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  1. bajadog

    SOLD 1984 Valco Bayrunner 16' CC w/Yamaha 40hp San Diego

    1984 16' Bayrunner aluminum center console. $4500 OBO 2010 Yamaha 40 hp 4 stroke (all fluids changed, new impeller). About 800 hours on engine. Using synthetic Yamaha fluids (as previous owner did). Garmin GPS West Marine VHF Lights all work. Bilge pump and bait pump work. I installed an hour...
  2. bajadog

    5/23 offshore 2017 Parker 2320 (please read all)

    Have enough on the boat now.
  3. bajadog

    Runnging out of Mission Bay 5/10

    Planning to leave Dana about 5:30 AM. Boat name Paddyshack. Unless things change thinking of hitting 302-371-425 area. Will be monitoring 72.
  4. bajadog

    240 tons of BFT released from pens off Ensenada.

    I know it's not in English, but the gist is that because of a math issue, the BFT was over harvested last year. I think that's close to what it says. Bottom line, a few more drops in the ocean...
  5. bajadog

    Tony Reyes trip questions.

    I'm going back out on this trip after not going since the late 80s. Limitations now on gear brought aboard. For instance their website says "No ice chests over 86 qt. can be handled". I suppose that means it would make sense to bring two 50 quart or? How about personal gear, like a small...
  6. bajadog

    Old Mill/Don Eddies contact information.

    I've been trying to call the Old Mill and Don Eddies for the last few days. The phone numbers to the Old Mill just ring, but no one picks up and there is no voicemail (their website seems to have downgraded to text only). Don Eddies numbers don't even ring, just silence and then it hangs up...
  7. bajadog

    Cedros Spring fishing?

    Anyone one have any information (other than calicoes) on if there can be any yellowtail at Cedros before June? Thanks
  8. bajadog

    FREE (yes damn it free) Gryo stabilized monocle (it's Russian).

    I've upgrade to a binocular and am cleaning out my dusty den closet. This is a 1993 vintage gyro stabilized Peleng 7 X 55 monocle. I'm sure it worked 3 years ago when I used it last, but I'm too bored to try to charge it and use it. It can be seen on I will meet at the...
  9. bajadog

    Did this happen ?

    I've searched the web for a few days now, but no word. I have a pilot buddy that says a plane crashed on take off from Alphonsinas in Gonzaga Bay the last week or so. He said they tried taking off in 105F heat fully loaded with 6 passengers. The claim was they stalled into the lagoon North of...
  10. bajadog

    East Cape early Sept. tackle recommendations.

    Heading down to Rancho Leonero Sept 5th - 8th. Fishing 3 days. Plan on just using the rods and reels on the boats there. I do want to bring just a few feathers,or mega baits. Any particular trolling lure effective down there that the boat might not have? We are "hoping" to try for dodo and...
  11. bajadog

    Alternate surf fishing spots in BOLA.

    I always drive up to Punta Gringa to surf fish for cabrilla, triggers etc. Any place closer to town or South of town worth trying? One more question. How far does the pavement go on Hwy 5? I've heard Alphonsinas, half way to Cocos. Thanks.
  12. bajadog

    Late spring fishing BOLA

    Never having done this before we are fishing with Igor May 18 - 19. Last year we heard about WSB toward the inside of Smith Island. Any truth in that? Also too early for YT? Thanks.:hali_olutta:
  13. bajadog

    Late 1010 Go The Distance report 9/14

    Met Ray at his BEAUTIFUL 35' Cabo "Go the Distance". We had 4 plus Ray the owner. Left last night at about 10:45. Got some GREAT bait (dines) at the Mission Bat receiver. 8-10 knot drive (rotating crew every 2-3 hours), except Ross who could not handle being up on the flying bridge (slept the...
  14. bajadog

    6 pack out of Ensenada

    Most of the online prices for 6 packs out of Ensenada are $1000 for the off shore tuna runs. Can anyone recommend a charter/skipper that you have personally used? My buddy and our sons want to fish tuna, but not on a cattle boat out of San Diego. What kind of hidden costs are there besides...
  15. bajadog

    1998 Bayliner Trophy 2352 walk around cuddy

    1998 Bayliner Trophy 2352 walk around cuddy cabin, 5.0L Mercruiser, Furuno GP-1850 plotter/sounder, VHF radio, autopilot, 26 gal. bait tank, outriggers, Bimini Top, galvanized trailer, new boat cover. Outdrive serviced along with all fluids and filters. $13,000 OBO (619) 219-1309
  16. bajadog

    Just in case you missed this.

    Don't know if this site was posted already (searched for it but did not find it). Here is the site that the missing Erik fishermen's family started. Pretty moving.
  17. bajadog

    Butterfly - 60 mile bank

    7/9 Running to the butterfly banks, then up to the 60 and maybe the 43. Leaving at 2:00 AM. Call sign same as BDecks name.
  18. bajadog

    Pangas around Alfonsinas (Gonazaga).

    I know there are pangas at Papa Fernandez, but we are flying in to Alfonsinas April 8th , fishing the 9th. Without a ground vehicle, can I get a panga around the Alfonsinas hotel area? Looking at 4 guys total fishing just one day, yellowtail, sierra or cabrilla. Thanks in advance.:hali_olutta:
  19. bajadog

    Castro's Camp?

    Anyone fished Castro's within the last week. Just seeing if the surface action has picked up at all. Thanks.
  20. bajadog

    Yesterday's special 8/6: Skunk a la mode.

    We left SI 3:45, got scoop of dines and one net of chovies. SW in light swell to towards the hidden bank, then 1010. Water was low 60's even reaching 59.8 a few times. LOT'S of seiners South and West of the 425. A few dumpster size paddies between hidden and 1010. No molas, no blue perch, no...
  21. bajadog

    Boat sunk at Old Mill?

    Does anyone have any news on the guy that broke his arm on 7/24 fishing out of the Old Mill? We caught bits and pieces of the "rescue" on VHF. Sounds like the boat rolled in the big swells and the guys made it to shore on the tip of the Northern point.
  22. bajadog

    Dry Ice in La Paz

    Driving down to La Paz this July. Planning on bringing back some frozen fish in coolers. Can you get any dry ice in La Paz? I'd hate to lose all that fish driving back up.:picknose:
  23. bajadog

    Gasoline in Puertecitos? 1/17/06

    I am going with my buddy, and his 16 ft aluminum boat to Puertecitos/Gonzaga this Friday 1/20/06. I heard that Gonzaga has gas, but does Puertecitos? 5 years ago they had built a new two pump gas station there. Thanks!:_portable
  24. bajadog

    9-30/10-2 El Capitan YFT

    Got back last night on the El Capitan out of Pointloma Sportfishing. Great boat and the skipper Alan found the school on Saturday 10/1. We were in clean blue water between the worm and the Cortez bank. 100+ miles out. Lot's of skippys on the troll. Finally around 1 PM we got a double jigstrike...