin skunk 8-27

    Just got off 1/2 day extended on the dolphin. Whole boat skunk. Counts were lower today for all of them. Of course I went on it from seeing the limit count the day before. What's not to like to be able to pay $64 for the trip and fish tuna hoping to do very well. You know when fishing is bad...
  70. Billy L

    Need one ho for Friday launch 3.30 a

    Would be a total of 3 for a 22' walk around cuddy. Should be $75-85 per person. That's includes fuel, ice and bait(2 scoops at the higher price). 4 stroke 175 hp outboard. Would fish mostly 302/371. Try to launch about 3.30 at MCRD in point loma and back by 6p. You would need to be experienced...
  71. Billy L

    Tomorrow local banks

    We're launching about 4.30 out of point loma and has room for 1 more. Total 3 on 22' walk around with 175 hp 4 stroke. Hope to be a short day. Would be less than $75 per person. Must be experienced offshore. We don't use foul language. Pm me
  72. Billy L

    Looking for a boat to do the MAW challenge

    If you need one more guy for the tournament, please let me know
  73. Billy L

    1 or 2 ho can go

    Just got back from the 2-day Pride and posted. Ready to get back out and get more YFT limit and maybe one or more big BFT. My fishing bud Bernie, very experienced also, wants to go also. Thanks. 619-520-5696
  74. Billy L

    Epic!! 2 day Pride 8-5 to 8-6, 21 BFT 40-50#, limited YFT both days with 3 quadruple blind jig strik

    I was actually offering to give up my spot on this charter because I fished 3 days straight before this trip. Well, nobody took it and so I kept my spot. Boy did that work out! It's the epic trip of my lifetime for local banks. Limited on YFT both days and landed 21 BFT 40-50#. I landed the...
  75. Billy L

    Fished today tomorrow and Sunday. Giving up my spot on sold out pride 8-4 to 8-6

    So many tunas and so little time. Was out at 302 today. All bait fish with birds crashing and tuna boiling all over the place. Will be going back out tomorrow for a 2 dayer. Think I'll be too beat for my paid pride 8-4 to 8-6 trip. See offshore trip planning forum. It's a charter and only $375...
  76. Billy L

    Experienced skipper wants to go fishing in your boat

    A lot of you probably have read my many posts when I had my 26' striper and was active going offshore. Well, I sold it and miss the trips down to 1010 the couple of years for the blue fins. Now they're much closer. I used to offered rides, sharing expenses and now the roles are reversed. Would...
  77. Billy L

    Ride sharing or split charter in Sitka, Juneau, Anchorage and Kenai pennisula

    I'm in Sitka until Monday August 5 I'll be in Juneau Wednesday thru Saturday August 10. Anchorage and Kenai pennisula late August and September. I'm a 59 y/o experienced angler and like to pay your fuel bill to go fishing. God fearing man who doesn't smoke, drink or cuss. I have all my saltwater...
  78. Billy L

    Outriggers poles aluminum 15'

    Have the poles but no bases $150'pair
  79. Billy L

    Trailer guides new carpet 2x4 96" $30

    Don't bother chasing down the parts and material and put it together yourself. Complete pair for $30 Need to pick up in Bonita before Saturday as I'm going on a trip
  80. Billy L

    Moving sale Sunday Jun 9 8-12 Lot of fishing, boating, trailer, towing, water sport

    I'm selling a lot of my gears Gaffs Down rigger nets rod and reels. Some new Shimano 2 speeds 8II and 10II in boxes and not used anchors lures; plastics and troll lures weights life vests trailer wheels and tires 3-way hitches skiis knee board and a lot of house hold stuff also a 2007 Honda ATV...
  81. Billy L

    White seats(2) from my 2005 striper 2601.

    SOLD Never used as I had them replaced with custom ones from day one $100 for the pair
  82. Billy L

    Tackle garage sale during my garage sale tomorrow SAT 8-3 in Bonita 91902

    I'm selling a lot of my gears Gaffs Down rigger nets rod and reels. Some new Shimano 2 speeds 8II and 10II in boxes and not used anchors lures; plastics and troll lures weights life vests trailer wheels and tires 3-way hitches skiis knee board wake board surf board and a lot of house hold stuff...
  83. Billy L

    Bait tank 26"x14"x24"h rectangle $50

    $50 with the valve and hose. Not sure how big. Maybe up to scoop and a half. We're having a garage sale and I'm selling a lot of my gear as I'm selling my boat also.
  84. Billy L

    Trailer tires and wheels different sizes ST class 6 different sizes

    ST235/85R16 trailer tire and white wheel 8 lug never used - $100
  85. Billy L

    Shimano reels 2 speed Trynos 8II 10II Brand new in box

    Model TYR8II TYR10II Retrieve Right Right Line Retrieve per crank (in.) 37/22 37/22 Mono yds/# test 20/170 20/230 Max Drag 18...
  86. Billy L

    26' Striper Diesel for sale 2005 all electronics Trade? $49,900

    SOLD AND I'M GONNA MISS IT!!!! I'm selling it because we're moving. 2005 Seaswirl Striper 2601 walk around cuddy cabin with all the bells and whistles. It has a tuna tower and believe me, with that, we caught a lot of blue fins last year. Has a Volvo 4D210 diesel motor that gets 2.5-3...
  87. Billy L

    Went Fishing, Caught 4 Deers

    I got this story and photos in an email from my wife, hope you all enjoy it. Hey, put your 30.06 away!!!!! Went Fishing, Caught 4 Deers A once in the history of mankind kind of thing. The Best Day Of Fishing Ever! Some fishing stories are a little hard to believe, but this guy has...
  88. Billy L

    Hooping with 3 Marine Sergeants and lots of tails

    I had the privilege of lobstering with 3 Marine Sergeants yesterday and we had a great time. Actually, 2 of them are staff sergeants. These warriors station at Camp Pendleton. A couple of their lady friends join us also. We met at Shelter Island launch at 5.30 and was setting them at about...
  89. Billy L

    Limit for 4 in 2 boats Saturday evening zoo

    Went on Captain Clowers boat last night instead of mine. Not only does he fish offshore, he's does lobster charter also. You just need to bring your bodies, he has all the hoop nets, bait, light sticks, etc. Call him at 619-800-FISH. It's pretty inexpensive. We dropped them about 6 pm and was...
  90. Billy L

    Getting spoiled. Limits for 2 after pulling 11 nets

    Bugging this year so far is like tuna fishing, we're getting spoiled. Of course we had our 10 nets limit for the boat but there was only 2 of us last night. Other 2 didn't make it. We ran a little behind and was dropping them at 7:45 in the harbor in about 35', which is my favorite depth. We...
  91. Billy L

    Again bugs limit for 3 second day with 7#

    So we went bugging again the second day. Actually, it's still 09-29 so we got limit before midnight for Josh who went for the first time. He said this was the first time he held a lobster. We started pulling limits for me and Captain Clowers after midnight, including a big 7#. Kept 3 bigger rock...
  92. Billy L

    Bugs limit for 3

    Pulled them between midnight and 3 a.m. 3 bigger ones at about 5-6#. Total 21. Fish and Game was very active and boarded my boat on the way in in the harbor. Very professional and polite.
  93. Billy L

    1010 9-23 Almost boat limit. Total 13 YF and 6 Dodos for 3 guys

    Just got back and we went far, 80 miles. You got the counts and photos. I'll give you a long version after I have settled in. Ocean was rough coming back. One YF was pushing 45#. Other were the 13-20#. Had my personal limit of 5 YF and 2 Dodos. Here's the long version. (I passed out last...
  94. Billy L

    Out of bait just as we found Blue Fin school

    Fished North of 1010 where everybody was. Very fishy area. A lot of boats were just doing long soaks. We didn't arrive the 1010 area and missed the early Albie bite that some got because we could only do 10 knots on the way down. My normal 2 am launch and doing 15 knots to arrive 1010 at grey...
  95. Billy L

    1 small kelp paddy but we stayed 3 hours Wide open!!!! Have number for you.

    So we heard about the 100 pounder Blue Fins and we went out today trying to find them, but never did. Went about 70 miles down and saw the fleet there. Trolled from grey light and had a single blind strike of 14# Yellow Fin at 8.30. Skunk is off. Trolled until we saw a small paddy with no...
  96. Billy L

    7 BFT up to 40# 8-21 for 4 Fishers of Men

    Felt good doing the first offshore trip this season in my own boat. Launched S.I. 2 a.m. Tuesday with three other fellow Christians and got 2 scoops that lasted pretty well the whole day. Cruised at 14 knots in great ocean condition and that's probably why the bait lasted. I have an 45 gal...
  97. Billy L

    California Skipper like to go fishing offshore this Friday and/or Saturday

    I'm visiting Orlando and like to go offshore fishing Friday and/or Saturday on either coast of Florida. Would share ride and expenses or split charter. Can do the same with you if you visit San Diego as I have a 2005 26' diesel Stripper with tuna tower. I'm Christian man and doesn't smoke, cuss...
  98. Billy L

    CA Beautiful Maxum 24 n trailer Open bow cabins ski pole wake board NO RESERVE Ebay ends tonight
  99. Billy L

    24' Skipjack no reserve Ebay auction

    Here's the link: Auction ends tonight at 7.30 pm. It's no reserve and it's only at $2050 presently. It has a new engine with only 74 hrs. Set up for Scuba diving with boom for the tank also. Don't miss out...
  100. Billy L

    Donate your large female lobster to Scripps and Birch

    I donated it to Birch when they told me it's a male. Thinking it was a female and was told about a program they have about taking big females so that they can wait until she hatches the 27,000 babies and release them back into the Ocean for us to have lobsters to catch in future, I made the...
  101. Billy L

    rock pile Sat oct 1 can take 2

    SI 4.30 launch $75 inc bait fuel flletting PM me
  102. Billy L

    YT at Rockpile on Monday 9-26 SI at 4 a.m. $60/person includes fuel and bait

    In my 26' Striper. Can take up to 3 anglers. PM me with your #. If no one can make it, I'll be on a 3/4 day out of PL. Don't want to do a solo. Wanna get some of those 18-25# YT and maybe some Lings
  103. Billy L

    1 spot left Sat 1 a.m. SI Launch to Hidden $100

    $100 include bait, fuel and fish cleaning. Total 4 people in 26' Striper Cuddy cabin with Tuna tower. You bring Mexican license and Passport or ID. Bring food and drinks for yourself. I have bottled water. Bring 2 rods, 15 and 20# with flouro and size 1 or 2 hooks. I have troll rods. Please wear...
  104. Billy L

    Can anyone on Endeavor with limit of BF today share info?

    It's about the only overnighter that did very well but with BFT only. Relentless and Big Game 90 has some BF counts also. Can someone share where they were, are the pens still down at Hidden and are they being caught there? I'm going Sat morning 1 a.m. Any info helps. I'm taking up to 3...
  105. Billy L

    Sat 9-10 1-2 at $100/person includes bait and fuel

    launching 1-2 am. 26' cuddy cabin. up to 4 total
  106. Billy L

    Hidden 9-3 and 9-5 got BF. Supposed to have better sea today, WRONG!

    Sat 4 people 3 fish because we got there late, 7.30 a.m. Very poor ocean. See my post yesterday. According to the forecast, today is supposed to be better, WRONG! My arms and elbows are sore from being knocked around in the boat. My son Christian and I arrived at 6 a.m. Perfect! 4 drifts from...
  107. Billy L

    BFT Hidden Sat 9-3 and again Mon 9-5, can take 2

    You all know what's at Hidden Bank so I don't need to add to it. BFT and WFO. We went 9-3 but didn't arrive until 7.30 a.m. and the bite was dying down according to everybody. We managed 3 BFT about 15#. Going again tomorrow launching at 1 a.m. S.I. I can take 2, 4 total including myself. We're...
  108. Billy L

    Hidden Monday 9-5 launching 1 a.m. S.I.

    Hidden bank has BFT biting 5.45 am. to 9 am. 26' Striper with tuna tower. 2 going and need 2 more. 4 total including myself. $100/person includes fuel and bait. You supply Mexican license and passport. You just need 2 rods. 20 and 25# and best with fluoro leader. 1/0 or 2/0 circle, ringed...
  109. Billy L

    Need Buddy for discount 2.5 day Big Game 90 Aug 28 - 31

    Reg rate is $499, buddy at half price so it's $375/person X 2. Available only through their office. PM me if you wanna get the savings
  110. Billy L

    7 species with 1 yt. 30 fish in all

    Tried out a boat we bought this week by taking it to the islands. This 2005 Striper 2601 WA with a diesel Volvo 210 Hp exceeded my expectation. Can't wait till the one prong in the Raymarine C80 is fixed so that I can go chase some Blue Fin that I'm drooling over. My 18 y/o son and I launched...
  111. Billy L

    Ride sharing in Vancouver, B.C. May 16 to May 22

    I like to go fishing for one or more days May 16 to May 22. I'm in Vancouver now. Can share fuel cost or share charter. Salmon, bottom or crabbing, I'm all game. I usually fish in my 23' CC Seafox off shore for Tuna in San Diego. Can take your fishing if you're visiting San Diego June to...
  112. Billy L

    Look for a ride for 2 to Hidden

    Would like to catch a ride for myself and my 17 y/o deckhand son this Sat and/or Sun. I can clean all the fish and my boy is very helpful. We have our Mexican permits and all the tackle. Be glad to share expenses. Don't want to take my 23' CC out so far. Please PM me if you have room. Thanks.
  113. Billy L

    Barn door Halibut in Alaska 364#/8 ft tall

    I'll settle for 1/10th of that.
  114. Billy L

    Take a soldier fishing

    I am going with my 17 y/o son tomorrow for Barries and Sandies at IB and TJ flats, maybe some bottom also at the islands. I'll bring squid for bottom and iron and plastics for the other 2. $20 per person, up to 2 people, for active or retired military personel. You need your fishing licenses...
  115. Billy L

    Looking for Military anglers to fish on my boat

    Very low cost fishing for enlisted personel on my private boat. Sharing expenses only. I have a 2005 Sea Fox 23' center console. 200 Hp 4 stroke Merc at about 2 mpg. Why am I doing it at very low cost? My way of thanking our soldiers for their service to our country. I fish almost every...
  116. Billy L

    Late 9-12 report. Most YFT at 6 mi B4 425 2 wknds straight

    Day late but hopefully not a dollar short. Invited 4 members from my church to go tuna chasing. My favorite deck hand, my 16 y/o son, didn't make it because of a skateboarding sprained ankle. Ouch.... Launch at SI 6:30a yesterday, 9-12, and headed for 425. Seemed like most fish were caught...
  117. Billy L

    1st post: 5 mi SW of islands 4 stops 8 YFT 2 dod 3 YT

    This is my first post, so easy guys and gal(1 or2). Launch about 5.15 a, got 1 scoop and was out of the harbor by 6. Decided to sleep in...... as we launched at 4 a this past Sat and last Sun. Still try to recoup from the 15 hours in the water 2 days ago. Was planning on run n gun at the 9...