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    #7 in B1G > #1 in PAC

    In attendance according to When will someone in the PAC step their game up, or are are they all happy with an 8th place finish?:confused:
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    Yo T, no shortage of toilet paper in PAC land

    So long as Walmart keeps stocking those Ute jerseys:D
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    Where is the “Let’s get this Alamo Bowl the thread” T?

    PAC/Ute relevancy for next year could be on the line ya know. I hope the Utes get the W and think they will, if they want to be there.
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    We all know

    Utah has never won much of anything. Is this the year, or do they remain in mediocrity? Let’s discuss. I am thinking that if they get a shot at any glory, they fold up shop like they did last year against the B1G’s Northwestern. Can’t see picking them for anything meaningful.
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    CFP Commit T

    The Committee has spoken for the first time, and they are not on the same page as the other commit T. Why am I not surprised? While there are still plenty of games that will help us sort things out, one thing is for sure, Biggest T’s take on my Buckeyes thus far is just a bit off base. His...
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    Everybody want a Heisman

    Including three Buckeyes in the top six vote getters.
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    tOSU Buckeyes vs Northwestern game thread

    For no other reason than we need somewhere new for big t to rant his dumb stuff:D
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    Big T’s Guide to Utah Homerism

    On sale now for $19.95. Get it while it lasts folks. Summary, when your team has very few impact players, tout the kickers for relevancy. Mods, in an effort to supplement T’s retirement plan, please consider moving this to the penny saver section of the classified ads;)
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    Official NFL Draft thread

    Twenty picks in and not a single PAC player off the board. Whats up with that? Do they even recruit guys capable of next level play anymore?
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    PAC 12 Bowl Prediction Record

    Where do you stand?
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    Who does the PAC champ really want in the Rose?

    Probably Northwestern, Penn St, maybe Meatchicken since we softened them up for ya, other?
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    tOSU Buckeyes vs Penn St

    QB woes have not been evident with the Buckeyes, but need some better Defense to win on the road. Winner still has CFB playoff spot chances, looser gets the opportunity to destroy the PAC champion. Since the Bucks did that last year, it’s time to move on from
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    Sports world is glad Big T is on vacation!

    Hoping like hell he misses the OSU Buckeye / Urban saga as everybody knows he will be joining the lynch mob. Guess I better read up on how to block him just in case all that talent doesn’t perform without their head coach.:confused:
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    The Masters 2018

    Sports forum seems to be a little quite lately so I am wondering where all the golf fans are? Did anybody watch Patrick Reed hold off good efforts by Spieth and Fowler?
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    Well almost:rofl: Perhaps they will have some success in the nit tourney.
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    big baller brand

    Obviously isn’t doing that well or one of the kids wouldn’t be sitting in jail in China facing a shoplifting charge and 6-10 years. Not sure how the laws of China work, but Lonzo may want to get Big Bailer Brand up and running quick. Yikes:confused:
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    Cali’s Raiders, Chargers & Niners

    6 W’s & 18 L’s at the half way point almost makes me want to take a knee and pray for these sorry “sons of bitches”, almost:D
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    Big T- look who is a 3.5 point dog

    Your Utes! At home, against an unranked 3-2 team who will be using a backup QB, against a team who lost to a G5 school. Matchup predictor shows 76-24 in favor of Stanford. You have got to be kidding me. How you going to assess your way out of this one bro?:D Update- just checked my assessment...
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    Chambers Bay GC

    Played it last Friday, right behind the guys competing in the Pacific Amateur Championship. Good timing as I got to see it in Championship setup and conditions. Pins were tucked in some hard to get places and greens were quick. Green complexes are a real challenge if you are out of position. No...
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    NCAA Basketball Tournament

    No one seems dominant. Is there 10-12 teams with a good chance or is it one of the obvious blue bloods like NC, Kansas or Kentucky?
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    College Football Playoffs Picks

    Who you picking? I am pulling for the Washi boys and beloved Buckeyes today. Going to take a well executed game plan to pull off wins for either club. Go Dawgs, Go Bucks!
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    Anybody seen T?

    Haven't heard from him in awhile, hope he is doing ok.:D
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    PAC D?

    Unless somebody figures out how to play defense, I see another beat down coming for the PAC if one of them happens to get in the playoff. Did they steal the big 12's playbook?
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    Ryder Cup Matches

    There are some fantastic singles match ups today. USA needs this one.
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    Arnold Palmer

    Not many like him, sporting world lost a true legend.
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    NCAA Top 25 is out, Where is Big T and his Utes?

    Just wanted to make sure that lecture you are fixin to give me about preseason poles is deserved T, as I do remember last year. How does "THE Ohio State University Buckeyes" end up in the top five after losing eighteen starters? Must be a lot like fishing, the ability to be successful is a lot...
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    Patriot cold weather playoff game preparation

    Copied from Quarterback & Equipment Manager playbook- Balls inflated to 13.0 psi at room temp will be about 9.5psi when they equilibrate to a single digit outside temperature in dry conditions. Just simple laws of Physics. P2a/P1a = T2Kelvin/T1Kelvin solve for P2a = T2/T1 * P1 Lets assume we...
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    What do Patriots and Seahawks have in common?

    Well, besides good teams, how about really bad calls or all time classic blunders that go down in infamy. Guess Belichick forgot to read "football for dummies" or the overtime rules. We need Max and SeaDawg to help us recognize the genius in that call.:D
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    Looking for subcontractors

    Small residential infill type projects. Tear down old homes, build new 2 or three unit condos. Nice facilities in nice north San Diego coastal county location. Must be licensed contractors who can perform their work in a professional manner. PM me with contact information and I will fill you...
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    Scholarships Available @ Missouri?

    Players who make the choice not to practice or play should have their scholarship pulled. No way they boycott if they have a good record or were in the hunt for SEC title. Team activities contingent on some grad students hunger strike and the president quitting? What a sad state of affairs.
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    Torrey Pines North Renovation

    The city of San Diego is screwing up once again. There is no doubt politics took over and high jacked the renovation project once headed by Phil Mickelson's group. Union backed special interest assholes known as the "California Fair Political Practices Commission" basically found a way to...
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    Buckeye's unanimous #1

    That's right, tide done rolled out and there is a new sheriff in town. Best O-line and running game in the country, add a "Twelve Guage" or JT Barrett at QB, who can stop them? I like our chances!:D
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    Demolition and Grading Contractors?

    Have a little project coming up in Carlsbad. Consists of tearing down two old homes and constructing a two unit two story building with underground parking. Would also be interested in other trade bids as well. Send me a message if interested. Thanks
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    Best Catch of the Day 8-14

    Was by the kid who fetched John Daly's iron out of Lake Michigan at the PGA Championship. :D It was a smooth 10 on a par three!
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    Happy Birthday USCG

    And thanks to all members. 225 years of excellent service by a bunch of good people.:xlbirthda
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    Phil and Charley playing muni golf

    Went down to Coronado with few friends Sunday for 6:37 tee time. When checking in, Derrick says we want to send you a little early so they can slip in a group behind us. Cool no problem, we skip the range warm up, hit a few putts then go to the tee. Couple minutes later Phil Mickelson, Charley...
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    Chambers Bay

    Who is going? Who has played that beast? Looks like one heck of a venue and deserving of a National Championship. I have seen some boats in the background on the golf channels coverage, is it any of you guys and good fishing in that area?
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    US Open @ Chambers Bay

    Can't wait to see how it unfolds. Links golf is a different animal and this looks to be a fantastic venue. Love the rugged look of the bunkers and that tall native fescue. Hope Phil gets a US Open title and completes the career grand slam. Who you rooting for and are any of you Washi Boyz...
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    Mayweather vs Pacquiao

    Who you picking? I am thinking Manny.
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    Oceanside Harbor accident

    Just herd on the news a 37 footer rolled over at the harbor entrance. Seven people on board and all are ok. They showed picture of a boat at the dock with people hugging. Seems a little strange if it rolled how would it be at the dock?:confused:
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    Service location

    I am in north San Diego county and looking to get reels serviced. I have GS 525,535,545,555 as well as three international 2's, a 16, 30 and 50. All are in pretty good condition and likely just need typical service maintenance type stuff. Where is good place in northeast county to get this done...
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    Mono life span

    So I have some of those big spools in 20,30,40 and 60lb that I got some 4-5 years ago. Been thinking about reloading reels but wondering if it's still good. Didn't have any issues last year and it is stored in a cabinet. Anyone have any experience with it going bad and is it fair to just test it?
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    Craftsman Radial Arm Saw

    2.75 hp, 10" in good condition. Always stored indoors and is on casters for easy mobility. Asking $200.00 dollars
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    Fall Protection Harness

    Exofit Nex by DBI Sala. I have about half dozen and some are new still in the bag. Medium, large and I think an extra large. These are top of the line, comfortable and allow for tool bags on the belts. Over $200 each new when I bought them from white cap. Thinking 100-125 each is pretty fair...
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    Chevy truck bed cover Sold

    Came off my 1998 dually with full size bed. Burgundy color in good condition. One piece fiberglass and I think it is made by snug top. If anyone is interested let me know and I will get more details.
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    NCAA Hoops

    So we are a week away from hoops madness, perhaps the best tournament in sports. Yes Kentucky has it all with their size, depth and experience but there are some teams that can beat them. Who you rooting for and how far do you expect them to get? Who is in your final four?
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    Tiger Woods game

    Wow, first the Hero World Challenge then Pheonix. :eek: Never been his biggest fan but lots of respect for how he could play the game. Hope he finds a way to shake this off and compete at Torrey. :confused:
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    Who plays Golf?

    So who plays and where you hit around at? Has there ever been a bloody deck outing?
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    Bucks over the Ducks

    41-38. They will run it down their throats and use "12 Guage" just enough to keep them off balance. :urno1:
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    Make room Washi boyz

    There are a lot of us looking for a new bandwagon. Yours looks pretty good and we will bring some drinks:cheers:. Thanks for your hospitality in advance.:chestram2
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    Oceanside & El Capitan football

    Big congratulations to Oceanside and El Cap for their wins in the semi final games. Best of luck in capturing state titles! Both teams were very impressive and dominated their opponents.:appl::appl:
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    Offseason Storage Cover

    My existing cover is showing its age. Looking for some recommendations for a good canvas shop in San Diego county. Thanks for your feedback.
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    Nike/LaBron/Cleveland add

    If you have not seen it, check out utube. That's good stuff that our country could use a lot more of! :appl:To the creators.