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    Rollers guides or not?

    How do you guys maintain your rollers. Obviously you remove them, but what/how do you lubricate them? Do you use grease or lube? What kind?
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    Where to build or buy in CR or Panama

    Thanks Tony. Anyone else have any suggestions?
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    Where to build or buy in CR or Panama

    Hello all, I retire in three years. I had planned on buying a 55' long range cruiser/sportfisher, but I recently sold my 30' Skipjack and I am really enjoying not having a boat and payment. I grew up fishing at my parents house in Los Frailes and planned on doing the same as I got older. With...
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    Independence 15 day Hurricane Bank

    Ed, Great information. Thank you. A couple of follow up questions for you. 1. PL68 light - how and when did you fish it? What was the best method to catch skipjack? Were you able to catch them all day?
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    Pelagic Long Sleeve Shirts - Size Medium

    Do you have any adult sizes (2XL)?
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    I will offer $100. Let me know if you are interested.
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    What happened to Brian?
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    AB Biller 42 for sale. $150 OBO

    How much for the pot it's resting on?
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    2010 redux?

    I have avoided the 10 day trips. It's just too much of a gamble for me. For someone who really only gets one "long" trip per year because of home and work commitments, I prefer to go long. This gives us plenty of time to figure out the pattern and to work through a "down" day. I want nothing to...
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    SKB 7000 Mini Tackle Box

    I have the medium sized one I would consider selling. I bought it and have never really used it. I am in Dana Point. Shoot me a PM.
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    Fishing boots..

    Hello all, I am resurrecting this old thread to bring up the subject of footwear. Last year I swore I would not spend another day in my Xtra tuffs. My back cannot tolerate another day standing on the hard deck. After reading this thread, I just ordered the following pair: The cost was $79.00...
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    Next trips out, I'm envious!!

    I would not get too excited. If you read between the lines, you will see that they caught very few fish for the trip. These fish bit for a three hour period right as the sun went down. Also, there was another boat in the area, (I believe it was the Interpid) who reorted they got on the same...
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    Great report. Thanks for sharing.
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    Commercial squid boats

    Hello all, I received a call from a friend who owns a squid boat regarding my earlier post in this thread. He clarified a bunch of things and I would like to pass along his information. Here is what he said: There are 60 boats with squid permits that are allowed to fish in California. Of...
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    Fat man in a little boat never ends well............
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    The Hurricane Bank

    I agree with the OP on a lot of fronts, however, there is nothing like getting bit on a live skipjack while fishing Hurricang. Winding down and setting the hook is something I treasure. It's a thrill like nothing else. I enjoy scanning the horizon looking for breezers of skipjack then running...
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    Go short or go thin?

    I am an advocate of short topshots, but on the long side. I know that sounds confusing, but I will clarify. Some guys like to fish short (15') topshots. I like to fish 30'. I know guys get bit with shorter topshots, but I do worry about the fish seeing the bright white spectra trailing the...
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    Looks like its on at the lower banks

    RP is at Hurricane. It's good that the boats are able to spread out.
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    Commercial squid boats

    You guys kill me. If you really believe that 25 squid boats fishing in a 1/4 mile area do not have an impact on the region, you need to reconsider. These boats come all the way down from Alaska to clean out our local waters. All you need to do is to sit and watch the amount of squid these guys...
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    15 day trip Royal Star January

    If I am not mistaken, I believe the boat will not make "wind on" leaders. They will tie a worm not which will have difficulty going through your guides. No thanks, I prefer real wind ons threaded into hollow spectra. IMHO the only way to go!
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    15 day trip Royal Star January

    Buy the Sato crimp kit and learn how to make your own wind on leaders. It's pretty easy and your investment will pay for itself when you conpare to having the boat make them up for you. I am in Dana Point and will be happy to show you how to make them if you come down early. There will...
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    Why are the boat reports so slow to update?

    I agree, the crew is busy. On my last Qualifier trip I was the charter master. I wrote the daily reports and Joe posted them online. It got to the point where I had to struggle with what to write. I am a pretty good writer and have written four books. Rarely am I at a loss for things to say. I...
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    I don't have any experience with the conversion. On the surface, why would you buy a brand new reel only to have it converted (if I am reading this correctly). We did this 15 years ago. With the advancement of reel technology, why would someone want to do this?
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    My First Long Range Trip - Trip Report

    Very enjoyable report. Thanks for sharing!
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    How much is too much

    Why not release them?
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    Crazy Insane Tuna Video

    I dove in on a spot of feeding Marlin at Mag Bay a few years ago. It looked tust like that. I will never forget it. Great video. Thanks for sharing!
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    solid to hollow??

    I have used it with no issues. Again, right from Jerry Brown himself.
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    solid to hollow??

    Several years ago I had the very same question. I called Jerry Brown and he said the answer is simple. Pull in 3-4' of solid up the hollow. Poke the needle out the side and disconnect the solid from the needle. Add a simple overhand where the solid goes into the hollow and add a little glue...
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    Told you we had fish on...........

    I hope you're kidding. Are you really wishing the fish would have landed in the cockpit? Please tell me you are kidding?????
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    Laguna Beach Monster Lobster

    Great story. You are a very gifted writer. Thanks for sharing your adventure!
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    Traveling for a Long Range?

    Rest assurred that the Accurate gear will be top notch. On my last trip a first time long ranger caught a 320# fish on an Accurate 30 rental reel. The gear is kept in very good condition. I would also put a post on this site, or ask the office for a few names of people who will be on the trip...
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    OLDMAN day three

    Less ganja, more fishing.................
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    Cedros - 10 day

    Great report. I did the same trip in my 30 skipjack last year. Really fun trip. Brings back some great memories. Thanks for sharing!
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    LBFD/Pelagic 7 Day on the Q-105 Sept 3-10, 2011 Full Report

    What a well written report of a once in a life time trip. Thanks for sharing!
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    David, What are you calling longer topshot?
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    XL Queen Palms in Box's FREE DELIVERY $40

    I am looking for some kings. I would like a couple of nice 15 gallon triples. I am in Dana Point. Do you have any and what is the cost? How about some sagos?
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    Searcher 7 day

    I am posting this for my friend Kevin. I hope you enjoy his report. On Saturday I returned from a seven-day trip aboard the Searcher. This was the ninth year in a row I’ve fished this boat and all have been success fultrips. We fished three days at the Ridge, about 500 miles southwest...
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    Loreto Mexico fishing report cast n reel charters

    Is this a fish report or an advertisement?
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    Harvey "the hook" Segal Passes

    Harvey was a good guy. I sure enjoyed his company. He sure was an asset to have on a trip....
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    Lobster breakfast

    How much?
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    You have $2800 to spend on a trip....

    Some guys make promises to get you on the boat to make sure there are enough anglers to get off the dock. Once you get on the boat they pretend as if you do not exist. I guarantee you that David is what he appears to be. He is genuine and really does know what he is talking about. I have...
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    Pochos Cabo (Bad Market Report) 10/04/11

    Why do people insist on lifting billfish out of the water for a photo? It's brutal on the fish.................
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    Excel 8 - Day 29 Sep - 7 Oct

    What a GREAT luxury to have wireless connectivity while on a long trip. I would gladly pay $10 for it. It makes being away from home and work muck less difficult. I really hope other boats follow suit. I don't know what it costs for the boat to do it, but at $10 per day they will pay it off...
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    renegademike fishing the Gordo Banks

    Great video, especially of deploying the kite. I would love to see more of how you do it from a private boat. On another note, lifting the marlin out of the water and literally throwing back is really hard on the fish........
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    Lobster Limits and a "Mayday, mayday, mayday"

    Good for you intervening. The safety of your divers was the first priority. Bummer you lost your anchor. I would expect nothing less from a fireman. STRONG WORK! I hope you got your anchor back!
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    30N or 50 class for 10 day

    I agree with David about the 30 sized reel. I would rather FIGHT a big fish on a 50 sized reel. I would rather stand at the rail and finese fish with a 30. For the record, I love my Accurate 30's. I fish 100 hollow spectra to 130 spectra (30 yards for the "end game") to 100 flurocarbon. I...
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    The 31 Bertram Build

    Joe, I just stumbled upon this thread. I am very excited to watch your build process. For those of you who don't know Joe, I assure you he is a true craftsman in everything he touches. This will be an awesome finished product. Joe, don't worry about the knuckleheads who have negative things...
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    Best Day Ever - Suprise Trip to Cabo - A Fishing Story

    I agree. I vote this for one of the best BD posts ever. Awesome! Thanks for sharing.... I did really like the post about the PVC shark cage. That is still my all time favorite.
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    Marlin out of San Diego?

    Thanks, but that's a little far for a one day trip.
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    Marlin out of San Diego?

    We are leaving Dana POint tonight and going to head to the 425/Finger. Does anyone have any recent Marlin intel?
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    Braid For Tuna??

    You can use a worm knot to tie the fluoro to the braid. Personally I use the Sato crimp kit and hollow Jerry Brown spectra to make my own wind on leaders. You can also by them commercially. Whether you use a crimp or a know, the only way to fish for me is braid to fluorocarbon. I do not own and...
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    It happens again.. stolen boats East Cape

    I agree with Steve (Biggest T). He and both trailered to Baja. I personally have over 100,000 miles trailering a boat to baja. I am also a fireman so my comfort level is certainly much wider than most. In other words, I do not scare too easily. Having said all of that I will tell you that...
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    a few YTs and a marlin

    Beautiful boat and nice report. Too bad the fish died. Sounds like a great trip!
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    Loreto fish report

    Hello all, I am here in Loreto at the Oasis hotel. Today was our first day of fishing. We started the day netting sardines because the water is too warm (86) for mackerel. We slow trolled sardines near Puerto Escondido for 7 dorato from 10 - 15#. We are going to try for mackerel tomorrow and...
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    Ensenada 7-15 to 7-18-11-Chasing Bluefin and Catching Striped Bass

    What is the story behind a 15% fuel tax? This is the first I have heard of it. Is there any live bait available in Ensenada?
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    DFG Phone Survey

    I hope you told them to FUCK OFF!!!! What a bunch of inept lying bastards!
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    INDIAN1-1/2 day trip report 7/6

    Chris, You are a class act. Your reports are honest, even when the fishing is not great.
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    Baja Trip....6/20-6/28

    Nice report. Thanks for sharing
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    A few years

    To Dave, Kelly, and Jeff, Let me preface that Dave catches LOTS of fish and has some really great customer feedback. I have never met him but there is no doubt the man can fish. Having said that here are some things to consider: When there is a post online from a "customer" raving about your...
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    NEW DIESEL 24' Skipjack 24 BEAUTIFUL BOAT!

    Maybe if he had a job he wouldn't be trying to sabotage somebody elses deal. What a knucklehead.....
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    Dues paid in full, solo limit at Cat 6-22

    Great report. You certainly put your time in on the water. Nice job!
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    A few years

    I will do it. What the previous posters are beating around the bush about is the fact that Captain Dave should have taught you about keeping what you can eat and releasing the rest. Yes, you are allowed to keep your limit of fish. The true question you need to ask yourself is, "Do you really...
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    Cat Report/questions for 6/17/11

    Now that's a great idea.........
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    Cat Report/questions for 6/17/11

    What a load of CRAP. Four fish on the deck and he should have been happy to share his spot with some JACK OFF who poached his spot. Imagine if this were the other way around. These guys would have gone ballistic. I for one, am going to poach a sport boat whenever they are catching fish. I am...
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    Squid at Catalina

    Just got a call from the Long Beach Carnage. They will be at Catalina all weekend and have plenty of live squid. They are anchored at Avalon.
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    26 Blackman Outerbanks (HONEYGIRL)

    Joe, Saw you over at Catalina yesterday. The oversize bait tank and the huge cockpit make it the perfect local boat....
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    LONG RANGE $3000?

    Max, I am the charter master of the Qualifier trip 16 day FLY BACK (Firefighters charter) trip leaving December 30th. This is the second year my group will be getting together. There are plenty of new anglers on the trip. Last year, Steve Benson one of our FIRST TIME anglers, caught a 340...
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    Live squid

    Hello all, I just spoke with the guys on the Long Beach Carnage. They have bait in the receiver in LB and the LBC is selling bait at Catalina. Good luck!
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    Mexican fishing license

    Hello all, Where do I buy a micense online? If no place online, where can I get one in South Orange County.
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    Catalina WSB 5-19-11

    I think the key is to keep the fish off the anchor line. 0 - 3 all wrapped. Wow, you guys need to move your feet....
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    Hotel Buena Vista 4/17 ,4/20/2011

    Felipe, I caught my first marlin at Rancho Buena Vista 35 years ago. I have fished every hotel in the East Cape numerous times. RBV is one of my favorites and I am glad you have reopened. I also appreciate your efforts to conserve the fishery. As you know the fishing is not what it used to be...
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    26 Blackman Outerbanks (HONEYGIRL)

    I too have owned a Blackman 26. I agree with Mike's post; boating common sense and knowledge of how to operate trim tabs and the boat can handle any sea you could ever imagine. It was one of the best boats I have ever owned. I have personally ridden on Joe's boat. It is a fish killing maching...
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    Hotel Buena Vista 4/17 ,4/20/2011

    Mark, Excellent post. I agree that he fish could have been tail wrapped, at least the first one. The picture appears to be two different fish killed. That means two out of the four marlin he caught were killed. The odds of both being tail wrapped are less. Also it's really unhealthy for the...
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    Hotel Buena Vista 4/17 ,4/20/2011

    I will be the first to say it. LET THE MARLIN GO! There is no reason to kill them....The crew sells them to the local fish market. Fishing has deteriorated dramatically on the East Cape over the past 20 years simply because people want to take a photo of them hanging up. Every time I fish in...
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    Louie, What is the current live bait concession in Ensenada? What do you expect for the summer? WIll we be able to buy bait down there?
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    Isla de Cedros

    I just did it in my onw boat, a 30 foot skipjack that I ran down from Dana Point. We left October 6th last year. Unfortunately the water was cold so we did not get any exotics (tuna or marlin). We ended up catching a ton of yellows at Turtle Bay (60 miles south). Cedros was pretty dead...
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    Fishing Rod Racks

    Sasha, Hung mine up today. They look great. Pleasure doing business with you! Paul
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    (Partial) Sato Starter Set

    I will take them. Sent you a pm.
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    Looking for Real world wisdom on Served wind-ons

    Two Sato crimps one inch apart with 3-4' of flurocarbon for cow tuna. I use the same setup with only one crimp for 40# for white seabass, yellowtail and ablacore. I do not fish ANY mono any more.
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    Beer Neons, Mirrors and painted signs

    How much for the deck boots with the paint on the toes?
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    "Buddy Boating" San Diego - San Felipe Oct. 2011

    Sounds like a fun trip. Harold Davis makes a great boat. I trailered mine all over baja and sold it a couple of years ago and purchased a 30' Skipjack. I just ran my boat from Dana Point to Cedros. I left on October 7th. Going downhill was fine, but the ride uphill was really tough outside of...
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    Accurate BX2 30, Accurate red 665N XHC

    Nice reels at a fair price....
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    Reel in carry-on

    I have not flown in a while. The LAST place I want to put my reels is in my suitcase. It's way to easy for the mouthbreathers to steal them. I want to carry them on at all costs.... I will be interested to hear what others have to say. I know there have been some issues with the line being used...
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    Accurage 870 2-speed & Accurate BX-400N SE

    The Accurate is a far superior reel to the Okuma.
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    Yo-Zuri Pink

    I just used Yo Zuri pink at Clarion and got bit very well with it. I am not convinced that the pink gets bit better or worse than any other type of FC. For the record, the guy who got bit the best was using 100 Berkley mono. Go figure.... Pick a good bait and fish it!
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    Kudos to Sato Crimp

    No, there is absolutely no damage to the guides. You would be amazed at how small they are. I use them for EVERYTHING!
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    Giant Squid???

    Personally, I hope they do not come to ur waters. They eat EVERYTHING!!!
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    Kudos to Sato Crimp

    I use two crimps on my heavy gear (100# and up). I also use the Sato crimp for everything from albacore to white seabass. Shawn, give me a call and I would be happy to walk you through it. it really is pretty simple.
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    Rough Weather Cow Fishing

    I do not change my topshots as the weather changes, rather I may loosen my drag at the end game if it gets pretty rough. On many days the conditions change from morning to afternoon. I prefer to adjust my drags if I feel its necessary.
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    Squid Lights

    I do have both. And trust me when I tell you the anchor light does NOT work. DUH
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    South of Loreto

    I have trailered a 26 Blackman and a 25 Davis to Loreto lots of times. No problems towing a 20 footer. I would encourage you to bring a HEAVY anchor and some chain and make your own mooring. Leave the boat on it at night. Make sure you take your rods off it though. If not, use the ramp in LTO...
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    Squid Lights

    I have a light from Josh and it works like nothing I have ever used. This is my honest recommendation. Not affiliated with ...... Just giving credit where credit is due.....
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    Kudos to Sato Crimp

    Hello everyone, I was the charter master on the recent Qualifier 105 trip that fished the buffer zone. Part of the group consisted of four first time long rangers who had never made wind on leaders. I gave them each a shopping list of things to buy with the intent on making wind on leaders on...
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    Speaking of the Qualifier 105

    David, You will have a great trip! Jack is a first class guy and the Q is a great fishing platform. It's a particularly good trip to go on if you do not have gear. There are plenty of "loaner" outfist to go around. Have fun!
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    Qualifier 105

    I was the charter on the recent 16 day trip. All of my group was very pleased. Joe did a great job in the wheel house, the crew was very helpful and competent, the food was great (thanks Chris) and most importantly, the boat ran flawlessly. The Q is my favorite riding boat in the fleet. It has...
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    Qualifier 16 day - fly home report

    Qualifier 105 16 Day (2011) I was the charter master for the trip. The owner, John Klein, was very receptive for creative ways to fill the trip. The trip was originally scheduled to leave on January 6th. My hope was to leave on the 2nd, four days ahead of the rest of the scheduled long range...
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    Jerry Brown Hollow-Core - 600 yard spools

    Do you have #130lb. hollow in white
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    Cost of permits

    Hello all, What can I expect to pay for mermits on a long trip?
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    When fishing a live skipjack................

    Great advice. Thanks Spike. I went out and purchased a bunch of 14/0 J hooks....
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    When fishing a live skipjack................

    Do you prefer a J or circle hook? I have caught a couple of cows using large J hooks, but I am open to using a large circle. Either way, I need to resupply my new large hook inventory. I am eager to hear your thoughts, especially where to purchase them.....
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    16 day sundry items

    Spike, Congrats on the soon to be daddy. Holding your child for the first time is the most incredible feeling in the world. Calbrew - I am not sure how to interpret your comment.....
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    16 day sundry items

    We are going on the Qualifier January 2nd. I like to bring a blanket and pillow. I find the wafer thin pillows just aren't quite enough and the staterooms are always cold..... Any chance you are on the trip? I always have enjoyed fishing with you.....
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    16 day sundry items

    Hello everyone, I am the charter master for a 16 day trip in January. I cannot find my list of personal items to bring. I would really appreciate it if you guys could post some of the creature comfort items that make the trip more comfortable. Here is a start: Sunscreen Towell Extra...
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    Is the Excel at Hurricane?

    This report makes me think so...... Fishing here at the bank we began to pick up the pace. After a day and a morning, we managed to pick up 23 better grade tuna and a dozen skin. The tuna are mostly 80-160 pounds with a few bigger. James Hassen caught the first cow of the trip weighing in at...
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    Long Range Mentors

    I think that today's best ambassadeur for the long range industry is none other than David Choate - Wahoodad David is a class act and who takes the time to answer questions and does not have an ego. Keep up the good work David; Paul Lepore
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    Free river rock

    Hello all, I have a bunch of river rock that is in the garden of my new house. To be clear it is the gray pebbles that are 2 - 3" in diameter. I think it's about a pick up truck full. It's free at my house in Dana Point. Let me know if you want it and I will give you the address.....
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    Free fuel drums - Dana Point

    Hello everyone, I have four free plastic fuel drums. Two are 16 gallon and two are 20 gallons. They are in great shape. I am moving and do not want to hassle bringing them with me. Shoot me a PM and I will give you my address in Dana Point.
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    I need a window guy

    Thanks to all who responded. I got it taken care of.......
  109. F

    I need a window guy

    Hello all, I am looking for a window guy to replace all of the windows in my house in Dana Point. Shoot me an pm if you have one you like....
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    taking my 46 post SF to mag bay

    I just took my 30' Skipjack to Cedros and like many others have already said, the water is cold and the fishing is off. You will be arriving to Mag Bay in the first week of December which is on the late side. You will probably still get some Marlin and Dorado, but the wahoo may be gone by...
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    Q 105 16 day ride back Firefighter charter

    I am more than happy to get off the boat and fly home. I will gladly trade a few bucks and hop on an airplane to save three days of not pounding uphill. As far as worried about safety in Cabo, I can tell you that I own a time share in Mazatlan and I have not been there for 2 years. I cannot...
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    Q 105 16 day ride back Firefighter charter

    Dan, We would love to have you along......Hope you can make it.... We have the option to fish the lower banks if we choose. Personally I am not too sure the fish will show up there this year. The water temps off Mag have been dropping. Our trip gives us the option to fish Hurricane, Mag...
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    Q 105 16 day ride back Firefighter charter

    Hello all, I am the charter master for the 16 day ride back firefighters charter leaving January 2nd. While the bulk of the fishermen on the boat will be firefighters, it is certainly open to anyone who wants to come along. I know that there are times that even with a 105 foot boat, a...
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    DP to Cedros in a 30' Skipjack

    Cedros Adventure October 7, 2010 The Crew 10/6-Each of us met on the boat to orient and load the boat. The crew included Pete Hadley, a retired Fire Captain and avid Baja traveler who owns a house in Bay of Los Angeles. Richard Ruffini a fire engineer and former six pack skipper. Rich is one...
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    Cedros/Turtle Bay report

    Hello all, I am posting this from Turtle Bay (60 miles below Cedros). We fished Cerdos for a couple of days three days ago. We caught a few yellowtail, but the water was cold and there was TONS of mini macs. Overall very disappointing fishing. We headed to Turtle Bay and found VERY GOOD...
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    Squid Lights

    I can tell you that I purchased one from him. They are exceptional. I spent a couple of grand on the best transom lights that money can buy. This 110 underwater light makes my transom lights a waste of money!
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    Wahoo Lures and Maruaders For Sale

    Thanks Ward. It was a pleasure meeting you.
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    Oct 1 YT and Marlin

    Take the photo sooner :-)
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    Cedros Island Fishing Trip Oct. 11-15

    I will see you down there. I am leaving the 8th on my 30' Skipjack. Wahoo??
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    Santa Rosalia fishing report w/pixs

    Beautiful fish. Good on you for releasing them. They are the most incredible fighters....
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    Rigging/Fishing E.A.L.'s

    After all of the talk about JIGS, I will tell you that is do not consider myself a jig fisherman. Personally, I am probably less educated on setting up a spread and rigging them than I should be. Having said that, I am very proficient on making wind on leaders (flourocarbon into hollow spectra...
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    Rigging/Fishing E.A.L.'s

    G-, Very well written.....Is thee something to the noise thing? Yes, I believe there is... For the record, all of Magellan's fish were raised by the EAL's. Some of them stuck and some were switched. The exception is the last one which was caught drifting a sardine....
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    Rigging/Fishing E.A.L.'s

    Mike, A vendor of lures chining in???? Hmmm.... Yes, it is the CREW who catches fish, but the vast majority of the fish that were caught were ones that either bit the jigs and stuck, or came into the pattern and ate a drop back. And were other people pulling EALS? Yes, I am sure they were. I...
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    Rigging/Fishing E.A.L.'s

    He got a baitfish on day 2 (on a sardine). He may have caught 1 bait fish on day 1. Either way, EVERYTHING came up on the EALs even if he got them to switch off to bait. I was out there and I am telling you it was absolutely DEAD. We say 5 tailers over two days and I think we saw more than...
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    Rigging/Fishing E.A.L.'s

    For the record, the Magellan a 35' Cabo walked away with the 2011 BAC Masters. He caught FIVE marlin. There were only 12 caught in the tournament for 45 boats. He caught 4 of them on the EAL's. I am not convinced they work, but I just bought another one!
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    Loreto report

    Hello from Loreto, We are flying home today after a substandard (by Loreto standards) trip. The reports leading up to our trip were that the fishing was completely dead. Boy were they right. We fished two days from a panga. Day one we were picked up from the bacch in front of our room at the...
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    Baker Marine Binoculars

    I have the very same pair (without the compass) and they are terrific. Good luck with the sale....
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    Private boat to Cedros- looking for buddy boat

    Hey Joe, Best of luck to you and travel safely!
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    Yellowtail counts

    Excellent post Rick. Very well thought out.
  130. F

    Yellowtail counts

    Awesome fish Alan. Very impressive to shoot that fish while free diving. Truly an incredible accomplishment. Personally I would not have the stones to jump in the water and do that. I have several buddies who are free divers and I love hearing their reports. Duane, This year is different as...
  131. F

    Yellowtail counts

    I love the argument of the fact that everything is ok because we are catching more 200# tuna. I too am a long range fisherman and have caught my share of them. In my mind the fish have ALWAYS been there but we were not fishing for them at Mag bay. The fleet was forced to find new fish since the...
  132. F

    Yellowtail counts

    I did the math for you in the previous post.
  133. F

    Yellowtail counts

    Pull your head out of the sand, take a deep breath and leave your emotions aside. I am a fisherman just like the rest of you. I put more days on the water than most on this board and have been fishing for a long time locally. Anyone who has fished for any amount of time will tell you that the...
  134. F

    Yellowtail counts

    Greywolf, Yes, you are correct. The increased pressure is and will continue to put a huge amont of pressure on the resource. Fishermen have a terrible history of not being able to reuglate ourselves. Yes, yellowtail are migratory but you can wipe them out. Other resources that we are in the...
  135. F

    50 - 75 gallon diesel fuel bladder

    Wayne, I left you a VM and a PM. Is it still available?
  136. F

    50 - 75 gallon diesel fuel bladder

    Any one else have one?
  137. F

    Accurate Piranha Pliers 8" with case

    I will take these along with the needles you are selling. Sent you a PM....
  138. F

    Rigging/Fishing E.A.L.'s

    So let me get this straight: The guy who has his own lure company bad mouths the EAL. Who would have figured....... For the record, I too have caught hundreds of Marlin. Until recently, I never owned an EAL. The only reason I bought one (OK three of them), is because guys who I respect swear...
  139. F

    50 - 75 gallon diesel fuel bladder

    Got one laying around?
  140. F

    Kenai Penninsula, June 22-25

    Great story. Thanks for sharing!
  141. F

    Amazing 3 day Trip to Catalina Island

    I agree with all of the posters who say this is excessive. Just because it's legal doesn't make it right. WTF are you going to do with all of that fish. Keep this day in mind when you strike out on your next trips. I have been very supportive of your new operation. I even called out a guy when...
  142. F

    Sea Adventure II on the rocks?

    I find it ironic that many of you are blaming the owner of the boat. I do not know Chuck Taft, nor have I ever met him. I own a business and I know that our employees represent US. This is not the time to throw rocks at individuals, particularly if the owner (Taft) was not at the wheel. The...
  143. F

    Sea Adventure II on the rocks?

    Tommy, I usually agree with your posts. I also read all of them because they are chock full of great information. You have incredible common sense and are very saavy on the water. Having said that, you are waaay of base here. Just because nobody got hurt DOES NOT mean that it's no harm no...
  144. F

    Accurate reel for sale

    PM returned. Reel still available
  145. F

    Accurate reel for sale

    Hello all, I have an Accurate 870 in very nice condition for sale for $250. It has been fished but has been well taken care of and cleaned after each use. I fished 65# spectra to a 40# topshot. It’s a great Albacore, Bluefin and Yellowtail reel. I would prefer to meet the buyer in person. I...
  146. F

    labradors 1 year and 7 months old

    I just had to put down my yellow lad. He was 12. He was dumber than a fence post but incredibly loving and loyal. I miss him. Good luck in finding a home for them. They are fantastic dogs....
  147. F

    Power Pro For Sale - 300/500 Yard Spools

    I will take the 500 yard spool of 80. Sent you a PM
  148. F

    Best accurate for heavy iron rod

    I like my 600 narrow narrow. It has a fantastic drag, I can cast it a mile, and it has the guts to stop anything.
  149. F

    Freespool issues on 870 2- speed

    Fantastic customer service. Nice work George.....
  150. F

    1999 Cabo 31..... $189,000

    Beautiful boat and nicely maintained. True pride of ownership!
  151. F

    Extra Large Queen Palms - FREE DELIVERY

    Jake, The queens are beautiful but they are too big for my yard. Do you have any kings or Kentias?
  152. F

    Vacation Rental in Mazatlan

    I too have a time share in the same place. it is as nice as you say. Somebody is going to get one heck of a deal.
  153. F

    Boss magnum castability

    I just sent a 197 (without cast control) in for service. I was amazed at how well it casted when it came back. They did replace the bearings....well worth the money for the clean and lube.
  154. F

    8D batteries (X2) - very good condition

    Hello all, I just took out (2) 8D batteries from my boat. They are 18 months old and test out very high according to my marine electrician. I converted out my house batteries to 6 volt, and these are the batteries I pulled out. $75 each I am located in Dana Point 714-813-4658
  155. F

    Private boat to Cedros- looking for buddy boat

    I have a 30' Skipjack and also carry 300 gallons of fuel. I plan on bringing an additional 50- 60 in bladders or drums. I am leaning toward drums as I can strap them down in each corner of the cockpit instad of putting a bladder in the center of the cockpit. We will absolutely watch the...
  156. F

    Private boat to Cedros- looking for buddy boat

    Hello all, We are leaving October 8th. I have a 30' Skipjack and my buddy has a larger boat. I know there are several similar boats who made the run last year. Anyone interested in bringing their boat along? Better safety in numbers.....
  157. F

    1KW Furuno Transducer

    Bummer, sorry we did not hook up. It's still available and is a fantastic price for someone who needs one.....
  158. F

    Underwater squid lights

    Josh, My light and ballast work great. it's incredible the amount of light it throws out. Money well spent. Thanks again....
  159. F

    1KW Furuno Transducer

    Still available
  160. F

    Charter reference in Mazatlan

    I have a time share in Mazatlan. I went out fishing with the Aeires fleet two years ago and the ocean was devoid of any life. We did hook a nice blue marlin though. I would not waste my money fishing offshore there again. Hopefully someone can tell me that I am wrong, but from what I know the...
  161. F

    Trinidad 14

    I have a really nice Trinidad 14. I would rate it as a 7-8 as it has seen pretty little use. It has brand new Ande 25# on it. $220. (please reference as reel #2) It does not have a clamp as I do not use them.The reel is in perfect mechanical working order. I am located in Dana Point.
  162. F

    Diawa SLT 20 and 30

    Hello all, I have two Diawa SLT reels for sale. The first is a SLT 20SH loaded with brand new 20# Berkley line. It is in excellent cosmetic mechanical condition. It has a fantastic freespool that enables you to throw an anchovy into next week. It has a 6:1 retrieve ratio which also makes...
  163. F

    Yellowtail Special and Pnee 4/0

    Hello all, Yellowtail Special: (First photo) Accurate frame and high speed gear. Excellent jig reel for high speed cranking. Average condition mechanically and cosmetically. Some corrosion on the reel seat and no clamp. Very strong drag. $75 (please reference as reel #5) Penn 4/0...
  164. F

    Shimano conventional reels

    Hello all, Shimano Mark 3 (photo 1 and 2) Good condition with very strong star drag. Excellent freespool makes for good castability. Loaded with new 25# Berkley line. Reel has name etched into beauty ring $50 (Please refer to this reel as #7) Shimano Mark 4 (photo 1 and 2) Good...
  165. F

    Shimano TLD 20

    Shimano TLD 20 - Excellent condition. Excellent trolling reel for albacore for the private boater. Comes with new 40# mono. Here is the description from Shimano: Shimano TLD reels are lightweight graphite lever drag reels were known as a revolution in saltwater fishing when they were...
  166. F

    Fuel Bladders

    What are the dimensions? What is the cost for just one of them?
  167. F

    Fish/cruise to Mag Bay or Cedros

    I am considering taking my 30' Skipjack to Magdelena Bay or Turtle Bay/ Cedros Island. I consider my current boat to be a tweener. It's certainly on the small side to make the trip by water, but it's way too large to trailer. I have trailered a boat to Mag 10 times and am very comfortable in...
  168. F

    Book with Cast tour

    Agree with all of the comments above. They do a nice job.
  169. F

    How did this season stack up?

    I can tell you that out of Dana Point I would rate it as less than average.
  170. F

    1KW Furuno Transducer

    Still available. Someone make me an offer. TIme to clean it out of the garage.
  171. F

    waves were big

    You beat me to correcting his grammar and punctuation. It's amazing how many people cannot read and write. I see it in people who aspire to get hired on the fire department. It's important to be able to read and write, regardless of your career choice. I cringe when I read posts from young guys...
  172. F

    What's the Ensenada bait situation?

    Can anyone tell me if the bait concession is up and running in Ensenada harbor? I may end up there and looking for bait on Wednesday morning. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  173. F

    1KW Furuno Transducer

    SOLD!! Brand new in original box Furuno B258 - 1KW transducer Bronze, includes water temperature high speed fairing block. 1kw 50/200 kHz with Diplexer 15x21 degree Beam Angle at 50 khz 3x5 degree Beam Angle at 200 kHz Bronze Thru-Hull with Temperature 10-Pin Connector Includes...
  174. F

    K&M Offshore Sportfishing, San Quintin

    Please elaborate on the spreader bars. What size and colors?
  175. F

    Quality not Quantity

    Good for you. The fish looks bigger than 38#. I cna't think of a better way to spend a PERS check than on fishing. Five more years to go for me. Keep the chair warm...
  176. F

    35# CQR Anchor & 5/16 Chain

    I am not familiar with that type of anchor. Could you please post a photo?
  177. F

    Cleaning Spectra...

    You will get corrosion on your spools if you do not remove and clean them. I was told originally that you did not need to clean and wash my spectra. I started noticing slat build up and corrosion on the spools of my 30's and 50's. I now clean my psectra annually and protect the spools with...
  178. F

    Wow another one gone...

    David, You will have crummy weather Friday when you leave the dock. For the following 5 days, it should be really nice. Good luck. Thank god for the stabalizers on the Interpid....
  179. F

    Fantastic Cabo Underwater Striped Marlin Video

    Excellent video.The best part of the video is seeing the Marlin with a split in his dorsal fin. This was most likely a fish that was caught and released. Thanks for sharing.....
  180. F

    Towing my boat to La Salina

    Art, Have a great time. I have been to all of the places that you mentioned. Bring some fish trap swimbaits with you to Rosalalita. There are some big white seabass to be caught form the beach. Say hello to Juanchy at La Bocana for me. He's a really good guy. Be safe and have a great trip......
  181. F

    Towing my boat to La Salina

    Yellowklr, Please tell me where my facts are wrong. Here is what I said: There were 7 attacks on gringos on Labor Day on the toll road alone - from my DEA friend Western Outdoor News cancels Ensenada shootout -factual Harold Davis (Davis boats) cancelled his Ensenada tournament -...
  182. F

    Towing my boat to La Salina

    You guys can make all of the excuses you want. You can say that you don't believe the reports. I read the first hand report of the guy from the guy who was with his family and got robbed of all of his desert toys (truck trailer) etc. It's pretty scary having your family dragged away at gun...
  183. F

    Towing my boat to La Salina

    I would not have ANY reservations taking my boat down by water. That's a great plan. To the previous poster, there have been DOZENS UNPON DOZENS of Americans targeted on the toll road. While it has gotten much better than it was six months ago, I still would not trailer down. Do a search...
  184. F

    Towing my boat to La Salina

    50 people killed in TJ LAST WEEK ALONE. This is the first year in the last 7 that I am not trailering my boat to Mag Bay. It's gotten too dangerous for me. I am sure others will disagree. I have trailered over 100,000 miles in Baja. I am not comfortable down there right now....
  185. F

    Pta Chivato fishing

    I would continue south and go to Loreto. The fishing has been out of this world for the past 3 months. I fished there 6 weeks ago from a panga and we caught 30 Dorado (20-45#) and 13 sailfish in 3 days fishing.
  186. F

    Thresher Closure poll

    I am ALL for some type of regulation. I hate seeing some guy pull into Dana Point with two 100 pounders on his swimstep. Add Marlin to the list. One per person per year. Lastly, we need to do something about regulating the hoop netters. The resource simply cannot stand the pressure. We need to...
  187. F

    Gringos attacked in La Bocana

    I don't give a damn what he did (I am confident he did NOTHING). Nobody deserves being beaten with a baseball while they sleep. Are you really that ignorant? That's probably the stupidest thing I have ever read on any internet site. By the way, I hope you sleep soundly tonight.
  188. F

    Gringos attacked in La Bocana

    Baja Dan, You have to be shitting me. Are you serious? The guy has his shoulder broken in 4 places and you are questioning it? You wrote: "so called violent robbery, I would also like to hear both sides before passing judgment, but that is not a common occurrence for that area. If it was a...
  189. F

    stupid report

    What a great video. Thanks for sharing
  190. F

    Anyone have an Ensenada report?

    Thanks, but I am looking for a REAL first hand report. Anyone?
  191. F

    My Trip to Huatulco

    Unless you are 4' tall that's not a 400# marlin. It looks much bigger than that. Congratulations on your catch.
  192. F

    Anyone have an Ensenada report?

    We are heading there next Sunday. I have heard there was cold, green water surrounding Ensenada. Is this still the case. Are the paddys holding. How about Mike, is he selling bait?
  193. F

    Tailwalker 8-25-08 Moving back up from mex

    I am heading down to the Coral next monday and tuesday. Has Mike been selling bait? How about the availability of diesel fuel at the Coral? After reading all of the fish reports, it sounds like we may be running past all of the fish? Your thoughts?
  194. F

    Loreto report

    Excellent fishing today and yesterday. Friday's report 10 knot winds all day long makes for fishable, but unpleasant ride in a panga. Total for the day was 10 dorado (average 17#) and 3 sailfish with several other sails hooked. Today we caught 10 Doardo to 45# and 10 sailfish. Lots of...
  195. F

    Ensenada questions

    I will be launching my 25' Davis in San Diego on Tuesday night. I would like to fuel in Ensenada wednesday evening. What time does the fuel dock close at the Coral? Have they had diesel fuel lately? What will it cost for a 25' slip for the night? Second question: Has Mike Richardson been...
  196. F

    ensenada trip questions

    Riptide, Didn't I read in an earlier post that you build and sell houses in Ensenada? So, this downturn DIRECTLY impacts your livelihood. You no longer benefit from the inflated housing market. Whether or not you sell them to Americans, the botton line is that the increased prices help you...
  197. F

    ensenada trip questions

    I always love it when knuckle heads say that the attacks happen to a "small" percentage of people. This is the most stupid thing I have heard. Most of these attacks happened to people who WERE MINDING THEIR OWN BUSINESS. Let's see: Western Outdoor News cancelled their HUGE money making...
  198. F

    Cedros buddy boat?

    Hello everyone, I have had a bunch of PM's regarding this trip. I will try to answer all of the details here. Let me start off by saying that I am still trying to iron out the dates. It's a little tough trying to figure out other people's schedules etc. I have looked at the moon and it is...
  199. F

    Cedros buddy boat?

    Adam, Thanks for the reply. I have the OK from the wife to go and I am firming things up with my crew. I am thinking of moving the date up a week or so as the FULL moon begins June 15th. What time are you leaving and how fast do you plan on running? As far as crossing the border goes...
  200. F

    Cedros buddy boat?

    Update: So far two of us will be leaving Ensenada June 13th. Anyone else interested?
  201. F

    Cedros buddy boat?

    Adam, What kind of boat do you have? My feeling is that trailering to Ensenada puts you right in the middle of all of the crap (that's why I am not trailering to Loreto). I will launch at Dana Point and run to Ensenada. I don't want to leave my truck and trailer at Shelter Island as the theft...
  202. F

    Cedros buddy boat?

    I am contemplating launching my 25' Davis at Shelter Island and running to Cedros to fish yellowtail. I would refuel at Ensenada and Turtle bay. Anyone interested in buddy boating? I am looking at the last week in June. Has anyone ever done a similar trip? I have trailered the boat to Mag...
  203. F

    Mexican Authorities Respond

    I have trailered a boat over 100,000 miles up and down the baja highway. I work as a fireman in a very rough area in southern California. I don't scare too easily. I just cancelled my July drive down trip to Loreto. For everyone who says there is no danger, I say you are way off base. I...
  204. F

    Diesel and the border

    I used Aero tanks in Carona for a tank. The woman who works up front is a complete BITCH. The tank worked fine. One thing to be aware of is that it will affect the way your gas gauge reads.
  205. F

    YT in LB

    What's the deal with all of these retired fireman? Enjoy your retirement. 6.5 years more for me. I can't wait.....
  206. F

    Poway Kids Fishing Derby

    Congratulations you him and to you. Keep these photos. He will remember this day forever.
  207. F

    Good Morning Los Barriles

    Jim, Enjoy the the retirement. I have 6 1/2 years to go. Stay healthy.
  208. F

    Rosarito Police Attcked and killed

    Iglooman (Chris) Am I correct when I say that you have a financial interest in bringing people to baja? Your bio lists an association with a Baja charter company. If this is correct, your opinion is tainted at best. I will tell you that I wrote a book on fishing in Baja. I have over...
  209. F

    Catch more albacore...and tuna

    Fred, I have purchased two of your spreader bars and have not had much success with them. I have fished all over our coast and at Mag Bay. While I have caught a few fish on them, my opinion is that they are not worth the expense and hassle of dragging them. Maybe they work better on the East...
  210. F

    Ferry from Guerro Negro to Cedros?

    I was on the island a few years ago. Salt city is a quaint little town and very friendly. I would love to go back one day.
  211. F

    Trailering to PV??

    I own a 25' Davis Pilothouse diesel with a tower. I have trailered over 100 thousand miles down the Baja highway. I have been to Mag Bay 7 times with my boat. With all of the robberies and violence going on in Baja I am considering something different, trailering to PV instead of Mag Bay. I am...
  212. F

    Enough is Enough

    I think the best you can do is to show the locals this website and print it out for them. The locals understand only one thing: The lack of the American dollar. You, as an American can omly do so much. The only thing that will change it is to have the local people complain. Stay safe and be...
  213. F

    Offshore Venice LA

    Captain Eddie, I am glad to see things are back to normal (at least as far as fishing goes). My one and only time to your region was following Hurricane Katrina. I am a firefighter and spent 30 days in Slidell. Our temporary home was the Big Branch Wildlife Refuge in Slidell. It was...
  214. F

    Storage yard in La Paz Flooded

    Alan, How did your stuff make out? It looks like many of the boats amy not be damaged. Best wishes to you.
  215. F

    10 Albacore 10 YFT

    Congrats Geoff. You have earned it with the time you have spent on the water......Awesome!
  216. F

    fishing Magdalena Bay

    There will be plenty of wahoo to catch. I prefer the marlin and don't target the wahoo too much. To do so requires rigging all of my marlin jigs with wire and the marlin don't bite them as well. Also, they really chew up the jigs!
  217. F

    fishing Magdalena Bay

    Mark, I have done the trip 10 times trailering a boat from So Cal. I have always launched out of San Carlos and traveled the 17 miles to the mouth of the bay. In smaller boats I camped on the beach at Punta Belchers. It was quite an adventute loading everything into the boat and shuttling it to...
  218. F

    Trump take note on Baja Travel...

    Ed, Pull your head out of the sand: There were several shootings on the 710 freeway within the last six months. Don't you watch the news or read the paper? As I said earlier there have been 13 shootings this WEEK in the city where I work (50 square miles). Where are all of the keyboard...
  219. F

    Trump take note on Baja Travel...

    Riptide, I am sorry to hear about the tragic loss of your daughtr. As a dad, I cannot imagine what you went through. I posted the same sentiment on a recent thread regarding driving in Baja. I am a Fireman in the LA County area. As a Battalion Chief I manage the EMS Division. This week...
  220. F

    *****TRAVEL ALERT******

    While this incident is very troublesome, I wonder how often the same thing has happened in LA, Orange, or San Diego county this past weekend alone. I am a firefighter and I can assure you that thing goes on every day in YOUR and my home town. I go on these calls and treat the victims...
  221. F

    Loreto - Excellent fishing

    The second and third day were almost as good. Our three day total was: 10 Marlin 10 Dorado 3 Sailfish Weather was HOT, but bearable.....
  222. F

    Loreto - Excellent fishing

    With no reports for several weeks at Loreto we were apprehensive about fishing today. We were picked up on the beach in front of the Oasis hotel at 0600. No trouble making bait (30 Mackerel). On our way out we spotted two tailers- Double hookup! That was the start of our day. We ended up...
  223. F

    I saw ELVIS today!!! 8/4

    Thanks for the photo. I put it as my new screen saver.
  224. F

    Blue fin, albeeees late post 7/2

    I don't have a chart in front of me. How far below Pyramid were you?
  225. F

    Question about Estero de coyote and La Bocana

    I have never fished IN the estero, but I launched a 25' Diesel boat there last year. In November the yellowtail fishing was all you wanted 7 miles down the coast in front of Abreojos. Pretty strong currents in the estero. Very friendly people in town. Tons of pangas all fishing lobster.
  226. F

    mag bay fall 2007

    Are you planning on trailering or running down on its own bottom?
  227. F

    Pueretesitos Fishing is great (Lots of pics)

    I enjoyed your post. Imagine my surprise when I saw that you are fishing in my former aluminum boat. I believe it's the same boat, a 21 foot Baja Bayrunner aluminum boat. A friend of mine and I did all of the work on the boat about 10 years ago. I took that boat to Mag bay twice and beach...
  228. F

    Need info on boat launch n East Cape

    I have had Martin Verdugo's son Ronny launch a 26' Blackman through the surf. As a previous poster mentioned the afternoon winds kick up and can make it exciting. I suggest you launch and retrieve in the morning. Nothing like fishing on your own boat in Baja.