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  1. Derf284

    18 Ft Klamath 2013 50 HP Yahmaha

    Opps its 5,500.00 OBO
  2. Derf284

    18 Ft Klamath 2013 50 HP Yahmaha

    So much to list ! 2000 hull with a 2013 50 HP Yamaha 900 hours ish . 2005 trailer rebuilt 5 years ago . Hook 9 meter . Lots more .
  3. Derf284

    WTB 770 xxh or 770 xxxh

    No rollers please
  4. Derf284


    Went last year with COA and had some of the best Calico bass fishing !!! We wanted to fish hard for them and do a little yellow tail fishing as well and we had a blast. Going again this year for 10 days !!!! We really liked COA really nice people great food very well run operation.
  5. Derf284

    Cedros island at COA

    Sorry for the late post. We went over to the island July 1/6 and I have to tell you I didn't want to leave !!! We only wanted to fish for Calicos but we did do a little yellow tail fishing and both was as we had heard, flat out some of the best bass fishing I have ever seen. My back ground is...
  6. Derf284

    Cedros 3-31

    Did you see any kelp or is it all dead? We are going in July !!!!! wooo woooo cant wait
  7. Derf284

    I was looking at a post you pot up and you were talking about flying into Cedros. My friend and...

    I was looking at a post you pot up and you were talking about flying into Cedros. My friend and my self are going to book a trip and cant wait. Any helpful tips would be great!!! We are only going for the bass. Call if you like or tex 7142779594 . Fred Pro staff Catchy Tackle Thanks for...
  8. Derf284

    First 15 day leaves Oct. 17 ...... Intrepid

    My grandpas head is so big you can see Rich
  9. Derf284

    Scale to calibrate you reels

    Do you fish with a few wraps of mono on your reel ? If so I will show you the old school way to set your drag on all of your reels no matter the line class. This will allow you to get the feel of the drag as most people don't break out the scale on day 4 of fishing. See you on the boat.
  10. Derf284

    2 speed up grade to 3?

    I guess I could call them on Tuesday , any one know if you can turn in your old 2 spped and have them upgrade it to a 3 speed? Kinda like old school 1 speed to a 2 speed.
  11. Derf284

    WTB 2x4 or 770 xxh

    Looking to add one more. I am in the OC willing to drive a little to look at the rod. Hit me up!!
  12. Derf284

    Kayaking Noooob

    Was thinking the same thing this morning. Once on sat is just not cutting it. If I had a yak mmmmmmmmm. Thanks for the post and every one responding to it.
  13. Derf284

    Comment by 'Derf284' in album 'Warhorse'

    Very nice
  14. Derf284

    Roll call ..... Intrepid 15 day ..... Oct. 17

    Thanks Jeff , Hope we do good !!
  15. Derf284

    Nicopress Crimping Tools

    He gave one to me long time ago. Guess that means I will have to do all his crimping this trip . WTS used crimping tool :)
  16. Derf284

    Intrepid Oct. 17 - Nov 1 ... 15 day ..... Start of the Cow season

    So much to say so little time . Fished with Soda one time and that's all it took for me to like the guy !! Would take a boat load of people just like him Then fish with just one "That Guy". Your way off base Gringo. Just got most of the swag today for the trip , got the reels back from service...
  17. Derf284

    Intrepid Oct. 17 - Nov 1 ... 15 day ..... Start of the Cow season

    Its so close now and I think the fish gods owe us one. TIC TOC
  18. Derf284

    Would like to see some pics as well. looking to get the XXH only

    Would like to see some pics as well. looking to get the XXH only
  19. Derf284

    Intrepid 15 day ... Oct 4 ... Roll call ...

    Woooo woooo See you on the Boat
  20. Derf284

    WTB 2x4 4x4 or 760H

    Let me know fast trip goes OCT 4
  21. Derf284

    Calstar cracking noise?

    If it does it all the time you have an issue.
  22. Derf284

    Guide feet showing through

    You could paint the guide feet pink.
  23. Derf284

    Crazy Calico day...

    Very nice and way to CPR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  24. Derf284

    TruLine HD8

    Just in time. I am going to make a guess and say you will get 15 skin on that rod alone on you next trip!!!!!!! Good luck.
  25. Derf284

    How important is TV on a trip?

    Yes it was, hope all is good with you stay safe in LV!!!!!!
  26. Derf284

    How important is TV on a trip?

    Was just going to say that!!! GOOD times to be had by ALL. Its a great time killer- 3 days up hill O my.
  27. Derf284

    Q-105 8-DAY SKIFF

    Try and not then!
  28. Derf284

    LIT-UP (Version Two)

    Wow Very Nice !!
  29. Derf284

    Lacrosse boots are available again.

    Thanks Jeff They are the best boot hands down. Going to get a second pair today!!!!!
  30. Derf284

    Knot Wars

    What ever you do, and I know this is going to raise a fuss, do not use the Uni to Uni for connectins under 40 lb. line. That knot is a hazard to you health. For confirmation there is a Knot Wars Knot off between the Albright and the Uni to Uni . The Albright smoked it by about 30%. My testing...
  31. Derf284

    American Angler home a day early

    Nice report. Way to go!
  32. Derf284

    attaching hollow spectra to solid spectra

    On a test note. Just pulled more then 50lbs using a spring scale on my over hand with 60 mono to 80 spectra.The old mono broke that was on the reel from last trip. Thats with one hand. On my 80 spectra over hand knot to 200 spectra pulled with two hands with the reel locked up under my...
  33. Derf284

    attaching hollow spectra to solid spectra

    Bingo!!!!!! I have fished with him alot over the years. Steve I got to get back to you about your pm sorry.
  34. Derf284

    attaching hollow spectra to solid spectra

    Nail knots may not create a weak spot but they do slip out! 45% I think NOT and if it is print they did not know what they were doing. I have used that connection down to 50lbs mono pulling on 80 plus tuna on my hoo gear and its NEVER failed. So lets go 45% on 50lb line 65 and 80 spectra is...
  35. Derf284

    attaching hollow spectra to solid spectra

    It works for me and a few of my friends. Have not tested it but it has not failed for me or them yet. The only reason why more people not use it is because its not sexy.
  36. Derf284

    EXCEL trip report 22JAN-06FEB 2011

    I find it interesting that your trip had several Sato crimp failures as we also had some on our trip in January. We had all kinds of conection fail execpt the over hand knot that only a few of us use.
  37. Derf284

    How to Rod Building Dragon Scales

    I was thinking the same thing!
  38. Derf284

    SKB Mini 7000 Tackle Box

    WOW 89$ thats a good deal I swaped my mini for a 7100 and the guy gave me a 100$ then I had a guy want the 7100 so I traded him my 7100 for a NEW 7200 with tubes. Glad the first guy that wanted my mini flaked!!!
  39. Derf284

    Revillagigedos fishing question

    My 284 was the same way no big run slow pull just a slug.Not tail roped just a slug
  40. Derf284

    OTR Large

    Ocean Tackle Research (OTR) Harness Wanted in a large Thanks Fred K
  41. Derf284

    AVET EXW 80/2

    Get A Penn 70 for the Kite,big bait,bobber or the meat.. Yes its big but you will have all the power you need. No need to hold it in the air all day just put it on the rail!
  42. Derf284

    Mans Best Friend!! Let's see yours

    She is two and is a great girl, wish I had one more just like her. We saved her and I think she knows it!
  43. Derf284

    Reels seat foot

    I am looking for the reel seat foot if you will, that bolts the the reel. Any one have any they dont need? SX JX does not matter. It never hurts to ask. Thanks
  44. Derf284

    Save or scrap...........

    WOW looks good to me! I would fish it for sure.
  45. Derf284


    Thanks Jeff !!!!!!! I love mine and wished I got 3 of them. When they come out again PLEASE LET US KNOW!!!!! I will get 2 more as soon as they do. Hands down the best boot.
  46. Derf284

    Your favorite wahoo bomb colors

    I was waiting to hear this mans name BOB CHERRY !!!!! He is the man, not only does he make his own but hands down the best skin killer I have ever seen. When I say he makes his own I am taking about 3 five gallon buckets full of them. Cool guy fun to be around and will talk to you and show...
  47. Derf284

    Yo Zuri Fluorocarbon

    Just an old school note. We would use pink line as a leader,They say red is the first color to disappear under water . That was then now we use fluoro and the Yo Zuri stuff is great.
  48. Derf284

    Perfection Guides...

    Dont use them !!!!!
  49. Derf284

    Giant tuna next to the boat.. video

    Thanks Jeff thats cool!
  50. Derf284

    Trips leaving 12/26 - Where to??

    I am going to say this and I am sure the trolls are going to come out but, if you want big tuna you take a 15 day or longer NOT a 10 day. Its great when you can get a cow on the beach but you will have better luck doing a long trip going to HB or the buffer zone or even PV to get your shot at...
  51. Derf284

    Long Range Mentors

    MY DAD !!! Hands down the best teacher ever, wish he was here now. RIP Wayne Martin Mike Kish Crew over the years of the RR3 Rollo
  52. Derf284

    Ring or Roller Guides?

    You and I both know he did not see 250 fish lost. He just saw 1 fish that was over 250 lbs you just want to give him a hard time is all. I have seen it happen like I said but when it comes down to it you see alot of things go wrong and that might be a cool new THREAD to start. When I get the...
  53. Derf284

    Ring or Roller Guides?

    I have seen it 3 times on my trips. It happened even to a friend of mine who is a true LG legend. What "captains" did you talk to ? 1/2 out of San Pedro ? Good guys... just not their scene.
  54. Derf284

    How undersized is this tackle???

    Bill you are on the money! Was going to make a list why but some things you just need to go see with your own eyes. Time on the water is the best way to learn hands down.
  55. Derf284

    Indy 11/2 - 11/12/10

    Very Nice way to go!
  56. Derf284


    No need to fight when you can have them both
  57. Derf284

    How undersized is this tackle???

    Sounds like someone needs a hug
  58. Derf284

    How undersized is this tackle???

    Dont know what boat your going on but call them and get a loaner. Not that you need to go out and buy a new set up, and I am sure I am going to get flack for saying this but you will have more "power" if you will, killing a cow with a 50 then you will with a 30. I have gotten cows on both and...
  59. Derf284

    Getting excited! Tomorrows the day!

    Bring 2 pair of sunglasses dont know if thats on the list or not,but it is on mine. You are going to have a great time!! Great boat, crew, and front office. 56 days and a wake up till 15 days on the RR3.
  60. Derf284

    Best hook for Wahoo Bombs, and Jigs?

    Well for Wahoo we use a VMC 8/0 #9170ps you can buy them in a nice propac of 4. You could open the eve of the hook and place the ring inside it and close it back up. They will hold a nice point when you put a file to them and they will do the job. I know there are alot more kinds of hooks you...
  61. Derf284

    single strand vs 49 strand

    I dont fish bait for them that much but when I do I use titanium and love it. I crimp mine and never had an issue with it. Big time fun getting skin on 20/20 mono wire. Yes it is single strand, and a cool little fact is that it will stretch a little. Try it and you will see. Good luck and...
  62. Derf284

    What line to use for heavy iron jigging

    Most people dont use the kite rod to troll with let alone fish iron. Skin dont pull that hard so there is no need to use a big gun. Spike talked about your new tech,Now I use a 50 Avet with the high speed gears with 150 m 130 sp and it works fine for me. Just a little help so a person does...
  63. Derf284

    What line to use for heavy iron jigging

    A little trick You can double time one rod to do both. Troll and use the big jig! Go with the rope on both mono and spectra 130 / 130 or 150 mono 200 spectra. Same as Spike is talking about. Stay away for 60 thats going to be trouble!
  64. Derf284

    XYLOL is Great !!!!

    I am sure most of you are in the know about how to get contact cement off a blank. I missed a few spots of the stuff on the blank and after 3 days it was doing its job really well because I having a hard time getting it off, untill I used XYLOL boy does it wrok great. The best part is you...
  65. Derf284

    Long Range photos, lets see them

    Ah I love that chair !
  66. Derf284

    Mini SKB Tackle box for you 7200 SKB

    Yes it true I have a mini with tubes and I want to trade up to your 7200 . Its super clean with no holes or added junk on it . Let me know what kind of deal we can make .
  67. Derf284 Fall Sale **PREVIEW**

    Looks great so on your Fuji BHBNG do you have the 25 size and can you swap it out for one of the 10s and pay a little more? If so I am down for 2 sets .
  68. Derf284

    SKB Mini 7000 box

    I got one to trade you pm sent ,and mine is a mini.
  69. Derf284

    Small SKB Trade 4 Big SKB Box

    I got the small SKB box I want the big skb box so want to trade ?
  70. Derf284

    Long Range photos, lets see them

    Here are a few hope you like them .
  71. Derf284

    the Star going to Clipperton May '12

    Thanks for the posts Jeff
  72. Derf284

    the Star going to Clipperton May '12

    Well things have changed a little bit , you can not go on the atol any more and you got to stay so many yards away from it and the last I heard about it the boat has to fire off a gps unit so they know where you are . Now thats just what I heard so take it with a grian of salt . Now that being...
  73. Derf284

    Wahoo Gear

    If they really want to die then yea wire up everything with 90# . Now if its slow then no wire on the iron ,but here is a little gem for you double tie the mono it has saved me a few times . You got to get them to bite you so can get them in the boat right. Now if you want to play with bait...
  74. Derf284

    Three Weeks

    Thanks for your time and the good info . Hope you and yours are doing well . I will never forget you saying " ahh Ambrosia " when we were at clip.
  75. Derf284


    Your going to love It , Andy the crew and the front office all super nice and willing to help . I have done many trips on her and some other boats as well and she is the one for me hands down . " It is what it is "
  76. Derf284

    Hot New Color!!!

    Color does play a part in getting a bite ! I have seen it from fishing skin to bass ,the trick is to find out what works best that day .
  77. Derf284

    Knot comparison testing.

    Thanks for the info.
  78. Derf284

    Phoenix black diamond hybrid question ????

    Rod looks good but fill that reel ALL the way up !
  79. Derf284

    HOW MANY COWS, before you caught your own ?

    Were you on coke or what wow that was hard to read ! If the rod was RIPPED out of you hand you need to find a better boat . You are right when you say they see alot more then you do that why they should tell you first before the ripping happens. Never stay in the middle of the boat NEVER ...
  80. Derf284

    Fishing bait with balloons

    That is the best thing I have seen some body say in a LONG time . On our 15 day on the RR 3 that is what we do, help people who need help because in the long run they will end up helping the team . As far as the bobber goes what every says looks good to me but I just tie it right to the line...
  81. Derf284

    Long Range Season

    If you thinking of going on a 10 day to get a cow this year you better add a few days to your trip and make it a 15 !
  82. Derf284

    John's Personal Best

    [. Dave also got fired up when he thought he had a nice Sea bass and it was a big Leopard shark. We just could not handle it any longer so we had to hold back on the smiles. I was afraid he might jump overboard. . LOL. <FONT face=Calibri><FONT size=3>John<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns =...
  83. Derf284

    John's Personal Best

    You should tell the story about the guy in the small boat going thru the kelp to get to you guys . We did get to see you guys pulling on some nice fish even got to hear WOW WHAT A BIB WSB o wait its a shark . Nice report and good job !
  84. Derf284


    Best thing to ever happen to you bar none !
  85. Derf284


    wow very nice
  86. Derf284

    Coastal tanker part three. 46lb on 6-20

    All about time on the water . Way to go,I am next in line to get mine !
  87. Derf284

    Islands and Flats 6/12

    very nice on the fish as for the water it sure was not glass was it .
  88. Derf284

    Tracking down syringe caps for epoxy bottles I got a set and they work great .
  89. Derf284

    2for1 aftco HD roller guides

    2 sets for the price of one you get : 6 # 31 4 #41 2 #51 2#12 All for 75$ or each set for 40 . One set off of a 760 m and the other a 760 h Great cond all rollers work, can send pics if you pm me your E mail add and I will send them to you .
  90. Derf284

    D.P. south = sucks

    UP at 1:30am on the water by 2:30 in the zone by 3:15 ish . Lots of bait little wind and Temp gauge did not work so thats just nice . Did what we do to try for a wsb for zip ,on the way home looked for mr T for zip . Water is just way off color and just looked wrong . Was in the same place 2...
  91. Derf284

    5/28 Dana Report to the point

    Dont go south ! It sucked
  92. Derf284

    Coating entire rod (cracking?)

    No it should not.A friend has all his L.R. rods done like that and has no issue and I think they are going on 5 years or so . I have 2 rods that I use in a skiff every week (soon to be more ) and have had no issue .
  93. Derf284

    Super Seeker FL75

    Bill A needs a hug thats all. Nice work on the rod! Give them what they want or in my case make what I want for me ! I would like to see Bills rods would would think they would be so off the wall , just think of they items or ideas he CAN NOT use .
  94. Derf284

    DP Bass

    Back ! The boy got a big one where you were at last year and have seen a few come up on the small bass we get . Thanks for the intell I will see you Sunday .
  95. Derf284

    Calstar 770xxh

    O yea nice work on the rod and say Hello to Andy and the boys for me .
  96. Derf284

    Calstar 770xxh

    Wow , Do you need a hug ?
  97. Derf284

    this rod might be of value to frank LoPreste

    I could be wrong but I think he is on his 2nd wife not sure but ????? Call him up .
  98. Derf284

    GF760M w/ teal marble

    Very nice !
  99. Derf284

    offshore fishing is a disease!

    Hello my name is Fred and I am a Fishing Addict.
  100. Derf284

    La Jolla 5/7/10 PM 1/2 Day

    Very nice , even like the set up.
  101. Derf284

    Harness or Rail

    BOTH you need to be able 2 use both !The only thing I will say about the rail is you got to be able to lift the rod up off the rail so a person can pass under you . Well ok 2 things the rail works great for the first fish but when you get the next big one and what about the one after that . Its...
  102. Derf284

    OOOOOOH this is really gonna hurt.

    Very nice,after the buzz wears off I am going to get me some of that .
  103. Derf284

    Can Cows Really Fly ?????

    Wow!!!! I have seen that 2 times in my 15 years of L.R. fishing where it only 200# plus . The only better pic is when you get to hold it up a cow on the deck .
  104. Derf284

    Cool Osprey sighting SD Bay

    "As I get older these things I experience on the ocean seem have more meaning. It never gets old and the experiences just get better." Well put !
  105. Derf284

    First attempt CKW

    looks good
  106. Derf284

    anyone seen my stuff

    Yes .but you have to add it to your policy .
  107. Derf284

    Intrepid Catchy Tackle 8-Day July 9

    Anytime George hope all is well .
  108. Derf284

    Alright here goes nothin

    Well Brett I think its going to go down like this , look at the killed rod I made with home made stuff . And I got to say again BDers help out big time and I am just tryen to give back .
  109. Derf284

    Alright here goes nothin

    If you need a little heat just put a lamp close to the rod after your done with the flex coat , I run 2 lamps and a heater, keep it nice and warm and you will have no prob . A temp gauge on hand is nice also just so you know . As said above 80 to 95. Good luck We need pics of you set up .
  110. Derf284

    need help with cords

    Thanks for the time and the link.
  111. Derf284

    Intrepid Catchy Tackle 8-Day July 9

    Yes Wayne is going and a guy named James S. and his buddy they are GREAT guys fished with them for many of years and they cant wait to go .
  112. Derf284


    MY 2 cents it was the tail if he had it in his mouth it would be in 1/2 or you would be talkin about the one you got. Way to go .
  113. Derf284

    Long Range room-mate from hell

    Is that why they call it "Intrepid Style" :loverz: JKing
  114. Derf284


    I should have said that last week less haters that way .
  115. Derf284

    More fun at OC Rod Builders Class

    Good times, I got to make it down 1 day looks like fun.
  116. Derf284

    Nothin fancy SD 8

    Ok not to make any one upset but I like the guides. Very clean and I like the band on the grip .
  117. Derf284

    Old Kencor facelift

    Thats what I like to see from hell no I wont use that to OMG I got to have it .
  118. Derf284

    Newly Build / Custom Wrap Super Seeker 2x4

    Not to jack this but - What if you have no guides on a calstar 760h and you hear some noise when you put it under ALOT of load ? I dont see any cracks and it does not always do it plus I think I am pushing the rod way more then if I were on a fish .
  119. Derf284

    Black hole

    Very Nice thanks for the pic
  120. Derf284

    Final Payment made! RR3/Accurate trip in Nov.

    You are going to love it . Great boat and Andy is the best hands down . Got any question just pm me .
  121. Derf284

    Black hole

    Very nice can we get a pic up close of that gimbal
  122. Derf284

    Anyone every make a extendable butt section?

    Just did that went to lowes and got a nice Alum pipe and put her up in the O end and glued it in with a nice 2 part and well you got the rest .
  123. Derf284

    Dana Point half day 4/16/10

    Very nice way to spend time with the boy . It was slow for the PB also .
  124. Derf284

    Cattleprods and Ampersand

    WOW thats off the chain :)
  125. Derf284

    Camo-ish?? Need some feedback.....

    #3 You can really see the lines
  126. Derf284

    lbc break wall 04-15-10 W/AYNOT

    You are wrong I do have a right ! Just like you got a right to say that well so do I .Now i am not going to be a jerk about it just a little food for the mind is all. They take a very long time to grow and I want to see my kids hook a few . Just because you want to kill them all and when...
  127. Derf284

    lbc break wall 04-15-10 W/AYNOT

    Ok I am just going to say it kill all the Sand bass you want but could you start letting the Calicos go . Alot of people fish it hell I hit it hard a few years back 50 fish nights the place is great so let some go for the kids please. And yes I let all my Calicos go .
  128. Derf284

    St. Croix 7' Spinning Rod (with Matagi Handle)

    Love the pic over the water . Very nice
  129. Derf284

    Marble Paints??

    Here are a few more you can look at that worked for me Model Master , Colors by Boyd, and I found a set of Metallic paint from a maker called Artists loft . Trying to give back hope this helps .
  130. Derf284

    Derfs First Marbel and a Big thanks

    Well first of all I need to says thanks for all the help I got on this board . Some with postings and some pms you guys really helped me out . So first up was a rod I found on the dock down in Dana Point a few guids were broken and it looked like it was under water for a few weeks but all it...
  131. Derf284

    customer rod just finished

    That looks great !!!
  132. Derf284

    Couple nice ones

    I like the smoke coming out of your head . Nice catch .
  133. Derf284

    Revolving Skully

    So why not coat the grip wait till tacky,then mix new epoxy with glitter and do your dip and dab .One more coat over the top and done . Cuts out the super glue and the shall we say the over spray issue . I do like it . Just my 2 cents
  134. Derf284

    Your pick on fishing partners

    I have fished with David now I would like to try out o I mean fish with Jenna.
  135. Derf284

    Blank choices for wahoo rig

    The why well lets just say you want a stiff tip seeing on when she bites you dont want to give her the swing you just want to grind on her untill she makes a run . You dont need a long rod because you dont need to cast to the moon they will be around the boat . So 7 foot and stiff NO soft tip ...
  136. Derf284

    Seaguar $100k On The Line World Record Yellowfin Tuna Contest

    TunaTommy may I ask what you fish for and how often you go and where ?
  137. Derf284

    Wahoo - One Lure?

    Go 26 oz on the CTSJ the 16 is for the shark guys . As far as color I just put on what we have left over and run with it . Have fun mmmmm Wahoo sounds good tonight for dinner better get it out of the frige .
  138. Derf284

    Pelagic Summer

    Andy will say it best "IT IS WHAT IT IS " Go have fun and bring Joe some bird seed .
  139. Derf284

    Calstar, Facelifted and upgraded

    Nice and Clean
  140. Derf284

    ALPS or Juji for 20# finesse

    So I am going to rebuild my fleet of rods and first up to bat is my 20 # finesse wahoo rod . The question I have for you is what do you all like for guides CMNAG Fuji or Lite XN from ALPS or ? I like the chrome sexy look it makes me think about my wife . Well that what I tell her so I can buy...
  141. Derf284

    blank building...

    So they will look like my trout rod but be able able to land a 300# tuna. NICE!!
  142. Derf284

    Rod paintings at the Fred Hall show

    Are you sure you remember who you talked to at the show ? It must have been early in the...
  143. Derf284

    Acidrod does it again!

    Just put a first time order in the other day . Glad to see all the good words . Kepp up the good work .
  144. Derf284

    First albacore of the year out of Eureka...

    Could we have the link ?
  145. Derf284

    OK, let's see 'em....

    We will go bigest game fish I have to one I think only a few people have got or we will see .
  146. Derf284

    2X4 -vs 770 Series

    Like most I have pulled on both on land . I do like them both and got a 2x4 comming to wrap and was going to wrap a 770xxh . The seeker is a heavy blank and pulls well . The calstar is nice its like the 760 line only longer . If you are really hard on your gear I think the 2x4 would be the way...
  147. Derf284

    9lb Calico bass Long Beach Breakwall

    Thanks for the CPR !!!!!!!!!!!!
  148. Derf284

    Marbling/Marbled FYI

    I did it !!!!!!!! I got the look I want now a few more runs to get into the groove then its time to wrap the 2x4 and rewrap few few others. I want to thank everyone for all the help / info it all helps . When I do the first rod I will post pics ,Fugi HB in Chrome should set it off just right...
  149. Derf284

    Marbling/Marbled FYI

    I dont know about easy for me yet but I like the look . Yes going to try 2 colors in 1 coat then let dry then 2 in the second coat then in the last coat just clear no color and see how it turns out . On my last test I got about 3 in out of 5 that I like so I am close just trying to make it...
  150. Derf284

    Marbling/Marbled FYI

    Just wanted to say thanks for all the help,I am on the right path just need to play around with it . Rule#1 Less is more ! Unless you want a cloud look you can whisp /dab/ or what ever you want to call it 4 at a time . Not what I am looking for ! Going to try 2 at a time let dry then 2...
  151. Derf284

    Fugi CLRLG good for 100/150 line ?

    Thank you all for the info .
  152. Derf284

    Fugi CLRLG good for 100/150 line ?

    They look good but I dont have them in my hand to look at . I like the chrome , but wanted to make sure they will hold up on a tuna rod. I guess what I am askin is are they as good as Amtaks or fugi LRSG. Thanks
  153. Derf284

    Best Paint for Marbelizing a rod

    I got the time to play around and would like to try it out . Going to rewrap a few rods a make a few new ones . Thanks for your help.
  154. Derf284

    Its a good !!! We liked it .
  155. Derf284

    Fish the long soak

    Boil it down you have to FEEL your bait !!
  156. Derf284

    roberts 9 day

    You will have a great time . Helped Wayne get ready for the trip a few times .
  157. Derf284

    Really cool weather site. map

    Very nice thanks Jeff and the boots were great .Are you in for 2011 ?
  158. Derf284

    NEED TO KNOW Harness/Belt setup ASAP

    If you get HATE from wanting a harness you are on the wrong boat !!!!!!! Some good question to ask the guy who does NOT want to wear one 1 Can you lift the rod off the rail when you are on a fish ? 2 Can you go back to back on big fish ? 3 Can you go back to back to back on BIG fish ? 4...
  159. 20050120 RRwinners1 19 05

    20050120 RRwinners1 19 05

  160. Rwinners1 19 06

    Rwinners1 19 06

  161. RR1 21 09RRwinnersV

    RR1 21 09RRwinnersV

  162. Derf284

    2/2 Dana Wharf 1/2 day AM

    Way to go and as far as the hand off its ok you got to learn some how .Technique that the name of the game with the big ones . Dont let the asswipes get to you !
  163. Derf284

    DP local hard bottom

    Sounds good, going to hit it in the mornig !
  164. Derf284

    the oldman needs friends

    You know I will be on the trip. I think we will have the best of the best on board and just hope I can keep up with you all.
  165. Derf284

    How long should crew fight your fish?

    Good luck with that just hope you can live with that when it happens to you . I have never had to hand off , taken a time out or been DQed and feel it takes both you and the crew to get your fish in unless you think you can gaff your fish and bring it on board also ?
  166. Derf284

    Cow Tuna don't bite on the full moon... ???????? or Maybe

    It looks good 4 days and a wake up !!
  167. Derf284

    General lure questions

    My 2 cents Well if I may say they work GGGRRREEEAAATTTTTT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know I had to chime in .The good thing about the spiner is it makes noise in the water when the blade truns so not only do you have the flash but the noise also . Our Irons work very well also, they swim when...
  168. Derf284

    Caught up in politics...

    Not jealous I just have more to grab.
  169. Derf284

    Caught up in politics...

    How odd that in this little poor me story he does not say that mmmmmmmmmm or should I say wwwwaaaaaaaa . If he got it in a NO fishing zone thats a no no and should NOT get it !!
  170. Derf284

    Your feeling on making bait.

    My 2 cents If you are to old to make bait then your way over the hill to fish !!!!!!! We all dont like it but we ALL got to do it . Young or old you need to show your face or the next day you will get shit from guys all day .
  171. Derf284


    All it takes is CASH
  172. Derf284

    A Fine Pace

    O 2 weeks also
  173. Derf284

    A Fine Pace

    Very nice . J hooks mmmmmmm
  174. Derf284

    Troll Setup for Cow Town/Hurrican Banks?

    Use that 135 not only for the troll but the glow jig also ,works out great! less
  175. Derf284

    Shortest topshot for cows?

    Please take note yes short top shots are great but you got to be on top of your game and feel your bait ! You will kown what I am talking about the first time you get in a tangle and take out the stern . FEEL YOUR BAIT if you dont know what this means please use a longer top shot untill you...
  176. Derf284

    Intrepid 11 day... Great Trip!!

    I have fished with Andy for over 13 years and have never seen him pull anything like that . He is just not that way . We did have a boat pull some stuff on us at HB but Andy did not get all pissed off and try and get even all he said was "it is what it is "and I will see him at the dock ...
  177. Derf284

    Can I get a favor?

    Let any one tell me I am full of B.S. but dont talk about my family that would piss me off 2 .:slap: So what dont you like about my postsLOL
  178. Derf284

    I agree wholeheartedly

    I think I am going to write a letter
  179. Derf284

    I agree wholeheartedly

    Not IF I get her first :drool::drool::drool::drool: .
  180. Derf284

    36 days and a wake up till 15 days on RR 3

    OK we are counting down till the Catchy Tackle / Plagic Gear sets off to make dreams come true. With a great boat, crew and front office its always a trip we look forward going on! No one gets left out... we all watch out for one anouther and help out any way we can from the new guy all the way...
  181. Derf284

    35 lb YT out of DP GOOOOD DAY !

    Just wanted to say thanks for all the nice things you all have posted . They live year around at that spot ,we have seen they 2 times this year this time they would bite what was tossing . A catchy tackle 1 1/4 oz spiner jet with mylar on it . Being that I was solo just added to the fun ...
  182. Derf284

    35 lb YT out of DP GOOOOD DAY !

    Yes I use silver or chrome mylar tape and you can troll it or toss it and I must say the only local fish I have not got on it is a WSB but its going to happen .
  183. Derf284

    35 lb YT out of DP GOOOOD DAY !

    45 feet of water no lie . . We have seen a few this summer and had a party boat get one right next to us ( they pulled up to us and droped anchor ) We fish the rubber , iron and the spinner . Still all jacked up about it !
  184. Derf284

    35 lb YT out of DP GOOOOD DAY !

    Water 64 nice n flat got 12 bass and a pig yellow . Looking around and saw them up and eating first one eyed the jig hooked the second and lost him to the kelp and the 3 had to run and run him down using bass gear 20 mono and a curado 200 on a catchy tackle 1 1/4 spiner head .He went 35 on an...
  185. Derf284

    Qualifier 105 done for 2009 :(

    I dont know if this is going to go over well on this post but I am going to say it . We have a few spots left on our Catchy Tackle / Pelagic 15 day that goes January 6 on the RR3 and would love to have anyone who got left out . I am sorry to hear that they had to cancel the rest of the year ...
  186. Derf284

    Which Knot ?

    Try this go thru the loop NOT around .
  187. Derf284

    First Trip by myself

    Nope he is great !
  188. Derf284

    First Trip by myself

    Well you cant go wrong with the RR great crew and Andy is funny and one of the if not the hardest working skipers you will ever see .
  189. Derf284

    First Trip by myself

    You will not be ( by yourself) If you were to book on the RR3 january 6 trip we all look after and help every one . No little group that dont talk or show what they are doing .Its not a trip where its all 4 one and one 4 all type of group . The main plan is to have fun and enjoy your vacation ...
  190. Derf284

    Cow Frenzy..

    Thats why we do a 15 day and not a 10 they will bite you just never know where . The Beach ,the Islands, HB or PV .
  191. Derf284

    Cow Frenzy..

    Ok if you have not booked you trip NOW IS THE TIME we go January 6th 15 days on the Red Rooster 3 Catchy Tackle / Pelagic Gear trip great guys great boat = great time !
  192. Derf284

    Cows On Heavy Iron

    My 2 cents Salas also makes a light glow in the dark that is the same size as the heavy and it will swim if you will on the sink . I have gotten a few on the way down . One last point what ever iron you are going to use make sure it has a GOOD HOOK ! We got a few spots still open on our...
  193. Derf284

    The Cows are biting.

    O YEA with fish going off at the beach and at H.B. it sure looks good for our January 6th 15 day trip on the RR3 . But I will say its allways a good trip . Honk Honk
  194. Derf284

    We're running out of room

    It only took you a day to GET IT :chestram2
  195. Derf284

    We're running out of room

    Was told a great story by Wayne M about that very same issue .A guy kept putting his rods on top of this guys box so the owner of the box would move them, and this went on for a few days . Then the guy told Mr rod to keep them of his box and what do you know the next day Mr Box had a nice pile...
  196. Derf284

    We're running out of room

    If thats what you think about long range fishing you just dont get it !:picknose:
  197. Derf284

    We're running out of room

    My 2 cents On our 15 day in January we do have a guy now and then that does not like where his box is so Sonny or myself will let him work out of our box . He puts in a few hooks and what not and done deal . As far as a THAT GUY a little talk to the crew and it should not be a issue after...
  198. Derf284

    Hoo... When, Where?

    My 2 cents The trip you want to be on is comming up 1/6/2010 .15 day on the Red Rooster . The 2 fish we go after is the Big tuna and Wahoo . Last year we had Limits on the hoos and I think 10 or so over 200 mark . The longer the trip the more time you will have going after what you are...
  199. Derf284

    Royal Star get 1st Super Cow on Lower banks

    The RR3 got the First super cow 4 the season just not from the beach .
  200. Derf284

    Calling Out for the Boats Back-Up Gear

    I wish you could make the trip with us George !
  201. Derf284

    Calling Out for the Boats Back-Up Gear

    And anyone NOT using a scale to set their drags is just asking for trouble. Borrow a scale. Anyone will let you use theirs on these boats. Know strike, max drag and 1-2 other lighter settings that you can easily identify (eg. half and quarter drag). Shoot, I set my drags with a scale for even...
  202. Derf284

    Calling Out for the Boats Back-Up Gear

    My 2 cents Better to call it out then to hear the bang at the end . When I say call it out now this is when you can look good or be a THAT GUY . You need to give them a little time to get you ready for the B.U. or just to have a deck hand look and c whats going on . Under 1/2 to 1/4 spool I...
  203. Derf284

    RR Catches Largest Yellowfin Ever Caught on the Hurricane Bank

    A nice little story about Sonnys fish . We were sitting down havin a nice bite to eat and he looks over at me a says ( Fred I have fished with you now for a few years and you have shown me how to fish with a small skip jack . I say O yea , he says yea the OPPOSITE of what you do and he walks...
  204. Derf284

    Well, I lost my job this morning...

    Welcome to the club . Sorry to hear , I got it end of last year . Flip side I got to be with my newborn and still fish 2 times a week thank god the wifes job rocks !
  205. Derf284

    Trailer Rehab....

    Dare I say because they flex and paint dont like that . The next time I see it down in DP I will take a pic of this trailer you want to talk in need of a face lift .
  206. Derf284

    Bones out of Dana 10/29

    We also got a small bone today in the same place .
  207. Derf284

    Fishing boots..

    Had them on today . Fished 6 hours in them I must say I did not stand that much do to the seats we got in the skiff but very nice . I think they will work very well on our 15 day trip on the Rooster . Thanks again for the info .
  208. Derf284

    Some techniques, and things I see go wrong

    my 2 cents Once your bait is in the water you have to FEEL it not just let line out . If you cant feel your bait reel in a little or start over . Very bad things happen if you just let or peel line off , and the bad things if it not only takes you out of the game but the guy next to you or...
  209. Derf284

    Intrepid/Catchy Tackle 15 day results show

    Thats how we do it on a Catchy Tackle trip . Its about havin good times with people you just got on the boat with . We try and make it a point to say that we are all on a vacation so lets have fun and o ya lets get some fish ! We do two 15 day trips a year the next one is going to leave Jan /6...
  210. Derf284

    Fishing boots..

    Alpha Camp boot Just got mine today WOW very nice thanks 4 the info
  211. Derf284

    Long Range Permits

    My 2 cents All you have to do is ask and you will know what you will have to pay up front . Now if at the END of the trip you are asked to pay more then its time you find your next ride . If I may plug a boat the RR3 has always done me right .
  212. Derf284

    So who's NOT in Long Beach Right Now?

    I hate to say the little one got sick so I was stuck . Please take note that I have talked to friends that fish and the ones that dont about whats going on . It really hits home when you tell the guy you give fish all the time thats its going to end and that big fish fry you put on every year...
  213. Derf284

    Fishing boots..

    Ok as soon as I can get them on the phone its a done deal . Thanks Jeff
  214. Derf284

    Fishing boots..

    So you had the ALPHA CAMP BOOT - 6 INCH - OD GREEN and thats the ones to get ? And yes Clip is the tem of the sun .
  215. Derf284

    Fishing boots..

    They look like they would be a HOT boot at 3.5 mm thick ?
  216. Derf284

    Intrepid at the HB

    Wayne gots a fatty Mark is with him . :0
  217. Derf284

    Rollcall for Oct. 21st Meeting--Let's go get 'em BDers!

    We got a ride Fred Knilans Justin Cole Mike Kish 12:30 Is that a good time to be there?
  218. Derf284

    Final So Cal MLPA Maps

    My 2 cents You know we not only need to get the word out to people who fish but also the the guy next door you know that guy you give fish to all the time . Yea tell him you might not give him any more and tell him why . Then give him the info he needs to help us . We will be going to the...
  219. Derf284

    In rememberance of a great man and expert angler

    Great fun guy .
  220. Derf284

    Intrepid Bonus Fact

    Question do they have skiffs yet like the RR3 ?
  221. Derf284

    First post---Fished San Mateo kelp 7-22

    Way to go ... Kids hooked 4 life now !
  222. Derf284

    Ghosts on the Reel Fun.

    Hey Jim you did a hella of a job getting that one . I am just going to say it you were on that fish over an hour and i would have bett the farm that it would have broke off . BUTT NO you did all the right things and you got him way 2 go again . We had 5 on and only got the 2 . Good fishing with...
  223. Derf284

    Angler Profile: Scott Pohle.

    Nice post . You right all about the kids . You live very close 2 me like 1 street over I think . good luck
  224. Derf284

    take the kooks fishing take them fishing

    Your not being pissy just a :frehya2: . Love allways .
  225. Derf284

    take the kooks fishing take them fishing

    was the wind going uphill ? SW
  226. Derf284

    Big Bass at the wall

    what was the water temp?
  227. Derf284

    DP Thresher with pics

    Hey I talked to you at the ramp at DP way to go . WE did see you maken bait when we were on the way out and boy was it nice to see you have 1 when we got back .
  228. 0428090817b


  229. 0303090619


  230. 0423091416


  231. Derf284

    Slickest mono to hollow connection ever

    Yes it (digs) but does NOT break . I would like to see it when doing 200# mono to the braid.
  232. Derf284

    Huntington Beach Street Fishing

    I got to do that to the 10 year old .
  233. Aug13 0002

    Aug13 0002

  234. fishing pics 001

    fishing pics 001

  235. fishing pics 010

    fishing pics 010

  236. 000 0009

    000 0009

  237. 000 0016 (2)

    000 0016 (2)

  238. 000 0015

    000 0015

  239. 000 0014

    000 0014

  240. 000 0003

    000 0003

  241. DCP 0025

    DCP 0025

  242. DCP 0069

    DCP 0069

  243. DCP 0035

    DCP 0035

  244. 101 0085

    101 0085

  245. DCP 0066

    DCP 0066

  246. P1090019


  247. Jun10 0016

    Jun10 0016

  248. DCP 0030

    DCP 0030

  249. big fisg with Justin09

    big fisg with Justin09

  250. P1090019


  251. P1100025


  252. fish


    good fish
  253. Derf284

    Huricane Bank

    Well if your only going to go on 1 long trip a year I would say an early trip . You have more places to go . If HB is not on you have the beach to go for BIG tuna and PV both of witch cool off latter in the season. The Islands ar open with in 6 miles of them .If you have any more question pm me .
  254. Derf284

    Slickest mono to hollow connection ever

    My 2 cents MMMM I looked at it and its not bad ,you still tie a knot . So do not use the uni link but tie an over hand knot where the uni link would go and your done . Try it out , I can tell you that I have NEVER had an over hand knot connection fail . Many over 100# and a hand full over 200# .
  255. Derf284

    Dana Point...

    Did not make it out today going to try for Friday now its a weather thing .
  256. Derf284

    TOPSHOTS....."serve" 'um or crimp 'um?

    Light line lets say 50 mono and under you can use a 9 to 5 knot its a back to back uni 9times around with spectra and 5 with the mono . Small, easy and strong . Just what works for me ,try it out .
  257. Derf284

    Bay Restrictions

    Going to take the boy down and fish the bay again ,this time he is on spring break . Thanks for the info .
  258. Derf284

    Dana Point...

    The plan is this Thursday to go ,kids got a cold so we will see ,I will post if I go .
  259. Derf284

    TOPSHOTS....."serve" 'um or crimp 'um?

    Wow did not know the RP does your crimps for you .
  260. Derf284

    Bay Restrictions

    It was during the week if that a deal or not . Years ago they would not let you fish the cable , now no one bugs you about that .
  261. Derf284

    Bay Restrictions

    Droped a line in the middle of the bait barges last week around 10ish am . Fished it for a few mins with my son ,good markes but no bites . No one asked us to move .
  262. Derf284

    TOPSHOTS....."serve" 'um or crimp 'um?

    my 2 cents Crimps and knots FAIL !!! I have seen them both slip or break . For your 80 and 100 lb mono with reg roller guides you can put the mono up inside hollow braid and are you ready for the hard part sit down for this one all you do is put it in a few feet and tie an over hand knot at the...
  263. Derf284

    SDbay 24th

    Fish the tides with the boy . Its was slow very slow we got 3 cals and 4 sands now thats slow for the bay on good tide . Going to try again Thursday will post pics then . Good luck
  264. Derf284

    Heads up if you get bait in L.A. or Long Beach anytime soon

    Year around in long beach would get my vote ! O how about at every boat ramp once a day or night at a random time for just 2 or 3 hours . NO thats way to smart . As far as the wsb in the bt , bet you the guy would be ok as long as the wsb looked ok and not with a hole in his mouth . Just like...
  265. Derf284


    I have in the past the 1 1/4 spiner head works well when the fish are moving around . The nice thing is you can cast it or troll it and the bones and barrs LOVE it . Cs will come out from the bush it eat when the bait is around . Going to fish SD bay next week with the boy . Going to hang a few...
  266. Derf284


    Sorry Dont have a radio on the skiff . Good luck .
  267. Derf284


    Lot better today then Sunday . Fished south and inside got 4 C bass and 3 Sand bass. Water hit 60.1 was 45 -17 feet of water . I knew I was in the zone when the party boat pulled up to me and took over the spot . All good I hope they got a few . No pics you all have seen 1-3 lbs fish . Going...
  268. Derf284

    Newport to Seal Beach Sun 3/15/09

    A few questions if you dont mind Did both pipes have alot of kelp on them ? Growing all the way to the top ? Did you have a look at Newport Reef ? Have not fished that place in about 3 years . When its good on the pipe the water turns gold with so many Cs in the water . Thanks
  269. Derf284

    LBBWater ?

    Very nice . Thanks for the heads up .
  270. Derf284

    LBBWater ?

    WOW thanks for all the info . :nutkick:
  271. Derf284

    LBBWater ?

    Has any one fished the wall at night in the last few weeks ?
  272. Derf284

    City limits Fishing airs tomorrow.

    Good Show and NICE C . When was it filmed anyone ? Can I say 2 words Trap Hook !
  273. Derf284

    Harness or Use the Rail?

    Thats a great shot . Now just think of a guy comming down the rail with a hot fish and he has got to go UNDER you ! How fast can you get up and out of his way so he does not burn you off ? At some point in the fight you will use the rail but boy when you can get into your harness get into it...
  274. Derf284

    Accurate 18 day - Royal Polaris Feb 2009

    Way to go Jeff AKA rubber shoes .
  275. Derf284


    Well just showed my FB and he said it best if we were to go to a mlpa meeting I would :1041677399: and my friend would :Exploding_Smiley:so I dont think it would do that much good if we went . Now what do I do to fight for my right , I have not killed a C bass in the 15 years of fishing D.P...
  276. Derf284

    D.P. not the best

    I got a pic from my phone so we will see how it turns out . I ALWAYS C.R. all the bass we get ! Well WSB they are not so lucky .
  277. Derf284

    APB!!!! HELP TOMMY!!!! READ ME!!!!

    Tommy thanks for all you do and sorry for your loss .
  278. Derf284


    look at the last part of what you said ! Is that not what I said in not so many words ? Wrong NO close yes .
  279. Derf284


    Ok blue and yellow are CR only and from the looks of it you can have any ANY fish on board if you are in that zone . Got it .
  280. Derf284


    I got the RED whats the blue and yellow stand for . CR ?
  281. Derf284

    Will this change the rules??

    WOW over 5 hrs way to many things can go so bad in that time . Better to be lucky than good .
  282. Derf284

    D.P. not the best

    Not to much as the con were not that great . First fish was a 6 lbs C on the scale NICE and we watched him swim away . After that they were all small and few . Water 57.7 and dirty with nice west swell GGGRRRR . In the water by 6 am out by 11:30 . Will try again Thursday if it does not :Singin_In
  283. Derf284

    BTB/Rod and Reel Radio/Izorline 13/16 report

    Sound like a great trip . Wow does Andy have fun or what I am still useing some of his lines . That is a great boat for the first timers as well as the guy who is in the know . I have seen it many times on the RR3 the new guy that not only gets help from the crew but from the anglers also. You...
  284. Derf284

    DP Friday, No Fish

    Thanks for the info . Could not make it out this week but I am going Sat , will tell what we run into .
  285. Derf284

    The One That Got Away

    Well I dont want to seem like an ass but I have gotten a 282 on 80# and 284 on 130# line and they did not fight the same as the 250 and under class of fish .The 180 - 220 were bad ass all the way to the end .Biger ones seem to me that they would just feel heavy big tail beat but no long runs...
  286. Derf284

    san onofre power plants....

    I am going to try and go later this week , give you a update then . Did hear about some sands in 50 to 70 feet of water but the guy never did hit me back to go into it .
  287. Derf284

    Bass and the bay 2.22.09

    Thanks for the heads up,we are going to fish the bay Monday
  288. Derf284

    Your long range outfitter

    Long Fin in Orange is a great place
  289. Derf284

    Intrepid 12/26/2008

    David if you need 1 let me know :hali_ruahahaha: jk Hope your arm get better soon !
  290. Derf284

    To whom am I speaking?

    I fished with a guy name hawk years ago on the RR3 .Great guy very fun to fish with .
  291. Derf284

    Super Cows...

    A Team ? So who is B.A. ,Face ,Merdock and GGGGRRRRR I dont know the last guys name the leader of the A team George Papard ?
  292. Derf284

    10 pound bugger,,,what a night!

    All true but SO worth it . Best thing ever bar none !!! Mine is 5 months and 20lbs Way to go .
  293. Derf284

    calstar grafighter tuna rod

    David I think we all try and give the guy our 2 cents I dont see where he asked about reels , and wide 50s are out of style !
  294. Derf284


    Well how hot was it , what side of the boat were you on , day time or night ,I mean come on tell us more !!!!!! jk
  295. Derf284

    calstar grafighter tuna rod

    My 2 cents You should have a rod that fits you where the reel seat is to fast or slow action . When your on a big fish you will see what I mean . Good luck
  296. Derf284

    Sounds like the looking at them is over....

    Wow full moon and all . Is it jan 6 yet ?
  297. Derf284

    Independence Trip #34 Nov 28th to Dec 8th

    It feels so good to be hooked into a nice fish a take a sec to think about life and how good it is . Way to go on the trip . Jan 6th come on baby !
  298. Derf284

    Nail knot as connection method....

    My 2 cents I have seen servings and crimps slip and some just out right Fail . But an over hand knot right at the end of the spectra and your mono goes up in about 4 feet . Works just fine for me on big fish and its way fast .
  299. Derf284

    Wahoo Bomb

    Yea as long as the coil is not the size of a dime you will be ok .
  300. Derf284

    Wahoo Bomb

    My 2 cents . Your good and the wire will be fine .
  301. Derf284

    RR3 report-Bank is open!

    Thats a good day ,cant wait for hoo time ! Leave a few for us
  302. Derf284

    MBSF Hyatt Fight Public Agenda Item for 1-5-09

    The time is comming where we ALL will need to stand up and call B.S. to all what the man is and about to take away from us ! Good luck .
  303. Derf284

    La ROCA 12-02-2008

    Nice load . Did George hook any or did just wake up for the photo shoot ? That guy can SSSSSSSSLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP
  304. Derf284

    15 day terminal tackle CONFUSION

    You are on the money with what you talked about . Call John loftus I have fished with him for years now and he is a great guy , he will help you out with any questions you got . If you cant get him pm me I will give you my 2 cents , its to much to type. Its not that hard and take it slow you...
  305. Derf284

    Flouro for big tuna?

    WHAT THE ? Not from 1 trip , well 5 over 2 with the big one going 284 using back to back uni 130 fluoro in one trip ,yea I say it works . You still got me beat me no got a 300 YET ! I got to find out how to post pics my bad, whats the url bs gggrrrrr?
  306. Derf284

    Flouro for big tuna?

    Nice fish for one trip way to go !
  307. Derf284

    First 15 day

    Yes you have more options , You have the beach and you have P.V. along with the Islands 6 miles off the coast , and H.Bank . After mid month the water starts to change and the beach and P.V. go away I am the C.M. on the RR3 for trip #1 leaves jan 6 th we got a GREAT bunch of guys with no...
  308. Derf284

    Belt or Harness?

    My 3 cents I have yet to see a guy that is on the rail lift the rod up (with NO help) in time for somone to get under them and past them .It always jams that person up . The guy has to back off on the drag and then lift the rod up and over most the time with crew helping . Now the guy in the...
  309. Derf284

    Belt or Harness?

    my 2 cents Tie you big rod to your car and have someone drive off JUST holding the rod and reel . Then get in your harness and do the same . I think when your in a harness you got so much more controll ,but get ready to do BOTH when your on a big one . Good luck
  310. Derf284

    Fishing Wahoo to wire or not to wire

    My 2 cents Bombs 90#wire Iron sea strike 33 no wire or floro Bait 60 ,40 , and to have fun 20 single strand On the hook type I use an expensive J hook for bait the sharper the better .Some guys do use the C hook and like it . As for "throwing a Raider " well I guess I should bite my tongue ...
  311. Derf284

    Seeker Charters

    Call the boat and ask them to give you the phone # of the rep that will be going with and call him up . He or she will be glad to talk to you and fill you in . I went a few years ago with a group of them and they did have rods but better yet they are a fun group of guys .
  312. Derf284

    30 how much will it hold

    Thanks I got the pro ex 30 so that puts me at about 500 yards , was going to try #100 power pro red looks cool plus I can get a good deal on it . Thanks again
  313. Derf284

    30 how much will it hold

    Question how much will a 30 hold off 80#or 100#spectra hold ? With 50 feet or so of 80 mono topshot.
  314. Derf284

    Late Catchy 10 Day Oct 8-18(pics)

    "O boy" and "Make them Pay"
  315. Derf284

    Setting up 40# and 50# reels?

    My 2 cents is to put what ever your adding on to the front end so you know how long your top shot is . Then put it on the spool first ,how often will you get down that low ?
  316. Derf284

    we ever goin back to clipperton?

    Well its hot really HOT . Fishing on the outside can be spotty but inside o baby . When I can I will post some pics.
  317. Derf284

    RR Jan 6 fifteen day

    I tried David . its a great trip with many options that early .As time goes on water changes on the beach and dare I say P.V. I talked to Sonny we are thinking of a combo shirt plus the one you get from catchy tackle , we will have all the same great gifts and a few new ones .
  318. Derf284

    RR Jan 6 fifteen day

    I know Wahoodad is on the books and said he will try . So you know he in . :) Yes I put it out there so you better make it .
  319. Derf284

    Great day on The pacific Quest

    Nice very nice . Josh is one of the good ones .
  320. Derf284

    Newport Harbor Personal Best - 7 pounds, 7 ounces...

    Way to go ,its all going to change now FOR THE BEST !!
  321. Derf284

    11 days on the yacht

    That Jig is a Catchy Tackle sea strike 33 black and pink way to go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  322. Derf284

    1.5 W.O. yellow fin

    Was asked to go on the Cortez this week 1.5 fishing boy was it good to see old friends . Fishing was great 3rd stop was wide open yellow fin I would say up to 30 or so . We were about 120 miles down working with 3 or so other boats we were all getting small YT with a few skips mixed in . we were...
  323. Derf284

    Giving a tunafishing seminar?

    All great points . I tell the guys that this is your vacation have FUN !!!!!
  324. Derf284

    L.B. The WALL

    Fished the wall Saturday night and they all wanted to bite . Water temp was 66.5 a few spots of bait on the meter . The birds were on us like I've never seen before . We got a few calicos in the day light and when the sun went down that's when it got good - not wide open just consistant ...
  325. Derf284

    Where have we been? W/pix

    Nice catch Going Saturday night
  326. Derf284

    Senor Hefe

    Fact: The powers that be to the South are looking at these posts and wondering what to do about what happened. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Are you sure they are looking at this ? We shoud have the post back !