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    Only you can make this happen..

    Stupid stuff.... nice work Dave
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    Late report:Pursuit at Catalina

    Your a good man Dave! Great report as well....
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    Wasted money.....

    Fished out of San Pedro on the First String. Great boat, Captain, and crew is always amazingly good! We loaded up on quality bottom critters and managed around 20 nice quality YT with only a few casualties due to the deck hands constant help. Kids and and Newbies got 90% of the YT which got me...
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    Laguna Niguel Lake

    Yes...its now operated by the county. They are still not sure where the trout will come from but they are guessing some time in January. Most likely small stuff that will get depleted in no time by the comerants and pelicans ( yes pelicans!) I'm guessing it be similar as it was when I was a...
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    My first cow!!!!!

    Nice work David! Check that off the 'ol bucket list...
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    June 19, 2014--Big 'But on the Mirage

    ^^ What Max said^^ And then some! Damn!!!!!!
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    Gary Galvez and freinds with K&Ms Capt. George Catian

    Nice Kelly! Kal and I will see you soon....can't wait!
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    187 Fish assassination!!!

    Nice work! Looks like a great day!!! The secret may just be a big Crocodile....we've done well on the YT & WSB in SQ on em. Not so much up here.
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    Great Winter Fishing in San Quintin!

    NICE Roy! Kal and I fished with you down there and you were killing it then as well! Cheers bro!!!!
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    Lake mission viejo

    Nice work! I've trolled it many times with Raps for nada. Was it two of you fishing? I thought the limit was 4 per person...
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    Great White Attacks Seals off PV on 9/19/13 - Caught on Video

    I just wish this was a common sighting.....everywhere!
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    DP long triangle

    Thanks Matt for the report and effort. Hoping things light up soon in our neck of the woods!
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    K&M Takes 1st place in Govs Cup!!!! Bluefin-Yellowfin-Yellowtail

    Nicely done Kelly.....CONGRATULATIONS! - - - Updated - - - Nicely done Kelly.....CONGRATULATIONS!
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    Dana wharf 3/4 day Goes from shitty to pretty good day.

    For Ceviche...Get on and type in Cevichi. the mango style is killer....
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    Ah yeah....what Blackfish said!
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    7/13 on the 14 mile

    Give it a couple weeks and it's game on!
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    Man I got slammed by one of those Mantis Shrimps once and was wishing I was dead......damn painful!!!!
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    san quintin

    I sure hope I'm wrong and Lorenzo could be most definetly right! They didn't look thru anything in our truck or boat and the agent asked no questions. He only had to make it a point to not stay at Don Eddies after getting wind we were in S.Q. Hmmmmm....... Good Luck Denis! Have fun all in S.Q....
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    san quintin

    Hey Denis! When coming back in August we were put in secondary at the border. The border patrol guy came up ONLY to tell us never to stay at Don Eddies. The new owner's are in with the cartels and they are storing their goods there. He said when a raid happens all shit will hit the fan. Don't...
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    8/26 First post SCI

    NICE Dan.....good work bro!!!
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    San Quintin...K&M

    Great seeing you as always Kelly! Good times in S.Q!!! We went to the 240 high spot yesterday and managed a couple big YT and having a few roll us up in reef (UGH). Then went back outside for a quick sesh and got another YFT going about 20 lbs. ran back inside the hole and grabbed a couple more...
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    Seasons & K&M Sporfishing...yellows,wsb!

    Nice Kelly! Be there next week......
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    NICE! Fish of a life time right there!!!
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    Okay we don't need a

    I had the same question. Going to S.Q. next month.....THX Ali for the clarification!
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    Local Yellows in Asuncion.

    August 1st can't come quick enough! 7 days down there in S.Q....
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    San Quintin....K&M

    Be there next month. hoping things are all good with you Kelly! See ya then....
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    Calico Bass: The Collapse is Undeniable

    Thanks for making me spit my beer all over the monitor.....great post as always!!!
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    oppertunity knocking

    Just Fuggin epic! Good work....
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    Freedom for Holy Calico

    They should make those set ups a mandatory regulation for the MLPA....Nice Bass Spike!
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    K&M San Quintin wt Brute Force

    Is that a new launch ramp Kelly!? See you in August (W/Kal).....
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    Good way to eat Rock fish

    That looks killer! I found a recipie on for Halibut Mango Cevechii. You have to give it a try!!!
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    MLPA Monitors (undercover)

    was that you i saw right off main beach on friday? I noticed someone right off the beach with rods etc.... there was someone in an inflatable close by.
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    Awesome day- San Clemente Coast

    We saw you guy's down there....nice work on the flat ones!!! We managed a 27 lbr & a 17 lbr. Also a hand full of nice Sculpin......
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    back from the pond (BOLA)

    Planning a trip in August. I know its going to be hot weather, but how is the fishing then? It will be our first trip to the bay. Four days in BOLA and four days in SQ. Any info is appreciated.....
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    Are those Perch any good eats? Always released and never tried to grind em....
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    9-3 tuna and bloody deck

    epic photos...especially the gaff shot.
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    Seahorse Wedding 1/2-day

    Just Awesome...nice report Spike and congrats Tyler!
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    PB Yellowtail at Cat

    Hey Todd... Good job on the PB Fork! We were the guys that cruzed up admiring your sick boat. We were in the 23' CC Sea Pro. Nice to meet you bro.... Hope to see you out there soon.
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    08 / 10 Local 3/4-Day Moo-moo Trip the 2 B's

    In hindsight, would you still have retrieved his shit!? Not I.....:finger:
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    US Marines Fishing Trip Aboard The Indian

    Amen to that! Semper Fi and thanks Dan & Chris for what you do for these great warriors of freedom!
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    Mantis Shrimp Mayhem

    Got "punched" but one of those little fuckers in the thumb. I wished I was dead for the night! Hurt like a son bitch......Beware!
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    Early March Report

    Damn! I wish we had it half as good as that in March. Or any time of year! Thanks for the report Josh.....
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    Sand Dabs - the best EVER!

    Wow! sounds good ....thanks for posting Nikki!
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    Thanks for the post Doug & Rick! See you tomorrow......
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    More steelies

    I'm with El Capo....Your killin me bro!!!! Gotta make it there soon........good stuff and keep the steelie porn coming.
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    cougar country

    Come home smellin like perfume and power bait with a shitty grin....NICE!
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    2011 Baja Spearfishing trip

    UMMMM......unfugginreal!!!!!! pure niceness right there brother......
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    Nor Cal Steelhead

    Good stuff bro. Awesome fish...Awesome scenery!
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    Tinkerbell Pole battles at the Vine!

    Damn that's good stuff Spike! Looks like Emmarie out fished me from my trip there Saturday. I got the big douhnut! I guess I have to bring Madison and Caden for the next tourney armed with their Barbie & Spiderman poles! Let's get the groms out there soon.........
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    01 12 2011...Damien's first trout fishing trip

    clapping my hands to that epic report! good stuff lil man........
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    captured moments in time

    Nice Doug.....thanks for the fish porn bratha!
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    HAPPY NEW YEAR @ LNL 1-1-2011

    Nice! Coming down Friday.....
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    Irvine or LNL im going to be from shore using bait and jigs

    Nice Kevin! I'll look out for you......I've been fishin there since I was 9. I can show you some wad ups truck has a big ass beautiful SUNFLOWER on it :)
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    Irvine or LNL im going to be from shore using bait and jigs

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    Irvine or LNL im going to be from shore using bait and jigs

    Did a spot check at LNL today. FUGGIN mud pit! All the tables, trees, and everything is under water. Still thinking of going Thursday as well. I doubt they will be stocking this week due to the truck is probably stuck in snow on the mountain (per Rick). Regardless the lake is fully plugged with...
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    LNL "Hookjaw"

    Utah Jaws? I know Rick's back...did he bring those with him???? Lookin like he did.
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    Our Daughters 1st fishing trip, Lake Irvine 11/17

    Good on ya Spike! And way to go Emmarie on her first fish!!!!!..... We should get the groms out there soon.
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    breaking news regarding LNL preseason opener

    Stoked Rick is back! I will now spend my $ back at my home lake.....His X wifey brought that place down.....
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    YT on kelps Sunday 10/24

    Damn Spike! Lesson learned? Don't bet against the Packers :finger:
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    Spannman...Nice to meet Kiwi and yourself down there this past week. Good times brother! We'll be there same time next year for sure. Still can't believe the Yellows went off the day we left....oh fuggin well!
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    K&M San Quintin....Yellowtail

    Nice Kelly! Figures the Yellows are started to go the day we left.....Thank Oscar again for callling us in on the WFO Red spot. We had a great time down there! See you soon.
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    dont bring these aboard

    Been there done that and got WACKED by one of those fuckers! Went fishing a few days after a car wreck. My face was and mouth was all cut up and with 50 + stiches and I was nicely all dosed up on Vicodin. The wound from that Mantis went so deep I think ripped into bone on my thumb and took for...
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    7/31 halibut for dinner

    I know what Gino's saying about the fancy sauce thing butt.....get on hunt fish and type in Halibut. Bro the baked garlic parmesian recipie is unreal......
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    Strange year in San Quintin

    Ah man! Hopefully better fishing next time......Cuz I'll be down there the 5th thru the 11th. Hope I'll be seeing ya down there Rich!
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    How damn big do these get?

    just dropped my beer....gotz to be kidding me! WOW!!!!!!
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    One bite-one fish (38-7#'s)

    Again?!!!! Nice job Gino!!!!!
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    Finally got one !

    MY OH MY!!! Damn!....Good work there my man!!!!!
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    Cuda Gone Wild 5/16

    Bleed & Ice. Gut and cut like a loaf of bread. Then smoke those cuda steaks...nothing better!
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    5/5 La Jolla

    Some good times right there....
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    Seahorse trip to SCI on 4/18.... Lots of Pix!

    Epic! Glad you guy's had a good time out there with the groms! My little guy is still about a year away.....Good to see Spike workin it!!!!!
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    Legend Yellows 3/21

    Nice work on the Yellers Spike!! Next time my man......
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    Clamming 1-2-10

    Sweet Kevin! I've been wanting to try that....
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    12/18/09 Fishing Dana Point with Capt Dave Hansen

    I understand they instilled that rule post 9/11. We got booted out a couple times shortly after 9/11. Have'nt been sweated outta there for over the last number of years though....?
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    35 lb YT out of DP GOOOOD DAY !

    Nice! Very nice local tail! Where about's.. Cotton's? Domes?
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    L.M.V. Fri. evening

    Fish the cove by Tortilla flats yesterday with the wife and kids. Pretty wide open on Power bait & a little fickle on the jigs & lures. My kids 3&4 yrs old caught their first ever fish! I was a damn proud dad!
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    After Thanksgiving Halibut Tournament November 28th

    Heavy! Hope everyone makes it in alright. Shoulda postponed the tourney!
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    Calico Fishing is Child's Play

    Nice pops & thanks for the report! It's a shame we wont be able to fish those spots come Jan 2011 CUZ THE FUGGIN LAGUNA LIBS (among others) & THE MLPA!!!Anyway..taking my 3 & 4 year olds this weekend for their first time trout fishing. Hope they get hooked like your little guy!
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    Liquid Coast Hwy and Dave Hansen - 11/19

    Hey Blackfish...Bacon for bait!!?? Interesting... I'll give it a try
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    Great Night in Long Beach

    Nice!!! But just the one toad?
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    AAAHHH!!! Deep fried bugs!
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    Something is Bugging Me!

    Nice night! Not so nice w/ the sculpin deal...sorry bro, that sucks!!!
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    55lbs on 10#test

    Classic!!! Now that's how i'll be doing it w/my grom's! Thanks Lobo....
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    WTF!!?? How does talking on a cell or radio crossing the the line have to do with smuggling guns & $ !!??
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    its flatty time

    Nice Groceries! Well done & thanks for the report
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    Do i need a passport???

    Was told I needed mine my trip in San Quintin
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    Leaving for SQ in the morning... any info would be much appreciated! I'll post my report when we get back
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    8-23-09.the next day in SQ.

    I cant fuggin wait! See you there on friday.... Feelin like a little kid goin to disneyland....
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    nice! be there on friday for three days..... good luck on the c-bass tomorrow, im in the same boat w/ a big zero under my belt!
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    Long trip, Great ending!!!!!

    Good Job! Very nice lookin fillets...
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    8-21 Rockpile, S. Kelp, Middle Grounds

    Ahhh...Hamachi!!! Nicely done! I don't see a fuggin hole!?
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    San Quintin?

    Be there on the 28th....any info would be much appreciated
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    Big Yellowtail

    more like 40ish!!
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    Full Report for SQ Trip with K&M 7.25 and 7.26

    Just Epic! Going down in the end of next month. Hope to have the same fortune as you guys....Great report
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    14 mile bank yellowtail

    Damn! That seared YT looks insane
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    Need help with family outing

    Much love to ya Papa "J" & the BD community! Good to to see the coming together on the outreach and support for Barry and his beloved wife and kids. My prayers are with you guys...... My paypal donation is coming as soon as I can get my wifes password to the pp account (thats after I hug her...
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    Hog Calicos on the Tradition 7/19/09

    Nice Jimmy! Way to go on the C.P.R........
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    On the water....

    Dave....So there!!!!
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    On the water....

    Yeah Guy! Nice Photos of "T"....Is that a 23' Sea Pro next to you
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    Possible Line Record Halibut

    Very Very Nice!!!Gog job on ya Captain for getting those boys out & on some real nice fish!
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    Seabass and yellows at Cor. Islands

    Greg..if musted i up on spelig itz my very prablaumatic keybord. thets my stary and i steken tw0 it!
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    Seabass and yellows at Cor. Islands

    Aw man Greg! We all know you did'nt really catch that fish, the fuggin thing accidentally caught itself! The truth is that the fish was inticed by a much more superior presented bait (Blakes) and in it's excitment to strike, the stupid thing accidentally hit your bait. So in reality that CBASS...
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    I prefer yellow Crocs myself....anyway very nice fish!
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    Seabass and yellows at Cor. Islands

    Very nice Greg & Blake! I have to vouche for that cilantro and lime sauce on the CBass! Greg brought me over a plate and I have to agree it was the best ever! Thanks for the report, and thanks for the tasty grind. But on another note, it looked like Greg just had a little "opps poops" situation...
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    re-post, Father & Son get some WSB

    Job well done for the Pops, little guys & Spike! This will be a great memory for life! Can't wait till my groms get a bit older to do the same. They already are begging to go fish w/ dad....
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    Sons and I w/pics (Sport King)

    Nice Danny! Way to get the boys out there! Can't wait till my groms get a bit older....
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    No love from Mr T at DP 5/10/09

    Informative thread. Thanks all......
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    One that didn't get away

    So Sweet!!!! Nice Pics...#3 goes in the frame my bratha
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    Mother's Day Trip

    Happy looking Mom! Im hoping my mrs. wants to fish on Mom's day when the groms get a bit older.... Very Nice!
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    Bad Day Turns Unbelievable

    Nice Brayden! Now I've heard it all ...
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    Pig Seabass

    Great Crew! Great Boat! Did Wes bring the food!???
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    Late Report: C-Bass Bust on the El Dorado 4/24-25/09

    Been there bro! You should do much better this weekend on the Horse....good luck
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    Inshore bottom grabber afternoon

    Nice Spike! Gotta get out there soon w/ ya bratha....
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    4-23-09 Catalina whack job

    NICE!!! Instant Fishscapes.........
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    41lb SeaBass aboard the SeaHorse

    SICK! It's gettin ready to start.......Thanks for the post Spike!
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    La Jolla

    Was the convincing part that he was'nt getting paid that day? If so, I hope he realized he got paid in a different way! I hope my guy's are'nt on BD! They might start expecting a little somthing on some of these ferlow (no work out there) days!
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    What kind of shark is this?

    It's an 18# Ling if i've ever seen one!
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    A few years ago I caught couple of of those Mantis shrimp and like an untold idiot I grabbed fucker outta the bait tank & got wacked! Needless to say that night my hand swelled up & fricken hurt like a bitch...All night!!!!!
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    Newport Harbor Personal Best - 7 pounds, 7 ounces...

    She is beautiful! Congratulations!! I just had a couple a few days ago myself...I blinked, and now they are 2 & 3 yrs old. Enjoy your new world bro!!!!!