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  1. Juny

    Free Shimano Tackle Bag

    Done. 208.
  2. Juny

    Local San Diego yellows from the shore.

    Stud, C-lo.
  3. Juny

    3/4 Day San Diego trip - Fish report from SATURDAY 4.2.16

    Nicely done. Stoked to see Chuck land a BFT.
  4. Juny


    If only you were closer to SD.
  5. Juny

    Phenix Black Diamond PSW 909H - SOLD

    Downtown from 9-5 and off the 54 and Woodman in the afternoons. Give me a call if you're interested: (619) 952-zero-one-three-seven.
  6. Juny


    RIP Kilo.
  7. Juny


    Frank, next time you need a shuttle to or from the CBX give Javier @ JB Charter, LLC a call (619) 952-9846. He's got a booth setup inside the CBX terminal. Let him know Jorge from BloodyDecks gave you his contact info and I'll make sure you get a good rate.
  8. Juny


    Sounds like I need to get out there in the Gregor.
  9. Juny

    Phenix Black Diamond PSW 909H - SOLD

    Black Diamond PSW909h deckhand - SOLD
  10. Juny

    Phenix Black Diamond 909XH - SOLD

    Price - SOLD Location: San Diego Condition: 7.5/10 (x-wrap should be replaced). (619) 952-0137
  11. Juny

    Rods and Reels for Sale

    The 700m is the custom, so red trim. 800m is the factory wrap, so teal trim and deckhand wrap.
  12. Juny

    looking for some BD input on rod selection

    I take it you'll be using the TAC10 for 30-40lb bait. If so, I can only recommend the two rods I've fished this reel with: a Phenix PSW760H (40lb stick that can fish 30lb) or a PSW809XHJ (paired with the TAC10 all season and couldn't put it down).
  13. Juny

    Wow The San Diego has over 80 yft 15-40lbs already

    My younger brother always scores when I'm stuck behind the keyboard.
  14. Juny

    offshore still good???

    You were saying? :) 3/4 Day Yellowfin 11/19/15 9:45am - The San Diego just called in from their offshore 3/4 Day trip with 80+ yellowfin on the boat! The fish are in the 15-40 pound range. Make reservations now to get in on some November yellowfin action!
  15. Juny

    Phenix Rod to Talica

    Yep, that about covers all your bases. The Tac10ii/809xhj serves as an awesome 40lb baitstick/iron (yoyo, flatfall, coltsniper, etc.) setup.
  16. Juny

    92 Calibogie Skiff

    Perfect for my needs....if only I had a buyer for the Gregor.
  17. Juny

    49.7 lbs OF PURE US WATERS STOKE!!!!!

    Yeah Mike! Enjoy the good eats.
  18. Juny

    Aluminum boat

    I wish.
  19. Juny

    Aluminum boat

    I've had my 15' Gregor for a year now and still haven't ventured outside the bays (San Diego and Mission). Like others have already mentioned, PFDs, VHF, and a set of oars are a must. I also carry around extra drain plugs, hand bilge pump, and anchor.
  20. Juny


    These vids keep me sane!
  21. Juny

    Abu Garcia Revo Toro Beast: Preview

    Thank you for the detailed break down.
  22. Juny

    Seasons SportFishing?

    You're in for a good time.
  23. Juny

    Yellowtail Mango Ceviche

    Mango makes everything good! Going to give this a try.
  24. Juny

    Suggestions need for Rod to match torium 16hg...?

    Phenix Black Diamond 809H.
  25. Juny

    Point Loma Kelp 8-29-2015

    Nice! I need to get out there.
  26. Juny


    Yeah Af!
  27. Juny

    Mission Bay 8/17/15

    I need to get back out there.
  28. Juny

    Dogs of BD; Post Yours

    My two best buds.
  29. Juny

    8/17 - Really rough day in the 17' CC

    Beats sitting in the office. Good job.
  30. Juny

    Best SwimBait Rod & Reel combo for the Bay

    Find a used Revo Premier or Inshore and throw it on something like a Phenix Recon. I fish nothing but Phenix (UMBX/USB) rods in the bay. If you feel like stepping up to something pricier I'd recommend a UMBX-707MH or 707H.
  31. Juny

    Line keeps bird nesting no matter how fast or slow line is let out.

    So the problem is too much free-spool?
  32. Juny

    Calstar or Phenix rods?

    You can't go wrong with either.
  33. Juny

    Phenix Black Diamond Rod users

    809h for 25# and 30# 809XHJ for 40# jigs. 760H for 40# bait.
  34. Juny


    The cost of those bags alone make me want to ditch the foodsaver.
  35. Juny


    I will have to get back to you on the free spool time.
  36. Juny


    I've got a few of the HGs and haven't had a single issue with them. As far as I can tell, they free spool and cast just as good as my tricked out trindads. Hope you find a solution.
  37. Juny

    San Diego....a whales v.....!

    Good times. It was nice meeting you two on The San Diego.
  38. Juny

    Sea sick patch and dramamine

    The patch works, but it's hard to come by without going in to see the doc. I've been using Kwells for a year or so now and it works. I even gave it to a dude who was feeling queasy and he was fishing an hour later.
  39. Juny

    Looking for better way to store irons

    ^ these are hard to come by.
  40. Juny

    7/29/15 9 miles off LJ

    Sounds like a blast. Here I am still scared to take my 15' Gregor out.
  41. Juny

    On The Hook 7.24.15 DanaPoint/Video

    Truly epic. I kind of wish my Gregor were a Livingston right now.
  42. Juny

    Phenix Rods, which setups for this our Great Season?

    808mh for 25 809h for 30 (can do 25 also) 760h for 40lb 809xhj, 909xh, or 909xhj for iron This is what I use. I think I have most bases covered unless I happen to hook one of those 100lb+ BFT (I don't have this kind of luck).
  43. Juny

    2006 Boston Whaler Montauk 170

    Dream boat. GLWS!
  44. Juny

    Great day of Yellow, dodos and tuna bad day for my new Phenix Rod

    Sounds like a good day on the water. I switched over to all phenix rods and have been very happy with everything, including their customer service. The guy at customer service was extremely helpful the last time I snapped a rod.
  45. Juny

    Maiden voyage a success!

    Nice ride! Now we can buddy boat!
  46. Juny

    Nice Bluefin

    Way too cool!
  47. Juny

    sad day for the family

    My condolences. We put our 10-year old chihuahua down two years ago and still cry every time we flip through pictures of her.
  48. Juny

    3/4 day gear question

    You'll be fine. I'm sure you already know this, but get some fresh line and some 25lb flouro.
  49. Juny

    Finally Did It!!!!

    Congrats Matt!
  50. Juny

    Dana Point - Aluminum 15ft boat whacks Bluefin hook-up!

    Rad! I can't wait to get out there in my gregor!
  51. Juny

    Shimano Trinidad TN16 Gold UPGRADED

    I've got the exact model with the exact upgrades! Someone is going to be very happy. GLWS.
  52. Juny

    Which would you buy?

    You'll love the 8ii for 30lb. I went with the 10ii because of the added line capacity and have fished 30lb and 40lb on it.
  53. Juny

    Which would you buy?

    You're going to want a TN16 or Torium 20HGA. I love my talicas (10ii and 12ii), but only use them for bait.
  54. Juny

    San Pedro Tuna - 7/11

    The little one will be fishing in no time. Great report, as usual.
  55. Juny

    First blood

    Nice! I need to sack up and go for a ride in my 15' tin can.
  56. Juny


    Makes sense.
  57. Juny


    Piers don't allow casting?
  58. Juny

    Report? No. But I give one every year I fish so help me out

    Another vote for The San Diego. The guys really go above and beyond every time I'm on there.
  59. Juny

    Never made it to the 9

    I'm pumped for y'all!
  60. Juny

    Bluefin On The Iron...

    Outfuckingstanding (excuse my language).
  61. Juny

    Kicker Jigs!
  62. Juny

    33 lb Bluefin from Kayak

    Now I've seen it all. Outstanding!
  63. Juny

    Post up pics of your 4x4 rig

    Here's the one we use the most when we travel to baja.
  64. Juny

    What a day...;)

    Nice! Might be time to venture out there in my 15' gregor.
  65. Juny

    Torium 16 for surface irons

    I bought the TOR16 to use as a 30lb bait reel, but did fling some iron with it (PSW 909XH). 50lb spectra with enough room for 75 yards of 40lb mono.
  66. Juny

    Happy birthday Carl!

    Happy escaping the womb day, Carl.
  67. Juny

    Punta Mita - 6/26 to 7/3

    Love these reports!
  68. Juny


    Big boys are still throwing up the crab!
  69. Juny

    Jigging World - 15% Off Fourth of July Sale

    Code: July Fourth. Have at it.
  70. Juny

    Center Console

    I was looking for the same a few months ago, but ended up with an aluminum boat. As much as I would like to upgrade now, I've been more than pleased with my 15' Gregor/15hp 4-stroke Merc. How far out are you planning on going? How many guys? Etc.
  71. Juny

    YT Irons

    Blue/Chrome Tady 45 has landed all of my yellows this season.
  72. Juny


    Sorry for your loss, Mike.
  73. Juny

    phenix 760h or 760m?

    The 760h is a 40lb stick that will fish 30lb.
  74. Juny

    what's wrong with the fish count

    Weather was a factor, as reports from the YT Shootout have confirmed. The three and a half hour ride back felt like an eternity. We also stayed away from the islands and other boaters, except for a Parker that followed us around for a bit and sat a few hundred yards away from us at one point...
  75. Juny

    What is the best way to setup line on a surface iron rod and reel?

    Personally, 75 yards of 40lb mono with 65lb backing works.
  76. Juny

    what's wrong with the fish count

    No rats on The San Diego on Saturday. Ended the day with 251 fish. My brother and I kept 10 and gave away 7 to those who weren't so lucky. All of the 15-25lb fish you could have.
  77. Juny

    Off the grid for a while.

    Hang in there, Max.
  78. Juny

    BFT at the point 6_24

    Good stuff, Steve. Maybe I'll ball up and head out in the gregor this year.
  79. Juny

    One bad ass Jagdterrier

    Bad ass little dogs!
  80. Juny

    Bluefin 6-13

    Best one I've seen!
  81. Juny

    Ensenada kid friendly fishing boat for thursday

    Try Louie (its4reels). 626-226-7908
  82. Juny

    ROTATIONS Pet Food Update

    This I like. Switched over to rotations from Blue Buffalo a while back and my pups eat every time I put food in the bowl.
  83. Juny

    Torium 16HGA - Best use as live bait, toss iron, or?

    I gave my younger brother a 16HG matched with an 809h for his birthday. Two days later he killed a 40lb BFT. I've got my own, and it's my 30lb bait rig.
  84. Juny

    15% Off @ Monster Fishing Tackle

    I just realized that the sale excludes certain brands (i.e. Shimano).
  85. Juny

    15% Off @ Monster Fishing Tackle

    Don't miss out guys.
  86. Juny


    Everything sold.
  87. Juny

    140 miles for nada

    You guys are due, Jesse.
  88. Juny


    PM sent.
  89. Juny


  90. Juny

    15% Off @ Monster Fishing Tackle

    Coupon expires on 6/23.
  91. Juny

    New Torium

    I've got two 16s and have been using both for 30lb bait. No issues at all.
  92. Juny

    15% Off @ Monster Fishing Tackle

    Just passing along the deals. 15% off code: dad15
  93. Juny

    Opinions on Phenix Rods?

    I fish all Phenix (this includes my freshwater/saltwater bass rods), but have kept a SS6480 around because I haven't found anything like it.
  94. Juny

    Deal at jigging world

    Looks like my order is on its way.
  95. Juny


  96. Juny

    Talica 12ii

    Nathan if any of those deals fall through I will take it.
  97. Juny

    Which reel should I buy?

    Toro 50 or a Calcutta 300D.
  98. Juny

    Favorite yoyo or surface iron reels?

    Like many people on this thread, I use a TN16 for surface iron and a Baja Special for yoyo.
  99. Juny

    WTB: Talica 8ii

    Try Squidco this weekend.
  100. Juny


  101. Juny


  102. Juny

    Mission Bay 06.13.15

    He's convinced he can go back to the same spot and hook the same fish.
  103. Juny

    Rods and reels(shimano phenix daiwa penn)

    Interested in the Phenix if the sale doesn't go through.
  104. Juny

    Deal at jigging world

    Anyone get an update on their order? I'm still at "awaiting fulfillment".
  105. Juny


  106. Juny

    Run & Gun Bluefin 209 area

    Freaky. Glad y'all are okay.
  107. Juny


  108. Juny


    Everything is available.
  109. Juny

    Mission Bay 06.13.15

    I gave him plenty of crap about that yesterday. :D
  110. Juny

    Mission Bay 06.13.15

    Sandy fished with Rudy and I for a few hours in the morning, but he wasn't on the boat when I landed the butt.
  111. Juny

    Mission Bay 06.13.15

    Slow day on the spotties. We were out looking for some of those big girls that have been loading up on the crab, but were rewarded with something better.
  112. Juny


  113. Juny

    Mission Bay 06.13.15

    Launched from Dana at 7ish. Slow day over all. Landed a dozen crab-filled spotties on the umbrella rigs, 5" pearls, and SRG spinner baits. Motored all over looking for fish, but couldn't find a consistent bite. The highlight of the day and a new PB for me. Went 18lbs on the scale at Dana...
  114. Juny

    Guess The Weight-Win a Okuma Metaloid

  115. Juny


  116. Juny


  117. Juny


  118. Juny

    Deal at jigging world

    The lady is going to kill me. Talica 12ii on order.
  119. Juny

    Wellcraft Costal 264

    That's how you sell a boat.
  120. Juny

    Deal at jigging world

    Smoking deal.
  121. Juny

    Tuna meat lesion?

    Yeah, I wouldn't eat that.
  122. Juny

    WTB Phenix Black Diamond PSW760H or 700H (San Diego)

    Looking for this rod. Text 619.952.0137.
  123. Juny

    New Shimano Trinidad & Talica & Phenix Rod

    That Talica 10 and the 700h make a mean 40lb setup. I just bought a Talica 10 last week. Ugh!
  124. Juny

    Little Man- Big Fish

    Good job, dad!
  125. Juny

    Battle of my life, starting tomorrow!

    Outstanding news!
  126. Juny

    WTB Calcutta 300D

    Shoot pics to 619-952-0137. Cash or trade for a toro 50 (plus cash on my end).
  127. Juny

    SWBA Catalina Kicker Fish

  128. Juny

    For sale phenix rod and jaw rod

    Someone scored on that 809xhj.
  129. Juny

    A message from Otto

    Wooo Otto!
  130. Juny

    New Bass Slayer

  131. Juny

    Best home remedy for seasickness

    I have several buddies who get sick when fishing in the SD Bay. I purchased Kwells on Ebay and they work like a charm. I usually have them take it when we wake up 2 hours or so before heading to the boat.
  132. Juny

    14' Gregor upgrade

    Killer job on the restore. I sometimes wish I had waited around for a 20hp instead of a 15hp for my 15'.
  133. Juny

    Phenix USB-790H-C Ultra Swimbait Classic Rod

    This is a tough stick! I have one wrapped by Performance Tackle and it does everything I want and then some (spotties to tuna).
  134. Juny

    WTB Shimano Trinidad

    I have a TN16 w/ clamp. Shoot me a text and I can send you a few pictures (619) 952-0137.
  135. Juny

    Newport 4-26,27-15

    Good stuff. I need to get back out there.
  136. Juny

    Fished on the Selena - 04.25.15

    Good seeing you guys out there. We would have hooked a few more but everyone on our boat was either sleeping (seasick) or just couldn't get the jig in front of them fast enough.
  137. Juny

    Mayweather vs Pacquiao

    I don't really care who wins, but if I were to put any money down it would be on Mayweather. This fight should have happened a few years ago.
  138. Juny

    Fished on the Selena - 04.25.15

    I was too busy trying to hook and hand yellows to my buddies, so never bothered to sit up there with the captain and check out the temp. Yes, Todo Santos.
  139. Juny

    Fished on the Selena - 04.25.15

    Fished on the Selena on Saturday with a few buddies. We chased yellows all morning and tried for some bottom fish in the afternoon. I ended the day 2 for 4 on the yellows and my buddies all got to pull on some giant bonito and an assortment of bottom fish. First one of the day: Second...
  140. Juny

    New Torium 16 line capacity

    I had squidco load it with 300 yards of 50lb braid and a 30lb topshot (not sure how many yards of 30lb).
  141. Juny

    Surface fishing yellows

    PSW909XH or PSW809XHJ with TN16 and 40lb - Tady 45, C, Kicker 25, etc.
  142. Juny

    Gregor 17 - new to me. Suggestions welcome.

    It'll be much easier, probably cheaper too, to find a 40hp tiller. Keep it simple.
  143. Juny

    How was your Day At The Docks?

    Scored a few t-shirts from the BD booth, chatted with the Phenix guys, snagged a copy of The Bight, and had lunch at PL. Perfect day with the lady and my little brother.
  144. Juny

    Paddle board Calico bass Fishing - Baja

    Good stuff!
  145. Juny


    If you're set on heading down to Ensenada get in contact with Louie on the "its4reels". Personally, I would jump on a 3/4 or overnight trips out of San Diego during that time frame.
  146. Juny

    What's your go to 30lb rod??

  147. Juny

    Contest-Show us your Bloodydecks Sticker

    Simon, that's going to be hard to top.
  148. Juny

    Phenix Rod

    Like others have already stated: 30lb bait - 809h yoyo - 760h or 809hxj
  149. Juny

    La Jolla YT 31MAR15 (not April Fools yet)

    Jason, glad you're back out there. We need to buddy boat soon.
  150. Juny

    Mission Belle 3/30 First trip to the Coronados

    Great report. I can't wait to get out there and fling some iron.
  151. Juny

    Introducing Mag Bay Yachts

    Outstanding! :appl:
  152. Juny

    Condolences to Nunya

    Sorry for your loss, Maggie.
  153. Juny

    Getting serious this year....

    Ooh. Stylin'.
  154. Juny

    Phenix PSW-809H / PSW-869H, Terez TZC-80H

    Smoking deals. Wish you were closer to San Diego.
  155. Juny

    3 Cities, 2 Days - The Adventure 3/23-3/24

    I haven't had one of those days in quite some time. Good stuff.
  156. Juny

    We won. SC Yellowtail tournament

    Nicely done, gents.
  157. Juny

    Whaler Outrage 17'

    Bitchen rig.
  158. Juny

    14 western with 15hp 4 stroke mercury

    Someone scored a sweet rig. Glad it worked out Mark.
  159. Juny

    What's a good surface iron reel and no Newell info please.

    Typically I use a Gold TN16, but just purchased a new Torium 16HGA, so I may be putting it to the test.
  160. Juny

    Maximus RED HOT, keeping it RAW.

    Such a rad video. Thanks for sharing.
  161. Juny

    Mission Bay, 3-20-15

    Thanks for the report. Heard it was wide open in certain areas.
  162. Juny

    Ranger Bay Boats

    I would post this question in the Bass Club. There's at least two guys who are on there regularly that own one.
  163. Juny

    Go to rod for local

    Phenix PSW-809H and TN16 (probably a Torium HGA16 this season).
  164. Juny

    New torium 16

    Two days later and it's here. Smooth and the size is perfect.
  165. Juny

    Torium 20HG for sale/WTT for 16HG

    Did you not like the 20? I ordered a 16 online (haven't received it).
  166. Juny

    14 western with 15hp 4 stroke mercury

    I don't get it. I paid a little more for something very similar (same outboard and condition) and it was well worth it. If I could have two I would; that's how much I love these boats. Bump.
  167. Juny

    Ensenada 3-16-15 - Surface yellowtail, reds and ling cod

    Awesome Louie. I can't wait to get back down there.
  168. Juny

    Mission Bay 3-16-15

    Good stuff. I was out there on Saturday. Put in three hours for 11 or so fish. It's always tough fishing when the summer crowd is around.
  169. Juny

    New torium 16

    Thanks for the heads up. Just ordered one.
  170. Juny

    WTS Calstar 700h and Daiwa Proteus 8' mh

    I believe it's "pending" now, but if the deal falls through I will take you up on that offer. Thanks.
  171. Juny

    Lb inner harbor 3-13-15

    Good times.
  172. Juny

    Rad weekend. Rad friends. Rad fishing... RAD

    Looks like fun!
  173. Juny

    Another yum testament.

    Look at you.
  174. Juny

    WTS Calstar 700h and Daiwa Proteus 8' mh

    If only you were closer. GLWS.
  175. Juny

    14 western with 15hp 4 stroke mercury

    I can't believe this hasn't sold. Bump.
  176. Juny

    Depressed Yellowtail

  177. Juny

    Mission Bay - 03.08.15

    Water was dirty in that area, but clear everywhere else. I tried dunking the other gopro in the water, but couldn't see anything.
  178. Juny

    Mission Bay - 03.08.15

    Fished on Sunday with my boy, Sandy. Slow day, but we managed two dinks and lost a mystery fish. Fought like a big halibut. We'll be back out there this weekend.
  179. Juny

    15 foot Gregor

    Very nice. GLWS.
  180. Juny

    Bama rigs. Umbrella rig. Tomato. Tomatoe

    Gangbuster makes a pretty sweet rig. I'll check these out next time I'm around Wally World.
  181. Juny

    FINAL REDUCTION - FS Rods & Reels

    I want that Phenix. Willing to ship to SD?
  182. Juny

    3-4-15 After show special

  183. Juny

    Toro NaCl 50 vs 60 size

    I think 50 is the way to go.
  184. Juny

    14' Gregor upgrade

    Looks great!
  185. Juny

    No one Bass fishes anymore?

    I used to keep a journal to document every day I spent on the water. I've already posted a picture on here, but here's a small report from yesterday. Fished from 5-8 in Mission Bay yesterday. Current was ripping, so nothing less than 1/2 oz. I spent the first two hours throwing a swim bait...
  186. Juny

    No one Bass fishes anymore?

    I try to when I'm not working or in class. Luckily, the professor canceled class last night. New PB (2.4lb) for 2015.
  187. Juny

    I got beat up on Sunday

    I don't remember smiling the last time I got beat up. Good one! :appl:
  188. Juny

    Fished With Vonny's in Ensenada: Yellows

    I always have a good time fishing with those dudes; even when the fish aren't biting.
  189. Juny

    The San Diego 2/21/15

    Proper. I need to get out there!
  190. Juny

    14 western with 15hp 4 stroke mercury

    Clean! Edit: I have a similar boat (Gregor) with the exact same outboard and it's been bullet-proof.
  191. Juny

    14' Gregor upgrade

    Sweet. Looking forward to the updates.
  192. Juny

    A new weedless swim bait fan

    That knot works for me. Scent: Unibutter. I actually like to mix both Unibutter and Hotsauce together.
  193. Juny

    14' Gregor upgrade

    Love Gregors! I'll make sure to post a thread when I decide to re-do mine. Edit: You said you've done this before, so figured I'd ask. Any ideas on where to place rod holders? I do a lot of bass fishing, so usually have something like 6 rods on the boat. Thanks in advance.
  194. Juny

    WTB: Phenix USB-711ML-C

    Shoot me a text if you have one (619) 952-zero-one-three-seven.
  195. Juny

    Warbaits Ling Jig

    I have used these down in Baja for their intended purpose. They work.
  196. Juny

    2008 Blazer Bay 1860 "Snook Hunter" for sale

    Someone is going to score a sweet, tournament ready, rig. Wish it was me.
  197. Juny

    Pearl Swimbaits

    Performance Tackle is the only shop I know that carries them. I'd call the shop and see what they have in stock.
  198. Juny


    Congrats on the respectable finish. I heard it was tough fishing. I'll be there for the weigh-in on the 14th.
  199. Juny

    Hydra-Sports 20' BayBolt?

    That's a very nice layout.
  200. Juny

    Ripped em a new one

    Ye dude!
  201. Juny

    Fun MB Report 1/26/15

    Best of luck, guys.
  202. Juny

    Forums Software Upgrade Coming Soon

    By new, you mean we get the bieb back?
  203. Juny

    How big is this Sea Bass?

    Bigger than my boat.
  204. Juny

    What color braid and brand is best for Calicos

    Green, white, red. It all works.
  205. Juny

    Phenix Ultra Swimbait 711ml

    That is a steal. If you were a bit closer to San Diego it'd be mine.
  206. Juny

    Abu Garcia Revo Toro NaCl 60HS: Service Tutorial

    Awesome tutorial. I'll be breaking apart my 50 soon.
  207. Juny

    Box Yellows 1/17

    Proper break-in.
  208. Juny

    First Skiff

    Nice ride.
  209. Juny

    17 Montauk

    Stylin, buddy. The Gregor is treating me right.
  210. Juny

    Advice needed on boat

    ^ listen to these guys.
  211. Juny

    Advice needed on boat

    I was in a similar situation and ended up with a 15' gregor with a 4-stroke.
  212. Juny

    Trade in time

    Revo Toro 50.
  213. Juny

    Best Bass Boat under 30k and under 60k

    Motoring back to Catalina?
  214. Juny

    BP Brewing COC Report

    Great read, Matt.
  215. Juny

    New 2015 Shimano Torium A model

    Exciting news.
  216. Juny

    Shimano Torium ?

    I hope they fixed the anti-reverse issue I had on my 20.
  217. Juny

    Ensenada, 1/28/15, HELP!

    Give Louie a call.
  218. Juny

    Fox Outboard Store
  219. Juny

    Phenix Rods 101

    809HXF? Do you mean PSW809HXF? Grab an PSW808MH or a PSW760m (ALPs reel seat) for 25#.
  220. Juny

    Sunday @ Cat

  221. Juny

    Phenix PSW760M and Trinidad 14

    SPF to Fishin_buddy.
  222. Juny

    December Calicos 12/22/14

    Good stuff!
  223. Juny

    Phenix PSW760M and Trinidad 14

    Rod (9/10) - used 4x this season. Reel (8/10) - serviced and used twice since. Loaded with 65lb Daiwa braid. Located in San Diego. Text (619) 952-0137 or PM - SOLD
  224. Juny

    Phenix UMBX707MH / Calcutta 200D Combo

    Rod is 7/10 and has a bit of rust here and there. Reel is 9/10 and has half a spool of brand new 50lb PP. Combo Price - SOLD Located in San Diego. Text (619) 952-0137 or PM.
  225. Juny

    Mission Bay 12/17/14

    Good stuff. Looking forward to the next couple weeks off work.
  226. Juny

    San Diego Anglers Bay Bass Tournament-1/24/2015

    Sounds like fun.
  227. Juny

    my new lobster / baja skiff

    Very nice! I love mine.
  228. Juny


    Outstanding Af.
  229. Juny

    Post thanksgiving Hamachi

    Good stuff...and superb gaff shot.
  230. Juny

    Hardbaits and spotties

    The only "hard bait" I feel comfortable throwing is a 1oz SRG Spinnerbait. I've never had much luck with crank baits and similar hard baits.
  231. Juny

    Mobile Mechanic.....

    I've used Ray before at D3M (Deaf Mobile Marine Mechanic). Here's his number: (619) 756-0972 I'd shoot him a text.
  232. Juny

    Gloomy Day 12/1

    Proper sesh.
  233. Juny

    Geek help, what tablet do I want?

    I second this.
  234. Juny

    Phenix M1 SMX77ML and Calcutta 200D Combo - SOLD

    Calcutta 200D Phenix M1 Inshore SMX77ML SOLD...... Located in San Diego - (619) 952-0137
  235. Juny

    Reel for plastics in thick kelp

    Toro NACL 50 or a Calcutta 300te or 300D.
  236. Juny


    Good stuff, Af.
  237. Juny

    Question about custom rods

    Performance Tackle.
  238. Juny

    Carolina Skiff J14 for Inshore and Local Lakes (or another small skiff)

    Livingston or Gregor (if you don't mind the aluminum). I was looking for a Livingston, but happened to find a Gregor with a 4-stroke.
  239. Juny

    Recommendations for Handheld VHF Radio?

    I am in need of one also.
  240. Juny

    Penn 9/0 Question

    Keep it and fish it.
  241. Juny

    aluminum jon or lake boats???

    Here you go: Text the guy.
  242. Juny

    La Jolla 27OCT14

    Good stuff. At least you were out there.
  243. Juny

    New fish tattoos and other art

  244. Juny

    Dana Pt + Mission Bay - 10/20 - 10/23

    Thanks for the report. Mission bay has been like that for the past couple weeks. Hopefully we can get them to go this weekend.
  245. Juny

    12 foot aluminum valco, out board and trailer for sale

    Here you guys go. I just bought a 15' Gregor this past weekend otherwise I'd be all over it.
  246. Juny

    An Oldie but a Goodie

    Sweet video. What size Gregor?
  247. Juny

    Delta Stripers - 10/18

    Good stuff.
  248. Juny

    LJ to PL to MB

    The spotties have been on the chew these past couple days. Sam, Sandy and I will be christening the new-to-me Gregor this weekend. Hopefully we can remember to slap a report on here.
  249. Juny

    Black AVET JX 6/3 - Like new - SOLD

    Sold to Native (Matt).
  250. Juny

    Black AVET JX 6/3 - Like new - SOLD

    Pending to Matt (Native). Steve (Knives) is second in line if the deal with Matt falls through.
  251. Juny

    Black AVET JX 6/3 - Like new - SOLD

    Only fished once Avet JX 6/3 (black) - loaded with 65lb spectra w/ room for short topshot. Contact: SOLD
  252. Juny

    84 # Wahoo on the Star

    What a pig.
  253. Juny

    700lb PEI BFT

    Wicked Pissah!
  254. Juny

    SEPTEMBER BASS CONTEST- Spotted Bay Bass- Throw up a PEACE sign-Presented by Okuma

    Here's my biggest 3 from today. Quick report: Fished Mission Bay today from 7am-10am. Got into a steady pick on the smaller fish that ate the spinnerbait and A-rig pretty well. As soon as the clouds moved out the sun peeked through I switched over to a 5" Ceez Candy x 1/2 oz War. 16" fish (No...
  255. Juny

    High seas, light line and a TANKER mossback.

    That must have been fun on 12lb test. Good work!
  256. Juny

    shimano flat fall at fishermans hardware

    Bob's Fishing Tackle in Norwalk has a few.
  257. Juny

    2 Day on The Success

    Love that picture!
  258. Juny

    Bull Dodo 9-14-14

    Beautiful fish! Good job!
  259. Juny

    R.I.P. Winda

    Sorry for your loss. I cried a little.
  260. Juny

    Success 3.5 day report 8/13-8/17

    Awesome. You'll get one of them big BFs next time.
  261. Juny

    Best Irons For Catalina Yellowtail ?

    and how do we go about buying a few of these?
  262. Juny

    Dead Tuna!

    Perfect day.
  263. Juny

    Taking the CA Bar Tomorrow

    Good luck!
  264. Juny

    Ensenada fishing report

    I'd like to know how the fishing has been down there as well. Heading out on Saturday with Louie on the it4reels.
  265. Juny


    Sorry about your loss.
  266. Juny

    2014 bassin

    Good stuff. Keep it up.
  267. Juny

    PUNTA BANDA Baja California Mexico

    You're kidding me! WOW!
  268. Juny

    07/05/2014 Slay at the 238!!

    Alex rocks. Went out with him on my 15th birthday and he put me on my first ever YT.
  269. Juny

    Happy Birthday CARL!

    Happy Birthday!
  270. Juny

    Fs Talica 8ii, Calcutta 400 TE, Calcutta 300 TE, TN14 gold

    Must have been the asking price on each.
  271. Juny

    Daddy day Loking,..

    Good stuff, Gents. Happy Late Father's Day!
  272. Juny

    Where to get Tubes for shipping rods?

    I have a few of the heavy duty cardboard tubes that Tacklewarehouse uses if anyone needs 'em. I believe they're 7 - 8' long
  273. Juny

    My PB in alamitos bay

    Healthy fish. My guess: 1.4-1.5
  274. Juny

    PUNTA BANDA Baja California Mexico

    Good stuff, Ivan. Be down soon!
  275. Juny

    Arooroo @ the SBS Mission Bay Night Event

    Congrats! Healthy looking 3.52!
  276. Juny

    Tn 14, NACL 60 power gearing 5.4 BOTH SOLD

    Will do. Bump for a good seller.
  277. Juny

    Gunmetal MXL & Blue SX

    The power of the iPhone.
  278. Juny

    Two Trips One Week

    Good stuff!
  279. Juny

    Gunmetal MXL & Blue SX

    Both reels sold to deryk.
  280. Juny

    Gunmetal MXL & Blue SX

    Both reels on hold - awaiting payment.
  281. Juny

    Gunmetal MXL & Blue SX

    Gunmetal MXL (Single Speed) - SOLD 300yds of 50lb Izorline Blue SX (Single Speed) - SOLD 200yds of 50lb Izorline Top shot of 25lb Izorline mono. *Clicker is super quiet/some times doesn't engage* Text only (619) 952-0137 or PM.
  282. Juny

    Newport Harbor 5-28-14

    There ya go.
  283. Juny

  284. Juny

    SBS LBC Open

  285. Juny

    GoPro advice needed...

    ^ go with the silver 3+. It does everything the Hero 3 black edition does, without the terrible battery life.
  286. Juny

    Congratulations team I'm Off

  287. Juny

    SWBA Rnd 3 Mission Bay

    :appl: Congrats!
  288. Juny

    Questions about Acid/Spiral Wrap Rods?

    I enjoy the benefit of an acid wrap (downwrap) on my bass rods. No line rubbing, spectra doesn't get tangled on the tip, and sensitivity. Here's an interesting read (ignore if you've already read it):
  289. Juny

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    I will try some of that last portion next time I'm out there. Sucking on a Lemon has worked for me in the past.
  290. Juny

    rule for posting in bloody deck.

  291. Juny

    Sick drone footage of our boat

    Very cool!
  292. Juny


    x2...put your money where your mouth is Ibiz.
  293. Juny

    Looking for calico reel suggestions

    Try either the Revo Inshore NACL or Toro 50 NACL. If you decide on a round reel go with the 300d. I have the 200d and absolutely love it.
  294. Juny

    Best Pizza in SD

    I'll second this.
  295. Juny

    Reeb lures for calicos??

    Give Warbaits a try. or
  296. Juny

    Barret Lake PreFish April 30, 2014

    Very cool!
  297. Juny

    Abu Garcia Revo Inshore (RVO3)

    Dropped price to 175 for BD members.
  298. Juny

    Abu Garcia Revo Inshore (RVO3)

    Buyer bailed. Still up for grabs.
  299. Juny

    Abu Garcia Revo Inshore (RVO3)

    On hold for a buyer from Riverside. Standby.
  300. Juny

    WARBAITS - Sessions - Mission Bay

    This will never get old. Good stuff Af.
  301. Juny

    Abu Garcia Revo Inshore (RVO3)

    Used once RVO3 with two spools. One is filled with 50lb PP and the other is empty. $175 picked up in San Diego or willing to ship. (619) 952-0137.
  302. Juny

    April Bass Content - Spotted Bay Bass - Enter HERE to win some great gear!

    Here's mine from today. Tape Measure Weight - 2.51~2.61 - Shot was taken while I attempted to point at the Pec Fin. PB for 2014
  303. Juny

    NPH 4/23

    It's always fun hooking a WSB on the spotty rod.
  304. Juny

    The close one 4/19

    Nice one!
  305. Juny

    The Duck Bite

    Freaking awesome!
  306. Juny

    Cat 4/14

    ^ what he said!
  307. Juny

    trinidad 16a

    The 809H and TN16A were meant to be.
  308. Juny

    grooming tools

    + 1 on the FURminator!
  309. Juny

    187 Fish assassination!!!

    You guys are awesome!
  310. Juny

    Been a while....

    Good stuff, Craig!
  311. Juny

    Baylor Bass Fishing Team Caught Them!

    Good stuff!
  312. Juny

    Opinions on NACL 60 HS

    The 60 is BIG. Give the 50 NACL a shot.
  313. Juny

    Performance tackle custom rod

    If I hadn't just ordered one, I'd be all over this.
  314. Juny

    Surface Iron Set up

    Trini 16 with a 30 or 40lb topshot.
  315. Juny

    Tackle Recommendations For Ensenada

    x2 Don't forget the megabaits.
  316. Juny

    Tackle Recommendations For Ensenada

    20, 30, and 40lb setup. X-wraps, surface iron, and some 2oz lead heads with grubs, swimbaits, skampis, etc. That's all I ever take. Hope you guys get em...
  317. Juny

    Loan me a float tube!

    I've got a spare ODC 420 LW and pump.
  318. Juny

    Question: Salt Water Bass Reel

    Revo Toro 50 Calcutta 300te or 300d Curado 300e in that order.
  319. Juny

    GEOBASS - Fishing with the Drug Cartels

    That Columbia video is killer!
  320. Juny

    If you're bored...

  321. Juny

    Best color braid? Does it matter?

    Slap on the 500 yards and fill the rest with mono.
  322. Juny

    Abu Garcia revo premier $115

    You might want to add that it's a first generation premier.
  323. Juny


  324. Juny

    New bass painting..almost finished.

    That spottie looks tough!
  325. Juny

    Sand Bass

    Well done!
  326. Juny

    RIP Lady....good dog...

    Sorry to hear. RIP Lady.
  327. Juny

    Wiper lookin' striper

  328. Juny

    Sewer slugs

    Thumb shots rock!
  329. Juny

    SBS Mission Bay

    Nicely done, gents.
  330. Juny

    Coronado Islands Report!

    Those are quality fish!
  331. Juny

    Dear Simon...

    ^ forreal!
  332. Juny

    Wts: Evair boots by shimano size 12

    Do you know whether these run big or small? I wear a size 12 normally. Thanks in advance.
  333. Juny

    SBS Junior Division Announced

    Very cool! What time is the weigh-in?
  334. Juny

    Yellows On Da Plug 3/11/14

    Oh man....I'm definitely jonesing for some YT.
  335. Juny

    Is $300 for GoPro Black Edition good deal?

    The lady paid something like 350 out-the-door for a Hero 3+ Silver Edition at Best Buy. They included a 32gb sd card and a waterproof/shockproof pouch to store it when traveling.
  336. Juny

    Phenix Black Diamond 809H

    I sent you a text.
  337. Juny

    Ensenada 2-26-14 - Yellowtail bite takes off

    Good stuff! I need to get down there SOON!
  338. Juny

    Float tubes?!?

    Mine's been through hell and back since '11 and it's still hasn't torn.
  339. Juny

    Punta Bunda

    Headed down after the weather calms down. Nice haul!
  340. Juny

    Fishdope Update for 2-26-2014

    Too bad my trip canceled due to the "incoming" rain. :(
  341. Juny

    Float tubes?!?

    As far as I can tell yes, but wait for the actual 420 non-LW owners chime in.
  342. Juny

    Float tubes?!?

    One weighs less. I have the LW model and love it.
  343. Juny

    Sunday Funday at Whore Island...

    Great pics and report!
  344. Juny

    LB Harbor Fishing

    Perfect night.
  345. Juny

    Great bite last night!!

    Good stuff!
  346. Juny

    What's your 8ft combo look like???

    Phenix PSW-809XHF
  347. Juny

    Float tubes?!?

    If you're a bigger guy like me and like to carry tons of gear get the ODC.
  348. Juny

    9lb calico from the shore, new pb

    Nicely done.
  349. Juny

    Don't forget to geek out

    There goes the rest of my day.
  350. Juny

    Bass Forum Makeover Update

    Good stuff, Matt, Ali, and everyone else who's helping out!
  351. Juny

    Midnight bassin

  352. Juny

    SBS 2/15 MB Spotty Tournament Report

    Good job out there.
  353. Juny

    long rods in small cars?

    Pass through seat in my Subaru. The longest rod I can manage to fit is 8'.
  354. Juny

    Midnight calicos

    Perfect way to spend the night.
  355. Juny

    Favorite Bait...

    Warblade in Dirty Chart.
  356. Juny

    Broken dreams in the LBC

  357. Juny

    Limited edition JDM Trini

  358. Juny

    Let's see those Jagd pups!

    Woah. These are awesome little warriors.
  359. Juny

    LBC Stripers!!

  360. Juny

    San Diego Spotted Bay Bass Fishin

    Sweet ride!
  361. Juny

    Green Bass

    P I G !
  362. Juny

    Spotties mission and SD bay 2/1

    Nice spottie!
  363. Juny

    Bass Forum Make-Over

    I agree with just about everything that's been said. Miss the good 'ol days.... Time to spend less time on the road and more time on the water. :cheers:
  364. Juny

    Fishing Ensenada Baja California

    Yes! Vonny's team is the business.
  365. Juny

    Custom Bass Rod

    Sick rod, Jimmy. If it's around in two weeks I'll snatch it.
  366. Juny

    Avet Reel sizes for Short Range trips...???

    I have an single-speed sx loaded with 50lb spectra to 25 yards of mono on a black steel G270. Perfect 25lb set up. I MXL/MXJ are also perfect 30lb reels.
  367. Juny


    Had something similar happen to us.... Tried passing some older Toyota whose muffler was dragging. As I swing over to get around him he jumps in front of me at my passenger door and I end up gunning it to avoid him smashing my passenger side. My rear left slipped around in the dirt for a few...
  368. Juny


    Thanks for the code. :hali_olutta: I'm sure my pups will love the Chicken and Rice flavor.
  369. Juny

    Calico Fishin Video

    D O P E !
  370. Juny

    Anybody ever used this site is it a scam

    Idk what to say: Also, the site owner is named after a movie:
  371. Juny

    French Polynesia ( Tahanea, Motutunga, Tepoto) Dec 2013

    Incredible....those pictures are out*****standing.
  372. Juny

    Road closure alert...

    Made it through on Friday, December 27th, at around 11:30. It wasn't nearly this bad then, but there was a solid 3.5 - 4' drop in the road. The big rigs in front of us were having a tough time getting over the drop, small cars and buses were sitting on the side of the road... I managed to...
  373. Juny

    Warbaits - Life

    Good stuff, Af.
  374. Juny

    Women in Pangas

    5 Gallon Bucket with a seat. The Pangero (Beto @ Vonny's) turns the other way.
  375. Juny


    Glad you're back.
  376. Juny

    Entry level shop help needed

    PM Sent.
  377. Juny

    RadioSilenceFishing: T H E R A P Y S E S S I O N S

    You've outdone yourself again, Justin :appl:
  378. Juny

    What's your favorite Rod/Reel to fish live bait (Anchovies/Sardines)?

    Seeker Black Steel G270-7' and SX.
  379. Juny

    East county SD public land pig kill

    This is great...
  380. Juny

    Which pellet rifle?

    I picked up the Gamo Hornet for $40 on Craigslist Wednesday night. Neighbor came knocking. Thought we were shooting a .22 out back.
  381. Juny

    Put my Golden down today

    My condolences. It's been exactly a year and four days since we put down our 10 year-old chihuahua. Hardest decision of my life. Hope this helps: A Dog’s Last Will & Testament Before humans die, they write their last will and testament, giving their home and all they have to those they...
  382. Juny

    Which pellet rifle?

    I'm in the same boat. Hopefully others will chime in. So far, I'm leaning towards the Gamo Hornet.
  383. Juny

    The New Holy Molyll

  384. Juny

    Just got my Phenix M1 Inshore Series

    Where's my LIKE button gone????
  385. Juny

    Buddy Boating Sat. 8/10

    Hope you guys hammer them Ray...
  386. Juny

    Erasing your accout

    ^ we have one hanging on the port side...
  387. Juny


    Glad things are starting to warm up down there. Road trip...
  388. Juny

    made a purchase on bdswag. HELP!

    Throw a Saluki special along with his shirt...
  389. Juny

    Bloofin Limits 8-6

    Nice job! Can't wait to get out there!...
  390. Juny

    Appears as though the BFT bite is on again...

    Ah man... Come on Pay Day! Edit: Guess I need to borrow a 40# set up.
  391. Juny

    Ensenada July 2013-Pati & the kids, Offshore Yellows & a Big Lingcod

    Standing by. I can't wait for the good weather to kick in.
  392. Juny

    Looking for some help with finding a pup.

    Awesome. Here's my Aussie Cattle Dog Mix...Crazy little guy...
  393. Juny

    Celebrating Independence...

    Dun Dun Dun.... Waiting on the lunch time check-in...
  394. Juny

    3day on the First string

    Wooo! Good stuff! I'm pumped! Can you tell?
  395. Juny

    Bass Gear

    Trade the rod + cash on my end for something a little heavier. 12-25lb rod sounds about right..
  396. Juny

    Piggy-Mission Bay 7/17

  397. Juny

    Bass Gear

  398. Juny

    Bass Gear

    Citica sold. Rod still up for grabs..
  399. Juny

    Bass Gear

  400. Juny

    Bass Gear

    Someone take the combo? Cheap...
  401. Juny

    Bass Gear

    Revo sold to Texas...
  402. Juny

    Bass Gear

    Bump. Price drop.
  403. Juny

    Bass Gear

    Text for pictures...
  404. Juny

    Bass Gear

  405. Juny

    Bass Gear

    Rent's due and once again I blew all my money on car parts. Citica 201e loaded with 8lb P-line - SOLD Revo PRM loaded with 50lb Power Pro - SOLD Powell 714-CEF (Used about a dozen times) - $90 picked up. Text me for pics (619) 952-0137.
  406. Juny

    Catalina Bass Madness

    Good shit.
  407. Juny


    If said teen likes "fast" I've got an '05 Subaru WRX.
  408. Juny

    sd bay halie 6/2/13

    Yee Anthony! Still waiting for a weekend invite dawg.
  409. Juny

    2013.06.01 Ensenada

    Nicely done. Good luck staying away from Ensenada now.
  410. Juny

    Selling our 2001 Boston Whaler 130 Sport (LOADED)

    Damn it. Why'd I buy a car instead of this! :smash:
  411. Juny

    Good Yellowtail fishing with Vonny's in Ensenda 5/30

    Love fishing at Vonny's. I've fished with both Hector and Beto and am yet to experience any kind of problem.
  412. Juny

    Corvina Fishing In SD Bay?

    I caught a few decent sized ones a few weeks back in the back bay. They were pushing bait by the launch ramp at Pepper park.
  413. Juny

    Revo Inshore Gen 3

    I don't think the Gen. 3 Inshores come with a power handle. At least mine didn't.
  414. Juny

    SBS Catalina 5/25

    Nicely done Matt.
  415. Juny


  416. Juny

    Taniguchi still in business?

    I could swing by in the afternoon and check for you. I live a few blocks away.
  417. Juny

    Fish Cat 4 vs. Fish Cat 4 Deluxe

    I'm sure Sam Gann will chime in.
  418. Juny

    Lake BARRETT Report

  419. Juny


    Ye buddy!Man, I'm jonesin....
  420. Juny

    Paddy Yellow in the O.C. 5.20.13

    Nicely done! Tis going to be a great season.
  421. Juny

    Spotty Fever

    Good stuff!
  422. Juny

    5/14- THE REVENGE TRIP- Taz vs. Yellowtail -

    Nice. I'm hungry now and it's only 9:30.
  423. Juny

    Wall PB...!

    Hell ya!
  424. Juny

    FEDEX Destruction!

    That crap pisses me off. If anyone is in need of two very sturdy tackle warehouse tubes send me a PM. I need to get rid of them.
  425. Juny

    My dog catches his first cat

    Yep. My 4 year-old dachshund has a few kitties/possums/and birds under his belt.
  426. Juny

    BARRETT LAKE - 05/08

    Good stuff.
  427. Juny

    I need advice...

  428. Juny

    Swimbait rod build

    Take a look at the Abu Garcia Volatile series. I hear nothing, but good things about 'em.
  429. Juny


    These have held up for a few months now. 6th Sense X Turn Ball Bearing Swivels 5pk Just make sure you rinse them properly.
  430. Juny

    Osprey tries to steal my swimbait(VIDEO)

    Woah! Crazy footage!
  431. Juny

    Newps Loking,..

    Nice sesh Lok. Gawd that beard is beautiful!
  432. Juny

    Manfrotto Tripod/Head DSLR Ready

    If only I wasn't broke!
  433. Juny

    Fish Cat 4 $150 obo,..

    I'm not clicking on anything you send me anymore!
  434. Juny

    Fish Cat 4 $150 obo,..

    I was going to say the same thing, but wasn't sure whether you had sold it or not dawg.
  435. Juny

    Manti Te'o to the Chargers......

    :rofl: that's f'n great!
  436. Juny

    How to use bolt thrower

    This goes for any spinner bait. Cast Let sink Slow Roll *Hold on*
  437. Juny

    Boomer comes home

    That's amazing.
  438. Juny

    Calico Bass

    Good stuff.
  439. Juny

    Help Us Name a New Rod Series!

  440. Juny

    Big Game Hunting

    Good work guys!
  441. Juny

    Past couple days

    Quality fish!
  442. Juny

    College majors

    Whatever you do, try and knock out the general education in a community college.
  443. Juny

    Phenix M1 Inshore

    Fuck Yeah! I want 2 as well. Thanks for the pics Jimmy.
  444. Juny

    Bertram 30 Build

    Very nice rig! :appl:
  445. Juny

    Phenix M1 Inshore

    The inshore models? If so, would you mind putting pictures up?
  446. Juny

    Phenix M1 Inshore

    To the OP: Are you sure they weren't these bad boys?
  447. Juny

    Boston Marathon explosion

    Damm it!
  448. Juny

    Phenix M1 Inshore

  449. Juny

    SBS Mission Bay

    Nicely done.
  450. Juny

    25.5 inch sandy

    ^ Agreed. Nice going on the release & thank you for your service..
  451. Juny

    Padres break the Dodgers......

    :rofl: Fuck the doyers! I could hear the roar of the stadium last night while I was trying to get some HW done.
  452. Juny

    Jay Cook - You the man bro!

    That oil-slick color is hot!
  453. Juny

    1980 16ft Gregor w/25hp Envinrude and trailer

    Beautiful. If only I could finish my 12' and sell her.
  454. Juny

    Still Loking,..

    Nicely done. Oh yeah, f*** the dodgers.
  455. Juny

    Slump busted.

    Nicely done mang!
  456. Juny

    Spring run striper on the delta

    Love it!
  457. Juny

    Mmmmmmmmmmmm Bacon.

    That could work, except that I'll need a bucket of ice on the side to cool it down.
  458. Juny

    Mmmmmmmmmmmm Bacon.

    Wonderful. Do they have chicken noodle soup flavor? The lady is sick at the moment.
  459. Juny

    spring bass fling--- video

    :finger:. If you don't like the videos, don't watch em. Is your caps lock broken or are you just being an idiot?
  460. Juny

    Point Loma 3.30.13

    It'll take about two months or so.
  461. Juny


    I hear ya. I can see it on both mac and PC. EDIT: Page one is all wacky towards the bottom on Firefox. Weird.
  462. Juny


    Freezing thread? Edit: It works. Both of those are great K.O.s
  463. Juny

    ***SOLD*** Wellcraft Sportsman 248

    I hear that boat has plenty of good juju.
  464. Juny

    La Jolla Kelpin

    Good stuff Af.
  465. Juny

    Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid PHD 700 X4H

    Good deal for someone who needs a beater rod for baja.
  466. Juny


    I love the YT user name: Great White Pitbull. I just keep replaying 0:45-0:49.
  467. Juny

    LJ 3/25

    Hell Yes!
  468. Juny

    Spring break video

    You can't go wrong with Wax Tailor. Keep up the good work!
  469. Juny

    Epoxy garage floor/Mancave (pic heavy)

    Sweet man cave!
  470. Juny

    AK-47's Spawning FULL SPEED!!!!

    Hell ya!
  471. Juny

    Punta Banda Pangero Recommendation

    Another vote for Vonny's.
  472. Juny

    La Jolla Calicos

    Dope. I'm digging the line-up.
  473. Juny

    The Ike gone off roading

    I saw this on Facebook man. Gnarly. "Toyota: Lets go places".
  474. Juny


    Good looking bait brother. & your response to the kid couldn't have been any better. :appl:
  475. Juny

    Right Fishing Conditions

    I tend to get sea sick in the morning and on big boats. What usually works for me: Fresh Air Ginger Ale Gum Music
  476. Juny

    12 nice yellows

    Time to dust off my gear.
  477. Juny

    3/10 lab report

  478. Juny

    R A D I O S I L E N C E F I S H I N G: JACK

    Seriously can't wait...
  479. Juny

    3/2-- punta bunda fishing with Vonny's Fleet

    I'm thinking about doing the same w/ my 12' gregor, but don't really know where to launch.
  480. Juny

    Pond Hopping

    Cool beans!
  481. Juny

    Daylight Savings Ended..........

  482. Juny

    my son attacked

    Wow. Thoughts and prayers sent your way. I believe most of these skate parks have surveillance. & if it were possible, I'd hold the bastards down for you.
  483. Juny

    My SEVENTH "thread".......'nuf said.

    So where's number 8?
  484. Juny

    car/house etiquette RANT

  485. Juny

    First spawner of 2013 for me(video)

    Dope. Keep em coming.
  486. Juny

    Goodbye 12" Bass >}}}}>

    Where's my like button?
  487. Juny

    Irons for Calico

    Here's some of the best information you'll find on here.
  488. Juny

    My SIXTH

    I am starting to really enjoy the fish stories. What I don't understand is the singling out of certain members, as shown here: " I&#8217;m going to call some of you a bunch of stupid idiots, just one more time, before I make it personal. <o:p></o:p>" Keep those stories coming.
  489. Juny

    Neighbors dog broke through the fence and attacked mine

    This works wonders! @ OP: Happy Birthday.
  490. Juny

    Seasquirt Rebuild

    Hell ya! I love these boats. Almost took on a project myself a year or so back, but didn't have enough coin.
  491. Juny

    Waxing Gibbous

  492. Juny

    Stolen rods in San Diego

    Damn it. I'll keep an eye out.
  493. Juny

    Fish Cat Float Tube!

    Tis true..
  494. Juny

    Fish Cat Float Tube!

    Tis true..
  495. Juny

    Avet SXJ Raptor available

    Yes please.
  496. Juny

    high school teachers?

    So where's our copy?
  497. Juny

    1992 Invader for sale

    I'm glad you decided to keep it. I'm love these boats!
  498. Juny

    Largemouth Bass on a Crawdad on Vans

    Put me on the list if you change your mind. I'm also digging that baseball tee I peeped on FB.
  499. Juny

    high school teachers?

    I reacted the same way during high school.
  500. Juny

    Driving straight to Cabo

    Definitely take a break or two. We used to go down every summer and we'd always make a few stops. Day 1: Straight to Guerrero Negro Day 2: To Loreto Day 3: Cabo.
  501. Juny

    WAR Crew Killin it

    Yes. & this video is Tits! I spotted both a Performance Tackle Rod and a "Deathstick".
  502. Juny

    Fishin' Chicks | Playboy Playmate Shawn Dillon

    Oh boy. :eyepoppin
  503. Juny

    sad day for us!

    Really sorry for your loss.
  504. Juny

    doctors visit

    Good one!
  505. Juny

    Phenix Black Diamond PSW760M

    Outstanding work.
  506. Juny

    WTB: 14 ft aluminum San diego Area

    Keep an eye on Craigslist. I found my gregor and swooped it about 30 minutes after the previous owner posted it.
  507. Juny

    Dog With Cancer Gets Epic Last Meal

    Oh boy. I did the same for our 10 year-old Chihuahua the day before we put her down. The 'ol girl had an entire baggy of her favorite treats, some boiled chicken, and chocolate cupcake.
  508. Juny

    Bay Bass Tourney

  509. Juny

    Ensenada 1-24-13-Yellowtail Continue to Chew the Iron

    This is getting tempting! Good job!
  510. Juny

    Wife pregnant need some prayers.

    Positive thoughts and wishes sent your way!
  511. Juny

    SB Bay -Video

    Good stuff!
  512. Juny

    Fishing PV 1/20-1/21 *Video*

  513. Juny

    Sea Vee 39 "Spanish Fly"

    Congrats on the beautiful rig and keeping memories alive.
  514. Juny

    SBS-Great Day

    Congrats Matt! I missed the weigh in, but hung around for 15 minutes.
  515. Juny


    The one that smells like grapes.. Good question though.
  516. Juny

    Shimano Citica 200e for saltwater???

    Love my E series Citica. It's the only shimano I have left..
  517. Juny

    Heisman Candidates and Their Girlfriends

  518. Juny

    1/12 Spotty Report

    To avoid having to blur shit out next time paddle over closer to the rocks. I'm sure Jason taught you a thing or two about pictures...
  519. Juny

    1/12 Spotty Report

    Seems a little foggy out there. Looks like a cool sesh you had there.
  520. Juny

    New to Bloody Decks and I have a question.

    Fishing has been slow for me lately, but yet again I suck at it.
  521. Juny

    Smoke this.......try it youll love it!

    Looks tasty. Boy, was that title misleading..
  522. Juny

    Larson DC-204 Center Console Rebuild

    This is turning out to be an inshore machine Rich.
  523. Juny

    Can you name all the dogs you have ever owned?

    Sly - Rottweiler (Passed of old age) Tita- Rottweiler (Passed of old age) Buttercup - Lab mix Sly #2 - Rottweiler (Stolen at 9 months) White - Pit (Resides in MX taking care of cattle) Mia - Poodle (Some ass hole ran her over while on the leash) Tiny - Chihuaha (died of lymphoma - 10 years old)...
  524. Juny

    Ballast Point COC Recap

    Great write up Matt.
  525. Juny


    Bitchin' reel and lady. Can't wait to get both.
  526. Juny

    Chargers new GM is

    I suppose this will work.
  527. Juny

    The newest Avet...SXJ!

    I second this.
  528. Juny

    Powell Rod

    It's a cool rod. I only sold it to fund a performance tackle custom rod. BTW: SOLD.....
  529. Juny

    puppy update!

    Hope the little one makes it.
  530. Juny

    2012 Snapshot

    2012 was one hell of a year. Stay up Gee.
  531. Juny


  532. Juny


    Exactly. BUMP...
  533. Juny

    R.I.P. Mom

    Sorry for your loss Rich.
  534. Juny

    COC Conditions & Roll Over

    Bobby Martinez and Larry Posad. I hear Evan had a mishap and will be visiting the trolling motor doctor real soon. I was glad to hear everyone is safe...
  535. Juny


  536. Juny


    I use stockingfoot waders and then slip on the fins that came with my ODC 420. I hear good things about hot spot fins...
  537. Juny

    What are your goals for 2013??

    I'll add another goal to the list. I need to post more reports on here. The Bass Club has lost its spark. I remember the good 'ol days when Ceez, Lopaka, Afran, JR, and a few of the other dudes would post here constantly.
  538. Juny


    Teramar TMC-X80MH - $100 Text 619 - 952 - 0137..
  539. Juny

    What are your goals for 2013??

    :rofl: revos...
  540. Juny

    What are your goals for 2013??

    Spend more time on the water... 3lb spottie... Favorite moment - fished this area for about 3 hours of non-stop calico and sandie action.
  541. Juny

    another trip to the gynocologists

  542. Juny

    New member saying Hi

    Oh Oh....
  543. Juny

    Last Minute Xmas Tree...

    ^^ :rofl: It works...
  544. Juny

    San Diego Bay Slay (Video)

    Sweet as usual.
  545. Juny

    Chatterbait spotties could it be?!?

    I don't see why not. Switch blades & spinner baits kill it.
  546. Juny

    Maylasian Shimanos !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Exactly I've never used one. I'll look around and see if I can dig up the thread I was referring to. I won't knock on any brand, ever. Edit: Before editing the post, this person mentioned the lexas gave him problems, which is the reason he was selling em...
  547. Juny

    Maylasian Shimanos !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm sure someone who's used the lexas will chime in.
  548. Juny

    Maylasian Shimanos !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hear bad things about the lexas, just saying... My Japanese made citicas are still going strong...
  549. Juny

    2.6 lber on the crank + new video!!!

    You're asking for it, if you're throwing anything under 15.
  550. Juny


    Really nice job!
  551. Juny


    :rofl: no mames..
  552. Juny

    Westboro Baptist Church is at it again....

    F'n clowns. I hope anon puts the wood to em and I never meet anyone who is a part of said organization.
  553. Juny

    Going. Where no man has gone before....

    Good luck out there. Like Bryan said, Go big!
  554. Juny

    Sandy Hook Vigil

    I did the same yesterday at Chicano Park. RIP little guys, gals, and staff (heroes).
  555. Juny


    3 Minutes Left. Wooohoo.
  556. Juny

    Larson DC-204 Center Console Rebuild

    Looks good Rich!
  557. Juny

    float tubin harbors

    Hope this helps.... <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  558. Juny

    Float Tube

    I believe Mr. Moyer has a Creek Company ODC 420 Light Weight.
  559. Juny

    Relax Mission Bay - 120912

    Perfect example of how it's done. Cast & Destroy Mode!
  560. Juny

    New Sheepshead and Green bass paintings 12/9/12

    :beerbang: Matt, I'd like a print of the LMB when available.
  561. Juny

    My Ride- Boston Whaler 25

    Beautiful boat!
  562. Juny


    Hell Yah! I need to get out there!
  563. Juny

    Throwing BIG swimbait tips!!!!!!

    & you'd have to throw the triple mother on one of these bad boys.
  564. Juny

    Throwing BIG swimbait tips!!!!!! More like it.
  565. Juny

    Throwing BIG swimbait tips!!!!!!

    I know a few guys who throw em. Check out Bass Brigade if you haven't done so. I'd keep some snorkel gear on board in case you lose one.
  566. Juny

    2012 Bass Contest: December

    ^ SLUG.
  567. Juny

    Guy on a buffalo

    Wow. I remember my history teacher showing me this.
  568. Juny

    Throwing BIG swimbait tips!!!!!!

    I've settled for a Negotiator. I'd throw the mother on some tuna chord.
  569. Juny

    How to build an AK out of a shovel

  570. Juny

    I'am outta here again !!!!!

    Good luck out there. Looking forward to jumping aboard the Dolphin III again next season.,
  571. Juny

    Throwing BIG swimbait tips!!!!!! Take notes...
  572. Juny

    POV downhill bike course

    :shithappens: I thought he was going to eat it a few times.
  573. Juny

    Be careful around curbs...

    :appl: Thanks for that. Made my afternoon.
  574. Juny

    Coast Guard member killed by Drug Runners

    RIP Coastie.. Fucking Cowards. Lost a cousin to similar assholes last week.
  575. Juny

    2012 Bass Contest: November

    Good stuff Bryan! I hit up the SD Bsy for a few hours during the rain today for nothing but dinks & halibuts. Congrats on the win since even your 14.5" fish will be enough.
  576. Juny

    2012 Bass Contest: November

    Nice fish, but I doubt it will count. I'll try to sneak in a sesh before the dead line tonight.
  577. Juny


    Get em Tommy.
  578. Juny

    BRAND NEW Ranger z117 w/ Matching Trailer

    A 220 Bahia would be nice for the salty fish.
  579. Juny

    11/26 Winter Days

    Good stuff Af. You can't go wrong when you're fish'n with friends.
  580. Juny

    Bone Fish???

    Light line & ghost shrimp has worked in the past.
  581. Juny

    Happy Anniversary to my Beautiful wife Kelle

    Happy Anniversary.
  582. Juny

    2.6 lber on the crank + new video!!!

    Good stuff.
  583. Juny

    Scamming guides & six-pack operators?

  584. Juny

    '86 Gregor

    Nothing really. - Benches - Small FF I'm keeping this really simple.
  585. Juny

    '86 Gregor

    Home Depot & no clue.
  586. Juny

    '86 Gregor

    If you can fork out the cash, go with marine. If not, get the most expensive plywood you can find @ home depot. Paint/Clear should be able to take care of the rest. I've found this site to be extremely helpful. Lots of good info/people there..
  587. Juny

    '86 Gregor

    Home Depot? I got some 3/4 ply wood (one side is rough and the other is smooth).
  588. Juny

    '86 Gregor

    Sweet. Thanks for the advice.
  589. Juny


    :appl: Congrats!
  590. Juny

    18 Foot Gregor Built Thread!

    Good looking boat. Here's a picture of my buddy's 18' Gregor.
  591. Juny

    '86 Gregor

    I'll check out your gregor right now. Hell Yes. I know a few spots.