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    Where can I shoot legally in San Diego County?

    My 11 year old wants to learn how to target shoot. Short of joining a club or going to a pay to shoot range, it looks like the desert is the only open area? It’s been a few years since l last went shooting ( kitchen creek was still open)
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    I need a reliable mobile mechanic

    I live near SDSU and need a yamaha mechanic. Mobile would be better but I'm really looking for someone who is good. Thanks. Bugman
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    Sad day on the water

    Just caught the tail end of this on the news, 2 Men drowned when their boat capsides near shelter island 8 were pulled from the water.
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    what's up with River Takes'posts????

    I just started reading a post, by River take, on lobster populations, history of commercial lobster fishing etc. I left my computer for a couple of minutes and WHAM, Post is gone. WTF? I didn't get to finish it, but what i read was very informative and looked like alot of effort and thought was...
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    Ripped off, fucking ASSHOLE

    Stopped by squid co to get some line and shoot the shit with John. Handed one of the kids my mlx and sx avets and an older sealine 20. John starts to get busy( no joey) so I tell him I'LL be back in a couple of hours. I come back and Sheldon gives me the wtf no reels look. I tell him to keep...
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    Anyone own one ? I'm thinking of buying one . I'm tired of getting beat up in my Gregor baja special. Can't afford a Parker or similar center consel fishing boats. Any feed back/advice is appreciated. Bugman
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    Hooping Sunday 2-11

    Went out with Buttman tonight. Easy limits by 7:15. No real big ones but 3 or 4 were in the 3lb range. Adi, The Lobster Lamb hunt is on for tues. :D Bugman
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    BDers In The Fish Rap

    I just got a call from Dyron (second on captin on the New Seaforth), He said that myself and Brian(BKNorton) are on the front page of the fish rap. They got a picture of me wearing my lucky BD shirt! Thanks for the heads up Dyron.:)
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    SDA Bay Bass Tourney

    My partner (Brian Norton) and I arrived at Shelter Island at around 3:30a.m. I’m amazed at how far this tournament has come. There’s now a big ass tent for the merchants and the raffle (I remember when the whole thing was held at the gazebo). Into the line up we went, said hi to old friends...