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    TRADE Virgin Cousins 95Mag

    Once these are sold they will all come out looking for one..
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    WTB Info on 80% Lowers

    You can built a legal short barrel rifle from an 80% lower. Since the lower is not serialized and registered as a rifle. If you like the way the store AR are , just get one from there. But if you want Specific parts then build it. That way you don't swap parts out later down the line from a...
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    WTB Cousins 95J

    You got one for sale?
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    Calstar 90J or Cousins 90J ?

    Like $60-$80
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    For Sale Penn Fathom 40NLD2

    Walmart has the 60 for $219 aswell
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    For Sale Penn Fathom 40NLD2

    American Legacy Fishing had the 400 HD for 169. Plus 10% off if you join the mailing list. And free shipping
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    Good deals for lexa HD

    Thanks for the link!! Got my brother and myself one!!
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    SOLD Cousins 95J-Mag (GOT ONE!!!)

    That's more than enough .
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    SOLD reels on sale.

    Post says sold. Didn't get a reply from him yesterday.
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    22nd street pursuit

    Full day. Everyone thought we were going to Catalina. Till we started to pass by it.
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    22nd street pursuit

    Oh yea the boat was full that day. Few smart people with 4oz sinkers making some gnarly tangles. I was up on the bow and got snag by someone at the stern. If you can go on a week day would be better. Looks like this whole week they went for yellows.
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    22nd street pursuit

    I went on the pursuit on Saturday. We went to Santa Barbara island big o white fish and reds. Like 5 big sculpin and 2 sheepshead. Think the next day they went looking for yellowtail
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    WTB Cousins 95j mag Jigstick

    How did that happen??
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    New Fathoms coming ..??

    Dam it missed the sale!
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    So sick of California, CA taxes, Gov Brown We have to repeal that stupid gas tax everyone got trickeinto voting for. And get rid of are current government. Since he seems to think promoting tourism to El Salvador is more Important than are issues. Fuck off Newsom!!
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    Did you sell yours?
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    Late to the party! Just found out about cast and crank podcasts!

    The podcast is awesome . I dislike hookup baits as much as the next guy. So I didn't listen to that one. But the rest are really good. With lots of great info . Give it a listen dude.
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    For Sale s sold delete

    Did it sell??
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    For Sale s sold delete

    Interested if it falls thru. In long beach.
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    Fred Hall Success Story!

    Yuuupp $50 Great score!!
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    Salt x spray. Who uses it?

    I use water from a water bottle to rise of my curado k after I go out. I fish 4 times a week from the shore. Took it to the shimano booth for a cleaning at fredhall after a year in a half of never opening it up . Still looked good inside just need to replace 1 bearing. He did recommend to use I...
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    Need advice on a 5'9 blank

    So I picked up this black at the cousins sale. for the bigger tuna around San Diego. I'm taking it to get wrapped but was wondering if I should add one of those removable straight butts to add more length to it?? Also looking for reel recommendations that won't break the bank.
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    Spotty Combo

    I use a curado k with a m1 rod. Use it for every application . Even ned rig. But I've heard good things about the shimano slx for the price.
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    Any good fishing deals for Black Friday? Any in a market for a bib.
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    Too much Ammo

    Sorry for your lost.. Might be easier to just shoot it.
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    Problems Hookup baits

    My experience with Chad was at Fred Hall Show after I purchase some jigs for the bay I asked how to fish them and he just gave me a stupid answer" it's not rocket science just throw it in the water and jig it up and down if you don't catch anything there's no fish there" he said it with an...
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    How much are custom rods

    Hit up the dude I told you. Won't disappoint
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    How much are custom rods

    Look up plantero custom rods on Instagram he is in long beach . Good dude great work! Dropping 3 blanks off with him soon.
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    Cousins Rod out of business?

    Got 2 90j blanks and a 5'9. Xxh. I went there looking for the 95jmag just like a lot of people .Didn't find one. I asked a worker he said someone went the day before(friday) and bought 20 of them. I did see a man find one at a spot that I had already looked at! wasn't my luck to find it I guess!!
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    SOLD Torium 14 hg $130

    Do you have the rod clamp?
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    SOLD SL20SH w/ upgraded frame

    They aren't making them any more . So if you find one you need to jump on it. Bad ass frame. Love mine!
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    WTB Cheap Float tube

    Any cheap float tube for sale around the LB area?
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    Vonnys fleet price?/ campo 7

    Does anyone know the price of the 1/2 trip with vonnys fleet? I haven't got any reply from them about it . Also has anyone here fished the Campo 7 area. I'm staying in a house in Punta Banda next month and want to check this spot out. Any tips or info is appreciate.
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    For Sale Deps

    20 . You pay shipping.
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    Hook Up Baits?

    Way over priced , the owner was a dick to me at Fred hall I was asking How to use his lure after buying a pack. He seemed annoyed that I was asking . So it was first and last. I hear some one is making similar ones WITH the option of replaceable skirts.
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    Rod socks recommendation

    Cheaper to make you own. It's braided wire sleeve
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    Curado 200XG K = Calicos on the Coast

    Oh man I am excited to fish this real now!!
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    Curado 200XG K = Calicos on the Coast

    Thanks a lot for the feed back! pulling the trigger on it!!
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    Curado 200XG K = Calicos on the Coast

    How is it holding up? In the market for a bay reel.
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    Reel for phenix M1 711ML????

    Thanks guys . I'll look into them.
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    Reel for phenix M1 711ML????

    Wat would be good reel to pair with this rod. Most going to throw swim baits and jigs for calicos and spotted bay bass . Want to stay under $200. Thanks
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    Heads Up San Diego Theives

    Please tell me you don't have a master lock protecting your stuff??
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    Don't fall for this email scam! I almost paid the guy.

    Dam hoping he gets my computer and saves me the trouble of doing the video my self. Video editing is hard !
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    Need different jigstick...

    That is the rod I used with a torium 20. 30# on it. It as worked well for me with both size jigs.
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    Phenix M1 Inshore SMX82H Alternative

    That's the rod I got for my lexa 300. Haven't fished it yet.
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    Reel for Jig Stick

    ??? I'm confused. The torium 20hg is a great jig reel. That's my surface iron reel.
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    For Sale Pelagic board shorts

    I have 2 pairs of Pelagic board shorts. Both brand new tags still on them. Both size 36. Asking $45 each. Willing to ship for an extra $3 (1/2 of wat shipping will be) or meet in Long Beach.
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    Melton Tackle Customer Appreciation Event 2017

    Thank you sir!
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    Melton Tackle Customer Appreciation Event 2017

    I think I got an email with this year's sale. But can't seem to find it any more . Any one else get it?
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    Need fishing reel covers?

    Do you have PayPal yet? Would be interested in 4 if you do.
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    Fred Hall Killer Deals?

    Cousins 670 8' $125 .
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    Fred Hall worth!?!

    This was an Impulse Buy. But I'm not complaining.
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    Wanted to go on a 1/2 Saturday but looks like it's raining!
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    Fred Hall worth!?!

    They have a lot if buy 2 get 1 on hooks and floro. on top them being at a lowered price so it's good to go stock up. Turners usually has a reel at a crazy price the saltist bg this year. The seminars are great aswell. Go check it out dude the LB one is the best one.
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    Question about Phenix M1 inshore rods?

    Thinking of getting the 82mh for my lexa 300 At Fred hall.
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    New 2018 Daiwa Saltist blue

    Yes they will have it at Fred hall!
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    Advice on Taking Your New Chick Fishing...

    I took my wife on a half day 2 times for rock fish she enjoyed it.She put on the seasick patch to be safe. She loves red snapper and She already booked us a trip for the 3rd. She says she won't do a 3/4 day but she will be this season! ( lil white lie won't kill her) . Maybe after she fights a...
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    WTB Rod socks (for 9ft rods)

    Doing your own would be your best bet . I ordered a piece haven't tried it out yet.
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    Preferred/ Recommended Fillet Knives?

    Look up the morakniv fillet knife. $20 on Amazon. I have 2 of the outdoors knifes best bag for your buck . Best part they are Swedish knifes not china!
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    Building first surface and yo-yo iron arsenal - what to buy?

    The caivo surface iron are good aswell. And cheaper price. He going to have 4 for $20 at Fred hall long beach.
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    9'0 for big tuna and YT on the iron?

    Check out the Cousins 95mag.
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    pairing lexa 300hd

    Cousins raze.
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    Is the Long Beach Fred Hall Show worth the wait for deals?

    I see you are local so I would uber it or I park in the neighborhood by top value on pacific and 4th. Save the $ on parking. Don't by the $13 beer taste the same as the $3 tall can you can before or after the show. Turners has some good deals. Free stickers at most places! But over all it's a...
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    i need a artist that can draw.

    You should hit up you local tattoo shop.
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    Purchased delete

    wat a dick!!!LOLLOLLOL:appl:
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    WTB pelagic gear

    I have found and bought about 4 shirts at Ross for $10. They had a warehouse sale last month aswell didn't make to it so don't know how the prices were.
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    Fishing Surface Iron

    This is the video that came to mind wen I saw this thread!
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    Boat crash. Yikes! Jump!!

    This almost happened to me on the Long Beach breakwall. Luckily the other boat wasn't going that fast! so we were able to pull the anchor and get out the way just in time!
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    What you getting at Fred Hall 2018?

    Cousins raze rod. And see wat other deals I find. And a lot of free stickers!!
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    What happened to Penn Blue Water Carnage rods?

    I thought I saw a 2nd version somewhere... blue water carnage II
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    Need help choosing a reel????

    Just trying to decide between these two reel. I have a x 20 for my self that I love . Never fished a saltist bg. Both of these are at $130 perfect price for my brother that I'm not 100% sure if he will stick with the sport.
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    Are The Deals at FHS Really Deals?

    All the stickers you can want!!
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    Need help choosing a reel????

    Wat reel would be better for a Calstar 800L. A sealine x 20 or saltist bg 30. This is a set up for my little brother mostly for live bait maybe he can try to throw a jig here and there. Fishing for yellows and calicos.
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    Yeti Roadie 20 - $100

    The pelican coolers are better than the yeti! The walmart ozark trail coffee cups is even better than the yeti cups. Yeti is over priced!
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    Diawa & Shimano Reels FS

    What part of LA you at? Interested in a sealine.
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    WTB Bitcoin or litecoin

    Lisk is doing good. I F-ed and didn't buy wen it was at $6.
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    Daiwa sl20sh upgrade kit from So Cal Fishing-hunting?????

    Are the frames finally gone?? Didn't see them up on the site no more!!
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    1/2 boat in Ensenada?

    Thanks guys. I'll check those places out!
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    1/2 boat in Ensenada?

    Any one know of any 1/2 boat in Ensenada? I'll be going down and staying in Punta banda . I know vonnys fleets is 3 min drive from where I'm staying. Does any one know if they target yellows or dorado? Thanks you!!
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    Daiwa sl20sh upgrade kit from So Cal Fishing-hunting?????

    Yes it sure is! I'm trying to think of wat lie I'm going to tell people when they ask me wat reel it is! Hahaha
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    Daiwa sl20sh upgrade kit from So Cal Fishing-hunting?????

    Like I suspected got to excited and didn't put in the dam spool bearing in! o_O:oops:. So everything works fine now thank you all for the help!! Feel a bit dumb:imdumb: but just seeing it coming together was had me super excited!!!
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    Daiwa sl20sh upgrade kit from So Cal Fishing-hunting?????

    Wen in gear everything is fine. But wen I go to freespool and give the spool a turn with my finger it turn like 1 1/2 turn. I did the switch over yesterday. Maybe I was to excited and overlooked something.
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    Daiwa sl20sh upgrade kit from So Cal Fishing-hunting?????

    Any one have an idea why I'm not getting any free spool?? Can seem to figure out why?
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    Daiwa sl20sh upgrade kit from So Cal Fishing-hunting?????

    Never mind just found the answer!
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    Daiwa sl20sh upgrade kit from So Cal Fishing-hunting?????

    Will it fit the X20sha?
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    Melton Tackle Customer Appreciation Event 2017

    Will you have the yellow xtratuf boots aswell?
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    Ticket for 3/4 day trip for 2 adults

    Checked after 3 days they won't unless u had a problem.
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    Ticket for 3/4 day trip for 2 adults

    Selling my groupon for the freelance out of Newport for a 3/4 day trip . Going on another charter the day I was going to use this one. Got it for 69. Selling for 60. I'm in long beach I have the ticket printed able to mail if pay with paypal.
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    West marine vhf.

    Selling west marine 75 hand held vhf. Took it out 1 time. Got it in December. Asking $90 obo .
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    Wtb level wind reel

    Looking for a level wind reel. Something under $100 . Would be able to pick up Friday before 4pm . I'm in long beach local would be perfect!
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    Rapala and kastmaster lures.

    Bump! ! Or trade for surface or yoyo jigs
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    Rapala and kastmaster lures.

    I have these rapala lure I'm not going to use. They are new but 1. (big sinker one) also a 3 pack of 1/8 kastmaster. Looking for 50 obo. Willing to ship if needed.
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    NEW pelican 65 qt cooler

    Sorry just saw this . I'll shoot you a txt tomorrow.
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    NEW pelican 65 qt cooler

    Trying to sell brand new pelican cooler. Been sitting in the garage for 2 months looking to down grade to a smaller one . This one is way to big for my scion. Asking 300 . Will entertain offers
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    Help!!!! With vhf!!

    My budget at the moment is 100. I did see the new standard horizon with gps and navigation for 250 . Might jump up to that one in the future. But right now I don't plan on going past the break wall in long beach. Just want one to get me by.
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    Help!!!! With vhf!!

    So I can't decide between the cobra hh350 or the west marine vhf75 they are both $99. Went to west marine to check them out, but they only had the west marine one and it seems to plastic. Looks to me like the cobra would be more rugged. Any one have any experience with either of these???? Help...
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    Vhf black friday sale?!

    Cool thanks I'll check it out!
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    ISO Handheld vhf

    Any one know of good black friday sale for handheld vhf?? Looking for something cheap for kayak fishing
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    Vhf black friday sale?!

    Any good deals on handheld vhf for black friday???
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    WTB Fish Mount this is your dude. Don't no the price but he has made some killer looking dorados .
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    One if my co workers would be interested. Can I give him your number?
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    Cheap Fish Finder!!!!

    Any one have a cheap fish finder ?? Need for a kayak. Or can any one recommend a good cheap one to hold me off while I save for a better one. Going to fish the long beach area if it matters.
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    Once Again the California Spiny Lobster Beckons

    Any one know if belmont pier in long beach is good for lobster. Don't have the means to get out in the water right now. So was thinking of hitting the piers for a while.
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    Need vhf radio for kayak

    West marina has one for 100.
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    AR build

    The hardest thing for me was those dam pivot pins!!! The rest I did with. NO special tools. Just went to a gun store to have my barrel torque to spec and to give it a once over make sure everything was OK to fire. Full build was $650.