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  1. danny warren

    Been a good year

    This hunt season has been a great one. With the help of fellow member Jgsons2. We were able to pull one nice buck and a fat doe out of the East Oakanogan area. In early archery I was able to harvest a nice bull elkMy son passed his hunter education and got his first kill. He was not able to...
  2. danny warren

    WTB youth shotgun

    my boy just passed his hunters education and now I am in the market for a youth shotgun. He is 80lbs and 5’tall. Would a 12 gauge be to big. I will be taking him Turkey hunting next year
  3. danny warren

    New official world record Redbanded rockfish

    in May we caught the new Washington state and world record redbanded rockfish. It weighed in at 17lbs 1oz. It was caught out of La Push.
  4. danny warren

    Ocean report

    Went out for the opener. Water was great along with great fishing. Big lings and a few bass. Made for a great day on the water. A little cold but after a few fish we all warmed up. Good start to the year
  5. danny warren

    First river salmon

    I took my boy to float the humptulips river for the first time Friday. He was the only one to catch anything. A nice silver. Then to the ocean for razor clams
  6. danny warren

    Peep sight for knight ultralight

    I am looking for a peep site that will fit my new ultralight muzzleloader. Your help is appreciated thanks
  7. danny warren

    WTB Knight muzzleloader

    I am looking to buy a knight muzzleloader. I would have purchased the ultra light a few weeks ago but it went fast. I am interested in the BIGHORN Max Western 50 cal. Thanks
  8. danny warren

    Fishing Near Orlando in May

    I will be in Orlando for work in May and was looking for some suggestions on what would be the best fish and place to target while down there. Your help is appreciated. Thanks
  9. danny warren

    Replica taxidermy recommendation

    I caught a pretty nice Dorado while in Mexico. I am looking to get a mount and need your help on a quality taxidermist.
  10. danny warren

    Winter Harbour

    I will be heading to Winter Harbour August 4-12. I hoping for some advice on where to start my search for big salmon and bottom fish. We will be in a 26ft boat and willing to run a ways for a good spot. I appreciate your help.
  11. danny warren

    Summer Trip to Winter Harbour advice needed

    I am heading to Winter Harbour August 4-12. We are staying at Olies and I am looking for some good advice to start my search for salmon and bottomfish. I appreciate all your help Thanks.
  12. danny warren

    Washington muzzleloader

    I am looking to buy a new muzzleloader that is legal to use in Washington. I'm looking for one that is stainless, accurate and easy to use. Your help is appreciated
  13. danny warren

    Lake Washington coho

    Has anyone fished for coho on lake Washington. Looking for a fish report
  14. danny warren

    Rod repair

    I have a shimano Trevala that needs the bottom eye repaired. The eye is a fugi 16. The rod line weight is 60-200 lb braid. It has heavy power and medium fast action. I'm in the Gig Harbor area. Your help is appreciated
  15. danny warren

    Youth gun

    I'm looking for a youth 20 gauge. My boy is 8 and we want to hunt turkey. Also looking for a 308 in a youth model. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
  16. danny warren

    Need river report

    I was looking for a fish report for the satsop, chehalis, and humptulips. I now the fish are running late, so I was not sure if the rivers are in full swing yet.
  17. danny warren

    Knot less nets

    Do we need to use knot less nets in the rivers
  18. danny warren

    Mechanical broadheads

    Anyone have a recommendation on mechanical broadheads. I want to switch over I hunt both deer and elk
  19. danny warren

    WTB/ NEED Suzuki DF140

    I need a strb engine for my defiance. It's a 2005 and it blew up with only 700 hrs. I have twins so I would like to keep them the same. I need a DF 140 Suzuki. My phone number is 253-720-7722. Any leads would be great
  20. danny warren

    cowlits report?

    I was wondering if anyone has a report for steelhead on the Cowlits. I plan on going next Monday and Tuesday. Anything will help.