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    Best Calico/Halibut/Seabass Swimbait Setup???

    Shadow stalker 8’6” with a lexa 300
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    My first White Seabass...seriously!

    Beautiful fish! Congratulations
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    Fred Hall show in sandiego

    Canceled. Trying to reschedule
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    Winter clamming in New England

    Look up Emeril’s recipe at food networks web page. It’s a very good basic red chowder
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    Winter clamming in New England

    I make chowder out of them. Italian ( Manhattan) style.
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    Winter clamming in New England

    Those look similar to a Pismo clam which we have here on the west coast. Just wondering if there’s a size limit or a take limit. Our limits are 10 per person and 4 1/2 inches
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    Trying to move down south?

    Good luck with that budget. Here in sd 450k won’t get you much. East county maybe but pretty much nothing close to ocean
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    For Sale deuce & half

    I had a 55 Willis . I put a 327 in it and that Jeep could climb walls!
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    Good place to buy a fathom

    Squid co 199 and free mono fill up
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    Yuma dove where are they.

    It just takes one field. El centro and Niland have been spotty as well.
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    BLM is open to shooting in San Diego

    So, what areas are open? When is the next clean up party?
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    Jackpot Six pack

    Wish I could have made it. Thanks for the invite Johnny
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    Best jig or lure for the slide??

    Yozzuri made a metal jig called the hydro metal. Deadly on the slide. I still have 10 or 12 of them left.
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    Best Fishing book you have ever read???

    Fish have no hands by Mike Gardener
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    Where can I shoot legally in San Diego County?

    My 11 year old is a she. That is a good idea. I grew up with the junior NRA program and had so much fun.
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    Where can I shoot legally in San Diego County?

    My 11 year old wants to learn how to target shoot. Short of joining a club or going to a pay to shoot range, it looks like the desert is the only open area? It’s been a few years since l last went shooting ( kitchen creek was still open)
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    Fisherman shoot down sea Shepard’s drone

    We have Gray Davis and fucking MoonBeam to thank for this
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    Curado 300 gummy handle?

    Will those handlesfit the dsv? Will shimano replace it under a warranty?
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    Would you use Salt Away for your reel?

    It seems to work pretty well
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    V for Vendetta - 9/28

    Ray is a cool dude. Not surprised he called you guys in
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    Funny Boat Names

    "Death from Above" was my first boat.
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    Best eating----- Calico Bass or Lingcod?

    If you've never tried this you are missing out .
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    Tuna abnormality? Anyone ever see something like this?

    I've seen this before in albacore but never in a bluefin or yellowfin
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    3/4 day Sea Watch 9/20 - ouch - we all have to pay our dues

    Also the water temp in San Diego bay doesn't get as warm as in Mission Bay.
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    Calstar GF800M jig stick

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    Rest in Pieces.... Commander

    I saw him there on thursday. Didn't look like he was booking too many trips. I'm suprised that Seaforth Landing is still promoting the Eclipse.
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    Lobster/Lost Boat Report - 10/12

    Sorry to hear this. WEAR YOUR LIFE VEST !
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    Local 1/2 day calicos/barries

    I second the Premier. Fun boat.
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    Black Pearl got into the BFT today...

    Foul hooked
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    I'm pretty sure my Newells are worth more then I paid for them
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    Favorite yoyo or surface iron reels?

    Baja Special. Throws a jig a mile and has the power for yo-yo fishing. I also have a Newell 332 and it's a great surface iron reel. The Penn is more durable and versatile.
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    Islander or Legend 2 Day trip cant decide

    I will never set foot on a Suck Shaft boat again. He always seems to have the dregs of the sportfishing fleet.
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    The San Diego 5/30... Nice boat ride, lots of BFT

    If you think it's bad here, try going on one of the L.A. boats!
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    curado 200i approved for salt?

    Great reels. They need above average care.
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    Barrett Lake Report

    Hey Jeff, I'll be there on the 13th also. It should be great fishing!
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    Looking for San Diego boat dealer??

    hahaha! I just drove by the last place he worked (Twin Anchor) and it was Bulldozed!
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    How'd you guys do coronados 4/21

    Check the weather.Might be a little lumpy the next couple of days
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    Gregor 17 - new to me. Suggestions welcome.

    My Gregor Baja Special also was a side console. It's now a tiller. The side console came out with no problems. I took 3/4" plywood and fiber glassed it and then put outdoor carpet on it. Bullet proof. Leave the original foam blocks alone , do not use that spray foam as it can cause corrosion. I...
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    Gregor 17 - new to me. Suggestions welcome.

    No T-Top. That boat is too light and a T-Top would make it top heavy.
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    Monday Rockpile and Mexican Navy

    I think you should go back Tomorrow . If they board you again, ask again if you can stay and fish in their waters, without the required visas. Maybe they didn't understand you.
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    How to avoid getting seasick?

    I'd have to think about taking anything called RETARD!
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    FCC VHF permit for Mexican waters

    I have never been asked for it
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    Q: Anemic Clams

    Any pics? This year has been real good for Pismos. All of mine have been healthy. Pismos don't really have alot of meat (for their size) after you properly clean them.
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    I need a reliable mobile mechanic

    Thanks guys I'll be calling in the morning
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    I need a reliable mobile mechanic

    I live near SDSU and need a yamaha mechanic. Mobile would be better but I'm really looking for someone who is good. Thanks. Bugman
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    Yamaha Flush

    I think it's over kill.
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    Best advice you ever got?

    You're only as old as the women you feel
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    Best Black Friday deals on Reels?

    yep Squid co. Buy a 500$ gift certificate for 400$ no getting up at the ass crack, shorter lines nicer people
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    Need point loma recommendations

    I just drove by Gus's #2 on Baltimore, still open and yes they do make a good Philly Cheese
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    What happened at the bait barge

    This is what happens when "That Guy' buys his own boat. You can take "That Guy" off a sportboat but you can't take that guy out of, well you get it. Thanks again Gary "That Guy"Shulte
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    What happened at the bait barge

    Thanks Gary. I do wonder if they are only going to weigh bait for hoop netters or are they going to weigh for hook bait too. If you thought the lines were long before ........
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    Need point loma recommendations

    What? Gus's is closed??
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    Fish farm planned off SD Coast

    Over the last 3 years I have turned in 23 wsb heads and only 1 was a hatchery fish. I think the banning of inshore gill nets has had a bigger impact on the fishery.
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    Fish Cleaning ! Out of Control

    60.00 for ten sand bass? wtf
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    hooping at its finest!!!

    Nice bug, but where is the "14-16 pounder"?
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    Foodsaver bags on sale again...

    calling costco in the morning. thanks for the heads up
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    lobster potting the SMB

    Why in the world would you go there on opening night? So many better options then Zuniga
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    hooping at its finest!!!

    Um, put the crack pipe down. BS with no pics or numbers.
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    lobster potting the SMB

    Lobster potting? The title of his post gave away the fact that he's an idiot.
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    San Diego - How far does your VHF Broadcast? Can you reach SD from the 371?

    The CG can hear you. I did a radio check off Pt Loma, with a hand held and got a loud and clear from the CG in Newport Beach I told this story to Doug Reed, former owner of the Conquest and Renegade, who said " the Coast Guard can hear a knat fart @ 200 miles".
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    Fri & Sat ant the Nados

    I was down there on thursday and found the bigger yt were at the rock pile. It was rough on thursday also. Glad to see bonito again, but they were everywhere and eating everything.
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    F#@%!!! Bull Shit Lobster Citation!!!

    Back to front is the only way i measure lobster.
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    F#@%!!! Bull Shit Lobster Citation!!!

    The season is so long, you had double digits why risk a "clicker" on opening week? Pay the fine and learn from your mistake
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    F#@%!!! Bull Shit Lobster Citation!!!

    I always measure from back to front. That way the " eyeball skin" is not n issue.
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    Lobster opener prediction - Slow?

    I predict at least 5 diver vs. hoopnetter posts before the end of Oct.
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    9/21 Tribute Tuna Trip

    Our sport needs more DAD'S LIKE YOU!!!! Your son will never forget this day.
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    Point Loma 3/4 Day 9/12 Rats, Rats, and More Rats!

    Hi Lou! I'm the Chartermaster on the upcoming Vendetta trip 9/25. Look forward to meeting you.
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    La Jolla Yellows :: 9/13/14

    you need a bigger cooler!
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    Lobster opening night!

    Don't do it. It just isn't worth it. Lobster season lasts until March. I usually don't even start until around halloween.
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    La Jolla 9-6-14

    Fresh Bonito is one of my favorite fish to eat. Good job on sticking it out with the dogs. Seems like they are more aggressive then ever this year.
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    Chief 2.5 day, 9-1-14

    Twitchy and Blinky? Do tell
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    Thank you coast guard

    I'd like to know who the Sporties were who wouldn't answer a MAYDAY. I've had to assist boaters in the past and would NEVER ignore a mayday if I was in the area.
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    Shameless 5 Star Plug!

    I don't know how the lawsuit turned out. It is probably still pending. LoPresti has alot of money so it could still be in litigation. 5 star rocks! It's the only processor I use any more.
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    1.5 Daiwa Pacific (2 spots available) Aug 25th

    18 is limited load on that boat
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    SD 3/4 day trip questions

    40 on the Eclipse could be a mess. That boat does not drift stern first so people really tend to bunch up in the corner.
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    Happy Birthday Maggie (Nunya)

    Hope you're fishing! Happy Birthday
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    snap swivel to iron?

    I use straight mono for both surface and yoyo fishing. i guess I'm old too, it's all i've ever used.
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    Which 1.5 Day boat?

    I've fished them all. I love the New Lo-Ann and Prowler, they would be my first choices. All are good boats just go and kill some fish!!
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    La Jolla 6/8

    Thanks for the report. We also had very good anchove for bait out of Pt. Loma. we did NOT have 68-70 water, more like 62-63 big drop in pt loma. Still good bass fishing when we found the right conditions
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    Boat Launch at Point Loma, CA

    I love to take a late lunch break on sat and watch the "launch ramp follies". Any Holiday morning is usually good too!
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    Best Pizza in SD

    Lefty's is more of a deep dish all the others you mentioned are thinner crust pizza. I got to try Lido's heck it's just down the street from me.
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    Best Pizza in SD

    Venice Pizza House in City Heights. The Venetian in Pt. loma those are my go to's for Pizza
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    Jig Strike H&M landing

    There are many, many more and better choices. And that's all i have to say about that.
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    LOBSTER report card!!!!!!!

    even if you do it online, save your card. They may ask to see it later on.
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    San Diego Bay?

    fish the right tide. Less then 3 ft ' no good. more then 6 ft, no good
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    Appliance guy in San Diego?

    I used Appliance Science a couple of months ago. Good work, he came when he said he would, fixed the problem when he said he would and he seems like a nice guy too. I'm on vacation and don't have his # but you can find him on Yelp.
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    Day at the Docks: Open House & Kids Tournament, The San Diego Marlin Club

    I'm bringing my 7 year old daughter. What time is the kids tourney?
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    The Boat Grotto, El Cajon, CA

    Dude, there has to be someone in San Diego. Santa Ana?
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    Lobster tank?

    You should be o.k. as long as you are not in possesion of over limits. Now after the season closes..... that may be another story
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    The Boat Grotto, El Cajon, CA

    yes where is Kozwell
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    Sheephead recipes

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    1/2 Day trip during rockfish closure?

    The Point Loma boats will fish the lower nine during the closure. Will you need to buy a ffm for a half day? We shall see. Bugman
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    Year of the lost lobster season

    Look at me aholes are getting what they deserve. I also don't post location or how I did, nor do the guys I network with. Between the internet and fucking promar this was bound to happen.
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    Lost hoop nets in San Diego Bay

    Sounds like you guys learned a expensive lesson. Tinsel rod hoopnets move during a ripping tidal swing. A tide book is your friend
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    Nados YT report - and the Mexican Navy is in full effect

    here we go again. What exactly did they ask you for?
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    First ever lobster report - or not

    It will be better now. Thanks for that wonderful post.
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    crossing on whaler

    Watch the weather, but that is a very solid boat. I've done it afew times with no issues at all.
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    Pacific star overnight 9/26/2013

    How was the weather? Good report thanks
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    The Relentless and Joel

    I think the Relentless is now The Seeker and owned by one of the Tafts. I heard that Joel was commercial fishing in Hawaii. Not sure if that's true, it's just what I heard.
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    Anybody know this guy?

    When was the last time you heard of lobster being caught north of San Fran bay? It looks like he poach those abs in so cal.
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    Keeping your Lobster catch Fresh!!!

    wet (salt water) towels. they are fine the next day. I've taken them to my kid's school for show and tell and they are plenty lively. The key is no water in what ever you store them in.
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    Boat looks like it's been left out in the weather. Also, this is not a fishing boat although you could fish out of it. I would walk away from it and leave my computer off when enjoying adult beverages.
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    Sea Adventure 80... 2 1/2 Day Report W/ Pics

    Great report! Nice fish! But those shoes are gay!! All kidding aside those are some nice bluefins.
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    BBQ Mako!

    One of the best eats for sure.
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    One stop shopping...

    Wow! What a day or should I say What a great hour of fishing!
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    Question about the Local BFT meat.

    You're eating fresh Bluefin, which is always better then frozen.
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    7/25/13 Grande 1.5 Bluefin Tuna Mayhem

    Good one a Ping-Pong paddle.
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    La Jolla Yellow 7/20/13

    Fyi that's not calico gear either. Great job landing that fish on that gear. I'd have bought a lotto ticket as soon as I got home.
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    3day on the First string

    I think you need a bigger cooler!!! Nice
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    Mako and Yellowtail at the nine, go get ya some. 7/14

    mako... it's what's for dinner. One of the best eats in the ocean. Enjoy and thanks for the 411.
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    1/2 day kid gear advice?

    When I take my 6 yr old daughter out on the 1/2 day (premier) I find that she handles a conventional reel with a 6 1/2 ft rod better then a spinning rod. The reason is she's too short and has trouble keeping the rod up and the line off the rail. When we go in our boat the spinning outfits are...
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    7/6/13 1.5 day on Diawa Pacific

    Kenny B. is old school, fishes hard and runs a good operation.
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    SD 6 Pack boat recommendation

    X2 Bryan is a fish killing machine.
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    *HELP* FAMILY Road Trip To San Fran. Any Advice?

    NO MONTEREY BAY AQUARIUM!!!!! They are a bunch of kelp hugging fucks. Packard Foundation +Monterey Bay Aquarium = MLPA.
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    Squidco Pre-Father's Day Sale

    Nobody beat their prices or their customer service. Plus Joey and his Dad, John, are real nice guys who have been fishing all their lives.
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    Surf fishing

    unreel just gave you some very solid advice.
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    Lobster tails... what are they worth?

    How much was a lobster per lb. this last year? a live,barely legal, male weighs alittle over a lb. I know, ask Rivertake. All he catches are barely legal males!! lol
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    Pt. Loma 5-26-13 WSB And Halibut-Lightning Stikes Twice!

    wow. i'm heading down to go fishing in the morning, please someone ding my trailer too! great, great day.
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    Pt. Loma 5-24-13 WSB And Halibut

    that is by far the best fishing I've heard of this year at pt. loma. Your buddy must have felt like the ugly chick at a high school dance. Glad no damage was done to your trailer. This weekend should be full of "launch ramp follies"
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    Child Support and Fishing

    36k will get you a sweet ride. wow that sucks.
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    SD Bay No Report - 5/23

    there are a couple of sand bars inside the point. when the swell is from the south guys with long boards tear it up in there. I've seen it break all the way to Ballast Pt.
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    Wax Wing

    they are pricey. I love that they are semi-weedless which allows you to fish the kelp. I've caught some toad calicos in the kelp on them. I still prefer a 45 for yellows and cuda.
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    SBS Long Beach

    sweet!! Is mike gonna have a booth at del mar??
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    Bud Ettel

    years ago I took his class at fishermans landing. I learned alot from Bud. He will be missed.
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    Zuniga Jetty

    zuniga sucks. Too many divers and hoopers.Lots of other places to hoop. Try outside the bay.
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    Promar Eclipse or Ambush Hoop Nets

    aztec from squidco. they are similar to both the ambush and the danielson.
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    Sad day on the water

    Just caught the tail end of this on the news, 2 Men drowned when their boat capsides near shelter island 8 were pulled from the water.
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    Kudos to San Diego Trailer Supply

    I wouldn't use anyone else. bugman
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    thank you to all the LOOK AT ME fuckheads and FUCKING PROMAR FUCKING NETS
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    Perch'n 2/12/11

    should have good tides all next week. good luck
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    Open Range is being TRASHED

    years ago we had a public shooting range at cameron station. Used to be a great place to take friends and family out for a day of shooting. The people that used the area were good about cleaning up and safety. slowly but surely, word got out about this free public range. It started innocently...
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    Aluminum Boats

    my gregor (baja special) was built in 1980!!
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    BOLA OCT 6,7,8,9th

    What happened? Guillermo's used to have a good rep and has been there forever
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    New Surf Fisherman, needs advice

    the only thing i would add is try sand crabs or mussels or clams. I also like blood worms.
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    opening week is just fucking nuts. Sherm, I'll start seeing you around halloween. Bugman.
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    Summer at home winter at Point Loma

    i was working today in the wooded area of pt. loma. thick fog all morning. came home and turned on the a.c.
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    BOLA Island Camping?

    had to spend the night at La guardia during a chubasco. Don't recomend mucho no see ems and , yes there are snakes on that island.
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    Beaching at Mission Bay?

    the west side of ski beach has a nice sandy beach. Pay attention to the tides. Last time we were there 3 boats were high and dry as the tide went out.
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    How do you fish the Shimano Wax Wings?

    not weedless
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    Anyone have a GOOD Sandab Recipe?

    dropper loop, 3/0 hook, appropriate weight. drop back to the bottom near structure and hold on for your real dinner.
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    7/21 LaJolla

    I fished Pt. Loma yesterday in th a.m. and had the same.. drizzle ,no current,no bait fish, slow fishing. I did see alot of the "rare" Black nettle jellyfish.
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    what he said
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    Have a good family day. Happy Easter. What's your menu?

    King Crab, Filet,Fresh asparagus, Salad
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    Which Is The Best Motor For A 2010 Klamath 18' Open???

    what did you do with the gregor?? I'm interested if it is a baja special. Bugman
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    Bubble-Up Soda

    Albertsons on fletcher parkway has bubble up in 4 packs.
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    1/2 - Yak hooping with the Sherminator

    don't forget about all those small craft advisories Both ways!!! Hey Sherm, is your" Wing Man" the Giants Fan? Keep an eye on him ,he may be suicidal after yesterday's game. Oh yeah, nice catch for you both. Bugman
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    -1.7' Ft. Tide = Clams!!!!!!!

    nice!!!! Iwas out on thursday and we had fresh chowder for new years. that 6/12 in is a toad. Bugman
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    Christmas bugs.

    I heard it was slow on friday. Glad you got 'em. Bugman
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    Lobster at the Island

    the fog kept him under 40
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    lobster crawl...sat night-10/10

    looks like fun with the kids. my almost 3 year old wants to catch "sea lobsters" with her daddy. I can't wait. How old is your boy? He looks stoked, way to go dad. Bugman
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    San Diego City Council

    Marti Emerald says she needs more info.... Lets give it to her. I just sent her an email and suggest we all help ourselves by educating council member Emerald. I really enjoyed her SCOLDING of the coastkeeper. Tommy rocked as did my good friend Louie Zimm.
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    what's up with River Takes'posts????

    now thats funny. whatever happenrd to the bork guy??
  153. B

    what's up with River Takes'posts????

    I just started reading a post, by River take, on lobster populations, history of commercial lobster fishing etc. I left my computer for a couple of minutes and WHAM, Post is gone. WTF? I didn't get to finish it, but what i read was very informative and looked like alot of effort and thought was...
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    Lobster Hoopin Virgin I cant be the only 1

    NO LOBSTER left in san diego. Go to Catalina Offshore , open your wallet. tell Tommy you're a BDer, and Bam, you got a limit.
  155. B

    Yup, they are still there...YFT 9/19

    sounds like a great trip Sal. I had a feeling you were fishing when i saw your wife watering the lawn. Bugman
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    Cherokee Geisha

    Doug Reed is one of the best.
  157. B

    Papagayo, CR in Feb

    I was there once in March and it blew like hell for 2 days. Then it was nice and very fishable. Offshore was a no go, but the inside fishing was very good . Lots of roosters and i think we caught at least 1 of each snapper. Surf fishing was good also, bring some spoons/megabaits. gulp and...
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    San Diego Harbor Fishing Spots

    Make sure you have good water movement. Get some uni-goop. set the anchor. get ready to catch alot of fish. Squid strips ,livebait make sure you get the baits to the bottom, in the chumline. warning.... DO NOT GET THE UNIGOOP ON THE BOAT!bugman
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    Rpt: 43 left them biting 8/29/09

    thanks for the report and congratulations on the epic fishing. bugman
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    Best Hot Dog

    Chicago dogs at Lefty's in Mission hills or Golden hill on 30th. Mission Hills location is the old phil's bbq.
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    Do Kids need a Mexican fishing license

    anyone and everyone who is on a private boat that is fishing in mexican waters needs a license.It doesn't matter if they are fishing or not.
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    17' Boston Whaler or an 18' Trophy

    i own a 17' whaler and one of my fishing buddies has an older 18' trophy. There are pros and cons to both. pros for the whaler resale value , more fishing space, easy to maintain, extremely well built,drifts the bay and offshore very well, handles. rides and fishes like a bigger boat. Cons, no...
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    Don't be THAT Guy

    Well I don't wear booya gear and i don't remember anyone wearing said gear so Sounds like you were fishing with THose GUYS on another boat. But if you are so sure that iwas pushy to the kids(there was 1 on our trip) and that i somehow got to fish for free please tell me what boat you were on.
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    Don't be THAT Guy

    what boat were you on spike?
  165. B

    Don't be THAT Guy

    Yesterday i had the pleasure of ,not fishing with that guy, but fishing with THOSE GUYS. Went Open party LIMITED LOAD(32). I have never seen so many, so clueless. THOSE GUYS have never heard of the tuna shuffle and when you try to explain it to them, they look at you like you just fucked...
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    Ripped off, fucking ASSHOLE

    Stopped by squid co to get some line and shoot the shit with John. Handed one of the kids my mlx and sx avets and an older sealine 20. John starts to get busy( no joey) so I tell him I'LL be back in a couple of hours. I come back and Sheldon gives me the wtf no reels look. I tell him to keep...
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    Cherokee Geisha on 8/10/09

    you get my vote also for DAD of the year. Doug Reed is one of the best.
  168. B

    Placed 2nd In Golf Tournament Yesterday

    First a 59yr. old Tom Watson is leading the Open, and now this. Good job and conratulations on your trophy.
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    point loma 7-16-09

    crying? There's no crying in FISHING!!!
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    Fishing Guanacaste Costa Rica

    First off let tell you how lucky you are to be going to guanacaste. One of my favorite of all time. We made our offshore fishing through The villa del sueno hotel. Offshore was about 800.00 per day. The fishing was so good that i think any of the pangas could have found fish. We had just as much...
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    June 27 Cherokee Geisha

    Nice. 13 on that boat is like fishing by yourself. Sorry the fishing was slow. Get 'em next time. Bugman
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    Orion 4/24-4/25

    Ebner sold it a couple of years ago to Jack Rader jr. and his brother in law Bill. Bill got out of sportfishing and Junior,with a kid on the way' sold it to Bryan Wynn. Junior is now running the Lois Ann(dive boat) and relief for the Cherokee Giesha. Tom Ebner owns and runs the Aztec. Bugman
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    24 April SD Bay

    Nice. Looks like the kid taught the old man how it's done! looks like you guys had fun. Were you fishing shallow all day?? Bugman
  174. B

    Perch are chewin

    Nice. Love fishing bsb on ultra light. What beach were you at? Bugman
  175. B


    The eggs look like smelt eggs. Not uncommon. Last year they were thick in sd bay. Nice pics Martha. Bugman
  176. B

    What happened to good old days for YT

    crazy eddies what a great dive. Damn you're old tommy!!!! Bugman
  177. B

    What happened to good old days for YT

    well said Kerncat . I remember being on the old Masott 6 with every rod bent and maybe you landed 1 out of every2 you hooked. What we are forgetting is it's frickin the first week in APRIL. Yes there were epic days slaying the yellows at the islands but we had live squid (not always) and as...
  178. B


    Ding,ding,ding. Round 1 about to begin
  179. B

    4/5/09 SD Bay - Spotties and the Osprey

    What an awsome creature. I had one try to grab a mackeral off my sabiki rig. Big claws big beak But the eyes, seemed like they were the size of a silver dollar. Great pics Sal. Bugman
  180. B

    Hoop Net????

    Not only is NOT Fun and they taste TERRIBLE, but ihear the Commecial guys CAUGHT THEM ALL. Bugman
  181. B

    Looking for BD'rs in La Mesa area

    I live in Rolondo Park which is south of sdsu. Shoot me a p.m.
  182. B

    $15.00 For the Fred hall show? Damn! What do you guys think?

    Anyone who can't afford a 15.00 ticket to the FHS can't afford to fish. Come on guys,like Tommy said, now is the time to SUPPORT sportfishing. Tommy, I look forward to eating your tacos at the Saltwater Showdown series. So go to the show,pass on the 9.00 beer, and buy some unibutter from Tommy...
  183. B


    you could use dacron but seine twine is better. dacron will rot,seine twine is soaked in some kind of tar and lasts a long time plus it won't slide on the rings. I make all my hoop nets using 5/16 rebar. The tinsel rod rings that come with store bought hoopnets are crap and too lite. Harbor...
  184. B

    5 days on the Vagabond at Cedros - giants yellows

    Great report. Looks like the kid was having the time of his life!
  185. B

    Remembering Pacific Beach..........

    was it Jose Murphy's or a real Irish pub??
  186. B

    Remembering Pacific Beach..........

    Kennedy's steak house.
  187. B

    Remembering Pacific Beach..........

    I think it was called the Spice Rack. Great breakfast. Diego's had waitress running around in dolphin shorts.
  188. B

    How many of you Hoopnetted before three years ago?

    first trip was in 1975(age 14). Been going at least 5 or more trips every year since. I remember when there was no limit on how many hoopnets you could take. I also remember the stupid 2hoopnet limit.
  189. B

    LA bay

    there used to be great clamming at La Gringa. Low tide out on the sand bar. let us know how you did. Bugman
  190. B

    First Albacore of the Year Landed

    Sweeeet!!!! Buttman, Lamb are you guys ready for our charter???
  191. B


    all I can say is me and my partner(Brian Norton) won the San Diego Anglers open bay bass tourney using uni-butter and Brian placed 5th in the Plastic Navy Mission Bay tourney this past sat. I always keep it in my pocket and have never had a problem with it. Bugman
  192. B

    Mission Bay

    Dont just fish the catameran dock. Walk that whole area. i'd start infront of the apartments and work from there. and i forgot to tell u to use the unibutter. it really does make difference. also watch the tides. early morning ,before allthe boat traffic with water moving is key to...
  193. B

    Mission Bay

    are u fishing from a boat? if so, go to san diego bay!!! if not try fishing near the cattameran hotel. we fished the saltwater showdown in that area and there are alot of spotties there. try using spinnerbaits and rip them above the eelgrass. you can also use swimbaits or curly tail baits( i...
  194. B

    Back east style hoagie?

    I like BHM on el cajon blvd. Nicolosi's used to be good but haven't been there in 5 years. Mona Lisa's is pretty good too. Bugman
  195. B


    Thanks for the info. I couldn't remember the name of the panga company in ensenada(thanks clipper 23). Pimp fish you got a p.m. Any BDers seen anything at the Fred hall show?? Thanks again guys, Bugman
  196. B


    Anyone own one ? I'm thinking of buying one . I'm tired of getting beat up in my Gregor baja special. Can't afford a Parker or similar center consel fishing boats. Any feed back/advice is appreciated. Bugman
  197. B

    Boat detailing

    Try my buddy Matt. He owns Clean Marine and he's mobile. His # is 858-354-5666. Bugman
  198. B

    Hooping Sunday 2-11

    Went out with Buttman tonight. Easy limits by 7:15. No real big ones but 3 or 4 were in the 3lb range. Adi, The Lobster Lamb hunt is on for tues. :D Bugman
  199. B

    Need a computer guru

    Ask Lamb for help. The guy is a computer wizard. P.M. me if you want his phone#. Bugman
  200. B

    Advice on SD overnight/all day trip

    The Indian (CaptChris) I think is ruinning over night trips each weekend he's based at H&M. I also would look at Seaforth and the Pacific Voyager. Bugman
  201. B

    BDers In The Fish Rap

    I just got a call from Dyron (second on captin on the New Seaforth), He said that myself and Brian(BKNorton) are on the front page of the fish rap. They got a picture of me wearing my lucky BD shirt! Thanks for the heads up Dyron.:)
  202. B

    Corrected weights for Bay Tournament

    Word at the weigh-in was Frank caught all the fish.:rofl:
  203. B

    SDA Bay Bass Tourney

    Hey brudda did you see this weeks Western Outdoor News?? You're in it and me too:cheers: Bugman
  204. B

    Corrected weights for Bay Tournament

    What if the fish aren't at the "bay mouth"? These fish migrate in and out of the bay , when and where they are feeding changes . Pre-fishing alot of different areas will put you on their feeding patterns and help you locate bigger fish. Send me a pm and I'll be happy to answer any questions you...
  205. B

    who the heck is this dude?

    He grew up eating drinking sleeping football. His dad is the defensive coordinator for Tampa Bay. And Moss better be gone next year.
  206. B

    SDA Bay Bass Tourney

    The reason we didn't enter the jackpot was simple, When I filled out the entry forum I didn't see it. I was in such a hurry to get it back to the mailman that I wasn't even thinking about it. Won't ever happen again. Hey Steve, next week looks good maybe even sat??? I'll call you. Bugman
  207. B

    12th Annual San Diego Bay Bass Tourney

    hey marcus, was that you who was in line next to us? we were the guys in the gregor aluminum boat. And yes 1st place was using uni butter. Love that stuff!! Way cool to find a bottle of it in our tournament swag bag. It sounds like BDers did very well in the tournament. Maybe it's time for a BD...
  208. B

    SDA Bay Bass Tourney

    My partner (Brian Norton) and I arrived at Shelter Island at around 3:30a.m. I’m amazed at how far this tournament has come. There’s now a big ass tent for the merchants and the raffle (I remember when the whole thing was held at the gazebo). Into the line up we went, said hi to old friends...
  209. B

    SD bay bass Tourney..

    got mine on sat. who else is in?? Bugman
  210. B

    Before the storm

    Looks like i owe you another lobster . I cleaned 8 last night. Great time and really good driving (boat) in some pretty crappy conditions. By the way how did you think that new Hoopnet design worked? You forgot to post about the floating net. We had 1 net that got pushed into deeper water and...
  211. B

    missing fishermen

    Steve (Buttman) and I were out Sat. night and believe we saw those guys hoop netting near Zuniga, on the bay side. Conditions were pretty dangerous with the swell coming into the bay(4-6 ft). The wind and rain where just starting when we left between 8-8:30 and thats when we both think we saw...
  212. B

    Can't get enough of them bugs...

    Glad to see you guys got a couple more. We managed 7 all of them very nice. P.M. me and I'll fill you in on the details. The bay, especially shelter island ,is full of stingrays. Been like that for most of the season. Steve and I also enjoyed meeting the both of you and good luck in your pursuit...
  213. B

    Any Bug luck on OB Pier???

    If the surf isn't too bad, try Sunset cliffs. There's lots of cover there for bugs. It's too shallow for most boats but from the shore it's fishable. Make sure you have ALOT of extra rope and if you are using store bought nets, weigh them down with heavy chain. Try the area near the second...
  214. B

    Best boat In SD/Oceanside!

    Try Doug Reeds new boat the Renegade. He's got some open party trips leaving next week. Check it out at Good luck.
  215. B

    Hoopen 11/12/04

    2 methods that i use are, vacum seal, make sure you clip the spines on the tail!!! Or get some beer cups and roll the tail into a ball. fill with water and freeze. If u keep the lobsters damp(wet towel over them they will keep till morning. Don't try to keep them in a cooler with water, they...