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  1. Derf284

    18 Ft Klamath 2013 50 HP Yahmaha

    So much to list ! 2000 hull with a 2013 50 HP Yamaha 900 hours ish . 2005 trailer rebuilt 5 years ago . Hook 9 meter . Lots more .
  2. Derf284

    WTB 770 xxh or 770 xxxh

    No rollers please
  3. Derf284

    Cedros island at COA

    Sorry for the late post. We went over to the island July 1/6 and I have to tell you I didn't want to leave !!! We only wanted to fish for Calicos but we did do a little yellow tail fishing and both was as we had heard, flat out some of the best bass fishing I have ever seen. My back ground is...
  4. Derf284

    2 speed up grade to 3?

    I guess I could call them on Tuesday , any one know if you can turn in your old 2 spped and have them upgrade it to a 3 speed? Kinda like old school 1 speed to a 2 speed.
  5. Derf284

    WTB 2x4 or 770 xxh

    Looking to add one more. I am in the OC willing to drive a little to look at the rod. Hit me up!!
  6. Derf284

    WTB 2x4 4x4 or 760H

    Let me know fast trip goes OCT 4
  7. Derf284

    OTR Large

    Ocean Tackle Research (OTR) Harness Wanted in a large Thanks Fred K
  8. Derf284

    Reels seat foot

    I am looking for the reel seat foot if you will, that bolts the the reel. Any one have any they dont need? SX JX does not matter. It never hurts to ask. Thanks
  9. Derf284

    XYLOL is Great !!!!

    I am sure most of you are in the know about how to get contact cement off a blank. I missed a few spots of the stuff on the blank and after 3 days it was doing its job really well because I having a hard time getting it off, untill I used XYLOL boy does it wrok great. The best part is you...
  10. Derf284

    Mini SKB Tackle box for you 7200 SKB

    Yes it true I have a mini with tubes and I want to trade up to your 7200 . Its super clean with no holes or added junk on it . Let me know what kind of deal we can make .
  11. Derf284

    Small SKB Trade 4 Big SKB Box

    I got the small SKB box I want the big skb box so want to trade ?
  12. Derf284

    2for1 aftco HD roller guides

    2 sets for the price of one you get : 6 # 31 4 #41 2 #51 2#12 All for 75$ or each set for 40 . One set off of a 760 m and the other a 760 h Great cond all rollers work, can send pics if you pm me your E mail add and I will send them to you .
  13. Derf284

    D.P. south = sucks

    UP at 1:30am on the water by 2:30 in the zone by 3:15 ish . Lots of bait little wind and Temp gauge did not work so thats just nice . Did what we do to try for a wsb for zip ,on the way home looked for mr T for zip . Water is just way off color and just looked wrong . Was in the same place 2...
  14. Derf284

    Derfs First Marbel and a Big thanks

    Well first of all I need to says thanks for all the help I got on this board . Some with postings and some pms you guys really helped me out . So first up was a rod I found on the dock down in Dana Point a few guids were broken and it looked like it was under water for a few weeks but all it...
  15. Derf284

    ALPS or Juji for 20# finesse

    So I am going to rebuild my fleet of rods and first up to bat is my 20 # finesse wahoo rod . The question I have for you is what do you all like for guides CMNAG Fuji or Lite XN from ALPS or ? I like the chrome sexy look it makes me think about my wife . Well that what I tell her so I can buy...
  16. Derf284

    Marbling/Marbled FYI

    Just wanted to say thanks for all the help,I am on the right path just need to play around with it . Rule#1 Less is more ! Unless you want a cloud look you can whisp /dab/ or what ever you want to call it 4 at a time . Not what I am looking for ! Going to try 2 at a time let dry then 2...
  17. Derf284

    Fugi CLRLG good for 100/150 line ?

    They look good but I dont have them in my hand to look at . I like the chrome , but wanted to make sure they will hold up on a tuna rod. I guess what I am askin is are they as good as Amtaks or fugi LRSG. Thanks
  18. Derf284

    Best Paint for Marbelizing a rod

    I got the time to play around and would like to try it out . Going to rewrap a few rods a make a few new ones . Thanks for your help.
  19. Derf284

    36 days and a wake up till 15 days on RR 3

    OK we are counting down till the Catchy Tackle / Plagic Gear sets off to make dreams come true. With a great boat, crew and front office its always a trip we look forward going on! No one gets left out... we all watch out for one anouther and help out any way we can from the new guy all the way...
  20. Derf284

    35 lb YT out of DP GOOOOD DAY !

    Water 64 nice n flat got 12 bass and a pig yellow . Looking around and saw them up and eating first one eyed the jig hooked the second and lost him to the kelp and the 3 had to run and run him down using bass gear 20 mono and a curado 200 on a catchy tackle 1 1/4 spiner head .He went 35 on an...
  21. Derf284

    SDbay 24th

    Fish the tides with the boy . Its was slow very slow we got 3 cals and 4 sands now thats slow for the bay on good tide . Going to try again Thursday will post pics then . Good luck
  22. Derf284


    Lot better today then Sunday . Fished south and inside got 4 C bass and 3 Sand bass. Water hit 60.1 was 45 -17 feet of water . I knew I was in the zone when the party boat pulled up to me and took over the spot . All good I hope they got a few . No pics you all have seen 1-3 lbs fish . Going...
  23. Derf284

    LBBWater ?

    Has any one fished the wall at night in the last few weeks ?
  24. Derf284

    D.P. not the best

    Not to much as the con were not that great . First fish was a 6 lbs C on the scale NICE and we watched him swim away . After that they were all small and few . Water 57.7 and dirty with nice west swell GGGRRRR . In the water by 6 am out by 11:30 . Will try again Thursday if it does not :Singin_In
  25. Derf284

    30 how much will it hold

    Question how much will a 30 hold off 80#or 100#spectra hold ? With 50 feet or so of 80 mono topshot.
  26. Derf284

    1.5 W.O. yellow fin

    Was asked to go on the Cortez this week 1.5 fishing boy was it good to see old friends . Fishing was great 3rd stop was wide open yellow fin I would say up to 30 or so . We were about 120 miles down working with 3 or so other boats we were all getting small YT with a few skips mixed in . we were...
  27. Derf284

    L.B. The WALL

    Fished the wall Saturday night and they all wanted to bite . Water temp was 66.5 a few spots of bait on the meter . The birds were on us like I've never seen before . We got a few calicos in the day light and when the sun went down that's when it got good - not wide open just consistant ...