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    Where to build or buy in CR or Panama

    Hello all, I retire in three years. I had planned on buying a 55' long range cruiser/sportfisher, but I recently sold my 30' Skipjack and I am really enjoying not having a boat and payment. I grew up fishing at my parents house in Los Frailes and planned on doing the same as I got older. With...
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    Searcher 7 day

    I am posting this for my friend Kevin. I hope you enjoy his report. On Saturday I returned from a seven-day trip aboard the Searcher. This was the ninth year in a row I’ve fished this boat and all have been success fultrips. We fished three days at the Ridge, about 500 miles southwest...
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    Marlin out of San Diego?

    We are leaving Dana POint tonight and going to head to the 425/Finger. Does anyone have any recent Marlin intel?
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    Loreto fish report

    Hello all, I am here in Loreto at the Oasis hotel. Today was our first day of fishing. We started the day netting sardines because the water is too warm (86) for mackerel. We slow trolled sardines near Puerto Escondido for 7 dorato from 10 - 15#. We are going to try for mackerel tomorrow and...
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    Squid at Catalina

    Just got a call from the Long Beach Carnage. They will be at Catalina all weekend and have plenty of live squid. They are anchored at Avalon.
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    Live squid

    Hello all, I just spoke with the guys on the Long Beach Carnage. They have bait in the receiver in LB and the LBC is selling bait at Catalina. Good luck!
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    Mexican fishing license

    Hello all, Where do I buy a micense online? If no place online, where can I get one in South Orange County.
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    Kudos to Sato Crimp

    Hello everyone, I was the charter master on the recent Qualifier 105 trip that fished the buffer zone. Part of the group consisted of four first time long rangers who had never made wind on leaders. I gave them each a shopping list of things to buy with the intent on making wind on leaders on...
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    Qualifier 16 day - fly home report

    Qualifier 105 16 Day (2011) I was the charter master for the trip. The owner, John Klein, was very receptive for creative ways to fill the trip. The trip was originally scheduled to leave on January 6th. My hope was to leave on the 2nd, four days ahead of the rest of the scheduled long range...
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    Cost of permits

    Hello all, What can I expect to pay for mermits on a long trip?
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    When fishing a live skipjack................

    Do you prefer a J or circle hook? I have caught a couple of cows using large J hooks, but I am open to using a large circle. Either way, I need to resupply my new large hook inventory. I am eager to hear your thoughts, especially where to purchase them.....
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    16 day sundry items

    Hello everyone, I am the charter master for a 16 day trip in January. I cannot find my list of personal items to bring. I would really appreciate it if you guys could post some of the creature comfort items that make the trip more comfortable. Here is a start: Sunscreen Towell Extra...
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    Is the Excel at Hurricane?

    This report makes me think so...... Fishing here at the bank we began to pick up the pace. After a day and a morning, we managed to pick up 23 better grade tuna and a dozen skin. The tuna are mostly 80-160 pounds with a few bigger. James Hassen caught the first cow of the trip weighing in at...
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    Free river rock

    Hello all, I have a bunch of river rock that is in the garden of my new house. To be clear it is the gray pebbles that are 2 - 3" in diameter. I think it's about a pick up truck full. It's free at my house in Dana Point. Let me know if you want it and I will give you the address.....
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    Free fuel drums - Dana Point

    Hello everyone, I have four free plastic fuel drums. Two are 16 gallon and two are 20 gallons. They are in great shape. I am moving and do not want to hassle bringing them with me. Shoot me a PM and I will give you my address in Dana Point.
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    I need a window guy

    Hello all, I am looking for a window guy to replace all of the windows in my house in Dana Point. Shoot me an pm if you have one you like....
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    Q 105 16 day ride back Firefighter charter

    Hello all, I am the charter master for the 16 day ride back firefighters charter leaving January 2nd. While the bulk of the fishermen on the boat will be firefighters, it is certainly open to anyone who wants to come along. I know that there are times that even with a 105 foot boat, a...
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    DP to Cedros in a 30' Skipjack

    Cedros Adventure October 7, 2010 The Crew 10/6-Each of us met on the boat to orient and load the boat. The crew included Pete Hadley, a retired Fire Captain and avid Baja traveler who owns a house in Bay of Los Angeles. Richard Ruffini a fire engineer and former six pack skipper. Rich is one...
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    Cedros/Turtle Bay report

    Hello all, I am posting this from Turtle Bay (60 miles below Cedros). We fished Cerdos for a couple of days three days ago. We caught a few yellowtail, but the water was cold and there was TONS of mini macs. Overall very disappointing fishing. We headed to Turtle Bay and found VERY GOOD...
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    Loreto report

    Hello from Loreto, We are flying home today after a substandard (by Loreto standards) trip. The reports leading up to our trip were that the fishing was completely dead. Boy were they right. We fished two days from a panga. Day one we were picked up from the bacch in front of our room at the...
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    50 - 75 gallon diesel fuel bladder

    Got one laying around?
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    Accurate reel for sale

    Hello all, I have an Accurate 870 in very nice condition for sale for $250. It has been fished but has been well taken care of and cleaned after each use. I fished 65# spectra to a 40# topshot. It’s a great Albacore, Bluefin and Yellowtail reel. I would prefer to meet the buyer in person. I...
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    8D batteries (X2) - very good condition

    Hello all, I just took out (2) 8D batteries from my boat. They are 18 months old and test out very high according to my marine electrician. I converted out my house batteries to 6 volt, and these are the batteries I pulled out. $75 each I am located in Dana Point 714-813-4658
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    Private boat to Cedros- looking for buddy boat

    Hello all, We are leaving October 8th. I have a 30' Skipjack and my buddy has a larger boat. I know there are several similar boats who made the run last year. Anyone interested in bringing their boat along? Better safety in numbers.....
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    Trinidad 14

    I have a really nice Trinidad 14. I would rate it as a 7-8 as it has seen pretty little use. It has brand new Ande 25# on it. $220. (please reference as reel #2) It does not have a clamp as I do not use them.The reel is in perfect mechanical working order. I am located in Dana Point.
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    Diawa SLT 20 and 30

    Hello all, I have two Diawa SLT reels for sale. The first is a SLT 20SH loaded with brand new 20# Berkley line. It is in excellent cosmetic mechanical condition. It has a fantastic freespool that enables you to throw an anchovy into next week. It has a 6:1 retrieve ratio which also makes...
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    Yellowtail Special and Pnee 4/0

    Hello all, Yellowtail Special: (First photo) Accurate frame and high speed gear. Excellent jig reel for high speed cranking. Average condition mechanically and cosmetically. Some corrosion on the reel seat and no clamp. Very strong drag. $75 (please reference as reel #5) Penn 4/0...
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    Shimano conventional reels

    Hello all, Shimano Mark 3 (photo 1 and 2) Good condition with very strong star drag. Excellent freespool makes for good castability. Loaded with new 25# Berkley line. Reel has name etched into beauty ring $50 (Please refer to this reel as #7) Shimano Mark 4 (photo 1 and 2) Good...
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    Shimano TLD 20

    Shimano TLD 20 - Excellent condition. Excellent trolling reel for albacore for the private boater. Comes with new 40# mono. Here is the description from Shimano: Shimano TLD reels are lightweight graphite lever drag reels were known as a revolution in saltwater fishing when they were...
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    Fish/cruise to Mag Bay or Cedros

    I am considering taking my 30' Skipjack to Magdelena Bay or Turtle Bay/ Cedros Island. I consider my current boat to be a tweener. It's certainly on the small side to make the trip by water, but it's way too large to trailer. I have trailered a boat to Mag 10 times and am very comfortable in...
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    What's the Ensenada bait situation?

    Can anyone tell me if the bait concession is up and running in Ensenada harbor? I may end up there and looking for bait on Wednesday morning. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
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    1KW Furuno Transducer

    SOLD!! Brand new in original box Furuno B258 - 1KW transducer Bronze, includes water temperature high speed fairing block. 1kw 50/200 kHz with Diplexer 15x21 degree Beam Angle at 50 khz 3x5 degree Beam Angle at 200 kHz Bronze Thru-Hull with Temperature 10-Pin Connector Includes...
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    Anyone have an Ensenada report?

    We are heading there next Sunday. I have heard there was cold, green water surrounding Ensenada. Is this still the case. Are the paddys holding. How about Mike, is he selling bait?
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    Loreto report

    Excellent fishing today and yesterday. Friday's report 10 knot winds all day long makes for fishable, but unpleasant ride in a panga. Total for the day was 10 dorado (average 17#) and 3 sailfish with several other sails hooked. Today we caught 10 Doardo to 45# and 10 sailfish. Lots of...
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    Ensenada questions

    I will be launching my 25' Davis in San Diego on Tuesday night. I would like to fuel in Ensenada wednesday evening. What time does the fuel dock close at the Coral? Have they had diesel fuel lately? What will it cost for a 25' slip for the night? Second question: Has Mike Richardson been...
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    Cedros buddy boat?

    I am contemplating launching my 25' Davis at Shelter Island and running to Cedros to fish yellowtail. I would refuel at Ensenada and Turtle bay. Anyone interested in buddy boating? I am looking at the last week in June. Has anyone ever done a similar trip? I have trailered the boat to Mag...
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    Trailering to PV??

    I own a 25' Davis Pilothouse diesel with a tower. I have trailered over 100 thousand miles down the Baja highway. I have been to Mag Bay 7 times with my boat. With all of the robberies and violence going on in Baja I am considering something different, trailering to PV instead of Mag Bay. I am...
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    Loreto - Excellent fishing

    With no reports for several weeks at Loreto we were apprehensive about fishing today. We were picked up on the beach in front of the Oasis hotel at 0600. No trouble making bait (30 Mackerel). On our way out we spotted two tailers- Double hookup! That was the start of our day. We ended up...